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The mine of the future is here


Back to the basics of explosives


Improving fleet uptime and productivity

MINING INDABA Embracing the Fourth Industrial Revolution IN THE HOT SEAT Solar believes in using fit-for-purpose products, with the concept based around using the most effective products for the application required.” Charles Hurly, Marketing Lead, Solar Mining Services P10

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4 – 7 February 2019 | Cape Town, South Africa


Gareth Penny Chairman Norilsk Nickel

Charl Malan Senior Analyst & Portfolio Manager VanEck

Cheryl Carolus Chairperson Gold Fields

Nicole Bieske Head of Program - Mining for Sustainable Development Transparency International

Hon. Winston Chitando Minister of Mines & Mining Development Zimbabwe

Amaka Anku Practice Head, Africa Eurasia Group

Julian Treger CEO Anglo Pacific Group

Peter Hambro Chairman, Peter Hambro Ltd & Former Executive Chairman, Petropavlovsk

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17 Pump leaders in the Copperbelt

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35 Market news

19 Aiming for zero harm on surface mines


29 Pushing the boundaries of reliability

6 The mine of the future is here Hot Seat 10 Back to the explosives basics Legislation 12 The future of underground coal gasification – take two

APE and Mather+Platt's pumps are manufactured under ISO and SABS quality management systems.



Mining Indaba 21 A rigid market entry


22 The journey towards a mindset shift 25 Passionate about local 27 Optimising the entire process

Project: Africa

31 Efficient new screen saves money

14 Ensuring safety through connectivity

32 Today’s shift, tomorrow’s strategy



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It's that time of the new year again, where stakeholders from across the mining and related industries come together at the Investing in African Mining Indaba, which also celebrates its 25th anniversary in 2019.

In sid e M in in g D E CE M BE R /JA NUA RY | 2019


TOUGH CONDITIONS ARE OUR SPECIALTY If you are looking for a truly dedicated and reliable pump partner Grundfos is the one to turn to. Backed by decades of experience of developing state-of-the-art pump solutions, we understand the challenges you face in the mining industry and design every one of our products accordingly to make sure they are tough enough to tear through some of the harshest environments on the planet. Our robust pumps cover most processes in surface, open pit and underground mining. Materials are carefully chosen to reduce wear, tear and corrosion and offer you long product life and reliable continuous operation to eliminate downtime. Unique features include: • Bearings designed to keep aggressive liquids in and sand out • High efficiency motors that generate less heat • All vulnerable parts made from high grade stainless steel Contact your local Grundfos sales representative to find out how we can apply our extensive knowhow to your mining operation and tailor pump solutions that will benefit your business. za.grundfos.com za.grundfos.com info_za@grundfos.com info_za@grundfos.com

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The future's looking smart It feels like just yesterday that we were preparing for Mining Indaba 2018 and now here we are again waiting with bated breath. But before we look to the future of the mining industry, it is always important to take a moment and reflect on the year that was.


nd what a year it was! Despite

Mineral Resources in February, which

the negative effect of gold and

could bring hopes of open dialogue and

platinum price ups and downs,

more certainty to the industry.

capex in the sector grew for

What really stands out for me is that

Advertising Sales

the first time since 2012 to R482 billion. While

there is no doubt that the mining industry

Jenny Miller

it was a R62 billion increase on the previous

continues to add significant value to the

Tel: +27 (0)11 467 6223

year, the figure is still below the June 2016

country, and if that’s not reason enough

Email: jennymiller@lantic.net

level of R560 billion, PwC said in the 10th

to feel optimistic about 2019, then I

edition of its SA Mine report.

don’t know what is. This issue is filled with

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Commodity price increases did well

at digitisation and articles detailing how

producers, specifically iron ore, coal,

some of the top product and service

manganese and chrome. The steel-making

providers are approaching the smart

ingredient, in fact, saw an increase of

mining revolution. I am particularly

R40 billion from 2017 to 2018, increasing its

excited to witness the tech upgrade the

share of capitalisation from 13% to 20%.

mining industry is undergoing. Are you?

Capex for the sector recovered from the lowest levels in 10 years to reflect a 19% increase. However, the aggregated local precious metals, did not enjoy the same benefit from price increases. The report continued to indicate that cost-saving initiatives could not offset the impact of input cost inflation. The increased

protected and may not be reproduced either

costs and production challenges meant

in whole or in part without the prior written

a weakening in operating results and,

contributors do not necessarily reflect those of the publishers.

Mpinane Senkhane

mining industry, which is more exposed to

All material in Inside Mining is copyright

permission of the publisher. The views of

product and service innovation, a look

enough in the period for bulk commodity

consequently, the local mining industry ended the period at a net loss position after another R46 billion in impairments. Even so, the JSE Mining Index outperformed the JSE All Share Index in the reporting period, for the first time since 2008. In US dollar terms, the index also compared relatively well with the HSBC Global Mining Index, so there is

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more good news. We have been talking about the mining charter all year, and the publication of the revamped version saw a requisite increase in black ownership of mining companies from 26% to 30%. This year, we also saw the appointment of

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the dynamic and sometimes controversial Gwede Mantashe as new Minister of


In sid e M in in g D E CE M BE R /JA NUA RY | 2019



The mine of the future is here thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions has positioned itself as a leading partner of engineering, equipment, technology, plant and service solutions to mining, cement, chemical, fertiliser, and oil and gas industries across the African continent. For 2019, the company plans to maintain its upward trajectory. Inside Mining recently sat down

your digitisation initiatives?

What we try to do with our digital

with members of the South African

PN We are quite happy with how far

solutions is really combine our expert

thyssenkrupp management team to

we have come; we have two types of

know-how with the latest technology.

gain some insight into the company’s

digitisation initiatives. One is the focus

We find that we produce really

product and service solutions to drive

on improving plant performance,

amazing results when we do that. We

sustainable mining in Africa in 2019.

where we usually achieve an

see an increase in productivity and we

improvement of between 2% to 5%. It

believe it is a substantial business case

starts with the digital modelling of the

for the customer.

plant, then we do some optimisation of the plant, but it all ends up going through to an artificial neural network to evaluate online plant performance and optimise plant quality. So, it is quite a broad range of tools we use. Besides that, we offer developments

We are very proud to be launching

that are aimed at speeding up

this training academy. Our success

decision-making – e.g. we have a

is based on the exceptional skills

drone for mine planning that flies over

of our people – so, for us, it was a

Philipp Nellessen, CEO, thyssenkrupp

mining sites, then instantly creates a

given that we need to develop them

South and Southern Africa,

model of the mine, which is far quicker

and expand their horizons. Thus, we

unpacks the latest and upcoming

and more accurate than the historical

invested more than R20 million into

developments at thyssenkrupp.

way of measuring a mine.

our academy. We didn’t just build it


In line with the rapid digital transformation the mining sector is undergoing, and as a marketleading technology company, thyssenkrupp has come to be known for offering a host of digital solutions. Can you discuss some of


With the upcoming launch of your Technical Training Academy in mind, please discuss the importance of training for thyssenkrupp and in the industry.

What are some of your latest developments and what can customers look forward to in the new year?

for the company’s sake, but for the market too. A third of the graduates of the programme will be taken into fulltime employment by thyssenkrupp,

Digitlisation is the main driver of our

whereas the remaining two thirds

latest innovations that straddle the

will be released into the market

mining, power and chemical sectors.

after completing the three-year

Ins i de Mi n i n g D E C E MB E R / JA N UA RY | 2 0 1 9

programme. It is a very detailed, very well-designed programme that has been accredited by a number of agencies. It is based on what the Germans call a ‘dual programme’, where companies and schools work together to build world-class artisans. This is our goal.

Sustainability is essential to the future of any mine or plant. How does thyssenkrupp contribute to customers’ sustainability programmes? We put a lot of effort into sustainability. One of our leading focuses is energy-

Materials Handling

efficiency technology, which looks at

Jacques Steyn, GM: Materials

making equipment more efficient and

Handling, thyssenkrupp, discusses

minimising environmental impacts.

the company’s mine planning and

For example, we have solutions like the

design expertise, which offers an

consolidated solar architecture where

entire pit-to-port solution.

we use solar beams to also heat up boilers and produce more steam than usual on our sugar plant operations. We then also have solutions that look

Share with us thyssenkrupp’s materials handing solutions. JS From extraction at pit side to export

at the reduction of emissions (carbon

at port side, we are positioned to offer

to chemical), where we use not just

best-in-class technology and system

carbon dioxide like you would in any

design solutions for efficient bulk

exhaust to extract chemicals, but also

handling solutions. Our comprehensive

a number of other chemicals that

range of bulk materials handling

come out of the exhaust to convert

equipment includes excavators,

them into a sellable product.

