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March 2016


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Girl power

See how these women took their dreams and made them reality

Not so positive

Why positive thinking doesn’t work and what you can do instead

Cruising together


Top holidays on the high seas to travel to this year

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Working 9 to 5 PAGE 24 LACED UP JAYSON BRUNSDON black swing skirt // $139 // PIPER white lace blouse // $99.95 // and CALVIN KLEIN patent black heels // $349.95 // all Myer Pacific Fair // and SARTORIAL CHIC pearl starfish earrings // $2105 // both Lori 0403 385 329

SANCTUARY RESORT SHOPPE Quay Street, Sanctuary Cove Open 9.30am – 5pm daily P 5577 8288

March 2016



from the editor ELIZABETH CAMPBELL


Had you have asked me what I thought success was, even three years ago, I would have given you a completely different response to now. I would have said married, kids, career, house (as in mortgage), dog, money.

WEDDING TASTING 3PM $60 per couple RSVP by March 13

And to some people that is what success means to them, as it did to me, which is completely OK. That’s the life I led (minus the kids bit). Then I had a career change (because I was so stressed out), started a new business (two actually) started editing this gorgeous publication, divorce, no house (or mortgage), no dog (had to leave him where he would be the most happy. Insert sad face) and basically starting again on the money front. It’s been interesting to say the very least! However, it’s certainly changed my thoughts on success and what’s important in life as any journey would do. Spending time with family, my new little nephew, being grateful for the opportunities that come knocking at my door, hanging out with my bestie, having like-minded wonderful friends and people around me, my good health, being fit, trying new things, travelling, my work – leading a life I love. Success can take on many looks, like Lady Gaga’s wardrobe, but this is what it’s all about for me now… the other stuff will come again eventually. For me, success is the little things that happen each day that contribute to my overall happiness.



I P R I zE S

This month’s edition is all about success and achieving it across a range of areas in your life; money, business, career, style, travel and health. Success means something different to everyone, so have a flick through our March edition and see where you might be able to make some changes.

What gets you going?


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March 2016

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March 2016


M a g a z i n e

Girl power

See how these women took their dreams and made them reality

Not so positive

Why positive thinking doesn’t work and what you can do instead

Cruising together


Top holidays on the high seas to travel to this year

Come and see Felicity and the team

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Shop 6/1 Grice Avenue, Paradise Point Hair Paradisio March 2016

TAKIN’ CARE OF BUSINESS JAYSON BRUNSDON burgundy frilled long-sleeve top // $149 // and black A-line skirt // $69.95 // and ROBERT ROBERT burgundy point toe heels // $229.95 // all Myer Pacific Fair // and SARTORIAL CHIC gold bauble necklace // $69 // Lori 0403 385 329


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BONUS $7,000 ‘TiL JUNE 2016

1800 550 550 | *terms and conditions apply. Visit for details. offer only available at buderim Gardens, 7 hibiscus chancellor Park, bellflower retirement resort, the terraces and the Gardens on lindfield.

March 2016

WHAT’S ON with Sophie Wood

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March 4-5 The Arts Centre Gold Coast Shen Yun is bringing a rare slice of Chinese culture to Queensland in an effortlessly elegant showcase of cultural music and dance. Get in quick for tickets to this international stage phenomenon.

March 11-13 Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre Find your Zen with seminars, meditation sessions and health foods as far as the eye can see. This festival is jam-packed with more than 200 exhibitors and 150 pop-up shops to browse.



March 4-20 Various locations The much loved multi-arts festival is back again with a variety of captivating attractions ranging from music acts to visual arts installations. You’re bound to find something to suit your tastes.

March 20 The Strand, Coolangatta Rally the troops and get the whole family marching for a worthy cause. A 4km walk, jog or run suitable for the whole family, you can even bring the fur-baby.



March 8 The Arts Centre Gold Coast Born of a love of the ocean and a passion for film, the Ocean Film Festival Australia is taking the world by storm with films that document the beauty and power of the ocean.

March 24-28 Tyagarah Tea Tree Farm Silver fox Tom Jones headlines at this festival experience of a lifetime down in picturesque Byron Bay. The lineup is so good you simply have to go.

A magical underground adventure Be guided through this magical galaxy filled with thousands of Glow Worms

Open Daily 10am – 4pm Tours run every half hour 7 days a week Present this voucher for a Glow Worm Tour family pass admission at only


save $9!

Conditions apply*

*Family pass is for 2 adults and 2 children only. Additional children $5 extra. Not to be used in conjunction with any other offer.

Phone 5545 1666 March 2016

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How honest are you?

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A $20 note is on the counter and the woman at the checkout has not noticed it, what do you do? A Tell the woman B Put your bag on it; no one returns for it so you pick it up C Grab it and walk out Fantasising about your partner’s friend is: A Cheating B Private C Fun During a meeting your boss gives you credit for something you did not do, you: A Correct them B Take the credit in front of your co-workers and later correct your boss C Accept the praise A package arrived in the mail that is not addressed to you and there is no return address, you: A Hunt down the addressee until you find the correct person B Check it’s not your neighbour’s then keep it C Consider yourself lucky that you received a free gift Your best friend has just squeezed into a dress that no longer fits flatteringly. How do you react? A You tell them the absolute truth B Mention the dress looks OK, then direct her to another option C Lie through your teeth so she feels better You have just walked out of a store without paying for an item, what happened? A You must have blanked out at the register, it was an honest mistake B The woman on the checkout assumed it was already paid for so you didn’t mention it C You slipped it into your bag while you were browsing Which first date would you prefer? A Return to the store to apologise and pay for the item B Consider returning but if the checkout chick failed to ask then it’s really not your fault C Grin at your good fortune and continue on your way Kissing someone other than your partner is: A Totally unthinkable B Not cheating if it’s a quick peck C A situation best planned carefully so no one finds out

Adorne Adrift Banana Blue Chocolat David Pond Indigo + Co Mist N.Y.D.J. Obi Olsen Ruby YaYa Zaket & Plover

Mostly A: TOTALLY TRUTHFUL The thought of deceiving anyone, even on a small scale, is unacceptable to you. You are the most open and reliable person around, though sometimes telling a little white lie to bring a smile is not such a bad idea. Mostly B: SLIGHTLY SUSPICIOUS Balanced between truthful and devious, you are inclined to tell a white lie when you consider it to be the lesser of two evils. However, you still obey your moral compass and would never dream of deception on a bigger scale. Mostly C: DELIGHTFULLY DEVIOUS There are few lies you would consider bad enough to avoid telling.Whether you enjoy the thrill of corruption or just enjoy being naughty you are most likely to walk on the wild side and cross the line into deceit.

13 Grice Avenue, Paradise Point Phone 5564 2676 9

March 2016


A lesson in entrepreneurship Gold Coast students to learn about the fundamentals of running a business as part of their education elensvale State High School students are going to get a lesson or two in the art of entrepreneurship under a new partnership with the Small Business Association of Australia. According to managing director and founder Anne Nalder, students in Year 7 will get the low down on how to operate a business as part of a new program being run through the school. “We know small business is the backbone of the economy, but our kids aren’t being taught how to be an entrepreneur or run a business,” she says. “Small business is the biggest employer in the country. In the US, 96 per cent of the economy are SMEs and not multi-nationals, and in Germany they have magnificent trade figures and this is led by SMEs. “Even if students decide not to go

on and establish or buy a business after school they will make great assets to other small business owners because they will have a better grasp on how small businesses operate. Anne says the association is excited about this program and will have an office onsite at the school. The students will also be working with local small businesses to get hands-on experience. “This is a really positive move for the Gold Coast because it sends a message that we have a serious business centre that focuses on education but it also shows we are innovative. We want the Gold Coast to be a hub where people from all over Australia, Asia and the Pacific gravitate to do business.”

Wednesday, 20th April 10.00am - 4.00pm

Small business gets big Did you know one in five people on the Gold Coast are business owners? They’ve been a feature of our economic fabric for many decades and that’s only going to rise, especially on the Gold Coast where there has been a huge increase in the number of start-ups.The Gold Coast is considered the home of small businesses with more than 50,000, of which 30 per cent are homebased or mobile. That’s the message from North Gold Coast Business Expo founder Paula Brand. “The Gold Coast is leading the way, well above the Australian average, with 20 per cent of its workers owning their own business,” she says.“Our city’s economy is driven by small business. I applaud the largescale businesses that have invested in our city but at the same time, small business has been at the heart of our economic engine for decades.” This notion has made way for the 2016 North Gold Coast Business Expo to be held on April 20 and follows the success of its inaugural year in 2015.




