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2017 | 2018 ANNUAL REPORT J U LY 2 0 1 7 – J U N E 2 0 1 8

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the Gibbes Manifesto The Gibbes Museum of Art is home to the foremost collection of American art that incorporates the story of Charleston. The Museum connects the city and region’s artistic past to a vibrant contemporary art scene. This is what we believe. Art is the reason. A bustling seaport in the 1700s, Charleston was a melting pot of cultures, religions, and traditions. Powered by the rice and indigo trade, and slavery, it was the fourth largest city in America in 1790—and the wealthiest. Like Philadelphia, Boston, and New York, what distinguished Charleston then—was art. While we were home to some of America’s earliest art, collectors, artists, who made the City both muse and subject—and taken our turn as one of the nation’s richest cities—in money and culture—so were we also home to America’s original sin, slavery—and a war that divided our nation. In 1888, when Charleston was financially and culturally on its knees, benefactor James Gibbes left a bequest to the City to build an art museum. When the Gibbes Museum opened in 1905, the nation celebrated what Charleston has always understood: the

power of art—to inspire our imagination, heal our hurt, revel in our experience, rebuild what’s broken, nourish our souls, and release all that holds us back. Through our complicated history, through light and shadow, we have persevered—humanity intact. Art is the reason Charleston will endure. In Charleston, we believe art is the difference between merely existing and being truly alive. That’s why we immerse ourselves in every part of it— from fine art to craft—from nurturing its creation and celebrating its multicultural presentation—to inviting its interpretation and ensuring its preservation. Because when we open ourselves to art, we open ourselves to the world—to people and ideas, to beauty, craft, process and detail, to different cultures, to pain and pleasure, to questions, expression and emotion, to truth and transcendence. In the presence of art, we have the opportunity to see inside someone’s heart, mind, and soul and feel what they felt. That understanding and compassion make us more understanding, compassionate people, who, in turn, create a more compassionate, understanding world. That is art’s gift.

O U R M I S S I O N The Gibbes Museum enhances lives through art by engaging people of every background and experience with art and artists of enduring quality, by collecting and preserving art that touches Charleston, and by providing opportunities to learn, discover, enjoy, and be inspired by the creative process.

Letter from the Directors MEET THE STAFF ADMINISTRATION Angela Mack, Executive Director & Chief Curator DEVELOPMENT Jennifer Ross, Director of Development Wendi Ammons, Development & Visitor Services Manager / Board Liaison

Becca Hiester, Associate Curator of Education Megan Zembower, Program and Tour Coordinator COLLECTIONS ADMINISTRATIONS & OPERATIONS Zinnia Willits, Director of Collections & Operations

Jena Clem, Special Events Manager

Greg Jenkins, Operations Manager & Chief Preparator

Katie Borges, Special Events Assistant

Chris Pelletier, Art Handler & Preparator

Megan Hoffman, Membership & Development Assistant

Clarence Kelly, Chief of Security


Kenneth Dilligard, Security

Courtney Soler, Director of Financial & Administration Carla Kinnett, Accounting Manager Erin Nathanson, Museum Store Consultant CURATORIAL Sara Arnold, Director of Curatorial Affairs Amanda Breen, Assistant Curator Pam Wall, Exhibitions Consultant

Morgan Clement, Security

Eddie Doctor, Security Ryan Smith, Security Conrad Young, Security VISITOR SERVICES Trish Thacker-Riggs, Visitor Services Coordinator Lydia Brown, Visitor Services and Museum Store Assistant MARKETING AND COMMUNICATIONS


Erin Bennett Banks, Creative Director

Lasley Steever, Director of Programs & Digital Engagement

MEDIA Lou Hammond Group

EDITOR | Jennifer Ross DESIGN | Erin Banks

GIBBES MUSEUM OF ART 135 Meeting Street, Charleston, SC 29401 | 843.722.2706

SINCE REOPENING THE NEW GIBBES FACILITY IN MAY 2016, we have honed our skills to facilitate state-of-the-art exhibitions, manage an artistin-residence program, develop a cadre of educational programs committed to STEAM principles, and built upon our new rental and events structure. As if this were not enough, we maneuvered natural weather events such as Hurricane Irma and astronomical events like the 2017 Solar Eclipse! It has been an interesting and challenging journey that we have been able to travel because of you and your amazing support for the visual arts in Charleston. An even larger accomplishment this past year was the launch of our 10-Year Strategic Plan (2018–2028). Two years in the making, the Gibbes Board under the direction of the Strategic Planning Committee carefully designed a plan to dramatically further our mission to enhance lives through art while providing a roadmap for the next ten years. We are proud to report that the Gibbes has received accolades for the long-term goals set forth in the plan, especially around the themes of conservation and the environment, social justice, health and wellness, and innovation. We are also successfully implementing many of the strategies put forth in the plan that are touched on in the following pages of this report. Through dynamic year-round programming, the Gibbes continues to engage and support the needs of Charleston’s innovators and the region’s creative community. Our focus allows for unique collaboration opportunities with our organizational partners while helping to broaden the Museum’s impact in Charleston. Establishing partnerships with nationally recognized organizations enable us to reach out to culturally and racially diverse audiences to raise awareness about the Museum’s offerings. Our Manifesto on the previous page reminds us about the significance of art and the creative process. “When we open ourselves to art, we open ourselves to the world – to people and ideas… to process and detail, to different cultures.” Our strategic plan underscores our commitment to programming that heightens the significance of our collection, offers a brand that allows for an unexpected Museum experience, provides a hub for the creative arts that drives economic development, and, ultimately, ensures the Gibbes is a place that is inviting and accessible to all. We thank you, our loyal donors and members, for participating in this journey and supporting us in our endeavors to change lives for the better through art. We would not be the Gibbes of today without your unwavering commitment and support as well as the shared belief that Art is the Reason.


ANGELA D. MACK Executive Director

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the Goals AS THE GIBBES FACES NEW AND CHALLENGING REALITIES, the Board and staff must work to develop programs and initiatives that maintain the integrity of the collection, encourage exhibition and education programs, foster community support, and generate revenue. To facilitate the identification of the goals, five focus areas have been established. They are (i) Collections and Exhibitions, (ii) Creators, (iii) Connections, (iv) Constituencies, and (v) Contributions and Commercial Success. Under each focus area the Strategic Planning Committee identified goals for the 10-Year Strategic Plan (2028) to best serve the membership and strengthen the organization. To continually provide high-caliber experiences, the Gibbes goals are to: — refine the quality of the Gibbes Collection and enhance the significance of the exhibitions; — deliver a museum experience that nurtures understanding from artistic conception to completed object; — achieve recognition as the hub for the creative arts that drives economic development in Charleston; — make the Gibbes inviting and accessible to all; — ensure stability and growth through robust business and development models.

the Strategies STRATEGIES ARE WAYS BY WHICH TO ACHIEVE THE 2028 GOALS OF THE GIBBES. Each of the four strategies presented below are followed by an explanation of what constitutes success, initiatives to address each strategy, action items for 2018, and persons responsible on the staff and Board. Optimize the Gibbes value by exhibiting the highest quality art that is transformative and intellectually complex. Create, develop, and market a brand that delivers an unexpected museum experience. Deliver educational programs that incorporate ART in STEM curriculums to create STEAM. Operate in a continuous development campaign mode.

[ 2 ] G O A L S A N D S T R AT E G I E S


Optimize the Gibbes value by exhibiting the highest quality art that is transformative and intellectually complex.

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S T R AT E G Y O N E [ 3 ]


Highest quality of art

Brennan Wesley / Wall Street Journal

Exhibitions THE GIBBES STRIVES TO PRESENT EXHIBITIONS THAT TOUCH CHARLESTON while connecting the Gibbes to the wider world of artists and museums. The Gibbes opened 8 special exhibitions in 2018 guided by four programmatic themes: Conservation and the Environment Social Justice Health and Wellness, and Innovation. S E P T E M B E R 1 5 , 2 0 1 7 – M AY 2 0, 2 0 1 8

Mexico and the Charleston Renaissance Magic in the Mundane: Modernist Photography from the Robert Marks Collection O C TO B E R 6 , 2 0 1 7 –JA N UA R Y 7, 2 0 1 8

Pan American Modernism: Avant-Garde Art in Latin America and the United States JA N UA R Y 1 9 –A P R I L 1 5 , 2 0 1 8

A Shared Legacy: Folk Art in America APRIL 27–SEPTEMBER 16, 2018

Radcliffe Bailey: Pensive Printmaking: Process to Product M AY 2 5 – O C TO B E R 2 1 , 2 0 1 8

A Day at the Beach Vanishing Charleston


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Acquisitions / Collections THE GIBBES IS GRATEFUL TO THE NUMEROUS DONORS AND COLLECTORS who make it possible for the Museum to acquire and exhibit the highest quality art. Over the course of the year, the Gibbes added 26 new works to the permanent collection—22 works by gift, and 4 purchases. Notably the Gibbes acquired three baskets by master sweetgrass basket maker, Mary Jackson, for the Mary Jackson Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art. Sixteen of the new acquisitions are works created by African American artists.

GIFTS Never Again, 2007; by Mary Jackson (American, b. 1945); Sweetgrass and palmetto, 42 inches diameter; gift of the Braithwaite Family; 2017.005 Hester Rose Tidyman (ca. 1730–1811), ca. 1793–96; by Walter Robertson (Irish, ca. 1750–1801/02); watercolor on ivory, 2 7/8 x 2 1/4 inches; gift of Elizabeth Drayton Taylor in memory of her father Charles deVere Drayton; 2017.009.0001 Hester Rose Tidyman Drayton (1773–1816), ca. 1793–96; by Walter Robertson (Irish, ca. 1750–1801/02); watercolor on ivory, 2 7/8 x 2 3/8 inches; gift of Elizabeth Drayton Taylor in memory of her father Charles deVere Drayton; 2017.009.0002 Dr. Philip Tidyman (1777–1850), n.d.; unknown (British); watercolor on ivory, 2 3/8 x 2 inches; gift of Elizabeth Drayton Taylor in memory of her father Charles deVere Drayton; 2017.009.0003 Alfred Rose Drayton (1804 or 1809–1860), n.d.; attributed to Anson Dickinson (American, 1779–1852); watercolor on ivory, 2 1/2 x 2 inches; gift of Elizabeth Drayton Taylor in memory of her father Charles deVere Drayton; 2017.009.0004 Viper Caudasona (Rattlesnake) from The Natural History of Carolina, Florida, and the Bahama Islands, 1754; by Mark Catesby (English, 1682–1749); color engraving, 10 x 13 1/2 inches; gift of Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Wyrick, Jr.; 2017.010.0001 Cobra Basket, 1983; by Mary Jackson (American, b. 1945); Sweetgrass and other native fibers, 7 1/2 inches height and 14 inches diameter; gift of Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Wyrick, Jr.; 2017.010.0002

Onk Sam (self-portrait), ca. 1980; by Sam Doyle (American, 1906–1985); house paint on wood panel, 28 x 23 1/2 inches; gift of Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Wyrick, Jr.; 2017.010.0003 Alligator, n.d.; by Sam Doyle (American, 1906–1985); house paint on wood, 5 x 9 x 34 1/2 inches; gift of Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Wyrick, Jr.; 2017.010.0004 Pine Trees, 1961; by David Driskell (American, b. 1931); oil and encaustic on canvas, 48 3/4 x 34 3/4 inches; gift of Louis K. Rimrodt; 2018.002.0001 Fir Trees, 1955; by David Driskell (American, b.1931); pastel on paper, 23 3/8 x 9 1/2 inches; gift of Louis K. Rimrodt; 2018.002.0002 Red Table Still Life, 1958; by David Driskell (American, b.1931); color woodcut, 10 7/8 x 12 7/8 inches; gift of Louis K. Rimrodt; 2018.002.0003 Tree, 1959; by David Driskell (American, b. 1931); color woodcut, 12 x 3 inches; gift of Louis K. Rimrodt; 2018.002.0004

Portrait of Louis Rimrodt, 1957; by David Driskell (American, b. 1931); pastel on paper, 11 1/2 x 8 1/2 inches; gift of Louis K. Rimrodt; 2018.002.0009 Two Lips, 1983; by Mary Jackson (American, b. 1945); sweetgrass and palmetto, 14 1/2 inches height and 17 inches diameter; gift of Mr. Douglas Cutler; 2018.004 Maria Babicka, ca. 1960; by Malthe Hasselriss (Danish, 1888–1970); tempera on ivory, 2 7/8 x 2 3/8 inches; gift of Elise Thornton; 2018.005 Claudia Margaret Bellinger, ca. 18th century; by unknown artist; watercolor on ivory, 1 1/2 x 1 1/4 inches; gift of Claudia Bellinger Rose Fielding; 2018.006 Two Step Moulin Rouge, 2001; by Amalia Amaki (American, b.1949); mixed media, 47 1/2 x 30 1/4 inches; gift of Mr. and Mrs. Peter Finnerty, Jr. (Caroline Simons Finnerty); 2018.007 PURCHASES

Round Still Life, 1974; by David Driskell, (American, b. 1931); color woodcut, 13 inches diameter; gift of Louis K. Rimrodt; 2018.002.0005

