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July 2016



Fare's fair

Food tours take off on the Coast

Life’s too short

… for restrictive diets and not having a good time

Super charged

Don’t let your body wage a war against you




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Phone 5561 1038 Cnr Young & Scarborough Streets, Southport Open Monday to Saturday Easy parking in Australia Fair

Shoetique Southport

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any photographic shoot Booked in July or August Mention this ad. End of the financial year special

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WARM & CHIC PAGE 28 FASHIONABLE FINDS Blue Juice zip detail navy jean // $119.95 // Tan silk knit // $119.95 // Neckpiece // $69.95 // Pumpkin clutch // $69.95 // and Billini tan flats // $69.95 // all from Destination 4217 // Chevron Renaissance // 0407 964 492

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FLASHPOINT IMAGING Contact Ray Nash Phone 0417 614 550

flashpoint.ray@gmail.com www.flashpoint-imaging.com Payment plans available

July 2016




from the editor ELIZABETH CAMPBELL

ave you seen those videos on Facebook that show you quick and easy food hacks? Aren’t they cool? I’ve never tried them myself, but they look easy enough. Or so I thought. My sister, who’s a chef, has battled with the microwaved popped corn on the cob (that’s a cob of corn lathered in butter and shoved in the microwave on high for a period of time and, viola, out comes popcorn on the cob). Sounds simple, but let’s just say it didn’t work out. I have heard success stories, like when a friend of mine tried to make sweet potato toast. The concept is that you cut the sweet potato about 1cm thick and put it in the toaster. When my friend tried it she had to put it down in the toaster three times, but in the end it worked and was delicious. She serves it with avo and eggs. Making you hungry? Good thing you’ve got a copy of our food edition in your hands!


The casually elegant Links Restaurant & Bar in the clubhouse is the perfect location for you to relax and enjoy our menu. Boasting locally sourced fresh produce and meats and showcasing simple yet interesting flavours.

This month we’ve pulled together a range of great articles to inspire and motivate you when it comes to nurturing your palate, health, skin and lifestyle.

Combining classic, well tested dishes and modern interpretations and presentation, there is something to please all diners.

You can nurture your tummy too …have you been on a Gold Coast food tour? If not, maybe it’s high time you did. There is nothing else like it on the Coast and people are coming from all over the country to experience our local fare, restaurant settings and chefs.

Open for breakfast and lunch daily and dinner on Friday evenings.

Food is fun, it promotes quality time with friends and family and feeds your machine. Ask any of the experts in this edition and they’ll tell you it can be life changing.

Mention this ad to receive a bottle of wine with the purchase of two main course meals.*

Enjoyed this appetiser? You’ll love the main course. Have a flick through the pages and see what we’ve been cooking!

What gets you going? liz@getit-magazine.com.au getitmagazine.com.au

* not valid with any other offer or discount. Offer ends 31st August, 2016

For reservations and information contact Links Bar & Restaurant 07 5530 9051

Follow me on:

Twit get_it_m ter: ag Facebooazine get.it.mak: g

P: 07 5530 9000 F: 07 5530 9019 E: golfmail@linkshopeisland.com.au W: www.linkshopeisland.com.au 5

July 2016

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13 Grice Avenue, Paradise Point www.mirraboutique.com.au Phone 5564 2676 July 2016

July 2016

Mist N.Y.D.J. Obi Olsen Ruby YaYa Zaket & Plover


Fare's fair

Food tours take off on the Coast

Life’s too short

… for restrictive diets and not having a good time

Super charged

Don’t let your body wage a war against you


SHOP THE STYLE Times Ten emerald top // $79.95 // Buddha goat skin skirt // $259.95 // Holiday Viper hide bag // $159.95 // necklace // $89.95 // leather wrist strap // $39.95 // all from Destination 4217 // Chevron Renaissance // 0407 964 492

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VIEW RETIREMENT DIFFERENTLY Generously proportioned and designed to an exceptionally high standard, The View Apartments at The Gardens on Lindfield will be a place you’ll be proud to call home. The interiors are simple yet restrained with neutral colour palettes throughout plus vinyl planking to the open plan living and dining and wool carpets to the bedrooms and study. Ample garage space and private parking are just a few of the other conveniences you’ll enjoy at The View Apartments. Retire to an elegant gated community in the heart of Helensvale just a short stroll from shopping centres and the Gold Coast light rail.

Now selling from under $500,000* call 1800 550 550


retirementbylendlease.com.au 101 Lindfield Road, Helensvale Qld 4212

APARTMENTS The Gardens on Lindfield

Pricing and availability advertised are correct at the time of printing but subject to change without notice. Information about the services and facilities provided in the village is correct at the time of printing but may change as the needs of residents change. Photographs are for illustrative purposes. Some images may depict items not provided by Lendlease within the units such as furniture and other decorative items. May 2016 Published by Lendlease RL Realty (QLD) Pty Ltd ABN 25 138 535 814. QLDtvagi0516

GET IT I WHAT’S ON with Sophie Wood

get out

and about in July Send your event to sophie@getit-magazine.com.au



July 17 Greenheart Reserve, Robina Otherwise known as the happiest 5km on the planet, the Color Run is a fantastic event for all ages and fitness levels. So get dressed in white, lace up your runners and prepare to be covered head to toe in a colour explosion. thecolorrun.com.au

July 8-17 Kingscliff and the Tweed Coast This 10-day festival features a variety of events to suit everyone. From cooking classes and food tours to fashion shows and dinner at the opera. There’s even a golf day for any budding sportsmen and women. kingscliffevents.com.au



July 9 Lightspace, Fortitude Valley Invest in your personal development by celebrating everything that you are and tuning into your dreams. Delve deep, learn strategies to move forward and hear real women speak about their real journeys at this inspiring event. itstartswithus.com.au

July 22 Australia wide The idea is simple, wear your pyjamas and make a donation and create a real impact to the lives of foster children. What better excuse could there be to laze around in your PJs all day? thepyjamafoundation.com



July 16-17 South Bank Parklands, Brisbane Join the likes of Maggie Beer and Matt Preston at this mouthwatering event attracting all of Australia’s best culinary talent. With live music, food, wine, beer and activities for the kids you simply can’t go past this decadent day out. regionalflavours.com.au

July 29 Jupiters Hotel and Casino Featuring all the classics from Queen’s 1986 World Tour, this jampacked show will take you back to the glory days with hits like We Will Rock You and Bohemian Rhapsody. itsakindamagic.com

All aboard for this fundraiser with a twist It will be all aboard the good ship at Jupiters Gold Coast for a night of fundraising on the high seas for the 2016 Gold Coast Hospital Foundation Gala uests will enjoy the fun, entertainment and excitement of a night on a cruise ship, while enjoying a three-course dinner prepared by the award-winning Jupiters’ chefs, plus a premium beverage package, surprise interactive performances, live entertainment, auctions, raffles and much more. We’ve been told to expect some surprises too. This wonderful night of cruise ship glamour is the foundation’s major fundraising event of the year and will help care for many patients in need. July 2016

The Gold Coast Hospital Foundation Fundraising Gala is on Saturday 20 August at 6.30pm at the Pavilion Ballroom, Jupiters Gold Coast, Broadbeach. Dress is black tie and table bookings can be made at www.gchfoundation.org.au or by calling 5594 6986. 8


Are you a disciplinarian?

1 2 3 4 5 6 7

Your kid has misbehaved, how do you pick an appropriate punishment? A You come up with something on the spur of the moment B You have pre-established penalties for offences C You usually let your partner do the reprimanding For the second time this week your teen has returned home late after curfew, you: A Tell them off again B Double the punishment, obviously the first sentence was not harsh enough C Let it slide, they will be punished enough by their teachers when they fall asleep in class You have a party coming up and have asked the family to help tidy the house, they: A Take their time B Follow your directions immediately C Drag their feet until your partner gets them moving While you are babysitting, your niece breaks a toy in a fit of temper. How do you discipline her? A Reprimand her mildly B Give her the same punishment you would give your own child, even though she is not usually penalised this way C Wait until her mother returns and let her deal with it Your partner has delivered a severe punishment to your teenager, how do you react? A Change it to a lesser punishment, you are sure they have has learned their lesson B Add your own punishment so they understand the severity of the situation C Accept it, at least you didn’t have to decide it Your child is throwing a tantrum in the supermarket, you: A Offer them a treat if they stop B Let them play out the tantrum and tell them to join you when they are finished C Wait until the manager says something before confronting your child During a play fight, your partner and child break a lamp, you: A Laugh B Discipline your child and your partner C Let your partner deal with it since he was partially responsible

MOSTLY A: LIGHT SENTENCER You would rather avoid punishments and often give a token reprimand rather than a strict one. Being strict does not come naturally and you often reduce the sentences you hand out. MOSTLY B: STRICTLY SPEAKING Everyone in the house is aware of the consequences for their actions. You take no prisoners when disciplining and make sure the punishments stick. MOSTLY C: DISCIPLINE DODGER Chastisement is most often given by someone else. You prefer to avoid the role of disciplinarian and give the task to your partner or other authority figure.


Short Hair Cut & Colour





If the two letters on these prestige vehicle plates are your initials or are of some significance to you, then here is a rare opportunity to secure them for life. These CH vehicle registration plates are the only set available in QLD and with no ongoing annual ownership fee.


POA 0414 724 696 Award Winning Hairdresser with over 20 yrs experience

A Fa Vof G


Monday to Friday mornings

CALL 0422 400 932

Shop 55/1 Arbour Avenue, Robina www.donnasullivan.com.au

Z T PE h wit

P: 07 5580 9419

$10 o


on presen tation of this ad


International Certified Master Groomer Shop 1, Riviera Shopping Centre, Campbell St, Sorrento Petz With Pizazz is a 5 Star, fully air conditioned pet care/grooming salon on the Gold Coast. We cater for all small to medium breeds of dogs.