Upper Coomera Community Centre 90 Trade Tables to visit

Tickets only $25

On Trend Speaker Program

includes Trade Show and Speaker Program

Connecting with 500 business owners Helping to reduce youth unemployment in the region Supporting a local charity

With many thanks to our sponsors

Food Trucks to buy lunch

Tickets on sale NOW Trade Table or Speaker enquiries Owned by the Northern GC Business Networking Lunches March 2016



WIN A PRIVATE HIGH TEA PARTY FOR YOU AND SEVEN GIRLFRIENDS Valued at $380 For your chance to win head to High Tea at Links Hope Island is a truly elegant and sophisticated way to enjoy a delicious and rather refined tradition, all while relaxing with a magnificent view overlooking the course in the beautiful Round Room. Served on an elegant three-tiered stand, the traditional high tea features an exquisite selection of dainty delights, all freshly prepared by chef Ben James’ team of chefs. Accompanied by freshly brewed tea and coffee, plus a glass of sparkling wine, we’re giving one lucky reader the chance to win this private high tea party for seven of your closest friends.


For your chance to WIN: 1. Head to 2. Like and share the pinned post Valid until June 30, 2016. Not available for redemption on public holidays or for special events (such as Mother’s Day). Not redeemable for cash in part or whole.

March 2016



f Mind: e more do

Tips to success grace these pages


e, and no matter hem the same that innovation is iness, and we’re The problem is now.

Wiley $29.95) to identify as, and grow ep back from your day-to-day busyness, shift your rything you do.



ke advantage of them vation cted and encouraged to be innovative. t ideas. humour, this insightful guide helps you to make

n worked with over a thousand of Australia's best ht years he hosted ABC-TV's The New Inventors. He d how they are able to identify and take advantage of ss. He has also been a lawyer, radio and television speaker and author.


ase contact:

4 5

must-read books this year INNOVATION IS A STATE OF MIND, James O’Loghlin: This book sets out a step-by-step guide to creating innovative ideas and putting them into action. You’ll learn how to generate more ideas with greater potential, how to grow and evaluate them, test their effectiveness and then implement the ones that are going to improve your business. USEFUL BELIEF, Chris Helder: Sometimes things in life are not positive. Sometimes bad things happen to good people. If you’ve had a nightmare of a year, the last thing you want to hear is “Be positive”. Instead, you need an actual strategy to dig yourself out and a truly useful guidebook to show you where to go next. This is that guidebook.

6 7

FIXING FEEDBACK, Georgia Murch: This is not just another management book - it’s a smart, refreshing, practical guide to feedback in the workplace. Everyone already knows how important feedback is and we all know we should be giving it and receiving it regularly, yet we still do it poorly or avoid it entirely. This book shows you how to do it right.

BRAVE, Margie Warrell: A handbook for being more courageous. Written for busy people on the go; its short, focused chapters provide practical tools and empowering perspectives to help you build your “courage muscles” in your work, relationships and life. SECRETS OF ONLINE ENTREPRENEURS, Bernadette Schwerdt: This is the ultimate “how to” guide for creating, building and selling an online business. Packed with inspiring stories of how some of Australia’s most successful online entrepreneurs built their businesses, these internet mavericks will reveal the secrets of their success and provide valuable insights into how anyone with a hobby, passion or innovative business idea can take advantage of the vast opportunities that a global market now offers. IGNITE, Gabrielle Dolan: An honest guide to achieving lasting business success by becoming a more authentic leader. Leaving behind the boring and mundane, this guide cuts to the chase with a frank and forthright style to provide insight that can radically transform your business. DEALING WITH THE TOUGH STUFF, Darren Hill, Alison Hill and Sean Richardson: The business leader’s critical guide to handling difficult conversations in the workplace, this book is based on the science of human behaviour — both verbal and nonverbal. It’s packed full of practical and pragmatic strategies for managing conflict situations. All books available at

Just a taste of autumn styles!

March 2016



March 2016

Business with Trevor Russell

o you ever find yourself at a business meeting or networking lunch and just wish you could get up and speak with confidence so people wanted to meet and do business with you? Or what about just being able to present what you do with passion and excitement, instead of dread and fear? I meet people every day who do this successfully to sell themselves, their products and services because it is a powerful way to get your message out to the masses. If there are so many benefits and wonderful outcomes to being a confident speaker and presenter, why is it more people don’t do it? Plain and simple... it’s because of fear and the thoughts that pop into our heads about why we can’t do it. But just because these thoughts come doesn’t make them true. You can change them. Here’s how to become a great speaker and presenter. Get a powerful why Make a decision about your “why”; why do you want to speak and inspire? Why do you want to help people with what you do? Make it about them Stop making speaking about you. It’s all about your audience. Use words such as you and yours, and not me and I. Decide you want to be a great speaker Make a decision, no matter how challenging it is. Be committed. Take charge of your mind Get over the fears holding you back from living a bigger life. Learn how to coach yourself and push yourself to do what feels scary. Turn it into an adventure. Get a presenter structure The reason many people have fear of presenting is because they don’t have a structure. Be supported and coached Get a professional coach who knows how to do what you want to become the master of. The return of investment will pay thousands in return. Book a speaking spot Approach a group or organise your own group and set a date to present. This will inspire you to structure your presentation. Nothing is more motivating than to be committed to something with people relying on you. Know the value you are offering Decide on what the outcome is you want for your audience. What do you want them to do, take and buy from you? You want people to take action. Prepare and practice You must prepare your presentation beforehand. Know what you are going to do, where you are going to take them and how. Then practice, practice and practice some more. March 2016

Successfully speak and sell from stage Be the most powerful you When you speak you need to inspire and create change. You need to become the most powerful you can be. Dare to impact, dare to stand out. Take your audience on a journey The only thing people want to know is how to get out of pain and get into pleasure. Your only mission as a speaker is to create this journey. Speak in questions, don’t “tell” You will stand out as a speaker only by how much you can ask compelling questions and have your audience stay engaged in what you are sharing in your message. Paint pictures in their mind People love stories and love to experience powerful metaphors full of visuals, colours, feeling and sounds. Build massive value in limited supply As humans we are motivated by scarcity, so provide your audience with an offer that is in short supply. This will inspire action. Leave them with words of wisdom Always leave your audience with your words of wisdom. Powerful stories and statements sharing your commitment, your passion to have them win and why. 14

Leave them with a sense of excitement and hope. Take massive action The only way things happen is through action. Take action, learn, practice, show up, review and ask for the business. Have lots and lots of fun Speaking, presenting and facilitating can be the most fun you will ever have. Enjoy the learning, be there for your audience and you will enjoy yourself. Go do what you fear and go after living a great life. You can do it in stages; little by little.

Trevor Russell is a business strategist, coach, sales and speaker trainer, author and keynote speaker. He has worked with more than 200 businesses across varied industries and is experienced in peak human performance, marketing, finance and sales. To find out more visit


March 2016


with Justin Fankhauser

Taking over the world Learn how these women took their ideas and made them real

ou’re never too old or too young to have the life you’ve always wanted.This rings true for the Gold Coast’s Merrymaker Sisters, Emma, 28, and Carla Papas, 25. They took some time out to speak with Get it editor Elizabeth Campbell. Here’s what they did to walk away from their full-time jobs to lead a life they love. What is your business? The Merrymaker Sisters is an online business and community. Our site and social media channels reach and inspire more than 200,000 people every month with real food recipes and meal plans, positive mindset messages and ways to find and follow your passion and purpose. March 2016

We support people on their health journeys through our free recipes and articles, recipe books and (soon to launch) the Merrymaker Club. In just over three years we’ve gone from thinking the internet was for Facebook to creating a thriving business where we get to help and inspire people and also create lives we love. What’s your background? Our whole lives we have created businesses. When we were 5 and 8 years old we sold friendship bracelets and birthday cards from our driveway. When we were a little older, we created beaded jewellery and sold it at the local Trash & 16

Treasure. It’s like we always knew we’d go into business together. In our early 20s we got sucked into the idea of secure jobs with good incomes and amazing super. We worked in government roles, both in communications. Carla was a social media adviser and Emma did internal communications and events. As soon as we started the Merrymaker Sisters on the side we fast realised we didn’t belong in the government (we never ever fitted in there anyway!). How did the biz start? It all began with a lifestyle change. We discovered real food. After years of continuous dieting and negative

We don’t believe that everyone needs to create a business, but even if you have the smallest desire to create something don’t ignore it relationships with food and exercise, cutting out the processed foods, gluten and most grains literally lifted these feelings. We found something we were passionate about ... healthy living. Carla started sharing to her personal Instagram and people were interested in what we were doing. This led us to Google “what is a blog” followed by “how to start a blog”. How have you changed it since its inception? We’ve changed so much and we are continually learning new stuff and adding new things to our business. The last 12 months we’ve gone from not knowing what a landing page was to now creating our own. We’d never heard of sales funnels, had no idea about podcasting or selfprinting a book and we did all that and so much more last year. What do you think of when you think of the word success? For us, success equals happiness, freedom and fun. Do you consider yourselves successful? We sure do! Do you have mentors? We’ve never had a person who we label as our “mentor” but we feel like we have many! Even if it’s just through reading one of their articles or listening to their podcast. In the world of online business the people who inspire us are Darren Rowse (ProBlogger), Chris Ducker, Dan Norris (7 Day Start Up and WP Curve) and

Marie Forleo. We also have to add our parents. They are just the best! What would be your top tip to others who want to start a biz or have an idea they think has legs? Our number one tip is to not turn your back on your idea. We don’t believe that everyone needs to create a business, but even if you have the smallest desire to create something don’t ignore it. You owe it yourself and the world to just have a go. There is so much information out there and so many people willing to help, you’ve just got to try. We always ask ourselves...what’s the best that can happen? Where to next? Far out! We are so excited about all our plans with Merrymakers. Expanding our business and brand while maintaining balance is our big 2016 goal. In 2015 we turned our Merrymaker Lifestyle into a live four-week challenge, Make Life Merry. From lots of feedback we’re excited to launch the Merrymaker Club in early April. It will be an amazing, inspiration-filled and supportive community. Our #MerryBiz podcast is bringing so much fun to our days and we’re super pumped to see where this goes in 2016. We know this will lead us to create something around the “follow your bliss” message. We’re also expanding into a Merrymaker jewellery, merchandise and stationery line, and have another two books planned to publish this year. Woo! Bring. It. On.

