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Term IV - Science Portfolio 2 – Atoms, Elements and Compounds Subject: Science Name: _____________________

Teacher: Mr. Gerardo LAZARO Grade: 6th ________ Deadline: Nov 5

INSTRUCTIONS On a two-page layout, work following these instructions: LEFT PAGE: Classic I. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Answer the following questions: Compare and contrast the Solar System and Bohr’s Atomic Model. Investigate Black Holes: Definitions, Characteristics, Effects. How do you imagine the interior of a Black Hole. Compare and contrast Sound Waves and Electromagnetic Waves. You can review 5th grade’s class: Class 25: Sound and Light. Prepare yourself a sandwich, juice or dessert and from the substances you used: Describe all the compounds with their characteristics, properties and other uses. Prepare a timeline of the Atomic Models.

II. Handling of Concepts • Select at least 2 important concepts from the topic worked in class. • Provide the concepts’ definitions, describe their characteristics and functions. • Prepare a mind map, concept map or web diagram to connect as many concepts, ideas, definitions, functions and conclusions. Make connections between the information from the topic and your own life and/or surroundings. • Annotate 3 or more words and/or concepts that you need more explaining to understand. • Fill up the KWL Chart. RIGHT PAGE: Interactive III. Interactive - Creative • Use this side to represent the main ideas or concepts in a graphic way: make drawings, paste images, find videos or music that represent, complement or clarify the concepts. • Write a comment, a script for a video or podcast to express your understanding and points of view about the topic. • Produce a video and publish it in your Wiki. • Predict new outcomes.


OPTIONAL: Engage in a collaborative project to reinforce the concepts from the topic.

6th Science - Portfolio 2 - Atoms, Elements and Compounds  

6th Science - Portfolio 2

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