5539 0037 www.petzwithpizazz.com.au


July 2016 126 September/October 2013

GET IT I PROFILE with Annette Densham

It's time to


Imagine being 30 years old, with three little children, and plagued with constant pain, unable to move quickly and struggling every morning to get out of bed as your body wages war against you…

his is what fibromyalgia did to Kathy Ashton. Every day was a struggle. To keep up her energy, she fed her body sugar, stashed in the form of lollies around her house … just so she could keep moving. Her bathroom bench littered with different pills to just keep her “normal”. Until one day, she pondered: “What if it is the sugar making it worse?”. Kathy asked her specialist this question, who told her there was no scientific proof food played any part in healing the body. “I gave up sugar anyway,” Kathy says. “I just knew that there must be some correlation to food and health. “So my doctor gave me more pills. It was with great delight I handed this script back to her a few weeks later. She was thrilled the drugs were working and even when I told her I had not taken the pills; my recovery was down to the fact I stopped eating sugar, but she did not believe me. “Instead she declared I was a ‘medical miracle’ and was now in remission.” That was 20 years ago. Now there is a lot more research and study into how food impacts our health and wellness. For Kathy, her gut instincts lead her down a path of study and practice to help others to use foods to heal. “Think about it … so many of the modern diseases, chronic illnesses such as type 2 diabetes and heart disease are lifestyle related. If food causes the problems surely food can solve the problem,” she says. What really drove Kathy to become a nutritional medicine practitioner was when her husband Chris was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS). “We went down the Western path but he did not get better. He had seen what I did with food to deal with fibromyalgia that

he suggested I go to uni to study to see if I could fix him,” Kathy laughs. “The doctors told us there was nothing that could be done, we were told to ignore it until it got worse. Today, despite living with 27 lesions, Chris is a picture of health. “We changed how we eat focusing on a whole-food, plantbased, no free-oil lifestyle, which means we eat a lot of fruit and vegetables, filled with phytonutrients, minerals, vitamins and all the body needs to heal.” Kathy, the founder of Flourish Nutritional Medicine, knows the body is an incredible machine. Through her programs and retreats, she teaches the truth behind food, what is healthy to eat and what should be minimised. “For every ailment out there, there are foods that you can incorporate into your diet. If you have a thyroid problem, you need to eat foods high in selenium, vitamin A and beta carotene, which you get from mushrooms, yellow foods and parsley,” she says. “Nature has provided what we need to manage our health. Of course, we compliment with Western medicine, but if you look after your body in the first place, you can minimise the damage. “To kick-start any health living journey, start with healing the gut. This is where 80 per cent of our immune system lives. Fix the gut walls and you will start to see improvements in your health, energy and waistline.”

July 2016




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LUCKY COINS Valued at $250 The Nikki Lissoni jewellery range at My Jewellery Shop (myjewelleryshop.com.au) includes necklaces, bracelets, earrings and the most extraordinary coins. The lucky winner gets a voucher to choose a style that suits them best and make a wish for each coin.

LUNCH SPECIAL 2 courses plus a glass of premium wine $25 Monday to Friday

KILLER CABARET Valued at $250 Dracula’s Cabaret’s (draculas.com.au) new show is killing audiences with its funky '70s throwback theme. Go in the draw to win a VIP double pass to the show, including bubbles and canapés on arrival, priority entrance and seating, a ride on the Ghost Train, three course dinner and show.

Waterfront Dining

NOW OPEN at Paradise Point

Experience the best views the Gold Coast has to offer. Positioned right on the water, offering fine cuisine and international wines Solace is a ‘must try’ destination.

DINNER SPECIAL 2 courses plus a glass of premium wine $45 Monday – Thursday New Winter Warmer Menu


Phone: 5577 1665

Open breakfast, lunch & dinner 7 days from 6.30am Salacia Waters, Paradise Point 300m north of the Sovereign Island turnoff Solace.net.au



July 2016

GET IT I GENERAL NEWS with Anna Davies


coconut Coconut oil changed Jenni Madison’s life and it can change your life too. Here are five ways coconut oil can nourish you from the inside out

enni Madison was living in Thailand in 2009 when stress and sickness began to overwhelm her life. After hearing about the multitude of health benefits coconut oil has to offer, she tried it on a whim. Seven years later and Jenni is healthy and successful having started her own business Coconut Magic. Continuing on her mission, Jenni shares five reasons she swears by coconut oil as a lifestyle staple. ENERGY BOOST Jenni attributes her renewed lease on life to incorporating coconut oil into her daily routine. “The Healthy Coconut lifestyle has given me clarity, energy and an overall sense of feeling in balance,” she says. The oil works to boost energy and relieve chronic fatigue as it is metabolised by the liver directly into energy. This means less post meal slump and more vitality to get you through the day.

reducing sugar cravings. “It turns the body’s intuitive barometer on, leaning you naturally toward what the body needs rather than what the mind ‘thinks’ it wants,” Jenni says. In other words, you’ll be less likely to reach for the chocolate bar and more likely to grab an apple instead. BEAUTY ELIXIR Jenni uses coconut oil externally to nourish her body. “On my body, both skin and hair, it’s amazing. And there are many different ways to do this, last night I soaked with two tablespoons of coconut oil in a bath and then slept like a baby.” Coconut oil makes a nourishing and light moisturiser as it replenishes and balances the body’s natural oils. However, the oil doesn’t just work externally to improve skin. When consumed, coconut oil works as an antioxidant reversing freeradical damage and providing fat-soluble vitamins and minerals to damaged tissue. This adds up to skin and hair that shines from the inside out.

WEIGHT LOSS It increases your metabolism, meaning you burn more calories in the gym and set yourself up for natural and healthy weight loss. Coconut oil also makes sticking to a diet easier by

DETOX A practice called oil pulling involves placing coconut oil in the mouth and using it like a mouth wash before spitting it out. According to Jenni, it is the most simple and effective way to use coconut oil to detox the body. The practice also works wonders for oral health and whitens teeth. Adults are recommended to take two to four tablespoons of coconut oil daily and children are recommended to take two teaspoons each morning. In order to get the most out of these benefits and the many other properties coconut oil has to offer, it is important to use a high-quality cold-pressed, raw, virgin coconut oil. “The best way to know a high-quality coconut oil is by tasting it. It will be mild with a subtle coconut aroma and taste. It will smell like a beautiful sweet buttery coconut,” Jenni says. Finding a quality coconut oil is harder than you might expect, the surging popularity of the oil in Australia has resulted in a market focused on mass production. So keep this in mind when purchasing your next jar.

July 2016


HEALTHY COOKING Coconut oil is a highly stable fat that does not oxidise when heated making it a safe and healthy cooking oil. Other oils, namely unsaturated oils that are prone to oxidisation when heated, can produce toxic by-products which should be avoided. Aside from being used as a cooking oil, Jenni uses coconut oil in her everyday cooking in a variety of healthy, invigorating recipes. “I love to use coconut oil in smoothies, raw food, both savoury and sweet, and lovely winter warmers such as soup and roast veggies.”

L IK E U S o n Facebook to W

clif fordsg

r ill andlou

IN #


Share in the tastes of Clifford’s Grill & Lounge with friends. Start with a SS Walrus Cocktail and indulge in Chef’s signature collection; share tapas, Texan BBQ ribs and charred spiced Memphis chicken, along with whole pink snapper with sweet and sour chilli jam. Finish on a high with an impressive Bombe Alaska for dessert. #

For your chance to WIN like the ‘Clifford’s Grill & Lounge’ Facebook page and register

5588 8400

Tapas . Bar . Cabana . Cafe . Gaming

3032 Surfers Paradise Blvd, Surfers Paradise Under the Watermark G:link Surfers Paradise cliffordsgrill.com.au 13

July 2016

*Terms and conditions apply


skin food

Skin health expert Elizabeth Barbalich takes some time out with Get it to talk how food affects your skin and why we should be ruling out chemicals altogether he natural skincare and makeup segment is growing rapidly and now dominates the global beauty market and widespread access to research and information via the internet and social media has driven our awareness of the chemicals used in everyday skincare and makeup products. From food to household items to beauty, there’s been a social change in the way we consume in terms of environmental impact and the potential impact on our own wellbeing, and Antipodes CEO and founder Elizabeth Barbalich is leading the change. How does food relate to skin health and beauty? You are what you eat. If you are going to eat refined processed food as opposed to non-processed whole foods rich in nutrients and antioxidants then your skin and wellbeing may suffer as a result. What five tips can you give people regarding skin health? Look for a genuine certification. We carry Asurequality or Biogro organic certifications on our products, meaning that a third-party independent auditor has ensured our products meet the strictest criteria for organic status. Also learn how to read an ingredients list. Ingredients such as parabens, phenoxyethanol, artificial dyes and synthetic colours are not natural ingredients. Why should we be concerned about the foods we eat in regards into skin/health? What we eat can affect the condition of our skin. If we feed ourselves healthy food rich in antioxidants, nutrient dense, organic foods, drink plenty of filtered water then our skin will reflect that because beauty comes from the inside out as they say.

How can we reduce the amount of chemicals in our lives? Detox your home and only use natural and organic cleaners in and around the home. What will chemicals do to our skin/ body/health? Our skin is affected by the environment, the food we eat, our health and what we put on our skin. Up to 80 per cent of what we put on our skin may be absorbed therefore it is important to choose products carefully. Toxic ingredients may prematurely age and irritate the skin therefore become more educated about what you are putting on your skin and make informed choices.



What’s your background? I have a background in pure science, so hence why I am a firm believer in the importance of scientifically validating my organic beauty products.



Why should we choose natural skincare and makeup? There is a strong awareness of good healthy lifestyles and the benefits of natural skincare is now well known. Premium natural and organic skincare allows you to get as close to nature as possible.


July 2016

What foods should we be eating more and less of? Eat more whole non-processed foods, lots of organic vegetables, good-quality protein, antioxidants and learn more about were food comes from. Eat food that comes from a quality source.

