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Lucapa’s glistening potential

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Partners for Belfast’s benefit

The argument for a real partnership between mining companies and their host governments has never been more compelling than now.” Mark Bristow, CEO, Randgold Resources P8 ISSN 1999-8872 • R50.00 (incl. VAT) • Vol. 11 • No. 02 • February/March 2018


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Customers are increasingly opting for Osborn’s apron feeders, which combine competitive pricing with exceptional quality

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10 Lucapa’s glistening potential

28 Ncamiso Mining stepping up

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12 Unlocking mineral wealth in Mauritania

31 The rainy season is upon us

Project: Coal


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Diamond Processing

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Rotek Unlocking

industrial power

Project Diamonds

Lucapa’s glistening potential

Country Focus Mauritanian gold


Partners for Belfast’s benefit

The argument for a real partnership between mining companies and their host governments has never been more compelling than now.” Mark Bristow, CEO, Randgold Resources P8

ISSN 1999-8872 • R50.00 (incl. VAT) • Vol. 11 • No. 02 • February/March 2018



Eskom Rotek Industries boasts a national footprint and prides itself on being a dynamic business with expertise in five technical business areas

@mining_news Mining-News

Endorsed by In sid e M in in g F E B/M A R | 2018


Modular Solutions Osborn modular plants offer a complete plant solution that is quick and easy to install, with flexible machine combinations to meet your specific requirements.

Granite - South Africa Kimberlite - Lesotho

Iron Ore - South Africa

Fluorspar - Namibia

With more than 90 years experience, Osborn Products have proven to be extremely reliable... Weathered Granite - South Africa

For more info call Osborn on 011 820 7600 or 0861 OSBORN or visit

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Optimism is the

order of the day At the Investing in African Mining Indaba in early February, the air was filled with optimism and buoyancy given the recent upward trends in the industry.


he Mining Indaba came during a cyclical upswing in the global industry. However, the general consensus was that South Africa, owing to missteps in recent regulatory decisions, risks missing out on reaping the

rewards of this period unless it makes some drastic changes. It was evident that reinvigorating the industry would, however,

Jodi Haigh

not only take addressing and resolving the regulatory and

Tel: +27 (0)11 467 6224

legislative concerns, but also seeing the Department of ___________________________________

Mineral Resources re-instil confidence in the industry.

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Following the recent appointment of Cyril Ramaphosa as president of the country, the belief is that he is particularly well suited to deal with issues in mining because of his history with the National Union of Mineworkers (NUM) and his understanding of the industry. As such, it is not all bad news and things are certainly looking up for the rest of Africa too, as Warren Beech, mining partner at Hogan Lovells, details in this issue’s legislation article on page 16. In this issue, we also have specialised industry insight from Standard Bank, discussing – from an economic perspective – renewed industry and market optimism. Responsible mining has become increasingly topical, with a number of sessions at the Mining Indaba having focused on the importance of getting the ore out of the ground in a sustainable and responsible manner. The Initiative for Responsible Mining Assurance and the London Bullion Market

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Association unpacked initiatives and standards that address

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the issues around mining responsibly (see page 24).

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The recent diamond finds that have come out of diamondrich, landlocked Lesotho have excited the market. Out of Letšeng Diamond Mine came the fifth largest gem-quality diamond ever found earlier this year; a few kilometres away, Mothae has started to produce quality diamonds just a few weeks into production. Read more about this exciting project on page 10. Lastly, the much-anticipated bauma CONEXPO Africa will be bringing together stakeholders in the African and international construction and mining industries

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in Johannesburg, from 13 to 16 March. This year, the trade fair for construction machinery, building material machines, mining machines and construction vehicles is set not only to showcase new innovative products and tried and tested solutions, but also to provide an overview of the latest market trends in the construction and mining industry in the sub-Saharan region. On pages 20 to 23, we take a look at


some of the equipment that will be showcased at bauma.

Mpinane Senkhane Mining-News

In sid e M in in g F E B/M A R | 2018



Unlocking industrial power Eskom Rotek Industries has provided diagnostic and engineering services for more than 100 years. The company boasts a national footprint and prides itself on being a dynamic business with expertise in five technically specific business areas.


Eskom Rotek Industries offering Eskom Rotek Industries specialises in engineering consultancy, construction, plant operations and general maintenance services for all power generation equipment and associated power infrastructure. It has serviced clients across a range of industries such as energy, water, oil and gas, abnormal load transportation and the tyre industry, to name but a few, and works effectively with a range of original equipment manufacturers (OEM). The company upholds its commitment to work towards reducing operational downtime and increasing uptime for all clients.

Specialist offerings include: • Power transformer workshop overhauls and rewinds (1.25 MVA to 920 MVA) • Power transformer site maintenance, repairs and re-gasketing (1.25 MVA to 920 MVA) • Tap changer and diverter overhaul, maintenance, OEM modifications and upgrades • Switchgear maintenance,

repairs, OEM modifications and upgrades on 6.6 kV and above • Transformer and bushing oil sampling and analysis • Transformer insulating oil supply, purification and regeneration • Electrical testing site related (380 V) • SF6 gas analysis and recovery

The Turbo Gen Services service offering

Turbo Gen Services is Eskom’s exclusive

Included in this service offering are

and strategic, major turbine and

specialist capabilities such as:

generator maintenance service provider.

• Manufacturing of small components

This business unit is positioned to refurbish

• Generator services related to stators

large power generation turbines, generators and related equipment, with a special focus on the maintenance

and rotors • Mechanical services – heavy, medium and light machining

engineering of the turbine and the

• Balancing services

generator island. Service offerings include

• Bearing services

turbine and generator refurbishment,

• Non-Destructive Testing services

engineering solutions, condition

• Conditioning monitoring

monitoring and first line maintenance.

• Specialised engineering support


The Bulk Material Services service offering

This business unit of Eskom Rotek Industries offers a wide range of general bulk material handling services for coal, ash, limestone and gypsum and also provides project management and related engineering solutions. In addition, it also offer plant maintenance, water treatment solutions, coal transportation logistics and the selling of coal combustible products such as ash, gypsum and salts. It further manages bulk water schemes to supply water to power stations through its bulk water handling function and has the ability to manage coal and ash stockyards, as well as to provide maintenance to coal conveyor operations.


The Logistics Services service offering The Logistics Services business unit

anything between 0 t– 500 t. For the

offers road transport, material handling

management of waste, the business

and consolidation, warehousing, a full

provides a wide range of services

scope waste management solution

from collection and disposal of various

and road logistics services. In short,

waste types to advance services

these encompass the transportation

such as asbestos and dismantling

of plant and auxiliary components

projects, removal of healthcare risk

to remote sites, the removal of both

waste, operating landfill sites, waste

general and hazardous waste, as

awareness training and on-site waste

well as the haulage of all heavy

management training.

and abnormal sized equipment. With the largest multi-axle fleet in the southern hemisphere, Logistics Services has the capacity to transport


The Transformer and Switchgear Services service offering

This business unit of Eskom Rotek

well-equipped workshops in

Industries offers maintenance, design

Johannesburg. The overhead crane

and rewind, refurbishment, repair

in the workshop has the capacity to

and modification services for power

safely lift up to 600 t and the high-

transformers and switchgear. These

voltage test facility has a range up

services are offered both on-site and

to 3200 kV to perform lightning and

at Eskom Rotek Industries’ advanced,

switching impulse testing.


The Construction Services service offering

Contact us for a free consultation

and towers. These services effectively allow for product delivery on power line,

For a free specialist engineering consultancy, plant walk-through, or oil and/or vibration analysis at your plant, please contact Tendani Ndwamise on or call her on +27 (0)11 629 4178 for more information.

substation, cabling and mixed civil projects.

General Enquiries:

The Construction Services business unit specialises in both civil and electrical power generation infrastructure construction. Services include terracing and reticulation, the building and cabling of substations, reticulation network electrification and installation, cable management and installation, as well as erecting power lines

Tel: +27 (0)11 629 4000

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Mining news

from around the continent Randgold's Mark Bristow wants the DRC government to revisit its mining code for further consultation


which, at the time, projected a fouryear life of mine to 2014. However, continuous innovation ensured that the mine has continued to operate well beyond this time, with a current life of mine extending to 2019. Following a recent review, it was concluded that the best way to secure a longer future for the mine, beyond the current projected 2019, is to find a more suitable low-cost operator that could allow the mine to continue to contribute to Namibia and Lüderitz through continued employment and economic activities.

Democratic Republic of the Congo

draconian in its final form than earlier

“Elizabeth Bay mine continues to play

drafts. Among other things, it attempts

an important role in the development of

to scrap the 10-year stability clause

Namibia’s diamond industry, so we have

enshrined in the 2002 code, which was

not taken this decision lightly. We are

Randgold Resources said it is engaging

the basis on which Randgold and other

constantly reviewing new mining oppor-

at the highest level with the government

mining companies invested in the DRC,”

tunities. As this mine nears the end of its

of the Democratic Republic of Congo

he said. Bristow asked the DRC govern-

current life, we are focused on finding a

(DRC) to head off the enactment of a

ment to refer the code back to the

buyer that can sustain operations beyond

new mining code, which the company

Ministry of Mines for further consultation

2019, protect jobs and contribute sustain-

believes will severely limit the growth

with the industry.

ably to the Namibian economy,” said

Congo mining code flawed

of the industry and economic prospects in the DRC. The new code has been passed by

Riaan Burger, CEO, Namdeb. While Namdeb’s onshore diamond


production continues to dwindle, the

be signed by the president before it be-

Namdeb seeks buyer for Elizabeth Bay mine

comes law.

Namdeb Holdings is seeking a buyer for

major role in ensuring the profitability and

its Elizabeth Bay mine in order to secure

sustainability of the company’s marine

the new code surfaced in draft form in

the miners long-term future. The 50/50

mining activities.

2014, the mining industry has made de-

joint venture owned by the Namibian

tailed and repeated representations to

government and the De Beers group was

the Congolese Ministry of Mines about

commissioned in 1991.

both houses of parliament but still has to

Chief executive Mark Bristow said, since

offshore operations are doing extremely well, with new marine vessels playing a


Following the 2009 economic down-

Partnering for capacity building

in its provisions. “It is, therefore, very

turn, the mine was put under care and

Nigeria’s Ministry of Mines and Steel

disappointing to see that none of our

maintenance. In 2011, the operation was

Development, together with the

proposals and comments are reflected

restarted through the implementation of

Australian High Commission, is developing

in the legislation, which is in fact more

the Elizabeth Bay Optimization Project,

a policy to reinvigorate the country’s

what it regarded as very serious flaws

mining sector. According to the ministry, this will In 2017, Namdeb produced around 200 000 carats of diamonds


enhance exploration in the country, promote educational programmes in mineral policy governance and create competence in Nigeria’s mineral sector. According to Olayinka Oyebode, special assistant to Minister Kayode Fayemi, a workshop was held in February 2018 to provide information on practices by Western Australia on sustainable mining sector. He explained that the event was used to foster a joint venture for knowledge sharing and skills transfer between the two countries, and to ensure that Australia’s mining practices are carried


Ins i de Mi n i n g F E B / MA R | 2 0 1 8


Kayode Fayemi, Nigeria’s Minister of Mines and Steel Development

The wall around the mineral extracting zone will stretch nearly 25 km


out in Nigeria; to be delivered by officials

“Johannesburg has always been an im-

construction, Colonel Charles Mbuge,

from the Western Australian Government.

portant mining hub, not only for the act

said the wall project started in November

According to Oyebode, the workshop

of mining itself but also for the supply of

last year and was scheduled to be

helped “expose participants to

goods and services that support the in-

completed on 30 April 2018.

Australian mining operations techniques

dustry,” said Paul Miller, who is responsible

“Originally, the works were to take

and international best practices,”

for mining finance, corporate and invest-

six months, from 1 November 2017 to

adding, “this is a follow-up to the earlier

ment banking at Nedbank.

30 April 2018; however, the wall will be

one in November 2016. Objectives

Mining Services 4 Africa, in collabora-

completed before 15 February 2018,”

of the workshop included provision

tion with Resources 4 Africa, the team

said the Mbuge, who was briefing

of information on leading practice

that brings you the highly acclaimed Jun-

the two deputy ministers for minerals,

from Western Australia on building a

ior and Joburg Indabas, will launch its first

Stanslaus Nyongo and Dotto Biteko, while

sustainable mining sector; building

ever Cross-Border Mining Services (CBMS)

visiting Mirerani in Simanjiro.

capacity of the ministry staff for the

Africa Indaba. The Indaba will bring

delivery of enhanced mineral exploration

together senior-level professionals from

would be the installation of surveillance

and mining regimes; and fostering inter-

mining companies, mining contractors,

cameras and other electronic monitoring

country knowledge sharing.”