Painters Pants and Walker Hounds, 2017; by William Dunlap (American, b. 1944); oil and polymer paint with dry pigment and metal leaf on rag paper; 55 x 42 inches; museum purchase with funds provided by Luther H. Hodges and partial gift of the artist; 2017.007

Still Life with Tile, 1965; by David Driskell (American, b. 1931); color woodblock, 15 1/4 x 11 inches; gift of Louis K. Rimrodt; 2018.002.0006

Study for the Wind-Up, ca. 1935–1938, by Andreé Ruellan (American, 1905–2006); oil on canvas; 17 1/2 x 24 1/2 inches museum purchase; 2017.008

Untitled (pine tree at Catholic University), ca. 1959; by David Driskell (American, b. 1931); drypoint etching, 10 5/8 x 4 inches; gift of Louis K. Rimrodt; 2018.002.0007

The Katastwóf Karavan (maquette), 2017; by Kara Walker (American, b. 1969); painted laser-cut stainless steel, 9 1/8 x 14 5/8 x 5 1/2 inches; museum purchase; 2018.001

Untitled (trees and fence), 1962; by David Driskell (American, b. 1931); ink on paper, 9 1/2 x 7 3/4 inches; gift of Louis K. Rimrodt; 2018.002.0008

Folly Beach, 1934; by Henry Botkin (American, 1896– 1983); watercolor on paper, 15 x 20 inches; museum purchase; 2018.003


SEMC Charleston THE SOUTHEASTERN MUSEUMS CONFERENCE is one of the largest regional museum associations in the nation, representing twelve states, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. SEMC serves all levels of museum professionals in primarily mid-size museums, including art, history, historic house/sites, science/technology, military and maritime, natural history, and children’s/youth museums, as well as specialized interest museums. SEMC 2019 Conference will take place in Charleston, where we expect over 700 attendees. Museum professionals will gather for three days of 60+ educational sessions, workshops, and events related to current trends in the museum field. This will be a terrific opportunity for Charleston to highlight its cultural sites including the new International African American Museum, set to begin construction in 2019. The Local Arrangements Committee (comprised of leaders and staff from Charleston’s museums and historic sites and the Charleston Convention and Visitors Bureau) have already begun to plan. SEMC relies on local sites to host evening networking and social events for conference attendees. These events will be a wonderful opportunity for Charleston’s cultural institutions to showcase their facilities, collections, exhibitions, programs, and staff.

TOP IMAGE | SEMC Charleston Logo designed by Erin Banks, Banks Creative ABOVE | Zinnia Willits, SEMC President



Zinnia Willits | DIRECTOR OF COLLECTIONS & OPERATIONS AS DIRECTOR OF COLLECTIONS AND OPERATIONS Zinnia Willits manages the Museum’s permanent collection and operations as well as logistics for its active exhibition and loan programs. She received her M.A. in Public History from the University of South Carolina and has worked at the Gibbes since 2003. Ms. Willits has always been an advocate of professional development and training and takes pride in representing the Gibbes Museum in several museum organizations as well as presenting sessions at state, regional and national conferences on collections management, storage planning, career management, grant writing and museum operations. Zinnia has been an active member of the Southeastern Museums Conference (SEMC) for many years, serving on the Executive Council, as Program Committee Chair of the 2017 Annual Meeting, Chair of the Scholarship and Evaluation Committees, Vice President and most recently as SEMC President. Over her two-year term she will help guide the organization through strategic planning, endowment development and the formation of a Leadership Institute for future museum leaders. In addition to her work at the regional level, Ms. Willits is an appointed member of the American Alliance of Museums National Program Committee and serves as a Peer Reviewer for the Museum Assessment Program in the area of Collections Stewardship.

Images courtesy of SEMC



Create, develop, and market a brand that delivers an unexpected museum experience.

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S T R AT E G Y T W O [ 7 ]


Unexpected museum experience


OPPORTUNITY FOR SOUTH CAROLINA ARTISTS Artists who currently reside in South Carolina are invited to apply for a four to six week Gibbes Visiting Artist session by submitting a proposal to connect the Gibbes collection or special exhibitions on view with their work. For more information and to access the application portal, view our Visiting Artist page on


Visiting Artist Series 2 0 1 7 –2 0 1 8 V I S I T I N G A R T I S T S P I C T U R E D A B O V E T O M S TA N L E Y | A L E X W A G G O N E R | S TA C E Y K I R B Y F R A N C I S C A PA L A Z U E L O S | J U LYA N D AV I S | Y V E T T E D E D E M A R Y J A C K S O N | M A R Y M AY | C A R E Y M O R T O N

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Amy P. Coy Forum & Prize Celebration

Distinguished Lecture Series

1858 Prize for Contemporary Southern Art

Featuring Olivier Picasso

2017 WINNER BO BARTLETT SOCIETY 1858 NAMED Bo Bartlett of Columbus, Georgia, the 2017 winner of the 1858 Prize for Contemporary Southern Art. Bartlett has earned national acclaim for his large-scale paintings that explore American life and cultural heritage. His realist style has been honed through extensive training, including a degree from the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts. Bartlett accepted the Prize at the Amy P. Coy Forum and Prize Celebration in September 2017, which brings together artists and art historians for a conversation about the impact of contemporary art in the South.

NOVE M BE R 8 , 2017 THE DISTINGUISHED LECTURE SERIES was founded by former Gibbes Board member and philanthropist Esther Ferguson, whose vision is to bring cultural leaders to Charleston. In 2013, international cosmetics magnate, philanthropist, and art collector Leonard Lauder presented a dynamic lecture highlighting the importance of a city, such as Charleston, having a renowned museum with a world-class collection. The Gibbes has continued to welcome acclaimed artists, architects, art collectors, and scholars to Charleston to speak about their roles as influencers in the world of American art. From esteemed artists Christo and Jeff Koons, and respected architects Billie Tsien and Todd Williams, to the eminent scholar and director-emeritus of The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Philippe de Montebello, and famed grandson and Pablo Picasso expert Olivier Picasso, the Gibbes offers transformative and engaging programs of the highest caliber that place Charleston at the forefront of the visual arts.

ABOVE | 2017 Distinguished Lecture speaker Olivier Picasso LEFT | 2018 Distinguished Lecture speaker Maya Lin IMAGES BY MCG PHOTOGRAPHY



MCG Photography


Image courtesy of the CSO

the Eclipse TOTAL ECLIPSE OF THE ART AT THE GIBBES drew a crowd of over 360 people! Visiting Artist Michael Zebrowski installed his project “Eclipse S U R V E Y” in the Lenhardt Garden and throughout the Museum to capture and record data on the astronomical phenomenon. Sarah Jessica Parker, in town for the eclipse, visited the Gibbes and posted about her visit to the Gibbes on Instagram!


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C O O P E R - M U R R AY


Deliver educational programs that incorporate ART in STEM curriculums to create STEAM.

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S T R AT E G Y T H R E E [ 1 1 ]


Education STEAM programming

Visitor Engagement J O I N T H E C O N V E R S AT I O N : I N T E R A C T I V E A C T I V I T I E S M U S E U M M A I L | D R A W I N G W I T H F R I E N D S | D Í D U | M A G N E AT O



Art of Healing CHARLESTON IS A CITY RICH IN ARTISTIC ENDEAVORS while also supporting a thriving medical community. Examining health and wellness through art has become a major focus area of the Museum for the past several years and serves as a significant theme included in the 10-Year Strategic Plan. Through the Gibbes Art of Healing program, exploration occurs between art, well-being, and healing through panel discussions, workshops, and classes. The Gibbes has developed a Lending Collection currently located at the Roper Rehabilitation Hospital but also being modeled in other medical facilities. Interactive programming has been developed for sensory-based groups that includes our 3-D Dídu piece and some works from Visiting Artists. The Gibbes has implemented a special program at the Museum where healthcare professionals lead public tours such as “Improving Healthcare Observations through Art,” targeted to the MUSC community.

Education by the Numbers 2017–2018 255 students ages 4–12 attended the Sold-Out SUMMER CAMP and new TEEN CAMP, including 10 recipients of the Daniel West Fraser Scholarship Fund. 76 students ages 4–12 attended the Sold-Out WINTER CAMP offered during the holiday season. 4,233 PreK–12 students visited the Gibbes. This includes 1,607 Title 1 students, fully covered by our ART ACCESS program. 1,189 students participated in ART TO GO (425 students in 7 schools), EYE SPY (366 students in 5 schools), and ENGAGING CREATIVE MINDS (150) school-based, arts programs. Students from Charleston Day School and Ashley Hall participated in the JUNIOR DOCENT PROGRAM. 25 unique STUDIO AND ART HISTORY CLASSES were offered for all ages in subjects ranging from painting to drawing and sugar skulls. 550 adult tour attendees, including 100 CURATOR-LED TOURS of the permanent collection, temporary exhibitions, or storage collection. 210 college students also participated in tours.

[ 1 2 ] E D U C AT I O N

IMAGES | MCG Photography

Highlights MUSC’s Eye Spy inter-professional class formally met for the first time in Spring 2018. Ten students from pharmacy, nursing, medicine, physical therapy, and cardiovascular perfusion met regularly at the Gibbes to learn how to improve their observation skills and become better practitioners. It Starts with a Dot, supported by Arts, etc., at St. John’s High School finished its pilot year with amazing success. Two graduate students in creative writing from the College of Charleston worked with over a third of the local high school to create an amazing published volume of original artwork and poetry. Every student at the school received a copy of the publication and the program has expanded to include more students and disciplines in the coming year.

One exciting collaborative project with Engaging Creative Minds worked with the 8th graders of Marrington Middle School in Berkeley County. “Heartbreak and Hope” included a fullday immersive immigration experience for all 130 students. The Gibbes Museum was transformed into Ellis Island, where students were given identities of actual immigrants who arrived in American in 1907. They passed through medical inspection (although some were quarantined) and legal inspection before finally being welcomed to their new country. During the run of Pan American Modernism: Avant-Garde Art in Latin America and the United States we offered tours to student groups and the public in both English and Spanish. Three schools from the tri-county area brought non-native English speakers especially to see this exhibition.

E D U C AT I O N [ 1 3 ]


Operate in a continuous development campaign mode.

[ 1 4 ] S T R AT E G Y F O U R

Fundraisers Society 1858 Winter Party THE DARKROOM | FE B RUARY 9, 20 1 8 Society 1858’s Winter Party, The Darkroom, was a sell-out success with over 400 guests in attendance. The event was inspired by the Museum’s collection of B&W photographs donated by Robert Marks, and featured a light and sound performance in the Lenhardt Garden. Partygoers bid over $4,000 to take home framed photographs by Charleston’s hottest artists. Overall, the young patrons auxiliary group raised over $180,000 since 2010 through this and other events to support exhibition programming and the 1858 Prize for Contemporary Southern Art. This year, the young patrons group celebrates ten years as a vital part of the Gibbes family.


Women’s Council Art of Design F E AT U R I N G P LU M S Y K E S | M A R C H 9 , 2 0 1 8 Founded in March 1950, the Women’s Council of the Gibbes Museum of Art serves as a vital support system of the Museum. The annual Art of Design Luncheon and Lecture is the Women’s Council’s signature annual event featuring internationally-renowned experts in the world of design. The Women’s Council has raised more than $500,000 since 2011 in support of the Museum’s exhibition and educational programming, including the Garden Concert Series, Chamber Music Series with the Charleston Symphony, and the Visiting Artist Series. These are all fundamental programs that teach a diverse audience and welcome visitors and members into a creative atmosphere.

> S AV E T H E D AT E A R T O F D E S I G N P R E S E N T S E VA C H E N APRIL 12, 2019 | 12NOON

Gibbes on the Street P A I N T YO U R P A L AT E | M AY 3 , 2 0 1 8 Since 2010, the Gibbes Museum has hosted a onenight-only, fabulous party under the stars on Meeting Street. Gibbes on the Street—featuring delicious bites by Charleston’s top chefs in addition to music, dancing, and an open bar—has become one of Charleston’s most sought-after tickets. 600 guests attended and enjoyed delectable dishes while dancing the night away to intoxicating musical rhythms. The event continues to get better and better each year. Through the Gibbes on the Street, the Museum has raised over $625,000 in support of our exhibition and education programming. S T R E E T PA R T Y 1 0 -Y E A R A N N I V E R S A R Y

LEFT IMAGE | Sean Sheridan Photography RIGHT IMAGES | MCG Photography

> S AV E T H E D AT E G I B B E S O N T H E S T R E E T: LIGHT UP THE NIGHT M AY 2 , 2 0 1 9 I 7 : 3 0 – 1 0 P M

Development James Shoolbred Gibbes Philanthropy Award 2018 RECIPIE NT JILL ALME IDA Each year the Board and staff of the Gibbes bestow the James Shoolbred Gibbes Philanthropy Award to an individual, group, or business. James Gibbes was deeply devoted to the betterment of Charleston’s young creative minds in the aftermath of Reconstruction. Through his 1888 bequest of $100,000, which in today’s dollars is valued at $2.5M, the City of Charleston and the Carolina Art Association launched what we know today as the Gibbes Museum of Art. His generosity and vision set the stage for the visual arts in Charleston by providing funds to erect the first art museum building in the South. In May of 2018, we honored Jill Almeida with the James Shoolbred Gibbes Philanthropy Award. Jill has worked tirelessly for the Gibbes for the past 10 years in many leadership roles after moving to Charleston from Chicago. Jill and her husband Richard immediately involved themselves with community organizations like Drayton Hall and Historic Charleston Foundation. Serving on the Gibbes Board of Directors and as a Vice Chair on the Executive Committee, Jill helped steer the Museum through its $17M restoration project. She and her husband Richard made a leadership gift to the capital campaign to name the “Almeida Lecture Hall” in addition to support for the new seats to be used for the hall. Through her numerous years of co-chairing the External Affairs committee with fellow board member Tater Beak, Jill was responsible for ensuring that the Fellows members program ($1000+ donors) remained intact while the Museum was under renovation. In actuality, the number of members increased under her leadership. Most recently as co-chair of the committee, Jill has worked to implement the Business Fellows program to increase the support of our small business community. Jill has also served as the chair of one of our largest fundraisers, the Gibbes on the Street Party. Jill’s calm demeanor, generosity of spirit, and her plethora of ideas to better the Museum in all areas makes her the perfect candidate for this award.