E li z

What’s your best piece of beauty advice? If I could tell my 20-something-self one

piece of beauty advice, it would be … Don’t worry and stress less because stress has a huge effect on our skin.


a li c



June 2016



FAIR IN FOOD AND WINE TOURS In a Gold Coast first, entrepreneur Karen Inglis-Turner saw a gap in the market for food and wine tours to showcase the very best of the culinary scene in our city

t was after a health scare last year that Gold Coaster Karen Inglis-Turner had a real wakeup call and discovered she needed to do something different with her life. “It made me re-evaluate the important things in my life and with much soul searching I figured out that my passion is food, wine and people,” she says.“The Gold Coast is really coming into its own as a foodie destination. I have lived here since I was 5 years old and I’m excited to see so many high-quality restaurants and cafes opening up. “People are interested in a dining experience and are starting to appreciate our quality local ingredients. But it’s not just the food I love; it’s the passionate people who make it – our local foodie heroes.” And so Gold Coast Food and Wine Tours was stirred, baked and plated up. Here she takes some time with Get it to talk all things food. Tell us about the food scene on the Coast. There has been an amazing transformation of the food scene across Australia in the past decade. Both chefs and patrons have lifted their expectations with the outcome that old and ho-hum fare isn’t getting much of a look-in these days. Palates also seem much more international as street food, crosscultural cuisine and new arrivals pepper our towns and cities with creative new flavours. We celebrate that by introducing more people to what’s happening on the restaurant and bar scene and passing on our “insider knowledge”.

July 2016


food equals friendship and conversation and happy times. What do you enjoy most about dining out? Apart from being an occupational hazard to seek out new venues, I love seeing how different chefs plate their food, how menus change with the seasons and what’s fresh right now. Everyone loves a little mystery and I often ask the wait staff to just bring me their recommendations for a starter, main and dessert. I’ve rarely had an unpleasant experience as they get to impart their knowledge and put combinations together that are complimentary. How did the business start? I was leading food tours in Brisbane and commuting from the Gold Coast until I saw a big gap in the market for visitors here. All these talented young people were opening niche eateries and restaurants around town that fuelled this evolution. Creating Gold Coast Food and Wine Tours let me introduce locals and visitors to the fantastic and creative people and a wide range of cuisines. I didn’t set out to change perceptions but that’s what’s happening. Our guests are always amazed at what they find, sometimes right in their own backyard…we’re really in the midst of a cuisine explosion here and the food culture from the capital cities is grabbing hold here big time.

Why do you love food? I love the way different cultures express themselves through cuisine. It’s such a gateway into another community; to eat and discover what ingredients they combine, celebration foods and everyday things. It’s what I look forward to the most when I’m somewhere new…how do the locals do it? And we are getting such a wonderful diversity here on the Gold Coast that those discoveries can be made right here without a passport! What is your relationship to foodhave you always had a good one with it? Everyone probably has some childhood memory of not liking a particular food or the delightful anticipation of a once-ina-while treat. Growing up on the Gold Coast was a bit of a monoculture as a child, but we went out for the occasional “ethnic” meals at the local Chinese or Italian, which introduced me to different flavours than my folks Anglo-Saxon kitchen. Those are fond memories for me; opening my eyes and tastebuds to a whole new world of flavour. Food is more than energy and nutrition, its ritual and history and community. I love gathering people around to “break bread”, so for me

What will people experience? Taking a food tour is a chance to explore something from a new perspective. We incorporate knowledge and history, techniques and philosophy so your appreciation of what you’re eating is increased. Hopefully some place you thought you knew is a revelation. The tastings of food and wine have new significance when you understand what goes into it, how it’s prepared or how to eat it. Over the duration of the tour you’ll probably walk a kilometre and a half, enough steps between venues to make room for the next course. Do guests get to speak with the chefs? Typically each stop on a tour involves a backstory about the cuisine and the wines that are paired with it. Either the owners or the chef come and meet our guests, talk to them about the vision of their establishment and the menu before we sample tasting plates. Some venues are an opportunity to learn hands-on with how-to demonstrations and we eat the results. It’s a fun way to discover new foods, how to use the ingredients and some of the cultural traditions. I know when I travel someplace new I want a deeper understanding of the destination and an appreciation of the cuisine. Visitors here are no different.

What is it about food and the tours that bring people together? Because each venue in our movable feast becomes a talking point, our guests have an easy icebreaker to meet and get to know each other. Anyone who was a stranger at the start is a firm friend by the last mouthful of dessert. Sharing a meal in most cultures is a way to come together and our tours are ideal for meeting the locals, discovering a new suburb or having a group of travellers bond. Here’s a great travellers tip: Jump on a food tour anywhere new that you go. You never know who you’ll meet and for those of us beyond our backpacking years, it’s a fantastic way to get an orientation and recommendations from other people about your destination.

What makes the tours stand out? We get so much positive feedback from our guests. The most common compliments are the delicious venues, the fun and mystery and what incredible value it is to eat in five or six places over four hours with drinks and dessert. The negatives are that the tours are over too soon. Four hours really flies when you’re having fun. Each tour finishes at a venue where everyone is welcome to linger so there’s never a feeling of being rushed out the door. New experiences are cooking and brewing in the background that we’ll be releasing soon. Our guests give us great suggestions for different themed tours and we can set those up for groups and parties. We’re always refining our tours, but we stick to our motto #EatDrinkEnjoy and that serves us well to deliver a consistently entertaining experience.

What sort of interesting things do you get to do on these tours? We put together curated walking tours in three suburbs; Burleigh Heads, Broadbeach and Surfers Paradise that really change attitudes about dining on the Gold Coast. The perception is still out there that youname-it and chips is still the dominant offering. We have got some great seafood, regional cuisine and bartenders mixing up cocktails that are like theatre in a glass. I’m proud to say that visitors from anywhere can experience impressive food here. It’s one of the key attractions for our guests. They know what’s already out there but they’re keen to experience hidden gems and new dining hubs.

What’s a typical tour like? On one of our tours we meet Australia’s top coffee roaster Timothy Sweet, he serves us his amazing coffee with a very unique fruity flavour that has won him lots of accolades. His coffee beans are roasted locally and he supports local food artisans in his cafe. We have a gluten-free tour of Burleigh coming up and I’d love to do a tour to Mount Tamborine as well. Our Surfers Paradise tour targets visitors from around Australia and overseas to showcase the best of our local food and wine. Plus we have been hosting tours for cruise ship companies and we also cater for private groups - our tours are great for birthdays, hen’s parties and corporate events.


July 2016

GET IT I SUCCESS with Annette Densham

From sick to super charged using foods to heal

When Annette Densham was told she had an autoimmune disease and that there was nothing she could do about it, she decided to ignore that advice and seek out other ways to conquer it fter exhaustive bloods test, scans and poking and prodding, she was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s disease, a condition where the immune systems attacks the thyroid essentially rendering it ineffective. Annette knew something was wrong with her body as she steadily gained more and more weight, her hair started falling out, always sick and lacking in energy. “I had just started my own business but found there were days where I just could not do anything. Every virus and bug that was floating around, I would pick up,” she says. “I was sick and tired of being sick and tired. My endocrinologist told me I would be on hormones for the rest of my life and it was highly unlikely I would be able to lose weight. “That’s not what you want to hear. I was miserable and so over being unwell. It was getting in the way of life.”

Instead of curling up her toes and heading back to bed, Annette decided to attack her problem with food. “I’d read a lot about using foods to heal and with the growing research into gut health being the centre of the immune systems and the power of phytochemicals in food, I figured I had nothing to lose,” she says. “I started working with a nutritional medicine practitioner who worked with me to start the process of cleaning my gut and introducing foods that supported my thyroid function. “I had always thought my diet was very healthy but once I started to understand the way different food interacted with my gut and my overall health, I realised I had been feeding my problem the wrong foods.” Over the period of a month, Annette started incorporating into her diet more of the foods that would sustain her thyroid.

What is Hashimoto’s l Hashimoto’s thyroiditis or Hashimoto’s disease is the most common form of thyroiditis (inflammation of the thyroid gland) and also the most common thyroid disorder. l An autoimmune disorder, which means it occurs when immune cells attack healthy tissue instead of protecting it. l Immune cells mistakenly attack healthy thyroid tissue, causing inflammation of the thyroid. July 2016


Eating a diet rich in selenium, vitamin B and cruciferous vegetables. “I learnt a diet high in gluten, caffeine and soy was the worst thing I could be doing for my health,” Annette says.“I now eat more brazil nuts and mushrooms because they are rich sources of selenium, which is essential in converting thyroxine to its active form, T3 and maca, which contains zinc, B vitamins and iron, which are all required for optimal thyroid production. “Removing bread and gluten was the best thing I did. Not only was it upsetting my gut but it gets in the way of thyroid antibody production. My poor little thyroid did not stand a chance.” Six months down the track, Annette has lost 20kg. But that is not the best thing – now she is full of energy, her hair shines and her eyes sparkle. “Changing how I ate was hard. It meant giving a lot of things I loved – fresh crusty bread, fish and chips and chocolate, but it is so worth it,” she says.

l Women are seven times more likely to have Hashimoto’s thyroiditis.

Symptoms l Fatigue Weight gain Pale, puffy face l Feeling cold l Joint and muscle pain l Constipation l Dry, thinning hair l Heavy menstrual flow or irregular periods l Depression l A slowed heart rate l Problems falling pregnant


It’s a ‘70s-inspired fang fest etro Vampt is the new show at Dracula's and show director HaydieNewman says you will love it. Think big hair, big eyelashes, flares and platforms with a vampirine theme. “We are very excited about the new show. It has been successful in Melbourne and so we have brought it to the Gold Coast and supersized it,” Haydie says. “It is really good fun. “This show takes you on a psychedelic journey through a variety of acts that showcase vampires through the ages. We’ve got acrobatic dance, mime and puppetry, plus a funky song list from the ’70s including Stairway to Heaven and Sympathy of the Devil.” Retro Vampt features three favourites who are continuing on, including David “Kamikaze D” Kume, who is a brilliant guitarist and so excited about the amazing guitar licks we have in the show; Richard Macionis, is the cast manager and our fantastic host, and anyone who knows him will be excited that he’s back; and Rudi Testa is the lead comedian in the show and has been with Dracula's for nine years.

Plus there are three new faces. Sarah Louis-Jean who using the Argentinian-style performance called boleadoras in her act; Jessica Stansfield, who has understudied for three of our performers for the current season and has been performing in the Saturday Drax 4 Kids show, and Danielle Glansville, a local performer and her first show with Dracula's. The show is a must-see but the launch of a secret new entrance is creating even more hype. “The new entrance construction stands three stories high and has been themed to blend in with the existing post-modern Transylvanian architecture. Arriving visitors will now enter a surround simulation attraction called the Mausoleum before riding the ghost train into the Theatre of the Vampire. Inspired by the ‘70s, Haydie says Retro Vampt will cover every age group. P: 5563 4900 or draculas.com.au

“An absolute must see. Great show. Great cast. Great food. Awesome venue.” - Tammy S, Tripadvisor.


