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March 12 - 18 2010

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Businesses on the Arenal

by Jack Troughton BUSINESSES AT a popular resort – once known as the Jewel of the Costa Blanca - could face ruin if the local authority pushes through demolition orders and bulldoze enclosed terraced areas.

Vital jobs at bars, restaurants and shops at the Arenal Beach in Javea will be axed if the local authority’s orders are carried out to flatten the ‘illegal’ extensions. The majority of premises along the beach front at Arenal have been upgraded to modernise the premises and offer visitors and residents

a year long attraction – pumping cash into the local economy and taxes into council coffers. However, Javea’s ruling coalition voted to impose a ruling dating back to the last century and order the demolition of the terraces and their plush fronts and glass curtains that help keep winter chills

at bay. The first business to receive a 30 day demolition notice was the popular President Bar – but RTN was told similar orders are already in the pipeline for other premises and will next be issued to the Jalousie Champagne Bar, Café Wein and Tapas Para Te. Continued on page 3

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The weather in Spain THE SPANISH weather forecasters are saying there will be two more Atlantic storms and another wave of cold polar air hitting Spain before Spring starts on March 21. The rain will return to many areas at the weekend and temperatures will remain low. TEMPERATURES Highs: Santa Cruz de Tenerife 22, Málaga 17, Cádiz, Murcia 16, Almería 14, Alicante, Valencia 13, Granada 12, Barcelona 11, Madrid 9, Palma de Mallorca 8 Lows: Santa Cruz de Tenerife 17, Cádiz 9, Málaga 8, Almeria 7, Alicante 3, Valencia 2, Barcelona, Murcia 1, Granada, Madrid -1, Palma de Mallorca 0

Snow swamps Barcelona AN UNSEASONAL snowfall made Barcelona grind to a halt last Monday. The roads were covered in so much snow that buses couldn’t pass through them and the city’s entire bus network stopped working, resulting in huge queues at the metro stations, which remained open. The snowfall is recorded as the heaviest since 1962 and led the local government to put its emergency plan into operation; leaving the metro running all night and providing hotel beds for those stranded. The AP-7 motorway was also shut down along with the border to France – with 4,000 trucks and 1,000 other vehicles trapped at the frontier. Schoolchildren were also affected and 142,000 stayed home from school.

Snow covered Barcelona

Meanwhile, the weight of the snow affected electricity cables and consequently 200,000 homes were without power.

12-18 March 2010 Continued from front page Mick Millar and Kay Meek have run the President Bar for just over three years and only heard of the threat to the business when a Spanish television crew arrived after official notification was sent to their landlord. “If the bars and restaurants are not open where will everyone go?” asked Mick. “I cannot understand the thinking. Who is going to pay the rates and the bills? “When we bought this place, we were told Arenal was being done up. If we have to close in the winter months, staff will be lost – it will be the same with other businesses and then the shops will close because there will be no customers as noone will be coming here. “There will be a domino affect. It is Easter in three weeks time, the start of the season, yet the council want to start ripping things down.” And Kay added: “Arenal will be a ghost town in the winter. If the whole place shuts, it will be dead here and there are businesses like estate agents that rely on Javea being open.” CRISIS She said everyone was struggling in the economic crisis. “The council seems to be doing everything to

oppose business people at the moment. They are certainly not doing anything to help us.” Kay said businesses kept their premises as attractive as possible for customers, yet visitors were complaining about the condition of the public areas – the responsibility of the local authority. RTN was told the council was imposing a bylaw dating back to the early 1980s when the Arenal was completely closed during the winter and businesses were geared up for a five month summer season. The rule allowed tables, chairs and umbrellas on terraces but did not envisage the areas being closed in with windows and glass curtains. However, it is understood that when the council looked to raise taxes for the terraces, owners objected and unable to prove what was public or private, the local authority lost a court case – instead looking to invoke the old law to keep terraces completely free. DESTROY Opposition party Nueva Javea opposes the enforcement of such an old rule and maintains it was “ridiculous” to destroy property when it was preparing a new General Plan that could resolve the dispute to everyone’s benefit. And the party said it was “ironic”

Armed robbery at internet cafe

Mick and Kay at the President bar

that the demolition orders were being issued at a time the government in Valencia was actually fighting to keep beach bars open as a tourist attraction and to protect jobs. Lawyer and Nueva Javea councillor Oscar Anton Izquierdo said the situation was “crazy and completely wrong.” He argued that everything must be stopped until the bylaws could be updated to suit a modern, open all year Arenal.

“It must be changed because you cannot keep a law from the last century – if you have this tourist place you want visitors all year to spend their money,” he said. PROTECT “If it was just one bar or restaurant that had built, I could understand they wanted to protect the aesthetic – but all the premises have been changed and it has been allowed for years.

TWO PEOPLE with a gun attempted to rob the internet cafe in San Miguel de Salinas last Friday night. The incident happened at the store located off Calle 19 Abril and took place in front of the shop owner’s three-year-old child. It was reported that one of the robbers hit the shop owner’s brother over the head with the gun, which police suspect was a replica. One witness described the in-

“This idea is completely crazy and The President Bar is just the beginning because these orders will go to the rest.” And he said: “The majority of people operating these businesses are tenants and not owners. Their rents are very high and they cannot afford to lose half their premises and half the year. It is all very sad.” RTN was unable to get a statement from the Arenal business association before going to press.

cident as ‘horrifying.’ She told RTN: “The poor people were in real state of shock. There was a three-year-old girl there who saw it all and all she wanted to do was make sure that her Mum and Dad were okay. Thank God they were.” The Guardia Civil later arrived as well as an ambulance to take the owner’s brother to hospital, where he was treated for a deep laceration to the head.

12-18 March 2010

Minister speaks to expats by Louise Clarke THE MINISTER for Europe and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, Chris Bryant, visited Torrevieja last weekend. Mr Bryant was in town to speak to expats about the various problems that they are experiencing here in Spain. He was accompanied by Her Majesty’s Ambassador to Spain, Giles Paxman and various Consulate and Embassy officials. The meeting was designed as a ‘Question and Answer’ session and interested parties submitted their questions to the Minister before the meeting, which took place at the Cabo Cervera Hotel. Mr Bryant, who has been the Minister for Europe for just four months, told the audience: “I am here to listen. It is all well and good sitting in the Foreign Office and reading e-mails but I feel that it is important to come to meet people face to face.” ISOLATED Mr Bryant lived in Spain for five years as a child and told the audience that he remembers what it felt like to be an expat here in Spain and understood that they often felt isolated. The Minister then went on to answer questions regarding the Valencian healthcare

Catral meeting

policy. He told the audience: “I’d love to be able to say that we can change the law to accommodate those people affected by the healthcare changes, but no government will change their laws just because we ask them.” He added that the easiest way to change the laws in this country is to get involved with politics on a local level. He said: “Contact your elected representative in your municipality and ask them to help you to challenge the law. With your vote, you get a voice. Change is only possible with the representation of Spanish politicians.” He concluded: “I listen to people who vote and the same applies for Spanish politicians.” LEGALISE On the subject of property issues and the land grab law, which he said is totally wrong, he said: “We need to make sure that people do not lose their homes. In the vast majority of cases, the houses must be legalised or the owner should at least be offered a decent level of compensation. If there is no money available, the simplest and easiest way is to legalise all the houses.” He concluded: “Be in no doubt, I will be putting pressure on the Spanish authorities; that is the whole purpose of my visit.” The Minister then discussed pensions and benefits, ably supported by

Chris Bryant with RTN’s Louise Clarke

Country Manager of the Pensions, Benefits and Healthcare Team, Martin Fitches. Finally, when asked whether any of the concerns raised at the meeting would go back to the government, he said: “Of course! I take your concerns very seriously and I will go back to the UK and write a report to my immediate boss David Milliband and that will also be seen by Gordon Brown.” He concluded: “You have to take me at face value.” SYSTEMIC After the meeting, RTN had an exclusive chat with Chris and discussed the meeting. He told us: “I was hurt that someone in the audience accused me of only being here because there is an election coming up.” He said: “If I was here electioneering, I would be promising things left, right and centre, but I

ON MONDAY 22nd March at 16:00 there will be a meeting for ALL affected homeowners in Catral to discuss the ongoing situation concerning illegal homes in the municipality. The meeting will take place at the Casa de Cultura and it will be an opportunity for EVERY homeowner to hear exactly what the Town Hall has to say with regard to latest developments. Organisers are asking that EVERYONE attend, regardless of

was not here to promise anything.” RTN tried to get a real exclusive out of the Minister by asking what day the British General Election would be. Sadly, all he could tell us was that it would definitely be before 3rd June! Chris, who is marrying his partner in two weeks, didn’t think that he would have the opportunity to return to Spain before the election but promised to follow everything up when he returned to parliament. He told RTN: “I realise that there are systemic problems here in Spain and so does the British Government. And we will do all we can to help in any way we can.” He concluded: “There are more dedicated Consulate and Embassy staff here in Spain than in any other country in the World and they are all there to help the British Citizen; whether they live here or are here on holiday.”

whichever homeowner group they are affiliated to: it is very important that as many people as possible attend the meeting. The main topic of discussion will be the recent meetings that have taken place between the solicitor for the Justice for Catral Residents group, Honorio Llamas and the Mayor, Aurelio Albero Garcia. RTN will also be there at the meeting and will have a full report in the following Friday’s paper.

Duel carriageway

12-18 March 2010


Local public debt doubles in Alicante province

The Bank of Spain says that the local debt is now 1.33 billion Euro The Town Halls in Alicante province and the provincial Diputación government have seen their debts double in the past five years. Hard hit with the collapse of the construction in the region the local pubic debt is now at a record level at 1.33 billion €.

New home

Road work halted

by Jack Troughton FRUSTRATIONS ARE growing at a stalled Marina Alta town bypass that leaves vehicles having to negotiate a notorious bottleneck. Benissa Council has sent a strongly worded protest to Madrid at the delay in the improvement to the busy N-332 that will ease traffic passing through the town centre. Work stopped in May last year when the main contractor building the new road was declared bankrupt. Mayor Juan Bautisa Rosello told a

Benissa residents’ meeting the bypass was the responsibility of central government and Madrid “ must find a solution.” He assured the meeting the delay was nothing to do with Valencia refusing to hand documents concerning the road to the government after a written question alleged the original constructor was “implicated” in the notorious ‘Gurtel’ corruption case. “It is in no way connected to Valencia or the town council of Benissa,” he told the meeting. “This bypass has been contracted by the Spanish gov-

Was 155,000€ now only €125,000

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ernment. I have had a meeting with the minister about this question – it is now a big problem.” PROTEST

And the mayor said: “At present the project is stopped and the council has approved – all parties have approved – a protest to Madrid over this situation. “I am told there has to be a calculation of a new cost for the road, because the work stopped a year ago and they must start again with a new project.

“The original company went bankrupt and they must appoint another company to build the road.” He assured residents that the local authority was also pressing the government for improvements on the N-322 between Benissa and Calpe, an accident black spot. “Unfortunately there is no easy solution,” said the mayor. “It is a very dangerous road for accidents. “We hope the Ministry can make a new project to improve this section of the road but because of the landscape, it is a very complex matter.”

THE GUARDIA CIVIL is to have a new home in Benissa following agreement being reached between the local authority and the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Madrid. The town hall will have to provide €1.6 million to help finance the new barracks with some €600,000 coming from central government. Benissa rejected moves from Madrid to move the police force out of the town and merge with the Guardia Civil station in neighbouring Calpe. Currently there is a temporary barracks in the town. The new facility is planned to be built in Pla del Carrals.

12-18 March 2010

12-18 March 2010


The bell tolls

TOLLS ON the important AP7 motorway should be scrapped in 2012, giving drivers a free passage along the important road artery free of charge. Valencia’s government has called on Madrid to end the current highway charges on the motorway, including the busy section of the duel carriageway between Valencia and Alicante. We want our The leaders of the autonohabitation mous community maintain certificates! lifting the tolls will ease traffic on the busy N-332 and N-340 roads as they reach ‘saturation point’ and have called on central government to compensate the sition, to make agreements regarding company the toll gates. those urbanisations which have irresolvable deficiencies such as, for example, the height of garages or have streets which are not wide enough.” As soon as the results of this meet- The weather in Valencia ing are known, RTN will let you know. last week was 6º Celsius lower than average for March. Stop Press This is the lowest reading 1984, according RTN learned yesterday (Thurs- since the Meteorological day) that the Orihuela Councillor for to the Coast, Jose Antonio Aniorte, has Agency (Aemet). The lowest this week signed over one hundred temperatures registered in habitation certificates to be issued the Valencian Community to homeowners within the coming are the coldest since 2005. weeks. The Town Hall in Playa Fla- Last week in the town menca will continue to issue the cer- of Fredes in Castellon, thermometers dropped tificates over the coming months for to -7.8º Celsius. Vilafranca all those urbanisations which have dropped to a shivering -7.5º been finished and adopted by the and Valencia City hit 2.6º. Town Hall.

One step forward: two steps back by Louise Clarke AS REGULAR readers will be aware, in September and October of last year, Los Verdes had several meetings with Orihuela Councillor for Infrastructure, Antonio Rodriguez Barbera, with regard to residents of the coast getting their long awaited habitation certificates. It looked, at the time as if things would move along swiftly and opposition party Los Verdes were delighted with the prospect that soon over 1,500 homeowners would be issued with the valuable document. In November, it was announced by the Town Hall that all matters regarding habitation certificates would be passed to the coastal Town Hall at Playa Flamenca. They said that

the reason behind the move was to “make things easier for the citizens” and Los Verdes were pleased with the fact that the PP ruling party did seem to be co-operating. In fact, it was actually Senor Barbera who told the press that 1,532 habitation certificates were “ready to be issued.” DEFICIENCIES At the end of December, Los Verdes Spokesperson for the Coast, Martina Scheurer, took some residents to the Town Hall at Playa Flamenca to ask when their certificates would be released and RTN was there to report on it. Since than, Martina has made several attempts to get the required information and to find out how things are progressing, but without results. She told RTN: “In the end we made an

appointment with Councillor for the Coast, Jose Antonio Aniorte; the Town Hall Officer in charge of issuing the certificates, Mrs Mar Miguel; Councillor Monserrate from Los Verdes and me. Mrs Mar Miguel was not very helpful at all, but was told then by Cllr. Aniorte that Cllr. Monserrate had the legal right to apply for the information and that she has to give him the information requested.” Martina added: “Since then, Cllr. Monserrate has spoken again with Cllr. Barbera and has applied in writing for the information requested, such as for which homes a technical report has already been issued, what it says and where and if there are any deficiencies.” Martina concluded: “He will also insist upon having a meeting with all the political groups, ruling and oppo-

Coldest weather in 26 years


12-18 March 2010

Absolutely fabulous by Jack Troughton CROWDS FROM across the Costa Blanca packed into the Marriott Hotel to help make the Women In Business Club’s March exhibition a huge success. The event marks International Women’s Day and money raised during the celebration is earmarked to support the victims of domestic violence. And WIBC chair Suzanna Mace was delighted with how last Sunday’s exhibition had showcased the

businesses run by women across the region and attracted so many people to enjoy a party atmosphere. “It was absolutely fabulous,” she told RTN. “We have had a really positive feedback from our members and everyone loved holding the exhibition at the Marriott Hotel with its excellent facilities. “Certainly, the show was a lot busier than recent events and all the visitors to the exhibition seemed to have a really good day and there was a fun atmosphere to the whole thing.”

Students of Marcia’s Dance Centre perform

Suzanna was also impressed with the success of fund raising during the day. “The raffle took just about €1,000 on its own.” CLIMATE And as a ‘guestimate’ she believed the exhibition had grossed more than €5,000. “Obviously there are expenses to be deducted from that, but considering the current economic climate, that is a fantastic result.” Central to the success of the exhibition was the stage area and its diverse range of activities, from yoga and self defence, to music, dance and fashion shows. Suzanna, a flamenco dance teacher, added: “One of the ladies on stage during the flamenco had never been to a WIBC show before and could not believe how many people there were in the hall. “At several points during the day it was absolutely heaving around the stage as people enjoyed the entertainment.”

Cakes raise money for EMAUS

And she added: “It was a fantastic way of celebrating International Women’s Day and a wonderful op-

portunity for members to take the chance to touch base with each other and friends from across the region.”

Shine on

SEMINARS ON how to harness the power of the sun are being held across the region by the Costa Blanca Solar Association. The free meetings will focus solar powered heating, hot water and pool heating and will include advice on how to apply for subsidies from the Government of Valencia. The association, which mainly operates between Alicante and Denia, helps residents obtain a solar plant at the best price available and everyone is welcome to attend meetings. For more information, call Peter Spahn on 637 785 181 or email or visit Seminars are being held at: Casa de Cultura, Javea, on March 16th at 16.30; Casa de Cultura, Calpe, on March 25th at 17.30; and at Casa de Cultura, Alfaz del Pi on March 29th at 19.00.

Fighting hunger crisis

Caritas food parcels

by Jack Troughton FUND RAISERS across the Costa Blanca are being urged to help support a Spanish charity feed the growing numbers of families going hungry in the economic crisis. As Easter approaches, expat charities are asked to donate food or cash to their local branch of the Roman Catholic Church’s charity Caritas. The Original Charity Shop and Library in Javea voted to donate €500 to Caritas in the Marina Alta resort to help hundreds of families in need during the religious festival. The charity – like many other expat groups - has supported Spanish colleagues for a number of years, especially at Christmas, but as the

Benidorm Royal British Legion

recession continues to impact along the coast wants to make an extra effort. “It is an unbelievable but a sad fact that there are more than 40 families in Javea alone who depend on Caritas for food,” said a spokesman for the Original charity Shop and Library. “And in other communities on the Costa Blanca, the situation is just as bad. “We would like to encourage other charities to do likewise this Easter by donating food parcels or cash to their local Caritas branch to be distributed. “Although we are all feeling the financial crisis to some degree, there are people faced with a greater crisis hunger. Without the Caritas food kitchens and aid, the problem would be much greater.”

The Benidorm Branch of the Royal British Legion will meet at 13:00 on Tuesday 16th March at the Cumberland Bar, Benidorm. Old and New Members welcome. For further details, call Nigel on 685 550 106

12-18 March 2010

Total injustice 10

12-18 March 2010

by Louise Clarke WHEN ROBERT Greenwood drove to Bilbao to get the ferry back to the UK in November 2006, little did he know that this particular trip was going to cause him stress and grief for the next three years! On the ring road in Madrid, he was pulled up by a black Mercedes. Two men in the car flashed a warrant card at him and asked to see his passport: Robert showed them. Robert’s partner David told RTN: “They started asking him what he was carrying. Then they asked if he had any drugs or money. At this point they demanded money from Robert but all he had was a €20 note.” Robert, realising the men were not policemen, snatched the passport and the note from the man and got back into his van, making a quick getaway. While in the UK, he realised that his Spanish residencia card, which had been inside his passport, was missing. On his return, he immediately reported his card lost to the Guardia Civil in Guardamar. Two months later, officers arrived at Robert’s La Marina home, asking about cars that Robert had been buying. David continued: “They mentioned a Mercedes, a BMW and an Alfa Romeo; all of which Robert had not bought. We explained the only car Robert had was the old Mazda in the drive.” A month later, Robert was interviewed by National Police, who soon realised that Robert was not the man they were looking for. It emerged that Robert’s stolen ID had been used to purchase a number of cars later used for criminal activity. HORROR Four months later, Robert satisfied officers at the Guardia

Civil office in Torrevieja that he was innocent and the officers indicated that would be the end of it. In 2008, Robert started to receive speeding fines, traffic violations and SUMA bills for the cars bought against his ID. Despite explanations to SUMA and Trafico, he was informed he must pay the money owed. Robert and David visited a Trafico Liaison Officer in Crevillent, who arranged for them to meet the Director General of Trafico in August 2009. She advised Robert to put a ‘Baja’ on the vehicles to prevent further fines but two days later he was rushed into hospital with a life threatening blood virus. David explained: “His organs started to fail and I thought that I was going to lose him. I blame the stress of the whole situation. Thankfully, Torrevieja Hospital saved his life but he is still undergoing treatment.” Whilst Robert was in hospital he was informed by Trafico that he needed a statement from a judge to clear the fines. When he was feeling well again he went to San Fulgencio Town Hall to get the statement, to be told, “Go to Orihuela.” At Orihuela, he was told to go to Torrevieja, where he was advised that he needed to go to Madrid. David commented: “We just got pushed from pillar to post.” BRICK WALL Presently, the Hacienda says that Robert owes €2,800 for traffic violations and has threatened to embargo the couple’s bank account and house. SUMA says he owes over €5,000 in unpaid car tax. David said: “If these bills are not paid, we are stuck. We are banging our heads against a brick wall.” He concluded: “Robert is the victim in all this. And because he was ill and couldn’t work, we have used the majority of our savings to get us through the last few months. It is a total injustice.”

David with all the SUMA bills that have been sent to Robert

Fathers for Justice by Louise Clarke

DOMESTIC VIOLENCE against women in Spain is a problem the authorities are tackling, but what about miscarriages of justice? A Cabo Roig man has set up the support group Fathers for Justice in Spain to help the wrongly accused. Ex-policeman Scott Samson has lived in Spain for 12 years and for the past two and a half years was in a relationship with a Romanian girl. Last October, when she gave birth to their son, Scott thought their previously on/off relationship might turn a corner. He told RTN: “She was very jealous and always falsely accusing me of having relationships with other women.” Scott invited her mother to stay for a year, but within a month of the birth the girlfriend would leave the baby with her mother and go off and get drunk, making Scott realise that the baby wasn’t going to cement their relationship. He moved out. FURY The mother moved to Italy, prompting the girlfriend to move back in with Scott, leading him to hope this would be the fresh start they needed but soon the jealousy began again. One night in February, she telephoned Scott to say she had gone out, leaving the baby at home alone. Worried and distressed, he raced home to find his girlfriend waiting with a heavy ashtray which she used to strike him to the floor. She then told him that his much loved son wasn’t his and spat in his face. Scott admits he slapped his girlfriend across the face

in fury. She immediately called the police and Scott was arrested. At 04:00 the following morning, Scott was put into a small cell with no windows in the Guardia Civil station in Torre de la Horadada, where he remained for two days without food: “I had no food and had to beg for a small bottle of water.” He was briefly released to be charged with Domestic Violence. COMPENSATION At the Orihuela court on Day 3, Scott was advised by his appointed lawyer to plead guilty or be returned to prison for 60 more days prior to trial. He said: “They told me that they wouldn’t listen to a man in a case like this. I didn’t want to plead guilty but I also didn’t want to spend another minute in prison.” Scott received a one year supervision order with an order to transfer his house to the girlfriend, with an injunction not to return to the property, in addition to 30 days community service. €1,800 compensation and €600 in costs was also awarded against him. The injunction precluded Scott being within 30m of the girlfriend; he had to sleep in his car. He was told that he could only see his son on a Tuesday and Thursday for two hours but on the first two occasions his girlfriend didn’t even turn up.

12-18 MARCH 2010

Drug traffickers escape after car chase THREE MEN found to be carrying hashish in the boot of their stolen car, escaped police following a car chase from Benidorm to Altea. The traffickers fled from police in a silver BMW X5 that police believe was stolen from Marbella a few days previously. The men eventually crashed into a pylon and all three managed to escape on foot, despite police searching the area for an hour. Three large boxes of hashish were found in the boot.

A silver BMW X5


Without the means to fight the court order, Scott decided to start a ‘Fathers for Justice’ support group in Spain. He said: “There is no support for people like me. She can call the police at any time and claim I have been harassing her and I will be arrested again.” He added: “I agree domestic violence is a problem in Spain and men who beat their wives must be punished but there is no protection for men like me who are innocent or who have been provoked. Something has to be done: we have rights too. I am not a bad person and I did nothing wrong.” He concluded: “We stand nowhere here. We have no support, no help and the police will not listen. The law favours Fathers 4 women and men get nothing.” Justice If you can relate to Scott’s story and would campaigning like information on his support group, or you in Downing are a lawyer who thinks that you can help, Street please e-mail

Got a story? 902 118 999

Please visit our website at:



12-18 MARCH 2010

We are the champions by Jack Troughton FIRST TIME boxers were as pleased as punch when they raised €1,220 by braving a special fight club and taking part in a charity tournament. Regulars at a number of Javea bars courageously agreed to put gloves on and step into the ring at the Sparta Gym after just a month of training. And 12 volunteers took part in six bouts at the gym – each consisting of three

rounds of three minutes – to raise cash for the Raquel Paya School in Denia, the Marina Alta’s only special school for children suffering a range of disabilities. And the gym’s owner and former professional boxer Steve Williams said they had attempted to match fighters of equal ability. “Everyone was a winner on the day for getting into the ring and taking part – noone got hurt and they all enjoyed the experience,” he said.

1220€ was raised for charity

“I take my hat off to them all. They were up for it and gave everything – the gym was packed and the audience enjoyed watching the contest.”

Steve, who refereed all six fights, said the gym was hosting another charity fund raiser on April 25th to benefit another youngster.

Treasure hunts

A NEW season of events starts with a Treasure Hunt on Thursday 25th March. Participants are asked to assemble at the Shell Service Station on the N332 between Gata and Ondara at 10.45, the Hunt to commence at approximately 11.15. ‘Hunters’ will be able to solve clues on a pleasant country route without stopping or leaving the car. There is a cup and various prizes for successful hunters. The Treasure Hunt will end at the Restaurante Val de Pop, Lliber with a three course lunch. The cost will be €19 for non members and guests, with a reduction to €17 for members. Please book on 966 471 666 or Conservatives Abroad are sure that this will be an enjoyable outing and hope that as many members and guests as possible join, to help build funds ahead of the important and imminent election in UK.

Lusinchi Trio in concert


The third concert in the 2010 programme of the Alfàs Del Pi Classical Music Society, will be on Saturday 13th March at 20.15 in the Casa Cultura, Alfàs Del Pi. The Lusinchi Trio from Italy - Olivier Lusinchi, flute, Giovanna D’Amato, cello and Gian Maria Bonino, piano will perform a programme of works by JS and CPE Bach. Tickets are available at the Casa Cultura from one hour before the concert, 9 euros. Or, there is an annual membership available. All details are on the Society’s website:

12-18 March 2010

Launching the forum, Miguel Ortiz (centre) and Maria Asunsion Prieto (second from right)

It’s good to talk by Jack Troughton MAYORS AND councillors from across the Province of Alicante are spearheading a new initiative to welcome European expats to Spain. The first European Residents Forum was staged at the Casa de Cultura in Ondara last Saturday to discuss the best ways of helping integrate people into Spanish society. Organised by the Partido Popular in Alicante, it was an opportunity for politicians to meet representatives from a number of associations and civil groups. And the PP acknowledges that expats from other European Union countries will have a powerful voice in the local elections of 2011. Miguel Ortiz, of the Alicante Senate, told a press conference the forum would be a platform for people from Europe and Norway to “speak about their concerns, problems and opinions.”

He said the inaugural meeting included representatives from 60 town halls across Alicante that had a population made up of more than 20 percent of expats. MEETINGS “There will be meetings every six months and there will be eight different locations for the forum across Alicante,” he told journalists. “The idea is to bring together the different criteria of the town halls so everyone can have a say and identify with this forum and insure everything is explained to them.” And Maria Asuncion Prieto, the Councillor for European Residents, said the next meeting would feature a mayor explaining his municipality’s experiences with European citizens from other countries, a councillor from another town responsible for helping expats and representatives of expat residents’ groups. “This is a very important forum because the 2011 elections are coming and of course European residents have full rights and can vote in them,” she explained. “They must know that the PP is taking steps to integrate these residents in Alicante and listen to what they have to say.”

Climate change threatens Spanish tourism Rising temperatures could mean fewer visitors to Spain’s beach resorts. A study called ‘Climate Change: reality and Fiction’ by professor Fernado Sapiña from Valencia University and Eduardo Fayos-Solà from Madrid, says that tourists might be put off as beaches become too hot. The report says that as the frequency of heat waves increases, tourists will choose to holiday further north, as beaches will become unbearably hot. The study also says that forest fires and a reduction in available water will be factors that could affect tourism.



12-18 MARCH 2010

A question for all you smokers? Cigarette smoke is the residue of your pleasure, It Permeates the Air, My Hair, My Clothes, Not to mention MY LUNGS, This all takes place WITHOUT MY CONSENT! I have a Pleasure! I like alcohol now and again The residue from my pleasure is urine: So, would you mind if I stood on a chair, and pee’d all over you without your consent! Coleen Bryan

Are you being fair?

Pity the smoker oh what a drag, There are not many places to have a fag, Whatever are they going to do, Pretty soon they will all turn blue. Some departments in lots of gloom, They don’t have a smoking room, They all say it’s just not fair, Having to breathe clean, fresh air. But isn’t it good to open a door, With no fag ends all over the floor,An office desk top, you must admit, Looks better without fag burns in it. But most of the smokers that we see, Just ignore the likes of you and me, They don’t even ask if it’s alright, As another dreaded weed they light. So you smokers try and understand, As you open that packet in your hand, For your own health you don’t care, But to us non smokers are you being fair? ELF

Just brass Just Brass thanks Joe Joe Wallace, superb trombonist, played professionally for the RAF Central Band, then taught, before he retired to Spain. For the past four years, Joe played with Costa Blanca band, Just Brass. Joe officially decided to stop playing and pass his trombone to his grandson in December 2009. However, he is returning temporarily to conduct the band while the musical director, Gordon Higginbottom is in the UK, involved with brass band contests. Thanks very much, Margaret Stone


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letter of the week

NO CHANCE! Whilst on holiday here I was told to keep an eye on your valuables, especially on markets. On the way I decided to hide my excess money and valuables and struck on the idea of hiding my money in the cooker! Yes I forgot and whilst cooking tea kept smelling plastic burning, but only remembered when smoke filled my apartment. I had cooked my money, credit cards, driving licence and passport. I lost my appetite.Calling at the British Consulate in Alicante I was told my passport, though scorched on the outside, was quite acceptable for them, but for a double check go to Alicante Airport and ask the Immigration

and Customs. They looked at it and with a shrug of their shoulders said it was fine to travel. Just as a second thought I checked with an airline at the airport and was told “no chance”. I remonstrated but was told the Consulate and Guardia Civil made no difference to their opinion. I was not going on their flight and was told if you have a rip in any pages they can refuse your flight. Is it me but is this not absurd? Authorities pass my documents and a private company can override them. So be warned, airlines look for any indiscretion to add woe on any self inflicted (in my case) problem. Mr KJ Palmer, Stockport

Trampolin Hills The tragic situation imposed upon home owners such as Trampolin Hell as I see it needs innovative thinking to resolve the problem. I am going to suggest that due to the magnitude of the situation, that they organise a committee including officials from the Town Hall and repose all the building company assets on the site, including the cranes. They should then form their own building company using these frozen assets as stock value. The next step is to go American and make an appeal to all the potential owners as to their backgrounds, apply what can be applied in the new company and finish the project themselves, with the Town Hall guidance and backing: problem solving is to not let go by applying self motivation. Sincerely, RTN reader

Spain’s Flooding tragedy living in narrowly averted the past What is it with the Spanish Government? The world and it’s wife knows water can only go south, so why don’t the planners act accordingly and build drains that can take it. If you were to ask me, the Spanish are living in the past when they hardly saw any of the wet stuff, people used to take photographs of holidaymakers with their umbrellas up as the rain was so rare to see. Builders, Planners, Mayors get your act together. christineangela

I came pass this tunnel at about 8.30pm heading to use the underpass to South Playa Flamenca and the Guardia were in attendance. However the cause is very clear, not only the water running off from the Playa Flamenca North Urb, but also the new N332 is drained directly into the tunnel. When I passed there were two huge gushes of water coming from the recently installed drainage ditches. You would have thought that with a brand

new road being built the authorities would have taken the opportunity to put in proper drainage and not use all the roads that run underneath, see La Zenia underpass as well, as aroyas. The newly installed pump stood no chance of coping. The other tunnel had started to fill so I bypassed it and went up to the La Zenia roundabout and doubled back. The Guardia arrived as I was leaving and barricaded that as well. Aylyn

Registering trailers In response to the enquiry from your reader Ken in relation to the registration of an English trailer, then I can provide the answer as I have registered numerous trailers and caravans as part of my business All trailers with a carrying capacity of over 750 Kg and all caravans irrespective of weight need to be approved, inspected and then registered with Trafico in the same way as a car does. Those that have been registered are conspicuous by the red number plate displayed on the rear of the trailer. Those that aren’t registered are equally conspicuous by the plate’s absence, so are likely to draw attention from the police. Any trailer with a carrying capacity less than 750 Kg need only a one off inspection and receive an ITV card to prove that this has been done and do not display the red plate. As is often the way in Spain, the process can be complex and unless you seek the correct advice, expensive. Anyone needing further information can contact me directly. Details are shown in my advert in RTN. Regards, Graham Shelton - - 966753375 - 605319889

8-14 JANUARY 12-18 March 2010

Mass demonstrations against abortion law Huge demonstrations were held across Spain last Sunday against reforms in the abortion law.

