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Bakery Innovation Centre presents Expert Conference opportunities

services like the evaluation of blending qualities, sponge dough and hydration tests, proportioning and weighing trials, the automation of complete processing systems, and a raw materials quality service.

ühler is taking the opening of its extended and modernised Bakery Innovation Centre at its headquarters in Uzwil as an occasion to hold the first Bakery Expert Conference in the German-speaking countries on July 5 and 6, 2017, with renowned expert speakers and around 80 attendees. New user trends such as the growing demand for deep-frozen bakery goods and clean-label products and also digitalisation are bringing a new dynamism and new developments to the bakery industry. In its Bakery Innovation Centre (BIC), the Group is for the first time ever presenting the know-how it has accumulated along the entire value chain to the bakery industry. On over 1000 square meters, the Innovation Centre now also features Bühler solutions for the bakery industry, ranging from premix manufacturing to sponge dough production. The Bakery Innovation Centre enables customers to join forces with Bühler experts in order to develop novel products together and to utilise its state-of-the-art infrastructure for practiceoriented training courses.

Bakers benefit from extensive training offering The training offered by the Bakery Innovation Centre ranges from standard modules to customised, special-purpose training courses. Since the start of its training services for the bakery industry, Bühler has offered continuing education courses to more than 2000 customers in 250 training courses. For customer tests and continuing education, Bühler can rely on experts who have accumulated decades of


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experience. Hubert Schneider von Resch & Frisch Production GmbH remarks, “With the Bakery Innovation Centre, our employees can be optimally trained on new technologies. Once we are in full operation, this just cannot be done on-site.”

The first Bühler Bakery Expert Meeting: a great success Bühler has taken the extension and modernisation of its Bakery Innovation Centre as an occasion to hold the first German-language Bühler Bakery Expert Meeting on July 5 and 6, 2017. Eva Pahnl von Pfahnl Backmittel GmbH, commented, “The industry is changing. This Expert Meeting is a great opportunity to stay up to date with the latest technologies and trends.”

Innovation Centre offers solutions The BIC offers Bühler customers a unique test environment equipped with the latest processing and production systems. Its modular structure allows customised technologies and plant concepts to be tested for every conceivable application. They range from raw materials handling to processing and analysis of end products. For this purpose, the Innovation Centre has been equipped with cutting-edge technologies and automation systems, while at the same time meeting highest hygienic design standards. The Innovation Centre provides Milling and Grain - August 2017 | 21

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AUG 2017 - Milling and Grain magazine