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Post-Presentation Reflection Gillian Shields EDUC 250 This is done individually by each team member after the presentation. Answer the following questions and submit electronically no later than 1 week after the presentation: 1.

Describe how you and your partners worked on this assignment. Describe the work that you did together and individually with your partners for this assignment. For our presentation, we did lots of our communication through e-mail. We did meet up three times to discuss and determine how we were going to do our presentation. Jasmine, and I split the lesson plan due a week before our presentation. She e-mailed what she had started and I finished, and redid the lesson plan in Madeline Hunter’s form. Patrick also met up with me and gave me some suggestions. For our anticipatory set, we used two Youtube videos. I was responsible for finding the Youtube videos. We all split the content of our slide show into four, and typed out what we needed to put in. We e-mailed this content to Patrick, who put it in a power point for us. Larissa put together a rough copy of the study guide and questions. She showed us and asked for our opinions and advice and then typed a good copy. I think we all worked well together, and were easy to get along with. It was great everyone did their part, because our schedule conflicted almost the entire time, but we still managed!


Did you feel your lesson plan and presentation were effective? Did your team achieve what they wanted to accomplish? Did you achieve what you wanted to accomplish? Since our chapter had been previously taught in class, I think we did do a good job of solidifying the content for the students. I think our anticipatory set was really interesting and appropriate to our topic. The videos lightened the mood and caught students’ attention. I think we did accomplish getting all what is needed to know about lesson planning. The reason I believe this is because we checked for understanding. Our ending question asked students if there was anything we missed. All students responded that we did not and were satisfied with the lesson. This was very rewarding.


How did you feel before, during, and after your class presentation? Why did you feel this way? I felt really nervous before and during the presentation. I think the reason I continued to be nervous was because I had a few errors in my part of the presentation. Since I could not let go of what I had done, I think I kept my self nervous, because I didn’t want to stutter, stop, or mess up my wording. After I was a little disappointed but still believe the content I presented was valid and worth while.


What were the strengths/weaknesses of your collaborative presentation? What were the strengths/weaknesses of your individual presentation skills?

I think the strengths of our presentation were our anticipatory set, and the content of our slides. I found them the most interesting, and noticed that we had the students’ attention the most during those times. I also think the way we ran the lesson also went smoothly. This was probably because we used Madeline Hunter’s Lesson Form. I think that we could have chosen or designed a more unique activity, because it was something the class has done. We could have made it slightly more interesting, or challenging. I think that the content I delivered in the presentation was valuable to the lesson. However, how I delivered it was not my intentions. I got lost in my cue cards, and showed nervousness. When I stopped looking at my cue cards, I was more successful at presenting.


Describe what you would do differently if you could change your presentation. Why? The only things I would have done differently with my presentation, would have been the activity, and the way I presented individually. I think we could have chosen an activity that is more active, not only mentally but physically well. I think that would have increased the class’s learning experiment, and memory of the lesson. I also would like to have organized and wrote my cue cards more simply. Ironically I gave the tip to not have an over detailed lesson. That is exactly what I had done to my cue cards, which got the best of me. I also should have practiced a little more or memorized my cue cards, so then I could have been safer in that sense also.

EDUC 250 Presentation Reflection  

EDUC 250 Presentation Reflection

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