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GHS NEWS GLENTHORNE HIGH SCHOOL: SPECIALIST ARTS COLLEGE February 2011 Inside this issue: Year 11 Mock Exam Presentation Page 2 Heath week Pages 3-6

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Well over 100 Glenthorne pupils performed their tribute to Freddie Mercury, the Glenthorne High School version of ‘We Will Rock You’ , on 7th, 8th and 9th February. Featuring stunning costumes, and with hair dyed and spiked and striking make-up, pupils took on the roles of Yuppies, Ga Ga Kids and Bohemians, on a set that resembled a futuristic wilderness. The pupils performed this challenging and ambitious show with tremendous energy and confidence, exploring themes of freedom and conformity. What really shone through was the performers’ enjoyment. This was an experience of a lifetime for those involved, a memory and an achievement to look back on with pride for many years to come. Parents and friends came in large numbers and took to their feet, clapping and singing along to the music. They were treated to a feast of entertainment, not only a spectacular show but also the performances in the interval by other Glenthorne students and by the children from Abbey, Aragon and Brookfield Primary Schools. Congratulations to all the students involved, particularly our Year 13 students who have been participating in school performances with such commitment over the last seven years, and to the amazing and talented musicians and singers who produced a soundtrack of the highest quality. We also saw some emerging new talent in Charlie English, Megan Barnes, Jack Holland, Ruby Robinson and Anwar Ellis. We all owe the Performing Arts staff a huge debt of gratitude for the hours of rehearsals over the last few months and all staff involved in this huge undertaking. Particular thanks to Miss Thompson for her vocal coaching, to Miss Campbell-Baker for the choreography, to Mr Reeves as Musical Director and a most especial-

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Mock Exam PresentaĆ&#x;on After much anticipation and anxiety, Glenthorne Year 11s finally got their mock exam results on Friday 14th January. Mock exam results are given very high priority at the school and the distribution of mock results is very much a dry-run for the real GCSE results, this year to be released on 25th August. Mock results had been kept secret and Year 11s gathered nervously in the courtyard for an assembly. They were made to wait even longer, listening to talks from Mr Hume on how good qualifications are your passport to a successful future and from Mr Parrish on how the results of former students of the school have opened doors and given them opportunities. The unavoidable message from the assembly was that hard work and high attendance is the simple formula leading to exam success. Then, a countdown, and, after all the suspense, all the Year 11s opened their envelopes together and shared their results with friends. There was delight and disappointment and a realisation that the next five months are the most important in their lives: an intensive period of study, preparation and revision. However, all Year 11s can face the next 5 months with great confidence. A number of Year 11s have just received early entry GCSE Maths results and did exceptionally well and the league tables have just been published showing the outstanding achievement in Year 11 and in the 6th Form last year. Good luck to Year 11s with their revision!

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Health Week 'Health Week' at Glenthorne took place over 17th – 21st January. Our focus for ‘Health Week’ was again on promoting a 'Healthy Packed Lunch' and on maintaining a ‘Healthy Body Image’. Through PSHE lessons and tutor times, pupils across the school discussed what makes a 'Healthy Packed Lunch', and the need to avoid eating lunches that are made up of crisps, sweets, chocolate and sugary or artificially sweetened drinks. They also explored media pressures on young people, and what constitutes a ‘Healthy Body Image’. Pupils participated in lunchtime ‘Smoothie Making Workshops’. These were very popular! Pupils created either a 'Banana and Strawberry Breakfast Smoothie' or a 'Mixed Berry Energy Smoothie'. Everyone involved loved the taste of the smoothies, and all took our recipes home to try again.

We also used Health Week to launch an exciting new development at Glenthorne, our ‘Let’s Get Cooking’ club! The Club is part of a 20 million pound programme, funded by the BIG Lottery Fund, to set up a national network of 5000 cooking clubs for schools across England, helping children, their families and the wider community to learn and develop new cooking skills. The cooking sessions are free, open to all students, and all ingredients are provided.

