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Senior Moments

Taking care of the future

Senior Moments features will be published on November 12, February 18 and June 10. For advertising enquiries please call Carol on 5438 7445 or email

SPOILT FOR CHOICE Beachside or Lakeside Living? Over 50s Resort Style Living at its Best

Resort Style Pools & Spa Pool-Side Entertainment Area with BBQs & Wet Bar Fully Equipped Gym / Personal Trainer Tennis Court Outdoor Bowling Green Well Appointed Clubhouse Internet Room / Library Tai Chi, Yoga & Water Aerobics Resort Bus & Weekly Shopping Trips Art & Craft Room Fully Equipped Workshop Pet Friendly Ask About Our Free Weekly Meal Free Secure Caravan & Boat Storage

Hervey Bay

Homes From $299,000


New Homes From $288,000

BARGARA P. 1800 501 119


Waterfront properties and garages suitable for RV at Hervey Bay

39 Wearing Road, Bargara Qld 4670

HERVEY BAY P. 1800 455 307

25 Burrum Heads Rd, Hervey Bay Qld 4655


Seniors Card comes in handy

Are you making the most of your seniors card? Along with numerous government concessions, are you aware that a number of local businesses offer discounts on presentation of your card? For those who are not familiar with the Seniors Card - it offers government concessions and business discounts for Queensland residents who are over 65 and working less than 35 hours per week or for those aged between 60 - 64 who hold a concession card from either Centrelink or Department of Veterans Affairs who are working less than 35 hours per week in paid employment. There are a whole host of valuable concessions available with your card that can help with the cost of everyday living. These include electrical and gas rebates, subsidies on property rates and water, medical and travel concessions and leisure and education concessions. A business discount directory exists for the various regions throughout Queensland including a comprehensive one for the Sunshine Coast that provides details about numerous businesses that offer senior card discounts. The businesses range from service providers to retailers, food outlets and clothing stores. Some of our local businesses who offer discounts ranging from 5% - 20% just for presenting your card, include Beerwah Electronics, Colour Queens Hairstyles at Beerwah, Landsborough Dental Prosthetist, Owen Brothers Plumbers at Mooloolah, Mooloolah IGA, Frame D’Art Beerwah, Endeavour Recycled Clothing Beerwah and Maleny, and The Lookout Cafe Glass House Mountains. Morris House Neighbourhood Centre also offer a discounted $1.00 per hour for internet use (usually $2.00 per hour with a min charge 50c). For details visit or phone 13 QGOV (13 74 68). You can also complete an application form available from your local library, Centrelink office or Queensland Government Agent Program (QGAP) or alternatively from the office of your state member of parliament. Seniors cards do not expire and once you have one they do not need to be renewed.

Quality care delivered by quality people

To be a leader in today’s competitive market environment, it is important for businesses to recognise, recruit and retain ‘good people’. The best business model in the world is worthless if it doesn’t have a team of skilled, dedicated and passionate people to deliver its requirements. One example of the quality people employed by Seasons is Registered Nurse Kylee Cousins who has been part of the team for the past four years. Kylee is an energetic mother of two who loves nothing more than to bring happiness into people’s lives, right through to the very end. Her work at Seasons involves supporting clinical care residents. "I treat everyone here as if they were my own parents, and if there’s something that needs to be done or organised for someone, I like to ensure that it is done as quickly as possible – often it’s the little things that can make the biggest difference,” Kylee says. Compassion and strength are the hallmarks of Kylee’s personality; she also has a very down-to-earth approach to life which makes her friendly and enjoyable to be around. “In this job the good comes with the bad, but the opportunity to walk with people through the final stage of their life is amazing. I find it incredibly rewarding and couldn’t imagine doing anything else,” she says with a warm and genuine smile. There are many more people just like Kylee on the Seasons team. You’ll find them within every facet of the business, from the meal planners and carers, right through to the cleaners and garden maintenance staff. To experience this for yourself, we invite you to visit any one of Seasons wonderful Private Aged Care facilities across South East Queensland. Please contact our friendly reception team on 1300 506 116 or check out for more information.

