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May 2016


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House husbands

This dad gave up work to raise his kids

Mum’s the word Why working women need a break

Health kick

How Paleo saved this family’s health


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Autumn’s new mood PAGE 28 GEOMETRIC GIRL Joseph Ribkof black and white dress // $319 // and Vera May yellow bag // $99 // Meegs Boutique 5592 3099 // and Dusty black pump // $189 // In Her Shoes 5570 6266

13 Grice Avenue, Paradise Point Phone 5564 2676 May 2016

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from the editor ELIZABETH CAMPBELL

Hands up who loves the show House Husbands? Our feature story this month could be an episode from the popular television show and is apt considering this is our annual family edition of the magazine. This story has particular meaning to me as I grew up in a household like this one. My Mum went back to work while Dad stayed at home with his three daughters. What a change for us – but more so him, I would imagine.


Links Hope Island is proud to showcase the immense talents of Brisbane sculptor, Carly Kotynski and award winning photographer, Danielle Lancaster in an exclusive exhibition open to the public.

Like the father in our story, Brett, many more men a choosing to stay at home to raise their families while their wives or partners go back to work.There’s a plethora of reasons as to why this might be case and it’s different for each family. Check out his story and why he loves it.

For the first time the talented pair will exhibit together and will share their love of mother nature through their unique pieces. Carly’s scultpures will feature intricately woven wire bringing her pieces to life whilst Danielle’s humanity portraits will take in her many adventures through Cambodia and highlight the stories of each of the subjects.

With the rise in men staying at home to run the household, there’s apparently been a rise in daddy bloggers too, while other men are starting businesses or taking up opportunities that allow them to work from home so they can add more flexibility to their home and family life.

Works will be on sale to the public.


Brett says he wouldn’t have it any other way and enjoys being at home with this three young daughters, including twins – but ask him about the washing and folding and he has a different story to tell.

Exhibition: Sunday 1st - Tuesday 31st May, 2016. Launch Party - Meet The Artists Friday 6th May, 7pm – 10pm $45 pp Includes chef selection of canapes and beverages.

We’ve also had a chat with a few mums about their lives, running businesses, raising families and finding that elusive “balance”. Is there really even any truth in the phrase “work-life” balance? See what blogger Emily Toxward has to say about that.

‘Botanica’ Sculpture Masterclass - Sunday 15th May, 9am – 4pm $95 pp. Includes 2 course lunch and materials. Photography Workshop - Sunday 22nd May, 10am – 3pm $65 pp. Includes lunch.

Meanwhile, IVF expert Dr Tim O’Dowd shares some insights into the infertility rollercoaster and some of the reasons why couples can’t fall pregnant naturally.

High Tea - Sunday 29th May, 2.30pm – 4pm $35 pp. High tea, gallery walk and artist Q&A.

Finally, Annette Densham has the Last Word about having choices and making them based on what is best for us and our families when it comes to work. She’s got a story you’ll relate to.

For bookings and information contact the Events Department 07 5530 9048 or email

But until next month, give yourself a break and spend some quality time with your loved ones. What gets you going?

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May 2016

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May 2016


M a g a z i n e

House husbands

This dad gave up work to raise his kids

Mum’s the word

Frank Lyman dress // $285 // and Serenade leather black and white // $299.95 // both Change Alley/ The Deck 5592 5958 // and Dusty black pump // $189 // In Her Shoes 5570 6266

Why working women need a break

Health kick

How Paleo saved this family’s health


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WE’VE GOT ROOM FOR ALL SORTS OF CHARACTERS. Lendlease Retirement Living has a place for everyone, with 15 villages from the Gold Coast to Townsville.


CALL 1800 550 550 TODAy! 7

May 2016

WHAT’S ON with Sophie Wood

get out

and about in May Send your event to



May 8 Various locations It’s that time of the year again and the annual Mother’s Day Classic is the perfect way to celebrate your mum with all proceeds going to the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

May 15 Southbank, Brisbane Put your best foot, or paw, forward for the RSPCA. A great opportunity to check out some cute pooches and raise money for a worthy cause.



May 14 RACV Royal Pines Resort A night of indulgence with the who’s who of the Gold Coast. This annual charity event is a crowd favourite and will be sure to delight and excite you.

May 19-22 The Marine Village, Sanctuary Cove Set sail for luxury at this world famous marine festival. Beautiful scenery and beautiful boats, what more could a girl ask for?



May 19-22 Broadbeach Blues artists take over Broadbeach at this iconic Gold Coast music festival. Head on down for some great music and an even better atmosphere.

May 14-15 Robina Community Centre With exhibitions ranging from cooking demonstrations to business coaching, this expo has everything you need to be your most healthy self. womenshealthandwellbeing

Women’s Golf Gold Coast Incorporated

40th Anniversary Dinner Date : Time :

Celebrating Women in Golf on the Gold Coast Deborah Hutton is one of the most recognisable and bestknown personalities in Australia with an extensive television career. Her interest in the area of personal wellbeing led her to launch a new on-line platform ‘Balance by Deborah Hutton’. Balance is an on-line community giving women access to coaches and experts in all aspects of life, from health and wellbeing to career and finance. Deborah is also a keen golfer and has said you play not for the glory but for the character it gives you. Deborah will interview a panel of professional and amateur golfers who represent our high achievers in golf on the Gold Coast. Panel guests are Rachel Hetherington, Jenny Sevil and Anne Wilson with Anne Alletson-Brown and Alison Woodhouse.

6.00pm welcome drinks with dinner at 7.00pm

Price : $55 per person Location : Southport Golf Club

Slayter Avenue, Southport

Other special guests include Daphne Pirie AO MBE, Robyn Choi and Lisa Edgar.

Bookings open 27 April: See or email for booking form

May 2016

Thursday 9 June



Nicole Dyer

ABC Morning show presenter on 91.7FM


Would you survive in the


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Which of the following would you befriend as your travelling companion? A A bluebird B A hawk C A wolf You are surrounded by trees and can see a river off to the left, how do you begin looking for civilisation? A Look for a helicopter B Follow the river C Keep climbing trees until you see a town You cannot find water, what do you drink? A The bottle of filtered water in your bag B The condensation from large leaves in the morning C Start digging at the base of trees, they get water from somewhere While stuck in the forest, where will you shelter? A Look for a comfy moss-covered bed, like in the fairytales B Fashion a hammock from a tree branch under a leafy canopy 1◆ C You don’t need a shelter The only belongings you have are the clothes on your back and your usual bag. In your bag is: A A nail file and your new mobile phone B A small first aid kit, matches and an emergency poncho C A hunting knife and lighter How will you find something to eat? A You are not eating anything off the ground B Forage for edible berries and roots C Hunt something After three days in the wild, how do you look? A Fresh and made-up B Dishevelled but in one piece C Clothed in furs and brandishing a spear There are six leeches attached to your legs, you? A Squeal “Get them off!” B Let them fall off on their own C Burn them

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Mostly A: Struggler Sadly, you are the least likely to survive in the wilderness on your own. Without your modern conveniences you are likely to perish at the mere thought of lions, tigers and bears. Though you would no doubt be pristine in appearance for the rescue team, they really need to find you first. Mostly B: Survivalist Not only would you survive in the wild, you would probably set up a tree house and take a holiday while you are there. It would not be surprising to find you carrying an inflatable raft and trail mix with you on a regular basis. You would survive the journey and arrive exhilarated on the other side. Mostly C: Annihilator You may survive a stint in the wild but your trail of destruction would be a dead giveaway to your location. Your enthusiastic approach to problem solving is effective but tends towards overkill. If you rein in your aggressive attitude the wilderness may even survive you.

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Shoetique Southport

May 2016


Be fair to yourself Modern businesswoman Marlies Hobbs talks about getting her health on track, balancing work and family and living her best life

his year is shaping up to be a huge one for Paleo Café founders Marlies and Jai Hobbs, however, their business and life success hasn’t been without times of burnout. Marlies shares a glimpse of her life as a business owner and mum, and what she has done to overcome times of ill health and stress. What are your plans for this year? We are excited to launch a new national readymade meal business with Pete Evans. We have also recently expanded into New Zealand and are currently working on a master franchise for Germany. This year I am also prioritising balance and my health with lots of quality time with family and friends. How do you find time to do it all? I love what I do, so I don’t count the hours. I am living life with meaning and purpose so I guess I am just in the flow of it all. I plan and prioritise, but also take each day as it comes and try to balance work and family the best I can. It is very important to me that my children feel loved, secure and happy. We are lucky to live across the road from my parents and close friends. They say it takes a village to raise a child and we’ve got a lovely little village around our kids. How does food fit into the business and family equation? Our lives and passion revolve around and depend on a healthy lifestyle, which includes a nutritious diet. Without it we simply couldn’t have achieved what we have. It is vital for our productivity but, more importantly, for our mental and physical health and overall quality of life. What do you do for stress relief or to relax? After Zac was born, I went back to work but soon after sleep deprivation, the workload and stress led me to the dreaded state of burnout. I was suffering from chronic fatigue, low moods, skin issues, anxiety and difficulty falling and staying asleep. I was tired but wired 24/7 and I truly felt like I was losing my way. Once again, I had to take responsibility for my health, educate myself and take action. May 2016

Take much needed “you” time to keep your mind calm and clear. Know that you are enough. As long as you are true to yourself and you do your very best, you’ve already won How did you recover? My recovery, with the support of my wonderful friends and family, involved finding an amazing integrative doctor based in Sydney (Dr John Hart), who is himself the picture of health, and he diagnosed me with Hashimotos, an auto-immune disease, and a product of growing up on a gluten-heavy diet. I continued with my Paleo diet; took supplements to help combat dysfunctions; did meditation, yoga, aromatherapy, Qi-gong, prioritising sleep and time in nature for stress relief; and we did a corporate restructure, which included the hiring of an experienced franchising general manager. It took a few months for my body to heal, but I now have my energy back, as well as my positive self, with lots to remember but also a lot to look forward to. Having been there, it is now my mission to never allow myself to get to that point ever again - no matter what. What are your favourite things to do with your children? Fishing, water sports, hiking, creek swims and beach walks – anything outdoors. Any advice for working mums? Start with a clear vision and purpose and work backwards from there. Be fair to yourself as you juggle work and your family, it’s not easy. Take much needed “you” time to keep your mind calm and clear. Know that you are enough. As long as you are true to yourself and you do your very best, you’ve already won. 10


For your chance to WIN enter your details online at

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SET SAIL Valued at $450 The Southern Hemisphere’s largest celebration of boating and marine innovations, Sanctuary Cove Boat Show (, returns to the Gold Coast this year and we’re giving 50 ladies the chance to win a two-day double pass to the event.

