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EuroTier 2018 Increasingly international


rom November 13-16, 2018, the world’s leading trade fair for animal production, EuroTier 2018, will take place at Hanover Exhibition Centre. The leading companies in the livestock industry will show a complete range of their products and services, including numerous innovations. So far, more than 2,200 exhibitors from 60 countries have registered for this year’s event. Substantially more than half the exhibitors come from outside Germany. A high level of European participation has been noted, mainly from the Netherlands (187), France (122), Italy (119), Spain (80), Denmark (59), United Kingdom (58), Belgium (50), Austria (50), Turkey (50) and Poland (45). From overseas, China (156) leads the list, followed by Canada (30), USA (25) and India, Pakistan and Korea with about 20 exhibitors each. “EuroTier provides a platform for a wide range of new products and services, and this, of course, attracts international livestock professionals,” said EuroTier project manager Dr Karl Schlösser. “The exceptionally high level of exhibitor interest from abroad shows that competition in international markets for innovative and sustainable animal husbandry takes place at EuroTier in Hanover.” All leading manufacturers and suppliers from both the pig and cattle/dairy sectors will be represented at the event. “As a result, EuroTier 2018, with its unique range of innovations, trends and technical program, will once again be an indispensable source of information for farmers and other professionals from the livestock sector,” added Dr Schlösser. “Compared to previous years, exhibitor registrations show encouraging growth in the areas of dairy and animal feed, and we can be sure that EuroTier will offer a particularly unique range of insights into trends and solutions related to feedstuffs and animal health,” commented Schlösser.

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Animal welfare and digitisation drive innovation

At EuroTier, the competition for the most innovative machinery and equipment for international markets will take place. The innovations shown here in the areas of livestock building construction, feeding and husbandry, as well as digital animal monitoring solutions and control technology, will provide a new impetus for efficiency, animal management and animal welfare. An independent, international committee of experts set up by the DLG will again be evaluating the EuroTier innovations submitted by exhibitors, and then award gold and silver medals in accordance with strict criteria.

Top beef and dairy genetics in focus – Daily demonstrations in the “TopTierTreff”

A highlight at EuroTier is the “TopTierTreff” (top cattle genetics), where breeding cattle – both meat and dairy – will be displayed on stage in a special presentation. This live show of pedigree stock from more than 70 of Europe’s top breeders is accompanied by a commentary in different languages, including English and Russian. Some sheep and goat breeding stock will also be featured.

“Digital Animal Farming” Special feature

An increasingly digitally connected world opens up new possibilities for successfully combining productivity and animal welfare, as well as information management and the sustainable use of natural resources. Efficiency and animal health, in addition to transparency and quality in the production processes, are now the key to economic and ecological success in livestock farming. Under the theme “Digital Animal Farming”, the DLG, together with partners from business, science and consulting, will also be providing information on the significance of digitisation for modern livestock farming as part of a special feature at EuroTier 2018 in Hanover. Whether in production monitoring, animal health or animal welfare or also transparency (or traceability) across the entire processing chain to the consumer, the use of sensors and targeted data management allows the needs of the animals, the environment, the farmer and consumers alike to be

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