All New Avante Adjustable Beds

The Smart Flex 2

The Hi-Lo

The Avante Adjustable bed range is ever changing. There is a product for everyone. The exciting new SmartFlex 2 adjustable bed is expertly engineered and offers modern innovation with a touch of class. The SmartFlex 2 bed is designed to fit into your existing bedroom environment as it is perfect for just reading, positioning yourself to watch TV, working on your laptop or creating a sleeping position that promotes perfect rest and healthy living. It includes 3 speed massage, memory sleep positions and helps with blood circulation. The Avante Hi-Lo will raise your head to an angle that allows users to read or watch TV in bed without needing pillows or extra supports. Designed to look like an ordinary mattress and base, it has all the features of a Hospital Bed without the Hospital look.


Open Friday, Saturday & Sunday


Senior Moments | August 2014

80 Beerburrum Road (Look for the Pink Building)

5495 5155 Glasshouse Country News

true aged care.

At Seasons Private Aged Care, our Residents value our lifestyle and personalised care services and enjoy peace of mind knowing it’s affordable. We call this true aged care. We believe true aged care should have a unique blend of community, retirement, high level care and palliative services under one roof. True aged care should value families and residents alike. It should act with compassion, respect and dignity, whilst being affordable for our loved ones. Seasons offers the very best in aged care and community living. It’s true aged care. No ACAT assessment No means testing • No income testing • No asset testing No bond

You can afford true aged care now and into the future. Ask us how.

1300 506 116 Glasshouse Country News

Seasons Private Aged Care Locations: Bribie Island, Caloundra, Kallangur, Mango Hill, Redbank Plains, Waterford West

Senior Moments | August 2014


Out and About New Men's Shed facility There was plenty of excitement in the air recently as Glasshouse Country Care held the official opening of the new Men's Shed building on their grounds, on Peachester Road, Beerwah. After four and a half years of using a shared facility at the Beerwah Recycle Market, the fellas finally have a purpose built facility, and will be able to expand the range of activities and the times they will be able to meet.

Jennifer, Erin and Allison Camille with grandparents Pat and Bob Caruthers

David and Enid Eccles, with Peter Ryan

Andy Henry and John Sail with Don and Sue Murray

Ian Mulcaster, Bob McLean, John Ledger, Eddie Smith and Richard Platinga

Chris Shaw and Ann McQuay, with Lottie and John Nisbett

Fixed Fee Intitial Consultation Available We have been established in Beerwah for approximately 28 years and offer services tailored for seniors including entry and exit into Retirement Villages, conveyancing, mortgages (including reverse mortgages) and family law. More particularly, we practice in the following areas:

Wills and Enduring Power of Attorney Having a current Will means that you decide what happens to your estate when you die. Reviewing your Will regularly is important to ensure that it accurately reflects your wishes and that it deals with all of your property. Having a current Enduring Power of Attorney allows someone you know and trust to make decisions for you in relation to your health and financial affairs if you lose capacity and are unable to do so yourself. Failure to have either of these important documents can cause your family great distress, be time consuming and expensive.

Estates If a loved one passes away we can assist you to administer their estate. This can involve collecting in assets and ensuring liabilities are paid. Grants of Probate are sometimes required by asset holders and we provide valuable advice to you in this regard. Executors of an estate have many obligations upon them. It is vital you are aware of these obligations if you are appointed as an Executor.

Advanced Health Directive Allows you to decide in advance the level and degree of intensity of medical care you wish to receive and gives guidance to medical professionals in relation to very specific circumstances if you are not able to participate in the decision making at the time.

Shop 15, Turner Park Shopping Village 21 Peachester Rd, P O Box 273, Beerwah Q 4519 Ph: (07) 5494 6566

Fax: (07) 5494 0941 Email:


