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on the cover LIZA GRACE MIXON, AGE 2 Photo by Kemberly Mixon, Full of Grace Photography


first words...


hope the back to school experience went smoothly with your family. Quite an adjustment to get back into the swing of things for sure! It’s hard to believe that my big kid is in third grade! That seems so grown up! Time needs to slow down a little bit. Just as exciting for our household as back to school was the experience of the total solar eclipse. As a former science teacher, I was definitely filled with anticipation leading up to it! We spent the day in north Georgia with extended family and enjoyed the amazing sight. I hope you were able to get some time to talk about the experience with your kids too. Have you been enjoying the cooler feeling in the air these days? Fall is right around the corner! In this issue, we love sharing ideas for birthday fun with our readers.We think you will enjoy what we have come up with. Liz Conroy has a fun idea about holding a messy dinner party, which would be perfect to celebrate a birthday. Jean Mangan has great suggestions for experience gifts in the Athens area. Low-key birthdays are hit with Kimberly Wise’s recommendations and Dr. Jon Robinson always has great advice for the questions that local parents have submitted. You will learn a little bit about the Books for Keeps organization and how it helps students in not only Athens, but around the state too. Be sure to check out our annual birthday party list for great places to celebrate with your kids this year! As always, we love to hear from our readers. Let us know if you have an idea for an article or a suggestion for a topic you want to learn more about.

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Sarah,Trey, and Michael viewing the eclipse

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Compiled by Sarah Danis

for the young chef

give this!

Healthy eating habits begin in the home, and what better way to spark a love of good food than by encouraging your kids to cook, bake, and prepare their own meals? Your little foodie can now make chef-inspired recipes at home with ease, all while practicing science, language, and math skills! The subscription service can be joined or given as a birthday gift; you can send one of the single kits, as well. By educating and empowering kids about food, we can prepare them to make smart, healthy choices, no matter what comes their way!

pb&j spiders T

urn your peanut butter and jelly sandwich into a “spider” for a fun Halloween treat! You’ll need sliced loaf bread, peanut butter, jelly or honey, pretzel sticks for the “legs,” and chocolate chips or raisins for the “eyes.” Cut sandwich into a circle and assemble as shown. It’s a creepy way to enjoy a yummy sandwich! - Photo courtesy of Welch’s

do this! Join in the Oconee County Library’s Pumpkin Decorating Contest, October 23-28 and win a prize pack of books! Get creative with art supplies and decorate a pumpkin like your favorite book character (no carving), then bring it to the library Oct. 23-Oct. 28. Drop in for a Pumpkin Decorating Workshop at the library on Oct. 23 from noon-5pm. There will be craft supplies and a limited number of pumpkins available, so please bring your own if possible.The pumpkins will be on display all week, and everyone can vote for their favorites! This is a fun event for kids ages 0-11, with a caregiver.

Send your ideas & photos to P.O. Box 465, Watkinsville, GA 30677 or e-mail 6

Athens-Oconee Parent

slime time

Kids love slime! With some planning and supervision, this birthday party or “just because” activity mixes a little science with a lot of fun. Just be aware that food dye stains hands (you might want to use plastic gloves) and slime sticks to clothes. For a plate of slime: Pour half of a 5 oz. bottle clear glue into a deep, heavyweight paper bowl. Add some glitter (optional), and mix well. Add a drop of food coloring (optional) then mix well. Add two pinches of baking soda, one pinch at a time, mixing between pinches. Add one squirt of shaving cream and mix. Add saline solution, about 1/2 teaspoon at a time, mixing between each addition until the mixture doesn’t stick to the bowl.To get more slime, continue adding each item (mainly the saline solution) a little at a time and continue mixing until it stops sticking to the bowl. Slime is not a perfect science. It will still be sticky at first, but after kneading and pulling and playing with it, the stickiness should go away. Store in an air-tight container to keep the slime from drying out. After you have mastered basic slime you might try the following ideas. Use more shaving cream and you will get fluffy slime. Or if you’re ready for the big time, use a plastic baby pool for mixing lots of slime ingredients and get the slime party started!


“There are two great days in a person’s life ... the day we are born and the day we discover why.” William Barclay

read this! We’re Going on a Leaf Hunt By Steve Metzger here are lots of beautiful fall leaves to find! Three friends have a big adventure hiking over a mountain and through a forest to collect leaves of all kinds and colors.What will they do with all their leaves at the end of the story? Jump and play in them, of course! With easy rhyming text and fun sound effects, children will delight in this rollicking autumn story.This bouncy new version of the popular song begs to be read out loud.


use this!

Football season is here and this will help to take your tailgates to the next level! The Meori Tailgate Carrier is ideal for fans looking to show their team spirit while serving up serious snacks and beverages this fall. With the included removable cooler, the Tailgate Carrier provides a functional and colorful way to transport up to 65 lbs. of tailgating necessities. Like all Meori foldable boxes, the Tailgate Carrier folds open and closed in three easy steps, and stores compactly. It even includes two internal mesh pockets to help corral small tailgating tools like bottle openers, silverware and napkins.


back when

By Kimberly Wise

Memories of

Cakes&Candles eed 1980 Tiffanie R


RECENTLY, I WAS RUSHING around my house trying to get the children ready to go to the latest party with the latest gift when I stopped and asked myself: is anyone having fun? Does anyone really enjoy the 40-person event that birthdays have become? Does the birthday kid even enjoy this or remember this a week from now? My bet is, by the time the gift is lost or broken, the child has already moved on to planning the next party, completely forgetting the party they just had. And these event parties are not what you would call cheap.


Athens-Oconee Parent

Amanda Cook 1994 John St. Clair 1975

[and a little horse play] Parents are willing to drop hundreds of dollars to make sure their child has the type of party all their friends had. It always is, at the end of the day, just another party. As a character says in the cartoon Bob’s Burgers, “I’ve eaten nine birthday cakes and I still feel empty.” These types of parties have taken the joy out of birthday parties for some of us and changed it to consumerism and waste. Do you remember the parties of your childhood? I bet one stands out.When asking for pictures for this article, I got many submissions and all of them came

with fun stories of parties long ago. One woman remembered that her mom had gone to a cake making class just so she could make the perfect Strawberry Shortcake cake for her. Another remembers playing dress up with old clothes and having a fashion show in the hallway. My own favorite childhood party story involves my mom blowing eggs out of a tiny hole in the egg and then filling the egg with confetti.The eggs were hidden and we rushed around discovering them and throwing them to produce confetti clouds. She made me a party dress out

of dinosaur material. I still have that dress in my memory box. The truth of the matter is that a box, a hat, and a roll of tape holds more wonders for a child than any big activity. And, more than that, we do a disservice to our children when we take away their ability to have free play. When we were younger, our moms sent us out to play and we would form bands of roaming children and make up games and learn social skills by trial and error. Now a child can’t play unless it is during a playdate. They can’t have a party without a theme.