Tell us about your strategy for the African continent. We are adamant that we want to continue our growth trajectory by going further into the continent and getting closer to

crushers, feeders, conveyors, stackers, reclaimers, transfer cars, as well

thyyssenkrupp will provide a practical demonstration of the latest developments in the materials handling arena at the Investing in African Mining Indaba 2019

our customers – not just for proximity’s sake but also to partner with customers. We see it

as train and ship loading and unloading systems. We understand that an operation is only sustainable if it is profitable. We fully comprehend the importance for our

customers to achieve maximum efficiencies through optimum production, while

too often where an EPC is not seen as

keeping input and operational costs

a partner. We want to change this.

to an absolute minimum. Large capital

We also want to focus on key

investments made on equipment have

strategy partners and discuss R&D

to be weighed against operational

pipelines and needs to help us in

efficiency and productivity to

continuing to offer holistic solutions.

achieve profitability. So,

It is very important that we bring

we do not just supply

technologies from our global network into Africa, like biomass power  plants, for example.

In sid e M in in g D E CE M BE R /JA NUA RY | 2019


INDUSTRY LEADERS in the process design and optimisation of various mines in sub-Sahara Africa. Using our process expertise and unique in-house testing facilities, we help clients make their projects feasible during the planning stages and later ensure the process warranties when we hand over the plant.

Please tell us about some of your latest technologies and what the market can look forward to. We have two new developments. First, our new eccentric roll crusher has been very successful so far and we have already received the first orders from equipment. We look at the operation

a long-term view and planning, and

clients in industrial mining applications.

holistically, from an in-depth analysis

cannot simply be a comparison of

This crusher offers a very low

of the customer’s requirements to

short-term capex spend. The huge

footprint, specifically for underground

the design and development of an

improvement in operating environment

applications, and also high throughput

optimised system with full automation,

safety, operational efficiency, and long-

for hard rock mining. We are very

which is no longer just an idea

term financial benefits of these new

excited to showcase this at the Mining

but reality.

technologies far outweighs the required

Indaba for the first time.

This is also where digital technologies are coming to the fore. By making

really: who will be the first to benefit?

Another development is on the grinding technology side. HPGR (high-

use of advanced control algorithms

pressure grinding roll) technology has

and drone technology, it is possible

been in use for more than 30 years

to get an extremely accurate view

in the industry, but the industry now

of your mining operation, conveyor

requires a much better application of

route or even details of the existing

equipment. So, we found a number

structures and equipment within your

of innovative process designs where

plant. It also enables the inspection of

we can implement HPGR to provide

equipment in dangerous or potentially

the client with savings in water (dry

dangerous areas without exposing

grinding) and also electricity, by

humans to any danger.

optimising power usage compared to

Tell us more about thyssenkrupp’s conveyor belt technology.

other options on the market.

Although conveyors have been around

Minerals Processing

forever, they are still the most reliable

Wilfred Barkhuizen, GM: Minerals

and efficient way to move bulk material

Processing and Power & Energy,

from point A to B. One of our more

thyssenkrupp, expands on mine

recent innovations is the Mega Pipe,

planning, addressing the company’s

thyssenkrupp is renowned for its 24/7 service capabilities, with service at the centre of the business. Please discuss the value add to customers of your Service Centre.

which we developed in collaboration

process knowledge and test facilities.

From an out-of-Africa perspective,

with one of our key suppliers and

based on the install base from minerals

transporting of material out of a mine

You have an especially unique offering for clients. Can you unpack that for our readers?

pit at a 35- to 45-degree incline. The

WB We offer clients complete solutions

Service Centre based in Chloorkop,

ability to get out of a pit at such sharp

and can therefore assist them with

Ekurhuleni, plays a pivotal role.

angles significantly reduces belt length

their mine planning and process

and also allows you to utilise routes not

design. During the feasibility stages,

engineering and refurbishment of OEM

used by other equipment.

we also perform analyses using our

parts and components in the fields of

testing facilities and process expertise

crushing, grinding, pyro-processing and

in Johannesburg.

handling of raw materials. With all of

business partners. The Mega Pipe allows for the

We often talk about the ‘Mine of the Future’ but, in fact, all the technology entailed in these ‘future’ mines is


capital investment. The question is

Our Minerals Processing Division

processing, our philosophy is to become lifetime partners with our customers. Here, our technologically advanced

The facility specialises in the complex

the services we offer, our customers

already available. It will, however,

specialises in comminution and offers

benefit from more than 100 years of

require a leap of faith from one of the

clients the largest range of crushing

experience gained in the mining,

mining companies to really embrace

and grinding technology. We tailor

mineral processing, bulk materials

the concept and implement the

these to individual plant processing

handling and cement industries. This is

available technologies. It also requires

requirements. We have been involved

something we are very proud of.

Ins i de Mi n i n g D E C E MB E R / JA N UA RY | 2 0 1 9

Mining news

from around the continent

SOUTH AFRICA The Investment Battlefield competition is looking for sub-Saharan mining companies worth up to $50 million

is structured on a production sharing model with regard to the exploitation of the Kingamyambo and Kilamusembo deposits, whose reserves could exceed 1 million tonnes of copper and 100 000 tonnes of cobalt. This innovative structure, inspired by the practice in the oil and gas industry, allows Gécamines, as soon as the production begins, add to the competition. Somewhere

to become the owner of

out there is the next big investment

a significant portion of the

opportunity that could transform the

copper and cobalt produced during the

Investing in African Mining Indaba is

mining industry in Africa and investors

entire life of the mine, regardless of the

to host its third Investment Battlefield

are very keen to discover it. So if you

financial results of the project.

South Africa

The battlefield is on

The company said in a statement

competition set to take place

think you have what it takes to be

during the 25th edition of the

Africa’s next major mining success

that this allows for a better alignment of

event on 4-6 February 2019.

story, apply online today.”

interests between partners, in particular

Event organisers are looking

To highlight further its

on sensitive issues such as the control over

for sub-Saharan Africa’s most

commitment to the industry,

costs related to financing and services

promising mining companies with

Mining Indaba awards the winner

provided by their partners’ affiliates.

a market capital of US$50 million

with a free exhibition stand and

(R723 million) or below. This year’s shortlist will be invited to give Dragons’ Den-style, five-minute

Gécamines welcomed the conclusion

speaking slot at Mining Indaba 2020, as

of this innovative project with a leading

well as multiple publicity and investor

player in the manufacture of lithium-ion

relations service opportunities.

batteries and their various components.

pitches in front of a live audience and

This confirms, where necessary, the

a panel of top judges, including senior

attractiveness of the DRC for international

representatives from JP Morgan Asset Management, VanEck International

Democratic Republic of the Congo

private groups, including end consumers of minerals through innovative

name but a few. Judges provide instant

Gécamines signs first mining production sharing agreement

feedback and featured projects are

Gécamines recently concluded a

industry of the country. The company

grouped together depending on their

partnership agreement with Hongkong

added that this move is fully in line with

commodity and life-cycle stage.

Excellen Mining Investment, a company

the strategy of redefining its current and

affiliated to the major shareholder of

future partnerships, in order to achieve a

Relations at Mining Indaba, says: “It is

the Chinese-listed company Shanghai

better sharing of revenues and benefits

important for junior mining entrepreneurs

Putailai New Energy Tech. The agreement

for Gécamines and the DRC.

Investors and Orion Resource Partners to

Kael O’Sullivan, director: Investor

partnerships, in contrast to the alarmist rhetoric of major players in the mining

to be given this opportunity to gain exposure and build relationships with investors and brokers. It not only allows juniors to receive first-hand feedback from the investors themselves, learn exactly what investors are looking for and how to increase their appeal, but also provides an opportunity for juniors to present themselves as leading emerging developers and miners.” He adds: “We want to encourage every entrepreneurial junior mining company to consider what they can

In sid e M in in g D E CE M BE R /JA NUA RY | 2019


hot seat

BACK TO THE EXPLOSIVES BASICS Solar Mining Services is a new dynamic entrant to the explosives and related services segment for the South African mining and quarrying sectors. Inside Mining speaks to Charles Hurly, marketing lead, Solar Mining Services, about the company’s approach to business. Can you provide a brief bio looking at the Solar Mining Services business from inception to date?

efficiencies and total cost of mining are

located in Middelburg. 

among the key elements to creating a sustainable competitive businesses.

explosives manufacturer and

How has Solar Mining established a competitive edge in the local market?

related products services provider

Solar has a philosophy of providing

operational efficiencies in this area.

based in South Africa. The company

competitively priced explosives based

With effective management of all the

gets its pedigree from the Solar

on imported ammonium nitrate

elements in the business and efficient,

Group based in India. Given

costing models, which differ from the

productive, committed labour,

the Southern African demand

traditional ammonia-based pricing

mining can continue to contribute

for competitive explosives, Solar

formulas. Solar also believes in using fit-

and compete in the global mining

established a local entity in 2015 to

for-purpose products, with the concept

landscape. This is also fundamentally

service surface and underground

based around using the most effective

underpinned by an enabling,

mining operations with explosives and

products for the application required.

consistent and investor-friendly

CH Solar Mining Services is an

services. The company has invested in the South African economy in the establishment of a manufacturing

Solar Mining Services Is a new dynamic entrant to the explosives and explosive related services for the mining and quarry sectors in South Africa offering a tailor-made approach to assist its customers in understanding the price curve.


site and detonator assembly plant

As a fairly new entrant to the explosives services sector, tell us what your take on the industry is?