Glenthorne’s Exciting NEW Cooking Club! Students can see the list of up-and-coming cooking sessions, and sign up for these at the Food Tech room.


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Eat better. Do better. School dinners have had a makeover. The Government has introduced a number of changes to the traditional school menu over the past few years to improve the standard of school meals and the health and the eating habits of teenagers across the country. The changes include meals that are low in salt, fat and sugar, use fresh meat and fish, have a wider selection of fruit and vegetables. Young people now have water and a range of healthy drinks and fruit juices available. The new menus offer young people more choice from a range of tasty hot and chilled options.

Packed Lunches Some five million children's lunchboxes are prepared in British homes every weekday, yet a Food Standards Agency survey revealed that three out of four of these were likely to contain foods that were too high in saturated fat, salt or sugar. The same survey indicated that almost half of these lunches failed to include any fruit. Most, however, did include crisps, chocolate, biscuits, sugary drinks and other heavily processed snacks. A diet that's high in fat, high in salt, and high in refined carbohydrates diminishes mental alertness, so a child eating these kinds of foods is likely to end up tired towards the end of the day. Also, a diet high in saturated fat and salt can lay the foundations for heart disease and high blood pressure later in life. Such a diet may also lead to obesity.

Fast facts Here are a few facts about the health of teenagers that may surprise you: • It’s estimated that by the year 2020, 30% of boys and 40% of girls will be obese • Around half of all 15-year-olds have some sort of tooth decay, thanks in part to fizzy drinks • A single sachet of salt on your lunch gives you two-thirds of the recommended daily amount • More than a quarter of the children surveyed in a recent study on packed lunches had a lunch box that contained sweets, savoury snacks such as crisps and a sugary drink

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A HEALTHY PACKED LUNCH should contain: A good portion of starchy food, e.g. thick wholemeal bread, chapatti, pitta pocket, pasta or rice salad Plenty of fruit and vegetables, e.g. an apple, Satsuma, handful of cherry tomatoes or carrot sticks, mini-can of fruit chunks in natural juice or raisins A portion of milk or dairy food, e.g. individual cheese portion or pot of yogurt A drink, e.g. fruit juice, milk or water

The key foods to avoid are: • Sweets and chocolate • Snacks, like crisps, with added salt/sugar/fat • Sugary and fizzy drinks • Deep-fried foods and processed meats • White bread - if children won't eat brown, try whole white sliced bread

Cook great food.

Learn new skills.

Take your food home.

Let’s Get Cooking!

Discover more about food.

Relax and chat with friends.

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Year 7 Food Technology Club Students from Year 7 have been going to a food technology club after school on Wednesdays since the beginning of term. We have been having fun as we learn new cookery skills such as rubbing in and making bread. Plus we get to take home the great food we have made!

For example, we have made pizza whirls, which smelt, looked and tasted out of this world! Also we will be making fabulous fruity muffins and super sausage rolls. I like being with my friends when we all cook our great food.

There are some Year 10 students who have been very helpful to us as we make our different foods. For example, when we made pizza whirls I had put too much water into the dough and the Year 10 student helped me to put it right.

The Year 8s and 9s will be also be able to make some great food in food technology club with Miss Djemil later in the year. By Bobby Whitehead 7N

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Glenthorne High School are collecting Box Tops so that we can get free books for school, this closes at the end of March. Please can you pass all tokens to Mrs Wooldridge in the LRC by Monday 28th March.

Almost 100 Year 7 & 8s enjoyed their night at the Valentine’s Disco on Thursday 10th February. Huge thanks to the 6th Form Head Student team who did a fantastic job of organising the evening.


