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Make Murcia a fracking free zone, say the IU-Verdes

EQUO denounce that the new license granted for drilling in Murcia is the second license, not the first p6

Annual bird migration study underway in the Isla Grosa 80% of these tiny travellers weigh less than 20 grams p15

UK unveils exchange of information agreement with France, Germany, Italy and Spain


Sailing Association Mar Menor The racing season opened last Sunday. p58

Should boxing be boxed off? Boxer Michael Norgrove passed away last Saturday as a result of injuries sustained in the ring nine days earlier, Andrew James reopen the debate as to the safety of boxing as a sport p63

Issue 24

12 - 18 APRIL 2013

Noisy escraches in 40 cities across Spain by

A row has broken out in Murcia following claims that protestors called President Valcárcel a murderer outside his home on Saturday On Tuesday night PAH, the Plataforma de Afectados por la Hipoteca, which is an organisation dedicated to fighting evictions across Spain, orchestrated noisy ‘escraches’ outside the headquarters of the PP in 40 Spanish cities in protest against evictions. These escraches are the latest “protest craze” and have attracted controversy in the last few days as various members of political parties at both local and national level have been hassled in front of their homes by the protestors. The larger scale protests took place in cities such as Madrid, the PP headquarters in Calle de Génova cordoned off with a strong police presence ahead of the hour set for the protest on the social networks. Helicopters were also on standby to give aerial vigilance should the protest disintegrate into social disorder. “The PP has to listen to the voice of the public, they can choose to accept the demands of the public or continue to perpetuate a situation which dooms thousands of people to civil These death, “ the protestors said, as well as shouting, “Sí, attacks are se peude” a chant which has become synonymous attracting controversy with the activities of PAH. In Cartagena 40 people protested in front of PP headquarters, although Cartagena council made paperwork, or expressing an interest in taking on public the news on Wednesday that in spite of the one of the properties prior to the date of the first publicised plan to grant housing from the FSV, So- allocations on 1st April. The lawyers College have said that an estimated cial housing fund, to those without homes, that within the Cartagena municipality, the banks had 150 evictions have taken place annually in their juonly made 7 individual homes available for FSV dicial area, which covers Cartagena, La Unión and allocation. However, not one family had applied Fuente Álamo. The escraches have been taking place at both to the council ( via the municipal institute of social services) for help in preparing the necessary local and national level, including here in Murcia,

Photo courtesy of and on Saturday protestors accosted the President of the Region of Murcia, Ramón Luis Valcárcel, in front of his own home in Murcia. This incident has provoked a fair amount of media coverage, as the President asserts that he was called a “murderer” by the protestors, although PAH Murcia refute this claim and have gone as far as calling the president a liar, and demanded his resignation. Continued on page 15


12 - 18 APRIL 2013

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Arson on camera LA MATA’S Ancient Water Mill suffered an arson attack at the weekend.

12 - 18 APRIL 2013


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Cuenca Happy bubbly guide & driver - very well thought out trip 23 March 2013 E&PS ALCALA DEL JUCAR CAVE VILLAGE




































BENIDORM 3 OR 4 DAY SPECIAL 4* HOTEL 3 DAYS FB FROM 110€ 4 DAYS FB FROM 135€ by Keith Nicol THE DELICATE infrastructure is no stranger to such attacks over the years but this the perpetrators may be in for a surprise of their own! After the arson that occurred last Saturday at the Municipal Water Mill in La Mata’s Parque Natural, the City has opened it’s own study to assist in the investigation being conducted by the Guardia Civil. Specifically, the local police will trace, in detail, all the images that were recorded during the time that the fire was known to have been set, through the cameras for the surveillance of local heritage, as part of the security system ‘Vyriato’, which is distributed throughout the entire Torrevejense municipality. It is examining people who went in and out of that park, both before and after the occurrence of the fire that killed nearly two acres of pine.

Some neighbours and people who were at that time in the park said that shortly before they realized the smoke and flames that spread through the area was a bush fire, that they heard the sound of a kind of firecracker, which could have been the origin of this sinister act. This is not the first time that there has been a fire in the park, which was created from the removal of the coastal road that crossed the beach of La Mata. Back in March 2012, another arson attack took place on abandoned Span project in the Toretta’s. On this occasion the video surveillance cameras where undergoing repairs and servicing and video footage of the perpetrators was not available. However, this time, the CCTV cameras have captured video images of every person who entered the park on Saturday. Torrevieja was plagued by arson attacks last summer, which is one of the reasons that these cameras were installed in the first place.


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12 - 18 APRIL 2013

Empty properties confiscated to help the homeless

Minister of Public Works and Housing, Elena Cortes

by Jan Gamm THE REGIONAL Government in Andalusia is taking steps to enable a series of legal procedures that will force the owners and developers of empty homes to rent them to families that are evicted from their properties by the banks. The measures implement a penalty system of fines of up to 9,000€ that may be imposed on the owners of properties that have been empty for more than a given number of years and also include in extreme cases the legal expropriation of homes to prevent bank eviction. The decree was presented in Congress by the Minister of Public Works and Housing, Elena Cortes. In Andalusia there are between 700,000 and one million empty homes half of which are owned by financial institutions and property companies.

Alicante and Valencia provinces hardest hit by cuts in teaching posts MORE THAN half of the 638 teaching posts to be lost by next year are in schools located between Denia and Pilar de la Horadada, with the most overcrowded classrooms in the community subjected to the majority of the cuts. Measures imposed by the Education Ministry will see classes expand to accommodate up to 33 pupils per classroom. Factors that prompted ‘adjustments’ in the number of classrooms and teachers for the next school year included the ‘drop in the birth rate’ combined with the number of ‘repatriating foreign students’.

***Stop Press***

CAM loses appeal By Jack Troughton SHAMED CAM Bank has lost its appeal and remains guilty of “malpractice” over a failure to guarantee the safety of 1.5 million euros in deposits for off-plan homes paid by 47 purchasers at Las Higuericas Finca Parcs development near Hellin. The decision, announced yesterday afternoon (Thursday), brings hope to every off-plan purchaser across Spain who has lost money and underlines the legal responsibility of banks by becoming

case law. Keith Rule, co-ordinator of the Finca Parcs Action Group, told RTN: “We have won; this is an absolutely fantastic decision and upholds last year’s verdict of the First Instance Court in Hellin. “CAM was found guilty of malpractice and a dereliction of its legal duties. Justice has prevailed. We have won in the Albacete Appeal Court with a sentence totally dismissing the Banco CAM appeal.” RTN will publish the full story next week.

12 - 18 APRIL 2013

Road upgrades in La Zenia

by Keith Nicol ORIHUELA’S COUNCILLOR for the Coast, Martina Scheurer, announced last week that the redevelopment of the Avenida de La Zenia will soon be underway. She said “one of the oldest streets in the area is in poor condition because of the invasion of trees from sidewalks that hinder the passage of pedestrians and wheelchairs.” She added that the contract will be awarded soon and that one of the revisions “is lowering the paving curbs, so that after parking, drivers will be able to open doors,” which in many areas is not possible There will also be work on pedestrian accessibility: one facing the Ecumenical Church, where there are disabled parking bays, only for users to discover that they can not bring the wheelchair to the curb; another curb issue area is the Campomar urbanization, in the street going to the mall, and a

Crackpots setting the tempo

ELCHE’S MOSTLY female Tarambanas (translated to English as ‘Crackpots’) percussion group has around twenty members, only three of whom are men. The group sets the pace at private parties, public gathering and fiestas and is much in demand to liven up the party wherever they go all year round. They simply form a huddle in the street and burst into their routine!

Redevelopment of the Avenida de La Zenia will soon be underway

third in La Regia, near the roundabout of the pyramid, where there are steps and slopes. Scheurer announced that they have requested permission from the Provincial Coastal Service to remove the wall at the end of the promenade and to upgrade the condition the path down to the beach below; to “give it a wooden railing and provide ease of walking.” The Department of the Costa will also be repairing the

toilets of the Saturday market at the end of Calle Nicolas de Bussy and will provide new toilets for the flea market on Thursdays. The councillor pointed out that they are waiting to receive final approval to make changes in La Regia, and that new designs of two roundabouts, which had already been budgeted for in 2010, but because the application had expired and thus this has had to be returned to process.

Albaladejo accuses the Greens of giving false information about the security contracts IT’S BACK to more of he said she said at Torrevieja Town Hall, this time dealing with security contracts that the Greens allege were given to family members of the PP, without the proper contact application periods being adhered to. In answer to the aligations, The Partido Popular’s government team spokesman Joaquín

Albaladejo (PP) said: “The Greens want to try and show that Torrevieja’s Municipal government has done a ‘simulation’ for awarding security at the Virgen del Carmen Cultural Centre and we are responding by saying these allegations are totally false. In the case of the Sart company that is in bankruptcy, the deputy mayor said the

contract was awarded in 2011, At that time the company was still active but went into bankruptcy in 2012. One of the companies under scrutiny by the Green Party is Sobre Toloal SL, who closed their doors in 2007, and apparently their name has come up because of an error by the record keeper. The investigations continue.


12 - 18 APRIL 2013

Make Murcia a fracking free zone, say the IU-Verdes by

Following the announcement this week that central government have authorised exploratory “fracking” (induced hydraulic fracturing) in the North-west of Murcia and Castilla La Mancha, Equo Castilla-La Mancha ( Equo being an environmental/social political pressure group) denounced that this is in fact the second such fracking licence in the area, and that there is another exploratory drilling project in existence in Hellín, between the provinces of Albacete and Murcia. The Hellín project is specifically searching for subterranean natural gas in the shale formations of the Hellín countryside. Fracking is a process which involves fracturing dense shale rock layers using pressurised fluid, drilling down and creating tiny explosions to shatter and crack hard shale rocks to release petroleum or natural gas inside. A shaft is bored down thousands of feet into the shale, then the shaft turns sideways. Water, sand and chemicals are pumped in, creating an exit for the gas to escape and be harvested. Equo have said that the permissions for this original drilling were ceded in January 2009, and are denominated Aries-1. Aries-1 covers an area of approximately 1000 square kilo-

metres, with 600 square kilometres in Albacete and 400 square kilometres in Murcia. Yesterday the IU-Verdes presented an initiative requesting that the regional government declare the Region of Murcia “ a fracking free zone, with no exploitations to extract natural gas and hydrocarbons using the controversial fracking method.” Last week the Spansih cabinet issued the exploratory licences for drilling in North-west Murcia and Castilla La Mancha, the Dirección General de Medio Ambiente, the department of the environment, confirming that they had no objection to granting the licence, providing the exploratory drilling is carried out under supervision and in line with environmental guidelines. In their acceptance of the authorisation, the cabinet said that, “ exploration for hydrocarbons is a strategic activity for Spain, and its importance is justified by the high dependence of the country on its energy needs, as well as on the negative effects the external purchase of energy has on its commercial balance of trade. They also noted the importance of not having to depend on external sources for energy needs. Fracking is also taking place in other areas of Spain, also under central government licences.

Fracking involves fracturing dense shale rock layers. Image: Greenpeace

Article: Local news, what’s on and where to go for the Murcia Region

British resident of Cartagena arrested in child pornography investigation Agents of the Policía Nacional have arrested a 72 year old British national living on a residential camping site in the municipality of Cartagena, under charges of possessing and distributing a large quantity of child pornography material. The detention of the British resi-

dent is part of operation Spade, a large scale international investigation against child pornography which started off in Canada during December of last year and has resulted in the detention of 28 people throughout Spain so far, and the implication of 10 more, with a vast

quantity of material confiscated. The IT division of the Jefatura Superior de Policía de la Región de Murcia have been actively involved in the case, as a teacher from a school in Beniel, Murcia City, is amongst those arrested to date, charged with distributing

pornographic material. As part of the investigations following the arrest in Beniel, the un-named British National was arrested in his home on a Cartagena camping site on the 2nd April. Following his arrest police undertook a search of his home, and

have confiscated over 5000 articles of child pornography material.

Article www.murciatoday. com Local news, community information and what’s on for the Costa Cálida and Murcia region

EC to fine Spain for failing to achieve economic balances by end of April by Jan Gamm THE EUROPEAN Commission is considering demanding a fine from Spain of up to €1,000 million in May should the country fail to achieve certain ‘economic balances’ by the end of April. The unemployment rate, public and private debt and Spain’s international investment status continue to drag down the country’s economic performance levels. Besides Spain the Commission publishes this week a thorough examination of imbalances in 11 EU Member States: Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, France, Italy, Hungary, Malta, Slovenia, the Netherlands, Finland, Sweden and the UK.

Body of missing man found in the Postiguet area THE BODY of a 63-year-old resident of Alicante missing from his home for a week has been found near the port beach area of Postiguet. The man had set out for a swim last week on his bicycle but did not return home. The bicycle was found parked next to the beach, identified by documents secured to the frame. Later a National Police helicopter spotted the victim’s body in the vicinity of the Hotel Meliá. An autopsy is scheduled.

Five drug arrests in Benidorm cocktail bar IN THE early hours of Monday 8th April The National Police seized pills, cocaine, hashish, marijuana and 158,000€ in cash as well as a shotgun, a handgun and ammunition found in a Benidorm cocktail bar. Five men have been arrested, ranging in age from 26 to 52, one a Romanian citizen and the rest Spanish. They are being charged with weapon offences and drug dealing. The drugs and weapons were concealed in wrappers stashed inside airconditioner units and holes in the walls. Three of the five men have a criminal record.

12 - 18 APRIL 2013


12 - 18 APRIL 2013

Game, set and match by Jack Troughton TENNIS STAR David Ferrer was greeted by hundreds of fans in his home town of Javea as he arrived at a ceremony to unveil the renovated beach promenade that now bears his name. The 31-year-old was surrounded by eager autograph hunters as he arrived at Arenal Beach for the official opening of ‘Passeig Tenista David Ferrer’ – the result of a 2 million euro facelift. And despite the weather – the pomp and circumstance was cut short by torrential rain – the town’s famous son braved the downpour to insure his supporters, clutching pens, photographs and even huge tennis balls, were not disappointed. Fresh from the Miami Masters – where David went to No 4 in the ATP world rankings despite losing in a thriller to Andy Murray in the final – he was obviously thrilled to be in Javea. “This is the most important honour I have received in my career,” he said. “You have nothing to thank me

for because I feel very proud to be a ‘xabiero’ and I owe everything to this town. NAME

The Arenal is the centre of Javea’s tourist industry and the player revealed: “Since I was three I have come to play at the Arenal and now it bears my name – the feeling of pride is very strong.” David was accompanied by Javea Mayor Jose Chulvi and Valencia’s President Alberto Fabra, making his first official visit to the town. Mr Chulvi expressed his satisfaction the project had been completed to update the Arenal after the beach area had been neglected for decades despite its importance to the local economy. He described Davis as “the best ambassador” for the town and said it was decided to dedicate the promenade to the tennis player because “he is a great example of the values of effort, sacrifice and perseverance which are so necessary today to overcome adversity.”

Port of Valencia overwhelmed by passenger overload THE COINCIDENTAL arrival of two large ocean liners in Valencia caused the near collapse of the port facilities at Acciona on Sunday when more than 3,200 passengers from the Grand Mistral and the Aidavita converged on the inadequate and seriously overstretched terminals. The problem was aggravated by the Aidavita arriving two hours late due to bad weather. Terminal operators were left with no choice but to request a large number of passengers to remain on board. Valencia is Spain’s biggest port of entry for cruise liners - the Cunard Line’s Queen Elizabeth is due in late April, one of the port’s busiest months. Urgent expansion of Valencia’s port facilities is underway.

David Ferrer signs autographs watched by Valencia President Alberto Fabre

The historic Guardia Civil HQ in Moraira falls into ruins THE DIRECTOR General of the Civil Guard has called on the Ministry of the Interior to urgently address the restoration of the historic Guardia Civil HQ in El Portet in Moraira. The building dates back to 1913 and refurbishment was underway but abandoned in 2009 following the bankruptcy of the contractor undertaken to complete the works. Nowadays weeds grow up the walls of the building and it is necessary to prune them to gain access to the front door! Meanwhile, officers of the Guardia Civil are operating from temporary and somewhat inadequate premises provided by the municipalities of Gata de Gorgos and Moraira.



12 - 18 APRIL 2013

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Purely a money making scheme

I HAVE just been reading your article on the Pegasus system in which you, quite rightly, imply that it is purely a money making scheme. I could not agree more, but would be interested to know just how many motorists it has to trap in order to actually start making money? All helicopters are extremely expensive to run, especially as they burn fuel at a very high rate and, taking all the other costs into consideration with regard to administering the system, the number of ‘convictions’ will have to be extremely high simply to pay for the system. This is before it can start to make surplus money. It seems that Spain, like the UK and several other countries see the motorist as the easiest money cow that they can milk! Barry Weston

sense isn’t very common A cruel twist ITCommon HAS been on my mind for some The people who risk crossing this busy BREAK-INS at caravan sites in Benidorm have taken a cruel twist. An elderly gentleman robbed a week ago had a second visit in the early hours from the thieves who took his wallet and passport. Not content with that, they ripped jewellery from his arm while he was in bed and left him bleeding and needing a visit to the hospital, I’m sure the scars on his arms will heal but how long will it take for the mental fear of being vulnerable and at risk to fade? No one should have to live like this, especially in their eighties. Let’s try and stop this speak to the management on your site tell them what you need to be safe before it gets out of hand. Name and address withheld

time to add my voice to the chorus of concerned complaints from people saying how dangerous it is to cross the N332 at the roundabout near the Playa Flamenca Burger King. I have crossed the N332 to get to the beach with friends and having to do so it makes me cross that there is no zebra crossing. It would be fair to say that numerous people every day take a chance and cross the N332 to walk down to the beach. In the summer months there must be even more people crossing at their own risk and drivers seem unwilling to slow down.

road are of all ages: elderly, young people, some with children and baby carriages… The common sense solution would be to have either a walk-over or a zebra crossing with lights and speed bumps to make drivers slow down. But as they say, common sense isn’t very common. People will continue taking risks crossing the N332 to get to the beach - I just hope no one is killed before Orihuela Town Hall finally deals with this complaint from so many people. From a concerned reader: Brad Murray, Playa Flaminca

A very warming experience

WE WOULD like to tell you of a very warming experience we had in Bolneuvo last Saturday night. We are new in the area and locked ourselves out of our apartment - the keys where left on the inside! We had a great meal at the The Blues Bar, came back with our tale of woe and the help and support we received was wonderful. They were all a bit too ‘in the sauce’ to climb the ladder from the roof to our balcony and into the patio door there and then but Mick was there at 10am the next morning. The owners, Chris and Debbie, lent us 100€, although we had only met them once for a short chat and with this we could pay for a room at the inn. Bolneuvo seems like a very friendly and community-spirited place. And we love the Blues Bar! Bob & Janey Richard

What is the problem

RE: JACK Troughton’s ‘Spanish Inquisition’ - could you please explain what the problem is with reporting oversees assets as a tax resident in Spain? I have lived in many different countries and every country demands that you declare your worldwide assets in the country where you live as tax resident. UK and Spain has a double tax agreement that states what tax should be paid in which country in order to avoid double taxation. What is the problem here? It is difficult to understand what is so unique in this case - I should be glad if you could tell me! Bo Björkman

Cannot believe his problems HAVING JUST returned from a short visit to the UK I read the letter from Philip T Humberstone in the 8th -14th March edition and cannot believe his problems. Before we left the UK in 2004, we visited the Sevenoaks Council offices and registered our Spanish address and completed the relevant paperwork for not only our voting rights but for our son to have a postal vote for us. Whenever there is any update to sign, the gentleman at Sevenoaks emails the forms to us to sign and return by email. We then get another email confirming that the form has been received and actioned. The postal vote paperwork is sent to our son when ready and again confirmed by email. So Philip, you have now met an expat who has voted without problem since 2004 and I would suggest that your problem is incompetence on the part of Brighton electoral office. Lynn and Richard Prowse, Playa Paraiso

Website appeal for missing walker by Jack Troughton DETECTIVES HUNTING for missing walker Robert Golden who vanished on a Spanish holiday have renewed appeals for help and launched a website to help the search. Police investigating the 58-year-old’s disappearance have taken heart from a series of possible sightings of him – including a report he was spotted on the Costa Blanca. The Sussex Police website has appeals in both English and Spanish and is a fresh attempt to gather information from the public. Robert flew alone to Seville on 5th November last year and the latest reported sighting was on January 28th when a man fitting his description and carrying a backpack was seen in Sabinilla, walking at a pace towards Gibraltar. There was also a sighting of Robert on 11th January when he was seen hitchhiking on the AP7 motorway in the direction of Gibraltar, Nurca and Seville. Two days earlier on 9th January a man living in Vera saw a walker carrying a rucksack walking towards the AP7 to Almeria and the previous month, on 21st December, a couple thought they saw Robert sitting on the ground outside Lidl supermarket in Benissa. Sussex Police’s Detective Chief Inspector Dave Wardley-Wilkins said: “These unconfirmed sightings of Robert are encouraging. If they were in fact Robert then it is obviously good news. SAFE “We want to confirm it is him and that he is safe and well. His family have not heard from him and they would be delighted to hear positive news.” He said the new website was a part of the

police’s efforts to find Robert. “By appealing directly to people in Spain we hope they will come forward with any information about his whereabouts. I would appeal to anyone living or visiting southern Spain who believes they may have seen him to get in touch.” And Robert’s brother Barry added: “I’m really worried. I’m really missing him and want to see him back home. “Robert loves walking and the outdoors. It is worrying that he can be away for this length of time and not use his bank cards. He is a very nice chap and approachable. “If anyone thinks they have seen him could they please talk to him to see if he is okay. He would never be rude. We are worried that he has possibly had a medical episode.” Anyone with information is asked to contact police on 0044 1273 475432 from Spain, quoting 804 of 23/11 or email

Black and white movies return to Novelda

JUAN PEREZ, a former movie projectionist, has altruistically repaired and restored two projectors dating back to 1917 and 1920. His aim is to run the projectors and show nostalgic black and white movies at Novelda’s vintage Maria Guerrero theatre. Perez said: “The last couple of movies to be shown by the 1925 machine date back to 1968 - The Planet of the Apes and 2001 a Space Odyssey!”

12 - 18 APRIL 2013


Hypnosis The next generation! AFTER 25 years as a Hypnotherapist and with more than 55,000 clients from all walks of life the children of some of my clients are now coming to see me! Indeed one of my own children is following in my footsteps as a successful Hypnotherapist on the Costa Blanca. It is rewarding to hear of how these patients’ parents got on with their lives after their hypnotherapy. By Alan Gilchrist: Costs Blanca’s Top Hypnotherapist Recently I saw a young woman with a fear of flying. The flying phobia may have occurred from concerns about the weather; inappropriate behaviour from other passengers; running out of fuel; turbulence; landings; flying over water; claustrophobia; hijackings to name but a few… I have even had people confide their fear that they couldn’t go to the toilet on a plane! People have cancelled their honeymoon plans, refused promotion and turned down opportunities for free holidays or family visits because they would not board an aircraft. Yet air travel has become a necessary part of today’s travel experience - so more and more

people now seek help to overcome their fear of flying. Aviophobia or aerophobia is one of the most common fears, yet according to insurance brokers ‘flying is 25 times safer than driving a car’. With over 100,000 international flights taking off and landing safely each day and a million passengers in the air at any one time people still experience fear. I was featured a few years ago on a BBC show where a businesswoman was so frightened on a plane that she locked herself in the toilet and wouldn’t come out! After the show one of the BBC technicians informed me that he was also petrified of flying and consequently made an appointment: after four sessions of fast track hypnosis he was sorted out.

That programme prompted various TV and radio personalities to avail of my services. Their problems ranged from lack of confidence; smoking; weight control… one person had developed a shaky hand whilst holding a microphone doing interviews! Glancing through an old lifestyle magazine I recently came across an article about a hairdresser called Keith Kane who was nominated for the British Hairdressing Awards 2009-2010. He is pictured standing beside Graham Norton and he was the most nominated hairdresser in the history of the competition - his 14th, and his work can be seen in many publications, e.g. Cosmopolitan, etc. How do I fit into all this? In 1990 Keith consulted me for confidence to compete in the Schwartzkopf World Championships

in Tokyo. I did some sessions with him and he won! (It was featured in one of the Sunday Papers - he came back again for a weight control session!) Alan and his son Jonathan hold their Fast Track Hypnosis sessions in Cabo Roig, Guardarmar, Benidorm and now Fortuna. Alan is also the Creator of the Stop Smoking in Under 30 Minutes Fast Track System, featured and proven on TV. Jonathan also does sessions in Spanish as well as English. For an appointment, brochure or free-ofcharge initial consultation, contact Alan Gilchrist on 659 229 408 or Jonathan on 691 784 954.

