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GHPA ON THE ROAD ••. GHPA members are invited to a day-long trip to GALVESTON on- Saturday, April 29 to examine adaptive reuse of 3 historic structures. R. Peter Mooz, museum director, and Patrick H. Butler III, curator of history, at Mary Moody Northen, Inc., will welcome participants to the grounds of the WILLIS-MOODY HOUSE, one of the · grandest of the Broadway mansions. They will describe the architectural restoration and comprehensive interpretive program being undertaken to transform this 95-year old house into a museum. Next on the agenda is lunch (on your own), Strand.

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Following will be visits to the GALVESTON ORPHANS HOME at 21st and Avenue M, a large institutional building completed in 1902 and now being used as a private residence, and to the RUNGE HOUSE (1915) at 13th and Market Streets. A substantial classically-detailed house, it is being remodeled by Barry Moore Architects for use as the residence of the president of The University of Texas Medical Branch. A walking tour of a portion of the East End Historic District is the concluding event. There is no charge for this tour, but please phone the GHPA offices (236-5000) by Wednesday, April 26 to RSVP if you plan to attend. The tour will commence at the Baulard House (next door to the Willis-Moody House), 2628 Broadway (and 27th St.) at 10:30 am.


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Activity ;s taking place on a number of projects in Houston's historic districts. GHPA members are heavily involved in each; if you are interested in joining in, call the office at 236-5000 and volunteer. San Felipe Courts National Register District (a.k.a. Allen Parkway Jillage). There has been considerable discussion and publicity over the past few months regarding the fate of this Houston Housing Authority site. GHPA has expressed its concern over the potential loss of this architectural resource in the form of a resolution sent to both the Housing Authority board and Houston City Council. In addition, GHPA plans to appear before the Housing Authority board to more clearly explain preservation significance of this property. A new task force has been formed by a ministerial alliance in an attempt to build concensus on the future of the site. Board member Nia Becnel i s representing GHPA on this task force. Preservation efforts continue in the adjoining Freedman's Town NRD. Observers of Freedman's Town have noted the continuing loss of housing stock over the past year. GHPA has received a Preservation Services Fund grant from the National Trust for Historic Pre~ervation to assist with housing rehab efforts. GHPA will provide administrative and marketing assistance to the Freedman's Town Association, which has received a grant from the US Department of Housing & Urban Development. Councilmember Vince Ryan hosted a Fourth Ward property owners workshop in January. Arranged by the Houston Archeological and Historical Commission and GHPA, presentations by developers who work within historic areas demonstrated the viability of investment in this neighborhood. A summary report is available from GHPA. The Market Square Task Force, a team composed from the many interest groups supporting revitalization of the area, has been working on a number of studies. Information and conceptual plans for renovations, economic activity, marketing and preservation incentives have been prepared. Soon a Request for Proposal (RFP) will be issued to assimilate these ideas into a presentation package--the result being a sales tool which can be used to entice investments for preserving the area. For additional information, contact Minette Boesel ,at 658-8939. The fire which damaged the Kennedy Corner and Foley Buildings has helped focus additional attention on Market Square. Considerable press coverage has highlighted how few historic structures remain in downtown Houston. GHPA moved quickly to forestall any notion of demolition after the fire and began discussion with property owners about the future of the affected buildings. In a pro-active move, GHPA board member Barry Moore has assigned his University of Houston design studio the task of developing renovation alternatives for the firedamaged buildings and adjoining prooert" 'so GHPA serves as the "client" in developing the archil :ural program for mixed res i dent i a1. COJ1111erc i a1 and reta i1 uses. ihe des i gn scheme, to be

completed and exh,~ited in May, also includes the adjoining Hermann Estate Building (Salvation Army Building) as a residential component. With the Old Cottorr Exchange Building as the north-corner anchor, th is is certainly one of the most important historic blocks in the city. Old Sixth Ward/Sabine Historic District. GHPA has been working with residents to encourage preservation of historic houses without displacing current residents. Last fall, City Councilmember Ben T. Reyes hosted a one-day workshop to update GHPA's 1986 plans for the district; many of the plan's 21 recommendations have been implemented or are underway. The Sixth Ward Neighborhood Association is also studying the possibility of forming a community development corporation to undertake preservation-sensitive housing purchase/ rehab projects. Heights Main Street Program. This "big city marketing techniques applied to the small city downtown (which in this case happens to be in a big city)" program is moving rapidly to revitalize the old Heights "downtown" along 19th and 20th Streets. Under the guidance of Texas Historical Commission's Main Street Manager Angela Smith, a cadre of volunteers and businesses are creating an excitin9 change. The Texas Main Street Program is nationally recognized for its innovative methods and successes. Make a visit to the Heights and see why! (For additional information, 861-6735).

