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November 2016

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It's time to take charge of your wealth

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The Gold Coas t's favourite for lifes tyle, fashion, business, events and more!

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CTJ WHOLESALE DIAMONDS AND JEWELLERY 0 7 55 383 988 | 37 Upton Street Bundall www.ctj e: Find us on Facebook


The BIG Diamond Specialists

UP TO 70% OFF not one day... EVERY day 2.02 Carat


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‘GIa CertIfIed. G’ IN COlOUr SI1

GIa CertIfIed ‘d’ IN COlOUr SI1

SUGGeSted retaIl $24,700

SUGGeSted retaIl $27,500

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• Australia’s largest wholesale diamond dealer direct to the public • Established 15 years • Designers and workshop on site CTJ WHOLESALE DIAMONDS AND JEWELLERY 0 7 55 383 988 | 37 Upton Street Bundall www.ctj e: Find us on Facebook

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Diamond Importers Jewellery Manufacturers








SANCTUARY RESORT SHOPPE Quay Street, Sanctuary Cove Open 9.30am – 5pm daily P 5577 8288

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Beauty beyond breast cancer Local profile: A day in the life of a paramedic Take charge of your wealth now Gold Coasters getting behind charities Business: Boost your career using LinkedIn Become a social media superstar Success: Coast designer takes the global stage

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PARTY PERFECTION PAGE 28 Limelight Lime Lace dress with slip/ one only//$1500 OPEN 7 DAYS 9.30AM TO 5.30PM

32 Masthead Way, The Marine Village, Sanctuary Cove • Phone 55778981 November 2016



Carols by Candlelight at Links


from the editor LAUREN PARIS

oney, money, money. We all need it, but why is it a topic that so many women avoid prioritising? Do you have your own personal bank account? You should apparently, regardless of your relationship status. Our ability to build our wealth and pay attention to our own financial security is crucial according to two experts we’ve chatted Pump Fireworks R to. Check out the article for tips about building a more positive Market Face Kid ZONE at 8pm relationship with money. Style Food Rides presented by In this action-packed issue we feature an interview with a and Face Oil Field Stalls Gold Coast paramedic of 20 years who was the first female to be Piping Systems Painting stationed at Burleigh Heads and we also reveal the top tips you presented by Oil Field Pi need to know to boost your career or business using LinkedIn. We invite you, your family and friends to ‘chill out’ at We’ve showcased the pick of the bunch when it comes to party We invite you, your for family andspecial friends Christmas to ‘chill out’Carols at Links Hope Island frocks you need as we head into the festive season in our fashion Links Hope Island a very pages (I want them all in my life!). Christmas Carols Event Sunday 18th December, 201 Event - Sunday 18th December, 2015. Designer and Gold Coast entrepreneur Ingrid Bonnor, who RelaxRelax on the clubhouse and take in beautiful sunset en on the clubhouse lawns lawns and take in the recently showcased her collection of robes, nightwear, and dresses the beautiful sunset enjoying Carolsvocalists byPumofpCoomera Angl Candlelight performances by the talented at New York Fashion Week, chats to us about taking the global Kid ZO NE Gas Groove Lewis who will be bringing the smooth to the party, stage and reveals how such a highlight has impacted her business Rid funky Candlelight performances by the talented Fa Paes & incool ting drinks on han at Links Solent. There willat be entertainment for the kidsceand and whether she plans to relocate. Links vocalists of Coomera Anglican College, We take a look at some amazing charities and social enterprises and deckchairs and settle in for a lovely evening at Links H Rhydian Lewis Rhydian Lewis who will bringing the Carols by Candl elight Webehind invite you, your family and friends to ‘chill out’ atbeLinks Hope Perfo rmanc es Island for a ve who Gold Coasters are throwing their support in their smooth to the party, funky Gas Grooves and the quest to make a difference and be good global citizens. Christmas CarolsMarke Eventt-Style Sunday 18th December, 2015. Stalls soulful duo,Solent. There willFood be entertainment for the Child sex slaves in Cambodia, traumatised kids in Kenya and Time: 5pm-8pm Price: Free entry kids and cool drinks on hand. Bring your blanket the global water crisis are all being addressed thanks to some Pump and Pumpenjoying Ca Firew orks at Relax on the clubhouse lawns and take in beautiful sunset 8pm - present ed bythe Oilevening Kid Field Piping Systems K id Z O deckchairs and settle in for a lovely at Links Z seriously amazing people. NEbe O Giant Christmas Raffle, Candles and Glowsticks will available with mo Rides & Rides & NE Face Pai by thebenefit talented vocalists ofCommunity Coomera Anglican ntingFace Pai nting Cancer sure does suck! Many of us have been impacted byCandlelightWeperformances Hope Links Island OneColleg Girl . invite you,Island. your family and friends to ‘chill out’Hope at Links Hope Island for a veryProject, special cancer in some way and have a friend, colleague or loved one who who will be bringing Christmas Carols Event - Sunday 18th December, 2015. Gas Grooves and the Lewis smooth to the party, funky Carols bythe Candle Carols light by CandlePerfor mance light * NoPerfor BYO Food s & Beverage mance s has been affected. Relax on the clubhouse lawns and takekids in theDecember beautiful sunset enjoying Carols Solent. There will be entertainment forEvents the and cool drinks onbyemail hand. Bring y Date: Sunday 18th Stalls This issue, we’ve interviewed a delightful lady named EmmaFor information contact the Department 07 5530 9048 t Style Stalls Candlelight performances by the talented vocalists of Coomera Anglican College,or Rhydian events@lin Marke Food Style tFood Marke Lewis who willand be bringing the smooth to the funky evening Gas Grooves andat theLinks soulful duo, and deckchairs settle in5pm-8pm for a party, lovely Hope Island Louise Moss who Gold Coast photographer Renee has Rhydian Bisley Lewis Time: be entertainment on hand. Bring your blanket FirewoSolent. rksThere at will 8pm Firewo rks dthe at- presente bykids 8pm -forpresente Oiland Field Piping dcool by drinks Oil FieldSystems Piping beautifully captured in a series of photos taken during a session Systems and deckchairs and settle in for a lovely evening at Links Hope Island. Price: Free entry that allowed Emma to block out her health challenges by We invite you, family and friends to ‘chill out’to at ‘chill Linksout’ Hope IslandHope for a very Weyour invite you, your family and friends atIsland Links Islandspecial for a very Hope Road, Hope Island, QLDspecial 4212 Date: Sunday 18th December Christmas Carols EventCarols - Sunday 18th December, enjoying the chance to relax, be pampered and feel gorgeous. Christmas Event - Sunday 18th 2015. December, 2015. Giant Christmas Raffle, Candles and Glowsticks Time: 5pm-8pm Price: Free entry As the silly season kicks in, be sure to have fun, kick up your Relax on the clubhouse lawns and take in the beautiful sunset enjoying Carols by Relax on the clubhouse lawns and take in the beautiful sunset enjoying Carols by Candlelight performances by the talented of Coomera Anglican College, Rhydian Candlelight performances byvocalists the talented vocalists of Anglican College, will available with money raised toCoomera benefit Links Giantbe Christmas Raffle, Candles and Glowsticks will be available with money raised toRhydian heels and look after each other. Lewis who will be bringing the smooth to the party, funky Gas Grooves and the soulful duo,

P K Carols by Candlelight Performiad Market Style Food Stalls


FireCan works at 8pmt-Per formances Carols by dle atligh Links

Market Style Food Stalls

Fireworks at 8pm - presentedCHILL CHRISTMAS CHRISTMAS byCHILL Oil Field Piping S

Date: Sunday 18th December

Date: Sunday 18th December Rhydian Lewis

Time: 5pm-8pm

Lauren Paris

Price: Free entry

Lewis who willHope be bringing smooth to the party, funky and the soulful duo, benefit Links Islandthe Community Project, OneGas GirlGrooves . Solent. There will be entertainment for the kids and oncool hand. Bringon your blanket Solent. There will be entertainment forcool the drinks kids and drinks hand. Bring your blanket and deckchairs and settle in for a lovely evening at Links Hope Island. No BYO and Food & Beverage and *deckchairs settle in for a lovely evening at Links Hope Island. Rhydian Lewis

Hope Island Community Project, Oneavailable Girl Giant Christmas Raffle, Candles and Glowsticks will be with money raised *No BYO Food & Beverage For information contact the Events Department 07 5530 9048 or email benefit Links Hope Island Community Project, One Girl . Date: Sunday 18th December Date: Sunday 18th December Rhydian Lewis

Time: 5pm-8pm

Price: Free entry

Time: 5pm-8pm Price: Free entry For information Events Department * No BYOcontact Food &the Beverage Follow 07 5530 9048 or email m eo * No BYO Food &5530 Beverage BYO Food9048 & Beverageor email events@linkshopeisla For information contact the Events Department 07* No n: Giant Christmas Raffle, Candles and Glowsticks will be available money raised to Giant Christmas Raffle, Candles and Glowsticks willwith be available with money raised to Island Road,Island Hope Project, Island, QLD 4212Girl benefit Links benefit HopeHope Island Community One . Links Hope Community Project, One Girl .

What gets you going?

Twit get_it_m ter: ag Facebooazine g

For information the Events Department 5530 9048 07 or email Forcontact information contact the Events07 Department 5530 9048 or email

Hope Island Road, Hope QLD 4212 Hope Island, Island Road, Hope Island, QLD 4212

HopeRoad, Island Hope Road, Hope QLD 4212 Hope Island IslandIsland, •


November 2016


Your hair needs to be ready to


The party season is approaching and this is what we can do:


For ONLY $160 you can visit us up to four times each month for a relaxing shampoo, conditioning, blow-dry and style. Cost per month


EDITOR Lauren Paris



FASHION + STYLING Susie McWatt Forbes

CONTRIBUTORS Renee Bisley | Amanda Higl | Hayley Bogaard | Elleanor O'Connell | Christie-Lee Britten | Elizabeth Campbell | Cassandra Tyndall | Anna Davies

PARTNERS Dan Molloy Photography




We will transform your hair into any up-style you desire. Other salons charge up to $180! 0414 946 361

PRINTING Focus Print Group Get it Magazine PO Box 7602, GCMC QLD 9726 P: 1300 858 932 E: W:

November 2016

take me


CARNIVALE Michelle wears Silk Spanish dress// $1500// Shoes model’s own



It's time to take charge of your wealth

Success story

GC businesswoman on a global stage

Your chance to

Win! see inside for details

The Gold Coas t's favourite for lifes tyle, fashion, business, events and more!

P 5577 3693 2 Falkinder Avenue, Paradise Point

F Studio Minx November 2016

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now Selling. reServe today and Save! Retire to an elegant gated community in the heart of Helensvale just a short stroll from shopping centres and the Gold Coast light rail. Generously proportioned and designed to an exceptionally high standard, The View Apartments will be a place you’ll be proud to call home.

early Bird rewardS*

4 great reaSonS to make the move now 1. Stage 1 unitS are now Selling for $425,000! A saving of up to $40,000 on some units.

2. live “fee free” for 6 monthS Valued at up to $4000.

3. $6000 gift card to Spend aS you wiSh

Buy that new furniture you’ve been dreaming of.