July 2016


DIFFUSE THE SITUATION Black oil reed diffuser, $34.95, TÄNDA Modern, tandamodern.com

PLANT THE SEED Diamonds (Bright Collection) fibreglass pots, $90-$220, Modern Muse, modernmuse.com.au

A CUT ABOVE Shiny black cutlery, $120, 2K Labware, 2klabware.com.au



Otomi measuring spoons, $22.95, Mozi, mozi.com.au

Daily Superfood, $19.95 (1-2 week) and $59.95 (4-8 week), Activated Nutrients, activatednutrients.com

NEED A HAND? Healthy Hands hand wash, $15, Probiotics, $10, probioticsolutions.com.au

How do you

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WARM AND TOASTY Yellow accents toaster, $129.95, Morphy Richards, morphyrichards.com.au

DAILY GRIND Salt and pepper bottle grinders, $119, Granite Lane, granitelane.com.au

BOXED IN Bread box, $49.95, Steady Sticks, steadysticks.com



Denon demi bar, $2970, Vavoom Emporium, vavoom.com.au

Simply 7 Snacks, $5.99, available at selected Target stores, leading health food stores and independent grocers

June 2015


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July 2016

GET IT I BEAUTY STYLE with Elizabeth Campbell

Jojoba bead and bamboo facial exfoliant, $40, The Jojoba Company, thejojobacompany.com.au

what’s new

Face and body exfoliant, $42, Musq, musq.com.au

Oil Infusions Body Moisturiser Citrus Colour-Protect Haircare Twin Set with Jojoba Oil, Palmolive, from shampoo and conditioner, Grown $5.99, available in Coles, pharmacies Alchemist, $39.95, grownalchemist.com and independent supermarkets

Essential Oil Blends Peace & Calming 5ml, $52, Young Living, youngliving.com.au

Repair Through $35, Yuko, available from selected hairdressing salons and yuko.com.au

Skin perfecting 2% BHA liquid, $36, Paula’s Choice, paulaschoice.com.au

Infusalite dryer, $200, Evy Professional, aquabaci.com.au

Deluxe Anti Ageing FAciAl

say hello to beautiFul skin


MicroderMabrasion derMal Filler liquid FaceliFt light therapy skin o2 Makeover Plus A Bonus giFt




- SkiN CANCER CHECkS - WRiNkLE iNjECTABLES - FACE, NECk ANd BROW LiFTS - LiP FiLLER & ENHANCEmENT - LASER LiPO & LiPOSUCTiON P 5535 5170 i www.aliveclinics.com.au - iPL, LASER & LEg VEiNS - ARm TUCkS - ANTi AgEiNg FACiALS Stocklands Shopping Centre, West Burleigh

July 2016


GET IT I MAKE UP with Amanda Higl

Make-up bag audit he good old make-up bag … there are always a few items that fall to the bottom and need high-priority disposal. A lot of people don’t know when to toss out their much-loved cosmetics and, unfortunately, there are no used-by dates on beauty products. So here is a guide to keep your beauty bag up to scratch: Mascara: Throw out after three months. It is a dark and wet environment; a perfect place for bacteria and you are then placing it on your eyes, which can be extremely sensitive. After three months, our miracle-working two-second product starts to become chalky and powdery, and the lengthening or thickening fibres separate from the fluid. Bases/foundations: Discard liquids after six months and after two years for powders. Keep in mind each time you dip your brush or sponge in you are creating a little bacterial pool. Lipstick, lip gloss and lip liner: Lipsticks and glosses are moist products, and moist equals bacteria.

However, lip products do last a lot longer than our other liquid friends, so you have two years to keep your lips in check. Eyeshadow and eyeliner: Eyeshadow and eyeliner: If it’s liquid, bin it in three months, but gel products last six months. Pencil and powder products give you two years of blissful use.

Keeping cosmetics for too long can have two results: The product does not work as well as it should, or it can be the cause of irritations - particularly mascara. However, sealed or unopened products can remain usable for up to two years at room temperature, so all is not lost. amandahiglhairandmakeup.com.au



Treatment and Blow Dry This is a genuine, obligation free offer for you to come and experience the revolutionary new treatment from and meet the team of professionals at Osk 1. No gimmicks, no catches and no pressure.

To book simply call 5526 2100

NEW FUSIO DOSE™ Ultra Potent In-salon Haircare Ritual

AN INSTANT TRANSFORMATION. 100% of the Beauty Heaven Trial Team said: “I noticed an instant difference in the look and feel of my hair” Available exclusively at authorised Kérastase salons.

ENTER THE ERA OF TAILOR-MADE TM Fusio-Dose™ is an in-salon ritual that is completely


tailor-made to treat two hair concerns at once and precisely meet the specific needs of every hair type.

is a tailor made treatment that instantly transforms your hair. How it works: Your stylist will diagnose the condition of your hair and will create a bespoke fusion of super concentrated BEFORE AND AFTER. active ingredients for SEE REAL TRANSFORMATIONS. Watch as the ultra-concentrated active ingredients in each tailor made care designed unique Fusio-Dose treatment work instantly to transform your hair. to instantly and lastingly transform your hair.

After performing a professional hair diagnosis, your stylist will offer you a Fusio-Dose™ ritual personalised to your specific needs and will create a bespoke fusion of super concentrated, active ingredients for tailor-made care designed to instantly and lastingly transform your hair.

P 5526 2100 Osk1.com

Level 1, 95 Ashmore Road, Bundall Osk 1 hair institute


To see before and after results, go to SEE MORE OSK 1 face book and TRANSFORMATIONS click on link. GET #THATFUSIOFEELING FOR YOU AND YOUR MUM

July 2016

Just like Fusio Dose™, we know your mum makes you feel amazing. To celebrate this Mother’s Day, we would like to give you the chance to win a Luxury Fusio Dose™ experience for you and your mum.



Top tech tips One of Australia's top lifestyle technology commentators Charlie Browne shares his tech tips after a recent visit to Domayne Bundall harlie Browne, Channel 9’s technology expert host of Life & Technology radio show on 2GB and NewsTalk 4BC, is the publisher of CyberShack.com.au. He produces and hosts Australia’s only dedicated technology TV show, CyberShack TV. Here he shares his tech tips to help you at home and at the office. What are the three things people must know about tech for their home or office? 1. It’s better to spend more and get a good-quality product first, rather than buy something cheap and have to replace it after a year. 2. It’s good to future-proof, but don’t go silly. If you’re after an office PC for checking your emails, doing spreadsheets and writing reports, stay away from the gaming laptop. 3. Make sure it works together. What are the key things to look for? What do you need your technology to do? There’s no point buying a Mac just because it’s a Mac or a Samsung just because it’s a Samsung if it doesn’t do the job you need it to. Look for value for money and also a cheaper price. Most Australian retailers will price match. What questions should they ask a technician? When in a store, make sure you find out about a retailer’s return policy,

as well as any warranty information about the item you’re looking for. If you’re not set on brand, it can be wise to ask about other options in a similar price range, and how they differ. Is there an option to spend a little bit on the device you are looking at, to have a slightly better speed and performance. What’s your biggest tip when it comes to tech for the home or office? Make sure you’re not just buying technology for the sake of buying technology. Before you buy anything, make sure you actually need it. Why is this an area people should be informed about? It’s become a critical part of day-to-day life, but it’s constantly changing. By keeping in the loop, buying decisions become easier, which in turn can save you time, money, and the frustration of buying the wrong item. domayneonline.com.au

Brand yourself with corporate pictures Gold Coast photographer Dan Molloy is well known for his photographic talent and bringing out the best version of you picture is worth a thousand words and your branding and corporate portraits need to speak volumes about you. It’s an area Gold Coast photographer Dan Molloy specialises in with his new business Corporate Portraits. The fashion and portraiture photographer is well known around the country for his work, but has added corporate portrait and branding photography to his repertoire. “I wanted to offer a fun, easy-going and fast way to get the right shot for your business card, annual report, real estate portrait, social media profile, book release, or any type of company sales material,” Dan says. “Corporate professionals and business owners are busy and so we needed to create a solution that was tailored to them, but was also quick and easy. So we can come to your home or office and we bring a small studio lighting setup with a backdrop. “We can also photograph multiple staff members on the same day one after the other in the same lighting and background set-up. I like people to be able to view the images while we are shooting to ensure they are happy with the final shots. That’s really important to us.” Then the final images are expertly retouched to show you at your very best…your professional best. The corporate sessions with Dan and his team are fun and easy going. “Depending on which photography package you choose, we can discuss what style of images you need, and the type of lighting and background you'd prefer,” he says. corporateportraitsaustralia.com July 2016



Home is where the heart is All from villagestores.com.au

Hanging spider plant (50x50x100cm) $129.95

Imperial cheese knives (20cm) $44.95

Bangalore salad servers (27cm) $44.95

Marble serving board (15x35cm) $49.95

Provincial dining chair (47x88cm, seat height 46cm, available in black, white or natural) $189 Apostle rope lantern (13 x 18cm) $39.95 25

July 2016


Bojangles founder and local designer Valda Denehey shares her incredible story and how her business grew so fast ashion has always been a part of Gold Coaster Valda Denehey’s life, so much so that she has carved a very successful career from it. Valda lives and works on the Coast and has spent many years immersed in the European fashion sector. She began Bojangles fashion with the vision that every woman can dress elegantly every day by wearing simple and affordable, yet effortlessly stylish, clothing. It’s her philosophy when it comes to fashion and the reason why she opened six stores in less than 20 months. The founder and designer of the local brand Bojangles, the store is a true local success and one of Australia's up and coming fashion labels. Valda has been in the industry for 35 years and in business for more than 25 years, and has spent many years based in the UK and Italy. She has had a colourful fashion career. “When I was 24, I began work at Unilever, as the first female sales representative in the