If best mining practices are combined with competitive explosives, companies can achieve

government policy towards mining.

being significant drivers. While the

I read recently that Solar Mining announced some new appointments; can you share what motivates this evident appetite for growth for the company?

market value for any commodity is

Solar has appointed senior sales

determined by forces outside the

people to position the company

mining company’s individual control,

for consistent and sustained growth

The cost of running a mining business in South Africa is escalating, with energy, maintenance and labour

Ins i de Mi n i n g D E C E MB E R / JA N UA RY | 2 0 1 9

hot seat

by adding experienced seasoned

example, in a recent successful trial,

for transparency of the rise and fall

personnel. This will be through

Solar managed to significantly

of input costs.

new businesses development

reduce the amount of shock tube

opportunities and organic growth

used in underground faces, having

from existing customers. Similar to

found that there is a tendency to use

the ‘fit for purpose’ sales pitch, the

excessive lengths of the instrument.

company believes in employing

The importance of drilling accuracy cannot be understated, as it has a huge bearing on the success of blasts. What does Solar Mining do here to establish accurate drills?

using ammonium-nitrate-index-

Most of your competitors import ammonium nitrate to supplement their supply and typically use NH3 pricing standards from Sasol Ammonia as their main nitrate formula component. How is Solar Mining different?

based pricing in the market and

In South Africa, ammonia is typically

volume of single-use plastics and

ensuring we offer fit-for-purpose

converted into ammonium nitrate.

also offers a cost advantage to

products that provide effective

Due to this, the companies that

the mine.

solutions to customers.

operate in this manner have

people in line with its requirements to position Solar as a supplier of choice. 

Speaking of growth, what is the company’s strategy moving forward? The company has a strategy of

Accurate drilling needs to be adhered to for effective blasting, as does using the correct and adequate lengths of shock tube. This allows for less environmental impact due to cutting down on the

Generally, for us, this depends on

adapted a sales price formula

the level of involvement prescribed

that follows this business process

by the contract. In some instances,

(e.g. ammonia price, conversion

Solar only supplies product. The client

costs and transport). Solar does not

has the responsibility of ensuring that

Solar is in the process of developing

convert ammonia to ammonium

the planning, marking and drilling are

new blasting software that will be

nitrate but imports the finished

done according to the blast plan.

beneficial to customers’ experiences

ammonium nitrate. Ammonium

and blast results. This is still in the early

nitrate has its own international

this responsibility, however, by way

stages of development. We have also

pricing index. The business models

of a full blasting service, supervision,

been very successful in revisiting the

are different. Solar’s total business

reporting and corrective action are

basics of the explosives business. For

functions in this manner. It too allows

advised or recommended.

Can you give us some insight into your innovative blast solutions and services?

Where Solar is contracted to perform


In sid e M in in g D E CE M BE R /JA NUA RY | 2019



The future of underground coal gasification – take two

In 2015, Cliffe Dekker Hofmeyr published an article on underground coal gasification (UCG) and its place within the regulatory framework under the Mineral and Petroleum Resources Development Act, 2004 (as amended).


By Jackwell Feris* hree years later, it would

within the MPRDA Amendment Bill

appear that uncertainty of

that were intended to provide clarity

the regulatory place for UCG

to the position of UCG (i.e. whether

would continue with the

the underground gasification is a

wells drilled from the surface, which

announcement by the Minister of

mining technique or petroleum

enables the coal to be converted

Mineral Resources that the Mineral and

production process).

in situ into gas”. This proposed

Petroleum Resources Development

amendment intended to make it clear

Amendment Bill, 2014 (MPRDA

where coal is ignited underground

that the extraction of syngas utilising

Amendment Bill) will be withdrawn.

with a controlled flow of oxidant gas

UCG technology constitutes a mining

(such as air or enriched air) and water.

process, as opposed to a production

MPRDA Amendment Bill is generally

It converts the coal into synthetic gas,

process (oil and gas).

welcomed, as it implies that

which is directly used as fuel, co-fired

certain proposed amendments (i.e.

with other fuels such as natural gas or

legislative process and it is hoped

declaration of strategic minerals, the

coal, and can power gas turbines for

that regulatory certainty would

proposed new application system for

electricity generation.

be provided to the place of UCG

The eventual withdrawal of the

rights, etc.), which would have created

There has been stagnation in the

technology in extracting syngas

further uncertainty in the mining sector


in South Africa, will be abandoned.

To clarify whether UCG constitutes a

extractive industry perspective, UCG is

There are, however, certain provisions

mining operation (Chapter 4 of the

recognised as a mining technique as

MPRDA) or a production operation

a solid hydrocarbon (i.e. coal in situ) is

(Chapter 6 of the MPRDA), the

converted to synthetic gas.

UCG could be one of those sectors that could be a catalyst for South Africa to be a front runner in the clean coal technology revolution


In broad terms, UCG is a technology

MPRDA Amendment Bill introduced

from qualifying coal seams. From an

It is now hoped that regulatory

the word ‘gasification’ after the word

certainty (i.e. from an upstream

‘underground’ as part of the definition

perspective) will be done as part

of ‘mine’. It further introduced a

of the proposals by government

definition for gasification that reads

to split the MPRDA into two pieces

“a process applied to non-mined coal

of legislation that will separately

seams, using injection and production

regulate the upstream mining and

Ins i de Mi n i n g D E C E MB E R / JA N UA RY | 2 0 1 9

Legislation petroleum sectors in South Africa. As part of that process, it is also imperative that there be a clearly legislative regime that deals with conflicting rights applications for minerals and petroleum resources over the same area. Our first-hand experience suggests that there is a need to ensure that conflicts of rights are adequately dealt with in any future legislation – not to leave a vacuum, as is currently the case with conflicting mineral and petroleum rights. The MPRDA, as it stands, allows for an applicant to apply for a mineral right

considered as part of the proposed

appear to be prepared to take up the

(i.e. coal) and a production right (i.e.

gas allocation in the Draft IRP2018. The

opportunity. Botswana’s government

methane gas) over the same land.

uncertainty is created by the fact UCG

has a great drive to encourage

This has resulted in numerous disputes

is only referred to under the discussion

investment in the coal mining sector,

with holders of mineral rights and

relating to detailed studies of certain

with various incentives and benefits for

holders of petroleum rights. Then there

technologies to be considered post-

qualifying investors.

are the proposed water use licence

2030, and that the post-2030 path

regulations for UCG, which have not

not be confirmed in the new IRP,

mining) and downstream (i.e.

progressed for the past three years. We

once gazetted.

electricity generation) perspective,

understand a draft has been prepared

UCG appears to have so much

From both the upstream (i.e.

it is imperative that the South

by the Department of Water and

potential for South Africa from energy

African government support the

Sanitation with input from a leading

security and job creation perspectives

realisation of UCG as a technology

UCG expert in Canada – but, to date,

– and could be one of those sectors

that could be a catalyst for future

the industry is still awaiting the official

that could be a catalyst for South

economic growth. South Africa has

publication of the regulations.

Africa to be a front runner in the

an abundance of coal resources and

clean coal technology revolution.

the potential is there to ensure that

As a country built on coal, we have

clean coal technologies are utilised

In addition, from a downstream

the expertise and skill to invest in

to enable the sustainable future

perspective, there is recognition in

this revolution.

exploitation of coal in a manner that


the Draft Integrated Resource Plan,

A number of academic institutions in

reduces its environmental impact

2018 (Draft IRP2018) that UCG must

South Africa have already taken on the

and builds industries for the Fourth

play a role in South Africa’s energy

task of investing the necessary skills for

Industrial Revolution.

generation capacity – but it’s not

the industry, but government support

clear whether the Draft IRP2018

remains lacking. If South Africa does

*Jackwell Feris is the director: Dispute

contemplates whether syngas that

not invest in clean coal technologies,

Resolution at Cliffe Dekker Hofmeyr.

can be commercially extracted using

countries such as Botswana, equally

UCG technology before 2030 will be

endowed with large coal resources,

In sid e M in in g D E CE M BE R /JA NUA RY | 2019


project: AFRICA

Ensuring safety through connectivity

Ivanhoe Mines faced significant communications issues at its flagship copper mining site in the DRC, which raised concerns relating to the safety and security of both people and assets. To address these and other challenges, the company turned to a global leader in mobile satellite solutions. of Kasekelesa and Musokantanda, which meant that ensuring the safety of the inhabitants, who were suddenly confronted with more traffic, became a priority. The fleet managers also


had no idea where their 30 off-road vehicles, trucks and ambulances were he flagship Kamoa-Kakula

telemetry, asset tracking and

at any given time, leading to concerns

project is situated 25 km west of

communication solution, based on

around security. To compound matters,

provincial capital Kolwezi, in the

reliable, consistent satellite connectivity.

terrestrial connectivity outside urban

Lualaba province of the DRC. It

areas was patchy and unable to properly

has been independently ranked as the

The challenge

world’s largest undeveloped, high-grade

The state of the DRC’s roads posed a

copper discovery. The Kamoa copper

significant risk to contractors, geologists

deposit was discovered in 2008, followed

and administrative staff as they travelled

The solution

by the high-grade Kakula deposit in 2015.

between sites during the exploration

With the need to understand where

During this exploratory phase, there has

process. Potholes as big as 3 m in

vehicles are and how quickly they

been significant movement of people

diameter, a lack of maintenance and

are moving, and to ensure safety

and supplies across the sites and the

the remote location of many of the roads

and security, Ivanhoe Mines turned to

regional base in Kolwezi.

were just some of the factors that meant

Inmarsat, the leader in providing global

journeys that would normally take a few

mobile satellite solutions.