Duo dissh up key to success Who says business and family can’t mix? The mother daughter duo behind leading fashion label Dissh have discovered the recipe to success. With an online store that receives thousands of unique visits a day, 10 bricks and mortar boutiques, including the Gold Coast, and more on the horizon, Dissh is growing at an incredible pace. The Dissh brand, which was launched by Maree Henry-Hicks in 2001, the founder of former Queensland fashion empire Stiletto, is now headed up by her daughter, Lucy Henry-Hicks, who took over the reins as general

manager and creative director in 2007. Both believe their success is a testament to their relationship. To say that the duo’s working relationship is without conflict would be a lie, but as Lucy says they know how to join forces to make it work to their advantage. “Robust debate and difference of opinion is exactly what’s needed to get the best result,” she says.“The most important thing is that we both have clear lines of responsibility. I look after the general running of the business and Mum handles the creative buying – sourcing samples and forecasting trends.”


How to kick start a new idea and win

Marcia Mattushek, Bagsablaze Imagine you are alone in a gloomy carpark, hunting through your bag for your car keys. Every shadow looks like a person. Every noise is someone creeping up behind you. The search for your keys in your dark handbag becomes frantic. It does not matter how many times you dig around; you just can’t find them. These feelings of fear and vulnerability drove Marcia Mattushek to invent a light for handbag to help women (and men) find items in their bag quickly and easily. “Bagsablaze is just like a fridge light for your bag. You open the bag and the light comes on, making it so much easier to find keys, phones or lippy,” she says.“I came up with the idea after leaving a function. Here I was, a woman on her own, in a deserted car park, with little light and no one around. I just wanted to get out of there but I could not find my keys - it was so dark. I felt unsafe and vulnerable.” Over the next 18 months, Marcia came up with a solution. “I thought there had to be something out there to help you find all the goodies in your was such a simple idea. But there was nothing. “Even though we have our phone lights and a whole range of torches, they are hard to find without the light to start with and you have to dig around in your bag to find it. I wanted something that would automatically turn on when I opened my bag. “I am not an inventor so it was ‘where do you even start?’. I am fortunate to have a friend who is a patent attorney. She put me on to an industrial designer. We came up with the concept turning my ideas into something. “We played with scraps of paper until we got to the point where I had a 3-D print version of the product.” Instead of going to the bank or taking on investors, Marcia is using crowdfunding platform Kickstarter to raise funds to manufacture her bright idea. Bagsablaze officially launched the Kickstarter campaign late January … and already has more than 40 investors.

SUCCESS with Kristina Plimer

ASAP! Wealth tutor Kristina Plimer shares her top tips on how to cut back and pay off your debt effectively n 2001, Kristina Plimer had accumulated $30,000 over the course of her degree. After moving to Wales, she realised she wasn’t eligible for the equivalent of HECS so had to work full-time while studying a full load. “I had to borrow from the bank at 19 per cent interest and ended up couch hopping during my exam period because I couldn’t meet my rent payments. I was at the brink of declaring bankruptcy,” she says. Now she’s a wealth tutor and helps people to clear their debt. “It was a scary time but what got me through it was keeping my mind on the bigger picture and focusing on the details. Every day I would write exactly what I had spent to the cent, if anything. I had a weekly amount I could spend, which would mean that I would reach my big picture goal,” she says. “On a daily basis, I would minus what I had spent and I constantly tried to minimise that number so I could throw more money to the debt. I made it into a bit of a game, where I would challenge myself to save more. If I tripped up one day, I just would get straight back on track the next. By knowing that there was a light at the end of the tunnel, even though it was a very long tunnel, I could keep up the momentum. Head down, bum up and all that.” According to the ABS the total household debt stood at $1.84 trillion (2013), equivalent to $79,000 for every person living in Australia at that time. Recent figures out of CreditCardFinder show Australians have more personal debt than any other country in the world. March 2016

It was a scary time but what got me through it was keeping my mind on the bigger picture and focusing on the details This is why Kristina has the following tips for those of us who dream of a debtfree future: Stop making more debt: So many people live with the mindset that debt is a necessary part of life and I don’t blame them. Banks, stores and loan and credit card companies spend millions marketing to us with the message that we need stuff to be happy. Before buying anything, ask yourself if you need it and if you do, if there is a cheaper alternative. Prioritise debt: “All debt is not created equal. While it may make sense initially to pay off an old debt or a small debt, you should always prioritise the debt with the highest interest rate. In doing this, you can reduce the amount of time that you’re in debt and the overall amount you have to fork out. Don’t be fooled: Credit card companies will often offer attractive introductory offers to get your business. You should take 18

full advantage of these but make sure you triple-check the terms and conditions to avoid getting stung when the offer period ends. Although a 0% interest rate may sound compelling, transferring your balance also runs the risk of having a negative impact on your credit rating. Budget: A budget is as psychologically beneficial as it is financially. It gives you peace of mind that you’re on track and in control of your finances, which greatly reduces the stress that inevitably comes with debt. The first thing I do with all my clients is ask them to make a list of all their expenses over a period of time. We then decide what is really important to them and which purchases can be cut back on. Make repayments strategically: Lay out your credit card debt in order of interest rates to work out where your debt repayments should be going. Ensure all minimum payments are made to avoid fees related to missing a payment. Reward yourself: For some people, rewarding themselves for hitting debt reduction targets is a hugely effective motivator. Don’t beat yourself up: A strategic debt repayment plan is fantastic if life runs smoothly, but we all know this isn’t always the case. Somewhere along the road there will be an emergency and an unforeseen expense which means that you won’t meet your goal that month or that week. The important thing is not to let this get you down, and to get back on track as soon as you can.





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with Elizabeth McMahon

Corporate fashion BIRD AND KNOLL cashmere blend scarf // $298 //

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ow that we are well into the year and transitioned from the festive season back to work, you may be feeling a little unmotivated when it comes to your workwear style. If this is you, then look to the latest autumn fashions that scream structure and chic. When choosing new staples for your professional wardrobe, keep in mind some of the most popular trends. We’ve seen designer labels modelling crisp, white, collared, button-ups and clothing with simple design lines that introduce features such as wrapped or draped fabric and folds. Also be on the look out for this season’s colours including navy, plum, musk pink, champagne, crisp white, steal grey and black, of course. David Jones Autumn/Winter fashion show in Sydney was incredible. It featured Christopher Esbe, David Jones latest designer, with his collection that included lots of draping and dark crepe tiered dresses. The Ellery collection showcased long-sleeve dresses with volume, while Zimmerman had longsleeved jumpsuits, lace dresses and amazing bell skirts. Carla Zampatti continued her sophistication with a backless jumpsuit perfect for corporate work events. To keep your working wardrobe easy and stylish, first ensure you have the basics right. You will need a pencil or A-line skirt, a long-sleeve blouse or shirt, a black or grey suit, nude or black pumps, wide-leg or straight-leg pants, high-neck or V-neckline dress, and a skinny or wide belt (this all depends on your shape).

