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OUR THEORY OF CHANGE When you activate the power of a girl, you can change the world

A Letter From Our Leadership Team

Lyn Pentecost (Co-Founder and Creative Director), Jenny Dembrow, Valerie Polanco, Erikka James & Ebonie Simpson Let’s face it. This is the sort of thing—dispassionately proffered by someone in a suit—that ends up in a stack somewhere of once promising, well-intentioned combinations of words, then gets quietly forgotten by its recipient. No one eagerly devours an annual report. It’s not a “zine” that captures the magic and ramshackle, giddy wisdom of an organization, then slathers it on until its oozing from every cut, pasted, and Xeroxed corner. But why not? As we prepare this report, and bring into focus who we are and what we’ve achieved (this is our first annual report by the way, so where we start is … a huge question?) it’s clear that The Lower Eastside Girls Club is happily undefinable. So our annual report will reflect that. We know what we’re here to unleash:

JOY. POWER. POSSIBILITY. We are defining and refining how we do that every day. Are we a social service agency? Sure. We’re here for the emotional, physical and mental well-being for girls of the Lower East Side of NYC. Are we a cultural collaborative? Sure. Our programming is filled with art, music, dance, culinary skill-building, yoga, and everything else in between. We learn from, and collaborate with, household names and artists who challenge the status quo. Are we a laboratory for the future? We were doing STEM before it was an acronym. And we’re creating activists who’ll lead us all somewhere new. So yeah. We’re all of the above. And we have no intention of picking a lane. We just keep moving forward—grateful and thankful for everyone who steps up on our behalf—as we have for over two decades. So, on behalf of an incredible team of founders, funders, and future leaders here’s our first ever annual report, warts and all.

THE GIRLS CLUB SECRET SAUCE People from around the world come see us because they want to replicate the Joy, Power & Possibility we unleash. We’re happy to give away the recipe, but like New York City pizza, there’s something unique about the ingredients and circumstances by which we exist. Before we get to the secret sauce, there are four pillars that set it all up—that we think any organization worth a dime should adopt.

No filler.

We came into being because the resources weren’t there for the girls in our neighborhood. We’re on the hunt, endlessly, to give them programs, people, instructors, and a facility that lives up to the standards the girls deserve. World-class. Tried and true. Built upon the feedback given to us by the girls themselves and the professionals with whom we work.

Ruin your clothes. Singe your eyebrows.

This is an organization and a facility where mistakes are welcome and sometimes turn into something awesome. A lot of times they don’t, and that’s cool, too. You’re only a kid once, so this is the place to make a mess and find out who you might become.

Grow or die.

We tweak everything all the time. For the better. The world’s changed a million times since we first operated out of kitchens, church basements, and little corners of storefronts in the neighborhood. People, society, technology—it’s all evolved. So we constantly evaluate what we do, to see where it fits in the world, and how we can take the world to new places.

Art is Magic. Science is Truth.

We believe creativity is the best way to solve problems on macro and micro levels. Self-expression, communication, art, and science invite others in and help everyone see things with new perspective. In every corner of our building—from the kitchen, to the garden, to the art, music, and bio labs, creativity is a force of its own that helps deepen our bonds.

NOW FOR THE UNIQUE GIRLS CLUB SPECIAL SAUCE Girls have so much power. , I As soon as I came here was greeted with open

t arms and I always lef

en feeling empowered. Ev though we are young

as girls and haven’t had

r many resources as othe r people, we still have ou

nces voices and our experie and we can use them

to make change.

—Alana, Girls Club alum

A mindset for the rest of your life. We’re not after-school programs. We’re a rest-of-your-life organization. We exist at the intersection of utility and dreams. We give girls tools not just to finish that day’s homework, but to question and/or write their own curriculum. To compete with everyone they’re invisible to. To find their place. Forever.

Be Fierce and Fabulous. You have to model what you want your world to become. So we never tell girls they can’t do something. We help them find a way to make it reality. To leave our building filled with confidence, and no reservations about showing it off.