EPCMs, logistics companies, 3PL/4PL pro-

devices, insisting that, despite running

viders, and finance and legal institutions

nearly 25 km, there would be just

to find solutions to the varied challenges.

one gate to serve as both entry and

South Africa

Logistics brings SA mining closer to markets

Mbuge added that the next step

exit point.



their supply chain and procurement

Great wall of Simanjiro protects gems

agents are setting up shop in Johannes-

Construction work for a giant concrete

Zimbabwe strikes diamond deal with Botswana

burg to access professional services and

fort that will protect the rare tanzanite

Zimbabwe is expected to sign a deal

procure supplies for delivery to remote

gemstone mining quarries at the

with Botswana by May 2018 that will

mine sites. The city has become the go-

Mirerani Hills in Simanjiro District has been

allow Zimbabwe to process its diamonds

to centre for procurement, supply chain

completed two months ahead of its

at the world-renowned Diamond Trading

and other logistics functions by interna-

scheduled date.

Company (DTC).

International mining companies and

tional mining companies seeking supplies

Notorious smuggling of tanzanite

DTC is regarded as the world’s most

and services for their operations in other

gemstones is what prompted the

sophisticated diamond sorting and

African countries.

government to erect a wall around the

valuing hub. The arrangement will see

mineral extracting zone in Mirerani, which

Zimbabwe transporting its diamonds to

ufacturers are also basing themselves in

will stretch nearly 25 km.

Botswana for processing, cleaning and

Johannesburg because of its established

According to its engineers, the

logistics routes to other African markets.

Great Mirerani Wall is possibly

These services and suppliers have made

the longest fort ever built in

Speaking during a tour

Johannesburg an important and vibrant

the country or possibly the

of DTC in Gaborone,

centre for procuring and delivering min-

entire East African region.

President Emmerson

International mining equipment man-

ing supplies and services into the rest of Africa.


polishing before the gems are placed on the market.

Recent reports indicate

Mnangagwa said talks

that tanzanite gemstones

were at an advanced

worth nearly TSh700 billion

stage for the two countries

(R3.6 billion) are smuggled out of the country annually


through illegal means, with

to seal the agreement. He said the arrangement is part of a broader strategy to

most of the stones ending up in the

come up with a diamond policy for

neighbouring country of Kenya and

Zimbabwe that will see the country’s

some as far as India and South Africa.

diamonds make better returns than their

The commanding officer in charge of the

current price of US$50 per carat.

In sid e M in in g F E B/M A R | 2018


ceo talk

The importance of sustainable profitability The mining industry’s unique ability to function as a primary driver of economic growth in Africa will be impaired or even destroyed unless mining companies and their host countries work together to address the existential challenges it faces, says Mark Bristow, CEO, Randgold Resources.


ristow believes that

expenditure last year, versus

At a time when Africa is

while the industry

30% to South America and

endeavouring to become a

is, at least to some

28% to North America.

major economic force, this is

extent, dealing

bad for the continent as well

with the consequences of its

offered mining codes and

as the industry. However, as

recent excesses, the same

fiscal regimes that were

the new ANC leadership has

cannot be said of some of its

reasonably investor-friendly,

shown with its intervention

host governments in Africa,

companies were prepared

in the South African mining

who seemingly expect their

to take the risks of limited or

code impasse, good sense

revenue streams from mining

non-existent infrastructure

can still prevail.”

to continue at supercycle

and skills bases, as well as

strength and are rewriting the

political volatility. Start making

announced that it was

rules to make sure that they

unreasonable demands,

engaging at the highest level

harvest more from less.

however, and investors will

with the government of the

“How will hard-pressed

vote with their feet,” he says.

Democratic Republic of the

companies, still struggling

“The argument for a real

Congo about its new mining

Recently, Randgold

to recover, cope with these

partnership between mining

code, which Bristow says

demands?” he asks.

companies and their host

“seems based on the irrational

governments has never been

premise that the state is

investing less is not good

more compelling than now.

somehow entitled to the entire

for anyone, let alone the

Its real benefits are vividly

net cash flow from the mines.”

future generations of our

demonstrated by Randgold’s

great continent.”

example. Despite Africa’s

Inside Mining further

inherent challenges, we have

engaged with Barstow

African countries started

built here a world-class gold

following the Investing in

liberalising their economies

business through a long-term

African Mining Indaba to

in the mid-1990s, they

strategy designed to create

unpack his outlook on the

immediately attracted foreign

real value for all stakeholders.

industry in 2018.

investment, and their fledgling

“Unfortunately, all that we

mining sectors began to grow

and other companies have

to substantial proportions.

built has been put at risk by

This trend is now reversing,

recent developments that

and despite its great mineral

amount to no less than an

What is your overall outlook on the mining industry following the Indaba and into 2018?

wealth, Africa attracted only

abuse of the partnership

MB For the past 20 years,

14% of global exploration

concept by one side.

the gold mining industry

“High-grading more and

Bristow notes that when


“As long as African countries

Ins i de Mi n i n g F E B / MA R | 2 0 1 8

Mark Bristow, CEO, Randgold Resources

“Randgold’s 10-year business plan is designed to increase net cash flows to support dividend and value growth and maintain its position as a global industry leader.”

hasn’t replaced its depleting

and maintain Randgold’s

reserves with assets of a similar

position as a global industry

quality because of its failure

leader in sustainable

to invest for the future. It was

profitability. Randgold is also

consequently unprepared for

well placed to achieve its

the supercycle in commodity

goal of developing three new

prices that started in 2007,

projects in the next five years,

to engage at the highest

high level of mechanisation,

and equally unprepared for

with a production decision

level with the government

which features multiple

the end of the boom in 2011.

on the Massawa project in

of the DRC. The new code

driverless loaders operating

In the good times, it increased

Senegal due later this year.

was passed by both houses

with full automation, as well

production at the expense of

Brownfield exploration around

of parliament recently

as a single haulage drive with

grade, and in the hard times,

its existing mines continues to

but still has to be signed

a high-strength surface, is

it has struggled to survive.

show potential to replenish

by the president before it

believed to be a first for the

depleted reserves while

becomes law.

gold mining industry in Africa. done is to ramp up the

New gold discoveries peaked around 1995 and

greenfield programmes

since then, the industry’s

are identifying new high-

ability to top up the ounces

potential targets across its

it mines has been declining.

extensive holdings in West

Can you share any insights on some of your projects, such as Kibali?

This trend will inevitably be

and Central Africa.

Kibali is expected to be in full

of Azambi – Kibali’s third new

production this year following

hydropower station, which

the successful commissioning

is scheduled to be plugged

of its underground operation’s

into the grid by the middle

integrated automated

of this year. Meanwhile, the

ore handling and hoisting

Massawa feasibility study

system. The mine is on track

continues to make progress

to produce its targeted plus

and Randgold should be

700 000 oz of gold in 2018,

in a position to make a

making it one of the largest

production decision about

of its kind in the world. Its

the project later this year.

mirrored by a decline in gold production, which we are already seeing. Since 2000, gold has significantly outperformed all other major asset classes. Sadly, the golden, oncein-a-lifetime opportunity presented by the supercycle

Production in 2017 rose 5% to 1.315 Moz, more than previously expected, with the total cash cost per ounce falling by 3% to $620. What do you attribute this strong performance to?

was squandered. The industry

The increase in production

created no value during the

and the reduction in the total

boom and the share prices

cash cost per ounce are due

of most companies are back

to the increased throughput,

to where they were before

higher grades and better

it started.

recovery across Randgold’s

What are some of Randgold Resources’ plans in 2018?

operations, in particular at Tongon and Kibali.

gradually over the first three

You were quoted as saying the debate on the DRC's mining code was “not over yet”. What are your thoughts on the code in its current form?

quarters of the year, and

You will have seen

is slightly weighted to the

Randgold’s public reaction

second half. Management

to the new mining code

is targeting a total cash cost

proposed by the Democratic

per ounce for the group,

Republic of the Congo in the

after royalties, of between

face of the industry’s patient

US$590/oz and $640/oz for

attempts to explain that this

the year, which takes into

could kill the goose that lays

account the effect of the

the golden eggs. It seems

current increases in the oil

to be based on the entirely

price and the euro/dollar

irrational premise that the

exchange rate.

state is somehow entitled to

For 2018, Randgold is forecasting production of between 1.30 Moz and 1.35 Moz. Production is expected to increase

Beyond that, Randgold’s

the entire net cash flow from

10-year business plan

the mines. In other words,

is designed to increase

investors have to take all

net cash flows to support

the risk but will receive no

dividend and value growth

return. Randgold continues

All that remains to be underground production and complete the construction

Project: Diamonds

Glistening potential

Diversified miner and explorer Lucapa Diamond Company is going through a significant growth period. With a portfolio of high-quality diamond assets across four well-established diamondproducing regions, the company shows no signs of slowing down. By Mpinane Senkhane


riven by its established growth strategy, Lucapa secured a

“Mothae clearly fits this strategy,

70% interest in the advanced,

which was why Lucapa ran hard at it

high-value Mothae kimberlite

Mothae is a well-defined kimberlite with a surface area of 8.8 ha

when the GoL put it up for tender in

diamonds, much like Letšeng. During the

project through an international tender

2016. The trial mining results produced

trial mining phase at Mothae, more than

run by the Government of the Kingdom

by the previous owner, Lucara Dia-

23 000 cts of diamonds were recovered

of Lesotho (GoL), which would then re-

mond, clearly demonstrated that, like

from 600 000 t of processed kimberlite

tain a 30% interest. As part of the acqui-

Letšeng, Mothae also hosted large and

material. This included 96 diamonds larg-

sition, the GoL has issued a new 10-year

premium-value diamonds.

er than 10 cts and individual stones of up

mining licence for Mothae, which has

“In addition, many members of Luca-

to 254 cts. These diamonds were sold for

an automatic right of renewal for a fur-

pa’s board and management team

$17 million, with individual stones achiev-

ther 10 years.

have operational experience in Lesotho

ing sale prices of up to $41 500 per carat.

“Lesotho is the world’s seventh largest

and at the Letšeng mine, so they know

diamond producer by value, but leads

and understand the Mothae project in

a surface area of 8.8 ha. The pipe has

the world with the highest average US$

detail. Lucapa’s low-risk, phased de-

a JORC-classified diamond resource of

per carat production.

velopment approach and favourable

over a million carats (to a depth of

exchange rate movements enhance

300 m), at an average modelled dia-

the diamonds produced in Lesotho. In

the economics of developing Mothae,”

mond value of $1 063 per carat.

January 2018, the Letšeng mine (locat-

Wetherall explains.

“This underlines the premium value of

ed within 5 km of Mothae) produced a

Lucapa’s focus on expanding

spectacular 910 ct diamond reported to

high-value diamond production from

be the fifth largest diamond ever recov-

multiple sources is designed to maxim-

ered in the world,” says Stephen Wether-

ise cash generation in a sector of the

all, managing director, Lucapa.

global diamond market where pricing

When the company decided to acquire Mothae, Wetherall says a number


with record prices being achieved.

remains robust.

of factors were considered. “Lucapa


had reviewed a lot of diamond projects

Mothae is located within 5 km of

but those projects had to be in keeping

Letšeng, the highest $ per carat kim-

with our strategy of focusing on large

berlite diamond mine in the world. Trial

and premium-value diamonds – the

mining demonstrated Mothae to be

market for which remains very strong,

a source of large and premium-value

Ins i de Mi n i n g F E B / MA R | 2 0 1 8

Mothae is a well-defined kimberlite with

The miner has expressed that it believes the Mothae resource has significant upside potential, as the resource has only

Lesotho is the world’s seventh largest diamond producer by value, but leads the world with the highest average US$ per carat production

Lucapa fast facts Lucapa is advancing exploration programmes at two other diamond projects: Brooking in the West Kimberley lamproite region in Western Australia – where the company has recently discovered lamproite with high concentrations of micro and macro diamonds – and Orapa Area F in Botswana’s Orapa diamond field, where identified targets will be drilled in 2018. The company’s flagship asset, the Lulo Diamond Project in Angola, is a prolific producer of large and premium-value alluvial diamonds. Lulo has produced ten +100 ct diamonds to date and is the highest US$ per carat alluvial diamond production in the world.

been calculated to a depth of 300 m (vs

could be refurbished at a minimal cost

500 m modelled depth of the kimberlite)

and within a short timeframe to enable

and does not include any material from

a bulk sampling programme to com-

the neck zone connecting the southern

mence in parallel with construction of a

and northern lobes or the extensive un-

new 150 tph commercial plant,” Wether-

treated kimberlite stockpiles.

all states. Under Lucapa’s Phase 1 development programme, the construction of

First recoveries

this new processing plant, which includes

Lucapa’s focus on high-value diamond

an XRT large-diamond recovery circuit,

production is designed to protect cash

continues and remains on schedule for

flows in a sector of the diamond market

full commissioning and commercial pro-

where demand remains robust.

duction in the second half of 2018.