ALL ORGANIC Valued at $300 Developed using ethically grown fruits, vegetables, plants, herbs, minerals and other organic food sources, Bör Organics (boroganics. com) captures the raw essence of Mother Nature in their certified organic range of eco-friendly skincare. Win one of three packs featuring the citrus cleanser, eye cream and facial moisturiser.



Family FUN Day 10.30am - 4pm l

Sunday 12 June



Pre-purchase unlimited rides pass for $25 or $35 on the day.


*discounts available when buying multiple wristbands for siblings

31 Reserve Rd, Upper Coomera, Gold Coast

Originally Directed on Broadway by James Lapine by arrangement with Hal Leonard Australia Pty Ltd Exclusive agent for Music Theatre International (NY)

saint stephen’s college

10 11 12 june 2016

for bookings and performance times see college website

Saint Stephen’s College Limited l ABN 31 071 134 024 l CRICOS Provider Number 01938G


May 2016


How to

influence people

Learning how to influence people could be your ticket to stand out, build relationships, win more sales and succeed in business ave you read the book How to Win Friends and Influence People? It was one of the first-ever, best-selling, self-help books published and came out in 1936. It gives tips on how to handle difficult people, make people like you, be a leader, create change and have your way of thinking heard. All of this can be done more easily by being influential, says Business woman Janine Garner. Here are her five steps. 1. Build transformational connections In our time-deficient world where dreams of change are big, where visions of a future are ours to own, making connections has to be about the real and the genuine – about the interplay of a select group of people who are working closely together, strategically creating plans to succeed in kind. 2. Lead out and embrace diversity To lead out - to see the potential in new connections, in the collective intelligence bank of brainpower - is part of the art of influence. It’s about understanding in working together, respecting myriad different abilities of others, accepting the value in corporate and entrepreneurial viewpoints, in cross-sector relationships creates opportunity. 3. Beat your own drum What do you understand “owning your choices” to mean? Is it just about “I will make X decision on X day” or is it about accepting ownership of what and who you are? Do you own your skills, flaws, values and dreams? Do you own your excuses and vulnerabilities? Do you own your life or does it own you? May 2016

It’s about understanding in working together, respecting the myriad different abilities of others and accepting the value in corporate and entrepreneurial viewpoints. 4. Kick complacency in the butt You have to be your key competition so make sure your first competitive audit is always with yourself. Better the last goal; ask the hard questions – are you growing in sales, profit, learning? Are you on the path to success or are you stuck because your external competition is creating self-doubt, a negative questioning of your why – and subsequently stopping you in your tracks? Throw fuel on your own fire and light up the business sky. 5. Speak up and collaborate openly If you don’t speak out, you are not leaning out, being brave or showing willingness to have courageous conversations and contribute to the collaborative experience. You are not creating the space to gift your knowledge, thoughts, opinions or expertise to others. You are not enabling an opportunity for others to listen, learn and add value to your thought process. 12


Stress less:

Have more fun at work OMG, it’s already Sunday evening and in a matter of hours you’re going to be back in the work slog, so here are some ways to have more fun at work and get over your Monday-itis onday-itis. It’s not an uncommon sensation to have and it will probably mean that we’ll fall asleep having pre-programmed the following day to be one of caffeinated drudgery and brute force. So can you turn it around? Is there a way to ease into the week with more positivity and even a sense of fun? For most the answer is yes, says Muffy Churches, an internationally renowned integrative success coach. “You simply need a mindset refresh - a renewal of the thoughts, beliefs and attitudes that you connect to your job,” she says.“Consider the concept that the quality of your thinking generates the quality of your life experience. Based on this premise, your Sunday night trepidation may be a symptom of a collection of ineffective, selflimiting, default thought patterns that stand in your way of enjoying work.” Here are five tips for transforming your dread into energised and positive anticipation. 1. Acknowledge the good stuff One of the most powerful tools we have to play with is gratitude. It’s so easy to get lost in the grey clouds of what’s not working well in life that we can lose track of what is actually quite awesome. Take a quiet moment on Sunday evening to think about all the wonderful parts of your life, simple things that are working well. Notice the amazing shift in your energy as you take your head to that sunny place. Return to it whenever you need a lift. Sometimes a frequent focus on the good stuff allows the not so great to begin to take care of itself. 2. Have intention: Envision, enable, enact Without a clear view of what we want our week to look and feel like, it can simply happen to us. Being a powerless ride-along is not something any of us ever intended to allow. Instead, try this: Become the director of your own movie and begin to see your week as you want it to be, clearly and in detail. If you can imagine it, it can become real. Next, enable yourself to begin to work toward this vision by giving yourself permission to override any disbelieving inner voice that may try to hold you to your old familiar ways of thinking about work. Finally enact your vision by energising yourself to live what you’ve envisioned. Step into the new week as the new you. 3. Ramp up your fun factor It’s easy to become serious and almost mechanical when work and home life are hectic. Everything needs to be accomplished so 13

Having fun doesn’t mean we’ll be less professional, less conscientious or less productive. In fact just the opposite. Research shows that we perform at our best when relaxed, confident and at ease. quickly and the stress builds. Our light and easy side is the first to go, so let’s revitalise it. Start by giving yourself permission to have fun even though you’re busy. Each morning when you wake up commit to having fun today. Mindfully leave the more serious you behind as you walk into work. Having fun doesn’t mean we’ll be less professional, less conscientious or less productive. In fact just the opposite. Research shows that we perform at our best when relaxed, confident and at ease. 4. Manage your mindset Have you noticed the way your day turns out tends to fall in line with your thoughts, attitudes and beliefs on that day? If you dread going to work in the morning it’ll probably feel like a long heavy day. If you envision a day of fun and high-energy that notion stands a good chance of fulfilling itself. Managing your mindset means making strategic selections as to what we choose to think in order to produce the positive, feel-good and rewarding outcomes that we prefer. Author Mike Dooley is quoted as saying:“Thoughts become things, so choose the good ones!”. 5. Think balance Our happiness comes from within - we know this. Being at ease with you, loving others and exercising purpose and passions are what drives a fulfilling life, more so than money. If work begins to feel like drudgery, the big-picture ingredients of your life may have moved out of whack.Try rethinking priorities to make sure that your non-working hours are nurturing you. May 2016

REAL LIFE with Emily Toxward

Working mums need


Busy mum, business owner, blogger and lover of life Emily Toxward spends five minutes with Get it editor Elizabeth Campbell to debrief on life and how she fits everything into her days What does your life look like at the moment? Life is very exciting for me right now as my website, Write Styling, seems to be getting a lot of traction and I’m getting weekly requests for work from it, got to love great SEO. I work a six-day fortnight around school hours so I have to be very organised once I hit my desk, which means trying really hard not to waste precious hours on social media and replying to emails straight away. Often to fit it all in I work late at nights (like now it’s 9.15pm) and take a few hours over the weekend which my kids hate but they know it means I can be there to drop them off and pick them up at school every day. What does it take to be a mum and a business owner these days? You have to lose any guilt and just get on with it. Sure you don’t have as much time to network, socialise or get stuck into major projects as those women without kids do, but you just have to make the most of the time you have. It’s all about priorities and, most importantly, saying no to jobs that you just don’t want to do. If I’m going to spend less time with my kids so I can work, then I want to be enjoying what I do. Do you “have it all”? Some days I totally have it all: Three happy and healthy children, a job that pays well, May 2016

friends who make me laugh and a husband who appreciates how difficult it can be to work from home. Other days everyone is cranky, washing is piled up to the roof and it is 5.30pm and no one has thought about what’s for dinner. I think once you have kids you realise that “having it all” is such a personal thing, I don’t measure my success by other people’s standards any more. Is it OK to ask for help? I’m of the opinion that you can only ask someone and they can only say no. What have you got to lose by taking a chance or making yourself vulnerable? Great things might happen. It’s my opinion that working mothers need the most support; they are so often undervalued in workplaces and sometimes held to higher standards than those without kids. How do you balance family life with work and life commitments? There’s no such thing as balance, it’s a myth in my opinion. You just have to do what works best for your family and make a list of priorities that you want to stick to. Every night we have dinner together and talk about our days. Sure it would be easier to feed the kids earlier and put them to bed, but it’s a ritual that’s important to our family. Kids are only small for such a short amount of time and your career is ageless. 14

What do you do for “you” time? I’m pretty good at making time for me. I often fly down to blogging events or expos, or I head to the beach after school drop-off because it’s my happy place. I’ve also starting walking/running the kids to school and on the way home I listen to podcasts to get me in the zone for working or to have a laugh. What advice do you have for other mums? Don’t listen to what “they” say and stop being so hard on yourself. No one is judging your every move and if they are, well, then you need to ditch them from your life immediately. If you see someone looking a bit lost or teary ask how they are, or if a school mum friend has a newborn offer to bring her kids to school or drop over a cake. Most importantly, remember that you never know someone’s back story. It can be hard when you’re on the end of rude behaviour, but who knows what that person is going through. A little kindness can go a long way. Oh, and one more thing, we are all doing the best we can, so keep that in mind before you pass judgement. Emily Toxward is the founder of the blog Have a Laugh on Me and has also written a chapter in the book Primary School Confidential by well-known blogger Mrs Woog.