Andy St. Clair 1978

Faith Lovelind 1995 The kids are not to blame. We are. We thought, with all the goodness in our hearts, that kids wanted and needed the over-thetop experience. And this isn’t to say that an occasional one isn’t wonderful. But, when magic happens every day, the magic has to get grander every time. I propose we go back to birthdays that are a few kids in the backyard. A cake that you made, maybe from scratch or maybe from a box, but made with love. Presents should be few but meaningful and not from classmates that the child barely knows.

Goodie bags should be a handful of candy. I believe cake and ice cream and running in the sprinkler to be more meaningful than another party that rivals a wedding in terms of cost and bother. We turned out ok. I know we believe that our children should have more than what we had, but maybe we had a good thing going? We had parents who loved us.We had toys we wanted. And, we have the memories forever. ■ Kimberly Wise is the mother of 2 boys, both of which are only allowed as many guests to their party as the age they are turning.


having fun

By Jean Mangan

Emily’s 7th birthday at RUSH


Gift an


THERE IS A MOVEMENT these days that has resonated with our family: having less stuff and valuing more experiences. Every family chooses to approach this concept a different way. For our family, we have reduced the amount of toys we bring into the home and, instead, diverted the money we would spend on toys towards activities, lessons, and other experiences for our girls. Two of the biggest hurdles each year in keeping our toys pared down are our daugh-


Athens-Oconee Parent

ters’ birthdays.We are fortunate to have many family and friends who want to celebrate each girl on her special day and that they are generous enough to want to provide gifts. It feels selfish/rude/greedy to tell people, “Please, don’t give them anything that will clutter up the house!” That takes away from our loved ones’ joy of giving, and it limits the new things that are out in the world our daughters will enjoy that we don’t know about.We welcome all gifts brought into our

home, and we cull the previous years’ items as the girls age out of them or we see they don’t get played with. One of the best things we have done has been getting the grandparents on board with gifting experiences rather than things. We explained that we would like to focus on events and experiences we can do with the girls, and that if they were inclined to give a gift, that helping the girls get to do all of the fun things there are to do in our area

would be very appreciated. We promised photos and phone calls from the girls about their experiences when the grandparents were not able to come into town to see the girls enjoyment firsthand! By keeping the focus on the positives of creating memories and giving the children activities to do rather than discussing limiting the amount of pink and purple plastic, we have been pleased to see both sets of grandparents embrace giving experiences instead of toys. Athens, Oconee County and the surrounding area have so many options to explore, from places to run and jump, places for artistic creation and expression, or places to enjoy as a family. Many of the things available here meet a combination of these.

the other is ready to do something else. For parents, there is no glitter or paint or pompoms or scraps of paper to clean up at the end of the activity. Gift cards are available in any denomination, and they never expire! PS: They can host birthday parties and they have summer camps too! Location: 160 Tracy St., Unit 1-A, Athens, GA 30601

Kylie’s 5th birthday at Pump it Up

Monday and Wednesday afternoons from 3:15 pm to 4:30 pm and then again from 4:45 pm to 6:00 pm are great for kids 11 and under. At Pump It Up, the kids can go play and get their energy out while the adults relax in an air conditioned space with restrooms close by. I have yet to hear about a child who has not enjoyed getting to play in this space. PS: Gift cards are available for purchase! Location: 400 Commerce Blvd., Athens, GA 30606

Partiers play laser tag at Funopolis



or older kids, Funopolis in Commerce (just south of the outlets on Hwy. 441) has so much to offer.This family fun center features an arcade, bumper boats, bumper cars, go karts, inflatables, laser tag, mini bowling, rock wall, escape room and more.They havegift cards that can be applied towards a play card that allows you to pay for each activity as you go.The gift cards can also be used to get a wristband that allows 3 hours of unlimited access to many of the major features. It’s recommended that participants be over 44” to be able to get the most out of the wristband. PS: They have a party room for setting up birthday parties! Location: 40155 Highway 441 S, Commerce, GA 30529

Pump It Up


n addition to hosting many birthday parties, this inflatable bounce paradise has open jumps on Monday and Thursday mornings from 9:30 am to 11:00 am for children 5 and under.

RUSH Trampoline Park


f you’ve ever been looking for something to do on a rainy or cold day, RUSH is a great option. Friday and Saturday mornings from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm are only for children 6 and under. Friday and Saturday evenings from 9:00 pm to 11:00 pm are only for those 13 and older. It’s indoors, there are bathrooms, kids can be as loud as they want, and there are places for parents to sit if they want to watch rather than participate. RUSH offers a Hyper Card, giving the holder nine jumping sessions and a pair of the special socks RUSH requires participants to wear. A neat way to give this experience as a gift is to wrap the socks to open and a card explaining the details. My parents gifted this to our girls last year.The squeals of delight at opening the socks, and the fun we had at RUSH made this gift a real winner. PS: They host birthday parties and have summer camps! Location: 10 Huntington Rd., Suite B, Athens, GA 30606

T Art party at Frog Stomp Studio

Frog Stomp Studio


his gem is nestled between Chase and Barber Streets in downtown Athens. Open Tuesday through Friday from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm, Frog Stomp offers an open art studio where children can design, create, and let their imaginations run wild with a huge variety of art materials.With a 2-hour session, children can use a variety of media to make their masterpieces (with the exception of canvases and ready to paint wood items which can be paid for by the piece).There is also a play area in case your child needs a break or if one child is happily painting and


his is only a small sample of what is available! There are so many more options for experiences that are giftable, or for experiences that are enjoyable to do whether or not it’s a gift. Seeing the animals at Bear Hollow Zoo, going to Family Day at the Georgia Museum of Art, touring the galleries at the Oconee Cultural Arts Foundation, or playing at one of the many playgrounds in the area are all opportunities to spend time together as a family and to enjoy what our unique and vibrant communities have to offer residents and visitors. ■ Jean is a 30something attorney in Athens, Georgia, who delights in spending time with her family, reading, writing, and running.


party plans

By Christy Breedlove

From bicycles to balloons to being a good citizen...


seasonal ideas for birthday madness!