12 - 18 APRIL 2013


Spanish Cinema icon Duke of Palma prepares to leave Sara Montiel dies by Keith Nicol AN ICON of Spanish Cinema passed away this week, Sara Montiel, at age 85. The actress was treated Monday morning at her home but passed away resisting attempts to revive her. Montiel was born on March 10, 1928, Sara Montiel rose to fame after starring in ‘The last couplet’. Her husky voice and beauty opened the doors of Hollywood, where he worked with actors like Gary Cooper, Burt Lancaster and Charles Bronson. After limited success in Spain, her career took off in Mexico in the late 1940s which attracted the big Hollywood studio, who although she didn’t speak any English, she started in a number of big movies, one of the most famous playing a supporting role in the legendary 1955 western “Vera Cruz” alongside actors Gary Cooper and Burt Lancaster. Her second U.S. film was the 1956 musical “Serenade,” with

tenor Mario Lanza, Joan Fontaine and Vincent Price as stars and Anthony Mann as director, whom she later married in 1957 but divorced him in 1963. It’s claimed she had tumultuous affairs with author Ernest Hemingway and actor James Dean, news reports, which Montiel never denied! In the mid-1970s, Montiel gave up film work and dedicated herself to live musicals on stage and television. Protagonist in more than fifty films, among which are titles like ‘The last couplet’, ‘The violetera’, ‘Veracruz’ and ‘Yuma’, she recorded numerous albums and Montiel was always in demand for her views and comments on Spanish TV gossip shows. She was well known for her love of smoking large cigars in public, and on TV and was one of the first sexual and artistic icons of Spanish culture in the second half of the twentieth century.

Spain for Qatar

THE DUKE of Palma, Iñaki Urdnagarin, has informed the King that he will accept an invitation from handball coach Valero Rivera to live in Doha, Qatar, where he will assist in the technical training of the Qatari national handball team. The Duke is an Olympic handball player, competing in three Olympic tournaments in 1992, 1996 and 2000. He will be required to return to Spain for prosecution in the Noos corruption case. His wife the Infanta Cristina will remain in Barcelona with her children for the time being.

Annual bird migration study underway in the Isla Grosa by

VOLUNTEERS FROM ANSE are currently taking part in the annual study of bird migration which focuses on the Isla Grosa near to Cabo de Palos. Three researchers have been working on the island since the 26th March, carrying out the annual campaign to capture and ring the small passerine birds which arrive on the island, a task they anticipate will take until mid-May to complete. The captured birds are mostly small migratory birds which travel from their wintering grounds in Africa to breeding grounds in Europe and each one is weighed and registered, then fitted with a small, numbered metal identification ring. The data which emerges from this ringing process does little other than throw up questions, such as just how does a bird which only weighs 10 grams make the journey from Norway to Africa without a Sat-nav. This is the sixth ringing campaign that ANSE has undertaken on the Isla Grossa since 2007, and to date a total of 10,573 birds from 68 species have been ringed and recorded. Over 80% of these tiny little birds weigh less than 20 grams, yet these same little birds tagged off the Murcian coastline have been

recorded again in other destinations as far away as Belgium, Sweden, UK, Norway, Russia, Germany and Scotland. The Isla Grosa is the perfect location for migratory studies being the first land sighted after the numerous birds leaving Af-

rica from the large area along the Algerian and Moroccan coasts cross the sea and stop to rest before continuing their mammoth journeys. It’s also an important site for breeding colonies of seabirds, and has been declared a Zona de Especial Protección para las Aves (ZEPA) (Protected Area for Birds). Results of this study will be included in the “Piccole Isole Project” which incorporates data from islands throughout the Mediterranean.

Article by local news, what’s on and where to go for the Costa Cálida and Murcia Region. Image, archive, supplied by ADAPT

12 - 18 APRIL 2013


Continued from front page THE WHOLE issue has sunk to personal levels, following the declaration made by the regional premier of his assets, in line with a transparency policy being implemented by the PP after the convulsions caused by the Caso Bárcenas scandal and the alleged PP Party B books. ( the books alleging black money payments over a period of 20 years to senior party members) As part of the transparency drive, senior party members have made their assets public, and at the point at which President Valcárcel posted his assets, he only had 122 euros in his bank account, an admission which has evoked derision amongst those looking for a reason to attack the premier on a personal level. The President admitted ruefully last week that he was being called “ a liar” for having declared his bank balance, and has this week spoken out against the “escraches” and the manner in which politicians are being targeted when off duty and in their own homes. In the incident last Saturday protestors acknowledged having stood outside his front door for 20 minutes calling out “ the poor thing hasn´t got any money, “ saying his declaration of goods “had been an insult” although denied having called him a murderer. Many of the banners carried by PAH protestors refer to politicians as murderers, due to the number of suicides which have taken place across Spain directly relating to evictions. The Justice Minister, Alberto Ruiz-Gallardón, described the escraches as being “serious” and questioned, “what use is democracy if a minority can go against the criteria set for the majority?” He insisted that, “the great majority of mortgages are paid without any issues, “ and that, “just a small minority are unable to meet their commitments” and insisted that, “ there are no more evictions now than there were when the PSOE were in power. “ Those participating in the escraches may find themselves facing legal action as all protests must be pre-authorised and arrangements put in place to protect members of the public not participating in the protest, as well as control traffic security etc.

Article: Local news, what’s on and where to go for the Murcia Region


12 - 18 APRIL 2013

Do you need money? Línea Directa is giving away up to 300€ in cash LÍNEA DIRECTA Aseguradora, the insurer of choice for foreign residents in Spain, has offered all its services in both English and German Since 1998, including the purchase of the policy, handling claims, forwarding documents and 24-hour road assistance. Now the company has taken another step in its commitment to its foreign policyholders with a remarkable offer: Línea Directa is giving its customers up to 300€ when they recommend the company’s excellent car and home insurance to their friends and family. HOW DOES IT WORK? It is very easy - for each person purchasing car or home insurance that has been recommended by a Línea Directa customer, the company will give 30€ to the current policyholder and also to the new customer. To qualify for this offer, the new customer must call the company with the name and ID

number (NIE or passport) of the person who recommended Línea Directa and, if the policy is finally signed, both parties will receive the money in 45 days. The offer is limited to a maximum of 10 people per customer, which could result in a profit of up to 300€ - a considerable amount in the current economic crisis. The offer, the only one of its kind in the insurance sector, will be valid until 30th June 2013.

ABOUT LÍNEA DIRECTA ASEGURADORA Línea Directa Asegurador is the fifth largest motor insurer in Spain, and specialises in the sale of direct car, motorbike, company fleet and home insurance. It currently has over two million customers and almost 2,000 employees providing a service to the whole of Spain in Spanish, English and German. .

Call now: 902 123 104.

12 APR - 18 APR 2013


Update on the seminars to be held regarding worldwide asset declaration by

Jennifer Cunningham

TWO WEEKS ago I wrote an article regarding a Worldwide Assets Seminar. I have received a number of emails requesting more information about my statement of the law coming from the EU. MANY HAVE said that no other country has this law. Yes, that may be correct at this moment and normally Spain drags its feet re directives but not this one. For more information please visit With regards to the now two seminars (see further down the page for details) at each venue there will be a Gestor supported by senior staff to supply you with the forms and assist you in completing them. I realise we are approaching the dreaded date of April 30th, but better late than never as the fines are really shocking. Let’s face it Spain is seeking money to support their economy, so you can imagine that non-disclosures will be heavily fined. I agree with everyone else when they state that it is frightening and an intrusion into their lives and privacy. However, it is not just the expat community who is having to make a declaration, but Spanish Nationals as well, and sadly there is no way around it. I mentioned last time that I am now associated with the de Vere Group, the largest independent financial company in the world. I am delighted at long last that I seem to have finally managed to obtain some excellent people and companies to support Ex Pats Services, which will offer a service on the everyday requirements to be able to live legally in Spain along with your financial requirements. It also supports my

Sound Advice programme on Bay Radio on the last Thursday of the month at 1pm. Andy Oliver, who is in overall charge of de Vere Spain together with a member of JP Morgan Asset Management, will help and advise you on which documents are required to present the declaration of your worldwide assets. In addition to the declaration, they will also be discussing how you can protect your investments and maximise the benefits of living abroad, tax benefits and the potential of leaving your pension in total to the beneficiaries of your choice. Things change so rapidly in the financial world that what was beneficial yesterday is not necessarily so today. THE TWO VENUES ARE 18th April - Hotel La Laguna on the Lemon Tree Road, off the CV 895 at 18.30: drinks will be served from 6pm. 25th April - The Parador Hotel, Javea at 11.30am and to be repeated at 6.30pm: Please come 30 minutes early and have a drink with us. My ladies/gents will be on hand to assist you with any insurance matters or just to say hello. We look forward to seeing you. It would be helpful if you could telephone Ayla on 965 326209 or Mandy on 966 461690 or email to to reserve your seat. My main business is Insurance which thanks to

clients who join us and remain with us, is now very strong, and why not? We offer a good service. Liberty and Asssa are both excellent companies where service and quality are important. Liberty is part of one of the largest insurers in the world, therefore very secure. Asssa is offering excellent policies at attractive prices and terms. There are various interesting happenings within my company. Due to unforeseen circumstances I had to close my office in Lanzarote. I am now very happy to say we have reopened a smart little office in Tias which I hope will become a thriving centre, whilst also reaching the other islands as well. The second up and coming possible change is a move of the Los Alcazares office to much larger premises next door to the 525 Hotel: I would be delighted to hear from a local Gestor who would like to rent a desk and along with his/her own business become a part of my expat services for the area. Despite the crisis that we are unfortunately still living through and it seems may continue for years to come, we are flourishing, despite ruthless price cutting where often the lowest price is quoted and then modules added; for example there are a few companies who do not offer breakdown service outside of Spain as a standard, which Liberty Seguros does - I wonder how many people realise that they may not be covered abroad? We may not be the cheapest but we are the best and a thank you to all the clients who support us year in and year out. As many of you have already discovered, the consultants in all my offices are highly trained and professional and will always go that extra mile for you, alongside the Asssa claims and renewals departments.

Jennifer Cunningham Insurances S.L The Costas leading insurance consultant. If you have a question please email her at: Regulated and Authorised by the DGSFP in Spain.


12 - 18 APRIL 2013

Meeting set for second group defects action at Camposol urbanisation SINCE COURT submission of the first Camposol group action concerning structural issues affecting many owners on the large Murcia development (previously covered by ITV’s ‘Homes from Hell’) a second group action is now gathering momentum. The legal and surveying professionals appointed by residents to compile the original action have now confirmed the date for the first meeting for the new action (16th April). They stress that not only are there just a couple of years of Decenal insurance cover remaining on most properties but furthermore it has to be remembered that under Spanish law it is necessary to formerly report the issues within a set period of becoming aware of the defects. In short, the window of opportunity for owners to make a claim (e.g. for repair, rebuild or recompense) is closing fast. Mark Paddon (the Building surveyor appointed for the first action) comments: “On numerous visits to the affected zones of Camposol in recent years I have witnessed a clear process of progressive structural movement affecting many properties. The time will soon come when the owners of these properties will have missed the opportunity to claim for recompense - they will be left with a decaying and dramatically devalued liability.” Under Spanish law it is possible that some owners might even be faced with a demolition bill should a property be-

come unsafe. According to members of the first action group, it is clear that some owners of defective properties that did not enter the first action believe that if it is successful they may be compensated anyway. This simply will not happen as insurers have got little to lose by turning down a claim, then waiting to see if they (or the insured parties) are taken to court. Furthermore, given the scale and complexity of the court case, it is most unlikely that an outcome from the first action will be known within the remaining period available for making further claims. There is evidently a ‘now or never’ decision to be made by those who are affected by progressive structural failure of their properties. In addition to defects affecting some properties, sectors C and D have been detrimentally affected by the closure of the main bridge access (due to structural damage) and some properties have problems with legality and embargoes. Those owners of properties that are structurally defective may, however, finally be able to get some recompense by taking action before guarantees expire. Concerned owners that wish to express their interest in joining the second group action should initially make contact (in confidence) to or call Martin Hayes (Lawyer) on 96 353 0196 and are invited to attend a

There are just a couple of years of Decenal insurance cover remaining

meeting on 16th April at the ‘Namaste’ Indian restaurant on Camposol sector B (2.30pm) at which point the surveyor, legal team and a member of the first group action will be happy to answer questions about the process involved.

Presión art exhibition by Verónica López-Briones The exhibition is in the Casas Consistoriales, next to the town hall in central Mazarrón. Mazarrón is hosting a new art exhibition by young Murcian artist Verónica López-Briones which will be on show in the Casas Consistoriales until

the 4th May. The artist has called the exhibition “Presión” , and explains that “the exhibition comprises paintings using the acrylic medium, which express the problems that we encounter on a daily basis and

the tensins we accumulate through this. “ The exhibition is open from Monday to Saturday between 10am and 2pm and on Thursday and Friday also in the evenings between 5pm and 8pm. On Saturday 27th April

the Casas Consistoriales will be closed.

Article by what’s on local news and community information for the Costa Cálida

12 - 18 APRIL 2013


Treading the boards Free electricity! by Jack Troughton A PIECE of theatre history walks onto a Costa Blanca stage next week when a pair of boots made for late great actor Laurence Olivier takes a starring role in a new production. The distinguished footwear, once worn by Baron Olivier of Brighton, were purchased in a sale of theatre costumes in Stratford and will tread the boards again during Javea Players sold out performances of ‘Bottoms Up!’ The comedy, a spoof of Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night’s Dream, has been devised by director Terry Dean and Denise Sisson – who dresses his productions – fittingly bought the boots in the playwright’s home town. She often goes shopping at Stratford Theatre to buy pieces being sold off by the wardrobe department to add to her treasure trove of costumes and could not resist the elegant boots. PURCHASE It was only later Denise looked inside and saw the name ‘Laurence Olivier’ and realised the significance of her purchase, “It’s a little bit of theatre history,” said Javea Players Chairman Tony Cabban. “From time to time Denise buys stuff at Stratford Theatre when they are selling things off and bought the boots. “Inside was the name ‘Olivier’ and she turned up at rehearsals with them and said ‘by the way, they really are his’.” He added: “I expect there are a lot of things with famous people’s names on because in the professional theatre they get things made especially for the cast – in this case a particular sort of boot. “But it is quite amazing they have turned up here and with such a thrilling provenance.”

One, two, three ...

THE ESPLANADE in Alicante resembled the Tower Ballroom in Blackpool last week when ballroom enthusiasts and their dancing teachers turned out to promote Salsa, Tango and the Angolan Kizomba as well as the Waltz, the Pasa Doblé and other classics. The crowd joined in enthusiastically as tuition in the Quickstep and Rock n Roll was provided throughout the morning. And Spain’s Latin Dance youth champions, Giulio Ferrante and Lidia Martinez, provided a very special routine for the finale.

Solar in Spain invites you to a Solar seminar

THE SOLAR in Spain seminars will cover: New government legislation How to generate you own electricity and use that electricity to lower your electricity bills How to heat your pool with solar energy and start swimming every year from early April until the end of October How to reduce central heating bills by over 50% by changing to wood pellet heating systems ANSWERING ALL YOUR QUESTIONS regarding solar electricity, solar pool heating, solar water heating, solar ventilation systems and wood pellet heating systems AVAILABLE GOVERNMENT GRANTS and how Solar in Spain can help! At 10am coffee will be served - and the seminars are completely free to attend. Friday 12th April - ALBIR - As noted in last week’s RTN, there will be a seminar today, , at the Sun Palace Hotel in Albir from 10am - 12.15pm Friday 19th April - JAVEA -, Inn on the Green Bowling Club in Javea: 10am -12.15pm - Call to book a space on 96 285 4488 INTEREST FREE FINANCE AVAILABLE Solar in Spain has been established for 12 years and has thousands of satisfied customers enjoying the benefits of very low household bills as a result of installing a renewable energy system in their property. We look forward to welcoming you to the seminars. As places are limited we would ask everyone coming along to Javea’s seminar to pre-register by calling 96 285 4488 or by sending an email to

Home & Garden

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Home Garden

12 - 18 APRIL 2013


Brought to you by

It’s growing daily! The Homes, Gardens & Lifestyle Show is back ARE YOU a show exhibitor? Would you like to see your business grow overnight? Well you can - in two locations! GM Events are back - greater and greener than ever before! This year, the Homes Gardens and Lifestyle Show brings you Tommy Walsh from UK TV Ground Force. It’s Two Show Tommy! Following the success of the lovely Charlie Dimmock at the Show in San Miguel last May we now have Tommy in Torremolinos and also Tommy in Torrevieja (well almost…) He will actually be just a few kms away in the beautiful grounds of the La Finca Golf and Spa Hotel in Algorfa. Tommy is currently one of the stars at The Ideal Home Exhibition in London and then in April and May he will be our Star in two major locations in Spain, first in the Costa Del Sol, 17th & 28th April and then Costa Blanca South on 29th & 30th May. Here is an ideal opportunity to promote your business at one or both of these two tremendous shows as we attract thousands of visitors - 5000 plus in fact! Now you can feature your products and services related to homes, gardens and lifestyle joining showcase room settings with fabulous garden stands; wine tastings; tea tastings; food demonstrations; amazing clothes; live artists; an art competition and gallery. Live demonstrations and talks in the presentation area plus more attractions are being added every single day! As well as favourites from last year at the May Show in San Miguel (including the popular art competition, with entries

for all levels from beginners upwards) we also have live painting and art demonstrations from experienced artists, talks from gardening experts as well as Take Tea with Tommy Ascot Style and next week we will be telling you how you can win FREE VIP tickets to meet Tommy and have a glass of Cava with him courtesy of our main sponsor HIFX and GM Events themselves. Gina Marks, show organizer, said: “The whole idea behind these shows is that they are shows rather than exhibitions - yes we will have some lifestyle companies but the emphasis will be on Homes & Gardens and Leisure products and activities.” For more details of the Homes Gardens and Lifestyle Show and a growing list of our exhibitors / promoters take a look at www. Proud sponsor of ‘Tea with Tommy’, Sarah Hawes from Cambridge 800, says we always want to encourage people to eat well and eat healthily - and one cupcake will contain around 225 calories - so a good walk around the Show and you will have burned off all those calories! Don’t delay, book your stand today and be part of the most successful show on the Costas. Visit for more information: to book your stand at either venue email or call 634 399 125. The RTN are proud media partners and will be keeping you up to date as the show grows daily!


12 - 18 APRIL 2013

Royal Decree approves Energy Certification ALL HOMES for sale or rent must obtain a Certificado de Eficiencia Energética (CEE) from 1st June 2013. The new law was enacted last week by Spanish ministers in a Royal Decree on the Certification for Energy in Existing Buildings. In short, the energy efficiency certificate is a document signed by a qualified assessor that contains information about the energy efficiency of a building according to the calculation method defined by the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism. A CEE must be obtained before a property is marketed and the information must be included in all advertising. The certificate must also be produced at the signing of the contract of sale. Rentals, including holiday lets, must make a certificate available to tenants. Agents cannot legally offer properties for rent or sale without a certificate. Those with property in the UK should be familiar with the certificate. The Energy Performance Certificate or EPC, as it is commonly known there, was introduced on 1st August 2007 into England and Wales as part of the Home Information Pack. When the requirement for HIPs was removed in May 2010, the requirement for EPCs continued. “Homes consume 17% of all energy in the country and 38% of Spanish citizens are dissatisfied with the insulation in their homes,” according to the Minister of Development Ana Pastor. A CEE analyses the energy consumption of a home and suggests possible improvements to make the building more energy efficient. The information contained in the certificate is summarised by a colour coded bar chart using a scale ranging from A to G, similar to labels found on white goods. The most energy efficient homes are in band A and the least energy efficient in band G. Those properties in band

A should have the lowest energy bills. The same scale is used to define the impact a home has on the environment. Better-rated homes should have less impact through carbon dioxide (CO²) emissions. Calculated over time, the average property in Spain is expected to be band D or E for both ratings. The CEE is an initiative of the Kyoto Protocol to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, an international treaty that sets binding obligations on industrialised countries to reduce emissions

of greenhouse gases. Within the treaty Spain is committed to reduce CO² emissions by 20% by the end of 2020. According to the latest data published by the United Nations, Spain is number 20 in a list of countries by CO² emissions, producing just over 1% of emissions worldwide. China is number 1 followed by the United States. Next week, we will fully explain the time scale, the consequences of not complying with the new law, plus the process involved in obtaining a CEE. Sparks in Spain @

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12 - 18 APRIL 2013


Building raised beds by

Clodagh & Dick Handscombe

compost/manure available or you are willing to buy in.

WE HAVE recently had several contacts asking how to grow things better; or indeed at all in some cases, with only shallow, poor soil. The answer for all was to construct some raised beds for growing herbs, fruit trees, flowering plants and vegetables. So we thought it worth repeating a column we published last year.

HOW WIDE AND LONG SHOULD THE BED BE? Width of beds: A. A maximum width of 1.5m if the layout of your raised bed/ beds will allow you to work from both sides. B. A maximum width of 70 to 80cm if the raised bed is against a wall or hedge which will only allow it to be worked from one side. If you build raised beds any wider you will need to walk on the soil which will consolidate it and defeat the reason for building the raised beds in the first place.

WHAT IS A RAISED BED? In our popular vegetable growing book ‘Growing Healthy Vegetables in Spain’ we defined a raised bed as an elevated area of deep, rich soil mix, built up within retaining walls to allow it to be worked with less bending...

Length of beds: The length of a raised bed can be anything from one metre to twenty metres or more. However, it may be more practical to design a layout with several shorter beds with the space between wide enough to accommodate a wheelbarrow or wheelchair...

There are four basic types: A four-sided box constructed so that soil can be worked from all sides without walking on it A three-sided box built onto an existing wall A narrow terrace on a sloping site A series of raised beds on a sloping site

WHAT CAN RAISED BEDS BE MADE FROM? The walls could be constructed with railway sleepers, long logs, old doors or panels, dry stone walls, cemented brick or rocks, aggregate blocks or peat blocks. The advantages and disadvantages of each are discussed in Chapter 3.5 of ‘Growing Healthy Vegetables in Spain’. We prefer long lasting cemented stone, rendered block walls or wooden railway sleepers.

Holistic gardeners and authors gardening in Spain for 25 years

HOW DEEP SHOULD THE SOIL BE? A minimum height of 30cm will provide a depth of soil sufficient for the roots of most vegetable plants and many flowering plants and shrubs. A maximum height of 70 to 80cm would allow the bed to be worked without much bending and also from a stool, chair or wheelchair. The most comfortable height will depend on the height of the person or persons who will be working the raised bed. Deep beds can be used for trees and even palms. Any intermediate heights depending on the materials you have available for building the walls and the amount of good soil/

WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS OF RAISED BEDS? The practical benefits are as follows: A.You can use them for a wide range of plantings including: A small vegetable patch A herb collection A small orchard of fruit trees A collection of roses The base for a rockery or water garden Mixed herbaceous and shrub beds Collections of succulents

‘Clodagh and Dick Handscombe’s gardening books make good presents. They can be obtained from high street and internet bookshops including Amazon UK and Spain. Thanks to readers the Kindle E-book Making waterless gardens a practical reality world wide is starting to sell well.’ © Clodagh and Dick Handscombe

B. You do not need to walk on the soil which means that you can use every square centimetre for growing crops. Therefore the soil will not be compacted by your weight. C. They can be filled with a soil/sand/compost/manure mix which is fertile, well-draining, easy to work and unlikely to be compacted by heavy rains followed by hot, baking sun. D. The paths between and around the beds can be clear of weeds and mud. They can either be pointed rock slabs, cm of stone chippings laid over black plastic sheeting or trodden down, deep straw. E. You can use them in a garden which has no topsoil. Even on solid rock or a previously concreted area. F. A drip or porous pipe irrigation system can be easily set up. G. Anything can be grown in soil depths of 40cm or more including potatoes and Jerusalem artichokes. H. Spreading vegetables such as courgettes, cucumbers, trailing tomatoes, capers and nasturtiums can be cascaded down the outside of the walls to reduce the space taken up on the top of the bed. I. It is easy to install tunnel cloches made to fit the beds for winter plant protection and summer shading for leaf crops that can wither in the sun. J. They are easy to extend if you have the space. K.A number of raised beds could be hidden away in various parts of the garden if you do not want a large dedicated area. L.They are particularly user friendly for children, aged and infirm gardeners. The ‘ten tub’ vegetable garden we describe in Chapter 3.9 of ‘Growing Healthy Vegetables in Spain’, which uses large sized builders buckets as mini raised beds has additional advantages for vegetable growers and can also be used to grow a ten tree orchard in a small space. The use of raised beds to grow trees: palms, accommodating rockeries and general flower beds is discussed in Chapter 2.5: Design Manageable Flower Beds in ‘Your Garden in Spain – From Planning to Planting and Maintenance’.