Gibbes Fellows Gibbes Museum Fellows and Director’s Circle members share a deep appreciation for the arts. Fellows level membership provides art enthusiasts with special opportunities for exclusive programs and events, amazing travel opportunities, and access to private collections. Some highlights of 2018 included special Fellows programming for new and current Fellows and Director’s Circle members featuring behindthe-scenes tours of the Collections Storage with Executive Director, Angela Mack; a special black light tour of select objects in the collection, sponsored by AIG and Anderson Insurance; a King Street Art and Architecture Tour featuring select homes and a wonderful array of artwork; evening receptions at two private, downtown homes focusing on museum-quality American art collections; an amazing Fellows trip to Los Angeles to explore its prestigious art museums, architecture, private collections, artist studios and gardens; and the not-to-be-missed annual Fellows and Director’s Circle Luncheon in the stunning Lenhardt Garden at the Gibbes.

TOP IMAGE | MCG Photography TOP IMAGE | Sean Sheridan Photography

[ 1 6 ] FE LLOWS



Private events, Financials, and Annual Giving

Sean Sheridan Photography

REVENUE [ 17 ]

Haley Sheffield

Private Events Rentals by the Numbers 2017–2018

3,820 event guests 399 inquiries 161 install hours 148 event hours 188 walkthroughs 55 vendors 36 bookings 24 entertainers 20 planners


[ 1 8 ] P R I V AT E E V E N T S

MCG Photography

Operating Revenue and Expenses G I B B E S M U S E U M O F A R T | C A R O L I N A A R T A S S O C I AT I O N J U LY 2 0 1 7 – J U N E 2 0 1 8











Sean Sheridan Photography


$2,341,983 $2,560,804


BOARD OF DIRECTORS J U LY 2 0 1 8 – J U N E 2 0 1 9

“To say that the Gibbes is a place where art nourishes, challenges, inspires, deepens, and expands perspectives is no exaggeration. The exhibitions and programs— and yes, even the building itself— are extraordinary. The Gibbes—truly a Charleston and national treasure!” — DEBORAH KENNEDY KENNARD, GIBBES BOARD MEMBER AND ATTORNEY



Board Members


David Adams Sanja Andreasen Denise Barto Ann Thomas Burnett Jamieson Clair Sarah Lund Donnem Wendy Meyer Dopp Lisa Hudson Evans Mary Alice Fienning Shannon Gillespie Roy Green John W. Hallett, Jr. Lou Rena Hammond Cynthia Hayes Milton Hearne Anne Janas Benjamin P. Jenkins, III Catherine Bennington Jenrette Deborah Kennedy Kennard Lucinda K. Lenhardt Spencer Lynch Mark Maresca Martha Rhodes McLendon Mark Munn Susan Porter Michele Seekings Harriet Smartt Catherine Smith Richard A. Smith Charles Sullivan Janneke Vreede-Schaay Lisa Weitz Kay Wendell

CHAIR Susan M. Smythe

Auxiliary Groups WOMEN’S COUNCIL PRESIDENT Andrea Woodfield SOCIETY 1858 PRESIDENT Molly Waring [ 20 ] BOA RD O F D I REC TO RS

VICE CHAIRS Jill Almeida Jane Beak David J. Cohen Daniel Gallagher Eleanor Hale Rhett Ramsay Outten Helen C. Pratt-Thomas Sarah J. Smith I M M E D I AT E PA S T C H A I R Laura D. Gates HONOR ARY ME MBE R The Honorable John J. Tecklenburg CIT Y OF CHARLESTON Michael Seekings MEMBERS EMERITI Allan J. Anderson Ruth O. Baker J. Elizabeth Bradham Susan Campbell Van C. Campbell Irma Greene Layton McCurdy Mary Ramsay* Kathleen Rivers Andrea Volpe Anton Vreede* Alice Wyatt Charles Wyrick *deceased

TOP IMAGE | MCG Photography

Annual Giving

J U LY 2 0 1 7 —J U N E 2 0 1 8

$100,000 AND ABOVE City of Charleston


BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina The Women’s Council of the CAA


Art Bridges, Inc. Bank of America / US Trust The Ceres Foundation Inc. Mrs. Esther B. Ferguson Mr. and Mrs. Leo I. Higdon, Jr. Mrs. Katherine Huger Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Motamed Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Porter Ms. Elizabeth Saal, Trustee, The Joseph J. Schott Foundation Society 1858 South Carolina Arts Commission The Gaylord & Dorothy Donnelley Foundation The Mills Bee Lane Memorial Foundation


Alicia Rhett Art Fund for the Gibbes Museum of Coastal Community Foundation of South Carolina Almeida Family Foundation, Jill and Richard Almeida Mr. and Mrs. Allan J. Anderson Arts, etc Mr. and Mrs. William A. Baker, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Van C. Campbell, The Campbells’ Family Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Wayland H. Cato, Jr., Wayland H. and Marion Rivers Cato Fund of Coastal Community Foundation of South Carolina Charleston County Dr. and Mrs. Brian G. Cuddy The Dorothy K. Dailey Living Trust Mrs. Laura D. Gates Mr. and Mrs. Richard T. Hale, Jr. Deborah Kennedy Kennard and William Kennard, The Kennard Kennedy Family Fund Mr. and Mrs. Hugh C. Lane, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. I.M. Read, Jr., Pringle-Read Endowment of Coastal Community Foundation of South Carolina Ms. Sally J. Smith The Wilbur S. Smith and Sally J. Smith Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Charles Sullivan The Samuel Freeman Charitable Trust Mrs. Andrea Volpe Mr. and Mrs. Charles Wendell


Dr. and Mrs. David Adams AIG Anderson Insurance Associates, Inc. Anonymous Dr. Linda Austin and Dr. John W. Hallett Mrs. Nella Gray Barkley Mr. and Mrs. John W. Barter Mr. and Mrs. William Beak Boeing South Carolina Mr. and Mrs. Craig Coit, The Coit Family Fund of Fidelity Charitable Mrs. Roland W. Donnem Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Gallagher Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence W. Gillespie Mrs. Katherine Glenn Mr. and Mrs. James Ham Ms. Lou R. Hammond, Lou Hammond Group Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Harley, The Edwin and Ellen Harley Family Fund of Goldman Sachs Mr. and Mrs. Milton Hearne The Henry and Sylvia Yaschik Foundation, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Timothy W. Hughes Ingevity Jazz Artists of Charleston Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin P. Jenkins, III Dr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Jenrette, III Ms. Anne Rhodes Lee and Mr. Stuart F. Lee Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Messerman Dr. Celeste H. Patrick and Mr. Charles Patrick Publix Super Markets Charities, Inc. Ms. Kathleen Rivers Roper St. Francis Healthcare Mr. and Mrs. Henry B. Smythe, Jr.

Sean Sheridan Photography

SunTrust Foundation Mrs. Caroline Vreede and Mrs. Janneke Vreede-Schaay The William B. McGuire, Jr. Family Foundation


Abide-A-While Garden Center Ms. Katherine Butler-Bachmann and Mr. John W. Bachmann Mr. and Mrs. Christian L. Becken Bluestein & Douglas, LLC Ms. Barbara Campbell and Mr. Arnold Marcus Carriage Properties Clair Family Land The Coastal Community Foundation of South Carolina Dr. and Mrs. David J. Cohen Croghan’s Jewel Box Mr. and Mrs. Les Detterbeck Ms. Mary L. Elson Mr. and Mrs. Carlos Evans Mr. and Mrs. Peter Finnerty Francis Marion Hotel Mrs. Susan Friberg, The Susan T. and Eric G. Friberg Fund of Coastal Community Foundation of South Carolina Ms. Barbara Gordon Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Gridley Ms. Barbara W. Hearst Mr. and Mrs. John Janas The Jane Smith Turner Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Joe Jarvis Mr. Richard Jenrette The Jerry and Anita Zucker Family Endowment Fund of Coastal Community Foundation of South Carolina Johnson Controls, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Karl Kuester Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Lambrecht Mr. and Mrs. Peter Lawson-Johnston, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Ross Lipman Mr. and Mrs. Spencer Lynch Mr. and Mrs. James Martin Mr. and Mrs. Franklin W. McCann, The Winfield Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Charley McLendon, The Martha Rhodes McLendon Charitable Fund Mr. and Mrs. William Michaelcheck Mr. and Mrs. Steven Mungo Rhodes Boutique Dr. Stephanie E. Smith-Phillips and Dr. James Phillips, The Wilbur S. Smith and Stephanie E. Smith-Phillips Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Soderlund South State Bank Mr. and Mrs. Larry Tarleton The Cassina Group The Vendue Ms. Anne G. Tinker and Mr. John D. Henderson Ms. Suzanne Togna and Mr. David O. Haythe Ms. Mary Walters Webster Family Foundation William Means Real Estate Mr. and Mrs. Lance Wyatt, The Lance and Alice Wyatt Charitable Fund of Schwab Charitable


Ms. Marlene Addlestone and Mr. Larry Bursten Mr. and Mrs. John R. Alexander Mr. and Mrs. John R. Allen Ms. Patricia Altschul Mr. and Mrs. Ivan V. Anderson, Jr. Ms. Sanja Andreasen Dr. Milton Armstrong and Mrs. Lewann Harper-Armstrong Mr. and Mrs. Ian Asplundh, The Ian & Sandra Asplundh Charitable Fund at Schwab Charitable Dr. and Mrs. Bobby Baker Bank of South Carolina Mr. and Mrs. William Barnes Mr. and Mrs. Richard Barto Ms. Susan Bass and Mr. Thomas Bradford, The Susan Bass and Thomas Bradford Fund of Fidelity Investments Charitable Gift Fund BB&T Mr. and Mrs. Philip Bergan Ms. Ellen Berlin Blackbaud, Inc. Ms. Renee M. Black Mr. and Mrs. Robert Black Mr. and Mrs. John Bleecker Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Bliss Ms. June Bradham Ms. Tippy Stern Brickman and Mr. Michael J. Brickman Ms. Margaret F. Bridgforth Mr. and Mrs. Theodore C. Brush Ms. Carolina Bryan and Mr. Joe Walker Buxton & Collie, LLC Ms. Ilse Calcagno Mr. and Mrs. Gerard Cameron Dr. and Mrs. Tim Cantopher The C.D. and Sally Smith Family Foundation Mr. and Mrs. John Clifford