The poor state of local roads and security issues in the area meant that it was critical for staff in Ivanhoe’s

hours, could take several days. Dust clouds obscuring drivers’ vision

support any type of fleet management application in the region.

Inmarsat utilised the Skywave IDP-780, powered by its highly reliable L-band

control centres to remain in contact

meant that there was a greater likelihood

connectivity service, to enable a mission-

with vehicle drivers and monitor

of accidents occurring, and damage

critical telemetry solution for tracking

the location and status of assets.

was often done to vehicles by gravel

assets. The solution allows the control

However, poor cellular coverage made

kicked up by passing vehicles. The

centre to visualise the vehicles and

communication and data collection

unpaved roads were also very susceptible

includes a number of geofences set up to

very challenging.

to flooding and thick mud during the

enforce policies introduced by Ivanhoe

rainy season, which could cause further

Mines to improve driver and public safety

supplies as they move across the

issues for drivers, who often needed

and security. Reports are automated at

site, Ivanhoe worked with Inmarsat

towing assistance. Site access required

night so that managers can cross-check

to deploy a comprehensive vehicle

using unmade roads through the villages

inventories to see that assets are where

To ensure the safety of staff and

they should be. Matthieu Bos, vice-president: Corporate

Benefits of the L-band powered IsatData Pro communication service:

Development at Ivanhoe Mines, explains

• Performance – Low latency, consistent data transmission • Global – Unparalleled worldwide coverage • Reliability – 99.9% network availability over the I-4 global satellite network • No roaming charges – Uses Inmarsat’s global network, so no roaming charges apply • Lower cost – Competitive hardware and airtime packages for low-cost set-up

the company: “We wanted to reduce

some of the measures introduced by the speed at which our drivers travel on the roads, to reduce the damage done to vehicles if they hit potholes or other obstructions, and to reduce the risk of accidents. Inmarsat’s solution enables us to track the speed of every vehicle every minute; if this speed exceeds 80 km/h, or 30 km/h in certain zones, the office


Ins i de Mi n i n g D E C E MB E R / JA N UA RY | 2 0 1 9

project: AFRICA and driver are alerted and the vehicle is prompted to slow down. We can also monitor location with pinpoint accuracy, so that we can contact the driver of a vehicle that hasn’t moved for some time to establish whether they’ve had an accident or a breakdown.” Inmarsat’s satellite connectivity has been critical to the success of Ivanhoe’s Kamoa-Kakula driver safety project. The fleet management solution required consistent connectivity across the entire field of operations, large areas of which are not covered by cellular networks. Inmarsat, therefore, provided a dual satellite-cellular tracking device and fleet

The benefits

aware of any issue with a driver or

management solution, which utilises GSM

Bos explains the benefits the company

vehicle and can respond immediately to

connectivity where available and then

has seen since the deployment of

provide assistance. Additionally, we have

switches seamlessly to Inmarsat’s satellite

Inmarsat’s solution: “Our top priority is

improved relations with people from our

connectivity when required.

making sure our staff and the public are

local communities by reducing disruption

safe. The Inmarsat solution enables us to

as our vehicles pass through their villages.

reliable communications network

track vehicles across the region and, as a

“Inmarsat’s solution has been instrumental

between the control centre and

result, we have seen a notable decrease

in moving people, equipment and

vehicles, delivering real-time updates

in incidents. The speed at which we

supplies to where we need them to be.

to Ivanhoe Mines on vehicle status and

can also resolve any issues our drivers

Overall, the solution is helping to improve

location, enabling the company to

have on the roads has also improved

our bottom line, and has been integral to

act to ensure the safety and security of

immensely. We now have complete

the successful development of this world-

their staff and assets if necessary.

confidence that we will be instantly

leading mine project.”

This provides a consistent and


10 ANNUAL th












-Moving from the integration to the development of women in mining Date: 20, 21 & 22 February 2019

Venue: Indaba Hotel, Fourways, Johannesburg

Dinah Williams Director: Transformation KOMATSU MINING CORP. GROUP

Aggy Moiloa DDG: Inspection & Enforcement Services DEPARTMENT OF LABOUR

Rosh Bardien Executive Vice President: People & Organisational Effectiveness GOLDFIELDS

Lindiwe Nakedi Managing Director GUBHANI EXPLORATION Chairperson WOMEN IN MINING SOUTH AFRICA (WIMSA) Jasmine Abrahams Head: Legal, Compliance & Reporting; Company Secretary IVANPLATS


INTERNATIONAL PERSPECTIVE Froydis Cameron- Johansson Head: Safety & Sustainability- Corporate Affairs ANGLO AMERICAN PLC- UK





THE NEUROSCIENCE OF PERSONAL BRAND POWER Timothy Maurice Webster Brain and Brand Science Author

For more information contact Mbali on +27 (0) 11 326 2501 or email bookings@intelligencetransferc.co.za




APE pumps

Pumps at the heart of Africa

Power Generation

APE Pumps manufacturing pumps for over


66 Years!




Leaders in pump innovation

Waste Water processing





Split casing pumps End suction pumps



Vertical industrial turbine pumps

26 Nagington Road, Wadeville Germiston 1400, South Africa T: +27 11 824 4810 | F: +27 11 824 2770 PO Box 14733, Wadeville 1422, South Africa E: apepumps@mweb.co.za W: www.apepumps.co.za








Vertical sump pumps




API 610 pumps


Mining industry

Passion for Pumps

Web: www.matherandplatt.com


Multi-stage high pressure pumps

Suppliers of pumps and valves to the mining and industrial sectors for over 66 years.

Tel: 011 824 4810




Manufacturers of:


Fax: 011 824 2770

Email: info@matherandplatt.com

Physical Address: 26 Nagington Road, Wadeville, 1422, Gauteng

Pumps & Valves

PUMP LEADERS IN THE COPPERBELT Multistage pumps have been integral to the success of mining operations in Zambia's Copperbelt region.


ased in Kitwe, PSV Zambia has

pump chambers and related piping,

been providing specialised

incorporating Mather+Platt systems.

support for mining and

Mather+Platt is a market leader in the

industrial users within Zambia’s

design and fabrication of multistage

Copperbelt region for more than two

pumps, which are renowned for their

decades, with an allied expansion into

high-pressure advantages. Application

the DRC some six years ago.  

examples include the installation of

Forming part of leading multinational

vertical multistage networks designed

WPIL, PSV works with associated group

to transfer fluids from underground to

companies worldwide to provide

surface over distances of up to 1.8 km.

integrated customer solutions. Within

Pumps are purpose-built to each

South Africa, these include original

mine’s requirements, either in horizontal

equipment manufacturers APE Pumps

or vertical multistage configuration.

and Mather+Platt, who, together, have

Every pump is engineered and

more than 66 years of experience in the

manufactured to international quality

design and fabrication of fluid handling

standards and in accordance with

management processes.

the group’s SABS- and ISO-accredited

The underground mining sector

quality management systems. Design

has been PSV’s main business focus

and pattern making for foundry

to date. Key solutions include the

moulds take place at APE Pumps and

supply and servicing of multistage

Mather+Platt’s Johannesburg facility.

main dewatering pumps. Pump

The PJ 250 five-stage pump

Companies supported by PSV Zambia include: • Mopani Copper Mines • Konkola Copper Mines • Lumwana Copper Mines • Kansanshi Copper Mines • Luanshya Copper Mines • NFCA • Chambishi • Nkana Water and Sewerage Company • Mulonga Water and Sewerage Company • Kafubu Water and Sewerage Company • Agrivision Zambia Mpongwe • Mkushi

refurbishments are carried out at PSV’s

Water, oil and power

Kitwe workshop, which houses a full

The purpose of multistage pumps is

range of OEM parts. The capability to

to transfer fluids at high pressures and

service locally significantly cuts down

high volumes, and aside from mining,

to Zimbabwe. This has been in

on turnaround times and is especially

this process finds applications in many

operation since 2004, with pumps and

critical for dewatering operations in

other segments, such as water and

replacement parts supplied by APE

the Copperbelt. Here, heavy summer

wastewater treatment.

