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Identity + Integrity + Heart = Impact

Personal: Born: December 16, 1979, Republic of Moldova Education: 2007 – 2010. “Consolidation of Cultural Sector of Moldova”, ECF & Soros Foundation Moldova, Matra Programme, Netherland 2008. “European Leadership and Political Learning for Highly Motivated Young Leaders in Moldova”, IDIS Viitorul, GMF 1999 - 2005. Academy of Fine Arts, Faculty of Painting, Chisinau, Moldova 2001 - 2003. Invisible College of Moldova, Laboratory of Philosophy, Anthropology and Culturology 1992 - 1999. Republican Art Lyceum “I. Vieru”, Chisinau, Moldova Professional experience: 2002. present, President, ARS DOR 2010. Member of Committee for Creation of National Cultural Fund of Moldova 2010. Project Director, Discovering New Talents” Moldova 2009. -present, Member of "A Soul for Europe" Strategy Group, The Berlin Conference Project, Robert Bosch Stiftung, Germany 2009. National advocacy campaigns and debates concerning the creation of National Cultural Fund of Republic of Moldova, Chisinau, Balti, Cahul, Moldova 2007. Expert, Kiev Initiative Project, Council of Europe, Strasburg, France 2007. - 2009, Member of the Board of the Centre of Training and Professional Development, JOINT, KEDEM 2007. - present, Board Member, CSC Moldova, International IFES Organization, Moldova 2007. Fellowship for Training for trainers in cultural policy. European Cultural Foundation (ECF), Amsterdam, the German Marshall Fund of the United States (GMF) Matra program (NL) 2006. Project Director, “Eurointegration through Art”, IFPC-UNESCO, ARS DOR, Moldova 2004. Project Director, “Peace Ambassadors”, UNDP, Chisinau, Moldova 2003. President, Youth Parliament of Moldova, USA Embassy, UNICEF, CNTM, Moldova Personal Exhibitions: 2011. “Old Chisinau”, Hasdeu Municipal Library, Chisinau, Moldova 2006. “DOR LE DOR”, OSCE Mission to Moldova, Chisinau, Moldova 2005. “Identity”, UNDP Moldova, Chisinau, Moldova 2003. “SYNDROM DOR”, French Alliance, Chisinau, Moldova

Ghenadie Şonţu

ARS DOR Association 59/1 Calea Esilor str., of. 109 Chisinau, MD 2069 Republic of Moldova Tel: +373 79 574 875 Tel: +373 22 759 413 e-mail:

Ghenadie Sontu Art  

Messianic and Christian Art Gallery of Ghenadie Sontu, realism oil paintings and prints for sale. Messianic artwork, biblical paintings and...