Senior Moments | August 2014

Funerals from $1650.00

Physical activity in decline among Australia’s over 50s

Three quarters (77%) of Australia’s over 50s say they are committed to living a healthy and active lifestyle, yet almost half have decreased their level of physical activity in the past five years, according to new research by Apia, the leading national insurer for over 50s. Worryingly, Apia’s research found that almost a quarter (22%) of those who had decreased their level of activity admitted to being very inactive. David Skapinker, Apia spokesperson said growing older shouldn’t mean growing inactive. “People tend to think that as they age they no longer need to exercise as often as they did in their younger years, they may injure themselves while exercising if they are frail or weak, and only vigorous activities have any real health benefit, however this is simply not the case,” he said. Dr Ross Walker, one of Australia’s best-known and most respected health experts, added that you’re never too old to exercise. “Most physical activity can be modified to accommodate injuries or weakness so there’s always a way to stay active, no matter what your age,” he said. “To maintain a healthy and active lifestyle in your 50s and beyond, the key is to focus on changing the nature of what you do as you get older, instead of just reducing the amount of what you currently do.” Dr Walker suggested opting for lower impact forms of exercise. “These can be easier on the body while still providing all the benefits of more vigorous physical activity. “Mindfulness exercises such as yoga, tai chi or qigong are undeniably important as well as they cultivate health, reduce stress and can be done at any age or fitness level.” If you haven’t done much exercise for a while, it’s important to gradually build up activity levels to prevent injury and allow yourself time to regain strength and flexibility. And remember to have a thorough check-up with your doctor before commencing any intensive exercise program.

Being kind to your teeth

It has been a little over a month since Toothkind opened in Beerwah and the business owners Dr Chris Milligan and Dr James Fox believe it is already becoming known as the place to go when in need of dental care. When Chris and James decided to open the surgery in Simpson Street, their aim was to fill the gap existing in service, quality and access to dental care in Beerwah and the surrounding hinterland area. With the support of a dedicated, experienced team, led by practice manager Melinda Carter, Toothkind is striving to provide modern, excellent dental care in a caring, friendly, and comfortable environment. The expert clinical team includes Dr Martin Brimmicombe, performing Dental implant placement, Dr Ian Sugden with more than 20 years’ experience performing and teaching endodontics, and Dr Rene Bazin, an experienced practitioner of orthodontics. Alongside these specialised areas of dentistry, Toothkind provides the highest of quality in general, family, and cosmetic dental care. They are open on Monday – Wednesday 8.00am – 8.00pm, Thursday and Friday 8.00am – 5.00pm and Saturday, 8.00am – 2.00pm, which gives clients plenty of flexibility for making their appointments fit around their other commitments. For an appointment please call 5494 0964. To find out more check out their website

Are you able to provide help or services to our mature readership? The next Senior Moments feature will be published on November 12


Contact Carol on 5438 7445 for more details

TIME FOR A glasshouse country news


62 Simpson Street,

BEERWAH Opposite train station



5494 0964


Senior Moments | August 2014


Why a 5kW System? Why we recommend a 5kW solar system The average family (if there is one) uses about 20 kWh of electricity a day, which is what a 5kW solar system produces. This is what you will need to produce to supply an average family’s needs. Having a larger inverter allows you the flexibility, now or later on, to store your surplus energy in batteries. Energex rule changes briefly DELAYED. We previously advertised to get in quick if you wished to install a 5kW inverter before Energex changed its rules on June 30, 2014. The GOOD news is, Energex has delayed bringing in these changes until December 31, 2014. Why the rush? You only have until December 31 to get approval to install a 5kW grid connected inverter (without any assessment of your local electricity network), that will allow you to export your excess power to the grid. As of January 1, 2015 this will be reduced to 3kW inverters or below. Battery Storage is available NOW Half of Australian homes will have battery storage within a few years. That means if you don’t, then at least your neighbour will. Battery storage has changed dramatically. Look at the Energy Hub on our website. What should you do? The very least you should do is have a FREE Energy Consultation. Call today to make a booking to discuss your needs with Leanne or Ian and find out the Battery storage implications for your household. now available Pay the system off with your savings We have genuine finance options available to suit most financial situations. If you can’t afford a system up front, you don’t have to miss out. We can assist you with finance approval (terms and conditions apply), so you can get the system you need NOW and pay it off with the savings from your electricity account. Come and talk to us Our friendly team is here to help. Call TODAY to discuss your needs. Everyone can afford a free chat.