The first diamonds were recovered

With a total employee count for

through the existing bulk sampling plant

Phase 1 mining at Mothae of approxi-

and infrastructure at Mothae. The site’s

mately 240, including contractors, the

bulk sampling programme is designed

project is set to further employ more

to provide additional resource and dia-

locals due to its 13.5-year mine life for

mond data to exptend the life of mine,

its first two phases.

while also generating early cash flows.

“However, the bulk sampling pro-

“The existing plant and equipment at

gramme has the potential to add to

the Mothae project (70 tph nameplate

the existing JORC resource and thus

capacity) had not operated since the

extend the life of mine, particularly

trial mining operations conducted by

if the extensive neck zone (which has

the previous owners, around six or seven

never been tested) can be successfully

years ago. Upon inspection by the Luca-

added into the JORC resource,”

pa team, it was decided this equipment

Wetherall concludes.

Overhead view of Mothae


project: africa

Unlocking mineral wealth in Mauritania Straddling the Arab Maghreb and western sub-Saharan Africa, Mauritania’s massive mineral resource wealth makes it an attractive prospect for resource investors. The country is an established producer of crude oil, copper, gold and iron ore, and is looking to further develop its product offerings through new projects. By Phila Mzamo

with international financial and technical service partners to develop its quartz, lithium, copper, gold and barite prospects located throughout the country. While the company is still in the early stages of developing its prospects, it has already undertaken considerable geophysical and geochemistry testing at its various sites, with positive results verified by German materials testing and analysis company Dorfner Anzaplan. “The high-purity quartz is well suited to the production of photovoltaic- and

More about Mauritania •A  fter South Africa, Mauritania is reportedly the second largest exporter and producer of iron ore in Africa • International mining and oil and gas companies – including the likes of BP, Total, First Quantum Minerals, Kinross Gold Corp and Algold Resources – have established operations in the country • Suricate Minerals has already signed an agreement with a public company, and is also in advanced discussions with several others


Ins i de Mi n i n g F E B / MA R | 2 0 1 8

electronic-grade silica, as well as for quartz engineering slabs and silicone


metals, and many other industrial applications – all of which are vitally imporhe International Monetary

tant elements for environmentally friend-

Fund issued a country report

ly renewable energy technologies,”

for Mauritania in October 2017,

explains Ahmed Hertani, executive

outlining the challenges the

director, Suricate Minerals.

country faced, such as low and volatile

Suricate plans to start mining at its

metals prices. Despite these challenges,

high-purity quartz deposits in Tasiast,

the report also noted that growth

north-west Mauritania, before the end

prospects had improved along with

of 2018. The quartz deposits contain

planned public investment, structural

around 99% silicon as well as considera-

reforms and some, albeit short-lived,

ble pegmatite reserves, which contain

recovery in metals prices.

ultra-high-purity quartz and rare earth

Suricate Minerals, a privately owned

minerals. The company envisages that

Mauritanian mining and exploration

the project will produce both quartz

company, has decided to engage

lumps and sands.

project: africa

Fast facts • Lithium, cobalt, lead and nickel are key inputs for batteries required for electric vehicles • Elon Musk is the CEO and product architect at Tesla, which produces allelectric vehicles • Tesla, supported by its Gigafactory, produces more lithium-ion batteries annually than were produced worldwide in 2013 • As a mineral name, quartz refers to a specific chemical compound (silicon dioxide, or silica, SiO2), having a hexagonal crystalline form

• Quartz occurs in most igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary rocks • The word ‘barite’ comes from the Greek word barys, which means ‘heavy’ • The high specific gravity of barite (4.5) makes it suitable for a wide range of industrial, medical, and manufacturing uses

Suricate Minerals plans to start mining at its high-purity quartz deposit in Tasiast, Mauritania

High global demand for lithium

containing an alkaline intrusion with

is enriched with silica, comparable in

Hertani highlights that pegmatite is also

large mafic and ultramafic rocks, which

quality to the Bou Ouzzal deposit in

the primary source of lithium, either as

are indicators of metals including

neighbouring Morocco – the third-largest

spodumene, lithiophilite or lepidolite,

copper, wolframite, molybdenum, tin

exporter of barite in the world, produc-

which the company will be exploring.

and gold.

ing around 1 Mtpa.

“Prospects for the lithium sector are wit-

“We are very excited about this discov-

Moreover, Hertani highlights that the

nessing a boom in the industry, as plug-in

ery, as the medium-to-long-term fore-

company is also continuing exploration

hybrid electric vehicles and all-electric

cast for these diversified metals remains

on another deposit in the north of the

vehicles currently use lithium-ion batter-

strong. As the project has substantial

country that contains a felsic-alkaline in-

ies. We cannot miss the opportunity to

potential to be a low-cost producer, this

trusion. Geochemistry work on the depos-

explore this sought-after mineral, in order

ideally places it to take advantage of

it has uncovered a large gold anomaly.

to keep up with the global demand.

rising demand, particularly from the

“Further technological developments, including Tesla’s $5 billion Gigafactory

Chinese market,” he says. “Furthermore, the project contains

“It is certainly a good target for exploration for a high-grade gold deposit that, according to our initial studies, could be

in Nevada in the United States, will

a large hydrothermal deposit of pure

increase the production of lithium-ion

barite. This is significant, as the resources

“We want to capitalise fully on our in-

batteries, which will power the next

of the largest producers of barite world-

depth knowledge and experience of the

generation of electric cars, and keep

wide, namely China and India, are be-

geology where our permits are located.

up with emerging energy-storage

ing depleted rapidly.”

With the technical and financial support

technology trends,” he adds.

More for Suricate

High-grade products

fairly large,” he notes.

of partners, we are confident of developing projects that will enhance the stat-

The analysis of rock collected on the

ure of Mauritania’s mining industry, and

Hertani adds that the company has

surface indicates a barium sulfate

provide high-value return on investment

another permit in north-west Mauritania

content of 78.9%. This surface barite

for investors,” Hertani concludes.

The quartz deposits contain around 99% silicon as well as considerable pegmatite reserves

Prospects for the lithium sector are witnessing a boom in the industry

The resources of the largest producers of barite worldwide, namely China and India, are being depleted rapidly In sid e M in in g F E B/M A R | 2018


project: COAL

Forging long-term

relationships that work E xxaro Coal Mpumalanga, a

subsidiary of JSE-listed Exxaro

Resources Ltd, and DRA recently entered into a contract to

construct a 500 tph coal handling and

Global engineering firm DRA has secured a contract with Exxaro Coal Mpumalanga to construct a 500 tph coal handling and preparation plant in Belfast, Mpumalanga. By Mpinane Senkhane

preparation plant in Belfast, Mpumalanga. The coal handling and preparation

conveyor. The plant will produce both

began in January 2018, and plant hand-

plant consists of primary and secondary

domestic and export products.

over is planned for October 2019.

sizing stations, an overland conveyor,

“We are excited to partner once

two 7 500 t silos, low- and high-gravity

again with such a prestigious organi-

opportunity to showcase our vast ex-

dense-medium separation modules, a

sation. The quality of our engineering

perience in successfully implementing

thickener circuit, filter plant and stacker

designs in the earlier project phases,

large-scale coal projects and the add-

as well as our competitive pricing and

ed value we can offer our clients on any

well-established reputation in coal pro-

project,” adds Hodgkinson.

jects, ultimately secured us the work

“This latest partnership allows DRA the

The two companies have an extensive

when Exxaro embarked on a campaign

history of partnership. “DRA has a long

to develop one of its key coal assets in

history of working with Exxaro, starting

the Belfast area,” explains Alistair Hodg-

with the construction of Leeuwpan for

kinson, senior vice president, DRA.

the then Iscor. We also constructed

Describing the company’s role in the project, Hodgkinson says, “For this

Dorsfontein (then owned by Total Coal). “Other projects include Inyanda and

project, DRA is Exxaro’s engineering,

Mafube (which is an Exxaro JV with

procurement and construction partner

Anglo Coal). We also undertook studies

responsible for the design and build of

including the Mayoko Iron Ore concept

the 3 Mtpa coal handling and process-

study in the Republic of the Congo and

ing plant at Belfast. This is a two-year

the Belfast prefeasibility and feasibility

project; DRA was awarded the project

studies,” says Antonio Da Gama Teixeira,

in September 2017, site establishment

project manager, DRA.

Antonio Da Gama Teixeira, project manager, DRA

project: COAL About DRA Part of DRA’s extensive service offering is mining project management, infrastructure and civil engineering. The company’s Mining Division provides a total mining solution that includes: consulting services, exploration management, geology, studies, Competent Person reports, resource modelling, mine design, mine scheduling, surface and underground infrastructure, design and engineering, materials handling, construction management, operational support, maintenance

Alistair Hodgkinson, senior VP, DRA

and mine closure. This service – which covers the entire spectrum of industri-

in remote areas. “DRA is the leading

al, civil and structural design and con-

designer and EPCM company of coal

struction – is managed by a specialist

projects in South Africa and the region

engineering and construction team.

at large. Our track record in delivering

Additionally, DRA Mineral Projects

projects (across a wide spectrum of

has been successfully involved in some

minerals and industries) within schedule

of the most challenging mine and

and budget is well known in the indus-

processing developments in the world.

try,” states Hodgkinson.

The company has the expertise to

“Critically, our project approach is to

conceptualise and design mineral pro-

strive for lasting relationships with our

cessing plants from run-of-mine ore to

clients through providing more than just

saleable product in the platinum, coal,

technical solutions. It also serves to help

diamond, gold, ferrous and base met-

our clients identify further value-add-

als, uranium, and phosphate sectors,

ing opportunities on their projects,”

among others.

he adds.

Particular to this project, DRA’s pro-

Hodgkinson and Da Gama Teixeira

ject management capabilities ensure

see the Belfast Implementation Project

total control across all types of pro-

as a very important one for both Exxa-

jects. By drawing on its collective ex-

ro and DRA. “We fully appreciate the

pertise, the company is able to direct

strategic importance of this project to

the entire project process from con-

Exxaro and have committed ourselves

ceptual feasibility to final handover

to delivering an excellent product,” says

and beyond. DRA offers fast-tracked

Da Gama Teixeira. “We look forward to

implementation when required, testing

the successful completion of this pro-

and inspection, construction manage-

ject and accompanying Exxaro on its

ment and control, as well as office

development campaign in the area,”

and conference facilities for sites

concludes Hodgkinson.

“This latest partnership allows DRA the opportunity to showcase our vast experience in successfully implementing largescale coal projects and the added value we can offer our clients.”

Coordinates S 25˚ 50' 14.592'' E 29˚ 59' 20.669'' Nkangala Mpumalanga South Africa

In sid e M in in g F E B/M A R | 2018



Make South Africa

attractive again

The Investing in African Mining Indaba is always a muchanticipated conference. What is your analysis of this year’s Indaba? How do you see the industry outlook for 2018 and are we going to see rapid growth? WB This year’s Mining Indaba has been slightly different to those of the last few years. Last year, the mining companies were talking up their projects and saying there’s a recovery, which there wasn’t really. There was a lot of optimism, probably reckless optimism in some cases. Right now, I think, although not necessarily in South Africa, there is positivity across the continent, seen in the growth and projects coming from the countries that are really looking at mining as a catalyst for their growth and development, like Uganda, Nigeria and so on. That is really exciting.

At Indaba, Inside Mining sat down with Warren Beech, global head: Mining Subsector at Hogan Lovells, to discuss his view on this year’s event and the mining industry as a whole.

For now, it is safe to say that South Africa is excluded from the excitement; unfortunately, Minister Zwane’s speech was underwhelming. He had an opportunity and platform to send out a positive message of change, and he failed to do so. So, I think that really put a damper on the outlook for South Africa.

Which area in Africa has the Hogan Lovells Mining Division identified as a key growth area? As a company, our focus is still very much on South Africa, because we see that the bigger companies are still putting in money and there are new projects coming in. It is exciting to see companies like Rio Tinto recommitting. But on the topic of rapid growth, our countries of interest at the moment include Namibia, which is really picking up, and Zimbabwe – the big story of

“South Africans really are entrepreneurs and inventors on every level. We know how to work in very difficult environments, and a lot of the technologies we have developed for the industry in the past have been exported.”


Ins i de Mi n i n g F E B / MA R | 2 0 1 8

the moment. Companies like Impala

Technology itself is absolutely critical.