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We Will Rock You By Holly Mackinlay 9L During the past few months, our school has seen a frenzy of rehearsals for this year’s whole school production of ‘We Will Rock You’ (a musical made up entirely of rock sensation Queen’s smash hits). With some of the most challenging songs and dance routines ever seen at Glenthorne, it’s no wonder rehearsals have been long and tiring, but have eventually paid off! Every Tuesday and Thursday night since the end of September, the cast of WWRY has been busy preparing the show for its February performance. We will all miss the time we spent together because over the last few months we have formed our own community and many new friends. As a performer, the whole-school production is a dream come true, as no one, no matter what their part, is constantly involved in the show! As a ‘lead’ speaking role, I was able to experience a new level of performance. I enjoyed the intense challenge it presented me and I’ve really enjoyed every minute of it! Over the course of three nights, our amazing cast has performed to packed audiences and they therefore deserve to be congratulated for their hard work! There have been good times (Mr Walsh dancing in the warm-up to the opening show!) and there have been bad (forgotten words and flats falling down in the rehearsal!) but we stuck with it until the very end! Special mention must of course be made to our leads – Megan Barnes, Charlie English, Ruby Robinson, Anwar Ellis, Emma Martin, Jack Holland and Jake Beckett - all of whom have worked so hard to pull off this amazing performance! Also, we could never forget the people behind the scenes including our fantastic band and Jack Dandy with his phenomenal guitar solos! Now, we all know that a show of this calibre could not have been possible without the continual support of the fantastic teachers who co-ordinated this mass ensemble into a professional group of performers. Therefore, we would like to thank Miss Ratcliff – the world’s best director, Mr Reeves – the world’s best conductor, Miss Campbell-Baker – the world’s best dance choreographer, Miss Thompson – the world’s best vocal director, and finally to all the other members of the performing arts staff – we love you!


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Year 7s’ Natural History Museum trip On Tuesday 25th January and Friday 28th January, Year 7 visited the Natural History Museum, in London. Through this, they explored Science, Art and learned new facts. We travelled there via coach and when we arrived, we were sorted into groups. Each group would take a different route around the museum, each one learning new things along the way. First we visited the dinosaur section, learning about predators, prey and the excavation of dinosaurs. It was a very interesting section and one of the highlights of the trip. After we had seen the high-tech moving dinosaur model, we moved on to the next stop. Next, we arrived at the mammal section, where we were impressed by the incredible amount of models that were stretching down the long hallway. We looked at what made a mammal and how some of them have adapted to their habitats. We were surprised to see there were so many varieties of mammals. After, we moved on to another room. Before we had a chance to look around, our breath was taken away from us as we noticed the huge blue whale hanging from the ceiling. It was stunning! There were also several fascinating life-size mammal statues around the room. We all thought this section was incredible. After everyone had eaten lunch, we moved on to section 3the volcanoes and the earthquakes. We travelled up the huge elevator and looked around the interesting section. Everyone was admiring the volcanic rocks. When we got to the earthquake simulator, no one realized what was happening. Everything around us began to shake. It was a really strange experience. The section was very interesting as it was cool to see just what damage earthquakes and volcanoes can do. Everyone was intrigued. Finally, we visited the creepy crawly room. It was filled with facts about the various creepy crawlies. They even had live Red Ants! It was fascinating seeing the types of insects and finding out that not looking after your house can lead to infestations! This was not a section for someone with a weak stomach‌

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My trip to the Natural History Museum On Friday the 28th of January, I went to the Natural History Museum in London. We took the coach there and dropped our coats and bags off in the school area. We then set out for our first exhibition. The Dinosaurs! First of all we went to see the dinosaurs and had to fill out a worksheet about them. We went and saw the big robotic T-Rex. It was really life-like and interesting. We also looked at dinosaur eggs, their bones and discovered great facts about the countries and continents they came from. After that we went to the Cocoon area, in there we saw many different types of flying insects such as butterflies and mosquitoes. We also learnt that mosquitoes are the most deadly creatures in the world because they spread Malaria, which kills millions and millions of people. We also discovered that there are 20,000 species of butterflies and 1.5 million species of living things in the world. Next, we went into the creepy crawlies section. We found out that 80% of all animal species are Arthropods. We also found that there are 4 groups of Arthropods; these include crabs, centipedes, spiders and insects. I was amazed at how many insects there are in our kitchens that cause us a nuisance! For our final display we went to the mammals. It was really interesting and we saw the astonishing size of the blue whale. We also saw polar bears, foxes, elephants, giraffes and lions. We eventually left and arrived at school about an hour later. The natural history museum trip was a great day out and very interesting. By Tom Featherstone (7H)


