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About me Architecture for me was love at ďŹ rst sight, something I was interested in since young age playing with my Lego blocks and drawing. Being able to combine what I love with a profession makes me complete and willing to go even further. I'm in my 3rd year and I couldn't be more passionate about what I do. For me, this profession means more than to just build beautiful houses and buildings, designing involves each ones history and individuality, is to grasps someone's personality, translating it to a project. The more I study, the more I discover how I can contribute to society as an architect.

Info Name: Birth: Contact: Social Network:

Giselle Sabino da Silva November 25th, 1991 +5521995813325

Education 2006-2009:

Highschool at Bom Jesus Canarinhos


Started graduation in Architecture and Urbanism at UFRJ (Federal University of Rio de Janeiro).

Academic Activities 2013-2014:

Mentoring in the discipline Analysis of Urban Form and Landscape Teacher: Mário Ceniquel


Scientific Initiation Program (PIBIC/CNPq) Research: Climate changes Intructor: Vera Tângari

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[ REFUGE [ Year: 2012.1 Mentor: Mara Eskinazi A hideaway that takes the identity of a temporary residence that will shelter an university teacher. Located in Bom Jesus Island, the ground brings the difďŹ culty of settlement. The project unfolds on different levels on this tricky topography. However the place has an incredible sea sight that can be incorporated in the project, such as the natural resources around this area.

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Ground Floor Plan Scale 1/250

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Underground Plan

Floor Plan

Scale 1/100

Scale 1/100

Conceptualizing the word ISOLATION, the initial idea was to disconnect the private and social area keeping a strong conection point: the stairs. The social area has imediate eye contact with ones who approach the zone, whilst the private area camouages itself on the ground topography, making this only known to those who are conducted to it. On the program, the interior and the exterior are strongly characterized and only visually connect between themselves.

Social Area

Private Area

2º Floor Plan Scale 1/100


Conector Stairs

The promenade also follows the concept of isolation. It is developed from the idea of a maze where the path creates a barrier for those who are not acquired within the residence. This gives the feeling of a filter and protection that isolate the user. After this path, the observer can discover a gazebo that contemplates the beautiful view of Guanabara’s bay.

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[ URBANPROJECT [ Year: 2012.2 Mentor: Mario Ceniquel This project has the goal of performing four different proposals for the revitalization of a square located in Botafogo. The ground for the following work is the square called Largo dos LeĂľes. During this orientation many studies have been done in the area so that the ďŹ nal project understands the needs of the region and how to meet them without a big local impact.

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1st Project This project has as a core the pergola structure, a cover that extends itself on the sitting area of the square, which provides a better experience for the user, since it helps with the protection of sun exposure.

2nd Project The set and straight lines of the project gives the user a path that has been already planned, a target. The path design itself inside the square, not in a sidewalk, which causes the user to have a full experience inside this environment.

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3rd Project This project design is all made by curves, that makes the stay more pleasurable for the users since the path copies nature. Sitting areas are provided in small islands created by the drawing, giving people places to settle and leisure.

4th Project This designing mixes straight and curved lines, creating sidewalks that gives the user path options that provide different views of the square. The big sitting area stimulates socialization between the users.

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[ STUDENTRESIDENCE[ Year: 2013.1 Mentor: Adriana Sansão The proposed project is located in Largo do Machado and constitutes a mixed-use building, with a residential area installed from the second floor and restaurant and institutional area open to the public on the first floor.   The proposal seeks to occupy the entire ground and still create great free spaces that may attract users to the area. With the diffent volumetric plans the construction was able to highlight and integrate the existing buildings of great importance present there. The building diverges from the formal and conceptual patterns around, giving priority to pedestrian and public space. The squares are connected by a gap in the building that creates an integration and the possibility of access by multiple points of access.    The landscaping seeks to emphasize the horizontality of the building, creating a differentiation floors that demarcate the proposed zoning.

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The building follows the design of the existing buildings and the ground boundaries so then it can creat strong street corners.

In order to break to big block formed, heights contrast was created. With this heights difference the space in front of the famous panel can be appreciated by the large balcony created.

Rising the building by stilts make it looks lighter and allows the space to be used as an entering to IAB (Architectures Associassion) The gap created connects the two existing courts transforming the land into a unit.

Landscape Plan View Scale 1/500

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H AP. 01

AP. 01

AP. 01

AP. 01

AP. 01

AP. 01

AP. 03

AP. 03

AP. 03

AP. 03


AP. 04 AP. 05 AP. 05 AP. 05 AP. 05 AP. 05 AP. 05 AP. 05 AP. 06

AP. 05

Plan view

Apartment 5 - Magnied view

Scale 1/500

Scale 1/125

AP. 01

AP. 01

AP. 03

AP. 01

AP. 01

AP. 01

AP. 01 AP. 03



Apartment 3 - Magnied view Scale 1/125

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[COMMUNITYLIBRARY[ Year: 2013.2 Mentor: Vera T창ngari Co-worker: Nathalia Ciannella The project aims to create a community library that is located in a poor area of Rio de Janeiro, near to the Engenh찾o stadium, making it attractive to people who are not used to go to institutional places. Our proposal seeks to contrast volumetrically with the surroundings buildings, making it a landmark for the community, attracting users. The building is settle in a way that it is receiving the prevailing winds of the region and has no problems with insolation on the north facades. The natural elevation of two meters above the ground was respected, just being changed on the area of the playground. Ramps and stairs are created in three different points, attracting more public to their internal and external areas.

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0. R

+ 0.15


+ 0.15 + 2.00

Skate Area


.00 RN

Landscape Plan View Scale 1/750 01



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Floor Plan Scale 1/250 0




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Portfolio Giselle Sabino  
Portfolio Giselle Sabino