4. win a holiday

You will go in the draw to WIN a holiday on us.

how to claim your early Bird offer

Simply put a $1000 reservation deposit on a Stage 1 apartment by the 31st December 2016 and settle on or before 30th June 2017.

call Susanne and trina on 07 5502 7222 to arrange an appointment and personalised tour today!

the view apartmentS the gardens on lindfield

The Gardens on Lindfield, 101 Lindfield Road, Helensvale Qld 4212 *Terms and conditions apply. Visit for details. Offer only available at The View Apartments. Pricing and availability advertised are correct at the time of printing but subject to change without notice. Information about the services and facilities provided in the village is correct at the time of printing but may change as the needs of residents change. Photographs are for illustrative purposes. Some images may depict items not provided by Lendlease within the units such as furniture and other decorative items. October 2016. Published by Lendlease RL Realty (QLD) Pty Ltd ABN 25 138 535 814.


get out

and about in November Send your event to



November 3 – 6 Surfers Paradise Beach


November 11 - 13 Kurrawa Park, Broadbeach Sunshine Renault Bonjour French Festival brings the best of France and French culture to the Gold Coast. Enjoy a showcase of the French cuisine, community and culture including a French film night showing “Intouchables” in collaboration with the Gold Coast Film Festival for a gold coin donation entry.

At this free event (held at the Surfers Paradise Beach Volleyball Courts at the end of Trickett St) audiences will witness horsemanship, piglet mustering, whip-cracking, animal tricks and hilarious bush-inspired antics as they become immersed in the quintessential Australian outback. Shows will be held at 10am, 2pm and 5pm daily and will be presented by third-generation horse breaker and stockman Lachie Cossor.


November 5 Various locations across the Gold Coast Take a behind the scenes look at interesting, quirky and architecturally significant buildings and locations not typically open for public viewing. The history and heritage of the Gold Coast will be on display at this free event, where locals and visitors alike will have the opportunity to delve into the past and glimpse the future of urban design on the Gold Coast.

November 19 Arundel Hills Country Club Check out a stellar line up of speakers, find out how to bulletproof yourself from disease and speak to patients who have had success using natural, holistic and adjunctive therapies. Learn about IV therapies, hyperthermia, nutrition, the role exercise plays in disease prevention and more. Book tickets at Eventbrite or 0404 838 009



December 17

November 13 Warner Bros. Movie World Join TLC for Kids at Movie World as they attempt to break the Guinness World Record for ‘most people performing push ups’ at the one time.The record currently stands at 1286 but TLC want to smash this with at least 1300 Gold Coasters. TLC for Kids is a volunteer-based team raising funds locally to support local sick kids.

Looking for a Christmas party your staff won’t forget? Sharks Events Centre will be the place to be on Saturday December 17 from 6.30pm. Enjoy pre-event drinks, a delicious seafood buffet and dessert. Live entertainment from Sarah Browne (as seen on The Voice 2016) and wonderful five-piece band, Midnight Groove.

Because...we’re fresh and fabulous!

P 5561 1038 November 2016

Cnr Young & Scarborough Streets, Southport Open Monday to Saturday. Easy parking in Australia Fair

8 Shoetique Southport


Short Hair Cut & Colour

Fitness class chaos Get it contributor Anna Davies has decided to bite the bullet and hit the gym. But why is she now shaking in her boots?


have recently been searching for a new way to keep fit and healthy. As someone who has never had the upper body strength to make it across a set of monkey bars, the idea of going to a gym and picking up some weights is fairly intimidating, so I thought it best to look into some alternatives. After much consideration, group fitness classes seemed like a good way of easing myself into gym culture. In theory, group fitness should be a nice, social way to get fit and maybe even have some fun along the way. “This will be delightful”, I thought to myself as I downloaded the PDF group class timetable. The PDF opens, and my face, that was just moments ago alight with the prospect of new beginnings, suddenly sinks into an expression of unadulterated terror. Neon writing slaps me in the face: “Monday 5am ‘CARNAGE’ with LINDA, Thursday 9pm ‘BUM ATTACK’, Saturday 5am ‘CHAOS’.” The list goes on. I have come to the conclusion that if you changed the heading to ‘Satan’s Weekly To Do List’ it would actually end up making more sense. Questions whirl through my mind: What is a ‘Bum Attack’ and why are people paying for it? More importantly, who in their right mind is waking up at 5am on a Monday for 45 minutes of ‘Carnage’? I don’t know about you, but I find it hard to wake up at 5am for some avocado on toast on a Monday morning, never mind unspecified ‘Carnage’ with a woman called Linda. For some unknown reason these timetables have been branded to strike terror into all that read them, like a curse etched into the wall of an Egyptian tomb. Are they trying to tell me something? Should I stay away from this gym if I value my life? I mean seriously, who finds any of the names timetables use appealing? I’d much rather sign up for a class called ‘Laughter and Lunging’ than a class called ‘Body Blast’. Before reading a gym timetable I thought ‘Body Blasts’ were something people generally tried to avoid. Call me crazy, but in an ideal world I would like the names of gym classes to be somewhat indicative of the activities planned. Is it too insane to call a class ‘Running and Lifting Things’? If nothing else, at least the timetable would be informative. Here’s what plagues me the most about this entire experience – I am actually intrigued. What if these names are actually accurate descriptors? There’s only one way for me to find out, I have to bite the bullet and give it a go. Next week, I’ve booked in for 45 minutes of ‘Chaos’. I am still sceptical that my gym can manage to fit ‘Chaos’ which by definition entails ‘complete disorder and confusion’ into a designated 45-minute slot – but you know what they say, anything is possible. 9

P: 07 5580 9419

DONNA SULLIVAN Available Monday to Friday mornings

CALL 0422 400 932

Shop 55/1 Arbour Avenue, Robina

Reshape your body! NOVEMBER SPECIAL OFFER: • Hair analysis test to determine nutrient deficiencies, food sensitivities and toxins • Tailored weight-loss plan • 30 minute ElectroSlim treatment to tone muscles • 30 min Venus Freeze to tighten skin, melt fat and reduce cellulite

Norm. $400 LOSE UP TO 10KG IN 4 WEEKS

Ph 1300 72 4646


Limited numbers available November 2016


Beauty beyond

breast cancer After a challenging couple of years due to a battle with breast cancer, and a recent second cancer diagnosis, Emma-Louise Moss embraced the chance to “feel beautiful again” in stunning photos captured by Gold Coast photographer Renee Bisley I was going to bed late one night, and quite literally flopped into bed, when I suddenly felt a sharp pain in my left breast. Thinking I'd fallen onto a hairbrush or something, I fumbled around for a moment, but soon gave up and fell asleep. The following morning, whilst in the shower, I realised that my breast was still quite sore, and when I felt the area, it was then that I discovered a lump,” Emma-Louise Moss recalls. Emma went to her husband Anthony, to see if he could check and he confirmed that there was definitely something there. Due to it being around Easter, it wasn't until a few days later, that she went to her GP and everything unfolded from then on. “I was diagnosed in April 2013 as having a Grade 3 invasive carcinoma with 22 out

November 2016

of 25 lymph nodes being cancerous as well. A series of tests were done to come to this conclusion - ultrasound, biopsy, mammogram and then a further core biopsy,” Emma says. “You have to realise, at the age of 36, you are classed as being too young to start having mammograms”. She ended up having a full left breast mastectomy. Emma, now aged 39, lives north-west of

the Gold Coast in Springfield Lakes with her husband and their fur baby, Pepper the cat. She says when the word “tumour” was first mentioned, she went into auto pilot mode, an almost robotic state. “My husband squeezed my hand harder - I was sitting with my back to him slightly - I dare not turn to look at him, for fear of losing it there and then. It was devastating - why was this happening to me? I remember feeling ‘numb’ on the car trip home and then the flood gates opened, and they felt like they weren't ever going to stop. Although the news hit everyone hard, our family and friends were amazing! We were so lucky to have such a great network of love and support, and counted our blessings every day.” Emma’s treatment had to take into consideration that she’s also a Type 1 diabetic. Drugs - especially steroids given to suppress the nausea from chemotherapy affected her blood glucose levels. “I was given four rounds of intense (AC) chemo every fortnight, then 12 weeks of Taxol and Herceptin (with the Herceptin continuing until August the following year),” Emma says. She also had radiotherapy every day for five weeks and is still continuing with physiotherapy.

Be kind to yourself. Allow yourself to grieve over the situation and remember; there are a thousand things to smile about, don't let this be the reason to stop you.

Losing her hair “was another thing all together”. “Sure there were good and bad days, but for the first few weeks, I hated looking at myself in the mirror. As far as I was concerned, I was sick and ugly and didn't feel feminine at all,” she says. However, every day, whilst going through treatment, Emma’s husband Anthony would tell her how beautiful she was. “He could see past the fact I had no hair and that my scars were just proof of what I'd overcome. I could still laugh and smile, and that in itself was beautiful”. Due to her second diagnosis of breast cancer in May, Emma stood down from her management role – as a Fashion Sales Consultant with Sportscraft – to take on a casual position within the company. “The cancer returned May of this year, again. This time in my left rib cage. After several scans and biopsies, it was decided the best course of action, was to remove the section of rib that was affected by the tumour and then to continue with a preventative course of drugs, every three weeks, for the foreseeable future.” Despite the devastating news, Emma remains positive, saying that cancer has changed her for the better.

Emma says taking part in the photo shoot and pamper session was a fantastic way to escape into somewhat of a fantasy world. “I was made to feel at ease and really beautiful.” Photographer Renee Bisley said it was an honour and a pleasure photographing Emma. “It has made me realise what is important in life and how not to sweat the small stuff. It has helped me to love myself again.” She says taking part in the photo shoot was a fantastic way to escape into somewhat of a fantasy world. “I was made to feel at ease and really beautiful.” Her message to anyone else going through similar health situations:“Be kind to yourself. Allow yourself to grieve over the situation and remember; there are a thousand things to smile about, don't let this be the reason to stop you.” For further details about breast and gynaecological cancers, visit or 11

“This photoshoot is for Emma and all the people who love her. For every fight Emma has pushed through, I wanted to show her how others see her and for Emma to realise her true beauty. “I also want to donate 10 per cent of my sales from bookings made until January 31st 2017 to a Breast Cancer charity of Emma’s choice which is BCNA - Breast Cancer Network Australia.” Credits: Instagram: reneebisleyphotography Facebook: Renee Bisley Photographer Make up artist: Tiane Kautai instagram: tianekautai_art_mua November 2016


fa o fe li e h t in y a d A t Paramedic

Gold Coas

Lisa Staples shares the highs and lows of her 20 year career working on the Gold Coast as a Paramedic with the Queensland Ambulance Service he was the very first female officer stationed at Burleigh Heads as a student and when she embarked on her career 20 years ago. Now, as a Critical Care Paramedic (Single officer response Critical Care Paramedic unit), Lisa Staples, 48, has been back in her old stomping ground of Burleigh for the past two years. “When I started there were only four female paramedics working on the Gold Coast (none of whom are still in the service today), and though our male colleagues were incredibly supportive and encouraging, it was surprising how the public reacted when we showed up to treat them. Many a time a patient would say ‘You're not going to be able to lift me!’ But with a more even distribution of women to men in QAS now, that is less prevalent,” Lisa says. “Most recently, the increase in violence towards paramedics - whether it be as a result of drug or alcohol intoxication or aggression - has changed the way we approach every incident.” Lisa, who lives in Kingscliff, NSW, with her fire-fighter husband, says as a Critical Care paramedic the majority of the cases she attends are high acuity cases, so most of her jobs are major ones. “I frequently attend significant impact road traffic crashes where persons are severely injured and entrapped, patients who have sustained severe burns, major trauma from industrial accidents, respiratory emergencies, heart attacks and cardiac arrests etc. These are my every day.” November 2016