NOW OPEN ON ChEvrON ISlaNd Beauty Massage Waxing Manicure & Pedicure Eye Treatments

Fashion Accessories Jewellery Wardrode Supply Fashion Trend Report

Style Personal Shopping Wardrobe Review Colour Profile Style Consultant

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Monday to Saturday 9.00 am to 5.00 pm By Appointment Only 3/63 Cnr Thomas Drive and Mawarra Street, Chevron Island March 2016


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what’s new

with Elizabeth Campbell

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March 2016


with Elizabeth McMahon

Working 9 to 5 Photographer: Dan Molloy Stylist: Elizabeth McMahon Stylist assistants: Alana Richards and Maddison Verity MODEL: Isobella Fraser Makeup: Haley Hughes hair: Rachel Wilson Location: Corporate Centre One, Bundall,

LACED UP JAYSON BRUNSDON black swing skirt // $139 // PIPER white lace blouse // $99.95 // and CALVIN KLEIN patent black heels // $349.95 // all Myer Pacific Fair // and SARTORIAL CHIC pearl starfish earrings // $2105 // Lori 0403 385 329 March 2016


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HAIR AND MAKE UP with Amanda Higl here are some of us who are really good at getting their hairstyle right, but if you’re not, that’s OK, I’ve got some sure-fire ways here so you can step out looking fabulous every single time. You know you’ve nailed your hair when you get comment after comment on how good it looks or people ask you where you get it done. If you don’t, here are a few things to consider. Cut, style and length don’t suit your face shape: The object of making a hairstyle the winning one is creating an overall silhouette of an oval. For example, if you have a square face you need a ’do with height on top to lengthen and keep the sides flat. Hair colour doesn’t suit your skin tone: If you look OK without makeup … Success! If you need a lot of makeup to make your skin look good, your colour is completely wrong. The right hair colour will help make your overall complexion appear blended. Eye colour is also a factor. This should be well covered in your salon consultation. Ask your stylist, they are one of the most technically colour-trained professionals in the world of tradespeople. Your hair doesn’t compliment you (but you like it!): I have seen this a thousand times. It simply means that your cut or colour isn’t right. The other thing to

Get it right consider is your personality and, of course, your career. Choose hairstyles that reflect your style, whether it be feminine, sporty or otherwise. Be sure to choose a style you can manage too because you actually have to do your hair for it to look good. Wash and wear is rare!

In love with a celeb’s hair, but don’t love it on you: This is extremely common. Newsflash: You may actually be into the star and not their hair. Sad, but true, and it happens to us all. Hot tip: When looking at hair ’dos, cover the person’s face and then see if you still like it.


More than just hair

We offer a true one-on-one hair experience; from the basin to the styling chair to

There’s a special bond between a woman and her hairdresser because it’s about so much more than a cut and colour

the finished service, we will look after you all the way “We offer a true one-on-one hair experience; from the basin to the styling chair to the finished service, we will look after you all the way. You will only ever deal with an experienced stylist,” Felicity says. “We use 100 per cent Joice products, which is one of the best brands on the market, because it delivers such great results for both your colour and haircare regime.” The team at Hair Paradisio specialise in cutting-edge styling, colouring and personal service, and invite you to pop in for a coffee and a chat about your needs. “It’s a social atmosphere where the locals look after locals,” Felicity says. P 5577 2564

aving your hair done is not just about the cut, colour and a new look – it’s also about the coffee and conversation. Your hairdresser is often like your best friend…you talk about everything and solve the problems of the world. Hair Paradisio owner Felicity Dredge says it’s about the relationship with their clients, not just about hair. She took over the salon four years ago and has built it into a popular destination for locals of all ages. Between the three staff, the team has more than 100 years of hairdressing experience and all of them are business owners/operators so they understand the importance of client satisfaction and making you feel comfortable and welcome. 29

March 2016


A shore thing Whether it’s for a weekend or a week – Fairshore Beachfront Apartments in Noosa is a destination in itself hink pristine white sandy beaches, village-style ambience, the trendy Hastings Street, unique shopping, famous award-winning restaurants, national park and an overall relaxed environment with a perfect climate – and you’re immediately taken to Noosa on the Sunshine Coast. Whether you’re looking for a romantic escapade with your lover or just some quality family time, Noosa Heads is your ideal getaway. And there’s only one place to stay: Fairshore Beachfront Apartments. The location is ideal with direct access to the beach and the renowned Hastings Street, plus all the bars, restaurants and shopping you can imagine. It’s the best Noosa has to offer. From the luxury accommodation to the beachfront position and the high level of service, Fairshore adds up to an overall package whether it is for a weekend or a week. Its design and high-quality finishes are second to none. The apartments are luxuriously appointed, serviced daily, fully

air-conditioned with a full kitchen, and offer over-sized balconies with private sun lounges overlooking Laguna Bay. The resort itself is complemented by a beachside pool and ample deck chairs, plus full resort facilities such as gym, games room, spa, barbecue areas and secure basement parking. Meanwhile, you should also take advantage of the scenic bush trails, sunset cruises, day trips to Fraser Island, Noosa Springs golf course and the famous Eumundi Markets.


and fertility

You’re invited!

To the fashion event of the year. You’re invited to join Get It Magazine in collaboration with Making A Difference (global health group) and enjoy a Fashion Cocktails Evening showcasing the latest in design whilst supporting local charities. Venue: Date: Time: Tickets:

Palazzo Versace Gold Coast Friday March 25, 2016 6pm $75 per person

The Event: A Cocktail Fashion evening featuring 5 high end fashion shows from Australia’s leading designers > Diane Freis, Darb Couture and Bridal, Heather Ellis, Evangeline the Label, Amber Courtney Le Label > live music > auctions and lots of prizes to be won. Enjoy a complimentary sparkling white wine on arrival and canapés, with all funds raised going to charity. The charities: The Luke Batty Foundation for Domestic Violence and Destiny Rescue for woman and child trafficking.

For more information and tickets please visit

instagram: @mad4globalhealth or like and message us on facebook web MAJOR PRIZE: JETGO Australia is giving away 2 x Return airfares on the JETGO network with 2 x nights accommodation.


March 2016


Noosa’s finest & brightest star

Plan your 2016 Escape*

• Stay 3 nights or more and your last night is FREE... • $50 dining voucher • Bottle of wine

Fairshore’s absolute beachfront apartments boast one of the Sunshine Coast’s truly idyllic locations. Situated in the Hastings Street precinct, all of Fairshore’s first class apartments front directly onto the sands of Noosa’s main beach and offer uninterrupted ocean views- making it the perfect location for your next getaway.

Book your 2016 Escape now! FREECALL on 1800 072078 or 31

March 2016

Mention “GETIT” on booking. Valid for New low season bookings staying a minimum 3 nights or more in 2016 *Terms & conditions apply.


Top tips for


travellers The thought of embarking on an international solo journey may seem like a daunting and nervewracking experience… but it’s time you put your fears aside

olo travel is on the rise and whether you’re an adventurer, an urban professional or a nomadic globe-trotter, it can be an incredibly exhilarating experience. Travelling the world at your own pace with no one to hold you back will take you to uncharted territories where you’ll meet new people and try new flavours. Gold Coaster Mary Veness is a seasoned solo traveller. “I love it,” she says. “I have always been independent and when I first did it I never really thought of travelling with anyone else. I like doing things on my own anyway. So many people tell you to be safe and careful but you should be anyway wherever you are in the world. “I think that I can go wherever I want whenever I want and I feel free when I travel on my own; not having to worry or think about someone else.” Mary says there are many benefits to travelling solo and people shouldn’t be afraid to give it a go. “You tend to meet more like-minded people and in general more people. You can save money by staying in dorm rooms. The only expenses you incur are the expenses you create. No sharing of room service or the like,” she says. “I would recommend it because you’ll meet some amazing people and those friends will be for ever. It’s almost an instantaneous bonding with fellow travellers. If you are open to meeting new people from all over the world and it certainly makes for interesting conversations. “It takes you out of your comfort zone. You’ll be stronger and braver than you have ever been. You know what you are capable of.” Meanwhile, Candace Warner, from Gypsian Boutique Tours, has these top tips to conquer the world on your own. Where to go? Now, I’m not saying you can’t go everywhere… but there are some destinations in particular that have a more couple-y vibe than others (yes Santorini, I’m looking at you!). So picking the right solofriendly destination for your first solo journey can actually have a big impact on your trip. Where will I stay? Are you looking to mix with others and make some friends along the way? Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean you need to stay in March 2016

a hostel. There are plenty of mid-range and even quite a few luxurious places that tend to cater to the more independent types – but just avoid the fivestar chains. Small boutique or family-run hotels are what you’re looking for. Won’t I be lonely? Travelling on your own does not mean being alone. How about joining a tour group, a day trip, a cooking class or excursion? If you find something you’re interested in, you’re guaranteed to meet like-minded travellers, share stories and maybe even meet a companion or two to join you in your next destination. Safety first Without a companion by your side, the perception is that you are more vulnerable to criminals… but safety in numbers isn’t necessarily true. Traveling alone will allow you to blend in with the locals without drawing attention to yourself. Trust your instincts and if it doesn’t feel right, don’t be afraid to say “no, thank you” and keep walking. Brush up on the local lingo You don’t need to go crazy here - think of what you’ll need to say in a typical day and learn how to say it adequately. You’ll not only get some handy language skills under your belt but it’s also a sign of respect to locals which will help you build rapport. Do one thing each day that scares you Don’t be afraid to strike up conversations with others, and say yes to the unexpected. You never know where you’ll end up. Solo travelling is all about throwing yourself out of your comfort zone, so make the most out of every opportunity and don’t come home with any regrets. 32


