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Ranger clown, gian berra 2010

Gian Berra Presents the story ...

Live from St. Peter Show ... Hallo friends, good morning from New Rome ... good day happy and clear! Alarm Chiapponi it's time to get busy! The sun is already high and you still dream and do well. But with you there S. Peter Show, which awakens you with tenderness and affection. A morning of good music ... but no! Here's Gelindo gives me something Gelindo but I think the time! Our listeners are just now leaving the dark ...

But boys and girls today is special indeed! As I have not noticed? Today is the fortieth anniversary of the Great Flop! Just today! Like the Monday, June 24, 2170. Moreover well today is Monday! Campa horse! Time passes and we age. And at school we have a lot of stews telling that story. This we all know and we do not care much. Furthermore I was not born yet. But hey, I continue to say that was a great thing. Great and terrible. Just remember the mess and disorder that still shook the world when I was a kid from milk. Okay, perhaps I should give you a hint of what happened that day. Perhaps it is time lost, but then everyone to listen to music and to party! By Jove! Well, I must start at the beginning? The thing started when a group of 150 year old nopagani began to combine the technology then in vogue for many concrete and tried to apply it to old and decrepit notions of Gnostic Agnostic. Yeah, it was born right here in this land blessed by the sun. Those were people determined and strange. Tired of digging up old things and fight for anything they set to work. Perhaps it was the fact that their parents had instilled them so passionately? Point is that found a way to make it accessible to all the n-dimension. And there seems little? Were fed to consider that the afterlife or the smoky ethereal state was only the prerogative of preachers and saints, artists and visionaries. No! They want him now been here: in concrete. Among them were engineers in computer science, quantum physics and also of course true wizards and witches. And even experienced electricians, of course. Did not take long to discover that the n-dimensions were not just theory: changing the theoretical approach of on actual, and extended to non-physical dimensions, tried and dared beyond the obvious and the known. Firstly considered the "non-physical or non-measurable" as possible, and then focus a beam of charged quantum particles in their intentions toward a limitless possibility of existence. It was just one of the many attempts that where Clinto, a thirteen year old son of Nestor, the engineer of Applied Physics of the neopagan suggested to his father not only to create images of smoky visions of intangible ... but get into it. There seems a small matter? Children are our true saviors. So Nestor called the other night and in a recreational club made the miracle. Application clusters complete with an old door jamb to the north wall of the cellar. Behind the door there was the concrete wall. Not really know much about that night. But they were in the top five boy. Port was connected to the projector quantum and planned as an escape of the n-particles. Actually it was not manageable manually. So he used the computer to program the parameters of Clint informing the flow of particles. It was a traditional thing, because for that first attempt were used only 14 variables. Things crazy. But the computer could not handle more. And fortunately assisted them. The door was opened and the machines on. When her heart in her throat Nestor gave away what

happened. A sigh of six grooves that are released to the surprise filled the cellar. Rigid bodies and eyes wide with fear ill-concealed fixed properties the rectangle of light that had opened in the door frame, a soft light blue and hours there and came from the brightly lit store. No one dared breathe. But Clinto stepped out first and walked towards the door of light and looked over curious. A moment and the others were behind him. Besides the jamb an infinite smoky, bright and inviting endlessly curious. It seemed a slight movement and without a floor. Blowing a breath fresh and inviting. Since nobody moved Clinto took advantage of the moment and walked through the door. The old chronicles tell us all about this hero. And tell us who made the first leap just because he was curious. Since then we know what happened. The fact is that men are not really heroes, in fact the discovery was so unexpected that none of those who were there kept quiet. Clinto told it to his friends and those of their families. And the other confided everything to their wives and brag to colleagues. It created such confusion that the authorities confiscated all and was made to Nestor from the common complaint of abuse have applied for building a new port without permission. But now the thing was done. And it was so simple ... Five years later around the world were active in the first public halls n-dimensional. Groups of people went there to find space and do what he wanted. Then with each laptop models could open a private entrance to his house in the n-dimension. Okay, they were not improved models, but it worked. Now all government agencies had input like that. The n-dimension had no limit. An area with a surface to be covered, but with countless other areas to create and discover. Everything depended on the parameters of entry. Infinite space to fill ... and live. Diffused light and a vague musicality. But a limited time. In fact the state of knowledge at the time was not possible to prolong the duration of the opening of the door over a certain time. Then people used then the n-dimension for entertainment or to isolate themselves in groups. Start time of a gang of noisy suburbs of Detroit brought in n-dimension all musical instruments, a generator, chairs, furniture, a refrigerator of cold beer. And there he vented every weekend. When he returned a week later he noticed that others had stolen tools. So they had to carry in n-dimension also sturdy fences and a container. Soon however we find appropriate solutions and endless activities flourished. Lovers looking for privacy, spies who passed secret stores of weapons badly monitored. Dissident groups and seven new concepts. It was an n-type dimension Earth. Were not found God or gods or souls. For now at least. They stood a little disappointed with the Gnostics-agnostic, who hoped to meet some new presence,

