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Taking care of the future

DO YOU HAVE ONE OF THESE CARDS? Then you are may be eligible for FREE hearing services* on behalf of the Office of Hearing Services Pensioners and Private patients welcome.

* On behalf of the OHS. Terms and conditions apply


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10% SENIORS DISCOUNT Wednesday & Friday

Affordable Family Dentistry, caring for people of all ages. 17 Bunya Street Maleny

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Senior Moments Are you able to provide help or services to our mature readership? Don’t miss out on being part of our next Senior Moments feature, to be published in the August 9 edition. Be where the locals look. To book your spot in the next feature please call Carol 0488 444 525, Tina 0477 004 977 or Tara 5438 7445 or email advertising@gcnews.com.au



A positive partnership for healthy ageing The Sunshine Coast has one of the highest populations of residents aged 65 years and older in Queensland. By 2031, it is expected that nearly a quarter of the Queensland’s population will be 65 years or older (Queensland Treasury statistics). So it makes sense that seniors within our region have access to the best possible resources they require to lead a healthy and active lifestyle. A new website with information about positive ageing resources and upcoming events is now online thanks to collaboration between Sunshine Coast Council, The University of the Sunshine Coast, the Primary Health Network (PHN) and local service providers. Community and Environment Portfolio Councillor Jenny McKay said the Healthy Ageing Partnership - Sunshine Coast website had been created through a coordinated approach by government, organisations and the community to support healthy ageing in our region. “This website provides an ideal platform for individuals, groups and organisations in our region to access positive ageing resources, information and upcoming events and activities for our ageing community to be involved in,” Cr McKay said. “The Healthy Ageing Partnership website includes a directory of service providers with information and links to local aged care support, residential aged care facilities and volunteer services. It also contains a calendar of events and a members’ hub.

Mr Russell Mason, CEO of Suncare Community Services; Ms Caroline Wales, Chair of the Healthy Ageing Partnership; Cr Jenny McKay; Mr Bill Fay, CEO of Maroochy Home Assist; and Ms Ann McQuay, General Manager of Glasshouse Country Care “This fantastic new resource has come about through a collaborative and evidence-based approach. Important trends and gaps have been identified to optimise opportunities, deliver positive outcomes for our senior residents and establish the Sunshine Coast as the leading healthy ageing region in Australia. “Online access to up to date information and resources supporting healthy ageing, enables residents, business and the community to provide leadership and more effectively plan for and meet the needs of the ageing community on the Sunshine Coast.” To view the Healthy Ageing Partnership – Sunshine Coast website, visit https:// healthyageingpartnership.com/.

Continental Cafe Fresh Pasta & Delicatessen

At Pasta d’Vine we hand craft gourmet food for you to take home Egg pasta, ravioli and pasta sauces are freshly made at Pasta d’Vine daily.

Lasagnes, quiches, curries, vegetarian and meat dishes are ready to take home.

Try our ‘5-Minute Pasta and Sauce deal’ to cook at home or enjoy a freshly prepared lunch in the Cafe!

Our Deli is open from 8:00am to 5:00pm Monday to Friday and 8:00am to 2:00pm on Saturday

Pasta d’Vine is also a great destination for Breakfast and Lunch We serve Breakfast from 8:00 am and Lunch from 11:15 am to 3:00 pm

Funerals from $1670.00

Extensive breakfast menu from fruit toast to big Aussie Brekkie and a weekly changing lunch menu with all your favourite dishes.

48 Simpson Street, Beerwah

Ph & Fax 5494 6681 www.pastadvine.com.au




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Are your dentures causing trouble?? Problem dentures can cause lots of discomfort and may seriously impact your quality of life. Poor dentures may cause: • Lost smile • Pain and discomfort • Poor chewing efficiency • Lost confidence Note the vastly improved appearance of this patient who had new dentures fitted recently at Beerwah Denture Clinic.