We ♥ our neighborhood. We ♥ our sisterhood. Our staff is made up of people of different abilities, lifestyles, and ideas. That’s not forced. That’s just our neighborhood. We have a staff of 30+ and growing — 70% of whom are women of color — from GEDs to PhDs, and everyone in between. The Girls Club works because we all respect and lean on one another, and share a common goal: to support and uplift the girls and families from our neighborhood.

“It’s about sisterhood. You walk in the doors, and you feel the connection and love we all have in our hearts.” —Imani, Girls Club alum

Share the…Leadership. We’re not a pyramid scheme, so we don’t believe in pyramids. We’re flat as a pancake. Every department has a lead, and we figure it out together. If you can roll up your sleeves and work, and have a few ideas, you can be a decision maker here.

Don’t overthink it. Do it. We had no blueprint for Girls Club. We only knew the outcome we wanted: Joy, Power, and Possibility. So the girls in our neighborhood would have the opportunities that everyone else does, as well as skills that could elevate their families and community. So we just started doing stuff that would help make that happen.

“W hat did I leave G ir ls C lub wit h? C onf idence in one’s se lf. C onf idence t o be an act ivist. C onf idence t o be unap o loget icall y me.” —Maddison, G ir ls C lub alum



Twenty-three years ago, the mothers of the Lower East Side looked at our young girls and realized that there wasn’t a place to nurture their power. So we got to work. We hustled. We built programs in kitchens, in church basements, and just about any donated space we could get our hands on. We quickly garnered community support from families, friends, and small local businesses. And how lucky we were that so many women held elected office in NYC when we decided to build our center! No explaining needed! We instill that level of scrappiness and determination in our girls as we teach them about life, skills, activism and how to turn hope into reality. By always keeping the girls and our community at the center of the design, we grew from a small volunteer-led organization to one with global reach and impact. 20+ Years of Growth, Learning, Leadership, Community and Fun.

1999 With two buses filled with moms and daughters, we went to Washington D.C. and joined the Million Mom March for Gun Control.


Girls Club launched with a community celebration at Theater for The New City. Our first programs were classes at local schools and in church basements.

2000 We started the first Girls Club worldwide partnership in Chiapas, Mexico — a network that’s grown to over a dozen national and international sister affiliates.

2000 We purchased a commercial kitchen and launched our first entrepreneurial venture: the Sweet Things Baking Company; established the Girls Congress of


Rented our first HQ in the back of a 99-cent store on Avenue D. Classes soon expanded to over two dozen locations: schools, community rooms, church basements. Grants from women’s foundations and the Robin Hood Foundation helped pave the way.

the Lower East Side, a coalition of local organizations. We also met Bill McKibbon and Julia Butterfly Hill, who inspired us to become active in environmental causes.

2003 Launched a capital campaign to build our own building.

2003 Opened our first art gallery, digital lab, and



Moved into our state-

We launched New Girl

of-the art green

City: Agents of Change;

building, and awarded

a multi-pronged endeavor

New York state funds

to spread the Girls Club

for energy efficiency

gospel of activism and

and green roofs.

advocacy to all five boroughs of NYC.

podcasting studio.

2019 2010 We bought land and


Our galas continue to champion causes we believe in. This year, we

Joined millions of girls and

honored Colin Kaepernick,

women at the Women’s

the female leadership of

March in Washington D.C.

Know Your Rights Camp,

broke ground for our own

and marine biologist and

space on Avenue D.

conservationist, Dr. Ayana Elizabeth Johnson.



OUR FOUNDATION Pillars, secret sauce, and philosophy mean nothing without action. Our focus is on three key areas— Environmental, Ethical, and Entrepreneurial— that our girls explore, build on, and use to impact their community and the world. These areas overlap big-time. Take our radio station WGRL (Where Girl Radio Lives) — there’s a bit of STEM in audio engineering, and advancing one’s technical prowess, but ethics and the environment come into play in the subject matter when the girls practice journalism—interviewing subjects and speaking their minds—and, finally, there’s an entrepreneurial focus as well, because some of these girls might turn what they learn here into a career.

ENVIRONMENTAL We’re pursuing environmental responsibility because time is short. The best way forward is operating and learning within an infrastructure, programming, and practices that remind us of our place in the world; come to terms with the crisis we face; and incubate solutions we can be proud of.