Fashioning a stylish life company, within Australia,” she says. That was only the beginning of her love affair with fashion and she then moved to Adelaide to take on the role of city store manager for fashion business Brown Sugar. “A few years later after gaining the experience and business acumen I needed, I started my own women’s fashion accessories business in Adelaide,” Valda says. “It wasn’t long before I was on the move again, this time to Melbourne, to open a store in South Yarra. At the same time, I also began another company called Mossman International providing corporate apparel to businesses.” Both businesses were very successful and she won the Business of the Year – South Yarra award two years in a row. Valda sold her businesses, so she could move to London with her husband. “I kept myself busy, travelling through Europe, the Middle East and Africa as a corporate wife and I was heavily involved in assisting my husband, plus I had other interests in the fashion business,” she says. But it didn’t take long for her to be noticed in the UK and she was commissioned by Vauxhall Racing to design a racing logo and race wear for their new race team. “Over the years, I’ve perused various fashion-design activities in Europe together with several interior decorating activities, July 2016

including a complete boutique hotel and a six-page spread in UK House and Garden,” she says. Valda’s husband retired from corporate life in 2006 and the couple decided to retire to Lake Como in Italy and soak up the sun together and enjoy life. In 2008, they came back to Australia for a six-month visit to see their much-loved grandchildren and during this time Valda was diagnosed with breast cancer. “I had major surgery in Melbourne - a double mastectomy - and wasn’t able to fly for a year, which was a complete shock to myself and my friends and family. We were all devastated,” she says. “But I was resilient and I was certain it was only going to be a bump in my life-long journey of learning and doing.” The couple decided to stay in Australia and moved to the Gold Coast. In 2009, Valda - a very driven woman - decided retirement wasn’t all that is was cracked up to be and felt the need to get back into the fashion industry. So naturally, she launched her own fashion label, Bojangles. It’s affectionately named after her cat. During 2010, she decided to move into retail and opened two shops on the Gold Coast within eight weeks. In 2012, she added another two shops, one on the Gold Coast and one in Melbourne, while in 26

2013, Melbourne got another two stores, bringing the total to six retail outlets within 20 months and all under the Bojangles brand. There are now five stores on the Gold Coast. Bojangles today is a very successful designer fashion label and retailer, with Valda currently designing all of the Bojangles styles and selecting all fabrics she uses. She manufactures the full range of woman’s fashion for her stores, with a focus is on the 30-plus age group of fashion-conscious females. “We use only the very best and latest fabrics and I pride myself on providing high fashion and everyday wear for all fashion-conscious women. We proudly caters for sizes 8-18, with styles that flatter all shapes,” she says. “We believe all Australian women deserve to have fashion and style that is on trend and manufactured to the highest quality standards; designed for today’s easy living; easy to maintain; and that enhances your body shape. “Our customers have also been the driving force behind our brand and we believe in providing value for money and being honest in representing our people, customers and products.” bojanglesfashion.com

Awards recognise city’s women f you know an inspiring woman or school girl who should be recognised for their work or community dedication, the Gold Coast Women in Business Awards are calling for nominations for the 2016 awards. Now in its fourth year, this initiative profiles the city’s outstanding female achievers through honoring exceptional and successful businesswomen, innovators and community achievers as well as aspiring young visionaries through the Gold Coast Women in Business Awards. With nominations closing on August 31, the annual awards encourage ambition, empower confidence and inspire new female leaders now and into the future while providing a unique platform for both personal and business growth and profiling.You can download a nomination details at WIBAA.com.au Ten categories recognise women across business, innovation and technology, emerging industries, arts and culture and community.The awards also shine a light on the city’s aspiring

young achievers with a special category – the Empowering Young Women’s Award open to high school students. The annual awards have been created to honor women who possess vision, innovation, entrepreneurial drive, leadership, individuality and tenacity with the ultimate goal being to present role models for other women to aspire to in our city. Last year’s Woman in Business of the Year recipient Alana Beattie says nominations are open for women at all level of business who embody leadership qualities and embrace the principles of corporate social responsibility and she would recommend other women enter this year’s awards as the experience was so rewarding and worthwhile.

Past awards have unearthed an incredible spectrum of successful and talented visionaries making a difference across the Coast including young school girl Tani Stubbs who, during her senior school years, created a program to support thirdworld schools by providing equipment and furniture donated by local schools. Women can put themselves forward or be nominated by a colleague, family or friend and with more than $30,000 in prizes including a diamond pendant from My Jewellery Shop for the award winners, the awards draw wide interest from across the city. Download a nomination form at WIBAA.com.au P: 5504 6055

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Ground Level, Chevron Renaissance, Surfers Paradise 27

Destination 4217 July 2016

GET IT I FASHION with Susie McWatt Forbes




PHOTOGRAPHER: Dan Molloy danmolloy.com.au

STYLIST: Susie McWatt Forbes susiethestylist@gmail.com STYLIST’S ASSISTANT Sharon Kennedy Trudi Stanton MODEL: Jessica Roche Que models 5515 7283 HAIR AND MAKEUP: Carlie Clifford Academy of Design 1300 546 093 LOCATION: Walrus Social House Watermark Hotel Surfers Paradise P: 5588 8400

LADY IN RED Shilla red frill midi dress // $179.95 // neckpiece // $79.95 // Pom Pom clutch // $89.95 // and Billini black heel // $89.95 // all from Destination 4217 // Chevron Renaissance // 0407 964 492

July 2016


UPTOWN GIRL Times Ten emerald jumpsuit // $99.95 // Stellar Rose neckpiece // $69.95 // and Billini Royal suede shoe // $99 // all from Destination 4217 // Chevron Renaissance // 0407 964 492


July 2016

FREE SPIRIT Blue Juice mustard dress // $119.95 // Neckpiece // $79.95 // Billini tan flats // $69.95 // Pony hide bag // $159.95 // all from Destination 4217 // Chevron Renaissance // 0407 964 492

July 2016


TAKE TWO Shilla peplum top // $109.95 // Shilla print short // $99.95 // Neckpiece // $79.95 // and red lace-up shoes // $89.95 // all from Destination 4217 // Chevron Renaissance // 0407 964 492

SHOP THE STYLE Times Ten emerald top // $79.95 // Buddha goat skin skirt // $259.95 // Holiday Viper hide bag // $159.95 // necklace // $89.95 // leather wrist strap // $39.95 // all from Destination 4217 // Chevron Renaissance // 0407 964 492

WINTER BLOOMS Shilla white floral dress // $179.95 // and Billini Dove suede shoe // $89.95 // all from Destination 4217 // Chevron Renaissance // 0407 964 492


July 2016

GET IT I GET STYLISH with Susie McWatt Forbes

Let’s talk body shape - inverted triangle

REVIEW In the Spotlight skirt // $179.99 // and Wishbone top // $149.99 // review-australia.com

MISS ITHACA skirt // $110 // alicenightingale.etsy.com

MINIMALIST JEWELLERY Double Ballin’ bangle // $40 // minimalistjewellery.com.au

BLAAX black rose watch // $149 // blaax.com.au

OXFAM earrings // $29.95 // oxfamshop.org.au

SQUEAK Copper Night Pouch // $39 // squeakdesign.com

SōLEURS sunglasses // from $149 // soleurs.com

ello fashionistas We are talking body shape again as part of our series to help you style yourself so you look and feel your best every day. This month we are focusing on the inverted triangle. If you’re not sure that you are this body shape, look for shoulders that are wider than your hips, a slight waist and amazing legs. If this is you, you are an inverted pyramid shape and here’s what you need to do to enhance it. 1. Keep necklines close to your neck. 2. Show some skin, V-neck or scoop neck garments are your best friend. Anything too high will make you look very top heavy – and we don’t want that. 3. A set-in sleeve will bring this look together. 4. Keep away from strapless and very wide collars. 5. A halter-neck style will break up the lines across the top of your body, while a one-shoulder style will also do the trick. To balance this look out and create some dangerous curves, A-line skirts with a pattern or relaxed bottoms with some movement will help enhance your top. Shorter fitted jackets that do up under the bust, not across it will make this look tailored and minimise your “sometimes busty” area. My big style tip for this look is to keep it dark and neat from the waist up, and have a party from the waist down. It’s all about the balance and easy to do. Next month, let’s talk about rectangles. Have a stylish month.

Susie x

Style advice...

Join me on my travels this month through Europe...The High Street of London and the Fashion Strip of Italy. Follow me on my Instagram and Style Page as I hunt for fabulous fashion finds for Spring /Summer 2017.

• Shopping Service • Image Consultant • Shopping & Retail Susie The Stylist @susiethestylist July 2016


P: 0414 904 364


Fitness and diet programs don’t work if you’re stressed

Have you ever wondered why it is so hard to lose those last 5kg after plateauing? Or why despite the right diet and gym routine every day you can’t lose weight? Health coach Laura Moore explains lame your brain, it is actually stress that is making you overweight. According to Laura Moore, a performance and health coach, the body doesn’t understand the difference between a real or perceived threat so although someone may only be stressed about the amount of emails in their inbox, the body goes into fight or flight mode. This sets off a chain reaction of biochemical events in the body that piles on the pounds. The founder of Uppy, Laura has listed below the ways that stress sends the body into chaos and how to fix it. BELLY FAT Public enemy number one. When you are stressed the adrenal glands in the body are activated which release adrenaline to increase the heartrate and blood flow, as well as cortisol to flood the body with glucose for immediate energy. Cortisol, however, also slows down the body’s metabolism to maintain the glucose supply, and when it isn’t used, it is stored as fat…on the stomach. SLEEP When we don’t get a good night’s sleep it disrupts the hormones ghrelin and leptin in our body. These hormones turn our appetite on and off, and tell the brain what to do with the fat (use for energy or store it). Lack of sleep will confuse the process and you will experience unnecessary hunger, not know when you are full, and store fat when it should be burned. DIGESTION AND CALORIES When the body is trying to fight a threat it shuts down anything not integral to survival at that moment, therefore when the body is stressed it normally shuts down the digestion system. Food is then not digested properly and a toxic build-up ensues.These toxins retain fat and excess water resulting in you feeling puffy and sluggish. If our digestion is poor we don’t absorb the nutrients and the calories cause excess fat. EXERCISE Exercise can be stressful on the body, but not necessarily a negative stress. If your body is in a constant heightened state of stress then it will already have excess hormones and doesn’t need any more. Exercise releases cortisol but if the levels are already too high in your body then it could contribute to weight gain. In this type of situation, re-evaluate the type of exercise and intensity and notch it down until the optimal state of the body is restored. 33


