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A NEW YEAR, A NEW YOU FITNESS | i.DANCE | HEALTH To dance is to live- to live is to experience new things. What better way to start out the New Year, than with a new YOU?

“Find Your Light”

It’s time to with IndepenDANCE Studio.

In a controlled study in the Journal of Applied Gerontology, researchers found that dance and musical accompaniment can help bring about stress relief.

A study in the Journal of Physiological Anthropology

Adult classes began at the studio in 2014, with Adult Ballet, Stretch, & Tone, geared toward adults with all levels of experience, as well as College Wild Card, a class designed for more advanced adult students looking for a range of various styles each week. These classes grew in such great popularity, that additional classes were added in 2015- 2017 to include Ballroom, Clogging, Tap, Jazz & Hip Hop, and Modern & Contemporary.

found that an exercise program of aerobic dance training is just as helpful for losing weight and increasing aerobic power as cycling and jogging.

According to a study in The New England Journal of Medicine, dancing may boost your memory and prevent you from developing dementia as you get older.

Jamming to the music in your car is one thing, but is an actual dance class really something you can do? Staying healthy with a fun dance workout is just one reason to get involved. There are several other benefits of taking a structured dance class. Dance helps to improve posture, breathing, coordination, and body awareness. It even encourages your brain to utilize critical thinking skills and creativity. Most of all dance helps relieve stress, making it a great way to escape after a long day.

A d u l t Da n Cl a s s es ! c e

IndepenDANCE Studio makes it easy for clients to attend classes with two simple methods. The first way is to download the free MindBody application on your smartphone or tablet. Search for IndepenDANCE Studio, and join. From there, you can sign up for the classes that interest you, and you can even pay through the app! The second way is to simply drop by the studio and pay in person. NO CONTRACTS REQUIRED! It’s easy and AFFORDABLE!

Of course the studio is not limited to the adults! IndepenDANCE Studio also has over 50 classes for kids ranging in ages from 18 months to 18 years! All of the styles mentioned earlier are available, plus Acting & Improv, Breakdance, Acrobatics, and even our new iPopstar class! Registration will be open in January. Join iDance as an iFamily- we have something for everyone! Give us a call for more information, shoot us an email, check out our website, like us on Facebook, or even follow us on Instagram and Snapchat! Hope to see the New You, in the New Year! wellness360 | JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2018 | 352.337.0017 |


Editor's Note

finding balance I first met Gary McClain, aka DJ Ruckus (cover story, page 36), while he was deejaying at a party for a client. It just so happened that I was in need of a DJ for an event I was working on later in the year. Before the night was over, I asked him if he was free the night of my event. He said he was, and the party was a success thanks to his rocking tunes! However, it was clear that deejaying was not his only passion, and I later found out that he was also a trainer and a competitive body builder. The journalist in me knew there was a story in there somewhere!


wellness360 | JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2018

Happy New Year, friends!

Nicole Irving, Publisher, EIC


So, when the topic of competitive bodybuilding came up at a brainstorming meeting, I knew exactly to whom we should reach out. As it turns out, Gary has used his passion for music, dancing and bodybuilding to overcome obstacles and find balance and serenity in today’s crazy world. His story is one that is so important, particularly as we move into a new year. In the coming months, life will only become more complex, busy and uncertain. We need to find ways, like Gary has, to bring things into our daily lives that balance us, bring peace to our crazy lives and make each day brighter.

So, as we embark on a new year, I hope that you too will find your “thing” that brings you the balance and happiness you deserve!




feature 36 Music and Muscles

Learn how bodybuilding, music and dancing all come together for Gary McClain, Gainesville's very own DJ Ruckus.


Gary McClain is a local personal trainer, competitive bodybuilder and a DJ. He lives in Gainesville with his wife, Jen, and his daugher. Our cover was shot on location at Zen Fitness. Photography by Jimmy Ho Photography. Makeup by Kara Winslow.

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18 BOSU for Beginners



22 6 Tech Products to Keep You in

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to do Date Night on a Budget

Meet Jennifer Todd

Learn what motivates this tennis player to play her favorite sport five days a week.

24 Do Not Doubt the Brussels Sprout

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LIFESTYLE 32 Scrub A Dub: Six Scrubs for Softer Skin



34 Ask the Oncologist

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Cracking the Case on Knuckle Cracking BY DANIELLE SPANO

Whether it is to alleviate boredom, stress or tension, stiffness, restlessness or simply due to habit, knuckle cracking seems to satisfy many. A study in the Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine reported that the behavior is often habitual because of the release of joint tension and increased range of motion knuckle cracking can cause.

to crack can certainly cause injury, which can eventually lead to osteoarthritis, but the cracking itself would not be the cause. Overextending the joint can also damage the surrounding ligament or dislocate the tendon. There has been speculation that knuckle cracking can weaken your grip, however a 2017 study in the journal Hand

Studies show that habitual knuckle cracking does not cause osteoarthritis, the most common form of arthritis. Surgery & Rehabilitation found that knuckle cracking does not affect your grip strength. So, the next time someone hits you with the arthritis line, you can feel free to pull, stretch or bend your fingers as you wish.

There has been much debate on what knuckle cracking actually is. Previously, the theory was that the cracking sound came from the collapse of bubbles in the synovial fluid when the joint is separated. Recently, scientists from the University of Alberta used real-time magnetic resonance imaging (an MRI) to see just what happens when a joint “cracks.” They successfully debunked the long-standing bubble theory, as they found visual evidence of cavity formation — a rapid formation of gas within the fluid surrounding the joint. Think of the sound you hear from the gas escaping a soda can when you pop the top. While the physics are not exactly the same, it

helps to envision how the gas in your joints can make a sound when you manipulate them to the point that they “crack.” If you have cracked your knuckles in public enough times, you have surely been granted the unsolicited advice that you will get arthritis. Many studies, including a study published in the Western Journal of Medicine, showed that habitual knuckle cracking does not cause osteoarthritis, the most common form of arthritis. The affliction can be caused by joint injury or overuse, but not directly from cracking the joint. Pushing the joint beyond its ability in order to get it

So, if cracking your knuckles does not cause arthritis, what about cracking the rest of your body? Jennifer Bevis, D.C., of Bevis Chiropractic in Gainesville said cracking your back or neck is best left to professionals. Stiffness in your back or neck can be caused by vertebrae that are misaligned (called a subluxation), and when you crack the area, you are not actually stretching the problem area. “Other vertebrae above and below start to move a little more to allow you to bend, so they are working double time and doing more motion than they should. Now you are creating a more hypermobile situation, and hypermobility leads to degenerative change,” said Bevis. “A professional can evaluate where the problem actually is and do an adjustment focused on that area.” Basically, you are not alleviating the stiffness in the problem area, but further stretching areas that are already compensating for the stiffness. Bevis explained that stiffness and hypermobility also relate to knuckle joints and recommends not using knuckle cracking as a method of self-medicating.

