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Come Visit Our Store The ‘Biggest’ In The North West! We now boast the North West’s largest shing super store and offer one of the most extensive range of the latest, quality shing tackle found anywhere in the Country. Our sea shing selection is without doubt the best in the country. We offer all the top brands including Zziplex, Penn, Akios and Berkley to name just a few. We have over 150 different beach rods in stock, over 100 different lure rods and over 200 reels as well as a dedicated Norway section which is more extensive than anything anywhere. We have also signicantly grown our carp displays and now have a dedicated area with bespoke displays from suppliers such as Trakker, Fox, Aqua & Nash to name a few. This along with a huge range of terminal tackle and baits offers you the ultimate carpers tackle paradise. Our Coarse and Match growth is probably the most exciting. We have installed a 30+ Pole Alley with the ability for a customer to hold a pole at 16 metre in store at any time. Along with this we have bespoke displays from Preston Innovations, Garbolino, Daiwa, Map, Rive, Korum and Frenzee allowing you to easily browse each range in full.

Loyalty Points

Gerrys loyalty points work in a very similar way to Nectar points. Everytime you buy shing tackle at Gerrys you automatically gain loyalty points (Loyalty card required in store). The points build up until you reach 500 which is £5. We then print out a gift voucher for £5 and send it with your order. The voucher can be used in store, online or over the phone and has instructions on how to use it. Gerry Foote The loyalty points scheme is free to enter to anyone. Online or over the phone customers are automatically entered into the loyalty points scheme. In store customers will need to ask for a FOC loyalty card which is assigned to your account. Simply scan the card before every purchase to gain your points.

Our Team We have a wealth of knowledge and experience throughout our sales team here at Gerry’s. Dedicated to great customer service and giving you the best possible advice about products and your shing discipline. We can do this because every member of our team is an experienced angler. Between us we can advise you about any style of shing home and abroad.


Address Gerrys Fishing 52-54 Marine Road West Morecambe LA4 4EU

Opening Times Monday 9 Tuesday 9 Wednesday 9 Thursday 9 Friday 9 Saturday 9 Sunday 9


5.15pm 5.15pm 5.15pm 5.15pm 5.15pm 5.15pm 3pm

Gerry Foote The man who started it all has now stepped into semi retirement to focus more on his shing. His is still in the store 3 days a week and has a wealth of knowledge about nearly every type of shing in the UK. In recent years he has focussed his efforts shing in Florida, Norway and small boat angling.

Chris Foote

Darren Breen

Chris is Gerry’s son and been in the business from a very young age and now runs Gerry’s. With help from is dad he has shed from the age of 4 around the UK and abroad. These days he focusses more on his shore shing and targeting specimen species from the sea. He also enjoys boat shing especially for Tope and coarse shing when he gets a chance.

Darren has been with Gerry’s for 21 years and is our general manager. He oversea’s the day to day running of Gerry’s. Darren is what you call a proper all round angler. Over the years he’s tried just about every type of shing in the UK. His knowledge of local coarse and sea venue’s is very impressive.

Neil Billington

Jack Foulds

One of our newer members of staff and describes himself as a fresh water specimen hunter. Neil has several impressive catches under his belt including some very big Perch, Tench, Carp and Pike Pb’s. Neil runs our carp department and looks after any issue’s from our Ebay sales.

Jack is the youngest member of our team but don’t let that deceive you, he has shed from a young age and is out at least twice a week either shing from the shore or a boat. He has a wealth of knowledge about local shing as well as boat shing. During the winter he is partial to targeting Pike. Jack also preps all the fresh sea bait in store.

Matthew Taylor

John Walker

Matthew has excelled his shing abilities since joining us over 5 years ago and is know an accomplished kayak sherman. He also has and still does a lot of shore shing as well as a bit of local coarse shing when he has time. Matt is part of our sales team and will always go out of his way to make sure you, the customer are happy.

John has shed the UK coastline is whole life and can help you improve in pretty much any aspect of sea shing. These days John targets specimen sh and is heavily involved with the NWSA tournament casting. John has a liking for only the best tackle and is a proud owner of around 20 Zziplex rods. We say it's a bit of a ‘Zziplex

Stephen Kane

Roger Nowell

Stephen joined us in 2015 and has been in the tackle trade since leaving school. He is part of our sales team in store and has an impressive knowledge about specialist coarse shing as well as just about everything else. He also is our maggot guru and ensures that they are perfect for when you want them as a bait.

Roger is our main packer and has been with Gerry’s for nearly 20 years. He is also our main rod builder and builds up all our Zziplex rods and xes all the repairs which are dropped into store. Rogers true love for shing lives with carp but he has tried just about every type of shing. He’s regualrly sneaking off to Scotland for the Pollack.

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Loyalty Points Gerrys loyalty points work in a very similar way to Nectar points. Every time you buy shing tackle at Gerrys you automatically gain loyalty points (Loyalty card required in store). The points build up until you reach 500 which is £5. We then print out a gift voucher for £5 and send it with your order. The voucher can be used in store, online or over the phone and has instructions on how to use it. The loyalty points scheme is free to enter to anyone. Online or over the phone customers are automatically entered into the loyalty points scheme. In store customers will need to ask for a FOC loyalty card which is assigned to your account. Simply scan the card before every purchase to gain your points.