Tedder Ave - Main Beach Grice Ave - Paradise Point Super Q Centre - Mermaid Waters Harbour Town - Biggera Waters July 2016


Clever technology makes hearing on the phone easier any people with a hearing aids have a lot of difficulty communicating on the phone. There are several options available to help you hear a lot more clearly. For normal landline phone you can get a hearing-impaired telephone. They come in several options including a fixedline phone, a cordless phone and teletext phone. The first two options allow you to increase the volume of the telephone to extremely loud levels suitable for people up to a profound hearing loss. Most hearing aids now have good feedback cancelation features that prevent them from whistling when holding phone up to the ear. This may work well in quiet environments, however, in noisy environments it still may be difficult as the hearing aids will also pick up environmental noises. Another option is the use of telecoils. Most hearing aids have telecoils built into them that, when used with fixed landline phones, the hearing aid receives signals from directly the phone via a magnetic induction loop. All that is heard from the hearing aid is the person on the telephone and it does not pick up any other surrounding environmental noise. Most hearing aids now are able to automatically change to this setting without have to

touch any buttons. Telecoils work well most of the time however they are prone to picking up electrical noise and do not work with most cordless and mobile phones. Probably the best option to hear better on all telephones whether they are cordless, fixed or mobile phones is through Bluetooth. Many hearing aids are now Bluetooth compatible and are able to be paired with all phones. The hearing-aid wearer wears a Bluetooth receiver around their neck and when the phone rings it is

heard through the hearing aid. By pushing a button on the receiver the person is streamed directly to both hearing aids so you have a clear, pure signal in both ears without picking up any interference or environmental noises. The team at Clarity Hearing Solutions at Hope Island can help to find the right solution for you. Grant Collins, owner/principal audiologist, Clarity Hearing Solutions P: 1300 252 7489

The world’s smallest wireless hearing aid is here! Invisible. Comfortable. Now with Bluetooth. Now at Clarity! Starkey SoundLens IIC, the world’s smallest invisible removable deep canal IIC (Invisible-In-Canal) hearing aid now comes with Bluetooth. Clarity will custom mould and fit the SoundLens to sit comfortably deep in your ear, so only you know they’re there. Although tiny, the SoundLens Synergy comes loaded with all the leading technology you expect

Call 1300 CLARITY or 3366 7888

from larger hearing aids including Bluetooth connectivity. Amazingly small and remarkably powerful you’ll also be surprised at the affordability of the SoundLens range. Call Queensland-owned Clarity about a Starkey SoundLens hearing solution for you.

Hope Island, Mater Misericordiae Health Care, 8 Halcyon Way Also at Spring Hill, Carindale, Loganholme, Sunnybank, Caboolture, Bribie Island

For better hearing the solution is Clarity.

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What you’ve been told is probably wrong There is so much information - and misinformation - when it comes to food it has become increasingly hard to decipher good information from bad information. So who are we to believe, asks Vision personal trainer Jeff Osborne verything you thought you knew about good food could be wrong. Even official sources such as the Heart Foundation have been caught promoting false information. One of the most important things that clients at Vision Bundall get when they come to train with us is education. I believe that any person who wishes to be as healthy as they can and make informed choices has to educate themselves. If you are interested in food or not, one thing we know is that what you choose to put in your mouth affects your health. As Hippocrates stated thousands of years ago: "Let food be thy medicine". I'm not advocating to shun medicine, however, taking an interest in your health will determine the quantity and quality of your life. It's all about trade-offs and choices. We don't expect everyone to come in to our studio and turn into a super strict food nazi. There are going to be changes, however, what you change is up to you, not us. One of the earliest things we get new members to do before they start exercise or food changes is fill out nine questionnaires that give us a great insight into what you are prepared to change. Questionnaires like "Readiness to change your alcohol habits" lets us know if you are prepared to cut back, stop all together or you want results without changing your glass or two of wine a few nights a week. This information is critical if you want long-term success. For me, quitting alcohol completely is not an option. I love a few beers on a Thursday night after squash because I enjoy it and it is social. I make an informed decision about what that does to my health and I can choose to counterbalance that and still get great results. Balance is a bad idea. Balance as a goal is great. But if you are in balance, things are not going to move. The truth is that if you want to get anywhere a certain amount of imbalance is required. If you stand up in perfect balance, you go nowhere. Now get out of balance forward ... What happens? You move, right? Careful not to get too far out of balance because that’s when you fall over. It’s the same concept with your health. If you are 100 per cent happy with the state of your current health, balance will keep you there. However, if you want change then a little imbalance is what you need. The best place to get some imbalance is with what you eat. Spending some time learning about food and treating all the information you receive with a certain degree of scepticism is important. Find an expert to help you set a plan and execute and you can spend more time enjoying yourself and living an active and healthy life. It's worth it! 35








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GET IT I KIDS with Deb Evans

9 tips

to assist your FUSSY EATER Ensuring your child eats properly at every meal is so important – it affects their growth and wellbeing. However, what happens when you have a fussy eater? Deb Evans, the director of Therapies for Kids, gives these 10 tips and tricks so your kids are eating in no time!

Posture How your child is sitting while eating is so important. One swallow requires your child to co-ordinate 26 muscles, six cranial nerves and seven sensory systems. When well supported, your child can concentrate on chewing and swallowing which utilises all the muscles in the mouth. To ensure your child is in a well-supported position, their feet should be flat on the floor or foot rest, elbows resting comfortably on the table and a booster seat may be necessary so your child is at an appropriate height. Eating is a social activity Research demonstrates that children are more likely to try new foods when eating with an adult. By sharing at least one meal with your child a day, you are able to talk about food choices, daily activities and healthy lifestyle. Therefore, eating becomes a social activity. During these shared meal times avoid distractions including television, electronic devices and toys so your child is able to focus on the skills and movements required for eating. Same food for everyone Ensure everyone has the same variety of food as well as a serving of “safe food”. Safe food is a food choice that your child will happily consume and should also be served to those your child is eating with at the table. For example, if your child will only eat plain pasta then everyone should also have a serve of plain pasta. At the same time if a member of your family likes broccoli July 2016

then other family members should also have broccoli on their plate. This provides your child with an opportunity to learn about different types of food and discuss this with who they are eating with. Talk about the food on their plate Try reframing negative food statements like “I don’t like it” and “I hate that food” to facilitate positive food discussion. It is helpful to ask your child questions about food to help them learn about the food they consume,“why is food good to eat?”.This provides you with an opportunity to educate your child about nutritious food. For example,“this food has vitamins that stops you getting sick and helps make your bones strong”. Rainbow challenge Challenge your child to eat a different coloured food each day. Utilise a rainbow placement or rainbow chart on fridge to track the variety of foods your child consumes. Encourage your child to make their own food choices in selecting the colour of food and assisting with the preparation of their food choices. Explore and play with food Help your child develop the confidence to explore food. You can engage your child in exploration of food through getting them to help prepare dinner, washing vegetables, tossing salads, cutting simple vegetables with safe knives. A safe knife that your child 36

is able to assist with in meal preparation is a ‘KiddieKutter’. Food painting A helpful idea is to have afternoon tea painting with dips and veggies. You can encourage your child to ‘paint’ with the food by pretend to clean your teeth with the veggie sticks. You can find more ideas and ways to engage your child in food activities in the SOS approach to feeding written by Dr Kay Toomly and Dr Erin Ross. Most of all incorporate play to make these steps more fun and exciting. Whose responsibility is it to eat? As a parent you are responsible for what food is served, when it is served and where it is eaten. Your child is responsible for eating. They must decide what they eat and how much they eat. There will be food your child eats lots of, some they nibble at and others they may just smell, poke or kiss goodbye. This is okay, children will slowly learn to try new foods when they are offered in a safe predictable environment. Speak to a health professional If your child has less than 20 foods and/or eliminates whole food groups consult your GP or health professional. An occupational therapist or speech therapist with experience in paediatric feeding may be able to support your child to develop skills with eating and provide practical strategies for easier, happier meal times.

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Food for life By John Burchell ND

he foods we eat, in fact any of the things we ingest, will have a large influence in the overall outcome of our health. But by no means does healthy mean boring or uninspiring. Food for life is defined as the intake of nutrients to provide all the vitamins, minerals, trace elements, starches, carbs, fats, proteins and enzymes that we need to keep our bodies going. The foods we choose to consume will have an influence on our health, mood, vitality and immune response. Choice is the critical word here. Choosing to eat to obtain optimal health can be a very different choice to living to eat what you want. Understanding this is very important when it comes to dietary planning. Winter gives rise to specific dietary needs. Depending on where you live will vary the requirements, but I’m going to use cold and cozy as the mood and winter-warming foods as the focus. Warming foods are important in autumn and winter to keep colds and flus at bay. Warm foods are nutritious and comforting and very enjoyable. Open fires, casseroles, red wine, stews, stout, Thai and Indian curries, beer, roasts, pies (savory or sweet), puddings and spirits. Minestrone soup using bone stock or veggie broth with all the

traditional ingredients (just use a non-wheat pasta). Lasagna, gnocchi and non-wheat/ vegetable pasta can all be enjoyed when we use unprocessed ingredients. Lots of hearty warming, fun, comforting indulgences. Are we bad? All of these foods can be sustaining and healthy or plain bogged down and stodgy. It all depends on the intent and the choices of ingredients. Some rules for optimum health orientated cooking and consuming. It is always best to avoid processed foods. Processed foods are usually modified in some way by heat, standardisation, chemical modification, refining, hydrolyzing and preserving. Good examples are milk, which is pasturised, homogenised and standardised. Salami, bacon and ham can be highly processed so source produce that has the least processing and additives. Some salami contains nearly the same proportions of sugar wheat and emulsifiers as white bread, let alone the salt. Wheat flour is basically white powder void of anything nutritious unless it is specifically labeled as unprocessed organic whole grain. White sugar is and let’s not go there. Always use the closest to organic garden-fresh produce as you possibly can, if you haven’t grown it, purchase it from someone you know that does. Failing that, source from the best provider that you can. Meats are best when they are from freegrazing animals.True organic meat is sourced from unvaccinated animals that have not been on

antibiotics, steroids or modified food diets. It is OK to include some fats.Trim the outer fat, but leave some fat on the meat. Good fats are necessary for hormone production, energy, inflammation control and keeping the gall bladder active. Olive oil, grape seed oil, sesame oil, ghee, unprocessed goat produce; even raw dairy produce can be included. Slow cooking casseroles or stews and the like are wonderful for winter. Combining meats, veggies and herbs with a boutique stout or red wine and cooking at low heat for several hours provides easily digestible high-quality gourmet nutrition. Non-meat proteins are found in beans, chic peas, lentils, and nuts, seeds such as pepitas, and tahini.