March 2016

Capri on Via Roma, 15-21 Via Roma, Isle of Capri •

GET GOING with Erika Muldoon



South Pacific - 8 nights visiting New Caledonia and Vanuatu

The Caribbean - 7 nights visiting Galveston, Key West, Free Port and Nassau


high seas

Europe – 14 nights visiting Amsterdam, Cologne, Rhine Gorge, Rudesheim, Miltenberg, Wurzburg, Bamberg, Nuremberg, Regensburg, Passau, Durnstein, Vienna, Bratislava and Budapest

Four top spots: Your guide to cruising with family, friends or your significant other s the cruise industry continues to thrive, there is a world of choices at your door step. So what is the right cruise for you? We’ve got the low-down. South Pacific If you’re looking for your annual family holiday, Royal Caribbean is the one to beat. Voted by Cruise Critic as the most familyfriendly cruise line and dubbed the Best Cruise Operator in International Deployment at the National Travel Awards 2015, this will be a family trip to remember. Set sail across the South Pacific on board Legend of the Seas, where the ship is a destination in itself; 1020ft and 11 decks of family fun. With six pools and whirlpools, eight bars and lounges, and entertainment that will rival Broadway New York, you can ditch the camping tents and over-crowded RVs. Stay on board and pamper yourself with a facial at the spa or get dolled up to see a range of Broadway-style shows. If you crave adventure pre-book the family on a day tour and try stand-up paddle boarding through the crystal blue waters of Mystery Island, Vanuatu, or swim with the fish in Noumea, New Caledonia. And did we mention the cheese and wine tastings? There is always time for cheese and wine. March 2016

The Caribbean Aboard one of the world’s most popular and entertaining cruise lines Carnival Cruises, you’ll find your sea legs with plenty of fun, memorable and unique experiences. You’ll never be short of things to do, but there is plenty for the kids with qualified staff who have a diverse range of activities to keep them amused. Camp Ocean is the latest and most interactive on-board children’s program in the industry. It offers Bookville, a play space featuring Dr Seuss at Sea, fun and educational activities, discos and scavenger hunts. Carnival Freedom underwent a major refurbishment in 2014 calling it the Fun Ship 2.0 offering its guests massive upgrades including The RedFrog Rum Bar and Blueguana Tequila Bar on the Lido Deck for you to sit back and watch the sun set over the pool. Off the ship there’s a whole new world to explore with a wide range of activities at each port. Visit Hemingway’s house where you will find original manuscripts, or snorkel, sail and scuba dive in the paradise of Freeport. Stroll hand in hand down the perfect white-sand beaches of Nassau as you sip on a coconut while the kids build sandcastles nearby. Although a short cruise you can make this trip as relaxing or as jam packed as you choose. Most of all, you will be sure to 34

leave this happy place with lots of beautiful memories that you will cherish forever. Europe Do you have an anniversary coming up? Or do you simply want to experience all that Europe has to offer and the luxuries of river cruising? Avalon Waterways is renowned worldwide for an ultimate luxury experience and extravagant river cruises. On board you will be treated to extravagant suites with open-air French balconies while sailing through the most exotic locations in Europe. Fine dining with high quality and locally sourced ingredients from each destination is on the menu. Feel confident and comfortable in each destination you stop with your experienced and knowledgeable tour guide taking you from place to place. Enjoy a romantic wine tasting in Austria, coffee tasting in Rudesheim, or take in the scenery with a guided walking tour through the historic streets of Bamberg. Finish your cruise in Budapest and either head home well relaxed or visit St. Stephen’s Basilica and the Hungarian State Opera House. Either way, you will be talking about this trip for years to come. Alaska Alaska is a destination at the very top of many people’s bucket list and for a good reason. It is notorious for picturesque views,

You will be sure to leave this happy place with lots of beautiful memories that you will cherish forever


Alaska – 7 nights visiting Seattle, Washington, Ketchikan, Tracy Arm Fjord, Juneau, Skagway and Victoria

outstanding coastlines and captivating range of wildlife. Only in Alaska can you sail past glacier walls, see the Kodiak brown bear at the national parks and gaze in awe at the sheer beauty of the mountains. Sail the seas with Princess Cruises, the third largest cruise line in the world. There’s a range of lush experiences on board whether pampering yourself with a massage or beauty treatment, enjoying live entertainment at the Piazza or getting a late-night snack and the 24-hour soft-serve ice-cream station. Chefs prepare authentic cuisine including an Alaskan-themed dinner in the main dining rooms and special Alaskan seafood menus. Once on shore marvel at the White Pass scenic railway or thrill to the excitement of the Gold Rush where you explore the tent city, complete with entertainment and the opportunity to search for gold. Coming to the end of your cruise, you’ll sail through the fjord encompassing some of Alaska’s largest glaciers, icebergs and breathtaking wildlife. But your trip doesn’t need to end in Seattle, visit the space needle featured in TV series Grey’s Anatomy or experience a guided tour of Seattle Underground. There’s never been a better time to book a cruise, but with such a wide range of cruise ships on offer it is important you choose one that’s right for you so make sure you get professional travel advice. 35

March 2016

Could this be the ULTIMATE DUbAI Shopping Tour? We have designed an exclusive tour to delight the curious traveller. Here’s just a taste of what’s on the agenda. - Let’s start with a private cocktail party - How about a complete tour of this amazing city - Five star accommodation - Shopping and more shopping, including the 2017 Dubai Shopping Festival - A romantic cruise that will create lasting memories - Dinner and show at a traditional safari camp - Plus much, much more Complete tour details are available in the Get it in Dubai brochure.

get it in 12 days/11 nights Dubai

March 2016

This tour is designed to give you a ‘once in a lifetime’ Departs 6 January 2017 Dubai experience. For your complete brochure contact David on (07) 5592 3349 36


ime and time again my patient’s pathology results indicate deficient vitamin D levels. It is a fallacy that Australians receive adequate vitamin D from casual exposure to sunlight and so we need to ask, how is this affecting our health? This important vitamin (and hormone) plays a complex role in the regulation of our immune response, activating the white blood cells responsible for fighting off foreign invaders such as bacteria and viruses. It directly affects T lymphocytes that are responsible for our antigen/antibody response. This response is necessary, but if over activated can cause inflammation and hyper-immune reactions. This means that vitamin D is not only involved in protecting us against pathogens, but also against autoimmune responses and allergic diseases. Low vitamin D levels have been associated with respiratory infections in infants, and this can be a precursor for developing asthma. It also helps calcium absorption in the gut and is essential for maintaining bone health (and growth) in children and adults. This nutrient is also indicated for healthy skin, muscle strength, hormone modulation, cancer, mood, weight control, diabetes, cardiovascular health … the list goes on. New studies also indicate a deficiency can impair cognition. The recommended dietary allowances (RDA) from ages 1 to 50 is 5mcg (we need more if older or pregnant). Unfortunately our

D is for diversity Vitamin D … we all know our bodies make it from the sun, so you would think it would be easy to get in Australia and we would have more than enough, right? Wrong! By Cassi Cowlam, naturopath BHSc(Nat)

estimated dietary intake is 2.8mcg for men and 2.1mcg for women, indicating we are not getting nearly enough. Only a few foods (for example, fatty fish and cod liver oil) contain significant amounts of vitamin D and hence why some of our foods are now “fortified”. Are you and your family getting enough? With regular sun exposure, there would not be a dietary need for vitamin D in children and adolescents, but of course we are aware of the risks of too much sun exposure. Vitamin D is obtained via ultraviolet (UV) B exposure only (not UVA). These are the rays that will burn your skin, so low exposure for a few minutes regularly (hands and arms) are needed to help your body make vitamin D3. Otherwise, the safest way is via supplementation.

If your child or anyone in your family is showing signs of immune disorders (such as allergies, intolerances, eczema and asthma), skin conditions or mood disturbances, then vitamin D may be one of the nutrients missing. Getting a health check to ensure that all their nutritional needs are being met is recommended as it is important our little ones not only grow big and strong, but prevent against illnesses later on in life. About the author Cassi is the naturopath at The Medical Sanctuary in Benowa. A graduate of the Australian College of Natural Medicine as well as the London College of Nutritional Medicine, Cassi has been lecturing in natural medicine for the past five years at the Endeavour College of Natural Health. Cassi is trained in live blood analysis and conducts this at the clinic.