Platinum and Anglo have been there for

Mines that do not embrace the internet

some time but I think we will see more

of things, machine learning and artificial

pouring in. The DRC is very exciting at

intelligence are going to be left behind.

the moment, with a lot of things hap-

It is as simple as that. Assuming that

pening on that side; in Nigeria, we are

technology will create a job crisis in the

helping them with the regulatory environ-

industry is the wrong approach. Tech-

ment right now.

nology simply presents an opportunity

Is South Africa a destination of choice in terms of investment and what does this means for the economy?

to be reskilled. For example, if a person is earning R12 500 right now, his reskilling on automation will take him to R25 000. The programmes that the mines are implementing coincide with the tech-

South Africa’s is the story of a mature

nology, so people are already being

mining environment. We still have a very

reskilled. It is not about joblessness; it is

strong rule of law and our courts are very

about reskilling and further opportuni-

good – they have been fantastic, in fact

ties. We definitely have the resources

– and that helps with the attractiveness.

and capacity to make this happen.

And that really brings the focus to the

Mines have, for the most part, been

Minister of Mineral Resources. Because

very good at setting up training centres

ministers come and go, policy is dealt with

so far.

at the mid-tier level, and the idea is to

the point of departure is in understand-

How important is Mining Indaba for general workers versus investors and mining CEOs – especially with the mining industry supporting more than 460 000 jobs in the country?

ing that politics comes and goes, and

It is a challenge because you will notice

people come and go. You just have to

that the union leaders themselves are

remain within the playing field.

not here. The Indaba itself has been

make sure that we stay close to the midtier Department of Mineral Resources. As business, we need to transcend politics – we need to work well beyond the politics. It is a tricky minefield but

Speaking of politics, what are the kind of expectations placed on President Cyril Ramaphosa, given his background in both business and unions? There is an incredible burden on him because he’s taken on the role of change. He’s going to be pulled by both sides: business will expect him to understand business and the trade union movements will expect him to deliver because he is president. He will need as much support as he can get.

Do you think technology will be vital for the mining industry in the future? Will South Africa have to take the lead in technological advancements in mining in order to be competitive on the continent?

Warren Beech, global head: Mining Subsector, Hogan Lovells, Johannesburg

positioned as an investor-focused conference; however, I think the junior mining talks do include the unions, which is a critical part of these conferences and rightfully so. The trade unions need to be included more often in the mainstream discussions too.

Uncertainty appears to be an issue in the mining industry, such as with the Mining Charter. How will uncertainty within the mining sector affect the kind of confidence needed to achieve growth? Policy uncertainly is a major concern, because policy transcends everything. If policy is in place, then you understand it for what it is and adjust to it. The regulatory side is just as important; by that I mean the MPRDA amendment

Absolutely. We have already had some

is important, and has been coming

amazing developments in mining that

for six years. The Mining Charter itself

have been and will be exported to

also needs to be sorted out – whether

developed economies. South Africans

it is 30% or 50%, a decision needs to

really are entrepreneurs and inventors on

be made. As long as people know

every level. We know how to work in very

they are in for x or y per cent, then

difficult environments, and a lot of the

they will accept that’s how they will

technologies we have developed for the

do business. But at the moment, it is

industry in the past have been exported.

just too uncertain.

In sid e M in in g F E B/M A R | 2018


Optimism for African mining Sustained commodity price growth and reduced costs are combining new technology trends with synchronised global growth to present Africa’s mining sector with the best prospects in over a decade.


iven Africa’s rich resource

continent is bound to see an uptick.

endowment, mining is and

“Real risk-managed opportunities pres-

will continue to be central

ent themselves in Africa,” he adds.

to the growth and global

Mark Buncombe, group head: Mining and Metals, Standard Bank

Those countries offering stability and a

integration of African economies, and it

degree of political certainty are likely to

will be a key determinant of the prosper-

benefit most. Some countries in Africa

ity of Africa’s peoples.

have learned that the right legislation

“The centrality of mining to the devel-

can achieve national development

opment of the continent means that

goals by creating a fair, responsible and

2018 is likely to be a watershed year

conducive environment for foreign in-

in Africa’s ongoing growth story,” says

vestment. “Those markets – like Botswa-

Mark Buncombe, group head: Mining

na, Namibia and increasingly Ghana,

and Metals, Standard Bank.

the Ivory Coast and Zambia – that

For the first time in a decade, most

have developed balanced legislative

commodities, bar platinum, have seen

regimes cognisant of the industry’s long

significant price recovery. At the same

investment cycles while also talking

time, miners have done a lot of work

to local national development goals

on cutting costs, with margins, globally,

are likely to attract global interest,”

on the increase. While the protracted

says Buncombe.

absence of investment in prospecting

While, in Africa, this interest is currently

will weigh on the industry for many years

likely to focus on rejuvenating moth-

to come, “reduced debt levels mean

balled projects. “As more money is

that, going into 2018, balance sheets

spent on exploration in legislatively at-

are generally stronger too,” says Bun-

tractive environments, new investment

combe. While the volatility of recent

is likely to pick up too,” he adds.

years means that many companies are reluctant to spend, investment on the

These improvements in Africa’s domestic mining landscape are coinciding

industry insight

with a unique period of synchronised

will require financing as assets change

global growth, presenting a number of

hands from large multinationals to local

opportunities across Africa in 2018.

emerging entities,” explains Buncombe. A recent example of this trend is Stand-

Improved sentiment in West Africa

ard Bank’s support of Seriti in its pro-

With continued global macro instability,

posed acquisition of Anglo American’s

the gold price has stabilised at a rel-

South African thermal coal assets.

atively high level and this is benefiting

“Reduced debt levels mean that, going into 2018, balance sheets are generally stronger too.” financing in Africa needs to be predicated on access to – and capability in

and under-developed gold deposits

New technologies rekindle relevance of Central Africa

are attracting interest from investors.

As the world evolves towards electric

shareholding in Standard Bank and the

Standard Bank’s long-standing presence

cars, the importance of cobalt and

broad set of transaction and financing

in Ghana and recent expansion into

copper to the global battery industry

capabilities being built at both ends

the Ivory Coast are allowing the bank

will be a strong driver of mining invest-

of Standard Bank’s Africa-China trade

to concentrate both global capital and

ment in this region. Both Zambia and the

and investment corridor will remain

the group’s extensive mining capabilities

Democratic Republic of the Congo, for

critical to supporting and growing

on these new opportunities. Moreover,

example, are likely to see significant new

Africa’s commodity sector. “This will

a more favourable political climate in

activity surrounding these commodities.

include investment in the associated

Ghana and stable mining legislation in

“Given the remoteness of deposits, asso-

industrial and logistics infrastructure re-

the Ivory Coast are adding to West Afri-

ciated industrial and logistics connectivi-

quired to make Africa’s resources rele-

ca’s improved prospects.

ty infrastructure development is also like-

vant to the world,” says Buncombe.

West Africa, where abundant shallow

Diversified ownership in South Africa Multinationals in South Africa are looking

ly to offer opportunities in Central Africa,

– China. To this end, the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China’s (ICBC)

as well as between these assets and

General themes

associated sea ports,” adds Buncombe.

“Currency volatility is something clients are thinking about more proactively,”

commercially viable local relationships.

Leveraging Chinese investment – across Africa

Generally improved metals prices com-

China continues to account for ap-

with many other African currencies,

bined with rationalised cost-bases are

proximately 50% of world commodity

provides a challenging environment

likely to see a regearing and refinancing

consumption. More generally, as Africa

for clients to manage costs and cash

of existing assets in South Africa, as new

emerges as a commodities and ener-

flows. Standard Bank is increasingly

local players enter the market. Emerg-

gy supplier and beneficiator to rapidly

working directly with miners across

ing empowerment players, “like the

growing Asia, the importance of build-

the continent to develop mechanisms

new companies that will emerge out of

ing Africa’s links to the entire East will

– including hedging – to manage

Eskom’s requirement to purchase from

remain an important trend. Given this

currency volatility risk in often very

locally owned collieries, for example,

reality, any consideration of commodity

illiquid environments.

to diversify ownership by developing

says Buncombe. The increased volatility of the South African rand, along

In sid e M in in g F E B/M A R | 2018


Bauma CONEXPO 2018 Stakeholders in the African and international construction and mining industries are set to meet up at bauma CONEXPO Africa in Johannesburg, South Africa, from 13 to 16 March.

Definitive for mining and construction


his year, the trade fair for

best practices,” says Gan Luckun, from

from Botswana, Chile, Ethiopia, India,

construction machinery, building

formwork and scaffolding manufacturer

Kenya, Mozambique, Nigeria and

material machines, mining

Doka South Africa.

Zambia – are expected at bauma

According to its national sales and

CONEXPO Africa. The focus of the

vehicles will not only showcase new

marketing manager, Norman Maleka,

third edition of this trade fair will be

innovative products and tried and

exhibitor SEW-Eurodrive South Africa

on networking and communication

tested solutions but also provide an

is also planning to boost sales of IEC

between specialists from various fields.

overview of the latest market trends in

motors and industrial gear units despite

In the demo area, located between

the construction and mining industry in

tough market conditions (read more

Hall 5 and the open-air grounds,

the sub-Saharan region. One such trend

on page 22).

selected exhibitors will give live

machines and construction

is a growing sense of quality awareness.

demonstrations of their machines and

The major trade fair event at the Johannesburg Expo Centre in March

equipment. Industry experts will be able

place within the member states of

will not only feature prominent, leading

to experience the technical innovations

the Southern African Development

companies but also important industry

first-hand. The speakers’ corner provides

Community, whereby construction

organisations and associations, such as

visitors with the opportunity to engage

companies are no longer simply looking

the Concrete Society of Southern Africa.

with exhibitors regarding the latest

to find the supplier with the lowest price,

More than 400 exhibitors and around

“A transformation is currently taking

but want to ensure top quality through

20 000 visitors – including delegations

developments in the industry through presentation and case studies.

Connecting Global Competence


bauma CONEXPO AFRICA, Johannesburg, March 13–16, 2018


International Trade Fair for Construction Machinery, Building Material Machines, Mining Machines and Construction Vehicles.


Ins i de Mi n i n g F E B / MA R | 2 0 1 8

mining machinery

Orders roll in for reliable Osborn apron South African manufacturer Osborn has recently netted orders for 13 apron feeders, reflecting the burgeoning demand for these robust, hard-working machines at mines around Africa, and as far afield as Spain.


sborn’s healthy apron

feeder, three 1.2 m by 8.5 m units, and

feeder order book

a 1.5 m by 8 m machine. “The scope of

includes exports to

our contract includes manufacturing

Ghana, the Democratic

and supplying the units, complete with

Republic of the Congo and Spain, as

guards and hydraulic drives with power

well as three machines for one of the

packs,” states Botha, noting that Osborn

country’s largest open-pit coal mines in

won this order based on the outstanding

the Lephalale, Limpopo, area.

quality of its machines. The company will

“Customers are increasingly opting for Osborn’s apron feeders, which combine competitive pricing with exceptional

supply a 1.8 m x 6.3 m apron feeder to a mine in the DRC.

quality,” comments Martin Botha,

Doing jobs others cannot

director: Product Development, Osborn.

“It is exciting to have

Osborn has been contracted to supply

plants around the world

four apron feeders to a new client for

recognising Osborn’s

use in a Spanish copper mine. These


are the first Osborn apron feeders sold

reputation for supplying

into Spain, Botha reveals. One unit is

apron feeders that are

2.4 m by 12 m in size. The others are 1.5 m

rugged, long wearing and

by 6 m machines. This significant order

capable of operating efficiently

has a total value of around R26 million,

in the most arduous conditions,”

he states.

Botha stresses. With their heavy-duty construction,

Feeding Medupi

Osborn apron feeders are designed to

One of South Africa’s largest open-

handle feed sizes of up to 1 500 mm,

pit coal mines has invested in two

where no fines removal is required or

new Osborn apron feeders as part

where fines are removed by a separate

of an upgrade programme to meet

dribble conveyor. “When the feed

the coal supply demands of Medupi

material is wet, sticky or clayey, and

Power Station. These new machines

where other feeding equipment cannot

are 1.5 m by 14 m in size and have

handle it, the Osborn apron feeder is the

been customised to meet the client’s

ideal machine for the job,” he asserts.

requirements. Their unique features

Botha explains that the Osborn

include special paint, galvanising and

apron feeder can be installed in a

guards, customer-specific drives and

horizontal or inclined position (up to

tailor-made auto lubrication systems.

