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Earthquakes and Global Warming

August 2008

Earthquakes! • An earthquake is the result of sudden release of energy in the Earth crust. • It creates seismic waves that manifest by shaking and sometimes displacement of the ground. Help!!!!!!

G lobal W arm ing Global warming causes climate changes, rising sea levels and melting of glaciers. The impact of global warming is already noticeable glaciers are melting

sea level rose.

Global Warming and Earthquakes? ? ?

, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis and landslides are some of the additional catastrophes related to climate changes. ???

Pay Attention!

One feature that can change the balance in Earth‘s crust is ice. The weight of ice depresses the crust around the poles and in the mountains. As the ice melts the crust can rebound rapidily and so the stresses acting on earthquake faults and volcanos change. With the changing dynamics in the crust, faults also can be destabilized, which could bring more earthquakes and volcanos eruptions. On the other hand ice melt applies pressure to faults near coastlines. These could push out magma triggering a volcano’s eruption.

We need to pay attention of all these aspects related to global warming, because they would affect us.

Changing our catastrophic future is in our hands today, if we do something to help our planet NOW!!!!!

Let’s do it!

Earthquakes and Global Warming  

Lower 5th Grade St. George's College

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