Unleashing Generosity Globally: GivingTuesday 2022 Impact Report

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GivingTuesday 2022: Celebrating a Decade of Generosity........


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Looking Ahead: The Next Ten Years of GivingTuesday................


LOOKING AHEAD AFTER 10 YEARS OF RADICAL GENEROSITY As 2022 ended, GivingTuesday wrapped up our 10th anniversary and began our 11th year as a global generosity movement. Ahead of us, we see unlimited possibility because of the foundation we’ve built — one forged by the people who make up this movement and who have a shared vision for a more generous world. Our milestone year was marked by exponential growth in service of our mission, and at every level, GivingTuesday is bigger than ever before. • Our team grew from 11 to 35, and we launched Global Hubs in India and Africa to deepen our impact in those regions. • The GivingTuesday Data Commons expanded its work to explore generosity and launched a capital campaign to fuel its ambitious projects. • 9 new countries launched national GivingTuesday movements. • Countless activations were held for the annual celebration of generosity on November 29. After another inspiring year, we’re reflecting on our growth and the lessons we’ve learned since GivingTuesday launched. We’re taking those lessons with us as we build GivingTuesday’s next era. We’re beginning 2023 with a steadfast commitment to our thriving community, radical generosity — or what we call, with a bit of a smile, effusive altruism — and its transformative potential, and the values that have guided this movement for the past decade. The movement’s leaders are the heart of GivingTuesday. What makes this network of changemakers so special is that it is one massive community of a multitude of smaller ones, and at every layer, there is cross-pollination of ideas, co-created resources and tools, and constant encouragement and support. Together, we’ve built a shared space where we dream and build. The growth of this movement is critical to building that better future we want to see, but it’s also up to us in the GivingTuesday network to work together to protect and preserve the qualities that make this mutually supportive, warm, and inspiring network unique and effective.


GivingTuesday 2022 Impact Report

Radical generosity has been at the core of GivingTuesday, and it remains our central philosophy as we head into the next ten years. It is the idea that generosity is abundant and that the well-being of others is important and meaningful to each of us. The deepening of our understanding of radical generosity comes from the people who make up this movement. They remind us that people who incorporate generous acts into their everyday lives are the ones who help transform systems and create change. Generosity leads to more engaged citizens and is key to civic participation. People connecting through generosity find common ground and appreciation despite all that might divide them, and because of that, generosity can be an antidote to the polarization continuing to take hold across the globe. Generosity is crucial to the better world we want to build. It’s not just a nice set of heart-warming acts; it’s an absolute must. The core set of values that shaped GivingTuesday into what it is today will continue to guide us as we deepen our impact and grow our movement. Co-creation and co-ownership, collective action, distributed power, and proximate leadership helped transform an idea that started in one country into a global movement. Over the past few years, the entire social sector has looked inward to reflect on its approaches and question traditional systems and old power dynamics. As our staff, leaders, and broader community continue to hone this network and movement, we’ll continue sharing our learnings and insights to uplift our model. We are thrilled as we look ahead to the next ten years of GivingTuesday. While every year is different from the one before it, our work — the work of helping people see generosity as vital to our future — has a steadfastness to it. We dream of a more generous world when there is peace; we dream of a more generous world when there is crisis. Our strategies may shift, but the vision that unifies all within our movement is unchanging. We are always working toward that better world we all dream of, and we know we can build it together.


GivingTuesday 2022 Impact Report


GivingTuesday is a movement that unleashes the power of radical generosity around the world. It was created in 2012 at New York’s 92nd Street Y and incubated in its Belfer Center for Innovation & Social Impact. What started as a simple idea of a day that encourages people to do good has grown into a global movement that inspires hundreds of millions of people to give, collaborate, and celebrate generosity year-round. The movement is brought to life through a distributed network of entrepreneurial leaders who lead national movements in 85+ countries. People and organizations participate in GivingTuesday in every single country in the world.

