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This is a showcase of my exploring process, a resume of my beginning in the design field.

“Nothing exists without its opposite.� Chris Crutcher, Whale Talk

Dear visitor, I have just started my path as a designer and this is a small compilation of the projects and ideas that I have been working on, I love bringing my drawing passion in every project I make and trying to find balance between the digital and the handmade/rustic work. Take a look. Sincerely, Gisseth.

index 1.0 Context 2.0 concept 3.0 record 3.1 failure 3.2 success


4.0 experiment 4.1 4.2 4.3 4.4

Materials Techniques processes small projects aRchitecture information Sketches high and low definition

5.0 notas


Conext Research As one the first stages of the project I started

order to identify the technique, color palette and

building up on the basics, such as the context I was

general view within the process of painting; and

going to work on, the theme and the subject. All of

the second one Road in the Village of Baldersbronde

these was based on an “inspiration board� created

(Winter Day) from Laurtis Anderson (1912).

based on two postcards of different artworks from the National Gallery, the first one being A Wheatfield with Cypresses from Vincent Van Gogh (1889) for which a small research was done in


concept Brief|| subject Observing both of these pieces, what stood out with

colors. One of the reasons why Van Gogh’s painting

remarkable contrast was Van Gogh’s sky scene and

was chosen was because of his color palette, really

Anderson’s landscape, not only of the color palette,

strong and vibrant at first glance; on the other

but also the technique and the feeling it conveys;

hand Anderson’s landscape still stands out without

as a result I developed my first “experience” of the

losing any character and beauty which makes the

whole project trying to find harmony combining two

contrast between the two even more interesting.

opposite ideas with different materials, textures, and


record failure|| Success | mistakes



In the first place, I wanted to develop the project in oil painting, however it did not turn out how it was expected to, during its development I did not feel progress in painting and there was not comfort with using the technique. This was the first fail or problem found during the project, where it is recognized that is necessary to give more time to things, be patient, trust the process and work through the failures of certain works.


success On the other hand, experimenting with oil pastels for the sky and white and black chalk for the landscape to find out how well they could be blended and how they could reach different tones, this turn out to be the technique where the concept could be better represented due to the ease with which the tones could be mixed, therefore the “final piece� was built under this materials.


experiment Material|| Techniques | processes


Materials Techniques processes

Multiple transfers by pressing through using the “final piece� of the previous work with different materials, such as chalk, graphite, pastels and oil pastels.

As a result of the previous “technique” experiment, I

bring the theme of the last work: CONTRAST, in the top you find

photocopy this page and mixed the dark tones in sequence

black and white tones of modern buildings and at the bottom

expecting to find a new idea, however I didn’t find anything.

you find a house with different tones of blue with a rustic vibe.

Therefore I took the first sequence (blue oil pastels) I put together what seem to be the shape of piano keys to which I was able to

Experimenting with watercolors, different type of brushes and mixing primary colors over secondary colors.

For this drawing the idea of watercolors, blue tones and

Using the drawing in the last page the aim of this experiment was

black and white chalk was kept, plus for the bottom

giving a new feeling and creating a new figure out of different parts

it was added a small phrase in cursive typography.

from printing several times the same drawing in different tones.

While experimenting with oil painting and ink I observed multiple opposite concepts within the space I was working on, such as gravity, negative space, and light warm and dark cold. This led me to experiment with different kind of opposites that are frequently explicit in the art space, for instance working against black, being able to see where the strokes are going or not, strong squares against fading circles, plain texture and fading tones.

As a result of the last exercise I took as reference a Drama Mask and use two ideas of contrast, the first one being concavity (in) which was drawn with the left hand and the second one being convexity (out) which was drawn with the right hand.

As a result of the last exercise, I took greaseproof paper and trace both of the drawings, later I outlined the different sections according to shadows and tones. This is still an unfinished piece since I am looking for it to be link along the concept of contrast within the human brain (right hemisphere –creativity- and left hemisphere-logic-)


Small projects

Taking an object from the everyday life, in this case “coffee�, I elaborate a really basic, rough and quick line up of illustrations of the different presentations that the costumer may want to consume its coffee. With this illustrations a fanzine was elaborated.


Information Architecture

Mental maps and creating infographics have helped me to organize the ideas that come up while planning a project. Here you can see different examples such as: Design Emotion and Mocoa.


Sketches high and low definition

When the different ideas for a certain project are settle then several sketches are made to see how the real prototype could be made and to have a visual system of the ideas with its characteristics.



I have always loved the idea of combining, joining and relating different ideas, materials and concepts. There is something interesting and almost beautiful about making reflect two sides of one thing, or even finding balance between two opposites; it makes you feel that there is nothing wrong with the desire of having a little bit of everything.

I am not sure of which path I am going to take, but certain of those I will not pursue.

Universidad de los Andes Architecture and Design Faculty Design Department

Portafolio -Drawing for Design-  
Portafolio -Drawing for Design-