"A professional can evaluate where the problem actually is and do an adjustment focused on that area." -Jennifer Bevis, D.C.


wellness360 | JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2018

wellness360 | JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2018



Have Your Heart Set on Preventing Heart Disease BY DANIELLE SPANO

Your heart has an important job. It provides your body with the blood, oxygen and nourishment it needs to function, and keeping your heart healthy is vital. The Centers for Disease Control reports that in the United States, a heart attack occurs every 40 seconds, and at least one person dies each minute from heart disease. Scary, huh? Heart disease refers to many conditions including but not limited to chest pain caused from insufficient blood to the heart, called angina; arrhythmia, an irregular heartbeat; cardiomyopathy, an enlarged heart; and heart failure, where the heart cannot pump a sufficient amount of blood for the body. The most common type is coronary artery disease (often called coronary heart disease). This condition is caused by a buildup of cholesterol (plaque) in the artery walls, hindering or blocking the flow of blood to the heart. Coronary artery disease weakens the heart over time and can lead to a heart attack.


wellness360 | JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2018

Heart disease does not discriminate; it is the leading cause of death for most ethnicities nationwide. The risks are widespread, with some you cannot change and some you can control. While heart disease and heart attacks can occur at any age, your risk increases

Heart disease is the No. 1 killer of all Americans, but 80 percent of heart disease is preventable. - Dr. Michael Jansen, cardiologist

as you get older. Women’s risk for heart disease increases after menopause, but men have a larger risk than women overall. As with many diseases, family history of heart disease increases your risk as well. You cannot control your age, gender and heredity, but there are some risks associated with lifestyle choices. Unhealthy behaviors can increase your risk of heart disease. Tobacco use damages the heart and blood vessels, raises blood pressure and drastically increases the risk of heart disease. High blood pressure, diabetes and high cholesterol can result from physical inactivity, high alcohol intake and poor diet. “Heart disease is the No. 1 killer of all Americans, but 80 percent of heart disease is preventable,” Dr. Michael Jansen, a cardiologist with The Cardiac and Vascular Institute in Gainesville, said. “Making small changes like eating healthier and exercising more can have a big impact on your overall heart health.” The American Heart Association recommends several ways to lower you risk of heart disease. First, incorporate regular physical activity into your life to strengthen your heart muscle, lower your blood pressure and lose weight. Next, watch what

you eat! Eat foods that are low in sodium, increase your good cholesterol, lower your bad cholesterol, reduce your blood sugar levels and help you to maintain a healthy weight. Finally, if you are smoking, then stop! Not only will quitting lower your risk for heart disease, but also for lung disease and stroke.

His test results perplexed doctors with readings not normal for a 24-year-old. He had a heart attack and was having another. “No one really knows what their sign is for a heart attack. Everyone assumes it’s chest pain and your left arm. That’s not the case,” said Gonzalez. “From what I’ve learned, everyone has their own thing, and mine is throwing up. That was my body saying ‘there’s something wrong’.” Doctors determined he had clogged arteries and that 25 percent of his heart was not working. They were able to remove the blockages, but Gonzalez was forced to spend five days in the intensive care unit and had to postpone the wedding to allow for a full recovery. This was just the beginning of how heart disease would change his life. But do not worry, the heart wants what it wants, and the happy couple eventually got married in a small ceremony.

Ganzaga Family photos courtesy of family.

You lead a fairly healthy life and assume heart disease will never happen to you, right? Neither did Robert Gonzalez, who had a heart attack at just 24. Robert was an average 24-year-old — he did not pay much attention to a healthy diet but lifted weights to stay in shape. He had no family history of heart attacks and did not smoke. In 2012, with his wedding in two weeks, he was focused on the love in his heart and not heart disease. He was driving back to Gainesville from a trip to South Florida and started vomiting every 10 minutes. Finally, he had to pull over and call his fiancé to arrange for someone to pick him up, as he could not continue to drive. At first, his fiancé thought his trip must have rivalled “The Hangover” movies to be vomiting so often, but that was not the case. After continuing to vomit for hours on end, he was brought to North Florida Regional Medical Center.

Clockwise from left: Robert Gonzalez competing in the Reebok Spartan Race. Robert and his wife, Jenna, with their daughter in Magic Kingdom. Robert and his daughter picking out a pumpkin together.

He immediately began a reduced sodium diet, allowing no more than 1500 mg per day, started following a very modified workout regimen, and went to the doctor four times a year to check his heart health. His diligence paid off, impressing the doctors after the first year with great progress with his cholesterol and stress tests and was reduced to only two checkups a year. It took three years of following the diet and exercise routine to get the green light to begin lifting weights again. After five years, he made enough progress to be taken off blood thinners. Just recently, Gonzalez

was advised he is now only required to visit the doctor once a year. These changes were not temporary, but a new lifestyle for the whole Gonzalez family. Even though there was no family history of heart disease, once their daughter turns 5, she will be tested to ensure she has a healthy heart. Regardless of your heart disease risk factor, it is never too late (or too early) to start living a heart healthy life. Do not wait for a wakeup call like a heart attack to start making changes. Start taking care of your heart today!

5 HEART HEALTHY FOODS Berries Nuts Beans Fish Whole Grains wellness360 | JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2018



How to Keep Your Brain Strong as You Age BY MEREDITH SHELDON

your brain up to speed. Abeles said a major factor in mental acuity decline is depression. This is common among seniors who are very lonely. Schedule lunch with a group of friends a few times a week. Play bingo or do yoga at the ElderCare of Alachua County Senior Recreation Center. Go to the Oaks Mall with a neighbor. Do water aerobics with a group of friends at the 300 Club in town. The more social you are, the stronger your mind will be as you age.

Challenge yourself

Abeles said there are two positives to aging: wisdom and creativity. These two things will carry with you for life. But, memory, recall and other cognitive skills decline. One way to keep your brain functioning well with age is to challenge it.

As we get older, we change. Our bodies change. Our behaviors change. Our friend groups and social activities change. And, of course, our brains also change. With age, it is important to keep our minds strong and stimulated. Mental acuity, according to Dr. Norman Abeles, is how sharp and clear your mind processes and responds to things. It assesses your critical thinking skills, problem solving skills and overall cognitive abilities. Throughout life it is normal for mental acuity to decline. But, do not fret. Abeles, an aging specialist and professor of psychology at Michigan State University, said there are an array of things you can do to keep your brain healthy and strong as you get older.

Long-term memory declines the most with age, said Abeles. Stimulate your mind by playing word jumbles. Solve crossword puzzles in the newspaper. Play games and challenge your brain a bit to keep your memory and mental quickness in check. “Mental acuity will stay with you for a long time short of getting various diseases,” he said. “You stimulate your brain automatically when you are young, but as you get older, you have to make more of an effort.”

Stay positive

Aging comes with some struggles, but it also comes with some rewards. Abeles said stress and depression are common factors to avoid to keep you from losing your mental acuity. A positive attitude will keep your brain healthy and happy. This can keep you from feeling sad or lonely and will keep your mind alert.

Stay busy

Go for walks

You stimulate your brain automatically when you are young, but as you get older, you have to make more of an effort. -Dr. Abeles

Exercise and physical activity are crucial for maintaining proper heart health and weight, but it can also help your mental health. Walking down the street or even around the mall with friends are simple and fun ways to stay active as you get older. “I don’t mean just going on the treadmill,” said Abeles. Memory recall changes with age and staying in shape helps to keep these skills sharp.

Stay socially active

While it is important to keep your body active, it is also important to stay socially active. Socializing is the key to keeping

The best thing to do is to keep up with activities. Abeles recommends finding a hobby, working part time, playing a card game with friends, volunteering with children or reading to the blind. The effects of mental acuity and aging change from person to person. However, these changes are slow, and staying busy can keep your mind from deteriorating at a faster rate. “Keeping active in terms of work or activities are much more likely to increase your mental acuity,” he said. “Don't sit at home after retirement and just watch TV. As long as you are physically capable of doing activities, you should be able to function fairly well for a long time.”

Take Care of You. 352.331.3332

Helping You Live a Healthy Lifestyle.