The minister for equality, Bibana Aído, responded to the protests by saying that Spain’s abortion law is “very safe” and that it brings Spain in line with other countries. She continued to explain that the law “…promotes prevention and sex education with the aim of reducing the number of unwanted pregnancies and the number of abortions.” One of the main protests The huge against the law was held in Madrid protest in Madrid and 10,000 people took part.

Spain gets a new image abroad The Secretary of State for Tourism, Joan Mesquida, revealed recently the main concepts for a new international promotion campaign for Spain, which is being launched under the slogan: “I need Spain.” The objective behind the campaign is to consolidate the country’s leading position in the holiday tourism sector, to position Spain as a first-class destination for cultural tourism and to diversify the tourism demand from seasonal, geographical and product perspectives. The new image will be portrayed in more than 40 countries, with a target audience of 400 million people around the world. In comparison, the previous campaign that ran from 2005 on, “Smile you’re in Spain” was targeted at only 100 million people. The

No Oscar for Spain’s sweetheart Spanish actress and Oscar nominee Penélope Cruz left the Oscars empty handed last week. She was nominated for Best Supporting Actress for her role in the musical Nine, but was beaten by Mo’Nique for her role in the film Precious. The Best Film in a Foreign Language was won by El Secreto de Sus Ojos, an Argentinean production.

Ferrán Adriá in the new campaign

spirit of the campaign is focused on the Spanish lifestyle, which attracts more than 50 million tourists every year. The promotion of Spain as a tourist destination abroad has seen its budget increased by 20 percent in two years.


Crisis on camera 16

12-18 MARCH 2010

by Jack Troughton SPAIN’S ONGOING illegal housing crisis is the focus of a new BBC documentary due to be screened at the end of the month. Journalists from BBC Wales visited the Costa Blanca this week to examine a situation that has created misery for homeowners who have seen their dream of a new life in the sun turn sour. The team flew in from Cardiff to film after weeks of research and RTN was happy to help producer Phil Williams and presenter Sian Lloyd meet expats, community associations and action groups campaigning for a solution. And RTN reporter Jack Troughton, who has investigated and written extensively about problems faced by householders under Spanish land legislation, was interviewed by the BBC. VILLA

Part of the programme – due to be aired on March 30th – centres on the picturesque Lliber Valley and more than 300 villas illegally built by an alleged conspiracy between the local authority, architects, promoters and builders. The Lliber situation is currently the subject of a criminal prosecution following an investigation by the Guardia Civil, but the BBC team met residents, lawyers, and builders in a bid to understand how the A talk over by presenter Sian Lloyd

Goodbye analog TV THE LAST analog TV transmitters in Spain are closing down as the industry begins the third and final phase of the National Technical Plan for Digital Terrestrial Television, affecting over 30 million people. The government is aiming to end the analogue signal before 2nd April in three key phases: from 17th March to 29th March, when 11 million people

will no longer receive the analog signal from 17 transmitters; on 30th March and on 2nd April, when the last remaining six transmitters will close down, which will affect 3.8 million people. This third step will involve the larger municipalities, including Madrid, Barcelona and Seville, which will all cease to receive analog on 30th March.

story evolved. The BBC were also filming in the south of Spain where homes have been flattened and demolition orders issued and also interviewed Minster for Europe Chris Bryant about how the British government could help expats. Sian told RTN: “Phil is the producer and has researched and put together the programme and has made all the calls over the past couple of months. “Now we are out here in Spain and actually doing the filming, as presenter I actually go on camera and ask the questions.” VICTIM

She said: “We are speaking to a number of residents who have found themselves victims of a system that they say has let them down. Making the programme is actually taking us across Spain and Lliber is one of the areas featured. “It is very interesting as we find out more about the system in Spain and how it has evolved.” Phil said that the numbers of expats living in Spain or visiting the country continued to make the headlines in the UK. “I think looking at it, there have been difficulties with the system and the situation is very difficult to put right for a lot of people,” he said. “There are some very strong stories here that people back home will be very interested in.”

Flight maintenance ALICANTE’S EL ALTET Airport continues to buck the national trend as the numbers of flights using the runways are slightly up on last year. Figures issued by the Spanish airports authority AENA show El Altet registered a 0.1 percent increase last month

compared to February 2009. However, the study showed numbers of flights in and out of Spain’s airports fell 8.5 percent in February against the figures published 12 months ago – and air-

craft using Valencia’s Manises Airport are down 13 percent.

12-18 MARCH 2010

freesat from a2sat Don’t miss it when you can freesat plus it! a2sat bringing you the latest news Battle of the dishes (well size actually)

We are often asked, “So why do I really need such a large dish” The answer is always the same, “smaller the dish size, more the compromise” The big attraction for the smaller dish is cost! And it would appear large savings can be made, however this is in most cases is not the case, and not in this region! So what is it you want from your TV signal? Well that’s easy… BBC, ITV, C4, E4, More4 etc 24 hours a day 7 days a week. To be certain to get these channels you need to be able to accommodate a big dish anything smaller will always compromise this. Some would say the smaller dish works just as well, in some respects this may be fair to say, however during very overcast, bad weather and late evening the signal is very likely to disappear. Food for thought.. We all enjoy the Spanish weather so in the long summer evenings UK TV seems less important to us plus the signal is less likely to fail due to the nearly nonexistent bad weather, but what about the long winter evenings when the weather is not so great and the TV becomes the evening´s entertainment! a2sat can assure you that you will have the pleasure of knowing that the satellite dish outside is the right one for the job and will always provide your favorite channels, without breaking up, unless it really is raining cats and dogs as the saying goes, even then picture loss is kept to a minimum. Channels like BBC2,BBC3, BBC4 C5, Film4 are really on the fringes of reception so anything less than a 1.9m dish in this part of Spain are not possible to receive. We always point out that even on a 1.9m dish there is no guarantee that these channels are going to come in but we always aim to pull them in, even if it is only for a few hours a day! (we have plenty of customers who would agree with this) So to summarise , if you want to be sure of receiving the main English channels 24/7 regardless of the time of day or the weather then you always will need the bigger dish size. Why pay out your hard earned cash on a smaller dish only to wish you had of purchased the bigger dish in the beginning! And not sat in front of a TV screen saying “No Satellite signal being received” We have seen over the past few weeks other recording boxes being offered as freesat plus boxes, when in actual fact they are just generic twin tuner decoders that require an external hard drive or USB stick. Although there is a place in the market for these type of decoders they are not freesat ones, which means that the Full 8 day programme guide is not supported and all you will have, are now and next listing. So what is so important about the programme guide? without the programme guide you will not be able to say, set the freesat plus box to record a programme that begins at a certain time and for example in 6 days time. The programme could be part of a series so therefore you just tell the freesat plus box that everytime that programme comes on, to record it. There are no timer set ups involved as the freesat plus box is only interested in the name of the programme, meaning that the programme start and end times are irrelivent. So for example if the programme you wish to record in a few days time starts late due to an over run of the previous programme, the freesat plus box will just simply record at the new correct time and all into its built in massive 320GB hard drive !

“If it doesn’t say freesat on the box…. then its NOT freesat in the box.” We have had many many enquiries from callers who have seen adverts across the free press offering freesat and also displaying the freesat logo, this has led, people to believe that the digi box they have purchased is freesat. Our callers have then found that those digi boxes are actually ‘free to air’ and do not offer the services available on freesat; ie, the interactive red button on BBC with sports streams, teletext, 24 hour

8 day programme guide, subtitles, etc. Purchasing a GENUINE freesat digi box is the only way to receive these services. We are finding that people are confused by being offered what they think is freesat when actually they are being offered ‘free to air’ decoders which DO NOT support the BBC red button, etc, so to see what difference a genuine freesat decoder can make, please come to our offices for a demonstration. We guarantee that once you have seen the benefits for yourself you wouldn´t consider the alternatives. FORMULA ONE IS BACK! F1 QUALIFYING BAHRAIN BBC1 & RED BUTTON SATURDAY 10.10AM UK TIME F1 GRAND PRIX BAHRAIN BBC1 & RED BUTTON SUNDAY 11.15 UK TIME Over each Grand Prix weekend you can watch the free practice on the Friday and Saturday, this is only available on the RED Button on the BBC. The qualifying session and the actual Grand Prix itself also offer RED Button services including onboard camera´s and you can also change the commentary, ie watch the Grand Prix with say the Radio Five commentary. Once the main show finishes on BBC1 you can watch the after show on the Red Button too. You can only do all of this if you have a genuine freesat or Sky decoder. freesat is the very latest subscription-free digital satellite service, created by the BBC and ITV and providing a wealth of television channels, together with radio and data services. It was introduced following concerns by the UK’s public service broadcasters that it would not be possible to guarantee access to free digital terrestrial TV to the entire population during the pending terrestrial switchover. It is effectively the satellite equivalent of the digital terrestrial TV Free to Air (FTA) services, and operates in a similar way to Sky but without the monthly subscription costs. If you already own your own dish why not just upgrade the box and recieve freesat Today! ‘a2sat’ remains one of the few companies on the Coast to provide a true freesat package and upholds the philosophy that “If it doesn’t say freesat on the box….then its NOT freesat in the box.” a2sat insist on using only the highest standard equipment, including Portuguese prime focus dishes and Invacom LNB’s, installing new quality satellite cable during each installation and a concrete base or appropriate wall bracket, so that no drilling of the client’s roof or solarium is required. FREESAT PLUS The company’s best-selling system of the moment is the latest addition to the freesat range of Digital Satellite recorders, freesat HD plus. The system operates in a similar manner to the SKY HD Plus but with one major difference: users have access to any of the accepted free to air channels, with no subscription necessary. With freesat Plus, viewers have the freedom to pause, rewind and fast forward LIVE TV without the need to record anything! This is possible as the sophisticated decoder has a massive 320GB hard drive, allowing users to preserve up to 200 hours of Standard Definition or 80 hours of High Definition programming, which is great if someone telephones at a crucial moment in the programme or if you just want to pop to the kitchen to make a brew. Viewers have the flexibility to watch one channel whilst recording another, or even record two channels whilst watching a third show they recorded earlier, providing an entire evening of tailor-made home entertainment! The convenient 8-day programme guide ensures that they will always


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Starting from only 60€ per year know when their favorite programmes are showing, and if they are otherwise engaged at that time, they can simply press the record button and their selections will be available to view at leisure. freesat Plus viewers have a complete Teletext service at their disposal, combined with the fully interactive service available exclusively from the BBC, featuring news, weather and sports broadcasts. Plus, the system boasts the amazing Sport Multiscreen function, enabling viewers to enjoy a combination of the day’s biggest sporting events, exactly as they happen. COMMUNITY INSTALLATIONS We now offer fibre optics as the new way of installing the larger community systems allowing us to run the cables up to a total of 15km without any signal loss!! Investing in a personal freesat system may seem a little pricey, so why not chat to your neighbours about a shared system? a2sat install systems for up to four homes to share, where a dish of 1.9m is recommended, whilst also catering for larger communities, which can have an almost unlimited number of homes connected to it and the 2.4m dish is the favorable option. With a shared or community system, the quality of the signal and number of channels supplied is equivalent to that of a personal satellite dish, although prices vary in accordance with the demands of the job. A2sat are very happy to conduct a site visit and discuss the possibilities available, and if any planning applications are required, will even complete the paperwork at no extra cost!

advantage of professional support from a2sat all year round! For all shared, community systems and non a2sat installations can also enjoy a2sat support with costs taylored to suit your needs freesat Platform for all of the freesat range including freesat HD plus

The TDT switchover has begun a2sat is pleased to welcome clients to its office which is situated on C/ Miguel Angel Blanco, Daya Nueva, where they can discuss the options with one of the informed Sales Representatives and view a demonstration of the benefits of freesat over other Digital Television systems. For further information please telephone 966 194 931 or 678 239 193. Opening times are 10am to 4pm Monday to Friday and 10am to 2pm on Saturday´s. Alternatively you may email enquiries to or consult the website

SERVICING CONTRACTS a2sat also extends technical support and servicing to existing clients and also those using other satellite systems. Clients will benefit from a low cost, guaranteed back up service, which secures continuous hassle free television viewing direct from Astra2. The a2sat commitment means that clients can rely on same day technical support or a site visit within 24 hours from the original call if necessary. If replacement of any equipment is required, a no obligation quote is given prior to any action being taken, to avoid any nasty surprises later on. The cost of the service contract starts from 5€ per month, which means that for as little as 60€ per year, clients can take

Questions and Answers Q Can I use my own dish that already picks up UK TV with Freesat? A: Yes. Q. Does my dish need to be realigned to receive freesat? A. No if you are already receiving UK TV from your existing system. Q. What if I cannot have a second feed from my dish as it’s shared or there are no spare ways left on the LNB? A. No problem you can still record and watch something you have pre recorded or with a small link you can still watch some channels while recording others. Q. How long is my guarantee? A. Grundig SD 1 year, Humax HD and the HD plus 2 years! Q. Can I fit my own freesat box? A. Yes you can, however why not have us deliver the box to you and show you how to get the most from your chosen freesat box. Q. I have been told I’m watching freesat, but the box is not one of the boxes mentioned here.? A. Then the box you have purchased is NOT freesat, many people have purchased boxes thinking they are watching freesat, when in actual fact they watching the channels via a FTA box ie free to air, these boxes do not put the channels into a nice logical order and if a new channel comes along and or changes frequency then you will have to perform a rescan on a NON freesat box. Q. Why does my digital box only show NOW and NEXT, and the Red button on the BBC and Teletext does not work? A. You only have a FTA box and definitely not freesat. Q. Where can I see freesat in action? A. We have a full demonstration system on show in our office Q. In the event of a technical query, where can I get help? A. Just call us and we will be able to help. Q would you like to be able to use the red button on the BBC and have teletext? A To get this and so much more you need a genuine freesat box

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12-18 March 2010

Baby Isabel is fighting fit! By Louise Clarke and Corry Granger THE PLIGHT of Baby Isabel, the Downs Syndrome baby born with several holes in her heart, was highlighted in RTN just before Christmas. This week, the parents of Isabel are celebrating the success of her life-saving surgery following a battle with health authorities. Isabel was born in September last year at Torrevieja Hospital by emergency Caesarean section, weighing just over six pounds. Her father Blue was told that it was suspected Isabel had Down’s syndrome. Alison, Isabel’s mother, had taken out a Prestige Healthcare Plan for herself during the pregnancy and the couple also had European EHIC cards. They were invited to join the Spanish free health scheme on a visit to the Town Hall in the Orihuela Costa where they live, so felt that they had covered their options. NOT PROPERLY ACCREDITED

Alison and Blue live on income from rental on properties owned in the UK, paying income tax in England as well as in Spain. When Alison became pregnant after two miscarriages, she and Blue were confident that mother and baby would have every care afforded a new family. However, when Isabel was born they found their troubles had only just begun… Isabel was diagnosed with a hole in the heart as well as being suspected of having Down’s Syndrome. The paediatric cardiologist, Dr Izquierdo, told the couple

that there was a chance that the hole might close by itself over time and prescribed medication in the meantime to help regulate her blood pressure. The couple, who live in Playa Flamenca, was allowed to take Isabel home after tests but soon discovered that Alison’s SIP card was not properly accredited. Alison contacted PUMA22 and founder member Mr Bill Bridges spoke to staff at the British Consulate. Mr Martyn Standing, at the DWP in Alicante, contacted Alison and told her that Isabel’s SIP card did entitle her to full medical assistance. He also contacted the Downs Association of Spain on their behalf. OPEN-HEART SURGERY

Isabel required specialist open-heart surgery in Valencia fairly urgently and the procedure was duly booked to go ahead two weeks later. Unfortunately, the operation was then cancelled only five days before it was due to take place, due to the problems with Alison’s SIP card. Alison then approached her private insurers, AXA PPP, who thankfully agreed to cover the cost of the operation. Isabel was admitted to the Casa de Salud hospital in Valencia on 9th February and underwent open-heart surgery two days later. During the two hours in surgery, three holes in Isabel’s heart were repaired along with a faulty valve detected the day before the operation during a final ECG. She then spent four days in the paediatric intensive care unit, before being allowed to go home

Isabel is a little fighter and is a real cutie!

on 17th February, with 25 staples in her chest plus stitches. RELIEF

Mum Alison told RTN: “She looked like she had been fitted with a zipper! They allowed us to go home early as Isabel was making such a great recovery and her brother Josh was over from the UK for a week to meet his little sister.” On 22nd February, Isabel had her staples and stitches removed at Torrevieja Hospital and on 25th February,

her paediatrician said she was making excellent progress when she had her postoperative check. She will be examined again in May. Alison told RTN: “Isabel will need to have an ECG with a paediatric cardiologist in the next few weeks though, just to be safe.” She added: “I can’t describe what a relief it is to have got through this with our gorgeous baby daughter still intact. There should be no stopping her now! She has been so brave, and we feel really lucky to have such a terrific little girl.”

Spanish hostage freed by Al-Qaeda A Spanish aid worker, Alicia Gamez, was released by her Al-Qaeda kidnappers last week, after being held hostage for four months. She is in good health. She was travelling in Mauritania as part of the aid group Barcelona Accion Solidaria, when she and two colleagues were snatched at gunpoint on 29th November. Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) claimed responsibility for the kidnappings on 8th December. Spain’s El Mundo paper reported that the Spanish government was paying €3.7 million for Gamez’s release.

Police find 1,000kg of cocaine in fruit pulp

Police in Pamplona have discovered a thousand kilos of cocaine from Colombia that was hidden inside fruit pulp. The drugs left Colombia on 12th December and travelled along the Panama Canal on a container ship, which arrived at Algeciras in Spain and was then moved to another vessel that made its way to Bilbao. The drugs ended up in a warehouse rented by the traffickers. Police say the estimated value of the cocaine on the black market is €30 million.

12-18 MARCH 2010


The Madrid School parents denounce train bombings education department sixth anniversary

EVENTS TOOK place to mark the 6th Anniversary of the Madrid Atocha station bound train bombings that took the lives of 192 people and injured 2,000 at the hands of Islamic radicals. PP leader Esperanza Aguirre of the Madrid region placed a wreath of remembrance in the Puerta del Sol, accompanied by victims’ association representatives. And at the City Hall, councillors also placed flowers. The actress Pilar Bardem, with Union leaders, organised a further event and yet another in the ‘forest of the absent’ at El Retiro Park. Congress read the Declaration of Human Rights and King Juan Carlo met with victims at the Zarzuela Palace in the evening. An initiative to declare 27th June as the ‘Day for the Victims of Terrorism’ has been approved by Congress and new terrorism laws concerning victims are expected in Spain shortly. El Mundo has reported an Ecuadorian woman, Lorena Candelario, as ‘living a lie’ since 2004. Despite receiving Spanish nationality; public housing; several thousand Euros in compensation and a medal, she was never on the trains: her case is to be brought before the Attorney General via the Ministry of the Interior.

by Louise Clarke THE ASSOCIATION of Mothers and Fathers (AMPA) at the Gloria Fuertes Primary School in San Miguel de Salinas has denounced the Valencian Education Department after pupils in a Year 5 class have had to endure several different supply teachers in just a matter of weeks. Unlike in the UK, where the head teacher of a school arranges cover for a sick member of staff, here in Spain the cover is arranged by the Education Department in Valencia. The President of AMPA Maite Perez told RTN: “We want to publically denounce the Valencian Education Department for the excessive delay in getting a long term replacement for the Year 5 teacher, who is currently on long term sick leave.” Gloria Fuertes Primary School in San Miguel de Salinas


Class 5C has suffered two consecutive long term leaves of absence since the children returned to school after the Christmas holidays. The second teacher has been absent for more than two weeks and the class have had several different teachers during that time who have been covering on a ‘lesson by lesson’ basis. The President continued: “The excessive delays from the Valencian School Ministry to cover these absences, has caused a dramatic situation with pupils being without the fundamental presence of a permanent school teacher during the last two

St Patrick’s Day Fiesta

weeks and also from the beginning of term.” She added: “The children of this class have only had eleven days since Christmas when they have had the same teacher for the whole day.” SUFFERING

One disgusted parent whose child is in that class told RTN: “They are nearing the end of their primary education and it imperative that they have some stability in their school day. The

remaining teachers are covering classes here, there and everywhere. There is no continuity of care and the children are suffering as a result.” Maite concluded: “AMPA considers that public education should be the upmost priority to the Valencian government and for this reason they do not understand such a delay in the performance of such a simple administrative act and we ask for fast and effective action for future cases of sick leave.”

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Mini Gas Tanks Available

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THE EMERALD Isle, The Celtic Isle, The Lansdowne and The Judges Chambers will all be participating in next week’s Orihuela Costa St Patrick’s Day Fiesta. There will also be a Spanish bar at the event, which takes place on 16th, 17th and 18th March at the large car park

near to the Mercadona in Playa Flamenca. It promises to be great fun for all the family. A U2 tribute act will be performing at the festival as well as traditional Irish folk singers and dancers and there is guaranteed to be lots of Guinness to drink!


12-18 March 2010

SAT always needs your help by Louise Clarke SINCE MOVING to Dolores in 1999, SAT has taken over 6,000 dogs into its care. On average, it re-homes between 30 and 40 dogs per month and its average veterinary bill for just ONE month is €5000! That is why help is needed. Since RTN visited the kennels in Dolores to report on the plight of Gabriel, the dog that had been found in an appalling condition after being dragged by his neck along a road by a car, we have been keen to highlight the excellent work that the charity does. Last year alone the bill for dog food was more than €14,000 and this does not take into account the food donated by generous members of the public or the donations of food

the charity receives from various sources in Germany. The telephone bill for last year was €3,800, as many hours are spent on the telephone dealing with a wide range of enquiries, including requests for spaces for stray and abandoned dogs and cats; people looking to re-home the family pet; the re-homing of a variety of other animals such as horses; donkeys; ducks; geese; chickens and even pot bellied pigs; information regarding the Pet Passport travel scheme; details of boarding kennels and an enquiry which is growing in frequency - animal cruelty. SAT do not receive any Government funding whatsoever and rely totally on the generosity of the public, together with fundraising events such as dinner dances; shows; themed events etc. The SAT

Gabriel is recovering from his ordeal

Dog Shows which are held twice a year in April and September take an enormous amount of work to organise and usually raise in the region of €3,000 but when you consider that this figure will only cover two thirds of a monthly vet bill, you can see that many people do a lot of hard work to enable the charity to continue its work. SAT has four charity shops in La Marina Urb Guardamar, Almoradi and San Luis together with a stall at The British Indoor Market in Formentera; all playing a large part

raising much needed funds. There is also a boot sale at Salon Grande (Between San Miguel and Los Balcones) open every Wednesday and Sunday mornings. The charity is always grateful for new volunteers: tasks include cleaning at the kennels; dog walking; fund raising or working in our charity shops. Anyone interested in giving up some of their spare time to help our four legged friends can call the kennels on 966 710 047. As for Gabriel, he is flourishing. He is getting better by the day thanks

Egyptian Mummies in Barcelona museum Barcelona archaeologists, anthropologists and doctors have successfully identified 18 mummies from a burial tomb in Luxor, Egypt. Until now, the age and mummification methods used on the mummies were unknown. Now the public can see the results of the investigations in the Catalunya Archaeological Museum until 5th September this year. The

mummies were found in Governor Monthemhat’s tomb, in the Valley of the Kings, which dates back to the 7th Century BC. Tests revealed that the mummies were funerary workers, although it appears that most of them didn’t undergo the traditional mummification ritual, which involved having the brain removed through the nose and the internal organs preserved in a pot.

to the care of his foster family and has developed his own personality. As you can see from the picture, his scars are fading and he is enjoying his life at last. This could not have been possible had it not been for the hard work and dedication of the volunteers of SAT. The charity is organising its second ‘pooch mooch’ on 28th March in La Marina. All money raised from sponsorship will go to the charity and information as well as sponsorship forms are available at their above listed shops.

Plácido Domingo has cancer op

The world famous Spanish Tenor, Plácido Domingo, has undergone an operation to remove a cancerous lump from his colon. The surgery took place in New York, where he is now recuperating for six weeks in his American home. The singer has stated that he plans to be well enough to appear on stage in Milan on 16th April to play Simon Boccanegra.

12-18 MARCH 2010

We are here for you today and tomorrow WHY ARE there such differences, sometimes, in a car quotation? Does it mean less cover?


by Jennifer Cunningham

The Costas leading insurance consultant If you have a question please email her at:

In the paper you suggest that we come to you for a second opinion on QROPS: why?

Car insurance in Spain has never before seen such a price war. Liberty Seguros, the company we work with, refuses to enter the price war as it is both a dangerous and false world, dangerous because both the claim service and indeed paying for a claim would become a problem for a company charging less than a realistic premium. For example, one car claim via my company was in excess of thirty thousand euros. This has now been paid to the client in total. It is impossible to cut the prices so drastically and give the same service, as has been proven in the UK; cheap premiums always in the end have a big price attached. Just watch this space. For example, one other way a quotation can appear less than ours, is where a basic model is quoted instead of the actual, which of course could be the ‘sports’ version. Check the model carefully as this could effect any payment made in the cases of an accident. Most important are the accessories and the BHP which can easily be seen on your ‘ficha tecnica.’ Also always check the cover is the one you have requested and not third party only. Yes, I can assure you, all this does happen. We are and will be here for you today and tomorrow.

I understand from a policeman that in an area of Murcia, twenty percent of cars are not insured, with approximately sixty five percent of that figure being from the UK?

Oh dear, how dreadful that statistic is. One huge issue here is that it is a legal requirement of Spain to have your car insured. Think of the implications of an accident where a person was either killed or permanently disabled. If this happened, which it could and to anyone, it makes a complete joke of saving a few hundred euros; never forgetting that the Guardia /Police can check within minutes to see if you have insured the car you are driving. I understand that Spanish jails are dreadful: is it worth the risk?

You often inform us your Life Insurance is cheaper than the banks: is it the same cover?

Yes exactly the same bar the premium. Life insurance means just that: you die and the insurer pays out.

I have mentioned a few times that QROPS could be the most dangerous product to be sold in the financial market for a while. Advice that is either not legal or incorrect could lead to a bad investment being made for that precious pension fund that has taken years to save. One question to consider is: have you been advised to remove the whole amount of your pension fund? Should the answer be yes? Despite what you are told, you could have the tax man chasing you in a few years time, because, by law, you can only transfer a certain percentage. If you are feeling very uncomfortable with the charges, there is no need to automatically accept them. Why not pick up the phone and call us for an appointment with our associates? They are experienced legally regulated advisors who will arrange to meet you and give their expert opinion; all of which would be supported by a very comprehensive report. The decision you take now could affect your whole future, therefore it is far too important to leave to chance.

Do I need to take out insurance for my apartment if the urbanisation I live on has an insurance policy?

Good question and one we are always being asked about. The answer is simply yes. You do need to top up your urbanisation policy in two ways: your apartment will only be covered to a certain level, depending on the community policy that the urbanization has. For example, if you have a leak that causes damage to another apartment, you could be liable for the cost of the repairs should you not have accidental damage cover. It is your responsibility to insure your contents and as always, our advice is to make sure you are realistic about the costs of all your furnishings, clothes, ornaments, etc. If in any doubt about any of the above information, please take your policy document into one of JCC offices. We will check it for you and advise you accordingly. PS: IF YOU ARE STILL WITHOUT HEALTH INSURANCE, REMEMBER THAT WE STILL HAVE THE SPECIAL OFFERS FROM ASSSA WHICH ARE VALID FOR LIFE.