GIVINGTUESDAY TEAM Asha Curran, Chief Executive Officer Shareeza Bhola, Chief Communications Officer Woodrow Rosenbaum, Chief Data Officer Jessica Schneider, Chief Operations Officer Cherisse Faith Beh, Director, Global Learning & Engagement Jesse Bourns, Technology & Knowledge Management Lead Staci Bruce, Associate, US Communities Gabrielle Campeau, Knowledge Management Project Coordinator Mihika Chanchani, Partnerships Consultant, GivingTuesday India Hub Annie Collins, Data Analyst Madelaine Diaz, Global Communities & Coalitions Manager Priyanka Dutt, Chief Advisor, GivingTuesday India Hub Eme Iniekung, Programs & Partnerships Manager, GivingTuesday Africa Hub Celeste Flores, Director, GivingTuesday US and Canada Hub ZJ Jallah, Starling Regional Director, US & Canada Victoria Leonhardt, Leadership Manager, US Communities

Tan Madhavan, Manager, Research Partners Kavita Mathew, Partnerships Advisor, GivingTuesday India Hub Marc Maxmeister, Senior Data Scientist Dr. Corneil Montgomery, Starling Design & Partnerships Edward Moore, Data Analyst Kathleen Murphy Toms, Director, Digital Strategy Catherine Mwendwa, Director, GivingTuesday Africa Hub Esteban Oyarzo, Starling Regional Director, Central and South America Dante Plush, Director, Youth Engagement Matt Price, Senior Manager, Knowledge Management Jared Rockwell, Product Manager Brandon Salesberry, Finance Ali Samani, Data Scientist Kait Sheridan, Senior Director, Global Charlotte Arnø Storebakken, Starling Regional Director, Europe Will Taylor, Manager, Working Groups Parsa Torabian, Senior Data Scientist João Paulo Vergueiro, Director, GivingTuesday Latin America & Caribbean Hub Lexa Wilson, Senior Manager, Technology & Projects Brittany Witham, Data Engineer

GIVINGTUESDAY BOARD Laurence Belfer (CEO, Belfer Management LLC) Jeffrey Bradach (Co-Founder and Managing Partner, The Bridgespan Group) Anita Gallagher (Secretary; Director, InnovaSocial; GivingTuesday Mexico leader) Z.J. Jallah (GivingTuesday Liberia leader) Shijuade Kadree (Director of Tech Equity, Aspen Institute) Asim Ijaz Khwaja (Director, Center of International Development, Harvard University) Sara Lomelin (CEO and Founder, Philanthropy Together)


GivingTuesday 2022 Impact Report

Amanda Nguyen (Founder + CEO, Rise) Hilary Pennington (Executive Vice President for Program, Ford Foundation) Rob Reich (Chair; Faculty Co-Director, Stanford University Center for Philanthropy and Civil Society) Jonathan Soros (CEO, JS Capital Management LLC) Jeffrey C. Walker (Treasurer; Author, The Generosity Network) Asha Curran (CEO, GivingTuesday)

GIVINGTUESDAY GLOBAL HUBS: INDIA & EAST AFRICA Building on our mission to increase generosity worldwide, last year GivingTuesday launched two new global hubs — one in Africa and one in India — to support leadership, collaboration, and innovation throughout the global movement’s network and expand the network across those regions. The India and Africa Hubs reflect our international focus on developing and supporting regional leaders who strengthen local philanthropic infrastructure, democratize philanthropy, and grow cultures of giving, generosity, and robust civic participation at all levels. The Hub teams spent their first year building the needed infrastructure to gather learning and research. They are now translating their findings into actionable insights, programs, and partnerships, with a focus on such areas as expanding GivingTuesday’s collaborative data work to better inform and inspire the social sector around the world, youth engagement, community and coalition building, and more. In particular, the India Hub amplified inspiring stories of generosity and increased awareness of GivingTuesday while forging strategic partnerships and sparking important conversations about giving. On GivingTuesday in India, held during DaanUtsav or the festival of giving, the team launched the #BornGenerous campaign to tell heartwarming stories of generosity from people around the country and held their flagship event, the India Generosity Run, which thousands participated in. The team formed an Advisory Group, featuring leaders and innovators from a variety of sectors, to support their strategic planning, outreach, and vision, and hosted their first event, the India Generosity Data Convening. The convening brought partners across the social sector together with GivingTuesday’s Data Commons team to identify key questions about generosity in India that will lead to actionable insights and data-driven decisions and supercharge giving in the country. Additionally, the Africa Hub strengthened visibility for GivingTuesday, leveraged partner events to amplify the impact of GivingTuesday Africa leaders, and launched conversations about data needs and priorities across the social sector in the region. The team expanded movement leadership in Francophone Africa by engaging and welcoming new leaders from Burkina Faso, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Mali, Eswatini, Côte d’Ivoire, and Zimbabwe. Moreover, they helped celebrate and amplify youth leaders within the movement like Starling Collective alumni Lesein Mutunkei, whose Trees4Goals movement was honored with a Gratitude Award by CivSource-Africa during the annual Gathering of Givers virtual conference. The team also collaborated with the Africa Philanthropy Network, EPIC-Africa, and the Center for Philanthropy and Social Investment to host their first data convening, which helped identify critical questions about generosity in Africa, as well as future collaborative research projects.