15 degrees), depending on space

The machines’ vast size poses some

limitations. Outlining the Osborn apron

shipping challenges that Osborn will

feeder’s function in the circuit, he says

overcome by stripping the units into

that it provides a reliable means of

three segments for transport to the

controlling the feed rate to prevent

mine, Botha says.

surge loads to primary crushers, belt

The scope of the company’s contract

BELOW Martin Botha, director: Product Development, Osborn

Osborn’s offering Osborn offers a complete range of standard and extra-heavy-duty apron feeders suited for the most testing conditions encountered in the mining and quarrying industries. Ranging in size from 900 mm to 3 500 mm in width, Osborn apron feeders can be supplied in lengths to suit customers’ requirements. They are offered with either electromechanical or hydraulic drives. The cast steel or manganese flights are designed to overlap so as to reduce spillage. The machines are constructed using traditional D4, D6, D7, D8 and D9 track components. Osborn has, over many decades in business, developed a formula to determine the ideal-size apron feeder for a customer’s requirements. “Factors like flights and chain type, start-up and running torque, chain factor of safety, start-up conditions, and running conditions are all considered in the calculation. For drive sizing, we calculate breakaway torque, running torque, absorbed power, installed power, head shaft speed, and chain pull. Our vast experience and expertise ensure that end users get the best machine and optimal performance,” Botha concludes.

conveyors and other plant and

includes designing, manufacturing and

equipment. “Apron feeders are usually

supplying the apron feeders, as well as

installed under a hopper or bin, can

supervising their commissioning.

accept direct dumping by dump trucks

Osborn’s export order to Ghana

or front-end loaders, and control ore

comprises one 1.8 m by 7 m apron

feed from mine stockpiles.”

In sid e M in in g F E B/M A R | 2018


mining machinery

SEW showcases at bauma As part of a drive to access new markets and solidify existing ones, SEW-Eurodrive South Africa will, for the first time, be showcasing some exciting products and service offerings at the much-anticipated bauma CONEXPO Africa 2018.


auma CONEXPO has

what we want.” The products he refers

established itself as the go-

to include SEW-Eurodrive's new ECDriveS®

to exhibition for construction

24 V drive system for light-load conveyor

machinery, building material

technology, the latest DRN series of IE3-

machines, mining machines and

compliant motors, and the customised

decentralised motor control, improved

construction vehicles as well as a

LTP-B Eco Drive for pump and fan control

service life and durability, and future-

platform for stakeholders to engage on

in a range of niche sectors from HVAC to

proof Ethernet networking.

new trends in the industry.

underground mining.

Norman Maleka, national sales and

“This is a product that we realised we needed to develop to bridge a gap in

marketing manager, SEW, says the


decision to exhibit at bauma was an

This latest innovation from the drive

portfolio that we currently have, we

easy one. “We see bauma as an ideal

and automation technology leader,

realised that the traditional gearbox

platform to target potential end users

comprising a modular driven roller and

would be overkill on smaller conveyors for

of our diverse products, in a wide range

gear motor, boasts a 20% higher power

parts transfer or empty containers.

of industrial sectors. These end users will

rating and overload capacity. An

We needed something smaller, and that’s

be able to see our latest products in

integrated encoder allows for accurate

how we conceptualised the ECDriveS® –

action at the stand and that is exactly

positioning, with intelligent centralised or

a first for SEW,” Maleka unpacks.

“It is standard that we offer the IE3 motor, which we see as a benefit to our customers.”


Norman Maleka, national sales and marketing manager, SEW-Eurodrive

Ins i de Mi n i n g F E B / MA R | 2 0 1 8

certain applications. With the product

mining machinery LTP-B Eco Drive

EVENT bauma CONEXPO will be held on 13-16 March

The customised LTP-B Eco Drive for pump and fan control in a range of niche sectors from HVAC to underground mining will also be showcased at bauma. Maleka says this approach was inspired by the demand in the market for a product of this nature. “We have had several requests for HVAC products and, at the time, we did not have a product able to meet this specific demand. We had a general purpose drive that could do it, but with limitations. As demand grew, we decided to pursue this new avenue, to design a dedicated product to serve this market, especially in Cape Town

more energy-efficient option. Although

existing equipment as opposed to the

where we have installed quite a few

the initial cost is slightly higher, the return

purchasing of new equipment was

applications – i.e. pumping solutions

on investment will be quicker and it

a swift one. “In the absence of new

and fans,” he explains.

allows for companies to reduce carbon

projects, the servicing aspect came into

emissions,” Maleka adds.

play. And in South Africa, SEW has a

“We are new to this specific market and are aware that it is not an easy

Because electric motors consume

very solid service concept. We have an

one to enter. Hence, we decided to

most of the energy on operations like

incredibly fast lead time on servicing of

expose this product to the market

mines and power stations, the IE3 is an

equipment, and I think that was a key

at the expo. Although bauma is

ideal solution.

part of what really helped us through the

primarily a construction exhibition, you will notice that the products we

Why Buama?

last financial year. “Now I think we are hitting an upward

have decided to showcase are not

Maleka highlights that the decision

trend. Many of the project houses that

necessarily all labelled for construction,

to attend bauma was based on the

we deal with do a lot of work in Africa,

because our products can be used for

fact that a number of SEW’s existing

so although we didn’t have a lot of local

a number of different applications,”

customers will be there, so it is a good

projects, we did have projects outside

Maleka continues.

opportunity to strengthen and improve

the country. Our exports department

the company’s existing network.

looks after 22 countries in Africa and

IE3-compliant motors

“We want to talk about new

we also have an office in Tanzania, so

The latest DRN series of IE3-compliant

technology and products and

that has kept things optimistic for us,”

motors from SEW will also be displayed

engage customers on what they are

Maleka affirms.

at bauma as part of the company’s

doing. Bauma is a great environment

‘total solutions’ approach. This solution

to unpack new strategies and

moving away from simply being a

specifically addresses the issue of

developments to help us align ourselves

component supplier, SEW-Eurodrive has

energy efficiency for customers.

with our customers’ ever-changing

managed to stand the test of time.

“This product was designed to meet

needs and requirements.“ We intend

In offering a complete solution and

“We had always been known as a

energy-saving requirements, which is

to showcase all our products without

component supplier, but anybody

a common concern for South African

limitations and get closer to our

can supply a component. Thus, we

clients. It is standard that we offer the

customers,” he continues.

moved more into the solutions business

IE3 motor, which we see as a benefit to

SEW South Africa attributes a large

about five years ago and it has been

our customers. While a customer may

amount of its business to the mining

a successful endeavour. Essentially, our

be looking for the IE1 or IE2, the IE3 is the

industry. “We deal a lot with project

expertise, experience, and extensive

houses and a large chunk of our

project track record have really

turnover comes from that industry

cemented our position in the market,”

because of the demand for larger units.

he concludes.

“With the product portfolio that we currently have, we realised that the traditional gearbox would be overkill on smaller conveyors for parts transfer or empty boxes.”

We have assembled big units in Nelspruit and Rustenburg and have recently employed someone in that area to take care of our customers there. Mining is very important to us and our purposebuilt products are the key to our success in this industry” explains Maleka. Given the economic dip that saw the mining industry pull back on spending, SEW says the shift to servicing of

In sid e M in in g F E B/M A R | 2018


Growing value

through responsibility Mining houses often find themselves in the news for all the wrong reasons – another worker fatality, job cuts, environmental calamities… you name it. And because of this, industry is obligated to make a conscious shift towards more responsible mining. This is where IRMA comes in. ining is an inherently com-


of the human rights and aspirations of

environmental and social responsibility.

plex and intensive process

affected communities; provides safe,

The new certification scheme will also

that presents a raft of chal-

healthy and respectful workplaces;

give purchasers a pathway to connect

lenges, and brings about

avoids or minimises harm to the environ-

with leading mines through their supply

ment; and leaves positive legacies.”

chains. Civil society stakeholders will have

impacts vary, from affecting the physical

fines its mission as being “to establish

communication with the mines willing to

environment, through loss of habitat and

a multistakeholder and independently

lead. Clearly, the buy-in of stakeholders

the contamination of groundwater, for

verified responsible mining assurance

does not relate only to mining houses, but

example, to the socio-economic effects

system that improves social and environ-

rather everyone across the value chain.

on surrounding communities, through

mental performance and creates value

IRMA is unique in its global coverage of

displacement and cultural shifts.

for the mine sites which lead.”

all mined materials, encouragement of

both environmental and social changes in the surrounds in which it occurs. Its

The Initiative for Responsible Mining

In order to realise this vision, IRMA de-

increased access to information and

best practice leadership and its commit-

Imminent launch, long in the making

ment to multistakeholder leadership.

that most of these negative social and environmental impacts can be avoid-

IRMA has been in the works for more

gether for more than a decade to build

ed, if companies adhere to global best

than 10 years, and 2018/19 has been es-

the IRMA system are:

practice and operate according to

tablished as its launch phase. Its leaders

• mining companies

leading standards.

have worked and are working together

• jewellery, electronics and other down-

Assurance (IRMA), however, believes

IRMA states that it “envisions a world where the mining industry is respectful

to develop credible standards to protect environmental and social values, and to oversee an independent verification programme worthy of confidence from all participants. IRMA’s launch phase is designed for

Five key sectors that have worked to-

stream users of mining products • environmental and human rights nonprofits/NGOs • organisations representing affected communities • labour unions.

learning, improving and assuring the

Buy-in from key industry stakeholders is

verification system is accountable to

vital, and industry leaders’ ears have

all stakeholder groups. During launch,

pricked up at the prospect of joining

mines will be offered an opportunity to

hands to form a more responsible, sus-

apply for recognition of achievement in

tainable industry.

Photo credit: Health-e News

Responsible Mining

Responsible Mining Standard for Responsible Mining Jon Samuel, group head: Social Per-

society organisations can convey

formance and Engagement, Anglo

social licence with assurance

American, states, “As one of the world’s

that the mine operates accord-

largest mining companies, Anglo Ameri-

ing to leading levels of social and

can supports IRMA because we believe

environmental performance.

that our industry supports, and can make further contributions to, sustaina-

What IRMA offers

ble socio-economic development. This

There are numerous benefits to IRMA’s

objective will best be achieved within

offering, which include, but are not

a framework of high, trusted standards

limited to, the points mentioned below.

that apply to all mining operations and

IRMA’s Standard for Responsible Min-

to which all key stakeholders subscribe.”

ing (SRM) has been sculpted to provide

Anisa Kamadoli Costa, chief sustaina-

a shared definition of best practices

bility officer, Tiffany & Co., adds: “For

for responsible mining, developed by

over 175 years, Tiffany & Co. has looked

diverse stakeholders directly engaged

to the beauty and bounty of the natu-

with mining. It describes the expec-

ral world for design inspiration and the

tations for social and environmental

previous materials that give life to our

responsibility and serves as a way to

designs. We recognise the moral impera-

measure the achievement thereof.

tive to safeguard this natural beauty and

cial and environmental performance

ronmental stewardship in mining opera-

are contained within one consistent

tions and inspire consumer confidence in

system. IRMA offers global cover-

the industry.”

age of industrial-scale mines and all

While IRMA’s stakeholder engage-

mined materials, excluding energy

ment spans a host of sectors, it seeks

fuels, as well as the review of mines’

further representation and perspectives

performance at mine-site level. It

from other players as well, including

offers incentive and recognition for

governments, additional impacted

best practice leadership and pro-

communities, the finance sector, ac-

vides the opportunity to demonstrate

ademics, international institutions and

performance improvement.

Getting all stakeholders involved will

Its independent third-party auditing system ensures that achievements are

enable IRMA to implement standards

properly, and fairly, measured and that

and certifications that are parallel to

results can be trusted

programmes such as those of the Forest

IRMA provides a marketplace through

Stewardship Council and the Marine

which mines and purchasers can con-

Stewardship Council. The IRMA Stand-

nect and engage with each other,

ard for Responsible Mining, through an

facilitating business growth and market

independent third-party verification and

sustainability. Its supply chain connec-

certification system, seeks to enable

tions further ensure that best practice

the following:

standards are adhered to beyond

• Industrial-scale mines can document

the mine site, through the supply and

their leadership and receive value for

value chains. IRMA provides high-level

proven responsible performance.

engagement with civil society that

• Purchasers of metals and minerals can

increases trust between, credibility of

source from mines that meet a full ar-

and value for its numerous stakeholder

ray of leading practices in social and

groups. It is committed to continuous

environmental responsibility.

learning and improvement in its service

• Communities, workers and civil

1 2

Comprehensive metrics for both so-

believe IRMA will promote greater envi-

insurance companies.

IRMA released the first draft of its SRM in 2014. An extensive public comment period followed, and the process was then repeated in 2016, along with mine-site field tests in the USA and Zimbabwe. The four core principles of the SRM are:

of all stakeholders.