Good dentures result in: • Improved confidence • Improved smile • Improved comfort • Improved appearance Brian Stuart-Nairne is your dental prosthetist at Beerwah. A Hinterland local, he and his family have lived on the Sunshine Coast for over 40 years. Highly experienced, Brian has been practising dental prosthetics on the Coast for over 35 years and is a qualified BPS provider which is the most

advanced denture system available today. He also brings over 30 years’ experience in implant dentistry to the practice. Dentures need regular maintenance and yearly checks are advisable. Full dentures usually require relining at 3 - 4 years, and replacement at 7- 8 years. There are a number of reasons for this. Firstly, the bone supporting the teeth shrinks at a very slow rate continually after teeth are extracted. The upper jaw shrinks upwards and the lower jaw shrinks downwards. This causes the space between the two jaws to increase and then the lower jaw needs to rise further up to make the teeth meet to chew (called ‘over-closure’). To make matters worse, the denture teeth wear and this increases the distance further and consequently causes more over-closure. The result is loose dentures, food under the denture, ulcers, the loss of a pleasant smile, a ‘no tooth’ look, eating difficulties, increased facial wrinkles and sometimes joint pain and dysfunction. Regular obligation free checks with Beerwah Denture Clinic can avoid these problems and correct any necessary problems as they arise. The Beerwah Denture Clinic provides the latest, most advanced dentures available today. They also provide both metal and plastic partial dentures including hidden clasps, mouthguards, relines and fast repairs. For client convenience, they can offer relines in half a day and one hour repairs if required.

Dental Prosthetist Brian Stuart-Nairne They can repair broken dentures in one hour and reline dentures in only half a day. They are a provider to DVA, private health funds and conveniently offer HICAPS for immediate refund on health fund rebates. With easy car parking available in front and behind, the new clinic is located at 74 Simpson Street, Beerwah, next to the Aldi carpark. Appointments can be made with Jess on 5439 0388 or just drop in next time you’re in town.

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Some full dentures, especially full lower dentures, may cause great discomfort and very poor chewing ability due to bone loss over time. This bone loss results in severe denture instability and poor function and increasing discomfort. The solution is to place two implants and retainers and the denture clips to these. The denture can still be removed for cleaning but is reassuringly stable during daily function. This economical implant process is a relatively painless procedure and can be performed in Beerwah to provide vastly improved comfort and function for the denture wearer.

For those wanting to say goodbye to removable dentures—fully fixed appliances are available. Brian is part of an experienced team that can offer fixed implant retained appliances that can do away with dentures completely! This option usually suits those who have suffered advanced bone loss, find wearing a denture difficult to tolerate or just want to get rid of their dentures forever. An additional advantage is that it also leaves the roof of the mouth uncovered to allow feeling temperature and sensing taste better. The team at Beerwah Denture Clinic will first need to assess the bone condition and suitability in order for the implants to be effective, so call the clinic to book an appointment. Their new clinic at Beerwah is fitted with the latest equipment and an in-house dental laboratory to provide you with the best available dental care in the shortest possible time.

74 Simpson Street BEERWAH www.gcnews.com.au

Dr Finbarr O’Sullivan and Dr David Marley of Dental Excel work exclusively with MIS Implants and the MIS Implant Centre in Melbourne and the great majority of implants are placed using the MIS M-GUIDE which is computer generated and enables very precise and atraumatic implant placement. Ring Beerwah Denture Clinic for an obligation free consultation on 5439 0388.

PH 5439 0388

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The truth about hearing services


ihear Beerwah are a team of fully qualified, dedicated hearing specialists who aim to provide the best professional hearing services in Australia. Shevawn Becker from ihear said, “In our industry, it is common to pay commissions to audiologists for the sale of hearing aids. “This does not happen at ihear, so you can be sure that your clinician focuses on providing you with the best personalised care. “We recently viewed a study of our industry and were alarmed that 1 in 6 Australians* are affected by hearing loss but only a small percentage actually seek help. ihear aims to change that,” Shevawn said. “In order to achieve our goal of helping more people, we make the following promise to all of our valued customers. 1. Excellent, personalised service. We listen to you, so you can hear. 2. Increased technology and product ranges to best suit your lifestyle and budget. This means better value for money. 3. Extensive warranty and aftercare program to ensure there are no hidden expenses. 4. Flexible payment terms to deliver the best value for money. 5. Ensure all eligible people are informed of government rebates. 6. Work with those with private health cover to access all available rebates. This can create little or no out of pocket expenses for some devices. “Customer service is our priority and we tailor hearing solutions to suit your needs and budget. We offer free hearing services to pensioners and DVA card holders**. “At ihear Beerwah we believe life is worth hearing, so seek the hearing help you and your family deserve, call in and see us at Shop 3, 74 Simpson Street, Beerwah or phone 5494 6985.” *Australian Network on Disability www.and.org.au/pages/disability-statistics.html#_ftn2 ** On behalf of the Government Office of Hearing Services.