GIRLS CLUB CENTER FOR COMMUNITY Dedication of the Kiki Smith Courtyard Fountain at The Lower Eastside Girls Club Center for Community

where dream Our girls will leave their mark on the world. Our s have wings uue o he arriss building won’t. In 2013, we moved into Wiih ourgraaii new 35,000 square-foot headquarters — a green building built for forever to LEED Gold Standard specifications. More importantly, every tile, brick, and square foot is tailor-made to unleash the power of girls. The club is an oasis where they can stretch out, spread out, and grow into the powerful people we know they will become. September 2014

From top to bottom, this facility is designed to stoke curiosity and house a myriad of activities that empower, educate, and engage. Inside our doors, girls have access to art studios, a design shop, digital labs, a STEM lab, a Maker Shop, a planetarium, a sound studio, Culinary Education Center and commercial kitchen, space for health, wellness and more: all the programming— run by professionals—to go along with it.

Rooftop Farm In space-challenged Manhattan, the best place for a garden is sometimes on the roof. We don’t always need to take a field trip to a farm, when every single day, our girls participate in the entire horticultural process right here. They do everything from planting seedlings, tending to crops, and harvesting the vegetables which we cook in our kitchen, for our daily meals. Some of these herbs make their way into products we sell at La Tiendita (The Little Store with a Big Mission), our shop in the Essex Market a few blocks away.

Plant-Based Kitchen Our kitchen fuels us all to pursue Joy, Power, and Possibility. It’s also where we find all three things, as well. With programs like Ample Table for All, girls and their parents learn how to prepare healthy meals. Once a week, we host a formal meal, “Dine and Dish”, where girls learn how to enjoy food, each other’s company, and how to be more experimental with what they eat. Every day before classes, we serve a plant-based meal (for girls, by girls) that incorporates crops from our rooftop garden, from a menu filled with prompts that help girls understand how food and nutrition co-exist.

t m o re fa rm is ab o u O u r R o o ft o p ut fo o d . It ’s ab o th an g ro w in g ca cy.. . text , an d ad vo n co , n o ti ec co n n

We built a solitary garden on

the size of a prison cell, our “ roof, man with the help of an innocent who was on death row. It was h made from cement mixed wit cotton & tobacco connecting slavery to mass incarceration and we planted flowers chosen by incarcerated mothers. — Elsa, Girls Club member

Planetarium Did you ever have a 30-ft dome you could walk into and learn about astrophysics, earth and sky science, and just, you know, feel like you were in outer space? Us, neither. But now we do. It’s got 64-seats, sometimes incorporates VR, and it’s where sky science and earth science meet.

Earth-Ocean Study Center We constantly explore the connection we all share with the world around us. So it’s not unusual to find us by the ocean or floating around the Hudson River watershed area. Or, this summer, investigating a slave ship which sank into the Mobile River in Alabama. We get out into the field because it’s where we can all understand the impact we have on the world, and vice versa.

New & Future Developments This fall we installed a Smallhold mushroom farm and are now growing up to 20lbs of mushrooms weekly in our building. We plan to share our produce with community kitchens, provide mushroom-based culinary workshops and host community dinners. In partnership with Middle Collegiate Church, we support Puerto Rico’s rebuilding after Hurricane Maria—Girls Club launched our own line of home grown organic Sofrito! All proceeds go to Proyecto Matria for their women’s center in Miraflores; Casa Solidaria.

'' The planetarium is my favorite. I want to be an astrophysicist, because of it. Being in that space is like being in a whole other world'' —Imani, Girls Club alum “Everythi ng here is vegetarian. We use what we gro w on the roof to make our meals and lear n culi nar y skil ls.” —Hailey, Gir ls C lub member

ETHICAL What do you do when it sinks in that the neighborhood and the world-at-large are even more complicated than they feel? You find ways to understand and impact it.

GALA GALA (Girls as Activists, Leaders and Advocates) is where passion meets advocacy. Our programs build leaders who are tolerant and empathetic, and also possess a keen critical mind. We deepen the girls’ capacity for ethical decision making, stoke civic engagement, teach them how to organize community around anti-violence and voter registration, as well as advocate for environmental justice and stewardship. In GALA, our girls see the world and take part in it. Below is a sampling of what GALA does: •

Global Partnerships and Travel

Justice Rising Leadership Prison reform, voter registration, local community issues

Seminars and Conferences

 now Your Rights Camp Ambassadors K Founded by Colin Kaepernick to advance the liberation of black and brown youth through education.