3 4

Business Integrity Operating companies conduct their business in a transparent manner that complies with applicable host country and international laws, regulations and best practice, and builds trust and credibility with stakeholders. Planning and Managing for Positive Legacies Operating companies engage with stakeholders to ensure that mining projects are planned and managed to deliver positive economic, social and environmental legacies for companies, workers and communities. Social Responsibility Operating companies engage with stakeholders and rights holders to ensure that mining occurs in a manner that respects human rights and maintains or enhances the health, safety, cultural values, quality of life and livelihoods of workers and communities. Environmental Responsibility Operating companies engage with stakeholders to ensure that mining occurs in a manner that maintains or enhances environmental values, and avoids or minimises impacts on the environment and communities. The SRM measures achievements across a broad range of social and environmental issues, including: labour rights, and health and safety; emergency response; cyanide and mercury management; biodiversity, ecosystem services and protected areas; free, prior and informed consent; cultural heritage; security arrangements; human rights; conflict zones; tailings management; water, waste and air quality management; community health, engagement and benefits; revenue transparency; reclamation, closure and bonding; and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

In sid e M in in g F E B/M A R | 2018


Responsible Mining

Ensuring responsible sourcing As the world’s authority for gold and silver, the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) is committed to ensuring the highest possible standards are maintained in the precious metals market.


he LBMA was

formalise existing standards

adding a further layer of

Responsible Platinum and

established back in

of refiners’ due diligence. The

credibility to the GDL system.

Palladium Guidance.

1987 by the Bank of

Responsible Gold Guidance

England, which was

has been mandatory for all

Responsible Gold

Incident process

the market regulator at the

gold Good Delivery Refiners

This framework is mandatory

In 2017, LBMA took a

time, and consists of more

since 2012, and LBMA has

for all refiners wishing to

stronger stance with refiners

than 140 members including

recently expanded the

sell into the London Bullion

and auditors alike to

refiners, fabricators, traders,

scope of its responsible

Market. This is intended

reflect the maturity of the

storage and security carriers.

sourcing framework to

to assure investors and

programme and the need

The LBMA’s ongoing

include silver, which became

consumers that all London

to demonstrate the strict

work covers the setting

a mandatory requirement for

gold stocks are conflict-free

governance and control

and monitoring of refining

all silver GDL refiners from 1

due to compliance with

framework that LBMA and

standards, creating trading

January 2018. These refiners

an audited, conflict-free

the industry have worked

documentation and

are audited annually and

process. LBMA RGG (v7)

hard to implement. An

fostering the development

required to report publicly.

consolidates and formalises

incident review process

pre-existing high standards of

is invoked in response to

refiners’ due diligence. The

a particular stimulus of a reputational nature.

of good trading practices. Its main role is the maintenance

Responsible Silver

and publication of its Good

LBMA Responsible

RGG is based on the OECD

Delivery Lists (GDLs) for

Silver Guidance (RSG)

Due Diligence Guidance

gold and silver, which are

consolidates and formalises

as well as Swiss and US KYC

from a variety of sources

universally acknowledged

pre-existing high standards

(Know Your Customer),

(trade associations, law

of refiners’ due

Anti-Money Laundering

enforcement agencies,

and Combatting Terrorist

market intelligence,

Financing regulations.

etc.) and LBMA will seek

as the de facto standards of

diligence. To


minimise the

and assayed


bullion. It has


Further Development


required by

LBMA believes in

process. Due to the sensitivity


refiners who

continuous improvement

involved, LBMA may keep

of the Responsible Sourcing

the process confidential

Programme to ensure that

until the issue has been

it remains fit for purpose.

resolved. Unsubstantiated


produce both

and standards to guide players across

gold and silver GDL bars, the RSG

corroboration wherever possible as part of the

the value chain to act

is aligned with the existing

The next iteration will

allegations can have a

responsibly and ethically.

LBMA Responsible Gold

include aspects relating

serious detrimental effect

Guidance (RGG), facilitating

to the environment

on business. LBMA must

the concept of multi-metal

and issues relating to

be sensitive to this fact

audits. The introduction

sustainability. LBMA is

and ensure that there is

LBMA’s Responsible Sourcing

of the new RSG aligns the

working with the London

no speculation during the

Programme was set up to

requirements for both gold

Platinum and Palladium

resolution of the incident

consolidate, strengthen and

and silver GDL refiners,

Market (LPPM) to develop

management process.

Responsible Sourcing Programme


Information can come

Ins i de Mi n i n g F E B / MA R | 2 0 1 8

Responsible Mining

A quick Indaba Q&A At the Investing in African Mining Indaba 2018, Inside Mining chatted to LBMA CEO Ruth Crowell about the association’s efforts in ensuring responsible sourcing. Could you please explain the type of work the association is undertaking to expand responsible sourcing to include environmental aspects?

how do you make sure it’s a

do have some ideas but

wide-scale option.

we need to have a better

So, that’s where we are

understanding of what the

completely different. We

pressure points are. Clearly,

play a standard-setting

people have been trying

role – when we, as LBMA,

to address these things for

say certain standards or

a long time; if you listened

RC The most important step

practices need to be met,

to IRMA, it’s something that

important. Ultimately, we are

and undertaking is dialogue

refiners either have to

has been 10 years in the

a market utility and we want

with the producers, because

comply or trade at a 20%

making. The thing is that

to provide transparency,

there are so many obvious

discount, for example. We

nobody cared 10 years ago;

which blockchain absolutely

environmental aspects

have removed refiners and

now, however, I would say

does, as well as certainty of

that we should be looking

auditors because of failure

people really do care. The

that process, from the ground

at, which include mercury

to meet the expected

problem is, they still don’t

through to the refinery;

and cyanide.

standards, and they have, in

want to pay for it.

however, there are significant

But we are also trying to

certain instances, gone out

great aspirations. I think the

How do you ensure producer engagement takes place to support the responsible sourcing of precious metals?

trick and the big question

The first step is listening, as

with all of these voluntary

opposed to us coming in

standards, though, is who

and saying that we’ve got

There has been talk in the gold market about the benefits of using blockchain to accurately monitor the supply chain. What is the role of blockchain in strengthening and streamlining gold supply chain integrity?

is going to pay for it? And

all the answers. We certainly

The efficiency side of it is

gain a better understanding of what has already been done in this regard – this is why we have engaged with bodies such as IRMA, which has some really

of business soon thereafter.

LBMA engagement at Indaba “Our major purpose for coming to the Mining Indaba has been to engage with people about responsible sourcing. So far, it’s been really successful – I think people are really interested now. When we first launched our programme in 2012, there was a fair amount of resistance in the industry – people were worried about how this was going to disrupt the market. Now, however, people are starting to think about reputational risk.” Ruth Crowell, CEO, LBMA

Ruth Crowell, CEO, LBMA (Photo credit:

costs involved in doing that. So, if we can find a way to streamline this, then it makes it easier for the refiner or producer to manage it. It also means that, in the end, you have the DNA of that material. In terms of how you translate that to the consumer, it makes the entire supply chain and the product that much more ‘real’.


Ncamiso Mining stepping up

Home to one of the largest integrated housing developments in Gauteng, the area of Fleurhof is currently being developed – in partnership – by the City of Johannesburg, Calgro M3, Mintails and now Ncamiso Mining, which prides itself on its land rehabilitation ventures.

ounces of gold at a grade exceeding 5 g/t have been produced from the DRD and Rand Leases projects. Ncamiso was also previously involved in the successful rehabilitation of the DRD cluster, which is currently under residential development for low-cost housing. the Fleurhof land covers old mining sites and dumps, we knew there could be great potential to recover gold-bearing material during the rehabilitation process. We felt it would be a great loss to let

Witwatersrand basin in the central

during development had it not been for Ncamiso’s forward thinking and vision.

Fleurhof The immediate Fleurhof area boasts around 440 ha of arable land consisting

Mr Fikile Mashinini, managing director,

of various types of residential units and

Ncamiso Mining.

forms of tenure (as well as specific economic target markets), which comprise: free-standing open market

Fleurhof is located on the historic Rand

bonded housing, GAP (FLISP and open

south-west of Johannesburg. The overall

Leases mining area in south-west

market rental), CRU/social housing, and

project is set to create a meaningful

Johannesburg, which, together with

fully subsidised BNG housing. The overall

improvement to the immediate

the Durban Roodepoort Deep (DRD)

development will be comprised of

environment and the lives of the

mining centre, forms part of the Soweto

10 411 units. As part of all rehabilitation

community in the area, where – upon

Cluster projects, where mining has

projects, environmental requirements

completion – it will provide housing for an

been taking place since the discovery

have to be met to ensure the safety,

estimated 83 000 people. In addition to

of the goldfields in 1886. Over the

health and sustainability of the area and

the positive upliftment of the community,

past 130 years, there have been up to

local community.

Ncamiso Mining identified the potential

seven different conglomerates mining

to further use the land to contribute to

gold from the surface down to depths

Ncamiso Mining is currently clearing and

the economic growth of the country. “As

in excess of 3 000 m. Over 30 million

removing contaminated and radioactive

Rand Goldfield immediately


R150 000 000, which could have been lost

sterilised by development.” comments


the northern edge of the

over 300 kg of gold, valued at over

the mineral wealth in the ground be

A lucrative region

he area of Fleurhof falls on

The DRD rehabilitation project yielded

Ins i de Mi n i n g F E B / MA R | 2 0 1 8

To comply with these requirements,


About Ncamiso Mining • Ncamiso specialises in maximising the revenue of its clients by screening gold from material that would otherwise be sterilised and crushed for roads and buildings, etc. Ncamiso also provides a valuable service through the removal of contaminated surface material to rehabilitate the ground as well as services in open-pit mining and screening and crushing. • Ncamiso consistently works towards the merging of industries among mining, construction and farming in order to close the gap that was created by mining in the past. In each project Ncamiso takes on, the company strives towards the rehabilitation of land for residential development, the eradication of illegal miners, and job creation in local communities. Visit for more information.

around the tailings dumps to ensure there

challenges. The main concerns include

is no material to encourage illegal mining

the presence of hazardous materials in

activity in the area. Mashinini explains

the area and illegal mining activity, both

that consideration of the surrounding

of which compromise the security and

Energy is financially backing the City of

community is always part of project

safety of the community.

Johannesburg to develop the substation

planning. “As the ground is located very

to provide future capacity for further

close to the residential settlement, we

project for Ncamiso, other challenges

development in the old mining corridor

are operating in an environmentally safe

may include no control over lower

along Main Reef Road. This section of

manner and there is no blasting.

grades of gold and the recovery

material from an old mine dump where an electrical substation is due to be built. The Department of

Furthermore, as this is a self-funded

rehabilitation alone will enable Calgro M3

“We clear and mine out the areas

to develop an additional 5 000 residential

using only earthmoving machinery like

funding to be used by Ncamiso for

units within the near future.

excavators, loaders, screens, bulldozers

rehabilitation operations.

“We are excited to be part of such a significant contribution to the development of the historical mining

and dump trucks.”

Toll-treatment mining

at the plant, which affects the

The company is, however, optimistic that it will be successful in safely securing the land and that the volume

area of Gauteng and value the

The gold-bearing material is upgraded

of material will balance out the grade

opportunity to work with the City of

through screening and then hauled

yield, keeping operations viable.

Johannesburg,” says Mashinini.

from the area to be further chemically

Mashinini expressed his excitement

processed and toll treated by Mintails,

and satisfaction in being part of this

which Ncamiso Mining has previously

project, saying: “When we are working

The project, which consists of three

worked with to great success. On

on projects of this scale and impact, it

phases, will satisfy environmental integrity,

the Fleurhof project, Ncamiso will be

is reassuring to have experienced and

sustainability and the eradication of

working independently, while Mintails

reliable partners who share the same

illegal mining activity in the area. Overall,

will treat their tolls at a fee and then pay

vision. We feel privileged to be making a

the scope of work entails the removal

Ncamiso for gold yielded. The gold is

contribution to the Fleurhof community

of over one million tonnes of earth to be

then further upgraded at Rand Refinery

and hope to remain operational in the

hauled, screened and processed. Initial

to pure gold (999 Au), all of which is

area for years to come.”

testing – which consisted of grid sampling,

beneficiated locally.

Three-phase project

assay results and bottle roll testing –

According to Mashinini, the project is

As with its other projects, Ncamiso believes in uplifting the areas in which

projected gold yields running between

expected to carry on for several months

it operates and is actively engaging

0.6 g/t and 1.1 g/t to be upgraded by

with a hope to continue for the next

with the local community, using local

Ncamiso, through screening, to between

five years. There is currently no date of

subcontractors for services and supplies

1.8 g/t and 2.5 g/t.

completion, as it is difficult at this stage to

wherever possible.

Phase 1 of the project involves

tell when the project will end. “We have

“While the recovery of gold is an

the removal of all radioactive and

a social responsibility to ensure the area is

added benefit and important for the

contaminated waste from the area

completely cleared and safe and so the

economic growth of the country,

where the substation is due to be built.

project must continue until all parties are

the impact and significance of the

The second phase will entail cleaning

satisfied and all compliance matters are

environmental remediation and

out and clearing the vlei mainstream to

met,” says Mashinini.

building up the Fleurhof community

allow for the easy flow of water in the streams and the third phase will be to screen out the fines from the cladding

Safety and upliftment paramount Along with the extensive area to be covered, the project is not without

make this project a meaningful and satisfying venture for all concerned,” Mashinini concludes.

