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2006-2010 U.S. Census Demographics Software for EEO & Affirmative Action Planning



Explore Your Options in the NEW CENSBase 5 . . . Comprehensive U.S. Census software that provides up-to-date EEO Workforce Demographics

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Select Civilian Laborforce Occupations and Codes

Detailed Occupation Descriptions Select

By Geography WORKSITE U.S. State County Place CBSAs*

Select Occupations Industry Earnings Education Age Unemployment Status Unemployment by Age

RESIDENCE U.S. State County County Sets Place CBSAs* * Core-Based Statistical Areas

All Table Sets provide headcounts for each of the EEOC Race and Ethnicity groups and both Males and Females


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Welcome to CENSBase 5 CENSBase 5 is Gerstco’s latest release of its powerful U.S. Census data-mining software tool. With lightning quick calculations on the latest 2010 Census tabulation CENSBase 5 is an easy and flexible gateway to the latest demographic data available on the U.S. civilian labor force. The 2010 Dataset CENSBase 5 includes a streamlined and optimized version of the EEO Tabulation of the 2006-2010 American Community Survey – the official 2010 EEO data offering from the U.S. Census Bureau. This dataset consists of approximately 10 gigabytes of detailed demographic data accessible via scores of options and criteria. Effortless Power The single-screen interface of CENSBase 5 places a staggering amount of power at your fingertips. With literally six mouse clicks you are presented with a full demographic breakdown by gender and race in just a few seconds. The straightforward four-step process for mining Census data in CENSBase 5 can be immediately understood and will have you producing results moments after you first open the software. Speed and Accuracy Through Gerstco’s creative database design, CENSBase 5 is able to provide split-second calculations from the mutli-gigabyte 2010 dataset. While the most complex calculation may take “as long as” 1 to 3 seconds to perform, most calculations are completed while the sound of your mouse click is still in the air. Such speed gives you the luxury to examine scenarios as quickly as you can think of them. The presentation of each calculation in a clear, easy-to-read result at the bottom of the CENSBase 5 screen helps to ensure a clear understanding of every query. There is no need to strain your eyes over spreadsheet output or extraneous results; numbers and percentages are presented cleanly and clearly on-screen, or in corresponding printed reports.


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CENSBase 5 - Step 1

Occupation Groupings Lists allow selection of criteria with the ability to apply weighting.

Obtain headcounts using six different criteria including Census Occupations.

Detailed descriptions provided for each Census Occupation selected.

Powerful search function for quickly locating job title information.

Select Occupation Groupings Each CENSBase 5 query starts by indicating which of the main “groupings” will be used. The groupings identify the main labor force attribute to examine. In addition to the customary Census Occupation option, five data groupings are available: EEO Groups

 EEO-1 Categories  Federal Job Groups  State and Local Job Groups  Education & Age Groups


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CENSBase 5 - Step 2

Population Focus Focus On You can focus headcount queries on any of seven specific areas including Industry. Earnings



Population Focus When a more discrete analysis is required, CENSBase 5 offers seven “focus” criteria to narrow and tailor the workforce calculation. This additional focusing function can provide very concentrated examinations of populations pertaining to specific subsets, yielding headcounts perfectly suited to your requirements: Occupation



 Earnings  Education  Unemployment Status  Age  Combination Unemployment Status & Age 1-800 700-0937   20410 Town Center Lane, Suite 100, Cupertino, California 95014


CENSBase 5 - Step 3

Geography Options Select worksite, Examine populations by State, County, CBSA, and residence, other geographies. or both.

Quickly locate geographies and the areas they contain using Gerstco’s Geo-Finder.

Analyze By



Geography Selection Process The final step in obtaining Census population counts, focuses on identifying geographic areas for analysis. CENSBase 5 provides a wealth of geographic options, ranging from the entire United States and population areas with as few as 50,000 residents. Selected geographic areas can be designed by selecting entire States (including Puerto Rico), Counties, Large Population areas, or CBSAs (Core-Based Statistical Areas). Populations can be examined based on where individuals work, where they reside, or both.


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CENSBase 5 - Step 4

Labor Force Results

Headcount Numbers and percentages displayed by Gender...

... and by Race and Ethnicity.

Integration with Gerstco’s AAPBase allows rapid External Factor development.

Highly-optimized calculations delivered in seconds.

Final Calculation With the desired criteria identified, clicking the Calculate button in CENSBase 5 quickly extracts the headcounts from the 10 gigabyte dataset and displays the numeric and percentage results for females and males as well as all Race and Ethnicity designations used in Affirmative Action Planning and EEO Benchmark analysis. When CENSBase 5 is integrated with Gerstco’s AAPBase , the results are quickly passed to AAPBase resulting in the population of the External Factor Availability Analysis. R


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Compensation Analysis: AAPBase analyzes salary information for government compliance reporting and contractor self-analysis. Reports include: Cohort Analysis, Mean, Median Analysis, OFCCP-Type analysis, Pay Discrepancy Reporting, and Internal Auditing for Pay Equity. Internal Auditing of the AAP: AAPBase’s practical analysis provides detailed in-depth reporting at all Organization levels for Diversity Administration, Discrimination Testing, and Internal analysis of Company Employment Practices. CENSBase 5 Software, when integrated with AAPBase, will generate ‘availability’ estimates for minorities and women for AAP Planning. Census Demographics are the latest available from the EEO Survey from the U.S. Census. CENSBase 5 and AAPBase are used to develop thousands of Affirmative Action Plans, each year, for many Industries, including: Banking/Credit Unions, Education, Food Products, Defense, Engineering Services, Computers, Software Publishing, Financial Services, Hospitals and Pharmaceuticals, Computer Hardware, Electronic Devices, and Management Services. About Gerstco - A national Affirmative Action Planning and consulting firm, Gerstco delivers expert service and software to U.S. federal contractors who must prepare and maintain Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) and Affirmative Action Program (AAP) plans. Gerstco’s planning and consulting practice focuses on the development and implementation of technically-compliant, fully operational programs.

CENSBase 5 can be used and is offered as stand-alone software, or it can be integrated into Gerstco’s AAPBase, software for Affirmative Action Planning. AAPBase is compre-

hensive AAP software combining all Department of Labor/OFCCP requirements and features in a single application. Within this ‘suite’ of software tools, the system maintains historical data and generates AAP reports for single, location-based Plans, multi-site and multi-functional reporting. As designed, AAPBase has more than 250 standard reports. Major features included in AAPBase: Compliance Reporting: AAPBase generates all required Program narratives, reports, and analysis for OFCCP Compliance Evaluation reporting, including development of a proper Workforce and Job Group analysis and a Two Factor Availability Analysis (using CENSBase 5). A custom set of ‘Compliance Flags’ reports are resident in AAPBase to alert users of potential problem areas. Non-Discrimination Testing: AAPBase analyzes these employment selections: Hires, Promotions, and Terminations using standard Impact Ratio Analysis and Statistical Significance tests for minorities, females, non-minorities and males. Applicants for Employment: Applicant monitoring and analysis are designed in AAPBASE to track and analyze recruitment and selection efforts, by accepting applicant information from other Applicant Tracking Systems.

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CENSBase 5  

Brochure describing the features of CENSBase 5 - Gerstco's software tool for the 2010 Census.

CENSBase 5  

Brochure describing the features of CENSBase 5 - Gerstco's software tool for the 2010 Census.