May 2016


with Elizabeth Campbell

daddy daycare

In a clear sign of the times, more and more men are choosing to stay home and raise their kids t is pretty isn’t it, darling. Hop off the stairs please, honey. Can you please leave daddy for a moment – I’ll get back to you soon. Those are the loving words from Brett Morrissey – shed builder, painter, former construction worker, family man and now stay-at-home dad (SAHD). More and more men are opting out of “work” and into roles as SAHDs. Every year, the number increases with the latest research showing there are around 180,000 SAHDs in Australia. Brett, 41, is one of those dads – and he couldn’t be happier. “I’m the proud SAHD of three little girls - 3-year-old twins, Lillian and Olive, and 5-year-old Mabel, while my wife Sonya goes to work,” he says smiling. “I’ve been looking after them as their primary carer for about eight months now and I May 2016

love it. I want to spend as much time as I can with my little monkeys.” Before he was a SAHD, Brett worked in construction for 10 years, starting out as a labourer and climbing the career chain to senior management as a project engineer working for a large builder. “I was working 12 hours a day five days a week and then eight hours on Saturdays – so about 60-70 hours a week in total. Being a SAHD wasn’t exactly a career path I saw myself in when I was a kid, but I had become disillusioned with my career and the fact I wasn’t spending time with my wife and kids – and life just wasn’t meant to be that way. “One day I just quit my job. I had every intention of getting another job and setting off on the career ladder again, but then my wife suggested that she go to work. We spoke about it for 10 16

minutes and next thing she was looking for a job and I was going to be a SAHD. In two hours she had a job as a director at a childcare centre and I was to stay home. “I must say just how great a job my wife, Sonya, has done looking after our girls and family. I had and still have such great big boots to fill now I have the job. Sonya was at home with Mabel for the entire time before she began kindy and prep, and she is such a beautiful little girl. I hope to achieve the same with Lillian and Olive. “It’s really good for me to be at home with my children and not just be the person who comes in for dinner. We are getting to know each other and that’s wonderful. I couldn’t be happier, but it pains me that Sonya is at work and she can’t see them growing up. I know she misses them terribly.”

It’s really good for me to be at home with my children and not just be the person who comes in for dinner. We are getting to know each other and that’s wonderful. I couldn’t be happier, but it pains me that Sonya is at work and she can’t see them growing up. I know she misses them terribly That’s the reason why the couple will eventually start a business so Sonya can be home with her family and they can raise their children together. “We are looking to start a business where we can work together so we can build that flexibility into our family life.” However for now, Brett is happy to be the primary carer. Of course, men and women run households differently and while Brett does the cooking, cleaning and laundry, he’s also building a shed and a driveway and painting a room in the house. “That’s the beauty of it. I like doing those things anyway, but they need to squeeze in around the girls. My focus is always on them. I spend my days helping them grow and looking after their health and development so they are wellrounded, happy, little girls. So if the shed gets done around that, it’s a bonus,” he says. While, stereotypically, men may not be so intent on doing the housework,

Brett says even when he was working long hours he still came home and helped around the house. “I was always focused on my family and wanted to help. I was never a career man, I just saw it as a means to making a bit of money so my family could survive,” he says. “I would often come home after 12 hours at work and help because I figured my wife had also just done 12 hours with the kids and she’d be just as exhausted. On the weekends I tried to give her some time off too. She’s always told her friends that I was a hands-on dad and they all thought I was amazing,” he laughs. “It’s actually been nice to have eight months off work and take the time to sit back and think about what’s important to me. My kids are smiling and having fun, and I feel like I’m playing a part in their lives now. I’m also studying again. My aim – apart from raising my girls – is to get my wife out of full-time work so she can be home with us too.”

What a typical day looks like for Brett 4.30am: The girls run in and jump into bed with us. We all get up and Sonya gets ready for work. I get the kids brekky and tend to their needs; Sonya does too while she’s having a coffee and quick nibble. We chat about life with the kids jumping all over us. Then she’s out the door at 6.30am. 7am: The girls have their breakfast. Three mornings a week it’s Weet-Bix and the other two mornings I cook them brekky. I get my 5 year old ready for prep – and argue with her about that. Sonya does her hair before she leaves for work. I prep Mabel’s food, get other twins ready, then we all walk up to school together. It’s about 800m from home. That’s important because it’s a bit of exercise and I can teach them road sense. After that we walk to the shops and buy a small amount of groceries, then come home. 9.30am: Playschool is on. It’s very important, so we watch that. The girls have a snack of fruit and then from about 10-11.30am they play in the backyard or we will do activities. But basically the morning hinges around Playschool because

the girls love it so much and it’s also educational. 11.30am-1.30pm: Bed. The twins sleep for two hours. In that time, I do the dishes and washing, dust and make beds, tidy up the house and do the chores. There’s never enough time in the day. I’m studying a Diploma of Business at the moment too and will be up for five hours at night reading and putting assignments together. I need to still make sure I get enough sleep so I be there for the girls the next day, so I might have a nap too. 1.30-2pm: Wake the girls so we can get ready to fetch Mabel from school at 3pm. We get home from school and they get changed and have something to eat, then they all go downstairs to play because I have more chores to do – such as washing and I’m painting a wall at the moment. 4pm: Start cooking dinner. I like cooking full meals so I’ll be at the stove for 1-1.5 hours just like my mother used to when I was growing up. At the same time I’ll also be doing washing … I’ve just done four loads and I’m still behind. I’ve


got four baskets of folding to do and it’s killing me. I’m at crisis point with all the washing I have to do. Seriously. 5-6pm: My wife gets home. I’ve already sat down with the girls to feed them dinner before she gets home because they are different people by that time. Witching hour is hell, but it’s hilarious, and it’s not one hour - it’s several. We bath them, brush teeth and get them ready for bed. Then hopefully we all get to sit down for about half an hour and chill out, watch tellie and have some family time before bed at 7pm. 7pm: Bed. We read them books every night and then there’s 45 minutes of yelling at them to go to sleep. 8pm: We look at one another and go what the hell was that. We finally get to sit down and discuss the day and hang out. Sadly, we watch tellie while we talk. I don’t particularly like that, but at the same time we are both pretty exhausted and it’s just nice to chat for about 1.5 hours before we go to bed.

May 2016

SUCCESS with Dr Karen Phillip


un-coupling If you have decided to leave your relationship and move on, there are a number of positive ways to manage your transition

here can be a hundred reasons to leave your relationship and the absolute best way is when both partners decide their relationship is ending and both make a conscious decision to “un-couple”. We can thank Gwyneth Paltrow for coining that phrase. Renowned psychotherapist Dr Karen Phillip says the eight most common reasons people choose to separate from their current partner include: 1 Trust has been broken. 2 Interests are so wide apart the partners have less in common than more. 3 Differing ideas on children and parenting. 4 Religious variances. 5 Problems with their family. 6 Goals are imbalanced. 7 You prefer to spend time away from your partner rather than with them. 8 Sex is no longer wanted or enjoyed. “When each partner can discuss how they feel and make a conscious decision to move apart, it is much easier. The problem is this occurs less than 5 per cent of the time, meaning most all of us experience a difficult and heartbreaking separation,” Dr Phillip says. “Wherever you are positioned, once you make that decision to move on there are positive ways to manage this transition. “If you have tried to explain your feelings and situation to your partner, yet they are unable or unwilling to understand, then meeting in a counselling professional’s office can sometimes be a safe environment to enable your partner to understand you want to remove yourself from the relationship. “Couples in a counselling office can often be more open and honest, and they are certainly heard. So often we may try to speak May 2016

When each partner can discuss how they feel and make a conscious decision to move apart, it is much easier. The problem is this occurs less than 5 per cent of the time, meaning most all of us experience a difficult and heartbreaking separation or explain to our partner what it is we want, need or desire yet they have not heard us or are not willing to understand us.” The author of the book OMG We’re Getting Married, Dr Phillip says often we finally decide to leave an unhappy relationship when we have tolerated our partner, their behaviour, family or friends for so long and we are simply unable to tolerate it any more. That’s when a conscious decision is made to start fresh. “Once we have made that decision to proceed with our separation plan, we can develop an inspirational path toward the next phase of our life,” she says. “However, most breakups result in one partner being devastated or angry. When a relationship ends, we experience a loss. We go through a mourning process; mourning the loss of our relationship or life we once had. As we move through the mourning process, we find most couples are at different stages. Usually one partner has made the decision to leave and has already started processing this action, while the other partner remains at ground zero perhaps not even realising their partner is about to walk. Hence the considerable difference in processing time once the separation occurs. “This is usually the reason one person 18

becomes so angry. The stages of loss are shock, disbelief, bargaining on how to repair or correct it, anger that it is over and then acceptance. When both partners are at different stages, this is often where animosity enters. “When we are the person deciding to move forward and into a new life direction it can feel free, empowering and exciting. We have hopefully learnt a lot from the life or relationship we had and can take these lessons into our next phase of life.” If you are considering separation, here are some points to guide you: 1 Advise your partner of your plans and the reasons. 2 Make a counselling appointment to ensure your partner understands your decision to end the relationship and why. 3 Advise family and friends so they can support both of you during this transition time. 4 Start setting new goals and plans for yourself. 5 Imagine in your mind what your new life will look like because when we can imagine it, it can become real more quickly. 6 Ensure you set the steps to reach the goal. Setting a goal may never eventuate without the correct steps.


Making a difference Dr Ian Chinsee is a cosmetic surgeon and has been part of the Cosmedic team since January 2014 when he started his fellowship with Dr John Flynn, then continued on as a cosmetic surgeon Tell us about your background? I’m originally from Los Angeles, where I received a bachelor’s degree in Psychobiology. Following that, I studied medicine at the University of Queensland and undertook my basic surgical training through the QLD Health public system (focusing specifically on general surgery and plastic and reconstructive surgery). I then went on to complete a cosmetic surgical fellowship with the Australasian College of Cosmetic Surgery (ACCS). What area do you specialise in? I have an interest in all areas of cosmetic surgery, but the majority of my work falls in the category of breast augmentation. I love treating the face as well, especially with blepharoplasty (surgery for drooping eyelids) and cosmetic injectables - a real difference can be made with dermal fillers and anti-wrinkle treatments. A new area that I have been very involved in is regenerative medicine – such as Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP - the vampire facelift) and stem-cell therapies for musculoskeletal, as well as aesthetic treatments. How do you help people? At the end of the day, this specialty is about helping to increase people’s self-esteem through their appearance. I think sometimes cosmetic surgery gets a bad rap because there is the impression that it’s all about looking good, and while it is very much focussed on that, it’s only one aspect. Our patients understand when you look good you feel good. What do you enjoy most about your job? I like that everything I do requires an artistic eye. It’s quite

Our patients understand when you look good you feel good. impossible to do any cosmetic treatments absent mindedly. I also enjoy the technical aspects of the surgery, working with my hands and seeing how a person’s mood and outlook on life can improve with these procedures. For more information and to make an appointment call 5588 4777.

