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2016Graduation Celebrations

Moriah Hudson, Jasper Polowyj-Stephen, Wyatt Nicholls, Angus Shaw, Kaliska Greene, Tahlia Tritton, Mollie Buchanan and Max Kent

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Glasshouse Christian College

Year 12 graduating class at Flaxton Gardens

Bailey Townsend and Julie Coogan

Emma Johnson and Cynan Lindsay

Josh Andrews and Isabelle Westaway

Daniel Lewis and Holly Dodwell

Shantal Howarth and Tyler Dickens

Andrea Curtis and Jonathan Lythall

NOVEMBER 23 2016 |

| 27

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Beerwah State High School

Jess Lee and Luke Jones

Kearna Wellstead and Jaidyn Shaw

Tahlia Harrop

Samantha Watson and James Mellare

Jane McIlroy and Tom Wease

Alahna Fitzgerald– Ogden and Liam Rice

Brodie Wheadon and Acacia Bracken

Chris Setter and Kelsey Robson

Sienna Russ, Courtney Nunn, Emma Voigt and Hayley McKenzie

Josh Schultz, Tom Dwan, Hayden Brown and Jake Mawhinney 28



NOVEMBER 23 2016

Josh Griffiths and Chanelle Casey

Emily Mullins and Teleah Hills

Braden Pearce and Brittany Robin

Shekylah Smith and Cordell D’Arcy

Eleese Tasker and Jaidyn Styles

Connor Murray, Tristin Ross, Ethan Briggs, Jane Giblin-Ray and Jason Ross

Dana Coolwell and Emily Forsdike

Nathan Toovey and Kristen Catterall

Maddison Osborne and Zoe Goldsborough

Tom Heal and Kyeema Hicks

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Maleny State High School

Owen Blinco and Arion Eereziat

Jazzy Maher and Lachlan Hollyoak

Jasmin Ramsay and Isabel Johnson

Joesph Sheedy and Mishtrus Cott

Benjamin Clerc and Tara MacDonald-Parker

Courtney Cauley and Jaimen Cunning

Brendon Davies and Jillian Green

Lucy Price, Ethan Mundt, Jesse Pascoe and Maddy Powter

Kade Laws and Chelsea Laws

Reece Cox and Tash Mills

Mekayla James and Cowan Law

Eli Borich and Kristiane Dunbar

Bailey Martin, JaimeeLea Hockings and Lilly Martin

Kelvin Heremaia, Ashley Howlett, Amity Thiele and Josh Fauser

Alannah Brown and John Martin

Ancily Shaji and Tameka Allen

Mathilda Muller , Ivy Fishe and Jasmin Flynn

Ella Storey and Lochie Higgins

Zarian HendersenAngel and Ben Hocken

Mahly Hill, Annabelle Tracey, Kylen Skipper, Ben Eggins, Bodi Charlesworth, Leya Collinge, Kai Charlesworth

NOVEMBER 23 2016 |

| 29

2016 graduations 23 11 2016  
2016 graduations 23 11 2016