Jennifer Cunningham y Asociados S.L. The Costas leading insurance consultant. If you have a question please email her at:


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Special purchase of 200 Fresh Beef Fillets ( Solomillo) ideal for Chateau Briand, Beef Wellington, Fillet Steak . Approx weight 3 kilo’s. Only 23.95€ per kilo. Supermarket price 31.90€. First come. First served. Special Purchase Of American Or Galician Fresh Rump. Ideal For Joints, Steaks Etc. Buy 4 Kilos For The Amazing Price Of 8.95€ Per Kilo! Cut And Packed To Your Requirements

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12-18 March 2010

Political RealiTV

Watts In Britain By

Paul Watts

WELL, I certainly asked for it when I requested ideas on electoral reform recently. It will take me a month to deal with all the mail. Some ideas were how shall I put it - probably a touch too extreme to print. But thanks anyway for all the suggestions. Here is one example from RTN reader, Brian Green: “Hello Paul, you asked for ideas for electoral reform, here are mine: Reduce the amount of MPs to 50; abandon the house of lords (I specifically left out the capitals); abandon the monarchy (I specifically left out the capitals); appoint Jeremy Clarkson as President for life; the President selects 50 MPs to support him: he hires and fires.” Brain outlines his thinking. He says: “Items 1, 2 and 3 would save enough money to pay off the national debt,” and, “we could reduce the Civil Service to 10% of its current size.” While recognising the mileage in Brian’s ideas, I was a tad worried about ultimate power being given to Jezza. So I suggested to Brian the appointment of Piers Morgan as Clarkson’s Vice President, in order to water down some of Clarkson’s more extreme ideas. Brian was having none of it; he did not agree. He told me: “Recruiting Piers Morgan to control those extreme ideas would be a retrograde step; similar to inviting Peter Mandelson. The idea is that Jeremy decides everything.” Okay, Brian well it might be worth giving it a go: could we be any worse off? As we noted, nearly 17 million people did not turn out to vote in the last election. Also, it was revealed that more people voted for George Galloway as a Celebrity Big Brother contestant than they did for him as an MP. Many readers have suggested TV and text voting as an alternative. Maybe it’s time to forget the polling stations and just get voting on the telly. A couple of re-gigged reality

shows might prove more popular to the public than endless debates. It’ll certainly guarantee the MPs a better turnout. How about sticking some expense-grabbing MPs in the jungle with a new show called, I’m a Parliamentarian, Get Me in Here. I can think of some pretty gruesome Bushtucker Trials to put them through. Then we could have Richard Hamster putting MPs through their paces with Total Whitehall-Out. I would love to see Ed Balls on the balls and Anne Widdicombe in the mud – steady, Watts. Sorry. No, that show wouldn’t work because it doesn’t have a voting element to it. But Big Brother does: how about that? Cue the Geordie voice-over lad: “Day thirty four in the Big Brother Hoose-of-Parliament and my-posh-mate-Dave has poured HP Sauce all over Bottla Brown’s hand written plans for the economy.” In the diaryroom Dave explains: “Bottlah is trying to be frightfully chavy-class just to appeal to the masses; he keeps calling everyone ‘guys’ and punctuating every sentence with ‘you know wotti mean?’ But raally, he is so very posh himself. Posher even than me. I couldn’t help the sauce, I just lorst it…” Finally, we’ll need a talent show to vote in our prime minister. How about, Britain’s Got Tyrant? Picture the scene waiting in the wings before meeting the judges stands one Bottla ‘Hash’ Brown, of Downing Street. “Wot ya gonna do?” asks Ant or Dec. “Erm, hulloo,” bumbles Brown, “er, I’ll dazzle the assembled populace with my fiscal incentives, international strategies and elder statesman charm.” Ant and Dec clasp hands to their mouths, laughing heartily. Brown pads across the stage. Waiting is a baying crowd and the most powerful triumvirate in television: sneering Simon Cowing; lubricious Piers Moron and token bimbette, Amanda Holds’em.

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Simon Cowing: So what do you do? Gordon Brown: Well, hulooo, erm, I’ve got nice initials. Patriotic initials… SC: (puzzled look) Nice initials? GB: Oh yer, they’re GB, Gordon Brown, you know GB, like the country Great Britain SC: (slight frown) Yes, but what’s your particular talent? GB: (coughs) Well, it is the initial thing really. People will ‘dig’ that. SC: That’s it; that’s the talent? GB: Well, erm, yes although I’m rather good at spending other people’s money and flogging their gold cheap… SC: Not much of an act though? GB: Erm, yer, but it’s mainly the initials. GB. Great Britain, haw, haw, haw. SC: Or GB, Great Bully? I understand you’ve a talent for making people cry… GB: I am NOT a bully. Did you not see how I cried on Tears, er Piers TV show? Piers Moron: Yes, you did cry Gordon. You cried… SC: Yes, but most people cry when your show’s on, Piers. PM: Oh, very funny Cowing; you’re so hurtful… People will vote for Gordie. They’ll vote in thousands to make him PM… They will vote. SC: They didn’t before. No one did; he just bullied his way into No. 10. GB: I am NOT a bully… (sob, sob) Amanda Holds’em: Boys, boys, stop it - I’m starting to cry too now and… SC: And what Amanda? You haven’t had a chance to clutch your silicon implants yet? PM: Cowing; you’re insufferable! SC: Yes, yes Piers; whatever, Now it’s time to vote and it’s a NO from me. AH: (Hands on implants squeezing her silicon for the ‘dads’ demographic) Sorry, Gordon love but it’s a NO from me too. PM: Sorry, Gordon my ‘yes’ vote’s not going to count now… GB: (sinisterly) If I get my way, no one’s vote will count; ever again.

The crowd chants, “Off, off, off…”

Could it happen? Some think it already has. Anyway, I’m off to have another look at Brian’s ideas, now where did I put Jeremy Clarkson’s number… Watts in Britain; wishing my mum, my mum-inlaw, my children’s mum and all mums everywhere a very Happy Mothering Sunday xx

12-18 March 2010


Property market gaining strength THE INTERNET has the capacity to reach people in all four corners of the globe and RTN refuses to limit its accessibility to the boundaries of just the Mediterranean coastline; which is why RTN does not believe that buyers and sellers of property should restrict their options or marketing potential. Now, through the use of their inspired and user friendly property website, RTN has devised a way in which to project your property all around the World. Evidence suggests that the property market is improving in Spain and RTN’s Spanish Home Finder is the perfect medium through which to promote the sale of property. Following close examination of current market trends, Managing Director of RTN Geoff Gartland and Sales and Website Administrator Garreth Wright have devised a simple and effective way of doing just that.

and private vendors. Not only will they enjoy access to a multi-faceted website ahead of its class in terms of design and functionality, they will also reap the benefits of association to the acclaimed RTN brand. What makes Spanish Home Finder so unique is that it is entirely


It is well known now that the majority of property buyers will look, research and enquire on the internet first when they are looking to buy a property, so place your property for sale at the price you want in the place where they will look first. The RTN Media Group will maintain an extensive publicity campaign throughout our web and print mediums; UK based publications plus sponsored links through Google. The website also extends a wealth of benefits, both to property agents

Estate Agents & Developers: Advertise your properties with us from only 6€ per month! For more information email:

self-managed, allowing the user to submit, review and edit their property details at their convenience. The site is equipped with a neat intrinsic control panel, offering the user the power to deliver the details and emphasise features they wish to promote. The sophisticated

system gives vendors the option to include up to six images and thus optimise the marketing potential of the property. As they have the ability to control their marketing campaign, they may also monitor the incidence of visitors and manage all enquiries, which are delivered di-

rectly to the client’s preferred email address, rather than to the host site, giving them increased privacy and potential to negotiate with interested parties. PROPERTY AGENTS

Property agents may upload a portfolio of up to 2000 properties, filed alongside their business contact details and under their identifying company logo. XML feed is available for fast uploading of large portfolios. The website is particularly beneficial to those companies without a substantial budget to spend on multimedia advertising packages. Thousands of euros may be saved by making use of the comprehensive Spanish Home Finder property portal. For more information on prices email Packages start from only 6€ per month. PRIVATE VENDORS Meanwhile, private vendors have the option to submit up to five properties under their own promotional umbrella. This process costs just €35 until the properties are sold! The vendor is allowed the freedom to edit their submission as much as they wish to achieve a perfect result prior to going live online, and it is only at this stage that any payment is required. Log on now to and register your property now.



12-18 MARCH 2010


Marc White & Carlos Baos

English & Spanish Solicitors

I have managed to secure a bargain on the property I am purchasing. Is there a risk that the tax man will consider that I am really paying more?

IT IS perfectly legal for the buyer and seller to agree whatever price they wish, provided it is a so-called arm’s length transaction and not an attempt to avoid creditors. The tax man in Spain takes a different view, however, and this issue is of very real importance in a falling property market. The purchaser is more likely to be caught out than the seller however, and unsurprisingly the tax man will always go for the purchaser as they will be the owner of an asset, i.e. the newly purchased house, against which they can place a charge if necessary. Almost every property in Spain will have a valor catastral which is similar to the ‘rateable value’ in the UK. Typically the property’s catastral value will be very far out of date unless it has been recently reassessed. The figure can often be found on the most recent IBI receipt. When purchasing a property it is very important to check that the declared price, i.e. the figure inserted into the

escritura, is acceptable to the tax authorities by reference to the catastral value. A scale of multipliers exists which enables a purchaser to determine the minimum value that the tax authorities will accept. A simple example of how this might work in practice is as follows: the buyer agrees to purchase 22 Las Marinas for €250k. The deed is signed before the Notary and the seller receives payment in full. Six weeks following the sale, a notification is received by the purchaser demanding that additional transfer tax is paid due to the fact that the catastral value, when multiplied by the relevant coefficient, produces an acceptable figure of €450k. The tax on the additional €200k must be paid by the purchaser; an unexpected €14k that the purchaser had not budgeted for. Where the price of a property has fallen faster than the evaluation made by the authorities, it makes good sense to obtain a professional valuation prior to

purchase as this may assist in seeking to persuade the tax man that their figures are out of date. It may be the case that a property is in a state of disrepair, which explains the low purchase price. In this case it may well pay to take

photographs which can be used to justify the price paid. I trust the above is clear and please feel free to give either Carlos Baos or myself a call if you wish to discuss this or any other issue.

Marc White LL.B. & Carlos Baos (English & Spanish Solicitors) C/Diana 19, 2º-D, 03700 Dénia (located close to the Glorieta Square at the end of Marques de Campo). © White & Baos Abogados 2008 - Tel: 966 426 185. All rights reserved. Send your questions to or

Labour reform deal to be reached in April GERARDO DÍAZ Ferran, the Chairman of the Employers Organisation, has agreed with the Minister for Employment, Celestino Corbacho, that a deal on labour reform

will be reached in April. An indiscriminate reduction in social security quotas has been ruled out of the discussions according to latest reports.

100 billion euros loss SPANISH CHAMBERS of Commerce say that they don’t think the banks in Spain will ever get back 100 billion € they have lent to real estate companies and promoters. President, Javier Gómez Navarro, said he thought that the amount, 30% of the total of 350 billion € lent, would not ever be recovered, and he also thinks that many Spanish financial entities will therefore see a loss this year.

Alliance loses air slots to meet EU requirements AS THE European Union opens time for public consultation on the proposed alliance between Iberia, British Airways and American Airlines, it’s reported that the group is pre-

pared to lose six of its slots from London to meet the requirements of the EU competition authority. A peak time slot at Heathrow can cost as much as 34.5 million €.

12-18 March 2010


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business Community or conflict? 5-11 FEBRUARY 12-18 March 2010 2010



Suzanne O’Connell Freelance reporter

ARE YOU a member of a community of owners? I’d not heard the term before or really thought much about these urbanisations other than to gaze enviously at their pools. My closest contact has been avoiding a short cue of cars waiting for an electronic gate to open. So what are they and who does keep these community facilities well-oiled, watered and cleaned? Marina Lorente, lawyer at Ábaco Asesores helped me find out more about how they function and what happens when they don’t. NOTHING LEFT TO CHANCE The community is far from an informal arrangement between a few property owners; it is a legal entity ruled by statutes that requires the appointment of a President. The community exists by law in all those developments that share facilities. So when the lift

needs fixing, the swimming pool needs cleaning, or there are nuisance neighbours, there is a system and agreed procedures for dealing with it. The President is the legal representative of the Community, appointed from amongst the owners. He or she is responsible for calling and chairing meetings, finding solutions to problems, signing contracts and handling complaints. It’s no easy task, but it is compulsory to have one. The role holds significant responsibility and once appointed Presidents cannot resign, although a vice president can temporarily take over. In most cases an administrator is also appointed. They handle expenses and budgets, organise payments and collections and oversee maintenance, services and installations. Where a professional is paid to do the job they might also carry out the President’s tasks.

The community can be a firm foundation enabling consistency, continuity and happy communal living for years. But it comes at a cost: Firstly the financial one: the community has to approve a budget to run and cover the community costs. Usually the fees for each owner are decided by taking into account the size/ location/ aspect of each property. Then there are the regulations: communities have rules and sometimes lots of them. No need for ASBOs if your community has already established what is and is not allowed. However, if you are a DIY genius with a penchant for making your closet into a castle you might find this a little restrictive. PLAYING BY THE RULES Not everyone plays by the rules. Collecting lottery money from a few co-workers can be problematic so how do you go about collecting contributions when owners live across the World? Marina explains that owners who have debts can be barred from voting at the meetings but cannot be barred from attending. In extreme circumstances a lawsuit can be brought against a member through a judicial claim. But what if the debtor disappears back to the UK? One of the features of these crisis times is that whilst most people are struggling financially, some are having a bonanza. Pawn brokers,

Minister for Tax and the Economy, Elena Salgado, has no private pension plan The large family businesses in Spain who make up the Institute of Family Business, IEF, have added their 2€ worth to the debate on pensions and the retirement age by saying that people should now work to 70. They say the current system is unsustainable, and what is needed is ‘a deep reform of the system, fruit of a consensus between all the political groups. They also Minister for say that the entire working life should be Tax and the considered when pensions are calculated Economy, and not just 15 years as now. Elena Following the revelation that Celestino Salgado

Corbacho, Minister for Employment, has a private pension plan, and his advice for others to follow suit, the Spanish press reveals that the Spanish Deputy Prime Minister, Maria Teresa Fernández de la Vega, also has a private plan, while the Prime Minister, José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, does not. Other ministers to have a private plan are Elena Espinosa and Beatriz Corredor. Minister for Tax and the Economy, Elena Salgado, says she does not need a private plan, as she has been paying into the system since she was 22.

debt collectors and gold traders are reaping the rewards of desperation. There are now companies promising to chase debtors in the UK. Anyone interested in enlisting their help should check that the community can claim against an owner in the UK, particularly when it relates to seizing property. These are worst case scenarios. But everyone needs to be cautious in these times. For example, what happens if there are only a few purchasers on a new urbanisation? The evidence is on view - rows of empty buildings with shutters down and just the odd car to indicate habitation. How does the community of owners exist when there are no owners? In these cases it is the builder who is liable to pay the fees of unsold properties. You want to feel assured that they are in a position to do this. Like all arrangements where people are required to work together, there will occasionally be a tug of war in opposite directions. However, overall a community of owners recommends itself as an efficient way of ensuring that jobs are done, gardens look pretty and the gate only opens to those it should. For more queries about the community of owners and other issues relating to owning property in Spain, contact the ÁbacoConnect Help-line 966 703 748 on

Women demand equal pay Thousands of men, women and children took to the streets last Monday on International Women’s Day, demanding equal rights for women and particularly equal pay for women who are often paid less than male counterparts for doing the same job. Demonstrations took place in Madrid, Valencia, the Basque Country and other towns across Spain, despite the cold temperatures. PP President, Mariano Rajoy, commented that there “is still much to be done” to achieve equal salaries for both sexes. He acknowledged that those who carry out the same work have the right to equal pay.

12-18 MARCH 2010

It makes sense MEETING TWICE a month in Peri Pera Café Bar in Javea Port, the Marina Alta Business Club (MABC) has attracted members who are keen to work together to promote their companies and to share their expertise. MABC is the brain-child of Gaile Griffin Peers, who has plenty of experience relating to the development of small businesses. An MBA under her belt, specialising in small business start-up and sustainment; a Fellow of the Chartered Management Institute; Member of the European Council of Small Businesses; and Member of the British Chamber of Commerce, she comes highly qualified as a business mentor, sounding board and

trouble-shooter for members of the club. “In January 2006 we registered MABC and then trialled it in 2007. We went live in January 2008. Although the meetings are very important, there is a misconception that this is all we are about. This couldn’t be further from the truth. I am always available to members and we use our busy and well-established websites and blogs to network online allowing members to develop new contacts and build their company’s profile.” Gaile told RTN. “Every club obviously needs new members and we would like to encourage businessmen and women to come along to our meetings. In the challenging current

50% of July IVA increase may not be passed onto high street prices MINISTER FOR Tax and the Economy, Elena Salgado, thinks that only 50% of the IVA/VAT increase to be introduced in July will be passed onto prices. She ruled out the suggestion that there would be a rounding up of prices by shopkeepers. Speaking on Tuesday on Onda Cero radio, she defending the increase saying that it was needed to obtain more cash, even though there would be ‘a small reduction’ in consumer spending in the third quarter. The Minister also admitted that ‘perhaps’ it had been an error to cancel patrimonial tax.

Spain to suffer long term from recession

Gaile Griffin Peers, MABC Club Manager

climate, it makes sense for all businesses to take time out to think about finding new customers. Networking can be a bit of a scary word for some new business owners but it can be a valuable source of contacts. It also gives an individual the chance to present their business, meet lots of other

business people and build business relationships by sharing knowledge and learning from one another’s experiences,” she continued. If you are interested in seeing what MABC has to offer please contact Gaile on 96 646 1913 or 681 001 300 or email

Zapatero feels responsible for the unemployed IN AN interview on the TVE TV channel on Monday last week, Prime Minister Zapatero said he felt responsible for those who have lost their jobs as a result of the recession. He expressed further concern for people who had given up their education in order to work in the construction sec-


tor, which was previously booming. The government plans to increase VAT in July and the prime minister explained that this would help to pay for the unemployed until the end of the year, while noting that currently, Spain has one of the three-lowest VAT rates in Europe.

THE LATEST report from the OECD, the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development, has said that Spain and Ireland are the countries which will suffer from the recession the most in the long term. They say that the recession will lead to

a 10.6 point cut in GDP for Spain in the next years, and recommend reforms to the labour market and education system. In both cases they say that the fall in economic activity is due essentially to the high levels of unemployment.

Storms destroy crops STRAWBERRY AND olive crops have been devastated due to storms and floods in Andalusia. Authorities in Huelva estimate that the region has lost a strawberry crop worth €77 million. Esperanza Cortés, the province’s Councillor for Agriculture, visited the affected areas and concluded that the damage was beyond repair. Córdoba has been hit too, with the farmers union ASAJA saying that their crops have suffered damages amounting to €250 million. The government has set up a work group to provide a response to the serious damage caused by the storms.

How it works Your investment is split into two equal parts Part 1:

5% fixed interest plus 100% capital guarantee on maturity in 12 months Part 2: Unlimited potential returns based upon stock market growth plus 100% capital guarantee at maturity in 5 years Available in £, € or $ 100% protection from falling markets Underwritten by Major International Bank

OFS Spain is a member of, and regulated via, Inter Alliance Worldnet Insurance Agents and Advisers Ltd, the largest network of Independent Financial Advisers in the world. Our consultants are authorised to offer financial advice according to current EU regulations.


Richard Morris Tel: 966 462 960 Mobile: 627 302 742

CALPE/ALICANTE Ian Botterell Tel: 966 462 960 Mobile: 607 687 841

TORREVIEJA / MURCIA & ALMERIA Andrew Berks Tel: 966 199 722 Mobile: 618 390 481

Centro Comercial Arenal, Avenida del Pla 126, 2.17, 03730 Javea Telephone: Lucio Ventrella on 966.112.961 Email:



12-18 MARCH 2010

Using QROPS to de-ice a frozen pension by

Stephen Ward & Robert Burns REGULAR READERS of our column will already be aware of QROPS and we are pleased to say many have a reasonable understanding how they work and appreciate many of the benefits that a transfer to a QROPS can offer. Some of our clients even come armed to a meeting with back copies of our articles. Yet, it is surprising that many people (including advisers) still do

not fully understand how a QROPS works and why: as a long term expat, a transfer to a QROPS could well be a sensible option. What is even more startling is just how many people do not know how much their funds are worth or that a value can be put on their frozen pensions, let alone that it may be possible to cash some, or in certain circumstances all of their fund. WHAT ABOUT LARGER FUNDS IN EXCESS OF £100,000? Under such circumstances, we would tend to recommend a Guernsey QROPS provider. This is usually because the main aim is to protect capital so that it can be passed on to future generations and enable flexibility of investment

choice. We have developed relationships with many providers over the years to offer tailor made solutions and will revisit Guernsey as a viable solution for QROPS in a future article. HOWEVER, WHAT IF A FUND IS MUCH SMALLER, SAY £20,000? Clearly a transfer to a Guernsey QROPS is just not a viable or sensible option due to the set up and ongoing costs. Guernsey also only permits a maximum capital withdrawal of 25 percent from the fund and only from the age of 50. For the long term expat who has been a non UK resident of at least five complete tax years, New Zealand QROPS offer an attractive solution to those who would prefer to release what is a relatively small amount of capital to, for example pay off loans or credit card debt (often at rates of 20 percent or more per annum). THE TECHNICAL BIT The key to understanding QROPS boils down to understanding the word “OR” which does not mean the same as the word “AND”. New Zealand pension schemes meet what are called the two compulsory primary conditions and the additional either / or condition that HMRC insist upon, i.e.

1. They are open to local residents AND 2. They meet either of the following for local residents: i. Tax relief on pension contributions with benefits taxed when taken (e.g. Guernsey) OR ii. No tax relief on pension contributions with the benefits not subject to tax (e.g. New Zealand). Additionally, overseas pension schemes must meet one of two further conditions: A. The scheme is regulated to an extent that is acceptable to HMRC by the tax authorities in the relevant territory (which is not the case with Guernsey, but is the case with New Zealand schemes ) OR B. And only, OR, if not recognised (as is the case with Guernsey) the scheme provides that at least 70 percent of the fund is used for an income for life. This is a very technical area and a full explanation can be seen on our article in International Adviser: PROFESSIONAL ADVICE At the start of the article we noted that many potential clients do not understand QROPS. In all fairness, this has not been helped by the

Does your pension need de-icing?

conflicting and often incorrect advice from other advisors who are not from a UK pensions background and do not fully understand the way QROPS work in the offshore world. We remain at the forefront of the industry, have over 40 years combined experience with UK pensions and we can be checked against the appropriate UK regulatory databases. For further information please see and or e-mail:

THIS ARTICLE IS WRITTEN BY STEPHEN WARD AND ROBERT BURNS, February2010. Please see our advert on Page 2. At the forefront of the industry with over forty years combined experience with pensions, regulated and authorised, liaising directly with providers and HMRC, Stephen and Robert are two of the leading authorities on QROPS. E: T: 965 790 918 W:

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12-18 MARCH 2010


Is the weakness of Sterling all bad news? by

Kevin Wright

Account Manager, Moneycorp

THERE IS no doubt that the past 18 months have been extremely tough for those of us here in Spain reliant on income from the UK. Payments from pensions, salary and savings converted to Euros have seen a drop of between 20% to 30%. With the prospect of a hung parliament and low investor confidence there is no end in sight to the misery. However, as with most situations there is an upside. If you are selling or have sold your property in Spain the rate of exchange is a major plus point. As an example, if you purchased a property for €200,000 three years ago the rate at the time would mean the property would have cost you £137,931. Today the same property would generate £178,057 if sold and the funds repatriated. This in part may help to overcome the pain of any discounting needed to generate the sale. You can also increase the amount of sterling by using the Moneycorp repatriation service. REPATRIATING MONEY CAN BE COMPLICATED. YOU SHOULD BEAR IN MIND THAT: • Exchange rates are constantly fluctuating – so knowing when to trade can be tricky. • In some countries, banks can charge up to 1% of the value of your transfer. • People often repatriate funds to the UK, believing they will make a profit, only to lose money unexpectedly. OUR REPATRIATION SERVICE ADDRESSES THESE ISSUES Contact Moneycorp now to find out how to maximise the amount of sterling you receive AND how to avoid costly Spanish bank charges.


For more information on how Moneycorp can help you to save hundreds of euros on your Spanish bank fees, as well as helping you get more pounds for your euros, contact us on 902 887 243 or email Moneycorp directly at

Euro/Sterling Weekly Market Update brought to you by &


Lucky escape for sterling Positive economic signs from the UK economy allow a near-miraculous recovery for sterling after a sharp fall. Investors are more relaxed about the Greek budget problems. Sterling fell sharply last Monday, losing nearly two cents before lunch. The remainder of the week was devoted to the slow and tedious process of recovery... At the beginning of the week the non-domiciled tax status of Baron Ashcroft dominated the media. It would be an exaggeration to blame sterling’s sharp fall on Lord Ashcroft alone but the story will certainly have unnerved investors who were already nervous about the Tories failing to win a majority at the forthcoming general election. From there it was uphill all the way but at least sterling managed to make it up the hill with the assistance of some positive news. On Tuesday the government held a successful auction of 30-year gilts which attracted bids for nearly twice that much... Having ignored Monday’s manufacturing purchasing managers’ index investors took a great deal of interest in Wednesday’s services sector PMI. At 58.4 the services PMI was more than three points better than predicted, There was more reassurance from the Bank of England when the Monetary Policy Committee voted to keep interest

rates unchanged for a 13th month and to leave quantitative easing on hold... A rash of data provided no coherent picture of the euro zone economy... The European Central Bank tightened monetary policy on Thursday with an end to the cheap three-month loans it had been offering to commercial banks... By the end of the weekend it had become clear that, although Germany would not put its hand in its pocket for a Greek bailout, the EU had an emergency plan if push came to shove. At least for the moment investors are comfortable, if not deliriously happy, about the situation... Whilst sterling’s recovery last week might be seen as a sign that there is life in the old dog yet, it is still hard to see the British currency as anything other than a dog. Opinion polls continue to indicate a hung parliament and investors fear that even after the general election Britain’s government will be paralysed by indecision, unable or unwilling to tackle the budget gap...

To read the full report click on Currency Guidance at

12-18 March 2010


MABS Cancer support group Murcia/Mar Menor Friday 19 March - 11:00 - Share & Care Group Centro Civico, Roda Village. If you’re affected by cancer and want to talk to someone, we meet every third Friday of the month. One-to-one counselling available. An informal Group for those affected by cancer. Relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Call 693 795 247 for further details Friday 19 March – 8:00pm – Race Night Novo Cathargo, Estrella de Mar, Los Urrutias All profits in aid of Mabs Murcia/Mar Menor Call 968 134 777 for further details Saturday 27 March Legs & Co Fashion Show & Village Fete. Rio Nalon, Los Alcázares, 12 until 4 pm. Kids Colouring competition, stalls, rafffle etc Tuesday 30 March – 8:00 pm – Fish & Chip Quiz Night The Russian Bar, Valle del Sol (just off the C3319 San JavierMurcia Motorway) Fun quiz night with home-cooked fish & chips available. Call 693 824 511 or the Russian Bar: 868 000 210 for more details. MAKE TIME TO HELP OTHERS Become a MABS volunteer Call 693 275 779 now for further details, please call 693 824 511. Email: or visit our website

Ascot headgear

All a flutter by Jack Troughton

A CHARITY Ascot Race night became a glamorous blue ribbon event when the Teulada Moraira Lions evening took on a Ladies Day theme from the famous course. Lady guests were encouraged to decorate and wear flamboyant, colourful hats to bring a highly original feel to the

Charity lake challenge ON SUNDAY morning the 20km contenders started early, followed by the 10km cyclists and walkers and finally the fun walkers and clubs taking part in the 5km challenge. Around 400 people took part to support The HELP Association Vega Baga and Paul Cunningham Nurses. A free foot massage was kindly donated by Saphia, Margarita and Caroline and the tearoom offered delicious home made goodies by Pat at a reasonable price. As the later starters returned, the raffle was drawn and a BBQ was underway to finish off a fantastic day with over €2,000 received and sponsorship money arriving all the time. This

annual event goes from strength to strength, despite someone sabotaging the course the night before. A list of all winning raffle tickets will be displayed in the PCN shop in Quesada, at both `Help´ offices in Torrevieja and San Miguel and also at Casa La Pedrera: if you are still collecting your sponsorship money, or would like to make a donation to either of these worthy causes, they can also be paid in to any of the above. Thank you must go to all those who helped on the day and credit must go to Jenni Ray of Casa La Pedrera, who works tirelessly throughout the year for many local charities.

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A free foot massage was given to the walkers

event at the Salon de Banquette in Teulada – with a special prize for the best. All those attending were fed and watered before racing began and all eight races were sponsored by local businesses. In total 111 punters enjoyed a flutter on a popular and busy Tote and always favourite to win, the Lions Club’s charity account received €620 from the fund raiser. Anyone wanting more information about the club or wishing to help raise charity cash can ring John on 965 744 253 or visit

12-18 March 2010


AECC benefit from dance club Spangles, Ladies Barbershop Harmony Chorus

Spangles rapid growth means rapid action! SPANGLES LADIES Harmony Chorus success means they have now outgrown the risers they stand on to rehearse and perform: new ones from the UK will cost in the region of €7,000 and to raise these funds fun events are to take place throughout the 2010, such as shows with ABBA Elite and The Everlys in Los Alcázares. The Car Treasure Hunt is the first major event, leaving Centro Municipal Las Claras, Los Narejos at 11.00 on Sunday, 21st March, ending with a menu del dia at a local Spanish restaurant. Entry is just €3 pp and the prize is a menu del dia for two.

If you enjoy singing and want to make new friends, visit a Spangles rehearsal at Las Claras: every Thursday from 10.30 to 13.00. Please support us: Wednesday, 17th March - St Patrick’s Day Concert at Viva Restaurant, Los Nietos Sunday, 21st March - Car Treasure Hunt, Los Alcázares—Entry €3 Friday, 9th April - Spangles & Everly Brothers Concert, CISSMU, Los Narejos, Los Alcázares — Tickets €8 Saturday, 12th June - Race & BBQ Day at Los Molinos Entry €3 - enjoy a Jacuzzi or swim!

Black and White night for Paul Cunningham Nurses REVIVE 45’s Black and White Night in Café Vienna Bar has given Paul Cunningham Nurses the great idea of holding their very own Black and White Night. And PDQ are going to bring you the ‘feel good’ factor! The event, on Saturday 17th April, will take place at the Quesada Country Club and tickets are just €3! PDQ, the fabulous band who rocked the night away at The Paul Cunningham Nurses Christmas Party, will be back in Quesada for one night only! Pete, Izzy and Lee will be performing at Quesada

Saturday, 2nd October - Spangles & ABBA Elite Concert, CISSMU, Los Narejos, Los Alcázares — Tickets €8 SPONSOR A RISER! A plaque with your name or that of a loved one may be fixed to a riser step for as little as €100.

DENELLE DANCE CLUB’S sell out debut at Los Arcos drew great reviews as well as €680 for AECC. Lyn and Chris’ dancers wore stunning costumes made by Lyn herself as three dance teams of varying ages and ability performed the Argentine Tango, the Cha Cha Cha and the Rumba, rehearsed to perfection over recent months. Enthusiastic support helped an impromptu Jive competition judged on public applause. Winners Derek Redpath and Katherine Cattell received a €25 meal voucher donated by Paddy’s Point. Join Lyn and Chris on Sunday 21st March for the Mad March Dance at Los Arcos. Tickets are available at Los Arcos and Sapphire Properties, Quesada. On May 2nd the team will perform a flavour of the 40’s at Los Arcos and are currently looking for a charity to support. For reservations contact Lyn on 635 584 431.

For tickets and further details, please call or email: Lyn: 968 432 525/607 550 717 Anthea: 968 334 527/647 151 267 Email:

Country Club and it will be the perfect opportunity to go down memory lane with foot tapping songs that we all know and love. Susan, Paul Cunningham Nurses Fundraising Manager told RTN: “For those who would like to come dine with us, Lyn and Tracy from the Quesada Country Club are supporting this charity event by providing a Sunday Lunch Carvery on a Saturday Evening for the special price of just €7.50! A selection of desserts will also be available at an additional cost and house wine from €5 per bottle.” If you have any questions or would like to book your tickets, please call Susan on 966 713 503.

