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April 2017



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Outback Pebble $230m3

Blue Grey Tumbled $300m3

Hardwood Chip $38m3

New display wall now on-site

White Gravel $230m3

Cypress Chip $60m3


Range of decorative rock for rock wall & garden edging – display wall now on-site

Bulk Loads, Crusher Dust & Roadbase 12 Tonne Approx 8m3 $330* 13 Tonne approx 9m3 $355* 15 Tonne approx 10m3 $400*

Local delivery areas only – please contact for more information

Delivery all areas - Courtesy trailer available

20 Tytherleigh Ave Landsborough Call 5494 1153

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6L Decking Oil

5494 2002

6/14 Lawyer Street, Maleny 4552 F: 5494 2046 July 2015




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& Garden



Your dam problem is our dam business


August 2015 The Dam Doctor is a locally owned and operated business, servicing the whole Sunshine Coast, Brisbane and surrounding areas. Our business aim to manually eliminate is and remove (without the use of any chemicals) all noxious

on the Edge earlier this year. Garden Club’s Gardening open during the Maleny at Curramore when it was was taken at Rose Dene This lovely garden maze September 9 edition. the whole gardening in the GC&M News will feature

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DECKS www.gcnews.com.au

Designed and built to create your very own style! Barry 0420 718 788 Jannean 0452 558 788

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Premium Potting Mix

Darren Chapman

QBCC No 76420

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Mobile: 0407 594

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31 Coral Street,

Maleny Town & Country Supplies

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and unwanted Aquatic weeds from your Dams, Ponds, Creeks and Waterways. We physically get into the water and remove all types of weeds using various methods.


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I Fax 5494 3036


AMGROW ORGANIX: All in One Organic Food & Compost


Organic Supergrowth fertilizer

SEEDLINGS: Hand-reared

locally with love, from organically certified heritage seeds. APRIL 29 2015 |


Hibiscus Spectacular

Gympie Garden Expo

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The next Your Home & Garden feature will appear in Glasshouse Country & Maleny News on Wednesday, July 26 To book your spot please call 5438 7445 or email advertising@gcnews.com.au

You will find something for everyone on the first weekend in May (May 6 and 7) as the Gympie Garden Expo once again promises to shine with fascinating plant displays. It hosts one of the state’s largest collections of orchids with Gympie’s annual competition. There are informative talks from the likes of Annette McFarlane, Paul Plant and Tom Wyatt, with the ever popular plant clinic and market stalls offering plants, art and craft, and a myriad of garden accessories to complement the home gardener. You can visit some of the region's best open gardens for free while you’re up there. Gates are open from 8am to 4pm on Saturday and 8am to 3pm on Sunday. Admission is $5 each day with children and parking free. Whether you are an experienced gardener or just starting out, take advantage of the wealth of knowledge being shared. You can also treat yourself to a fantastic weekend of plant displays, open gardens, tools and machinery for the home gardener. You’ll find the Gympie Garden Expo at the Gympie Showgrounds, 77 Exhibition Road. Check out the website for more detailed information – www.gympiegardenexpo.com.au.

The Sunshine Coast Branch of the Australian Hibiscus Society will hold the 2017 Annual Hibiscus Spectacular on Saturday May 13. Over 150 hibiscus blooms grown by the society’s members will be on show for all to see and will be competing to be awarded Best in Show. Bring your family and friends and enjoy the wonder of these most beautiful flowers. Hundreds of exotic plants will be on sale and refreshments available. Enter a hibiscus bloom from your garden in the Novices Most Spectacular competition for a chance to win a prize. The venue is the Woombye School of Arts Hall, Blackall Street, Woombye, with the Spectacular on from 9am to 12.30pm. Admission is free. For more information call Audrey Marshall on 5476 2771 or Ted Herbert on 0407 440 999.

