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GIT Systems Green Imaging Technologies’ GIT Systems software is a powerful SCAL solution. This unique software suite uses Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) to obtain both standard and specialized reservoir measurements. Its advanced capabilities are underpinned by a robust, user-friendly platform that streamlines every aspect of NMR data acquisition, processing and reporting. With an emphasis on clarity, simplicity and usability, it maximizes a core’s data potential. • Easy-tounderstand acquisition, processing and reporting


BASE SOFTWARE GIT Systems software is run on an intuitive platform that greatly simplifies the acquisition of NMR measurements in the lab. It provides direct hardware control and diagnostics for a variety of NMR instruments and field strengths while maintaining system accuracy through automated calibrations. Both T1 and T2 data can be acquired and automatically processed to give FFI, BVI, CBW, effective porosity, and T1 and T2 cut-offs. Features include advanced help, imperial or SI unit display and entry, file import (ASCII and RIDAT formats), and database backup and restore.

GIT-CAP™ The patented GIT-CAP capillary pressure measurement is directly determined using the known centrifugal force and the NMR-measured water saturation. GIT-CAP is available for both air/brine and oil/brine systems. The GIT-CAP module for oil/brine is unique in that it provides both the positive and negative portions of the curves, giving primary drainage, secondary drainage, and imbibition. GIT-CAP has been proven to be accurate within 2% of conventional measurement techniques and needs only one or two centrifuge equilibrium speeds to measure the complete capillary pressure curve – more than 5 times faster than conventional centrifuge techniques.

FEATURES Data generated by the GIT-CAP technique can be used extensively to model such reservoir parameters as NMR permeability, wettability, and relative permeability. One of the most exciting features is QUICK-CAP™, which determines the complete capillary pressure curve using a single equilibrium centrifuge speed. All features are easily accessed and calculated using the intuitive user interface.

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• Intuitive Windows-based user interface


• Automatically calculate FFI, BVI, CBW, effective porosity, T1 and T2 cut-offs • Makes NMR scanning by nonexperts a reality

• Integrates T1 or T2 measurements with capillary pressure workflow


• Dramatically improves measurement speed and accuracy


GIT Systems has been proven effective in multiple lithologies, and excels in low permeability situations.

T1 and T2

Routine rock core measurements, including T1 and T2 distributions, can easily be measured using GIT Systems. The FFI, BVI, CBW, effective porosity, T1 and T2 cut-offs are automatically computed. Log calibration and interpretation are improved by using these more accurate values.

POROSITY PROFILE GIT Systems uses the NMR instrument to “see” fluids inside the core plug. By directly measuring these fluids, the software can calculate a porosity profile of the plug. This is in contrast to a traditional bulk porosity measurement, which may mask small-scale heterogeneity in the rock.

RELATIVE PERMEABILITY The correct modeling of reservoir fluid flow is crucial to achieving production success; yet obtaining reliable relative permeability data can be difficult and expensive. Further, this data is often used to model capillary pressure curves. GIT Sytems’ relative permeability measurement reverses this procedure and provides detailed relative permeability data quickly from NMR capillary pressure curves.

WETTABILITY Wettability affects many important reservoir characteristics, including relative permeability, electrical properties, NMR properties and saturation profiles, which can all have a critical impact on production planning. GIT Systems allows wettability to be modeled from the capillary pressure results, using the AMOTT or USBM indices.

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Product sheet for GIT Systems R2.0 software

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