New Girl City: Agents of Change Poised and prepared to enter politics

“ In high school , I was shy. I was never outspoken. During my time here, I came out of my shell. I always voice my opinion now. I can no longer sit on the side and watch something happen. I feel the need to do something when what I see is wrong. If someone’s voice isn’t being heard, I wil l be the voice for that person.”

what I’m doing “ GALA impacted who I am and I’ m still an ay. I’m a sociology major, and ’ tod “

—Brenda, Girls Club alum

’ s March(in activist. Our trip to the Women ’ t what we’’re Washington D.C., showed me tha n me. I could involved in is so much bigger tha the people feel the energy and power in nge the world. ” around me. We can always cha —Alana, Girls Club alum

ENTREPRENEURIAL Small business. Big business. We get down to business. Understanding money and creating a familiarity with all the levels of commerce is a big deal at Girls Club. Rather than lecture in the abstract, we jump right in with programs that create first-hand understanding.

College Prep Our girls don’t need SAT tutoring drills. They need experiences and mentors who’ll ready them for the entire college experience.

Internships and Employment

Mentoring and Career Exploration Instruction and insight from women who are out there doing it every day. Field trips that get the girls inside myriad institutions and businesses that will inspire them.

We connect girls with gigs in the fields they’re passionate about, and we also help get them a paycheck.

Small Biz Development Girls gain meaningful employment experience and entrepreneurial training. They access resources, connect with mentors, build social capital, and pursue opportunities.

Culinary Training Girls learn on-site from top chefs, so they can enter the workforce with know-how and also make food that will be sold at La Tiendita.

Campaign HQ A gallery, gift shop, and gathering space on Avenue C, operated by our GALA girls.

La Tiendita Our “Fair Trade & Girl-Made” storefront in nearby Essex Street Market, where the girls learn entrepreneurial and marketing skills. It’s where a lot of the creativity that happens inside the Club finds its way into the world. For example, all the apparel and home goods we sell are designed by the girls. And some of the food we cook, bake and prepare in our commercial kitchen finds a place on the store’s shelves.

Alphabet City Art School + Design & Media Underneath our roof, girls can study photography, film, design, drawing, painting, sewing & material arts, sculpture, art history, join a chorus or join the circus. It is what they do with it that excites us. Our photographers and fine art students explore perspective, architectural drawing, color theory, and much more. They also learn handson skills by curating and preparing exhibits for Photoville and the Art on Paper fair, where they work behind the scenes to ensure a successful event.

Our high school aged girls study strong women throughout history, and collectively bring them to life through portraits and banners. We have exhibited at galleries in Los Angeles; Baltimore, New Orleans; Chiapas, Mexico; and Missoula, MT this year. Art + Activism = Girl Power. Girls Club artists have shown their work at the Superfine Art Fair, the Governors Island Art Fair, The Every Woman Biennial, the Museum of Art and Design, and even Art Basel in Miami. We play with the pros.

“ The Sound Studio has an Airstream trailer outfitted

wit h al l the gear you need to record, inter view and ed it podcasts for WGRL (W here G irl Rad io Live s). We also make beats, DJ and learn audio engi neer ing B ut it’s more than that. You become a leader and a ment or. I was working wit h young girls in the st ud io, and I’d say I fin ished my thing, what can I he lp you wit h? In ever y aspe ct of the G irls C lub, there’s a sense of leadership. And it’s 100% learned fr om the people who run the club. They ’re ment ors.”

—Maddison, G irls C lub alum




Every girl is connected to sisters and brothers, parents and grandparents— our girls’ health and their success in life is dependent on the health of those around them. The families of the Lower East Side suffer from a range of health disparities, much of it stress and nutrition-related. To change that, we’re launching the Family Center for Wellbeing and Happiness within our facility. Our mission will be to provide a holistic approach to living well. We know that complimentary wellness services and resources for all community members are critical to the intergenerational wellbeing of our girls and their families. We do this with the support of partners like the Hunter-Bellevue School of Nursing, the NYC Department of Youth and Community Development, and the Department of Cultural Affairs.