Enhance your natural beauty DR CHINSEE

Breast Augmentation CoMe and viSit the teaM in our new LoCation Pivotal Point, Level 2, 50 Marine Parade, Southport Ph (07) 5588 4777 Parking underneath



May 2016




Dear Mum Gift For Her, Naturally Gifted, $65,

Materially Crafted book, Upcycle Studio, $29.99,

things we love WATER GIRL Charcoal filter water bottle, Black+Blum, Biome Eco Stores, $49.95,

Bracelet Beauty Nikki Lissoni rose belcher bracelet with peach fantasy rock crystal coin, $159,

KICK BACK Pink Hammock, The Toucan Shop, $225,

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Fashion, beauty, travel, giveaways and links to the best sales and local businesses in town. Find this and more at our cool new website. May 2016


SWEET DREAMS Dream catcher, Splosh, $12.95,

HEART TO HEART Diamond heartshaped pendant, $299,

KETTLE ON Morphy Richards Limited Edition Azure matte kettle, BossMan, $139.95,

TIGHTEN UP Limited edition leggings, Lady Bold, from $115,

JUST RELAX Simply Pear soy candle, Buckley & Phillips Aromatics, $29.95,


Ceramic espresso cup with wings, Oxfam Australia, $10.95,

Rochas clutch, Art Hide, $300,

Something truly special for Mum – every day!

At My Jeweller y Shop... it’s YOUR time to shine. See Catherine for expert advice

2229 Gold Coast Highway, Nobby Beach (near Hellenika Restaurant) p 5572 9009 w myjeweller 21

May 2016

what’s new

BEAUTY STYLE with Elizabeth Campbell

Murray River bath salt, Murphy and Daughters, $33,

Heat pillow, Murphy and Daughters, $35,

Muehle shaving travel set, The Design Gift Shop, $175,

Shearers soap, Krinkle, $12,

Oblepikha Siberica Body Scrub 300ml $19.99

Thieves foaming hand soap, Young Living, $26.30,

Rohr Remedy boab and rosehip with vitamin E oil, The Design Hunter, $40,

Beauty masque, Young Living, $192.85,

Deluxe Anti Ageing FAciAl

say hello to beautiFul skin


MicroderMabrasion derMal Filler liquid FaceliFt light therapy skin o2 Makeover Plus A Bonus giFt




- SkiN CANCER CHECkS - WRiNkLE iNjECTABLES - FACE, NECk ANd BROW LiFTS - LiP FiLLER & ENHANCEmENT - LASER LiPO & LiPOSUCTiON P 5535 5170 i - iPL, LASER & LEg VEiNS - ARm TUCkS - ANTi AgEiNg FACiALS Stocklands Shopping Centre, West Burleigh

May 2016



hen I first experienced hair extensions many years ago, I was disappointed with the way the extension market presented itself. The hair looked and felt unnatural, and the bonds were unsightly and uncomfortable. On removal the extensions created damage. So we set out to establish a superior system of applying, cutting and styling hair extensions. BENEFITS OF HAIR EXTENSIONS? Time poor: How long are you willing to wait for long thick hair? A gentle system will work without damaging the hair and will not tangle or matt. Superior extensions can be coloured and cut to make it look and feel like your own hair. Need length: Human hair grows 1cm a month. Naturally long hair could take up to five years to grow. Extensions can mean 70cm length in two hours. Fine hair: Not everyone was born with fabulously thick hair and hair extensions can create the thickness and volume you have always wanted. Short hair: Don’t regret cutting off your locks. Extensions mean you don’t have wait five years to get the length back. Unruly curly hair: Extensions allow your own hair to mimic the extension hair, which helps to tame unruly hair. Damaged hair: They help to restore length and vitality.

New life for your locks Breathe new life into your locks and feel like a new person Fringes: You can grow out a fringe in minutes. After plastic surgery: I have replaced hair length and thickness around the hairline including the fringe area after people have had facelift surgery to give back confidence and restore self-esteem. Colour mix: Try different colours with splices, weaves or natural highlights of extensions. They give amazing true colour. The benefits of extensions go far beyond aesthetics. We know every guest’s needs are different, which is why a consultation is an essential part of the hair extension process.



Deanna Hall, Founder and Creative Director of Osk 1 Hair Institute. Get in touch with her on 5526 2100, email or check out “Osk 1 Salon” on Facebook.


MAKE UP with Amanda Higl aving a family and looking glamorous at the same time can sometimes be difficult to achieve, so let me give you the five-minute makeup makeover tip that will completely change your life. This no-fuss everyday application will have you looking your best in minutes. Step 1: Apply bb cream. You can use fingers or a brush, but be sure to blend into the neck to avoid those embarrassing lines. Step 2: Fix with pressed powder. Use a light touch with a flocked sponge to help achieve an even application. This helps set and fix your makeup for a flawless finish. Step 3: Apply bronzer with an angled brush. I like bronzer for a “glowy” yet contoured feel. If you do like the contoured look, use a darker foundation and apply just under the cheek bones. Follow it with blush on the apples of your cheeks. Step 4: Use a brush to apply eyeshadow. A neutral champagne tone is good for the every day.

5-minute makeup lesson Step 5: Apply dark-brown eye shadow as eyeliner. Line on top of the lash and under the eye, and use the same to lightly shade in your eyebrows. This gives a beautiful soft look. 23

Step 6: Mascara time. Step 7: Gloss those lips. This is a fool-proof look that makes a frantic morning seem effortless. Enjoy! May 2016

Do you need help managing your


FREE setu or review p Valued at * $110

Affordable options to save you time and energy so you can focus on your business • Set Up and Maintenance packages available • Tailored to suit your needs • Guaranteed growth on all platforms From as little as $79 per week For more information email: * With every 3 month package

May 2016


Get it all done Fashion, Hair, Beauty, Dining, Gifts, Groceries, Post Office, Medical Services & Two Gyms. 25

May 2016


An oasis of opportunities The Oasis Shopping Centre in Broadbeach has something on offer for the entire family. Here is a roundup of the stores that call the centre home Active Lady: Specialising in women’s fitness apparel, footwear and accessories. The top five labels include Nike, Running Bare, Skechers, Skins and New Balance. Anthony Leigh Dower: Dressing fashion-forward women in an eclectic mix of international designer labels as well as creating an exclusive silk and cashmere range, the retailer stocks Rayure Paris, Not Your Daughter’s Jeans, Etoli Du Monde, Ika and Dower Cashmere. Bliss Fashion Emporium: Stocking Bliss by Sonia Stradiotto and Sonia Stradiotto Couture, Bliss specialises in body contour resort wear that is anti-ageing. The emporium has a mix of genres from a corporate suit to, glamorous kaftans, formal dresses and show-stopping jewellery. Bright Eyes Sunglasses: Bvlgari, Versace, Gucci, Tom Ford and Roberto Cavalli are just some of the collections on hand.The team strives to fit every customer with the perfect pair, including children’s glasses. C Water Classics: Catering for the mature lady who loves easy and flawless fashion that is wearable, not overpriced and doesn’t compromise on quality. Philosophy, Drama, Newport Beach, Jess N Jane and Christine Alexander Jeans are among the brand stocked. Celline: Kardashian Kollection, Morrisday, Solitaire, Dashiki and None The Richer are available at Celline, where you will find the latest in women’s fashion. Change Alley/The Deck: With styling by experienced sales consultants, this retailer offers an eclectic variety of Australian and international labels including Ping Pong, Spicy Sugar, Bilgola, Frank Lyman and Corfu. Collezione Pellini: Collezione specialises in carrying an exquisite selection of imported furs and leather jackets for both men and women. Their quality handbags and accessories follow the latest trends from Paris, Milan, London and New York. Collezione has been established for more than 30 years providing European fashion to the Gold Coast. Danae Boutique: With Verge, Banana Blue, Brax, Seesaw and Olsen, the shop offers a classic look with an edge. It’s fashion for the woman who wants to look different but timeless. Quality that lasts. Darje by Roberts Jewellers: Specialising in repairs, custommade designs all work is carried out on the premises. They also have a beautiful range of .925 sterling silver, stainless steel and fashion jewellery handcrafted by Robert Hain. Check out Diamond Fusion, Sekonda Watches, Bella Donna and Ballarium steel. Evergreen: Stocking Naudic, Ruby Ya Ya, Holiday, White Label Noba, Once Was, this retailer stocks casual, relaxed, lifestyle fashion with a strong focus on cotton and other natural fibres. From dresses to pants and tops, there’s something for everyone. Eye Contact: Your eyes are covered with Jimmy Choo, Marc Jacobs, St Laurent, Gucci and Kate Spade. Flower Clothing: The Flower brand was born from a seed of inspiration and has grown from a single store to a national success story. The brand is unique, feminine and truly captures the essence of the Australian woman. Gearbox Boutique: Bariano, Pasduchas, Cooper St, Mink Pink and Verali shoes, Gearbox has a large collection of formal and evening wear to suit all types of customers and events. May 2016

Gems and Minerals: Top quality Australian opals, a huge collection of amber from Poland and fossils from around the world that are millions of years old. There is something for everyone. In her Shoes: Check out Willow & Zac, Neo, Django & Juliette, Seven Sisters and Piazza Grande, plus a wide range of women’s shoes, handbags, clothing and accessories such as Liberte jewellery and Zsiska jewellery. Inside Surf: Among the popular brands are Billabong, Rip Curl, Roxy, Rusty and Volcom, the business specialises in beach fashion and accessories aimed around the surf lifestyle. Just Jewellery: With a Large collection of Italian and other overseas jewellery, the shop caters for the most sophisticated customers to budget customers and also offers a manufacturing and repairing of jewellery onsite while you wait or shop. Maison de Bea: Swish, Lindi, Kita-Ku, Orientique and La Strada are on offer at Maison de Bea, which caters for women sizes 10-24 and stocks comfortable casualwear. The winter range of handbags are now in store and made by Louen Hide. There is also a range of unusual jewellery by Zoda. Male Apparel: Specialising in smart casual shorts, trousers, jeans, and huge range of woven shirts that are Australian made, plus imported polos, the retailer stock Palmone shoes, City Club Australia, Greg Norman, Sports Leisure and Bamboo. Mandate: Look good in David Smith, Pure Black, English Laundry and John Lennon by English Laundry at Mandate, which has been operating on Gold Coast for more than 20 years. Meegs: Creating a wardrobe for leisure, travel and special occasions with popular brands including Mela Purdie, Joseph Ribkoff, Gabriella Frattini, ByLyse and Bandolera. Millers Woman: Millers has its own range of women’s clothing to suit any occasion. The brand is renowned for affordability and comfort. She Lingerie and sleepwear: Offering every customer personalised fittings, the shop has lingerie for every occasion. Stocking lingerie, shapewear, sleepwear and risque garments in sizes small to 4XL, there’s something for women of all ages and a selection for men too. Shoe City: Gino Ventori, Zeta, Mischief, Slatters and Cushe, there’s a piece of resort wear plus casual and comfortable footwear for all men and women. Sole Integrity: At Sole Integrity the team is proud of its customer service values and are committed to providing customers with a range of footwear that not only suit your purpose, but also contributes to your overall wellbeing. Tropical Batique: Women’s lifestyle and resort fashion with softstyle dresses, kaftans and jerseys, plus a range of comfortable fashion shoes and sandals and a large selection of custom jewellery is on a hand here. Venus & Apollon: Check out Cipo & Bazz, Reverse, Mia, Replay and Bertigo at this shop which has men’s and women’s wear for all occasions. 26