We drive Industry

Quality. Innovation. Efficiency. Gear units and motors from SEW-EURODRIVE have always set the trend and established new standards in drive technology. For this reason, the quality label “made by SEW� has become a hallmark of quality in the drive industry. Market-orientated products developed and manufactured in-house, as well as uncompromising quality, are the cornerstones of our success. SEW-EURODRIVE - Driving the world


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Pipes, pumps & valves

The rainy season

is upon us

With it being the rainy season in most of South Africa’s mining regions, monitoring the capacity of return-water ponds becomes increasingly critical – to monitor whether silt build-up is jeopardising the dams’ functioning.


The regular desilting of return-water ponds and dams is becoming increasingly important

slimes threaten the water retention and water holding capacity of ponds and dams. The company has locally de-

he careful monitoring and regular

boundaries of the mining lease area – an

signed, engineered and manufactured

dredging of process water ponds

eventuality that mines work hard to avoid

the SlurrySucker dredge unit for precisely

is essential to prevent too much

due to the stringent legal requirements.

this purpose, and offers the technology

“The regular desilting of return-water

on a rental or turnkey contract basis for

sediment from accumulating.

“Managing the water balance on

mines is becoming more demanding as

ponds and dams is becoming more and more important, as we begin to appre-

mine pond maintenance. “There are even conditions under

mines work to become more self-suffi-

ciate the proper value of water on our

which a mine may find it worthwhile to

cient, and to draw less water from munic-

planet, and especially in relatively dry

procure their own SlurrySucker, for per-

ipal sources,” says Lee Vine, managing

countries like South Africa,” he

director at dredging and dewatering

says. “Not only must mines

specialist Integrated Pump Rental.

ensure there is enough

More sediment means less water stor-

capacity to receive

age capacity, which can affect the

and retain excess

efficient running of the process plant as

water during the

well as create a potential environmental

rainy season, but

hazard if heavy rainfall leads to tailings

there is also the

over-topping the pond. Exacerbating the

need to store as

risk of insufficient water storage capacity

much as possible

is the widely held opinion that rainfall is

for the dry season.”

becoming increasingly variable as a result of climate change factors. “In many areas, this means that sum-

He argues that pur-

manent and ongoing use on desilting operations,” says Vine. “The

“Managing the waterbalance on mines is becoming more demanding as mines work to become more selfsufficient.”

chasing treated municipal water to ‘top up’ their

equipment can be moved easily by road trailer and commissioned within a day. The equipment can be operated by just one person, and we provide all the necessary training, support and maintenance required.” Vine suggests that in many

operations, the retreatment of

mer rains will include a higher number of

requirements is becoming less of

sediment may even pose an economic

heavy downpours within relatively short

an option for mines due to the rising cost

opportunity that would more than cover

periods of time. And this will place an

of water and the growing competition for

the costs of the dredging.

increased load on these ponds to con-

water among stakeholders like communi-

tain more water than usual,” says Vine. “It is, therefore, vital that they are operating

ties, industry and agriculture.

“The benefits of being proactive about maintaining return water ponds cannot be overstated, but we realise

optimally, and do not have their capacity


constrained by excess silt.” He highlighted

Applying a regular dredging programme

ities to manage and this aspect of their

the environmental risk of tailings spilling

need not be onerous, he adds, and can

operations is sometimes overlooked,”

out of ponds, and perhaps even out the

readily avoid a situation where silt or

concludes Vine.

that mines have many competing prior-

In sid e M in in g F E B/M A R | 2018


Education & training

Creating a legacy for tomorrow Bureau Veritas South Africa is a catalyst in the promotion of education and local job creation. In its bid to develop and promote a healthy economy, the group’s values subscribe to long-term, sustainable transformation and the upliftment of South Africans. By Phila Mzamo Beatrice Scharneck, HR manager: Southern Africa, Bureau Veritas


company that needs no

with Bureau Veritas’

introduction in testing, in-

philosophy of

spection and certification,

valuing employees,

Bureau Veritas also operates

the company has

across the metals and minerals sector

sponsored more than

and other value chains. The group says

300 of its employees

it is committed to the actualisation of

in the completion of

empowerment and transformation by

degrees, diplomas, short

providing meaningful education and

courses and certificates. “Our

training support for historically disadvan-

employees are our most valuable

taged individuals.

asset,” says Scharneck. “We believe

Education across value chains

that by investing in our own, we are creating employees who are dedicated,

The Bureau Veritas Group is committed

more competent and adaptable to any

to the education of unemployed youth

work environment changes.”

through learnership programmes – which run annually for young people – and

Social responsibility

continuous training of its employees.

During 2017, the group made

“Education is one of the most

various donations towards socio-

important focus areas in South Africa

economic, enterprise, as well as

and for Bureau Veritas,” says Beatrice

supplier development in order to give

Scharneck, HR manager: Southern

back to communities and augment

Africa, Bureau Veritas.

enterprise development.

“In 2017, we sponsored over 50

“Social responsibility is an important

learnership programmes in fields such

pillar within the ethical framework of our

as project management, IT technical

organisation; our ethos is to enrich and

support and business administration.

improve the communities in which we

Currently, we are sponsoring three

live and work.

engineering students studying towards

“Under socio-economic development,

a diploma in electrical engineering.

we have supported charities focusing

Scharneck also notes that, in keeping

on the education and counselling of

17-19 JULY



SOUTH AFRICA young, previously

Environment and Language Education


Trust (ELET) in Mayville, eThekwini

children in South

The funds donated were mainly used to

Africa, as we believe

upgrade the present early childhood

in creating a legacy

development facility at St Thomas.

The group provided substantial support to the following charities:

The South African Chapter of the DreamGirls International Outreach and Mentoring Programme unites female university students, professionals, entrepreneurs and community leaders

Ubuhle Christian School in

to support teen girls to complete

Bronkhortspruit, Tshwane

high school, move on to university

Ubuhle Christian School cares for

and progress into the working world.

neglected children from around the

The funds donated will be used for

community and ensures that they

general expenses to keep this excellent

receive quality education. The funds

programme running.

donated assisted the school in being


DreamGirls South Africa

for tomorrow. Total social investment in 2017 was well over R500 000.”


Meet key buyers interested in the Sub-Saharan African power sector, connect with 3,000+ professionals and create sales leads with targeted B2B Matchmaking.

Find out more information at:

able to provide school uniforms;

Enterprise development

stationery packs; eye, hearing

The group, under enterprise and

and dental support; transport; and

supplier development, donated

curriculum materials to the orphaned

just over R1 000 000 to assist up and

learners at the school.

coming small businesses owned by

Math Centre in Auckland Park,

previously or currently disadvantaged


South Africans. “At Bureau Veritas,

Math Centre strives to enhance maths

we believe in creating a legacy for

and science in South Africa and the

tomorrow, in the belief that investment

funds donated will be used to improve

into our youth, our communities and

the quality of teaching and learning of

into the economy will not only create

science, technology and mathematics

sustainability but will help build a nation,”

for engineering.

concludes Scharneck.






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Diamond processing

Concept to commercialisation As one of the innovation divisions in the De Beers Group of Companies, De Beers Technologies SA (DebTech), is primarily geared to acquire, adapt or develop innovative technologies that will improve the efficiency and productivity of the De Beers mining operations. One such innovation is the RhoVol densimetric measurement system.


roduct and process research

The system allows plant operators to

and development (R&D) is

conduct density tests on-site and to

geared towards creating and

generate the data they need within

proving new technologies that

about an hour, rather than sending

feed into De Beers’ exploration and

samples to third-party laboratories

ore-processing functions.

and waiting days or even weeks for

The R&D function – a strategic pillar for the business – manages the technology

The RhoVol machine at the De Beers offices in Johannesburg

Showcasing the RhoVol machine at the Johannesburg office

Electronic engineer Hannes Cronje demonstrating as to how the RhoVol machine works


Ins i de Mi n i n g F E B / MA R | 2 0 1 8

the results. Grant High, research and develop-

acquisition process from requirement

ment manager at DebTech, says the

analysis and concept generation,

usual delay in getting results presents

through to final design and prototype

a real lost opportunity for metallurgi-

testing. The addition of an in-house

cal plants. He points out that by the

manufacturing capability and a well-es-

time the results of the sample tests are

tablished post-sales support system

returned to the plant, it is often too

enable it is to deliver and sustain fit-for-

late to adjust the set-up of a process

purpose products. The synergy generat-

with sufficient effect. Furthermore, the

ed by the combination of the R&D and

density profile of the material passing

product supply functions is a differenti-

through the plant may have changed

ating capability for DebTech.

since the last sample was taken.

RhoVol densimetric measurement system

many years, been looking for a way

The RhoVol densimetric measurement

material in real time, so that the

system from DebTech gives process

plant’s settings can be optimised in

plants fast and accurate data on mate-

time to make a difference,” says High.

rial density profiles. This vital information

“The metallurgical industry has, for to measure the density of incoming

In the RhoVol, DebTech has com-

can inform timeous plant adjustments

bined its vision size frequency dis-

that make for better plant performance

tribution (VSFD) technique – which

and higher recoveries.

is a camera-based system for

Diamond processing measuring the size of particles – with

More about the RhoVol

a rapid weight measurement device. This allows for both the mass and the volume to be determined with great accuracy and speed, providing data

The RhoVol densimetric measurement

and made available in a stand-

system determines the density of an ore

ard spreadsheet format on a per

sample by measuring the mass and

from which the density of each particle can be calculated.

particle basis

volume of individual particles. Key

• Process rate of 1 000 particles per hour

features of the machine include:

• High levels of measurement repeatability

• Accurate measurement of mass, vol-

How does it work?

• Two machine sizes – one for material

ume, density and shape of particles

The system’s software creates a 3D

• Applicable across a range of different

model of each particle, so that any

commodities – any mineral or material

physical dimensions or ratios can be

mass, as the density measurement

of the particle – such as elongation,

ry facilities necessary

range is not restricted and can be

flatness and compactness – can

• Simple operation – tests can be con-

programmed to suit the product

be very valuable in understand-

ducted by semi-skilled operators

• Quick turnaround time for results –

ing the particular behaviour of a

• Small sample size

allowing for real-time adjustment of

metallurgical process.

• No consumables required in the

plant processes

“The simplicity of operation of the

testing process

• Data is displayed live as it is captured,

RhoVol means that a plant does not

machine for 8 mm - 24 mm material • Small footprint – no complex laborato-

can be measured for its volume and

derived; information about the shape

sized 3 mm - 8 mm, and another larger

• No toxic liquids involved in the testing

require any specialised laboratories onsite, and a relatively unskilled operator

the plant, as well as material on the

– has an optional sorting functionality,

can conduct the measurements,” he

output side, facilitating more effective

and can even raise the resolution of

says. High emphasises that plants can

monitoring of plant performance. The

the 3D models. By accommodating

use the RhoVol to audit the density pro-

machine – which comes in two sizes

particles, a very high-fidelity 3D model

file of the run-of-mine material entering

to accommodate two size fractions

can be generated.


In sid e M in in g F E B/M A R | 2018









Exclusive 2014 - 2018

Host city

350+ EXHIBITORS MEETINGS l january/february 2018 • 35

Case Study

Ins and outs of water security B

afokeng Rasimone Platinum Mine

and construction supervision of the water

A process water stream feeding:

(BRPM), a joint venture between

reclamation plant.

• crushing and milling processes

Anglo Platinum and Bafokeng Platinum Resources, is located

The problem

• mining processes. In order to quantify the flow into and from

on the western limb of the Bushveld Igne-

In South Africa, water reclamation is not

each of the zones, flow meters on each of

ous Complex approximately 30 km from

only a legal requirement but also provides

the streams feeding into and from each

the town of Rustenburg in the North West

strategic and, in some cases, financial

zone were identified. A detailed analysis of

province and immediately south of the

benefits. BRPM’s water-surplus scenario

the demand zones and meters revealed

Pilanesberg Complex. BRPM has been

was that not all water discharged to the

that an accurate water balance could not

in operation since 1999 and comprises a

return-water dams could be reclaimed.

be set up for the entire demand zone, as

number of shafts, a concentrator facility,

Since the end of 2009, this situation was

not all the flows were metered.

and a central logistics area.

aggravated by the fact that the mine’s

Since 2004, BRPM has been in a water-surplus scenario, where excess water

filtration plant could not cope with the

Water reclamation potential

quality of the return-water dam.