Lyn and Chris

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Do I need a Tetanus booster?

Question: Dear Doctor, I tried to make an appointment for a Tetanus booster but was Ask the told that I do not need one. I have always been under the impression that boosters are Specialist by needed every 10 years and I am worried as I do a lot of gardening. Dr Colin Evans


Answer: FIRSTLY, I understand your concern. Tetanus is generally fatal and the bacteria that cause it (Clostridium tetani) can enter the body via even the smallest cut or scratch. Clostridium tetani lives in soil and dirt, putting gardeners at increased risk. Since 1961, routine immunisation against tetanus has been available and the majority of children since then have been immunised along with other vaccines such as polio and diphtheria. Although Tetanus is very rare, cases are seen mostly in the over 65’s as this group missed routine vaccination. The exception to this is men who served in the armed forces from 1938. A´ full´ course consists of five injections: three during infancy and two further doses before starting and leaving school. In the past it was believed that tetanus needed to be boosted every five years. This thinking changed and boosters were

offered every ten years thereafter. Just to confuse further, it was later decreed that a person that has had 5 tetanus injections in their lifetime is well protected and does not need further boosters except under certain circumstances e.g: if you are traveling abroad and do not have easy access to good medical facilities. If you sustain a wound that is heavily contaminated with soil or manure and it is more than 10 years since your last tetanus injection, you will be given tetanus immunoglobulin. This is not the same thing as a tetanus vaccine. When you receive a vaccine, the body manufactures antibodies over a period of time to give long term protection. In contrast, immunoglobulin already contains antibodies and gives immediate but short lasting protection. Any person that knows, or suspects that they have not had 5 injections in the course of their life should talk with their Doctor.

A full course consists of five injections

Article written by Dr Colin Evans (MB.ChB., F.R.C.S., BDS., FDSRCS.) The English Medical Centre, Avda del Albir, 72. Edificio Primavera, Bloque 1. ALBIR, (Alicante) 966 868 013. Email:

15-2112-18 JANUARY MARCH2010 2010


Chinese medicine and diet by

Robert Vandevelede

Ex-president Australian Acupuncture & Chinese medicine Association

AS CHINESE medicine practitioners, we provide a fair amount of advice and information to our patients. We make recommendations on lifestyle, diet, exercise, and more. It is part of what we do. Nothing is more controversial than our diets. Writing diet books is a multi million euro enterprise with many millions more for vitamins, supplements etc. Most of the information and advice is either the same thing we already know or just plain nonsense. The advice I give to my patients is just common sense. In other words, you already know what I’m going to recommend: Commonsense: eat a wide range of whole foods and very little that comes from a jar; a can; a package; etc. That’s it! There has to be more to it than that, right? Not really, but lets look at it in a bit more detail.

WHAT SHOULD WE EAT AND WHY? Food has become a lot more than the simple necessity that it is. There is a whole range of products vying for our taste buds, changing them if necessary, and creating habits and addictions if that’s what it takes for us to buy them. Unfortunately for our health and the companies that want our money, our body is a natural living organism and we cannot change that. It works best with what is provided to us naturally. So the more we eat whole foods that are in season and preferably naturally growing in our region, the healthier we will be. One of my teachers once said, “It is next to impossible to be short on vitamins, nutrients etc. when you eat a broad range of whole foods”. Note that I do not recommend a vegetarian diet, or to only eat whole foods. We can, will and sometimes have to eat processed foods and fast foods, but if we eat well most of the time, we will be fine. OBESITY We all know that we are getting bigger and bigger. Millions of us are obese, and recently they added another category, super obese. These are people who are close to 200 kg! In Australia there are already more than 50,000 of them, I would not

like to see the figures for the US or UK! We eat too many high calorie foods; too many sweet foods and we exercise too little. Amazingly, we still feel that we need to supplement our diets with vitamins and other nutrients: this is not common sense. Obesity is related to nearly every major health problem we face in developed nations, yet we do very little about it. Why are we overweight? One simple statement: ‘Calories in and Calories out’. If you eat more than you use, you put on weight. Another thought: have you ever eaten too many Brussels sprouts? I don’t think so! Whole foods are entirely different than processed foods. Processed foods are very dense in calories and other nutrients yet often small in size. We eat them quickly, taking in a lot more calories than our bodies require naturally and far more than we would get from a meal based on whole foods.

CHINESE MEDICINE AND DIET Chinese dietary philosophies suggest we eat native foods that are organic and locally grown and in season as much as possible (no strawberries in winter!) Common sense! When we eat too many foods imported from very different climates or regions, we may begin to lose adaptability to our immediate surroundings. Common sense also says to eat warming foods in winter and cooling foods in summer. In western diets, foods are considered for their protein; calorie; carbohydrate; vitamins and other nutrient contents, but in Chinese diet, foods are considered for their flavors; energies; movements and organic actions. If we eat a well balanced meal with different flavors, we should feel well and enjoy a healthy life. A Chinese main meal will always have the 5 flavours (sweet-sour-pungent-bitter and salty) present. Unfortunately in the West, Chinese restaurants have adapted to our tastes and only serve meals tasting mainly sweet and salty. CAN I CHANGE MY DIET AND USE COMMON SENSE? Of course you can: it’s just a matter of

Written by Robert Vandevelde. Past President of the Australian Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Association (AACMA). If you have any questions regarding this article or Chinese medicine in general, please email:

Click on Cancer Care By Jack Troughton JAVEA-BASED charity Cancer Care has launched an interactive web site to keep everyone up to date with what is going on at the click of a mouse. A help and support page gives direct access to qualified counsellor Margaret Lewis and allows people to obtain

emotional support via a private email or make an appointment to visit her in Javea Park. There are pages telling the history of the Cancer Care charity Shop and Support Centre, and allowing surfers to meet the volunteers or even join the friendly team. And the site also lists

dates of fun fund raising events – so there is no excuse not to be involved – simply go to

developing better habits and taking time to buy, prepare and enjoy your food. Bon appétit.

Our body works best with what is provided naturally

Dance classes in Albir IF YOU enjoy keep fit then this could be the perfect class for you! Latinasize with Louise is a fun way to burn off those unwanted calories in a simple and effective work out. On Tuesday 16th March, Louise will be starting a beginners’ class at 4kwatro in Albir at 19.30, so come along and learn the basic Latin dance steps including Cha Cha Cha, Salsa and Samba: no partner is required for this workout. Louise Tilley has successfully been teaching dancing on the Costa Blanca for a number of years and can often be seen with a group

Dance teacher Louise

of her dancers at many functions in the area. She is a qualified IDTA dance teacher and has a variety of children’s classes: Pop Jazz/ Street & Tap Dancing. For more information, please call 655 781 068.

12-18 March 2010


Past simple Spanish lessons by

Jane Cronin

A weekly ‘cut out and keep’ feature helping you to learn basic Spanish for everyday needs

Lesson 98

THE TIME has come to learn the “past simple” tense in Spanish. I know we learnt another past tense only recently, but that was the “imperfect” or “continuous” tense, and it’s not the same thing at all. The Spanish language has more past tenses than the English language, and herein lies a problem for us, especially those of us who like to translate everything word for word. The past continuous tense has a number of possible translations, and therefore we have to be clear about the concept it represented. Today’s “past simple” tense is actually a little easier for us in this respect. It is used to describe finished events in the past. For example, things I did yesterday – I got up, I had breakfast, I went to work – these are all events that would be described in the past simple tense. This would be the same for things further back in the past – last year I went to Italy on my holidays, ten years ago I lived in Asturias, twenty-one years ago I was born, etc. (yes, that is a joke!) These are all events of varying durations, but the important thing is that they are over and done with.

AECC Torrevieja Calle La Calera, 2. Tel: 965 716 679. 12.03.10. Ghost Academy presents a Comedy Fairy-tale Play at Restaurant New Asturias, Punta Prima, 7.30 p.m. Admission free, voluntary donation on entry to AECC. 24.04.10. The 15th AECC Annual Walk takes place in Torrevieja. Registration will start shortly so start putting together your teams, help spread the word and make this one a

That essentially sums up the use of the past simple tense. You will find that grammar books may give you a range of other uses, but they can probably be summed up by the ones I have explained above. So, that’s the good news – it’s easy to know when to use the tense. The not so good news is how it is formed, which has its difficulties, particularly because there are quite a lot of irregular verbs in this tense. However, first things first, let’s look at the formation of regular past tense verbs, which after all do form the majority. We will look first at “ar” verbs, and go back to one of our most straightforward ones “mirar” to look. Here are the endings for “-ar” verbs. As usual we place them on the end of the root, in this case “mir”. -é -amos -aste -asteis -ó -aron I will set out the verb in linear form to avoid problems in the way it comes out on the page and to allow room for the translations. Miré – I looked

Miraste – you looked (familiar) Miró – he, she looked. You looked (formal) Miramos – we looked Mirasteis – you looked (familiar plural) Miraron – they looked. There are a couple of things to point out straight away. Firstly, notice the accent on the first and third person endings, which are important when saying the word. If we remove the accent from “miró”, that will give us “miro”, meaning “I look” in the present tense. Notice, on the other hand that “miramos” is the same as the present tense form – so it can mean “we look” or “we looked”. We would only distinguish the difference between these two words by being aware of the context in which they are used. If you think this is confusing, just think of the words “put” or “cut” in English which are exactly the same in past and present, or even more confusing, the word “read” which is spelt the same but pronounced differently in the present and past. Well, we’ve made a start. There will be quite a few more articles on this subject, but at least you now have something to think about between now and next week! See you then.

huge success. More details at or via Boot Sales are being held at The Coopers Arms, Doña Pepa, Quesada, every Wednesday at 10.00 a.m. (sellers from 9.00. a.m.). For further info phone 966 719793. AECC are always in need of items suitable for use as tombola prizes. Please do not throw away any unwanted pesetas, if you can help with any of the above please let us know. Visit the AECC English-Language Website for further information about all aspects of AECC in the Torrevieja area:

PEPA Animal Charity Auction and Book Sale

Friday 26th March From 11.30 am Falconera Hotel, Marxuquera, Ermita. (Take Barx Road from Gandia (CV675) to Marxuquera and follow directions to hotel. For those entering items into the auction please register at 10.45 am (30% of auction sales to be given to PEPA) Coffee and snacks available.

12-18 March 2010



12-18 March 2010

music scene Simon Small George Michael tribute Compiled by

Eric Taylor

ET’s Golden Oldies Disco Tel: 965 748 199 659 921 875 or email:

If there are any music venues or acts that wish to be featured in this column, please contact Eric directly.


n Saturday 13th March, Simon Small, ‘George Michael Tribute’ is appearing at Le Cabaret, Cumbre del Sol, Benitachell. This tribute show includes all of your favorite George Michael hits and is defiantly not a night to be missed. Simon’s physical resemblance to Mr Michael is awesome and Simon also produces a flawless

sound-a- like quality to this 80’s pop icon. He had all his tracks specially made and then obtained vocal coaching to a voice that can really climb the scales. Free entry. Le Cabaret is located in the Lirios Centre, on Cumbre del Sol, Benitachell, overlooking the sea, Javea and Moraira. For details of future events, phone: 663 733 811.

Matt Mason (Curtis) - singer/entertainer Matthew Mason (The artist formally known as ‘Curtis’!) is an accomplished vocalist with a strong, powerful voice, indulging in every type and genre of music, from the infectious ‘swing’ era, to a fine selection of music from all the decades that will have you dancing. If you haven’t had the pleasure of hearing Matthew’s singing, look out for him at a venue near you. There has been some confusion in the past between his name, ‘Matt Curtis’ and ‘John Curtis,’ another well known local entertainer. Hence, as he is not a relation, he has decided to change his stage name to his birth name of ‘Matt Mason,’ to avoid further confusion in the future.

The View – guitar duo ‘The View’ are a highly professional music duo that caters for all music tastes and styles. They consist of Andy & Debby Price, two accomplished musicians. More recently they have been in collaboration with John & Pam Pearson (Chill Factor) as ‘Sanfaryan.’ For the past few years they have also joined up with Christian Pearl (keyboards) and Tony Balsh (drums) to form ‘Paisley Park’ – well known as performing the best Pink Floyd Tribute Show on the Costa Blanca. The View now perform on alternate Wednesdays at The Royal Beach Bar, Moraira. For more info phone: 661 028 116.

Gigs for March: Saturday 13th - Los Naranjos Bar, La Taberna, Torrevieja Monday 15th - El Chiringuito’s Caberet Night, Calpe Friday 19th - Hispaniola Bar, Torrevieja Saturday 20th - M.A.P.A. Social Club, Benitachell *Race Night* Sunday 21st - Pub L’Algeria, Albir Friday 26th - La Rambla, La Nucia Sunday 28th - Bar 23, Jalon *Race Night*

Gig Dates for March: Saturday 13th - Magnums Bar, Oliva Sunday 14th - Sascha’s Bar, Paichi Centre, Moraira (Paisley Park) Saturday 20th - Melodia Bar, Sagra Sunday 21st - Sascha’s Bar, Paichi Centre, Moraira (Paisley Park) Wednesday 24th - The Royal Beach Bar, Moraira Saturday 27th - Le Cabaret, Cumbre Del Sol, Benitachell Sunday 28th - Chez Flo Bar, La Fustera, (Calpe – Moraira coast road) Wednesday 31st - Monte Pego Club, Pego




Matt even runs an entertainment company providing Race Nights, with horses, greyhounds and pigs. To contact Matt you can email him on or call 662 504 969.

On Sunday 14th March at 14.00, Manhatton Jazz are playing their special blend of jazz, swing and blues at the Don Quijote Restaurant and Bar, Paichi Centre, Moraira. A Sunday lunch menu will be available – Bookings: 606 721 288. The entrance to the Paichi Centre is opposite the Paichi Garden Centre on the Teulada/ Moraira road before you get to Moraira.

Every week Nigel Turner, Cumberland Bar, Benidorm will be doing a Focus report on the nightlife of Benidorm and the artists performing there. Should any artist/venue wish to be included :– contact Nigel on 685 550 106, email:, web site:

Andy Davies: Keyboards / Entertainer THIS WEEK we turn the spotlight on Andy Davies, who has been working as an entertainer in the winter months here in Benidorm for the past 10 years, backing artistes and singers in various venues around the town. Andy is from Blackpool and during his time has backed Ken Dodd; Ruby Murray; Guy Mitchell and Ronnie Hilton to name just a few. He began playing the piano as a young man and during his time in the forces, one of his first experiences was entertaining in the NAAFI.In Blackpool

Manhatton Jazz band Don Quijote, Moraira

he played for many years at the Music Hall Tavern followed by the Royal British Legion and has worked in almost every club in the area. Andy is here this year until the beginning of May and is still ‘packing them in’ in the Traffic Lights Bar situated on Avenida de Murcia on Sunday and Monday and in the Cumberland Bar on Wednesday and Saturday. His shows start around 21:00 and all singers are welcome. For more details, call Andy on 672 689 998

12-18 MARCH 2010

Hip hop helps Haiti T

Coward’s charm school

by Jack Troughton

ALENTED YOUNGSTERS of the hit show ‘A Night on the Street’ are treading the boards again this month performing an energetic blend of music and dance to raise cash for the Haiti Disaster Fund. Teenager Sophie Jackson and her CB Street Dancers are joined by special guests after accepting an invitation by Calpe and Benissa Lions Club to help aid the Caribbean country recover from the devastation of its disastrous earthquake. When the curtain fell on January’s show, members of the 16-yearold’s dance troupe were desperate to perform in front of an audience again and jumped at the chance of a special encore. And also returning to Calpe’s Casa de Cultura to give an audience a second helping are guitarist Daniel Whybrow – forging a reputation for his amazing solos – the classical duo Pasion Doble, who have filled concert halls across Europe, and the dancers of the Jose Edpadero Conservatorio Profesional de Danza from Alicante performing contemporary dance. Sophie told RTN she was busy planning some extra surprises to

Daniel Whybrow

thrill the audience and create another hugely entertaining evening that will appeal to everyone. “We are really hoping to raise some serious money for Haiti,” said the Laude Lady Elizabeth School sixth former. “Things are really bad there now and with the rainy season about to hit, many people are in shelters that just won’t be watertight. TOGETHER “So even tougher times are coming for those poor people and we all need to pull together and do everything we can.” She added: “The Lions are doing so much to raise money for this urgent cause and we are just a small part of that, but we are all very proud to be able to do something that helps. “Everyone involved in CB Street Dance said they really wanted to do something

for Haiti and it is great we can join this big Lions Club drive to raise money.” Sophie said the show was made possible by a dedicated team of volunteers including Lee Davis of Careline Theatre taking charge of stage direction and DJ Darrell organising light and sound. “We really hope everyone will come and support us – we promise the audience another show to remember.” A Night on the Street is on Wednesday 31st March at the Casa de Cultura, Calpe, and runs from 8pm until 10.30pm. Tickets cost 10 euros for adults and 8 euros for children under 13. They can be reserved by calling 600 548 326 or 639 637 520, and available at Humpty Dumpty Newsagents, Javea, Quicksave in Javea and Moraira, and Margaret and Elena’s Gift and Card Shop, Calpe.

The cabaret factor By Jack Troughton RAISING THE curtain at the Marina Alta’s newest cabaret venue is versatile singer Geoff Taylor – whose voice wowed the X Factor judges in last year’s television talent contest. The Ambience Cabaret Bar opens its doors on Thursday March 18th and Geoff – who made it to the finals of the show – is travelling to Moraira from the UK to appear. And the stage will be kept busy all year round making Ambience one of the Costa Blanca’s top venues, featuring the best of local talent and welcoming acts from overseas. The Ambience Cabaret Bar is being run by two well known

Barry Moon

Thursday 18th March Friday evening 19th March Sat evening 20th March Sun evening 21st March


faces in the world of entertainment here on the coast, comedian Barry Moon and singer Dave Ryan – formerly recognised as ‘The Voice of David.’ They told RTN: “Our aim is to give local residents a meeting place where they can socialise and relax in comfortable surroundings, have a good laugh and be entertained with live acts on a regular basis. “We will of course book our well known local artists and also introduce some new acts from the UK.” The bar is fully air conditioned for the summer months and has heating for “our chilly days here in Spain” and the Ambience Cabaret Bar also has a comfortable sun terrace “which will prove popular on sunny days too!” The bar offers a wide selection of beers, wines, spirits, and cocktails. Bar food and snacks are also available. The entertainment starts at the bar on March 18th with Geoff Taylor; talented duo Zodiac appear on Friday March 19th; Barry and Dave take charge of the stage on Saturday March 20th and Sunday March 21st sees a visit from female vocalist Susie Q. Barry and Dave suggest arriving early to claim a good seat and avoid disappointment or ask people to reserve a table by ringing 608 069 070. “We have plenty more surprises to come at the venue so the message is ‘watch this space.’ The Ambience Cabaret Bar is the place to be.”

• From the UK. X factor contestant Geoff Taylor • Zodiac • Dave Ryan & Barry Moon • Suzie Q

THE LIFE, times and music of the celebrated Noel Coward come to the Costa Blanca stage when Footlights Theatre Group present a fast moving and entertaining revue dedicated to the star. Cowardy Custard examines the playwright, director, actor and singer’s flamboyant lifestyle, his acid wit, and theatrical panache in a delightful show. Tickets are now on sale for the three April performances, all beginning at 8pm – two at Moraira on the 14th and 15th, and the third at Alfaz del Pi on the 16th. Songs in the tribute include ‘Mad Dogs and Englishmen’, ‘A Room with a View’, ‘The Stately Homes of England’, ‘Mad About the Boy’, and ‘Don’t Put your Daughter on the Stage, Mrs Worthington!’ And in the review directed and choreographed by Val Turner, with Roger Dean as musical director, sketches in Cowardy Custard include scenes from Private Lives, Present Laughter and Design For Living. Tickets are 12 euros each and can be reserved by calling the Box Office on 656 376 769 (10am to 1pm, Monday to Friday) and are available at Reflections Hairdressers, Moraira, and Mary’s boutique, Alfaz del Pi.

Menu de la Casa from 14.95 euros

Full A La Carte Menu

Don’t forget to book for Mothers Day March 14th.

The minute you walked in the joint, I could see you were a man of distinction, A real big spender, Good looking, so refined. Say, wouldn’t you like to know What’s going on ? What you´ll find? So, let us get right to the point, We don’t pop our corks for ev’ry one we meet ..... Hey, big spender, spend... A little time and eat! eat! eat! Fine wine promotions, great food and fantastic entertainment ! What more could you sing about? 5 course menu from 12.95e Lacey Avery and Jon the fiddler Sat 20th March 18.95 inc 5 course meal Music and promotions available from Victoria on join our mailing list!!

Tel 96 640 5398 For reservations


12-18 FEB 26 MARCH - MARCH 42010 2010 by

Clodagh & Dick Handscombe Practical gardeners and authors

Growing from seeds

WHY GROW FROM SEED? • Small plug plants which are widely available in the UK are rarely available in Spain except for vegetables • The number of varieties of vegetable plantlets is limited while the seed catalogues are full of new and old varieties with regular size and mini varieties. • The varieties of annual and perennial flowers sold by garden centres are limited. • The spring and autumn have ideal climates for growing from seed for most varieties. Some subtropical and tropical seeds need summer temperatures. • Growing giant sunflowers is fun for children and gets them interested in gardening. • You have the opportunity to build up interesting collections. • You can save money by keeping your own seeds from year to year. • Some garden centre plants are becoming expensive. • It’s relatively easy. As explained in each of our books, provided you purchase or make up good seed composts and don’t keep them too wet, success is not difficult. • For apartments there are now large black plastic deep trays and growing tables designed for growing plants from seed without mess. Our new book coming out this month ‘Mediterranean Apartment Gardening – Terraces, Balconies and window boxes’ explains and illustrates clearly what to do. Comprehensive instructions are also included in ‘Your Garden in Spain’ and ‘Growing Healthy Vegetables in Spain’. WHERE TO BUY YOUR SEEDS • Garden centres, agricultural cooperatives, garden machinery shops and some supermarkets carry a range of flower and vegetable seeds but not the wide range available in the UK

and Holland for instance. And rarely are organically produced seeds available. • Although rare in Spain ‘Seed swap days’ are occasionally advertised where old varieties no longer available commercially are available. But luckily there are reliable mail order catalogues available in English exporting from the UK and other countries. • For a wide range of popular flower and vegetable seeds try people like Thompson and Morgan and Sutton Seeds. • Spanish mail order seed catalogues for home gardeners don’t normally exist but Semillas Silvestres sell a wide range of native flower, herb and tree seeds. • For something unusual from around the world try Jungle Seeds and Chiltern Seeds. The latter normally stock more than twenty varieties of basil for instance. • Above we have been referring to seeds in packets. If you hunt around – in Leroy Merlin for instance – you will find small inexpensive packs including a seed tray, propagator cover, compost and seeds for some popular vegetables, herbs and flower plants. If you are in the UK on holiday you will find a wider choice.

WHEN TO START? If you haven’t already started, now to the end of May is the best time in spring. So get going this weekend. If you not sure how to start, purchase one of our books from a local book shop or an internet book shop: Bookworld and Santana Books will give the quickest deliveries in Spain. And The Royal Horticultural Society or Orce Books in the UK. For the next two weeks we will discuss how to make your apartment terraces, balconies and windowsills more attractive and productive.

WHAT TO GROW SEEDS IN? Almost any small or large container: in the new ‘Mediterranean Apartment Gardening’ book we include an illustrated A to Z of twenty six useful types of containers, almost all of which are suitable for seeds of various sizes. They range from small to large pots, window boxes, plastic bowls, growing tables etc and elsewhere in the book there are illustrations of purchased mini propagators as described in above and a larger A4 size heated propagator.

BY CLODAGH AND DICK HANDSCOMBE practical gardeners and authors who have enjoyed gardening in Spain for themselves and at times others for twenty five years. New book ‘Mediterranean Apartment Gardening’ is to be published this month and can be obtained from high street and internet bookshops including for the fastest deliveries. We will be talking about the new book on Trust Radio FM which you can listen to on your computer at a little after 11.00 on Tuesday 16th March.

Readers’ recipes

FEB 12-18 26 - MARCH MARCH 4 2010 2010

41 41

METHOD 1. Soak the couscous in the stock for about 5 minutes or until soft and drain off any excess stock. 2. Meanwhile slice the baguettes in half lengthways and brush with the oil. Place into the oven and bake until golden brown or you can fry them in a pan if you prefer. Put to one side but keep them warm. 3. Saute the spring onions, chilli and garlic for about 5 minutes until tender. Drain off any excess oil and stir into the couscous. Season well. 4. Sauté the mushrooms until tender. 5. Arrange the mushrooms on the bread and spoon the couscous mixture on top. Sprinkle with cheddar cheese and grill for 2 minutes. Garnish with chopped parsley and drizzle with sweet chilli sauce. 6. Serve with a side salad.

THIS IS a versatile vegetarian recipe for lunch or supper but for those who don’t think a meal is complete without meat you could add some chopped chicken, ham or bacon. Don’t forget to wash your hands once you have sliced the chilli! This is such a versatile recipe so here are some options for you. You can ring the changes with this recipe by replacing the cheddar with any type of cheese such as Brie, Stilton or Parmesan. For strict vegetarians you will need to check whether an animal derived setting agent is used in the cheese but these days vegetarian rennet is more widely used. Spread the toasted baguette with pesto sauce or tapenade sauce Add chopped pineapple or dried apricots to the couscous mixture Use whole flat mushrooms instead of button

INGREDIENTS 75g/3oz couscous 284ml/10fl oz hot vegetable stock 5 tbsp olive oil 2 small baquettes or 4 thick slices of white bread ½ bunch of spring onions ½ small red chilli very finely sliced 2 garlic cloves, crushed Mushrooms, sliced 50g/2oz vegetarian cheddar grated

Marcus, Pedreger Don’t forget: if you have a recipe that you would like featured in RTN please email to

Stop and shop at Eurostretcher SOME READERS may remember back in August 2009 when RTN reported on the new concept cash & carry in Almoradi called Eurostretcher. They opened with the guarantee of low prices on all branded and non branded UK food, toiletries and household items. Well Eurostretcher is getting bigger and better and eight months on they have a brand new ‘stop and shop’ in Catral. Formerly ‘Thomas Green,’ the new store opened successfully on Tuesday 16th February. Anna and Don are continuing with their ethos of offering REAL value for money, by keeping prices consistently competitive. Contrary to recent

rumours, Eurostretcher is going from strength to strength with no intention of closing their doors. The cash and carry in Almoradi and the store in Catral stock a wide range of UK goods, newspapers, cards and toiletries, with new stock arriving weekly.

roundabout (FAJOVI) to Daya Nueva and they are on the left side, just 150m from the roundabout. Opening times are Monday - Friday 09.30 to 18.00 and Saturdays 09.30 to 15.00.

DIRECTIONS You will find EuroStretcher stop & shop in the village of Catral opposite the Village Inn. (Exit junction 733 of the AP7). Opening times are Monday to Saturday, 10.00 to 18.00 and Sundays 10.00 to 14.00. For Almoradi Eurostretcher cash and carry, exit junction 740 of the AP7 and head toward Almoradi, turn at the

Line rental...cheaper than telefonica start saving today by calling


902 050 999

per month Other products include: Fast ADSL, Cheap Calls, Dial Up, Free UK TV, Free 0843 number

Quote ref NTR100


19-25 12-18FEBRUARY MARCH 2010 2010


Art in the area by

Julia Evans

BA (hons). Artist & owner of ArtHouse Gallery

THIS WEEK I would like to tell you about two local artists that not only produce beautiful pieces of work but also help to inspire and support fellow artists on the Costa. The first of these artists is Martin Robinson. Martin is an ex-professional photographer and model agent. In 2002, Martin created an international register of artists’ models. He currently lives in Rojales, where he holds weekly life drawing classes and workshops, bringing in a wide variety of artists’ models from all over the World. Martin also created and runs Coster Art Network. This

is a fantastic website and resource for all artists and art lovers brimming with local information about arts groups; shops and galleries; suppliers of artists’ materials; framers; art holidays; individual artists and more. It covers not only the Costa Blanca but also the Costa del Sol, Almeria and the Costa Brava. On top of all of this, Martin is also a painter, currently exhibiting in the town hall of Rojales. The exhibition, which started on 7th March and runs for a month is made up of vibrant pieces in pastels, oils, acrylics and photography. For

Painting by Martin Robinson

all information on Martin and his work, go to: www.CostaArt.Net or Or you can always ring him directly on 965 724 927. Another exhibition coming up is in design school and gallery ‘Escuela Taller De Arte,’ situated in the Center of Denia. The school, run by Elena Haros, has been open for about six months. Here Elena teaches both adults’ and children’s art and design classes. As well as being a painter, Elena is also a well established interior designer. This is an obvious influence for her own works of art. Her mixed media paintings of landscapes and street scenes are produced with an intricate delicacy. The Exhibition holds pieces by Elena and her very talented students, including the work produced in her children’s classes, starting on Thursday 18th March at 20:00. For all information on the school, Elena’s work or the exhibition go to www.escuelatallerdeart. or contact Elena directly on 966 421 017 / 635 607 937. Before I go, just a quick note on what has been going on at ArtHouse, my own school and gallery. Lately I have been bombarded with emails from local artists about how and where to sell work in this area. If you are an artist and need information on this, become a member of

Julia Evans BA (hons), ArtHouse Gallery, Calle San Miguel no. 14, Gata de Gorgos, 03740 Alicante. Tel: 0034 965 756 285 or 0034 687 114 853. Email: Web: If you are an artist and have an exhibition coming up or simply just want me to view you work then email

Painting by Martin Robinson It is completely free and anyone can join. It has a facility for artists to upload photos of their own art. There is also a section called ‘Artists Help’ with articles, tips and advice on how to exhibit and sell work in the area. I am very excited to

tell you that I am now selling Daler Rowney Art Materials including oils, acrylics, artists’ watercolours and inks. If you are trying to source a certain material then please feel free to contact me as I will be able to order products that I do not have in stock.

12-18 March 2010 Win a meal for 2 at the Inn Plaice in torrevieja (Mon-Thu) or at La Pista Restaurante In Jalon (Mon-sat Lunchtimes Only) by answering the Cryptic Crossword correctly. Answers by email to: or Fax: 96 570 5328.


