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service unit eBudde login info eBudde website: your email address eBudde login _____________________ New password ___________________


In 2019 my service unit sold _________________ , and to reach our 5% goal we need to sell _______________________

MEET OUR TEAM! Director of Product Program Ashley Pasch 317.924.6817

Product Program Managers Tashianna Avery 317.924.6832 Kayla Cassidy 317.924.6858

Girl Scout Cookie Customer Care 317.924.6800

Service unit cookie manager responsibilities The service unit cookie manager will:

• Hold 15-30 minute cookie training sessions at

service unit meetings from December - March.

• • • • •

Promote online cookie training. Serve as a resource for questions. Double check eBudde for troop errors or issues. Receive and distribute rewards. Be excited about the Girl Scout Cookie Program and serve as a cheerleader and supporter!

• Assist troops with any parent OCA questions and

encourage troops to send in completed parent OCA forms and documentation to council staff by March 20.


Elaine Gill 317.924.6826

5 Skills for girls In a study conducted by GSUSA, they discovered that through the Girl Scout Cookie Program, girls learn skills they apply to everyday life. 85% increased their money management skills as they developed budgets, took cookie orders and handled customers’ money. 83% developed business ethics, learning to fulfill promises to customers and considering how best to contribute to their communities with their earnings. 80% set goals and created objectives to reach them. 77% made important decisions, learning to work as a team to develop a business plan, deciding when and where to sell cookies, and determining what to do with the money they earn. 75% developed people skills, learning to talk to, listen to, and work with different kinds of people.

Cookie program timeline for service unit cookie managers NOVEMBER 2019 18 22

Vital Mobile email sent to troop cookie coordinator to set up card reader account Troop Materials Mailed to troop cookie coordinator – Volunteer access to Digital Cookie emails sent

DECEMBER 2019 Hold first cookie information session at service unit meeting 2 Online Training live – eBudde opens 16 Parent/Girl access to Digital Cookie emails sent

JANUARY 2020 Hold cookie information session at service unit meeting 8 Program begins – Troop Initial Order due in eBudde by 6 p.m. 12 SUCM initial order submissions due 15 ACH penny pull 22 Delivery stations begin 25 Delivery stations end 30 First Mystery Door Weekend

FEBRUARY 2020 Hold cookie information session at service unit meeting 1 Deadline to earn Reds Tickets for 100% participation in Digital Cookie 3 Booth sign-ups begin - Cupboards begin opening as they are filled 7 Second Mystery Door Weekend 13 Final cupboard opens 14 Hot Spot Booth Weekends begin 21 1st ACH withdrawal

MARCH 2020 Hold cookie information session at service unit meeting 1 Deadline for Service Unit Challenge – earn $0.02/package more on troop and service unit proceeds! 13 2nd ACH withdrawal – Final Hot Spot Booth weekend 16 Cookie Program ends 18 Final Rewards Order due 20 Past due Cookie Account Forms due 27 Final ACH withdrawal

MAY 2020 Mid-May rewards mailed to service unit cookie manager and made available for pick-up 17 1500+ Beef and Boards event 31 2500+ CEO Charms event

JUNE 2020 1 High-end rewards available for pick-up (Sept. 1 deadline to pick-up) 8-12 Me & My Girl Reward Trip

JULY 2020

11 1000+ Waterpark event 13-19 Disney Experience Reward Trip


Materials Printed cookie program materials will be mailed directly to troops Troops will receive • • • • • • • •

Cookie Receipt Book-2 per troop Girl Order Card-1 per participant Goal Getter Order Card-1 per participant Money Envelope-1 per participant Troop Training Manual-1 per troop Quick Bites-1 per troop Two-sided Business cards - 1 sheet per troop Cookie booth information card - 1 per participant

Online cookie program materials Find the following resources and more at • • • • •

Training videos Cookie Program Family Newsletter Outstanding Cookie Account Form Digital Cookie tips and resources Operation: Cookie Drop cookie box wrap templates • Detailed instructions on how to set up and use the credit card system.

Note: You will get extra materials for troops. Troops were sent materials based on their girl registrations as of November 1.

Getting set up in eBudde Troops will use eBudde to place their troop’s initial order, track girls' totals, order initial and final rewards, order additional cookies after their initial order, and schedule cookie booths.

1. Log In

3. Confirm troops

• Receive welcome email. Click the link in the email

• On the “Troops” tab, which is locked, you can view

• Enter your personal password, confirm personal

• Each troop should see their

that will take you to the screen that allows you to change your password on the Cookie Tech Portal. password and click Change My Password.

• Enter your personal profile information. All profile

fields mandatory except for Address Line 2. Be sure to enter current password. Click Update Profile. This will update your information on the Cookie Tech Portal and in the source system.

• Select the system you want to use and have access to.

• You will be taken to the landing page of the system of choice.

• New this year - you will have access to all Little Brownie resources through this portal!

2. Update your information • Click the “Contacts” tab. • Click “Edit” next to your contact information to update your personal information as needed.

• Click “Submit” to update your information. 4

all the troops registered with your service unit. "girls" tab, which is locked, to ensure that girls are properly connected to Digital Cookie.

• If there are troops missing

or girls that transfer out of a troop call 317.924.6800.

• If a troop is missing girls,

please have them go to our website and complete the posted online form. This helps us gather all of the requested changes in one place and complete updates more efficiently.

• If a troop is not

participating, you can mark them inactive on their troop settings tab.

New this year Volunteer Agreement This year every volunteer who signs on to eBudde will be asked to sign a Volunteer Agreement prior to gaining access to the

full system. We will utilize these forms to determine who the responsible party/ parties are for the troop cookies and money.

eBudde reports available for your use Reports tab There are several reports that are available to the service unit. You are welcome to run as many reports as you would like. Here are brief descriptions of the reports you are most likely to use.