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On January 19, the Greater Houston Preservation Alliance (GHPA) celebrated its annual meeting in the midst of the Main St./Market Square National Register Historic District. Beginning with registration at Divers?Wnrks in the Foley Building (soon to be damaged by fire), attendees then toured other area buildings, 2 of which are not currently open to the public. The trading room of the Old Cotton Exchange Building reminded us of the beginning of Houston's preservation movement, while touring the Franklin Bank Building and the Ritz Theater indicated what was in the offing. Vintage film clips at the Ritz were an added treat. With visions of our architectural heritage now firmly in mind, we adjourned to the landmark Magnolia~Ballroom. GHPA presented 3 "Good Brick" awards to honor outstanding preservation efforts. Congressman Mike Andrews was recognized for his efforts to protect the Manassas (Va.) Civil War Battlefield from development enHouston City Councilmember Eleanor Tinsley was honored croachment. for her continuing leadership and support of the preservation movement. And the City of Houston Aviation Department was lauded for its Phase 1 restoration of the Moderne style Terminal Building at Hobby Airport. As an added treat, the original dedication brochure for the terminal has been reprinted and was distributed. Several new Board members were also elected at the annual meeting. New members are: Pam Wheat, Graham Luhn, Steve Brooks, Clark Martinson, Lois Morris and Vicki List. Re-elected for additional terms were Barry Moore and Kathy Wild. In related matters, Michael Wilson, Jane Ellen Cable, Ed Eubanks and Beverly Rudy have joined the Advisory Board.


With the 71st Texas Legislature in session, several bills have been introduced of interest to preservationists. As always, legislators need to hear from the voters (YOU) about the benefits of these bills. Write or call soon; as the session begins to wind down, the pace of action gets intense--your legislator needs to know how you feel now. Texas Preservation Trust Fund--(S8 294 and HB 650) This bill would create secure source of funding for historic preservation projects. The endowment has no source of funds with the bill this year, but could receive monies from foundations, etc. to provide low-interest loans for historic building rehabs, matching grants, acquisition or excavation of significant archeological sites, purchase of preservation easements and covenants, and acquisition of- historic structures •. At press time, this bill had support within both houses, and was in conference committee. Main Street Bill --(S8 491 and HB 975) This bill formalizes the activities of the Texas Main Street Program within the Texas Historical Commission (THC). The bill would allow THC to designate official Main Street cities and provide free technical assistance. It also allows THC to assist graduate cities, self-initiated cities and urban Main Street programs for a fee. This bill appears to have supporters in both houses and should go to conference committee. (A side note: there is much local interest in an urban Main Street program for the Main St./Market Square NRD). Elimination of the Sales Tax on Restoration--( HB 1284) This would repeal the sales tax on remodeling, repair, restoration of commercial buildings. The bill has been referred to the Ways & Mean Committee. Sales Tax Exemption on Amusement Services in a Historic Place (HB 1266) Exempts amusement activities such as historic tours from tax if: a) provided by a governmental entity or non-profit; b) in a place that is designated as Recorded Texas Historical Landmark or is listed on the National Register of Historic .Places or is a contributing structure in a National Register District. On the national level, the American Heritage Trust Act ( S.370 and HR 876) has been introduced again. This bill would create a national trust fund for parks and preservation, with revenues coming from offshore oil leases. This revenue currently is assigned to the Land & Water Conservation Fund, which now has over $6 billion in unappropriated funds on hand to get things rolling. When deposits reach the $24 billion level, the trust would generate $1 billion annually for parks and historic preservation. The bill has support from nearly every environmental group in the nation. So far, the only members of the Texas delegation to sign-on as co-sponsors are Mike Andrews and Jack Brooks.