Money generating power

Mrs Middleditch from Beerwah understands good value. Throughout her 92 years she has managed her household and finances, and now balances running her home on a pension. She immigrated to Australia back in the 60’s, and her home is still furnished with those original furniture pieces she purchased on arrival. “I like to spend my money on good quality items that last,” she said, “rather than the cheaper items that are around today.” And the same goes for the cost of running her household. She purchased solar hot water 10 years ago, and seeing the savings, she contacted Ian from All Energy HQ to discuss her solar panel options. After installing four panels three years ago and enjoying the benefits and savings, she decided to go back to Ian to check on upgrading. After a brief discussion with the Glasshouse experts about the rising electricity costs, she ordered four more panels this year to increase her solar feed. “It was an easy decision to make,” she said, “comparing money sitting in the bank with little or no interest doing nothing, or panels on my roof generating power. “I like and trust Ian - I feel the quality of the panels and the fact they are local gives me peace of mind. If I have any questions they are right there to help,” said Mrs Middleditch. “I’ve seen a lot of life, and finding someone you can trust with the resources to deliver what you want is a rare thing now, and should be acknowledged.”

y and Tomorrow y, Toda a d r e t r Yes afte g n ki Loo

What’s your passion?

If you love collecting then this is a must to visit – your local recycle market

Call 5438 7200 Steve Irwin Way, Glasshouse Mtns

Whatever you are looking for, there’s sure to be a bargain




Operating hours are 8am - 5pm


Senior Moments | August 2014

85 Roberts Road, BEERWAH





Recycle Market - Thursday 9am - 2pm - Saturday 9am - 2pm

5494 6798 Glasshouse Country News


Invisible Hearing Aids? Everyday thousands of Australians with hearing loss struggle through conversations instead of enjoying the rich sounds that life has to offer. There are many reasons why people choose against seeking a solution to their hearing problem. Some incorrectly believe a hearing aid won’t be able to solve their type of hearing loss. While others fear the social stigma of ‘old age’ that has been in the past associated with wearing hearing aids. Leading hearing specialists ihear, are excited to share the solution for those who say ‘you will never see me wearing a hearing aid.’ The SoundLens is the world’s first completely invisible hearing aid, and is custom made for superior comfort. It is so tiny that it sits inside the second bend of the ear canal, offering complete invisibility. Despite its small stature, the SoundLens is packed with the most advanced hearing technology to date, resulting in natural sound amplification and superior clarity for hearing speech in background noise. Local hearing expert, Audiometrist Lisa Burley from ihear is certainly impressed. “The SoundLens is truly amazing, and incredibly popular with our clients because it simply can’t be seen once it’s in the ear.” According to Lisa, hearing speech in noise is something that has previously been a challenge for hearing aid manufacturers. “The SoundLens has overcome this challenge like never before, resulting in easy listening for the wearer that reduces listening effort and mental fatigue in noisy environments,” she said. Ihear are accredited providers of free* hearing services for pension and DVA card holder as well as private patients and are conveniently located in Caloundra with visiting clinics in Beerwah, Buderim, Gympie, Hervey Bay, Maroochydore, Maryborough, Nambour and Sippy Downs. For more information on hearing loss, or to find out how the of the SoundLens could help you call the clinic today on 5492 6939.

BA (Psych), Grad Dip in Behav Studies in Health Care, MCrim (Forensic Psych) ABN 36 038 793 441

Healthy Aging Bette Davis, the actress, is quoted as saying “Old age is no place for sissies” and many would agree with her. Our mobility decreases, we suffer more aches and pains, we are prescribed more medication, we lose friends and loved ones and we may have more financial worries. Research indicates that there are strategies to enable us to achieve healthy and positive aging: • Physical exercise (on your doctor’s advice) improves mental and physical health (e.g. walking, Tai Chi, resistance training). • Managing stress by meditation, relaxation and counselling. • Mental stimulation such as crosswords, Sudoku and quizzes. • Engagement with nature is restorative. • Social interaction by connecting with others in the community. • Having a sense of purpose in life by taking part in activities with people. • Eating a healthy diet of fruits, vegetables, less meat and watching your calorie intake. • Adopting wellness behaviours by not smoking and reducing alcohol intake. • Laughing more by watching comedy shows and taking yourself less seriously. We can’t stop the ageing process (sorry to disappoint you) but we can ensure that we do enjoy life. Psychologists can assist people to manage stress, adjust to life’s many challenges and treat conditions such as depression and anxiety. If you wish to make an appointment with Elissa Jackson to discuss these issues further, please contact her on 0412 906 727 or via email at She is located at 2/35 Swan Street, Beerwah.