The Future of New Girl City We’re eager to build on the success of New Girl City: Agents of Change, which launched in 2018 as a pilot program of localized civic engagement and youth leadership around the Bronx, Brooklyn, and Manhattan. 2019 saw Staten Island and Queens join the “club”. Our goals are simple: for participants to see themselves as leaders and change agents, and to create a pipeline that gets them to impact social justice and the policy world in myriad ways. New Girl City participants worked with local partners in monthly “Agents of Change” service programs throughout the city, including registering high school students to vote in the fall 2018 elections. They also researched and developed local civic action projects in each borough, and participated in the “A Vote for Her is a Vote for US” Civic Summit, where they created their own New Girl City by “running” for public office.

On the Horizon:

New Girl City Academy It’s not our job to funnel girls into Ivy League schools. It’s our job to give every girl the tools to land wherever she wants. To experience success as she defines it. Before that can happen though, we have to keep that pathway open for as many girls as we can. Our New Girl City Academy will welcome twenty 8th grade girls who are not ready to matriculate into high school. During this “gap year” we will give them a warm, exciting, and bright environment to learn, grow, and catch-up academically — as well as a safe haven for learning and living experiences — and mentorship through young adulthood.

GIRLS CLUB WORLDWIDE PARTNERS We are building a collaborative network of like-minded organizations who share our mission and vision for creating global leaders.

National Partners Perfect Ten • Hudson, NY YAYA, INC • New Orleans, LA A VOICE • Flathead Nation, Pablo, MT Las Fotos Project • Los Angeles, CA

International Partners Stsebatik Bolom (Club Balam) • Chiapas, Mexico Shine on Sierra Leone • Sierra Leone, West Africa House with Heart • Kathmandu Nepal Girls Club Glasgow • Glasgow, Scotland

We are a Teaching + Sharing Institution

ity nivers U l l e n ak Buck ng Bre i r p S ate Altern ing gineer n e g n leadi hops works

We are a destination for students of education, social work, nursing, women’s studies, and non-profit organizations to come and learn, and also share their gifts with us. Our interns come from the City University of New York, Duke, Stanford, Bucknell, and all parts in between. We also make sure our girls get opportunities outside of the club to intern in areas for which they have a passion. Our partners include HOT 97 (audio engineering, journalism), Tangerine (serving the design industry), and The Late Show / CBS (television / production). We also incubate other non-profits by providing office and lab space in return for programming collaborations! Some of those organizations include: BioBus, Cafeteria Culture, and Dorill Initiative.

WE INFLUENCE THE INFLUENCERS Michelle Obama, Patricia Field, Colin Kaepernick, Stacey Abrams, Justice Sonia Sotomayor, Alicia Keys, Alice Waters, Natasha Lyonne, and others have all been through our doors. Our collaborators come from all walks of life, but are filled with the same kind of passion, intensity, and curiosity that we are. We get inspired by their stories, guided by their wisdom and advice, and are thankful for the opportunities they share with us.

“My passion is meeting people and public speaking. Last September, C olin Kaepernick came to us and did a backpack giveaway. I got to make a speech to him in front of everyone. It really prepared me for more public speaking, and showed me I could address any crowd.” —Elsa, Girls C lub member

We get a lot of good speakers.

When Michelle Obama came to the “ club, I asked he r a question ab out

having imposter syndrome, and how she dealt with it. She gave me advice, and it helped m e succeed at co llege. —Hawa, Girls Club member, college student

FINANCIALS $3.3 million dollars: this is our annual budget for FY 2020. We expect it to grow to $3.88 M when we expand our programs to include our new Family Center for Wellbeing & Happiness. What you really want to know is: How stable are we in these unstable times? So forget the pie charts and fancy statistics. It’s this simple: we have a nicely-balanced funding base. Nineteen percent comes from City and State contracts for after-school, weekend, and summer programs. Another 19% from corporate donations which sponsor special programs and events. 23% from our Board of Directors and other generous individuals, and 39% from Foundations and Donor Advised Funds. Many of our programs are funded by a combination of these sources, so we’re actually more of a gumbo or a sancocho than a pie! Find our 990 Tax Return at: GIRLSCLUB.ORG/990-TAX-RETURN

