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The importance of adequate digestible amino acids


odern Compound Feed Production, the 11th feed industry conference, took place from June 27- 29, 2017, at the International Industrial Academy in Moscow, Russia. Dr Maria L. Domoroshchenkova and Dr Iani Chihaia, USSEC Consultants, attended the event with the goal to meet with the delegates from feed, livestock, trading companies and researchers from the Russian Federation. The visit to Russia and the participation in the Mixed Feeds as one of the key events in the feed sector allowed USSEC to be recognised and stand out. Individual contacts with Russian or International participants of the event may lead to follow-up contacts and did definitely increase the interest and visibility of USSEC and US soy. The conference was organised by the Union of Compound Feed

Manufacturers of Russia, International Industrial Academy and All-Russia Mixed Feed Research Institute and supported by a number of national professional livestock and poultry associations and unions. Over 140 participants attended the conference, among them important policy and decision makers, feed production managers, nutritionists and purchasing managers. Organised since early 2000, the Mixed Feed Conference remains one of the traditional and key events for the Russian feed industry and is an opportunity to meet the regional Russian and C.I.S. community feed compounders and livestock and poultry producers. The message delivered through the presentation was very clear: in today’s competitive environment designing adequate feeding programmes and formulating poultry and swine diets based on ideal digestible amino acids ratio are key concepts in achieving cost efficient feed strategies and in maximising economic return. Since the use of soy derivatives in animal nutrition is a part of improving

efficiency, USSEC consultants recommended the increase in soybean meal inclusion rates and constant monitoring of quality of this valuable ingredient.

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