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Holiday The Christmas Holidays are coming up fast, with many using the time for a break Five newbie driver survival skills away or to visit friends and family. Now’s the time to think safety first!

When a new driver decides to take a road trip, Check the vehicle’s manual or the manufacturer’s difficult situations can arise that they might not sticker on the inside edge of the driver’s door for have experienced while driving on local roads. correct pressure settings. Here are five survival tips that NRMA suggests Most service stations have air compressors. newly minted drivers need to know. If you’re not sure how to use them, take an 1. Avoid micro-sleeps experienced driver with you to show you how to The first time you drive a long distance trip you’re check and fill your tyre. going to have to learn about how to pace yourself 3. Know what to do if your car breaks down after several hours behind the wheel. As a newbie driver breaking down can be scary, Driving when tired is very dangerous and no especially if it’s at night, in heavy traffic or in an amount of coffee, energy drinks, winding down isolated place. If you can, look for a safe place to the windows, or turning music up loud will stop pull off the road. you dozing off. Use your hazard warning lights to warn other Micro-sleeps can happen in seconds, and if traffic especially if your car is causing an you’ve never done a long trip before, you may not obstruction. recognize the signs that warn you need to stop. If it’s not safe to stay in the car, get yourself Every two hours, find somewhere safe to pull over and all passengers out of the car safely making take a break. sure that you stay away from the road, and that sing and the air-con even a seasonal special, 2. Keep your tyre or pressure right children and pets are kept under control. Having the caravan correct tyre pressure is one of the If it’s possible, retreat up the bank or find a heir vehicle, or motorbike most important economic and safety issues for barrier for safety and comfort, making sure your mportant tune-up. your car. car is locked first. Once the car is off the road Your tyres will last longer and you’ll save money and/or all passengers are safe, call for help. and fuel because your car will handle more 4. Drive safely in serious weather efficiently, and this may even prevent accidents. Australian weather can throw some massive

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storms at us and you need to prepare for all kinds of driving conditions. There are lots of things you can do to make driving in bad conditions less stressful. Be clear about your route and check road and weather reports so you’re up-to-date with changing conditions. If bad weather is forecast, especially situations that might involve flash flooding, consider whether you need to drive at all. If you do get caught in bad weather, slow down and stay very alert to changing road conditions. Use lights in low visibility, and if you feel you don’t have the skills to negotiate the conditions, get safely off the road until it passes. 5. Multi-tasking It may sound obvious but driving while juggling hot drinks or food can be dangerous and can cause burns to the driver or even worse, an accident. If you’re a new driver, try to keep your entire focus on driving and let passengers help you with snacks. Keep these tips in mind to ensure that you, your passengers and other road users and pedestrians stay safe!

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Keeping the kids entertained One of the other important parts of a successful road trip is being prepared with some entertaining games for both the big and little kids while you’re travelling. Brownie has chosen a couple of his favourites as suggestions and after seeing how well the Australians are going in the cricket at the moment, this might be a good way to take your mind off the real thing. Car cricket This game is suitable for all ages but younger children may need help adding up. Each person in the car takes a turn batting. To score, you add up the value of the vehicles passing in the opposite direction. Scores are: Cars = 1 run Cars with a trailer = 2 runs Bus or truck = 4 runs (a boundary) Semi-trailer = 6 runs The batter continues to score until a red car passes, in which case they are out. The next batter takes the crease. The rules are very flexible and it’s lots of fun especially when everyone gets involved looking ahead for red cars. If you want to use a different scoring, you could try: car 1 run, ute 2, truck 3, caravan 4, bus 6 and motorbike OUT! Wheel of Fortune Distribute the numbers 1 to 10 to the occupants of the car, and these numbers are then written in chalk on a tyre, at spaced intervals. Each time you stop, look to see whose number is nearest to the road surface. The person whose number it is wins a reward (like sitting in the front for a while or some tasty chocolate).


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Holiday motoring 16 11 2016  
Holiday motoring 16 11 2016