Centre Directory STORE NAME




Fashion Women/ Accessories


Active Lady

5538 5391

She Lingerie & Sleepwear

Anthony Leigh Dower

5538 2007

Bliss Fashion Emporium

5592 6858

Fashion Men

C Water Classics

0434 688 359

Male Apparel

5570 4474


5527 5278

Celline Change Alley

5592 5958

Collezione Pellini

5527 6789

Danae Boutique

5538 2235


5531 7895

Flower Clothing

5504 6076

Gearbox Boutique

5527 5415

In Her Shoes

5570 6266

Maison de Bea

5592 0771


5592 3099

Millers Woman

5592 6491

Sonia Stradiotto Couture

5592 6858

Tropical Batique

5531 5388

Venus & Apollon

5538 5071

Fashion Surfwear Inside Surf

Eyewear/Optical Bright Eyes Sunglasses Eye Contact

5531 5133 5538 0144

5570 3022


5592 2322

Jewellery Darje by Roberts Jewellers

5592 0955

Gems and Minerals

5592 3911

Just Jewellery

5592 5811

Footwear In Her Shoes

5570 6266

Shoe City

5592 1301

Sole Integrity

5531 7491


with Susie McWatt Forbes

Autumn’s new mood Photographer: Dan Molloy Stylist: Susie McWatt Forbes Stylist assistant: Keira Ramsay MODELS: Rebecca Vayonitis Reeder Models Makeup: Ruby Graham Academy of Design hair AND MAKEUP: Queens Salon Jax Stylist Oasis Shopping Centre Location: Oasis Shopping Centre

CHANGE IT UP Frank Lyman dress // $285 // and Serenade leather black and white handbag// $299.95 // both Change Alley/The Deck 5592 5958 // and Dusty black pump // $189 // In Her Shoes 5570 6266 May 2016


FRINGE BENEFITS Red leather-look dress // $395 // and fringe bag // $295 // both Bliss Fashion Emporium 5592 6858 // and Oceana leather boot // $239 // In Her Shoes 5570 6266 29

May 2016

MIDNIGHT MADNESS Generation Balton jacket/dress // $389 // and necklace // $69 // both Danae 5538 2235 // and Oceana leather boot // $239 // In Her Shoes 5570 6266

May 2016


DREAMY NIGHTS Burgundy lace dress // $295 // Verali nude shoes // $79.95 // Verali nude clutch // $59.95 // all from Gearbox 5527 5415

MONOCHROMATIC MODE None The Richer Aria cape // $144 // and black knit dress // POA // both from Celline 0468 535 539 // stainless steel Tree of Life pendant // $90 // and sterling silver bracelet // $185 // both from Darje by Robert Jewellery 5502 0955 // and Oceana leather boot // $239 // In Her Shoes 5570 6266 31

RELAXED DAYS Swish tunic // $149 // Kathleen Berney pant // $120 // and Zoda necklace // $49 // all from Maison de Bea 5592 0771 // and Oceana leather boot // $239 // In Her Shoes 5570 6266

GEOMETRIC GIRL Joseph Ribkof black and white dress // $319 // and Vera May yellow bag // $99 // Meegs Boutique 5592 3099 // and Dusty black pump // $189 // In Her Shoes 5570 6266 May 2016


with Susie McWatt Forbes

Winter wardrobe wonderland

CABLE Pia leather jacket // $600 // KATIES denim jacket // $70 // striped top // $40 // and ponte skirt // $40 //

AVA textured shoulder bag // $80 //

BILLINI Evan boot // $150 //

FINK silver earrings // $99 //

CABLE Sunday cowl jumper // $299 //

LACK OF COLOR fedora // $60 //

WINTER LAKE sterling silver ring // $240 //

ello fashionistas! Well, we are well into our third month of autumn and how awesome is our weather?! We are so lucky to live in such an amazing place. Autumn is the season of sophisticated style, with textured lace and strong jewel colours. Look out for emerald, ruby, sapphire and citrine to add to your wardrobe. If you are peering into your wardrobe and are a bit over your summer look, never fear! The stores are in full winter swing now, so it’s time to start adding some key pieces to your look. Here’s what to do. Makeover your wardrobe with these tips: The cape: Add some shoulder coverage over your short-sleeved pieces and summer dresses to get more wear out of them. Pair with boots and, voila, an instant update. Layers: Use layers to get more mileage from your wardrobe. Try tops over tops and short over long to create warmth without bulk. Boots: Ankle boots will do the job for everyone. Just add a summer maxi, knitted vest or your faithful denim jacket, and a felt hat, and you have an instant boho edit. Leather or leather-look jacket: I am drawn to jackets like a moth to a flame. Look for a jacket with shape to create the best look for your body shape – and then wear it to death! It’s time to recreate your wardrobe with a winter vibe and have fun while you’re doing it. Have a stylish month

Susie x

Style advice...

What to buy for winter thrills...wear it your way! > Shopping Service > Image Consultant > Shopping & Retail Join me and stylist Kirsty Ashe for in-store fashion advice sessions at your favourite Gold Coast shopping destination, Pacific Fair! We’ll be visiting all your favourite stores from 13-15 May between 11am – 3:30pm providing style tips and trend advice. See for more details and store session times.

Susie The Stylist @susiethestylist May 2016


P: 0414 904 364

Marisa from Travel on Capri has just returned Travel Specialists – Australia’s leading Africa you her insight from her amazing trip, by invit Marisa and the team at Travel on Capri has i to do a presentation and open up your eyes t miss this opportunity to learn why Africa is st

invitation Africa Information Evening

invitation INVITATION Africa Information Evening

Marisa from Travel on Capri has just returned from a trip of a lifetime to Africa, w DATE: THURSDAY Travel Specialists – Australia’s leading African tour operator – and would like to you her insight from her amazing trip, by inviting you to attend a special informa WHERE : Debra Kruk Travel onAfrican Capri Trav Marisa and the team at Travel on Capri has invited from to do a presentation and open up your eyes to the wonderSuite & excitement of Africa 4, Level 1, 1 Marisa from Travel on Capri has just returned from a trip of a lifetime to Africa, with African miss this opportunity to learn why Africa is still the most exciting place on Earth. TIME: 6pm


Marisa from Travel on Capri has justAfrican returned Marisa andwould the team Travel on Capri has Travel Specialists – Australia’s leading tour operator – and like toatshare with Friday 13th Ma from trip of from a lifetime to Africa, with African you to invited Debra information KrukRSVP: fromevening. AfricanbyTravel you herainsight her amazing trip, by inviting attend a special or phone Travel and Specialists – Australia’s African Specialists toAfrican do a presentation and open up 07 5592 Marisa the team at Travel onleading Capri has invited Debra Kruk from Travel Specialists DATE: your eyesTHURSDAY 19th MAY, 2016 – and would likeup to share withto you to the wonder & excitement totour do aoperator presentation and open your eyes the wonder & excitement of Africa. So don’t of Africa. her this insight from hertoamazing by is inviting don’t place miss on thisEarth. opportunity to learn Lightwhy refreshment miss opportunity learn whytrip, Africa still the mostSo exciting WHERE : Travel on Capri you to attend a special information evening. Africa is still the most exciting place on Earth. Suite 4, Level 1, 15-21 Via Roma, Isle of Capr

TIME: 6pm DATE: by Friday 13th May to DATE: THURSDAY 19th MAY, 2016 Thursday 19 May, 2016 RSVP: or phone 07 5592 3349

WHERE : Travel on Capri WHERE: Light refreshments will be served. Travel on Capri Suite 4, Level 1, 15-21 Via Roma, Isle of Capri Suite 4, Level 1, 15-21 Via Roma, TIME: 6pm Isle of Capri RSVP: by Friday 13th May to

TIME: 6pm

or phone 07 5592 3349 Light refreshments will be served.

RSVP: by Friday 13th May to or phone 07 5592 3349

Light refreshments will be served.

invitation 33 Africa Information Evening

May 2016

Dubai is on


Dubai Shopping Festival – the Ultimate Shoppers Paradise for the entire month of January Massive savings are everywhere!! Join us for the shopping experience of a lifetime.