Cobalt Property Management Ms. Marilyn Colen Mr. and Mrs. Lee Cotton Ms. Linda Cox and Mr. David Stinnett Mr. and Mrs. Andy Craig Mr. Michael C. Culler Mrs. J. Hugh Davis Mr. Taylor DeBartola and Mr. William Shalosky Mr. and Mrs. John Derse Mr. and Mrs. Gary DiCamillo Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Dunnan Mr. and Mrs. John M. Dunnan Ms. Lynne Eickholt and Dr. John Cooper Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Fair, Jr. Ms. Kathleen Ferrell and Mr. Arthur Hoey Mr. and Mrs. Edward Fienning Mr. and Mrs. William Finn, The William and Pruence Finn Charitable Trust of Fidelity Investments Charitable Gift Fund Mr. and Mrs. William Fort Mr. and Mrs. Robert Gebhardt Mr. and Mrs. Karl Gedge Mr. and Mrs. Gerald L. Gherlein Ms. Lynda Gilkeson Mr. and Mrs. R. Garey Goff Mr. and Mrs. Norbert Golinski, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Green Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Gregory, Jr. Ms. Fran Griffiths Mrs. Roger Hanahan Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Hanson The Harry Frank Guggenheim Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Steve Harth Mr. and Mrs. George Hartley Mr. and Mrs. John Hayes Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Heyward Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Himmelein Dr. and Mrs. Edward Holscher Tony and Maryjane Islan Mr. and Mrs. P. Frederick Kahn The Katherine P. Waring Memorial Endowment of Coastal Community Foundation of South Carolina Dr. George H. Khoury Ms. Elizabeth Kousi Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Kunkel Mrs. Linder J. Laffitte Ms. Louise Lancaster Mr. and Mrs. Edward E. Legasey Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin F. Lenhardt, Jr. Mrs. Elizabeth C. R. Lewine, The Elizabeth C. Rivers Lewine Endowment of Coastal Community Foundation of South Carolina Ms. Renee Licht and Mr. Michael Sussman Mr. and Mrs. Richard Lilly, The Lasca and Richard Lilly Fund of Vanguard Charitable Mr. and Mrs. John W. Luther Lynch Cracraft Wealth Management Mr. and Mrs. James C. Mabry Mr. and Mrs. Bernard F. Mack, Esq. Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Maloney Mrs. Patricia B. Manigault Carla and Dibble Manning Dr. and Mrs. Bernard Mansheim Mr. and Mrs. Mark Maresca, Maresca & Associates Architects Mrs. Catherine M. Marino Mr. and Mrs. Anthony J. Mark, The Tony and Gillian Mark Charitable Fund of Schwab Charitable Mr. and Mrs. John W. Martin, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Matalene, III Mrs. Frank M. McClain Gwen and Layton McCurdy Mr. and Mrs. Rick McDaniel Ms. Heather McFarlin Mr. and Mrs. Joseph McGee, The Joseph H. and Evelyn M. McGee Fund of Coastal Community Foundation of South Carolina Mr. and Mrs. Bart McLean Mr. and Mrs. James McNab Mr. and Mrs. Ed Meyer Mr. and Mrs. Edward R. Moore Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Munnell Mr. and Mrs. Tradd Newton Mr. and Mrs. Peter Nistad Mr. Eric Oakley Ms. Susannah O’Brien Ms. Anne Olsen Ms. Venita Olson Mr. Hugh R. Parrish Mr. and Mrs. Lauren N. Patch Mr. and Mrs. John L. Paul Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Pennington Mrs. Hunter R. Pettus, Jr. Ms. Helen C. Powell Ms. Helen Pratt-Thomas Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur J. Prezzano Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Prioleau Dr. and Mrs. A. Bert Pruitt, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. David L. Rawle Dr. and Mrs. Harold M. Rhodes, III

The John Stephen Rhodes Charitable Fund Dr. and Mrs. Malcolm Rhodes Mr. and Mrs. Lee Richards Ms. Harriet McDougal Rigney Mr. and Mrs. Karl Riner River Oaks Foundation Inc., Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Gregory Mrs. Norma Horvitz Mr. John M. Rivers, Jr., The John M. Rivers, Jr. Foundation, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Claron A. Robertson, III Mr. Shepard Rose, The Hobbs Foundation Mrs. Jodi Rush and Mr. Jon Baumgarten Sanders Brothers Construction, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Santella Dr. and Mrs. Daniel Sargent Ms. Patty Scarafile Mr. and Mrs. James Scarborough Mrs. Marilyn Schultz Mrs. Darlene Scott-Scurry and Mr. Nathaniel Scurry Dr. and Mrs. Douglas Sedlacek Mr. and Mrs. Ken Seeger Mr. and Mrs. Michael Seekings Ms. Elaine Segelken Senza Tempo Fashion Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Shannon Mr. and Mrs. David J. Shaw Dr. James G. Simpson Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Smartt Mr. and Mrs. Hilton Smith Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Smith, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Smith Mr. and Mrs. Paul Soldatos South Carolina Humanities Ms. Marjorie J. Spruill and Mr. Don H. Doyle St. John Boutique Ms. Nancye B. Starnes and Mr. David Hughes Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Steinberg Mr. and Mrs. James A. Stuckey Mrs. Susan Parsell Thompson Mrs. Marlies G. Tindall Mr. and Mrs. John Vournakis Mr. and Mrs. John Wanick Mrs. Justine W. Wardrop Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Waring Mr. and Mrs. Charles Way Mr. Stephen Wendell, Mountain Shore Properties Mr. and Mrs. William Werrell Ms. Mary Whyte Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Willett Mr. and Mrs. John Winthrop, The Seedling Fund of Coastal Community Foundation of South Carolina Dr. and Mrs. Scott L. Woodfield Dr. and Mrs. Louis D. Wright, Jr. Mrs. Kenton B. Youngblood Zwikker & Zacher, LTD


Dr. and Mrs. James C. Allen Mr. and Mrs. Chris Barnes Mrs. Ledlie Bell Mr. and Mrs. Robert T. Bell Mr. and Mrs. R. Jeffrey Bixler Ms. Anne Bleecker Ms. Caroline Burns Mr. and Mrs. John T. Cahill, John T. and Elizabeth K. Cahill Fund of Coastal Community Foundation of South Carolina Mr. and Mrs. Michael Carmody, Jr. Ms. Lindy Carter Mr. and Mrs. Taso Chakeris Mr. and Mrs. Stephan Christiansen Mr. and Mrs. George Christopher Mrs. Eliza B. Chrystie Ms. Deborah Ruth Cintron Ms. Georgia Darby Mr. and Mrs. P. Steven Dopp Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. P. Duell Mrs. Melissa Efird Ms. Joan Fallon Mr. and Mrs. Walter L. Foulke Mrs. Ellen Frisch Mr. and Mrs. W. Foster Gaillard Ms. Jodie-Beth Galos and Mr. Michael Zwerling Mr. Peter Goodrich Ms. Peggy Groce Hall Management Group Ms. Amelia T. Handegan and Mr. John Roven Handsome Properties Hay Tire Company Hayes Law Firm Jack Hicks Ms. Deborah Hill Roberta Hill Ms. Jill Hooper Horton Hayes Fine Art, LLC Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Householder Mrs. Martha R. Ingram


$500–$999 (CONT’D) Ms. Susan Irish and Mr. Stephen P. Ellis Johnson & Lanning CPAs Ms. Ingrid Johnson and Mr. Gary D. Bunton Whitney and Tony Jones Mrs. Karen L. Kichline-Ruef and Mr. David Ruef Mrs. Stephanie Kirkman Dr. Pamela C. Levi and Mr. George Kefalos Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Lipman Mr. and Mrs. Mark Lux Mr. and Mrs. Charles K. Marshall Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. McElroy McLaurin Parker, LLC Ms. Elisabeth P. McLean Mr. and Mrs. Tom McNeil Medical University of South Carolina Greg and Nancy Miller Mrs. Phyllis P. Miller, The George W. and Phyllis P. Miller Fund of Coastal Community Foundation of South Carolina Mr. and Mrs. Clayton Mozingo Ms. Barclay Murphy James and Deidre Myers Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Nevin Ms. Gail Onken Mr. and Mrs. James Orcutt Mr. and Mrs. Scott W. Parker Mr. and Mrs. H. Sadler Poe Mr. and Mrs. Sonny Ray Royall Hardware, Inc. Mrs. Melissa Sauls Barbara and Tom Schoellkopf Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth Severens Ms. Anne Siegfried Mr. and Mrs. Albert Simons, III Dr. and Mrs. William M. Simpson, Jr. Ms. Kate L. Stevenson Mr. and Mrs. James V. Sullivan SunTrust Mortgage - The Feldman-Deas Team The Charleston Regional Alliance for the Arts Mr. Rudy Thomas, Dixon Hughes Goodman Anne and Ken Tidwell Wecco of Charleston Mr. Charles Werner Ms. Neita A. Wiese Dr. and Mrs. George W. Williams Ms. Deborah C. Williamson and Mr. David R. Garr Ms. Patricia Wilson, Dixon Hughes Goodman Ms. Lori Wood Ms. Andrea Zacher-Brown Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Zaleski


Mr. James P. Adamczyk and Mr. Tom Wyatt Mr. and Mrs. Conrad P. Albert Mr. and Mrs. Jack Alterman Mr. and Mrs. David L. Arnold Ms. Ann Griffith Ash Ayco Charitable Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Robert John Barnes Mr. Merrill A. Benfield Mr. and Mrs. Edward G. R. Bennett Mrs. Edleen Bergelt Mr. and Mrs. Stephen H. Berman Mary Frances Bishop Mr. and Mrs. Charles Black Mrs. Linda Brawley Ambassador John Britton Mr. and Mrs. Scott Brown Mr. and Mrs. Mark Buono, The Mark and Judith Buono Charitable Fund Mr. and Mrs. John H. Burrus Mrs. Walker Buxton Mr. Eugene Byers Ms. Charlotte Caldwell and Mr. Jeffrey H. Schutz Mr. and Mrs. Robert Cape Mr. Paul Carberry Mrs. Robert Cathcart Mr. Jamieson Clair Mr. and Mrs. Larry Cooper Dr. and Mrs. Charles E. Corley, III Celine P. Cross James H. Davis Mr. and Mrs. Michael Dougherty Mr. Christophe J. Drumain Ms. Linda DuRoss Dr. Autumn Edenfield and Dr. Francisco Folgar Dr. and Mrs. Haskell S. Ellison Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Farrar Mr. George Flynn Ms. Helena F. Fox and Mr. West Fraser Mr. and Mrs. Herbert H. Frazier Mrs. Christine Friday Ms. Elaine G. Gibbes Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Goulding Mr. Jonathan Green and Mr. Richard Weedman Mrs. Charlene Harris-MacNutt Mrs. Barbara I. Hart Ms. Suzanne Harvie Mr. Dan T. Henderson Stephen and Susan Hoffius Mrs. Jeanne S. Ingle Mr. and Mrs. Orton Jackson JMC Charleston Dr. and Mrs. Joseph F. John, Jr. Mr. Ferris K. Joyner and Mr. Derek C. Riggs Mr. and Mrs. John Kirven Dr. and Mrs. Mariano F. La Via Mrs. Sarah P. Leineweber Dr. Edmund LeRoy Mr. and Mrs. Vincent J. Lewis Marla and Michael Loftus Mrs. Helene S. Lortz Mr. and Mrs. William Maddux Mr. and Mrs. James M. Mayhall Dr. and Mrs. Arthur W. McDonald Mr. Dwight McInvaill Ms. Cassandra B. McLeod Mr. and Mrs. Michael McShane Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Miller Mr. and Mrs. David Morley Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Mountain Mr. and Mrs. Cole Oehler Ms. Gwen Paro Mr. and Mrs. Mark Permar Mr. and Mrs. Howard Phipps Ms. Greer Polansky Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Pratt-Thomas Mr. and Mrs. F. D. Prickett Mr. Chris Raispis Dr. and Mrs. Frederick E. Reed, Jr.


Mr. and Mrs. Tim Renner Mr. and Mrs. Horace Ritter Mr. and Mrs. James Rothnie Michael and Elizabeth Roy David Rubin and Christina Press Mr. and Mrs. Dunne Saal Mr. and Mrs. Douglas H. Sass Ms. Margaret P. Schachte and Mr. Hal S. Currey Rev. Adam Shoemaker Ms. Susan B. Simons Mrs. Betty Smith Mr. and Mrs. Park B. Smith, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. George W. Smyth Dr. and Mrs. John A. Spratt Mr. and Mrs. Bill Staempfli Mr. Joseph Stanley Mrs. Sarah Stuart Dr. and Mrs. David J. Tennenbaum The Citadel Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Thompson Ms. Anne-Lee Verville Ms. Patience D. Walker Miss Susan Wallace Mrs. Jane O. Waring Ms. Sally A. Webb Mrs. Jennifer Welham Mr. and Mrs. Christopher White Mr. Cameron Whitten Mr. and Mrs. Charles Widger Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Wills Dr. and Mrs. George F. Worsham, Jr.