You’re Not Crazy It’s Your Hormones Female General Practitioners Practicing Nutritional Medicine Dr Elen ApTomas MBBS(Adel) DRANZCOG

No longer do you need to choose between Conventional & Alternative medicine. • Holistic Me dic al Doc tors • Naturopaths • Homeopath • Oste opath • Chiroprac tor • Ac upunc ture • Massage • Hypnotherapy

Dr Jolanta Paszkiewicz B.MedSc., MBBS  Natural Bio-identical Hormone Therapy  Candida  Bloating  Stress & Depression  Painful abdominal cramps  Period pain & Menstrual issues  Weightloss  Thyroid function  Fatigue

150 Ashmore Road, Benowa you to choose Book today,No you longer will feel do better forneed it! between Conventional &

5564 5013




March 2016


by Chris Helder

positive thinking doesn’t work Author Chris Helder says it is useful belief that will get you out of the rut

ot only that, but there are numerous studies that show if you lie in bed in the morning and say to yourself “try to be positive today. You can do it”, by the time 10am rolls around and you don’t feel positive any more, you will actually feel worse than when you started. Imagine if I walked up to someone who was struggling or who had the worst year of their life and I tried to encourage them by saying: “Come on, just be positive!” What would be the result? I imagine they would want to punch me in the face. Not only that, but there are numerous studies that show if you lie in bed in the morning and say to yourself: Try to be positive today. You can do it.” By the time 10am rolls around and you don’t feel positive any more, you will actually feel worse than when you started. Let me introduce you to the idea of useful actions and beliefs. Useful actions and beliefs If you had the worst year of your life and you needed clarity on how to pull yourself out of the rut, ask yourself simple questions. “What is the most useful thing for me to do to get from ground zero to two? What is the most useful thing for me to do to get from two to five?”. If you had a great year, ask yourself: “What is the most useful thing for me to do to get from seven to nine?”. Instantly, you will begin to identify the actions you need to take to get to the next level. Positive thinking is a feeling. It can be a fleeting thought. This is about taking action and having a strategy to solve the problem. The next level is called useful belief. To demonstrate this, I want to use an example from parents that I hear all the time. They say things like: “I can’t believe these kids today. With their video games and computers, they are not doing the things that I did when I was a kid. I played outside. I had a stick and a ball, and I was happy!”. We’ve all heard them. People ask me, “Chris, what do you think about kids today?”. I say: “I believe this is the greatest generation of kids ever. I believe this is the best time to be a parent in the history of the world.” March 2016

The most important words you say all day are the words that you say to yourself, about yourself when you are alone by yourself By the way… I’m not sure if that statement is true. But when I believe I’m a better dad, I am more present and will come up with more ideas about how to be a good father. Truth doesn’t matter as much as having a useful perception about your individual reality. How does this work? Your brain has something called the reticular activating system. It is often referred to as the RAS and is the filter that sorts through all the information you get every day and decides what you will notice and what you won’t. Let me ask you a question. How many red Toyotas did you see on your way into work today? The answer is probably zero. That is because you were not looking for red Toyotas. However, if you decided to buy a red Toyota, you would start to see them everywhere. That is because your RAS would be dialed in to these cars. It is no different with the belief you have about your life. This is the best time to be alive! This is the best age to be! There is opportunity everywhere! Those are useful beliefs and your RAS will go find the beauty in the world to support it. The most important words you say all day are the words that you say to yourself, about yourself when you are alone by yourself. Most people do not have useful language about their reality. I see so many people frustrated with the things that they cannot change. Decide to have a useful belief about those things you cannot change. Then dial up your ted Toyota theory to believe in all of the opportunity that stares you in the face every day. Believe there is opportunity out there and send your brain on a mission of discovery to find it all. 38


Do you have a successful personal trainer? These days so many people have a personal trainer. But if you have only ever had one, how do you know if they are good? How do you know if you are getting your money’s worth? Here are a couple of tips for finding the right personal trainer for you What are you paying for? Many people get confused between what you do (the process) and the outcome you want. What you are really paying for is the result. If you loved exercise that much you would probably do it without a trainer. So the question is, what do you want to get out of your training? What result do you want? For most people it is statically “body shape change” (lose weight, tone up). If that is the case, did your trainer take measurements at the start and do they check them regularly to see your progress? Is your training plan specifically designed around the outcome you want? Or is it just all the trainer’s favourite workouts and exercises? Or worse is it “hard” but not getting the result? What are you using to judge your success? Get specific around the progress you want to make. If you want to get fitter, what is your definition of fit? I bet it’s different from mine. If you want to change body shape, where and by how much? The last thing you need is to work your butt off only to find you have made zero progress. Great trainers work with you to find out what metrics matter and regularly measure them to make sure you are on track and what you are doing is working. Other than training, what other help are you getting to improve your health? So many people think going to see a trainer for a few hours a week is all they need to do to get amazing results. Often you can get some result from a few hours of training but the real results come from what you do when you are not with your trainer. That doesn’t mean you have to change your whole lifestyle, but if your trainer doesn’t discuss the changes you need to make and help you make them with tools to keep you accountable, you are missing a key component of what will make your training a success. At Vision Personal Training, we go as far as giving a 100 per cent money back guarantee on results. How we do that is by being well prepared, setting up and defining success, and making sure you are progressing every week. That is why we are Australia’s largest and most successful personal training business. To see more about how it works, go to the Vision Bundall Facebook page or visit our website 39

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rying to navigate through the different hearing aids and solutions available can be a daunting task. While your healthcare clinician can provide guidance and advice about hearing solutions, it’s important to arm yourself with information. Any hearing advice you receive should be tailored to: • Your degree and type of hearing loss. • The anatomy and physiology of your outer ear and ear canal. • Your ability to hear speech with suitable amplification. • The ability for your brain and hearing system to process speech in the presence of competing background noise, vision, dexterity and cognitive capacity (memory and attention), and • Your lifestyle. Before I go into the nitty gritty, there are three main features to consider: 1. Directional microphones – designed to help facilitate hearing and comfort in background noise by focusing on sounds in front rather than sounds behind. 2. Telecoils – a coil in a hearing aid that connects to telephones and induction loops at churches, cinemas, theatres and bank tellers.This increases clarity and allows you to only hear these signals. 3. Bluetooth – similar to the telecoil except it works off a Bluetooth signal so is compatible with mobile phones, iPods, computers and lapel microphones. There are many types of hearing aids that cater for different levels of hearing loss and here is a brief description of the most popular styles of hearing aids: 1. Invisible In the Canal (IIC): The IIC is cosmetically appealing as it sits deep in the second bend of the ear canal, hidden from view. It is suitable for most mild to severe hearing losses. It has Bluetooth capability but no directional microphones or telecoil,

Everything you need to know about hearing aid styles and may require good eyesight and dexterity to insert and maintain. 2. Completely In the Canal (CIC): The CIC is also hidden, positioned in the first bend of the ear canal at the entrance. It is considered more powerful than the IIC and is suitable for mild to profound hearing loss. Again the CIC has Bluetooth functionality, but no directional microphones or telecoil. 3. In the Canal/In the Ear (ITC/ITE): Slightly larger than a CIC, the ITC sits in the entrance and external portion of the ear canal. It is suitable for mild to profound losses and can be fitted with a directional microphone, which helps facilitate hearing in background noise. The ITC has both telecoil and Bluetooth capability and the larger size makes it easier to insert and manage. 4. Receiver in the Canal (RIC): Over the Ear (OTE), Behind the Ear (BTE): This virtually invisible device is suitable for any type of hearing loss. It has an external directional

microphone and is fitted with an open dome coupling for those with industrial deafness and early-stage age-related hearing loss. The RIC has telecoil and Bluetooth capability. 5. Lyric hearing aid: The Lyric hearing aid is a semi-permanent, invisible, deep-canal, nonsurgical, implanted device. It is implanted by an accredited audiologist deep into the ear canal and replaced every two months. It is suitable for mild to severe hearing loss and doesn’t require any form of insertion or maintenance, allowing the recipient to sleep, shower and swim wearing the Lyric 24/7. The Lyric has no directional microphones, no telecoil or Bluetooth capability. Anyone with a hearing concern should also talk to a rehabilitative audiologist about the styles and benefits of different hearing aids. Grant Collins, Principal Audiologist, Clarity Hearing Solutions

5 ethical principles for better hearing... These days you can’t trust your hearing to just anyone. At Clarity Hearing Solutions we base your treatment on five simple, yet hard to come by principles. It’s what sets us apart. Try us today.

Call 1300 CLARITY or 3366 7888

1 2

3 Transparent pricing: our

5 Independent since 2008:


For Queensland’s largest range of hearing aids and implant solutions talk to us today for your first, or even your second opinion!

margins are the same across our entire range so there is no incentive to prescribe technology other than what is best for you. No sales commissions: we don’t reward our team for selling hearing aids. We reward good outcomes for you.

being independent we can provide hearing aids and implants from all manufacturers so you get the one right for your needs.

Hope Island, Mater Misericordiae Health Care, 8 Halcyon Way Spring Hill | Bribie Island | Caboolture | Carindale | Loganholme | Sunnybank Hills | Townsville | Mackay Rockhampton | Gladstone | Ayr | Barcaldine | Bowen | Charleville | Charters Towers | Clermont Collinsville | Emerald | Gladstone | Ingham | Longreach | Mt Isa | Palm Island | Proserpine | Roma | Sarina

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Accurate diagnosis: we only employ the best university Masters qualified and registered Audiologists. Evidence-based recommendations and treatment: we only prescribe treatment, hearing aids and features where there’s medical evidence it will actually help you.