It’s 30 degrees outside. The wind is whistling through the pines and the sun is a shadowy imitation of itself. The party inside your house is a rip-roaring success – a balmy 78 degrees. Laughter echoes past into the frozen tundra that was once your back yard. You, however, are turning as blue as the frozen lei around your neck, trying to steal heat from your grill as the hot dogs slowly cook. Sound familiar? You’ve succumbed to Parental Madness by Birthdays – a slow, degenerative disease that drains your common sense to the point you think it’s okay for your 16-year-old to take your 1965 Mustang for a ride around town with your credit card. The first symptom is over-organizing birthday parties. Oh, it’s insidious at first. After all, what parent doesn’t want their child to have a great birthday? But hold fast! When a trip to the Publix bakery for your child’s first birthday turns into a luau in the middle of


Athens-Oconee Parent

December for their seventh, you need to seek immediate help! Talk to your banker. Surely, heating your house to Hawaiian standards is a drain on your finances. Talk to a close friend who doesn’t mind telling you that you’re one can short from a six-pack. You can stop this disease.There are treatments. One such treatment is to recognize that your children’s birthdays fall during one of four seasons of the year. Yes, the seasons you learned in school – fall, winter, spring and summer.Try planning seasonally appropriate parties.You can do it with these season-by-season tips.


This is especially difficult since this means you might have a dozen or so children milling around your house, wreaking havoc upon your wedding china and sanity. If you’re unable to shell out oodles of money at a local pizza parlor, then

consider these home party alternatives. ■ Snow parties are great fun. Divide kids in groups of three and let each group “decorate a snowman.” One child in the group is wrapped with toilet paper (a la the Mummy) and use an old hat or whatever you’d use for a snowman. Serve hot chocolate with large marshmallows. Instead of cake, serve three scoops of vanilla ice cream with raisins, M&M’s,Twizzlers, etc. on the side to decorate the snowman. ■ A favorite of mine was a science party. Collect a dozen or so small items and let the kids take turns guessing what the items are from under a microscope. ■ Charity winter party. Have each child bring an extra gift for a children’s shelter. Supply the cut wrapping paper and tape. Not only does this teach children the joy of giving and service, it’s fun to watch kids wrap presents.


Spring can be so fun. There are abundant activities for a spring party so you should have several choices. ■ Playing in the dirt in your backyard is a natural. Set up small clay pots for each child with their name. Add some potting soil, seeds (or small plant like a tomato) and viola, instant party game. Just be sure the seeds are non-toxic and there’s plenty of water to hose down the kids. ■ Scavenger hunts. Make a list of small items and give this to the kids with a small canvas bag. Let them loose to hunt. For older kids, make riddles for the items so they can figure out what they’re supposed to collect. To make it more interesting (and legal), limit their search area to a park or your yard. ■ Charity spring party. Grab a rake and weed an elderly person’s garden. Ask the kids to bring packets of seeds or plants and spruce up a person’s day as well as their yard.


With school out, summer sometimes drags on like an endless drone of lawn tractors. Stay-at-home parents have been known to pull out their hair and drink regular Dr. Pepper in an effort to stay sane. ■ Visit the local berry picking farm. To eat a freshly picked blueberry is something everyone should experience. ■ Arm the kids with water balloons. Get out of the line of fire on the porch and watch the fun begin. ■ Charity summer party. Ideal for older kids is a dog washing event. Charge $5 to $10 to wash a dog and donate the money to the local humane society. Dogs plus soap plus water equals wet kids and lots of laughs. Just make sure the dog’s owner is around to calm nervous dogs.


As the leaves turn and your hair grows back from the hair-pulling summer, the kids start back to school. It’s an ideal time for outdoor parties. ■ Bicycling party. Great for exercise and you’ll be doing other parents a favor by exhausting their children for early bedtimes. Parks often have bike trails for this. Also make sure everyone is outfitted with proper safety gear. Also hiking a trail is an easy (and calorie busting) activity. ■ Pumpkin decorating. You or another adult will need to do the actual carving, but hand the kids a marker and pumpkin. Small cooking pumpkins are inexpensive and the kids have fun cleaning out the gunky seed filling. ■ Charity fall party. Get your local park ready for winter. Call the recreation department to clean up litter or prune and mulch.

... and for any season A Hiking Trail Party can be a great way for the kids to let out some energy. Providing trail snacks, water and bandanas are easy party favors. Save the cake for the top of the trail and do gifts when you reach the bottom. These are just a few suggestions to treat the onset of “Parental Madness.” Recognize the signs before your lips turn blue from grilling outside on New Year’s Eve. Parents can be talked back from the edge of insanity with support and a whole lot of chocolate. ■


on your mind

By Dr. Jon Robinson

d Dear Dr. Robinson,

I have a young daughter, Cassidy, who is turning age 2 shortly. She’s old enough to somewhat know what’s going on (cue older brother and sister giving her the low down), and she’s looking forward to her upcoming birthday party.We’ve invited her play group and their parents. Later, we’re having a private birthday party for her with just the family and both sets of grandparents. My fear is that Cassie will be overwhelmed by it all, and that people will buy way too many birthday gifts for her. Also, can her playmates handle her getting all the gifts, or should we get token gifts for each of the seven boys and girls in her play group? - Signed, Are We Over The Top? Dear AWOTT, In a word, yes. You sound like you are going over the top for Cassie’s birthday. I know she’s your pride and joy, and any birthday deserves celebration. However, do you really want to set the bar so high at such a young age? 14

