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the international certification in weighing systems called MID “Measuring Instruments Directive” obtained by IMECO over two years ago. MID is a directive by the European Union, which seeks to harmonise many aspects of legal metrology across all member states of the EU, a very important point in a unified market.

The importance of intuitive and easy to use software

Of course, also a reliable control system guarantees efficient control of the bagging plant. We are talking about the fact that not just the hardware must be heavy-duty but the software must be intuitive and easy to use as well. The world market has changed below different aspects and also the labor market changed itself. The skills of the operating personnel must also be taken into consideration and the frequent personnel turnover can sometimes turn to be as an handicap. That’s why an easy-to-use software with intuitive control panel with touch sensitive screen are as much important as the mechanical movements. Electronics assists us by improving our results. However, if it’s not applied properly, it can become an obstacle that is hard to overtake. Just like modern smart phones, that are usable by children from a very young age, IMECO have developed intuitive software that allows the client to set their machine by themselves. Keeping the client on the leash is just not acceptable anymore, this era has now ended. The market is simply too crowded to operate in this way and we like clients to understand that suppliers need to turn as a “solutions-finders” as soon as possible to keep their market tight. Open-mouth bags allow also several bag closing systems: sealing, gluing, sewing or combined systems. Depending on weight, volume and bag material a closing system could be 64 | July 2016 - Milling and Grain

more appropriate than another. For instance, if a high sanitation is required combined system such as sewing and stitches is preferred or pinch bag if paper material is used.

Technology must help us in our day-by-day work

Thinking about bagging doesn’t mean to think just about begging techniques; many thoughts have to be made before to purchasing new equipment. As already wrote above, technology must help us in our job day-by-day. For this reason, we should keep an eye on automatic equipment as much as is possible; selfdiagnosis, for instance, is now readily available. With these many features, specialists won’t ever lose their time again and you won’t ever need to keep your plant stopped because of malfunctions that you cannot diagnose. Your new equipment will be the one that, almost like a real patient, tell you what is not working properly and what should be the tuning to apply in order to optimise you production plant. It’s also just with a very high standards of quality of the components that you’ll be able to find a reliability that won’t ever let you down. High standard components are not just inside the machine but are also outside too. I’m talking about remote control assistance. However, sometimes self-diagnosis isn’t enough. For this reason, video cameras can be installed inside the machine to allow the vendor to assist its clients 24/7 and to attend and fine-tune the settings even from many kilometres away. However, if you are planning to buy an automation bagging solution, it is not as immediate as you may think.

Increasing efficiency through intensive specification

Receiving the enquiry for a purchase sometimes put the supplier in an uncomfortable position to press the potential client in order to understand what it is that they really need. Many questions have to be answered, such as bagging volume, discharging elements, weighing systems, bag types (material and dimensions), bag sealing options, palletising, storage logistics, etc. All of these measurements are required if the equipment provided is to enable a complete solution. A long-term plan is also both mandatory and important, because machines will last more than anyone of us, if designed, produced and assembled properly.

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