What the Hill Was Wrong With Me BY TED SPIKER

I would make hills parts of my training runs. I would slog up them even if I looked like I was moving at the speed of an anchored tugboat. I would finally do what every dang Instagram motivational mantra tells you to do — get comfortable being uncomfortable. Slowly, I morphed from hating hills to looking forward to them. Slowly, I avoided flat training runs and began scouting out loops that had some rolls in them. Slowly, I made it up them faster and fitter. My race weekend this fall was packed with four races in three days. I did all of them, and the courses featured plenty of climbing. Instead of dreading them, I was prepared for them. I did not fly up with gazelle-like elegance, in fact I am sure I looked like a wounded bear seeking shelter as I trudged upward, but I attacked them as hard as I could.

Because of some of the work I do with Runner’s World magazine, I had the opportunity to run the Big Sur International Marathon along the California coast about a year and a half ago. Though I trained steadily, my mashedpotatoes body was not prepared for the rolling constant massive will-they-ever-end hills on the course. One of them stretched two miles between miles eight and 10. I ended up with a DNF (Did Not Finish) that day, and while I was disappointed in my performance, I knew that my legs, lungs and lard were no match for the elevation changes.


wellness360 | JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2018

My friends told me, “It’s so tough to be able to train for those hills in Gainesville,” which was a nice sentiment until I learned that the fourth-place male finisher was from Gainesville. The reality was that I avoided training on hills, probably for the same reason I avoid burpees and dressing room mirrors. It just does not feel that great on a bigger body. Early last summer, with a different (but still hilly) race on the calendar, I decided to stop being an avoider and start being a confronter.

At one point, a woman I was running with said, “You’re strong on the hills,” which was odd, because the only time I had ever imagined hearing a phrase like that would be if “hills” was substituted for “buffet.” But I accepted the compliment — and I used it to reinforce something I wish I had embraced a long time ago. Little by little, you can get better, stronger, fitter and healthier if you can make a small switch in your mind to make a bigger switch in your actions. Burpees may be up next, but it will take a little while longer to confront the dressing room mirrors.

Ted Talks The Humorous Side of Health

Ted Spiker (@ProfSpiker) is the chair of the University of Florida department of journalism, as well as a health and fitness writer. He is the author of DOWN SIZE, a book about the science and soul of weightloss and dieting.


PINHOLE GUM REJUVENATIONTM IS PERFORMED WITHOUT THE INVASIVE CUTTING, STITCHES AND RECOVERY TIME REQUIRED WITH CONVENTIONAL GUM GRAFTING. Instead, the entire procedure is done through one or more small pinholes made in the gum in a process that takes just minutes. The pinhole quickly heals and most patients report little or no pain and experience virtually no downtime. Gary I. Altschuler, DMD BOARD CERTIFIED PERIODONTIST

CALL TODAY FOR A CONSULTATION. 352-371-4141 2251 NW 41st St, Suite F Gainesville, FL 32606 wellness360 | JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2018



Making Exercise Less of a Pain

Preventative Physical Therapy BY DANIELLE SPANO

When you think of a visit to the physical therapist, it typically goes hand in hand with being in pain. Contrary to popular belief, physical therapy is not just for recovering from an injury — it can actually be used for preventing injury. According to the "Guide to Physical Therapist Practice," part of a physical therapists’ role is to provide prevention services and promote health, wellness and fitness. A therapist can conduct screenings to determine what type of prevention may be needed. Prevention can range from identifying factors that may increase risk of health problems, to postural and spine issues, to patients who may have a risk of falling, to risk factors for injury in the workplace. Physical therapists can also perform pre-performance testing for athletic individuals to ensure they are in a good state to compete. Do you work a desk job? Through assessment, physical therapists can determine if you need to reconfigure your workplace or desk setup to minimize neck and back injuries and even avoid carpal tunnel syndrome. They can even go to a workplace to instruct staff how to properly bend and lift, which not only helps to reduce workplace injuries, but also improves overall fitness levels of the staff leading to reduced costs for health and injury compensation. A physical therapist can also create exercise programs and gait (walking) training for elderly patients to increase bone mass and density and improve balance to reduce the risk of falls and fractures. For active individuals, physical therapists can teach proper strengthening, stretching and


wellness360 | JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2018

endurance exercise programs to achieve optimal functionality. The American Physical Therapy Association states that working with a physical therapist can benefit people with active lifestyles by preventing mobility loss before it even occurs. An initial evaluation will help the physical therapist determine if your current flexibility and strength are sufficient for your desired fitness and activity level. Incorrect posture, form and training errors that can be harmful to the body and cause overuse or injury to areas of the body can also be identified. For runners, physical therapists can not only treat running-related injuries, but they can also assist them in proper shoe selection, training methods, and even running form to prevent injury in the first place.

Even the most seasoned athlete can benefit from physical therapy.

For preventative care, there is no specific number of visits to the physical therapist required. The initial assessment is crucial for the doctor to evaluate your current state and determine your risk for injury. “A physical therapist can evaluate you in one visit, discuss their findings of potentially problematic areas or weaknesses you may (or may not) have and offer solutions to reduce your risk of injury or treat you if needed,” Dr. Scott Eddins of Kinetix Physical Therapy said. Occasional visits may be beneficial to track your progress so the physical therapist can reexamine you, ensure you are following your uniquely tailored program correctly, determine if the program is having expected outcomes, and revise the plan as necessary. Even the most seasoned athlete can benefit from physical therapy.

(386) 462-0020 | 14804 NW 140th St | Alachua, FL 32615 |

Healing House MAKE THIS YOUR






S A L T R O O M T H E R A P Y works as an expectorant and

has both antibiotic and anti-inflammatory benefits. The salt room

experience involves therapeutic use of pharmaceutical grade natural salt to benefit respiratory health as well as skin disorders.

wellness360 | JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2018



BOSU for Beginners



repeat for three rounds

X 10 reps

BY CHRISTOPHER PREGONY, BS, CSCS Photos by sincerely gone photography

The BOSU Balance Trainer has been around since 2000, and with 17 years under its belt, we can safely say that this half ball is not a fad. Made in the United States, the BOSU ball was created by David Weck, a fitness trainer and now CEO of BOSU Fitness. One side of the BOSU is an inflated rubber ball, while the other side is a hard, plastic surface. This allows the exerciser to use both sides for different purposes. In fact, BOSU was first an acronym for “both sides up,” but that has now evolved into “both sides utilized.” The BOSU can be used by people of all ages. My 5-year-old treats it like a toy, but it is also a sneaky way for him to develop his balance skills. I have used it on older clients as well. Use of the BOSU on the elderly is a great way for them to maintain or enhance balance; however, it must be carefully supervised. It can be used in a multitude of ways, but its primary purpose is to develop the core muscles and improve balance. When the flat side is down and the inflated hemisphere is up is when the BOSU is most stable. When the inflated side is down and the platform is up it creates a whole new balance challenge. The unstable surface forces the body to recruit more muscles to compensate for the instability. This instability allows it to be a great piece of equipment for prehab and rehab. Balancing on either side of the BOSU can help with ankle and knee stability. There is no substitute for traditional weight training for muscle building, but the BOSU is a great tool for anyone’s fitness arsenal to create a well-rounded program.


wellness360 | JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2018

Flip the ball over so the rubber side is down and grab both sides of the plastic. With your chest over the ball, perform a pushup.


X 10 reps

Flip the ball over so the rubber side is down and place your hands on the middle of the plastic. Drive one knee forward, then the other, alternating with each rep.