Allison and Merritt Abney Mr. and Mrs. Russell Abrams Ms. Julia Acker and Mr. Dan Hoke Ms. Carrie Agnew Mrs. W. J. Allen, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Frederick H. Mills Allison Mr. and Mrs. Samuel H. Altman Margaret and David Alwine Ms. Betsy L. Anderson Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Anderson J. J. and Janet Anderson Mr. and Mrs. Louis Andrews Ms. Elizabeth A. Applegate Dr. James Arias Jeffrey and Allison Armor Mrs. Julia Arnold Ms. Bette Atkins Mrs. Lyn Attaway Mr. and Mrs. Travers Auburn Mr. Robert Autry Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Avery Ms. Joan T. Avioli Mr. and Mrs. Donald Backer Mr. Garett Backman Dr. and Mrs. Michael Bagg Mrs. Robyn Bagg Mr. Steve Bailey Mr. and Mrs. William R. Bailey Dr. and Mrs. Austin Ball Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Ballard, Jr. Mrs. Janie Ball and Mr. Charlie Aikman Mr. and Mrs. Nathaniel I. Ball, III Mr. and Mrs. William Bane Mr. and Mrs. Jacob S. Barker Mrs. Kathi F. Barnett Mr. and Mrs. Bill Barrett Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth M. Bate Mr. and Mrs. William Bates Mr. and Mrs. E. D. Beach Dr. Kim Beall and Dr. Anthony Beall Ms. Joy Beck Ms. Bryden Bellamy Mr. and Mrs. Craig M. Bennett, Jr. Mr. Jay Benson Mr. and Mrs. John T. Benton Mr. Gregory Berg Dr. Maria Berliner and Mr. Jordan Berliner Mark and Debbie Berry Mr. and Mrs. Tom Blagden, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Bland Mrs. Leah Bley Mr. and Mrs. Brandon Blount Mr. and Mrs. S. Scott Bluestein Dr. and Mrs. John G. P. Boatwright, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Brad Bodkin Rebecca Bohn and Ned Riddile Dr. Rick Bolt and Ms. Patty Coker Harry Bonyon Mr. and Mrs. J. Sidney Boone, Jr. Mrs. Suzanne Boone and Mr. Al Katz Martha and Brent Borges Pat Bower and Ron Rocz Mr. and Mrs. Michael Bowers Dr. Deborah Bowlby and Mr. Richard Stoney Dr. and Mrs. Robert H. Bowles Jill Braddock Ms. Virginia Bradley Lauren and Evan Brandon Mr. and Mrs. David E. Breedlove Mr. and Mrs. John Bresnan Mr. and Mrs. Michael Brewer Mr. and Mrs. Randall Bridwell Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Briegel Ms. Ingrid Brisacher Mrs. Ginger Brister Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Brodie Melissa and Benjamin Brookes Mr. and Mrs. Steven Brown Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Buck Dr. and Mrs. G. Stephen Buck Mr. and Mrs. Wayne L. Burdick Mr. Steve Cagle and Mr. John W. Meffert Mary and John Callaghan Ms. Barbara C. Campbell Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Campbell Mr. Vince Carano Ms. Linda B. Carrington Mrs. Jana Carroll Ms. Susan F. Carter Mr. and Mrs. T. Heyward Carter, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Gregory S. Cassanos Ms. Debbie Cherin Ms. Suzanne W. Chesnut Mr. and Mrs. Joel Childs Ms. Laurie J. Childs Mr. and Mrs. James L. Chitwood Mr. Dominic Cioffoletti and Mr. Christopher Scinto Michael Cipolla and Anne Wyman Cipolla Ms. Christie Foster and Mr. Richard Clapp Ms. Andrea Clark Dr. and Mrs. Harry S. Clarke Mr. and Mrs. Michael Cochran Mrs. Kathy Coffman

Mr. and Mrs. Priestley C. Coker, III Ms. Anne F. Coleman and Mrs. Katherine P. Coleman Lynn Collins Mr. and Mrs. Seth Collins Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Combs Karen Cook Mrs. Jane Pope Cooper Shawna and Brandon Courter Mr. and Mrs. James H. Cox Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Coyle Dr. and Mrs. William T. Creasman Mr. and Mrs. Peter Crnkovich Capt. and Mrs. Chris Crolley Dr. and Mrs. Bill Crymes Mr. Frederick Cullen Janet and Kevin Curtin Mr. and Mrs. Dom Czepiga Mr. and Mrs. Bart Daniel Mr. and Mrs. Robert Daragan Mr. and Mrs. John Darby Mr. and Mrs. Nick Davidge Mrs. Karen D. Davis and Mr. Charles H. Davis Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Davis Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Dawson Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Hunter De Butts Sharon DeAlexandris Ms. Hilda Debacker Mrs. Nanette Denton Mrs. Jessica Derrick Mr. and Mrs. Charlton deSaussure, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Deso Ms. Catherine L. Diehl Carolyn Dietrich Ms. Nicole Dietrich Christine DiStefano Mr. and Mrs. Arthur F. Doty, III Mr. and Mrs. John Douglas Dr. and Mrs. Robert H. Dowdeswell Brenda Drake and Sam Woodward Ms. Carol J. Drowota Dr. and Mrs. Mark DuFine Ms. Nathalie Dupree and Mr. Jack Bass Dr. and Mrs. R. Stewart Eads, Jr. Gay and Hugh Eaton Mr. and Mrs. Michael R. Eddy Anne Edwards Ms. Barbara Edwards Mr. and Mrs. O. Ralph Edwards Dr. Linda Elksnin and Dr. Nick Elksnin Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Ellison, II Ms. Peggy Ellis and Mr. Peter Van Every Mr. and Mrs. Barry Emerson Mr. and Mrs. Chip Emge Bobbi Jo and Eric Engelby Mr. Colin Ewing Mr. and Mrs. Sam T. Ewing Miss Kristen Fanarakis Ms. Donna Feldman Dr. and Mrs. Gordon Ferguson Dr. and Mrs. Gary E. Fink Mr. and Mrs. Glenn A. Fleming Ms. Julia Forster Mrs. Anne W. Fox Ms. Barbara Fox Ms. Mary Edna Fraser and Dr. John Sperry Mr. and Mrs. John Frasier Ann Freeman Mr. and Mrs. David A. French Mr. and Mrs. H. Laurence Fritz, Jr. Miss Deena Frooman Ms. Patricia Fylstra Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Gable Mr. and Mrs. Joe Gaddy Leize Gaillard and Ben Buckley-Green Linda and Russell Gaitskill Mr. and Mrs. Paul B. Galvani Mr. and Mrs. Gordon H. Garrett Dr. and Mrs. Dennis Gettelfinger Ms. Jessica Gibadlo Colleen and Chase Glenn Mr. and Mrs. James Goldman James L. Goldsmith Ms. Janice Gordon Mrs. Linda Gordon and Mr. William Cattorini Dr. and Mrs. Theodore G. Gourdin Ms. Anne Graham Mr. and Mrs. David Graham, Jr. Ms. Penny Graham Dr. and Mrs. Phillip H. Greenberg Mrs. Irma B. Greene Mrs. Mark Green Ms. Glenna D. B. Greenslit Mr. and Mrs. Robert Grenfell Mr. and Mrs. John Penn Griffen Kate Griswold Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Gross Mr. and Mrs. Robert Grubb Dr. and Mrs. Orin F. Guidry Mr. and Mrs. John Haberern, Jr. Mr. Michael W. Haga and Dr. Paul W. Holmes Ms. Hart Hagerty Dr. and Mrs. Richard Hagerty Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin A. Hagood Mr. and Mrs. Michael Hajny Dr. and Mrs. Jonathan Halford Mr. and Mrs. Edward Jackson Hamilton, III Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth H. Hanger, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Hanlin Mrs. Shirley Hanson-Smith and Mr. Dennis L. Smith Mrs. Mary Happe Mrs. Jamie Harpootlian Ms. Celie Harris Mrs. Brenda W. Hart Dr. Courtney T. Hartness and Mr. Sean Hartness Melissa and James Haskell Havens Fine Framing, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. David Hawkins Ms. Erika R. Hayes and George M. Wallace Mr. and Mrs. Scott Hayes Mr. and Mrs. A. T. Heath, III Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Heckelman Mrs. Sandy Heifner Ms. Clara H. Heinsohn Ms. Paula O. Henry Mr. and Mrs. David Herring Mr. John Hewson Mrs. Jan Hiester Mr. and Mrs. Gary Hill Mr. and Mrs. James Hill Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Hill Dr. and Mrs. Laurence H. Hiltzik Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Hodgson, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Michael Holcombe Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Holt Mrs. Gayle Hong and Mr. Arthur Richardson Mrs. Beverly Hoover Ms. Talitha Horn and Mr. Richard Denofrio

Ms. Sheridan Hough Mr. Trey Howell Mrs. Marisa Hoyt Mr. and Mrs. Matthew R. Hubbell Mr. and Mrs. Bertrand Hudnall, II Ms. Lesesne Hudson Mr. and Mrs. John Hull Mrs. Cindi Hundley Mr. and Mrs. Noel Hunt Mr. and Mrs. Clayton Hurt Ms. Hillary Hutchinson Mr. and Mrs. Richard Hutson Dr. and Mrs. Jerome E. Isaacs Mr. and Mrs. John Jennings Mr. David C. Jensen Cmdr. and Mrs. Edwin A. Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Trevor Johnson Ms. Patricia C. Jones Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Jones Ms. Jane Joukowsky Ms. Sharon Kahn Dr. Elizabeth Kane Ms. Diane Katz Ms. Pamela Keefe Mrs. Ann Kelley Mr. and Mrs. James O. Kempson Mr. and Mrs. Hunter Kennedy Helene Kenny Dr. Donna Kern Dr. Suzanne Kerns Mr. and Mrs. Tom Ketchin Barbara Kimmel Mr. and Mrs. John King Mr. and Mrs. Kristopher King Carla Kinnett Mrs. Cristina Kirts Behren Kittrell and Ernie Banis The Rt. Rev. and Mrs. Craig Knowlton Ms. Dorothy Knuppel and Mr. Thomas Campbell Mr. and Mrs. J. Randall Koonce Tamar and Ian Kops Miss Tucker Kornegay Mr. and Mrs. John Kotz Ms. Suzanne Krebsbach and Dr. Alexander Moore Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Kulick Mr. and Mrs. David Kunes Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kunes Mr. and Mrs. John Labriola Ms. Laura LaMontagne Ms. Carol J. Lancaster and Mr. Steve M. King Ms. Gail Lansing and Mr. Stephen Elliott Webb Mr. and Mrs. Bill Lavery Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Layfield Dr. Elliott Lessen Mr. and Mrs. William Lester Mr. Cisco Lindsey Mr. and Mrs. Ernest B. Lipscomb, III George Lodge Mr. and Mrs. James Lomnard, The James M. & Patricia R. Lombard Charitable Foundation at the Community Foundation of Sarasota County Mr. and Mrs. David Looper Jessica Loring and Laurence Rasmussen Ms. Tristi Lowther Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Macdonald Mrs. Jeannette MacDougal Ms. Gail Macomson Mr. and Mrs. John Maize Mrs. Susan Z. Malabre Mrs. Alexandra Malloy Mrs. Megan Maner Dr. Ann Maners and Dr. Alex Pappas Mr. and Mrs. Russell Mangum Mr. Rives Mann Mrs. Margaret K. Manuel Mr. Manuel Martinez Mr. and Mrs. William E. Martin, III Ms. Maureen Matthews Ms. Pam Mayer Dr. and Mrs. Joseph C. McAlhany, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. John McAllister Ms. Camilla McCall Mr. and Mrs. Francis X. McCann Jane H. McCready Mrs. Carol McDonnell and Ms. Katherine McDonnell Mr. and Mrs. Barclay McFadden, III Sloan and Barclay McFadden Ms. Jane A. McFaddin and Mr. Charles B. Bryan Mr. and Mrs. J.C. McGinty Mrs. Jennifer S. McKay Mrs. Andrea McKellar Mr. and Mrs. Brian McKendrick Mr. and Mrs. Barnes McLaurin Mr. William McLeod Mrs. Judy C. Bridges McMahon Maria Mebane The Honorable and Mrs. Joseph S. Mendelsohn Ms. Inna Metcalf and Mr. Slade Metcalf Mr. and Mrs. David C. Meyer Mr. Henry Laurens and Ms. Emily Meyers Ms. Suzanne Michel and Mr. Andrew D’Allesandro Mr. and Mrs. Brett Miller Mr. and Mrs. David Miller Mrs. Anna Mims and Mr. Jared Hove Justina and Chad Minifie Mr. and Mrs. Robert Minkhorst Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Monaghan Mr. and Mrs. Guy Montgomery Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Montgomery Mr. and Mrs. Tyre H. Moore Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Morgan Mr. and Mrs. John W. Morgan, III Dr. Gertrude Morris and Dr. James Morris Ms. Joyce Morris Mr. and Mrs. Lane Morrison Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Morrison Dr. Mary G. Motley and Mr. William D. Motley Mrs. Bette Mueller-Roemer and Mr. Walter Crocker Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Muench Ms. Christine R. Nairne Dr. Kristiana Neff Mr. and Mrs. Robert New Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Nielsen Dr. and Mrs. Ryan Nobles Mr. and Mrs. Frank W. Norvell Ms. Virginia Norvell and Ms. Margo Walden Mr. John Nuss Ms. Neda Nussbaum Mr. and Mrs. Kurt Oberle Ms. Diane O’Keefe and Mr. Peter Thibodeau Mrs. Greta Olson Mrs. Sonya Pettersen O’Malley Ellen O’Neel Dr. Patrick M. O’Neil Mr. and Mrs. Craig J. Orme Mr. Lewis C. Paine