Advanced Hearing Aid and Audiological Specialists


Lean ne rt , Ha tM Get i agazin e

t’s sporty, smooth and sleek; a girl’s best friend. It’s the new Toyota Rav 4 GXL and she’s beautiful. The Rav has had a makeover with a new look inside and out. Motorists are pegging it as the perfect mediumsized family car for those with an active lifestyle because it’s roomy, responsive and whisper quiet. I was impressed with the electric power steering and smooth controlled drive. It’s also got an excellent turning circle, and had plenty of get-up-and-go – but wait until you put it into sports mode (it takes on a mind of its own. Don’t worry, no speeding fines!). The front and rearparking sensors with reversing camera made driving a breeze. You’ll feel like you have X-ray vision when you’re sitting in this car because you can see so much of the road, plus the built-in Blind Spot Monitor alerts you to hidden traffic which is always handy. Sliding into the Rav, with its new-car smell, is divine and you’ll begin to appreciate just how comfortable your journey can be. It has some cool features such as the AM/FM/CD sixspeaker system, which pumps out the tunes, and its complete with Bluetooth 5 and a USB port 6 for your iPod. You’ll be happy to know there is room for all your shopping bags and suitcases when travelling (or kids school bags and sports

Get in my car

Get it magazine publisher Leanne Hart took the new Grand Motors Rav 4 GXL for a spin on the streets of the Coast items). The ample cargo space was ideal for the mountain of Get it magazines I delivered. There are also some fabulous space-saving aspects. For example, the 60:40 split-fold rear seats mean you can configure the back in different ways. So those extra-long items can be stored partly in the boot and in the backseat


area. Perfect for surfboards and kids bikes. The Rav 4 GXL is full of surprises with clever compartments, pockets and cup holders to store your phone, coffee, camera and sunnies. If you would like an official 5 Star Guest experience, book a testdrive today.

March 2016


Guilt-free chocolate

With Easter almost here, we have the perfect solution for your chocolate cravings. These recipes, from Well Naturally, are sweetened with stevia allowing you to indulge in a healthy alternative to the traditional Easter eggs.

CHOCOLATE PANNA COTTA DELIGHTS Serves 8 - 10 INGREDIENTS • 2 packs Well Naturally Melts • 2 1/2 cups coconut milk • 4 tbsp Natvia • 1 tsp vanilla extract • 2 1/2 tbsp powdered gelatin, dissolved in two cups of boiling water • Berries, oranges or roasted hazelnut, and coconut cream or natural yoghurt to serve METHOD In a pan over medium heat, heat milk until it begins to simmer. Add melts, Natvia and vanilla extract and stir gently with a whisk for a few minutes until mixture reaches boiling point. Add the gelatin mixture (through a strainer to avoid any lumps forming) to the chocolate and continue to whisk over heat until well combined. Remove from heat and pour into individual silicon molds. Allow to cool slightly before placing in the fridge to chill and set for several hours or overnight. Turn out from molds and serve with fresh orange segments or berries, crushed roasted hazelnuts and a dollop of whipped coconut cream or natural yoghurt.

March 2016


GLUTEN FREE BROWNIES Serves 10 - 12 INGREDIENTS • 3/4 cup organic coconut flour, sifted • 1 1/2 cup unsweetened cocoa • 1/2 tsp gluten-free baking powder • 1/4 tsp bi-carb soda • 1/4 cup chopped walnuts (optional) • 1/2 cup Natvia (stevia) • 90g Well Naturally Dark Chocolate Melts • 5 large free-range eggs • 1/3 cup unsalted butter, melted, or cold-pressed extra virgin coconut oil (or ghee) as a dairy-free option • 2 tsp vanilla extract • 5 tbsp coconut milk or milk of choice METHOD: Preheat oven to 180C (160C fan forced). Mix the dry ingredients until thoroughly combined. Set aside. In a different bowl, with a mixer, blend together the wet ingredients. Add dry ingredients to the wet and mix until they are well blended. Line a non-stick baking pan with baking paper, pour in batter. Bake for around 25 minutes or until skewer comes out clean. Allow to cool slightly in pan before turning out on to wire rack to cool. Cut into squares and enjoy.

CHOCOLATE CAKE Serves 6 INGREDIENTS • 1/2 cup low fat milk • 1/2 cup butter, melted • 3 cups almond meal • 1/2 cup cocoa powder • 2 tsp baking powder • 5 tbsp Natvia • 1 tsp instant coffee powder, dissolved in a little hot water • 4 eggs, beaten • 1 x 200g pack Well Naturally Dark Chocolate Melts • 200ml low-fat cream METHOD: Preheat oven to 150C and grease a loaf tin or round tin. In a large bowl, combine all of the dry ingredients, except for the chocolate melts. In another large bowl combine all of the wet ingredients, except for the cream. Transfer the wet ingredients into the bowl with the dry ingredients and using a fork, mix well to ensure there are no lumps. Pour the cake batter into the prepared tin and transfer to the oven. Bake for 40 minutes. Once cooked, remove from oven and allow to cool in the tin. Once cooled, remove from the tin and decorate with the ganache. To make the ganache, combine the cream and chocolate melts in a double boiler over a low heat and constantly stir the mixture until the chocolate has melted. Transfer to the fridge and allow to cool. Once cooled, whisk the mixture until thick and fluffy, and use to decorate the cake. 43

March 2016


Scholarship opportunity at Saint Stephen’s College Saint Stephen’s College scholarship is a wonderful opportunity for your child to join the exceptional young men and women who form part of the campus community. Headmaster Jamie Dorrington is encouraging parents with children entering Years 7 to 12 in 2017, who excel in music, sport or academically, to apply now. “Our mission at Saint Stephen’s is to develop character and inspire hope, and with the support of parents we can be proud our students always pursue their personal best in their studies, sports, the performing arts and public service,” he says. “I am a believer that successful 21st century learners need to develop learning networks that stretch beyond their own classrooms and increasing numbers of our students are doing just that.

“I am always keen to provide exceptional opportunities, which, along with our facilities and integrated technology adds something very special to our approach to education and distinguishes Saint Stephen’s from other schools. “Therefore, each year we offer scholarships within, and external to, the College community. Applications must be submitted by Thursday, 24 March, 2016.” The criteria for each category is outlined in “Scholarships - step by step” available online at saintstephenscollege. It is important to ensure students qualify before submitting an application. • Academic - A Grade results • General Excellence - Sport - South Coast selection level as a minimum

• General Excellence - Music - Strings AMEB Grade 6+ as a minimum • General Excellence - Other “The College is rapidly developing a reputation as an education leader, which was reinforced recently when educators from the USA, New Zealand and Australia visited us for the first FlipCon conference held outside the USA.” “Schools are complex organisms that should be nurtured in order for them to be strengthened and to grow. Our most distinguishing feature is our culture and our greatest assets are our students. I remain committed to working with parents and my committed and caring staff to ensure we develop young men and women of character. “What we have, others cannot buy!” P 5573 8603, email enrolments@ssc.qld. or visit

to display individual treasures, and fill with memories and new experiences too.” Lendlease’s new display homes are a collaboration with Sunshine Coastbased property styling and interior design company, Blink Living, which has a team of qualified interior designers with more than 30 years’ experience. “The recent boom in retirement developments has seen our interior design take on another dimension; our approach is all about creating an inviting, inspirational yet practical space incorporating the latest

trends in homewares and accessories to make the decision an exciting next step for any new resident moving into a village,” says interior designer Dianne Conley. Apartments at The Gardens on Lindfield start at $270,000 for two bedrooms and a car space. For a selection of properties for sale at Lendlease Retirement Villages, and the many community facilities available, visit Those interested in viewing the new display homes can call 1800 550 550 Monday to Friday between 8.30am-5.00pm.

Latest in retirement living trends uyers looking to downsize and enjoy the safety and community of a retirement village can experience the latest interior design trends at Lendlease’s new display homes on the Gold Coast. At The Gardens on Lindfield, in Helensvale, the stunning apartments have been opened to the public, making it easy for prospective buyers to see the size and quality of the homes, and the latest decorating trends. Regional manager of Lendlease’s Retirement Living business in Queensland Greg Little says the new display homes reflect high-quality finishes and beautiful designs. “We understand our new residents are looking for a well-designed space, along with a great fit-out to suit their lifestyle, hobbies and other needs,” he says. “Experienced Queensland designers have helped us maximise the space, creating a light, airy and modern feel, neutral enough March 2016



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Women in Tourism Summer is in full swing and the brand new Conference Centre at Seaworld Resort was the venue for the Women in Tourism networking event. Sofitel Broadbeach general manager Amery Burleigh was the guest speaker and the attendees enjoyed a buffet of fabulous food.