X 10 reps

Flip the ball so that the rubber side is down. Perform a pushup, but on the way up jump your feet in and raise the BOSU over your head. Continued on page 20


NEW FOR 2018! •




SUN COUNTRY SPORTS - WEST 333 S.W. 140th Terrace • Jonesville, FL 32669 Phone: (352) 331-8773 • wellness360 | JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2018


Continued from page 18



X 10 reps

repeat for three rounds


X 10 reps

Flip the ball so that the flat side is down. Place one leg in front and the other on the center of the ball so that you are in the lunge position. Drop the back knee down toward the ground. Repeat for other leg.


Flip the ball so the flat side is down. Stand on the ball and perform squats by pushing your glutes back while bending at the knee. 20

wellness360 | JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2018

X 10 reps

Flip the ball so that the flat side is down. Lie down with your feet on rubber side. Push through the heels and contract your glutes as you bridge up. Repeat. wellness360 | JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2018


Style + Gear Ava Cycle Tracker 1.2




Products to Keep You in Peak Physical Condition


As technology advances, it is becoming easier than ever to take charge of your health. From fertility trackers to indoor climate monitors, here are six products equipped with smart technology that communicates information to your smartphone to help you and your family stay as healthy as possible.

Wonder what is really happening with your cycle? This device uses sensor technology to track it — whether you are trying to conceive, are pregnant or just want to better understand your body.

Netatmo Healthy Home Coach $99.99,

The Healthy Home Coach improves your health by improving the health of your home. From monitoring indoor air quality to help reduce the effects of pollution to tracking your home’s humidity levels to assist in managing asthma symptoms, this product measures the vitals of your home and alerts you when something needs to be fixed.


$449, Designed for those with an elevated risk of heart conditions, this wearable ECG monitor provides continuous medical grade data, including heart rate and heart rate variability, that can easily be shared with a physician.

Motiv Ring

$199, Slip this ultralight titanium ring on to keep track of your heart rate, measure your activity levels and monitor your sleep quality.

$19.99,, and Target This lightweight thermometer requires no batteries and connects directly to your smartphone for an easy temperature read in seconds. It also gives personalized guidance on how to soothe symptoms and when to call the doctor.


wellness360 | JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2018

Pillbox by Tricella $74.99,

This innovative pillbox automatically syncs to your smartphone, and family members can receive notifications if the pillbox’s smart sensors detect that the user has missed a dosage.


Kinsa Smart Stick Thermometer


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Do Not Doubt the



While not everyone is fond of the Brussels sprout, there is no denying it is one of the healthiest vegetables around. Thought to originate near Brussels, Belgium, the Brussels sprout began to spread across Europe during World War I and is now fighting cancer and increasing fiber counts for people around the globe. Brussels sprouts have a distasteful reputation, and now there is science to explain why. A study conducted by Cornwall College in 2011 found that Brussels sprouts contain a compound that tastes bitter to certain people, however 50 percent of the population has a mutation that prevents them from experiencing the bitterness. Despite their taste, these miniature-sized, cabbage-like vegetables are known to prevent common types of cancer. According to The World’s Healthiest Foods, Brussels sprouts provide nutrients to the body’s detox system, antioxidant system and inflammatory/anti-inflammatory systems. When any of these systems are unbalanced, there is a significant increase in risk of cancer. Chemicals in this cruciferous vegetable aid in balancing these body systems and therefore help to prevent breast cancer, colon cancer, lung cancer and more. According to The World’s Healthiest Foods, there are 4 grams of fiber in every cup of Brussels sprouts as well as certain compounds that protect the lining of your stomach from bacterial overgrowth, helping your digestive track go with the flow. Brussels sprouts are also chock-full of vitamins C and K. Although their flavor may prevent them from being enjoyed by all, these little sprouts are extremely beneficial to your overall health!


wellness360 | JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2018

wellness360 | JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2018




Muscle pain, lethargy and body aches were everyday symptoms for Cherie Calbom. After endless doctor visits, she felt hopeless, struggling with chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia. Then, she tried juicing. After five days of drinking fruits and vegetables, Calbom, also known as the Juice Lady, expelled a tumor from her colon. Although this initial cleanse was not supervised by a physician, it prompted her journey to better health. While the celebrity juicer aims to help others explore the benefits she experienced, she said it is crucial to know how to juice safely to fuel your body properly.


People juice to lose weight, cleanse, stop overeating and kickstart a balanced diet, said Marta Ferraz Valles, a registered and licensed dietitian at Y Nut, a nutrition private practice in Gainesville. By juicing, you reduce your caloric intake and replace potentially harmful foods and substances with beneficial fruits and vegetables.


wellness360 | JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2018

Those with poor diets will see benefits such as weight loss, lower cholesterol, lower blood sugar, higher energy and better mood, she said. However, if you eat a balanced diet of fruits, vegetables, whole grains and nuts, you are already getting the vitamins, fiber and nutrients you need and are less likely to see direct benefits from juicing.


If you are looking to do a juice cleanse, speak to an expert before starting. Valles said that the body is always cleansing, but foods such as flaxseeds, beets, kale and broccoli can aid the process. Adding these foods to your diet, either raw or in a juice, will help your body detox and heal. If consuming beneficial superfoods raw is unappetizing to you, then you may try juicing them, but if you are already consuming these key foods, then you may not need to juice. Juice is not a meal replacement. It can be a short-term detox, but not a permanent long-term lifestyle as juices do not provide all the nutrients your body needs. “Juicing not only removes fiber, which is necessary to feed our good bacteria, but it also removes certain phytonutrients that are bound to the fiber,� said Valles. Juices can be used as healthful snacks, but in the long term, Valles said that it is always better to eat your calories instead of drinking them. Continued on page 28.

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Getting started The most important step, Calbom said, is to find the right juicer. She recommends getting one that is easy to use and clean, such as a centrifugal juicer. The easier it is to operate, the more likely you are to use it. The next step on your juicing to-do list is to find tasty recipes. If your juices taste bitter, you will be less likely to drink them.

The final step of your juicing journey is commitment. Calbom suggested incorporating juices with meals. Pair one with a sandwich for lunch, or with a hardboiled egg for breakfast. Too busy? Prepare juices the night before and freeze them in mason jars.


Try one of these five recipes, courtesy of “The Juice Lady’s Big Book of Juices and Green Smoothies” to get started!






2–3 carrots, scrubbed well, tops removed, ends trimmed

1 handful of parsley

2 apples

1 handful of parsley

1 small handful of mint

1 green lettuce leaf

1 handful of spinach

1 handful of spinach

3 chard leaves

1 cucumber, peeled if not organic

2 tomatoes

1 lemon, peeled if not organic

2 lettuce leaves

2 apples

1 small handful of cilantro

1-inch chunk ginger root

1 apple

1-inch chunk ginger root

1 lemon, peeled if not organic

1/2 beet with leaves

1 cucumber, peeled if not organic

3–4 carrots, scrubbed well, tops removed, ends trimmed 1 small beet with greens

Cut the produce to fit your juicer’s feed tube. Wrap the mint in a chard leaf and push through your juicer Follow with the remaining ingredients. Pour into a glass and drink as soon as possible.

Cut your produce to fit your juicer’s feed tube. Juice ingredients and stir. Pour into a glass and drink as soon as possible.

Serves 1

Dash of paprika

Cut your produce to fit your juicer’s feed tube. Juice ingredients and stir. Pour into a glass and drink as soon as possible.

Dash of cinnamon

Serves 1

1/2 teaspoon cumin

Cut your produce to fit your juicer’s feed tube. Wrap the parsley in the lettuce leaf and push through the juicer slowly. Juice the tomatoes, cilantro, ginger root and cucumber. Stir in the herbs and spices. Pour into glasses and drink as soon as possible.