Mrs. Dendy Pappas Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Parrington Ms. Susan Parsons and Dr. Angus Baker Mr. and Mrs. James L. Passmore Dr. and Mrs. Clarence W. Pate Ms. Brenda Patten and Mr. Stephen Hutchinson Mrs. Jane R. Pearman Mrs. Margaret Anne Pearson Ms. Margaret M. Peery Mr. and Mrs. Glen Pellett Ms. Carol Pennell and Ms. Lorraine Kasyan Mr. and Mrs. Steven Pernick Mr. and Mrs. Paul Perocchi Elizabeth S. Perron and Gerald S. Perron Ms. Lorraine Perry Mr. and Mrs. William R. Perry, Jr. Ms. Leisa Peterson Mr. and Mrs. Phillip A. Peters Mr. Harris Pharr Mr. and Mrs. Jordan Phillips Mr. and Mrs. Robert Phipps Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Platt Mrs. Anne T. Pope Mr. and Mrs. Harold R. Pratt-Thomas Mrs. Kara Pressley Mr. and Mrs. Charles Prevost Mr. and Mrs. Michael Prevost Mrs. Beth Price Dr. and Mrs. Paul Price Rachel and Robert Prioleau Mr. and Mrs. William C. Putnam Dr. and Ms. Wayne Rackoff Dr. and Mrs. Daniel Ravenel Dr. Harriet Reavis and Dr. Richard Dom Nancy and Bill Rector Ms. Barbara Reed and Mr. Robert Day Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Reitman Mrs. Dorothy Rhodes Mr. and Mrs. Steve Rhodes Ms. Emma Rice Mr. and Mrs. Chip Rini Terry Ripich Mrs. Terry Ritchen Mrs. Bene Jacobs Rittenberg and Dr. Charles Rittenberg Ms. Cornelia C. Roberts Mark S. Roberts Mr. and Mrs. Randal M. Robinson Mr. and Mrs. Avery Rockefeller Janet Rogers Donna and Curt Rone Mr. and Mrs. William E. Roschen Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Rosenblum Mr. and Mrs. Derek Ross Dr. Bernardo Rossi Ms. Karen Ross Mr. and Mrs. Mike Ross Mrs. Andrea Rose Rousseaux and Mr. Charles Dorkey Mr. Ronald Rowland Courtney G. Rowson and Carter B. Rowson Sarah Russell and Trish Long Mr. and Mrs. Frank Rutigliano Jonathan Sanchez Mr. and Mrs. John Sanders Mr. and Mrs. David Savard Mr. and Mrs. Philip A. Scheurer Mr. and Mrs. Robert Schlau Mr. John Paul Schmidt Mr. Joseph Schmidt Mr. and Mrs. Gordon D. Schreck Dr. and Mrs. Richard Schulze Mrs. Carolyn Schwenzfeier Dr. Meg Scott-Copses and Mr. Dino Copses Dr. Sally E. Self Mrs. Mindelle Seltzer and Mr. Robert Lovinger Mr. and Mrs. William Semmes Mr. John Shannon and Mr. Curtis Estes Dr. and Mrs. Darren Sidney Dr. and Mrs. Richard Silver Mr. and Mrs. Carlton Simons Mr. and Mrs. John Sirianni Dr. and Mrs. Tom Slabaugh Mr. and Mrs. J. Bryan Smalley

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Mrs. Leslie Smith Mr. and Mrs. Whit Smith Mr. and Mrs. Philip Snead Mrs. Jordana Snider Dean Helen Snow Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell Sonkin Mrs. Jayne M. Spector Dr. Lundie Spence Dr. and Mrs. William H. Spencer, III Ms. Pam Sprague and Mr. Andrew Sprague Mr. and Mrs. Tom Stanley Mrs. Kate Stenson Mr. and Mrs. F. David Stevens Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Stevenson Mr. and Mrs. William Stewart Mr. and Mrs. Randell C. Stoney, Jr. Mary and Karl Stork Mr. and Mrs. Milton Stratos Mr. and Mrs. Brandon Strauss Nancy L. Sturgis Mr. and Mrs. Dan Sullivan Dr. and Mrs. Istvan Takacs Mr. and Mrs. Harold R. Talbot Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Tanenbaum Dr. and Mrs. George J. Taylor Ms. Dottie Teetor Mr. and Mrs. Foster Thalheimer Dr. and Mrs. William B. Thomason Mr. and Mrs. David L. Thompson Mr. Thomas E. Thornhill Ms. Rhett Thurman and Mr. Harry Clark Mr. and Mrs. Thomas S. Tisdale, Jr. Mrs. Christine Toporek Mr. and Mrs. Blair Torrey Mrs. Joyce Towson Ms. Kathleen Tresnak and Mr. William Reehl Ms. Patricia L. Trivette and Mr. Rick L. Malaspina Mr. and Mrs. Jan L. Tryssesoone Ms. Charlee A. Tufts Dr. Jane L. Tyler and Dr. Curtis Worthington Mr. Betsy Unger Mr. and Mrs. Dieter Urbanski Janel and Ricardo Urena Mr. and Mrs. Christiaan van Raalten Ms. Mary L. Van Wyck and Mr. Hamilton Morrison Mrs. Samantha Vance Mr. Paul Vannatta Mrs. Elizabeth Vingi Mrs. Virginia C. Volf Mrs. Matthew Waddell Mr. and Mrs. Eliot Wadsworth Ms. Martha Waggoner Mr. and Mrs. Trenholm Walker Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Walkley Ms. Abigail Walsh Mr. David Walters Mr. and Mrs. Peter Ward Mr. and Mrs. Perry Keith Waring Mr. and Mrs. Bill Warnock Mr. and Mrs. John H. Warren, III Mrs. Kathleen Warren Mrs. Marshall Webb Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Wecksler Dr. Roberta Weisbrod Mr. and Mrs. James R. Weise Dr. and Mrs. Jay M. Weiss Mrs. Eileen Weklar Mr. and Mrs. David Wells Dr. M. Ann Welsh and Dr. Gordon E. Dehler Mr. and Mrs. David Wertz Ms. Mary L. Wessner and Mr. Stephen D. Slifer Mr. Raymond D. White Mr. and Mrs. James S. Whitten Dr. Kathleen Wiley and Mr. Patrick Kelley Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Wilkie Sarah and Tracy Wilkins Mrs. Gayle Wilkinson Mrs. Alexis Wilks Mr. and Mrs. Barry Williams Mr. and Mrs. Roy Williams, III Mr. and Mrs. Fred L. Willis, III Ms. Amy R. Wilson and Mr. Mathew J. Swenson

Mr. Michael E. Wilson Kathleen and James Wojdyla Women’s Council of CAA Ms. Chase Wood Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wood Ms. Gayle Woodward Ms. Martha Worthy Mr. and Mrs. David Wright Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Wright Mr. and Mrs. Hubert E. Yarborough Mr. and Mrs. Steve Yeomans Ms. Donna York-Monestere and Mr. Martin Monestere Carl Yost Mr. John Young and Mr. Philip Dufford Mrs. Kris Young Molly B. Young and J. Rutledge Young Ms. Tara Young and Judge Roger Young Mr. John Zimmer Mrs. Barbara Zimmerman Mr. and Mrs. Fred Zollinger Mr. Aaron Zych


Ms. Amy Adler Mrs. Marianne Albrecht Ms. Gayle Alfreds Mr. and Mrs. C.M. Allen Mrs. Diane Allen Dr. and Mrs. William B. Allen The Rt. Rev. and Mrs. C. Fitzsimons Allison Mr. Nathan Altendorf Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Amis Miss Sarah Amos Brenda E. Anderson Mrs. Marisa Anderson Ms. Cynthia Andrews Ms. Mary Sue Andrews Ms. Sharon Applebaum Mrs. Marie-Laure Arnaud Mr. and Mrs. Michael Arthur Mrs. Mary Aug Ms. Debbie Austin and Mr. Randall J. Phillips Mr. and Mrs. Benoit Avice Du Buisson Mrs. Ellen Azurin Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Baarcke, Jr. Ruth Baer Dr. Lisa Bailey and Mr. Kyle Samuels Ms. Christina F. Baily Mrs. Lee Ann Bain Mr. and Mrs. Charles Baker Mr. Robert Baker Dr. and Mrs. J. Gilbert Baldwin, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. John Baldwin Mrs. Marjorie Baldwin Rita A. Balkham Ms. Debra Ballou Ms. Mary Bannon Dr. Lisa K. Barclay Evan Barkhae Ms. Holly Barron Mr. and Mrs. Donald Barry Mr. and Mrs. William Barutio Brittany H. Bates Mr. Bennett Baxley Ms. Katharine Beard Mrs. Mary-Ann Becker Mr. William Beebe Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Beinbrink Dr. Janis Bellack Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Benbow Mrs. Frances S. Bennett Miss Sue Bennett Mr. and Mrs. Jim Berg Ms. Karen Berg Mrs. Claire Berlinsky Mrs. Eve M. Berlinsky Dr. and Mrs. Stephen Berque Mrs. Ellen W. Berrier Ms. Jennifer Berwick and Mr. Mark Slater The Rev. John Bethell Mrs. Marty Biernbaum

Mr. Cary Bigelow Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Black Mrs. Ria Black Katharine Bloder Mr. and Mrs. Brett Bluestein Sarah J. Blum Mr. Walter N. Boags Mr. William Bodine Mr. and Mrs. Peter Boggeman Mrs. Moya Bolton Ms. Paula S. Borgstedt Ms. Carol B. Bosco Mrs. Cheryl K. Boswell Hollace and Jim Boswell Mr. Martin R. Bowen Mr. and Mrs. Russell Boyle Ms. Catherine Brack Ms. Helen C. Brandenburg Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Bray Mr. and Mrs. Howard Bridgman Dr. and Mrs. Howard L. Brilliant Dr. Laura Brock Ms. Lee G. Brockington and Mr. William Shehan Mr. and Mrs. M. Neil Brosee Dr. Francis M. Brown Mr. and Mrs. Gardner Brown Jean Brown and Colin McNaught Ms. Melissa Brown Ms. Kristin Brunson Mr. and Mrs. John Buchanan Dr. and Mrs. William Y. Buchanan Patrick Bucher Ms. Susan L. Buck Ms. Laurie D Buhrer Mrs. Ann Ward Burris Mr. and Mrs. Larry Butler Dr. Elsa Caire and Dr. Russell Wolfe Ms. Dayna Caldwell Dr. and Mrs. Price Cameron Mrs. Megan Campbell Hillary Canner Judith A. Canonico Mrs. Sarah S. Carey Mrs. Nancy K. Carleton Ms. Amanda Carlyle Mr. Max Carroll Ms. Amy L. Carter Mrs. Jeanie Carter Dr. and Mrs. William C. Carter, III Leslie Casey Mrs. Deneb Causey Ruth and Philip Cavanaugh Ms. Judith Chamberlin Mary and Eason Chapman Lois and Robert Cheney Ms. Lynn C. Chiappone Dr. Angela Choi Ms. Anne S. Christy Mary E. Clabby Mr. Chauncey Clark Mrs. Barbara M. Clawson Mrs. Cate Clement Ms. Claire Clinton Chris Coates Mrs. Leigh Cobb Ms. Brigitte Codron Ms. Barbara Cohn Mr. and Mrs. William Cole, Jr. Ms. Alison Colquhoun Ms. Susan Colwell Mrs. Jenny S. Commins Ms. Aileen Condon Mr. Thomas R. Conklin Mrs. Jane Conlin Ms. Mary Celeste Conlon Mr. John Cook Mrs. Jeannette M. Cooper Ms. Joann Cooper Mr. and Mrs. Nigel W. Cooper Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Cooper Ethel A. Corcoran Mr. and Mrs. Peter Correale


$45–$99 (CONT’D) Joel Cory Mrs. Mary Cotterill Ms. Margaret Cotton Ms. Carolyne Cox Dr. Jason P. Coy Mr. and Mrs. Grant Crawford Mr. and Mrs. David Creech Ms. Rebecca A. Crichton Mr. Jan Cross and Mr. Chuck Cross Mrs. Diane Croughwell Mrs. Virginia Crowley Denise and Michael Cuenin Ms. Kathy Cullinan Mr. and Mrs. Edward Culver Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Curtin Ms. Carol Curtis and Dr. Knox Kinlaw Ms. Misty Daniels Mr. and Mrs. Doug David Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Davis Mr. J. Hugh Davis, III Dr. and Mrs. Leonard E. Davis Mr. and Mrs. C. Stuart Dawson, Jr. Mrs. Karen Day Mr. and Mrs. Garey De Angelis Mrs. Suzanne Dean Ms. Yvette E. Dede Dr. and Mrs. Mark DeGarmo Carol and Steve Degnen Ms. Nancy Jane Dennis and Mr. Lockwood Murphy Mr. and Mrs. Arie deZanger Mrs. Susan G. Dickson Ms. Michelle Diminich Ms. Elizabeth P. Dixon Dr. Cynthia Dodds Ms. Katherine Doe Mr. and Mrs. Ralph H. Doering, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Dolinsky Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Donaldson, III Mr. and Mrs. Henry Donato Dr. Jean Dorsett-Robinson Mr. and Mrs. Gailard T. Dotterer Dr. Robert C. Douglas Mrs. Helen Dovell Ms. Mary Ellen Doyle Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Drayton, Jr. Miss Edith DuBose Ms. Dixie Dunbar Mrs. Carroll Dunn Ms. Julie Dunn Ms. Sandy Earl Mr. and Mrs. Edward L. Eatman, Jr. Kristopher N. Eby Mr. Howard Edmonds Mr. and Mrs. J. Alan Edwards Mr. and Mrs. Lutz Eggert Mrs. Mary Elarton Mr. and Mrs. David A. Elder Ms. Sheron Elliott Mr. and Mrs. Dan Ellis Mr. and Mrs. Scott Emmons Mr. Mark Erickson Dr. Marie-Anne Erki and Dr. John Cowan Mr. and Mrs. Chip Ervin Joanne and Christopher Eustis Ms. Lorraine F. Evans Mrs. Marian Evans Ms. Theresa Evans Ms. Yvonne D. Evans Ms. Henrietta J. Evatt Ms. Sally S. Everett Ms. Stephanie Faison Ms. Juliana G. Falk Dr. and Mrs. Robert B. Falk Mr. and Mrs. Michael Fanning Ms. Linda Fantuzzo Ms. Chloe E. Farb and Mr. Craig R. Edmunds Mr. Brian Faudman Dr. Paula R. Feldman Ms. Avril H. Fenwick Ms. Jacqualine Fink Dr. and Mrs. Evan Firestone Ms. Taylor Fischer Ms. Gaye Fisher Mr. Robert Fisher Ms. Carol Fishman Ms. Lindsay Fleege and Mr. Justin Lewis Ms. Sara Forbes Dr. and Mrs. William Fornadel Mrs. Cantey Foxworth Ms. Julia A. Fraizer Dr. Joel Frampton Mr. Alexander Franklin Mr. and Mrs. Paul Franklin Ms. Carolyn B. Fraser Mr. Frank Fredericks Mr. and Mrs. Bernard B. Fulk, III Mr. and Mrs. Samuel N. Furr Mahala and Gerald Garrett Mrs. Mary Garrett Ms. Elizabeth Gasque Ms. Kathryn Gates Mr. and Mrs. Henry Gaud Dr. and Mrs. Daniel Geddie Ms. Helen Lyles Geer Mr. Lyles Geer Mrs. Constance Gentzler Ms. Elaine George Ms. Emily Gibbons Prof. and Mrs. Jeremy Gilbert Marion and Gail Glover Mr. and Mrs. Charles Golden Mrs. Linda K. Goodroe Miss Kristine Goodwin Dr. April Gordon and Dr. Donald Gordon Ms. Elizabeth Gordon Ms. Carol Gossage Mr. and Mrs. Ben Gramling Mr. J. Kirkland Grant Ms. Barbara Greaux Ms. Eve Greene Mr. Harlan Greene Mrs. Zan Gregory Mrs. Faye Griffin Mr. Henry Grimball Ms. Rachel Grogan Mr. and Mrs. Will Grossenbacher Ms. Mary Guess Ms. Kathleen Gunning and Dr. Craig Velozo Ms. Martha B. Gunter Ms. Liz Guthridge and Mr. David Matthews Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Hacker Mrs. Nancy Hadley Hagan Fine Art Gallery