Athens-Oconee Parent

Developmentally, at age 2, Cassie is just now learning to play cooperatively. Until age 2, most children engage in parallel play.That is, in the same room, playing, but not necessarily interacting. Also, young children think only concretely, not abstractly.That means Cassie will not necessarily appreciate all of the attention. She could become overwhelmed and melt down. (Side note: time the festivities to avoid nap, so she will be physically able to enjoy herself.) Finally, young children are developmentally drawn to bold, loud colors. With these things in mind, allow me to indulge in a few suggestions. First, children this age really don’t care for expensive toys and electronics.The novelty is there, of course, but you will find them playing more with the packaging than with the contents. The value is lost on their concrete minds. So find simple, hands-on playthings that pique their imagination. Secondly, it’s a birthDAY, not a birthWEEK. Be careful, and sympathetic to yourself, not to spread the festivities out. I’m sure the family can also enjoy the play group party. Put a

request for only one gift per guest and put a dollar limit on the gift.This will save you from guests getting into out-doing each other. Remember, the party is about Cassie, not about the guests. Oftentimes, however, parents put together a small trinket bag for their child to give out to her playmates.This helps the child learn the joy of giving, in addition to getting. Finally, cake and presents are incidental. Cassie wants to play with her friends. Organize play activities and interactive games that all guests can join in playing.These things will be what people remember about Cassie’s awesome 2nd birthday!

Dear Dr. Robinson, My ten-year-old daughter wants to have a coed sleepover for her birthday party this year. She says all the parents are allowing this and, of course, she’s just friends with the boys. She is kind of tomboyish, even plays Little League baseball with some of her male friends. I don’t want to be a curmudgeon about this. Is she crossing a line? -Signed, Confused

Dear Confused [No Longer], You find yourself on a slippery slope here. I smell manipulation afoot. Don’t get me wrong. I’m sure your daughter is well-intentioned, if not a bit naïve. Hold firm.You can offer a well-chaperoned, coed birthday party, but the boys go home, while the girls stay for the sleepover. At age 10, even if she has not started her menstrual periods, your daughter’s hormones and neurochemicals are expanding, preparing for adulthood. Unfortunately, in my clinical practice, I’ve treated children who conceived as young as 9 years old! Even if she has not a clue, you can only account for her perspective, not for that of her guests. She is right at the golden age of childhood sleepovers and I’m sure the girls will have a great time together. Just make the sleepover gender exclusive. “All the parents are allowing this.” Really? I don’t think so.This is classic manipulation. Of course, you can call her bluff by calling several of the other parents. Even if it is true, don’t cave. Hold to your values and morals even in the face of consensus.

“Just friends with the boys.” Again, she can tell herself (and you) that but should not be allowed alone time with any boy at her party. A party is just that, a group activity where all have a great time. Set up interactive games, collect the crew and go to a local fun spot, have popcorn and movies, but tell each parent when to come pick up their son (that night) or daughter (next morning). In my book, Teachable Moments: Building Blocks of Christian Parenting, I devote an entire chapter to these things. I call it “Children Will Always Test the Limits.” That’s true, but they test them to be sure the limits are in place. Having no limits will increase the child’s anxiety and fear.They are not old enough to set their own boundaries. Maybe the best birthday present ever from you to your daughter this year is healthy boundaries. No means no. ■ Dr. Robinson is a licensed, clinical psychologist. His specialty is in school-clinical, child psychology, with emphasis on child development, parenting and family counseling. He is also author of Teachable Moments: Building Blocks of Christian Parenting, now available nationwide in bookstores and on-line as an e-book. 15

calendar Remember to always verify events through their organizations before attending. Pre-registration may be required for some activities.

Ongoing ■ Fantastic Fridays Drop in gymnastics for ages 10 months to 4 years. An instructor supervises the fun while parents and/or caregivers lead their little ones through amazing obstacle courses. Bishop Park Gym, 10-11:30am, $5$7.50/child, 613-3589. Through Dec. 8 (no program Oct. 27 or Nov. 24)

■ Farmers Markets Enjoy locally and naturally grown food, crafts, art and sometimes music, crafts and cooking demonstrations at these weekly events. Athens - Saturdays at Bishop Park, 8am-noon; Wednesdays at Creature Comforts Brewing Company, 4-7pm, Watkinsville - Saturdays at Oconee County Courthouse, 8am-1pm, downtown Watkinsville,

■ Athens Mothers’ Center Social Group Are you a new or expectant mom or have you recently moved to the Athens area? Are you seeking new friends for yourself and your children? Come and meet other moms experiencing similar joys and challenges! We support moms by offering casual chat and activity groups, social events, and information about community resources in a non-judgmental, nondenominational setting. AMC meets Tuesday and Friday mornings from 9:30-11:30am year round (except when Clarke County Schools are closed). Dads are welcome on Fridays. Children are welcome in all groups, but moms of toddlers and preschoolers may take advantage of wonderful on-site childcare for a nominal fee. Covenant Presbyterian Church,

■ DivorceCare This group meets Sundays 4-6pm (through Oct. 29) and offers help for those experiencing separation and divorce. $35/person; scholarships are available for those in need. A nursery is available by reservation. Grace Fellowship, 1120 Malcom Bridge Road, Bogart, 769-4001 or 540-7259,

■ Washington Farms Washington Farms is a family-friendly farm with lots of fun and exciting activities for children of all ages! Clip your own pumpkin off the vine, get lost in our corn maze, stroll through our petting zoo, jump on our jumping pillows, shoot a corn cannon, enjoy a fun wagon ride around the farm, and much more! For hours and activities, visit 16

Athens-Oconee Parent

Compiled by Chris Parsons

Some events, dates and times are subject to change. Please call individual event organizers to confirm schedules. All area codes are 706 unless otherwise noted.

October 2017 1 108 Sun Salutation Festival A Sun Salutation is a series of 12 linked yoga poses, and yoga practitioners all over the world gather to celebrate this autumnal equinox practice which symbolizes the intent of letting go of what no longer serves our purpose. Please bring a yoga mat, water, towel and friends. Registration recommended but walk-ins are welcome. State Botanical Garden, 5:30pm, $10 suggested donation, 542-6156,

5-7 Kindermarket Consignment Sale Huge consignment sale featuring baby, kids, teens, women’s items and home goods. No fee to participate. Oct. 5, 1pm, volunteer preview sale; 3pm, seller preview sale; 5pm, expectant mothers sale; 6-9pm, public sale ($4 admission); Oct. 6, 9am-6pm, public sale, free admission; Oct. 7, 8am-noon (most items half price). Athens YMCA, 915 Hawthorne Ave.