INCOME Corporate Giving

23% 39%

Government Contracts Individual Giving

19% 19%

Foundation Grants & Donor-Advised Funds




Leadership Team Overhead & Operations



Leadership Team: (20%)

Overhead & Operations: (23%)

Programs: (57%)

This is the team that innovates,

Can’t do the work without the

These are the artists, scientists,

communicates, works on new

‘back of the house’ staff: our

technologists, nutritionists,

curriculum, organizes public

finance department and facilities

nurses, makers, bakers and

and community events, writes

managers. They keep the books

educators who teach the

those grants, raises money,

and the building balanced, pay

workshops that challenge our

manages programs, teaches

the bills (utilities, insurance),

girls to become life-long learners

and thinks big bold new ideas

prepare the audits, keep the

and do great things in the world.

lights on, the water hot and the girls, staff and community happy.

NEW INITIATIVES 2019–2020 NASA Space Apps Challenge This past year we took a giant leap for woman-kind, hosting our first ever allwomen and girls NASA Space Apps Challenge: a three day hack-a-thon that was simply out of this world! Over 100 women and girls worked together on teams, designing solutions for environmental problems and space issues.

City Mouse, Country Mouse Summer of 2019 saw us focus on the relationship between our urban environment and the wilderness we’ve come to love, in the Adirondack Mountains. Birds, rivers, clouds, and trees: we share so much in common in this universe and the planet we inhabit. We have so much to learn about and protect.

Tough Broads Film Festival It’s in our DNA to celebrate the strengths and accomplishments of women. So we organized and hosted our first annual; Tough Broads Film Festival: 3 full days of screenings, workshops and panels highlighting the accomplishments of extraordinary women activists.


THE GIRLS SAY career paths 

STEM  65% of girls are more interested in STEM after participating in Girls Club STEM classes  58% are now more interested in studying STEM, Engineering & Science classes 



of girls report learning about STEM

of girls report feeling challenged at the Girls Club 

62% report improvement in Math and Science at school  86% report that the knowledge and skills they gain at Girls Club help them in school  “I learned I love science”  ACTIVISM  84% of girls believe they can make the world a better place  45% of New Girl City participants said they were interested in running for office  80% of girls said they considered herself an advocate and leader  “Girls Club shows us anything is possible”  “The Girls Club is a place full of positivity” 

EXPOSURE  89% of girls self-report discovering new

interests and passions at the Girls Club  94% of girls self-report that Girls Club exposes them to new things in life  87% of girls report that they meet inspiring women at the Girls Club  60% of girls report discovering new career interests  “Whenever I go to the Girls Club I expect to learn something new”  “Every day we learn something new”  “I learned how to become a better public speaker and writer”  “I have learned more about myself and what I might want in the future”  HEALTH HABITS  66% of girls report developing healthier eating habits  93%

say Girls Club has helped me think more positively about myself 


participants report: I am learning how to grow and harvest vegetables

 “Girls Club has helped me develop a healthy lifestyle by introducing me to healthier food options”  “I learned to eat things I never liked before but now I love”  “They encourage us to try and enjoy new fruits and vegetables”  “I make healthier choices and recipes at home now”  SAFETY & SUPPORT  94%

of girls consider Girls Club a safe space 

Club staff



of girls trust Girls

of girls believe that supportive relationships with other

young women are valuable in life  “Girls Club calms me”  “Girls Club takes my mind off stress and makes me happy”  if I have problems”

“I can talk to the staff

 “When I’m at the Girls Club I don’t have to worry” 

“Girls Club is my home away from home and it makes me happy coming here” ♥

BOARD MEMBERS Our board members advocate for the girls in places we’d never have access to, spanning multiple disciplines and cultural touchpoints. When we need something, they hustle to make it happen. They strategize alongside us, spread the word, and share the love. Visit to meet them.