Serves 2

Juice is not a meal replacement.

1 rib of celery with leaves 1/4 green pepper 2 cloves garlic, unpeeled 1-inch chunk ginger root Wrap the parsley and the spinach in the lettuce leaves. Cut all the ingredients to fit your juicer’s feed tube. Push lettuce wraps through the juicer, followed by the remaining ingredients. Stir and serve as soon as possible.

Serves 2

Serves 1–2



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Dating is exciting — whether you are going on a first date with someone new or spending some quality time with your significant other. You get all dressed up, the butterflies in your stomach start to flutter, and you cannot seem to erase that smile from your face. Love is in the air, and so are the aromas of those romantic foods that give us all the feels. Chocolate

Chocolate has a velvety texture and a rich flavor that make it irresistible, but it is far more than just a delicious treat. According to a study published in the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology, chocolate contains phenylethylamine, which aids in the production of endorphins — hormones that make us feel good — and increases our dopamine levels. Some scientists even credit phenylethylamine for that gloriously giddy feeling we experience when we fall in love.


They are the most well-known aphrodisiac, and with good reason. Oysters are considerably high in zinc, which according to Dr. Sara Gottfried of the Gottfried Institute, stimulates the production of testosterone and sperm. It is no wonder people slurp up these slippery mollusks on dates.

Chili Peppers

These red, hot peppers pack a powerful punch that, according to a study published in Food Quality and Preference, awakens your endorphins, causes your heart to race and makes you break a sweat — similarly to when you are aroused. The heat from the peppers makes your tongue tingle, your lips plump and your body warm.


wellness360 | JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2018


These tiny fish eggs evoke a feeling of elegance and sophistication. They are chockfull of zinc, which energizes you, and the amino acid L-arginine, which according to the Mayo Clinic increases your blood flow and improves erectile dysfunction.

Goji Berries

These red berries are treasured in China for their aphrodisiacal properties. Affectionately referred to as “happy berries” in China, these tiny fruits are believed to help those affected by erectile dysfunction. According to an article in “Herbal Medicine: Biomolecular and Clinical Aspects,” goji berries were shown to improve copulatory performance and reproductive function in rats.


These juicy fruits scream love with their red hue and heart shape, but they are also loaded with Vitamin C, which helps keep your blood flowing steadily. Need we say more?

Not all foods awaken your sensual side. Garlic

While it may be fragrant and delicious, garlic often leaves you with unpleasant breath, which is not ideal for snuggling up close to your sweetheart or going in for a kiss.


Beans, beans are good for your heart. The more you eat, the more you … well, you get the idea.


"Lady and the Tramp" may have made it look adorable, but there is nothing romantic about two people slurping up long noodles — not to mention, the sauce can be super messy.

Corn on the cob

When your date is undoubtedly listing all of the reasons why he or she is thrilled to be spending some one-on-one time with you, you will want to flash a smile full of pearly whites — sans corn kernels.


Though they are delicious, ribs and other finger foods are nearly impossible to eat neatly. Bones and tons of sauce are recipes for disaster. Keep all of these foods in mind when planning your next outing with that special someone, and you are sure to have a day full of romance.

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Through cleansing, exfoliating and massaging, scrubs provide benefits beyond what your simple bar soap can do. They help remove dead cells, bringing out fresh, new layers of skin. Who does not want more kissable lips and softer hands? Whether designed for hands, feet, body or lips, you can scrub away your worries in no time. 32

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[1] For Feet's Sake Double Action Spa Foot Scrub Scrub away the feeling of heavy legs and tired feet with this gentle foot scrub made with organic sugar, fruit acid, tea tree and mint. This scrub is great for home pedicure use! $13.99,

[2] Wunder2 WUNDERKISS Essential Lip Scrub

With sugar particles and shea butter, this lip scrub smooths, hydrates and exfoliates away any dry skin for truly soft and luscious lips. $15.95,

[3] Jane Iredale Sugar & Butter Lip Exfoliator/Plumper

This dual-ended tube features an organic brown sugar exfoliant on one end and a shea butter lip plumper on the other that moisturizes and adds a hint of color to your lips. $25,

[4] J.R. Watkins Sugar and Shea Lemon Cream Body Scrub

With a no-mess tube, this natural body scrub will smooth out not only hands and feet, but also elbows

and heels. The 100 percent natural sugar and shea butter will promote healthy cell regeneration, so scrub some on and start feeling softer. $11.59, Target and

[5] HydroPeptide Active Body Scrub

Get your daily dose of caffeine from this musthave body scrub! This two-in-one scrub creates smooth, radiant and firm skin from head to toe with tightening and anti-gravity peptides, volcanic pumice and Tahitian sand. This scrub is the perfect way to prime and prep your skin for a more streak-free sunless tan application. $48,

[6] S.W. Basics Exfoliant

An exfoliant should do more than just scrub away excess skin, and this one is designed to nourish and revitalize sluggish complexions. With this dry scrub made entirely of organic ingredients, you have the freedom to add water, oil, honey or even yogurt to the mix depending on your skin needs. $19.99, Target and


Scrub A Dub: Six Scrubs for Softer Skin


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Ask the Expert

Ask the Oncologist BY ANDRES BHATIA, MD

Dr. Andres Bhatia went to Medical School at UCCEM in Puerto Rico and did his residency and fellowship at Cleveland Clinic. He has been in private practice in Gainesville since 1993, and he joined Florida Cancer Specialists in 2010.

„ Aside from genetics, what other cancer risk factors should I look out for? Should I think about undergoing genetic testing? By far the most common risk factor for developing cancer is smoking. Smoking not only increases your risk of developing lung cancer, but it can also increase your risk of bladder, pancreatic, head and neck cancer. Other risk factors include obesity, high-fat diets and alcohol. More recently, Human papillomavirus (HPV) has proven to increase the risk of cervical cancer and oropharyngeal cancer. Other risk factors include exposure to Agent Orange as well as radiation exposure.

Genetic testing could be considered if you have a strong family history of cancer diagnosed at a young age. Ideally, the family member who has the cancer should be the person tested. If the results are positive for a genetic mutation, then other family members should consider testing.

There are many different treatments for cancer depending on the type and staging of the cancer, as well as the performance status of the patient. Surgical intervention is the initial treatment for many cancers, and removal of the tumor is often the only treatment necessary. Surgery involves removing the tumor and surrounding lymphatics. This is important for staging, which often determines whether further


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„ What are the different stages of cancer and what does each stage mean? Cancer staging is different for each tumor type. Basically, there are four stages of cancer for solid tumors, beginning with Early Stage Disease/Stage 1. This is when a cancer is small in size with no local spread of disease and no lymph node involvement. The stages increase from Stage 1 to Stage 2 and Stage 3 with increasing size of the tumor, lymph node involvement and increasing aggressive pathologic features. Stage 4 generally means that the disease has spread to distant organs such as lung, liver, bone and/or brain.

„ Is there anything I can do to prevent myself from developing any form of cancer?

The best way for you to prevent yourself from developing cancer is to live a healthy lifestyle: no smoking, limiting alcohol consumption, avoiding fatty foods and avoiding obesity. Early detection is very

The best way for you to prevent yourself from developing cancer is to live a healthy lifestyle: no smoking, limiting alcohol consumption, avoiding fatty foods and avoiding obesity.