7 North Georgia Folk Festival This fun-filled, family-friendly day in the park offers children’s activities, traditional arts and crafts demonstration and sales, and good food from 11am-6pm. Music starts at noon with special music for kids and then goes until 8pm with performers on two stages. $8/students, $15/adults, children under 12 are admitted free. Additional park admission is $2 per person ages 4-64. Sandy Creek Park,

12 Stop-Motion-Monsters Have you ever wanted to make your own monster movie? Now is your chance. Join us for this special STEAM based activity as we use our new stop motion cameras to bring toy and clay monsters to life. Participation is limited to 15 children. Call the ACC Library Children’s Desk to register. Ages 8-11 + caregiver. Athens-Clarke County Library, 3:30pm, 613-3650

14 Barn Yard Dance The tomcat’s a fiddlin’ don’t you know, grab your partner and do-si-do! All the animals have gathered in the barn for an autumn barn dance! Help us build a scarecrow, learn how to square dance, share music, crafts and fall stories.Wear your country clothes or dress like your favorite barn yard animal. Ages 4-8 + caregiver. Athens-Clarke County Library, 11am, 613-3650

19 Bats at the Library Someone left the window open and the bats are having a book-fest at the library! Learn about these amazing nocturnal creatures as we share stories, eerie crafts and fun facts with our special bat-expert from the Georgia DNR. Learn how to make bat-houses, and make your own bat puppet to go! Ages 4-8 + caregiver. Athens-Clarke County Library, 3:30pm, 613-3650

21 Family Day: Louise Blair Daura Check out landscapes, portraits and still life in the exhibition “Louise Blair Daura: A Virginian in Paris,” then make your own work of art. Georgia Museum of Art, 10am-noon, 542-4662

21 Princess Pumpkin Design Studio: Villain Version Memorial Park’s Princess Pumpkin Design Studio goes rogue as the Villains take over! This program is for ages 2-10 years old. Participants are encouraged to come dressed as their favorite villain and decorate pumpkins with their favorite villains. Attendees should bring their own pumpkin.There will be paint, glitter, gems,and various decor to make your pumpkin a vision! Memorial Park, 9-11am, $12-$18, children younger than 2 are admitted free of charge. Online registration is required: 613-3580

25 Scary Oozy Slimy Day Come spend the evening at the nature center learning about the slippery, the slimy and the misunderstood.Wear your Halloween costume and participate in a vari-

ety of games, activities and crafts. All ages. Sandy Creek Nature Center, 4-7pm, $3-$5, children under 3 years get in free, 613-3615

5 Athens Academy Open House Come hear from a panel of parents, students, faculty and administrators followed by a campus tour. 1-3pm, 1281 Spartan Lane, 549-9225

23-28 Pumpkin Decorating Contest Win a prize pack of books! Decorate a pumpkin like your favorite book character (no carving; get creative with art supplies!) and bring it to the library Oct. 23-Oct. 28. Drop in for an optional Pumpkin Decorating Workshop on Oct. 23 from noon-5pm.We’ll have craft supplies and a limited number of pumpkins, so please bring your own if possible. We’ll display the pumpkins all week, and everyone will vote for their favorites! Ages 011. Oconee County Library, 769-3950,

25 One Spooky Night Put on your favorite Halloween disguise and join us for our 18th annual haunting evening of seasonal tales, costumes, shadow puppetry and surprises! After the performance, journey through the haunted Storyroom, make an assortment of spooky-crafts, and enjoy trickor-treating throughout the library for nonfood prizes at every public desk. All ages + caregiver. Performance in Meeting Rooms A&B. Activities building-wide. 6:30-8pm, 6133580,

26 Halloween Carnival: Boo at the Zoo Take a haunted trick-or-treat tour of Bear Hollow Zoo, then stop by our festive Halloween Carnival for fun and prizes! There will be games, activities and a costume contest every hour. Ages 2-12 (children must be accompanied by an adult), Memorial Park, 5-8 pm, 613-3580

November 2017 2 Going on a Bear Hunt Shhhh…We’re looking for bears. Will you come help us find a bear at the library? We’ll need all the help we can get. Join us for storytelling, crafts, and test your skills on our bear hunt obstacle course. Ages 3-9 + caregiver. Athens-Clarke County Library, 3:30pm, 613-3650

4 Sugar Skulls & Funny Bones Help us celebrate el Dia de Los Muertos , the Day of the Dead, by learning about Jose Guadalupe Posada and his skeleton calavera art. Create your own calavera poems and artwork, and decorate a sugar skull to take home. Call the children’s desk to register. Ages 4-11 + caregiver. Athens-Clarke County Library, 11am, 613-3650

9 Baby Music Jam Children and caregivers play musical instruments, sing, and dance together. Oconee County Library, 10:30am, 769-3950

9 Teen Studio: Mickalene Thomas Teens ages 13-18 are invited to this studiobased workshop led by local artist and educator Kristen Bach.The group will explore the exhibition “Muse: Mickalene Thomas Photographs and tête-à-tête” then create mixed-media works of art using photography and collage. Includes a pizza dinner.This program is free, but space is limited. Please email or call 542-0448 to reserve a spot. Georgia Museum of Art, 5:30-8:30pm, 542-4662

16 How to Make an Apple Pie and See the World An apple pie is easy to make...if the market is open. But if the market is closed, the world becomes your grocery store. Fill out your own passport as you travel the world looking for ingredients, and learn about a host of countries and cultures in the process. Crafts and apple pie sampling included. Ages 4-11 + caregiver. Athens-Clarke County Library, 3:30pm, 613-3650

18 Rock and Gem Show Annual event for all ages featuring gem and mineral collections from local enthusiasts. Come learn about our local geology and participate in educational activities. Sandy Creek Nature Center, 9am-4pm, 613-3615

11 Family Day: Color Learn all about the tints, hues and shades that make up our colorful world in this special color-themed Family Day. Explore color with activities and selected works of art in the permanent collection, then make your own colorful piece. Georgia Museum of Art, 10amnoon, 542-4662

11 Annie & Helen: An Amazing Friendship Helen Keller was born blind and deaf. She had a difficult time communicating with the outside world until she had help from an amazing teacher named Anne Sullivan. Come hear Helen’s story, learn some sign language, and make crafts to go. Ages 6-11 + caregiver. Athens-Clarke County Library, 11am, 613-3650

100’s more events at! 17

food play

Story and Photos by Liz Conroy

The Messy Dinner Party


ON A SUNNY DAY, children in swimsuits run under sprinklers or play in wading pools in the yard. But in one backyard, children in swimsuits were not interested in the garden hose or water toys.They were too busy covering themselves in spaghetti sauce and throwing whip cream pies at each other. Some parents would’ve been horrified, but fortunately, the mother organizing the event had carefully spelled out in the invitations what kind of party this would be: A Messy Dinner Party meant for getting covered in whip cream, making finger paintings on paper plates with chocolate pudding and having total permission to play with their food.


