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Multiplication What happens if you hang more than one weight on the same number? Try balancing these examples. (1) 3×2=____

(2) 4×3=____





9 < =>

Look at the following example balances. How many weights are needed in the “x?” space to balance the arms? (1) 4÷2=____ Find the correct number of weights to put on the number 2 spot on the right hand side.


(2) 20÷5=____ What is the correct number of weights to put on the number 5 spot on the right hand side of the balance.



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Sure, we all know 2+2=4, but how did you learn it? Was it guess work? Do you still have to use your fingers and toes?


Add the following weights to the left and right arm as shown, then try to balance it! (1) 5+3=____

(2) 4+5=_____

(3) 2+____=9

(4) ____+4=7

The Number Equalizer Balance is a great tool for educators to share the physical intuition of numbers and equalities with their students. The balance can be used to solve simple math questions, and can also be used for students beginning algebra. The Number Equalizer Balance is a simple T-shape arm balance with a set of weights. Simply hang weights on a number on one side, and balance it by placing numbers on the other side.

Tips and Tricks Assembly Steps


Displaying Number Relationships: equal to (=), greater than (>), less than (<). Count the fruits below and hang the same number on the left and right arms of the balance. Which side does the balance lean toward? Compare the numbers and discuss with your classmates.


Set up your balance as shown in the examples below. Try taking one or two weights off to balance the arms. (1) 6 _ ____=2

(2) 10 _ ____=7

(3) 19 _ ___=15

(4) 20 _ ____=6

Example: (1) Hang a weight on the left arm of the balance at the number 2 position; now hang a weight under the right arm of the balance at the number 3 position. Which is bigger, 2 or 3? (1) 2<3

(2) 6>4

< (3) 5=5

> (3) 4____7



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