• Initial Order Report – shows all troops in your service unit that have submitted an order. • Troop Rewards Summary – shows all troops’ reward orders. • Girl Rewards Summary – shows all girls (grouped by troop) in your service unit along with the rewards they earned.

• Troop Sales Summary – shows all statistics related to your troops’ sales (number of cases, amounts due, etc.).

• Use this report to identify troops that have a per girl selling average of 190+ packages per girl. Only

troops with 180+ package average can earn the troop T-shirt. Cross check with the Troop Reward Summary Report for troops ordering T-shirts. Please verify that all troops who ordered shirts qualify.

• Use this report to identify troops that have a per girl selling average of 250+ packages per girl. Only

troops with 250+ package average can earn the troop concert tickets. Cross check with the Troop Reward Summary Report for troops ordering concert tickets. Please verify that all troops who ordered tickets qualify. 5

Service unit cookie bonus + Juliettes Set goals to achieve your service unit bonus

Other ideas to spur growth in your service unit

Your service unit can earn a cookie bonus by encouraging troops to participate and increase sales in your service unit.

Use your rally order form to order extra things to award your girls or troops in your service unit.

Here is how the bonus works: • If your service unit has an increase in sales over

the previous year, your service unit will receive a check for 1/2 cent for every package sold in your service unit.

• If you increase your service unit total sales by five percent, your service unit will receive a check for $.01 for every package sold in your service unit.

Categories could be: • Most improved from last year • Overall top seller • Top seller in each age level • Top Operation: Cookie Drop seller • Top troop per girl average • Top troop in each age level • Most creative booth idea/location • Best booth display

Find Juliettes (individually registered girls) in your service unit that want to participate Girl Scout Juliettes who want to participate in the cookie program can choose to participate through one of the following options. Council Staff will refer any Juliettes to their service unit cookie manager for information on how their service unit is facilitating Juliette participation. There are three ways Juliettes can participate in the Girl Scout Cookie Program:

1. She may participate with a troop. Her order and rewards are processed through the troop. Any troop proceeds that are generated through her participation are retained by the troop.

2. A group of Juliettes within one service unit may participate in the cookie program as a group. A

registered Girl Scout adult must facilitate the program with the group and coordinate with the service unit cookie manager. The group would use the service unit’s Juliette troop number (09 + service unit number, ex. 09610) or other number as assigned by the service unit. The troop proceeds will be sent to the girl in the form of Council Cookie Dough. For every band of 50 packages sold a Juliette will earn $25.

3. If a service unit does not have a group of Juliettes that are selling, a Juliette may sell individually.

Juliettes do not qualify for troop rewards unless they sell with a troop.


Her order and rewards would be processed through the service unit cookie manager (or other designated registered Girl Scout adult), using the service unit’s Juliette troop number. The troop proceeds will be sent to the girl in the form of Council Cookie Dough. For every band of 50 packages sold a Juliette will earn $25.

Checking troops initial orders


Troops tab • Review troop orders. Troops with an

asterisk (*) have not submitted their orders. Call those troops and remind them that their troop orders need to be submitted no later than January 8 by 6 p.m. Troops will be locked out of submitting their own order after that date and time. If a troop accidentally submits an incomplete order before that date, you may go to your troop list on the Troops tab and click “unsubmit” to make it available for troop editing. That is only available until January 8 by 6 p.m.

3 4

Delivery tab • Go into each troop’s delivery tab and

ensure they have selected a delivery site and time. If they have not, please contact them and help them reserve a time. All troops must have a delivery time and location. If all the delivery times at the desired location are full, please call the cookie hotline.

Rewards tab • Online initial reward orders can be

submitted at this time. Final reward orders will be unlocked for editing on March 1.

• Click on the first troop in your service


unit from the list of troops in the navigation tree on the left hand side of the screen.

Initial order tab • Click on their initial order tab and review the totals at the bottom of their screen to ensure they placed an initial order for their troop.

180+ on their initial order will receive this wagon!

Service unit orders Orders must be submitted to the council no later than January 5. • Click on the Initial Order tab. • If the order is correct, click Submit Order. If you accidentally submit an incomplete service unit order,

you may contact your product program manager to “unsubmit” your order and make it available for further editing. This option is only available until January 5.

• If you would like, print a copy for your records. • Check that each troop’s initial order rewards are correct and submitted on the rewards tab. • Submit your service unit’s initial order for rewards.


Girl Scout cookie office/ cupboard location

Girl Scout Promise On my honor, I will try: To serve God and my country, To help people at all times, And to live by the Girl Scout Law.

Girl Scouts of Central Indiana Leadership and Learning Center 7201 Girl Scout Lane Indianapolis, IN 46214 317.924.6800

Girl Scout Law I will do my best to be Honest and fair,

Considerate and caring,

Observe the Girl Scout Cookie Program starting date of January 7, 8,2017. 2020. Say, “thank you” even if someone does not purchase Girl Scout Cookies. Promptly meet deadlines.

Courageous and strong,

Do the right thing even if others don’t.

Responsible for what I say and do, Respect myself and others,

Always complete a receipt whenever cookies or money are exchanged. Strive to be my best at all times.

Respect authority,

Know and obey safety guidelines.

Use resources wisely, Make the world a better place,

Offer customers the opportunity to order over the phone, email, or through Digital Cookie. telephone or email. Greet customers with a smile and use manners.

And be a sister to every Girl Scout.

Help sister Girl Scouts.

Friendly and helpful,

Check out or for a world of resources available to you and your girls including craft ideas, goal setting, and much more! For cookie information, call the Girl Scout Customer Care Line at 317.924.6800.

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2020 Cookie Service Unit Manual  

2020 Cookie Service Unit Manual