GivingTuesday 2022 Impact Report


SHARED LEARNINGS & CONNECTION Curiosity, learning, and experimentation are central to GivingTuesday, and each year, our collaborative network of grassroots leaders share tools and resources, brainstorm new ideas, and problem-solve together as they inspire radical generosity locally, deepen learnings and insights about giving, and create campaigns that are transforming their communities. In May, our growing community of GivingTuesday movement leaders and partners came together for our 2022 virtual Leadership Summit, where we celebrated the impact and resiliency of the generosity movement, explored the strength of generosity as a strategic response to global challenges, and reflected on mindful leadership. Ahead of GivingTuesday 2022, Latin America country leaders united to organize an #UnDiaParaDar virtual kickoff event, where individuals, nonprofits, small businesses, and brands learned about the many ways they can participate in the annual celebration of generosity. The co-owned event featured best practices from GivingTuesday movement leaders and partner organizations as well as highlights from successful campaigns. In Lebanon, Turkey, North Macedonia, and Ireland, GivingTuesday country leaders held their first ever inperson events since the generosity movement was launched in those countries. Each leader welcomed dozens of nonprofits and partners and kicked off the countdown to GivingTuesday 2022. This year, national GivingTuesday summits were also hosted by the Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania country leaders. GivingTuesday Ghana hosted its third Ghana Giving Summit, the biggest meeting of philanthropy experts and stakeholders in the nation, as part of the global GivingTuesday celebration. Attendees met both virtually and in-person to explore how to unlock local giving opportunities.

“In Brazil, Dia de Doar is, without a doubt, the most accessible, dynamic and efficient initiative to promote a simple idea that is easy to understand: that we must engage in the causes we believe in and give.” J.P. VERGUEIRO, DIRECTOR, GIVINGTUESDAY LATIN AMERICA AND CARIBBEAN HUB


GivingTuesday 2022 Impact Report

“After being connected to other GivingTuesday leaders with similar values and beliefs, it was an easy decision to become a GivingTuesday leader myself. Being part of a global movement that keeps picking up momentum year after year is what keeps me going.” JODI TAYLOR, GIVINGTUESDAY CANADA JODI TAYLOR, LEADER, GIVINGTUESDAY TORONTO

GivingTuesday 2022 Impact Report


GIVINGTUESDAY DATA COMMONS 2022 was a year of ambitious scaling and expansion for GivingTuesday Data Commons, the largest philanthropic data collaboration ever built with over 800 collaborators. GivingTuesday forged a new, distributed model of co-creation and a global leadership network that has led to billions of dollars in donations, hundreds of millions of community-level actions, and a presence in 85+ countries. The Data Commons applies the proven distributed model and collaborative culture of GivingTuesday to reimagine both the traditional research institute and the industry data marketplace. Using a collaborative, knowledge-based environment that promotes participation from a wide range of stakeholders, the Data Commons is creating a first of its kind, comprehensive data infrastructure to provide a more complete understanding of global generosity that reflects that generosity is abundant and that giving happens in a variety of ways beyond dollars donated to nonprofits. The Data Commons makes that valuable data accessible with sophisticated, yet accessible tools and reports to inform better decision-making. Its collaborative model connects organizational leaders, academic researchers, policymakers, and social enterprises and enables data-based learning to be integrated into everyday operations and long-term strategic planning. To support expanding the Data Commons Infrastructure and partnerships needed to transform the social sector with the largest collection of comprehensive, up-to-date datasets of giving behaviors around the world, GivingTuesday launched a $26 million capital campaign in 2022, with 50% of the goal already confirmed.