1989 Board of Directors Barrie Scardino, President 528-1521

Bart Truxillo, Vice Pres. 861-6236

Mike Davis: Secretary 0: 739-461) H: 523-2623

Pat Burris Treasurer 0: 520-7474 H: 522-6217

Beverly Pennington, Past Pres. 623-2491

Nia Becnel 0: 749-1187

Steve Brooks 0: 845-1079

H: 880-0307

Tim Cisenros 0: 521-1405

SteQhen Fox 0: 527-8101

H: 522-8280

John Hannah 0: 961-4904

H: 526-3640

H: 523-7684

Harriet Latimer 963-8495

0: 444-2194

Graham Luhn 0: 529-6969

Clark Martinson 0: 650-1470 H: 869-0743

Vicki List

H: 528-4946

H: 526-4564

Charles D. MaYRard Jr. 0: 659-8090 H: 664-4625

Barr~ Moore 0: 5 3-6616

H: 522-0503

Lois Morris, Membership Ch. 774-6290

Pam Wheat 0: 623-6938

H: 523-8048

Kathleeen Wild 521-2170

Margie C. Elliott 682-3556

Bill Weatherford 869-2967

Minette Boesel 0: 658-8938 H: 528-7129

-1989 COMMITTEE ASSIGNMENTS Executive Committee: Barrie Scardino, Burris, Pennington Advisory Board:




Susan Keeton, Chair; Wilson, Eubanks, Burkhardt

Long Range Planning: Publications:


Mike DaviS, Chair; Martinson, Brooks, Boesel

Steve Brooks ,Chair; Davis, Wild, Fox, Cisneros, Eubanks

Tim Cisneros, Chair; Wilson, Luhn, Fox, Martinson


Vicki List, Chair; Fox, Wilson, Moore, Becnel, Scardino


Lois Morris, Chair; Pennington, Wilson

Endangered Buildings: Truxillo, Maynard

Beverly Pennington,




Publicity: Harriet Latimer, Chair; Boesel, Wild, List Market Square: Minette Boesel, Wild, Scardino Sixth Ward: Fourth Ward:



Nia Becnel, Chair; Fox, Elliott, Davis Pam Wheat, Chair; Elliott, Latimer, Jane Jerry,

Kathy Wild, Chair; Cruse, Truxillo, Fox



Bill Watherford, Chair; Davis, Skipworth, Truxillo

Heritage Education: Horris Tours:


Mike Davis, Chair; Latimer, Maynard, Elliott

Finance: Pat Burris, Chair; Hannah, Wheat Awards: John Hannah, Chair; Luhn, Truxillo, List Office: John D'Amico, student intern; Becnel, List, Wild

) ) ARCHAEOLOGY AWARENESS WEEK IN HOUSTON The week of April 8-15 has been declared archaeology awareness week, with a number of exhibits and events scheduled throughout the area. April 9 •.• Sunday •••• illustrated lecture by Dr. George F. Bass,"UnderArchaeology: A Bronze Age Shipwreck" at the University of St. Thomas, Jones Auditorium, 3910 Yoakum, 8 pm


April 10 ••• Monday.... lecturer Leland Patterson, "Archaeology in Southeast Texas", Kendall Public Library, 14330 Memorial Dr., 7:15 pm April 12 ••• Wednesday.... lecturer William McClure, Archaeology", at Jungman Library, 5830 Westheimer, 7:15 pm


April 14 ••• Friday •••• monthly meeting of the Houston Archeological Society, Anderson Hall, U. of St. Thomas, 3913 Mt. Vernon, 7:30 pm April 15 •• Saturday ••• Allday Newcomers Workshop, Houston Archeological Society, at Houston Museum of Natural Science, Hermann Park. On-going: Kellum-Noble House dig, Sam Houston Park Houston Archeological Society digs, most weekends, call 326-2160 " Houston Archaeology: Our Heritage Undergro"nd u exhibit at Neumann Library, University of Houston/Clear Lake 488-9295 "The Egyptian Mummy; Unwrapping the Mystery" exhibit at Houston Museum of Natural Science, Hermann Park.

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