12 - 18 APRIL 2013


Wealth Declarations and Tax: the recent tax amnesty on undeclared assets explained by

Mark Roach

Company Director and Spanish Tax Consultant

THE SPANISH government had high expectations in collecting circa 2,500 million in unpaid taxes through the recent “tax amnesty”. TOWARDS THE end of 2012 only €150 million had been collected with the disclosure of €12,000 million of undeclared income generated from hidden assets which including foreign residents. A key factor for this response was the Law 7/2012 published in October 2012 introducing a new tax declaration to be filed before the end of March each year, starting in 2013. Exceptionally for 2013, the deadline is extended until the end of April. Tax resident individuals and companies are now obliged to file a declaration disclosing the ownership of all nonSpanish assets including foreign bank accounts and real estate amongst others. This annual declaration is for informative purposes and does not involve paying any tax. However, having given the tax office all of this information they may then check that income and wealth has been declared.

Fines for not filing or failing to disclose an asset start at the rate of €10,000, so it is imperative to check if this applies to you! This disclosure is not just for simple ownership of foreign assets but also for persons or companies who are beneficial owners, or have €50,000 or more in foreign assets. This is clearly meant to catch beneficiaries or settlors of trusts and other legal structures. All shareholders of foreign companies must supply certificates of residence showing their tax paying status, if not supplied the company will be charged tax as an offshore company at 3% of the value of its assets, if the owner is offshore then the control will be considered to be in an offshore environment and taxed accordingly. WORST POSSIBLE SCENARIO Should the tax office discover that a Spanish tax

Wincham Consultants Limited, Wincham House, Greenfield Farm Trading Estate, Congleton, Cheshire, CW12 4TR, England. (Wincham Consultants also have offices located on the Costa Blanca and the Costa del Sol) UK Tel: +44 (0)1260 299 700 | Spain Tel: +34 965 830 991 | Email: | Web:

resident owns an undeclared foreign asset it could presume that the whole asset value represents undeclared taxable income. The tax office would regard the asset cost as general income generated in the oldest of tax years (e.g. four years ago). Tax rates vary between 24% and 56% in Spain (15/30% corporation tax), including potential fines of 150% of the unpaid tax, late payment interest plus the fines for failing to disclose, the total payment to the tax office would almost certainly be substantially more than the value of the hidden asset. Please contact Wincham to discuss your Wealth and Tax Declarations, we can submit both the 2012 Wealth Declaration and 2012 Resident Income Tax return for a fixed fee of £250 including VAT per person.



12 - 18 APRIL 2013


Carlos Baos

of White & Baos Abogados

English & Spanish Solicitors

Spanish Consumer Laws and Problems PURCHASE OF second hand or used cars, motorbikes, and vehicles in Spain. The consumers’ rights to recover money for repairs made to vehicles. SOME MONTHS ago we answered a consultation of Mr M. through the RTN. Mr M. bought a car from a local car dealer and after some months the head cylinder and the motor were replaced as they were in a really bad condition. Mr M instructed us to start a legal claim against the car dealer and in the first instance at the Court of Denia, we won. The vendor appealed and finally the Alicante Province Audience (Section 5) on its Court Order number 152 of the 25/03/2013 confirmed fully the first decision and agreed with all our petition, including the need for the car seller to pay all the legal costs and the court process. As said on our first consultation, as per the General Law for Protection of Consumers and Users 1/2007 (LGDCU) (Ley General para la Defensa de los Consumidores y Usuarios y otras leyes complementarias (R.D.L. 1/2007), as the problem took place before the end of a six month period from the delivery of the product, and also within guarantee period agreed by the seller, it should be understood that the problem already existed when the car was delivered, unless the vendor proves that the buyerconsumer caused the problem.

We were able to prove in the court hearing that the problem, the car’s overheating, was due to the bad condition of the motor. Crucial to this case was the declaration of the authorised Toyota mechanic confirming the origin of the problems. However, we were close to losing the case due to a mistake made by our client in an email sent, where he made a mistake regarding the date of when the problems with the car started. For that reason, we remind readers that when they have a possible legal problem, they should never send anything in writing by email, fax, or letter until you first check it with a lawyer. Finally, and also in connection with the Spanish Consumers Laws and Problems, I am happy to inform that last week, I was interviewed in “ la teua veu” (your voice) a Radio Pego program. It was a focus on Spanish Consumer Rights, and mainly Bank Abuses, like: preference shares, Floor Mortgage Rates Clauses, Breach of the obligation to grant Bank Guarantees when buying off plan (Law 57/1968), etc. We would like to thank the response of the audience and we hope that the interview was of help to the listeners. The information provided in this article is not intended to be legal advice, but merely conveys general information related to legal issues.

Poverty fund proposed by the PSOE THE PSOE general secretary, Alfredo Pérez Rubalcaba, during a presentation on ‘Overcoming Poverty’ held at the Socialists’ HQ in Madrid, has proposed that the government set up a ‘poverty fund’ with an initial deposit of €1,000 million to provide relief to the needy and also provide 30,000 jobs. Its priority, he said, would be children, the elderly and families. He indicated that €400 million should be allocated directly to autonomous communities, €400 million to social services for food distribution and to provide support for schools and the remaining €200 million to NGOs. The PSOE’s document ‘Commitment Against Poverty’ claims that in modern Spain more than 20% of the population is poverty stricken with two million children at risk and overwhelmed NGOs serving more than five million people due to the PP government’s cuts. Rubalcaba added: “Budgetary constraints cannot be an obstacle when the right of millions to make a decent living is at stake.”

Carlos Baos (Lawyer) © White & Baos Abogados 2012 - All rights reserved. C/Diana 19, 2º-D, 03700 Dénia (located 1 minute away from the La Via underground car park). Tel: 966 426 185. Send your questions to or This article is available in English and Spanish at The information provided in this article is not intended to be legal advice, but merely conveys general information related to legal issues. Visit our blog at and Facebook (White-Baos-Abogados-Solicitors)

As a company we have over 25 years of experience in the Financial Services Industry and have been doing pension transfers since inception in April 2006. We are now in a position to offer Expats and UK residents our services due to a new product launch. We understand that times are tough in the UK and overseas, and that people need cash NOW to sort out their personal lives. We are told every time we speak to clients “I would rather have my money now rather than wait until I retire” we completely sympathize and understand your feelings. We now have several options to help our clients release money NOW from the pension fund. It is a very simple process and takes only a short time to release your cash. No matter how small or large your pension fund is even the smallest amount of money now could help in these difficult times.

To find out if you qualify to release money now call 951 206 138 or email or visit and complete the free assessment form.


12 - 18 APRIL 2013


Keep your documents in order


Suzanne O’Connell Customer Care at Ábaco

PEOPLE WANT to be sure they can buy property safely. Most people now take a meticulous approach to purchase they’ve heard too many stories not to. But what about selling? ONCE YOU’VE found you’re buyer and have agreed your price you might think the main job’s over. It’s not. Now it is just as important that you find a good solicitor and keep that cava on ice for just a little longer. To begin with, do you know where all your documents are? It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the sales process involves you searching through your piles of files to find: • Purchase Title Deed • Local Rates and Council Tax receipts • Latest water, electricity and gas bills • Receipt for the payment of the Community Fees • NIE number • Certificate of habitation • Installation certificates for electricity, water and gas • Income tax declarations from the previous year • Certificate from your bank showing your full name and account number If this list makes your heart flutter and your mouth go dry, don’t panic. A good solicitor will help you locate

or replace anything that’s missing. However, the more you can supply yourself, the swifter the process will be – a very important factor when you are lucky enough to have found your buyer. PROVING YOU’RE DEBT-FREE Some of these documents are needed to demonstrate that your property does not have debts held against it. Any unpaid bills that might have remained hidden until now will suddenly come to the surface and will need to be settled prior to the sales transaction being complete. PROVING YOU’RE A FISCAL RESIDENT This is one time when residents realise that making an annual tax declaration has its uses. If you are a resident and wish to avoid the Tax Authority retaining 3% you will need to demonstrate that you are a fiscal resident in Spain. Without this proof you might still find yourself three per cent poorer when the money for the sale comes through. SEVEN STEPS TO SELLING Sounds a little more complicated than you’d thought?

We’ve simplified it with our seven steps to buying and selling a property in Spain: 1. Ensure documentation is in place 2. Draw up the private contract 3. Search for any debts held against the property including contacting the bank to cancel any remaining mortgages 4. Sign the contract 5. Organise the signing at the notary and methods of payment 6. Sign the deed 7. Manage the tax payments associated with the sale Although the purchaser’s solicitor will take the lead, it is important that the seller’s solicitor keeps an eye on the process and the interests of the vendor in view. This is particularly important during the final stage of signing in the notary’s office. However, to make sure you get off to a good start with your sale, blow the dust off your lever arch file, flick through your plastic wallets and hope that the bin wasn’t your filing cabinet when you first bought your home.

Ábaco provide fiscal representation to non-resident and resident Spanish property owners. You can contact us for free advice and information by calling our helpline 96 670 3748 or visiting our website

George Harry WALKER -

Notice is hereby given pursuant to S.27 of the Trustee Act 1925 that any person having a claim against or an interest in the Estate of the late George Harry WALKER of 31 Palmeras, Pueblo Montecala, Cumbre, del Sol, 03726 Benitachell, Alicante, Spain who died on 16th August 2012 in Alicante, Spain is hereby required to send particulars in writing of his or her claim or interest to the undermentioned Solicitors acting for the administrator, on or before 30th June 2013 after which date the Estate will be distributed having regard only to valid claims and interests of which Notice has been given in accordance with the foregoing. FAO Marc White, Marc White & Co Solicitors and Notary Public, 157 Redland Road, Redland, Bristol BS6 6YE. 0044 117 946 7709 Ref: WAL001-1


12 - 18 APRIL 2013


Melting the pension ice by

Keith Littlewood International Financial Adviser

THERE ARE some big names out there that have issues towards solvency of their pension scheme: BT, BP/Exxon Mobil, British Airways, UNIQ, Sodexo…the list could go on. BBC NEWS reported: ‘The collective deficit of the UK’s 6,316 schemes rose to £237bn at the end of March, from £201bn a month earlier. The latest data shows that 5,080 schemes were in deficit at the end of March and 1,236 schemes were in surplus’. Most of the above schemes have not been available to new starters for a long time as analysts and auditors were well aware that these types of schemes were not sustainable. Many Expats have pensions in the UK that they believe are frozen – cannot be accessed until age 60 or 65. Large institutions have ex-employees (deferred members) struggling to make ends meet when in essence they may have access to a large pot of money, which if transferred out of the country can now quite legitimately be accessed

from age 50. Lots of these big companies are reluctant to let money seep out of their pension funds and some in fact are in danger of becoming insolvent, which may impact on an ex-employees’ pensions when they retire. As long as a pension is transferred to a Qualifying Recognised overseas Pension Scheme (QROPS) quite often a larger lump sum can be obtained and more tax efficient pension income from a much earlier age than if left with an ex employer. If an ex-employee is not yet 50 then they can take the control away from the ex-employer and have control themselves. You can even consolidate lots of pensions from previous employers into one QROPS. The key thing is to make sure a QROPs provider has the HMRC stamp of approval. If you are worried about your pension

There are some big names out there that have issues towards solvency of their pension scheme

from a previous employment it is quite simple to get an independent report followed by advice on the options available to you.

If you need advice or if have any questions regarding the above you can contact me on 657 684 094 or email

The above information was correct at the time of preparation and does not constitute investment advice and you should seek advice from a professional adviser before embarking on any financial planning activity. Blacktower Financial Management Ltd is licenced by the UK by the Financial Services Authority and is registered with both the DGS and CNMV. Blacktower Financial Management (Int) Ltd is licenced in Gibraltar by the Financial Services Commission (FSC) Licence No: 00805B and registered with the DGS in Spain.

money matters


12 - 18 APRIL 2013

The RTN Money Matters page has been created to help you our readers by giving you as much information about current financial matters and products as possible. If you would like us to cover any specific topics or products please email Also if you have any questions that you would like answered by our panel of experts, email them to

UK unveils exchange of information agreement with France, Germany, Italy and Spain

Regional Manager of Blacktower Costa Blanca

Asset Declaration requirements in Spain and had decided to ignore it, now is the time to start to panic, because you WILL be found out if you fail to declare. The UK Government announced on Wednesday that it is to develop and pilot a new ‘multilateral tax information exchange agreement’ with four of its largest EU fellow members. In a statement, HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) noted that the new agreement between the UK, France, Germany, Italy and Spain would “…help catch and deter tax evaders as well as providing a template for wider multilateral automatic tax information exchange.” The terms of the new agreement have been set out in a joint letter that was issued today to the European Commission, the HMRC statement went on. It added: “This will help ensure that international tax evasion is tackled in a way that minimises costs for both businesses and governments.”

In November 2012, Spain announced its New Asset Declaration requirement for all residents of Spain by which they had to declare all their overseas assets over 50,000€. The main comment I get from people is how will the Spanish authorities find out what I have in the UK, and vice versa - how will the UK authorities know what I have in Spain - well the above is your answer. In France last year they unveiled a similar scheme which contained measures that oblige trusts and their trustees to report on the trust’s French assets, their French beneficiaries, and/or French settlers. At the beginning of 2013, the Isle of Man, Guernsey and Jersey also agreed to report information on accounts held with them to the HMRC UK. There is a proposed new rule planned to come into force at the end of 2013 for all the UK overseas territories to report accounts to the HMRC. Treasury minister David Gauke said the new agreement was “an important further step in the fight against tax evasion, and represents the next stage

“ is the time to start to

panic, because you WILL be found out if you fail to declare.

in promoting a new standard in the automatic exchange of tax information.” In its statement announcing the new agreement, HMRC noted that Prime Minister David Cameron had indicated his intention of using the UK’s presidency of the G8 to “explore options for greater levels of tax information exchange, particularly on a multilateral basis.” For this reason, “the Government therefore sees this agreement as an important early step in a much wider move towards a new international standard in the automatic exchange of tax information, providing a step change in the ability of tax administrations to clamp down on tax evasion,” HMRC said. If you feel you would like help in taking take control of your financial future you can contact me on 658 892 330 or

by IF YOU have heard about the New

Christina Brady

email or to arrange for a free confidential financial consultation to make sure YOUR money is in the right place and tax efficient. The above information was correct at the time of preparation and does not constitute investment advice and you should seek advice from a professional adviser before embarking on any financial planning activity. Blacktower Financial Management Ltd is licenced by the UK by the Financial Services Authority and is registered with both the DGS and CNMV. Blacktower Financial Management (Int) Ltd is licenced in Gibraltar by the Financial Services Commission (FSC) Licence No: 00805B and registered with the DGS in Spain.


12 - 18 APRIL 2013

Invest in your health! CURRENTLY, MANY European citizens are experiencing changes that are being brought in as a result of the crisis in Spain.

Seminars to more fully inform British Expats in the correct use of the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) are currently being held throughout our region. The card gives the holder access to necessary care during a temporary stay in Spain. The cards can only be used within the Spanish state system – not Private Healthcare facilities. Those entitled to use this card could be Holidaymakers from the UK having a second home in Spain or UK Students on study courses in Spain, or UK workers on a work transfer to Spain, for example. The EHIC is not the correct vehicle for obtaining routine medical assistance for those persons who may consider they ‘temporarily’ live in Spain yet reside here for the main part or even all of the year. These persons should be registered to access state healthcare in an entirely different way to ensure they are fully protected. Where you apply for your registration documents depends on which country is ultimately responsible for your healthcare: either the UK via the reciprocal agreement with Spain (early retirees for the first 2.5 years after leaving the UK; Pensioners and those on UK state benefits) or the Spanish INSS office (those employed or previously employed and having paid contributions in Spain; those with Residency certificates issued prior to 24th April 2012.) Naturally, there will be some persons who will discover that they have no automatic entitlement to healthcare provision from either Spain or the UK, simply because for many years they have paid no contributions in either country, risking a large personal bill for treatments should they become ill or require hospitalisation in Spain. In such circumstances it would be wise to invest in a Private Healthcare policy. Even some Private Health Insurance companies have

become victims of the crisis and have been bought out by other companies. Their insured clients must then adjust to seeing new doctors, because the doctor that they previously used no longer works with the new company. ASSSA offers an easy transfer, to include very special conditions. For example, we eliminate any of the usual waiting periods on commencement amongst others - a particularly favorable option. Are you in such a situation? Would you consider private health insurance with ASSSA to enable you to visit English speaking specialists and doctors of your choice in Spain? You may already be privately insured but dissatisfied due to premium increases, new GPs who are unknown to you, no contact person who speaks your language and no customer service office in your area… EXPERIENCE, EXPERTISE & CUSTOMER SERVICE Experienced, friendly and multilingual staff will fully inform you without obligation about ASSSA insurances and various services. The philosophy is transparency: all of your questions are answered openly and honestly. Many customers come to us on the recommendation from clients who appreciate our knowledgeable, caring customer service. With ASSSA, you have a contact person in your area who speaks your language; helps you if you have any questions and is always available with help and advice. OUR DOCTORS AND CLINICS ASSSA offers its clients the most comprehensive Medical Directory with the best private clinics, general - and specialist physicians. You will also find many English speaking doctors in the ASSSA medical directory. QUALITY INSURANCE ASSSA offers flexible health insurance levels depending on the medical requirements and financial expectations of its customers – from the supplementary

Katrin Sasse

insurance (from 44.25€ per month) up to a more fully comprehensive insurance (from 85€ per month). In addition, the following offers are valid to 30/06/2013: 10%-12% discount on the entire contract lifetime period; 50% discount for insured children up to the age of 16; convenient monthly payments without any extra charge. For dental insurance policies, a 20% discount is available (starting at 68€ per year). And very important: No premium increase due to age. INSURE YOUR HEALTH! Visit us and without obligation we will calculate your premium in the course of a personal consultation. Opening hours: Monday to Friday: 9.30am – 1.30pm, with later appointments or home visits by arrangement. ASSSA - your private health insurer in Spain:

CUSTOMER SERVICE OFFICES La Zenia/Orihuela Costa Tel: 96 676 1794 Katrin Sasse & Teresa Howard

Ciudad Quesada Tel. 96 572 5421 Ilka Thiede

Altea Tel. 96 688 2680 Magdalena Koczon

Moraira Tel. 96 574 4033 Kate Taylor

Denia Tel. 96 578 6969 Anja Neubauer

Vera Tel. 95 039 2487 Louise Zarb

Mazarrón Tel: 96 815 3396 Diane Nolan


Teresa Howard

Ilka Thiede

Magdalena Koczon

Kate Taylor

Anja Neubauer

Louise Zarb

Diane Nolan

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Finding a dream home is easy with San Miguel Estates

STILL SEARCHING for your dream home? Look no further. San Miguel Estates (SME) is guaranteed to pair you up with your perfect property, taking you from an initial discussion to determine your requirements, tastes and budget, through the whole buying procedure.

SAN MIGUEL Estates specialises in quality, prestigious apartments, fincas, villas and townhouses stretching along the Costa Blanca, coast and inland. And you can expect a truly personalised experience that makes SME so different from other real estate companies. The entire process is managed from searching for the right property to arranging mortgages; NIE numbers; conveyance; and also providing local knowledge for schools, hospitals, doctors, golf courses, restaurants and local beaches. Owner Eddie Hill is an expert on advising property owners the appropriate price ranges. As a semi-professional photographer with numerous photographs published in the media, he takes stunning shots that really support the sale. In the last few weeks there has been a sudden and encouraging upturn with demand for properties at a high. So if you are looking to sell your property or feel you are not getting the best advice, contact SME now - you won’t be disappointed. Properties are promoted by SME on Kyero.

com, and through RTN media to generate maximum enquiries. We are currently looking for properties in the rental market in all areas, having many years of experience in matching an extensive client base to the right property. Whether you are looking to buy, sell or rent, SME is a prestigious one-stop real estate agent that takes care of all your needs with a personalised service that is hard to beat. For a look at some of the properties on offer visit: call on 663 593 871 or email

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12 - 18 april 2013

Milton Express Services: the perfect solution MILTON EXPRESS receives enquires every week from potential clients interested to learn more about Sporting Arbitrage and Winning Express. Current clients already benefit from an arbitrage trading facility, regularly providing 2.75% monthly returns.

Milton Express actually market a sports advisory service that pays significantly higher returns – but with a degree of volatility. Members will not only benefit from the services themselves, Winning Express offers a home-based business opportunity with the potential to earn generous commissions by promoting the services to others. This week, some FAQ’s will help with your queries: Q: WHAT IS THE MINIMUM AMOUNT A MEMBER CAN INVEST IN WINNING EXPRESS? Simple answer: NIL. The mission statement makes clear that the purpose of Winning Express is to provide its members with tax free returns, along with an earnings opportunity, and a sense of enjoyment in simply belonging to a club that’s dedicated to our mutual success. Q: SO SOMEONE CAN JOIN WINNING EXPRESS AND SIMPLY SELL THE SERVICES TO OTHERS? Exactly right. It is a business opportunity, pure and simple. Q: AND HOW MUCH DOES IT COST TO JOIN? For the full services the cost will be £325 per quarter, but there is an initial trial period that costs just £99 Q: SO, DO THEY HAVE A RESTRICTED SERVICE INITIALLY? No, quite the reverse – they receive the FULL services immediately PLUS the ability to earn introductory commissions straightaway. Q: AND WHAT ARE THE FULL SERVICES? A combination of features including access to the arbitrage facility, sports betting advices and various competitions and prize draws. Q: WHAT IS THE EARNING POTENTIAL? It’s genuinely unlimited. We pay out up to 75% of membership fees back in introductory commissions in a structure that runs eight levels deep. Sponsoring three people covers your initial outlay. And if that process continues through eight levels then a six figure residual income is achieved.

Q: HOW DO MEMBERS RECEIVE THEIR COMMISSIONS? Through their own Winning Express website and they can draw their income weekly.

Q: WHY DO YOU STATE RETURNS ARE TAX FREE? All profits are derived either from Betting Exchanges or bookmakers and Betting Tax was abolished at the turn of the millennium. Commissions are of course another matter, and should be regarded as earnings. Q: THE ARBITRAGE FACILITY – HOW DOES THAT WORK? Arbitrage has been around for thousands of years; traditionally the preserve of banks, financial institutions and the very wealthy. It’s the purchase/sale of a commodity with a built in profit. Our traders engage in backing horses or football teams at a higher price than they can lay. If we bet at a higher price than we lay, then although we may not necessarily win we cannot possibly lose. Q: YOU QUOTE A RETURN OF 2.75% MONTHLY – IS THAT GUARANTEED? No. The estimated return is geared to the amount of completed, positive trades in any one month. We concentrate on the first three horses in each market – if one of those three win the race then it’s a positive trade, should another horse win then we have a neutral trade. Q: SOME PEOPLE MAY SAY THE RETURN SOUNDS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE? Of course: people are conditioned in that manner. The fact, however, is that the advent of the Betting Exchanges (Betfair predominantly) in 2001 heralded an unprecedented opportunity for traders to engage in arbitrage activity via the biggest industry on the internet. Skilled, experienced traders make markedly higher returns than the figure we quote – however, they not only have access to significant funds, they also invest in extremely sophisticated state-of-the-art software. Crucially too, they spend many hours each day glued to computer screens. Q: DO YOU FORSEE THE 2.75% ALWAYS BEING AVAILABLE? We have to be realistic. This is first and foremost a business opportunity, and we are providing people with a genuine opportunity to build a huge residual income through building

a team. As the network expands, then capacity will eventually become an issue – we have already indicated to members that there is likely to be a reduction in rates in the Autumn. BUT, the arbitrage facility will always offer members returns way above what’s available in the high street.