32 project spaces





800 collaborators from 300 organizations in 7 US working groups



GivingTuesday 2022 Impact Report

A LOOK BACK AT TRENDS IN GLOBAL GENEROSITY The giving ecosystem is far more complex and diverse than we generally realize. In fact, according to our research, over 76% of acts of generosity are non-monetary and 65% do not involve nonprofit entities. That is why it is so important to measure the quantity, character, and value of acts of generosity across the entire giving ecosystem. The Data Commons released From Scarcity to Abundance: Mapping the Giving Ecosystem, a look back into worldwide generosity in 2021. The report not only drew on a broad range of data sources to provide a unique window on the state of giving in 2021, but — equally importantly — laid the foundation for a rethinking of how the social sector understands — and cultivates — generosity. The detailed analysis highlights generosity as abundant and diverse and underlines the many ways in which people contribute to their communities beyond monetary donations and formal organizations. For more details, read the full 2021 From Scarcity to Abundance Report here. The year, dollars donated on GivingTuesday in the US grew to $3.1 billion – a 15% increase from 2021. Those results are encouraging, but it’s important to note the significant volatility in giving as we head into 2023. The 2022 Lookback report will be released in the coming months and will provide key insights to inform sector strategy.


Online Donations Offline Donations

GivingTuesday 2022 Impact Report


THE STARLING COLLECTIVE The Starling Collective is a global fellowship that welcomes grassroots leaders into a learning community focused on movement building, peer support, and connection to GivingTuesday’s growing global network of movement leaders. Every person has the capacity to transform their community, and each year when we meet thousands of passionate, innovative, and talented Starling Collective applicants from across the globe, we’re reminded of that exciting possibility. The Starling Collective’s fourth and newest cohort, featuring 50 grassroots activists, artists, organizers, and changemakers from around the world, is inspiring generosity in innovative ways to tackle the most pressing issues and transform their communities. This year’s fellows were selected from 1,400 applications submitted from 89 countries, and more than half came from the Global South. Our 2022 cohort represents 35 countries and ranges from ages 14 to 57. These incredible new members of the GivingTuesday community were selected to participate in the six-month program, which is supported by the Starling Collective’s global regional directors, who also serve as mentors to participants.





Ranging in age from

14 to 57


GivingTuesday 2022 Impact Report

“A world powered by generosity is one where people use all of their resources — material and otherwise — to help people have better quality lives; we can do this in small ways and big, and this, to me, is what generosity really is, making this a part of how we live our lives, not just about donating to causes occasionally.” REGINA GUZMAN STARLING COLLECTIVE FELLOW CALIFORNIA, USA

Hilman Arioaji is working to increase awareness of disaster risk reduction for communities in coastal at-risk areas in Indonesia through art and data.

Cristina Simionescu is building and implementing environmental educational opportunities for youth to help inspire civic participation throughout Romania.

Dione Dwyer is creating sustainable and resident-run projects to fight injustices in low-income public housing developments in her Bridgeport, Connecticut, community.

Carolina Silva Farias, the leader of Dia de Doar, the Brazilian GivingTuesday movement, is working on deepening awareness and participation in giving and generosity throughout the country. Tande Elias Agobe Ruben, a community volunteer in Juba, South Sudan, is highlighting the stories of visually impaired students to make the case for improved and accessible education.