„ If I am diagnosed with cancer, will I end up losing my hair? Many cancers do not require chemotherapy, and many chemotherapies do not cause hair loss. Therefore if you are diagnosed with cancer, you won't necessarily lose your hair. Some patients receiving chemotherapy that may cause hair loss have benefitted from cooling caps/scalp hypothermia, which can prevent hair loss from occurring. However, this treatment can be expensive and not covered by insurance, and some patients do not tolerate the cooling cap.

„ Can you get lung cancer even if you do not smoke? Unfortunately, being a nonsmoker does not protect you 100 percent from developing lung cancer. There are some types of lung cancers that occur in nonsmokers, however, this is an exception.


„ What are the most common treatments for cancer? Do you ever recommend taking part in a clinical trial?

treatment will be recommended. After surgery has been performed and the patient has recovered, the oncologist will review the pathology of the mass and lymphatics as well as any scans to determine if further treatment is required. Other modalities include chemotherapy, which is systemic treatment, and radiation therapy, which is localized treatment. There are also now many targeted therapies as well as vaccines as treatment options. Many practices offer clinical trials, which not only help the current patient, but also patients receiving treatment in the future.

important as you can diagnose cancer in its early stages when it is much easier to treat and there is a better chance for cure. Early detection studies include skin exams, a yearly mammogram beginning at 40, colonoscopy at 50, pap smear every one to three years for women, and Prostate-specific antigen (PSA) and rectal exams for men.


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MUSCLES 360Living with Gary McClain


Since his high school days, Gary McClain, aka DJ Ruckus, has been enamored with hip-hop dancing. Although he had been introduced to the style through his father’s robot dance moves, he did not truly understand how broad the dance spectrum was (popping, waving, etc.) until he started watching breakdancing movies, like “Breakin’” and “Beat Street.” “I remember seeing those and thinking, ‘Wow, I really want to learn how to do that’,” said McClain. “But there was never really a way to learn that so I always just kind of mimicked what I saw in the videos.”


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s a self-proclaimed “hip-hop head” it was a natural progression for McClain’s interest in hip-hop dancing to transition into a passion for the music. In 2000 as a high school senior, his older sister and her friends introduced him to deejaying. “She had a few friends who had turntables, so I kind of would always watch in the background what was going on there,” he said. After a friend from high school returned from an internship with DJ Funkmaster Flex, the host of the first hip-hop radio show in New York, McClain began spinning in earnest. “Him and I spun together for a year and a half and he taught me everything he learned,” he said. “At that point is when I realized that I loved this, this is something I wanted to do.” McClain’s love of dance and hip-hop led him to help found the Hip Hop Collective in 2001. Hip Hop Collective is a student club at the University of Florida whose goal is to spread the positive influence of hip-hop. The group also traveled for dance battles and learned from elite dances and judges along the way. Today, the group is still active in Gainesville’s dance scene and hosts breaking events. As for his DJ career, McClain started out in the Gainesville club scene and eventually started booking private gigs as DJ Ruckus. His career as a DJ Ruckus has grown, and today he uses his DJ career to fund his newest love and passion — bodybuilding. McClain had always been interested in fitness, but a lack of time prevented him from ever getting competitive with it. In 2008, after his parents passed away within eight months of one another McClain knew he needed something to focus on to keep himself from derailing, and he turned his attention to competitive bodybuilding. “It kept me focused and kept me driven away from the tragedy I dealt with of losing them,” he said. “It’s just kind of been my security blanket ever since.” After his first competition, he was hooked. He has since participated in two to three shows a year at the amateur level, traveling all over the country for different competitions, including places like Las Vegas, Kentucky, North and South Carolina, and Miami. In the 10 years he has been bodybuilding, McClain has done quite a few shows, but his favorite was one that he did more recently in May of 2017. Aside from appreciating the timeliness of the show and the higher level of competition, McClain was also pleased with his performance. “At that particular show, I was able to be on the stage in front of a lot larger audience and I placed fifth out of 12, and that was a big move for me,” he said. This show was shortly after his daughter, McKenzie, was born, so he drove up to South Carolina and competed on his own, as his wife, Jen McClain had to stay behind. “That was kind of a growing experience, but also at the same time I just had a good time being able to do something by myself,” he said. All in all, there is a sense of balance for McClain when it comes to bodybuilding. When he goes to a bodybuilding show, he is able not only to show off the work he has done on his body through diet and exercise, but he is also able to incorporate his love of dance and music. For McClain, his time on stage is a time to entertain. He cuts and DJs his own music for his posing routine and he throws in some of his hip-hop popping moves, which drives the crowd wild. “It’s good for the show and it keeps the energy up,” said McClain. “That is one of the biggest things I love about it. It keeps me going.”

wellness360 | JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2018


What does it take to prep for a bodybuilding competition? McClain starts his competition preparation about 20 weeks out from his first show of the season. This gives him a chance to slowly change his eating patterns. In the off season, McClain will eat 5,500 to 6,500 calories a day, but as he gets into competition season he will decrease his caloric intake and focus on macronutrients. While weight training stays roughly the same for him throughout the year, he does increase his cardio workout routine from 20 minutes postworkout about five days per week to 80 minutes per day, seven days per week. Popping sometimes makes its way into his cardio routine as well. McClain also spends about 45 minutes per night practicing his poses during competition season.

A Family Affair


Shortly after McClain started bodybuilding, he met his now wife Jen McClain, and she jumped right into his fitness journey with him. Now, nine years later, she is an International Federation of BodyBuilding & Fitness (IFBB) Figure Pro.

His career as a DJ Ruckus has grown, and today he uses his DJ career to fund his newest love and passion — bodybuilding.

Navigating through every stage of parenting & childhood.

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When money is tight, the fun stuff tends to get cut first. Yes, food, electricity and rent are all important, but all work and no play makes for a grouchy couple. Having fun together is important for your relationship, so do not put date night on the backburner if you can help it! Living in Gainesville has lots of perks, especially when it comes to finding fun things to do on a tight budget. Being close to both the University of Florida and Santa Fe College, there is always something going on! Whether you are looking for a fun and inexpensive date night or planning to take advantage of Gainesville’s many outdoor activities with a fun day date, consider one of these nine options all for under $30.

The University of Florida occasionally brings in speakers to talk to the public. These tickets are free to students and once the day gets closer, they are available to the general public. In the past, the university has brought in speakers like Maya Angelou, Chelsey Handler, R.L Stine and Bill Nye. FREE

Possum Creek Park is entirely free! FREE It is a beautiful open space area where you can walk your dog, bike or even just stroll around the beautiful trees that cover the area. Take your lunch and picnic at the park. It is a beautiful way to enjoy the outdoors for absolutely no extra money!

Paynes Prairie Preserve State Park also makes for a great day with your special someone! With 21,000 acres of outdoor beauty, you can see alligators, bison and over 270 different species of birds! At $6 per car, you can hike, bike, canoe, kayak, fish or just walk the trails.


You can float in the river at Ichetucknee Springs with your significant other or you can hike, snorkel or enjoy wildlife viewing at the state park. The fee is only $6 per car, but if you bike there (or walk, for the more athletically inclined) it is just $2 per person.



wellness360 | JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2018

The Butterfly Rainforest is just $13 for adults but if you are a Florida resident then it is down to $11 admission. You can see hundreds of freeflying butterflies, as well as fish, turtles and birds from all over the world.



One great option is the Santa Fe zoo! The zoo is open seven days a week from 9 a.m. – 2 p.m., and adult admission is $6 ($5 for UF staff and students and FREE for Santa Fe staff and students).



At $8 per adult, the Kanapaha $ Botanical Gardens is another beautiful and peaceful option for a day date. With two picnic areas, you can even bring lunch to enjoy on a beautiful day.