Athens-Oconee Parent

LEFT TO RIGHT: Ingredients for a Messy Dinner Party might include spaghetti and sauce, whipped cream and pudding pies. Liz’s daughter Mary, at age 8, gets a whipped cream facial from Jessica. Karlin shows the technique for eating without a fork.

The freedom to run around and play, get messy, and feel all the wonderful sensations of smooth cream and cool pudding all over face, hands, legs and arms provided joy and happy memories for kids who would soon be sitting at desks in the classroom throughout the week. The Messy Dinner Party includes a basic structure and safety rules, but mostly it allows for the freedom to go a little wild and crazy and loud for one afternoon. “It’s the end of civilization as we know it,” laughs Skipper StipeMaas, the mother of two who invented this unique concept for a kid’s party in the late nineties.

Skipper StipeMaas explains how she and her older daughter Prairie interacted to create the Messy Dinner Party shortly after attending a friend’s birthday party. At that party, they watched a clown entertain the group with many silly antics, including making a bizarre birthday soup: French fries, ice cream, hamburgers all glopped together and stirred around. Then to the amazement of the children, the enthusiastic entertainer proceeded to gulp down the whole soup with great delight. Prairie, impressed by the clown’s behavior, proceeded to imitate him during supper at home the next day. She reached over the

table to pour pickle juice on her mom’s dinner plate.When Prairie did it again after being asked to stop, Skipper removed her daughter from the table into the living room for a talk about mealtime behavior. “Prairie, there’s a time and place to play with food.The dinner table is not the place.” But her child promptly responded with a sad voice, “Mommy, when is the right time and place?” Immediately, the creative wheels began to turn for Skipper who felt her daughter asked a fair question, especially after witnessing a clown having such a jolly good time playing with his food. Indeed, when was a right time and place? The Messy Dinner Parties were about to be born! The first one took place outdoors on a beautiful October weekend when the temperatures were still warm enough for young guests to be comfortable in swimsuits and getting wet when the time came for rinsing off with the hose. The backyard picnic table was covered in old bed sheets. Skipper set out little vases of colorful flowers in the center with place cards for each child. After the kids arrived, they learned the basic Messy Dinner Parties rules: No silverware is available, fingers are fine. Before eating up the chocolate pudding, be sure to make a finger painting with pudding on the paper place mats. “This was to encourage kids who were intimidated by the whole thing and had never been allowed to get dirty to start to play with their food,” Skipper recalls. But the most important rule helping to keep everyone semi-civilized was to be civil to each other: “Guests had to check with other guests before they could mess with each other’s food or put food on each other,” explains Skipper. After all, a free-for-all can get out-of-control and put an end to a fun event. What were some of the lessons from this first Messy Dinner Party?

First of all, kids need to eat something substantial before arriving at this event.Why? Even though it’s called a Messy Dinner Party, the kids all end up playing with their food, making finger paintings, throwing it at one another and decorating themselves in all sorts of ways with it and not eating much at all.They’re too busy having fun with the food to be bothered about actually consuming any of it. Second, the invitations need to be clear for parents to understand the nature of the activities such as getting covered in food and rinsed off and wet in the end. And, to consider sending along an old towel and change of clothes, if so desired. Third, the age group of 6 to 10-year-olds is ideal since they get into so much that it goes on for quite a while. “After age 10 or so, there’s a huge burst of energy in the beginning, and then it’s over, and the kids are looking for something else to do,” says Skipper. Fourth, it may not work as a traditional birthday party with cake and presents. If the child was willing to skip the cake and have guests set birthday gifts inside to be opened at a later date, then that might work. Fifth, it helps to have the event in warm weather only such as summer or early fall and have all kids come in swimsuits. Whipped cream is important, but the bed sheets and flowers were not so necessary. As this event became a tradition over the next ten years, children began bringing swim goggles and shower caps to wear. They even brought their own whipped cream, says Skipper. So many memories resulted from these carefree, backyard parties: having a miniature horse lick pudding off of Prairie’s face, and for Skipper – having her first and only chocolate Mohawk to show off among myriad other wonderful memories. ■ Liz Conroy is an Athens-based freelance journalist who agrees that kids just need to get messy.


books for keeps


Athens-Oconee Parent

By Sarah Danis

The Mission of Books for Keeps Books for Keeps (BFK) works to improve children’s reading achievement by addressing barriers related to the accessibility and appeal of available reading material. BFK gives books to children whose reading opportunities outside of school might otherwise be limited due to many factors.

Preparing Now for the

Summer Slide


THINK BACK ON YOUR childhood summers. Were there trips filled with long car rides? Trips going to the beach, going camping, or maybe family vacations that included museum visits? Were you always reading something or learning something new along the way? Now, imagine summers without having any of those things. Sounds boring, right? Unfortunately, it’s a reality for too many children. Many families simply cannot afford summer camps and vacations, much less those that include museum visits to keep children’s brains engaged and teach them new things about the world around them. Sadly, some of these same families cannot afford to buy books and may have trouble accessing the library due to geography, transportation, work schedules, and other factors.

The Story of Books for Keeps In May of 2009, BFK founder Melaney Smith met an Alps Road Elementary second-grader who was disappointed that school was ending

for summer vacation.Why? Because when the school year ended, so did her access to books. Melaney inquired about how to help and learned that many of this student’s classmates were in a similar situation.The hardest news of all? Some of these second graders would love the reading skills that they had gained during the school year in a circumstance known by educations as the “summer slide.” Students would then start school in the fall lagging behind their classmates in their reading abilities. Melaney rallied friends and family to provide books to 80 second graders at Alps, just in time for the summer vacation.The following year, in May of 2010, she used social media to rally people from around the United States and Canada to mail their used books to Athens. She was able to provide books to every student at Alps Road Elementary. And the books kept coming! When Melaney learned of a student that identified a solution to summer slide, the Books for Keeps flagship program was born.