Euromillions Draw Friday 05 march

Answers & Winner

12 18 19 43 49 3

Last week’s Crossword and Suduko answers found on page 48. Crossword winner for issue 542: John Faulconbridge, BENIARBEIG


One Austrian ticket won the 46,258,004 Euros (£41,706,216) jackpot prize

Quick Crossword

Cryptic Crossword

Across 3. Misfortune (9) 8. Sediment (4) 9. Conduct (9) 10. Eaten away (6) 11. Guide (5) 14. Fall into (5) 15. Curb (4) 16. Moribund (5) 18. Story (4) 20. Wireless (5) 21. Ant (5) 24. Dread (6) 25. Ignore (9) 26. Cosy (4) 27. Cheer (9)

Across 3. So dieting upsets one’s assimilation of food (9) 8. A double round to celebrate (4) 9. They may be punched by workers (4-5) 10. So rich a blend of voices (6) 11. Change seats and get something worth having (5) 14. Worthy of respect, though not entirely legal (5) 15. Witnessed a Pole cut in pieces! (4) 16. New easel to hire out (5) 18. Something from which danger may arise (4) 20. Tree for the sea-shore we hear (5) 21. Get involved in someone else’s business? (5) 24. How one should march on foot (6) 25. Ninety-ton order, yet one of no account (9) 26. Reel back with some drinks (4) 27. It gives you time to play (9)





Who said that?

There is joy in work. There is no happiness except in the realization that we have accomplished something. Henry Ford

Down 1. Ease (9) 2. Conciliate (9) 4. Action (4) 5. Precise (5) 6. Tremble (6) 7. So (4) 9. Whiskers (5) 11. Speedy (5) 12. Translation (9) 13. Foster (9) 17. Covetousness (5) 19. Appear (6) 22. Keen (5) 23. Portent (4) 24. Genuine (4)



Down 1. No notes? Call at the station! (3,6) 2. Distorted explanation of why a player was dropped? (3,2,4) 4. I take a bit of a risk for her (4) 5. Odds that aren’t odd! (5) 6. Finds broken crates (6) 7. Inequalities of chance (4) 9. Kind of spirit used in petrol lighters (5) 11. Knowing there’s a fight over a point (5) 12. Make moves to raise one’s standing? (4,5) 13. Almost in debt? Very well could be! (2,3,4) 17. It’s not easily carved by one in a confused state (5) 19. Temporary skylight? (6) 22. Agree to embark (3,2) 23. Learning a new role (4) 24. Make a note of the time (4)

8-14 JANUARY 12-18 MARCH 2010 2010


First cut CONSIDER A knife. You have many in your kitchen drawers, your dishwasher or maybe lurking in your sink awaiting some action with Fairy liquid. Made of steel, the knife is a multi used object. It can be used in the preparation of food, helping to provide substance for our need for nutrition, or it can heal when wielded by a surgeon, or kill in the hands of a murderer. The object itself therefore can be seen in many different ways and it inspires various needs, and endless uses and adaptations. It is what you do with the knife, therefore, that is important and good or bad the knife follows our instruction and brings a sustained result. The knife itself isn’t wrong: nobody could blame the knife as it awaits our instruction and then follows our request. Consider the surgeons’ knife, sterilised and waiting to help cure the body as deft strokes are applied with intention to save life. Here the knife follows an instruction and relies on the skill of its operator, slicing tissue and skin. This knife heals and fights illness, preserving by construction: healthy life. The murderer’s knife has obeyed the drastic and life-taking instructions required of one who intends to use it to harm. This knife may damage, maim or kill in the hands of someone who has that intention. It will feel none of the pain, nor will it be able to question the mode or the motivation. The cooks’ knife cuts and slices food to provide substance for survival. It follows instructions as its owner follow recipes and uses it to provide sustenance in bite-sized portions. Here the knife is solely concerned with a happy and eatable end result, and our nutrition.

horoscopes by Kenny Corris

Now do you see it? The same instrument brings different results when used in different ways. Just so can our Spirituality be used in different ways and be perceived in many different dimensions of our reality and our choice. What we do with what is given to us greatly depends therefore on the end result that is required. Spirituality, like the sharpest knife in the drawer, can and will produce a multitude of end results, each constructed accordingly. We cannot blame the knife that kills any more than we can lament the Spiritual gift that is somehow never opened. In the right hands that gift can work miracles all around, but it needs a motivation; an instruction; and then it will do what is expected of it. My job has always been to help others sharpen their minds. I see many who hold back from what could be a wonderful synthesis of creativity and enlightenment, but sadly some want to be back in the drawer, preferring safety, or maybe waiting for the motivation of a specific instruction that may never come. I have cut myself with knives and I know their potential. I have seen the flow of blood that the razor brings. I have had bad cuts in emotional relationships that saw my pride and my energy blunted. Nothing stops me, and perhaps nothing could as I work to promote the love and energy that I love to share. I know that we have all had to walk away from negativity at some stage of our lives, and that we sometimes have to hold on. But we have to remember always that the first cut is the deepest!

Love & Light... Kenny Corris

Kenny’s Diary

Postbag Email your letters to me at:

I am very worried at what 2012 will bring and I keep hearing different things that disturb me. In your article you wrote that it will be a chance to work closer with Spirit, but others tell me of global destruction and some of a return to nature. I am confused and I need clarity. Hazel M. Well, Hazel, where do I start? 2012 will bring those with Spiritual beliefs a new dimension as a testament of their faith, helping them to ascend to new levels, and will as such bring spiritual rebirth, and a wealth of opportunities. If Worlds do collide and the expected problems are brought about by an excessive Solar Maximum, then we will be relying more on Nature. Since electricity works the Planet by satellite connections and computers, they will be redundant. I have recently showcased a new workshop, ‘2012 The Truth’ in Norway and this will be bookable here in Spain this Spring: please check my website for details, or call me for any further information. We do not have to ‘wait and see’ and I hope you get the clarity you need! We have a duty to be fully informed.

New online forum! Please feel free to ask questions of Kenny and read questions and comments of others.

ALL SPRING Workshops now booking from March 14th when presentation ‘2012 The Truth’ is showcased here in Spain. Half day workshop in Meditation: Sanctuary on Thursday March 18th at 13.30 to 17.00. Information on this and all workshops on: or please call for details. Mini readings at Maya Bistro Albir on 15th and 17th .

contact kenny Appointments: 96 587 8424 Mobile: 686 361 594 Web: Please contact me for inclusion in my healing list!

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The entry of Mercury just after the weekend should make things clearer and shed a little light on something. You know that what two and two make, but you are well aware that something needs to be done to ensure that changes are made and your life can return to the calm of everyday. There is a weak link in the chain and you need to confront to make a difference. Choose your time carefully, and know above all who is really at your side when you need it! Serendipity shines on you this week as you have a distinct spring in your step, and a new direction beckons. See this as empowering yourself to move on, and eliminate any thoughts that see you as running away. There is work to be done, and this is making a start within as you grasp the new concepts and the fresh start that will challenge and inspire you. Mighty Uranus brings change, but it is important that you know that you have been given the upper hand at last! Stimulate your inquisitive and searching mind by getting the answers you need. This is a time of research, and discovery and something big can grow from all of this if you let it. With new doors opening and the door behind you firmly shut, at last, there is a new agenda and you have a distinct choice. This is a time for study, meditation and learning, with a view to combining your hidden talents, with an exciting future that could really be yours if you believe in yourself once again. The New Moon in Pisces connects you with your innermost emotions and the truth can be told to someone who craves your love and attention but seems to be missing out. The Moon energy this week sees you doing your very best work but there is a job to be done that you are putting off right now. It isn’t easy to connect others to reality, but the fantasy period is over in a relationship issue and it is high time to face facts and to let someone down gently without delay. Mars continues to reside and allows you to see things from a different angle. There is a pressure on you this week to come up with the goods and since you wait for news and further instructions you may have quite a frustrating week. With such firm ideas and with such stubborn pride backing you it is high time you sought other avenues and stopped putting all of your eggs in one basket. You have refused help and assistance, but if ever you needed it, it is right now! A time for hard work, as you find yourself very alone amidst a joint project. With a lift coming in your creative energies you must view the end result and forget the protocol, or the mechanics that stops you from getting things done. You never know what you can do unless you try, and you are about to give all this your very best shot, and show yourself that you are capable of so much more, and that there is a need to showcase what you do, for future reference. Justice is due, and it is neither more nor less than you deserve right now in the current state of play. There are two sides to every story but your version of events has yet to be heard. In a week when anger takes control, above all keep your temper as Saturn houses you safely in the second house and urges control and patience. Actions later this week with Mercury will make sure that your message is heard so only say what you really want others to hear! Pallas’s retrograde in your seventh house will affect your sensitive energies this weekend. For once have patience and let others do what they think they must, since it will pave the way for what really needs to said and done right now. Positive energy will ensure that you get your way in all this, and, whilst taking a back seat is not usually your preference, allow relevant issues to come to some conclusion before you use that sting in your tail right where it hurts! A great time to bring people together and to toast friendship and love with a grand gesture. You have been that shoulder to cry on just lately and have given those who have needed it the good advice you are so adept at giving. Somehow now there is a need to share the reward with those whom you love, especially since they have such faith and respect for your endeavours: a great time to unite and strengthen, since you do not know when you may need their tender love and care. Pluto brings a need to examine things from inside out. You are coming to terms with changes that have been enforced upon you and you have survived. When there is compromise there is simply a new negotiation within and nobody thinks badly of you in your changed circumstances. You have simply done the very best that you could and you have held your head up high throughout. Now look for alternatives because you have new directions to follow. Good luck! Planet Uranus is on the way, and in the meantime you have a decision to make. A journey right now would kill two birds with one stone since someone further away from you needs your advice and companionship and you clearly need to see current complications from a distance, and a new angle. Travel is indicated through actions with Mercury and will bring you a new friendship on the way. Go pack a bag: you won’t regret it and the time is right. A busy week astrologically as Mercury and Uranus both vie for your attention. Mercury brings a message to your door whilst mighty Uranus is providing you with a blueprint for the future you should at least consider. With such direction and a chance to show your own talents within, at least give things a chance, and take the lucky chances offered to you. Sometimes you do not know just what you are capable of, but currently the backing is there in place to ensure success.

If it’s your birthday this week... Enjoy the hustle and bustle that a busy astrological year brings you. There will be ups and downs but your control of the situations will inspire others to believe in what you have to do!

Bodegas Mitarte - Labastida Wine Review by

Jonathan Burrows

Director of Murcia Wine Club

SINCE MY last RTN article I have been quite busy with the winetasting and vineyard tours in Murcia - I have been spending quite a lot of time in the Jumilla wine-producing region where the seemingly aggressive process of pruning is still going on, but things are progressing nicely as ever and local winemakers are looking forward to the fruits of their labour. Towards the end of February, I also decided to take a little trip up to the north of Spain to visit Bodegas Mitarte in Labastida (Rioja Álavesa) in order to finalise a few things with our new exciting partnership (Murcia Wine Club is now the official sales agent for Bodegas Mitarte). Labastida is located to the south of the Cantabrian Mountains and next to the famous Ebro River. Rioja Álavesa benefits from an ideal continental climate and is one of the prime wine-producing spots in the whole of Spain. The surrounding mountains help to protect the prized vineyards from the harsh winds which are rather typical of the north of Spain. The vines grown at Bodegas Mitarte are very generously spread out to allow the vines access to more much-needed nutrients in the soil. Attention to quality and detail here is truly impressive. Bodegas Mitarte is a small family-owned winery in Labastida

which has very strong wine traditions and beliefs. The wines that they produce all come from the grapes in their own vineyards and some of their vines are as much as 100 years old. Mitarte offer a number of red wines, a white and a rosé; all of which are very good indeed, but I believe one in particular deserves a special mention: the ‘Mitarte Crianza Vendimia Seleccionada’, 2006. Murcia Wine Club sells this wine for €6.99 per bottle; the lowest price anywhere in Spain. There is also free next day delivery and a 10% discount when buying by the full case of 12 (this equates to 1.4 free bottles). The wine is silky-smooth on the palate and is easy to drink, with a great long and seductive after-taste. It is made from their 70 year old vines which produce excellent tempranillo grapes. The grapes for this wine are harvested in the last weeks of October and the first week in November. The wine is fermented at 28˚C for 15 days and the maceration process is prolonged for 21 days after the fermentation. The ‘crianza’ ageing process takes place in new American and French Allier oak barrels for the period of 12 months and then for a further year in the bottle at the bodega, during which time the wine takes on its special roundness and unique personality. It has a very intense bright cherry-red colour

to it and it is clean and attractive on the eye. The aroma is also very intense and complex at the same time; dominated by ripe red and black fruits. It is extremely elegant and great for all occasions – a true crowd-pleaser! Contact the Murcia Wine Club via to get your hands on this very special and great-value red Rioja wine. ¡Salud!

Article written by Jonathan Burrows, Director of Murcia Wine Club Tel: 608 708 579; e-mail: web:

8-14 JANUARY 12-18 MARCH 2010 2010


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12-18 March 2010

7.00 Breakfast 10.15 Fake Britain 11.00 Homes Under the Hammer; BBC News; 12.00 To Buy or Not to Buy 12.45 Cash in the Attic; 13.15 Bargain Hunt 14.00 BBC News; Weather 14.30 Regional News; 14.45 Doctors 15.15 Murder, She Wrote 16.00 BBC News; 16.05 CBeebies: 3rd & Bird. 16.15 Pinky Dinky Doo 16.25 CBBC: 16.25 Dennis and Gnasher; Leon. 16.40 Bear Behaving Badly 17.05 ROY 17.35 Gastronuts 18.00 Newsround 18.15 Weakest Link 19.00 BBC News; Weather 19.30 Regional News 20.00 The One Show 20.30 MasterChef 21.00 EastEnders 21.30 Eurovision: Your Country Needs You 23.00 BBC News 23.25 Regional News; 23.35 Friday Night with Jonathan Ross 0.35 The National Lottery EuroMillions Draw

8.00 -11.30 Childrens TV 11.30 In the Night Garden 12.00 Schools: Primary Class Clips. 12.15 Emotional Literacy 12.25 Primary Class Clips 12.40 Look and Read 13.00 Daily Politics 13.30 Working Lunch 14.00 Nature’s Top 40 14.30 Castle in the Country 15.00 Animal Park 16.00 Diagnosis Murder 16.45 Flog It! 17.30 Pointless 18.15 Escape to the Country 19.00 Celebrity Eggheads 19.30 Antiques Road Trip 20.00 Coast 21.00 Mastermind 21.30 Gardeners’ World 22.00 Mastercrafts 23.00 The Bubble 23.30 Newsnight 0.00 The Review Show; Weather. 0.50 Heroes 1.30 Sugarhouse 3.00 I Don’t Want to Be Born

7.00 GMTV 10.25 The Jeremy Kyle Show 11.30 This Morning 13.30 Loose Women 14.30 ITV News and Weather 14.55 Granada News and Weather 15.00 House Guest in the Sun 15.59 Granada Weather 16.00 Dickinson’s Real Deal 17.00 Country House Cooking Contest 18.00 The Alan Titchmarsh Show 19.00 Granada Reports; Weather 19.30 ITV News 20.00 Emmerdale 20.30 Coronation Street 21.00 Dancing on Ice Friday 21.30 Coronation Street 22.00 Michael Winner’s Dining Stars 23.00 ITV News at Ten 23.30 Granada News 23.35 Death Wish 3; ITV News Headlines. 1.20 Nightwatch with Steve Scott: Emergency 2.10 Murder by Numbers

8.00 Freshly Squeezed 8.25 Everybody Loves Raymond 9.20 Frasier 10.20 Will & Grace 10.45 Deal or No Deal 11.30 Coach Trip 12.05 Wife Swap USA 13.00 Channel 4 News Summary 13.05 In Your Dreams 13.15 Location, Location, Location 14.15 Murder, She Said 15.55 Glamour Puds 16.25 Countdown 17.10 Deal or No Deal 18.00 Coach Trip 18.30 The Simpsons 19.30 Hollyoaks 20.00 Channel 4 News 20.30 White Boy, Black Nanny 21.00 A Place in the Sun: Home or Away 22.00 Embarrassing Bodies 23.00 Chris Moyles’ Quiz Night 23.50 Bulletproof Monk 1.50 4Music: The Album Chart Show Introduces - Ellie Goulding 2.05 4Music: 4Play: The Plasticines 2.15 Holy Man

8.05 - 9.00 Childrens TV 9.00 Fifi and the Flowertots 9.15 The Milky and Shake Show 9.20 Peppa Pig 9.25 Thomas & Friends 9.35 Igam Ogam 9.50 Castle Farm 9.55 The WotWots 10.05 Mio Mao 10.15 The Wright Stuff 11.45 Trisha Goddard 12.45 House Doctor 13.40 Five News 13.45 Extraordinary Animals 14.15 Wild Animal ER 14.45 Neighbours 15.15 Home and Away 15.50 The Family Recipe 15.55 I Own Britain’s Best Home: Flying Visit 16.10 A Stranger’s Heart 18.00 Five News 18.30 Neighbours 19.00 Home and Away 19.55 Live from Studio Five; Five News Update. 21.00 Highland Emergency 22.00 The Mentalist 23.00 Law & Order: Criminal Intent 0.00 NCIS 1.00 SuperCasino 5.00 Motorsport Mundial

7.00 Breakfast 10.00 Saturday Kitchen 11.10 Formula 1: The Bahrain Grand Prix - Qualifying 13.30 BBC News; Regional News; Weather 13.45 Football Focus 14.30 A Question of Sport 15.00 Live Six Nations Rugby Union 17.25 BBC News; Regional News; Weather 17.35 Live Six Nations Rugby Union 20.00 Let’s Dance for Sport Relief 21.15 The National Lottery: Who Dares Wins 22.05 Casualty 22.55 BBC News; Weather; National Lottery Update. 23.15 Match of the Day 0.35 The Football League Show 1.50 Friday Night with Jonathan Ross 2.55 Sign Zone: Dinner with Portillo 3.25 Sign Zone: Alesha Dixon: Who’s Your Daddy?

8.00 CBBC: Dennis and Gnasher. 8.15 Dennis and Gnasher 8.25 Sportsround 8.40 What’s New Scooby-Doo? 9.00 Richard Hammond’s Blast Lab; Leon. 9.30 Jump Nation 10.30 Prank Patrol 11.00 Ed and Oucho’s Excellent Inventions 11.30 Keep Your Enemies Close 12.00 The Slammer 12.30 My Life 13.00 BBC Switch: Greek 13.45 BBC Switch: Single, Together, Whatever 14.15 The 5:19 Show 14.35 BBC Switch: The Cut 15.00 BBC Switch: Revealed 15.15 The Sky at Night 15.55 Suspicion 17.30 Final Score 18.20 First Knight 20.30 Dad’s Army 21.00 Requiem for Detroit 22.15 QI XL 23.00 Heroes 23.40 Motor City’s Burning: Detroit from Motown to the Stooges 0.40 Gridlock’d 2.10 Motown: A Culture Show Special

7.00 GMTV 10.25 CITV: Horrid Henry. 10.40 Emu 10.55 Tricky Quickies 11.00 The Crocodile Hunter Diaries 11.30 Lion Country 12.00 Dickinson’s Real Deal 13.00 News; Weather 13.09 Granada Weather 13.10 Michael Winner’s Dining Stars 14.10 Murder, She Wrote: The Last Free Man 15.50 Midsomer Murders 17.50 Mr Bean’s Holiday 19.30 Granada News 19.40 ITV News 20.00 New You’ve Been Framed! 20.30 Harry Hill’s TV Burp 21.00 Ant & Dec’s Push the Button 22.00 Piers Morgan’s Life Stories 23.00 Troy 0.30 ITV News and Weather; Weather 0.45 Troy 2.05 Timecop: The Berlin Decision; ITV News Headlines. 3.25 Nightwatch with Steve Scott: Mystery

8.00 World Sport 8.30 Road to the 2010 FIFA World Cup 9.00 The Morning Line 9.55 T4: Friends 10.55 T4: Glee 11.50 T4: Diversity’s Dance Masterclass: Top 20 12.55 T4: Ultimate Traveller 14.00 T4: Smallville 14.55 Channel 4 Racing from Sandown Park and Wolverhampton 16.55 Three Hungry Boys 17.25 Come Dine with Me Extra Portions 19.30 Channel 4 News 20.00 Stardust 22.25 In Her Shoes 0.55 Alan Carr: Chatty Man 1.45 City of God 3.55 The Dead Zone 4.35 St Elsewhere 5.25 Scrapheap Challenge Top Ten 6.15 Countdown

8.00 Elmo’s World. 8.15 The WotWots 8.30 Milkshake Monkey 8.35 Chiro 8.40 Make Way for Noddy 8.55 Bert and Ernie’s Great Adventures 9.00 Hana’s Helpline 9.15 Mist: Sheepdog Tales 9.30 The Adventures of Bottle Top Bill and His Best Friend Corky 9.50 Harry and His Bucket Full of Dinosaurs 10.05 Olivia 10.15 The Mr Men Show 10.30 Gerald McBoing Boing 11.00 UEFA Europa League Football 12.00 The Gadget Show 13.00 Megastructures: 747 Demolition 14.05 Chinese Food in Minutes 14.35 The King and I 16.10 Man of the House 18.15 Five News 18.20 Battle of the Bulge 21.00 NCIS 22.00 CSI: NY 23.00 Law & Order 0.00 CSI: Crime Scene Investigation 1.00 SuperCasino 5.05 House Doctor

7.00 Breakfast 8.35 Match of the Day 10.00 The Andrew Marr Show 11.00 The Big Questions 12.00 BBC News; Weather 12.10 Formula 1: The Bahrain Grand Prix Live 15.15 The Politics Show 16.30 Cash in the Celebrity Attic 17.15 Murder, She Wrote 18.00 Songs of Praise 18.35 BBC News; Regional News; Weather 19.00 Countryfile 20.00 Victoria: A Royal Love Story 21.00 Lark Rise to Candleford 22.00 Seven Ages of Britain 23.00 BBC News; Regional News; Weather 23.25 Great British Railway Journeys 23.55 The Brothers Grimm; Weatherview. 1.50 Sign Zone: Berlin 2.50 Sign Zone: Holby City 3.50 Sign Zone: The Real Winnie Mandela

8.00 CBBC: Arthur. 8.15 Dennis and Gnasher 8.40 The Basil Brush Show 9.05 Jinx; Leon. 9.30 The Legend of Dick & Dom 10.00 Tracy Beaker Returns 10.30 Spirit Warriors 11.00 Something for the Weekend 12.30 On Thin Ice 13.15 EastEnders 15.10 Live Six Nations Rugby Union 17.40 Escape to the Country 18.10 Banded Brothers - The Mongoose Mob 19.10 Richard Hammond’s Engineering Connections 20.00 Top Gear 21.00 Tropic of Cancer 22.00 Wonders of the Solar System 23.00 Match of the Day 2 23.50 Blur: No Distance Left to Run 1.35 Blur at Glastonbury 2009 2.20 Human Traffic 3.55 BBC News 4.50 The Super League Show

7.00 GMTV 10.25 CITV: Bookaboo. 10.40 Horrid Henry 10.55 Tricky Quickies 11.00 Coronation Street 13.20 News; Weather 13.29 Granada Weather 13.30 The Best of Benny Hill 15.10 Columbo: Murder in Malibu 17.10 Agatha Christie’s Poirot 19.10 Granada News 19.25 ITV News 19.40 Harry Hill’s TV Burp 20.10 Dancing on Ice 21.30 Wild at Heart 22.30 Dancing on Ice: The Skate Off 23.00 ITV News and Weather; Weather 23.15 Trevor McDonald Meets David Cameron 0.15 Piers Morgan On 1.10 Champions League Weekly 1.40 Nightwatch with Steve Scott: Emergency; ITV News Headlines. 2.30 Real Women Have Curves 4.05 Dating the Enemy

8.15 The Great Swim Series 9.10 The Grid 9.35 Freesports on 4 10.10 T4: The Hills 10.40 T4: Friends 11.10 T4: Hollyoaks 13.40 T4: Ultimate Traveller 14.45 T4: Friends 15.45 T4: 90210 16.45 T4: The Simpsons 17.50 Deal or No Deal 18.35 Glee 19.30 Channel 4 News 20.00 Embarrassing Bodies 21.00 Celebrity Come Dine with Me 22.00 Snakes on a Plane 0.05 Silent Hill 2.25 The Broken Hearts Club: A Romantic Comedy 4.00 Hill Street Blues 4.50 Dispatches: Cameron Uncovered 5.45 Battlefront Television 2009 6.15 Countdown

8.00 Milkshake!: Elmo’s World. 8.15 The WotWots; Milkshake Monkey. 8.30 Chiro 8.40 Make Way for Noddy 8.50 Fireman Sam 9.00 Hana’s Helpline 9.15 Mist: Sheepdog Tales 9.30 The Adventures of Bottle Top Bill and His Best Friend Corky 9.50 Harry and His Bucket Full of Dinosaurs 10.00 Olivia 10.20 The Mr Men Show 10.35 Gerald McBoing Boing 11.00 Shake!: Hannah Montana. 11.35 Wizards of Waverly Place 12.10 Build a New Life in the Country 13.05 Highland Emergency 14.05 Ice Road Truckers 15.10 Hangman’s Knot 16.45 The Cowboys 19.05 Five News 19.10 Jumanji 21.15 Joe Kidd 23.00 Revolver 1.15 The Gadget Show 2.15 SuperCasino

tv Saturday

tv Sunday

8.00 The Simpsons 9.00 Brainiac: Science Abuse 10.00 Lie to Me 11.00 Grimebusters 12.00 Lion Man 12.30 Airline 13.00 The Biggest Loser: Australia 14.00 Lie to Me 15.00 Angela and Friends 16.30 Project Runway 17.30 Lion Man 18.00 WWE Superstars 19.00 Oops TV 20.00 The Simpsons 21.00 Oops TV 22.00 Lost 23.00 A League of Their Own 0.00 Pineapple Dance Studios 1.00 Road Wars 2.50 Ross Kemp on Gangs 3.40 Don’t Forget the Lyrics US 4.30 Brainiac: Science Abuse

8.30 Cross-Country Skiing 9.00 Live Alpine Skiing 10.00 Alpine Skiing 10.30 Live Alpine Skiing 12.45 Cross-Country Skiing 13.15 Ski Jumping 14.15 Live Biathlon 16.00 Live Cycling 17.15 Live Ski Jumping 18.45 Eurogoals Flash 18.55 Alpine Skiing 20.00 Strongest Man 21.00 Live Boxing 23.00 Cycling 1.00 Freeride Spirit Show

8.00 Bewitched 9.00 Maury 9.55 Celebs 24/7 10.00 Nothing to Declare 11.00 America’s Next Top Model 12.00 Maury 12.55 Celebs 24/7 13.00 60 Minute Makeover 14.00 Canada’s Next Top Model 15.00 Four Weddings 16.00 Ghost Whisperer 17.00 Charmed 19.00 America’s Next Top Model 20.00 Ghost Whisperer 21.00 Medium 22.00 Criminal Minds 23.00 CSI: Crime Scene Investigation 2.00 Passport Patrol 3.05 Living with Kimberly Stewart 4.00 Charmed 5.40 Extreme: Celebrity Rehab

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8.00 Malcolm in the Middle 9.00 Wayne Rooney’s Street Striker 10.00 Soccer AM 13.00 The Simpsons 14.00 The Real A&E 15.00 Pineapple Dance Studios 16.00 Fat Families 17.00 The World Wild Vet 18.00 Oops TV 19.00 The Simpsons 20.00 Futurama 21.00 Pineapple Dance Studios 22.00 The Librarian: The Curse of the Judas Chalice 23.45 Fringe 0.45 Road Wars 1.45 A League of Their Own 2.45 Miami SWAT 4.25 Prison Break 5.20 American Gladiators 6.10 Are You Smarter Than a 10 Year Old?

8.30 WATTS 8.45 Live Alpine Skiing 10.30 Live Biathlon 12.00 Live Alpine Skiing 13.45 Cross-Country Skiing 14.15 Live Cycling 16.45 Cross-Country Skiing 17.15 Live Ski Jumping 18.10 Wintersports Weekend 18.15 Biathlon 19.15 Nordic Combined Skiing 19.45 Alpine Skiing 20.30 Live Winter Paralympic Games 23.15 Live WTA Tennis

8.00 I Dream of Jeannie 9.00 Bewitched 10.00 My Wife and Kids 11.00 The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air 12.00 Will & Grace 13.00 Four Weddings 16.00 Changing Faces 17.00 The Karate Kid Part III 19.20 Celebs 24/7 19.30 Nothing to Declare 21.00 Criminal Minds 22.00 Most Haunted: The Live Series 0.00 Exposed: Angelina Jolie 1.00 Medium 2.00 Nothing to Declare 3.00 Criminal Minds 4.00 Exposed: Lindsay Lohan 4.50 Will & Grace 5.40 The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

8.30 Porsche Super Cup 9.00 Ski Jumping 10.00 Live Nordic Combined Skiing 10.30 Live Biathlon 11.15 Live Alpine Skiing 12.00 Live Nordic Combined Skiing 12.45 Live Biathlon 13.45 Live Cycling 15.00 Live Ski Jumping 15.30 Live Cross-Country Skiing 16.55 Wintersports Weekend 17.00 Cycling 18.15 Live Winter Paralympic Games 21.30 Motorsports Weekend 21.45 WTA Tennis 23.00 Live WTA Tennis 0.45 Ski Jumping 1.15 Wintersports Weekend 1.20 Motorsports Weekend

8.00 I Dream of Jeannie 9.00 Bewitched 10.00 My Wife and Kids 11.00 The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air 12.00 Will & Grace 13.00 America’s Next Top Model 14.00 So You Think You Can Dance 16.00 The Karate Kid Part III 18.20 Celebs 24/7 18.30 Nothing to Declare 19.00 Changing Faces 20.00 Psychic Sally: On the Road 21.00 Grey’s Anatomy 22.00 Criminal Minds 23.00 Supernatural 0.00 CSI: Crime Scene Investigation 2.00 America’s Next Top Model 3.00 So You Think You Can Dance 4.50 Exposed: Charlotte Church

QI XL BBC2, 22.15

8.00 Malcolm in the Middle 9.00 Pineapple Dance Studios 10.00 WWE: Afterburn 11.00 WWE Superstars 12.00 WWE: Experience 13.00 The Simpsons 14.00 Futurama 15.00 Futurama: Welcome to the World of Tomorrow 15.15 The Librarian: The Curse of the Judas Chalice 17.00 UK Border Force 18.00 The Simpsons 19.00 Pineapple Dance Studios 20.00 The World Wild Vet 21.00 Noel’s Are You Smarter Than Your 10 Year Old? 22.00 24 23.00 House 0.00 Bones 1.00 A League of Their Own 2.00 Pineapple Dance Studios 3.00 Road Wars 4.45 American Gladiators 5.40 Hello Goodbye 6.05 Are You Smarter Than a 10 Year Old?