Tickets for Gator Baseball games start at $4 per person, and if you want to make it a family date night, you can get four tickets, four hotdogs and four drinks for $20 every Friday!



Check out what is going on at the Hippodrome. Depending on what they have scheduled in the Cinema, you can have a great night out for less than the cost of your traditional movie theater.



Regardless of what you and your special someone like to do, Gainesville has so many options for fun, inexpensive dates. Take advantage and find some things you love to do right here where you live!

Happy NewYear Tower 24 2550 SW 76th Street, Ste. 110 Gainesville, FL 32608 352-380-1675

- from your friends at Banks Carroll Group

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How to Manage a Long-Distance Relationship BY MEREDITH SHELDON

Most nights, Deana Sarshory falls asleep after catching up with her boyfriend. But, he is not physically there. He is behind the computer screen FaceTiming from his home in Virginia. Sarshory and her boyfriend, Sina Jahanshahi, have been dating for about 15 months. After meeting as co-counselors at a two-week summer program for Iranian-Americans in 2016, the two decided to take their relationship further. Further also meant farther. Since that summer, the couple has been managing and navigating a relationship from hundreds of miles apart. “Being in a long-distance relationship is something that gets easier as time goes on,” said Sarshory, a student at the University of Florida. Maintaining a long-distance relationship can be tough, but there are ways to make it work. Bhakti Cohen, a licensed marriage and family therapist in Gainesville, offered these tips to help your love last despite the distance.


Communication is key. Long-distance couples need face-to-face communication. Cohen said she recommends they interact as much as possible via video chat rather than text. “We can always misunderstand the written word,” she said. “[Video chat] is a better, more healthy indicator for open and honest communication.” It is equally important to find a balance in the amount of communication. Assess with your significant other what is too much and what is not enough in terms of talking. There is no minimum or maximum recommended amount of communication. Find what best suits you and your partner. “Once you find the right amount that both people are comfortable with, you can maintain good


wellness360 | JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2018

communication without cutting into each other’s other life aspects,” said Jahanshahi.


While communication is essential, the physical connection can be irreplaceable. Cohen said it is important for couples to find ways to schedule physical togetherness at least every six weeks. She recommends purchasing credit cards to rack up miles to make visits cheaper and easier. You can also search for cheap flight deals and put aside a small amount of money each week to save for future travel plans. For couples really struggling with the distance, schedule the visit in your calendar. “Some of the hardest times I've gone through in my relationship is not knowing when exactly I'm going to see him next,” said Sarshory. “When it's left open-ended like that, I struggle the most because I have no date in my calendar to look forward to every time I miss him.” For couples who cannot visit each other that often, find ways to keep the love alive by cooking dinner together via FaceTime or sending each other a surprise care package!

Maintaining intimacy

Another challenge with long-distance dating is finding ways to recreate the dating experience. Sarshory and her boyfriend eat dinner together while FaceTiming or call each other when running errands. A great way for couples to bond long distance, Cohen said, is by finding a commonality. Watch a movie, podcast or television show together, and talk about it. Read the same book and discuss it.

Intimacy is an important aspect of a relationship, and it is possible to maintain despite the distance. Writing letters and laughing are two effective emotional connections to increase intimacy. “Couples need to laugh a lot,” she said. “I’m not talking sarcastic laughter. I’m talking genuine laughter. It brings people together in a real heart-to-heart way.”

Keeping the Love Alive in a LongDistance Relationship 1. Send surprise care packages 2. Write and mail a love letter 3. Order a surprise delivery dinner for your significant other 4. Send flowers through the mail with a note 5. Mail a cute photo of the two of you with a heartfelt note on the back 6. Record and send a sweet voice note 7. Watch a show on Netflix at the same time together 8. Make and eat dinner together on video chat 9. Plan a surprise visit

wellness360 | JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2018


Mind Matters on your delivery is also important when expressing yourself to the person you love.

LOVE LANGUAGE #2: Quality Time

People who spend time together but do not fully commit to it by looking at their phones, seeming disinterested and not paying attention are not really spending quality time with their significant others. To spend quality time with someone, give your undivided attention and have a quality conversation. In our busy lifestyles, time is a precious, so it is important to make the most of the free time you have by making time for activities with your significant other.

LOVE LANGUAGE #3: Receiving Gifts

Speaking the Language(s) of Love BY ASHLEIGH BRAUN

Everyone approaches relationships differently. People come from different backgrounds with different perspectives, different expectations and different likes and dislikes. However, just about everyone is searching for the same thing: love. Everyone needs love — in fact our human nature requires it — but it can be difficult to find perfect compatibility with someone. According to Gary Chapman, author of “5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love that Lasts,” there are five love languages, or ways that people speak and understand emotional love. They are words of affirmation, quality time, receiving gifts, acts of service and physical touch.

Olivia Pitkethly, a marriage and family therapist, said that, for couples, learning each other's love language is imperative to communicate more effectively and create a deeper emotional intimacy. By learning your partner's love language, you are telling them, "You matter. I care about you and I want to understand where you are coming from." We bring different experiences into a relationship and that influences our love language. If one partner learned to express love through affection, but the other learned by acts of services, there can be a miscommunication. Not understanding where your partner is coming from can lead to disappointment, feeling unappreciated and resentment. You can discover your own primary love language by evaluating


wellness360 | JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2018

what you desire most and what makes you feel loved. However, because people have different primary love languages, if you learn to speak the love language of your significant other, it will lead to a happy relationship.

LOVE LANGUAGE #1: Words of Affirmation

“One way to express love emotionally is to use words that build up,” said Chapman. Our words can be a powerful communicator of love that makes our significant other feel appreciated and cherished. Be conscious of the way you speak using, simple compliments or words of appreciation. Using kind and humble words and focusing

Gifts are more than just something you buy for someone. In relationships, they can be a reminder of love. A gift is something you can tangibly hold or touch and know someone was thinking of you. Chapman said gifts are “visual symbols of love,” that can be purchased, made or found. Do not wait for a special occasion — give a gift to your loved one to let them know that they are constantly in your thoughts.

LOVE LANGUAGE #4: Acts of Service

This love language does not mean doing nice things for others, but more so doing things you know your significant other would like you to do, just to make him or her happy. This could be something as simple as making the bed or doing the dishes, but you are expressing your love by doing things for someone else. These acts must be freely given and not seen as a burden or chore.

LOVE LANGUAGE #5: Physical Touch

According to Chapman, “Physical touch is a way of communicating emotional love.” This may seem obvious, but holding hands, kissing, embracing and making your significant other feel loved through touch is a powerful form of communication. Because touch is not localized to any one area of the body, it can take many different forms. Physical touch can make your significant other feel comfortable, safe and, most importantly, loved.

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For the Love of Tennis

After a lifetime of being active in different sports, it was only natural for Jennifer Todd, mom of two, to join in when her friends started tennis lessons. Now, she plays almost every day of the week, coaches 10 & Under tennis and has made lifelong friends playing a sport she loves. How do you live a 360life?

I have seen how health is a huge factor in the lives of my family and friends. I have learned that a good diet combined with exercise is the best medicine and also the best prevention. By trying to eat relatively healthy and exercise five days a week, I have created a 360life.

What is your wellness mantra?

My dad always taught me that hard work pays off and that practice makes perfect.

How long have you been active/ playing?

I have been active my whole life. As a child, my dad always helped me practice for whatever sport I was playing, like soccer and swimming, to help me improve. He was always running, biking, hiking or sailing so I learned from him how much activity and sports can fulfill you in life.