Q: AND WHAT ABOUT THE SPORTS ADVICES? Over a protracted period, we would expect this facility to outperform the arbitrage although we do stress its volatility. If someone is requiring a monthly income then arbitrage would be the better option whereas for capital growth we’d recommend the sports advices. Q: YOUR ADVERTS AND YOUR WEBSITE REFER TO A ‘MANAGED SERVICE’ – WHAT IS MEANT BY THAT? When we advise involvement in a football fixture or suchlike we quote the best prices available and name the firms that are offering them. For those members who for whatever reason cannot find the time to enact the transaction themselves, we offer the managed service. In other words we place the bet on their behalf and we retain 10% of profits as an administration charge. Q: And can ‘managed’ service clients access the progress of their activity? Yes, 24/7 via their own username and password. Our results are updated daily. Again, it’s not a facility we actively promote – it’s something we introduced for those who otherwise would in all probability miss out For further information on our services and how to join Winning Express contact the Milton Express Office, La Zenia on 96 599 4815. Or call into our offices located on 1st floor, Edif. 2 Centro Zenia, Avda. De Villamartin s/n Urb. La Zenia, Orihuela Costa. Find us off the N332 at La Zenia roundabout, above Alejandros Restaurant. Presentations can be arranged in our La Zenia Office, your own home or a venue to suit. You can also register your interest via our website All administration duties for Milton Express are carried out by Admin Solutions (UK) Ltd;Velocity House, Tenter Street, Sheffield S14DE Tel: 0114 213 3539. Visit the website for full terms and conditions along with details of all our services and promotions.


St. George to slay the dragon on Playa Flamenca

Last years parade

By Keith Nicol

AFTER THE success of last year’s event, St. George’s Day will again be celebrated on the Orihuela Costa. The event is being organised as a charity event for the Fundación Arcos del Castillo (Elche Children´s Care Home) and the Royal British Legion in Playa Flamenca (Orihuela Costa). The days, as all good former Girl Guides and Boy Scouts will no doubt remember is Tuesday, 23 April 2013. The St. George’s Day Festival will take place in Playa Flamenca, Orihuela Costa. The event starts at 12-noon with a street parade, led by Torrevieja Pipes and Drums, which will start from the parking area of the Mercadona supermarket at Playa Flamenca and will march down to the beach. There, the festival will take place with live music from local artists, a raffle, and fun for the whole family.


12 - 18 APRIL 2013

Life events

High note for finale

By Jack Troughton THREE HIGHLY talented classical musicians of Trio Alba arrive on the Costa Blanca to make their Spanish debut and underline a reputation as one of the most promising acts on the international scene. Their concerts on Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st of April at Calpe’s Casa Shandor are a scoop for promoters Ilusion-Arte and make an impressive end to a third season – bringing quality music to a loyal audience. And the two candlelight concerts provide an opportunity to hear Trio Alba before a high profile tour of large concert halls in Madrid, Valencia, Bilbao and Barcelona. Trio Alba was founded in 2008 by German violinist Livia Sellin, Austrian-Italian cellist Philipp Comploi and Chinese pianist Chengcheng Zhao. The three met at the Music University of Graz, where they studied with renowned Trio Parnassus – visitors to Calpe in 2011. The classical trio last year performed in Beijing and Shanghai and has since appeared at festivals and chamber music events across the globe, winning a recording contract with MDG and releasing their first recording featuring pieces by Mendelssohn. Both concerts at Casa Shandor, Calle Mayor 25, in Calpe Old Town begin at 8pm. Tickets are 9€ for Ilusion-Arte members and 14€ for non-members. They can be reserved by calling Inge on 656 714 787 or Josefina on 687 536 761, or by email to On both evenings tickets will be available from 7.30pm. Trio Alba will perform music by Joseph Haydn, Edouard Lalo, and Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy. The musicians also have a website

Solidarity Art Exhibition in San Miguel

By Keith Nicol AFECANCER IS a relatively new charity based in Torrevieja, but who provide vital support for cancer suffers and their families, throughout the Vega Baja. This weekend, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, there is a painting exhibition taking place in the Cuevas de la Marina, Calle Gongora No. 9, in San Miguel, as a fundraising event for the charity. The Solidarity Art Exhibition that will open in San Miguel de Salinas, on Friday 12th April at 5.30pm. The show will feature some high quality works in oils and watercolors by artists such as Solano, Girona, White, and Buitrago Bisier Puche. There will also have a “mini-market” of thrift and some curiosities. For more information please check their website at

Art at the Virgen del Carmen

By Keith Nicol ON WEDNESDAY, a new art show went on display inside the exhibition centre of Torrevieja’s Virgen del Carmen Cultural Centre. This is an exhibition of student’s work from the Bachelor of Arts program in IES Mediterranean, Aguas Neuvas. The exhibition will remain open until April 26. Torrevieja’s Councillor for Culture, Luis Maria Pizana said that the Mediterranean IES No. 4 is the only Institute in Torrevieja that has Arts Program, which in turn is becoming a point of reference in the field of artistic disciplines for the southern Alicante province. The centre has a large faculty, workshops and resources for teaching that give access to countless college and professional programs that are increasingly in demanded by the labour market. This small sample of the work of 40 students, is just a little testimony of local talent, effort and creativity of young people who have attended classes and workshops, embodied in the works that are on display.

12 - 18 APRIL 2013

Life people


Swinging for Help Mar Menor By Keith Nicol IF YOU love the sound of a big band, then head on down to Hotel Spa Costa Narejos, Los Alcazares, on Thursday, 18 April for the first date for this season, of Big Band Dance Nights’ with Swingtet -Plus Big Band. They play from 9.00 to 11.30 pm and it’s an opportunity to hear the best of Big Band music and Swing, Latin and more played live by this group of very experienced musicians cumulating in an evening of top-class live entertainment not to be missed. On this occasion their featured vocalist will be Patti Ross, who many may remember from the Andy Ross Orchestra and BBC’s ‘Come Dancing’. All of these events support the local Charity HELP Murcia Mar Menor and the Hotel Management also give their support with some of the prizes for the Raffle winners. Gil Monks brought together this group of professional musicians, to form his 10 piece band with a very big ‘Big Band Sound’ nearly 8 years ago. The original group of musicians was Gil Monks, saxophones, clarinets and flute, Keith Monk keyboard and vocals, Brian Shotton, bass, Arthur Buck on drums. All have years of professional experience with most of the well-known star singers, Big name Bands and groups, both from the UK and

The first of Big Band Dance Nights

America. Four Tops, Three Degrees, The Drifters, Jack Jones, Matt Monroe, Johnny Mathis to name but a few of the vocalists and groups and also as support for big bands such as Eric Delaney, Buddy Rich, Woody Herman and Maynard Ferguson - so many names - They, and the present members of the ‘Big Band’ could all probably write a book about their experiences on the subject and there are a lot of experiences to be told from this group of musicians, most of whom have know each other or worked with each other for many years in the UK, cruise ships

and other parts of the world - at one time or another. Admission is by ticket only through advance sales of only 7.50€ at Hotel Spa Costa Narejos Reception, Tel: 968 583 980, at Bar La Zona or Shape & Tone, in Los Alcazares There will be a very limited number of tickets available on the door which opens at 8.30pm. There are also 6 further dates booked throughout this year - for details Tel: 868 182 486. There will be a Raffle on the night with proceeds all going for HELP Murcia Mar Menor.

Club 25 Serena raise 1,000€ for PCN By Keith Nicol LOCAL CHARITIES are all being effected by the financial crisis so it came as a wonderful surprise when Paul Cunningham Nurses were invited to meet with members from Club 25 Serena Gold who presented them 1000.28€ form their last year of fundraising activities. The money was raised by a penalty charge from members who lost balls in the water hazards at holes 5 and 6 and Paul Cunningham Nurses benefited this year as the Captain’s nominated charity. Those in the photo presenting the cheque are Captain Allan Ross with PCN nurse Val Roland along with, from left to right: Kevin Hughes, Alex Newstead, Tim Newstead, Tom Crowhurst, Doreen Crowhurst, Albert Thrupp, Alan Roggess, John Owen, Judith Owen, May Ross, Martin Okely, Ian Robertson, Nole Foster, Micheal Gibb, Caroline Foster, Linda Smith, Peter Ferries, Ray Millgate, Alan Perry, Barry Gibb, George Rowlands.


12 - 18 APRIL 2013

Life tech Internet Explorer blocked DEAR AUNTY: Suddenly when I open up my Dell Inspiron 6400 computer it says ‘Internet Explorer blocked this website from displaying content with security certificate errors’. To continue opening up I have to press ‘show content’. I have never had this problem in the past and have found that some websites I can’t open at all, e.g. gmail for a friend… Can you think of any way to solve this problem? Many thanks, Sue Aunty says: The most common fault that causes this error message is that the date and time are not correct on the PC. This can be caused by the PC’s internal battery being low on power, and so the PC cannot store the correct date and time. So when you start the PC, the date and time are set to the system default. So if your PC has set the date and time to its default - like 01/01/2002 - and it tries to open a webpage with the date of 14/03/2013, then internet browsers will show warnings, as it will not be able to comprehend why you want to use webpages with dates 10 years into the future, and thus thinks you are trying to go to a site that may be ‘unsecure’. However, a few people who say their date and time are correct have used the following to overcome the problem: In IE, click ‘Tools’, ‘Tracking Protection’, then ‘Your Personalized List’, then ‘Enable’. The first time you visit a site a pop up, it appeared, but after clicking on ‘Show Content’, on subsequent visits it did not appear. Response: Thanks for your help. All now okay!

with Aunty Virus


Old Toshiba DEAR AUNTY, I have a seven-year-old Toshiba Equium laptop which keeps shutting down. It does not drop power - it just clicks off then boots up again. It does run a bit warm but not enough for the heat cut out to shut the power off: any ideas? Antonio.

Aunty says: This is a common problem with Toshiba laptops, with many people reporting that they shut down after a few minutes. A common issue with laptop shutting down is overheating and it is shutting down to ‘protect’ itself. Check the vents on the back of the unit: are they clean and clear of dirt/dust/debris? - blow the debris out using a can of compressed air. Perhaps getting a ‘chiller mat’ / laptop cooling stand would help? If the laptop does not shut down when running in Safe Mode, this shut down will be more to do with an operating system fault… Aunty: Thanks for your answer re Delta search - I have at last got rid of Funmoods from my home page. Hoorah! Alan Aunty says: Happy I could help

Temporarily disable MS Security HELLO AUNTY: How do I temporarily disable MS Security Essentials and Malwarebytes,in order to update Adobe Flash Player? Barrie Aunty says: You should not have to disable MSE or Malwarebytes to update

Flash Player. If you already have Flash player installed, then it should automatically update itself, or at least notify you, when an update is available. If not, then you can update manually via flashplayer/downloads.html

Cursor freeze

DEAR AUNTY, My cursor freezes from time to time. Is there any other way of ‘un-freezing’ it without having to switch my laptop off, and re-open it? Or should I perform some other task in order to prevent it? I use Windows XP. Aunty says: A freezing PC can be down to any number of problems: a Windows file problem; a device ‘driver’ issue - make sure all your hardware devices have the latest drivers installed; software crashing - if the crash happens when you do certain things, then at least you may be able to identify what software is crashing the PC; hardware failure (hard drive or memory problems).

Gadget Inspector Investigates:

SanDisk 32GB Cruzer Fit USB Flash Drive THIS WEEK the Inspector takes a look at the SanDisk 32GB Cruzer Fit USB Flash Drive. A USB Flash what? For those of you who don’t know what this means it’s a small, portable device that plugs into a computer’s USB port and allows you to transfer files onto it and then take them with you wherever you go, to access or copy them onto another computer with a USB drive. This is handy for work if you don’t want to carry your laptop around with you, or want to take music, movies or pictures to a friend’s house. Flash drives are also very

useful for keeping backup copies of important files in case your computer has a drive failure. It wasn’t so long ago that the 32GB of storage this drive packs was as much

as you got in a full blown laptop or PC. Just to put this into context 32GB equates to 8 HD movies, around 10,000 music files or 32,000 pictures (depending on resolution). That´s pretty impressive in a device that measures only 2.3cm x 1.5cm x 0.75cm, so it´ll fit easily in the smallest pocket or compartment – but also this means it´ll be able to fit USB drives where other larger drives won’t go such as the back of TVs. Its tiny dimensions are also ideally suited to plugging into a car’s audio system – you won’t be knocking this easily and breaking any expensive connectors! The Sandisk Cruzer Fit is a USB 2 compliant device which means it can transfer data at a faster rate when fitted to a compatible USB 2 device. It will work with the newer USB 3 devices but at a slower rate than USB 3 can handle. An added bonus is the SanDisk Secure Access Software to protect your private files. This creates a 128-bit AES encryption password protected folder on your flash drive where these important backups/files can be stored. This feature is compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Mac OS X v10.5+ - although you will need to install separate software on your Mac. The Inspectors Verdict: The tiny size, large capacity and low cost make the SanDisk 32GB Cruzer Fit USB Flash Drive a very flexible portable device that fulfils a large number of uses. So what are you waiting for – get flashing! Please note the following is for information and is not intended as an advertisement - visit sandisk/ to purchase the SanDisk 32GB Cruzer Fit USB Flash Drive for 27€. Price quoted includes free delivery to Spain and is subject to availability (Euro cost subject to exchange rate at time of purchase).

12 - 18 APRIL 2013


Recipes by Ingredients This is a new innovative recipe app that is a must have for any cook. As one of the first recipe mobile apps that allow you to search by multiple ingredients, with allergies, calories, serving, cook time and much for for free. It has a cloud cookbook feature so you can add your own recipes, save recipes, and have them all backed up to the cloud so you can access them anytime, anywhere. There are over 175,000 recipes to pick from, even ones that can be made gluten or allergy free! You literally get to pick the specific ingredients you want, input the allergies you have and choose quick options for Category, Servings, or Calories or go for a certain meal with the meal type. This app will even let you sort by quickest, 20 minutes or less. Free to download on Google Play on all Android devices.


12 - 18 APRIL 2013

Life Showbiz Goss ED should head Too much mouth for Geneva on The Voice by

Peter Taylor

Writer and Broadcaster

JESSIE J IS a young lady who proved a couple of years ago that she could both write and hold a tune pretty well when her song ‘Price Tag’ went to No 1 in nineteen different countries, and this almighty leap from nowhere to everywhere could well be the backdrop to today’s story. Jesse has since grabbed the headlines on many levels with her attitude of speaking her mind and openly sharing her love interest in other females - being the stuff our loveable gutter press delight in scooping up by the shedload. Becoming a judge on ‘The Voice’ surprised many with such a promising career up ahead, and if we are to run with what Ally Ross, a TV critic for The Sun said about her last week, our Jesse could well need to sit down and have a serious re-think. I suggest you now put on some protective clothing, as this next bit is pretty high octane stuff. “Charmless, rude and unpleasant” are three of the words The Sun critic said about Jesse, adding with venom, “Her malign presence on the judging panel kills the mood of the show.” Told you it was high octane stuff didn’t I … now in full flow, The Sun reporter went for the kill when he said “Jessie J mistakes being charmless, rude, egotistical and unpleasant for being real.” Headline-making is a journalist’s job as we all know, but it’s the level of this one that I feel Jesse needs to be concerned about, ‘cos I don’t know about you, but if somebody said something this strong about my work I would want to sit down and take a long hard look in the mirror.

Step aside Lloyd Webber!

WHEN GARY Barlow was just eighteen, his credentials as a singer and songwriter were well established within the business, but it was only when Take That were formed that we found out about him. Gary went on to write most of the songs for the band and has now carved himself a mega

niche in the world of showbiz. I have brought Gary here today having read that he is planning to write a stage musical in collaboration with Elliot Kennedy, a guy who has written hits for S Club 7 and the Spice Girls. Online paper Metro stated last week: ‘Gary’s the happiest he’s ever been in

his career right now and he loves being given the freedom to write music and take on different projects, and he’s really pleased that the musical has come to light and has loads of ideas to make it a West End hit.’ Gary Barlow is a very rare talent, and with the word that the emergence of Take That is to be the basis to the storyline, I fancy we are all in for a real treat.

THIS NEXT story features not one but three pop stars and is quite a tale of love lost and won and friendships that get seriously strained at the leash. The first two of our main players are Harry Styles and Taylor Swift, a couple who have been giving us yawns aplenty over their … ´It’s on! … It’s off crapolla…. I now bring in pop star number three in the shape of Ed Sherrin, a young man who is currently touring with Taylor and is a close friend of both Harry and the young American girl. The couple say they are now back together again but they are still arguing over the way they broke up and poor old stuck-inthe-middle Ed was quoted in last week’s US Weekly as saying: “I feel like I’m Switzerland!” Harry boy has been putting it about like a rabid dog since the band took off, and Taylor ain’t no nun neither - and an untimely article in OK! Magazine hasn’t helped very much. “Taylor has a real crush on Ed,” the headline read, “She adores him … She’s been texting and calling him a lot and is very excited about spending lots of time with him.” This friendshipthreatening quote has been furiously denied with Ed Sherrin saying, “Yes I was in her hotel room, and yes till the early hours of the morning, but we were just passing the guitar to each other and singing songs,” and you know what? I believe him … best thing to do Ed is book a flight to Switzerland mate.

Life TV

12 - 18 APRIL 2013


12th April - 18th April

FRIDAY 12th April BBC1







07:00 Breakfast 10:15 Heir Hunters 11:00 Homes Under the Hammer 12:00 You’ve Been Scammed 12:30 Real Rescues 13:15 Bargain Hunt 14:00 BBC News 14:45 Doctors 15:15 Escape to the Country 16:00 Perfection 16:45 Chefs: Put Your Menu Where Your Mouth Is 17:30 Antiques Road Trip 18:15 Pointless 19:00 BBC News 20:00 The One Show 20:30 A Question of Sport 21:00 EastEnders 21:30 MasterChef 22:00 Have I Got News for You 22:30 Not Going Out 23:00 BBC News 23:35 Graham Norton Show 24:25 The Matt Lucas Awards 24:55 Paycheck

07:00 Homes Under the Hammer 07:55 Formula One 09:35 The A to Z of TV Gardening 10:00 Holiday Hit Squad 11:00 Question Time 12:00 BBC News 12:30 Coast 12:55 Formula One 14:35 Formula One 16:15 Mastermind 16:45 Britain’s First Photo Album 17:15 The Life of Mammals 18:15 Flog It! 19:00 Eggheads 19:30 Golf: The Masters 20:30 Hairy Bikers’ Best of British 21:30 Gardeners’ World 22:00 Isaac Newton: The Last Magician 23:00 QI 23:30 Newsnight 24:00 Weather 24:05 Later with Jools Holland

07:00 Daybreak 09:30 Lorraine 10:25 Jeremy Kyle Show 11:30 This Morning 13:30 Loose Women 14:30 ITV News 15:00 Cook Me the Money! 16:00 Dickinson’s Real Deal 16:59 ITV Central Weather 17:00 Ade in Britain 18:00 The Chase 19:00 ITV News 20:00 Emmerdale 20:30 Coronation Street 21:00 The Martin Lewis Money Show 21:30 Coronation Street 22:00 The Security Men 23:00 ITV News 23:35 The Majestic

07:00 The Treacle People 07:10 The Hoobs 08:05 According to Jim 08:30 Everybody Loves Raymond 08:55 Everybody Loves Raymond 09:25 Frasier 11:00 The Big Bang Theory 11:30 The Big Bang Theory 12:00 Undercover Boss USA 13:00 Channel 4 News 13:05 Jamie’s 15 Minute Meals 13:35 What’s Cooking? 14:45 SuperScrimpers’ Challenge 15:45 Countdown 16:30 The Common Denominator 17:00 Deal or No Deal 18:00 Five Minutes to a Fortune 19:00 The Simpsons 19:30 Hollyoaks 20:00 Channel 4 News 20:30 Unreported World 20:55 21:00 Come Dine with Me 22:00 8 Out of 10 Cats 23:00 Alan Carr: Chatty Man 24:05 Rude Tube

07:00 Childrens TV 09:00 Fifi and the Flowertots 09:15 Peppa Pig 09:25 Peppa Pig 09:35 Roary the Racing Car 09:45 Bananas in Pyjamas 10:00 Tickety Toc 10:15 The Wright Stuff 12:10 Trisha 13:00 Looney Tunes 13:05 5 News 13:15 Classic Car Rescue 14:15 Home and Away 14:45 Neighbours 15:15 CSI: NY 16:15 Recipe for Murder 18:00 5 News 18:30 Neighbours 19:00 Home and Away 19:30 5 News 20:00 Rolf’s Animal Clinic 21:00 Ice Road Truckers 22:00 The Mentalist 23:00 CSI 24:55 Inside Hollywood

07:00 Emmerdale 07:55 The Planet’s Funniest Animals 08:25 The Jeremy Kyle Show USA 09:10 You’ve Been Framed! 09:40 Judge Judy 10:10 Judge Judy 10:35 The Only Way Is Essex 11:05 The Only Way Is Essex 11:35 The Real Housewives of Atlanta 12:35 Millionaire Matchmaker 13:30 Emmerdale 14:30 Judge Judy 15:00 The Jeremy Kyle Show 16:05 The Jeremy Kyle Show 17:10 The Real Housewives of Atlanta 18:05 Millionaire Matchmaker 19:00 The Jeremy Kyle Show 20:00 You’ve Been Framed! 20:30 You’ve Been Framed! 21:00 You’ve Been Framed! Funniest 100 22:00 The Bourne Supremacy 24:10 The Interpreter

07:00 Switched 07:20 90210 08:05 Ugly Betty 08:50 One Tree Hill 09:40 Scrubs 10:10 Rules of Engagement 10:40 Charmed 11:35 90210 12:30 Ugly Betty 13:30 Hollyoaks 14:00 How I Met Your Mother 14:30 How I Met Your Mother 15:00 Scrubs 15:30 Scrubs 16:00 Charmed 17:00 Rules of Engagement 17:30 Rules of Engagement 18:00 How I Met Your Mother 19:00 The Big Bang Theory 19:30 The Big Bang Theory 20:00 Hollyoaks 20:30 How I Met Your Mother 21:00 The Big Bang Theory 21:30 Youngers 22:00 Trading Places 24:20 Body Shocking Show 24:55 The Big Bang Theory

Price excludes IVA

SATURDAY 13th April BBC1

07:00 Formula One 09:30 Breakfast 11:00 Saturday Kitchen Live 12:30 Nigel Slater’s Simple Cooking 13:00 BBC News 13:15 Football Focus 14:00 Formula One 15:15 Golf: The Masters 16:30 Final Score 18:15 Wallace & Gromit: A Matter of Loaf and Death 18:45 BBC News 19:00 Doctor Who 19:45 The Voice UK 21:20 The National Lottery: Who Dares Wins 22:10 Casualty 23:00 BBC News 23:20 Match of the Day 24:35 Football League Show


07:00 This Is BBC Two 08:05 The First of the Few 10:00 Gardeners’ World 10:30 The Beechgrove Garden 11:00 A History of Britain by Simon Schama 12:00 Climbing Great Buildings 12:30 Map Man 13:00 Indian Food Made Easy 13:30 The Sky at Night 13:50 Coast 14:00 University Challenge 14:30 Just a Minute 15:00 I Know Where I’m Going! 16:30 Flog It! 17:30 The Great British Sewing Bee 18:30 The Story of Are You Being Served? 19:30 Are You Being Served? 20:00 Dad’s Army 20:30 Golf: The Masters

SUNDAY 14th April BBC1

07:00 Breakfast 08:00 Formula One 11:15 The Big Questions 12:15 Sunday Politics 13:35 Points of View 13:50 Britain’s Maharajah 14:20 Bargain Hunt 15:20 Formula One 17:20 Escape to the Country 18:20 Songs of Praise 19:05 Deadly 60 on a Mission 19:35 BBC News 20:00 Countryfile 21:00 Antiques Roadshow 22:00 The Village 23:00 BBC News 23:25 Match of the Day 2 24:25 Late Kick Off 24:55 New Jack City