Most recently, the increase in violence towards paramedics - whether it be as a result of drug or alcohol intoxication or aggression - has changed the way we approach every incident. Lisa was the first paramedic in Queensland to successfully treat a very sick patient with Meningococcal infection with Ceftriaxone when it was first approved for paramedics to use. “They were lucky to make a full recovery,” she says. “ The first baby I assisted in the delivery of as a student, and the few patients I have attended - who were in cardiac arrest on my arrival - that I have met after they walked out of hospital, will always be memorable. But those cases involving children who are injured or whom we were not able to save, never quite leave your mind.” Lisa urges members of the public to remember she and her colleagues are doing the best they can. “Please be patient with us. We are not always in our station. We will get to you as fast as we can, and we will always endeavour, with the utmost of our abilities, to take the very best care of you.” 12

A DAY IN THE LIFE OF A GOLD COAST PARAMEDIC: “Typically, we work two 12 hour day shifts followed by two 12 hour nights, I’m usually up at 5:30am and I like to arrive at station 30 minutes prior to the start of my shift at 7am to receive hand over from the officer I am relieving, who will detail any issues regarding equipment on the vehicle or status of hospitals for example, and we also discuss cases attended and what management was undertaken. I then check the vehicle and equipment is functioning correctly, log on and radio my readiness to our dispatcher, and attend cases as required. Some days, this may be only two or three cases, some days I may not make it back to station at all in a shift, as is often the case for our two officer crews. We don't always finish on time, and a late incident can mean a shift overrun of sometimes two or so hours. People don't get sick in office hours only. So when I get home it's often already 8pm, so a quick dinner is often all I have time for before bed!” How do you switch off/ relax when not at work? Our work is both physically and mentally demanding, so my husband and I make most of living by the beach and enjoy walking with our dog Sherbie, swimming, paddling our canoes, and bike riding. My husband is a fire-fighter, so we understand the demands of each other's jobs and can support each other when need be.



For your chance to WIN enter your details online at

DETANGLE ME Valued at $329 An effortless alternative to hair detangling, Dessata ( launches their original and mini hair styling brushes that remove knots, reduce hair breakage and promote shine. The ergonomic design compliments the contours of the hand for an enjoyable and tear-free hair detangling experience. We have six packs to giveaway worth $54.95 each.

FEEL BEAUTIFUL Valued at $356 Feel beautiful in Homebodii’s new Serafina Kimono robe in Blush, crafted from a soft Rayon fabric ( With an attached belt and delicate lace trims on the sleeve and hem, the four lucky winners are sure to love the signature feminine and romantic aesthetic offered by this Gold Coast designer.

BE PAMPERED Valued at $457 Get your glow on at Laser Clinics Australia Runaway Bay (laserclinics. ). One lucky winner can enjoy a three-week treatment plan offering: 1x Microdermabrasion Cleansing, 1x Microdermabrasion Express, 1x AHA Enzymatic Peel, 1x Ageless Peel PLUS three Skinstitut products.

• fashion • accessories • Providing a premium shopping experience!

Adorne Banana Blue Chocolat David Pond

Indigo + Co Lula Soul Mist N.Y.D.J.

OPENING HOURS Monday to Friday 9.30am to 5.00pm Saturday 9.00am to 3.00pm

Obi Olsen Ruby YaYa Zaket & Plover

Sundays and public holidays closed. 13

13 Grice Avenue, Paradise Point Phone 5564 2676 November 2016


Show me the MONEY Why do so many of us struggle to talk about money? Get it magazine editor Lauren Paris talks to two women, passionate about supporting females in wealth and wellbeing, about why it’s crucial for you to take a long hard look at your personal finances.

TOP TIPS FOR SAVING: > Give your savings a purpose. No one likes to save for no reason or even for that rainy day. Savings becomes much easier when you have a purpose behind it.You can even rename your savings account to help you connect with your reason.You might try something like “my Bali adventure” or “Jessie’s birthday present”. > Make savings a priority. Save first, spend later. If you leave savings until last, then there is never November 2016 any money left over at the end of the month. Savings isn’t something that comes naturally

According to Lea and Alison, having your own bank account is an essential element of financial independence for women of any age or relationship status. “Having your own money to budget and spend is part of being a grown-up. You can spend without having to answer to anyone else,” Lea says. “If you are in a relationship, you absolutely need to have a bank account in your own name. If all your money is held in one or more joint accounts with your partner, this makes you very vulnerable if something happens to them or your relationship. Many people aren’t aware that when someone dies, joint accounts can be frozen (it happens all the time) - how would you and your family live if you had no access to your money for months? That’s without considering the grim statistics on relationship breakdown and the horror stories of joint accounts being cleaned out by a vindictive partner.” According to Lea, it’s all about a sense of responsibility and empowerment. If the idea of getting your own bank account makes you nervous, then that’s probably a sign that it’s something you need to do as a priority towards building a more positive relationship with money. For further information, visit www.themindfulwealthmovement. com where you can also register for the free 30 Day Mindful Wealth Challenge.

to all of us – it’s actually a habit that we can Trying a savings app. There are all form with a little dedication, patience and a few apps around that can willpower. You’re better to save small amounts really help you to create and regularly and form a habit, than you are to tryis an experienced automate your savings habit. Laura Trotta environmental engineer, and save large amounts adhoc. access on your eco-living educator andRemoving the creatorATM of Home Detox Boot TO DO: savings that way can reduce Camp and Self Sufficiency in theaccount Suburbs.– To find outyou more about Checking your grocery shopping docket the temptation dipfamily’s into the savings creating a sustainable home to improveto your health and for to see the savings made at the bottom of some cash, other spending expenses. wellbeing, save and help our or planet, visit the docket and putting this money aside as “It’s so important for couples to be on the savings in a jar or another account. same page with their money and to have Emptying your purse or wallet regular and open discussions about money. 14 of coins at the end of each day and put in a savings jar It’s not one person’s responsibility, we need to build up. to manage it as a team,” Lea says.

Source: Lea Schodel and Alison Gray, Wellthy Pty Ltd.

s a financial planner with more than 15 years of experience, Lea Schodel has seen many female clients struggle with basic money concepts or poor financial behaviours. “The majority of women find dealing with money stressful and overwhelming. In fact, finances are a leading cause of stress, disease, relationship breakdown and, sadly, it’s estimated that 80-90 per cent of women who seek support for domestic and family violence have suffered some level of financial abuse,” Lea says. While most of us know we need to take action towards our physical, emotional and social wellbeing, it is often the financial element that is ignored. “It’s not really our fault that we find it hard to talk about money, given we’ve grown up in a culture where money is a taboo topic. In fact, it’s likely to be more taboo than religion, sex and politics these days! Also, as women, we tend to mix our self worth and net worth up and have a tendency to measure our sense of self, purpose, happiness and success all by the amount of money we have, the car we drive, the job etc. This means money is usually a loaded topic – loaded with emotions,” she says. Lea established social enterprise Wellthy Pty Ltd in 2015 - with business partner Alison Gray - in an effort to encourage women to think about, talk about and support each other on a journey to a more mindful approach to wealth and financial wellbeing.

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A helping hand Sarah from Rafiki Mwema with one of the many Kenyan children the charity has helped.

Gold Coasters are doing their bit to support charities and social enterprises. Get It editor Lauren Paris talks to some amazing people making a huge difference in our world. iving back has always been important to me! Pretty much as soon as I started earning money, I started donating to charity,” says Gold Coast-based journalist and editor Sarah Megginson. “I was raised to appreciate what I have and to be mindful of others in society who don't have as much.” Sarah, who is married to 102.9 Hot Tomato radio announcer Christo, holds regular charity fundraisers with her social circle so they can play their part in giving back. “The whole idea behind is to harness the power of one. You may think your little $25 donation doesn't make a difference, but when there's 20 of you donating that much, you suddenly have enough money to feed an orphanage of 80 kids for three months! By holding regular charity fundraisers, I feel like I'm doing something in a small way to make a positive difference to the world.”

November 2016

She hold the events at her home and her friends and family often bring extra friends from work. Since 2014 Sarah has held 15 fundraisers and raised more than $15,000 – an amazing achievement! “For each morning tea I charge $25 a person and that covers high tea and a lovely afternoon, and I buy/organise raffle prizes with tickets at $2 each. Each fundraiser we hold, we usually generate about $500-$1000 in donations, although a couple have gone to almost $2000. Initially I was holding them every month, but hosting them that regularly while also working and raising kids was becoming a little chaotic. We choose all kinds of charities; our first one was a local family with a sick bub, and we fundraised $500 for them to purchase a special pram. We've since donated to an orphanage in Africa, a food bank in Syria, a hospital in Fiji and a school


in Vanuatu, and we were able to purchase 16 swags for homeless people on the Gold Coast through Rosies,” Sarah said. At Sarah’s most recent event, around $800 was raised for SHE Rescue Home/ It's Not OK, a charity based in Brisbane that helps sex trafficked children in Cambodia. SHE Rescue Home was established in 2008 by founders Leigh and Hilary Ramsey, who are sisters-in-law from Queensland. “On a work trip to Cambodia they were approached by a young girl who was begging, both aware that giving money often doesn't go to the ones begging, they both decided to invite her to sit for a meal. Trust and relationship was built Leigh showed the little girl a flyer that brought awareness to 'sex tourism' and asked the little girl if she was safe, the young girl then stopped eating and said, ‘My friend, my friend, she is 10 - two men tonight - mother, father sell. You come,

you help, please’. The ladies immediately wanted to intervene but reality kicked in, they realised there were complex issues that contribute to a girl being vulnerable to trafficking - factors such as poverty, abuse, trickery and deception, unemployment and addiction often leading to desperation in the family. The women then knew they were called to do something in the capital of Cambodia, and that’s how the SHE Rescue Home was birthed,” says Susie Nettlefold from SHE Rescue Home. There are now five staff in the Brisbane office, as well as hundreds of advocates and volunteers across Australia, New Zealand and the US. Susie joined the organisation as a volunteer in the head office and shopfront and has now been on staff for more than four years doing sales, marketing and corporate speaking at schools, conferences, and fundraisers. “We had a beautiful girl who was brave enough to testify against her perpetrator, and he is now serving a long prison sentence for his heinous crimes. This has been a key contributor to

Queen’s Castle Gold Coast and northern NSW bloggers such as Chantelle Ellem from Fat Mum Slim, Rebel Wylie from Rebel Without a Pause, and Emily Toxward from Have a Laugh on Me, have all played a part in raising awareness of Rafiki Mwema – an organisation that provides safe houses in Kenya that rehabilitate abused children through love and Play Therapy. The charity has 32 fulltime Kenyan staff supporting the girls and boys – aged from just two to 15 - who have experiences horrific abuse, trauma and sexual abuse. Sarah Rosborg from Rafiki Mwema is based in Lennox Head and is the only full time worker for the organisation in Australia. “I have a team of people helping me but mainly we are in Lennox Head. From book keepers to marketing, to my mother helping me post out merchandise,” she says. An event recently held in

having other girls stand up and speak up for themselves which is creating ripple effects,” Susie says. The SHE Rescue Home boasts a 75 per cent conviction rate compared though they still experience corruption or bribery in 64 per cent of their cases; however, Susie says they will continue to fight for justice and empower and equip the girls they work with to do the same. With one of the main causes of human trafficking and child exploitation is extreme poverty, the organisation started a Family Assistance Program (FAP) to equip family members of SHE girls with a skill set, a fair trade wage, ongoing training and the opportunity to generate a sustainable income in the safety of their homes. “The FAP has been created to alleviate the cycle of poverty as well as the ability for the family members to be at home while the children are at school instead of begging on the streets,” Susie says. Visit:

Byron Bay for the charity, featuring blogger Constance Hall, raised tens of thousands of dollars. It was also an opportunity to celebrate the charity’s recent achievements. According to Sarah, Rafiki Mwema received $200,000 in donations after Constance Hall shared details about the charity to her followers. “This has changed everything for Rafiki,” Sarah says. This surpassed the charity’s $75,000 target “that we did not imagine that we’d reach for many weeks, if at all”. With the $200,000, they are now building a six bedroom house - known as Queen’s Castle - and a smaller house ‘Malkia Mtoto’ which means ‘Small Queens’. “This will be used for our new girls for when they arrive at Rafiki Mwema,” Sarah says. “When our girls first arrive they are extremely traumatised. Of course we are as gentle as we can be for their arrival, but arriving into a house of more than 20 girls can be very overwhelming. This house will be a transitional house. It will be a lot better for their recovery. This house has only ever been a dream.” They are also currently working towards building the ‘King’s Castles’ which will be homes for the boys on the farm the charity owns.


