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the sows and expose them to health issues. High-quality chelated minerals help overcome these common digestive challenges. In scientific terms, chelation means the trace mineral is bound to an organic molecule, forming a coordinate covalent bond which can be verified by chemistry protocols such as fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (FTIR) or X-ray crystallography. “This creates a stable chelated molecule in the acidic pH of the upper gastrointestinal tract, reduces mineral breakup, helps reduce losses caused by antagonisms and protects the mineral for efficient delivery and uptake in the small intestine,� Dr. Ma explained. Research has demonstrated that, by using MMHAC, there are more minerals available to perform their essential functions for mineral-dependent enzymes and structural proteins, as well as

for bone and joint development. This leads to improved immune response; tissue and bone development and strength; and reduced oxidative stress, lameness, and reproductive failure when compared to other mineral sources. The end result is improved sow longevity, fewer culls and increased lifetime production.

Research by parity

Research examined how feeding MMHAC chelated minerals to sows impacted reproduction performance, immune function, and skeletal health as compared to inorganic trace minerals. The effect on the growth performance of progeny also was examined. Two sister PRRS-stable sow farms with 6,400 sows each with PIC genetics, and a common grandparent farm were fed either a control consisting of inorganic trace minerals or a blend of 50

Feed mills of the future are here today

What does the future hold for feed mill technology? The future is more efficiency, while increasing feed quality. The future is higher production and lower energy consumption. The future is fully automated lines producing lower costs per ton. The future is smart engineering concepts using state-of-the-art technology. The future is here today, with smart feed mills from Van Aarsen.

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Mar 2016 - Milling and Grain magazine  
Mar 2016 - Milling and Grain magazine