07:00 The Story of GI Joe 08:40 Match of the Day 10:00 The Andrew Marr Show 11:00 Saturday Kitchen Best Bites 12:30 Paul Hollywood’s Bread 13:00 EastEnders 14:50 Coast 15:00 Great British Food Revival 15:30 The Great Rift: Africa’s Wild Heart 16:30 Secrets of Our Living Planet 17:30 Coast 18:30 Driven: The Fastest Woman in the World 19:30 Golf: The Masters

ITV1 07:00 Jungle Junction 07:25 The Hive 07:45 Dino Dan 08:05 Canimals 08:25 Bookaboo 08:35 Kick Buttowski 09:05 Ultimate Spider-Man 09:25 Almost Naked Animals 09:55 Figaro Pho 10:00 Jessie 10:25 ITV News 10:30 Jeremy Kyle Show USA 11:25 My Tasty Travels with Lynda Bellingham 12:25 Dinner Date 13:25 ITV News 13:30 Columbo: Identity Crisis 15:30 The Chase 16:30 Midsomer Murders 18:30 ITV News 19:00 You’ve Been Framed! 20:00 Britain’s Got Talent 21:35 The Cube

ITV1 07:00 Jungle Junction 07:25 The Hive 07:45 Dino Dan 08:05 Canimals 08:20 Bookaboo 08:30 Teenage Ninja Turtles 09:00 Kick Buttowski 09:25 Almost Naked Animals 09:55 Figaro Pho 10:00 Aquabats Super Show 10:25 ITV News 10:30 Jeremy Kyle Show USA 11:25 Dickinson’s Real Deal 12:25 ITV News 12:30 Dinner Date 13:30 You’ve Been Framed! 14:00 Britain’s Got Talent 15:35 Food Glorious Food 16:30 Live FA Cup Football 19:15 ITV News 19:45 Catchphrase 20:30 Off Their Rockers 21:00 Endeavour 23:00 Perspectives 24:00 ITV News 24:15 Football Highlights

CHANNEL 4 07:00 The Treacle People 07:10 The Hoobs 07:35 The Hoobs 08:00 Volkswagen Racing Cup 08:30 The Grid 08:55 The Morning Line 09:55 Everybody Loves Raymond 10:30 Everybody Loves Raymond 10:55 Frasier 11:25 Frasier 11:55 The Big Bang Theory 12:25 The Big Bang Theory 12:50 The Simpsons 13:25 The Secret Millionaire 14:30 Channel 4 Racing 17:05 Come Dine with Me 19:05 Channel 4 News 19:30 Sarah Beeny’s Selling Houses 20:30 Grand Designs 21:30 Walking Through History 22:30 Get Him to the Greek 24:35 Derren Brown Investigates: The Man Who Contacts the Dead

CHANNEL 5 07:00 Childrens TV 10:00 Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom 10:15 Toby’s Travelling Circus 10:25 Roary the Racing Car 10:40 Jelly Jamm 11:00 The Mr Men Show 11:15 Power Rangers 11:50 Batman: The Brave and the Bold 12:15 Monkey Life 12:45 Rolf’s Animal Clinic 13:45 Emergency Bikers 14:45 Robson’s Extreme Fishing Challenge 15:45 Police Academy 4: Citizens on Patrol 17:25 Rocky III 19:20 The Magnificent Seven Ride! 21:05 5 News Weekend 21:10 NCIS 23:10 Law & Order

ITV2 07:00 All Star Family Fortunes 07:35 Coronation Street 10:05 Emmerdale 13:10 Babe 15:00 Animal Practice 15:30 Animal Practice 16:00 Animal Practice 16:30 You’ve Been Framed! 17:00 You’ve Been Framed! 17:30 You’ve Been Framed! 18:00 You’ve Been Framed! 18:30 You’ve Been Framed! 19:00 ET the Extra-Terrestrial 21:35 Britain’s Got More Talent 22:35 You’ve Been Framed! 23:35 Celebrity Juice 24:20 Plebs 24:50 Britain’s Got Talent


07:00 Heartland 07:45 Greek 08:40 Gok’s Clothes Roadshow 09:45 Make It or Break It 10:45 Ugly Betty 11:40 Scrubs 12:10 Scrubs 12:40 Scrubs 13:10 Glee 14:10 Charmed 15:10 Made in Chelsea 16:10 Rules of Engagement 16:35 Rules of Engagement 18:30 The Mindy Project 19:00 The Big Bang Theory 19:30 The Big Bang Theory 20:00 Youngers 20:30 How I Met Your Mother 21:00 How I Met Your Mother 21:30 2 Broke Girls 22:00 Black Knight 23:55 The Big Bang Theory 24:25 The Big Bang Theory 24:55 The Cleveland Show





07:05 River Cottage Bites 07:10 The Treacle People 07:20 The Hoobs 07:45 The Hoobs 08:10 Will & Grace 08:35 Everybody Loves Raymond 09:00 Everybody Loves Raymond 09:30 Frasier 10:00 Frasier 10:30 Sunday Brunch 13:05 The Big Bang Theory 13:35 The Big Bang Theory 14:05 The Simpsons 14:40 The Addams Family 16:40 Deal or No Deal 17:40 Channel 4 News 18:10 Diary of a Wimpy Kid 20:00 Five Minutes to a Fortune 21:00 The Secret Millions 22:00 My Big Fat Gypsy Fortune 23:00 Juno 24:50 Cocktail

07:00 Childrens TV 09:25 Angelina Ballerina 09:40 Milkshake! Show Songs 09:45 Rupert Bear 10:00 Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom 10:15 Toby’s Travelling Circus 10:25 Roary the Racing Car 10:40 Jelly Jamm 10:55 The Mr Men Show 11:10 Power Rangers 11:45 Batman: The Brave and the Bold 12:15 Disney Shorts: How to Play Football 12:20 Monkey Life 12:50 Cowboy Builders 13:50 Practical Magic 15:55 The Secret Garden 18:00 Stepmom 20:15 5 News Weekend 20:20 Big Daddy 22:00 Once Upon a Time 23:00 Person of Interest 24:00 Ultraviolet

07:00 The Hot Desk 07:10 Emmerdale 09:55 Coronation Street 12:25 Curly Sue 14:25 ET the Extra-Terrestrial 16:40 Britain’s Got Talent 18:15 Britain’s Got More Talent 19:15 Kangaroo Jack 21:00 You’ve Been Framed! Family Special 22:00 The Shawshank Redemption 24:50 Celebrity Juice

07:00 Gok’s Clothes Roadshow 07:50 Make It or Break It 08:40 Ugly Betty 09:40 Scrubs 10:05 Scrubs 10:35 Hollyoaks 13:05 Youngers 13:35 Made in Chelsea 14:40 Glee 15:40 Charmed 16:35 How I Met Your Mother 17:00 How I Met Your Mother 17:30 Revenge 18:30 New Girl 19:00 The Big Bang Theory 19:30 The Big Bang Theory 20:00 The Big Bang Theory 20:30 The Mindy Project 21:00 Big Momma’s House 2 23:00 Rude Tube 24:00 The Body Shocking Show 24:30 2 Broke Girls


12 - 18 APRIL 2013

Life TV

12th April - 18th Apri

MONDAY 15th April BBC1





07:00 Breakfast 10:15 Heir Hunters 11:00 Homes Under the Hammer 12:00 Don’t Get Done, Get Dom 12:45 Crime Scene Rescue 13:15 Bargain Hunt 14:00 BBC News 14:45 Doctors 15:15 Escape to the Country 16:00 Perfection 16:45 Chefs: Put Your Menu Where Your Mouth Is 17:30 Antiques Road Trip 18:15 Pointless 19:00 BBC News 19:55 Party Election Broadcast 20:00 The One Show 20:30 Bang Goes the Theory 21:00 EastEnders 21:30 Panorama 22:00 The Prisoners 23:00 BBC News 23:35 Have I Got a Bit More News for You 24:20 The Graham Norton Show

07:10 Homes Under the Hammer 08:10 Real Rescues 08:55 You’ve Been Scammed 09:25 Heir Hunters 10:10 Great British Menu 10:40 Countryfile 11:35 Click 12:00 BBC News 13:00 Daily Politics 14:00 Coast 14:10 Animal Park 14:40 Mastermind 15:40 Great British Bake Off 16:40 Britain’s First Photo Album 17:10 The Life of Mammals 18:10 Flog It! 18:55 Party Election Broadcast 19:00 Eggheads 19:30 Helicopter Heroes Down Under 20:00 Hairy Bikers’ Best of British 21:00 University Challenge 21:30 Paul Hollywood’s Bread 22:00 Fit to Rule: How Royal Illness Changed History 23:00 Never Mind the Buzzcocks 23:30 Newsnight 24:20 Toughest Place to Be

07:00 Daybreak 09:30 Lorraine 10:25 The Jeremy Kyle Show 11:30 This Morning 13:30 Loose Women 14:30 ITV News 15:00 Rory Bremner’s Great British Views 16:00 Dickinson’s Real Deal 16:59 ITV Central Weather 17:00 Tipping Point 18:00 The Chase 19:00 ITV News Central 19:25 Party Election Broadcast 19:30 ITV News 20:00 Emmerdale 20:30 Coronation Street 21:00 James Nesbitt’s Ireland 21:30 Coronation Street 22:00 Broadchurch 23:00 ITV News 23:35 The Unforgettable 24:35 Monk

07:05 River Cottage Bites 07:10 The Hoobs 07:35 The Hoobs 08:05 According to Jim 08:30 Everybody Loves Raymond 09:25 Frasier 11:00 Undercover Boss USA 12:00 Location, Location, Location 13:00 Channel 4 News 13:05 Come Dine with Me 13:35 What’s Cooking? 14:45 SuperScrimpers’ Challenge 15:45 Countdown 16:30 Common Denominator 17:00 Deal or No Deal 18:00 Five Minutes to a Fortune 19:00 The Simpsons 19:30 Hollyoaks 20:00 Channel 4 News 20:55 21:00 SuperScrimpers 22:00 The Hoarder Next Door 23:00 Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares USA 24:05 Random Acts 24:10 Alan Carr: Chatty Man

07:00 Childrens TV 09:00 Fifi and the Flowertots 09:10 Peppa Pig 09:30 Bert and Ernie 09:35 Roary the Racing Car 09:45 Bananas in Pyjamas 10:00 Tickety Toc 10:15 The Wright Stuff 12:10 Trisha 13:00 Looney Tunes 13:05 5 News 13:15 Classic Car Rescue 14:15 Home and Away 14:45 Neighbours 15:15 NCIS 16:15 Nora Roberts’ Northern Lights 18:00 5 News 18:30 Neighbours 19:00 Home and Away 19:30 5 News 20:00 Trauma Doctors 21:00 Nature Shock 22:00 Robson’s Extreme Fishing Challenge 23:00 Battle Scarred 24:00 Outlaw

07:00 Emmerdale 07:25 Coronation Street 07:55 Coronation Street 08:25 The Jeremy Kyle Show 09:10 You’ve Been Framed! 09:40 Judge Judy 10:10 Judge Judy 10:35 The Only Way Is Essex 11:35 The Real Housewives of Atlanta 12:35 Millionaire Matchmaker 13:30 Emmerdale 14:00 Coronation Street 14:30 Coronation Street 15:00 The Jeremy Kyle Show 17:10 The Real Housewives of Atlanta 18:05 Millionaire Matchmaker 19:00 The Jeremy Kyle Show 20:00 You’ve Been Framed! 20:25 Britain’s Got Talent 22:00 Best of You’ve Been Framed! 23:00 Plebs 23:30 The Bourne Supremacy






07:00 Daybreak 09:30 Lorraine 10:25 The Jeremy Kyle Show 11:30 This Morning 13:30 Loose Women 14:30 ITV News 15:00 Rory Bremner’s Great British Views 16:00 Dickinson’s Real Deal 16:59 ITV Central Weather 17:00 Tipping Point 18:00 The Chase 19:00 ITV News 19:25 Party Election Broadcast 19:30 ITV News 20:00 Emmerdale 20:30 Tonight 21:00 Midsomer Murders 23:00 ITV News 23:35 Royal Paintbox 24:35 In Plain Sight

07:05 Kirstie’s Handmade Treasures 07:10 The Hoobs 08:05 According to Jim 08:30 Everybody Loves Raymond 09:25 Frasier 11:00 Undercover Boss USA 12:00 Location, Location, Location 13:00 Channel 4 News 13:05 Come Dine with Me 13:35 What’s Cooking? 14:45 SuperScrimpers’ Challenge 15:45 Countdown 16:30 Common Denominator 17:00 Deal or No Deal 18:00 Five Minutes to a Fortune 19:00 The Simpsons 19:30 Hollyoaks 20:00 Channel 4 News 20:55 21:00 Bedtime Live 22:00 Secrets of the Shoplifters 23:00 Shameless 24:05 Random Acts 24:10 8 Out of 10 Cats

07:00 Childrens TV 09:00 Fifi and the Flowertots 09:10 Peppa Pig 09:30 Bert and Ernie 09:35 Roary the Racing Car 09:45 Bananas in Pyjamas 10:00 Tickety Toc 10:15 The Wright Stuff 12:10 Trisha 13:00 Looney Tunes 13:05 5 News 13:15 Classic Car Rescue 14:15 Home and Away 14:45 Neighbours 15:15 NCIS 16:15 Audrey’s Rain 18:00 5 News 18:30 Neighbours 19:00 Home and Away 19:30 5 News 20:00 Cowboy Builders 21:00 Big Body Squad 22:00 CSI 23:00 Neighbours 24:00 Dallas

07:00 Emmerdale 07:25 Coronation Street 07:55 Coronation Street 08:25 The Jeremy Kyle Show 09:10 You’ve Been Framed! 09:40 Judge Judy 10:35 The Only Way Is Essex 11:35 The Real Housewives of Atlanta 12:35 Millionaire Matchmaker 13:30 Emmerdale 14:00 Coronation Street 14:30 Coronation Street 15:00 The Jeremy Kyle Show 17:10 The Real Housewives of Atlanta 18:05 Millionaire Matchmaker 19:00 The Jeremy Kyle Show 20:00 You’ve Been Framed! 20:30 You’ve Been Framed! 21:00 Peter Andre: My Life 22:00 The Vampire Diaries 23:00 666 Park Avenue 24:00 Celebrity Juice 24:45 Plebs

07:00 Switched 07:20 90210 08:05 Ugly Betty 08:50 One Tree Hill 09:50 Scrubs 10:15 Rules of Engagement 10:45 Charmed 11:40 90210 12:35 Ugly Betty 13:30 Hollyoaks 14:00 How I Met Your Mother 15:00 Scrubs 15:35 Scrubs 16:00 Charmed 17:00 Rules of Engagement 18:00 How I Met Your Mother 19:00 The Big Bang Theory 20:00 Hollyoaks 20:30 How I Met Your Mother 21:30 The Big Bang Theory 22:00 New Girl 22:30 The Mindy Project 23:00 The Cleveland Show 23:30 The Inbetweeners 24:05 Rude Tube

TUESDAY 16th April


07:00 Breakfast 10:15 Heir Hunters 11:00 Homes Under the Hammer 12:00 Don’t Get Done, Get Dom 12:45 Crime Scene Rescue 13:15 Bargain Hunt 14:00 BBC News 14:45 Doctors 15:15 Escape to the Country 16:00 Perfection 16:45 Chefs: Put Your Menu Where Your Mouth Is 17:30 Antiques Road Trip 18:15 Pointless 19:00 BBC News 19:55 Party Election Broadcast 20:00 The One Show 20:30 EastEnders 21:00 Holby City 22:00 The Syndicate 23:00 BBC News 23:35 The Matt Lucas Awards 24:05 Cuckoo 24:35 Like Minds


07:05 Homes Under the Hammer 08:05 Don’t Get Done, Get Dom 08:50 Crime Scene Rescue 09:20 Heir Hunters 10:05 Great British Menu 10:35 Deadly 60 on a Mission 11:05 British Railway Journeys 11:35 HARDtalk 12:00 BBC News 13:00 Daily Politics 14:00 Super League Show 14:45 Mastermind 15:15 Coast 15:40 Great British Bake Off 16:40 Britain’s First Photo Album 17:10 The Life of Mammals 18:10 Flog It! 18:55 Party Election Broadcast 19:00 Eggheads 19:30 Helicopter Heroes Down Under 20:00 Hairy Bikers’ Best of British 21:00 British Sewing Bee 22:00 Keeping Britain Alive: The NHS in a Day 23:00 Later Live 23:30 Newsnight 24:20 Horizon

WEDNESDAY 17th April



07:00 Switched 07:20 90210 08:05 Ugly Betty 08:50 One Tree Hill 09:40 Scrubs 10:10 Rules of Engagement 10:40 Charmed 11:35 90210 12:30 Ugly Betty 13:30 Hollyoaks 14:00 How I Met Your Mother 14:30 How I Met Your Mother 15:00 Scrubs 15:30 Scrubs 16:00 Charmed 17:00 Rules of Engagement 17:25 Rules of Engagement 18:00 How I Met Your Mother 19:00 The Big Bang Theory 20:00 Hollyoaks 20:30 How I Met Your Mother 21:00 New Girl 21:30 The Mindy Project 22:00 Revenge 23:00 Made in Chelsea 24:00 The Inbetweeners 24:35 The Big Bang Theory








07:00 Breakfast 10:15 Heir Hunters 11:00 Homes Under the Hammer 12:00 Don’t Get Done, Get Dom 12:45 Crime Scene Rescue 13:15 Bargain Hunt 14:00 BBC News 14:45 Doctors 15:15 Escape to the Country 16:00 Perfection 16:45 Chefs: Put Your Menu Where Your Mouth Is 17:30 Antiques Road Trip 18:15 Pointless 19:00 BBC News 19:55 Party Election Broadcast 20:00 The One Show 21:00 MasterChef 22:00 New Tricks 23:00 BBC News 23:35 A Question of Sport 24:05 Bend It like Beckham

07:00 Homes Under the Hammer 08:00 Don’t Get Done, Get Dom 08:45 Crime Scene Rescue 09:15 Heir Hunters 10:00 Great British Menu 10:30 Deadly 60 on a Mission 11:00 British Railway Journeys 11:30 See Hear 12:00 BBC News 12:30 Daily Politics 14:00 Coast 14:10 Animal Park 14:40 Mastermind 15:10 Great British Bake Off 16:10 The Life of Mammals 18:10 Flog It! 18:55 Party Election Broadcast 19:00 Eggheads 19:30 Helicopter Heroes 20:00 Hairy Bikers’ Best of British 21:00 Coast 22:00 Israel: Facing the Future 23:00 James May’s Things You Need to Know 23:30 Newsnight 24:20 Keeping Britain Alive

07:00 Daybreak 09:30 Lorraine 10:25 The Jeremy Kyle Show 11:30 This Morning 13:30 Loose Women 14:30 ITV News 15:00 Rory Bremner’s Great British Views 16:00 Dickinson’s Real Deal 16:59 ITV Central Weather 17:00 Tipping Point 18:00 The Chase 19:00 ITV News 19:25 Party Election Broadcast 19:30 ITV News 20:00 Emmerdale 20:30 Coronation Street 21:00 Food Glorious Food 22:00 Scott & Bailey 23:00 ITV News 23:35 Sports Life Stories 24:35 The Dales

07:10 The Hoobs 08:05 According to Jim 08:30 Everybody Loves Raymond 09:25 Frasier 11:00 Undercover Boss USA 12:00 Location, Location, Location 13:00 Channel 4 News 13:05 Come Dine with Me 13:35 What’s Cooking? 14:45 SuperScrimpers’ Challenge 15:45 Countdown 16:30 Common Denominator 17:00 Deal or No Deal 18:00 Five Minutes to a Fortune 19:00 The Simpsons 19:30 Hollyoaks 20:00 Channel 4 News 20:55 21:00 Phil Spencer 22:00 24 Hours in A&E 23:00 Syria: Across the Lines - Channel 4 Dispatches 24:00 Random Acts 24:05 16 Kids and Counting

07:00 Childrens TV 09:10 Peppa Pig 09:30 Bert and Ernie 09:35 Roary the Racing Car 09:45 Bananas in Pyjamas 10:00 Tickety Toc 10:15 The Wright Stuff 12:10 Trisha 13:00 Looney Tunes 13:05 5 News 13:15 Classic Car Rescue 14:15 Home and Away 14:45 Neighbours 15:15 NCIS 16:15 Disney Shorts: Beach Picnic 16:20 Jane Doe: The Harder they Fall 18:00 5 News 18:30 Neighbours 19:00 Home and Away 19:30 5 News 20:00 Robson’s Extreme Fishing Challenge 21:00 Rolf’s Animal Clinic 22:00 NCIS 23:00 Law & Order 23:55 CSI 24:55 Poker

07:00 Emmerdale 07:25 Britain’s Got More Talent 08:25 The Jeremy Kyle Show 09:10 You’ve Been Framed! 09:40 Judge Judy 10:10 Judge Judy 10:35 The Only Way Is Essex 11:35 The Real Housewives of Atlanta 12:35 Millionaire Matchmaker 13:30 Emmerdale 14:00 Britain’s Got More Talent 15:00 The Jeremy Kyle Show 16:05 The Jeremy Kyle Show 17:10 The Real Housewives of Atlanta 18:05 Millionaire Matchmaker 19:00 The Jeremy Kyle Show 20:00 You’ve Been Framed! 20:30 You’ve Been Framed! 21:00 Totally Bonkers Guinness World Records 21:30 Totally Bonkers Guinness World Records 22:00 Benidorm 23:00 Wanted

07:00 Switched 07:20 90210 08:05 Ugly Betty 08:50 One Tree Hill 09:50 Scrubs 10:15 Rules of Engagement 10:45 Charmed 11:40 90210 12:35 Ugly Betty 13:30 Hollyoaks 14:00 How I Met Your Mother 14:35 How I Met Your Mother 15:00 Scrubs 15:35 Scrubs 16:00 Charmed 17:00 Rules of Engagement 17:30 Rules of Engagement 18:00 How I Met Your Mother 19:00 The Big Bang Theory 19:30 The Big Bang Theory 20:00 Hollyoaks 20:30 Youngers 21:00 Bride Wars 22:50 Rude Tube 23:55 Made in Chelsea

12 - 18 APRIL 2013


THURSDAY 18th April BBC1






07:00 Breakfast 10:15 Heir Hunters 11:00 Homes Under the Hammer 12:00 Don’t Get Done, Get Dom 12:45 Crime Scene Rescue 13:15 Bargain Hunt 14:00 BBC News 14:45 Doctors 15:15 Escape to the Country 16:00 Perfection 16:45 Chefs: Put Your Menu Where Your Mouth Is 17:30 Antiques Road Trip 18:15 Pointless 19:00 BBC News 19:55 Party Election Broadcast 20:00 The One Show 20:30 EastEnders 21:00 MasterChef 22:00 Maureen Lipman: If Memory Serves Me Right 23:00 BBC News 23:35 Question Time 24:35 This Week

07:05 Homes Under the Hammer 08:05 Don’t Get Done, Get Dom 08:50 Crime Scene Rescue 09:20 The A to Z of TV Gardening 10:05 Great British Menu 11:05 British Railway Journeys 11:35 HARDtalk 12:00 BBC News 13:00 Daily Politics 14:00 Coast 14:10 Animal Park 14:40 Mastermind 15:10 Great British Bake Off 16:10 The Life of Mammals 18:10 Flog It! 18:55 Party Election Broadcast 19:00 Eggheads 19:30 Helicopter Heroes 20:00 Hairy Bikers’ Best of British 21:00 James May’s Man Lab 22:00 Could We Survive a Mega-Tsunami? 23:00 How TV Ruined Your Life 23:30 Newsnight 24:20 Fit to Rule

07:00 Daybreak 09:30 Lorraine 10:25 The Jeremy Kyle Show 11:30 This Morning 13:30 Loose Women 14:30 ITV News 15:00 Rory Bremner’s Great British Views 16:00 Dickinson’s Real Deal 16:59 ITV Central Weather 17:00 Tipping Point 18:00 The Chase 19:00 ITV News 19:25 Party Election Broadcast 19:30 ITV News 20:00 Emmerdale 21:00 The British Animal Honours 2013 23:00 ITV News 23:35 The Jonathan Ross Show 24:40 The Lobby

07:00 Kirstie’s Handmade Treasures 07:10 The Hoobs 08:05 According to Jim 08:30 Everybody Loves Raymond 09:25 Frasier 11:00 Undercover Boss USA 12:00 Location, Location, Location 13:00 Channel 4 News 13:05 Come Dine with Me 13:35 What’s Cooking? 14:45 SuperScrimpers’ Challenge 15:45 Countdown 16:30 Common Denominator 17:00 Deal or No Deal 18:00 Five Minutes to a Fortune 19:00 The Simpsons 19:30 Hollyoaks 20:00 Channel 4 News 20:55 21:00 Secret Eaters 22:00 The Intern 23:00 The Sex Clinic 24:05 24 Hours in A&E

07:00 Childrens TV 09:00 Fifi and the Flowertots 09:15 Peppa Pig 09:35 Roary the Racing Car 09:45 Bananas in Pyjamas 10:00 Tickety Toc 10:15 The Wright Stuff 12:10 Trisha 13:00 Looney Tunes 13:05 5 News 13:15 Classic Car Rescue 14:15 Home and Away 14:45 Neighbours 15:15 The Mentalist 16:15 Blue Smoke 18:00 5 News 18:30 Neighbours 19:00 Home and Away 19:30 5 News 20:00 Big Body Squad 21:00 Cowboy Builders 22:00 Trauma Doctors 23:00 Exit Wounds

07:00 Emmerdale 07:25 Coronation Street 07:55 Planet’s Funniest Animals 08:25 The Jeremy Kyle Show 09:10 You’ve Been Framed! 09:40 Judge Judy 10:10 Judge Judy 10:35 The Only Way Is Essex 11:35 The Real Housewives of Atlanta 12:35 Millionaire Matchmaker 13:30 Emmerdale 14:00 Coronation Street 14:30 Judge Judy 15:00 The Jeremy Kyle Show 17:10 The Real Housewives of Atlanta 18:05 Millionaire Matchmaker 19:00 The Jeremy Kyle Show 20:00 You’ve Been Framed! 20:30 You’ve Been Framed! 21:00 Dinner Date: Australia 22:00 Peter Andre: My Life

Crossword Answers 703 Cryptic Solutions Across: 1 Pick; 3 Starling; 8 Soul; 9 Trumpery; 11 Point of order; 13 Rental; 14 Limpet; 17 Standingroom; 20 Operetta; 21 Solo; 22 Latitude; 23 Left. Down: 1 Passport; 2 Caution; 4 Thrift; 5 Remarriage; 6 Irene; 7 Goya; 10 Attainment; 12 Stamp out; 15 Propose; 16 Jilted; 18 Theft; 19 Fowl.

