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know-how comes from the extensive study of functional and logistical solutions for plants


Milling and Grain visit a mill that has been set up using the Golfetto Sangati philosophy

uring the last century, this particular company’s evolution developed progressively. A transformation dominated by the interweaving stories of three single companies, culminating with the formation of Italian manufacturing powerhouse Golfetto Sangati. The formation of this industrial heavyweight finds its

roots way back in the 1920s. Golfetto was originally founded in Padua, Italy. The company specialised in engineering cereal manufacturing plants, and the foundation of this company marks the initial spark that instigated all future events. The formation of Golfetto was followed by Sangati’s foundation in 1929. This company swiftly rose to prominence; becoming a well renowned name in the milling industry in just a few years.

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In 1952, Berga S.p.A. was set up. At first the company specialised in milling machines and silos. However in the 1970s they broadened their business interests to accommodate animal feed production; becoming a recognized leader in the engineering and building of mills, animal feed plants, cereal storage and handling for harbour terminals. As time progressed, so did their rate of expansion; with the opening of new branches in Europe and Northern Africa. Towards the end of the Eighties, Berga acquired Sangati. This event marks the very commencement of a series of events that eventually lead to a new generation of highly automated computerised systems and machines. The prestigious technological marriage of the two milling schools, gave a new lease of life to the cereal processing market, marked the pinnacle of the modern milling industry. The final merger took place in 1997 and Sangati Berga was born. The turn of the new millennium saw a further key development in the formation of the Golfetto Sangati company that exists see today. This event saw Sangati Berga acquire 50 percent of the capital stock of Golfetto S.p.A. The result of this acquisition provided the perfect cocktail of engineering, technological aptitude and know-how. This investment inturn necessitated the integration of the technical, productive and sales departments of both Sangati Berga and Golfetto. This is how GBS group S.p.A. was born, holder of the “Sangati Berga” and “Golfetto” brands. The two brands prided themselves on being capable of satisfying even the most demanding requests coming

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