Social enterprise making a difference

Gold Coast based business owners and social influencers have become vocal supporters of Australian social enterprise Thankyou after its cofounder and managing director Daniel Flynn delivered a captivating presentation at a recent conference held at the RACV Royal Pines, Benowa. In 2008 Daniel pulled together a group of friends in Melbourne to turn an idea to launch a line of bottled water that would fund water projects overseas into a reality. At that time, over 900 million people didn't have access to safe drinking water on a daily basis, yet the Australian bottled water industry was worth an estimated $600 million a year. “Pretty wild given Aussies can access safe water straight from the tap,” Daniel says. In addition to the water products, Thankyou has also launched food and body care product ranges and a nappy and baby care range that will fund child and maternal health programs around the globe to empower families in need. Thankyou has over 40 products available in 5000 outlets in Australia (including 7 Eleven, Coles and Woolworths). The idea was to take a more holistic approach to combating poverty, with 100 per cent of its profits funding safe water, food and hygiene and sanitation services around the world.

November 2016



Connecting with your ideal employer or client has never been easier according to LinkedIn guru Julie Mason. inkedIn is one of the most powerful business tools available today yet it is also one of the most underutilised by businessowners and businessness people, according to LinkedIn strategist and guru Julie Mason. “Many people still think of it as a resume holding site but it has transformed into the business hub of the internet and is set to continue into the future with Microsoft acquiring it for $26.2 billion in June this year,” Julie says. While people are generally turning to Facebook to get updates on what their friends are doing those active on LinkedIn are there to specifically check for industry insights. “They are actively looking with a business mindset not a social mindset,” Julie says. According to Julie, studies show that LinkedIn is 277 per cent more effective for lead generation than Facebook or Twitter, “so if you are providing a business-to-business service then this is definitely a great playground for you”. With decades of traditional and door-to-door sales experience behind her, Julie has been sharing social media strategies for the last six years “I found LinkedIn would often generate greater returns on investment than other social media platforms,” Julie says. Using the power of social media to create social selling strategies for her clients, “which is how I got the nickname the Social Media Princess”, Julie now speaks nationally and internationally on topics including LinkedIn. CONNECTING LinkedIn's powerful search engine gives you the capacity to easily find your ideal prospects, according to Julie. “Once you have found them it's time to build a relationship that is based on value, which in turn builds trust with your prospect. Avoid trying to sell to people as soon as they accept your invite to connect as that tends to burn trust and therefore opportunity,” she says. Another way to build relationships is to post content that is of great value to your ideal prospects. “When you post great content on LinkedIn, you'll not only create top of mind presence with your connections but often generate enquiries through your profile regarding your services.” November 2016

MAKING AN IMPRESSION Whether you are in business or you're looking for that next career move, it is important to create a LinkedIn profile that shines, according to Julie. There are three common mistakes that most people make when it comes to their profiles on LinkedIn, Julie says. The first mistake is that their profile looks more like an abandoned house. “There is hardly any information, just the bare skeleton. You want to really flesh out your profile and ensure that you have good descriptions for all your experience, past and current, along with recommendations that will showcase your credibility in your work.” The second mistake is that your LinkedIn profile summary is either too short or non-existent. “I like to call the Summary your 'Silent Salesperson' because when written correctly it can do a lot of the heavy lifting when it comes to creating a great first impression.” The third mistake is that you don't have a call to action on your profile. “I usually recommend that you include this at the end of your Summary to tell your prospects exactly what are the next steps to doing business with you for example you might want them to call your office number, or perhaps visit your website to download a free report.” This is just as important for those looking for a new career; let people know the best way to contact you for a role, Julie says. For further information please visit

HOW TO MAKE THE MOST OUT OF LINKEDIN: l Be an active member. LinkedIn rewards active members with higher search rankings within LinkedIn search results and more profile views. l Ensure that you have a well-developed personal profile on LinkedIn including your value proposition, your credibility and your call to action.


l When connecting with others always send a personal message rather than the default 'I'd like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn'. Personalising your message will help increase your connection conversions and make you stand out. l Build a relationship with your connections, don't just connect and ignore.

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Braving the elements Hair stylist and make-up artist Amanda Higl dishes the dirt on the best way to wear sunscreen under make-up. pring racing season is here! When you’re trackside you are exposed to the elements. So while you may want to exercise some caution and slip, slop, slap, you also need to tread carefully as you don't want your face to appear too shiny or worse, white and chalky, in person or in photos all over social media. Sunscreen 101 in a nutshell: Even if your make-up or moisturiser contains SPF, be sure to use another layer underneath. A full day event or outing is a long time and there is nothing worse, or more ageing, than sunburn. Use a sunscreen that is specifically designed for your face. Body sunscreens are far too thick and are very, very white. The facial sunscreens are must finer and easier to blend under make-up. Your sunscreen should be the last product you apply prior to make-up. Start with the lightest of serums and creams and finish with the thickest.

It is important to keep in mind that some serums are not appropriate for day wear and react badly with sun so don't get too excited and apply every product from your cupboard. My favourite sun blocking day make-up is ASAP Moisturising Daily Defence SPF50+ and Jane Iredale BB Cream SPF25. Jane Iredale pressed powder completes the job - no cheeky rays sneak through that stuff and it is quite water resistant so if you get a little flushed while out in the sun, it will stay put. A little goes a long way so if you apply it all and feel like it is too much, you can most likely halve the amount you are putting on. It cannot be stressed enough how incredibly nasty sunburn will be, along with how you may feel the following day, so ensure you have the perfect base to take you from 11am till late! Enjoy the race and party season.

Hair analysis technology Discover the secret to having luscious locks. aintaining a mane of luscious locks is damn tiring, stressful and never seems to end– am I right, ladies? When it comes to a trip to the salon so much hangs in the balance in those few precious hours– will I come out looking like Miranda Kerr or Miley Cyrus circa 2013? So when I was referred to Osk 1 Hair Spa on Bundall Road in Ashmore, I was intrigued. The salon takes a clinical approach to hair; analysing, treating and styling your hair from the scalp, right through to the (split) ends. I was sceptical. I’ve been to many hairdressers over the course of my hair journey and it’s always the same foils, same trim, same products. There’s not much more to it! How wrong I was. I arrived at Osk 1 Hair Spa and was offered the complimentary beverage and fine food menu. Champagne and wild hibiscus flower? Uhh, yes please! We were off to a great start.

The hair analysis technology took only moments and the information it provided was incredible. I learned that my current shampoo and conditioner are not washing my scalp effectively, I don’t have ‘dry’ hair, I actually have porous hair and my hair density is lacking due to damage from lifestyle factors. All from one photo of my scalp. Wow! As I had discovered moments before, I’m no expert when it comes to hair so luckily Dee and Roberto were there to explain each of the results, what they meant for my hair and what we could do so that I can achieve my own hair goals. Dee and Roberto approach the business 23

of hair in a way I’ve never seen before: clinical, scientific and results-focused. This isn’t about leaving the salon and looking pretty until the first gust of wind. It’s about giving people the tools and knowledge to have salon-worthy hair every day. Amen to that! I have truly never left a salon feeling so confident and empowered – and this was only the consultation! To book your complimentary consultation and hair analysis call Dee on 5526 2100 November 2016


How to take on

social media

and survive Get it’s resident social media guru, Hayley Bogaard, is talking all things social media – from selfies to snapchats – in a three-part series that will take you from total digital novice to giving Kim Kardashian a run for her money - okay, maybe not all $150m of her fortune but you get the picture! kay ladies, grab a wine (or a coffee, depending on what time it is – actually, just grab a wine) and settle in. Social media is a scary thing – trust me, I get it. As soon as you feel like you’ve mastered it, three new platforms pop up and you’re back at square one asking what a Snapbook is, or is it Instatube? Well never fear, I’m going to take you through the wilderness, one step at a time, and have you using social media for your personal life and for your business like a pro. Firstly, let’s talk about the different platforms. FACEBOOK If you’re not on Facebook do you even – uhh – exist? Without a doubt the Godfather of modern social media, Facebook is the most popular online platform and the premium choice for businesses.This platform allows users to connect with you directly and many consumers will seek information about a business on Facebook before anywhere else.“Yeah but that’s only for young people,” I hear you cry – wrong.The largest age group of users on Facebook is in fact 35-54 years olds with more than 31 per cent of the site’s users falling in this age group. If you’re not on Facebook, you need to be! INSTAGRAM Instagram is perhaps the platform I get asked most about – what is it? How do I use it? What November 2016

is a hashtag? Instagram is an online mobile photo and video sharing service and perhaps one of the main culprits behind society’s obsession with the humble selfie. For businesses, Instagram is all about imagery and works best for visual content business such as clothing boutiques, hairdressers, beauticians and so on. One of the main features for social networking on Instagram are hashtags, which can be used to search for related content and share one’s own content to a wider audience. It’s a simple platform to use, once you know how. SNAPCHAT Snapchat is a mobile app that allows users to take a quick video or photo – or snap – of what they are doing in the moment and send it to their followers.The idea is that the image only lasts a few seconds on screen before disappearing forever. But let’s be honest, once it’s on the World Wide Web, it’s not going anywhere! Without a doubt, Snapchat has contributed to the increasing popularisation of ‘sexting’ or sending nude photos. It’s very much a platform for self-promotion – the Kardashian sisters love it – need I say more? If your target audience are people between the ages of 18 – 25, Snapchat can be a really effective marketing tool. Otherwise, I’d steer clear. TWITTER Twitter seems to be quite popular among high-profile people as a quick and easy way to communicate with their followers.Twitter allows users up to 140 characters to say what they have to say and can include pictures and short videos. It appears that Twitter is falling in popularity 24

with every-day users, with people opting for more visual platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. YOUTUBE YouTube was responsible for bringing us funny cat videos. It was also responsible for bringing us Justin Bieber, so I’ll let you judge it’s value. A site used for sharing video content,YouTube can be quite useful for businesses in terms of showcasing and demonstrating products and services.YouTube has given rise to the term ‘internet-famous’ and many people have actually turned their YouTube channel into quite a profitable business, all from the comfort of their home! LINKEDIN Now, let’s get down to business: LinkedIn. This is the platform for all things business and networking. LinkedIn allows you to connect with people to expand your business network, join industry groups and share your knowledge and expertise. LinkedIn is huge in the US but has had a slightly slower uptake in Australia. While it can be a highly effective marketing and networking tool, it does require a good understanding of the platform and consistent engagement to do so. There is no right or wrong answer to which platforms are best to use. It will depend entirely on what you hope to achieve, what sort of content you have and how your business works. If you still have no idea where to start, get in touch with a social media strategist and we can help you build your brand and start making social media work for you!