Pumps and Mather+Platt.

rainfall periods, compounded by

APE Pumps and Mather+Platt have

The power sector also makes

generally high water tables, constantly

worked extensively in the water sector.

extensive use of multistage pumps.

place mines at risk of flooding. PSV

A prime example is the completion

Solutions supplied to Eskom include

projects include the installation of

of a World Bank funded project for

100/200 vertical cassion pumps. These

the Blantyre Water Board in Malawi,

multistage units were set up in a vertical

finalised in 2016. Key solutions included

arrangement and specially designed for

the construction of a 26 km pipeline

the application. Provision was made for

connecting to a distribution station

the option to change from mechanical

from a water treatment plant.

seal to gland packing, depending on

The scope also entailed extensive

future client requirements.

Inner workings of the PJ 250

civil, electrical and mechanical

Back in Zambia, PSV continues to

refurbishment works at the Walkers

grow its base in mining, as well as the

Ferry and Chileka pumping stations.

allied smelting and refinery sectors. In

Other multistage examples include a

addition to water authorities, agriculture

fuel pipeline running from Mozambique

is another key business focus.

In sid e M in in g D E CE M BE R /JA NUA RY | 2019



Consistent quality requires consistent excellence ...


... in every area of wastewater management. Serving both the public and private sectors, ERWAT promotes a healthy environment by providing cost-effective wastewater treatment solutions through innovative technologies. It specialises in sustainable, quality wastewater services, backed by focused technical, maintenance and engineering services. An ISO/IEC 17025 accredited laboratory renders a wide variety of specialised analyses, while industrial wastewater quality management assessments and advice are also offered.

East Rand Water

Reg. No. 1992/005753/08 (Association incorporated in terms of section 21)

GPS Co-ordinates: S 26° 01’ 25.8” and E 28° 17’ 10.0” Address: Hartebeestfontein Office Park, R25, Bapsfontein/Bronkhorstspruit, Kempton Park. Tel: +27 11 929 7000 E-mail: mail@erwat.co.za

uppe marketing A13900


industry insight

Aiming for zero harm on surface mines Surface mining association Aspasa believes that more needs to be done by all stakeholders within the industry if industrywide ‘zero harm’ targets are to be met by 2020.


he Mine Health and Safety

management of these risks is pivotal

compliance issues and we are,

Council (MHSC) accepted the

to achieving zero harm in future. The

therefore, acting as a stop-gap to

undertaking of zero harm from

association is, therefore, working

assist with training, risk identification

stakeholders several years ago

with members to identify such risks

and compliance issues.

and has been steadily working with

and is actively involved in assisting its

government and industry

members to manage

Annual audits

to progress legislation

them. “We are happy

“We also conduct annual health

and best practice to a

to take the lead in this

and safety audits on all member

point where zero harm is

regard and to guide our

mines and quarries, during which

actually achievable.

sector of the industry

we identify problems and give

However, with the

towards these future

corrective actions for the operations

deadline looming, Nico

goals. Although there had

to become compliant. We work

Pienaar, director of the

been no fatalities within

closely with the Department of

Aggregate and Sand

our membership for the

Mineral Resources to do this,” he

Producers of Southern

past two years, we are

said. Pienaar identified the top

Africa (Aspasa), says

actively assisting to plug

10 initiatives that can be taken

some of the failures of the

today to improve safety on any

Mine Health and Safety

surface mine are:

that although safety

Nico Pienaar, Aspasa

standards have improved significantly over the years, the same

Act (No. 29 of 1996) as they pertain to

accidents that injured and killed miners

surface miners – particularly small mines

20 years ago are still doing so today.

and quarries.

Leading the way

quarries and surface mines in the act;

Speaking at the Mine

as a result, it leaves gaps in these

Occupational Health and Safety

operations that may prove costly in

Summit held in Benoni recently, he

future. It’s a fact that smaller mines

added that the identification and

don’t have the manpower to handle

• S top talking about safety – focus on risk.

• S top telling! Practice the art of

“There is no specific provision for

humble inquiry and have real conversations about safety.

•D  on’t delegate health and safety to a department.

• Include all levels of management in all safety discussions.

• Instil and maintain a good safety compliance culture.

•P  rovide real training on safety. •D  o a gap analysis between how safety is imagined and how it is actually done.

•N  ever use safety as a weapon, threat, punishment or excuse.

•M  anagers must be safety leaders, not safety managers. Pienaar also encouraged all surface mining companies to join Aspasa in its drive to achieve zero harm within the sector.

In sid e M in in g D E CE M BE R /JA NUA RY | 2019


Babcock Branches Bartlett +27 (0)11 230 7300 Botswana +267 390 2869 Bloemfontein +27 (0)51 432 1226 Cape Town +27 (0)21 380 4700 Durban +27 (0)31 700 6009 East London +27 (0)43 001 0090 George +27 (0)44 878 1035 Kathu / Kimberley +27 (0)53 832 3443 Middelburg +27 (0)13 001 1234 Mozambique +258 21 900 120 Nelspruit +27 (0)13 001 1280 Port Elizabeth +27 (0)41 407 5900 Richards Bay +27 (0)35 001 7660 Rustenburg +27 (0)14 592 6150 Steelpoort +27 (0)13 230 9054 Wolmaransstad +27 (0)18 596 1514 Windhoek +264 61 305 560/3 Zambia Kitwe +260 212 216 200 Lusaka +260 211 127 2926/28 Zimbabwe +27 (0)11 230 7300


Independent Dealers Polokwane RGR Services +27 (0)15 297 6711

Heavy-duty production is made easy by the Volvo EC250DL and EC300DL excavators. These crawler excavators excel at applications that require brute force earth moving and heavy craning to deep excavations. These powerful hydraulic excavator’s are ideally suited for road building, truck loading, quarrying, utility trenching and more. With Volvo, you’ve got plenty of power and force to achieve more each day. Contact Babcock and discover the legendary performance for your self.

Babcock International Group www.babcock.co.za Authorised dealer for Volvo Construction Equipment

mining indaba

A rigid market re-entry Earthmoving equipment manufacturer Volvo Construction Equipment, alongside local partner Babcock Equipment, officially launched a new 95 t rigid hauler for the coal and bulk commodities industries this year.


he impressive R100E rigid hauler,

component and hydraulics sensors, and

Made by customers

boasting a 783 kW, 4 600 Nm,

telematics capabilities to ensure safety

“It builds on Terex Trucks’ 84-year

30 ℓ QST30 Cummins engine and

and enable remote monitoring of the

heritage and incorporates feedback

a 60 m3 bin, is Volvo’s much-

machines. Additionally, the machine

from 60 key industrial customers across

anticipated re-entry into the rigid

has ports to view the levels of grease on

many different geographic regions and

hauler market following its acquisition of

the axles and the oil, hydraulic fluids and

operating conditions, hence the slogan

materials handling company Terex some

fuel inlets. The engine components are

that the R100E is made by our customers.”

four years ago.

also readily accessible, which helps to

Douglas says.

Dave Vaughn, MD, Babcock Equipment, says the rigid hauler

make servicing easy.

“The R100E is ideal for heavy mining,

“The front suspension has been

heavy quarrying and opencast mining

provided an opportunity to open a new

widened to provide higher stability

applications. It is a rigid dump truck

market for the company. The company

and lower leaning during cornering.

mainly used on longer hauls, where the

showcased the hauler at its Middelburg,

The R100E rigid hauler is suited for well-

underfoot conditions are good. Even in

Mpumalanga, facility in October.

established opencast mining operations

cases where hauls are slightly shorter,

with moderate inclines and roads that

the underfoot conditions are not that

are in good condition.”

ideal, and the inclines are very steep, the

The R100E was tested in South Africa over the past 12 months and has been adapted to home soil to ensure that it is

Paul Douglas, vice president: Rigid

able to operate efficiently and effectively

Haulers at Volvo Construction Equipment

in local conditions.

and managing director at Terex Trucks,

articulated dump truck still holds its own,” adds Vaughn. Babcock’s Middelburg facility has bays

says Volvo’s Motherwell factory, in

that can accommodate the rigid haulers

Babcock showcased the haulers on-

Scotland, which manufactures the rigid

and its technical staff have received the

site to key clients in the coal sector,

haulers, has 70 years of experience and

training and skills development required

the company had already received

has seen given a significant boost in

to service and support the machines.

orders for three of these new machines

safety, quality and capacity through

Babcock has added that it will sell and

from South African clients and received

investment by the parent group.

support the haulers in South Africa,

By the time of the launch, where

expressions of interest for four more.

High-tech systems

“The R100E has been designed to meet customer demands for a rigid hauler that delivers high performance

Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Zambia and Botswana. Volvo also recently announced the

The hauler has an array of sensors and

and productivity, low total cost of

launch of Volvo Financial Services in South

systems, including a 360-degree camera

ownership, easy serviceability and

Africa, to assist clients with financing for its

system, an overspeed control system,

good operator comfort.

equipment, trucks and buses.