2/35 Swan Street, Beerwah

0412 906 727

Y ou ng at Hea rt  Improve strength and coordination  Low impact movement  Support and stretching  Agility  And much more!

Continental Cafe Fresh Pasta & Delicatessen

At Pasta d’Vine we hand craft gourmet food for you to take home Pasta d’Vine is your destination for gourmet food. Egg pasta, ravioli and pasta sauces are freshly made at Pasta d’Vine daily. Lasagnes, quiches, curries, vegetarian and meat dishes are ready to take home. Try our ‘5-Minute Pasta and Sauce deal’ to cook at home or enjoy a freshly prepared lunch in the Cafe!OPEN 24/7

Our Deli is open from 8:00am to 6:00pm Monday to Friday and 8:00am to 2:00pm on Saturday

Pasta d’Vine is also a great destination for Breakfast and Lunch We serve Breakfast from 8:00am and Lunch from 11:15am to 3:00pm Extensive breakfast menu from fruit toast to a big Aussie Brekkie and a lunch menu that changes weekly, with all your favourite dishes.

48 Simpson Street, Beerwah

Ph & Fax 5494 6681

Glasshouse Country News

s r o i n e S l l Calling A Enjoy your first class FREE! if you bring in this ad


is a unique blend of yoga, balance, Tai Chi and pilates set to music. Great for all fitness levels it will help you relieve stress, add energy and look leaner and stronger.

health and fitness

10-12/2 Karanne Drive Mooloolah

5494 7236

62 Simpson Street Beerwah

5439 0949

Senior Moments | August 2014


Fully escorted small group travel

Latin America Group Tours offer much more than the usual benefits of a fully escorted small group travel. Horacio and Stella’s ability to use their local resources and create an unforgettable experience for their passengers is one of their strengths. Their knowledge of Spanish and Portuguese is just a small part of their expertise of the countries they visit. A flawless outcome is what they achieve in every tour. Most authentic and less travelled paths Stella and Horacio in Latin American countries are the golden key to make their passenger's experiences unforgettable. They carefully design every tour considering that it is a once in a life time journey full of excitement. Even though passenger’s experiences are on top of the list, quality land transport, local guide’s professionalism and quality personal time, are a main aspect of the fully escorted tour. Hotels are carefully selected and always match the atmosphere of the place, with safety, location and service, the foremost feature of their expertise. The attention to detail in the Latin America Group Tours itineraries make it possible to visit the focal landmarks on the days and times less visited by tourists, or when there’s better light for photos or practical issues like traffic logistics. Their personalised approach has given past passengers the extra confidence in exploring these exotic destinations as they are always available to answer questions of every aspect of the trip. Those concerned about being part of a group will soon discover the benefits of the experience of small group travel with hassle free travel. Everything is sorted before and during the tour. Start making memories now and contact Horacio or Stella for your ultimate Latin America fantasy to become a reality 0400 193 040 or 5492 5274 or email

Men's club transform rocking chair

The Embracia Men’s Club, led by Volunteer Fred Carr, along with residents Arthur and Bill, transformed this beautiful old spring loaded rocking chair from the Beerwah Recycle Market into a stunning piece of furniture. The club would like to thank Dean, a professional upholster, for recovering the chair in stunning London themed fabric. Embracia in Glasshouse Country and the Friends of Eden will be holding a Cent Auction on October 17 and the London Chair will be one of many great prizes you can win.

Volunteer Fred Carr (centre) with Arthur Westwoood and Bill Bell

Noticeboard Small caravan and motorhome group - for single travellers over 55 that own a caravan or motor home and would like to travel. Would you like to be part of a group and enjoy trips and social outings? To find out more phone 0407 114 281. Social gathering for singles - Are you single, between 55-70 years old and wanting to meet new people? Join us for regular social outings. No commitments, just an opportunity to meet new people and have fun. Call evenings only 0437 792 345.