GivingTuesday 2022 Impact Report


GLOBAL MOVEMENT, LOCAL IMPACT During our 10th anniversary year, GivingTuesday’s global leadership network grew as several new leaders launched official country movements, and our Global Hubs in India and Africa worked to deepen support of proximate leaders in those regions. GivingTuesday’s 85+ country leaders make the generosity movement’s vision for a re-imagined world built on shared humanity, kindness, and giving truly global as they inspire generosity, community connection, and civic engagement across their countries throughout the year. This year’s GivingTuesday on November 29 was the biggest yet with millions of people coming together for an inspiring and impactful day of community-centered generosity. People in every single country and territory in the world collectively prioritized giving back and celebrated that we all have something to give. After several years of mostly virtual gatherings due to the pandemic, leaders returned to holding in-person events to inspire giving. They collected and delivered necessities, including meals, clothes, books, and other goods, to schools, community centers, nonprofits, and neighborhoods and encouraged people to take part in acts of generosity through compelling campaigns amplified across cities and towns. Storytelling was a central theme this year, and country leaders in Italy, Lebanon, Senegal, Poland, the Philippines, Colombia and more encouraged and inspired generosity with moving photos, testimonials, videos, and art pieces explaining not only how people give but also why. GivingTuesday unites communities under a shared mission to build a better world, and it has proven to be especially powerful and unifying for countries facing devastating disasters and crises, as it enables people to come together and organize to ensure the health, safety, and resilience of their communities. In 2022, several country leaders navigating continued crisis led impactful efforts to celebrate GivingTuesday even in the face of the harrowing circumstances.










GivingTuesday 2022 Impact Report

Countries that have recently joined include Burkina Faso, Côte d’Ivoire, Cyprus, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Eswatini, North Macedonia, and Zimbabwe.

In the midst of the ongoing war, GivingTuesday Ukraine hosted an online festival of giving, where 1,000 people shared words of kindness, made donations to local organizations, and inspired each other by posting about their good deeds.

GivingTuesday Pakistan and 70 volunteers visited floodaffected areas to bring much-needed supplies and support to communities in crisis after the devastating floods that ravaged regions across the country in June. In Iquique in northern Chile, the “Arañitas Solidarias,” a group of knitting fanatics who teach free knitting classes and have delivered hundreds of knitted items to hospitals, rehabilitation centers, and schools, organized a solidarity knitting session to knit and support local nonprofits.

GivingTuesday Zambia distributed 1,000 back-to-school kits to schoolchildren. GivingTuesday Kenya launched a nationwide alumni giving movement, #WhenAlumniGive, and shared generosity stories and opportunities for alumni to give back to the educational institutions that shaped them.

GivingTuesday Philippines distributed 2,000 meals to three local communities for their #OnetoBayanihan campaign.

GivingTuesday 2022 Impact Report


REDEFINING COMMUNITY THROUGH COLLECTIVE ACTION GivingTuesday’s network of proximate leaders are spearheading campaigns and coalitions in response to some of today’s most pressing issues and needs. They exemplify the power of local leaders tackling local issues, and they continue to have outsized impact in their communities, as they bring people together to take care of each other when existing systems have failed them or where gaps or inequities persist. GivingTuesday Community Leaders organize campaigns with their communities in a geographic location or for a cause, culture, or common interest, and they inspire others to leverage the power of radical generosity to build the world we all want to live in. These dynamic changemakers cultivate networks that include nonprofits, individuals, local businesses and leaders, and other partners. In addition, they combine their skills, resources, and efforts to spread the word about radical generosity and its potential impact. They volunteer, perform acts of kindness, give goods, time, skills, their voice, or money, and inspire others to join them in their shared mission to increase generosity in their community. Several new coalition campaigns — organizations working together toward a shared mission — launched in time for their first GivingTuesday this year, including #GiveNative, a group raising awareness for Native-led organizations; #MoreThanSurvival, which brings together several grassroots humanitarian organizations and mutual aid groups at the forefront of supporting refugees in Lebanon, Greece, Serbia, Bosnia, France, Greece, and the United Kingdom; and #GivingTalents, which inspired people to give one hour of their skill or talent to a cause, organization, civic group, neighborhood, or someone in need. Many community campaigns surpassed their ambitious fundraising goals on November 29, 2022. The Panhandle Gives raised $8.9 million (74%


GivingTuesday 2022 Impact Report

increase from 2021) from 9,347 gifts to benefit 194 organizations. SHARE Omaha raised $4.2 million (7% increase), and their nonprofits also recruited more than 100 new volunteers and received more than 27,000 wish list items. #WeGiveCatholic raised a total of $18.4 million for Catholic schools, parishes, programs, and more from 42,000+ donors. Giving platforms galvanized incredible support for a wide range of campaigns from people across the globe, who gave their voice and donations to causes they care about. LaunchGood celebrated GivingTuesday through their #MuslimsGive campaign. Over $1 million was raised by 500+ campaigns, which were supported by more than 18,000 supporters from 95 countries, and GlobalGiving launched their #MoveAMillion campaign and raised $3.45 million for 1,942 projects with the support of 15,980 people.