Table 1 R100E specifications Payload capacity (kg)

95 000

Body volume, SAE 2:1 heap (m3)


Net weight (kg)

69 550

Gross weight (kg)

164 550


Cummins QST30 CAC (Tier 2 / Stage II)

Maximum engine gross power (kW/hp)

783/1 050

…at engine speed (r/min)

2 100

Max SAE J1349 gross torque (Nm)

4 631

…at engine speed (r/min)

1 300

Max speed (km/h)


In sid e M in in g D E CE M BE R /JA NUA RY | 2019


MINing indaba

The journey towards

a mindset shift

With the rapid development of new technology and the advent of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, which is disrupting traditional processes and the way we live and work, data is becoming a hot commodity.


productivity, reduce maintenance and operation costs, and improve

he challenge lies not in

in this space for a number of years

safety. Through collaboration and

obtaining the data, but in how

and has established a strong digital

the sharing of digital knowledge

to use it to its maximum potential

reputation. In South Africa, the project

across WorleyParsons’ multinational

to add real value to customers

delivery company has positioned itself

regions, the company’s global digital

and organisations, particularly in

at the forefront of mining technology

teams are aligning to create the

a technologically stagnant sector

by developing various leading-edge

most innovative solutions to address

such as mining.

data management tools, such as the

these challenges.

For a company like WorleyParsons,

Stepwise process. This makes it possible

which provides engineering solutions

to expediently create option analyses

embedded in WorleyParsons’ day-to-

to the world’s energy and resources

to assist customers and prospective

day workings, and the company is in

challenges, harnessing the power of

funders in making strategic investment

the process of creating global service

data is vital for the organisation and its

decisions, while integrated design

lines to make the digital capability

customers to prosper in the new digital

project tools create a living digital twin

available throughout its locations.

age. With a long history of innovation,

of a facility that can reduce risk and

WorleyParsons has already been active

improve productivity on a project.

The objective is to deliver an intelligent and integrated project scope that runs from the design phase right through to construction


‘Going digital’ is very different to the traditional way of doing work, particularly in the mining sector

Addressing challenges

This digital capability is being

Intelligent mines “The world is changing at a rapid pace. Organisations across the globe

Driven by teams of global technical

have a strategic objective to ‘go

experts who have the unique

digital’ or be at risk of becoming

advantage of also having years of

obsolete, but few know how to use

EPCM experience, WorleyParsons’ data

technology to add real value to their

management solutions are aimed at

operations,” says Denver Dreyer, CEO

addressing the ongoing challenges

of WorleyParsons RSA. “WorleyParsons

that energy and resources customers

has the knowledge and expertise to

continue to face: how to increase

offer a roadmap to help our customers

Ins i de Mi n i n g D E C E MB E R / JA N UA RY | 2 0 1 9

MINing indaba

navigate what is unfamiliar territory for many. ‘Going digital’ is very different to the traditional way of doing work, particularly in the mining sector, which

WorleyParsons’ data management solutions team are aimed at addressing the ongoing challenges that energy and resources customers continue to face

has seen very little change in mining

FAST FACT As part of the ‘Mining 2050 Innovation Track’ programme at Mining Indaba 2019, Gordon Cowe, MD, Major Projects:

methods in decades. It requires a

experts over a long period of time.

change in mindset of the entire project

What really makes virtual reality

team, including on the customers’

models powerful is the integrated

side, right down to mine personnel.

data that makes it possible to provide

intelligent mine concept and the positive

Our customers’ teams must be aligned

design accuracy, look pre-emptively

influence of digital data management

with ours to embrace technology and

forward, and create a scenario plan

on the mining industry. WorleyParsons’

understand the immense benefits of it.”

for a project. The objective is to deliver

corporate presentation is scheduled for

an intelligent and integrated project

6 February 2019 at 17:00.

Dreyer notes that it is vital to

Middle East at WorleyParsons, will be going into further detail about the

partner with a service provider that

scope that runs from the design phase

has industry experience as well as

right through to construction. This can

technical expertise. Russell Du Plessis,

only be achieved by utilising data-

manager: BIM for WorleyParsons RSA,

centric integrated design principles

“We have people who understand

concurs. “In the mining sector, we’re

combined with industry knowledge,”

data management and the application

seeing companies approach third-

explains Du Plessis.

of data in an operational context, and

party providers to create 3D models

Dreyer comments that although it will

can develop digital design techniques

of projects. While this may appear

take time for the local mining sector

from concept development to detailed

impressive on the surface, the picture

to fully realise the benefits of digital

design, implement data analytics in

on the screen is not the drawcard – it’s

transformation, the company intends

plant maintenance and operations

the underlying data that is of value,

to mainstream digitisation across its

to improve maintenance and plant

which is accumulated by industry

larger projects. WorleyParsons RSA is

availability, and apply digital processes

currently collaborating with one of its

and smart tools through the design,

international counterparts to develop

development and implementation

a ground-breaking ‘intelligent’ mine

phases. With this capability, we

for a major mining client, which is

can develop the intelligent mine

set to be one of the world’s most

concept into a full life-cycle service

technologically advanced mines.

offering,” says Dreyer.

WorleyParsons RSA is currently collaborating with one of its international counterparts to develop a groundbreaking ‘intelligent’ mine for a major mining client


In sid e M in in g D E CE M BE R /JA NUA RY | 2019



Your business requires your full attention. At Old Mutual Insure, we understand the risks you face; that’s why we have the right cover for you. It’s simple. It’s convenient. It’s efficient. With our experience and specialist expertise, you’ll know that you can count on us. The great things you do tomorrow start with the small steps you take today. Take that step with Old Mutual Insure. The time is now.

INSURE DO GREAT THINGS EVERY DAY All products are underwritten by Old Mutual Insure, an Authorised Financial Services Provider (FSP 12)


Speak to your broker or visit ominsure.co.za to take that first step.



about local SBS Tanks® is a proudly South African company born in KwaZulu-Natal. From humble beginnings to manufacturing its own 3.3 Mℓ reservoirs, this company is passionate about local business and serving local communities.


mploying over 120 staff around South Africa, SBS’s job retention

Effective partnerships are at the centre of the SBS Tanks story

stats in its 20 years of existence are remarkable. The company’s

Zincalume steel panel tanks, PVC inner

custom-built liquid storage solutions

liners, as well as all the accessories and

to a multitude of sectors across South

fittings are manufactured at a world-class

Africa and beyond, one essential

facility in its home province.

element has served as the catalyst for

Being ISO 9001 and OHSAS 18001 certified, and offering a 10-year warranty and tank lifespan of at least 60 years, SBS Tanks is the premium choice in Africa for water storage needs. As an industry so vitally linked to South

all its operations and installations: close, effective partnerships with its clientele.

Durable, effective solutions for the mining industry Working closely with its clients to

Africa’s economy and fiscal outlook,

design, develop and install highly

mining is a core component of the

durable, long-lasting Zincalume tanks

country’s present and future economic

for liquid storage purposes, SBS has

potential. But, with myriad obstacles

embraced the learning opportunities

thrown the sector’s way, there’s one

inherent within partnerships and has

element of cooperation that can help

been able to further assist the mining

to alleviate the effects of the current

sector, by providing advisory and

situation and enable the sector to

planning services.

continue planning towards a brighter future: effective partnerships.

Partnerships across industries

And, as the world focuses more on implementing environmentally conscious, sustainable solutions for water conservation and waste

Partnerships come naturally to the SBS

management, SBS Tanks is perfectly

team. Through the company’s two

situated to partner with the mining

decades of experience in providing

sector on like-minded initiatives.

In sid e M in in g D E CE M BE R /JA NUA RY | 2019


Mining Indaba

Optimising the

entire process Since the decision to operate under its own name in Africa in June, Epiroc has identified South Africa as a critical mining territory for the business, accounting for about 10% of overall turnover. In a recent visit to South Africa, Epiroc executives identified a number of opportunities worth exploring.


or Epiroc, a leading productivity

African manufacturer of rock reinforcement

partner for the mining, infrastructure

products for underground mining.

and natural resources industries,

Smarter mining is the future

South Africa is a mineral-rich

part of the world alive with opportunity

Epiroc has been an advocate of the mining

and potential. Inside Mining sat with

industry’s shift towards battery-powered

Per Lindberg, president and CEO; Helena Hedblom, senior executive vicepresident and business area president:

Per Lindberg, president and CEO, Epiroc

machinery for some time now. “We believe battery power will be the future for underground mining, with the

Mining and Rock Excavation Technique;

benefits being evident. It is environmentally

and Sanjay Ahuja, general manager:

friendly and contributes to huge energy

SA Region, all from Epiroc, and discussed

savings because of extremely high

these very opportunities.

ventilation costs. So we are aiming

“What we have realised in our time here

towards a fossil-free underground mining

is that customers are looking for companies

environment. That is our long-term vision.

that are increasingly advanced, and making use of unique automation solutions, and this is essentially what we are,” says Lindberg.