and neo-pagans who believed he had made a hole in the water. But the fun was yet to come. The n-size was seen by the monotheistic religions that then roamed the world as a satanic world. Who used it had excommunicated immediately. Muslims and Catholics in particular were confused and horrified. But soon they realized that if their god was not there, they could well potarvecelo. They started the Jehovah's Witnesses, Roman Catholics and then everyone else, then the followers of Islam and the Jews. But this time they agreed. Did the smart. They wanted only to occupy their whole layers of n-dimension. And prevent others from accessing it. It was not possible. In fact the n-dimension is open to all those who access it. So secret was studied in a defense of territory in integrating on actual programming that limits their border. Like a shell that can be accessed from a single door. And control equipment could also be activated from inside the n-size choice. Only the three largest monotheistic religions had that device. Muslims, Catholics and Jews, they agreed to split a large part of the new world. Was chosen to inaugurate the event on a Friday, one Saturday and one Sunday in June 2170. It means gathering together in the new territories to celebrate the glory of their God only. One thing to do at great On Friday 21 June, all the most important Muslim religious leaders, all the mullahs more authoritative, all the saints in the life of Islam and the leaders went into the n-dimension to the levels that were seized, along with the most faithful devotees. On Saturday, the rabbis, spiritual guides, leaders, experts of scripture, Orthodox and all others took possession of their levels.

Suddenly the world seemed quieter. And on Sunday morning when the Pope and representatives of churches separated sisters were preparing to take the leap and take possession of new territories with great fanfare individuals dedicated to them with great ceremony, there was a little afraid, but because there had been others, they all went there together to the cardinals, bishops, living saints, miracles and most faithful believers. But the evening of Sunday, a cold wind blew over the world. The people of Mecca stood in silence and shadows presaged frightening.

Monday, June 24th, there was panic in Jerusalem, toward evening in Rome, people wandered restless. Chaos broke out on Tuesday media worldwide. None was returned. Really! Do not believe me? Of those who had left did not return any more. Within a few years what was left of the three major three religions fell apart in a thousand rivulets. And immense wealth were divided. Various assumptions were made. Then physicists devised a new theory which we now know was correct. The gimmick is applied to many concrete measure to limit areas of the n-size really does work. And it was possible to switch on and off at will. But on actual, not previously known as today. It is believed that this was just particles programmed computer-electron atomic level, at precisely the concrete. But no consideration was given of the concreteness of quantum ethereal, they are expecting us to take quantum particles in the world to n-dimensions. When these groups are deliberately isolated in n-dimension remained firmly tied to the state etheric. Detached from any contact with the world from which they came. With the practical impossibility of return. It turned out that what had occurred thanks to the great desire for isolation of these people and their inability to relate to other alternatives. Only later we discovered how you want to count (even unexpressed) in n-dimension. And the power, the potential of the desires of those desperate people has stopped there forever. Boys! Joy! That was a great day! Not that here is a paradise, but you live better. Do not you think? Besides those of us now has his own corner where you can do whatever they like in n-dimensions? Course with caution, please! Hei! You know that part of the week, this calling service weekly for Mars? Since they discovered that you can travel in and out of n-dimension where one wants just to program the output port and ... poof ... you're on Mars. They first discovered the Chinese: Last fall they have requisitioned an old rusty merchant. They closed all the hatches and load a donut oxygen and they sent into orbit around Phobos. E 'come right there and then come back. Needless to say the months after the Boeing built a 200 meter long aluminum dice loaded with guns, laser guns, missiles and marines and has implanted a base on Mars. They think they have to leave the solar system within the year and maybe take a look around. So it goes! Joy! Remember tonight is 24 June! Great meeting of witches in S. Peter Square, New Rome Joy!

Gian Berra

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Taken from: CHAOS BAROQUE Selected poems, stories and essays of GIAN BERRA 1997-2005 Download

Live from St. Peter Show, of Gian Berra  
Live from St. Peter Show, of Gian Berra  

Gathering of witches in St Peter's Square after the great escape of the ethereal world in 2157 ...