Unleash your inner goddess

Get It team member Hayley Bogaard reveals why she’s feeling like a new woman hey say that summer bodies are made in the winter but I was too busy snuggled up in a blanket, watching crappy reality TV and drinking hot chocolates (and not even the healthy, vegan kind – the marshmallows-andall kind!). Cue a visit to ElectroSlim Weight-loss and Health Clinic in Oxenford. The ladies behind the clinic, Sanelia and Sharon, are leading experts in this field and are a wealth of knowledge. When I arrive at the clinic, the first order of business is a hair analysis. The results are incredible. I’m told what deficiencies I have in my body, what vitamins will assist my energy levels and wellbeing, which foods my body is sensitive to and which I should avoid. From this, the team provided a tailored eating and weight-loss plan entirely personalised to my body and it’s needs. This was all from one strand of hair. Wow! The Venus Freeze treatment is up next and I am pleasantly surprised at how relaxing it actually is. A gel is applied to my stomach area and a small device is massaged over my skin, which produces both magnetic pulses and radio frequency to melt fat, tighten skin, reduce cellulite and stretch marks. Next up is the ElectroSlim therapy and this

time, I’m a little more nervous. Sanelia explains that the electrodes deliver waves of pulses with a repetitive variable pulse frequency to targeted areas to sculpt and reshape the body. The frequencies cause the muscles to contract, much like they would during exercise. So let me get this right: I just lie here, let the machine do all the work and I come out with a sexy, toned summer body? Brilliant! At first, it is a bit unsettling, having your muscles move involuntarily. But soon my body relaxes and gets used to the sensation and I just sit back, relax and think about all those misguided souls who are struggling with crunches at the gym. Having walked in a total sceptic, I left as a new woman. I feel refreshed, confident and


empowered. If you want to see actual results, complement your current exercise regime or just unleash your inner goddess, then call the ladies at ElectroSlim today. In fact, call right now. You can thank me later. Further details: or P: 1300 72 46 46

November 2016


Local designer determined to bring theatrics to the Coast old Coast designer Julian Napier is fast becoming the talk of the down thanks to his desire to provide beautiful clothing for women who dare to be different. Whether you desire elegant evening wear, sassy party frocks or theatrical pieces that will ensure heads turn when you walk into a room; Julian’s exciting and unique offerings are sure to please. Julian showcased his Spring/Summer collection for the first time at the Sunshine Coast Fashion Festival last month and has just opened his first design studio at Unit 9A 11 Hinde Street, Ashmore. “I try and make most of my clothes wearable but still with a theatrical/costume edge,” the 26-year-old says. “My ideal client would be someone who is very confident and doesn't want to blend into the background. All the clothes in the collections are available to order, they are made to order. Also, custom made to measure gowns are available where I work with the client to create their dream gown or piece.” After graduating in 2011 from the Australian Institute of Creative Design, Julian

Daring to be different

was offered an internship with the Costume Department on the set of the movie 'Bad Karma' starring Dominic Purcel and Ray Liotta. He has also worked as a costume designer for short film 'Seeking Sorrel Wood', Tara Simmons' music video 'Be Gone', the play 'Medea: The River Runs Backwards' and had an internship with Kitten D'amour. During his time at college, Julian won the Electric Playground Club Couture design award.

High end fashion destination ffering classic style for all occasions, Gold Coast fashion boutique Sanctuary Resort Shoppe has cemented its position as the place to go for classy, stylish pieces – especially if you’re after something to wow on race day. With party season and racing season underway, Sanctuary Resort Shoppe will help you stand out from rest in style. Designs by Frank Lyman and Joseph Ribkoff are a huge hit. Joseph Ribkoff’s evening, party, elegant, and formal dresses and stylish separates reflect an in-depth understanding of fashion trends and consumer preferences for resort, cruise, office, formal, or evening wear. Frank Lyman designs also appeal to women who want to accentuate their femininity, and is seductive and exciting. Visit today to find something sure to make you stand out at Magic Millions or for the racing and festive season. P: 5577 8288 November 2016

Julian’s multiple seasonal collections have been showcased via theatrical photo shoots that have been met with a great response from his online following. "For the current collection, I didn't draw anything. I had an idea of what I wanted to create and come up with everything as I went to give it a very eclectic feel,” Julian says. Visit: and

Fashion boutique appeals to all ages he Marine Village, Sanctuary Cove, is the perfect place to drop an anchor for the day and discover delightful fashion boutiques such as Calypso Resort and Swimwear. Specialising in fitting women of all ages and body types with the most flattering swimwear ensembles, Calypso Resort and Swimwear is a hit with visitors and those in the boating fraternity.You’ll find labels including Seafolly, Baku, Jets, Sunflair, Togs, Jantzan, Sunseeker, Piha, and a superb selection of accompanied apparel to enhance your swimsuit including hats, sunglasses, and sandals.The latest fashion in embellished kaftans, jumpsuits, and wraps, flowing skirts, tunics and dresses also make the transition from sea to land seamless. “If you want to be noticed, and find the perfect fit for everybody, we have the range that suits all,” says Suzy McDonald from Calypso Resort and Swimwear. “We have the latest fashion and accessories for the sun filled days of summer right here at Sanctuary Cove.” P: 5577 8981 26 27

November 2016


PHOTOGRAPHER: Dan Molloy STYLIST: Susie McWatt Forbes

Party perfection

MODEL: Michelle Bagarra Que models P: 5515 7283 HAIR AND MAKEUP: Racheal Scott FASHION RETAILER: Sonia Stradiotto Couture Level one Marina Mirage P: 5528 0800 LOCATION Stingray Bar, QT Hotel 7 Staghorn Avenue, Surfers Paradise P: 5584 1200

CARNIVALE Michelle wears Silk Spanish dress// $1500// Shoes model’s own

November 2016


MYSTERIOUS GIRL Ferrari Red Strapless Dress//$395//Feather Collar//$495// Shoes model’s own


November 2016

DREAMY NIGHTS Black Bandage Top//$249 // Romanza Rose Skirt//$1500// Shoes model’s own

November 2016


SUMMER MAGIC Red One Shoulder Dress// $295 // Shoes model’s own

FRINGE BENEFITS Black fringed Body dress // $395// Shoes model’s own

GODDESS Rose Gold Charlston dress with Fringing // $695// Gold Drop earrings// $495 // Shoes stylist’s own


November 2016


Buckle up ladies! It’s party season!

ovember brings us Melbourne Cup, Oaks Day, Stakes Day, not to mention lead up to Magic Millions and Christmas parties! So, what should you wear to these special occasions? H For the races, wear something stylish and fun. Elegance is a priority; avoid super low necklines or hemlines that are way too short – it’s not a nightclub! Knee length is great or, I’m loving the new longer length. H Opt for a metallic or floral headband, hat or crown. Fascinators are sooo last week!

Daisy Chain Mini Dress Stevie May $220, Soho Girl, The Marine Village Sanctuary Cove,

Anthea Crawford Black And White Organza Dress, $599,

H Lace, florals and feminine flounces rule in white and pastels along with nude or metallic accessories.

Review Flower Bomb Dress, $299.99; Grady Clutch Gold hard case clutch, with detachable chain strap, $69.95,

For the festive season, remember work parties can tend to get messy. Keep it simple and together, especially when the champagne starts flowing! A classic piece works well by adding a metallic or off shoulder look without the drama of ‘what to wear’.

Studio ANISS Prisma Crown (titanium),$220,

Pop it in your handbag to change into after work, and you are good to go. Review Rio Dress, $329,

Crowe Black $169.95,

NAJO Ovalados Bracelet, $529,

H A small handbag. Lippy and a credit card is all you need for a day at the races!

Being organized is the key, if you have many functions in your diary, go for something plain and structured that you can trick up with the never ending supply of accessories out there. Hope you survive the silly season!

Studio ANISS Tita Crown (titanium), $185

Susie x

Style advice...

A very special offer for my Get it Magazine girls...Need a new look... think you have become invisible! Time for a revamp at a special price. Email me for bookings. Limited spaces

• Shopping Service • Image Consultant • Shopping & Retail Susie The Stylist @susiethestylist November 2016


P: 0414 904 364

Get your brain buzzing Whether you want to learn a new language or brush up on all things music, physics, medicine and African art, there’s an education app to suit most. Elleanor O'Connell tells us why we need to download these apps now. Smartphones allow access to every corner of the Internet from almost anywhere in the world, providing ideas and information wherever it’s wanted. It’s no surprise that we’re turning to our phones to further our knowledge and now, education apps are right at our fingertips. These apps are perfect for the time pressured business woman to the time pressured mum balancing three kids on one hip. Whether you’re 18 or 80, these apps can be used by just about everyone. Duolingo Name: Available: App Store (iPhone, tablet), Android, Windows Store, online Free - no in app purchases Cost: Rating: HHHHH With the choice of 21 languages, from Vietnamese to Welsh, Duolingo offers an enjoyable and interactive experience that makes the daunting task of learning a new language much easier. The app has earned its title from the App Store as best app of the year 2015. Unlike other language apps, Duolingo’s colourful interface allows both children and adults to use it. Users are able to set their daily

target goal from 5 minute of practice a day to 20 minutes a day. Activities include recognizing of written words and dictating spoken sentences. This is a fantastic app to refresh your dusty language skills or to learn a new one entirely. Name: TED Available: App Store (iPhone, tablet), Android Free - no in app purchases Cost: Rating: HHHHH TED is a non-profit organization that exists for the soul purpose of spreading and sharing ideas and information. TED is the YouTube for the thinkers and the wonderers who want to learn anything and everything. With options of shorter videos for those pressed for time, Ted caters to all interests. It’s easy to get lost in TED for 5 hours, watching videos from why glow in the dark marine animals exist, to what makes light and sound exist in deep space. Recommended by universities worldwide, this is the perfect app to keep your brain active and curious. Star Walk Name: Available: App store (iPhone, tablet and computer), Android Cost: $4.99 Raing: HHH The universe is a pretty incredibly thing, as are the stunning constellations that litter the sky and have been fascinating humans as early as 35,000 B.C.E. With Star Walk you can explore the night sky in real time by holding your phone up to the night sky. Stars, planets, satellites and constellations will show up on your phone and take you on an interactive tour of the Milky Way. This fantastic app guides you through the night, whetting your appetite for stargazing.

Are you losing your hair? Are you struggling or concerned with a receding hairline and falling hair? The team at Osk 1 Hair Spa offer our clients. l A unique consultancy that specialises in these concerns. BEFORE

l To meet the practical and emotional needs of women experiencing hair loss.


l Access to professional hair loss management, support and advice alongside a comprehensive range of hair replacement, beauty and well being services.