Separation milestone In November last year, Epiroc announced formal separation for Atlas Copco to focus on mining operations in Africa. “The separation journey we embarked

Ola Kinnader, media relations manager: Corporate Communication & Governmental Affairs, Epiroc

“We do admittedly have a lot of work

Helena Hedblom, executive VP and business area president: Mining & Rock Excavation Technique, Epiroc

to do including design changes on all our equipment, but we are busy with that and can safely say battery technology is our key area of focus” says Hedblom. Eprioc recently launched its second generation of battery products and these are “bigger and better machines than Generation 1”, according to Lindberg,

Sanjay Ahuja, regional general manager, Epiroc SA

adding that with bigger machines, the

on allowed us to pour more into serving

company expects to really start making

our clients’ needs and really identify what our demand

inroads with this technology.

drivers are. We now have a clear mandate, so there are no

“We fully embrace battery technology because clients who

intervening levels, and we know what is required of us by the

would otherwise have to spend millions of rands to sink vertical

market,” says Ahuja.

shafts for the purpose of ventilation can get to the ore much

“We have had a number of significant milestones thus far, namely: we are dedicated to rolling out our automation initiatives, which will play a major role on the global market on

quicker with much less capital expense this way. That is a game changer,” stresses Ahuja. Epiroc has adopted an Africa-centric strategy for the future,

a productivity standpoint as well as in Africa; then, of course,

with the belief that this region has the biggest potential. “We

there are also the acquisitions we have just embarked on.

already have a big footprint here with six offices in African

So we have a number of initiatives under way to ensure

countries and having a production base in South Africa will

we grow organically and we are also pursuing acquisitions

definitely help us to support our African customers. Innovative

that will strengthen our position,” adds Hedblom. Recently,

Mining Products has technology that is really complementary

Eprioc agreed to acquire Innovative Mining Products

to what we already have alongside it’s excellent competence

(Pty) Ltd, widely known as New Concept Mining – a South

base, and we look forward to the future,” concludes Lindberg.

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Your Success Is Our Priority KSB Pumps and Valves is the leader in the design, manufacture, and application of heavy-duty, centrifugal slurry pumps, Over time, we have grown in both size and expertise to ensure that KSB's products are always at the forefront of slurry technology. By delivering cutting-edge solutions to your industry every day, KSB strives to be the expert of choice in slurry transport. We value our customers and are proud that you choose us to provide your pumps and services.Slurry pumps and parts can be custom engineered with options that include various impeller types to fine tune pump performance for specially tailored slurry pumping needs. These options allow optimum wear life and sustained efficiency - the best in the industry. KSB Pumps and Valves (Pty) Ltd



> Our technology. Your success. Pumps• Valves• Service

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industry insight

Pushing the boundaries of reliability Earlier this year, KSB Pumps and Valves busted the ‘slurry pumps have short lifespans’ myth with the ongoing success of its Navachab Gold Mine installation in Namibia, where 10 of its LSA slurry pumps have operated for more than a year without incident.


his is in stark contrast to the

complemented by the outstanding

breakdown. He says that the project

previous pump sets at the mine,

work done by owners, QKR Namibia’s

team placed specific focus on the

which operated a mere four to six

technical teams. They designed and

evaluation of the full life-cycle cost of

weeks between breakdowns in

managed the installation of the entire

the operation and maintenance of

project, including monitoring systems,

the pumps during the design of the

the aggressive wear environment of the mine. Resultant stoppages

and worked closely with our

new pump station and the selection

and production losses led

technical team to ensure

of equipment.

to the mine’s management

optimal performance and

seeking alternative solutions

longevity of the pumps

18% less power under similar operation

from new suppliers.

and the entire installation,”

conditions than the previous installation,

says Gremels.

while the maintenance requirements

KSB Pumps and Valves’ Andreas Gremels says

Du Preez Calitz, project

This resulted in a pump that consumes

over the first 5 000 hours of operations

the company was able

engineer, QKR Namibia,

were limited to the repacking of the

to convince the mine of

confirms the success of the

glands and the checking of bearing

LSA's technical superiority,

project. “The pumps were

assembly oil levels.

and now has backed up

selected based on the

the recommendation with actual on-the-job proof. “Our

Du Preez Calitz, projects engineer, QKR Namibia

pumps have proven that

Rob Bond, slurry pumps manager,

long-term wear simulations

KSB Pumps and Valves, says the rural

done by KSB and full life-

nature of this and other mines in

cycle cost analysis during

Namibia makes it imperative that the

they can work reliably and efficiently

the tender evaluation process. We

pumps are manufactured from the

where others simply cannot,” he says.

have not looked back since then! In

highest-quality materials and to the

fact, an open inspection of the pumps

highest international standards. Correct

recently revealed a much lower wear

pump selection is important, making

Technical solution He continues that the hard metal

rate than initially expected,

it essential to work with

design and additional high-pressure

which has resulted in lower

the best technical teams

gland water system are less prone to

operating and maintenance

available, such as those of

component wear. The KSB LSA pumps

costs as foreseen over the

KSB Pumps and Valves.

make use of a unique high-pressure

total life cycle of the pumps.

gland water system and gland service

The pumps have certainly

pumps in tough Namibian

package that pressurises the stuffing box

met and exceeded our

conditions is important to

with non-slurry-laden water to prevent

expectations and the solid

us, as it gives us leverage to

particle ingress that can cause wear

technical input and support

introduce our slurry pumps

of components. Hard metal linings and

of the company has been

to other mines in the region.

specially designed impellers further

superb from the outset,”

contribute to the hard-wearing nature

he explains.

of the pumps. “This just goes to show that specifying

“The success of our slurry

AK Roux, projects and asset management manager, QKR Namibia

All-round solution

We are already one of the top suppliers of water pumps to mines in Namibia and the addition of our ultra-reliable slurry pumps

the right pump for a technical

Echoing the sentiment, AK

application is critical to the success of

Roux, projects and asset management

enables us to become a multifaceted

pumping operations. In the case of the

manager for QKR Namibia, adds that

solutions provider to the industry in

Navachab Gold Mine, the additional

the new pump station has now run

Namibia and elsewhere in Southern

performance gains and reliability were

more than 5 000 hours without a single

Africa,” he concludes.

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Efficient new screen saves money A new, ultra-efficient, three-shaft screen capable of dealing with overburden for use in rehabilitation or stockpiling materials as a saleable by-product of mining has hit the South African market.


rocessing equipment supplier

improvement in the time it takes for

“The extreme screening acceleration

ELB’s new Powerscreen

screen media changes.

offers improved capabilities over class

Warrior 2100 is able to reduce processing cycles by dealing

rivals, especially in sticky scalping

Leading the pack

applications. With amplitudes and

with unprocessed overburden and

“Being able to effectively screen

accelerations in excess of 16 mm and

significantly shorten production

overburden reduces the requirement

6 g, respectively, the Warrior 2100 triple-

times in the separation of materials

to blast, eliminating the associated

shaft screen is more prolific at removing

either for rehabilitation or as saleable

environmental impact while also saving

and breaking up clay materials than any

commodities. Its efficient handling of

time and money. We can now utilise

of its class rivals,” Dickson says.

materials and economical power plant

overburden material and turn it into a

derive further savings for miners or

valuable product. “The Warrior 2100

with economy in mind, with reduced fuel

contractors on-site.

uses the manufacturers’ triple-shaft

consumption being offered through a

technology, which was first developed

lower engine running speed of 1 800 rpm

sales manager: Mining, ELB Equipment,

for the successful Warrior 2400 screen

and enhanced hydraulics. With media

the machine is specially designed

widely used in South Africa and across

solutions that include Bofor Grizzly, Finger

for work alongside mining operations

the world. This triple-shaft technology,

Modules, Punch Plate and new 3D

in different terrains and has flexible

unique to Powerscreen heavy-duty

Punch Plate, the Warrior 2100 screen is

screening options and generous

mobile screens, is designed so the

extremely efficient in scalping, screening

stockpile heights to accommodate

4.8 m x 1.5 m screen box is highly

and recycling applications. It also boasts

a wide range of loading types. It

effective and efficient while maintaining

impressive mobility with a two-speed

also offers quick set-up times and an

exceptional throughput productivity.

tracking system as standard.

According to Heath Dickson, national

ELB Equipment’s Warrior 2100

He adds that the machine is designed

ABOUT ELB ELB Equipment is a South African company that offers a broad range of earthmoving, construction, mining and quarrying equipment from a single supplier. The company has established itself as one of the most respected names in the industry and is a division of the JSE-listed ELB Equipment Holdings Group.