Quick Solutions Across: 1 Deep; 3 Prepared; 8 Sips; 9 Asterisk; 11 Bewilderment; 13 Strays; 14 Snatch; 17 Imprisonment; 20 Assuaged; 21 Isle; 22 Hesitate; 23 Onus. Down: 1 Disabuse; 2 Empower; 4 Roster; 5 Pre-eminent; 6 Reign; 7 Dyke; 10 Play truant; 12 Chattels; 15 Treason; 16 Ascent; 18 Moses; 19 Rash.

E4 07:00 Switched 07:20 90210 08:05 Ugly Betty 08:50 One Tree Hill 09:50 Scrubs 10:15 Rules of Engagement 10:45 Charmed 11:40 90210 12:35 Ugly Betty 13:30 Hollyoaks 14:00 How I Met Your Mother 15:00 Scrubs 16:00 Charmed 17:00 Rules of Engagement 18:00 How I Met Your Mother 19:00 The Big Bang Theory 20:00 Hollyoaks 20:30 How I Met Your Mother 21:00 The Big Bang Theory 21:30 How I Met Your Mother 22:00 The New Normal 22:30 2 Broke Girls 23:00 Body Shocking Show 23:35 Rude Tube 24:05 Fresh Meat

What’s on Viva TV this week VIVA TV broadcasts on the Torresat Networks every day from 2.00pm until 10pm. And you can watch all our programmes and find our full listings at Friday 12th April Let’s Talk – we speak to outspoken radio presenter John Guant in Benidorm. 18.30 Saturday 13th April Celebrity Archive – Simon Baldock talks with probably the best ever known golf commentator Peter Aliss. 18.00 Sunday 14th April Spanish Eye – Gemma Quinn takes to the skies in search of hawks over Gran Alicant. 18.15 Monday 15th April Host Your Own(series) The Costa Blanca’s answer to

“Come Dine With Me” – Ep. 5 Sue Ford hosts a Greek style evening. 19.30 Tuesday 16th April Real England (series) – Wiltshire – a mystic shire probably best known for Stone Henge and Avebury stone circles. 19.00 Wednesday 17th April Out and About in Torrevieja with Graham Knight. - Semana Santa. 18.30 Thursday 18th April Spanish Eye – the incredible re-enactment of the battle of Arnhem staged in Murcia city. 18.30

12 - 18 APRIL 2013


Life going out

Bitter Sweet Charitable Acts By Keith Nicol THE ACTORS Studio opened their latest production last night of ‘Charitable Acts’, all created by the pen of David Whitney. The production’s second and final night is today, Friday 12 April at the Casa de Cultura San Miguel. David Whitney the writer and director of Actors Studio has created two witty one act plays taking a sideways look at the world of Charitable Acts. Unlike the legion of very hard working and competent voluntary workers contributing to the well being and betterment of various causes along the Costa Blanca David’s plays poke gentle fun at the less than competent individuals working within a charity shop and others attempting to put on a yearly concert. The first play follows a morning of mayhem and incompetence in a charity shop, where the number of workers totally outstrips the few customers visiting the shop. Here you will encounter Pamela, who has let the absence of her manager go totally to her head. She is not only opinionated but also totally incompetent and jumps too easily to

conclusions on little or no evidence. Her bunch of “staff” consists of a ragtag collection of individuals, who also support her in her outlandish conclusions! The second play sees the inept collection of workers badly attempting to put on a concert in the church hall. Again David has created a variety of characters often found in traditional village life but made larger than life with even more flaws. We meet the major, the bumbling vicar, the “organiser” plus a local DJ. Gentle fun is poked at the lack of skills, both social and practical of this bunch of characters. If you enjoy an evening of light comedy come along to the Casa Cultura, San Miguel and see the antics of Charitable Acts. Many of you know that the Actors Studio, unlike other theatre groups only supports one charity, AFA Alzheimer’s of Torrevieja and all proceeds will go towards helping this very worthwhile cause. AFA Alzheimer’s helps people from a wide area and from all nationalities with this condition and the continuance of their work depends on fund raising activities of groups like The Actors Studio.

Vivace and Chorale form a special choir

TWO LOCAL choirs have combined to produce a major work and raise the bar in taking their choral repertoire to a high level of performance. Lovers of good-quality Choral music have the rare opportunity to hear two performances of the ‘Elijah’ by Felix Mendelssohn, when a combination of two of the leading choirs in the area Vivace and Chorale will perform this avourite work in the choral repertoire, with guest soloists from the UK. The concerts take place on Friday 12 April in Ntra. Snra. del Pilar Iglesia, in Pilar de la Horadada at 8.30pm, followed by another performance on Sunday 14 April in Orihuela’s Teatro Circo at 7.30pm. More details from 966 772 192.

Tickets can be reserved by phoning David on 96 670 4097. Tickets are also available from Bargain Books, San Miguel and the Alzheimer’s Shop, Torrevieja or can be purchased on the door on the night of the performance. Come along for an evening of fun and support a very worthwhile cause.

Soul and Motown for Elche Children’s Home By Keith Nicol ELCHE CHILDREN’S Home will again benefit as part of next Tuesday’s evening of Soul and Motown Music Night. To kick start a summer entertainment programme that will benefit the Childen’s Home, the first event takes place on Tuesday 16 April at Restaurante Los Rosales, on the CV895 (Lemon Tree Road) Guardamar. There will be a raffle on the evening will be in aid of The Children Of Elche. The evening features Costa Blanca’s very own Mr Soul and Motown, the amazing Richie Alexander who is joined on the evening, by Chloe Leigh with her tribute to the divas. Chloe is making her debut here in mainland Spain, direct from the UK, after her tour of the Canary Islands. And from a debut appearance to a farewell show at Los Rosales, as it will be the last time that your host and compere for the evening, the very funny and talented Tony Lincoln will be performing on stage, as he is returning to the UK at the end of the month. This will also be a chance for all of Tony’s friends and colleagues here in Spain to bid him a final farewell. Doors open at 7.00pm and tickets are just 12.50€ for the show and a meal. For more information, please contact Night Out Promotions on 966 732 215 or 672 885 418 or visit


12 - 18 APRIL 2013

Life health

Tripping the Laser Light Fantastic

FOR SOME people, living day to day with aches and pains is normal. At times, when your only focus is on the pain, it is difficult to enjoy life. ANDREA MURPHY thought she’d tried everything to ease her ‘twelve big toothaches”’ she was feeling in her arms and hands. Her swollen joints were causing her to cry with the pain, making it difficult to do her hair or hold her dancing partner’s hands properly. She is a Ballroom and Latin dance teacher, with a busy schedule and no time to sit and put up with so much misery.

One day in February, as a last resort, she walked into Dr Madsen’s Chiropractic Clinic in Benijofar. She offered up her swollen wrists and said, “I don’t know if you can help me but I’m desperate. I am in so much pain, and I’ve tried everything else. Painkillers don’t touch it.” The pain was affecting her sleep and she felt “totally worn down.” Dr Madsen was able to offer her a consultation that afternoon, resulting in a laser therapy session which brought some immediate relief. Over the following week, she received three more treatments. Her face lit up in amazement. “Look! Look at my hands,” she cried. “The swelling has gone down. My twelve toothaches are now down to about five!” She was feeling so much better and began to get her sparkle back. Her treatments have continued at a steady pace, gradually improving her condition. With each visit, she is more encouraged and life is

WANT TO join a nonprofit organisation which is thriving on the Costa Blanca and committed to supporting charitable causes and bringing people together? There are Freemasons lodges throughout the Costa Blanca who meet on a weekly basis and welcome new members. For more information please contact Harry Palmer by

The Chiropractic Clinic offers other professional treatments, including Shockwave Therapy

getting back to better again. Dr Madsen has over 30 years as a chiropractor with more than 20 years’ experience with the use of lasers. In Denmark, he was a pioneer of lasers, developing his own specific laser systems. He uses pin point laser techniques which he has patented (Ch’iLasers). They have been developed to treat specific areas as opposed to the whole area. Laser use penetrates the affected area and encourages the body to regenerate new cell growth, resulting in healthier joints, discs etc. In Mrs Murphy’s case, the laser light reduces the swelling, leading to decreased pain, less stiffness and a faster return to normal joint

and muscle action. Laser treatment has been particularly helpful in cases of stubborn, persistent and ‘difficult to treat’ conditions including chronic back pain, neck pain and arthritis. The Chiropractic Clinic offers other professional treatments, including Shockwave Therapy. This is an exciting addition to the treatment options for osteoarthritis. Patients’ stories are proof of the clinic’s success. You can read their testimonies and find out more about all the treatments offered (and how they work) on their website . If you enjoy dancing and would like to join Andrea to learn more steps, call 616 478 157 or email

Dr Xavier Dutey-Harispe D.C Clinica Quiropractica Algorfa Carretera Almoradi, No.18 Bajo 03169, Algorfa Tel: 965 071 898 / 618 337 616 (out of clinic hours) Here at the Algorfa Chiropractic Clinic, we provide professional and affordable chiropractic care for the whole family, for an enhanced quality of life and overall health and wellbeing. Dr Dutey-Harispe D.C is a graduate from the Palmer College of chiropractic USA, .known as the fountainhead of chiropractic in the world. He is mainly concerned with correcting spinal misalignments in order to restore the optimal health of each individual throughout their life time. The primary reason why a person would consult with a chiropractor initially, is for back related problems, such as sciatica, lumbago and problems in the cervical. Having visited, the patient then realises that Chiropractic covers a far wider range of problems such as;

• Herniated discs • Migraine headaches • Balance / Vertigo • Asthma • Allergies The clinic also specialises in acupuncture. There are energetic pathways, or channels, throughout the body that influence associated internal organs and structures.and their ability to heal. Acupuncture treatment associated with homeopathic remedies is very effective for people who want to give up smoking

FREE POSTURE SCREENING ANALYSIS promotion available without any obligation.

Hours of opening: Tuesday & Wednesday: Thursday:

9.00 - 14.00 16.00 - 21.00

Our patients are a testimony to the success of the treatment of osteoarthritis Contrary to popular belief, osteoarthritis is not due to age-related ‘wear and tear’ on your joints. It tends to be more common as you get older – affecting around 80% of people over the age of 50 to some degree – but it is not a normal part of ageing. Osteoarthritis develops in a joint when changes occur in the cartilage; the soft tissue that protects the surface of a bone and allows the joint to move freely. These changes may be due to damage that occurred many years before any symptoms appear.

Shockwave therapy offers an exciting addition to the treatment options for osteoarthritis, with little to no risk of adverse side effects.  Shockwave therapy can help significantly reduce the inflammation of the joint.  The therapy helps to slow the progression of osteoarthritis and it can actually alter the process of cartilage degradation.  The shockwaves stimulate certain components within the body, so the body is able to heal. Shockwave therapy is able to accomplish this even in chronic cases.  Shockwave therapy seems to have a direct effect on nerves, diminishing pain.  The treatment vastly increases movement. We find that many patients get an initial degree of improvement almost immediately following treatment. Our patients are able to resume normal lives free of the inhibitions that they previously experienced. Please refer to our website for more information and if you are a patient that has benefitted from our treatments, please send us your testimony via the website.

12 - 18 APRIL 2013

Life people

Annual ChariTEA fundraising event raised 1,875 euros ON 13 MARCH, MABS Cancer Support Group, Murcia took part in the annual ChariTEA fundraising event, organised by Escuela Oficial de Idiomas de San Javier (EOISJ) through its Cultural Association (CONEXIA EOSJ) at the Centro Civico in Parque Almansa, San Javier. EOISJ Director, Maria Angeles MartinezAbarca Nicolás, opened the event and welcomed representatives from local charities: Help Mar Menor, Aidemar and MABS Murcia. Organisers, CONEXIA EOISJ, invited the Convocatoria del Conservatorio de Musica de San Javier to entertain visitors with a wide range of music, including chamber music performed by David Salar’s group, White Voices Choir (directed by Marinela Gabor)., a string quartet (by Professor Lester Mejías) comprising Daniel Cánovas (violin), Inmaculada Belmonte (violin), Lesster Mejías (Viola), Marina Rubio (violoncello) and a percussion group (by Professor: M. Carmen Pérez) comprising José Luis Sánchez, Federico Martínez, José Martín, Juan Martínez, Gonzalo Pérez, Celia Muñoz, Inmaculada Egea, Alberto Pedreño and David Pérez. Solos were performed by Jesús Hernández (Piano and Voice), Conchi Aniorte (Piano), Alberto García-Quesada (Oboe), Laura Soria (Piano), Café Golf provided delicious cakes and tea for the event, donating 100€ to the

charities’ fund. A grand raffle was organised by CONEXIA EOISJ, with fabulous prizes donated by local businesses. CONEXIA EOISJ President, Mr. Antonio García Clemente) presented the prizes and announced that they had raised a fantastic total of 1327€. On 5 April, each charity was presented with 475.66€. Including the money collected from sales by each charity at their individual stands, the grand total for the event reached 1875€. MABS Murcia is extremely grateful EOISJ Director, Maria Angeles Martinez-Abarca Nicolas, everyone from CONEXIA EOISJ and

Café Golf for all their hard work to make this such a successful event. “Every year, they raise awareness of and funds for local charities, and MABS has taken part in the event since its inception” remarked MABS Director, Lyn Baines. “We are delighted to be associated with EOISJ and we have gained some very useful Spanish volunteers as a result of these events. We look forward to continuing our good, working relationship with them.”

Article: Local news, what’s on and where to go for the Murcia Region


RTN success stories - Rocamer Funerals and Funeral Insurance ROCAMER FUNERALS and Funeral Insurance has been offering its services to the Expat community for the last seven years with funerals and funeral insurance clients all over the Costa Blanca South and Costa Calida. Rocamer’s business is now being expanded to cover health insurance. This is an exciting time for a successful business that is ready for expansion. A lot of Rocamer’s work is received via recommendation from satisfied clients but around 50% is through advertising, thus indicating the extreme importance of effective marketing. In the past Rocamer tried many forms of advertising through other British publications, the most successful of which has been the RTN. Owner Keith says this isn’t just luck or coincidence: “It is the quality of the publication and distribution that is important and now RTN’s new Costa Calida edition hits the spot. Added to this is the helpfulness of the RTN advertising staff - a winning combination.” Long may it continue! Please see the Rocamer advert on page 24.


12 - 18 APRIL 2013

Life horoscopes Uranus is joined by Mercury mid month as they begin to work on Arian energies. The mighty power of achievement generated by Uranus, and the skill of communication brought by Mercury, hardest working planet, brings something very special to your door. Something well worth getting your teeth into!


I RECENTLY gave demonstrations on stage at the Annual Bergen Spiritual Fair. This is a great honour, and following Expect some sudden changes this week but also know you have me on stage one day was the Norwegian Princess Marie the backing of your Planetary leader, Venus...and that such changes Marit who was talking about her famous School of Angels. will be doing you the very biggest of favours. The calm and tender There were a few spaces in the auditorium, and so approach you favour is all very well, but you need the courage of I asked Spirit that they would be filled too. Little did I your convictions if what you get is what you want. know that my instruction would be carried out by the entry of people from the Spirit World. By the time I Jupiter’s luck and Chiron’s judgment would indicate that there began there was only one spare seat and that made me is work ahead for you to complete. The complacency of late is very happy. However, many people reported that they something you should leave well behind as it does very little for your energies and your peace of mind. As a decision sees you turn a were feeling hands touching them, stroking their hair and one person felt somebody blowing in their ear. Whilst corner all will become more than obvious in the scheme of things. all this is common phenomena in such a spirituallyCuriosity killed the cat, and someone appears to be prying into enriched environment, it was highly delightful for me to your circumstances right now. Since you have absolutely nothing see Spirit en masse and participating in the proceedings. to hide then be open and transparent and rest assured that you Great too that so many of the audience were feeling the have covered things from all angles. Blame this on Saturn’s take vibrations and picking up on the energy of their spiritual on with Scorpio and background energies of Pluto to boot! surroundings as well. Suddenly in the back row entered the Spirit of a Though you cannot put your finger on it there is something not quite right just now and it is holding you back somewhat from beautifully dressed woman. I was told the year was 1915, the final completion of a project. Be aware not to sign anything when I asked, and her fashionable Edwardian attire was during the start of the Pluto retrograde, as you may well be sorry; backed with an elegantly large hat and a folded parasol. and curb spending too until the coast is clear next week! She took her time to find the only place, next to a young lady, and sat looking straight at me. I was surprised when Nobody has the right to test you the way that they are. You should make the young lady in question called out to me. She wanted it clear that you are not to be messed with and that you will see things me to give her the name of someone dear to her who through in your own time and in your own way. You are very much torn had recently passed over. Without hesitation I found between the aggression of Mars and the resolution of Mercury. The next myself calling the name, ‘Lily’. The floods of tears that step will be easier to see through and is final and binding. followed were shed because Lily had died of Cancer the Venus enters your sister planet and brings a dreamy and romantic week previously, and the young lady was her daughter. energy to your door. You are hesitant and hanker back to the times when you had to close your heart to protect it. For sure you can never have enough of a good thing; and that’s just what you have right now, so don’t risk losing the best thing that has happened in a while.

Saturn takes on wisdom and knowledge to see you safely through to where you want to be. This sage and mystical planet is determined that you do well and that you continue as you have been, making slow but steady and significant progress. A request has to be turned down, which you won’t like, but sometimes NO has to be said. A great time to examine your innermost energies and to realise your strengths and weaknesses. Knowing better your significant power and consistency will put you in pole position to take on new enterprise at your direction and show others that you are not to be messed with, and highlight your own specific achievements. Pluto retrogrades in the fifth house of inter dimensional personal skills. This may very well mean that you get the red light, but that you have a clear instruction that you are not only on the right track, but examining things from different angles with a view to seeing things from a very different and inspirational angle. Please do not make a mountain out of a molehill, but do get what you want out of a situation that would have failed were it not for your clear thinking and highly psychic energies. It is once bitten, twice shy but when the options come to your door you will finally realise just how talented you are, and just what you really need. There is such a lot going on in the Cosmos this week. You have sharpened your own spiritual abilities to take advantage of any situation that arises. However, sometimes you cannot see the wood for the trees and don’t know a good thing when it comes your way. Have confidence in all you take on, all will be well if you feel like a gamble!

Kennys diary ALBIR READINGS: The End of the Mayan Calendar has brought the Maya Bistro in Albir a brand new name. In future it will be known as ‘Something Else’. Readings are available on Monday April 15th and Wednesday 17th April from 5pm. Call for bookings for mini readings on: 96 686 8213. Alfaz Spiritual Foundation: Thursday April 11th……at 6.30pm: Demonstration and Service by Me: all are most welcome to attend at The Forum Mare Nostrum in Alfaz del Pi. DNA: A Spring Workshop: A one day workshop that helps you to charge your own unique Spiritual DNA. An intensive workshop, open to all, that intensifies, accelerates and inspires Spiritual progress and indicates the clear way ahead. Dates in April/May, or can travel to your own group or organisation. For details please call Kenny directly on 686 361 594 or leave a message on: 96 587 8424.

If it’s your birthday this week

Kenny corris The atmosphere in the audience was electric. It appeared that many were feeling the passing of Lily and also were picking up on the recent grief of a mourning daughter. But who was the elegant lady? What part did she play? It came to me in a flash. This elegant lady was Lily’s Mother; she had come through to claim and collect her daughter Lily and to take her back to the Spirit World with her. I was seeing three generations of women, grandmother, mother and daughter. As Grandmother faded away she took the energy of her daughter Lily and they were gone almost in an instant. The surprised daughter was applauded by the whole audience, many of whom had witnessed the act of love as Mother called to collect her loved one and take her safely away. This story of love was played out in public. It certainly isn’t anything new, but it must form a classic tale as loved ones take on those who they need to care for and this endorses the simple fact that love never dies. This triple act of three loving and loved women was poignant and dramatic and unforgettable. It proves the existence of the Spirit World and it subtly highlights what unconditional and devotional love can do. Spirit can and does survive without a time limit for those who are determined to carry out instructions and take the loving care of those they have left behind. Bergen is a very Spiritual City, bordered by seven mountains….I am not surprised that there are those in the Spirit World who are free enough to make the journey back to reclaim what is rightfully theirs. God bless the process that made this possible and thank you for allowing me to be such a witness in this devoted action.

Love & Light... Kenny Corris


Email your letters to me at:

KENNY, WE have a new puppy in the house, and he has started to bark at a space on the wall. The funny thing is that our old and very placid dog of eleven years has started barking at the same space too though he has been silent for nine years in this, our present property. I can feel something on the reverse wall of the barking spot, it is cold and I shiver sometimes when I pass. Do you think things are getting spookier? Annie H. Could be, Annie… The hierarchy of dogs could just mean that the older dog is barking so that he can be heard above the bark of the new arrival. Or it could mean that both of them are picking up on something there at that spot. And they say that you can´t teach an old dog new tricks! As for the cold spot, that point of the house has seen a new wall built. Spirit manifesting will live in the house as if the new wall doesn’t exist because it didn’t in their heyday. That’s why ghosts can pass through walls. Let me know what happens. Try taking the puppy out of the way and seeing if the older dog still barks at the same spot…if so he is seeing something for sure. We won’t rule anything out but please monitor things. I am curious too!

If It’s Your Birthday This Week: Open your inner energies and get to know the real you, in depth. Not only will you like what you see, but you will take on qualities that you feel are denied you and make something of them!