After analysing various water demand

generated from the BRPM shafts is trans-

BRPM was in the fortunate position to be

ferred to the tailings facility, causing the

able to store surplus water in opencast pits,

volumes and water quality requirements

return-water dam to overflow into an

but this was only a temporary arrange-

for each type of water, for the current

opencast pit, which presents a risk of

ment for a number of reasons. The first

and future water footprint, it was con-

overflowing into the environment. BRPM

problem is that such water storage is not

cluded that the current average water

commissioned Bigen Africa to conduct a

authorised in terms of DWS legislation; the

reclamation from local water sources is

study to investigate the problems experi-

second is that there is evidence that the

3 900 m3/day. The current pipeline system

enced with the water reclamation circuit

water in the pits could potentially pollute

can transfer a theoretical maximum of

and to develop a sustainable solution

the groundwater and finally the opencast

9 800 m3/day. The reclamation was con-

for the optimal utilisation of the water

pits can overflow and also pollute the sur-

strained as a result of the current WTW not

reclamation circuit.

face water sources. It was, therefore, es-

being able to treat the return-water dam

sential that the opencast pits be emptied

water to a suitable quality.

A water reclamation plant was proposed to enable the water from the return-water dam for reuse in mining operations. Bigen

and retained in that condition.

centres (zones), water circuits, water

The current return water dam reclamation potential is largely dependent on the

Africa was appointed by BRPM as its em-

The solution

ployer’s representative for the conceptual

As part of developing a sustainable solu-

evaporation losses. As the tailings return

design development, tender documents

tion, it was necessary to develop an inte-

flows were not measured, two scenarios

grated water balance for mining, minerals

were considered: one in which the evapo-

processing, the tailings return-water facility

ration losses are linked to the wetted area

and the sewage treatment plant. A num-

and the average evaporation rate for the

ber of water demand zones were identi-

area and another for a much larger area

fied and the inflow and outflow streams

with an average evaporation rate.

from these demand zones were identi-

Ins i de Mi n i n g F E B / MA R | 2 0 1 8

amount of tailings deposited, as well as the

cording to the three different water quality

Concentrator water quality and quantity requirements

supplies available:

The concentrator water treatment sys-

A potable water stream feeding:

tem at the time was unable to utilise the

• offices and ablution facilities

return-water dam quality and a large

• reagent make-up water

portion of the clear water requirements are

• underground drinking water system

currently being supplemented from the

• cooling water system.

potable water system. The various quality

A clear water stream feeding:

streams that could potentially be supplied

• gland seal water system

from the reclamation plant are summa-

• washing and spraying system.

rised in Table 1.

fied. The streams were categorised ac-


Water is a critical resource for mining operations that requires effective utilisation, as was recently highlighted in the Rustenburg area.

Table 1 BRPM water use and quality streams Average annual demand1 Area

Description Reagent make-up


Partial SANS 241 - adequate for reagent make-up


Other possible

Full SANS 241 - adequate for reagent make-up

1 125

Gland service

Fire water - adequate for gland service

2 625

Fire hydrant

Full SANS 241 - adequate for reagent make-up


Sprays, screens and milling

Process water for milling, washing and spraying

1 575


Untreated water from return-water dam




4 000


A peak day factor of 1 was assumed

Water source characterisation

utilised. The scenarios were developed

The return-water dam was identified as the

for various degrees of potable water

largest source of process water for recla-

use, cooling water use, reagent make-

mation and required the characterisation

up water use, and gland service

of the water quality. Based on the water

water use. Three plant scenarios were

quality measurements, the return-water


dam water was classified as mildly acidic

- Plant  Scenario 1 developed a wa-

and brackish, with elevated salinity levels

ter treatment works treating only

primarily due to the high levels of sulfates

for gland service water needs.

(600 mg/ℓ), chlorides (180 mg/ℓ), nitrates

-P  lant Scenario 2 developed a plant

(147 mg/ℓ), calcium (223 mg/ℓ), magnesi-

for gland service water needs, re-

um (129 mg/ℓ) and sodium (204 mg/ℓ).

agent make-up water needs and

Scenario development

cooling water needs. -P  lant Scenario 3 developed a plant

As a result of various unknowns in terms of

that can meet all of the above plus

the water balance, water demands and

potable water supply to the concen-

plant size scenarios were developed to

trator area.

test the sensitivity of certain assumptions

Bigen said the capital and operating

on the water treatment works capital and

costs for the various plant scenarios

operating cost. The following scenario

were determined for the ‘production

types were developed:

rate at increased capacity, high SG

• Water balance scenarios were used to

and high evaporation loss (adjusted)

determine the water reclamation poten-

water balance’ option. In order to max-

tial. Of importance were the current sce-

imise the water reclamation potential,

narios and scenarios for the increased

Plant Scenario 3 was selected; in order

capacity (current plus 25%) production

to maximise the return water yield, a

rate. Two variables were changed:

water treatment plant with a capacity

- the evaporation rate

of 4 000 m3/day is required.

- the tailings specific gravity (SG). • Plant scenarios were used to determine

4 875 10 450

Total: Concentrator area

As part of the treatment train, a 940 m3/day desalination stream and

to what extent the water available in the

a 500 m3/day potable water stream

return-water dam could be optimally

will be provided.

Innovative solution This water reclamation plant is the first dissolved-air flotation reclamation system used on a platinum mine to reduce potable water consumption for gland service water. The BRPM water reuse facility has been in operation for nearly 12 months. Based on actual water savings and operating cost savings, the capital invested is projected to be paid back in under four years. What is even more remarkable is the fact that potable water use was reduced by 50%. Some of this water will be used for future production expansion and it could also be used for expanding potable water supply to neighbouring communities. The BRPM case study demonstrates that, with a proper understanding of mine water circuits, many water reuse opportunities exist and that water reuse is not only an imperative from a water resource perspective, but also from financial and socio-economic perspectives. Ultimately, the water security of the mine has improved significantly, with the associated benefits in lower water input costs as well as lower probability of production stoppages due to water shortage.


Ins i de Mi n i n g F E B / MA R | 2 0 1 8


market news

from around the continent Great quality, great service The SKF Explorer series large-size roller bearings have presented the optimum solution for a vertical roller mill used in the production of cement. According to SKF, the vertical roller mill is critical in the production process of one of its clients, a cement producing facility that contacted SKF for a solution when a routine maintenance check determined that the bearings on one of its vertical roller mills needed replacement. “It was, therefore, crucial that the bearings

availability and productivity.” be of superior quality to deliver An SKF Explorer series bearing Weir noted that SKF Europe’s dereliable performance and maxlivery time of six months also had imise productivity for the to be drastically reduced to accommocustomer,” states Sean Weir, date the client’s requirements. He said, sales manager, SKF. “The best delivery time of six months “We proposed the SKF from SKF Europe was not an option for Explorer series bearings, the customer who considered the risk as these bearings feature exposure too high. Since this was a very optimisation of the internal loyal key customer that uses a wide design, high-performance range of SKF products, we had to pull out materials and heat treatment all the stops in order to come up with a – properties that result in a better solution.” According to Weir, the greater wear resistance, lower operating condition of the bearings is being closely temperatures and longer service life even monitored until a maintenance event can under contaminated or poor lubrication be scheduled. conditions. This translates to improved

Reliable and durable wireless connectivity IT and automation technology are maintaining and improving productivity in the mining industry, and mining companies have already introduced remote-controlled machinery to their fleets, with monitoring equipment performing regular checks on the health status of this equipment. One such company, MiRO, a local distributor for Radwin solutions, believes that the mining space will increasingly benefit from the deployment of Radwin’s PtP (Point-to-Point) and PtMP (Point-to-Multipoint) technology. According to MiRO, there are various deployment scenarios, dependent on whether the solution is defined as a nomadic or mobility option, as well as whether it will be used above or below the ground. “We recommend using the Radwin FiberinMotion, with a range in excess of

Radwin JET subscriber unit

10 km, for mobility applications and the Radwin JET smart beamforming PtMP for nomadic and PtMP applications, for distances of up to 40 km,” says Marco de Ru, CTO at MiRO. “One of the big differentiators for these solutions is that they are able to seamlessly perform handover between sectors with ultralow latency and jitter, combined with high capacity throughput of up to 250 Mbps per subscriber for the mobility applications.” The unique air interface of the Radwin JET beamforming solution provides robust and stable performance even in the harshest spectrum conditions. Mutual interference between sectors and sites is eliminated by the integrated GPS synchronisation feature, which ensures linear capacity growth even when users add more radio units.

Cummins launches simulator

Cummins Power Generation has launched a new simulator at the Cummins Training Centre in Kelvin, Johannesburg, to demonstrate its entire product line-up as an integrated solutions approach, from genset controls to annunciators, remote monitoring, Digital MasterControl (DMC) and transfer switches. The PowerCommand Control Panel was showcased at the launch. It is an autonomous microprocessor-based control for paralleling, load-sharing and protection. The simulator covers the broader African market, joining a similar set-up in Dubai for the Middle East and North Africa, with another simulator set for Nigeria, for Central and West Africa, explains Alok Joshi, director, Cummins Africa. “Our plan is to have these simulators located in key markets for consultants and contractors.” DMCs come into play in complex systems such as data centres, wastewater treatment plants, and healthcare facilities. “These are all critical applications in terms of standby power. We are now able to simulate real-time scenarios, and how our products respond to those conditions,” Joshi highlights. The simulator is aimed specifically at customers in power generation that specialise in backup or prime power supply.

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New technology for fire suppression Building on its established reputation in proximity detection systems (PDS), Booyco Electronics is now also offering the latest fire suppression technologies to help customers manage their health and safety risks. “It was a natural extension of our business to move into fire suppression,” says Anton Lourens, managing director of Booyco Electronics. “Our expert PDS detection equipment is vital in detecting potential dangers around trackless mobile machinery (TMM). Now, we can also offer the latest suppression systems as part of the total solution from a single

service provider, thereby creating a better value proposition.” Lourens emphasises that the effectiveness of fire detection and suppression systems is becoming a more urgent issue for mines, as there are new South African standards being formulated for fire detection and suppression systems on heavy-duty mining machines. The company will be the preferred distributor for Advanced Automation Systems (AAS), which exclusively markets the DAFO brand of vehicle fire protection and FirePro aerosol-based extinguishing systems in South Africa. “We believe that AAS is a

FirePro products extinguish fire by inhibiting chemical chain reactions

market leader in multiple offerings that hold great value for our existing customer base in mining and related sectors,” says Lourens. “Our long-established geographical footprint, sound reputation and strong relationships in the market will, in turn, offer great opportunities for AAS to grow its impact.”

Chillers and heat pumps for mid-capacity segment Johnson Controls is launching its Amichi Series of chillers and heat pumps into the South African market. With capacities of 45 kW up to 260 kW, it’s the perfect fit for the local mid-capacity segment, combining the price benefit of a scroll chiller with the increased control a direct current (DC) inverter offers. “The new York Amichi Series Air Cooled Scroll DC Inverter Chillers (YMAA model) and Heat Pumps (YMPA model) are being launched locally and in Europe to meet growing demand in the chiller/heat pump mid-capacity segment. “With high levels of efficiency and performance and the smallest footprint across the widest capacity range on the market, this series will provide an excellent fit as a solution for new builds, technology refreshes and retrofits in manufacturing and

Neil Cameron, general manager: Building Efficiency Africa, Johnson Controls

commercial facilities,” says Neil Cameron, general manager: Building Efficiency Africa, Johnson Controls. According to Cameron, the Amichi range meets or exceeds the requirements for the Ecodesign regulations for heat pumps, comfort chillers and process chillers through an optimised combination of York efficiency-enhancing technologies. He says the YMAA leads the scroll and screw market in part-load efficiency and the YMAA/YMPA get the best sound performance in the market with no efficiency compromise. “The series comes standard with integrated smart equipment technology that allows the equipment to connect seamlessly to a building control systems where smart-enabled equipment self-identify and

interoperate,” says Cameron. “It provides a truly plug-and-play experience, with no need for programming or commissioning tools. “For added flexibility, it comes standard with BACnet, Modbus or N2 communication protocols to communicate with any BMS. In addition, an Optiview LT 7-inch colour touchscreen is fitted on the unit frame, with the additional option of a remote indoor controller accessory,” he concludes.

The YMMA model

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Defining Tyre Management Kal Tire’s Mining Tire Group specialises in a complete range of tyre management services in over 20 countries. Our skilled workforce performs according to our global safety and operating standards, and focuses on extracting the maximum value from tyres and related assets for mining customers. As an independent tyre dealer with 45 years’ experience, we ensure customers get the right product for the right application. Through continuous innovation, we are able to meet the evolving needs of mining customers and help them make the most of their tyre investments.

Defining Tyre Management Kal Tire’s Mining Tire Group specialises in a complete range of tyre management services in over 20 countries. Our skilled workforce performs according to our global safety and operating standards, and focuses on extracting the maximum value from tyres and related assets for mining customers. As an independent tyre dealer with 45 years’ experience, we ensure customers get the right product for the right application. Through continuous innovation, we are able to meet the evolving needs of mining customers and help them make the most of their tyre investments.

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Inside Mining February March 2018