[ 24 ] A N N UA L G I V I N G

Ms. Kaminer Haislip Ms. Mary Halecki and Mr. Robert Lorzelere Mrs. Carolyne Hannon Mr. and Mrs. William Hardis Mr. and Mrs. Joel Harrell Chase Harrigan and Anthony Hart Harrigan, IV Mrs. Lisa Hase-Jackson and Prof. Gary Jackson Ms. Ann W. Haskell Ms. Kat Hastie Mrs. Janet Haughey Mrs. Jean Hawkins Ms. Karyn Healey Mrs. Gloria Hedden Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Heinz, III Dr. Katherine Hendrix Ms. Shirley Hendrix Mrs. Chevon Herbert Mr. Fred B. Herrmann Mrs. Sharon Herz-Freilich Mr. and Mrs. James Herzog Mrs. Kandy T. Higley Mr. and Mrs. Paul Hines Ms. Kay Hocker Mary Hodgson Mr. Jack Hoey, Jr. Ms. Evelyn M. Holland Ms. Russell Holliday and Mr. Hal Cottingham Ms. Patricia Holsclaw Mr. and Mrs. Kelly T. Holsten Mrs. Nancy Hooker Ms. Isabel Hopkins Ms. Janet Hopkins William Hopkins Mr. Mark K. Horton Dr. Tom Horton Ms. Mary Houston and Charles Cater Ms. Margaret H. Hoybach Ms. Elaine Hruska Dr. Charles Huggins Mrs. Connie L. Hughes Blanche Hunnewell Ms. Rhonda N. Hunter Ms. Lauren Hunt Ms. Priscilla Hurt Mr. G. Frederick Hutter Ms. Catherine Hutto Mrs. Ann Igoe Ms. Elizabeth Ilderton Dr. Catherine Ivory Mrs. Jane Iwan Ms. Sherry A. Jackoboice Alan Jackson Ms. Elizabeth Jackson and Ms. Gracie Seaver Ms. Nancy Jackson Jessica L. Jantzi and Hannah R. VanSyckel Mr. Ervin Jeffers Ms. Mary Jessey Mr. and Mrs. Carl Johnson Ms. Paula Johnson and Ms. Jennifer Moore Mr. and Mrs. William H. Johnson Mrs. April Jones Mrs. Christina Jones Mr. and Mrs. Clifton Jones Mr. David Jones Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Jonjevic Ms. Elizabeth R. Jordan Ms. Ellen Costello and Mr. Michael Judge Ms. Ruth Julian Dr. Pamela Cox Jutte Mr. and Mrs. Ellis Kahn Dr. and Mrs. Jurgis Karuza Mrs. Riley Kash Ms. Lynn Keenan Dr. Kate Keeney Ms. Sarah Kellerman Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Kelley John Kemper Ms. Kay Kennerty Mr. and Mrs. Richard Kenney Ms. Amanda Kenny and Mr. David Wheeler Mr. A. Stewart Kerr, Jr. Ms. Susan Kilpatrick Miss Hyun Kyeong Kim Mr. and Mrs. Stephen G. Kimmel Ms. Pamela H. King and Mr. Larry S. Barnfield Dr. and Mrs. Charles J. King Ms. Louise King Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Kittrell Mr. and Mrs. Martin J. Klaper Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Klein Dr. Jeffrey J. Kline Ms. Sharon Kloss Ms. Paula Knecht Mr. Michael Koon Mrs. Wendy Korb Mrs. Sandra Korn Ms. Polly Kosko Mr. and Mrs. John Krainin Ms. Hilde Kuck and Mr. Frank W. Santillo Ms. Elizabeth Kulesz Dr. Maryellen Kyle Jackie and Bill Lackner Ms. Heather M. Lake Mr. and Mrs. Edward Lally Ms. Julia Lamson-Scribner Ms. Kathleen L. Lancaster and Mr. Michael J. Keating Mary A. Landis and John A. Holbrook Ms. Gladys Lane Ms. Lois Lane and Mr. David Rogers Ms. Jean Lang Mr. and Mrs. Greg Lantz Dustin B. LaPorte Dr. Marilyn Larach and Dr. David Larach Mrs. Virginia Larence Mrs. Kelly Lashley Dr. Diane Lauritsen Ms. Rachelle Lavelle Mr. and Mrs. J. Perrin Lawson, III Ms. Janet Lederman and Mr. Jerome Lederman Ms. Muffie Lee Mrs. Cynthia Legette Mr. and Mrs. Robert Leggett Dr. Brittany Lehman Dr. Rebecca K. Lehman Mr. and Mrs. Wray Lemke Mr. and Mrs. Chisolm Leonard Mr. and Mrs. Perry LeRoy Dr. and Mrs. Philip Levin Mrs. Alice F. Levkoff Ms. Susan K. Lewis and Mr. Trapp H. R. Lewis Ms. Margaret E. Lewis Mr. and Mrs. Richards Lewis Mr. and Mrs. Hall B. Liles Mrs. Marcia Litschewski and Ms. Gayle Jourdain Mr. and Mrs. Richard Lloyd Mr. Melvin R. Loeb Ms. Marilyn Long

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Loughry Ms. Joanie Lucas Andrew Lutton Ms. Elizabeth Luzuriaga Mr. and Ms. Donald Machiorlete Mr. and Mrs. Doug MacIntyre Elizabeth Mack Mrs. Robin Macpherson Mr. Erwin Maddrey Nancy and Tom Maher Mrs. Sally B. Maitland Ms. Lindsay Malanos Mr. and Mrs. Peter Mani Mr. and Mrs. John Manzi Miss Jennifer Marble Ms. Michelina Maritote Mrs. Frances C. Marlatt Ms. Gale B. Marrone Mrs. Jan Martin Ms. Margaret Martz and Mr. Randolph Martz Mr. and Mrs. John A. Massalon Dr. Daniel S. Massi Mr. and Mrs. Michael Master Mrs. Martha M. Matheson Mrs. Amy Mauldin Mrs. Melanie Mauldin Mr. and Mrs. William May Ms. Patricia McCormack Ms. Kate McCullough Dawn and James McDonald Mr. and Mrs. John McFadden Mr. and Mrs. David P. McFarland Lynn McGaughey-Smith Ms. Susan McGinness Ms. Corrie McGovern and Mr. James McGavick Ms. Nancy W. McGowan Mr. and Mrs. William E. McIntosh Margaret McKinney Ms. Mariana McLean Mr. Jim McMahan Ms. Kitty R. McMaster Mrs. Caroline H. McMillan Mrs. Marie McNeice Dr. and Mrs. Theodore McRackan Ms. Judy McSween Ms. Sheri Melton and Mr. Peter Gerschefski Mr. and Mrs. Donald Meyer Ms. Madeleine Meyerson and Mr. Morton Tender Ms. Gretta A. Middleton Ms. Joan C. Middleton Mr. and Mrs. Larry Midla Ms. Judy Milam Mr. and Mrs. John Milkereit Mr. and Mrs. Carl Miller Grace Mingo Dr. and Mrs. George Minson Ms. Elsa Mintz Mr. and Mrs. Jerrold Mitchell Ann E. Montgomery Mrs. Judith Moore Mrs. Patricia S. Moore Ms. Maria D. Morell Dean Valerie Morris Mrs. Anne Moss Mr. James Moss Mrs. Doris Motley Ms. Mary M. Muller Ms. Joanne Musso Mrs. Moffatt Myers Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Myers Mr. and Mrs. Robert N. Neuman Mr. and Mrs. W. Aris Newton Mr. and Mrs. James P. Nicholson Diane and John Nimphius Miss Evelyn Norton Mrs. J. G. Nowell Ms. Kelly L. O’Brien Mr. and Mrs. Kevin O’Connell Robin Ogilvie Ms. Helen O’Hagan Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Olanoff Mr. Joel Oppenheimer Ms. Anna O’Quinn Mr. and Mrs. Nick Orletsky Mr. Cody Orr Linda and Joseph Ort Ms. Pamela Ovens Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Owens Gigi Owens Ms. Tammy H. Papa Lelio and Catherine Parducci Ms. Margaret J. Passailaigue Mr. and Mrs. Murray Passo Mr. Richard S. Paul Mrs. Sophie Pauze Mr. and Mrs. Robert Peckham Mrs. Carol C. Pelzer Ms. Cornelia H. Pelzer Ms. Sharon Penny Deborah Nyman Pepchinski and Bruce Pepchinski Mrs. Sara Perrine Dr. and Mrs. Leonard L. Peters Mr. and Mrs. Thruston W. Pettus Mr. H. Dickman Pfann Mrs. Carol Pinckney Ms. Karen Pinson Mr. and Mrs. Roberto Pisoni Ms. Sarah Pitts Vice Adm. Douglas C. Plate Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Player Mr. Charles Poandl Mr. and Mrs. Craig J. Poff Mr. and Mrs. Jim Pomplun Mr. Richard Porcher Mrs. Russell Powell Mrs. Delia H. Pridgen Ms. Louise Priest Ms. Betty J. Profit Rachel and Kyle Pulling Ms. Katharine Purcell Dr. and Mrs. Newton Quantz, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Scott Quattlebaum Mrs. Martina Radic and Mr. Jacob Lindsey Ms. Linda Randazzo Mr. and Mrs. Julian Raney Ms. Maryellen Rankin Meredith Rankin Carol Rashbrock Dr. and Mrs. James M. Ravenel Mrs. Jean R. Ravenel Mrs. Susan Ravenel Ms. Debra Razzouk Mr. Allen D. Reardon Mr. Rex Reed Mr. James Reeves Ms. Anne Register and Ms. Becky Van Wie Ms. Emily A. Reyna