You’re Not Crazy It’s Your Hormones Female General Practitioners Practicing Nutritional Medicine Dr Elen ApTomas MBBS(Adel) DRANZCOG

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150 Ashmore Road, Benowa you to choose Book today,No you longer will feel do better forneed it! www.medsan.com.au between Conventional &

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Sumptuous, Succulent, Sensational... Tantalise your senses with the Gold Coast’s very best….. now serving Australia’s Award Winning Shiro- Kin Full Blood Wagyu Beef Marble Score 9+.


BLACK ANGUS BAR & GRILL is one of Gold Coast award winning steakhouse restaurants, located in the Sanctuary Cove marina overlooking glistening harbour. Specialising in premium certified beef cooked on fa-mous hot rocks or char grill. Black Angus Bar & Grill is the perfect venue for any kind of functions. From intimate family gatherings to lavish weddings, we have the facilities and menu to cater for any occasion.


$45 TWO COURSE + DRINK “Gold Award Winner”

Contemporary Dining Entertainment Book 2015/16

“Winner Best Modern Australian” Dimmi People Choice Award 2015/16



Open Lunch & Dinner 7 Days I 46E The 39 Promenade, Sanctuary Cove I 07 5577 9712 info@blackangusbarandgrill.com.au I www.blackangusbarandgrill.com.au

July 2016


tep inside the Watermark Hotel & Spa Gold Coast and discover Clifford’s Grill & Lounge and Walrus Social House, both serving up a mouth-watering selection of fare for all tastes. Providing a modern spin on the traditional grill house, Clifford’s Grill & Lounge aims to be a hub where friends and family can indulge in delicious share plates in a fun and friendly environment. Taking centre stage in the venue is a 10-burner grill the Clifford’s team sets alight daily to fire up fresh meats, seafood and other staple favourites grilled to perfection. Salads, tapas and sides with a twist also leave guests spoiled for choice. Signature dishes, share board, chargrilled 1kg T-bone steak and super slow-cooked lamb shoulder are some of the team’s succulent offerings, along with whole pink snapper with sweet and sour chilli jam. Dessert is another treat not to be missed, with sweet selections including the Bombe Alaska with a twist. With its industrial chic, warehouseinspired fitout and adjoining luxe lounge, Clifford’s places emphasis on interaction, taste and relaxation, with an extensive wine list to compliment any meal and a timber deck inviting refreshing sea breezes from Surfers Paradise beach.

A mouth-watering selection of fare Another spot promising a great time, Walrus Social House features a cabana deck, live entertainment every Friday through Sunday and stylish gaming facilities. Behind the bar are more than 25 rums from around the world, more than 70 spirits, 60-odd wines and imported and local craft beer on tap and by the bottle.

Another space for social interaction, the Walrus serves tapas share plates, pizzettas and other dishes to indulge in as a couple or group, while its cabana deck on Surfers Paradise Blvd. provides the perfect spot for chilling out and sipping on a cocktail or two. P: 5588 8400 or cliffordsgrill.com.au

Cocktail masterclass Kurtis Bosley is a cocktail inventor, creative powerhouse and bartender of the year. He shares the tricks of his trade, with some recipes he crafted for The Woollahra Hotel

White choc’s passionate kiss INGREDIENTS COCKTAIL • 45ml vodka • 15ml Monin passion fruit syrup • 15ml white chocolate syrup • 45ml fresh red grapefruit juice GARNISH • 1/2 passionfruit • Small handful of white chocolate drops METHOD Chill martini glass in fridge. To prepare garnish, scoop out flesh of passionfruit and fill with white chocolate drops, set aside. Next, add all cocktail ingredients into a metal cocktail shaker and top with ice. Shake vigorously for 10-12 seconds or until the outside of the shaker is frosted. Strain mixture into chilled martini glass, add garnish and drink up! July 2016

The Queen Street Mar-Tea-Ni INGREDIENTS • 45ml Hayman’s Gin • 30ml green-tea syrup • 30ml fresh lime • 1/2 fresh passionfruit • 1 Slice of dehydrated blood orange to garnish METHOD Fill martini glass with ice to chill. Add all ingredients into a metal cocktail shaker. Shake vigorously for 10-12 seconds or until the outside of the shaker is frosted. Dump ice out of martini glass, and strain cocktail mixture into your chilled glass. Garnish with dehydrated blood orange and enjoy! 40


Moo Moo

celebrates 11 years oo Moo The Wine Bar + Grill Gold Coast has turned the big 11. Celebrating more than a decade on the Gold Coast, the iconic restaurant raised a toast to its loyal clientele – among them, politicians, celebrities and rock royalty. Recently reopened following a spectacular, milliondollar refurbishment, the Moo Moo exclusive birthday celebration also marks the launch of its impressive new business lunch menu, available seven days. Founder and owner Steven Adams said Moo Moo has built its brand on quality, flair and unsurpassed service, values that continued to underpin the boutique restaurant chain, which also operates a venue in Brisbane. “We invite customers to come and discover beautiful dining at the new Moo Moo, which was conceived as a contemporary and elegant space that will grow with our customers and continue to entrench the restaurant as an icon of the sophisticated precinct of Broadbeach,” he says. Moo Moo The Wine Bar + Grill is now open for lunch and dinner, seven days from 12pm to midnight. P: +617553 99952


July 2016


Kathy Ashton is a nutritional medicine practitioner. She understands what foods benefit the body, which foods harm and which foods heal. This all comes together in her cookbook My Healing Kitchen with easy recipes that anyone can make

Source of wellbeing

LENTIL SOUP FOR THE SOUL SERVES 4 INGREDIENTS • 4 cloves garlic • 2 tbsp tomato paste • 3 tbsp curry powder • 2 tsp mustard seeds • 2 tsp cumin • 1 bunch fresh coriander • 2 brown onions • 1 litre vegetable stock • 1 tin diced tomatoes • 2 cups red lentils • 2 sticks of celery METHOD Chop garlic and onions. Saute in non-stick fry pan. If they stick use a little water. Combine curry powder, coriander, cumin, mustard seeds and tomato paste to make a paste. Add paste to the onion and garlic mix. Stir in stock and tin tomatoes. Cover up and simmer for 20 minutes. Add the lentils and continue simmering for another 20 minutes. You may have to add a little filtered water to get the consistency you are looking for. You can serve this dish with gluten free bread that has been toasted with garlic and hummus. You can also spice this dish up by adding chilli.

July 2016



CANTINA SPUDS SERVES 8 INGREDIENTS • 10 potatoes • Chipotle spice • Garlic flakes • Chilli flakes • Paprika • Cumin SALSA • Yellow and red grape tomatoes • 1 capsicum • 1 large red onions • Tin of black beans, drained and washed • Bunch of coriander • 2 cups of corn • Jalapenos to taste • Season to taste METHOD: Cut spuds into quarters or whatever shape tickles your fancy. Cover with spices. Put on oven tray and cook at 180 degrees for 45 minutes. Keep an eye on them. Your knife will go through the spuds easily when cooked. Chop all the salsa veggies into small pieces and put into a big bowl. Mix together. Take spuds out of the oven and mix with salsa. It does not matter if the spuds are hot.

CANDIED WALNUTS INGREDIENTS • 1 packet walnuts • Honey • Maple syrup • Cinnamon • Nutmeg • Cacao • All spice METHOD: Spread walnuts on an oven tray with baking paper. Sprinkle with spices. Pour maple syrup and honey over walnuts. Massage together. Put in 180C oven for up to 25 minutes. Keep your eyes on the nuts. They are ready when they are brown. Be careful not to burn the toffee as it will become very bitter. It can turn quickly, so watch it carefully after about 10 to 15 minutes. Keep in an airtight container as the perfect snack.


July 2016


Award-winning wine expert and sommelier David StevensCastro and award-winning photographer Fran Flynn have paired up to work together on the unique recipe book Paired Champagne and Sparkling Wines filled with beautiful recipes and gorgeous wine pairings

Wine and dine

STUFFED MUSHROOMS WITH RICOTTA AND SUN-DRIED TOMATOES Wine pairing: Dry non-vintage prosecco INGREDIENTS • 200g fresh full-fat ricotta cheese • 50g sun-dried tomatoes, finely chopped • 1 tbsp fresh flat leaf parsley, finely chopped • 4 large Portobello mushrooms • 1/2 small red onion, finely diced • 1 garlic clove, minced • Parmesan cheese, grated METHOD Preheat oven to 190C. Mix ricotta, sun-dried tomatoes and finely chopped parsley in a bowl and put to one side. Remove the stems of the mushrooms and finely chop. Gently fry with onion and garlic until just softened. Allow to cool slightly then add to ricotta blend and mix fully. Re-grease the same pan with a little bit of oil, to seal the mushrooms. Put on a high heat, add a few drops of water and place a large saucepan lid propped at an angle over the mushrooms. Fry for about a minute each side. Once sealed, place mushrooms in an oven dish on a layer of baking paper and heap with ricotta mix, until all mushrooms have a dome of the ricotta blend on top. Sprinkle with parmesan to taste. Bake for 20-25 minutes or until tender. Transfer to a wire tray and top with some freshly chopped parsley, season with salt and pepper and a little bit more parmesan. Serve immediately.