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PE Update The last half-term has seen several fixtures played in a variety of sports. Football, Netball and Rugby have been leading the way with many more students attending clubs such as gymnastics, trampolining and table tennis. So far this year, Glenthorne students have been involved in over 100 fixtures, there have been 8 mixed fixtures in trampolining and cross country, 27 girls fixtures in trampolining, netball and football and 76 boys fixtures in football and rugby. In addition to this the football academy teams have played over 30 games in their various competitions this season. Football is currently leading the way with success the U13 girls and Y11 boys still in their county cups and hoping for a final appearance. The Y11 boys and U18 boys are also both in London Cups, The U18 boys are in the final of the district cup and are hoping to be joined by the Y8 boys. Netball and rugby have also had some significant results this year the Y7, 8 and 9 girls have won several games against local schools. The rugby teams have just started their seasons and have recorded some notable wins in their first few games. The next half term promises to be just as eventful with football leagues and cups coming to the end, more netball and rugby fixtures to look forward to. The annual Gym Display will also take place and those who were successful in auditions are now practising at lunch and after school to put on a good show. I would like to thank the PE staff and parents for their support this year as there have been more fixtures than any other year of my time at Glenthorne. If any parents would like to sponsor a team kit then please let me know by emailing. Thanks, Mr Summers, Head of PE

Y7 Boys Football Fixtures + Results 2010/11 Date





Man of the Match Featherstone

4 Nov

St. Bonds (h)

London Cup

Lost 5-4

Blake, Bettell, Lindsay

15 Nov

Raynes Park

County Cup

Lost 4-2

Cork-Walker, Lindsay


21 Jan


Sutton League

Lost 6-3

Blake, Bettell, Joyce


Y8 Boys Football Fixtures + Results 2010/11 Date Sutton 10/1 1 Surrey 26/1

Opposition Cup Cheam Cup Archbishop Lanfranc

London Cup 13/1 All Saints (a) 0 (Dagenham) National Cup 23/0 Howard of Effing9 ham (h)




Man of Match

Won 4-0

Bucknall (3), Bongo



4 – 4 ( Won 6-5 on penalties

Bellikli, Bongo, Bucknall, Jux Pens: Jux, Bucknall, Bellikli, Anderson, Bongo, Duggan

3rd Round

Clark/ Duggan (for the penalty)

London Cup


2nd Round


Lost 2 – 0 Lost 4 - 1


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Y11 Boys Football 2010/11

Date 5 Jan

Opposition Wallington (a)

Competition District Cup

Res 6-2

10 Jan


County Cup


28 Jan

Overton Grange (a)

District Cup

3-3 Lost

17 Feb

Richard Challoner

County Cup

Scorers/mom Price 2, Craig 2,Smith, Diggins Mom Smith Price 2, Diggins 2, Smith, Casey Mom Price Eden, Burgess, Craig Mom Young

Year 8 Football: The year 8 boys team are having a solid season and can still win 3 trophies (League, Sutton Cup and the Surrey Cup). At times this season we have played some fantastic football. However our most recent win was certainly close, in the 3rd round of the Surrey Cup we played a big Archbishop Lanfranc team, in normal time we should have scored a hat-full of goals but some lapses in concentration meant that the full time score was 2 – 2. This could only mean extra time, with the failing light we played 5 minutes each way and despite having the famous ‘Glenthorne Slope’ in our favour we were shocked to find ourselves 4 – 2 down at the break. The boys rallied and goals from Santino Bucknall and Nathan Jux levelled the game! PENALTIES!!! The boys were asked to volunteer to take them and 5 brave souls stepped up, Jux, Bucknall, Bellikli, Anderson and Bongo. All 5 hit great penalties and scored but as if the tension couldn’t get any worse Lanfranc scored all theirs as well……SUDDEN DEATH……Lanfranc cracked under the pressure and blazed over the bar…..Again volunteers were asked for and without thinking about it, Ryan Duggan stepped up, and without hesitation curled it into the top corner! We had won (just) and are through to the quarter finals of the Surrey Cup. Mr Cruchley

