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December Trends By: Alecia Sampson

It seems like we were just celebrating 2011 yesterday! This year was full of new beginnings, excitement, and greatness. With each new year comes new fashion and innovation. We have seen old looks reemerge with a new, sophisticated twist, and new looks that expressed the inner fashionista.


Although the country has been suering from economic woes, we see the trends conveying a move away from a recession. We are seeing high fashion at a reasonable price, which encourages shoppers to indulge in one of their favorite pastimes. Here are some of the huge hits of 2011. What were your favorite looks of this year?


December Trends Disco Never Left! Studio 54 has made an appearance. The sexy, simplistic look is something that has always been a favorite, whether it is shown by an effortless jumpsuit or a halter dress revealing just the right amount of skin. Both in the Spring and Fall lines we see high-waisted pants or the infamous wide legs jeans paired with a chic platform.

Crazy, Sexy, Cool ’60’s With the premiere of the varying time period television shows (Pan Am and Playboy Club), fashion begins to imitate those classic looks. Bright patterns were everywhere on the runway, whether on a shorttrimmed skirt or a great trench coat using color blocking. Designers were not afraid to express themselves with the use of unique patterns. Even Stella McCartney with the use of the polka dot created a soft feminine look, while maintaining the right amount of sexuality.

Tux Love From Yves Saint Laurent to Tom Ford, these designers have constantly embraced and blurred the lines of gender. The masculine tuxedo became the “new” evening look, paired with sleek tops that provide a feminine touch.

Furr, it’s cold! No matter if you love real fur or faux, this is the best way to keep warm during these cold winter months. We are seeing fur in colors that would bring anyone’s wardrobe to life. Gucci’s Fall/Winter line for 2011 exemplified the classic 1920s look by adding accessories like a large brim hat.

Leather it up! Missing a little edge in your life? Add at least one article of leather to an outfit. Whether it is boots with zippers or even a classic a-line skirt, leather would definitely give you an extra edge. Designers like Marc Jacobs and Tommy Hilfiger paired their leather skirts with a casual button-up top or even a chic sweater. These are just a few of the hot looks of the fall. Choose your look and own it. Go for a look that you have never tried. Be creative and make it work!



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