12 days/11 nights Departs 6 January 2017 Designed with both LUXURY and SAVINGS in mind, here’s a taste of what’s in store. -

Let’s start with a Private Cocktail Party How about a complete Tour of this amazing City Five Star Accommodation Save $$$ at the Dubai Shopping Festival Celebrity Performers, Fashion Shows and Fireworks High Tea at the Burj al Arab Dinner and Show at a traditional Safari Camp Most Meals included Plus much, much more

get it in Dubai

May 2016

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How you are affecting your family’s health If you are flogging yourself at work, eating poorly, drinking to unwind and are out of shape ... How do you expect your kids to be anything else, asks personal trainer Jeff Osborne ne of the most rewarding things I get to experience on a weekly basis here at Vision is when a client comes in for their weekly session and we weigh them - and they have lost weight. We have a success bell we ring and all the trainers in the studio have to drop and do five push-ups in celebration. It is so much fun and the look of excitement on every client’s face when it happens is amazing. Last week I had the best experience around this yet. One of my clients has lost more than 50kg and her husband has also come to train with us, and he has lost more than 40kg. They both have kept it off for a few years now and done things they would never have dreamed of a few short years ago. But the most amazing part was when the woman said the proudest moment was when she saw her two daughters working out in the studio and had the realisation that what her and her husband had been doing had rubbed off on their kids. She knows telling them to do one thing and you doing another never works. It is especially true when it comes to eating well and exercise. If you are flogging yourself at work, eating poorly, drinking to wind down most nights, are out of shape and tired ... How do you ever expect your kids to be anything else? They will follow the example and, while it is unhealthy, my biggest concern is for them on an emotional level. Self-confidence will be lower and socially they will not be as outgoing as they could be, and this handicap is not one any kid needs. Now some research has proven the effect of your choices not only changes your physiology, it also affects your children and their children. Holy doughnut! Since 2010 there has been a lot of research into the study of “epigenetics”, which is not just how your genes affect things (it takes many generations for changes to take hold) but in each gene there is a switch, kind of like a dimmer switch that controls how each gene expresses itself. They were even able to see how just losing weight before you conceive a child changes the gene expression in the sperm of the father. If you would like to read deeper jump on Google and type in “epigenetics Time Magazine” for an in-depth article on how the 1812, 1821, 1836 and 1856 famines in northern Sweden changed the obesity rates in the children born around then and even their children born a generation later. If you plan on having a child, getting into great shape can change the lives of your children and your grandchildren ... Wow. Big responsibility. At Vision, we know that life is busy ... and getting busier. 35

We have an entire support structure set up to make improving your health as easy as possible. Simple to follow, effective and time efficient with the accountability busy people need to stay on track. Come in for a free consult and see if what we do can work for you?

Ready for Results?

Taking the step towards a longer, healthier life is made simple with Vision Personal Training! Get started on a Results Program and receive 1 month FREE!* Hurry, offer ends 30 April 2016. Call 07 5538 4788 or book online today! Bundall Studio Unit 3, 93 Ashmore Road Bundall, QLD, 4217 *Conditions Apply. Contact your nearest Vision Studio for full details.

Amanda Lost 8kg

Grant Lost 20kg

May 2016


Did you know there are more than 70,000 IVF cycles a year in Australia and 1000 of those cycles take place on the Gold Coast? t’s a topic that is devastating for couples affected by it and one in six couples will have difficulties in falling pregnant. It’s an emotional roller coaster and one where couples can feel very alone. Fertility expert Dr Tim O’Dowd, who is from QFG-Gold Coast, says infertility describes the situation where a couple have not achieved a pregnancy despite 12 months of regular unprotected sex. “About 85 per cent of couples will fall pregnant in the first 12 months of trying, only 7 per cent more will have success in the second year and another 3-5 per cent in the third year,” he says. “There are many possible causes but in general they fit into four categories.” The reasons couples cannot fall pregnant include: • Ovulation difficulties: As in women with polycystic ovary syndrome who ovulate infrequently (30 per cent). • Anatomical problems: Blocked fallopian tubes (for example, women who have had pelvic infections like chlamydia), endometriosis or distortions of the uterine cavity by polyps or fibroids (30 per cent). • Male factor: For example, sperm problems such as low numbers, poor motility or high percentage of abnormal sperm; or erectile dysfunction (30 per cent). • Unexplained: There is no obvious cause despite ovulating, normal female anatomy and normal sperm (10 per cent). “Age is a significant factor, especially when it comes to the female’s age. As a guide it takes a 35-year-old female twice as long to achieve pregnancy as a 25-year-old. Male age is less important, but has some significance,” he says.

Emotional rollercoaster “Investigation may involve a blood test to check hormones and whether ovulating; an assessment of the female’s anatomy involving a specialised ultrasound; sometimes an operative investigation to look inside the uterus and pelvis (hysteroscopy and laparoscopy); and a semen analysis. Nearly all women presenting with delayed fertility will have a blood test called an ‘egg-timer test’ although its usefulness has limitations. “When a cause is found, treatment is directed at this. For example, a medication may promote regular ovulation. But if tubes are blocked, or if either partner has been sterilised previously, then IVF is required.“ When it comes to leading a life that promotes fertility it is important to cease smoking, and avoid alcohol and drugs as these can all interfere negatively. Obesity is becoming a real entity in Australia and has negative effects on reproduction. Therefore attention to healthy and nutritious eating is

important. Pelvic infection with chlamydia can be avoided by use of condoms in those early relationships. Dr O’Dowd says reproduction, careers and a mortgage often compete . “Consider not postponing reproduction if the relationship is right. A long-term relationship that breaks down when the woman is in her mid-30s has obvious consequences for those women who always planned to have children. Having two children is potentially a five-year process and if there are some infertility problems – even longer”. There are more than 70,000 IVF cycles a year in Australia and there are three clinics operating on the Gold Coast doing over 1000 cycles. Storing eggs is also being talked about as an option for those wishing to postpone childbearing until mid or late-30s. When eggs are frozen, about 90 per cent will thaw successfully and 75 per cent will fertilise, however, this is still an expensive gamble.

Experience that makes all the difference Gynaecology Infertility Obstetrics Dr Tim O’Dowd P

55396333 Suite 1, Level 1, Pindara Place, 13 Carrara Street, Benowa E: W: DrTimODowd May 2016




have it There are many things you can do to keep your peepers healthy, simply start with these three simple steps during Macular Degeneration Awareness Week from May 22-28 FOOD Did you know you have three different kinds of tears and your diet directly affects your teardrop quality? Don’t worry, we didn’t either. Dr Paul Ng, a comprehensive ophthalmologist specifically trained in refined diseases says, “It’s important to have a well-balanced diet filled with fresh fruit and vegetables and plenty of omega-3 fats for top quality tears.” Top five tips on what to eat to keep your eyes bright and sparkly: 1. Tomatoes Tomatoes are a great source of vitamin C as well as assisting in preventing excessive light exposure and damage to the eye. 2. Avocados Avocados do more than taste incredible, they are filled with vitamins that aid in warding off macular degeneration and shield intensive and damaging light. 3. Orange capsicum Considered the eye super food, orange capsicum is packed with vitamins to improve night vision. 4. Fishy friends and good oils Dr Paul Ng recommends four servings of cold-water oily fish a week to invest in your eye health. Consuming fish such as salmon, tuna, herring and mackerel 5-6 times a week decreases the risk of dry eye and is protective for the macula.

5. Spinach, kale and dark leafy greens Green vegetables, especially spinach, helps fight cell damage as well as shielding intensive and damaging light. Dark leafy greens can also improve your long-term vision with their nutrient-packed goodness. HEALTH AND WELLBEING New data has revealed one-in-three Aussies with poor vision admit to reduced physical health and wellbeing. Eye surgeon Dr Paul Ng says: “You don’t imagine that poor vision will have such an impact across so many aspects of a person’s life, but the recent study proves sight issues affect overall physical and mental wellbeing.” Australians with poor sight are less likely to go out and see friends with 20 per cent of women and 13 per cent of men reducing their social life because of sight problems. Sight problems have far-reaching effects and it is important to seek solutions to vision problems. Dr Ng encourages patients to book an appointment to treat their general health and wellbeing and improve vision problems. DISEASE One in seven Australians over 50 are showing signs of macular degeneration, the leading cause of blindness and severe vision loss in Australia. Macular degeneration is group of degenerative diseases of the retina

that cause progressive, painless loss of central vision, affecting the ability to see fine detail, drive, read and recognise faces. Almost 1.2 million Australians have some evidence of macular degeneration with risk factors including smoking and family history. You could have the early signs without knowing as many people ignore or attribute their sudden changes in vision to just getting older. Some common symptoms include difficulty in reading, distortion where straight line appear wavy or bent, distinguishing faces becomes a problem and dark patches or empty spaces appearing in the centre of your vision. There are two types of macular degeneration. The “dry” variety represents 90% of cases of the disease and 10% of blindness. The “wet” variety represents 10% of cases but are responsible for 90% of blindness. Presently there are no readily available treatments for “dry” macular degeneration. The “wet” form progresses rapidly if untreated but fortunately early treatment with intravitreal injections can maintain vision in 90% of cases and improve vision significantly in 30-40%. As always, early detection while vision is preserved ensures the best results.

Eye Exams can detect early warning signs Contact Outlook Eye Specialists today Logo Specification Sheet

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Dr Nathan Walker

May 2016


Put your mum first Looking after ourselves as mums shouldn’t just happen on Mother’s Day, it should be a focus every day By Dr Elen ApThomas

ncient Chinese wisdom recognises that mothers are the root of the family tree. Their energy is the stabilising force that keeps the family emotionally secure and whether or not family members are aware of it children, grandparents and even husbands all unintentionally drain a mother’s energy. In today’s modern world, mums willingly give all of their extra energy and often don’t replenish themselves adequately. This can leave you feeling depleted and emotionally exhausted, and with a much lower tolerance for life’s usual day-today frustrations. In this tired state, the enjoyment of family life can fade or even feel downright miserable.

Mums, please spare yourselves a few minutes this Mother’s Day to think of how you can best rejuvenate yourselves and top-up your energy tank. We all regenerate differently and sometimes you can be so tired you can’t even remember what you used to do for fun before you had kids. Ideas can range from exercise and creative pursuits such as painting to learning a new language at a weekly night class or even meditating. As long as it is purely for you, it doesn’t matter - and the sillier and more fun it is, the better. Unfortunately in our Western world most

women have been taught that focusing on their own individual needs is selfish and something to be discouraged. This inaccurate mindset has done a lot of damage to Western family culture and added to the risk of depressive episodes in women. The happier the mum is often means the whole family unit is happier, so I say to all mothers out there … spoil yourself this Mother’s Day and every day afterwards even if only in a very small way. You have a responsibility to yourself and your family to be the happiest and most nourished you can be.

