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A bridge between Europe and Asia Tom Blacker, International Milling and Grain Directory

The Shawnees or Shawanese are a proud Indian tribe with a glorious history. Great chiefs like Tecumseh or Cornstalk or Blue Jacket fought for their cause, but then smoked the pipe of peace with their opponents as a sign of reconciliation. A good custom. The name Shawnee is now found on products, institutions and companies in the USA – as on the flour sack shown here. It stands for tradition and greatness. Grain was the beginning With its collection of over 3,000 flour sacks from 130 countries around the globe, the FlourWorld Museum in Wittenburg, near Hamburg (Germany), is unique in the world of grain. It is an initiative and cultural project of Mühlenchemie and a token of thanks to all millers. The museum shows the history of flour and its significance for mankind: FLOUR IS LIFE. Every new sack with an interesting motif is welcome in the Sackotheque and will find a permanent home there.

26 | July 2016 - Milling and Grain

The month of July brings a very encouraging number of new registrations and updates again to the directory. There has been a range of new companies joining this month: PacMoore of the USA, SS Milling of India, Nordstrong of Canada and Fiorini of Italy. Updates have been received from Adifo of Belgium, TMSA of Brazil and Cultura of the UK. I am always grateful for the effort and care that companies make to the directory. It’s a real partnership to be involved with companies as they make themselves and their products more accessible with us. Another interesting note to make is that this magazine issue is focused on Turkey. The directory’s Turkish members now number in excess of over 100. This is a comprehensive yet growing part of our directory. They say that Turkey is a bridge between Europe and Asia and yet in this industry at least, there are even more bridges from Turkey out to the rest of the world. As you know I spent an extensive week touring Turkey again and having interesting meetings for flour and feed milling. The associations of feed and flour milling are committed and focussed to developing and improving their domestic market and its place in the world. According to the association, Türkiyem-Bir ( in 2015, feed milling is producing double the quantity of flour milling. This is a trend that feed and flour milling are growing in tandem, and is part of Turkey’s overall economic developments and successes. As you will know, Turkey is a developing country with a huge 20 percent of world’s flour trade in exports. Other rising factors such as the Konya Borsa being a new local market for grain trading this magazine has recently covered means Turkey cannot be ignored by the worldwide agricultural industries. A good recent success story for the industry has been this magazine’s Turkish language website with over 25,000 hits in just 6 months. Visit our Turkish website now at: www.millingandgrain-tr. com.


JUL 2016 - Milling and Grain magazine  
JUL 2016 - Milling and Grain magazine