“Every GivingTuesday, I am energized by the creativity, enthusiasm and joy illuminated from acts of generosity around the world. This day reminds me of the goodness innate in each one of us and how we are united in the spirit of generosity.” COEY LORENZANA, LEADER, GIVINGTUESDAY PHILIPPINES

This year #GivingTuesdayMilitary challenged its global community to share 1 Million Acts of Intentional Kindness, which included the now annual tradition of laying medals on the graves of soldiers throughout Arlington National Cemetery. Participants also laid medals on an often forgotten area of the cemetery that rarely sees visitors and is the resting place of more than 3,000 Black civilians — a small token of gratitude and recognition for those sharing the land.

ServeYourCityDC, a mutual aid hub created in response to the COVID pandemic, raised $10,000. #TuesdaysforTrash, a grassroots environmental movement mobilizing individuals globally to help create a more livable home on this planet.

Hypelite and Apiary in the Sky teamed up to build a new mutual-aid based community fridge and pantry in Newark, NJ, and held a food drive to stock them. Nearly 70 cities and towns across Brazil launched community campaigns this year. Dia de Doar Itu hosted their first generosity fair and welcomed 22 local nonprofits to share their stories of impact and giving.

GivingTuesday 2022 Impact Report


GIVINGTUESDAYSPARK GivingTuesdaySpark is a global youth-led community that encourages young people to take action around the causes they care about most and offers a supportive and engaged network for them to collaborate with as they inspire generosity throughout their communities. GivingTuesdaySpark leaders connect year round to share project updates and brainstorm ways they can leverage their voices and rally their supporters in response to recent tragedies or crises. These young changemakers are committed to doing good, and they’ve built impactful and inspiring projects that uplift communities, encourage giving and acts of kindness, and provide much-needed support and resources for people in need. This year ahead of GivingTuesday in November, Spark leaders Ben Wong, 16, and Jakhil Jackson, 15, launched Operation Inspiring America, an eight-stop tour through Chicago Public Schools to inspire youth-led community service projects. Tour stops included an on-site community service project, such as putting together care packages for those experiencing homelessness, and showing students how they can lead their own generosity projects at school or at home. On GivingTuesday 2022, youth leaders around the world came together to inspire acts of generosity through the GivingTuesday Spark 2022 Global Youth Challenge. Through their projects, young changemakers showed that anyone, anywhere can give back through simple, yet impactful projects. More than 100,000 young people signed up to share an act of generosity for GivingTuesday this year.

FreeRice hosted the GivingTuesday 20 Million Rice Grains Challenge and encouraged young people across the world to give back, not through giving money, but through answering trivia to feed the hungry. In one month, the challenge rallied 4,266 participants and raised an equivalent of over 20,083,270 grains of rice to feed the hungry.

“It is beautiful to see the youth raise awareness about causes dear to their hearts and other organizations using social media to share their activities and GivingTuesday stories. In Kenya, we have an unrivaled culture of Ubuntu; we give in numerous ways, from caring for the elderly to taking care of the sick…I see a world where there is empathy and love because of the GivingTuesday movement.” JANE OKELLO, LEADER, GIVINGTUESDAY KENYA


GivingTuesday 2022 Impact Report

15-year-old Khloe Thompson in Yorba Linda, California, who started GivingTuesdaySpark, debuted a documentary she made about how this youth-led movement got started and packed essentials kits with hundreds of kids at a Los Angeles school.

Six-year-old Kollin Matthews in Atlanta, Georgia, teamed up with retailer Bombas to donate 2,022 pairs of socks to orphans. 12-year-old Chelsea Phaire in Danbury, Connecticut, made 500 art kits for children in communities that lack access to supplies at a packing party hosted by and featuring items from LEGO. The Canada Mathare Trust’s youth scholars held a community cleanup in Mathare, Nigeria, as part of their GivingTuesdaySpark campaign. 13-year-old Jayden Perez in Little Falls, New Jersey, collected hundreds of children’s toys to be donated to organizations in Puerto Rico, St. Joseph’s Hospital in Paterson, NJ, and throughout his community.