Slumdog Trevor McDonald Meets Millionaire Channel 4, David Cameron 10.00pm ITV1, 23.15

tv Monday

Feb 12-18 26 March - March 42010 2010

8.00 The Simpsons 9.00 Brainiac: Science Abuse 10.00 Lie to Me 11.00 Grimebusters 12.00 Lion Man 12.30 The Biggest Loser: Australia 14.00 Lie to Me 15.00 Angela and Friends 16.30 Project Runway 17.30 Lion Man 18.00 Malcolm in the Middle 18.30 Futurama 19.00 Oops TV 20.00 The Simpsons 21.00 Body Language Secrets 22.00 House 23.00 NCIS: Los Angeles 0.00 UK Border Force 1.00 School of Hard Knocks 2.00 24 2.50 Road Wars 3.40 Ross Kemp on Gangs 4.30 Don’t Forget the Lyrics US

7.00 Breakfast 10.15 Missing Live 11.00 Homes Under the Hammer; BBC News; 12.00 To Buy or Not to Buy 12.30 Cash in the Attic; 13.00 Bargain Hunt 14.00 BBC News; 14.30 Regional News; 14.45 Doctors 15.15 Missing 16.00 BBC News; 16.05 CBeebies: 3rd & Bird. 16.15 Dirtgirlworld 16.25 Dennis and Gnasher; Leon. 16.40 Shaun the Sheep 16.50 Muddle Earth 17.05 Sport Relief Does We Are the Champions 17.35 MI High 18.00 Newsround 18.15 Weakest Link 19.00 BBC News; 19.30 Regional News 20.00 The One Show 20.30 Bang Goes the Theory 21.00 EastEnders 21.30 Panorama 22.00 New Tricks 23.00 BBC News 23.25 Regional News; 23.35 Diet or My Husband Dies 0.25 Late Kick Off 0.55 Joe Somebody

8.00 - 11.00 Childrens TV 11.10 Waybuloo 11.30 In the Night Garden 12.00 Schools: Who Are We? 12.20 Maths Channel 12.40 Telling Tales 12.50 Science Clip Investigations 13.00 Daily Politics 13.30 Working Lunch 14.00 Nature’s Top 40 14.30 Castle in the Country 15.00 Animal Park 16.00 Diagnosis Murder 16.45 Flog It! 17.30 Pointless 18.15 Escape to the Country 19.00 Eggheads 19.30 Antiques Road Trip 20.00 Seven Ages of Britain 21.00 University Challenge 21.30 Raymond Blanc: Kitchen Secrets 22.00 A Band for Britain 23.00 Grumpy Old Women 23.30 Newsnight; Weather. 0.20 Newswipe with Charlie Brooker 0.50 Inside John Lewis 1.50 Tropic of Cancer

7.00 GMTV 10.25 The Jeremy Kyle Show 11.30 This Morning 13.30 Loose Women 14.30 ITV News 14.55 Granada News a 15.00 House Guest in the Sun 15.59 Granada Weather 16.00 Dickinson’s Real Deal 17.00 Rosemary & Thyme 18.00 The Alan Titchmarsh Show 19.00 Granada Reports; 19.30 ITV News 20.00 Emmerdale 20.30 Coronation Street 21.00 The Lakes 21.30 Coronation Street 22.00 Married Single Other 23.00 ITV News at Ten and Weather 23.30 Granada News and Weather 23.35 Bird on a Wire 1.40 In Plain Sight; ITV News Headlines. 2.30 Loose Women 3.15 The Jeremy Kyle Show

8.00 Freshly Squeezed 8.25 Everybody Loves Raymond 9.20 Frasier 10.20 Will & Grace 10.45 Deal or No Deal 11.35 Coach Trip 12.05 Wife Swap USA 13.00 Channel 4 News 13.05 Dolce Vito - Dream Restaurant 13.30 It’s Me or the Dog 14.05 Never So Few 16.25 Countdown 17.10 Deal or No Deal 18.00 Coach Trip 18.30 Come Dine with Me Extra Portions 19.00 The Simpsons 19.30 Hollyoaks 20.00 Channel 4 News 20.55 3 Minute Wonder: How it Is 21.00 Dispatches: Children of Gaza 22.00 The Secret Millionaire 23.00 The Good Wife 0.00 The Sentinel 2.05 The Good Thief 4.00 St Elsewhere 4.50 Year Dot 5.20 3 Minute Wonder: Behind the Hoodie 5.25 Battlefront Television 2009

8.00 - 9.40 Childrens TV 9.40 Igam Ogam 9.50 Castle Farm 9.55 The WotWots 10.05 Mio Mao 10.15 The Wright Stuff 11.45 Trisha Goddard 12.45 House Doctor 13.40 Five News 13.45 Axe Men 14.45 Neighbours 15.15 Home and Away 15.50 I Own Britain’s Best Home: Flying Visit 16.05 Flood: A River’s Rampage 18.00 Five News with Natasha Kaplinsky; 18.30 Neighbours 19.00 Home and Away 19.25 Live from Studio Five 20.30 Building the Ultimate; Five News Update. 21.00 The Gadget Show; Five News at 9. 22.00 The Good, the Bad and the Ugly 1.40 Urban Legends 2.10 SuperCasino 5.00 The FBI Files

7.00 Breakfast 10.15 Missing Live 11.00 Homes Under the Hammer; BBC News; . 12.00 To Buy or Not to Buy 12.30 Cash in the Attic 13.00 Bargain Hunt 14.00 BBC News 14.30 Regional News 14.45 Doctors 15.15 Missing 16.00 BBC News 16.05 CBeebies: 3rd & Bird 16.15 Dirtgirlworld 16.25 Dennis and Gnasher; Leon. 16.40 Shaun the Sheep 16.50 Muddle Earth 17.05 Sport Relief Does We Are the Champions; Street Monsters. 17.35 Blue Peter 18.00 Newsround 18.15 Weakest Link 19.00 BBC News; 19.30 Regional News 20.00 The One Show 20.30 EastEnders; BBC News; Regional News. 21.00 Holby City 22.00 Richard Hammond’s Invisible Worlds 23.00 BBC News 23.25 Regional News 23.35 Wild Hogs

8.00 -10.00 Childrens TV 10.05 Louie 10.20 Ethelbert the Tiger 10.30 I Can Cook 10.45 Guess with Jess 10.55 Big & Small Songs 11.00 Tinga Tinga Tales 11.10 Waybuloo 11.30 In the Night Garden 12.00 Schools: BBC Primary Geography. 12.20 KS2 Science Clips 12.30 Primary i-D&T: Puppets and Food, Toys and Games 13.00 Daily Politics 13.30 Working Lunch 14.00 Nature’s Top 40 14.30 Castle in the Country 15.00 Animal Park 16.00 Diagnosis Murder 16.45 Flog It! 17.30 Pointless 18.15 Escape to the Country 19.00 Eggheads 19.30 Antiques Road Trip 20.00 Wonders of the Solar System 21.00 Sport Relief Does Dragons’ Den 22.00 Battle for North America 23.00 QI 23.30 Newsnight; 0.20 Mad Men

7.00 GMTV 10.25 The Jeremy Kyle Show 11.30 This Morning 13.30 Loose Women 14.30 ITV News 14.55 Granada News 15.00 House Guest in the Sun 15.59 Granada Weather 16.00 Dickinson’s Real Deal 17.00 Rosemary & Thyme 18.00 The Alan Titchmarsh Show 19.00 Granada Reports 19.30 ITV News 20.00 Emmerdale 20.30 You’ve Been Framed! 21.00 Cops with Cameras 22.00 Law & Order: UK 23.00 ITV News at Ten and Weather 23.30 Granada News and Weather 23.35 Martina Cole’s Lady Killers 0.35 Nightwatch with Steve Scott: Crime 1.30 Nightwatch with Steve Scott: Crime; ITV News Headlines. 2.25 Loose Women 3.15 The Jeremy Kyle Show

8.00 Freshly Squeezed 8.30 Everybody Loves Raymond 9.25 The Morning Line 10.20 Will & Grace 10.45 Deal or No Deal 11.35 Coach Trip 12.05 Wife Swap USA 13.00 Channel 4 News Summary 13.05 Dolce Vito - Dream Restaurant 13.30 Cheltenham Festival 17.15 Deal or No Deal 18.00 Coach Trip 18.30 Come Dine with Me Extra Portions 19.00 The Simpsons 19.30 Hollyoaks 20.00 Channel 4 News 20.55 3 Minute Wonder: How it Is 21.00 Jo Frost: Extreme Parental Guidance 22.00 One Born Every Minute 23.00 Shameless 0.05 8 Out of 10 Cats 0.40 Comedy Showcase: Guantanamo Phil 1.15 Cheltenham Festival Highlights 1.45 World Series of Poker 2.45 Road to the 2010 FIFA World Cup

8.00 - 9.00 Childrens TV 9.05 Fifi and the Flowertots 9.15 Peppa Pig 9.25 Thomas & Friends 9.40 Igam Ogam 9.50 Castle Farm 9.55 The WotWots 10.05 Mio Mao 10.15 The Wright Stuff 11.45 Trisha Goddard 12.45 House Doctor 13.40 Five News 13.45 Axe Men 14.45 Neighbours 15.15 Home and Away 15.50 The Family Recipe 15.55 Zoo Days 16.00 Jenifer 18.00 Five News with Natasha Kaplinsky 18.30 Neighbours 19.00 Home and Away 19.25 Live from Studio Five 20.30 Chinese Food in Minutes 21.00 Ice Road Truckers; Five News at 9. 22.00 CSI: Crime Scene Investigation 23.00 CSI: Miami; Five News Update. 0.00 CSI: NY 1.00 The FBI Files

8.00 The Simpsons 9.00 Brainiac: Science Abuse 10.00 Lie to Me 11.00 Customs UK 12.00 Lion Man 12.30 Airline 13.00 The Biggest Loser: Australia 13.30 Oops TV 14.00 Lie to Me 15.00 Angela and Friends 16.30 Project Runway 17.30 Lion Man 18.00 Malcolm in the Middle 18.30 Futurama 19.00 Oops TV 20.00 The Simpsons 21.00 Stargate Universe 22.00 Caprica 23.00 Fringe 0.00 Lost 1.00 Caprica 2.00 Road Wars 2.50 Ross Kemp on Gangs 3.40 Don’t Forget the Lyrics US 4.30 Brainiac: Science Abuse 5.20 Journeyman 6.10 Are You Smarter Than a 10 Year Old?

7.00 Breakfast 10.15 Missing Live 11.00 Homes Under the Hammer; BBC News 12.00 To Buy or Not to Buy 12.30 Cash in the Attic 13.00 Bargain Hunt 14.00 BBC News 14.30 Regional News 14.45 Doctors 15.15 Missing 16.00 BBC News 16.05 CBeebies: 3rd & Bird. 16.15 Dirtgirlworld 16.25 Dennis and Gnasher 16.40 Shaun the Sheep 16.50 Muddle Earth 17.05 Sport Relief Does We Are the Champions 17.35 Blue Peter 18.00 Newsround 18.15 Weakest Link 19.00 BBC News 19.30 Regional News 20.00 The One Show 20.30 Life of Riley; 21.00 MasterChef 22.00 Tourette’s: I Swear I Can’t Help It 23.00 BBC News 23.35 National Lottery Draws 23.45 Damages; National Lottery Update. 0.25 Film 2010 with Jonathan Ross

8.00 CBBC: Arthur. 8.15 Arthur 8.25 Newsround 8.30 Space Hoppers 9.00 Dead Gorgeous 9.30 CBeebies: Zigby. 9.40 Pinky Dinky Doo 10.05 Louie 10.20 Ethelbert the Tiger 10.30 I Can Cook 10.45 Guess with Jess 10.55 Big & Small Songs 11.00 Tinga Tinga Tales 11.10 Waybuloo 11.30 In the Night Garden 12.00 Nature’s Top 40 12.30 Daily Politics 14.00 See Hear 14.30 Working Lunch 15.00 Animal Park 16.00 Diagnosis Murder 16.45 Flog It! 17.30 Pointless 18.15 Escape to the Country 19.00 Eggheads 19.30 Antiques Road Trip 20.00 The Berlusconi Show 21.00 Coast 22.00 Inside John Lewis 23.00 Rhod Gilbert’s Work Experience 23.30 Newsnight 0.20 The Bubble 0.50 A Band for Britain 1.50 BBC News

7.00 GMTV 10.25 The Jeremy Kyle Show 11.30 This Morning 13.30 Loose Women 14.30 ITV News 14.55 Granada News 15.00 House Guest in the Sun 15.59 Granada Weather 16.00 Dickinson’s Real Deal 17.00 Rosemary & Thyme 18.00 The Alan Titchmarsh Show 19.00 Granada Reports; Weather 19.30 ITV News and Weather 20.00 Emmerdale 20.30 Live UEFA Champions League 23.00 ITV News at Ten and Weather 23.30 Granada News and Weather 23.35 UEFA Champions League: Extra Time 0.35 Cops with Cameras 1.25 Nightwatch with Steve Scott: Crime; ITV News Headlines. 2.20 Loose Women 3.10 The Jeremy Kyle Show 4.05 ITV Nightscreen

8.00 Freshly Squeezed 8.30 Everybody Loves Raymond 9.25 The Morning Line 10.20 Will & Grace 10.50 Deal or No Deal 11.35 Coach Trip 12.05 Wife Swap USA 13.00 Channel 4 News Summary 13.05 Dolce Vito - Dream Restaurant 13.30 Cheltenham Festival 17.15 Deal or No Deal 18.00 Coach Trip 18.30 Come Dine with Me Extra Portions 19.00 The Simpsons 19.30 Hollyoaks 20.00 Channel 4 News 20.55 3 Minute Wonder: How it Is 21.00 Relocation, Relocation 22.00 Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares USA 23.00 Desperate Housewives 0.00 Shameless 1.00 Cheltenham Festival Highlights 1.35 4Music: Music Academy 2010 1.50 4Music: The Album Chart Show Spotlight

8.00 - 9.15 Childrens TV 9.15 Peppa Pig 9.25 Thomas & Friends 9.40 Igam Ogam 9.50 Castle Farm 9.55 The WotWots 10.05 Mio Mao 10.15 The Wright Stuff 11.45 Trisha Goddard 12.45 House Doctor 13.40 Five News 13.45 Axe Men 14.45 Neighbours 15.15 Home and Away 15.50 I Own Britain’s Best Home: Flying Visit 16.05 Mystery Woman: Vision of a Murder 18.00 Five News with Natasha Kaplinsky 18.30 Neighbours 19.00 Home and Away 19.25 Live from Studio Five 20.30 Highland Emergency; Five News Update. 21.00 The Business Inspector; Five News at 9. 22.00 NCIS 23.00 Law & Order: Criminal Intent 0.00 Numb3rs 0.55 Poker 2.00 SuperCasino 5.05 The FBI Files

8.00 The Simpsons 9.00 Brainiac: Science Abuse 10.00 Lie to Me 11.00 Customs UK 12.00 Lion Man 12.30 Airline 13.00 The Biggest Loser: Australia 14.00 Lie to Me 15.00 Angela and Friends 16.30 Project Runway 17.30 Lion Man 18.00 Malcolm in the Middle 18.30 Futurama 19.00 Oops TV 20.00 The Simpsons 21.00 The World Wild Vet 22.00 The Real A&E 23.00 A League of Their Own 0.00 Greatest UEFA Champions League Goals 1.00 Ross Kemp on Gangs 2.00 Road Wars 3.40 Ross Kemp on Gangs

tv Tuesday

tv Wednesday

8.30 Motorsports Weekend 8.40 Wintersports Weekend 8.45 Cross-Country Skiing 9.15 Biathlon 10.45 Ski Jumping 12.00 WTA Tennis 14.30 Cycling 15.00 Live Cycling 16.30 Biathlon 17.00 Ski Jumping 18.00 Eurogoals 18.45 Champions Club 20.15 FIFA World Cup Giants 20.45 Cycling 22.30 Champions Club 0.00 Biathlon


8.00 The Jerry Springer Show 9.00 Maury 9.55 Celebs 24/7 10.00 Passport Patrol 11.00 America’s Next Top Model 12.00 Maury 12.55 Celebs 24/7 13.00 60 Minute Makeover 14.00 Canada’s Next Top Model 15.00 Four Weddings 15.30 Nothing to Declare 16.00 Ghost Whisperer 17.00 Charmed 19.00 America’s Next Top Model 20.00 Ghost Whisperer 21.00 Britain’s Worst Mother-in-Law 22.00 America’s Next Top Model 23.00 Changing Faces 0.00 Criminal Minds 1.00 CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Watch Coronation Street for Free with Europa call 902 050 999

8.30 Tokyo Marathon 9.30 WATTS 9.45 Eurogoals 10.30 Champions Club 12.00 WTA Tennis 14.30 Cycling 15.00 Live Cycling 16.30 Eurogoals 17.15 Champions Club 18.45 Eurogoals: One to One 19.00 Eurogoals Flash 19.10 Live WTA Tennis 21.00 Live Winter Paralympic Games 23.00 Freeride Spirit Show 23.15 Porsche Super Cup 23.45 Eurogoals 0.30 Cycling

Shameless C4, 23.00

8.30 Freeride Spirit Show 8.45 WATTS 9.00 Eurosport for the Planet 9.30 Eurogoals 10.15 Champions Club 10.45 Biathlon 12.00 WTA Tennis 14.30 Champions Club 15.00 Cross-Country Skiing 15.45 Live Cross-Country Skiing 17.15 Biathlon 17.45 Live Winter Paralympic Games 19.00 Eurogoals Flash 19.10 WTA Tennis 20.00 Live WTA Tennis 21.45 Sport Destination 22.00 Wednesday Selection 22.10 Riders Club 22.15 US Tour Golf 23.15 Ladies European Tour Golf 23.25 Golf Club 23.30 Yacht Club 23.35 Wednesday Selection 23.45 Abu Dhabi Challenge 0.15 Laureus Sports Awards

Highland Emergency Five, 20.30

8.00 The Jerry Springer Show 9.00 Maury 9.55 Celebs 24/7 10.00 Passport Patrol 11.00 America’s Next Top Model 12.00 Maury 12.55 Celebs 24/7 13.00 60 Minute Makeover 14.00 Canada’s Next Top Model 15.00 Four Weddings 15.30 Nothing to Declare 16.00 Ghost Whisperer 17.00 Charmed 19.00 America’s Next Top Model 20.00 Ghost Whisperer 21.00 America’s Next Top Model 22.00 Super Secret Celebrity Weddings 23.00 Changing Faces 0.00 Criminal Minds 1.00 CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

8.00 The Jerry Springer Show 9.00 Maury 9.55 Celebs 24/7 10.00 Passport Patrol 11.00 America’s Next Top Model 12.00 Maury 12.55 Celebs 24/7 13.00 60 Minute Makeover 14.00 Canada’s Next Top Model 15.00 Four Weddings 15.30 Nothing to Declare 16.00 Ghost Whisperer 17.00 Charmed 19.00 America’s Next Top Model 20.00 Ghost Whisperer 21.00 Changing Faces 22.00 Supernatural 23.00 Medium 0.00 Criminal Minds 1.00 CSI: Crime Scene Investigation 2.00 Canada’s Next Top Model

tv Thursday


26 - March 12-18 Feb March 2010 4 2010

7.00 Breakfast 10.15 Missing Live 11.00 Homes Under the Hammer; BBC News; Weather. 12.00 To Buy or Not to Buy 12.30 Cash in the Attic; BBC News; Weather. 13.00 Bargain Hunt 14.00 BBC News; Weather 14.30 Regional News; Weather 14.45 Doctors 15.15 Missing 16.00 BBC News; Weather; Regional News 16.05 CBeebies: 3rd & Bird. 16.15 Dirtgirlworld 16.25 CBBC: 16.25 Dennis and Gnasher; Leon. 16.40 Shaun the Sheep 16.50 Muddle Earth 17.05 Sport Relief Does We Are the Champions 17.35 Relic: Guardians of the Museum 18.00 Newsround 18.15 Weakest Link 19.00 BBC News; Weather 19.30 Regional News Programmes; Weather 20.00 The One Show 20.30 EastEnders; BBC News; Regional News. 21.00 MasterChef 22.00 Million Pound Bike Ride: A Sport Relief Challenge 23.00 BBC News 23.25 Regional News; Weather 23.35 Question Time 0.35 This Week; Skiing Weatherview. 1.25 Sign Zone: Panorama 1.55 Sign Zone: Countryfile 2.55 Sign Zone: Seven Ages of Britain 3.55 Sign Zone: Tropic of Cancer

8.00 CBBC: Arthur. 8.15 Arthur 8.25 Newsround 8.30 Barney’s Barrier Reef 9.00 Dead Gorgeous 9.30 CBeebies: Zigby. 9.40 Pinky Dinky Doo 10.05 Louie 10.20 Ethelbert the Tiger 10.30 I Can Cook 10.45 Guess with Jess 10.55 Big & Small Songs 11.00 Tinga Tinga Tales 11.10 Waybuloo 11.30 In the Night Garden 12.00 Schools: BBC Primary History. 12.20 KS2 Science Clips 12.30 Primary Dance 12.45 Primary Creative Arts Around the World 13.00 Daily Politics 13.30 Working Lunch 14.00 Open Gardens 14.30 Castle in the Country 15.00 Animal Park 16.00 Diagnosis Murder 16.45 Flog It! 17.30 Pointless 18.15 Escape to the Country 19.00 Eggheads 19.30 Antiques Road Trip 20.00 Henry Moore: A Culture Show Special 21.00 Museum of Life 22.00 The People’s Politician 23.00 The Bubble 23.30 Newsnight; Weather. 0.20 Women 1.20 Henry Moore: A Culture Show Special 2.20 BBC News 5.00 BBC Learning Zone

6.30 ITV Morning News 7.00 GMTV 10.25 The Jeremy Kyle Show 11.30 This Morning 13.30 Loose Women 14.30 ITV News and Weather 14.55 Granada News and Weather 15.00 House Guest in the Sun 15.59 Granada Weather 16.00 Dickinson’s Real Deal 17.00 Rosemary & Thyme 18.00 The Alan Titchmarsh Show 19.00 Granada Reports; Weather 19.30 ITV News and Weather 20.00 Emmerdale 20.30 Afraid to Be Gay: Tonight 21.00 Emmerdale 21.30 Coronation Street 22.00 The Bill 23.00 ITV News at Ten and Weather 23.30 Granada News and Weather 23.35 Car Crime UK 0.35 Party People 1.05 In Plain Sight; ITV News Headlines. 1.50 Loose Women 2.40 The Jeremy Kyle Show 3.35 Afraid to Be Gay: Tonight 4.00 ITV Nightscreen

8.00 Freshly Squeezed 8.30 Everybody Loves Raymond 9.25 The Morning Line 10.20 Will & Grace 10.50 Deal or No Deal 11.35 Coach Trip 12.05 Wife Swap USA 13.00 Channel 4 News 13.05 Dolce Vito - Dream Restaurant 13.30 Cheltenham Festival 17.15 Deal or No Deal 18.00 Coach Trip 18.30 Come Dine with Me Extra Portions 19.00 The Simpsons 19.30 Hollyoaks 20.00 Channel 4 News 20.55 3 Minute Wonder: How it Is 21.00 Country House Rescue 22.00 The Lady and the Revamp 23.00 Alan Carr: Chatty Man 23.50 Hung 1.00 Cheltenham Festival Highlights 1.35 Chris Moyles’ Quiz Night 2.25 Alone in the Wild 3.20 5ive Days to Midnight 4.50 The War at Home 5.15 Year Dot 5.45 Battlefront Television 2009 6.15 On Tour with the Queen

8.00 Peppa Pig 8.05 Little Princess 8.20 The Mr Men Show 8.30 Roary the Racing Car 8.40 Hana’s Helpline 8.50 Noddy in Toyland 9.05 Fifi and the Flowertots 9.20 Peppa Pig 9.25 Thomas & Friends 9.40 Igam Ogam 9.50 Castle Farm 9.55 The WotWots 10.05 Mio Mao 10.15 The Wright Stuff 11.45 Trisha Goddard 12.45 House Doctor 13.40 Five News 13.45 Axe Men 14.45 Neighbours 15.15 Home and Away 15.50 The Family Recipe 15.55 I Own Britain’s Best Home: Flying Visit 16.10 Murder 101: College Can Be Murder 18.00 Five News with Natasha Kaplinsky 18.30 Neighbours 19.00 Home and Away 19.25 Live from Studio Five 20.30 Live UEFA Europa League Football 23.10 In Hell 1.10 SuperCasino

Crossword Answers 542

8.00 The Simpsons 9.00 Brainiac: Science Abuse 10.00 Lie to Me 11.00 Customs UK 12.00 Lion Man 12.30 Airline 13.00 The Biggest Loser: Australia 14.00 Lie to Me 15.00 Angela and Friends 16.30 Project Runway 17.30 Lion Man 18.00 Malcolm in the Middle 18.30 Futurama 19.00 Oops TV 20.00 The Simpsons 21.00 Pineapple Dance Studios 22.00 A League of Their Own 22.30 Glenn Martin, DDS 23.00 Bones 0.00 NCIS: Los Angeles 1.00 A League of Their Own 1.30 Road Wars 2.30 Songbook 3.30 Ross Kemp on Gangs 4.30 Don’t Forget the Lyrics US 5.20 Journeyman 6.10 Are You Smarter Than a 10 Year Old?

CRYPTIC SOLUTIONS Across: 1 Mars; 3 Outdoors; 8 Name; 9 Abruptly; 11 Reverberates; 13 Indian; 14 Editor; 17 Magnetic pole; 20 Operetta; 21 Gobi; 22 Sea-fever; 23 Mean. Down: 1 Monorail; 2 Removed; 4 Unbred; 5 Drug addict; 6 Outre; 7 Styx; 10 Great niece; 12 Artesian; 15 Twosome; 16 Statue; 18 Arena; 19 Boss. QUICK SOLUTIONS Across: 1 Cape; 3 Disperse; 8 Lure; 9 Starving; 11 Instructions; 13 Relate; 14 Rudder; 17 Perspiration; 20 Adroitly; 21 Etch; 22 Allegory; 23 Prod. Down: 1 Colliery; 2 Parasol; 4 Intact; 5 Particular; 6 Reign; 7 Ergo; 10 Protesting; 12 Drenched; 15 Drifter; 16 Tiller; 18 Enrol; 19 Saga.

8.30 Test Drive 9.30 World Touring Car Championship 10.00 Live Ski Jumping 11.00 Biathlon 11.30 Live Biathlon 13.00 Ski Jumping 14.00 Live Biathlon 15.45 Biathlon 17.00 Ski Jumping 18.00 Biathlon 19.00 Eurogoals Flash 19.10 WTA Tennis 20.00 Live WTA Tennis 21.45 Winter Paralympic Games 23.00 Strongest Man 0.00 Abu Dhabi Challenge 0.30 Biathlon

8.00 The Jerry Springer Show 9.00 Maury 9.55 Celebs 24/7 10.00 Passport Patrol 11.00 America’s Next Top Model 12.00 Maury 12.55 Celebs 24/7 13.00 60 Minute Makeover 14.00 Canada’s Next Top Model 15.00 Four Weddings 15.30 Nothing to Declare 16.00 Ghost Whisperer 17.00 Charmed 19.00 America’s Next Top Model 20.00 Ghost Whisperer 21.00 Medium 22.00 Grey’s Anatomy 23.00 Criminal Minds 1.00 CSI: Crime Scene Investigation 2.00 CSI: Miami 3.00 Pop Goes the Band 4.00 Charmed 5.40 Nothing to Declare 6.05 Retail Therapy

Suduko Answer

Barcelona one more time Book Review by

Danny Collins

This is the book for those of you who weren’t around in the days of the ‘old and the bold’ when raw English youths and ‘youthesses’ descended on Spain in the immediate post Franco era to teach English in all sorts of accents to equally young Spaniards emerging from the dark ages. Richard Lewis’s novel is set in Barcelona in 1976, a time when I was teaching there – in fact his publicity photograph looks decidedly familiar so there’s a chance we may have shared a bar counter or two but hey, we’re talking about his book and what a fine book it is. Spain, in those far off post Franco days, had a distinct flavour and Lewis captures it entirely, leaving one to suspect that the book is largely autobiographical despite being marketed as fiction. The author writes well with none of the copyist nuances of so many books of ‘70’s Spain where everyone tries to slip beneath Hemingway’s soused pen. His prose bubbles along, bearing the reader with it and his dialogue rings true. Altogether, I enjoyed it and found it a very pleasant

Author: Richard Lewis Publisher: Authorsonline Price: €12.80 ISBN: 978 07552 0442 7

read that evoked in me many memories of one of the most fascinating cities in Europe seen by adventurous young people who could barely afford a glass of wine and half a roasted sheep’s head from that kiosk that stood on the corner of Las Ramblas and together cost 25 pesetas.

Read it and you’ll meet some great characters and learn about an era and a generation that paved the way for the Spanish gold rush of the ‘80s. Definitely one for the shelf: to be taken down and read again often.

All the featured books are available off the shelf or by mail order from Librería Europa, Calle Oscar Esplá 2, 03710 Calpe. Tel: 96 583 58 24; e-mail: Take along or send this review for a discount of 5% on your purchases.

AGM dates

The Annual General Meeting of “HELP” of Denia and Marina Alta will be held at Casa Holanda on Saturday 20th March.

Please arrive by 10.30am to sign in to allow for a prompt start at 11.00am. A.P.A.H. Annual General Meeting The date of the AGM is Monday 29th March, first call at 7.00pm, second call at 7.30pm.

The location of the AGM will be the small Town Hall building, in Pinar de Campoverde, to the left of the Deutche Bank. If anyone has any questions regarding the meeeting, can they please contact Yvonne Colby, President of APAH on 630 422 563.

Feb 12-18 26 -March March 4 2010 2010


50 44

FEB 26 MARCH 12-18 - MARCH 42010 2010

Computing Anna via email asks: Dear Aunty, you have been a great help to me over the past couple of years and I used to cut out your page and keep. However, we can no longer get RTN in our area, I read it online but can’t copy and paste, is there a way I could do this and keep your articles please? Aunty says: Hi Anna. You should be able to copy & paste the text from the RTN website like you would any text. If you drag your cursor over the text and right click you should see the normal drop down menu with the copy & paste options. Linda from La Marina asks: Hi Aunty, Can you help? My IE keeps on crashing and not responding, I have to use task manager to close it down. I have scanned with AVG, Superantivirus, Spybot, Ccleaner and Microsoft essentials. Ccleaner comes up with some problems but I can’t remove them. The main problems are: Adware Hotbar and the Zango search assistant, how do I remove them? Aunty says: I’m very surprised Spybot didn’t get rid of these two. Have you updated Spybot with the new definitions? Maybe try running Spybot in Safe Mode and see if that does the trick. Let me know how you get on. Les via email asks: Every week I collect RTN, yours is the first page I check, excellent stuff. My problem is that my computer guru recommended Ccleaner so I run it regularly and although it does a good job clearing accumulated rubbish, it also wrecks my Google home page settings and I have to laboriously go through the add-ons list to reset them, any solution? Aunty says: You mean there is more than one ‘computer Guru’ on the Costa Blanca Les? Ccleaner will remove all of your browser’s history etc. but you can tick and untick any of these options before you run the scan. Try unticking everything except for ‘temporary internet files’ and ‘cookies’ under Internet Explorer (or Firefox/Chrome etc) as these two are the biggest culprits for slowing a system down. There’s a brilliant user guide under the ‘help and support’ section on

Automatic Windows update

with aunty virus

Andrea via email asks: Thanks for a great page of useful information. I have recently had my laptop cleaned and it is running far better and quicker than ever, even though it is 5 years old! I was told to turn off the Windows Automatic Updates but I am a little concerned that this may cause a problem at some stage. Also Avast! Anti virus software was loaded and I was told that it was far better then AVG9. I would appreciate your thoughts on this. Aunty says: The only time I would recommend turning off the Windows automatic updates Andrea is if you are on a dial-up connection (ye olde phone

line type) and then you will need to occasionally perform the updates over an ADSL line, maybe through a WIFI bar or a friends house. Avast! is a good anti virus program and so is Avira. If I had to choose one it would be AVG purely due to its very usable control panel and scanning speed.