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Beerwah Small Engines

7 Beerwah Pde, Beerwah - Call 5494 6644 *Available on select models whilst stocks last.


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Living on the hedge

With Spencer and Karen Shaw Hedges are a useful and attractive way of defining boundaries, providing privacy and scenic amenity, and they great for the wildlife! What we tend to think of as a traditional hedge is a one-species planting of the same tough, readily pruned, bushy to the ground species that is basically a living fence and not much more than that. However this is a relatively recent invention of our production line landscaping and the hedges of old contained a diverse range of species and resources for both humans and wildlife. Some of the great local plants for creating hedges include most of our Lillypillys and Myrtles such as Creek Lillypilly - Acmena smithii, Bolwarra – Eupomatia laurina, Lemon Scented Myrtle – Backhousia citriodora, Blue Lillypilly - Syzygium oleosum, Silky Myrtle - Decaspermum humile, and Scrub Cherry - Syzygium australe (dwarf forms). However, there are so many more – like Common Aspen Acronychia oblongifolia, Muttonwood Myrsine variabilis, White Alder Callicoma serratifolia, Blueberry Ash Elaeocarpus reticulatus, Velvet Leaf Callicarpa pedunculata and Sweet Pittosporum Pittosporum undulatum just for starters! If you want prickles too to keep things in or out, then you just can’t go past Orange Boxthorn Pittosporum minutiflorum, but also try Native Holly Alchornea ilicifolia, Native Capers Capparis spp. and Native Currant Carissa ovata. Hedge plants are great for you and the environment, privacy and beauty. So don’t beat around the bush and get hedging!



Check out Rack ’n Stack for your storage Rack ’n Stack Warehouse at Caboolture is locally owned and has all of the products and expertise to make sure your all your storage and racking needs for industrial, commercial, retail, office, rural and domestic applications can be met. They are able to assist with design, applications, installs, dismantles and relocations of all warehouse, industrial and commercial shelving, pallet racking, and all office and retail fit-outs, not to mention farming and domestic garages and sheds. Phil from Rack ’n Stack believes that the quality of their products, the professionalism of his team and their desire to provide the best racking/ storage solutions for all their clients allows them assist you in maximising your floor space. If you are considering improving your shelving, storage and racking requirements make sure you go to Rack ’n Stack first and check out their compactus units, rivet shelving, lockable cabinets, tool boards, louvered panel kits, workbenches, pallet jacks, pallet racking, cantilever racking, long span racking, mezzanine floors, office storage, tri-shelving, and cool room shelving. Call in to their office at 2/9 Lear Jet Drive, Caboolture or give Phil a call on 0402 781 157.

Install safety switches on every circuit

Your Local Native Plant Nursery

OPEN 20 Coral Street, Maleny Call 07 5435 2193 Saturday - 9am til 1pm www.forestheart.com.au 32



APRIL 26 2017

The State Government has recently launched a safety campaign to better protect Queenslanders against electrical shock in their homes. Industrial Relations Minister Grace Grace said the ‘One safety switch may not be enough’ campaign encourages Queenslanders to install safety switches on every circuit. “Safety switches save lives – it’s that simple,” Ms Grace said. “Unlike circuit breakers which protect equipment, safety switches help protect us, our family and anyone visiting our home from potentially fatal electric shock. “Safety switches turn off the power in a fraction of a second when leakage of current is detected. “This can happen if there’s a faulty power point or electrical appliance, or you accidentally hit a live cable while drilling into a wall or gardening. “Without a safety switch protecting you on that circuit, you and your family are potentially at risk.” Safety switches have been a mandatory requirement for power and lighting circuits in new homes, rentals and older homes as they’re sold for a few years now. But the risk is still there on other circuits. “A safety switch can only protect you if it’s fitted to the circuit that’s been damaged, whether it’s for air conditioning, the stove, hot water, or the pool,” Ms Grace said. “And that’s the reason we are launching this campaign – to get the message out that one safety switch may not be enough. “Six deaths in Queensland homes over recent years would have been prevented had a safety switch been fitted to all circuits – six people who would still be alive today but for the lack of a simple, inexpensive safety device. “So next time you get electrical work done, why not get the electrician to put in some extra safety switches. They aren’t expensive at all, and if the sparkie is already out at your place, you won’t pay an additional call out fee. “It’s well worth it for the added protection for you and your family.” The online and social media campaign includes a Facebook competition and free advice from electrical safety experts, and will run for a month. More details are available at worksafe.qld.gov.au/safetyswitches. www.gcnews.com.au

Serving the local community for 81 years

Open to the general public... not a farmer, no worries come and shop with us l Huge range of Hardware, Fuel & Auto needs and Farm Products

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Gallagher Fencing *Shelf stock only, no orders

6 Cell Seedlings Punnet

Introducing Simparica. Flea, tick, mange and mite protection that’s fast and lasts.