Local youth joined GivingTuesday Nepal to distribute clothes and connect people in need to first aid programs, medical support, and other critical services and partnered with the Red Cross and other organizations on blood drives.

11-year-old Ethan Hill in Birmingham, Alabama, collected and distributed supplies for people experiencing homelessness. Ethan runs a free mobile store offering free necessities for people in need year round.

GivingTuesday 2022 Impact Report


GIVINGTUESDAY 2022: CELEBRATING A DECADE OF GENEROSITY As we celebrated our 10th anniversary year, GivingTuesday inspired a wave of generosity on November 29, 2022, with people worldwide committing to kindness and community support during the annual celebration of giving. Even in the face of a multitude of crises and deepening division, GivingTuesday has continued to inspire generosity, community connection, and civic engagement across the globe. Several major national monuments shone brightly in GivingTuesday colors to celebrate the day, including Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro, the Padre Cícero statue in Juazeiro do Norte, the Agbar Tower in Barcelona, Petřín Tower in Prague, and Niagara Falls in the US/Canada. Year-round, GivingTuesday inspires organizations, towns, cities, neighborhoods, and people who are united by culture, identity, or a cause they care about together in service of inspiring generosity, and for GivingTuesday 2022, local leaders organized countless events, drives, campaigns, and other activations.


GivingTuesday 2022 Impact Report

I often reflect on how incredible it is that because one organization had the generosity to share their good idea, the entire world now unites for a day of radical giving — and I cry every time! And really, it’s more than a day, it’s a movement of people that together are changing the world.” JENNIFER BEITEL, LEADER, #GIVEFORDV

Eighteen fashion brands spanning 10 countries came together for #FashionGives and donated a percentage of their sales on GivingTuesday to provide grants to female founders leading sustainable solutions in fashion.

A town crier in Worthing, UK, spread the news about #GivingTalents for GivingTuesday. A group of friends in Nigeria came together to donate a mural in honor of a local hero, the founder of the orphanage in Benue State.

A group of small business owners in Canada auctioned off donated chairs that local artistic neighbors revived and painted to raise support for St. Mary’s Church’s free community meals.

An environmental organization in Malaysia gave people a behind-thescenes look at coral reef spawning to encourage support for marine life.

Plant with Purpose has planted over 50 million trees in 8 countries in its 35-year history, and this year for GivingTuesday, they planted 6,693 trees in just one day.

GivingTuesday 2022 Impact Report


GIVINGTUESDAY 2022: BY THE NUMBERS Our exciting year of growth and experimentation culminated in a celebration of global generosity on November 29. As we look ahead to our next decade, it’s clear that GivingTuesday is more important now than ever before. Here’s just a snapshot of the generosity, giving, and community support that blanketed the globe on GivingTuesday 2022.

37 million adults

$3.1B given in donations in the United States

in the US participated (+6%)


A 15% increase from GivingTuesday 2021 and a 25% increase since 2020.

20 million donated (+12%)

11 million gave goods (+8%)

10 million volunteered Online donations in the US

exceeded $1 billion

for the first time on GivingTuesday.


GivingTuesday 2022 Impact Report


15 million “gave voice” (+11%)

GivingTuesday Hungary

GivingTuesday Mexico

GivingTuesday Philippines

GivingTuesday Canada

distributed 2,000 meals to three local communities.

drove more than $50.5 million in online donations, a 17% increase from 2021.

GivingTuesday Italy

GivingTuesday Brazil

saw 2x the expected number of campaigns this year.

reached 1.3 million people via social media and saw a 34% increase in awareness over 2021.

drove more than $14.5 million pesos in online donations.

had 70+ community campaigns for Dia de Doar.