Factory Outlet


DISCOUNT ADJUSTABLE BEDS Avante Hi Lo Adjustable bed (including mattress)

Ultimate Flex Adjustable bed From $1,599

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The Big Pink Building

(including choice of mattress, plus Hi Lo lift function & vibrating massage)

Long Single $3,199 King Single $3,399

5495 5155 www.gcnews.com.au

Are you getting the most out of your life? Do you feel that you are not getting the most out of your life? Are you or your partner always feeling tired, always snoring, feeling irritable and dragging yourself through the day? It may be worth considering getting assessed for sleep apnea – a common but potentially serious sleep disorder that affects thousands of people every night causing excessive snoring and sometimes even choking. For people suffering sleep apnea their breathing repeatedly stops and starts during the night resulting in continual poor quality of sleep which can have dramatic and negative impacts on everyday life. Other possible indicators to be aware of include frequent night visits to the bathroom, choking


sensation or waking with a loud snort, poor concentration and short term memory as well as irritability. If you have concerns about the possibility of having sleep apnea it is important that you have an independent assessment. Here on the Sunshine Coast, CPAP Direct can help facilitate an in-home sleep study so that you can be assured that any resulting machine and mask therapy will assist the correct condition. With other CPAP therapy companies, diagnostic analysis is often tied in with product purchase. At CPAP Direct, an independent consultant is recommended and patients are also encouraged to shop around to purchase the CPAP machine of your choice. Committed to patient focussed results, CPAP

Business feature Direct will first recommend an independent sleep testing consultant who will come out to your home and make an expert assessment – without any obligation to purchase from CPAP direct. Highly experienced and accredited, the locally based sleep testing diagnostic consultant is the first step in correctly identifying if sleep apnea affects your life. With the correct diagnosis and resulting mask and machine therapy, patient’s lives can be completely transformed. CPAP machine technology has rapidly evolved over the years and one of the latest innovations is the ultra portable and compact ResMed Airmini. This pocket size autoset CPAP machine is one of the most unobtrusive machines on the market and is currently the world’s smallest machine. Fully 'smart technology' integrated, simple and easy to use – just push a button and put on the mask – this newly available CPAP therapy machine is the way of the future providing restorative sleep with minimum disruption to bedtime routine. To find out more about this brand new product contact your local CPAP Direct clinic. Each store has highly trained and experienced staff who are there to guide you on your CPAP therapy journey to ensure you get the most out of your CPAP therapy during the decision making process and continuing on with exceptional after sales support. Patients will also benefit from the unbeatable pricing and highly competitive buying power of the Australian owned and operated business. Call 1300 133 298 for your closest store or visit www.cpap.com.au

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Estate planning brings peace of mind

Connect with aged care support services

By Lea Parkes Last week I caught up with Maleny local Carolyn Williams, principal at Lember and Williams Solicitors. A lawyer now for more than 35 years, Carolyn draws upon this extensive experience and knowledge when providing advice for her clients. She explained that at Lember and Williams they pride themselves on being able to offer "city expertise with small town service" and, as a local for the past 25 years, she understands how important this personal attention is. “For many people, seeing a solicitor to make a will can seem really daunting,” said Carolyn. And for some, the idea of a DIY option can appeal on the surface, as an easier way of handling it. However Carolyn’s experience is that in the long run, many families find the security they are seeking by obtaining professional and comprehensive advice. “It’s important for example to reduce the likelihood of a will being challenged and ending up in court, which adds to distress in what is already often a difficult time in a family,” she explained. Understandably, we often delay the process of estate planning as something we don’t want to think about or deal with, but Carolyn finds that discussing your individual circumstances, leading to having your will properly made, and establishing an Enduring Power of Attorney, always provides relief and peace of mind for families. If you would like to discuss your estate planning with Carolyn, she is available for appointments in Maleny at 9 Bunya Street, in Judy Coey Optometrist’s building (across the road from the primary school). Call them on 5495 1499.