Simparica is a new innovative tasty chew for dogs to keep on top of fleas, ticks, mange and mites by providing fast acting sustained protection all month long.1 Flea, tick and mite protection that works fast and lasts for 35 days This benefits 4 out of 5 dog owners who admit to giving their flea and tick treatments an average of 5 days late.2 So dogs are still protected when owners are a few days late. Kills fleas fast before they can lay eggs Simparica starts killing fleas before they can lay eggs protecting pets and homes from flea infestation for 35 days.1 Kills the three key Australian ticks Simparica keeps killing ticks fast all month long, minimising the risk of tick paralysis and illness. It protects dogs against paralysis, brown dog and bush ticks for 35 days. Extended ectoparasite spectrum including mange and mites Simparica not only kills fleas and ticks, it's also the only chewable for dogs that registered for effective treatment and control of sarcoptic mange, ear mites and demodex mites. Well tolerated in dogs from 8 weeks of age and 1.3kg Simparica is well tolerated in all breeds, including Collies and can be used in combination with other routine veterinary medications.1 Key component in your dermatology solution Simparica can be used as part of the treatment strategy for flea allergy dermatitis.2 Its systemic activity provides an ideal solution for dogs that require regular bathing. Palatable chew readily accepted with or without food Simparica is highly palatable, in field studies 93% of doses were voluntarily consumed by dogs within 1 minute of being offered.4 Simparica can be given with or without food unlike some other treatments.


Free key with every key cut Just pay for the cut! Rocky Point Eco Potting Mix 25L 3 for


works fast and lasts

Simply better when speed matters Simparica has been shown to outperform NexGard® and Bravecto®: it works fast and maintains its speed of kill throughout the treatment period.

Save $10 per 6pk of new Simparica Tasty Chew Pet Protection system

References: 1. Simparica Package Insert. 2016. 2. Zoetis, Market Research. 3. Zoetis Data on File: Study Number A6577. 4. Becskei, C., et al., Efficacy and safety of a novel oral isoxazoline, sarolaner (Simparica) in the treatment of naturally occurring flea and tick infestations in dogs presented as veterinary patients in Europe. Vet Parasitol, 2016.

Fully qualified, Agronomists, Horticulturalist, Irrigation Specialist & Farm Supplies Specialist available for all your enquiries l Local business employing 30 locals

07 5494 6219




39 Simpson Street, Beerwah – Behind the Shell sales@coochincreek.com.au facebook.com/CoochinCreekFruitgrowersCooperative www.gcnews.com.au

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Tips for autumn lawn care Fertilising

It’s time to feed your lawn ready for winter and GoTurf have a new specially developed autumn fertiliser just for that! Now the weather is cooling off and plant growth isn’t as rapid, it’s the perfect time for feeding your lawn. With plenty of warmth still in the soil your lawn will just take it up, resulting in healthy plant growth, a strong root system and beautiful winter colour … giving you the best looking lawn in your street this winter. It’s a crucial time for lawn maintenance throughout autumn as it really sets the condition for the winter health of your lawn. After the last few months of intense heat, humidity and then leaching rain, you can expect to see a few signs of stress like colour loss and leaf thinning. The right blend of fertiliser is important to prepare for the cooler months.


Lifting the blades on your mower is also going to be beneficial. Although frost is not extremely common in these parts, this will give a little protection against it and will even help keep the weeds out.


Unless your lawn is establishing, lawn watering can now be reduced. Less heat means less evaporation. A good soaking once or twice a week either early in the morning or late in the afternoon will really encourage a healthy plant. Shallow watering isn’t recommended as this only results in shallow root growth. Keep your soil moist.