Computer re-cycling Bernard via email asks: Hello Aunty, my wife has just bought a laptop to replace her desktop system. So what do people do here with old computers? Is there a charity that might be able to pick it up (or we’d drop it off) and give it or sell it to someone who could use it? Obviously we don’t want anything for it, but it would be a shame to

dump a desktop computer that still works perfectly well. Please help us to help somebody.

Aunty says: Hello Bernard. It is very important that we start recycling computer equipment correctly as it accounts for a huge amount of hazardous waste. Did you know that a single computer can

contain up to 2kg of lead? What is also very important is that you don’t let your personal data fall into the wrong hands. I know Enet Computers run a service where they will safely wipe your data and pass any usable stuff onto charities. Contact or via the website (type Alicante into the search field)

Battery light Val from Catral Please can you help me Aunty as I think I have a problem with my laptop. I have an Acer which is around 5 years old now. I have started getting a continuous flashing green light on the front of the case by the battery sign. Today it changes from the green to an orange flash from time to time. It is plugged into the electric cable all the time. I have also had a warning that the battery is critical and to plug into the electric supply just as I switch off

but I am still plugged into the supply. Please can you tell me what is wrong and what I can do about it? Aunty says: It does sound like it’s time for a new battery Val. However, as you are running your laptop only from the mains then you could simply take your battery out. If you flip your laptop over you will see a spring loaded catch and probably a lock facility that you simply slide and lift the battery out.

That’s all for this week, email me on and I will do my best to sort you out

FEB 12-18 26 -MARCH MARCH 4 2010 2010

51 45

Innovative and cost effective heating systems DEBONAIR AIR Conditioning specialises in design, installation, service and maintenance of all types of air conditioning from a single split system for a house to a VRV system for a whole office block. They have just introduced a brand new heating system which works using heat pumped technology. It is so innovative, economic and efficient that for every kilowatt of power used there are between three and five kilowatts of heat produced. The heating system uses the same technology principal as a pool heater, making it cost effective and very environmentally friendly; in fact it produces virtually zero carbon. Over the next decade, this type of heating system will be huge in the UK and you can get it here in Spain first with Debonair as they are the only English company here on the Costa Blanca to offer this system. REGULATE HEAT This new state of the art heating system works by using low temperature radiators that are especially designed to efficiently

SuperFast Internet!

distribute the heat pumped through them: the inherent energy efficiency characteristics of the system makes it an ideal solution to reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions. Comfort is maximised and energy consumption minimised by its ability to regulate heat emitter temperature to the optimum level. It absorbs two thirds of the outside air and converts it into high temperature heat and the exterior unit, which extracts free low temperature heat from the surrounding air and increases its temperature, is hooked up to an indoor boiler box connected to a hot water cylinder that can heat up to five radiators around the home. It can be fitted in less than a week and for less than €6,000 is an absolute bargain. The system is also that economical and cost effective that one customer, who had it installed early last year, has paid only €250 for a year’s worth of electricity since it was fitted! FIRST CLASS SERVICE Debonair has been established since 2002 and Zane D’Monte and David Biddlecombe are the men

The economical system can cut the cost of your electric bills

behind the company. Between them, they have 45 years of experience in the air conditioning industry and are experts in all types of systems. They believe that they have the edge on all their competitors because they are solely an air conditioning company: they can put all their efforts into making sure their customers are completely satisfied. Zane told RTN: “It is our goal to supply a first class service to customers of all nationalities with

high standards of workmanship and quality brand products.” Debonair, who are authorised Daikin installers, don’t expect you to take their word as to how good they are; they will invite you to visit the homes of satisfied customers and see their installations for yourself. They have a full portfolio on their website and can offer packages for full servicing and maintenance as well as installations. Zane commented: “Cheap Chinese imports used as air conditioning systems need to be replaced after

just three years. They have no spare parts as companies have gone bust and no qualified engineers. It pays to spend a little more as the units last and you don’t pay as much in electricity to run them.” So what are you waiting for? For more information on this new, innovative heating system and air conditioning in general, please contact Debonair on 966 712 556 or 659 056 131 or e-mail You can also visit their website at


12-18 MARCH 2010


Black boxes and more on the motoring front: Your questions answered by

Brian Deller

Author of Motoring in Spain

From TRG in Alicante: I can remember about a year ago you wrote of new key starter-cards being planned, where if the family car is loaned to the family teenager, the card may be programmed to prevent the car exceeding a preset speed, the music volume is restricted and various other restrictions placed to make the vehicle safer for the inexperienced to drive. What is the current news please? Good point. Nothing further to report yet, as I think that the manufacturer (Ford) is still intent on making a good profit. Ford Motor Company is well in profit despite the current crisis. I will research to see if there is any more news. Black boxes are of course the dream of politicians who want to charge per road mile/km driven, using GPS technology, but all are waiting

until after the next elections as such a policy would guarantee vote losses. From RAB in Torrevieja: I have heard of devices that can be fitted in a car that can be activated by satellite/ computer technology so that if it is stolen, the car can be quickly located. Anything on this please? I lived in South Africa (until 1999) where after the new government came to power in 1994, serious crime generally rocketed and car theft was (still is) a major problem. In our BMW we had a device that was hidden in the car by a specialist firm and we did not even know where it was so that we could not be forced to tell hijackers. Should the car be stolen, the company would be informed by phone and the device switched on remotely. It is called a transponder, and they could track the

Can young drivers be controlled

car on computer screens at head office. The security company staff (many were ex-SAS or SA Army), armed with automatic pistols/rifles, sometimes in a small helicopter, (safer than going into the dangerous areas where the thieves were often located) could locate the car, usually at a ‘chop-shop,’ and the thieves would be arrested after the police were brought in. With expensive

cars, the insurance companies usually insisted on transponders being fitted and they were not cheap to buy/install, with a monthly fee on top. If car theft hijacking gets that bad here, this system could be used to combat it although the thieves usually get very violent in their frustration. We also legally had 9 mm pistols as a deterrent. That is why we escaped to Spain.

No more space: more next week. Email your questions to and I will do my best to sort you out. Brian Deller, author, ‘Motoring in Spain’ We Buy, Sell & Part Exchange Quality British & Spanish Cars Transfer Documents Completed Competitive Insurance Quotes All cars Fully serviced and valeted


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Jaguar unveils the ultimate XKR Special Edition JAGUAR WILL unveil the latest dramatic evolution of its supercharged XKR coupe at the Geneva Motor Show. The stunning new XKR Special Edition delivers a significantly raised maximum speed – 174mph (280km/h) – and bold exterior styling changes that create the ultimate supercharged Jaguar. The XKR Special Edition combines a number of new features and option packs that are introduced to the XK range at

2011 Model Year. Jaguar customers have the option to personalise their vehicle by building on the existing XKR package to deliver a car that offers even greater performance without sacrificing the refinement and luxury for which every Jaguar is renowned. The benefits of the XKR’s lightweight but stiff and strong advanced all aluminium body are already acknowledged. Not only does this design bring dynamic benefits

12-18 March 2010 thanks to its torsional rigidity; it also offers excellent safety and crash repair features and provides the ideal base to improve performance across the board – including optimised fuel economy and CO2 emissions. Thanks to the combination of excellent powertrain efficiency and the XKR’s advanced lightweight body architecture, its fuel economy is comparable to the previous generation of XKR – despite the significant increases in power and performance. The driver is the centre of attention in the XKR Special Edition, with exciting new features including the acclaimed JaguarDrive Selector™, and high levels of specification such as the 7-inch TouchScreen; 16-way heated and cooled memory seats; Jet Suedecloth premium headlining and Flint Grey premium carpet. In addition, a bespoke new Jaguar XK suitcase (to be available as an option for all XK models) has been fashioned for the XKR Special Edition. From 2010, the Jaguar XK range (UK and certain


European markets only) will be fitted with the tyre repair Instant Mobility System. By adopting IMS on all models, the XK frees up its 30-litre wheel well, which is now carpeted and can hold the specially designed and tailored XK accessory suitcase, substantially increasing the versatility of the car. The XKR with new optional Speed Pack allows customers to further strengthen their XKR’s already impressive breadth of capability, by extending the car’s top speed from 155mph (250km/h) to an electronically limited 174mph (280km/ h), thanks to a unique engine and transmission recalibration. To ensure the XKR with Speed Pack remains stable at high speeds, the coupe uses a revised front aerodynamic splitter and larger rear spoiler to provide increased balance and a reduction in lift. The XKR’s computerised Active Differential Control also adjusts to reduce steering sensitivity at very high speeds, further improving stability and driver control.

The benefits of the XKR’s lightweight but stiff and strong advanced all aluminium body are already acknowledged


12-18 MARCH 2010

8-14 JANUARY 19-25 FEBRUARY2010 2010


12-18 MARCH 2010


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SOUTH-UNDER 100,000 SOUTH 100,000 - 200,000 SOUTH 200,000 - 300,000 NORTH-UNDER 100,000 NORTH 100,000 - 200,000 NORTH 200,000 - 300,000 FOR SALE OVER 300,000 FOR SALE GENERAL TO LET ESTATE AGENTS PART EXCHANGE




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• Professional pool maintenance & cleaning • Replacement pumps, filters, salt systems Ph regulators and accessories supplied and installed • Pipe leaks pressure tested, detected and repaired • Structural leaks investigated and repaired • Refurbishments & upgrades undertaken British Trained with over 15 years experience. Extensive references. All work guaranteed TEL: 96 677 4199 OR 678 080 500 Torrevieja and surrounding areas plus Costa Calida

es Pric 70 £ m fro ubic c r pe re met

• 25 Years Experience • Full or Part Loads • Friendly Personal Service • Large Secure Ware house, Fully Insured

• Storage Available 24 Hrs a day • Storage for Long & Short Term (Cars & Motorbikes etc) • FREE Quotations

Office: 966 792 751 • Mobile: 691 747 030 •

12-18 March 2010


SMALL HOLDING 20MINS FROM BENIDORM Log cabin, under build. 3beds, bathroom, kitchen. 10,000m2 land, solar energy/water. 4stables, storage, paddocks, 3 out buildings. Breathtaking scenes in sought after area. 145,000€. 650-554-908.

MOBILE/ PARK HOMES ready to move into on permanent site. Carol. 968-192-425/ 626055-622. Web: www. mobilehomesmarmenorspain. com BUYERS STRUCTURAL SURVEYS www.surveyspain. com defects reports & solutions. Mark Paddon Bsc Hons Building Surveying. MCIOB. Tel 962-807-247/ 653-733-066 LOOKING FOR A HOUSE INSURANCE? 100.000 building - 20.000 contents for just 185€/pa. contracts in English. Call 661-362-131 for your personalized quote >>>> 250,000€ <<<< 3 story semi, underbuild to be finished as you desire. 1st floor - lounge, fitted kitchen, bedroom, back and front balcony. 2nd floor - 2 beds, large and small balconies, sea and mountain views, his and hers bathroom. 200m2 house, 425m2 land with private parking. A/C, alarm, tel, cetral heating. Lots of green, fantastic views, ideal for family. Call Tony: 699-843-553. PROPERTY MANAGEMENT offering a complete and competitive service for all your property rental needs including: Keyholding, cleaning & laundry, meet and greets, airport transfers Los Alcazares. Tel: 628-772-418 email:


apt. in Alicante city, easy access to auto route A-70 (Exit 69)

ONLY 375€ month 62 034 0548 Juan

1 BEDROOM BUNGALOW with large garden & parking, for yearly rental on Camping pueblo, san Javier. Carol 968-192-425/ 626-055622 Email: haydn47@ Web: www. mobilehomesmarmenorspain. com BENITACHELL (LES FONTS) PRIVATE RENT. 2 double bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, Fitted kitchen, Satellite & telephone connection, Front south facing terrace, Large Garage/ Storeroom. 85m2, community pool, Quiet location in culde-sac. Ideal for retired or young couple, no pets please. Telephone: 965-748-199/ 659-921-875. Price: 550€ per month, plus Utility Costs. HOUSE IN QUESADA FOR RENT 2/3 bedrooms, overlooking community pool. Good views. Close to all amenities. Tel: 965-702-170/ 625-830-776 ALGORFA TOWN CENTRE two bedroom ground floor flat, large terrace, swimming pool, furnished 300€ per month +100€ bills. Ring 966-783555/ 00447949589539 or DETACHED VILLA FOR RENT 2 Bed villa for rent 1,200sqm garden, high walls private pool. 2 rent 4 short/ long term. Torrevieja La Siesta contact PROPERTIES REQUIRED for holiday lets in Javea area. Free advertising & professional photography 697-432-226 www.javeapropertyservices. com

SERVICE AIR David Higton: (Tel) 966-865-883 (Mob) 629308-505 (Email) EXCEL AIRCONDITIONING See main ad on page 27. Tel/Fax (Head Office) 966-897-772. Mobiles: 680-154-432/676-265-675. Email: excelairconditioning@ All credit/debit cards accepted.

ALL PLUMBING central heating & Aircon work undertaken including installation of your own units. Re-gas and full Aircon service €49. Trade work also. 965638-529/ 618-036-611

GENERAL BUILDING AND GARDEN MAINTENANCE No job to small. Reliable service. Competitive prices. Tel. 671442998 3 IN 1 BUSINESS Large premises (snooker hall, restaurant & bar) Sale or rent. Benidorm 600-302-824. COSTA BLANCA NORTH Well established retail shop. curtains, bedding, mattresses etc. high turnover high margins. Fully fitted inc air con. possibilty of second shop included in the price of 25.000€ plus SAV. more info 625-546-111 COSTA BLANCA NORTH Well established retail shop. curtains, bedding, mattresses etc. high turnover high margins. Fully fitted inc air con. possibilty of second shop included in the price of 25.000 euro plus SAV. more info 625546111

For Rent Luxury 2 & 3 Bedroom (2 Bathroom) apartments in the centre of San Miguel de Salinas, video entry, marble entrance,lift to all floors – underfloor heating, roof top pool,next to supermarket, stunning views From: 385€ per month Call 965 720 817 or 616 493 487


Spacious furnished 3 bedroom apartment for sale in middle of beautiful village. 110m². New kitchen with dishwasher and washing machine, 1 bathroom and 1 shower room. Bars, restaurants, supermarkets, pharmacy all within a couple of minutes walk. Large terrace at back of the apartment overlooking orange groves and balconies off 2 bedrooms. Trastero and private parking. AP-7 3 minutes by car.

€200,000 Tel: 617 893 036 or email

WWW.SURVEYORSPAIN.COM Buyer’s structural surveys, defects reports & solutions Mark Paddon BSc Hons Building Surveying. MCIOB.

T 0034 962 807 247 M 0034 653 733 066

REGISTERED LOCKSMITH For emergency safe opening. Tel. Michael Rice: 686-513-510. Denia - Alcante.

SPANISH LINKS LTD Low budget door to door fast collection & quick delivery removals or storage. Weekly reliable service. Full or part loads and even small deliveries. Spain/UK/Spain. Credit or Debit cards accepted Telephone UK office 00441209-843-971 LARGE EMPTY VAN with experienced owner, driver returning to UK regularly. Dave: 965-329-610/ 686-767-839 GRAHAM’S TRANSPORT 24/7 Deliveries, Collection. Spain- UK- Spain or any where in Europe. Reasonable rates. Storage facilities are available in Spain and UK. Tel: Lyn or Graham 661-752-010/ 00447733-329-305 STORAGE/ VAN HIRE/ REMOVALS First class storage facilities north and

south CB with free access, low cost van hire with or without driver, local and international removals, boxes and packing materials for sale. Call 965681-605 CB south or 965-760-111 CB North MAN & LWB SPRINTER VAN going to UK- Spain twice a month. Tel: 610-846-260 or 0044-7519-186-355 email van. BMC TRANSPORT High volume box van, deliveries, collections 24/7 All types of work undertaken, full or part loads UK and Europe covered. For a professional and reliable service call Sue daytime/ evening 620 044 983. MICK WITH HIS VAN Removals Collections Deliveries. For a reliable effective service. Hourly rate or quote. Call Mick anytime 600-247-535

BRITISH GRADUATE TEACHER offers secondary/ primary tuition. English/ mathematics. Tel: margaret Johnson B.Ed. 965-350-516/ 616-660-687

1.9M SATALITE DISH twin LNB & wall stand 150€. Mobile 676-673-285 SKY UK ENGINEER Famaval Satalite Dishes, Trade prices from 395€. Sky Sports, Sky HD, Home Cinema. Tel: 965070-458/ 618-585-051

12-18 MARCH 2010


TRANSLATOR Spanish and English speaking. Available for medical visits etc. Benidorm and surrounding areas. Tel Dawn: 626-337-258.

SWIMMING POOL MAINTENANCE AND CLEANING SERVICE BY POOLTECHSPAIN. We are a fully legal, qualified and registered business who have been operating on the Costa Blanca for 6 years. We offer a professional, reliable, safe and efficient pool service, inc. re-grouting, pressure testing and leak repairs. Private and community swimming pools undertaken. Call now for more information on 965-725-565 or mobile 676-945-360/ 620-743-048

CRYSTAL CLEAR SATELLITE & TELEVISION Forget the rest go to the best for all your digital & TV requirements Steve 660-186505 Ros 965-584-097 www. SKY FREE TO VIEW Small dish & mesh upgrades, yes back on 90€. BBC, ITV, CH4 & lots more. Also installations/ repairs. 10 years. Torrevieja. 679-876-926

ENGLISH CARPENTER Fitted wardrobes, kitchens, storage solutions, shelving, cupboards, doors, etc... Reliable and professional Torrevieja area For your free estimate, call Dave on

693 215 192

SKY SUPPLIES Full Range Pace, Thompson, Amstrad digi-boxes. White cards, Fault finding. Dish’s Realigned, sold, wanted. LNB’s. 966-194-013/ 600-899-096 UKTV SPAIN Reliable Satellite Technicians, Installations, Fault-Finding, Sky Contracts arranged, Freesat cards. Tlf:689-205-137/965-888-348. DIGITAL SATELLITE SYSTEMS Largest supplier and installer of famaval satellite equipment on the costa blanca. A genuine registered company with genuine registered premises. Mon-fri 8:00- 4:30. Www. 965852-251/ 965-866-999/ 965854-528/ 966-804-748 (or see our main ad in the tv section)

POOL LEAK REPAIR SPECIALIST’S Pipe leaks pressure tested, detected and repaired. Structural leaks investigated and repaired. 100’s of private and communal pools successfully repaired on the Costa Blanca. Refurbishments and upgrades undertaken. Replacement pumps, filters, salt systems, ph regulators and accessories supplied and installed. All work guaranteed. British trained in the UK pool industry with over 15 years experience. Torrevieja and surrounding areas including Costa Calida. Tel Pristine Pools on 966-774-199 or 678-080-500 Email info@ www.pristineswimmingpools. com


Tel 661 362 005

insurance from 199€/pa. Call 661-362-131 for your personalized quote DRESSMAKER/ DESIGNER Also alterations. Tells:- 686453-827/ 965-771-397 WELD IT RITE Mobile welding/ repair service, Metal carpentry/ Fabrication projects. Time served & quallified. tel: 966-490-338 Mobile 638-479467 Email iwanegan@hotmail. (Moraira based)

PALM & TREE TRIMMING and removal. Also all garden maintenance carried out. reliable service. 619-336-762 GUALIFIED TRADESMEN Air Conditioning. Satalitle TV installation, plumbing, electrical, boilers, fencing, painting, balustrades, tiling & general maintenance. Small jobs welcome. Torrevieja surrounding area. Tel: 965-328-361/ 680-934-549 JOINER, KITCHENDS, BEDROOMS..... doors, windows, garden, decking Etc. High standards of work. Tel: Stewart 634-320-962 YOUR INSURANCE OFFICE IN LA ZENIA CAR-HOUSE HEALTH. Get your car

WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER Now with video highlights included as standard. Contact Steve 966-470-163/ 662-570-702.

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or call 666 888 870

PRACTICAL INFORMATION ISBN No. is 978-84-611-9278-6

BYTEBACK MICROS computer repairs/ uppgrades in your home. Qualified technician. Systems custom built. Whatever your problem call: 965-312-006 or 606-127-424

LOOKING FOR A CAR? FWR EUROCARS have a good selection of cheap runarounds, MPV’s, 4X4, vans, Combi vans and cabriolets. Simply view our website or just call Frank 600-726-221/ 965-687-976 KIA RIO 1.5 GLS ESTATE 06.2003, 2 owners, 60,000kms, FSH, fully equipt. Silver. 4,750€. 600-726-221/ 965-687-976 OPEL VIVARO 2.5CDTI 9 seater, 2006, 1 owner, FSH, fully equipt. Silver 12.750€. 600-726-221/ 965-687-976 RHD CARS FOR SALE or exchange. www.fwreurocars. com 600-726-221/ 965-687-976 MERCEDES A CLASS 17” alloy wheels X4 with good tyres, 205/40- Z17, complete with studs. Excellent condition. Fit most mercedes with 5 stud fitting. 325€ ONO. Picures and details. Tel: 962-838-529 Oliva


12-18 March 2010

Rod 687-434-950 or 966-462-089 CARS WANTED cars/ vans bought and sold, uk or spanish We Wany You Enthusiastic and commited sales people wantedto work on commission only basis, must have own transport, if you can close adeal and have a desire to work for an established company call 965 720 817 or 616 493 487 upto 3000€ cash today 678-808-837 WANTED BRITISH OR SPANISH CAR 4X4, Van, Caravan. Etc. Immediate cash. Buyer going home. 600-781-873 WE BUY AND SELL quality late vans and combis. For an instant decision phone 605-669-388/ 680-665-883 WANTED WANTED WANTED for cash cars vans lorries 4x4 any condition good bad or ugly runing or non runner forigen or english any vehicle any condition call ray 633-385-068. CAR 2 POSTER RAMP FOR SALE very good condition 1200€ call ray on 633-385-068.

MERCEDES C240 AUTO ELEGANCE estate, Dec. 2001, W203 model, 119,000kms, LHD, Spanish Reg, Recent major service, service history, fully loaded, beautiful car. 12,750€. Pictures and details. Tel: 962-838-529 Oliva WANTED RHD UK REG large estate car/ MPV, diesel, year 2000 onwards. Realistically priced. 965-976-756/ 637-994-096 FIAT PUNTO with city power steering , new MOT in white, very clean and tidy. 3,000€. Tel: 965-302-152/617-899-226 RENAULT MEGAN II COMFORT EXP 1.9DCI 2004, 5dr, L/H/D, 87,000klms, 2yrs ITV, SILVER. Climate Control. Trip comp, E/W, E/M, Remote C/L, Keyless start. CD Stereo player, 6 Air Bags, Censor lights/mirror Alarm & Imob. Recent tyres, battery, front disks& pads. Very economical, VGC, genuine reason for sale, 4495 euros ono. Tel: 680-159-391. MAZDA MX-5 1.8 SPORT silver, 2003, RHD, 27,500mls, Spanish plated, ITV 2011, AC, SAT. NAV/ CD, FSH, plus had

top. 1 owner. 8,500€. 650-345-671 IMPORTING YOUR CAR need headlights. Contact Tel: 966-875-497 or 618-592-396

WANTED UK registration right hand drive cars. Immediate cash settlement. Please phone

REPAIR & SOLD & BUY Pickup from your home second hand motorbikes and Scooter for reasonable Price and quick service open 7 days Tel: 680-644-010

MOBILE/ PARK HOMES from 18.000€ tv, A/c, Tel, Some with conservatories, permanent site, pool, Tennis, bar, supermarket, 5 mins walk San Javier. All amenities, 3km beach & hospital. 7 mins murcia airport by car. Also bungalows to rent. Carol 968-192-425/ 626055-622. Email: haydn47@ Web: www. mobilehomesmarmenorspain. com

Jennifer Cunningham Expats Services require an English/Spanish speaking person to work in the Javea office. Good selling ability necessary, confident on the telephone and computer literate. Apply with CV to

MERMAID BOAT CARE For all your boat valet and management requirements. Serving the marina’s in Torrevieja and the surrounding areas. Experienced, professional and trustworthy service at competitive rates. Ad-hoc arrangements and boat-sitting welcome. For more details or just an informal chat contact Anna on: 680-297-955

CAR SALEMAN WANTED must have at least 5 years experience in used cars. Torrevieja area. Please enclose a recent photo. Email CV to UPHOLSTERER REQUIRED Sofa Medico estd. on Costa Blanca for 6 yrs are looking for an upholsterer to work at their new estab. in Gata De Gorgos on the N332. Must have experience in all aspects of the re-upholstery trade and be flexible with hours. Tel: 966074-034/ 699-836-251 email: ANN SUMMERS PARTY ORGANISERS WANTED Earn €40-€50 per night with NO OUTLAY! Call Anne 966-462317 or 675-860-665 or www. TELEMARKETERS WANTED for our Moraira office. Must be able to speak Spanish. Tel 965-050-200

IMPROVE YOUR BASIC COOKING SKILLS friendly and informal cookery course starting soon in Quesada, covering lots of basic ideas to help you impress your friends and family with good home cooking at a frachon of the cost of restaurant prices. For further info call 687-352-356 BALLROOM/ LATIN/ SEQUENCE DANCING with LA BAMBA’s. NEW VENUE: Los Arcos Restaurant, Avenida Balaeres 34, Torrevieja, SOCIAL DANCE: Saturday 7.00pm-10pm: New Beginners class Monday 10.30am - 12.30pm. Also at the Bienvenido Chinese Restaurant at La Zenia roundabout: TUITION, Beginners Wednesday 8pm - 10pm; Beginners Thursday11.30am - 1.30pm; Intermediates Friday 11am - 1pm. Tel: Andrea or Brian 616 478 157 DATEMED.ES Great new online dating site for English speaking people on the Costa Blanca. Free full memberships - Join Now!

NATACHA divorced very sexy erotic complete massage. Private apartment. Discreet and hygenic. Call La Loma 97, near Avda. Habaneras. Torrevieja. 677-676-554 THE WEATHER MAY HAVE COOLED but Tanya is still hot! All inclusive 40€. Tel: 626-324-088 GORGEOUS ENGLISH BLOND 45 years, gives discreet massage, 1 hour or over night stay, 15 mins Alicante airport. Tel: Karen 662-049-021

ATTRACTIVE MATURE ENGLISH LADY For escorting, dinner dates & more. My Villa is between Torrevieja & Alicante. Also available as an m/f couple. Call (0034) 648-676-277 NEW GHANA & SPANISH LADY slim, tall & nice body. All services. 634-318-386 NEW 2 BLACK LADIES nice body, big breasts. All services, massage. 24 hour escort service. 600-064-423 SEXY MALE MASSEUR offers pleasure to woman. Treat yourself to an experience of pure indulgence and desire at my villa. Safe and discreet. Call Sebastine 663-478-337 SEXY COUPLE together or seperate offers erotic pleasure to couples, woman, men. Also girl on girl enjoyment. Visit our apartment, relaxed and discreet, or we come to you. Call Jasmine/ Sebastine. 663-478-337 COUPLE 40’S seek females for adult fun. Torrevieja area, low rates. Tel. 689-133-384 DVDS! Gay, Sado, Bestial, you name it! 7 for 25€. Tel: 697-647-367 JAVEA, MORAIRA East European lady, super erotic massage and more. 661-034261 Hotel & Home visits NAUGHTY JAPANESE HOUSEWIFE age 24 alone or together with my English husband for DP and SR. Role play, humiliation and punishment also available. Torrevieja, call Saki 687-891-139 CHARMING BI-SEXUAL MALE 50 and my beautiful 25 year old girlfriend, both British, offer erotic massage and more, we also have other girlfriends who you may visit either alone or together. In addition we have a selection of home made DVDs for collection or by post. Very discreet private villa near Torrevieja, call Steve 697-892-969 SPANISH LADY, PLAYA FLAMENCA Near new Carrefour before La Florida. 35 years, attractive, classy lady,

private house, parking. Offers all erotic services, massage, sexy lingerie, economical prices from 40€, full discretion. Call Ana 680-735-412. ADULT TOYS IN SPAIN For Best Products & Prices visit Fast Delivery & Discretion Assured. TORREVIEJA, ALICANTE Brazilian, loving, sexy lady, silk hands. Best massage, relax- erotic. Escort service. 664-664-390 GOOD FUN 62 year old Dom/ Sub switch, specialising in males, cross dressers. Loves the more mature woman and great fun with couples. Low rates. Full body massage and much much more. 655-058-554 FEMALES AND COUPLES 18 to 65 required for adult internet photo and video modeling. Excellent rates. 697-697-842. NEW PLACE! TORREVIEJA Sexy girls from South America. Come and enjoy, economical prices from 40€. NEW ADDRESS Zone Los Locos beach. 639-622-285 CASA ANGELA TORREVIEJA Luxury Private Chalet, parking. Drinks invitation. Feeling alone? Just want some company? Exotic girls from South America. Call us, come and enjoy! Also Escort Service. Full discretion. Street: Avenida Asociacion Vistimas del Terrorismo. 609-573-468 or 639-832-118

SOLO GUITARIST/ VOCALIST seeks work, blues & Country. In bars etc. No set price. Pay what you can afford. Tel: Charlie 691-622-804

PROFESSIONAL BRITISH PHYSIOTHERAPIST Offering therapeutic massage in your home. Contact Paul 681268248. 15km radius of Los Montesinos JODIE’S GELS Nail technician: Gel nail extensions, gel nail overlays, gel toenails. Finishes: French, colour, glitter. Repairs. Tel: 622-244-613. WEIGHT WATCHERS Call our free English Call Centre now to find your nearest Meeting. 900-818-794

12-18 March 2010

CREATIVE NAILS ‘Creative’ acrilic nails. You come to me (Alfaz Del Pi) or I’ll come to you (Altea - Villajoyosa). Fully qualified, 15 years experience. Tel: 669-126-281

minutes from San Javier. Tel 639-286-428


PETZBACK HOME LTD Professional door to door pet transportation. UK/Spain/UK. Travel in our petmobile with your pets for free (subject to availability). Or treat yourself in one of our air conditioned luxury vehicles with our fully chaperoned Limo Service. A regular, reliable and safe service. Defra pet passport advice given. Credit or Debit cards accepted. Telephone UK office 0044-1209-843-971 ENGLISH BULLTERRIER PUPPIES for sale full pedegree, English stock, both parents can be seen. Deposits now being taken. Call 966-193-470/ 689-645-946 HOME FROM HOME caring dog boarding with experienced owner in my rural home near La Marina. No Kennels. Inspection welcome. Tel: 616-459-599 DOG GROOMING over 30 years experience, competitive rates. Prices starting from only 15€. Call Tracy 634-320-963 NEED YOUR DOG TAKING CARE OF? No Kennels, Just a friendly home. Larfe fenced garden (Altea) Tel: 699-790-080 LABRADOR MIX PUPPIES 8 weeks old, looking for a loving home! Must come see! Call Jodie on 622-244-613. PARK & BARK small friendly British kennels, individual runs, large excercise area, 25mins Alicante airport. www.parkbark. Tel: 628-244-712 FELINE FRIENDS CAT HOTEL The Purrfect place to stay. Free pickup and delivery. tel: 965-967-081/ 665-080-885 TRANS-PET SPAINUK door 2 door service, professional driver with pet care experience, kennels and cattery, passport service. Contact Sharon 965-960-658/ 600-552-030 www.trans-pet. or DEANACAONA BOARDING KENNELS & CATTERY Social training for dogs. Home delivery and collection service. English trainer. Balsicas, 10

HOUSE/ PET SITTER AVAILABLE July & August, UK - Spain. Call Gail 669-126-281.