Carolyn Williams. Principal Lember & Williams Solicitors

It’s never too early to find out about what aged care services are available before you need them. This way you will be prepared to make decisions about your future when the time comes. A variety of aged care services and support options are available to assist older people live independently as long as possible and enjoy life in their communities to the fullest. To help seniors, their families and carers navigate through the process, the Australian Government’s My Aged Care website and a national 1800 phone line have been designed to give people more choice, more control and easier access to a full range of aged care services. The Federal Minister for Aged Care, Ken Wyatt, is encouraging people to seek out the aged care options for themselves and their loved ones. “Making inquiries about aged care, before it is needed urgently, makes a lot of sense,” said Mr Wyatt. “It is very stressful when people are faced with a health crisis or an accident happens and they may suddenly find that they need help. “They’re trying to find out what their aged care options are, in a hurry, but they don’t know where to start. “The best place to start is the My Aged Care website and phone line, a one stop shop which provides information about services available in the local area, how to access them, costs and other information.” Examples of aged care support that people, depending on their care needs, may be eligible to receive, include home maintenance and modifications, help with household jobs like cleaning, assistance with transport, and nursing and personal care. “The Australian Government wants all older Australians, their families and carers, to know about their aged care options,” Mr Wyatt said. “If you are finding it harder to do the things you used to do and feel you need a bit of support at home, find the help you need with My Aged Care.” Federal Member for Fisher Andrew Wallace said, “Applying for any service like aged care can take some time, so it is worth finding out what you need to know early. “I am working hard right now with the government to help some seniors on the Sunshine Coast to get the support they need more quickly, so I have already seen how important it is to get help as soon as possible and to apply early. You can contact my office if you want assistance in learning more.” More details are available at www.myagedcare.gov.au and on the information phone line: 1800 200 422.

• Wills • Estate administration • Conveyancing/leasing • Power of attorney • Business sale/purchases • Dispute resolution • Family law We are pleased to offer Carolyn’s skills & experience. Carolyn is a member of the Qld Law Society; a past board member and chairman of a leading private school; past director of Maleny Credit Union; an inaugural member of Sunshine Coast University Law Advisory Committee; a member of several local community groups and local resident for 23 years.

Phone 5495 1499 Website www.landw.com.au Maleny Office

(we have moved premises)

Caboolture Office Cnr Annie & East Streets

(Judi Coey Optometrist’s building opp primary school)

Caboolture Q 4510

9 Bunya Street, Maleny Q 4552 30



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(opposite QML)

info@malenyyogacentre.com Yoga for Healthy Aging - Tuesday & Thursday 9am to 10.15am Fully Equipped Studio Certified & Experienced Teachers Beginners Courses & Classes Pilates Seniors Prenatal www.gcnews.com.au


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Glasshouse Country Care Your local healthcare provider Established in 1996. Glasshouse Country Care is a not-for-profit organisation offering quality care and lifestyle support for older and disabled consumers. We have a unique understanding of the needs of consumers residing in our semi-rural community

Are you eligible for a Home Care Package? Home Care Packages are a government funded incentive through My Aged Care, that are designed to help you live independently in your own home. There are four levels of Home Care Packages ranging from basic needs to high care needs. Our services can include personal and domestic assistance, transport, home maintenance and meal preparation.

How can we help you? We can create your Home Care package to suit your needs and let you choose what is best for your lifestyle. If you would like more information about Home Care Packages call our office on 5494 6948 www.ghcare.org.au



Age no limitations for practising Iyengar Yoga Certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher Maree O’Connor is now teaching Senior/Slow Paced classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 9am at her studio in Maleny. The classes are suitable for beginners and experienced students and include active poses with support where necessary to stretch, strengthen and improve mobility, balance and coordination. Restorative poses are always practiced with support for longer holdings with breath awareness which has a deeper effect on the physical and organic body with a meditative quality. Classes commence and end with a relaxation/meditation. Maree said, “At 53 I had lived a very active life; probably in my early days I was ‘over active’. After two years – and two full hip replacements later – I had become immobilised! “It is really important to listen to your body and respect the changes you are experiencing. What assists the healing process? What aggravates? “I am passionate in helping people to regain and maintain their mobility,” Maree said. Iyengar teachers are well trained in working with the body effectively regardless of limitations including the why and how of use of props in the classical Iyengar tradition. If you want advice on the right class for you call 0448 518 734 or email yogawithmaree@gmail.com. For more information on Iyengar Yoga visit www.bksiyaa.com.au

Your future Your care  Your choice

Seniors Travel


Wanting to tick a few more travel experiences off that bucket list, but don’t have anyone to travel with? Gillian at Maleny Cruise & Travel knows just how daunting this can be for single seniors who still want to travel. With over 50 years in the travel industry, Gillian can certainly guide you in the right direction when it comes to travel options. There are now a myriad of solo tours and cruises designed specifically Gillian Mills for single travellers, whether you are gillian@malenytravel.com.au wanting to live a lifelong dream, or simply take a well deserved break. Some solo tours offer options for single travellers to share with other single travellers if you wish to avoid the ‘single supplement’ or there are now tours and cruises set up specifically for the solo travellers. As well as helping you wade through the endless options, Gillian is also looking at putting together her own group tours for like-minded senior travellers utilising her years of travel experience and knowledge of destinations. Travelling as part of a guided tour certainly has its benefits says Gillian. “There is a huge difference between just seeing a destination and truly experiencing it with a guide who has local knowledge, and will turn your holiday into a true travel experience.” Come in and talk to Gillian at Maleny Cruise & Travel today to put together travel plans suited to your own individual travel style and budget. It truly is the work they do before you travel that will make the difference.

