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- Product Manager for Nutritional Products (m/f) Austria #7744 - Product Manager for swine/poultry (m/f) Austria #7745

Milling and Grain recognises that both milling companies and those supplying the milling industry with both equipment and services are

- Development Associate (m/f) Austria #7781

finding it increasingly difficult to recruit staff from within the industry internationally. The shortage of the right people in our industry being

- Poultry Key Account Manager (m/f) USA #8121

aware of jobs on offer is likely to slow the development of milling and - Sales Manager (m/f)

its related sectors globally. Therefore, Milling and Grain is devoting a page to this important subject - alerting readers to job opportunities.

Czech Republic


This is not a recruitment page, this is simply an attempt to bring to - Technical Sales Manager (m/f)

readers attention the job opportunities they might not otherwise be

Southern Australia

aware of. Contact for more information about listing a job vacancy.


- Regional Technical Manager Aquaculture (m/f)

To make it easy to identify the type of job you are looking for, we

Singapore/Vietnam #8183 - Development Team Leader (m/f)

have the following colour coding:

Austria Junior Specialist / Manager Senior


- Regional Marketing Communications Associate (m/f)

- Product Manager for Microbial Feed

Singapore #8261 - Sales Manager (m/f)

Additives (m/f) Austria #1902

Hungary #8361 - Junior Production and Project Engineer

- Sales Manager (m/f) Ukraine #2982

(m/f) Austria #8462

- Sales Manager for Poultry Nutrition (m/f) Poland #3141

- Regional Marketing Director (m/f) Brazil #8481

- Sales Representative (m/f) - Sales Manager for Swine Nutritition (m/f)

Thailand #3801

Poland #8541

- Sales Manager (m/f) Russia #3961 - Sales Manager (m/f) Russia #3961 - Technical Sales Manager Poultry (m/f) EMA Region

- Assistent Produktentwicklung (m/w) Austria #8682


To find out more about Biomin jobs simply scan the QR code and enter the job number - or visit - Division Procurement and Production

- Technical Manager Swine (m/f)

Officer (m/f)

USA #5001 - Business Development Manager Aquaculture (m/f)



- Regional Sales Manager (m/f) Singapore #8321

Indonesia #5122 - Regional Technical Support Manager Animal Nutrition (m/f) Singapore #5461 - Technical Sales Executive - Aquaculture


- Technical Support Specialist - RapidChek (m/f) China #8604

(m/f) Indonesia #5641

- Sales Manager (m/f) USA #8622

- Technical Sales Manager (m/f) Northern Malaysia

- Sales Manager (m/f) UK


- Business Development Manager (m/f) Philippines #6701

To find out more about Romer Labs jobs simply scan the QR code and enter the job number or visit - HR Business Partner (m/f)

- Technical Sales Manager Ruminants (m/f)

Austria #6902

Asia #7481 To find out more about Erber jobs simply scan - Sales & Marketing Director (m/f) Austria #7621

the QR code and enter the job number - or visit

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