Students at Barnett Shoals Elementary School read some of the many books available through Books for Keeps in May 2016. PHOTOS PROVIDED BY BOOKS FOR KEEPS


Since 2009, Books for Keeps has given more than 335,000 books to children from low-income families in grades Pre-K through 12th. In 2011, BFK committed to the Clinton Global Initiative to continue to provide 12 books to every Athens student attending an elementary school where 90 percent or more of students qualify for free or reduced-price lunch. BFK also committed to expand to one rural Georgia school and one inner-city Atlanta school. Two more schools reached the 90-percent mark in 2013. And in 2014, Books for Keeps followed through on its commitment, reaching those additional Athens schools as well as the two schools outside of Athens, for the first time.This nearly doubled the reach of the Books for Keeps program to 3,700 students. In 2015, the Books for Keeps Board of Directors adopted a bold strategic plan with one driving objective: to expand their reach in Georgia so that no child loses educational ground during the summer due to simple lack of access to books. Starting with 15 new service schools, BFK will group into a statewide organization, ensuring that every child served has the tools necessary to retain literacy skills gained during the school year.This, in turn, supports broader educational efforts to get every child reading on grade level before middle school. Books for Keeps intends to serve every child attending an AthensClarke County elementary school, plus five new schools in Atlanta and three new schools in rural Georgia counties. By the end of their three-year expansion, Books for Keeps will be serving 25 Georgia elementary schools. In the spring of 2017, 15 schools and about 6,200 kids were served! The Classic City Rotary Club has had a longstanding relationship with Books For Keeps.They’ve just started a new club year (20172018) and will be continuing to support the non-profit. Last year their club donated thousands to support J.J. Harris Elementary School’s supply of books to give children before the end of the school year to prevent the dreaded “summer slide.” In addition to the many service hours helping distribute books at several of the elementary schools and at the annual book sale in the Homewood Shopping Center, they built rolling tables for the Books for Keeps warehouse and purchased two large fans and heaters for the warehouse. No matter your abilities, there’s a way you can help! Please consider joining them by volunteering, donating funds, becoming a sponsor, hosting a book drive, or just by spreading the word.Your contributions could make a difference in the life of a child. For more information please visit ■ 22

Athens-Oconee Parent

party list! Because details may change after this list was posted, please call individual people and places to confirm the information presented.

ACC Leisure Services • TENNIS CENTER The ACC Tennis Center offers youth tennis birthday parties for children ages 5 to 12.The two-hour celebration includes an hour of instruction with a tennis pro, a craft, and then it’s off to our party room or patio for cake. Cost: Prices start at $80 Ages: 5-12 Phone: 706-613-3991 • SANDY CREEK NATURE CENTER Celebrate your birthday at Sandy Creek Nature Center! The two-hour party includes a 45minute nature program of one’s choice. Program topics include:Turtle Time, Super Snakes,Wildlife Adventure or Dynamic Dinos.The remaining time is for cake, gifts, cleanup, etc. Party-goers will enjoy up-close animal encounters, Discovery Trail hikes and an inside party room with tables, chairs and kitchen access, including microwave, ice machine and refrigerator. Cost: Up to 20 children is $95 and $65 for Sandy Creek Nature Center, Inc. members. Space Exploration is $115 and $85.The fee is due in full

at the time the party is booked. Ages: 4-12 Phone: 706-613-3615 birthdays • ZOO PARTIES AT BEAR HOLLOW ZOO Make your next celebration a wild affair! Our 3-hour zoo parties include use of air-conditioned Zoo Operations Building, a custom zoo tour and educational animal program. For an additional fee, a one-of-a-kind specialty gourmet zoo cake in the shape of your favorite animal and tableware can be included. 30-guest limit. Location: Bear Hollow Zoo at Memorial Park Cost: Basic Party Package ($75) and Deluxe Party Package ($125) Ages: 2-12 Phone: 706-613-3580 • GYMNASTICS PARTIES AT BISHOP PARK Parties consist of one hour of exciting gymnastics challenges and 30 minutes in one of the party areas.A personal party coach stays with each group of children for the first hour and a personal party host will assist parents in the party area for the remaining 30-minutes. Parents provide cake, juice boxes, additional favors and decorations.We provide invitations, plates, napkins and forks for your party participants are provided.The birthday child will receive a T-shirt,

and all guests will receive a special gift. Cost: $120 for up to 15 children in attendance; $200 for 16 to 25 children; $30 for each additional birthday child. Ages: 3-12 Phone: 706-613-3589

AKF Oconee Family Martial Arts Black Belt Birthday Party includes: • 1 month of classes & training uniform • Cupcakes & Juice boxes • Goodie bags & white belts for ALL guests • Guest signed Souvenir t-shirt & Photos taken & posted to Facebook





party list! • 25 color invitations mailed & emailed to provided guest list • 16 guests expected Cost: Party $250/1-1.5 hr (depending on age) Ages: 3 and up! Phone: 706-769-7770

Alice DePass Studio of Dance Celebrate your birthday with a wonderful dance party! When you schedule your party, you may choose one of our themes or make a special request.You bring the food, and we provide the fun! Each party includes a dance class and crafts, and the opportunity to enjoy an energetic and creative time. Cost: Call for details Ages: 3 and up Phone: 706-769-1177

Allegro: Lively Music for Children Allegro provides a 45 minute interactive music class at your child’s party! Miss Cathy will bring instruments, music, and props, and make a song list that fits your party theme. Cost: $125 for 15 kids, $5/extra child Phone: 706-510-6995

Ann Peden Choose Jewelry Making or Painting Party; parties include all materials & instruction, great for boys & girls, all ages (adults too) JEWELRY MAKING: Celebrate with friends making beautiful handcrafted jewelry; everyone makes a handmade bracelet & necklace with their choice of charm. PAINTING: Make your child’s birthday a paint party! Choose from over 25 different wooden cut outs or paint a canvas – every child brings home a work of art. Location: Market Center, 1431 Capital Ave, Suite 109,Watkinsville Ga 30677 Cost: $16/child for Jewelry Making, $18/child for Painting; minimum 8, maximum 18; parties are 2 hours. Ages: 5 and up Phone: 706-769-2656 (click on Party Info) or