39 Maple Street Maleny Ph: 54 999 111

Business Feature

Since 1992

Celebrating 25 years of Bespoke Travel to suit your travel style and budget

travel that ou y re fo be do e w k or w e It’s th makes the difference


OUR Especially selected Singles & Solo Tours - all budgets OUR Escorted Tours to Japan-Small group - Spring & Autumn OUR Fly/Cruise/Stay Packages - Worldwide OUR Selected Garden Tours - Worldwide OUR Around Australia Flying Tours


With over 50 years experience & travel on Seven Continents, every detail of your holiday is researched and discussed with YOU. With our knowledge of international air fares WE can actually save you money! Our suppliers are long established & known for their value & service. You depart with a personalised itinerary & the knowledge we are available 24/7




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Aged care that focuses on you When you visit Embracia in Woodford for the first time and walk through the front door, you can be assured that you will be welcomed by a friendly staff member, who is more than willing to assist you with your enquiry.

Business feature

This caring approach by the staff is just one of the elements which create a very warm and happy environment for both the residents and their visitors. It transforms it from a residential aged care facility to somewhere that aged people can live and receive the care they deserve. Great efforts are made to create a familiar and homely environment, such as featuring professional photography of local scenery through the complex. Individual shadow boxes are found outside the resident’s rooms for them to display items that are significant or personal to them. Also included are purpose-built facilities such as a library, café, hairdressing salon, theatre, chapel and, for the gentleman to get some time out, there is even a ‘Men’s Den’. Residents also have the option of an in-room telephone service with a direct-dial phone number and WiFi internet connection so they can stay connected with their loved ones.

A splendid feature is the lovely communal areas where the residents can enjoy spending time with family and friends who come for a visit. One such area is the well-appointed family dining room, which is perfect for special events and celebrations. However, the best way to appreciate the facilities is to see them for yourself. Phone their friendly staff and book an appointment to have a tour – you will definitely be impressed.

Embracia in Woodford Contemporary aged care where you come first

• Personalised Care • Qualified, experienced and passionate nursing staff. • 24 hour care is provided. • Innovative approach to aged care that supports you to enjoy life. • Located in the heart of Woodford, connected to the local community.

Aged Care at its Best

Our sophisticated and classic residences offer:

• Stunning spacious single rooms with private ensuites, flat-screen tv’s and wifi. • Extra luxuries such as landscaped courtyard or private balcony with countryside views. • Lifestyle living with on-site café, movie theatre, library, hairdressing salon, private dining room & chapel. • Specialised dementia care utilizing the innovative Montessori model of care. • Nursing and personal care 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Visit us to see the Embracia difference – the comfort of home, with a little extra luxury and the quality care you need.


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Tai Chi in Beerwah

Fixed Fee Intitial Consultation Available Beerwah Law have been established in Beerwah for over 30 years. We have dedicated staff practising in areas relevant to seniors including estate planning, estate administration, wills, enduring powers of attorney, advance health directives and entry and exit into retirement villages. We are a general practice and therefore we cover most areas of the law for you. We are ‘Your Lawyers For Life’. Estate Planning For many people some estate planning, as part of or separate to your Will making process, can be invaluable. With factors including blended families, taxation issues and differing needs of beneficiaries, estate planning regularly saves our clients a great deal of stress, time and expense. Although estate planning can be complex, there are a number of tools available to skilled legal practitioners which can provide the optimal results for you. Such tools include testamentary trusts, rearranging and/or taking out new life insurance and superannuation. These tools, when expertly used, not only provide for your loved ones as you would wish but also drastically reduce the chances of a disgruntled beneficiary making a claim on your estate. This is important as these claims are increasingly common and the consequences can be devastating. The value of the estate usually decreases significantly as, in most cases, every party’s legal fees are paid from the estate – such as the executor of the estate, the beneficiaries of the estate and the disgruntled beneficiary making the claim. Because this area of the law necessarily involves personal relationships and emotions, sometimes the motivation of the disgruntled beneficiary is to ensure that the other beneficiaries do not receive any significant assets. Another factor to consider in these matters is the potential loss of personal relationships, not only for the immediate family but for generations to come. For this reason, testamentary trusts in particular are very useful legal structures which can assist in this highly litigious area. Estate Administration This is a core part of our practice. We make this process as easy as is possible in your circumstances and tailor our service to your needs. Executors of estates are subject to very onerous obligations. We ensure that these obligations are fulfilled and that there are therefore no adverse implications for you. Please contact us to discuss your legal needs and make an appointment for these services.