• Discounted Fuel • Petrol • Diesel • Gas • Boating Supplies & Chandlery • Ice • Bait & Tackle • Coffee Shop & Takeaways

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Audi Centre Gold Coast The all-new Audi A4 unveiling was stylish at the new Garden Kitchen & Bar at Jupiters Hotel and Casino. Guests were treated to French Champagne and sampled the fine fare on offer. Three of the latest models were showcased and the virtual simulator gave you a taste of the experience you’ll feel when driving your new Audi A4.

March 2016



PARADOX KITCHEN & BAR LAUNCH Paradox Kitchen & Bar has officially opened for dinner and they celebrated in style with delicious tapas alongside everyone’s favourite espresso martinis.

Do you need help managing your


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with Patrick Arundell

Get your horoscope H Cancer June 21 – July 22 The gulf between handling your everyday responsibilities and desiring to move in a new direction may have caused frustration over recent weeks. This month the issue can come to a head, pushing you to take that leap of faith. If you do, you may find it’s your passport to a new sense of purpose and into those activities that you truly relish, Cancer.

H Pisces February 19 – March 20 Your birthday month will see you receive a lot of assertive energy, giving you a powerful shot of motivational energy regarding your career and life goals. You will be pushed to be more dynamic and go-getting around March 9. Just be careful not to overlook details or practicalities, Pisces.

H LEO July 22 – August 23 You will be feeling far more creative and amorous in your pursuits this month. However, if there’s something that needs to be sorted out, such as a financial issue or an on-going relationship that needs to be resolved, then attend to such matters first. You may find it hard to truly make progress until you’ve fully cleared the decks.

H Aries March 20 – April 19 Self-belief is going to be the key to achieving your goals and yet you may not feel as confident as usual over the weeks ahead. However, changes are afoot from March 19 and you will be able to embrace the benefits that go with them. H Taurus April 20 – May 21 You may have been aware of a need to guard your time, money and other resources jealously. However, this month you will be moved to take action should certain people seem to be taking you for granted. They may not like it if you are more assertive, but they are less likely to test you again. Friendships and contacts can still be key in the next six months.

H Virgo August 23 - September 22 You may reach some important decisions this month and they will have powerful repercussions. Initially it may seem as though you are being pushed into making them but deep down you might welcome these turning points. And although the weeks ahead could prove to be somewhat unsettled, the prospect of a new beginning can ignite your imagination.

H Gemini May 21 – June 21 You may be feeling unsettled around the area of work or even your direction in life this month. Therefore you might want to postpone making firm decisions or promises to others until you have a better idea of your plans. You may find that a long-held aspiration seems more attractive than a strategy that no longer holds any appeal.

H Libra September 22 – October 23 If you’re to accomplish all that you intend then certain activities that no longer serve you need to be let go of. However, paring down your to-do list might also eliminate a conflict of interest that could stall progress. Regarding relationship matters, it is suggested that you try to be honest about your feelings even if it pains you to do so.

H Scorpio October 23 – November 22 Have you held back from showcasing a talent or initiating a romance? If so, you could find you’re pushed into making a move. The only drawback can be leaving your comfort zone. However, the lure of what is to come can help you move beyond your fears. This month will be a more active period but don’t ignore your emotional and psychological needs. H Sagittarius Nov 22 – Dec 22 It would be all too easy to blame others for any glitches this month. However, do take responsibility if you have let something fester in the background. Nevertheless, feisty influences can see you making waves regarding home issues, work and your social agenda. Indeed, it may be the only way to motivate certain people or gain their attention. H Capricorn December 22 – January 20 To really seize any new opportunities you may be required to adopt a different attitude or mental approach in order to succeed. However, it may be a case of one step at a time until you feel confident of handling what is required of you. You will also be prompted to let go of any deeper emotional baggage that you have been holding on to. H Aquarius January 21 – February 19 This month sees some very powerful energies that provide a backdrop for the next six months. They ask you to marshal your resources wisely and work on your self-esteem. However, you may also feel more risk-taking at a time when consolidation might be a wiser approach. Either way, try to strike a balance.

C - 62 Y - 100

K - 85


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March 2016


SPICE with Sophie Wood



belong in your bedroom? Since the appearance of books like Fifty Shades of Grey, it has become socially acceptable to talk about the more kinky side of sex. Are you curious? Yvette Renard gives us a beginner’s guide to BDSM n BDSM play there is a dominant person and a submissive person. It is, effectively, a power exchange or a situation in which the submissive agrees to give their power and control over to the dominant. This is based on things they agree on beforehand, including a way for the submissive to call a halt if they are feeling overwhelmed. Both get aroused and sexually satisfied by the play, getting their personal fantasies fulfilled. Here is how to experiment in a way that is safe and enjoyable for you both. 1 Talk about it first and discuss both of your fantasies. This is likely to get you thoroughly aroused without even doing anything yet. 2 Make sure that you both understand what you want, and what you don’t want, before you start to play. This could include role play, spanking, tying up or types of sexual positions. 3 Do a bit of careful research and choose your play tools well. If you want to use rope, for example, then the person who will be doing the tying up needs to learn how to use the correct knots to tie you up safely. 4 You need to agree on a stop signal before you start.

How do you

In the BDSM world, that is usually a safe word. It should be a word that is clearly out of context like ‘polka-dot’ or ‘dishwasher’ and which means that, if the submissive says it, the dominant immediately stops. 5 Start slow. It will be a whole new set of sensations and everyone responds differently. What is comfortable and pleasurable for one person may be too much for another, so build up the intensity slowly and find the most pleasurable point for you both. Of course, to do that, you’ll just have to keep practicing. If you like your initial experiments then go a little outside your comfort zone and try a few kinkier things. You may be pleasurably surprised at what you enjoy. We are online daily with one aim – to update you with all the very best news and lifestyle features.

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LAST WORD with Paula Brand

What does


mean to you?

Entrepreneur, small business advocator and the founder of the North and South Gold Coast Small Business Expos Paula Brand talks the 10 tips to success conducted a recent survey of business owners and I asked the question: What does success mean to you? The answers were so diverse that it’s clear we all hold a different view of what success means to our life. Whether it is to have a multimilliondollar business, helping in the community or making a difference to the planet. As a single mum, my idea of success is to be able to serve people and help fix their computer problems, while being able to do the school run for my autistic daughter. I built my business around my lifestyle. So what are the 10 secrets of success that could be used across all areas of your life to achieve your individual goals? Let me share them with you. How you think is everything Always be positive. Think success, not failure. Beware of a negative environment. This trait is the most important in the list. Your belief that you can accomplish your goals has to be unwavering. The moment you say to yourself “I can’t…”, then you won’t. From time to time my attitude can waiver. A mentor once told me:“It’s OK to visit pity city, but you can’t stay and there comes a time when you need to leave”. Positive things happen to positive people. Decide on your true dreams and goals Write down your specific goals and develop a plan to reach them. Wait, you mean write down my dreams and goals, and



March 2016

develop a project plan to reach them? Yes, that’s exactly what this means. You may have heard the old adage: A new year’s resolution that isn’t written down is just a dream? Dreams are not goals. Goals are those concrete and measurable stepping stones of achievement that track your progress towards your dreams. My goal is to double my income in 2016, what is yours? Take action Goals are nothing without action. Be like Nike and “Just do it”. I took action by reaching out and starting two small business expos. Every day I try to take some action towards my goals. It may be small, but it’s still an action. Have you taken action towards your goals? Never stop learning Become a life-long learner. Go back to school, read books, get training and acquire the skills and knowledge you need. I recently trained a class of Year 10 entrepreneurs who were running their own businesses. I wish that was me 30 years ago! Be persistent and work hard Success is a marathon, not a sprint. Never give up. Every success story I read about entails many hours of hard work and unwavering vision. There is no getting around this and there is no free lunch. But if you’re working towards something you’re passionate about, something you love, then is it really work?

3 4 5


6 7 8 9 10

Get all the facts Learn from your mistakes. I think you have to strike a balance between getting all the facts and making a decision with incomplete data – both are traits of successful people. Spend time gathering details, but don’t catch “analysis paralysis”. Focus your time and money Don’t let other people or things distract you. Remain laser focused on your goals and surround yourself with positive people who believe in you. Don’t be distracted by the naysayers or tasks that are not helping you achieve your goals. There will always be haters around you when you attempt to achieve a new venture or goal. Have simply learned to close my ears. Don’t be afraid to innovate Be different. Following the herd is a surefire way to mediocrity. Follow through on that breakout idea you have. Ask yourself: “What would I do if I wasn’t afraid?” Deal and communicate with people effectively No person is an island. Learn to understand and motivate others. Successful people develop and nurture a network, and they only do that by treating people openly, fairly and, in many circumstances, firmly. There is nothing wrong with being firm so long as you don’t cross the line to being rude.How do you deal with people? Be honest and dependable Take responsibility, otherwise numbers 1-9 won’t matter.

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