You’re Not Crazy It’s Your Hormones Female General Practitioners Practicing Nutritional Medicine Dr Elen ApTomas MBBS(Adel) DRANZCOG

No longer do you need to choose between Conventional & Alternative medicine. • Holistic Me dic al Doc tors • Naturopaths • Homeopath • Oste opath • Chiroprac tor • Ac upunc ture • Massage • Hypnotherapy

Dr Jolanta Paszkiewicz B.MedSc., MBBS  Natural Bio-identical Hormone Therapy  Candida  Bloating  Stress & Depression  Painful abdominal cramps  Period pain & Menstrual issues  Weightloss  Thyroid function  Fatigue

150 Ashmore Road, Benowa you to choose Book today,No you longer will feel do better forneed it! between Conventional &

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Pros and cons of online hearing aids s part of my day-to-day work, I look at online research on hearing and subsequent rehabilitation treatment. Consequently my browser analyses my search data and I am bombarded with a lot of hearing-aid company ads popping up - and in a worrying trend some of these are for online sales – so I am going to provide my opinion, as well as the Australian Association of Audiologists in Private Practice’s (AAAPP) position statement, about online hearing-aid purchases. Firstly, any Australian distributing hearing-aid manufacturer that has hearing aids approved for fitting through the Office of Hearing Services (OHS) will not provide their devices to be distributed online. There is no official regulatory body in the private hearing-aid industry ensuring that devices have minimum specifications, feature requirements, warranty and servicing arrangements. However, almost all reputable hearing-aid manufacturers supply their product lines to pensioners/DVA recipients through the Office of Hearing Services scheme, and these devices have to meet a very strict criteria of minimum requirements. If any of these aids are purchased online then they will automatically lose all their warranty and product support from the manufacturer. Secondly, the hearing aid is only a small portion of what is required to have a successful hearing treatment outcome. If you purchase hearing aids online you are only gaining a small portion of the treatment plan, much more important is the input provided by an audiologist. The AAAPP position on internet sales, which I agree strongly with, states that audiologists are trained to undertake hearing assessments, diagnose hearing disorders and prescribe treatment plans. When audiologists fit hearing aids, they provide tailored counselling and communication training to ensure you make the most of all listening situations. Each individual should understand their hearing loss before purchasing hearing aids so they know what to expect. Hearing aids do not immediately change how an individual hears – they only change the sound that reaches the ear. It takes time and specialised training for the brain to learn to interpret the sounds delivered by a hearing aid.

Some people receive more benefit than others, depending on the characteristics of the hearing loss. Audiologists carry out a number of different tests to understand the characteristics of the individual hearing loss you have, and the results are explained to you and reported to the medical doctor when further medical intervention is required. Those results guide any decisions the individual and his or her audiologist will make about if, or which, hearing aid is the best solution for your hearing needs. Purchasing hearing aids without a professional consultation may be cheaper than acquiring them through the professional services of an audiologist, but the essential component that leads to successful rehabilitation will be missed out. If you decide to purchase hearing aids online, we suggest that you consult an audiologist first and discuss all available treatment options before deciding which approach is best for you. Grant Collins, owner and principal audiologist, Clarity Hearing Solutions


Some hearing aids you can’t see Clarity Hearing Solutions are your invisible hearing aid specialists. With five invisible styles from 15 manufacturers we have the invisible hearing solution for you (including ones free to pensioners).

Call 1300 CLARITY or 3366 7888

Lyric Semi-permanent invisible deep canal non-surgical implanted device.

OTE/RIC Micro behind the ear virtually invisible for any type of hearing loss.

AMP Deep canal instant wear virtually invisible suitable for mild to moderate losses.

CIC Powerful completely in the canal virtually invisible device. IIC Completely invisible suitable for most mild to severe hearing losses.

For better hearing, the solution is Clarity.

Hope Island, Mater Misericordiae Health Care, 8 Halcyon Way

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May 2016


Relaxedupmarket style There’s a new culinary delight in Paradise Point and locals are raving about it

tunning views and a relaxed upmarket style is the calling card of the latest bar/eatery to grace the Gold Coast. Solace Bar and Restaurant located in the Salacia Waters precinct of Paradise Point has received a warm welcome from residents of the northern Gold Coast. Owners David Thomas and Grant Loxton have entered the restaurant and bar scene after working in the industry internationally for many years. Their absolute waterfront venue is the perfect place to unwind and have an afternoon beverage while sampling some modern-style tapas, all the way to a well-crafted meal in a superb restaurant setting. Large bi-fold doors open across the face of the restaurant to give the feeling of an open planned bar that allows unrestricted views directly into the kitchen. The bar fitout has been carefully constructed to suit the natural environmental surroundings with teak timber flooring flowing seamlessly into the faux grass walls of the adjoining dining area. A mural has been commissioned by an international artist to add to the trendy finish that is expected of the exclusive area. A large covered decking area offers protection from the elements, and allows for superior views of the Broadwater and beyond. The beverage list at Solace is extensive and has been well prepared. The focus for wines was to supply products from regions that are producing high-quality grapes. The Highfield Sauvignon Blanc from Marlborough drinks well and is served by the glass ($10) or by the bottle

May 2016

($47.60). Sparkling wine ranges from the house pour Veuve de Argent from France served by the glass ($8) to the must have Dom Perignon served only by the bottle ($320). The knowledgeable wait staff is more than happy to assist in pairing wines to the food offerings, and take pleasure in doing so. Beer selection is just as impressive with a newcomer to the scene being prevalent. Balter Pale Ale is from a boutique brewery in Currumbin and is backed by pro surfers Mick Fanning and Joel Parkinson. Balter is crisp and refreshing, and lends itself to an afternoon beverage under the sun by the water. The breakfast menu has a well-balanced approach of which includes the Granola Parfait with layers of toasted muesli, fresh berries and Greek yoghurt ($9.50). The Buckwheat Pancake Tower served with maple butter, fresh berries, caramelised banana and mascarpone is a nice mix of healthy eating with a slight hint of sweetness ($13). The more substantial options include the Solace Big Breakfast which consists of two eggs your way, smoked bacon, locally sourced pork apple and apple cider sausages, mushrooms, kipfler potatoes and vine-ripened tomatoes to finish ($18). Presentation is key for Solace with all the dishes looking bright, clear and very appealing. Speaking with chef Chris Mcleay, it is clear the philosophy in the kitchen is goodquality produce used to its full potential. The menu has a distinct modern Australian feel, which allows the chefs to focus on seasonal products. Peering through into the kitchen, it


was great to see the interaction the kitchen staff can have with the clientele. For lunch, the options begin to evolve with the addition of several smaller plates for the customer who enjoys a taste of the high life. To start, it is hard to go past the pulled-lamb sliders with hand-cut coleslaw, mustard aioli and rosemary-salted chips ($15.50). A close combatant could be the pork-belly sliders served with pickled eschallots, crispy hokkien and hoisin dressing ($15.50). The signature dish for Solace is the pan-seared scallops, cauliflower puree, pancetta soil and baby watercress ($25.50). The scallops are seared in a smoking hot pan and cooked a perfect medium rare. The pancetta soil adds a slightly salty flavour and the texture is magnificent, with the crumbly mix sitting well on the palette. The addition of a market price fish of the day keeps the options open and allows for only the freshest of seafood to be utilised. The dinner menu impresses with Solace chefs utilising current culinary techniques like sous vide and compression to enhance flavours and textures. The dessert menu holds the already famous deconstructed banoffee pie that contains a mixture of fresh banana, strawberries, housemade caramel toffee, whipped cream, sweet crumble and vanilla bean ice-cream ($12). Solace Bar and Restaurant is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner seven days a week. Bookings on 5577 1665 are recommended for most seatings.

Waterfront Dining

NOW OPEN at Paradise Point

Experience the best views the Gold Coast has to offer. Positioned right on the water, offering fine cuisine and international wines Solace is a ‘must try’ destination.

Phone: 5577 1665

Bar & rEStauraNt

Open breakfast, lunch & dinner 7 days from 6.30am Salacia Waters, Paradise Point 41 300m north of the Sovereign Island turnoff May 2016 solacebarandrestaurant


After years of working as a company director in the finance industry, starting a family and moving half way around the world, Jodie Blight discovered her passion for creating healthy, easy and delicious family meals and authored the world-first awardwinning cookbook Summer Table

Clever cooking

LAMB SOUVLAKI SERVES 4 INGREDIENTS SOUVLAKI • 4 wholemeal pita bread • 400g cooked lamb, warm • 1/2 red onion, finely sliced • 250g cherry tomatoes, halved • 1 Lebanese cucumber, sliced • 2 handfuls baby spinach leaves YOGHURT DRESSING • 4 tbsp Greek yoghurt • 2 tbsp mint sauce • 1 garlic clove, crushed • 1 handful mint leaves, chopped METHOD Preheat oven to 160C. Wrap the pita bread in foil and warm for 3 minutes in oven. To make yoghurt dressing, mix all sauce ingredients in a bowl. Taste and adjust to your liking. Remove pita from the oven and lay the ingredients down the middle of the pita bread. Spoon over dressing, wrap and devour.

May 2016


CREPES SERVES 4 INGREDIENTS • 2 eggs • 1 cup milk • 1 1/4 cup spelt flour (or 1 cup plain flour) • Oil spray or butter topping ideas • Lemon and sugar • Maple syrup and ice-cream • Bananas and caramel • Strawberries and cream • Nutella METHOD: Lightly beat milk and eggs together. Sift flour into a bowl and make a well in the middle. Gradually add egg mix and whisk constantly until smooth. If the mixture is lumpy, use electric beater for 1 minute. If time allows, cover and refrigerate for 30 minutes. Remove batter from fridge and stir. Heat a small frying pan over medium to high heat. Spray a small amount of olive oil or add butter to pan. Add half a soup ladle of batter to the pan. Swirl the pan around until a thin layer of batter covers the bottom. Cook for about 1 minute. When the bottom of the crepe is cooked, flip using a spatula. Cook for a further 30 seconds until the other side is cooked. Transfer to a plate and cover with foil until you are ready to serve. Continue making the rest of the crepes, adding more olive oil or butter between cooking each crepe. Add favourite toppings, fold and serve.

APRICOT ICECREAM SERVES 4 INGREDIENTS • 200g dried apricots • 1 tablespoon lemon juice • 1 cup coconut cream • 3 egg yolks • 3/4 cup caster sugar METHOD: Cook apricots in a saucepan, covered with water until tender for 10 to 15 minutes. Drain and place in food processor with lemon juice. Mix to pulp. While the apricots are cooking, heat coconut cream in a small saucepan over medium heat. In a separate bowl beat egg yolks and caster sugar until thick and light in colour, then add to the warm coconut cream and cook, stirring continuously, until it thickens slightly. Do not allow it to boil. Mix apricot puree and coconut custard and allow to cool. Place in an airtight container in the freezer. When partly frozen (about 5 hours), remove from freezer and place in food processor, mixing until smooth. Then return to freezer until completely frozen.