U18 ‘A’ Team Fixtures + Result 2010/11 Date 13 Jan

Opposition Howard of Effingham (a)

Competition County Cup

Result 1-1 (4-5)

Scorers/mom Wilson Mom Foulsham

21 Jan

Overton Grange (a)

District Cup

0-0 (4-2)

Mom Matthews

Year 8 Rugby: Dropping numbers attending training have meant that we haven’t been able to work on the skills and areas of our game that we need to. This was clearly evident in our league match against St Cecilia’s (from Wandsworth) where we found ourselves 20 – 0 down at half time, we missed tackles and didn’t ruck like we know we can do, we even missed a golden opportunity to score under the posts when a nameless player put the ball down 5m too soon! Following a rousing team talk and with a look of determination the boys managed to turn the game around and we were able to run out 33 – 25 winners. Mr Cruchley

Senior Rugby It has been brilliant to see the combined Year 10 and 11 Rugby team get so much interest and we hope that this will continue next year. The boys made a promising start to the season beating Wilson’s 19-17. When you take in to consideration that Wilson’s have a games period every week in which to train, that is an amazing result. With all the disruption due to the snow we had two league fixtures in two days last week. Both were eventful and we showed a lot of character in both. On Wednesday, we were due to play Ernest Bevan, who on the morning of the game rang to say they only had 9 players, we got the points and agreed to play a mix-up friendly instead. However due to confusion, we didn’t have a minibus, luckily Mr Ford knows the Ernest Bevan rugby teacher very well and he was able to bring his players to us. We gave them a good game and ran out comfortable winners, even though we missed several try scoring opportunities. Man of the match: Billy Casey. On Friday, having double-checked the bus booking, an intrepid bunch of warriors set out with the intention of beating the best team in our league to ensure we won the league! The sunny weather of Wednesday had given way to a drab and damp afternoon, was it an omen? Possibly, as yet more bus woe….this time it wouldn’t start! Luckily, the site staff had some jump leads and Mrs Mohr was able to jump start the van. With that adventure behind us, we set off. Riddlesdown again were a highly organised team who had the luxury of a lot of PE lessons and training sessions together. This clearly showed as they applied the early pressure, however some resolute and finally organised defending kept them at bay. We had a couple of half breaks but they had an extremely effective back 3 who stopped certain tries! We came in at the break 7-0 down. All I asked in the second half was that we showed heart and pride in playing for Glenthorne and the boys delivered and then some. Considering they had the majority of possession, we tackled anything in a green and white shirt and managed to silence a fairly hostile crowd. However, their organisation at the break down and in open play allowed them to score twice more. We played with a lot of passion and didn’t deserve to loose by 190. Men of the match: Everyone in a Glenthorne Shirt. We are aiming to play the remaining schools in our league pool to give us a chance of winning the league. A special mention of thanks must go to Mr Ford, Mrs Burgess and Mrs Mohr for offering their cars (hopefully not to muddy now) and time to get the boys to the fixtures. Thank you and well done to all the boys. Mr Cruchley

Gibraltar 2010 News A massive thank you to all the pupils who went on the Gibraltar Sports Tour in Challenge Week 2010. As part of our trip we raised money for the Cystic Fibrosis Trust and we are delighted to announce that as a group we raised £747 which is a fantastic achievement. Well done to all involved with the fundraising. Mr Cruchley, Miss Cook and Mr Glover.

