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‘The early bird catches the worm,’ an English proverb which dates back to 1670s, was evident in Austin, Texas, USA in February when Kirby Bradley of chaired an early morning gathering of The Grain Elevator and Processing Society (GEAPS) members under the banner of an Idea Exchange. Each year a number of companies are selected to give brief presentations on how their product or idea benefits the industry. This year 11 companies participated and presented their latest developments in just a few minutes – the microphone going dead when time was up. The Idea Exchange is open to all registered attendees and the conference hall at 09:00 on Sunday February 28, 2016 was crowed with standing room only. Milling and Grain presents six of the best ‘ideas’ presented this year in our post-event report below:

R. Stahl Inc by Ross Blanford, Southeastern Regional Sales Director, R. Stahl Inc “The R. Stahl Epik breaker panel is one of a series of solutions designed for the NEC market to eliminate the need for cast aluminum enclosures in areas where hazardous dusts, gases and fibers are present. “Constructed of 316S stainless steel, it is designed using UL489 certified explosion protected breaker technology, moving the explosion protection from the enclosure to the breaker itself providing a safer and more cost effective way to install power distribution, heat trace and lighting panels in hazardous locations. “This is a Class II, Division 1 & 2 Group G certified product with main lug only distribution, up to 42 circuits, GFI/GFCI available in 5mA and 30mA and a unique photo cell designed with both battery back-up and standard fixtures “R. Stahl offers a complete selection of explosion protected electrical and automation equipment along with custom system solutions to help prevent explosions in your facility.” Email:

Kasa Controls & Automation

by John Claman, Representative, Kasa Controls & Automation

“KTrack Bin Inventory Management and Traceability Software by Konnection provides bin graphics with commodities, volume, and grade factors per bin. It improves inventory management and provides ‘one step back/one step forward’ traceability as required by the 2002 Bioterrorism Act and by processors due to FSMA. “KTrack works with existing scale-interface software to assign inbound and outbound tickets to the corresponding destination or source bins. It provides bin determination to prevent co-mingling of commodities and helps segregate wet, dry, high protein, GMO, etc. “For producers, KTrack sends texts and emails of ticket data upon weigh out, improving harvest decisions, quality, and customer service and for plant operators, KTrack sends texts and emails as bins near full to prevent slugging. “Our software also sends messages if trucks are onsite longer than usual. KTrack can be accessed remotely, display multiple locations, and can improve service to customers as well as public and employee safety.” Email:

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