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Custom Pre-hung Products Guide and Machining Charges March, 2012

This guide includes the following information: • Custom product guidelines for all custom manufactured entryways • Ordering guidelines for custom entryways • Machining charges for custom services

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Custom Pre-hung Product Guidelines Custom Product Availability Guidelines GlassCraft designs and manufactures many unique custom entryway products in wood or steel entryways. We do not offer custom fiberglass door designs. Our goal with providing custom production services is to provide our customers with high-quality products at competitive prices, while keeping in mind the constraints of design and safety. Our custom products are available as pre-hung entryways only.....we do not manufacture custom door slabs only.

Custom Glass & Iron Product Guidelines Custom orders for pre-hung doors, sidelites and/or transoms produced using beveled glass or custom wrought iron panels are welcome. We have a large in-house inventory of custom glass raw materials. This greatly reduces the lead times necessary, and allows us to offer a very wide range of design and production possibilities.

CNC Machining of Custom Doors

• Whenever possible, we will use these “stock” raw materials when designing or producing a glass panel to greatly reduce the final cost. But we also have complete manual and automatic glass beveling capabilities in our factory to provide for those who need custom beveled glass designs. • When your custom glass panel requirement can be produced by altering a standard glass panel, rather than producing it from scratch, we will do this in order to greatly reduce the cost of custom production. We call this resizing. • We can produce your custom order using satin nickel or antique black colored cames  —  whichever you prefer. Oil Rubbed Bronze came is not available in custom glass panels. The design and size of the finished decorative glass panel must also be considered when choosing an assembly came.

Glass Beveling Machinery

• Maximum size of the glass panel is 25 square feet, or a maximum size in any dimension of up to 72˝. • Most of our standard wrought iron grille designs are available in custom sizes and shapes, with the exception of the Barcelona. • When necessary, we will send sample pieces of textured glass for your approval. We will not be able to begin the production process until this approval is received. Custom Beveling Glass Pieces

Custom Woodwork Product Guidelines We can produce almost any custom door, sidelite or transom using mahogany or knotty alder. We have complete in-house door and entryway millwork production capabilities in our factory. We focus on producing products that are related to doors, windows and entryways. • When possible, we will utilize standard, stock products in the design of custom entryway systems. This will greatly reduce the cost of the final product. • We use only mahogany and knotty alder for our custom production to keep our selling prices as low as possible. Focusing on these two woods allows us to pre-machine many of the parts including panels and stiles. • We can prefinish and pre-hang custom products. Prefinishing colors include 6 standard colors in two different finishes.....traditional and distressed. Please see one of our door catalogs for more finish color information.

Crafting a Custom Glass Transom

• True Divided Lite (TDL) construction is available for doors or windows that require this design. We now offer Simulated Divided Lite (SDL) doors and sidelites in addition to the TDL option. This SDL product is usually lower in price than the TDL. • Maximum height of any door slab is 10 feet tall....however we do not warrant the performance of any door taller than 8 feet. 48 inch maximum width on any door slab.

Pre-hanging a Custom Door


Custom Pre-hung Product Guidelines Custom Buffalo Forge Steel Door Product Guidelines We produce many custom Buffalo Forge Steel Door products. Our custom order department will provide complete production drawings for your approval prior to production. Here are a few guidelines for ordering custom Buffalo Forge entryways: • Maximum height for a custom BF entryway is 12 feet. • Maximum width for a custom BF unit is 8 feet. • Maximum width for a door slab is 48 inches. • Glass texture option availability will be limited on full lite doors over 8’ to clear glass. • Jamb width minimum 3-1/2” to 10” maximum depth. • Minimum sidelite width 14” • All buffalo forge doors are 1-1/2” thick. • We usually will provide a detailed drawing of all custom Buffalo Forge Steel Door entryways for customer approval, which will require a customer signature prior to production • Most Buffalo Forge custom designed entryways will require a deposit prior to commencement of production • Buffalo Forge custom units require 8 to 14 weeks lead time.

Suggested guidelines to follow when asking for a price quotation for a custom product: • Please send a detailed and specific, high quality production drawing or architectural rendering of the door and/or glass to be produced. If you cannot supply this drawing, we can produce it for you, using your input and ideas. A drafting fee may be applied to all drawings. Please contact our Custom Sales Department for more information. • Please fax, e-mail, or mail a completed Custom Order Quotation Form. (Download from our web site at • After our receipt of your Custom Order Quotation Form, we will return (via fax) this Custom Order Quotation Form (including the requested price quotation) within 48 hours of our receipt of 100% of the information necessary to offer this quotation. This form will include all information about the custom order, and it will include an estimated production lead time of your order. • To accept the order, you must acknowledge your acceptance by signing the Custom Order Quotation Form, and faxing or otherwise returning the form to us. We will schedule production of your custom order immediately upon our receipt of this signed form. • We may require that you send an exact size template prior to production of your custom order. • We may require a deposit of up to 100% on a custom product order. This payment information will be included on your Custom Order Quotation Form. • Orders for custom products may not be canceled during the production process. An order change charge of up to 100% of the total order cost may apply if the order is changed during production. We will work with our customers in this event as much as possible to minimize these change charges.

Custom Transom

• We will schedule the production of your custom order only after our receipt of all of the required information (templates, signed Custom Order Quotation Form., deposit (if required), etc.). Our estimated production lead time does not begin until we receive all of the necessary information to effect production.


Custom Pre-hung Product Guidelines Estimated Production Lead Times & Expediting Orders Lead times will vary depending upon the size of the unit being constructed, the overall number of entryway units on the order, and the current order capacity of our factory. We will offer an estimated production lead time with your custom products quote, which will be based upon current mill and inventory availability. Lead times will be subject to change.

Warranty on Custom Products Most custom orders include our 12-month limited product warranty. If we choose to not offer a warranty, it is because, in our judgement, there is a higher than normal possibility of product failure due to the customer's design of the product. We do not offer any warranty on custom doors or sidelites taller than 96Ë? or wider than 42Ë?. For complete warranty information, please refer to the warranty section of our website at

Machining Charges We offer the following services for our customers. Prices are retail list....before discount.


Item Number

Description of work

List Price


Bevel Edges of Door


TDH (Per Cut)

Trim Door/Sidelite


TDW (Per Cut)

Trim Door/Sidelite



Prep Slab Door for Hinges


Hinge Prep Jamb

Prep Jamb for Hinges



Lock Prep Door (Bore Door)



Lock Prep Jamb Cross Bore Jamb



Mortise for 3-Point Lock



Machine T-Astragal (Prep T-Astragal to Spec.)



Rip Jamb Down to Spec. (Straight)


Rip Jamb (Radius)

Rip Radius Jamb Down to Spec.


Rip Jamb on Radius Pre-hang

Rip Jamb on Radius Pre-hang


Rip Stock Transom

Rip Stock Transom


Component Finishing

Finish Single Components



Add V-Grooves onto an panel or panels of 1 or both sides



• Custom product guidelines for all custom manufactured entryways • Ordering guidelines for custom entryways • Machining charges for custom...