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Glenthorne Football Academy

On Saturday January 22nd, the first trials for next year’s Football Academy took place. There were 21 boys who attended the first trials on a bitterly cold and windy day. The day started with some speed and agility exercises in the Sports Hall, this was followed by some futsal (indoor football) where the boys’ individual skills were on show. The trialists then braved the cold and played a full size game on Daisy. There were some excellent players on trial from a variety of schools in the area. The next set of trials will take place at Glenthorne on Saturday March 19th, boys wishing to attend should complete an application form which can be accessed online or collected from Mrs Kirby. If you have any friends in Y11 at other schools who may be interested then please pass on the information. The trials will run from 8.30am until midday and will be mixed between the Sports Hall and the field.

Braving the cold at the recent Academy trials.

Agility exercise at the Academy trials.

Trialists playing futsal at Glenthorne

Carshalton Athletic Academy The Carshalton Athletic Academy students have been training and playing hard during this half-term. On Wednesday afternoons the boys have been finding the going tough in both the Academy and College Leagues. Lots of the players have also been playing in the Ryman Youth Team and Reserve Team fixtures, some have actually been involved with the clubs first team over the last few weeks and received payment for doing something they love. A selection of results since Christmas are shown below Academy Conference Alliance Croydon Athletic 0 Carshalton 0 Carshalton 4 Tottenham 0 Woking 2 Carshalton 1 Carshalton 0 Tooting & Mitcham 3 Boreham Wood 2 Carshalton 3

English Colleges League Lewisham 2 Glenthorne 0 Glenthorne 3 Eltham Green 3 Glenthorne 0 St Thomas More 2


ADVANCE NOTICE: Could parents please note the dates for the academic year 2010/11. Please avoid booking holidays in term time. All holidays taken in term time will be classed as unauthorised absence. TERM DATES SPRING TERM : Half Term:

Tuesday 4th January to Friday 8th April 2011 Monday 21st February to Friday 25th February 2011

SUMMER TERM : Half Term :

Tuesday 26th April to Thursday 21st July 2011 Monday 30th May to Friday 3rd June 2011

INSET Day: Friday 24th June 2011

Occasional Day: Friday 29th April 2011 - Royal Wedding

AUTUMN TERM : Half Term :

TERM DATES 2011/2012 Monday 5th September 2011 to Tuesday 20th December 2011 Monday 24th to Friday 28th October 2011

SPRING TERM : Half Term:

Wednesday 4th January 2012 to Friday 30th March 2012 Monday 13th to Friday 17th February 2012

SUMMER TERM : Half Term :

Monday 16th April 2012 to Friday 20th July 2012 Monday 4th to Friday 8th June 2012

Key Dates: 21st - 25th February 2011: 1st March 2011: 16-17th March 2011: 23rd March 2011: 31st March 2011: 6th April 2011: 8th April 2011: 18-22nd April 2011: 29th April 2011: 2nd May 2011: 4th May 2011: 30th May - 3rd June 2011: 10th June 2011: 22nd June 2011: 24th June 2011: 29th June 2011: 6-8th July 2011: 7th July 2011: 11-15th July 2011:

18th July 2011: 21st July 2011:

Half-Term Yr 11 Revision Evening - 6.00 - 7.00pm Gym Show Yr 9 Choices Evening - 6.00-8.00pm Spring Concert Yr 10 Parents & Subject Staff - 4.30-7.30pm Last Day of Term - Pupils finish at 3.10pm Easter Revision Sessions Occasional Day for Royal Wedding May Bank Holiday Yr 8 Parents & Subject Staff - 4.30-7.30pm Half-Term Sports Day Awards Evening - 7.30pm D&T & Art Exhibition Staff Professional Day (pupils not required to attend) Summer Concert Yr 10 Aspiration Days New Year 7 Induction Day & Evening Yr 7, 8 & 9 Challenge Week Yr 10 Work Experience Yr 12 Careers & Higher Education Preparation Work End of KS3 Celebration Last Day of Term - Pupils finish at 1.15pm

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