WANTED HOUSEHOLD ITEMS Instant cash payments. Furniture, electrical, tools etc. Tel John: 626-918-833.

LADIES MIXED CLOTHING - VARIOUS SIZES Jackets, tops, evening dresses etc. Vintage clothing, good condition, many new with tags. Sold individually or per box. 966-896-588.

DRIVING TO THE UK? English owned B&B in France close to the Spanish border. Peaceful location, ideal for your stopovers. Please ring for details: 0033-562-3319-62 or visit website: www.

LOOSE COVERS Curtains etc. Made to measure. Choose from a wide range of beautiful materials in your own home. Javea based. Tel: 965-771397/ 686-453-827 KARAOKE MEDIA PLAYER 500GB. inc 70,000 songs, software/ song book, ideal for bar/ home use. Only 275€. Tel: 654-925-679 LA MARINA FURNITURE All Furniture Bought & Sold At Unbeatable Prices. Now Also In Shop, New Linen, Lingerie, Jewellery & JML Products. Also Cars Bought For Cash. Come and visit La Marina Furniture shop on the main street through La Marina. Call Allan on 966-443-370 or 625-985-491 FLYING FLOWERS beautiful bouquets to any UK address. Order by credit or debit card. Call Kelly’s 965-761-595/ 966-425-713 ORDER FOR MOTHER’S DAY NOW POOL, SNOOKER TABLES will beat any price. Tel: 666 933 726

ENGLISH JEWELLER wishes to buy broken or unwanted gold jewellery & coins. Immediate cash payment to book home appointment. Call peter 664-890-990 (7 days) WANTED Instant Cash Paid. GOld and Jewellery Bought and Sold. VAluations,

repairs and retail. Nikolas Michael, London Jewellers & Pawnbrokers @No 17 Calle Los Arcos Ciudad Quesada Rojales 03170. Telephone 634 043 060

ALADDIN’S Disappointed with offers elsewhere on Jewellery etc? Telephone 966-457-291 WANTED INSTANT CASH PAID Antique and modern jewelley, bought sold & part exchanged, insurance valuations. Jewellery & watch repairs. Alexanders, Javea Port seafront near Bar Esquina. Established since 2003 Tel: 965-792-595.

FOR SALE LG Fridge freezer. No frost 150€. Tel: 965709737/ 652-736-017


ELECTRIC MOBILITY SCOOTER 350€. Wheelchair 125€. 8H.P out-board 300€. Half Sovereigh ring 110€. Details: 697-647-367 APPLE IPHONE 3G 16GB LEGALLY UNLOCKED Works with ANY sim. Black. Good condition. Denia - Can be seen working. 230€ o.v.n.o. For more info/ pics email Mike at 20” PLASMA TV Silver. 4 months old. Cost 238euros, accept 85euros. Tlf 661-368-580 2.4 METRE DISH Stand LNB, Pace Digi Box, As New 550euros. Tlf: 630-422-475


12-18 MARCH 2010

ELECTRIC ORGAN Orla Sonatinal, Orchestral Voices, Rhytham Unit, Accompaniment. As New 250euros Tlf:630-422-475 LA MARINA FURNITURE All Furniture Bought & Sold At Unbeatable Prices. Now Also In Shop, New Linen, Lingerie, Jewellery & JML Products. Also Cars Bought For Cash. Come and visit La Marina Furniture shop on the main street through La Marina. Call Allan on 966-443-370 or 625-985-491 WHEELCHAIR Light, foldable, LIKE NEW. 175.00€. Tel: 627-019-403. FOR SALE Beautiful old convertible snooker/dining table with original ivory balls. Slate base. Gd con. 2.00m x 1.10m. 750€ono. Call Andy 630949883. ALADDIN’S For quality furniture and second hand household goods at prices that won’t dent your wallet telephone 966-457-291

VIVES PONS & ASSOCIATES the leading Legal, Fiscal and Architectural based in Denia are conducting a series of free, informative talks on fiscal, legal and architectural issues which are very relevant to expats. Each session is approx 30 minutes long and will be followed by questions and answers. This is your chance to receive free expert advice direct from the experts. Please contact Joe Bassim on 686566-106 or see our half page advert in this weeks RTN for details.

2nd Hand Furniture bought for cash 966 723 437 or 965 720 817

Classifieds Agents Now it’s even easier to place a classified advert with the RTN by using our official agents listed below! Cars, Houses, Boats, Computers find them all in the classifieds section. Or maybe you have unwanted items to sell or something to offer? Our classified agents will be happy to help you whatever your needs.


ROUND TOWN TRAVEL 1, Avenida Dr Severo Ochoa, 1, Urb. El Admiral, Local 1, Rincon Benidorm, 03503, Alicante. Lisa 966 811 123 BENIDORM ROUND TOWN TRAVEL 2, Calle Gerona, 39, Benidorm, 03503, Alicante. (Next to Hotel Ambassador) Kerry/Gemma 966 813 261 BENIDORM ROUND TOWN TRIPS, Calle Narcisco Yepes, 4, Local 8, Albir, 03581, Alicante. (Opp. Golf Course, next to Kwik Save) Lee/Jackie 966 867 294 • ALBIR PROMINENT, Teulada Industrial Est. Calle Llanterner, 2 alto, 03725, Teulada, Alicante. Marja 965 793 229 •


MILLIE MUNRO INSURANCE, Avenida Lepanto, 6, 03726, Benitachell, Alicante. Millie 966 493 082 •

BENITACHELL HORIZON CONSULTANTS INSURANCE, Calle San Rafael 45 - 1, Jalon, 03727, Alicante. (Near Kwik Save) Aaron 966 481 382 • JALON MICHAEL’S FURNITURE SHOP, Avenida Lepanto, 9, Javea Port. Cristina 965 791 328 • EASYBUY, Avenida del Portet 24, Moraira. 03724 Alicante 965 745 969



BARGAIN BOOKS, Plaza Juan Carlos 1, Nº 2, San Miguel de Salinas, 03193, Alicante. (Opp. Tourist Info) Gaynor/Lee 688 667 389 • SAN MIGUEL JOHNSONS EL LIMONAR,JCP Commercial Center, Local 31, Los Altos Del Limonar, Torrevieja, 966 785 600 TORREVIEJA JOHNSONS QUESADA, Ava. Las Naciononies 1a -17, Quesada, 966 717 848 QUESADA JOHNSONS ALGORFA, Local 30, Commercial Center La Finca Golf, Algorfa, 966 729 647

ALGORFA THE POST ROOM, Centro Comercial 5, Via Park III, Calle Panticosa Nº 2, Los Altos, 03189, Orihuela Costa, Alicante. Aoife/Chris 965 319 665 • ORIHUELA PENNYS SUPERMARKET, Flamenca Beach Comercial Centre, Unit 123, Playa Flamenca, 03189, Orihuela Costa, Alicante. Peter/Sarah 966 733 257 • ORIHUELA PRINT SOLUTIONS, Avenida Londres 136, La Marina Urb, San Fulgencio, 03177, Alicante. Jim/Trish 966 790 520 • SAN FULGENCIO INTERPOST, Avenida de la Alegria Nº 32, La Marina, 03194, Alicante. Malika/Malcolm 965 419 673 •

LA MARINA VILLAMARTIN SATELLITE CENTRE, Avenida Las Brisas 33, Villamartin, 03189, Alicante. (Near Supervalu, Los Dolses) . Sarah/Heather 966 764 878 • VILLAMARTIN BEST WISHES, Local 30, Comercial Centre Hispania, Avda de la Union 72, San Javier, 30730, Murcia. Kathy 968 192 235 • MURCIA ONONIX MAR SL, Calle Mayor 30, bajo derecha, Guardamar, 03140, Alicante. Ron/Alicia 965 728 178 GUARDAMAR

ANIMAL AID TEL: 965725794 WWW.ANIMALAIDCOSTABLANCA.ORG RIFLE is a lovely black & white Pointer. He’s about 18 months old, very friendly & he walks well on the lead. He was recently found abandoned, so he’s still a bit thin, but a few square meals should cure that! Interested? Please call Linda Animal Aid tel: 965725794 www.

OZ KENNELS 968 431 265 OR 968 431 590 Hoppy is a 3 year old (approx) Tibetan spaniel He was found outside our kennels with a broken back leg but has now had his operation had has made a full recovery,he is a loving and funny little boy but is jealous of other dogs as he wants all the love,would make a good companion for an older couple

APAH CONTACT NATASHA ON 616 210 850. Sandy is an 18 month old medium sized, mixed breed male. He is a really lovely dog. Gentle and trusting, he has an awful lot of love to give, and needs someone to give it to. Sandy would make a fantastic companion dog as all he wants is someone to call his own! To arrange to meet Sandy or any other APAH dog, please contact Natasha


A.P.A.S.A. 618 754 635 WWW.APASA-JAVEA.ORG





K9 Club 676 447 682

EASY HORSE CARE RESCUE 96 596 7033 or 652 021 980 When we found Taffeta we didn’t think she’d last the night. It was a long battle, but now Taffeta’s happy and healthy. Help us help them. Open days Wed & Sun 1-4pm.

JOE THE CATMAN 96 671 9272


K9 CLUB 676 447 682

Sally is a young female black cat, born in June 2009. She was found wandering along the road as a tiny kitten. Sally is a happy, friendly little girl who loves to be made a fuss of. APAH has quite a few black cats, so if you like black cats, but don’t want Sally, come and have a look at the others. To arrange to meet Sally or any other APAH cat, please contact Yvonne on 630 422 563

Oriana was found in a bin on Cami de Gandia. She is now very cute and friendly and would make a wonderful pet. If you would like to adopt Oriana, or any of our other cats/kittens please call. See our website LYNDA - 648100629

Harry was thrown from a moving car so is nervous in and around cars. He has a face only a mother or father could love, but is very loving and kind. He is fully vaccinated, neutered and housetrained PAWS LINDA ON 646 645 035

Jo is a beautiful boy of around 6 months. His owners have to move back to the UK and can´t take him with them so he needs someone to love and look after him. He is a sweetheart and will make a loving companion. If you are interested in Jo, or any of the cats or kittens that we have, please contact Linda on 646 645 035

DESIREA, female, Shelter since 14.10.2007 Spaniel Cross, DOB approx. Oct. 2006 – 45 cm She’s rather like a jack-in-thebox and is continually ready for affection and a game. Desirea would like to have a sportive family who would have a lot of action with her. She walks well on the lead and she is very fond of water Ferdi is a Pointer about 2 years old. True to his breed, he is obedient and quick to learn. He’s also an affectionate placid dog who settled down straightaway with his foster carers and their own dogs. Ferdi is castrated, health vaccinated and tested negative for Leishmaniasis.

Puppies Beautiful labrador mix puppies, 6 weeks old, 4 male, 3 female. Born at the kennels so they have had a great start. Roll of Andrex is not included !!

Urgent! Baños de Fortuna. Female dog, German Shephard type, 9 years old, ca. 25kgs, 21 inches high at the shoulders, sterilized and with all her vaccinations, shy and loving. Male dog, large mix-breed, 4 years old, ca. 25 - 30 kgs, 28 inches high at the shoulders, sterilized and with all his vaccinations, friendly and loving. Owners must return to England for assisted living and cannot take the dogs with them. Call Ayisha or Michael at 968 685 837

DANDY and BEEZER are two cute three month old brothers who were found in a field in Dolores. They are playful terrier types who enjoy the company of people and other dogs. Although brothers they don´t need to be homed together. Dandy and Beezer have had all their vaccinations and are micro chipped.

Ginger is a gentle, friendly, ginger and white boy nearly two years old. He has been neutered and will make a loving companion for someone on their own or a couple. Please call Joe (The Cat Man) on 966719272 Randy is a Fox Terrier cross and was rescued after nearly being hit by passing vehicles. He is 2 years old, a very friendly little chap and will make a great pet. or call 676 447 682 for more information

Green light for golf 12-18 MARCH 2010

by Jack Troughton GOLFERS HAVE a last chance to get on the green and win some fantastic prizes in the RTN’s 2010 Championship on Thursday 18th March. The competition is hosted by Alicante Golf for the second year and sponsored by the specialist private healthcare group ASSSA as part of its 75th anniversary celebrations. By last weekend more than 60 sportsmen and women had signed up for the tournament but there is still time to enter before the deadline. The competition is a pairs ‘better ball’ and designed to give friends, business colleagues and husband and wife teams the chance to compete together and test their skills on this beautifully maintained championship course on the coast at San Juan. The course is on the outskirts of Alicante, which has excellent transport links to the rest of the Costa Blanca and Murcia. And for anyone wishing to stay overnight before the contest or relax after the day’s play, the Hotel Castilla in Alicante is offering special rates for guests taking part in the tournament – €54 per night for a double room and breakfast. Dinner is an additional €12 per head. There is also a chance to enjoy a short break in the historic city as the hotel is offering a free one night stay for two as a prize!

The entry fee to the annual RTN Golf Championship is €55 – which includes a full round of 18 holes at Alicante Golf, the hire of a buggy and a very English meal afterwards – a slap-up feed of sausage, egg, chips and beans, followed by apple pie and custard. Golf professional and coach Noel Eastwell, RTN’s golf guru, said the course was in tip top condition and ready to challenge golfers of all abilities. “As far as I am concerned, it is one of the fairest tests of golf on the Costa Blanca,” he said. “It also has some of the best greens in the area and the bunkers are superb. The course also enjoys the reputation of being the best maintained in the area.” He said the facilities at the club were excellent and the staff friendly and helpful. “Alicante Golf presents a great challenge – it has been the home to good, high quality, professional championships in the past.” Noel said the 2010 competition was already a success in terms of attracting players wanting to take part and scoop a prize. To get out on the fairway and take part, email or call Noel on 639 730 891.(Because of technical problems, email entries sent after 7th March may not have reached Noel - anyone with any concerns should ring him on the same number).



golf 55€

18th March at Alicante Golf


60 sportsmen and women have signed up for the tournament

Winners take home a Nike Access golf bag & a 100€ discount voucher on tyres courtesy of FAST FIT TYRES, Online Mobile tyre fitting service.

sponsored by

FAST FIT TYRES Online Mobile tyre fitting service

2nd placed pair win Wilson TW9 wedge 3rd placed duo will each scoop a Wilson 888 series putter 4th placed team will each win a pair of Nike air tour classic shoes.

Plus lots more prizes...

The entry fee is €55 which includes a full round of the 18 holes, a buggy, and a traditional English slap-up feed – sausage, egg, chips and beans, followed by apple pie and custard.


Online Mobile tyre fitting service

Plus lots more


Consultants CB

To enter the competition players should apply to Noel by email at


12-18 MARCH 2010

The final whistle

Indoor athletics and World Cup football – Qatar style With Andy Kay

Britain’s Jessica Ennis BY THE TIME you read this, the opening shots will have been fired at the IAAF World Indoor Championships in Doha. By shots, I mean that Britain’s Jessica Ennis will have started her bid to land the pentathlon gold medal to go with her outdoor heptathlon World title, the 60m sprinters will have strutted their stuff in the early heats with Dwain Chambers hoping to ruffle some American feathers and Jenny Meadows, Britain’s new darling of the track, will hopefully have qualified smoothly from her 800m heat. Oh, and the men’s shot put qualification will have taken place as well, so as it happens I was right the first time. As I write this, sitting in the truly stunning Aspire Dome, the largest indoor sports venue of its type in the World, final preparations are underway to set the stage for what will be the biggest WIC ever. 148 countries are taking part, from Antigua to Zambia and in a year dominated by the European Championships and Commonwealth Games, this is a big deal for the sport’s governing body; so much so that they’ve called in presentation specialists from Australia, Great Big Events (my employers for the week) to run the show. And what a show we are promised, with giant video screens at either end of the hydraulically operated blue and gold track, animated graphics, newly composed music as well as an opening ceremony which is being kept all hush-hush for now. In fact, it’s interesting to note just how far the sport of athletics has pushed out the boat in the technological and crowd entertainment World, with the likes of GBE and also Fast Track in the UK, in a week when football’s governing body has decided that they’d rather continue to see mistakes being made on the pitch rather than trust goal line cameras. The two sports couldn’t be further apart. The WIC is also a massive stepping stone for Doha. Not as big as the Asian games that it staged in 2006, the Championships will at least focus the World’s attention on the capital city of Qatar, which is bidding to host the World Cup in 2022. It’s a bid that other competing nations will write off at their peril. As a city, Doha is hugely ambitious and the bid committee, led by His Excellency Sheikh Mohammed bin Hamad bin Khalifa Al-Thani, is passionate about bringing the World Cup to the Middle East for the first time. They have succeeded with other sports such as Moto GP, WTA tennis and PGA golf and they see football as the next step. As you’d expect in this part of the World, money certainly won’t be a problem, nor will a lack of talent, as Qatar has always been at the forefront of bringing in outside help and expertise. Being compact, it should also appeal to the fans; at least it should to those who will be spending a fortune in South Africa this summer travelling thousands of miles to follow their national team. FIFA will make its decision regarding the hosts of the 2018 and 2022 World Cups in December this year and if Qatar can come up with a plan to counter the 40 degree heat which is common during July (when the tournament has to be staged) then it stands a pretty decent chance.

Doha’s Aspire Dome, venue for the 2010 IAAF World Indoor Championships

ANYONE FOR FOOTBALL? Aged Between 20 - 40? Call Doug on 628 789 335

The league table doesn’t lie IT IS FREQUENTLY said that a league table does not lie and it ended up being a pretty good indicator for this latest apology for a game of football involving FC Torrevieja. A low grade Sunday league pub match back in Britain might have offered more quality than this heady dose of tripe served up by these two teams. There might be some merit of an excuse in that both clubs have found it difficult if not impossible to pay the players in recent months, but based on performance most of those involved in this tiresome encounter have better earning prospects shaking a tin in a local shopping area. The cold and wet weather helped to

provide the perfect backdrop for one of FC Torrevieja’s poorest performances of the season. That in itself was no mean achievement, as there have been some rich pickings on that front to choose from in this current campaign. At least the club’s Director of Football, Tommy Taylor, had the good sense to give this rubbish a wide berth, with a flight back to the UK to celebrate his mother’s eightieth birthday. Some of the players on show would not even have had the physical stamina necessary to blow out her birthday cake candles! The full measure of the result was that Alicante B had not won a match since November, but Torrevieja once again obliged with a sub-standard

performance and the usual weekly sending off: they have now stretched their winless run to six games. Clearly the referee thought that the game needed some spicing up, and he duly obliged on the hour mark with a crass decision in favour of the home side. An Alicante player literally threw himself to the wet surface of the Torrevieja penalty area in a dive that would have scored highly for artistic merit in an Olympic competition. Or perhaps he had set an early alarm clock for the Oscar ceremony a few hours later to compare his acting prowess with Hollywood’s finest? A spot kick was given and Matias was given his marching orders for the ‘foul,’ having been shown a yellow card earlier. And that goal was pretty much it. FC Torrevieja are back at home next Sunday afternoon as they take on an improving La Nucia side, who are three points above them, in a 17.00 kick off at the Vicente Garcia Stadium; that’s assuming that Torrevieja have got any players available who are free from suspension or injury.

Bulls qualify for play off finals ON 6TH MARCH, Javea Bulls qualified for the Valencian provincial play off finals when the opposition cancelled their scheduled match. The Bulls will now try to arrange a final fixture against Castellon on English 27/28th March, prior to the first National round of the play off finals. League English National League Senior Senior Coach Coach Alan Price, who has also Alan Price worked for the Rugby Football (right) Union in the Development of Rugby in the city of Leeds, is Sunday: one at 10.30 and the giving the players the benefit other at 13.00, each session of his expertise at the invitalasting between 60 and 75 tion of Club President Peter minutes and giving children the Sowerby. Alan feels the Club’s opportunity to sample various enthusiasm has made the tasks aspects of rugby training in a in hand easier. Xavier Monfort, safe, non contact environment. the Chairman of Youth Rugby, After 5 weeks of ‘Come and is planning to start 5 weeks of Try’ further training sessions ‘Come and Try’ rugby coachwill be made available, when ing for children aged 6 to 15 the contact aspect of the game years on the Arenal Beach in will be taught safely. The Javea Javea, commencing Sunday Bulls have a brand new pitch under construction for the 23rd May, with 2 sessions each

Guardamar in free fall Javea 2 Alone de Guardamar 0 By Steve Hibberd NOT SINCE 29th Nov 2009, at Albatera, have Guardamar fans had a victory of any sort to celebrate. This rapid decline in fortunes needs to be arrested immediately, as relegation is now staring them in the face. Following this latest defeat at Javea, they are now only one place off the bottom 3 with only 9 games remaining to salvage the points required for safety. On the pitch, it was soon a case of, ‘blue, blue, my World is blue,’ when after only 7 minutes, Alone defender Alberto inexplicably bundled straight into the back of a Javea player inside the penalty area. This rush of blood to the head was suitably punished when Valentin easily dispatched the resultant spot kick. Ten minutes later, Alone skipper and man of the match Bonmati hit a scorcher which skimmed the top of the bar. Enter Julen. In recent weeks, the club’s no 1 keeper has been nothing short of a revelation but how quickly

one can go from hero to zero. His mad rush to the edge of the penalty area enabled Javea striker Ivars to latch on to a through ball, then score goal no 2 with ease after 32 minutes. Only 4 minutes before the interval, it was his turn to ‘take out an opponent’ inside the penalty area. Not only did the ref award another penalty, he brandished a straight red card to the crestfallen Julen. Substitute keeper Michel became an instant hero when he superbly saved the delayed penalty. Next up for Alone is a crucial relegation battle against fellow strugglers Alfaz del Pi. on Sun 14th March KO 16.30, at Las Rebosas, Guardamar. Be there, or be square! Please contact Steve on 656 579 423 for further match details. Next up for Alone is a crucial relegation battle against fellow strugglers Alfaz del Pi. on Sun 14th March KO 16.30, at Las Rebosas, Guardamar. Be there, or be square! Please contact Steve on 656 579 423 for further match details.

start of next season, and they are confident that promotion to the next league will be secured. They hope that their new clubhouse will be opened shortly afterwards. For further information on becoming part of this exciting new club, no matter whether you wish to come and be involved or just watch the matches, contact Alan Price on 680 683 843 or visit their web page at

Welsh Rugby comes to Torrevieja THE TORREVIEJA Rugby Club was started in 1999 and the team is growing every week and this weekend they welcome Welsh rugby football team Rumney RFC to Torrevieja for a friendly match. The Welsh Division One East club will be in Torrevieja for the first time and the match between the Welsh wonders and Torrevieja RFC kicks off at 12:00 tomorrow, Saturday 13th March.

12-18 MARCH 2010


Noel’s world of golf Maggots end Fishing Costa Blanca round-up


Noel Eastwell Professional coach and RTN golf expert 639 730 891

GOLF SOCIETY UNREST Golf Societies are places that many golfers go to for fun but competitive golf. Why then are they places where we see such a lot of unrest and lack of gratitude? Nearly all of our local golf societies struggle each Annual General Meeting to get people to stand for their committees. Is it any wonder when we see such a lot of backbiting and lack of gratitude from their members? It never ceases to amaze me when I see and hear what goes on with some of our golfers. Most committee members work very hard for their society members and get little or no thanks for the time and effort they put in. I speak here from a position of a wealth of experience having been a secretary of a society on two separate occasions. Indeed before I had the sense to leave society golf the impact of other people’s actions was having a detrimental effect on my whole life. It was only after I gave up my involvement with society golf that my friends said how nice it was to see me enjoying the best sport in the world again. Not only does the committee member put in a lot of hours it almost always also costs him money to make telephone calls and visits to clubs to arrange deals. As with many things in life running a golf society means that you will hardly ever please all the people involved but you can please most of them. Sadly every golf societies has it’s “bad eggs” and all too often these people have the biggest mouths when it comes to stirring up unrest. These same people will hardly ever open their mouths at Annual General Meetings and the like for fear of being seen for what they mostly are; agitators. They will however week after week stir up unrest in the society behind the backs of the committee members. Then when a key member resigns they either go on holiday or find some other excuse not to play while the trouble they instigated

gets sorted out and the society tries to carry on after the loss of an elected member of the committee. These people have absolutely no right whatsoever to make anyone’s life a misery let alone someone who has worked hard so that members can enjoy their golf. The majority of these people will be big mouth bullies who intimidate other members by their behaviour. Unfortunately those who play with societies are reluctant to confront these people as they are like the majority of us. They came to Spain to enjoy life and leave their troubles behind. Never will we see these bullies stand for committee at the AGM, they may have to do some good for the society if they got elected, and you never know, they may even be criticised for doing something some members don’t like. It is a fact that the majority of British expatriates are getting on in years before they move to Spain and as we all know as we get older we also get a little grouchy. There is a big difference though between getting old and being an agitator. All societies have ways for problems to be dealt with. No one person on any committee should take all the flack for what goes on and nobody has the right to make their lives a misery as I said earlier. To the people whom I am referring to here; and you all know who you are; take a moment to think about how you would feel if the roles were reversed and it was you or someone close to you that was getting the flack for a job being done voluntarily. A golf society without an organising committee is like a ship without a rudder, useless. Give a moment’s thought to where you would play your cheap golf before you unfairly or wrongly criticise again. Maybe then we could see our society committee members do what the vast majority of members do; enjoy their days golfing. That’s why they joined the golf society in the first place. The very same reason you did. Life is short, golf is shorter, and there is no reason we cannot enjoy both. EUROPEAN TOUR The Maybank Malaysian Open got

things under way again on The European Tour after a short rest. Seung-yul Noh is not a Korean name that many of us will know at the moment but this 18 year old could easily become a household name after his win last weekend when he beat another Korean K J Choi by one shot. Yet another from the Far East that shows tremendous potential. The PGA Tour is now in Florida for a four week run and last weekends Honda Classic saw that we really don’t need massive golf holes to tame the talents of today’s golfers. There is an old saying golf that you drive for show and putt for dough. Camilo Villegas proved that over the weekend with an imperious display of putting as he picked up his 3rd PGA Tour win. The British contingent had reason to be optimistic as Justin Rose finished 3rd and Paul Casey 4th. A gambler should in my opinion now have a look at the odds on Casey for The Masters in a few weeks; he must be due for a major on current form. WIN A ROUND OF GOLF FOR 2 INCLUDING BUGGY AT THE BEAUTIFUL EL PLANTIO RESORT IN ALICANTE To enter this competition simply answer the question below correctly. Every correct answer will be entered into a draw at the end of the month and the winner of this fantastic prize worth over 180 euros will be picked at random at the end of each month. Send your entries by email to The decision of the editor of Round Town News will be final in making the winning selection. QUESTION FOR 12TH MARCH 2010: Who won the 2009 Race to Dubai? A. Lee Westwood B. Phil Mickelson C. Tiger Woods Answers must be received by 5pm on March 29th 2010 to be entered into February’s draw, which will be made on 29th March 2010. The winner will be announced in Round Town News on April 2nd 2010.

Any questions you have for Noel should be sent to


David Hoare

968 199 279

ANGLERS TOGETHER, RODS AND REELS - RTN CUP THIS WEEK’S match was the second round of the sponsored RTN Challenge Cup, held on the Rio Segura at the Eden Canal stretch. The weather on the previous night had been most foul and all anglers were anticipating a grim and wet day. However, fortune favoured the brave and the 22 anglers who turned up enjoyed a day in the sun and with the river fishing the best it has for some weeks. (It’s a strange old game). The match, as with the previous one, was decided on points with 4 sections of 6 anglers. (2 ‘no shows’meant that several sections only had five anglers and they were both in my team!) OVERALL POINTS ON THE DAY A team 1st team Section 1-6 8 13 Section 7-12 11 9 Section 13-18 13 7 Section 19-24 11 9 Overall points 43 38 ACCUMULATIVE 73 72 This is the halfway point and it is neck and neck. NOTE: Please be aware that some anglers just lately have been approached by persons from a country far to the east from here, asking for the fish that have been caught. The fish were offered up and the people were very pleasant BUT beware that if they are refused things may turn nasty, as has happened in the past. Always if you can, fish with a friend, and if you do not use a keepnet then there are no fish. ANGLERS TOGETHER IMPORTANT MESSAGE: The Friday Campoverde meetings will now be held at Mary’s Bar/ Restaurant. Taking the CV 925 from Pillar de la Horadada, turn right at the first roundabout into Pinar de Campoverde, then first left and follow the slip road (past Fibber Mcgees and Lounge bar 6) until you get to the next parade of shops. Mary’s Bar is the 3rd / 4th unit up. The next meeting will be held on Friday 9th April at 12.00. The Puerto de Mazarron meetings remain at Los Galayos Bar/Restaraunt on the paseo, adjacent to the beach. The next meeting will be held on Saturday 10th April at 12.00. Sweetwater: the final dredging has taken place and the works personnel have cleared the surrounding road of all the silt that was deposited there. However, there are still workmen there. The banks are now angled and ‘swims need cutting in!’ Please note: anglers have been turned off this water by the Spanish workers so be careful if you go there. Anglers Together continues to grow as a club with many friendships formed over the past 3 years. Many members fish together regularly and say they are pleased that they have taken up a sport that they once followed in their youth. The joining fee is €10 for new members and €5 for renewing members. If you are interested in joining or finding out more about Anglers Together, either come along to one of the meetings or contact Dave. (Alan is away on his annual trek to Oz). or telephone Dave Hoare on 968 199 279. TIGHT LINES, DAVE HOARE

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