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Milling News The upper part was filled with silos for barley and maize, and was connected with the ship elevator suspended from the adjoining receiving house. Other local mills of note included Wilmington Flour Mills owned by Messrs D Hurtley & Sons Ltd and the Victoria Flour Mills of Messrs A & R Appleton Ltd. The Wilmington story is another instance of an old established inland milling business being transferred to the seaboard. In the early 1800s the grandfather of the present owners had a mill at Malton that was run by his two sons. This continued running until Wilmington mill was erected and a roller plant installed by G Luther of Brunswick. The mill was well situated on the River Hull and close to the North Eastern Railway Company where a siding was put in for the mill. It underwent three remodellings and extensions by Henry Simon and at the time, 1904, was undergoing a fourth. The capacity was between 50 and 60 sacks per hour. The Victoria Mills were built in 1879 by RT Kirby and taken over around 1898 by the newly formed A & R Appleton Ltd, established specifically for the purpose. Previously the Cleveland Steam Flour Mills of Thornaby with RH Appleton as chairman, they had taken over the mills and business of Messrs Appleton, French and Scrafton Ltd of Stockton, Middlesbrough and Bishop Auckland. There is much more to tell about Hull as a milling centre, next month I will move on to the Grosvenor and Albert Mills of Messrs JG Thompson Ltd and, in nearby Beverley, Messrs Crathborne and Sons Grovehill Flour Mills. The geographical and historical spread of our holdings at the Mills Archive mean that I can only provide snapshots; if you would like to know more please email me at:

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