July 2016



TAGLIATELLE WITH MARINARA Wine pairing: Fresh, citric New World sparkling INGREDIENTS • 1 packet of fresh tagliatelle pasta • 2 heaped tbsp of butter • 1 garlic clove, finely chopped • 3 spring onions, chopped • 1/2 cup of dry white wine • 200ml cream • 125g double cream brie, copped • 1 1/2 heaped tbsp seeded mustard • 400g seafood marinara mix • 1 bunch fresh chives, chopped METHOD: Boil the tagliatelle as per packet instructions and set to one side. Over a high heat melt butter and add the garlic. Once it starts to sizzle, add the spring onions. Reduce heat slightly and stir regularly for about a minute. Add wine and allow to simmer for about 3-4 minutes until the liquid reduces by about a third. Add cream, brie and mustard. Continue to simmer and stir until all the cheese is dissolved. Introduce the seafood and cook for a further 3-5 minutes, stirring continuously, until the seafood is ready to serve. Taste test to check that the seafood is tender. Transfer to a large serving bowl and sprinkle liberally with fresh chives. In a colander, refresh the tagliatelle by pouring some hot water over it and shake out any excess water. Plate the tagliatelle and use a ladle to spoon the seafood and sauce on top. Garnish with a final sprinkle of chives.

WATERMELON WITH MINT HERB CREAM CHEESE Wine pairing: Sparkling Rosé INGREDIENTS • 500g queso fresco or smooth fetta • 1 garlic clove, roasted until soft • 1 small fresh chilli • 2 tbsp olive oil • 6 tbsp fresh mint • 1/2 watermelon METHOD: First, remove seeds from chilli and finely dice. Next, remove stems from mint and roughly chop. Chop watermelon into dipping sticks. Place cheese, garlic, chilli, lemon juice, olive oil and mint (reserve some additional mint for serving) in a blender and process until smooth. Serve dipping sticks chilled and sprinkled with left over mint. Place dip in serving bowl to the side. Use a small spoon to smear the watermelon with the dip.


July 2016



WOMEN IN TOURISM Women in Tourism came together at Mantra on View for this month’s breakfast and enjoyed an incredible event with guest speaker Tomas Johnsson, CEO of Mantra Group. Guests got to learn where the future was leading them as well as receiving a guided site tour of the recent upgrades. Photos by Nick Northcoat Photography

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ond and Alice Drumm ing un Ke l Rachae


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and vy-Trewartha Catherine Pe Tate th Mayoress Ru

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t and Phia Damsa

y Johnstone, Nicole Barcla

WOMEN IN BUSINESS The launch of the 4th annual Gold Coast Women in Business Awards was held at Cucino Vivo at Jupiters Gold Coast to mark the opening of nominations for the 10 award categories. Head to www.WIBAA.com.au for details on the Award

Winner 2014 Awards ith w ce en Sue Sp rt Robert MP The Hon Stua

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with Patrick Arundell

Get your horoscope H SCORPIO October 23 – November 22 Your words can have a tremendous impact on someone you encounter as this month begins. If you have something to say which is important to you, the chances are you can pick the right way to express it. Even so, it is going to be important to hear out what others have to say to you too. Career opportunities burgeon later in the month, with a key goal within reach.

H CANCER June 21 – July 22 You are in pole position to make an impact this month, Cancer, and can dazzle people with the strength of your ideas and the power of your personality. You may feel a considerable boost in your imagination in the early days of this month. You may decide to embark on a new hobby, interest or exotic travel plan. Finances can take a turn for the better in mid-July.

H SAGITTARIUS Nov 22 – Dec 22 Passion power sparks early in the month, but a battle of wills is also possible, especially if you feel that someone is being unfair over finances. If you are going on holiday from mid-month, you can be particularly receptive to new places, local culture or history. Starting a new course or training program later this month can help open up your life, Sagittarius.

H LEO July 22 – August 23 Something may come to light in the early parts of the month that requires you to rethink very personal or sensitive matters. Once you've grappled with this you can start to take a much firmer grip on things later this month. All sorts of new starts can light up your situation, Leo. H VIRGO August 23 - September 22 You may find yourself thinking carefully about your future plans and hopes. If you are ultra-clear, July can be a month of real progress. If you are less sure, the points of view of others can see you thinking again about exactly what you want to do. Though the early weeks are sociable, later on creating a more peaceful and therapeutic space can become important.

H CAPRICORN December 22 – January 20 Relationships come powerfully to the heart of this month’s possibilities. Single? You could find yourself smitten with someone new. In any ongoing tie there could be a bit of a change between you and yours, and a new way of being together can unfold. Business, property and financial issues demand more of your attention in the second half of July, Capricorn.

H LIBRA September 22 – October 23 Someone influential can make you a very tempting offer as July begins. The trick is going to be in deciphering whether there are any strings attached to what they are proposing. Part of you can feel conflicted in the early parts of this month between your ambitions, what you want and your personal situation. Fortunately, the last half of July can be much more playful.

H AQUARIUS January 21 – February 19 Politics are possible at work, but by developing a more virtuous lifestyle you can help to ward off the potential for any stress. Romance can spark in the second half of the month. Be prepared to be flexible, the course of true love may not run smoothly, or someone new can emerge for you.

H PISCES February 19 – March 20 It can be a lovely start to July for you, let your imagination run wild, but also be conscious that this can be a new beginning for all sorts of fresh possibilities. This is a month to put your ideas to action. Don’t be scared to put yourself out there, Pisces. Dare to believe your highest hopes can unfold. H ARIES March 20 – April 19 The first week of July can see you with some kind of conundrum to deal with. Your first instinct may be to proceed with the greatest compassion and care, but if you find that in order to look after the needs of others you are undermining your own needs, you may have to become much more assertive. From mid-month, things will become more social. H TAURUS April 20 – May 21 Conversation can be very intense in the first half of July, but it could be equally riveting. Someone may really resonate with you in the first few days, and their self-expression can prove compelling and perhaps even persuasive. Watch out, later in the month you could get involved in an unnecessary battle of wills. You will find a welcome distraction in home, family and garden projects. H GEMINI May 21 – June 21 If you are involved in charitable activities, a fundraiser early in July could be very successful. Romantically, someone could seriously attract you too. It could very well be at some kind of public gathering that you get talking and a great deal of magnetism is exchanged. Points of view will need to be shared with a deft touch though, especially later in the month.

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July 2016

GET IT I LAST WORD with Maya Brosnan



With winter settling in, so many of us can find ourselves spending more time under the doona than outdoors exercising, more time eating comfort foods rather than opting for healthier options, writes Maya Brosnan he sad thing is, we spend even more time feeling guilty or disliking ourselves for overindulging rather than nurturing ourselves and enjoying occasional guilt free treats. It took me years to work out life wasn’t meant to be a rollercoaster of emotions fuelled by guilt and self-dislike. It took me years to work out I am what I eat, digest and think and not necessarily what I exercise. It took me years to work out that in order to be happier myself and be able to give more of myself to my family, I had to learn to love and respect myself and my body. Welcome to my life. Body-image issues, guilt and self-dislike all used to be my middle names; depending on the time of the month, what stage of the sugar rollercoaster I was on, and depending on how long ago my last junkfood binge had taken place. I am happy to say I have thankfully now been living a guilt-free life now for quite a few years. I am not naturally slim. I was never that skinny fit kid who was full of energy and loved sport. I was the exact opposite, actually. Growing up in a single-parent household, with my Dad looking after myself and my two sisters, I was an emotional eater from a very young age. Dad was always there physically, but he was rarely emotionally available for us. When I was missing my mother (who I was not allowed to see whenever I wanted) I would turn to food. Sugary, fatty, highly refined food. I remember having this great big feeling of emptiness in my tummy and I would fill it with junk. Ice cream, sweet pastries, chocolate milk, lollies – you name it. Anything sweet would give me that instant high.That good, warm, sweet feeling in my tummy telling me that everything is going to be OK. And there was always plenty of junk available at my house. Dad would rarely cook for us, so coming home from school to an empty house, it was “every girl for herself”.Although fruit and veggies were usually available, what kid would go for an apple or carrot when they July 2016

can grab chocolate milk and a jam doughnut? Years later, after becoming a mother, I realised that tummy fullness might have only been disguising an emotional void. Looking back now, all I probably needed was a great big cuddle and a pair of ears to listen to my needs and emotions, especially as I became a young teen.That was the time I started to become more aware of my body, including all of the wobbly bits. I can personally “thank” my older sister, who nicknamed me “wobbly jellyfish” for reinforcing how I already felt about my growing body back then. So that’s where it all began.That’s where the body-image issues, guilt and self-dislike took over my life. I have to be thankful, however, to my sister (who is now my bestest friend), my Dad and Mum. I believe my past made me want to learn more about food, about eating well to nourish the body and living a well-balanced life in a physically and emotionally well balanced body. That’s when I became a fitness instructor and nutritionist.Through my studies, observing my patients and self-experience, I eventually came to the conclusion that life’s too short to waste your time feeling guilty, following a highly restrictive diets and not having a good time. I believe it is definitely too short for bad coffee, peeling carrots and counting calories too. Following these guidelines will help get you on the right track towards achieving a zestier and healthier version of you: l Your food choices should include mainly foods that come from the ground (for example, fruit, veggies, grains, nuts, seeds and legumes), foods that have a mother (unprocessed lean meats, fish and so on) and foods that haven’t been messed with (meaning unprocessed and unrefined). l Always have breakfast. l Never stuff yourself. Only eat until you are about 80 per cent full. 50

l White is out. Do not consume any refined or processed food including sugar, white flour baked bakery goods (sweet or savoury), soft drink and commercial juices. l Never “starve”.Through your waking hours make sure you never go past four hours without eating. l Never go to bed on a full stomach. Make sure you finish eating at least one-and-ahalf hours before bed time. l Have good-quality protein with every main meal.This will help not only support muscle structure, but also regulate your blood sugar and help avoid sugar cravings. l Minimise alcohol intake to two drinks a week until consistent weight loss is established. l Move regularly. l Enjoy a treat with a smile. While you are trying to lose weight, follow the guidelines above 90 per cent of the time.

ABOUT MAYA Maya Brosnan, the author of KIS and Lose Weight, is a Gold Coast mum, nutritionist, iridologist, fitness and yoga teacher.


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