Tell us how you got started.

Please share your favorite match, in detail and what it meant to you.

I played in a Gainesville Ocala Women’s Tennis League (GOWTL) match with my partner against really tough/good opponents that I had always really looked up to and we beat them by outplaying them in straight sets. It is a great feeling to play a match well.


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I had always wanted to play tennis, and when my children were both in school a group of three of my friends decided to start playing tennis and began a weekly clinic. I loved it and am grateful that we all started playing.

What keeps you motivated?


Movement makes me happy. No matter what goes on in life, I always feel better after playing tennis, going on a run or working out. I think it clears my mind and I feel like I am stronger both mentally and physically afterward.

Do you have matches/events that you would like to comlete on your bucket list?

My goal is to become a solid 4.5 level tennis player (I am currently a 4.0). I would like to be able to be competitive at that level.

What are you training for right now?

For our current GOWTL day league season.

Above: Jennifer playing in the Aces in Motion Charity tennis clinic hosted at db Racquet Club

What's your go-to diet?

No starchy carbs, protein and vegetables.

How would you encourage others to start living a 360 life?

Find a sport you like, such as tennis, and learn how to play. Go take a clinic with a group of beginners or take a lesson on your own. For me, tennis is such an amazing sport because it is something you can play your whole life, from childhood through late adulthood. We have players still playing at our club, db Racquet Club, in their 80s and 90s. It helps you stay committed to exercising and staying healthy.

What is your daily workout routine?

I play tennis five days a week and work with my awesome trainer, Heather Miller, on strength training twice a week. If I do not have time for tennis I will jog.

Favorite way to wind down from a busy week:

What is the most important lesson being active has taught you?

Play some tennis then go out to dinner and hang out with my friends.

Being active has taught me that I am strong and capable of pushing my limits. It has also taught me that you stay healthier, both mentally and physically, when you are active.

What is your favorite book?

What is one thing you wouldn’t play tennis without?

My db Racquet Club tennis family. I call the club a slice of tennis heaven. I get the opportunity to play fun but competitive tennis with all the wonderful lifelong friends I have made there. It is a blessing to enjoy the sport that I love surrounded by friends that enjoy it as much as I do.

“Outliers” by Malcolm Gladwell

Favorite go-to meal or restaurant in Gainesville? Taste

Above: Jennifer and her db 4.0 team in Lake Nona at the USTA Sectional Championships wellness360 | JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2018


We Tried It! Looking for a relaxing way to heal your aches and pains? Interested in trying out ballroom dancing? From infrared saunas and BioMats to swing classes, the Wellness360 team has got you covered!

SWING DANCE LESSONS AT INDEPENDANCE Of the seven team members who attended this class, only one of us had ever taken a swing lesson before, so we were all relatively new to this type of partner dancing. It was a beginner’s class, so Liz Nelson, a certified professional Ballroom instructor, started us off slow, introducing us to the basic rock step and triple step. Once we got the hang of that, we coupled up to try it out! There were more women than men in the class, so we took turns switching partners so each of us had a chance to try out the different sides of the partner steps. After mastering the basics, Liz guided us through a couple of turning steps, which were a little more complicated. But once we got them down, we definitely felt accomplished! During the last few minutes, Liz turned on some fun tunes and let us practice what we had learned, combining basic steps with different turning steps. We weren’t experts by the end of class, but we were all intrigued and interested in returning for another class!

In a nutshell: Don’t be

afraid to try this class out without a partner! There are plenty of other people who attended without a partner and the instructor will make sure everyone has someone to practice with.


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In a nutshell: If you are looking for a relaxing way to improve circulation and relieve muscle pain, definitely give the sauna a try. If you want to avoid sweating though, we would recommend the BioMat.

We really weren’t sure what to expect before entering the infrared sauna, mainly because we had confused saunas with steam rooms! (For those of you who, like us, did not know the difference between the two, steam rooms use wet heat while saunas use dry heat.) Once we learned the difference between the two, we were ready to try it out. We spent about 30 minutes in the sauna and were pleasantly surprised that it never got unbearably hot like we were expecting. Aside from providing health benefits such as pain relief, skin purification and detoxification at a cellular level, the infrared sauna provided us with a soothing heat that had us sweating without feeling overheated. The infrared sauna at Floating Lotus accommodates three, but our third decided to give the BioMat a try instead. The BioMat uses Far Infrared light and negative ion therapy to reduce inflammation, increase circulation and promote relaxation, among other benefits. She simply laid in a darkened room on the BioMat, which gives off a gentle heat, for 30 minutes and she definitely felt relaxed at the end of her session!

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Community Monday, January 1 New Year’s Day Monday, January 1 Frank Shorter Mile Race and Mustache Dash Kids Fun Run 12 p.m. Westside Park

Monday, January 1 – Monday, February 19 Annual Winter Bamboo Sale Kanapaha Botanical Gardens

Saturday, January 6 Gainesville Area Rowing Row’d Runner 5K and Duathlon 9 a.m. 151 SE 74 Street Gainesville, FL US 32641

Saturday, January 6 Devil’s Dash 5K/10K Eco-Friendly Adventure Race 10 a.m. Cedar Lakes Woods & Gardens

Saturday, January 6 Kanapaha Botanical Gardens Guided Walk 10 a.m. – Noon Kanapaha Botanical Gardens

Saturday, January 6 – Sunday, January 7 Camellia Show 1/6: 1–5 p.m. 1/7: 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. Kanapaha Botanical Gardens

Sunday, January 14 Ocala Half Marathon

Saturday, February 10 Watch Your Step! 5K

January 15 Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Wednesday, February 14 Valentine’s Day

7:15 a.m. Paddock Mall

January 20 Collectors Day

10 a.m. – 3 p.m. Florida Museum of Natural History

Saturday, January 27 Newnan’s Lake 15K 8:30–11 a.m. Earl P. Powers Park

January 27 The Great Invader Rally

9 a.m. – 1 p.m. Morningside Nature Center

Saturday, January 27 The Scoop on Poop Exhibit Opens 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.  Florida Museum of Natural History

Saturday, January 27 – Sunday, January 28 & Friday, February 2 – Sunday, February 4 32nd Annual Hoggetowne Medieval Faire 1/27 & 1/28: 10 a.m. – 6 p.m. 2/2: 9:30 a.m. – 3 p.m. 2/3 & 2/4: 10 a.m. – 6 p.m. Alachua County Fairgrounds

February National Heart Month Saturday, February 3 Kanapaha Botanical Gardens Guided Walk 10 a.m. – Noon Kanapaha Botanical Gardens

Sunday, February 4 Super Bowl Sunday Sunday, January 21 Goat Yoga

4–5 p.m. Black Prong Equestrian Center


wellness360 | JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2018

8–10 a.m. UF Cultural Plaza commuter lot

Thursday, February 8 — Sunday, February 11 Cinema Verde International Environmental Film and Arts Festival

Saturday, February 17 2nd Annual Gainesville VegFest

10 a.m. – 5 p.m. Depot Park

Saturday, February 17 Five Points 5K

8 a.m. Curtis M. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts parking lot

Saturday, February 17 Five Points of Life Fitness EXPO

9 a.m. – 4 p.m. UF Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine Institute

Saturday, February 17 Five Points of Life Kids Marathon 9:15 a.m. Southwest Rec Center

Saturday, February 17 Stomp the Swamp for Autism Ben Hill Griffin Stadium

Sunday, February 18 Five Points of Life Marathon, Half Marathon and Marathon Relay

7 a.m. Curtis M. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts parking lot

wellness360 | JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2018


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