Here’s s om useful e FACTS

Pest Protection

This is one of the times of year that lawn grub tend to be very busy. These little pests can cause major damage to your lawn and literally suck the life out of it. Keep an eye out for them, treating with a suitable insecticide is recommended. Be sure to read labels.


This practise has proven to be beneficial to alleviate compaction, allowing the roots to grow freely and let nutrients, moisture and oxygen in to also help with healthy plant growth. There are people who do this professionally, or you can get a similar result with a pitch fork. Simply walk around and punch holes in your lawn every 30-40cm. For any further information on autumn lawn care or to get your hands on some of our Autumn Blend fertiliser call Jo or Jess on 1300 781 175. Home delivery is available.

full sun to heavy shade Best winter colour Buffalo Less mowing & edging Emerald green colour Low allergenic turf (good for people with allergies) #1 Buffalo in shade* (Provided by DPI research) Finer leaf and softer Buffalo Great wear tolerance Good drought tolerance -

full sun to moderate shade Best for low maintenance and low fertiliser needs Lawn grub resistant Great drought tolerance Beautiful fine texture Best for native gardens & salt spray affected areas Lawn grub resistant Great drought tolerance & good wear tolerance Low maintenance & beautiful fine texture -

full sun variety Economically priced Medium to fine leaf lawn Durable with good wear characteristics Thrives in local climate conditions & loves full sun -

Please call Jo or Jess on

1300 781 175





APRIL 26 2017

• Farm pickup or delivery available • Professional installation services • Turf available for as low as $3.95/m2


iLandscape Sunshine Coast is your

ONE STOP SHOP: FOR LANDSCAPING IDEAS AND MATERIALS iLandscape Sunshine Coast can assist you with everything you need to get the job done right. From Quality Landscaping Products to choosing the correct contractor, we are here to assist your every landscaping requirement. Our staff are Fully Licensed & Qualified in Structural Landscaping and can assist you with starting your own DIY Project. Get the right advice the first time from the friendly team at iLandscape Sunshine Coast. • MASONRY PAVERS • CLAY PAVERS • NATURAL STONE TILES & PAVERS • WALL CLADDING • RETAINING WALL BLOCKS • BLOCKS AND BRICKS • LIVING TURF & SYNTHETIC TURF • GARDEN CARE PRODUCTS • FERTILISERS • VERTICAL LIVING WALL GARDENS • GARDEN LIGHTING • MASONRY CLEANERS AND SEALERS • GARDEN EDGING

Ask iLandscape Sunshine Coast about our Price Match Guarantee in place on all our products.

200 Nicklin Way, Warana. Phone 5493 5975. ilandscape.com.au www.gcnews.com.au

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In the Garden with Brownie

What’s on for gardeners in May Jobs for the yard in May • Elimbah-Caboolture Herb Club – May 5, 10am meeting at the Caboolture PCYC in Toovey Road, Caboolture. Herbalist to talk on herbal teas including tastings. Call Ruth on 5496 7649 to find out more. • Faunawatch – May 10, 8am at Maroochy Bushland Botanic Gardens, Tanawha. Walk, survey wildlife, and learn about Faunawatch. Phone Paul on 0422 429 594 for details on how to get involved. • Native Plants Sunshine Coast – May 14, meet at noon at Matthew Flinders Park, Steve Irwin Way, Beerburrum for a walk amongst the banksias and other local plants. For more details contact Marie on 0427 152 022 or npscevents@gmail.com or check www.npqsuncoast.org. • Hibiscus Society, Sunshine Coast Branch – May 14, 10am for morning tea followed by a meeting and bloom competition at 10.30am at the Woombye School of Arts Hall, Woombye. For more information, call Audrey on 5476 2771 or Ted on 0407 440 999. • Glasshouse Country Orchid Society – May 11, 7.30pm at the RSL Hall in Glass House Mountains. New members are always welcome, so don’t be shy. Contact Robyn on 0427 138 168. • Peachester Garden Club – May 18, 9.30am at the Peachester Hall. Anyone interested in gardening is welcome. For more details, please call Trish on 5496 9169.