More and more people are turning to the ancient Chinese art of Tai Chi for exercise. The ancient Chinese Taoists believed that with regular practice, this ancient art of health could reverse or at least slow down the ageing process. Now modern research is showing there is more than a grain of truth in this. Taoist Tai Chi is much more than an exercise in western terms. Introduced to the western world 45 years ago by Chinese Taoist monk Master Moy Lin-shin, Taoist Tai Chi arts of health are designed specifically for holistic health. The 108 moves of the sequence, learned initially as a series of external movements in the beginner course, can extend deeper and deeper into the entire body through continued practice and development at continuing classes and workshops.

Share housing for seniors

The emphasis on continuous turning and stretching in each of the moves strengthens and makes more elastic the muscles, tendons and connective tissue in the whole body. The Taoist Tai Chi Society of Australia is a nonprofit, volunteer and charitable organisation. The Sunshine Coast Branch runs classes across the region with beginner classes starting from July including Beerwah. For more information visit www.taoist.org.au, call 0432 761 043 or email sunshinecoast@taoist.org.

By Sonia Clark

With issues around housing affordability hitting the headlines on a regular basis, a growing trend both here and internationally is the search for community driven solutions that address housing affordability. Older people can be particularly vulnerable when facing the challenges of finding and securing safe, affordable and appropriate housing. Following on from a groundswell of interest exploring shared or co- housing models, a Queensland woman, Linda Mina, has established a number of online seniors forums to allow older people to connect and further explore housing options. “Public housing in Australia is currently not coping with demand,” Linda said. “As a result, people on low incomes and pensions (who are eligible and on waiting lists for public housing) must compete in the private rental market. This in turn, has created greater demand for affordable, low priced housing which is now scarce and it’s a highly competitive process to

actually secure a lease.” With the increase in rental demand effectively pushing up rental prices over recent years, Linda who has a background in Human Services and an interest in seniors’ advocacy was keen to create opportunities to help people address this issue. Linda set about creating and launching ‘Seniors Shared Houses Gold Coast’ to help people explore options to share housing costs. This forum has now been followed by a number of other location based sites. Early this year the ‘Seniors Share Houses Sunshine Coast’ Facebook page was established and it currently has over 330 members “The majority of people joining my groups who are currently, or about to become, homeless are senior aged women who now represent one in four of homeless people in Australia,” said Linda. If you are interested in finding out more visit Facebook and search for ‘Seniors Share Houses Sunshine Coast’.

Shop 15, Turner Park Shopping Village 21 Peachester Rd, P O Box 273, Beerwah Q 4519 Ph: (07) 5494 6566 Fax: (07) 5494 0941 Email: beerwah@ktlaw.com.au 34



JUNE 14 2017


GLASSHOUSE MOUNTAINS MEDICAL CENTRE Our Practice Is Growing ACCEPTING NEW PATIENTS We are pleased to announce and welcome NEW DOCTORS to our team

• Dr Oksana Myroniuk • Dr Tasneem Sultana Joining our existing Doctors • Dr Win Yi • Dr Azmeeri Noor • Dr Arthur Anekwe

Our practice is focused on providing a range of quality healthcare including women's, men's and children’s health, vaccination and immunisation programs as well as travel health, skin spot checks and chronic disease management. We offer adjoining Pharmacy & Pathology facilities Monday to Friday 8.00am – 5.00pm

To make an appointment, please call 5343 9700 or book online at

www.glasshousemountainsmedicalcentre.com.au Same day appointments available – walk-ins welcome

Easy Access. Parking at the door. Wheelchair available on request

Glasshouse Mountains Medical Centre www.gcnews.com.au

We are located at 9 Bruce Parade, Glasshouse Mountains (easy walk-through available from Auscare Pharmacy, Glasshouse Mountains) JUNE 14 2017 |

| 35

Profile for Glasshouse Country & Maleny News

Senior moments june 2017  

Senior moments june 2017