For the best advice and the right choices, book a free consultation NOW

5526 2100 Level 1, 95 Ashmore Road, Bundall BEFORE


Osk 1 hair institute November 2016


Home-grown success story As the first Gold Coast designer and brand to appear at New York Fashion Week, Homebodii’s founder and fashion designer Ingrid Bonnor tells Get It editor Lauren Paris how appearing on such a global stage has impacted her business and how she hopes this amazing achievement will pave the way for other local designers.

ld Hollywood and vintage glamour shone through Ingrid’s latest collection of Homebodii intimates, sleepwear and occasional dresses at the New York Fashion Week show held at Studio Pier 59 in September. The Lost in Love Collection, showcasing Homebodii's signature feminine and romantic aesthetic, was widely praised and received by close to 400 attendees. “To be able to showcase an Australian brand on the international stage is quite a privilege and a great opportunity to show the rest of the world our unique designs and prints,” Ingrid says. “After Fashion Week, Homebodii has become more recognizable in Australia as a leader in the sleepwear market. We have since become the number one brand selling sleepwear in Australian on The Iconic.” Ingrid and her team were in the US for just over two weeks, which allowed plenty of time to adjust to the time difference and really get immersed in the buzz that is Fashion Week. “My gorgeous sister Marianne is the manager at Homebodii and with prior planning, logistically, everything went really well. The first week we stayed in SoHo at The Nomo which was buzzing with designers and buyers. We bumped into many other creatives in the hotels and styled an amazing rooftop photo shoot with a beautiful model from France and the help of Davroe hairstylists - another amazing Australian brand,” Ingrid says. The venue for Homebodii’s show – Pier 59 – is an iconic space for runway shows during fashion week. It’s a key destination for designers to showcase their collections to domestic and international press, buyers, retailers, influencers, and celebrities. “You see a lot of models on the way to showings and on the streets

November 2016

especially down in SoHo,” Ingrid says. “We were lucky to have MTV attend our show and Catt Sadler from E News. MTV later posted Homebodii as a designer to watch [via social media] and we had the gorgeous Emilia from New York Million Dollar Listing, who is a fan of Homebodii, and recently wore our pieces in her one-hour E special.” According to Ingrid, Homebodii was invited, along with a handful of Australian designers, to present in the women’s wear category by NYFW. “After going through the selection process we were one of the successful brands able showcase at this prestigious international event. We also used the week as an opportunity to catch up with our US based buyers and [to] plan” she says. “I hope it paves the way for other young emerging designers. It shows that there is a demand for new exciting designs and international opportunities out there for those willing to take a leap,” Ingrid says. Following the continued success in the US, Ingrid – Gold Coast born and bred – says she will be looking at setting up a physical presence in the US next year.


Q&A with Homebodii founder and designer Ingrid Bonnor

When, how and why did you start Homebodii? Homebodii was created from a personal desire to create a beautiful, but also versatile, robe. When I was pregnant with my second child I was on the hunt for something both feminine and suitable for my age. The growth of the brand was very organic, from a signature collection of robes we expanded into sleepwear and then dresses. It all came from a place of wanting to create beautiful feminine designs. The way the brand has been welcomed by our customers is truly beyond our expectations. Over the years we have been fortunate to be picked up by leading stores in the US. What have been some of the biggest challenges or hurdles along the way? There comes a time when your business becomes a brand.This meant for us, investing in more staff, bigger infrastructure, implementing procedures and surrounding ourselves with people who can elevate us and our brand. Personally, when you hand over the decision making process to those in your team you have to have faith in their abilities and implementation of your vision for the brand.The future is not certain and making smart and sensible decisions is vital to the health of your business. What does the design process involve? I find the designing process very inspiring; it often comes from an idea, a colour or an old black and white film. First a sketch is made, then a sample. We then do a small run to see if the style is well received and the fit is good. I often ask the girls to wear a new sample to bed for week to see how it wears. The whole process can take up to six months. What’s an average day like for you? I start everyday by checking my emails and following up with possible buyers and stockists. During the first stages of a collection, the majority of my day will be taken up with design work. I’ll close myself off for a week or two and just focus on drawing and sorting everything through. When the design work has all come together I’ll get started on the sample making. At this stage, my morning is spent working on toiles and pattern cutting. Occasionally, I’ll have a dressmaker in to help but most of the time it’s just me so I put on some music – this could be anything from Beyoncé to classical piano music, but at the moment I’m listening to a playlist of instrumental tracks from films like W.E, Anna Karenina and The Painted Veil. Please tell us about your attachment to the Gold Coast: I am very fortunate to have all my family residing here on the Gold Coast. My husband and I were both born here and so were my children. It is a wonderful place to raise a family and has given so much in the way of opportunities.There is such an entrepreneurial spirit on the Gold Coast and we get behind our locals. I truly feel blessed to be able to live and run my business is in this great town.


Are there any plans to relocate at all? While I do envy those who live in the collective creative hub of places like NY, London, and LA, I have found you can run a very successful business from most places with internet access these days. I was born on the Gold Coast and both sides of my families are very much settled here. It is a wonderful place to raise children. Customers are often surprised when they find out that our studio is based on the Gold Coast. As far as impact, a major challenge with running an international business is the time differences, which means often working around the clock as a slave to 24/7 emails. We will however be looking at setting up a physical presence in the US next year. What’s next for you and Homebodii? We are in the process of collaborating with a well-known celebrity on a new range and are looking to diversify the label into a new segment of the market. We are moving into a lot more customizations for our customers. On a personal level, as a mother, I’d like to improve my home life balance. It can be a real juggle finding a balance. In the early stages of a business it’s easy to burn the candle at both ends, with time you create a rhythm and with the help of good people you can hand over some of the load. I look forward to devoting my time to more of the creative process of the business. For further details, visit

November 2016


Flat tummy in 15 minutes...

and other gimmicks! Jeff Osborne, owner of Vision Personal Training in Bundall has a bone to pick with ‘quick-fix’ weight-loss gimmicks his time of year always brings out advertisements for quick fix weight loss gimmicks. So few of these actually work and the majority of such quick fixes create more problems down the track by messing with your metabolism and insulin sensitivity. The real issue with quick fixes is the mindset behind them. At Vision we have people lose extraordinary amounts of weight every week, with some of our best losing more than 30kgs in nine weeks. One guy that even lost 110kgs in 10 months! But the key to the success of our program is down to the mindset behind it. When you go into a program or a plan to lose weight, seeing it as a short term fix - and not the beginning of a lifelong journey - is a tactical error that will eventually have you back where you started, or worse. Whether you like it or not, if you want your body to change, YOU are going to have to change. That doesn't mean never having a drop of wine again or never touching another chocolate but there are going to have to be changes. For changes to be effective you need to have a good hard look at what you are prepared to change. The changes you are going to make have to fit into your life and you need to be equipped to keep these changes up for the rest of your life. You can't rely on someone simply writing you a diet or relying on a special shake that you need to have every day. With our clients, we look at what changes each person is actually prepared to make and then we help support them to make those changes permanent. It is important to remember that while the changes will feel uncomfortable to begin with, they will over time become normal. The payoff in health, longevity and energy will be well worth it. And it's not just you that will be affected by the changes. The people around you will also notice and be affected. There have been countless times when one of our clients gets into great shape and, by default, their partner starts doing exercise and eating better. It's a great positive influence and example to set. VISION'S READINESS QUESTIONS 1. Readiness to let go of the past and embrace the future. If you can't let go of the past in certain areas you will be right back there. 2. Readiness to change your eating habits. You can't out exercise a bad diet and you are where you are for a reason. Food choices make the biggest difference. 3. Readiness to change your exercise habits. Exercise is about consistency and doing things that are effective and enjoyable is important. 4. Readiness to change your alcohol habits. Some drinking habits are destructive and hurting your chances of success. 5. Circle of influence questions. The people you spend time with affect your health. How you deal with them influences yours. 6. Emotional eating questions. These help identify when and where you are making poor decisions and strategies to overcome them. November 2016

There are three other questionnaires we use. If you really are serious about getting into great shape and staying there I am happy to send them to you. Just email me at Making long term changes doesn't need to be difficult or painful. It just needs to be effective. Don't fall for the quick fix gimmicks. Start taking steps to be the PGRso does your family. healthiest version of you. You deserve itUand ADE P: 5538 4788




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Breaking the bad teeth cycle With a high number of tooth decay cases in Gold Coast toddlers and children, parents are being advised to take great care ooth decay can be a very painful experience and can often result in the loss of teeth prematurely which can affect a child’s speech, function and the growth pattern of the permanent teeth, according to Dr Jeanette Lamb BDS MSc from Maven Dental Robina. “It is essential that parents are aware of the causes of tooth decay and the measures they need to take to prevent this,” she says. “It is essential that good oral hygiene is established from a very young age to prevent tooth decay and gum disease.” According to Dr Lamb, young children are particularly prone to dental caries – also known as tooth decay or cavities – as their teeth have not been exposed to fluoride in toothpaste, water and in the diet for long periods of time. “If the decay is found early, often a small restoration (filling) is all that is required. We use a fluoride containing filling material. If the caries is deep and the tooth has become abscessed, often an extraction will be required, however, we try to save teeth were possible to avoid premature loss of teeth,” Dr Lamb says. “Toddlers often refuse to brush their teeth and I meet many parents who are really concerned about this. My advice is to try and make brushing fun, sing to your child when brushing or buy battery operated brushes and reward them when they do brush. Parents should prevent brushing from being an

upsetting or negative experience.” Dr Lamb, who has worked at Maven Dental Robina as Clinical Lead for 12 months since moving here from the UK, says it is very encouraging to hear that the majority of schools in the area encourage brushing during school time and that parents are advised to TEETH TIPS: > Parents are advised not to clean dummies by placing it in their mouth and should not share spoons. > As soon as the deciduous teeth erupt, gentle tooth brushing should be introduced with a soft brush with plain water, ideally twice a day. Once a child reaches 18 months, a low fluoride containing toothpaste should be introduced. > Parents should not put sugar-containing drinks into infant’s bottles or leave their child with milk in the bottle - which can be left to pool in the mouth. > Once a child reaches the age of four they should be encouraged to brush their teeth themselves,


only allow their children to bring in healthy snacks and lunches. Maven Dental Robina is a modern and professional dental practice that caters for general, cosmetic, emergency or family related dental needs. however, it is recommended that parents help them brush their teeth up to the age of eight. > Be aware of hidden sugars in foods particularly natural sugars in things like fruit and fruit juices. > Water and milk are the best drinks that can be recommended. High sugar fizzy drinks should be avoided all together. > Acidic fruits such as oranges cause softening of the enamel. It is therefore advisable not to brush for up to an hour after consumption as this will brush away the softened enamel. > Brush twice daily with a fluoride-containing toothpaste, floss daily, use mouthwash. Fissure sealants on permanent molars. Dr Jeanette Lamb from Maven Dental Robina