Cryptic Crossword Across 3. Hinder by anticipation, everybody going to the woods (9) 8. I had gone after father - but not for nothing! (4) 9. Mathematical instrument used when tennis scores are level? (3-6) 10. Rig one area (6) 11. About five observed? No, more than five (5) 14. Lost article in the sea (5) 15. Or back the politician for a frolic (4) 16. Memento taken from derelict building (5) 18. Complete defeat for May in comparison with Mary (4) 20. Outer way taken (5) 21. More than a second interval in music (5) 24. If depressed it might throw light on the matter (6) 25. Breed elms that looked like something else (9) 26. No backing at 50 to 1 for the royal beast (4) 27. Bars trend to showing big breed of dog (2,7)

Word Ladders


12 - 18 APRIL 2013

Down 1. Be merciful to ancient city; slimmers want to get rid of it! (5,4) 2. Pick only those who are married for special treatment? (6,3) 4. Frank has nothing to write (4) 5. Follow in green suede shoes (5) 6. Excursionist’s car goes right after mistaking the way in 20 (6) 7. Bird provides an amusing incident (4) 9. Not drunk like this at the end of December? (5) 11. In order that the cover shall not be hollow... (5) 12. ... see this is lower, but unable to cope (3,2,2,2) 13. Foreman, perhaps, has the mastery (5,4) 17. A lot of people boast 500 joined (5) 19. Wrongly hit the first woman to steal (6) 22. Bird is almost getting dressed up? (5) 23. One can do better than this rhythm (4) 24. The prophet evidently has eyes (4)

The key rule is that you must only change one letter at a time as you move from one rung to another, and the word you make must be a proper word! Therefore you may move from BATH --> BATS but not from BATH --> CASH because that changes two letters in one go which is not allowed.

Quick Crossword

Across 3. Uninviting (9) 8. Bellow (4) 9. Kind, helpful person (9) 10. Not present (6) 11. Mix (5) 14. Object (5) 15. Rotate (4) 16. Boat crew (5) 18. Coil (4) 20. Saunter (5) 21. Long (5) 24. Repudiate (6) 25. Translate (9) 26. Entanglement (4) 27. Mythical (9)

Down 1. Collapse (9) 2. Miserliness (9) 4. Tidy (4) 5. Be of value (5) 6. East (6) 7. Genuine (4) 9. Trap (5) 11. Start (5) 12. Astonish (9) 13. Compensation (9) 17. Implied (5) 19. Erase (6) 22. Swift (5) 23. At one time (4) 24. Beloved (4)

Euromillions Draw Friday 5th April 2013


11 17 32 39



2 Belgian tickets each won a 13,269,446 Euros

Tuesday 9th April 2013

Last weeks crossword answers can be found on page 53.

15 35 38 44 48


No ticket won the 15,000,000 Euros



12 - 18 APRIL 2013

Life spanish

Basic Spanish for everyday needs by Jane Cronin

Step by Step Spanish -27

FIRSTLY, THANK you very much Arthur Hacking for you lovely letter of support. It’s amazing to think that I´m coming up to the fifth anniversary of these articles and that someone has stuck with me from the beginning! THIS WEEK I’ll try to keep mainly to practical examples of the present subjunctive as last week there was quite a bit of theory. It’s always a good idea to reinforce any kind of grammar with expressions you have some chance of using in real life, or that you can use as a model for making up your own sentences. Also, I’ll divide them into categories. I always think that sections and subsections make things appear more manageable. IMPERSONAL STATEMENTS The Spanish language in general makes a lot of use of impersonal expressions but the ones we are talking about here make use of adjectives like “important, normal, interesting etc.” as follows: Es necesario que rellenes este impreso - It´s necessary that you fill in this form Es lógico que te conteste así - It´s logical that s/he answers in that way Es posible que termine pronto - It’s possible that I’ll finish soon Es importante que sepas la verdad. - It is important that you know the truth Está bien que vengas mañana. - It’s fine that you come tomorrow I’ve kept the English translations as literal as possible, but in actual fact in English we often change the words around to express the same ideas – “It’s necessary for you to fill in this form”; “It’s important for you to know the truth”; “It’s fine for you to come tomorrow” and so on. “CUANDO” EXPRESSING THE FUTURE Moving swiftly on – we use the present subjunctive to express a

future idea after “cuando” (when) or equivalent expressions such as “en cuanto” (as soon as). Te llamaré cuando lleguemos al hotel. - I’ll call you when we arrive at the hotel. En cuanto sepa algo te avisaré. - As soon as I know something I’ll let you know. Notice that this only applies when “cuando” refers to future events. If we use “cuando” to refer to past or present events we don’t use the subjunctive. For example: “Siempre desayuno bien cuando trabajo fuera de casa” (I always have a good breakfast when I work away from home”). Here we use the usual indicative form “trabajo” and not the subjunctive form “trabaje”. AFTER “PARA QUE” (SO THAT) Te llevo en coche para que puedas llegar temprano. - I`ll give you a lift so that you can arrive early. Nos lo va a enseñar para que veamos como es. - He’s going to show it to us so that we see what it’s like. The mind boggles. That isn’t a subjunctive, just something I felt like writing. OJALÁ This delightful word means “if only” or “let’s hope”. Ojalá sea verdad If only it were true. Ojalá vengan pronto Let’s hope they come soon. You can also use the word “ojalá” on its own, like this. Question: “Will you ever get the hang of the present subjunctive” Answer: (with wistful expression) Ojalá

Life books

THATCHER TWEETS Kevin O’Sullivan@TVKev: Nearly seven million watched Broadchurch last night. Less than three million watched the Beeb’s rambling Thatcher tribute. A nation mourns? Sophy Ridge @SophyRidgeSky: My cabbie’s take on Thatcher this morning: “I was in the army during the Falklands. We loved her. We were terrified Labour would get in.” Jon gaunt @jongaunt: I would rather have Maggie as leader than the professional spineless snouts in trough PC obsessed POLITICAL PYGMIES who want to lead us now James Whale @THEJamesWhale: Those people on twitter etc saying terrible things about Margaret Thatcher.You did not say it when she was alive,cowards of the worst kind? Piers Morgan @piersmorgan: Thatcher lived off 4hrs sleep, never read the papers, drank a LOT of whiskey and liked poking men (incl me!) in the chest with bony fingers. Omid Djalili @omid9: The death of #Thatcher should be marked at comedy clubs tonight with a respectful minutes shouting Barack Obama @BarackObama: “She stands as an example to our daughters that there is no glass ceiling that can’t be shattered.” —Obama on Margaret Thatcher’s passing David Cameron @David_Cameron: Lady Thatcher didn’t just lead our country, she saved our country.

Danny Collins -

Emma Watson – The Biography I’M NOT a great one for bios, I guess I don’t like my illusions shattered. But Emma Watson’s life has been an incredible story. As a very young girl, she suffered the heartbreak of seeing her parents divorced – she admits her mother could be quite fearsome - and finally found the stability she sought with the characters created by JK Rowling on the film sets of the Harry Potter movies. The book has some quite startling revelations, as all good bios should. As a nineyear-old Emma Watson had never acted professionally before she was cast as Harry’s tomboy chum, Hermione Granger. These days she is a sleek, international star – currently the highest paid female star in Hollywood – and part of a global phenomenon that was the most successful film franchise of all time. She’s not even sure that she wants to act any more – but I rather think at £20 million a year, she will. The book has a nice, family feel and is a comforting read to know that a nice girl made good in an industry that doesn’t always favour the brave or particularly welcome the talented. Author: Publisher: Price: ISBN:

David Nolan Blake of London 10.40€ 978 1 84358 362 2

Suduko Answer


12 - 18 APRIL 2013

Life people

Sailing Association Mar Menor (SAMM)

Patchwork Cartagena

THE HANDICAP racing season opened on Sunday 7th April, with 18 competitors in seven boats all anxious to show a clean pair of heels. WITH A wind strength of 5 – 8 in a north westerly direction to blow away those winter blues and lubricate those muscles which have been hibernating since November last year, the racing got underway. It was not long before the CAT, normally up with the leaders, was having some difficulty and in danger of drifting onto the reef as the wind shifted around. But although a mishap was avoided, the boat finished in last place. In spite of crossing the line first, the Laser 2000 helmed by Tug Wilson and crewed by John Down had to settle for second place on corrected time, first place going to Connie, helmed by Vernon O’Byrne and crewed by Bob Miles and Carole Sibson. Is this a fluke or a sign of things to come? Watch this space! A worthy third place went to the Martin helmed by Tony Jones with Barry Young crewing. A break for lunch observed a wind speed exceeding 16 and promising more. A decision was taken to abandon a second race much to the disappointment of the Weta crew who went out to enjoy an unbridled ride on the crest of a wave whilst the remainder of the morning’s fleet took to the shore and enjoyed a beer or two. We hope the next race day is a little kinder. New members are always welcome, check the website or email

I ENCUENTRO Nacional de Patchwork en Cartagena, the first national gathering of patchwork enthusiasts will be taking place in Cartagena on the 27th April from 10am onwards in the sports pavilion, the Pabellón Municipal Jiménez de la Espada. Around 300 people are expected to participate in the gathering, and together will create a large bed cover to be raffled off for charity. Encuentros of this nature are designed to give those with a shared interest a chance to meet other people who enjoy the same type of pursuit, and offer a medium to exchange information and learn from other like-minded enthusiasts. Although the majority of the participants will be Spanish, all nationalities are invited to participate in this event, and arrangements can be made to accommodate groups from further afield if required. Anyone who would like to take part in the encuentro can register by calling 686 759 522 or 696 216 177 ( Spanish language) before 19th April.

Article by local news, what’s on and where to go in the Region of Murcia and Costa Cálida

12 - 18 APRIL 2013

Life cars

Brian Deller Author of Motoring in Spain

Questions and answers – Part 1 FROM JOHN Bevan: So many times you hear or are told things to do with motoring that the individuals are convinced they are absolutely correct but are they? Could you please clarify the following points? You must carry all the original vehicle documents with you at all times. Answer: In Spain yes, you must carry all documents to prove the vehicle is yours and you must also have your current legal driving licence. If you have borrowed the vehicle, you must also have a letter stating the owners’ full details plus yours and the permission to use the vehicle and for what period, in Spanish. The reasons for these rules are to make it easier to catch thieves in a roadblock situation. The letter rule also applies in the UK (in the EU) and I have an email from a Torrevieja expat who lent his son his Spanish-plated car to travel to the UK. In Manchester he was stopped by the police and fined for not having placed the car on UK plates. When asked where he lived, he gave the Manchester address where he was going to visit. If he had had the letter (also in English as he knew he was going to the UK) he would have avoided the problem of having to sort out the charge later at a Manchester police station. Knowing the laws is so important. When driving an open top vehicle you must wear some form of head protection from the sun. Answer: While being a sensible action to take there is no law to this effect unless the vehicle is classed as a motorcycle e.g. quad bike. But if you have long hair blowing in your eyes a case could be made if you are seen driving erratically, I guess. Animals must be secured and not in the driver’s compartment, i.e. the front seats of a car. Answer: Any animals carried in a vehicle must be secured so they cannot reach the driver or be able to distract the same. A comfortable animal is a contented, quiet one.

Drivers must have footwear that supports the heels and not flip-flops or mules, etc. Answer: Drivers must be suitably attired so as clothing/shoes do not cause any driving hazards. Flip-flops are a definite no-no as are shoes with long laces that can catch in the pedals. Mules are another… You are not allowed to reverse on to a public road from any houses or business premises. Answer: As in the UK and most sensible countries reversing onto a road with running (potentially) traffic is against the Highway Code. You should either reverse into the side turning e.g. a driveway or have someone in the road seeing you out safely if safe to do so (no traffic). If you do not and an accident happens you will almost certainly be judged at fault. You are not allowed to do a 3-point turn but may do a U turn if the road is wide enough and it is safe to do so. Answer: Correct. If you need to do a 3-point turn you are causing a risk. You may do a U-turn if safe to do so and there are no signs forbidding this action. You are not allowed to carry loose items on the seats or parcel shelves unless they are properly and safely secured. Answer: True but again a common sense rule that would cause a policeman to comment on any such items, especially if heavy. To many sensible people such rules should be unnecessary but so many others cannot think for themselves as we know. More questions and answers next time........

There is much more detailed information on all motoring subjects in my book. Brian Juan (John) Deller, Malaga, author, ‘Motoring in Spain’ Tel: 666 888 870 Brian Deller, author, book Motoring in Spain, ISBN No 978 84 611 9278 6. Shops’ addresses in my web site at:


Over 50 + cars in stock

We buy cars for cash.

Open Mon – Fri 9:30 – 19:00 - Sat 9:30 – 14:00

Tel: 966 730 116 or 672 072 720 - - Email:

Visit us at La Zenia, Orihuela Costa


* AUTO * SEAT IBIZA 1.9 SDI STELLA “2005” 4995 €

* AUTO *

* AUTO *

OPEL ASTRA 1.7 CDTi ENJOY “2008” 8995 € * EX DEMO *

PEUGEOT 508 1.6HDi ACTIVE CMP EX DEMO “2011” 19995 €

FORD FOCUS EST 1.6i AUTO “2004” 4695 €

OPEL CORSA 1.3CDTi ENJOY “2008 7995 €


PEUGEOT 308 1.6i 16v CONFORT “2010” 10995 €

PEUGEOT 207 1.4 HDi BUSINESS LINE “2011” 9995 €

MAZDA “6” 2.0i ACTIVE - NEW SHAPE “2008” 10995 €

SEAT IBIZA 1.4i 16v COOL “2007 5995 €

OPEL CORSA 1.3CDTi ENJOY “2008” 7995 €

* AUTO * SEAT IBIZA 1.4i SPORTRIDER AUTO 44Tkms “2007” 6995 €

* Cabrio *

* 1 OWNER * HYUNDAI ACCENT 1.5 CRDi GLS “2008” 6995 €

CITROEN C5 1.6 HDI PREMIER “2010” 11995€

OPEL ASTRA 1.7CDTi ENJOY “2008 8995 €

CITROEN XSARA PICASSO 1.8i SX “2005” 5200 €

HYUNDAI MATRIX 1.5CRDi GLS PEUGEOT 307 C.C CABRIO 1.6i “2006” 5995 € 66Tkms “2005”.............7500 €

* AUTO *

* AUTO *

* AUTO * PEUGEOT 207 SW 1.6 HDi CONFORT “2010” 8995 €


MAZDA 3 1.6i ACTIVE “2008” 8995 €

FORD FOCUS 1.6i 16v AUTO TREND+ “2010” 9995 €


FORD FOCUS EST 1.6TDCi TREND + “2006”..................6995 €

OPEL NEW ASTRA 1.7 CDTi ENJOY “2010” 11995 €

TOYOTA YARIS 1.4 D4D LUNA “2006” 4995 €

* AUTO *

* AUTO *

CITROEN C5 2.0 HDi AUTO EXCLUSIVE “2009” 13500 €

PEUGEOT 207 CC CABRIO 1.6i AUTO - LEATHER “2008” 10995 €

* AUTO *

VW GOLF VI 1.9 TDi DSG AUTO “2005” 6995 €

CITROEN C3 1.1i FURIO “2009 6300 €

OPEL CORSA 1.3 CDTi “2004” 4500 €

* 7 SEATS *

OPEL ZAFIRA 1.9 CDTi ENJOY 7 SEATS “2005” 7995 €

FORD NEW FIESTA 1.3i TREND “2010” 7995 €

FORD FOCUS 1.6i TREND “2005” 5995 €

CITROEN C3 1.1i FURIO+ “2010 6995 €

RENAULT GRAN SCENIC 1.5 DCI 69TKMS “2007” 8995 €

CITROEN NEW C3 1.4i LX “2010” 8995 €




AUDI TT ROADSTER 1.8T CABRIO 163BHP “2006” 11995 €

* AUTO *


7 Seats


ALFA ROMEO 147 1.9JTD DISTINCTIVE “2008’ 8995 €


FIAT BRAVO 1.6 JTD ACTIVE “2009” 8995 €

MITSUBISHI MONTERO LWB 2.8 TDi “1999” 4995 €

* 1 OWNER*

SKODA FABIA 1.2i YOUNG “2010” 7995 €

CHEVROLET AVEO 1.4i SEDAN “2006” 4500 €


12 - 18 APRIL 2013

A warm welcome

NOEL’S WORLD OF GOLF By Noel Eastwell Teaching Professional Alicante Golf 639 730 891

IN RECENT weeks I have had the pleasure of visiting a number of our golf clubs to enjoy the golf course and a drink and a chat with friends old and new. I was very pleasantly surprised to find that I received a warm welcome in practically every establishment I visited in both cafes and pro shops. It may just be that at last some staff at the golf clubs are learning that a friendly smile and a warm welcome will see them retain not only their customers but also their jobs. I was also surprised to find that the number of seats that were reserved for members had practically reduced to nothing giving visitors the chance to feel comfortable and appreciated by the golf club. All these things add up to the local workforce having possibly learned that customer service matters and that the customer has to feel welcome if he or she is to return and spend more of their hard earned money with them rather than somewhere else. Now don’t misunderstand me; I am not saying things are perfect but at last we are seeing some progress although the difference in

prices for drinks and food paid by members as opposed to visitors still sticks on my throat and needs to be addressed if more people are to feel part of the club. I (and I am sure many others) fail to see why I pay more for a beer or glass of wine than the bloke standing next to me who is in the same environment buying the same things as me. This practice was introduced in the United Kingdom years ago to encourage members to use the bar facilities and that was fair enough at the time as clubs struggled to stay profitable. The difference in Spain is that here the majority of golf clubs are commercial ventures, therefore making a profit already from the green fees they sell so why should they charge visitors more for a round of drinks? Out and out profiteering is the answer in many cases. The funny thing, though, is that the course managers wonder why the golfers go to a local bar instead of getting ripped off at the bar in the golf club. Really - do they live in the same planet as us? What would they do in the same circumstances? We are making progress but we still need to make

our feelings known to those in authority to try and get a fairer deal for us all.

WIN A DOZEN SRIXON GOLF BALLS COURTESY OF GOLF MED Answer the question below correctly to have a chance to win. The winner of this fantastic prize will be picked at random at the end of each month. Send your entries by email to The decision of the editor of RTN will be final in making the winning selection. QUESTION FOR 12TH APRIL 2013 Who makes the bright pink driver currently used by Bubba Watson? All answers must be received no later than 5pm on 29th April to be entered into the March draw, to be made on 29th April 2013. The winner will be announced in RTN on 3rd May 2013. To collect your prize you will have to come along to an RTN Golf Club day and meet with Noel Eastwell.

Any questions you have for Noel should be sent to - Free golf lesson for all new RTN Golf members! Sign up now, limited offer

The RTN Club Scene WE WERE joined last Tuesday by another low handicap golfer for the first time after he joined RTN Golf Club in the shape of Mark Smith from Hertfordshire in England. On his debut Mark was the one to master Alicante Golf in what once again became a battle against the elements to return a good score. With the persistent high winds swirling around the golf course and with pin positions that were in areas where the ‘borrows’ were cleverly disguised the 36 points returned by Mark off his 6 handicap was impressive. Once again we had a number of countries represented but it was the British contingent who took the top three spots in the field with both Wayne McDonnell and Peter Hasell taking the runners up spots. For the second week running there was no winner of our twos competition so the money rolls over agan: the tax man is watching so the winner needs to make sure he declares his or her winnings when the pot eventually gets paid out. DEMO DAY FOR RTN GOLF CLUB MEMBERS On 25th April we will stage another club-fitting day at Alicante Golf where any member of RTN Golf Club can come along and be measured for a set of clubs free of charge that will cost no more to buy than an off-the-shelf set of clubs or driver or any other club including putter. Appointments can be booked to ensure you have an allocated time slot where we can get you in front of the top level computer equipment provided by TaylorMade. Once you have been advised of the best specifications for you we will give you a completed form of recommended clubs and a price for purchase. Priority will be given to members of RTN Golf Club for appointments: last month we ran out of time to see everyone so to avoid disappointment please call Marife on 96 515 2043. DATES FOR YOUR DIARY 16th April RTN Weekly golf meeting at Alicante Golf 23rd April RTN Weekly golf meeting at Alicante Golf 25th April TaylorMade Demo Day at Alicante Golf 30th April RTN Golf League meeting at Alicante Golf NOEL EASTWELL GOLF ACADEMY Quality group lesson available at Alicante Golf from just 10€ per person: contact Noel on 639 730 891 for more information.

12 - 18 april 2013


andrew james... The man in the middle Sponsored by “The Three Lions” (Carrer de Manuel de Falla, Albir) The Best Footy Bar on the Costa Blanca; Showing Every Game, Every Week!

Should boxing be boxed off?

Readers who don’t follow boxing probably aren’t even aware, but Michael Norgrove passed away last Saturday as a result of injuries sustained in the ring nine days earlier and his death has reopened the debate as to the safety of boxing as a sport. The news has understandably shaken the community because you know there are so many fighters who give their all. And of course it will bring up that argument of should boxing be allowed, but fighters and everyone in the sport knows the risks, and whilst the board continues to make the sport as safe as possible, these incidents are isolated. Every now and again though, it makes you realise just how serious the sport is. While boxing is undoubtedly a dangerous game, the safety of any fighter can be assured to an extent with a good corner (ie. a team of guys who know when a fight’s lost and throw in the towel before long term damage is done), and ringside paramedics ready to rush in at the first sign of danger. In any fight, as long as these factors are present, and barring any tragic accidents, the two guys in the ring are safe as they’re possibly going to get. Above all though, it’s my opinion that it’s the referee that’s pivotal and critical to the safety of fighters. When you’re that close to a fight, you can tell in the body language whether a fight should be stopped. Everyone can criticise referees for stopping a fight too early, but surely that’s better than a ref who stops it too late? RIP Michael.

Sinners become Saints! At the turn of the year, I tipped Southampton to be relegated this season because, at the time, Nigel Adkins had them playing good football but they just couldn’t get the points on the board. Now though, with six games remaining, they sit in 12th spot and six points clear of the drop zone. It is of course too early to come to a definitive judgment on Adkins’ replacement Mauricio Pochettino, but his first job, that of survival, appears to be done and the future now looks bright for his team. Just staying in the division was I’m sure the club’s only mandate at the start of the season but, looking at their side, and assuming they can keep it together, Pochettino could well have the squad to be more than simply a Premier League survivor next year. In Jay Rodriguez, Rickie Lambert and Gaston Ramirez, they have an exciting and dynamic forward line, ducking here and there, interchanging splendidly. The midfield also looks handy with Morgan Schneiderlin perhaps being the best ‘under the radar’ player in the league this season, while Adam Lallana was recognised by England a few months back. And not only is the current squad decent, but the procession of youngsters

Michael Norgrove

looks like it’ll continue too. They’re currently second and third respectively in the Under-18 and Under-21 Premier League Elite Groups and are in fact one of only two teams to qualify for the Elite phase of both those leagues this season; the other being Man United. So if the present looks pretty good for Southampton, the future could be even better. This Week in “The Lions”: Sat 13th Apr: Arsenal v Norwich (4pm) Reading v Liverpool (4pm)

Millwall v Wigan (FA Cup 6.15pm) Sun 14th Apr: Newcastle v Sunderland (1pm) Stoke v Man United (3.05pm) Chelsea v Man City (FA Cup 5pm) Tue 16th Apr: Arsenal v Everton (8.45pm) Wed 17th Apr: West Ham v Man United (8.45pm) 12th/13th/14th: The Masters

Torrevieja play San Fishing Maggots End Fulgencio on Saturday David Hoare by

By Keith Nicol ON SATURDAY 13 April, a charity cricket match will take place between Torrevieja CC and a San Fulgencio Select in aid of the AECC. There will be two teams from each side and the contest will take the form of the fast paced 20/20 cricket. Matches start at 10.00am and should finish by 5.00pm at the Torrevieja sports centre, within the Daniel Plaza Athletics Track. There will be a hot dog and beer stall as well as the local cafes and a raffle for a flat screen TV will be held. A bus will leave La Marina urbanisation at 09.00am and will return at 6.00pm. All spectators are welcome as it should be a fun and competitive day of cricket.

Women’s Cricket at La Manga Club

968 199 279

THIS WEEK was the 2nd round of the Summer Championship, again held on the Embalse de Pedrera. As stated last week, the water was going down - well what a change in the week! The level had come up about 3ft. During the match the water level rose about 6 inches! So, it looks like now that they will be filling it maybe to the level it was! (No fishing then, until it drops). The water temperature is rising slowly but at present there is no sign of bleak or plenty of fish on the waggler line. Another rare day as well - there were no blanks.