Visit o

Women'sur stand at the Life August style Expo 22 & 23 Lake CommunKawana i t y Ce n t r e

ARGENTINA - BRAZIL - PERU FULLY ESCORTED – SMALL GROUP Let us guide you through the cosmopolitan cities of Buenos Aires & Lima. Follow the footpath of the Incas visiting Cuzco, Machu Picchu and Lake Titicaca, and marvel at nature’s best at the amazing Iguazu Falls. Discover the magic of Bahia and why Rio is considered the most beautiful city in the world. Unforgettable 24 days in a small group exploring the authentic South America, stress free in a laid back Aussie way. From US$9,150 including air fares and twin share departing Brisbane on Good Friday, April 3

CONTACT US BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE 5492 5274 0400 193 040 E: W: 8

Senior Moments | August 2014

Glasshouse Country News

READY TO DOWNSIZE & SELL YOUR HOME? We have the solution....








– 3P



4 No Stamp Duty 4 No Rates 4 No Exit Fees 4 No Body Corporate Fees 4 Keep Capital Gains Made 4 Security Gate 4 Onsite Manager 4 Pool and Spa 4 BBQ Area 4 Gymnasium 4 Community Hall 4 Craft Room 4 Workshop 4 Fenced Dog Walking Area 4 Vegetable Garden 4 Walking Track 4 Caravan Storage 4 Courtesy Vehicle

We’ll trade your house for a villa at Twin Cedars Over 50’s Lifestyle Villas AND give you the cash difference.*

* Conditions apply

466 Steve Irwin Way, (Glasshouse Mountains) Beerburrum, Qld 4517

Glasshouse Country News

2 bedroom and 3 bedroom villas from $314,950 to $379,950 Visit our website for villa plans and complete list of prices

Talk to us Today on


1300 307 659

Senior Moments | August 2014



What's Happening

Ever wondered about your family tree?

Are you thinking about creating your family history and not sure how to begin the research? Then you should head along to the Caloundra Family History Research Group’s Open day on Saturday, August 16 from 9.30am – 12.30pm. There will be free advice and help for seniors, and a morning tea will be offered, thanks to sponsorship from Council of the Ageing, (COTA). Visitors are welcome to see the full extent of the Library resources available for research. The research facility is accessed through Gate 2 at the Corbould Park Racecourse, Peirce Avenue, Caloundra. It has plenty of parking and wheelchair access. The event coincides with the celebrations of National Family History Month and Sunshine Coast Seniors Week. All enquiries about the group are welcomed by contacting June on 5493 2679, Roz on 5493 1197, or Dawn on 5492 2208. Email address is Website is and has a map to locate the building.

Tips to saving money

This senior’s week, a workshop will be run at Maleny Library to help those attending to discover how they can save money on Wednesday, August, 20 from 9.00am to 12.00noon. Some of the highlights include using online banking, booking your own travel and accessing the Library’s entire collection including on-line options (which is free). The event is free to attend and light refreshments will be provided. To find out more you can speak to the library staff or call them on 1300 542 727.







Senior Moments | August 2014

Celebrating Senior’s Week. Tuesday, August 19, 2.30pm - 5.00pm at the Beerwah Library This senior’s week, learn a new craft with rug hooking and make a poppy. All the poppies that are made will be donated to the 5,000 poppies project. All poppies will be on display in the library for Remembrance Day to commemorate Australian servicemen and women.

Step out and celebrate our seniors

One of the Sunshine Coast’s biggest senior's week events is set to take centre stage again on Sunday, August 24, when hundreds of over 50s locals, are expected to pound the Caloundra pavement with the annual Australian Pensioner and Superannuants League (APSL) amateur fun walk. APSL Caloundra branch President Frank Gower said the walk, now in its 15th year, first started in 2000 with just 30 people attending. Last year there was about 400 who participated. “What we found was there was nothing on the Sunshine Coast in this form to give seniors a day out so that’s why we started it,” he said. “It’s really about promoting social inclusion, forming friendships, being active and having a fun time. “Last year we had a 95-year-old attend which was very impressive,” said Frank. “It doesn’t have to be competitive and is just a great morning out that’s finished by lunchtime.” The scenic four kilometre flat walk along the Golden Beach foreshore starts at Oaks Oasis Resort, North Street, Caloundra (Landsborough Parade). Registration is at 7.00am for an 8.00am start (with voluntary warm up) there are categories for 50-59, 60-69, 70-79, 80+, 90+. The event finishes at the Caloundra Power Boat Club (leave your car at the Caloundra Power Boat Club and take the free shuttle bus to the start). Complimentary refreshments for walkers, trophies, prizes and free gifts for all. Prizes for best fancy dress. To assist with catering, early registration would be appreciated: Email Phone Frank, 5492 7134 or Don, 5492 2105. Registration forms are also available from the office of Mark McArdle, 1/118 Bulcock Street, Caloundra.