November 2016


How our gut microbes can make us fat or thin Dr Elen ApThomas discusses options to improve our overall health cientific experiments have shown that overweight mice have overweight babies but if we transplant the gut organisms of a thin mouse into the offspring of an overweight mouse the overweight mice’s kids are thin. This has profound consequences for our deeper understanding of our metabolism and proves what many of us already know; that there obviously is a lot more to managing our weight than simply the old school thought of calories in and calories out. So how can we use this knowledge about gut organisms to our advantage? People who have a better metabolism have a greater variety of healthy gut

gain through many mechanisms, one of these being to increase inflammation in our bodies making it harder for our cells to burn fat for energy. The numbers of good gut organisms can be increased through exercise, effective stress management such as yoga, meditation and counselling, and interestingly by intermittent fasting, made popular by the well known 5:2 diet where you dramatically reduce calories two days a week and eat normally the other five days. Obviously increasing healthy bacteria can be done by directly increasing the intake of healthy organisms through

The numbers of good gut organisms can be increased through exercise, effective stress management such as yoga, meditation and counselling, and interestingly by intermittent fasting. organisms than those who gain weight more easily. These good guys that make up our microbiome within the gut include species such as lactobacillus and bifido bacteria. These organisms live off fibre in our diet from vegetables, nuts, seeds, fruit, and unrefined carbohydrates and it has been found that the greater the variety of foods we eat the better the variety of organisms that colonise our gut. Stress, antibiotics and medication such as the oral contraceptive pill reduce the numbers of healthy bacteria in our gut and play a role in contributing to weight

probiotic supplements and regularly eating fermented foods such as sauerkraut and kefir. Other herbal and food ferments that give synergistic benefits such as fermented papaya and fermented turmeric provide not only probiotics but also give the added benefits of papaya enzymes to assist digestion and immunity and turmeric provides anti-inflammatory benefits. A lifestyle involving exercise and stress management and a dietary program that combines the best of all these food principles such as intermittent fasting,

high variety of vegetables, nuts, seeds, fruits and complex carbohydrates and daily intake of large amounts of fermented foods can help assist in increasing healthy bacterial numbers in the gut which can help improve overall health and our ability to regulate our metabolism making it easier to manage our weight. P: 5564 5013


Rest, Reset & Energise! The detox program that gives you the energy to continue your daily life! Contains Raw organic Ingredients Non-GMO Gluten & Dairy Free Contains Healthy Bacteria

Natural Source of Amino Acids, Vitamins, Minerals & Enzymes No Artifcial Ingredients Suitable for Vegans

TO GET YOUR FFDETOX GO TO OR CONTACT 150 Ashmore Road, Benowa | | November 2016


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Bluetooth hearing aids to the rescue Grant Collins, Principal Audiologist at Clarity Hearing Solutions explains the epic new technology helping people with their hearing. luetooth compatible hearing aids have been available on the market for around five years now and there are an ever increasing number of smartphone apps that are compatible with these devices. There are also several other useful hearing related apps than can be used both with and without hearing aids to assist those with hearing loss or tinnitus. Probably the most common use of apps with hearing aids are remote control apps which allow a user to use their smartphone as a remote control to adjust the volume, treble, bass, program/memory settings, as well as adjust background noise settings. You can also personalise sound settings to any environment and save those settings. Your hearing aids then automatically go into that setting each time you enter into that environment in future. Another feature allows the smartphone to act as an external microphone and stream directly to the hearing aids. A great example would be if you were attending church or even a lecture. You can place your smartphone on the lectern and it will pick up the speaker’s voice and transmit it via Bluetooth to your hearing aids. The speaker’s voice will be clear and you can adjust the volume of their voice to whatever level suits you. For those who may suffer from tinnitus

(ringing sounds in the ears) there are numerous different tinnitus treatment masking apps, which can be downloaded and streamed directly to the hearing aids. These can be very handy when sleeping, where you do not want to disturb your partner with other tinnitus masking or musical noise option. I also regularly use hearing screening apps. These allow basic hearing tests to be done with a smartphone and headphones to give an idea on your baseline hearing. They are not overly accurate but by getting an idea of what your baseline hearing is, it allows us to track any changes in hearing without needing to come into the clinic each time it changes. The data can be emailed or downloaded by an audiologist and we can track and see if the hearing is fluctuating. This is very useful for diseases of the inner ear where fluctuation is a symptom such as Meniere’s Disease.

I also prescribe sound level meter apps for a lot of my first time fitted hearing aid wearers, or Cochlear implant recipients. If it’s been a long time since someone has had normal hearing, or any hearing at all in the case of Cochlear, the frame of reference of what normal levels of sounds are will be skewed. By using sound level meter apps you can use your phone to measure these day to day sounds that you are unsure of and use normal conversational levels as your frame of reference to compare the volume measurements to. My favourite app of all is a tracking app which allows you to use your smartphone to find your hearing aids if you are unsure of where they are. The hearing aids emit a signal which the smartphone can use to track its location. Very handy for those who misplace their hearing aids frequently. P: 1300 252 748

Can’t understand the TV? Are people mumbling? You may be suffering from industrial deafness! Don’t suffer any longer. It’s hard to explain but sometimes it can sound like people are mumbling, or no matter how much you turn up the TV you still can’t understand what’s being said. But you might be able to hear some sounds perfectly such as a car coming down the road before anyone in the house can! These plus other symptoms are very common complaints and can be caused by noise induced hearing loss (industrial deafness). Many people are exposed to dangerous levels of noise throughout their lives. Around the mid-thirties this begins to catch up with us

and can result in the start of a high pitched hearing loss, or “industrial deafness”. The hearing then continues to decline as we get older until more pitches are effected and the severity increases. Early warning signs include ringing sounds in the ears (tinnitus), difficulty hearing in background noise, increased television volume, and difficulty hearing female or children’s voices. Previously it was very hard to treat industrial deafness because putting a standard hearing aid in the ear physically blocked the ear and prevented the use of any remaining good

hearing primarily in the low pitched sounds. That meant the hearing aids had to amplify all noises, including excessive background noise. They had an unnatural sound quality and caused the wearer’s own voice to echo and chewing noises to be excessively loud. Thankfully there are now Open-fit hearing aids which alleviate most of the previous issues associated with treating industrial deafness. Instead of blocking the ear these tiny, barely visible devices leave the ear open for the wearer to utilise their good hearing in low pitched sounds, and focuses on speech

sounds in specific high pitched areas. If adjusted and fitted properly, specifically for your hearing loss, the result is an entirely natural sound quality, no excessive background noise, and no loud chewing or voice echoes. If you, or someone you know suffers from these symptoms phone Clarity Hearing Solutions today to discuss the solutions available.

Call now to secure your hearing

1300 252 7489 or 3366 7888

Hope Island, Mater Misericordiae Health Care, 8 Halcyon Way Also at: Bribie Island, Carindale, Caboolture, Loganholme, Spring Hill, Sunnybank Hills

Advanced Hearing Aid and Audiological Specialists


November 2016



Los Angeles The City of Angels is the perfect place to sip on cocktails while enjoying ocean views as well as a bit of celeb spotting as Gold Coast-based actress and model Christie-Lee Britten recently discovered while visiting the US with her Mum. Christie-Lee, who has appeared in a variety of films including San Andreas and Boar, and TV shows Wanted, Mako Mermaids, and Terra Nova, reveals her must-see locations to Get it.

SANTA MONICA We stayed at the Wyndham hotel Santa Monica which is right across the road from the Santa Monica Pier and is very central to many restaurants and shopping centres and handy for sightseeing with the new light rail located right outside. The must-do bike ride along the beach from Santa Monica to Venice is popular. You can rent bikes down near the pier from Sea Mist Rentals for as little as $10 for 2 hours or for $15-$20 all day if you decide to explore a little longer. Using free bikes from our hotel, mum and I rode from the Pier down to the Venice beach sign stopping along the way for breakfast and a coffee at Coast restaurant at the beautiful hotel Shutters on the Beach. The flat bike ride is around an 8km round trip and you can check out markets and artwork, Venice tourist souvenirs, graffiti walls, the famous muscle beach outdoor gym, and skate park. There is always something happening. There was a TV show filming the day we were there. It’s a must to get a photo under the famous Venice sign. SHANGRI LA HOTEL The luxurious Shangri La Hotel in Santa Monica is situated on Ocean Avenue and it sure does live up to its reputation. One of the best views of the ocean in Santa Monica and a great place to sip on a cocktail. Shangri La’s rooftop bar Suite 700 is open from 4pm – midnight every day. I recommend going for pre-dinner drinks when the sun is setting as it is just magical and you will get some amazing photos.

November 2016


We headed downstairs for dessert and enjoyed sticky date pudding with vanilla bean ice-cream while taking in the heavenly view of the tropical palm trees and ocean. NOBU MALIBU Nobu is definitely worth the 25 minute drive from Santa Monica. If you want an amazing dining experience with the most mouth watering Japanese inspired food this is the place to go. This local hot spot, perfect for celebspotting, is located right on the beach and as you dine you will be watching the waves roll in. Reservations are essential as it is very popular. We ate delicious Malibu ‘Takumi’ Burgers and freshly made shrimp and crab sushi made at the sushi bar, followed by a fab dessert. THE STAHL HOUSE One of the most amazing views I witnessed while in LA was from the historic cultural landmark and one of LA’s top 10 houses; the Stahl House which is perched high in the Hollywood Hills above Sunset Boulevard. Known for its amazing architecture, the house is often hired out for photo shoots and filming and featured in numerous movies.

Mum and I went at 3.30pm which was $60pp. This was the best time to go as you get to enjoy daylight, sunset and then the city night lights which has a true magical feel about it. During the tour you get an in-depth history of the property and a tour of the house with plenty of photo opportunities. After the tour we went for dinner at the famous Chateau Marmont which is just down the bottom of the hill where we ended up sitting next to Actress Mischa Barton – who appeared on TV show The OC. It is a must to book to have dinner or drinks at Chateau Marmont. GREYSTONE MANSION IN BEVERLY HILLS Nestled high up in the beautiful streets of Beverly Hills sits the Greystone Mansion. Featuring some of the most beautiful gardens, the property is a popular spot for filming. It has been a location for films including Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Spiderman 3, Star Trek 2, The Social Network, Charlie’s Angels Full Throttle and more. Built in 1927, it took three years to complete and cost more than $3 million dollars. The public are welcome to walk around the property and beautiful gardens for free. For a closer look you can book a tour inside the mansion for a fee. 41

November 2016


Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat’s recipe book A Taste of Gwinganna features more than 160 pages of delicious gluten free and dairy free recipes for everyday meals including breakfast, snacks, soups and salads, plus some popular classic dishes.

Tantalise your tastebuds

TOMATO SALAD WITH RAW ALMOND FETA SERVES 4 INGREDIENTS ALMOND FETA • 1 cup almonds, soaked in filtered water for 24 hours • 1/4 cup lemon juice, freshly squeezed • 2 tbsp extra virgin olive oil • 1/2 tsp sea salt • 1 probiotic capsule contents (optional) • 1 tsp shiro miso • 1/2 cup cold filtered water TOMATO SALAD • 1 punnet red cherry tomatoes, sliced • 1 punnet yellow cherry tomatoes, sliced • 1 punnet black Russian tomatoes, thinly sliced • 1/2 medium red onion, thinly sliced • 30ml lemon juice, freshly squeezed • 30ml extra virgin olive oil • Pinch of sea salt and cracked black pepper • 1 bunch mint leaves, chopped METHOD To make the feta, peel the skin off the almonds and place them into a blender. (To peel skins easily, blanch quickly with boiling water, the skins will pop off.) Add remaining ingredients and blend until mix has a creamy consistency, about 3 minutes. Remove from blender and place in a nut bag or piece of cheesecloth. Twist cloth around cheese mix, forming a ball shape and squeeze lightly to help reduce moisture. Hang cheese ball over a wooden spoon with a bowl underneath to collect any liquid. Refrigerate cheese to set for 24 hours. To assemble salad, slice tomatoes and place in a bowl. Thinly slice red onion and add to tomatoes. Dress with lemon juice, olive oil, sea salt and pepper. Add mint, toss well and arrange on a plate with pieces of almond feta scattered on top.