Lyn Pentecost, Ph.D. Co-Founder & Creative Director

Gael Towey

Julia Cheiffetz Anil Dash


Rosario Dawson

De’Ara Balenger

Tricia Donegan


Jen Gatien Vice Chair

Louise Melling Vice Chair

David Flores Wilson Treasurer

Angie Klein

Carter Emmart Piera Gelardi Kimberly Hatchett Judith Helfand Rev. Jacqueline J. Lewis

Vice Treasurer

Julie Lerner

Kimberly Aguilera

Susan McPherson


Kevin McHugh At-Large Executive Committee Member

Amy Rosi Cleo Wade


Foundations & Donor-Advised Funds


The Atlantic Philanthropies

Aerie Bonobos Catbird Champs Sports Cognizant

Adobe Foundation Brooklyn Community Foundation The Chicago Community Foundation (Anonymous) The Diller-von Furstenberg Family Foundation

Collegiate Church Corporation

Deutsche Bank Americas


Donald A. Pels Charitable Trust


Elaine Gold Foundation

Estee Lauder

Elhapa Foundation


The Harman Family Foundation

Facebook Glamour’s The Girl Project Glitch

Hispanic Federation Inc. The J.M. Kaplan Fund

DONORS $5K AND ABOVE 2019–2020

Government NYC Council, STARS Initiative NYC Councilmembers Discretionary NYC Department of Cultural Affairs

Jacob Friedman Charitable Fund

NYC Department of Youth & Community Development (DYCD) — SONYC Compass

Kate Spade New York Foundation

NYC DYCD — Adolescent Literacy


Know Your Rights Camp

NYC DYCD — Compass Explore

Great Bowery, Inc.

La Vida Feliz Foundation

NYC DYCD — SONYC Compass Summer


The MacMillian Family Foundation

NYC Speaker Local Initiative


The Martin Family Foundation

NYS Council on the Arts (NYSCA)

The Mary J. Hutchins Foundation The Muriel F. Siebert Foundation

NYS Legislative Grant — Assemblymember Harvey Epstein

The Northern Trust Company (Anonymous)


The Northern Trust Charitable Giving Program

USDA Forest Service

GoldieBlox Goldman Sachs

Maybelline McKinsey & Co. Mejuri NBC Universal Media LLC Nike Sarah Flint

Patricia A. Quick Charitable Trust

Simon & Schuster

Silicon Valley Community Foundation


Stanley and Gene Lasdon Foundation


Starry Night Fund


The Thomas & Agnes Carvel Foundation

The & Partnership

United Way of NYC

The Trade Desk The Wall Street Journal Tito’s Handmade Vodka Two Trees Viacom Warby Parker The Wing Wolf & Wilhelmine

Verizon Foundation “The Girls Club is such a profound

Many thanks to our individual supporters (too numerous to list here) and to all the companies who made in-kind donations:

We ♥ you!

and remarkable place to me, and I’m just so grateful to be a part of it as a board member because this, more than anything, deserves to not just exist, but to grow and succeed.” — Rosario Dawson, Girls Club Board Member


without We couldn’t do all we do ance Junior Board. suppor t of our Angel Alli Executive Committee:


Anna Hyclak (Chair), Chair) aphne Rubin-Vega (Vice

a, Samantha Lach, H ra Ye , on ks ric B ie al at N Alexis Richards, Alexandria Powers, and

AND the wonderful pro-bono team of architects and engineers from SOM, JBB, and Arup, making our dream Center for Wellbeing & Happiness come to life. dear friend r u o to s k n a Special th tor) irls Club men G e im -t g n lo (and

d her fierce n a r e m e k c a Heidi H reative team, c s u lo u b fa d an eff Johnson, J d n a h it m S Chantal together t u p to s u g for helpin por t! (and our in-house this annual re graphic designer,

Lenora Thornton)

“The best thing about Girl Power is that over time it turns into Woman Power” — Cleo Wade, Girls Club Board Member @girlsclubny

Profile for The Lower Eastside Girls Club of NY

The Lower Eastside Girls Club — 2019 Annual Report  

The Lower Eastside Girls Club — 2019 Annual Report

The Lower Eastside Girls Club — 2019 Annual Report  

The Lower Eastside Girls Club — 2019 Annual Report