Ms. Ann B. Rhett Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Rhoden Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Richardson Mr. and Mrs. Terry Richardson Mrs. Ana Richter Ms. Kelly Rickborn Ms. Lynne Riding Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Riley The Honorable and Mrs. Joseph P. Riley, Jr. Linda and Frank Rinaldi Ms. Ana Rincon Mrs. Sheran Rittenberg Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Ritts Ms. Carroll W. Rivers Ms. Jessica Rivers Ms. Helen Roady Ms. Georgia C. Roane Mrs. Tyler Robb Mrs. Claire Robinson Ms. DeAnn Roddy Mr. and Mrs. Stanley C. Rodgers Ms. Catherine G. Rogers and Mr. Steven Nicoll Ms. Jean N. Rogge Mr. and Mrs. Norman Rosebrock Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Rosenberg Mrs. Sandra Rosenblum Dr. Arlene Rosenthal Mrs. Alesia Ross Dr. Susan Ross and Mr. James Ross Mr. and Mrs. James Rowe Mr. Joseph N. Rozier Mr. and Mrs. Robert Russell Ms. Deborah Rutter Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Ryba Ms. Heather Saal Ms. Patti Sachs Ms. Elaine Salmon Ms. Leslie Samuel Mr. and Mrs. N. Winfield Sapp, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Orrell Saulsbury Ms. Suzanne Saunders Ms. Judith Sawyer Ms. Patricia Schaefer and Mr. Page Schaefer Mr. and Mrs. Robert Schafer Ms. Judy Schmidlapp Mrs. Lauren E. Schmidt Mr. Christopher M. Schreiner Sarah E. Scott Mr. and Mrs. Richard Scurry Susan Sellew Mr. and Mrs. William B. Settlemyer Mr. and Mrs. Willis Shanks Mrs. Paige Shaw Mr. and Mrs. James Sheehy Ms. Angela Shelton Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Shilepsky Ms. Lilless McPherson Shilling Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth W. Shortridge, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Jack W. Simmons, Jr. Miss Millie Sims Ms. Renee G. Skory Ms. Caitlin Smith Ms. Callie Smith Mr. and Mrs. Colton M. Smith Mr. and Mrs. George Smithy, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. John Smock Mr. William D. Smyth Dr. and Mrs. Henry Sonneborn Ms. Amelia M. Spade Mr. Cator Sparks and Mr. Paul Saylors Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Speakman Mrs. Jean R. Spell Ms. Sarah Spencer Lauren and William Spielvogel Mrs. Wendy Jo Spitz Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Springer Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Squires Ms. Meghan Stasz Ms. Margarita Staudt and Dr. Richard Gunter Amanda and Maxwell Steinhardt Mrs. Barbara K. Stender Dr. Faye B. Steuer and Mr. Jerry W. Huhn David Stinson Mrs. Lauren Stitely Ms. Debra Stokes Mr. and Mrs. Louis E. Storen, Jr. Ms. Cordelia Story Mr. and Mrs. John Strauch Mr. and Mrs. Gordon C. Strauss Mrs. Ute Stretz Mr. and Mrs. Michael Sudzina Ms. Rita Sullivan and Mr. David Sullivan Sara Sundstrom Mrs. Barbara Sussberg Mrs. Ellen Swartz Dr. Carole Swiecicki and Mr. C. Scott Swiecicki Mr. and Mrs. Miles Tager Talbots, Inc. Ms. Laurie Tarleton Mrs. Barbara Tartt Mrs. H. Simmons Tate, Jr. Ms. Grace Teshima Mr. and Mrs. Albert A. Thibault Ms. Ann Thomas Mr. George Thomas Ms. Sarah Thomas Dr. Christine Thompson Mr. David M. Thompson Mrs. Lizabeth Gregg Hutto Thompson Mrs. Mary J. Thompson Mrs. Linda Thorndike Williams Ms. Donna Thorne and Mr. William Shrader Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Timmons Ms. Carolyn V. Titus Miss Elizabeth Todd Mr. and Mrs. Craig Townsend Mrs. Frances Townsend Mr. and Mrs. John M. Trask, Jr. Mr. Benjamin Tromberg Mrs. Susan D. Trott Ms. Elizabeth S. Tucker Ms. Karen Tucker Ms. Kelly S. Turner Mr. and Mrs. H. Wayne Unger, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Martin Ustin Ms. Brenda Uttaro Mr. and Mrs. Jacobus Van de Graaf Daniel and Jamie Vara Mr. and Mrs. Jock Vincentsen Mr. and Mrs. Louis B. Vitale Dr. Lisa Von Moll Mr. and Mrs. Charles Vonrosenberg Ms. Kathy Wade Mrs. Amy Walker Ms. Judith Walker Mr. and Mrs. Steve Walker Mr. and Mrs. Johnny Wallace

Mr. and Mrs. Bob Wallen Mr. and Mrs. Thatcher Waller Ms. Susan Walters Mr. and Mrs. John P. Ward Chris Warnick Mrs. Theodora G. Warren Ms. Leigh Ann Waslien Mr. and Mrs. Sam Watson Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Watts Cynthia Webb Ms. Mary Webb Dr. and Mrs. Stewart Weinberg Mrs. Constance West Lee and Jo Westbrock Ms. Kristin M. Westerson Mr. and Mrs. David P. Wetta Glenda and Larry Wetzel Ms. Amelia Whaley Mr. Haynes Wheeler and Mr. Andy Anastasi Ms. Harriet Whelchel Mr. and Mrs. Lynn F. White Rebecca and Jim Wick Ms. Whitney A. Wiest Mr. and Mrs. Richard Wildermann Mr. and Mrs. Weston C. Wilhelm M.P. Wilkerson Andrea B. Wilkes Mrs. Barbara S. Williams Mrs. Carol Williams Ms. Regina Williams Ms. Rachael Wills Mr. Cecil Wilson Miss Kimberly Wilson Mrs. Joann W. Wimberley Mr. and Mrs. John D. Winchester Mr. and Mrs. James Windler Mr. Calhoun A. Witham, Jr. Mrs. Alston O. Wolf The Woman’s Club of Charleston Mrs. Helen C. Woodbridge Ms. Ann Woodfield and Mr. Ralph Wood Ms. Hope Middleton Wood Catie Wylie Ms. Jane M. Yates Mrs. Kerri K. Yates Linda Youmans Judy Young Dr. Nikki Yourshaw and Dr. Jeffrey Yourshaw Mrs. Helena Louise Yule Ms. Julie Zachowski Ms. Jil Zlogar and Mr. John Zlogar Mr. David Zoellner Ms. Renate G. Zolkiewicz Ms. Chrystine Zweibel


Ms. Abigail Akre Mr. Dalton Barfield The Honorable Lauren Bristow Ms. Jessie Brynan and Mr. Bob Hyman Miss Lucinda Bulanow Ms. Tacey Carroll Katherine Chaddock Ms. Lese Corrigan Mrs. Ashley Demosthenes Mr. James Dickey

Ms. Elizabeth S. Eaton Adams Mr. David Fortson Mr. George Frankel Ms. Lauren Gabriel Harriett Gaddy Mrs. Sarah R. Graham Ms. Brittany Hazelton Mr. E. Randolph Hille Ms. Syndia Hill Mr. Matthew A. Hunter Ms. Rosamond Lawson Catherine Locatis and Cynthia Kapp Ms. David Lord Ms. Joan A. Marchetti Ms. Isabelle Martinez Mr. Robert Maynor Ana Maria McCaa Mr. Ben Miehe Gayle S. Mullins Mrs. Melanie Myron Ms. Blaise Niosi Rives and Stephen O’Connell Ms. Margaret O’Kelley Ms. Ann Olivier Mr. Joshua Patterson Miss Amanda Pennington Ms. Amelia Price Ms. Bess Rosen Mrs. Alison Schmidt Ms. Constance B. Schulz Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Shugart Mrs. Sarah Stasz Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Steever Ms. Joanna Stroud Mrs. Julie Taylor Ms. M. Turchinsky Ms. Lisa Van Raalte Mr. Peeranut Visetsuth


Mr. Charles Ailstock Anson Mills Arcadia Publishing Art Mag Artizom The Atlantic Room Bank of North Carolina Batch Mr. Stephen Blackmon Breakthru Beverage Butcher & Bee Café Framboise Cannon Green Carmella’s Caviar & Bananas Charleston Place Pastry Charleston Grill Chez Nous Circa 1886 Mr. Riley Clermont Cobalt Property Group Coca Cola Bottling Co. The Daily The Drawing Room Duncan Parnell Duvall Catering & Event Design

Edmund’s Oast Elliott Davis, LLC EventWorks Fatty’s Beer Works FIG The Granary Grill 225 The Grocery Halls Chophouse Hamby Catering & Events Henrietta’s Husk Mr. Tim Hussey Indaco inventivEnvironments Mr. Alan Jackson Jane & Gretchen Florals Jeffrey Bannon Justin Harris Design Kiawah Partners Le Farfalle Robin Lehman Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin F. Lenhardt, Jr. Leon’s Little Jack’s The Macintosh McCrady’s MCG Photography Melfi’s Mercantile & Mash Minero MIX Ms. Teeny Morrison Oak Steakhouse The Obstinate Daughter O-Ku Sushi The Ordinary Palmetto Parking Mr. Landon N. Phillips Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Porter Production Design Associates Purlieu Red Drum Mr. Rick Rhodes, Rick Rhodes Photography Robert Lange Studios Ms. Raven Roxanne Mrs. Karen L. Kichline-Ruef and Mr. David Ruef Mr. Rusty Russ Salthouse Catering Scoutside Skyline Tent Company Slightly North of Broad Snyder Squeeze Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Steever Ms. Kate Long Stevenson Mr. Sully Sullivan The Vendue Ms. Ashley Warnock Ms. Leigh Webber Wild Olive WildFlour Pastry Zero George


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HONOR / MEMORIALS In honor of John Dunnan Ms. Helen Arnold Ms. Elizabeth Dixon Mrs. Roland W. Donnem Mr. and Mrs. Neil G. Fisher Mr. and Mrs. Russell Guerard Mr. William Landers Lebanon Delights Mr. Lawrence Martinelli Ms. Melinda Nicolson Mr. and Mrs. Robert N. Rosen Mr. Matthew Swain

In memory of Steve Gates Mr. Robert Parsons and Ms. Victoria Herget, The Robert Parsons and Victoria Herget Family Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Henry L. B. Ravenel In memory of Steve Gates and In honor of Laura Gates Mr. and Mrs. Bernard F. Mack, Esq. In memory of Bob Harris Women’s Council of CAA In honor of Katy Huger Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas J. Zervos In honor of Karen Kichline-Ruef Mr. Jeff Lefton In memory of Anne Street Lautz Ms. Jane M. Brown In honor of Cindy and Ben Lenhardt The Garden Club of America In memory of Linda Ripinsky Ms. Harriet R. Ripinsky In honor of Michele Seekings Mr. and Mrs. John L. Paul In memory of Dr. Anton Vreede Mrs. Caroline Vreede In honor of my children Ms. Linda J. Walder In honor of Mimi Woodbridge Ms. Calista Woodbridge

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the Gibbes Museum of Art


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2019 Calendar



DEC 27–28 & JAN 2–4 Winter Camp, Ages 4–14


Society 1858 Winter Party X


Presented by Society 1858

THURSDAY, JANUARY 17 6PM Fellows 7PM All Members

$85 1858 Members $110 Non-Members $160 Combo (includes event ticket and 1858 membership)

Lying in Wait: Sporting Art by Ogden M. Pleissner

MAY 2019


Visit for class listings and pricing


APRIL 2019

MCG Photography




Anna Heyward Taylor: Intrepid Explorer

Gibbes on the Street: Light up the Night

Free for Members Eva Chen (image by Bek Andersen)


FRIDAY, JANUARY 18 10AM – 1:30PM Ogden Pleissner Symposium $50 Members | $65 Non-Members $20 Student/faculty with valid ID .......................................


Gibbes Members Trip to Miami Contact Jen Ross at 843.722.2706 x216 or for more details

Exhibition Highlights

FRIDAY, APRIL 12 12NOON Art of Design featuring Eva Chen Presented by the Women’s Council $150 per person (limited seating available) $1,000 Sponsors

$150 Members $175 Non-Members $1,500 Sponsors ...................................

LYING IN WAIT: Sporting Art by Ogden M. Pleissner JAN 18 – MAY 12, 2019

FRIDAY, MAY 24 9AM All Fellows Pre-Museum Opening Black Refractions: Highlights from The Studio Museum in Harlem Free for Members

1PM Fellows Luncheon Contact Wendi Ammons at 843.722.2706 x222 or for more details

Sean Sheridan Photography

BLACK REFRACTIONS: Highlights from The Studio Museum in Harlem MAY 24 – AUGUST 18, 2019

EXHIBITIONS 2018–2019 SEPT 28, 2018 – JAN 6, 2019

A Dark Place of Dreams: Louise Nevelson with Chakaia Booker, Louren Fensterstock, and Kate Gilmore OCT 26, 2018 – FEB 17, 2019

Charleston Collects: South Asian Art JAN 18 – MAY 12, 2019

Lying in Wait: Sporting Art by Ogden M. Pleissner

JAN 18 – MAY 12, 2019

Anna Heyward Taylor: Intrepid Explorer FEB 22 – JUNE 16, 2019

New Acquisitions: Featuring Works by African American Artists

JUNE 21 – OCT 6, 2019

Luminous Landscapes: British Watercolors from the Wigger Collection ON VIEW UNTIL SPRING 2020

Betwixt and Between: Patrick Dougherty Installation

IMAGE CREDITS (ABOVE) Racing the Storm, date unknown, by Ogden M. Pleissner (American, 1905–1983); watercolor on paper, 10 x 7 inches; Collection of Shelburne Museum, bequest of Ogden M. Pleissner. 1986-26.145. Photography by Andy Duback. Lawdy Mama, 1969, by Barkley L. Hendricks, (American, 1945–2017); oil and gold leaf on canvas; Courtesy of The Studio Museum in Harlem

MAY 24 – AUG 18, 2019

Black Refractions: Highlights from The Studio Museum in Harlem

P E R M A N E N T C O L L E C T I O N ( O N G O I N G ) | T H E R I V E R S C O L L E C T I O N O F S O U T H E R N D E C O R AT I V E A R T



Ameia + Dan Photography





G I B B E S M U S E U M O F A R T | 1 3 5 M E E T I N G S T R E E T | C H A R L E S TO N , S C 2 9 4 0 1 | G I B B E S M U S E U M . O R G

Profile for Gibbes Museum of Art

Gibbes Museum of Art Annual Report 2018  

The Gibbes Museum enhances lives through art by engaging people of every background and experience with art and artists of enduring quality,...

Gibbes Museum of Art Annual Report 2018  

The Gibbes Museum enhances lives through art by engaging people of every background and experience with art and artists of enduring quality,...