AROUND THE WORLD The countries where the most GivingTuesday conversations took place were the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Spain, India, Germany, France, Brazil, Kenya, and Nigeria. A GLOBAL GENEROSITY CONVERSATION We broke down the emotional focus of the online calls-to-action across social media platforms. Nonprofits used “urgency” most often (34%) with “empowerment” coming in second (26%). Interestingly in 2021, the stats were flipped with empowerment at 34.4% and urgency at 28.3%.

The GivingTuesday India Hub released three generosity-inspired videos that took Twitter by storm, reaching about 3 million people and trending at #1 in India.

GivingTuesday trended #1 worldwide on Twitter.

Social media activity was present in every country and territory in the world on November 29, 2022.

The top causes discussed online were Health & Healthcare, Science & Education, and Animal Welfare.

GivingTuesday 2022 Impact Report


INSPIRING STORIES OF GENEROSITY During the annual GivingTuesday celebration on November 29, 2022, we saw a wave of generosity as people worldwide committed to acts of giving and service. Countless local and nonprofit campaigns and individual efforts around the world helped raise funds; increased volunteering; inspired gifts of goods, skills, and voice; shared acts of kindness; and hosted events designed to support causes and strengthen communities.

In Romania, the weeklong Generosity Festival kicked off a week before GivingTuesday. GETT’S, a well-known beauty salon, and local nonprofit Never Alone - Friends of the Elderly participated by offering a day of free pampering to the elderly. People to People International - Kenya hosted a football match and group mentorship sessions with GivingTuesdaySpark to raise awareness about the dangers of substance abuse and share information about where youth can find support and resources. In Bacalar, Mexico, a group of young people organized activities based on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and worked with business owners and government officials to raise funds to support continuing environmental education in their local schools.


GivingTuesday 2022 Impact Report

Colleges and universities across the US rallied their community of students and alumni to reach their ambitious goals, including the City University of New York, which raised more than $3 million with the support of 4,000 donors; the University of Hawaii, Palomar College; and several historically Black colleges and universities, including Morehouse College, Central State University, and Tuskegee University.

Actor Jared Leto has kept the generosity celebration going all year long and has posted about GivingTuesday nearly every Tuesday this year, picking a different cause to feature each week.

Employees of Honduran bank Ficohsa volunteered at a senior home, packed and distributed kits full of essentials, and delivered more than 4,000 pounds in free meals to those in need.

Foot Locker staff in Atlanta, Chicago, the D.C. area, Dallas, Detroit, Los Angeles, Houston, Miami, New York, Philadelphia, and Northern California provided meals to houseless people and made donations to local Black-led nonprofits.

The Jewish Volunteer Connection in Baltimore held a Casserole Challenge with local volunteers and businesses preparing casseroles to feed more than 7,000 people at 13 local partner organizations.

Jorge Gadea, a volunteer with the Fundación Amigos contra el Cancer Infantil (FACCI) in the Dominican Republic, motivated others to donate blood because it can save lives and takes little to no time.

GivingTuesday 2022 Impact Report


LOOKING AHEAD GivingTuesday launched 11 years ago after a few people came together to answer the question, “What would a day dedicated to good look like?” That question sparked an idea, one that inspired people globally to unite under a shared vision for a better world, and those people built a network and a movement together. Every year, more and more people join the radical generosity movement, and they build the world they want to live in with each kind action or word. Generosity is abundant, and giving happens in ways big and small every day, but we must continue to harness its power to ensure a brighter future. This movement moves because of the people who continue to build and shape it, but for radical generosity to truly transform our world, each of us needs to participate — to highlight the incredible potential impact of kindness, human connection, and community. The world we want to see tomorrow, in 10 years, and in 100 years is being built by all of us as we speak. Generosity is at the heart of billions of actions people take every day, but it’s easy to forget that as we see suffering and unparalleled division around us. Let’s remember that a safer and more equitable future depends on not only each one of us but each one of us together. Let’s let that be our ultimate source of hope and optimism for the present and the future.

“Senegal and its people live for generosity; we give on a daily basis, and it is part of our culture, which is why we are known as a country of generosity. Every day is an opportunity to celebrate GivingTuesday in Senegal.” RAMA DIALLO, LEADER, GIVINGTUESDAY, SENEGAL


GivingTuesday 2022 Impact Report

GivingTuesday reimagines a world built upon shared humanity and generosity.

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