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Big thinking Italian excellence


by Tom Blacker, Milling and Grain magazine

n January of this year, I was fortunate enough be the guests of world-renowned manufacturers Omas at their new facility in the Italian town of San Giorgio delle Pertiche, just north of Padua. Omas, the “company who like to think big,” have just opened a brand new facility that is very well equipped; boasting an assembly and delivery hall, sales marketing and technical design office. I was informed by my hosts Laura Nelti, from Omas’ Export & Sales Dept. and Danilo Carloni, Omas, Area Manager for Russia, that the new arrangement will allow for more efficient skills training and the open plan of set up of the assembly hall really did make the workspace feel very spacious.

Attention to detail

Other than the cleanliness, another quality that I noticed was on show at Omas was their meticulous attention to detail. As part of my tour I was shown their new computer aided component storage that makes every single machine component very easily traceable. Every single machine part that Omas uses is stored in this large filing system; right down to the washers and bolts. Each component

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is marked with its own unique serial number, so when one wishes to find a particular nut or screw, rather than searching through miles of racking, a few seconds spent punching numbers into a keypad is all it takes to find the part that was required. I was also shown a test model of one of Omas’ Galileo plan-sifters. The model itself is fully insulated by sandwich panel used for sorting but in this instance and to display this particular model’s sorting prowess, instead of grain this model displayed was in fact using sand.


One attribute that I noted to be ubiquitous throughout Omas’ set up here was versatility. One example of this is their ability to not only manufacture large machines like those pictured, but are also able to offer bespoke customised solutions. This apparent attitude to versatility and flexibility also extends to where they source their components. I was informed by my guides that Omas will always try to cooperate with local suppliers where possible; thus keeping costs lower whilst ensuring European standards of quality. In the past 5 years, Omas has enjoyed huge export growth. Going

Feb 2016 - Milling and Grain magazine  

The February 2016 edition of Milling and Grain

Feb 2016 - Milling and Grain magazine  

The February 2016 edition of Milling and Grain