November 2016


COCONUT LIME BITES INGREDIENTS • 3 cups desiccated coconut • 1 cup raw cashews • Pinch of sea salt • 3 limes, juice and zest • 2 tbsp raw honey METHOD: Blend coconut, cashews and salt in a food processor for 3 minutes. Add lime juice, zest and honey and process, scraping down sides as needed. Process until mix comes together and forms a dough like ball. Roll into walnut sized balls. Store in refrigerator, but take out 10 minutes before serving. Makes 24. NOTE: These can be rolled in desiccated coconut. You can substitute maple syrup for honey if needed.

COCONUT CRUSTED FISH SERVES 4 INGREDIENTS • 1 cup desiccated coconut • 2 tbsp sesame seeds • 1 tbsp ground lemon myrtle • 1 lime, zest and juice • pinch of sea salt and cracked black pepper • 1/4 cup macadamia nut oil • 600g snapper fillets METHOD: Preheat oven to 160°C. Combine coconut, sesame seeds and lemon myrtle in a bowl. Add lime juice, zest, seasonings and oil. Cut fish either into bite sized pieces or retain as fillets. Press the topping onto the fish and bake in oven until cooked, around 6–8 minutes. TIP Our brain is 70 per cent fat based and therefore needs fat. Brain boosting foods include fish, Brazil nuts, oysters, seeds, eggs, tuna, broccoli, mackerel and wholegrains.


November 2016

oh what

FUN Some things need a big budget, but your Christmas Party isn’t one of them! Gather your work colleagues, friends and family and enjoy a fivecourse banquet - fusion of festive flavours along with an extensive cocktail and bar menu. With relaxed alfresco dining, live entertainment, exquisite food and drink N3 Tapas Bar will make you merry! $65 per person $75 per person premium package includes succulent seafood.

N3 Tapas Bar | Ground Floor Marina Mirage | Main Beach

For more information and bookings | November 2016

P 5591 1400


Saint Stephen’s College formal RACV Royal Pines Resort Saturday, October 10, 2015 SAINT STEPHEN'S COLLEGE FORMAL

Photo by Tango Photography

RACV Royal Pines Resort • Saturday 15 October 2016

Liam Raymond and Teiha Olsen

Saskia Geraghty and Brett Lowe

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Matthew Morby and Caitlin Sealey

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Owen Looney and Melitta Cardon-Smith

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November 2016



WOMEN IN TOURISM A ‘Touch of Teal’ was the special theme for the October event held at the Hilton Surfers Paradise. All attendees made a special effort for the Ovarian Cancer fundraising breakfast. There were lots of auction prizes and lots of fun was had by all.

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November 2016


A. B. PATERSON COLLEGE FORMAL Hope Island Links Resort — Saturday, 5 March, 2016

Tyler Scullin and Emilie Walker

Theodore Lee and Jasmin Turpin

I N D E P E N D E N T C O - E D U C AT I O N P R E P T O Y E A R 1 2

Callan Kelly and Marine Madsen

Nickolas Mills and Olivia Baran

Developing Young Men and Women of Character – Leaders Now and For the Future

10 A.B. Paterson Drive, Arundel Gold Coast, Queensland, 4214 Phone 07 5594 7947 Fax 07 5594 7650 Email 47

November 2016



XTEND BARRE Xtend Barre studios on the Gold Coast took their ballet barres to Skypoint for a fun and fabulous class to raise funds for National Breast Cancer Foundation.

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November 2016

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Get your horoscope About Cassandra Tyndall Cassandra is an avid professional astrologer, writer and teacher, based in Brisbane, Australia. Her interest in Astrology started when she was a child reading horoscopes in her mother's magazines. Known for her honesty, passion and insight, Cassandra offers consultations to people all over the globe. H AQUARIUS January 21 – February 19 Bold and confident Mars moves into your sign on the 10th. You’ll have the courage to pursue a personal goal or take action toward your dreams. Your needs come first now. A little healthy selfishness is necessary as you pursue the plans that have been in the pipeline for a frustrating length of time. Mars is in Aquarius until December 19. H PISCES February 19 – March 20 Jupiter, your patron planet, spends the entirety of November chasing Saturn, who currently resides in your career zone. You too will need to follow opportunities that open doors to make the good things last. This is not a month to rest on your laurels if you really want something. Think of the old saying of ‘luck is when hard work and opportunity meet.’ Be open to new opportunities now.

H SCORPIO October 23 – November 22 Fresh from the Scorpio New Moon which happened on October 31st, you’ll be buzzing with fresh possibilities for your year ahead. As Mars, your ruler is in the slow and steady sign of Capricorn when the month begins, spend some time planning, plotting and manifesting the goals that are most important to your heart and soul.

H ARIES March 20 – April 19 A radical approach or new directions hold the key to success once Mars enters your fortune sector on the 9th. Concentration and hard work will still pay off, though adopting an ‘outside the square’ attitude will take you places. The heavens encourage you to seek like- minded people. Happiness, success and joy can be found in connecting with friends and new people who share similar interests.

H SAGITTARIUS Nov 22 – Dec 22 Embracing a diplomatic approach or with the help of a partner, you can uncover hidden potential or sway someone in authority to your way of thinking. This could be getting an investor for a business idea or enlisting a life coach or mentor to help you navigate new terrain. This planetary potential can help you unlock a hidden reservoir of personal power.

H TAURUS April 20 – May 21 An important decision is highlighted under the Full Moon on the 14th. In contrast to the erratic nature earlier in the month, this will be a time for you to slow down, consider and ponder all of your options. Your ruler Venus will be in Capricorn at the time of the Full Moon emphasising the need to make a conservative or practical choice.

H CAPRICORN December 22 – January 20 Three planets light up your sign from November 4. With the Moon, Mars and Pluto energising you, you have the potential to move mountains, progressing toward your most important goals. The 4-6th are particularly potent while the Moon makes her monthly sojourn in your sign. Notice and feelings or emotions that bubble up to the surface now.

H GEMINI May 21 – June 21 Your ruler Mercury ventures through your significant relationships sector from the 12th. Making calls, connections and contacts is the

name of the game when it comes to relating this month. As a natural communicator and talker, Mercury making moves through your opposing sign can symbolise the need to listen more than talk right now. H CANCER June 21 – July 22 The 17th-18th are your personal power days where the Moon visits your own sign. This is a great opportunity to reconnect with your most important goals and desires and work on manifesting them. Emotions may run a little higher now, so be kind to yourself and take a break where you can and do something you enjoy. H LEO July 22 – August 23 The month concludes with a New Moon in a fellow fire sign. In dynamic and adventurous Sagittarius, routines make way for spontaneity and adventure on the 29th. This lunation heralds a clean slate in your fun and good times sector, and is a perfect opportunity to make new goals and intentions about how you’d like to experience more joy in your life. H VIRGO August 23 - September 22 The 21st sees your ruler Mercury shift from intensity to broader horizons. As your mood lightens up, you’ll be challenged to move beyond the facts and toward what is possible. Until December 2, the cosmos encourages you to let go of needing to know all the details. Moving forward with faith and optimism is all you need. H LIBRA September 22 – October 23 Venus’ dip through your home sector may encourage you to re-visit or finish off projects that were started in late January through to midFebruary. This may include updating your home with a touch of luxury including new furniture, a lick of paint or some new artwork. Venus in your domestic sector is also an ideal time for entertaining at home.

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November 2016


It’s time to


As we all get into the swing of the traditional sparkly and glittery party season, Get It contributor Elizabeth Campbell is ready for a sleep. She also discusses the importance of gratitude. t’s been a big year. I’ve been here, there and everywhere; holidays in Singapore and Vietnam, frequent domestic travel, new business opportunities, started running events and workshops, dated a guy, then dealt with a breakup, and took a few hundred leaps of faith. As I said, big year. But these are all things to celebrate and you take the good with the bad. Life is a party after all. I do really love this time of year. Life really steps up a notch; we are out and about in this glorious weather, all dressed up, rocking a new pair of heels, there are social events galore, cocktails with friends, catch-ups with family and plenty of work and business soirees to attend. What’s not to love? Sometimes we can get bogged down in the day to day running of our lives, work and home. It can be hard to find things to celebrate. But there is always something – and we don’t need a party or a specific day to celebrate. We can do this at any time. I think it’s all about being grateful for what you have and celebrating the little things in your life. Dr Robert Emmons, a professor of psychology at the University of California, actually did experiments to measure how gratitude impacted people’s life. His experiment had a group of people split into three groups. One group wrote about all the bad stuff happening in their day and another group wrote about their day in general. The third group was asked to write down everything they were grateful for. Guess what happened? Writing down what you are grateful for each day has shown higher levels of “alertness, enthusiasm, determination, optimism and energy”. People in that group were also less stressed. So guess what I’ve been doing this year? Writing my grateful list every day. November 2016

I am often asked what I do to keep my energy levels up. Writing the list is one of the thing I do. I also eat well, meditate, exercise, drink plenty of water, and don’t drink much alcohol during the week. After all I’m going to need my energy for the pending party season, right? Being grateful doesn’t necessarily mean your life is perfect all the time, it just means you are thankful for the good bits and don’t focus on the not-so-good bits. Celebrate your health, family, work, friends, partner and life in general. You might not have the best health at the moment, but find things you can be grateful for. My friend has just had twinnies and they have just found out one might have cerebral palsy. When I spoke with her about it, she said “I’m just glad he’s alive”. This little darling had a rough start to life but my friend believes it won’t be too severe and is optimistic he will still lead a wonderful life. I’m really proud of her for taking that view. A few years ago I was in a job I hated. It was a negative environment, I didn’t feel supported by my boss and I was working around the clock. I didn’t want to go to work. It was my Mum who said ‘Just find one thing you like about going to work and focus on 50

that’. You know what the one thing was? You’ll laugh. The fact that there was cold water in the bubbler because it was the middle of summer and it was nice to have a refreshing drink. Seriously, that was all I could find, I hated it so much. Every day I went in and focused on the bubbler, then I would find something else to be thankful for within my job. I was happy that I got paid every week. I liked seeing my friend who I sat beside every day. I enjoyed that I got to wear my pretty heels. And so on. Eventually I grew to love the role again and was able to help make changes so I could grow within the company. If it sounds a bit woo woo to you, try it and see how you go. Before you go to bed tonight start writing your grateful list. Oprah says to write 10 a day, but if you can only think of one thing, just write that down. I looked back over my list the other day and the top things I’m most grateful for are my family, home and lifestyle. What are yours?

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November 2016



Introducing the world’s first premium compact convertible SUV. Featuring Land Rover’s new InControl Touch Pro Infotainment system and the very latest Terrain Response technology. The new Range Rover Evoque Convertible is perfectly adapted to the city. Book your test drive today and conquer the urban jungle.

Bruce Lynton Land Rover Corner of Southport-Nerang Road and Bailey Crescent, Southport 07 5571 1011 November 2016


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