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PREVENTIVE AND PREDICTIVE MAINTENANCE FOR OPTIMAL PERFORMANCE Milling and Grain attend the grand opening of the new Bühler UK service centre located in Manchester, United Kingdom



by Rhiannon White, Milling and Grain Magazine

perating in 140 countries and boasting 90 service stations worldwide, Bühler has been at the vanguard of industrial process technologies and solutions for over 150 years. Contributing significantly to feeding the world’s ever-growing population, Bühler manufactures equipment for processing of maize, wheat, chocolate, rice, pasta and breakfast cereals globally. In fact, 65 percent of wheat milled around the globe is processed on Bühler grain mills and around 30 percent of global rice production is processed using Bühler equipment. When considering the state-of-the-art technology Bühler has to offer such as its NIR Multi Online Analyser that accurately measures gluten, moisture or ash content of raw materials and end products, or their new Matador Impact Machine which is 99.5 percent guaranteed to destroy insect eggs in flour or semolina, it is easy to digest such staggering statistics.

48 | November 2016 - Milling and Grain

Anders Kristensen, David Clegg and Carlos Cabello opening the new Bühler Service Centre

Outstanding commitment to their customers

On the day of the opening, along with 84 of Bühler’s customers we were warmly welcomed by Carlos Cabello, Bühler’s Managing Director of Northern Europe, who gave the first of a series of informative and thought-provoking presentations showcasing the services to be provided at the new workshop, as well as focussing on trends in the milling market and the future for Bühler. Amidst the buzz of sharing the latest technological advances and innovation, we were exposed to perhaps Bühler’s greatest asset of all; their outstanding commitment to their customers and the lifecycle of their plants and products. Carlos Cabello announced that, “We have opened this service centre in Manchester because we want to be as close to our customers as possible, providing them with easy access to expert know-how and excellent services locally.” It quickly became apparent that the list of expert services the workshop is offering is extensive, ranging from roll analysis, servicing and exchange, to sieve tensioning including brand-new

NOV 2016 - Milling and Grain magazine  
NOV 2016 - Milling and Grain magazine