Phone: 5439 0999 Fax: 5439 0077 paintplacebeerwah@tpg.com.au

1/28 Simpson St, Beerwah Q. 4519

• If your sweet pea seedlings are looking a little worse for wear due to all the rain, it’s not too late to replace them with new ones – try the dwarfing varieties. • Grass growth will be starting to slow down now but weeds still grow. Keep on top of weeds, especially bindi-eye, clover and tropical chickweed. • Bare rooted roses will be in stores now but don’t rush in and buy, as the optimum time is the end of next month. • Gingers and heliconias that have finished flowering can be cut back now, leaving the new growth for next seasons flowering display. • Apply a light dusting of lime to bare veggie beds. Don’t apply fertliser at the same time, as the lime reacts with the nitrogen creating ammonia gas. • Plant leafy coriander plants now. The coming cooler temperatures will stop them bolting to seed. • Plant dormant fruit trees from now until August. • Cannas and chrysanthemums can be cut back as soon as they’ve finished flowering. • If you’ve planted broad beans early and they’re now large enough, pinch out their tips to encourage more flowers to form. • If you have not applied boron to your pawpaw trees, do it this month. Use 1 teaspoon per tree. Vegetables Plant beetroot, silver beet, broad beans, onions, spring onions, peas, carrot, kohlrabi, lettuce, radish, turnip, capsicum, celery, beans, garlic, leeks, parsnip, peas, potatoes, sweet potato, tomato, broccoli, parsley, cabbage, cauliflower and coriander. Flowers Plant alyssum, marigold, petunia, calendula, cineraria, cornflower, dianthus, hollyhock, kale, lobelia, pansy, phlox, iceland poppy, primula, snapdragon, statice, stock, sweet pea (seedling), viola, carnation, cyclamen, foxglove, gaillardia, salvia, sunflower and verbena.

Please call for a Quote - Pallet racking, longspan shelving, raised floors. Supply & Installations, Brisbane to Bundaberg www.racknstackwarehouse.com.au or Call Phil 0402 781 157 36



APRIL 26 2017


Get the best looking lawn in the street


reasons why you’re guaranteed to get the best looking lawn in the street from Wild Horse Turf

1 2 3 4 5 6

You’ll get personal service.

When you phone Wild Horse Turf you’ll speak to the person who will cut your grass for you. We’ll listen to your needs and help you achieve the lawn of your dreams. You’ll get great back-up service and receive emails with advice for establishing and maintaining your lawn, long after you’ve laid it.

You’ll get the best quality grass.

We’re sure that you’re getting the topmost quality grass, because we grow it ourselves. We use biological fertilising agents for healthier grass that will establish your new backyard faster.

You’ll get the freshest grass.

We’ll cut your turf to order, so you get the freshest turf available. From the moment it’s harvested, turf starts to deteriorate and die. Limiting the time from the paddock to your yard is a great way to give your lawn the best start. When you buy from landscape yards and hardware stores, you risk buying sick turf that’s been sweating on the pallet for days.

You’ll get what you’re paying for.

Our Sapphire soft-leaf buffalo and Empire Zoysia are grown in paddocks that have been certified by Ozbreed, the breeders of Sapphire and Empire. So when you buy turf from us you can be confident that you’re getting what you pay for.

You’ll get a flatter, better-looking lawn.

We keep a close eye on each and every slab that's cut so you’ll get more consistent turf and a flatter, better-looking lawn. When it comes to quality control, our team is dedicated to a hands-on approach.

No trailer? No worries.

Wild Horse Turf values our local customers so we offer a free courtesy trailer for locals to transport their new lawns home. Or ask about our affordable delivery and laying rates.

Orders over 100m will receive a 10kg bucket of our specialty turf fertiliser

which contains the nutrients that are essential for early root establishment and healthy plant growth

Call us for a Free Quote 5496 9790 www.wildhorseturf.com www.gcnews.com.au

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Profile for Glasshouse Country & Maleny News

Your home & garden april 2017  

Your home & garden april 2017