PLEASE NOTE The club has some vacancies at present: if you are interested in joining please contact Derek Swann on 96 672 9293 or 603 535 771. ABBEY ANGLING RESULTS: Supplied by Terry Screen We fished the second round of the Spring Series at Nancy’s on 2nd April. The river and all the waterways around us are in a state of flood at present and all the Reservoirs are filled to capacity, so the recent rain falling up country is coming straight into the rivers as the reservoirs cannot hold any more at present. The water at Nancy’s was coloured and also flowing fast below the boom, making fishing difficult, the pegs either side of the river by the Car Park being probably the best two pegs of the day, producing the top two weights 1st Stan (The Man) Roberts with 9.300kg fishing the pole using paste 2nd Andy (The Web Man) Stevenson

TOP RODS ON THE DAY 1st Dave (Yours Truly) Hoare fishing the By Keith Nicol feeder using maggot with 5.60 kilos EASTER WEEK week on La Manga’s Club cricket pitches saw 2nd Doug (Welsh Goldminer) Hornthe arrival of the Irish Under 19 Ladies Squad and Berkshire blow fishing the feeder using maggot Ladies Cricket Club which included members of the ECB with 5.11 kilos England Academy and current England cricketer Heather 3rd Pete (Yorkie) Kerr fishing the feedKnight who has recently represented England in the Ladies er using maggot with 4.76 kilos World Cup in Sri Lanka. Berkshire sit in a league above Ireland, whose young squad were here to gain experience playing higher ranked opposition and both teams were grateful to be able to enjoy some sunshine and outdoor cricket! After catching early flights on the Sunday, and arriving to light drizzle, both teams brushed off the cobwebs with some intensive training routines and fielding Torry were held at home last Sunday to a drills. This was followed by four days of cricket in which 2 x 50 over games and 3 x 0-0 by fellow strugglers Eldense. The wind got T20 matches were played, giving all of the girls valuable pre season practice before up again and made playing conditions difficult. their season starts in just a few weeks time. To be fair Eldense mastered the conditions Berkshire triumphed as expected in all of the games but Ireland’s performances better than Torry and were the better side on improved with every game against their more experienced opponents. the day particularly in the second-half. Torry Highlight for Ireland was undoubtedly Lucy O’Reilly, taking two wickets in her could have won it at the death when they first three balls in an Ireland shirt, at the age of 13! For Berkshire, Alex Rogers 82 were awarded a penalty for a foul on Koeman. not out in the final T20 was the stand out performance with the bat. The week was Koeman took the spot-kick and struck it a triumph for both sides and plans are already underway for a ladies tournament straight down the middle but the ball deflected here pre season in 2014.

FC Torry news

with 7.760kg fishing the Pole using corn 3rd Doug (The Welsh Gold miner) Hornblow with 5.220kg fishing the pole using maggot All details are available on our website or from the Match Secretary Terry Screen on 96 532 8368. Anglers Together THE OBJECTIVE of Anglers Together was to introduce anglers to each other, who otherwise had no one to fish with or didn’t know where to fish. It was successful in bringing together many anglers who established friendships and which continue to this day. No meetings are held now but information is still available through our email address: Tight lines… Dave Hoare

off the keepers legs and clear – if only. Torry remain in the 4th and final relegation spot level on points with Denia with a cluster of clubs with one or two points more. There is still all to play for in a relegation battle which will go to the last round of games. This weekend Torry are away to bottom of the table Catarroja who look doomed for the drop. Results of matches in this league are though never predictable and Catarroja went and won 2-1 at table toppers Novelda last Sunday. Torry really do all bring three points home from Catarroja. Keep your fingers crossed for the Salineros.

Classified Ads 12 - 18 APRIL 2013

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• Pipe leaks pressure tested, detected and repaired with a proven guaranteed success rate • Structural leaks investigated and repaired • Replacement pumps, filters, salt systems, Ph regulators and accessories supplied and installed • Refurbishments & upgrades undertaken • Weekly maintenance contracts

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TEL: 966 774 199 / 678 080 500 NO CALLOUT CHARGE WITHIN THE LOCAL AREA Torrevieja and surrounding areas plus Costa Calida


12 - 18 april 2013

PROTECTAPET Spains leading pet insurance provider. tel: 965 756 371 SMALL DOGS CARED FOR IN OUR OWN HOME So if you need to go away on holiday but don’t want your dog to go into kennels then we will look after them. References available. Tel: 965843781 Mob: 622514980 (Altea area - Costa Blanca North) TRANS-PET We do regular, door-to-door journeys between the Costa Blanca and the UK.Our aim is to provide a professional, caring service for your pets.Boarding facilities for Cats and Dogs. This may be for an overnight stay or of longer durations.Tel:600-552-030/965-960658

France, Germany, Holland, Belgium and the UK. DEFA certificate and license. www.alstrays. com. Tel: 676 653 681 PET TRAVEL UK Personalised family pet transporter between Spain/France/UK. Door to door fully accompanied service. Travel overland and on ferries with your pets. No charge for passengers. Pet friendly hotels if a stop required, All air conditioned vehicles (no vans), DEFRA licence. UK 01209 843971 or Spain 678 756 644 APAD (ANIMAL) CHARITY SHOP Calle San Antonio 1, Jalon. Open 9.30/1.00 Mon- Sat. Stock needed - clothes, toys, misc. For more info. Tel: Jane 680717118 PET TRANSPORT we treat your pet as if they belong to us and that is our promise. Van fully air conditioned we believe we have the best rates so give Joe a call on 966 074 576 or 650 341 087 for a chat or e mail

ALSTRAYS TRANSPORT SERVICES Monthly cat and dog transports between Spain,

FRED MULLEN Ex Post Office worker from East Belfast please ring 07730886526 STRICTLY SOCIAL CLUB Why not come and join us for an afternoon of entertainment, fun, quizzes and games. We also have speakers, and arrange meals out and coach outings. We meet on the top floor at The New Asturias Restaurant, Punta Prima between 2.30 p.m. and 5.00 p.m. on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each Month. Open to all agegroups. For more info call Margaret on 966730569 or Brian on

678807159. Looking forward to meeting you. “ ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS - COSTA BLANCA Confidential Helpline, South 625 912 078, North 648 169 045.

BOATING LICENSES NOW LEGAL REQUIREMENT IN SPAIN. Serenity Sailing RYA Training Centre, Competent Crew to Yachtmaster, VHF & ICC. Ownboat tuition on sail and power. If you have a yacht or powerboat get qualified and certified. Contact Richard 0034 638 056 224.

MINI DIGGER FOR HIRE with operator Tel 679 542 665 KITCHENS, BATHROOMS, WARDROBES Classic Kitchens, 20 years on the Costa Blanca, call Adrian 676 699 700 JR CONSTRUCTION General Builders and Roofers Tel: 634 617 771


12 - 18 april 2013 contact Andrea and Brian 616 478 157 FUNKY FREESTYLE DANCE with Louise, every Saturday morning at 4kwatro in Albir, come and learn all the moves and routines to your pop idols! Call Louise on 655781-068 for more information!

PERSONAL AND PROFESSIONAL CLEANING SERVICE for your home or business at a fair price. Try us out so we can prove how good we are, book 2 hours and only pay for 1 on your first booking. References available. (Altea area) Tel: 965843781 or 622514980

MR FIXIT For all your electrical, Plumbing, General & Appliance & Boiler repairs. No call out charge. 698 320 434 REPAIRS Washing machines, Dishwashers & Dryers. Also Boilers and any electrical problems.

DO YOU NEED EXTRA HELP AT HOME? I can help you at home with light duties, cleaning, cooking, housework, shopping etc as a carer. References available. Altea, Benidorm, Alfaz del Pi area. Call Trisha for more information on 622 514 980 or 965 843 781

24hours. Cheap prices Tel 626 805 709


MINI DIGGER FOR HIRE with operator Tel 679 542 665 NEW LAWN/LAWN PROBLEMS Call the lawn specialist for a solution on 676863778

TAI CHI CLASSES and Stretch Flex & Tone classes . Effective exercises to make you look and feel good. Both starting Friday 3 May at Community Centre , Calle Aranjuez , Pueblo Suiz , El Galan ( nr Archers) Ring for further days and times 96 679 1077 email MOBILE BARBER For a friendly and reliable experienced Barber look no further 10€ All Cuts Phone Danny 634 342 975

available. CALL US FIRST for all your insurance needs, including best deals on Funeral plans. Buildings and contents cover from just 98 euros per year. Tel 966787123 / 686116297

Meet people and turn spare time into cash. Phone Rosh 966 785 520

RECLAIMED RAILWAY SLEEPERS FOR SALE 9 Reclaimed Railway Sleepers 250 euros the lot. 3 large slabs white marble 15 euros each ono Tel 966 495 221 LIGHTWEIGHT WHEELCHAIR Folding, immaculate.150 euro. Mobility scooter.40km range. Road legal. Hardly used.499 euro.627019403 AT MICHAEL’S part exchange on certain beds when you buy a New bed from our New Bed shop in the Arenal. Photos: AT MICHAEL’S Several extra wide modern armchairs and recliners. See more than 600 photos: www. AT MICHAEL’S we specialize on very high quality pre-owned furniture for half price or less. Tel 96-579 1328 AT MICHAEL’S Beautiful very large American fridge/freezer with ware/ ice dispenser and a “Mini-bar”! Photos on: MICHAEL’S 30 YEARS IN JAVEA ENSURES YOUR SATISFACTION! We sell high quality pre owned furniture, many from show apartments etc. Look at: www.michaels-javea. com Tlf:965-791-328.

LAPTOP CLEAN HARD DRIVE Internet ready charger Microsoft Office 2007 DVD drive 100.00 Eur Good condition Torrevieja 693956707 BYTEBACK MICROS computer repairs/upgrades in your home. Qualified technician. Systems custom built. Whatever your problem call: 965-312-006 or 606-127-424

ALEXANDERS ANTIQUE JEWELLERS pay Top London prices, Est. 2003. Open Mon-Sat, 10am - 2pm. Javea Port seafront. Tel: 965 792 595 / 667 270 969

MOBILE/PARK HOMES FROM 15,000 € Fully furnished ready to move into, Camping Pueblo San Javier. Also homes & plots for rent. Carol 96 819 24 25 Mob. 626 055 622

LADIES DANCEFIT WITH L.A DANCE at 4kwatro in Albir, Mondays at 7.30pm, call Louise on 655 781 068 for more information TAPPY TOES DANCE CLASS FOR BABIES from 18 months, at 4kwatro in Albir, 11am, call Louise on 655 781 068 for more information. LA BAMBA’S - BALLROOM / LATIN / SEQUENCE Los Rosales Restaurant, Guardamar CV895 [near Lemon Tree Sunday Market] Monday - Social Dance 8.30pm - 10.00pm [Sequence class 7.30pm - 8.30pm] Friday - Social Dance 7.30pm - 10.00pm Wednesday - New Beginners Class 2pm -3pm Improvers Class 3pm - 4pm Intermediate Class 4pm - 5pm For more information

GOLD WANTED English Jeweller wishes to buy broken or unwanted Gold and Silver jewellery & coins for cash. Call for an appointment. Peter (7 days) 664 890 990. Member of the Nat. ASSN of Goldsmiths


12 - 18 april 2013 RENAULT MEGANE 1.5 DIESEL 1998, old but reliable, ITV till 2014, 1500€ Tel: 965 796 668

ADVICE WITH THE SPANISH SYSTEM Whatever you need to integrate into the spanish system, we can help you. NIE, residencia, empadronamiento, car import transfer, driving license transfer, schools, doctors, social security.(Benidorm and surrounding areas) Tel: 619 269 408 email: pammcmurchie@hotmail. com ADVISORY SERVICE Need advice on making a will, buying or selling property, tax, resident or non resident, starting a business in spain, we can talk you through and give you the best advice and help you settle in spain. (Benidorm and surrounding areas) Tel: 610 634 506

Terry: 966 845 414 / 625 995 470 LOOKING FOR A CAR? We have over 75 LHD and RHD vehicles in stock for sale or exchange. We have a good selection of vehicles to clear from only 800€ Tel Frank 600726221/965687976

TAI CHI CLASSES and Stretch Flex & Tone classes . Effective exercises to make you look and feel good Both starting Friday 3 May at Community Centre , Calle Aranjuez , Pueblo Suiz , El Galan ( nr Archers) Ring for further days and times 96 679 1077 email

WANT TO DRIVE your LHD car to the UK and sell it when you get there? Call 658 670 777


BEEN NAUGHTY? Do you need a Spanking? To arrange a visit Email: (Torrevieja Area). FRED MULLEN Ex Post Office worker from East Belfast please ring 07730886526 THE BLUE PILL NOW EVEN BETTER. From €2, other products available. Don’t miss out. Derek 685 207 378 BLUE PILLS, JELLIES AND WEEKENDERS to improve your love life. Pay on Delivery. Local and nationwide service. or phone Colin 680878735 LOOKING FOR COMPANY? Do you want to explore your sexual fantasies with beautiful Brazilian and Oriental ladies? 24 hours, hotel or home visit Telephone 689526354 PLEASURE HOUSE TORREVIEJA Sexy girls from South America. Come and enjoy, low rates from 40€. Address: Calle Finlandia. 682776-068 SPANISH LADY PLAYA FLAMENCA near new Carrefour before La Florida. 35 years, attractive, classy lady, private house, parking. Offers all erotic services, massage, sexy lingerie, economical prices from 40€. Full discretion. Call Ana 680-735-412 CASA ANGELA TORREVIEJA Luxury Private Chalet, parking. Drinks invitation. Feeling alone? Just want some company? Exotic girls from South America. Call us, come and enjoy! Also Escort Service. Full discretion. Street: Avenida Asociacion Vistimas del Terrorismo. 609-573-468 or 639-832-118

PROBLEMS WITH INSECTS? Cockroaches, rats & mice. Call 626 828 974 All insects

KITCHENS, BATHROOMS, WARDROBES Classic Kitchens, 20 years on the Costa Blanca, call Adrian 676 699 700 SHOWERMAN fits shower and bath screens of all shapes and sizes. Immediate delivery. Unbeatable prices guaranteed. Best service in Spain 639 292 081 or 965 792 285 see our main advert on page 5 MR FIXIT For all your electrical, Plumbing, General & appliance & Bolier repairs. No call out charge. 698 320 434

SEAT IBIZA 5 DOOR HATCHBACK 1.4 STYLE 2009, 1 owner, 77,000kms, FSH, alloys, AC, CD, front fogs, metallic black. 7,450€. Tel Frank 600726221/965687976 MERCEDES E500 AUTO TIPTRONIC AVANT GARDE 2003, 2 owners, 82,000kms, FSH, cruise control, navigation, CD/DVD, airmatic suspension, Parktronic, Dual climate, alloys, twin panoramic sunroofs, electric memory seats, keyless entry/start, front headlamp wash, full vented charcoal leather and Walnut facias finished in metallic silver, stunning example. Must be seen to appreciate. 9,950€. Tel Frank 600726221/965687976

PEUGEOT 206 CABRIOLET 2006 RHD Spanish Reg Black.Peugeot Service History.53,000 miles.2 Lady owners.Immaculate condition.Tral welcome.4,950 Euros Telephone 966 796 788 La Marina San Fulgencio PEUGEOT 206,2004 1.6 LTR Petrol AUTOMATIC Gold, Spanish LHD, 29000KM Spanish LHD, one owner, 5495€ 965 368 274 KIA SPORTAGE, 4X2, 2008, 2 LTR Petrol, silver Spanish LHD and CD player. Excellent condition 9995€ 965 368 274 HYMER HM 700, 1988 Diesel Auto, 5 berth, Spanish LHD, Mercedes Engine, Air con, 11995€ 965 368 274 AUDI A3, 2011 1.6 LTR Diesel Spanish LHD, Audi Extended warranty, silver, 14495€ 965 368 274 BMW X1, 2011, 4X4, S Drive 2 Ltr Auto Diesel, Lacs Silver, leather interior, excellent condition, one owner 22995€ 965 368 274 PEUGEOT 206, 2003, 1.4 LTR HDI Diesel Agean Blue, Low KLM, 5495€ www.venuscars. com 965 368 274

WANTED I BUY ANY CAR van,Caravan,4x4 Etc.British, Spanish. Immediate cash 600781-873 ibuyanycar@hotmail. com

DISCOUNT TYRES Quality Tyres at Recession Prices. 45 Different Brands to choose from. 966875600 MJB MOBILE WELDERS Gates, grills, hinges etc., repaired or new. No job too small. Fast service. Low prices. Free Quotes. Call


12 - 18 april 2013

MINI DIGGER FOR HIRE with operator Tel 679 542 665

SUPERB RESTORED FINCA in fabulous mountain location within 10km Benissa/Calpe Tel: 626 897 041. Offers around 450,000€ HOUSE FOR SALE in quiet area of Torreta 2. 55,000€. Convenient location, close to all amenties. Phone 646 436 088 for more details MORAIRA TOWN CENTRE beautiful well furnished apartment. Air conditioning, garage. 335,000€. Tel: 965 748 390 SIX BED, FOUR BATH, VILLA superb 360° vistas, 10x6m pool, valued €1.178.000 (2007) forced sale €425,000. Contact 650657467 view PLW83q4uAFw PLOT FOR SALE Registered Building Plot 800m² with uninterrupted views across valley, Calpe rock and the Sea, yet only 1.5km from the town centre. Pintor Dali

POOL LEAK REPAIR SPECIALIST’S Pipe leaks pressure tested, detected and repaired. Structural leaks investigated and repaired. Professional, conscientious service to the highest standards. Refurbishments and upgrades undertaken. Replacement pumps, filters, salt systems, ph regulators and accessories supplied and installed. All work guaranteed. British trained in the UK pool industry with over 18 years experience. 10 years served on the Costa Blanca. Torrevieja and surrounding areas including Costa Calida. Tlf:- Pristine Pools on 966-774-199 or 678-080-500 NO CALLOUT CHARGE

2, Moraira 150,000.00€ No offers 965 745 606. PROPERTY FOR SALE 7 bed roomed (all doubles) detached house 500-800mtrs from Moraira. Arranged into a 3 and a 4 bed roomed apartments. Swimming Pool, BBQ area and separate games room. Excellent holiday rental potential. Central heating, double glazing, sea view from 1st floor apartment 475,000.00€ 965 745 606 No Agents. MOBILE/PARK HOME 2 bedrooms en-suite fully fitted. Camping Pueblo San Javier 22,000€. Carol 96 819 24 25 Mob 626 055 622. SELLING YOUR HOUSE? Sold your house? Moving funds back to the UK? Don’t let your Spanish Bank take up to 1% of your sale price, Talk to MoneyCorp now about how to save up to 4,500€* Moneycorp’s repatriation service can help you drastically reduce or even eliminate Spanish bank fees when sending your property sale proceeds back to the UK. Call Moneycorp +34 902 887 243 and quote RTN to get more out of your money. www.moneycorp. com/roundtownnews 3 BED APARTMENT ALTEA LA VELLA 110m squared, 3 double bedrooms - 2 with patio doors and balconies and mountain views, 1 bathroom, 1 shower room, separate fully fitted kitchen, large living room with 2 patio doors onto large terrace with mountain views and open views onto orange groves, large trastero and private parking space. Central village location. 1 min walk to supermarket, bars, restaurants, pharmacy, bus stop. 2 mins to AP7 motorway. Private sale. 170,000€. Tel: 617 893 036 or email: SC1354:BRAND NEW ECOBUILD Benissa Coast with Sea View 3 Bed, 2 Bath. All inclusive price for plot, build, garage, walls,

etc. Models available for preview 395,000 Euros SC1315 PRIVATE GARDEN, COMMUNITY POOL Moraira close to Golf Course 2 Bed, 1 Bath, Nice views 125,000 Euros Spanish Coast Villas 965 741 748

Atalayas de Polop. Really well presented 2 bedroom townhouse with fantastic views. 495€ La Nucia 3 bedroom townhouse with air con, well furnished, sunny position and communal pool and parking.545€ p/m La Nucia. 2 bed house, very well presented with front and back gardens. Great price at 495€ p/m Tel: 0034 966 260877 LONG LETS TORREVIEJA 2 bedroom park home, air con, TV, DVD, communal pool and bar, near Torreta II shops and bars, close to beach. 250€ per month plus bills. Tel:617 599 470 NTH TORREVIEJA/LA MATA: Furnished 2 Bed corner apartment close to shops in a very popular location. Pool/Gardens. For long term, 375€ pcm. Ref: 96. Torrevieja: Excellent 1 bed furnished grd. Flr. apt. Convenient for beach, shops. Balcony, For holiday lets. 200€ p.w. Ref: 157. Aguas Nuevas: Furnished 2 bed Townhouse, convenient location. Balcony, Communal Pool. 450€ pcm. Ref:137. Torrevieja: Grd 3 bedroom apt. in Torreblanca. Close to shops. 2 terraces + garden. Long term, 400€ pcm. Ref: 158. La Mata: 2 Bed apartment. mins to shops or beach , bars, etc. 350€ pcm. Ref: 82 Rent-2-go - Torrevieja Office - Tel: 966707074 Contracts provided Further Choices at office - Calle Diana

PARK HOMES 2 BEDROOMS Both en-suite fully fitted. Camping Pueblo San Javier. Carol Tel 96

819 24 25 Mob. 626 055 6622 Email. LONG LETS - HOLIDAYS Best Price Rentals Paul 966785891 659647616 miramarproperties@ 2 OR 3 BED / 2 BATH APARTMENTS in San Miguel. Lift, communal rooftop pool & solarium, video entry system. Available for short or long term rent from 350pcm. 96 672 3437 or 636615716 FOR RENT/SALE 350€PCM 85.000€ Classic Spanish Old Town House, 3 double bedrooms (1 with en-suite bathroom) master bathroom, modern kitchen, downstairs toilet, sun terrace with view of mountains, BBQ terrace with summer kitchen, recentley refurbished and fully furnished. Callosa de en Seria near La Nucia. Tel: 609 177 032

Register your property for FREE at and when we sell your property we will charge you absolutely nothing! The average time it takes us to sell a property is 8 weeks. Register now at – you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

VAN LEAVING UK TO SPAIN 28TH APRIL returning Spain to UK 4th May Space available 679042805 / 0044[(0) 7552985343 DIGBY REMOVALS Weekly removals to and from Spain. 1 box to full household. Storage - UK & Spain. Insurance included. Call today for FREE advice no obligation quote. Tel: 676 582 333 or

+44 1268 728 855 email: sales@ or visit:

12 - 18 april 2013


SKY SUPPLIES FTA, Sky+HD and Humax Freesat 500GB, 1TB, 2TB new/refurbished receivers. Full Sky (Sports/Movies/HD) from 15e/mth. Complete systems installed, 1.1m 225e, 1.4m 299e. Repairs,Realigns, Spare remotes, Advice. 966194013/600899096 CRYSTAL CLEAR SATELLITE AND INTERNET TV Freesat High Definition from 299€ on 1m dish. 12 months Sky package 200€ Steve 660 186 505 Ros 965 584 097 info@

B.M.C.REMOVALS UK-LOCALEUROPE FULLY INSURED, professional, reliable service. We also transport: Cars, Caravans, Quad Bikes, Motorbikes, Scooters, Small Boats and Jetskis. Office (0034) 966 19 19 11 Mobile (0034) 620 044 983 www.bmcremovals. com VAN LEAVING FOR THE UK/ SPAIN EVERY 2 WEEKS great rates please contact Joe on 966 074 576 or 650 341 087 or

I BUY RECORDS LP’S SINGLES AND CD’s ANY STYLE, JAZZ, BLUES, POP, PUNK, ROCK, ETC... TOP CASH PAID. 622 750 117 TURN YOUR UNWANTED FURNITURE Electrical, Household Goods and Bric-a-brac into Cash. Anything! Anywhere! 965-319220/618-165-877

JAVEA SKIP HIRE 626 670 038 Moraira, Benissa, Calpe, Denia from S&W TOOL HIRE & FERRETERIA MORAIRA

RTN Costa Calida Edition 24  

RTN Costa Calida Edition 24