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Habasit AG


Trusted transmission and conveying belts in over 70 countries worldwide

ased in Reinach, Switzerland, Habasit AG specialise in transmission and conveying belts for a variety of industries, including bakery and meat production. The family-owned company have grown from a small collection of people to a massive organisation that operate in over 70 countries worldwide and are only continuing to expand their presence in the conveying industry. Founded in 1946, Habasit was formed by husband and wife duo Alice Fluck and Fernand Habegger at a small workshop focussing upon power transmission belts. The company quickly expanded, moving into new factories in 1950, 1959 and 1966 as they grew to be recognised for their professional and efficient solutions. Their catalogue soon began to expand and, by 2008, the company were also specialising in positive-drive conveyor belts, timing belts, slat and conveyor chains and plastic modular belts. Habasit also won the prestigious International FoodTech Award in 2012 for their HyCLEAN plastic modular belt type M5060 and M5065 with sprocket and CIP system. Habasit’s Saniclip

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Just last year, Habasit successfully acquired NGI Holding A/S and so their presence in the market will no doubt grow more influential as they continue to grow. Habasit provide a variety of belts to help service the flour and bakery industries, with features that make every process easier for the baker. Frayless fabric belts are available to avoid risks of contamination and improve product safety, as well as moisture-absorbing and humidity-resistant belts. To optimise hygienic processes, bright blue belts are also available to emphasise visibility as a key focus for workers. Belts are also available from the Swiss company for poultry and meat, which boast improved durability, automatic belt cleaning, waste reduction, reduced water consumption and an advanced hygienic design. One unique value Habasit clearly showcase on their official website is a dedication to environmental sustainability, and this has been showcased in a variety of ways. On the Habasit website users can use energy-saving calculators to calculate how energy-efficient their belts are and can, therefore, work out whether they wish to adopt more energy-efficient models in the future. The company also established their own Habasit Green Concept in 2011, with a renewed focus on utilising and creating eco-friendly products, production processes and operations. Recently at IFFA 2019 Habasit showcased their new hygienic technology for belt installations and repairs; the Habasit Saniclip. Able to work with Habasit’s HabasitLINK range of plastic modular belts, the device enables for easy joining and separating of belts without any need for tools.

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SEP 2019 - Milling and Grain magazine  

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