Athens-Oconee Parent




party list! Athens Gaming Theater Northeast Georgia’s #1 Option for Family Fun! We Bring the Party to You! Our 32 foot game theater features 7 TVs, limousine style interior, multiple gaming systems including PS4, Nintendo, and Xbox.We can hold up to 28 players at a time and parents love us because we come to them! With a dedicated Game Coach running the party, we take the stress away from you for

at least 2 hours. Did we mention we are fully self-powered meaning no after party clean-up or work for you?!? We have games for all ages and offer free travel within 30 miles of Athens. Book us online at for Birthdays, School Events, Church Functions, Festivals,Weddings, and Private Functions Phone: 706-224-2808

Funopolis Family Fun Center Make your child’s birthday memorable as they play on a choice of our most popular attractions: inflatables, laser tag, go karts, bumper cars and bumper boats. The birthday package includes a private party room, hostess, brightly colored paper goods, balloon centerpiece, food, drinks, play cards (that can be used on the 100 arcade games or 15 attractions) and Funopolis T-shirt for the birthday child.You bring the cake and your hostess will do the rest so you can relax and enjoy your child’s special day! Theme packages are available for additional cost, and some include a visit by the character of the theme. Cost:Varied, depending on the package,


Athens-Oconee Parent

8 guests minimum Ages: All ages Phone: 706-335-3866

Kona Ice If you’re looking for a fun party idea, Kona Ice could be what you’re looking for! What’s Kona Ice? It’s a delicious tropical shaved ice, with 100’s of flavor combinations, served from the most unique entertainment vehicle you’ll ever see! Our festive truck is a tropical beach on wheels, with upbeat Calypso music. Our flavors are unique to Kona, and our patented Flavorwave® lets you create your own custom flavor combinations. Kona Ice contains no nuts, dairy, gluten or high fructose corn syrup.We always stock sugar-free and dye-free flavors.We’re fully licensed, insured and Health Department approved. Book Kona Ice – for Team Parties, School Events, Church Events, Corporate Events, Customer or Employee Appreciation, Camps, Festivals or any other event! And Kona Ice is a fun treat for all ages! We offer party packages and can customize party packages for groups of any size. Contact Kona Ice for your next event!





party list! Cost: Individual $4-6; Party Packages $125 and up Ages: All Ages 770-310-3930

Lil’ Ice Cream Dude Ice Cream Cart for hire. Cart includes a large variety of ice cream novelties. Beau Shell is one of Athens’ youngest entrepreneurs, owning and operating his own ice cream cart. His cart houses a variety of ice cream novelties including all of your favorites such as the ice cream sandwich, the Pushup, the Red,White and Blue Rocket, the Sour Pop and the Orange Cream Pop. Call Beau to add “COOL” to your event. Cost: Packages are based on the number of participants; up to 50 $125; 51 to 100 $225. Please call for larger groups. Ages: 2 and above Phone: 706-255-7450 Facebook Page: Lil Ice Cream Dude

Oconee Gymnastics & Cheer Kids of all ages love Oconee Gymnastics’ parties! Oconee Gymnastics & Cheer offers the very best parties in Oconee County and Athens, Ga.! Parties include: Party instructor to assist with the children; 1½ hours in a designated area in our facility (As OGC is a very large facility you will NOT have use of entire facility);White paper goods (cake plates, cups, napkins & forks/spoons) Cost: $199 for up to 20 children. $199/1.5 hours Ages: All ages Phone: 706-769-1239 birthday-parties-athens-ga/


Athens-Oconee Parent

Pump It Up Bouncing. Sliding. Climbing.Tumbling. Private party facility filled with interactive inflatables that engage and challenge children. Pump It Up takes care of the organization, child supervision, party set up and cleanup so that parents can relax and enjoy the party too! We have the most flexible food policy in town. Check out our new glow and themed adventure parties from $1 per child, as well as our new picture taking service that’s only $10! Cost: Check Web site or call for party plans Ages: 2 and up Contact: John Begnaud Phone: 706-613-5676

RUSH Trampoline Park For fun, stress-free, party planning, book with Rush! All parties include: • 60 minutes of Rush time • 40 minute use of private party room • Full access to all areas of the park • Dedicated party host to attend and assist with the celebration • Non-slip Rush socks • Plates, bottles of water, napkins, forks, and clean-up • Electronic invitation • Rush birthday gift and 60 minute jump pass for guest of honor • You are welcome to bring a cake Cost: Packages starting at $199 Ages: All ages 706-548-4470

Rebecca Sunshine Band Make your party rock! Host a music jam with the Rebecca Sunshine Band. Kids will enjoy the fun songs and singalongs.There are instruments that anyone can play. For more information visit our website. www.rebecca


‘til we meet again

Kids love to see their picture, and you’ll love the keepsake! Send your photos and info to facebook at Athens-Oconee Parent Magazine

Lucas, 11 months

Alexander, 3 1/2

Whitley, 14 1/2 months

Caleb, 5, Zoe, 7, Ruthie, 9, & Madeline, 11

Mason, 1 1/2

Evelyn, 21 months

Brailey & Breckin, 2 mo.

J.C., 4, & Mavis, 9

Ryder, 4

Campbell, 2

Liza, 18 months

Peyton, 3 1/2

Wyatt, 7

Please support our advertisers who make this FREE family resource possible! AKF Oconee Family Martial Arts 28

Athens Family Vision/Dr. Springer 13

Manning Brothers 9

S.R. Homes/Pebble Creek/Rowan Oak 4

Alice DePass Studio of Dance 24

Athens Gaming Theater 29

Newell Orthodontics 22

St. Mary’s Health Care System 2

Allegro: Lively Music for Children 26

Funopolis 28

Piedmont/Athens Regional 32

UGA Community Music School 15

Athens Academy 9 31

Pump It Up 27

Women’s Center of Athens 3

Athens Dentistry for Children 3

Lil’ Ice Cream Dude 24

Rebecca Sunshine Band 26

Women’s Healthcare Associates 22

Linder & Linder Family Dentistry 15

Rush Trampoline Park 25


Athens-Oconee Parent

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