Exercise Classes

All Fitness & Ability Levels

Escape... Explore...Enjoy

1800 813 033 • TRY EW OUR N UR TO E P ESCA

Poppy craft

5 NIGHTS INCLUDING • Breakfasts • Two course dinners • Delicious morning teas • 3 lunches • 4 day tours with air-conditioned coach


Over 60s Fit & Strong (Thurs 2.00pm)    

Increase bone density Increase strength & flexibility Increase energy levels FREE home exercise program

Over 60s Balance Class (Wed 9.00am)    

Improve balance Increase core strength Reduce your risk of falls FREE home exercise program

Only $20 per class

Call us to book in:

Covered by Health Funds

5494 0060

Veterans & War Widows bulk-billed (with GP referral)

Beerwah Active Physio 17 Turner Street, Beerwah

* Pilates AND Hydro Classes also available * Glasshouse Country News

Providing the best travel solutions

Boutique travel agency Maleny Cruise & Travel has been providing comprehensive and individually tailored travel advice since 1992. Agency owner, Gillian Mills brings a wealth of travel expertise and knowledge to the business with over 50 years of travel know-how. Her aim is to ensure that clients receive exceptional service along Speak to Africa specialist Gillian Mills with the ‘best value solution for their about your travel plans travel style and budget’. Gillian is joined by senior travel agent, Nicola Rowlingson who has just been nominated as a finalist in the 2014 AFTA awards for the top five in Australia senior consultant of the year. Offering travel to all seven continents, Maleny Cruise & Travel strive to ‘walk in the shoes of their clients’ by offering bespoke travel solutions that have been well researched and investigated to ensure both the agency’s criteria and to meet and exceed the client’s expectations. The agency has recently joined forces with ATAC (Australian Travel Agents Co-operative) and is also now delighted to be affiliated with specialist cruise wholesaler Worldwide Cruise. This affiliation will provide clients with access to almost any ship, anywhere at any time, with the benefit of being able to offer exclusive packages that include back to back cruise offers, reduced group airfares, hotels, local or extended tours, plus they ensure clients receive any exclusive on-board cabin credits and best upgrades when available. With a philosophy that states ‘we believe in your ideas and our passion is to make them come true’, contact the team at Maleny Cruise & Travel for friendly, professional and exceptional local service that seeks to turn your travel dreams into a reality.

stnemo Seniors Week Garden Party Come and join us in a day of fun and entertainment, sensational raffles and prizes, as well as a scrumptious morning tea and buffet lunch. Be dazzled by the sounds of the QLD Police Pipe and Drums Band, and the amazing Bob Grant playing the accordion. When: 20 August 2014 Where: Glasshouse Country Care 352 Peachester Road, Beerwah Time: 10.00am – 2.00pm Contact: 5494 6948 RSVP by August 15, 2014 No charge, bookings essential

Since 1992 ... Bespoke travel arrangements to all 7 Continents, matching your Travel Style & Budget. Gillian Open 9.00am - 5.00pm Monday to Friday After Hours & Saturday by appointment only Glasshouse Country News

With access to over 100 Cruise Lines Worldwide... We have the Solution


P: 54 999 111 39 Maple St, Maleny Senior Moments | August 2014



HEARING AIDS SoundLens is the hearing aid for people who say, “You’ll never see me wearing a hearing aid”.

WANTED 25 PEOPLE to trial


SOUNDLENS Leading hearing clinic ihear require 25 PEOPLE to trial the new SoundLens from Starkey. Now you don’t have to put off getting help for your hearing because you’re self-conscious about wearing a hearing aid. With SoundLens, you can hear better and no one will ever need to know why.

CALL NOW ON 5492 6939


Beerwah l Buderim l Caloundra l Gympie Hervey Bay l Maroochydore l Maryborough Nambour l Sippy Downs #ihearAustralia

Formerly Shepherd Hearing Care

Individual results may vary. *Terms and conditions apply. **On behalf of OHS

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