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Targeting best practices to improve fleet uptime and productivity, Kal Tire is launching TOMS – a proprietary Tyre Operations Management System with a backbone of predictive maintenance and efficiency that delivers a new standard in performance.



ntil now, tyre management

and future shifts are readily integrated

reporting and performance

into work plans and schedules.

tracking has been constructed around a monthly report for

“With TOMS, we look at making tyre management more of a proactive

the mine operator with a myriad of data

and predictive service, like much of

that looks largely at historical figures

the mobile equipment maintenance

and lagging indicators for performance:

activities on any mine,” says Dan

inventory, consumption, past repairs,

Allan, senior vice president, Kal Tire’s

and observed conditions. The data

Mining Tire Group. Representing years

allows for review but doesn’t provide

of experience in tyre management,

any underpinning to look forward and

TOMS launched in 2018 and is now in

change future performance.

use on 34 open-pit and underground

With TOMS, mine operators will have

mines across 12 countries. In addition to

the opportunity to analyse and make

accessible and transparent KPI reporting

decisions for their tyres and fleets using

and service agreement compliance,

real-time performance data. With current

TOMS focuses on planning, predicting

information, decisions for today’s shift

and prescribing maintenance rather

Ins i de Mi n i n g D E C E MB E R / JA N UA RY | 2 0 1 9

Mining indaba “Through our ‘big data’ development, we hope to identify some of these things that can add value to our customers or our manufacturer partners.” Dan Allan, SVP, Kal Tire’s Mining Tire Group than simply reporting on past activity.

benchmarks results for tyre performance,

Mark Goode, director: Business Insights,

downtime, haul fleet productivity

KalTire’s Mining Tire Group, says, “The

and more to identify opportunities to

gradual rolling out of TOMS across Kal Tire

improve fleet use.

mine site operations marks the start of a

“The sheer numbers of tyre-related

fundamental shift in communication with

activities Kal Tire is involved with

our mining customers, delivering a story

every day should enable insight and

that’s more relevant and tied to both fleet

learning,” says Allan. “Through our

availability and operational productivity.”

‘big data’ development, we hope to

Solving existing challenges The benefits to miners are significant and, even in the day-to-day operations,

identify some of these things that can add value to our customers and our manufacturer partners.” In addition to giving customers

it means enabling real-time insight that

transparent dashboard-based reporting of

lets technicians and miners alike make

service agreement KPIs, TOMS has safety

informed decisions for that day’s shift.

at its core. Kal Tire’s equipment-specific

For Kal Tire, a company servicing more

safe work procedures are incorporated

than 150 mine sites around the world,

directly into the program and the TOMS

the benefits of using TOMS, and turning

planning report captures the results of

internal data capabilities into customer

condition-based inspections to flag tyre-

insight, is also far-reaching. What TOMS

related damage that could increase

solves internally is the need to gather and

operational safety risks and downtime.

access tyre management data anywhere

“With respect to the immediate potential

and to describe equipment and processes

of finding value for our customers from the

in a common language. Only then can

data in the system, we presently capture

teams leverage that data to set and

around 12 000 individual wheel position

compare performance benchmarks, and

inspections from the 34 mine sites,” says

put their eyes on predictive maintenance

Goode. “And our intention is to double

and productivity. Now, with a standard

the amount of mine sites using TOMS in

language in place for everything from tyre

the year ahead.”

descriptions to inspection findings, easy-touse dashboard reporting and operational standards for inspections, rotations and more, teams around the world can share best practices and ensure tyre management and fleet operations are optimised for uptime and performance. Aggregated data from around the world


In sid e M in in g D E CE M BE R /JA NUA RY | 2019


cover story

Defining Tyre Management Kal Tire’s Mining Tire Group specialises in a complete range of tyre management services in over 20 countries. Our skilled workforce performs according to our global safety and operating standards, and focuses on extracting the maximum value from tyres and related assets for mining customers. As an independent tyre dealer with 45 years’ experience, we ensure customers get the right product for the right application. Through continuous innovation, we are able to meet the evolving needs of mining customers and help them make the most of their tyre investments.


Products & Services

driving the industry forward

Realising possibilities from mine to market.

SA trial of dry coal separator targeted for 2019 Mounting stress on South Africa’s water resources, combined with growing concerns about the environmental impact of mining operations, make Aury Africa’s 400 tph dry sorting technology ideal for environmentally conscious mining houses. Aury Africa aims to bring its first dry separator to South Africa for trial at a coal mine in 2019, business development manager George Sturgeon reveals. Aury Africa, a subsidiary of design and construction coal corporation DADI Engineering Development Group, is in discussions with sister company Meiteng Technology Group to bring over its Telligent Dry Separator (TDS). The TDS was developed by high-technology company Tianjin Meiteng Technology, another DADI subsidiary, in 2015. Aury Africa launched the technology locally at the South African Coal Processing Society’s biennial conference in Secunda in September  2017. At that time, three operating mines in China were using the equipment. The TDS makes use of intelligent dry separation technology. Sydney Parkhouse, MD at Aury Africa Managing, explains, “Basically, coal is conveyed on an enclosed, single-layered conveying system. The enclosed system, which incorporates dual X-ray technology, is simple to operate.” It can be retrofitted to an existing coal-processing plant in various configurations. The system features image-identification technology, with the separator accurately identifying and separating coal without using water or any other medium. There is also no slime generation, with the TDS subsequently producing a higher yield of coarse coal at a low operational cost, with increased return on investment compared to conventional process systems. The technology can process 300 mm to 50 mm and 100 mm to 25 mm raw coal, with an upper throughput of about 400 tph. The higher tonnage output makes the TDS more efficient compared to competitor dry sorter technology. Aury Africa is continuously striving to improve the technology’s separation capabilities in order to achieve coal sizing down to 12 mm. Sturgeon highlights that the technology is fully automated and modular, with a self-diagnostic system. “The longer the unit runs, the more accurate it becomes – the margin of reject material compared to coal is reduced, as the TDS learns and adapts continuously,” Parkhouse adds.

The Telligent Dry Separator ensures improved ROI compared to conventional systems

Resource Evaluation

Mine Planning

Mining & Mine Development

Materials Handling

Environment & Approvals

Mineral Processing

Tailings & Waste Management

Smelting & Refining

Transport to Market

Non-Process Infrastructure

WorleyParsons provides innovative solutions for each step of the mining value chain. We combine world-leading, conceptto-completion expertise with design and major project delivery capabilities for the minerals and metals sector, from bulk commodities to rare earths, with complete mine-to-market solutions from inception to rehabilitation. Our Global Centre of Excellence for Mining and Minerals in South Africa has niche expertise in hard rock and precious minerals and metals, and we have achieved particular recognition for the delivery of complex processing plants and deep shaft mines.



Products & Services

driving the industry forward

Independence underpins SRK’s lead in reports ranking As the world’s leading author of mineral resource and reserve estimation reports, SRK Consulting will again join project champions and dealmakers at the 2019 Investing in African Mining Indaba in Cape Town to promote sustainable growth in mining. With a global network of over 40 offices staffed by experienced engineers and scientists, SRK heads the RSC Mineral Intelligence ranking of the 25 top practices generating these reports; the documents are arguably the bedrock of geological and related data on which the international mining industry is founded. According to the ranking, SRK has produced over 150 resource estimation reports since 2014, and over 50 reserve estimation reports. Formed in South Africa in 1974, the company today provides high-quality technical studies and services for clients active in Africa and worldwide, including

major players based in Canada, the UK, the US and Australia. “Our leading position has been built as much on our independence and integrity as on our highly regarded expertise and professionalism,” says Andrew van Zyl, partner and principal consultant at SRK Consulting. “We have no equity investments, take no equity as payment and are not involved in the construction of plant or sale of equipment – all as part of our focus on being as independent as possible.” He went on to highlight the ongoing importance of addressing technical risk in every aspect of the mining project life cycle. “While political and regulatory risk is always a concern in the mining sector, I would argue that the technical risk remains generally more important in the life of most mining projects,” says Van Zyl. “It is no simple matter to find suitably experienced

people to study, plan and implement a mineral project in a remote region of Africa, for instance.” If the right technical skills and sources of good advice were in place, however, many of the broader internal and external risks could be effectively managed. According to Mining Journal’s recent World Risk Report, the average risk rating for the mining sector in Africa showed a slight improvement in 2018; on average, the continent is still considered less risky for mining investment than Asia.

Concrete for mining applications Mines have particular logistical, safety and environmental requirements that need to be considered when designing concrete and this is in addition to meeting demanding performance specifications. Among the global leaders in concrete admixtures, Chryso understands this and has an extensive product offering to meet varying operating conditions. In addition to experience in designing shaft lining concrete, the company has the expertise to formulate high-flow, highly accelerated concrete that can be transported through slick lines. This expertise also encompasses providing solutions for shotcreting, thin-skin liners, tailings grout support and backfill.

Chryso’s market-leading expertise has made it the first supplier to develop the use of tailings shotcrete and concrete to help alleviate mines’ logistical issues

Driven by the advances in admixture technology, the use of sprayed concrete as a temporary and permanent support element on mines has increased significantly in recent decades. Proprietary admixtures control the workability of concrete and create longer open times. They also lower cementto-water ratios, improve early or late strength development, and reduce rebound. Used extensively on copper, gold, platinum and diamond mines, the Chryso Jet range of accelerators ensures early hydration of concrete. It also allows the concrete to be formulated to suit the size of the shotcrete machine, as well as shotcrete thickness. To reduce rebound and improve early strength in dry shotcrete, Chryso HPB Powder

assists with bonding in wet conditions. Chryso’s market-leading expertise has made it the first supplier to develop the use of tailings shotcrete and concrete to help alleviate mines’ logistical issues. Now, the bulk of the material can be pumped over long distances and stored before being sprayed.

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