May 2016


Venture ‘Into the Woods’ and enjoy a family fun day Saint Stephen’s College proudly presents Into the Woods from June 10-12 - a funny, popular, modern musical that explores the consequences of wishes and quests amid some skewed fairy tale characters we thought we knew ith music and lyrics by Stephen Sondheim and book by James Lapine, the Broadway arrangement Into the Woods is about a baker and his wife left childless when cursed by the witch next door.They embark on a journey for the special objects needed to break the spell – deceiving and stealing from Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood, Rapunzel and Jack of the Beanstalk fame. Although everyone’s wish is granted by the end of Act 1, the dire consequences are exposed in Act 2. This humorous musical from June 10-12 promises to lure audiences Into the Woods with a compellingly unforgettable experience, music is by the College’s orchestra and outstanding sets, costumes, choreography and sound. Book your musical tickets now at and click under the Quick Links or Notices. Meanwhile, from 10.30am on Sunday, June 12, the biennial musical shares equal billing with the exciting Family Fun Day, which always brings the local community together. There will be show rides, food stalls, a side show alley, markets and much more. Entry is free and there is an unlimited rides pass which can be pre-purchased for just $25, or bought on the day for $35. Discounts are available when buying multiple wristbands for siblings. Help the students and staff celebrate all things Saint Stephen’s College. For more information about the Family Fun Day and wristbands contact Jane Howe on 5573 8695 or email

May 2016



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WOMEN OF THE SUNS Over 70 Gold Coast women with a love of AFL celebrated the start of the 2016 Toyota AFL Premiership season at Cabana Bar & Lounge, Southport Sharks for the Gold Coast SUNS, Women of the SUNS Cocktail Party.

Making memories come to life! Simple, creative natural light photography with flexibility assured. Offering a range of styles including portraits, portfolios, special occasions and events.

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Photography by

FlaShpOiNt iMagiNg

Contact Ray Nash Phone 0417 614 550

45 payment plans available May 2016


DANCING WITH DISEASE Women gathered at Red Rock Waterfront Bar & Grill to support a good cause and raise money for those who have been touched by cancer or disease. An empowering lunch hosted by the inspirational Anni Diamond and sponsored by Marina V Boutique. All proceeds went towards helping a member of the community fight cancer.

April 2016


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Decision master

There’s a knack to making good quick decisions

Food faults

Find the best fare to boost your brain power



MARIANA Mariana showcased the release of the Autumn/Winter “Songbook” collection in style, with guests enjoying Champagne and canapés while immersing themselves in the stunning fashions by Ann Rivereau of Chevron Island.

Enhance your natural beauty Special: irresistible lips - 1ml lip Filler for just CoMe and viSit the teaM in our new LoCation Pivotal Point, Level 2, 50 Marine Parade, Southport Ph (07) 5588 4777 Parking underneath


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May 2016


with Patrick Arundell

Get your horoscope H Virgo August 23 - September 22 There is a lot happening in your sign this month and you’ll be feeling some deep energies occurring. This can catapult you into a totally new sphere with stunning success. Someone influential can help you along the way too, Virgo.

H Taurus April 20 – May 21 You will shine in all areas of creativity and art this month, Taurus. It’s the month of expansion and your prospects for money and wealth will be strong. A special person might enter your social life too.

H Libra September 22 – October 23 Anything to do with property, business, insurance or savings looks favourable for you this month. Do be vigilant, however, as it will be important not to be too obliging as far as other people are concerned. You can be the ultimate people-pleaser but don’t be taken too much for granted, Libra.

H Gemini May 21 – June 21 Look beyond surface impressions and you’ll discover so much more, especially in the first two-thirds of the month. There may be a tense influence between May 21 and 24 which could affect a key relationship, but you are going to start sparkling brightly come May 22.

H Scorpio October 23 – November 22 The second week of the month can lead to a telling conversation that could prove to be hugely significant, perhaps even romantically so. But then all sorts of relationships can start to flow so much better throughout the month of May.

H Cancer June 21 – July 22 One alliance can become incredibly important to you this month, romantically or even professionally. However, even if someone does seem to be a person you can really admire and look up to, don’t put them on a pedestal. In the last 10 days of the month you may find yourself more reflective.

H Sagittarius Nov 22 – Dec 22 Worldly aspirations can take a turn for the better as of May 9. The key to progress this month comes from a determination to make sure all the details of situations are tied down firmly. Be sure not to take short-cuts or to downplay the importance of attending to nitty-gritty matters.

H LEO July 22 – August 23 Your professional aspirations are given an incredible boost all through this month, Leo, particularly where you’re prepared to take on more responsibility and show how self-confident and assured you can be. However, do be very realistic about financial expenditure. Give yourself permission to enjoy and embrace more playful possibilities in the last week.

H Capricorn December 22 – January 20 You could find yourself having some amazing conversations at any time this month, but especially in the first two-

thirds. Don’t underestimate the impact that your words and your guidance can have on situations, for someone could see you as being especially important to them. However past issues may continue to call out for your attention. H Aquarius January 21 – February 19 Home and household! These are areas that are really going to be vibrating with energy this month Aquarius and improving the comfort of your abode or improving the quality of your closest emotional and family relationships can take on a much greater resonance. There will also be an opportunity to be much more sociable and outgoing from May 24 and onwards. H Pisces February 19 – March 20 Communication can be a little frazzled this month and misunderstandings may occur because of it. It’s vital that you are factual in your approach to hard conversations. Despite this, some amazing connections can be made and new, more positive dynamics be forged in all sorts of associations. H Aries March 20 – April 19 May 6 could trigger a very important moment around your career and business aspirations. If you have been working hard behind the scenes, this time could be a breakthrough month. However, the key is to be utterly realistic in terms of your expectations and target tangible rather than dreamy goals.

C - 62 Y - 100

K - 85


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May 2016


SPICE with Anna Davies

How to


yourself As a single lady I often think to myself ‘I would date me’. Then I realise, why don’t I date me, writes Anna Davies ’m awesome, I get my sense of humour and, most importantly, I’m always there for me. It may seem crazy but maybe that’s just where I’m at right now. So for all those people who don’t have a guy to date them, stop looking for someone else to do a job that you know you can do better yourself and check out these tips on how to date yourself.


Take yourself out This doesn’t have to mean booking a table for one at your local Italian. Seriously, take yourself for a long beach stroll or out for a spa day. Really anything other than sitting in the house all day and over-identifying with Bridget Jones’ Diary. You’re great company, but if you feel lonely, BYO girlfriend. This Valentine’s Day I took my friend on a romantic picnic complete with chocolatedipped strawberries. It was the best date I’ve ever been on.


Find a pet and never stop cuddling it Become a crazy dog or cat lady with whatever cuddly creature you can find. Who needs a man when you have a fur baby to spoon when the nights get cold? You know their fur is 1000 times softer than any man’s gross hipster moustache. If you don’t have a pet of your own, find a friend or invest in a Snuggie. Whatever floats your boat.


Treat yourself Roses are red, violets are blue, buy some flowers and deliver them to you. Miss little romantic gestures? Get proactive about it. Write a love note if you have to, you know you’d write something 10 times better than that hot barista you secretly covet. He probably can’t even spell romance. All joking aside, if you take the time to love yourself you will be more confident, happier and much more likely to end up in a healthy and strong relationship when the time comes. 49

May 2016

LAST WORD with Annette Densham

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choices This modern mum is making up her own rules to suit her family – and she says it’s all about choices. Annette Densham shares her story

t’s 6.30am. Stupid o’clock in my book. But to my 11-year-old son, who has autism, it is the perfect time for him to ask me where the batteries are for his Xbox. He does not understand that mum worked her butt off the day before meeting a deadline, getting oodles of emails answered and catching up with all her invoicing. He does not care that today, she has to go to four meetings and then find a way to fit in going to the doctor herself for that dreaded “female” appointment. All he cares about is the controller working so he can keep working on his Minecraft world. This is all balanced out by a 15-year-old son who would sleep the day away if you’d let him. This is the same child who barely slept as baby and thought 4am was a great time to wake up, ready for action. Ah … the life of the modern mother (and father – I cannot speak from the male side but I get that there are more and more men taking on the hands-on stuff ). When I went back to work fulltime when my youngest started school, I can remember sitting there at my desk, just before Christmas, realising I had to sort out vacation care for the first time in 10 years. I worked out that it was more financially viable for me to stay home than do back to work … or sell a kidney … to have the kids in care while I worked, allegedly making a better life for our family. Somehow we managed. I am still not sure how because all I remembered is being racked with guilt – over not being able to go to school parades, sports days and shoving the kids in front of the TV when I got home from work because I was exhausted after running around since 6am. But I would not trade it for the world. May 2016

Somehow we managed. I am still not sure how because all I remembered is being racked with guilt – over not being able to go to school parades, sports days and shoving the kids in front of the TV when I got home from work because I was exhausted after running around since 6am. Because I have choices. The one thing I love about being a woman in the 21st century is the abundance of choices I have. While the world still struggles with treating us as equal, judging us on how we look, there has been no other time in history where as women, you can run your own business, parent children on your terms and make your own decisions. All this change has happened in the last 40 years. As a child of the ’70s, the best job my mum could get was cleaning or secretarial work. Her dreams of competing internationally in basketball were just that a dream, because women did not do stuff like that. Even though as a teenager in the ’80s, where my choices at high school were shorthand, typing and business principles (I did try to get into metal work but was told that was a boy’s subject), that did not hold me back. I knew what I wanted to do … and I went for it. I did not have to have kids in my 20s if I did not want to. I did not have to get married if I did not want to … I chose to. I can choose to work for someone else or run my own business. I choose to fight the status quo when it comes to my children. I do not 50

blindly follow “rules” because everyone else does. We all can. What we need to remember is that regardless of another’s choices, we respect and support those choices. No choice is right or wrong – one mother chooses to return to work when her baby is six weeks – that’s her choice. Another wants to stay home until they go to school - her choice. Being in business for myself means I am there for my kids – when you have a son with autism and another who is so intelligent it spins his teachers out – it is the right choice for me. I can manage my diary so I can be at school events or be home when my son has been suspended for the eighth time by a school system so burdened by public liability and bureaucracy. I can go into fight for my teenager who is driven to share his opinions. This is what being a woman in the 21st century is about – having choices. ABOUT Annette Densham is a weaver of words, engaging story teller, hoarder of knowledge, larrikin, mum, wife and lover of musicals. She is also the founder of Publicity Genie (

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