BIG COD TACKLE Whether you fishing in the UK, Norway, Iceland or the Shetland’s, catching big Cod is one of our specialities

3D Herring Big Shad Coalfish


Herring Shad

Blue Back Herring

Combing 3D scanning and 3D modelling in the quest to make the perfect lure in appearing and swimming action SG have produced the 3D Big Shad. The perfect replica to a Herring which is the main prey for both Halibut and Cod. Superb rocking and lively swimming action both on steady retrieve and on the drop produces the perfect escape pattern, tricking even the most wary predator. Complete with lead head and additional stinger hook.

25cm, 300g


32cm, 560g


Cutbait Herring Paddle Curltail Combo Pack Cutbait Herring Paddle and Curl tail combo pack. The ever popular Cutbait Herring upgraded with a super Curl tail body, imitating a baby wolsh or burbot – giving the choice of the superb rocking paddle tail or the eely ashing curl tail!! The Curl tail can be shed at very slow speed and the Paddle tail is superb for fast current and more active presentation. Puffin

Real Herring


Red Fish

20cm, 270g

Big Bob 30cm 480g Lively Gadus

Lively Cluppea

Lively Pollac

Mama Rosa


25cm, 460g


A wicked bad boy is ready to hit the sea shing camps, the charter boats and all the fast boats out to catch the 'big one'. Big bob is the nastiest sea shing lure to ever swim in the north sea. Every year during late winter and early spring the so called 'skrei' - the big cod from the Barents Sea - gathers close to the coastline of northern Norway to eat and spawn. The amount of sh is unbelievable and the biggest Cod found here are some of the biggest found anywhere in the world. Big bob is designed to play with these big boys as well as the biggest Halibut. No matter if you are out to set a new record or to out catch your friends you need Big bobs help. RRP £29.99 Conatins 1 complete lure, 1 treble and 1 assist hook.

GP £19.99

Crazy Daisy 27cm 400g



Blue Pearl

Lively Cluppea

When jigging for halibut and huge cod this will give any angler a great advantage and better odds of success . The curltail is used for a smooth, wormlike swimming action – even at the slowest speed – and the paddletail gives a wounded-panicking-sh action that is extremely appealing to big predators. Features

RRP £22.99

Pack contains 1 head ,1 curl tail and 1 paddle tail body Wire eye attachment eye for additional Stiger hooks 100lb + PE Braid assist hook rig included

GP £18.99

Slim Jim 25cm 340g Fancy Cola Cacao Blue Glamour

RRP £19.99

GP £16.99

Vomit Ammo

There's simply nothing like the Slim Jim sea shing jig - unless it's a real, terror-stricken sand eel, of course. He comes to life as soon as he hits the water and his unique swimming action is enough to trigger a feeding frenzy. His shape takes him quickly to the bottom and gives you superb depth control and perfect balance. Hooks: Single #7/0, Treble #2/0 (340g), Two different body styles included. PE braid assist hook rig included.

Aquantic Kveitejig Eel 400G SB Silver Blue SO Black/ Orange Belly

OS Red Fish

RRP £18.99 4

GP £16.49

RH Red Head

Finally a dedicated eel for large Cod and Halibut. The Keitejig is designed to be shed deep with a slow then explosive jigging action to produce hard bites every time. The bodies is made from heavy duty durable latex to ensure longevity as well as keeping their vidid colours after long periods in the water. The streamline head has been designed to drop through the water very quickly to maximise shing time. Finally each lure is tted with a heavy duty 10/0 single hook.


Halibut Jigger

Norske Pilken


Pearl/Orange Copper

Stainless Pilken

Handcrafted pirk with extreme shing abilities and stand alone quality. Strong Mustad hooks and double split welded ring let you catch more and bigger sh.

Blue/Pearl White/Blue


These are the best quality Norewgian shaped pirks we have every stocked and are a must have in any tackle box.


Fluo Parrot

This halibut jig is mounted with one of the favorite dishes on the halibut menu ? a fat squid. The jig is made so it can spin around its own axis which makes the jig very lively. Are you on the hunt for halibut, then don't forget your Halibut jig.

The Miljopilken is a non lead pirk in a well tried, effective shape that wiggles and moves to attract the sh and has proven deadly for Cod and Coalsh in Nordic waters.

300G £6.99

Each pirk is tted with a holographic sticker and a squid attached to the treble for added attraction.

CJT Smart Jigs




300G £5.49 400G £5.99 500G £6.49

A unique non-lead pilker that combines three well proven designs for catching more and bigger sh. The Banana shape makes those crazy movements. The Hammered surface both look good and send good vibrations. The double hook position ensures you many extra sh.

400G £8.49 500G £9.49 700G £11.99

Bananen Pilkens

400G 500G 600G 700G

£8.99 £10.99 £11.99 £12.99

Stainless Bar Pirks

Rainbow Flash Fire



Superb smart jigs which produce a fast wobbling action. Rigged with teaser, high quality hook and a small muppet as an attractor. Ready to use strong split rings with a great finish. Cols: Gold/Mack or Blue/Silver

200G £3.99 250G £4.99 300G £5.99

Bananen Pilker with Octoplus

350G 400G 500G 600G

£4.99 £5.49 £5.99 £6.99

These Banana shaped pirk's are deadly. They have an irresistible action as they fall through the water when jigged they utter and tumble due to their unique banana shape. Originally developed in Norway now used all over the world, as one of the most effective pirk shapes for all big bottom dwelling species but they are a must for big Cod,Coalsh and Halibut shing etc.

Bananen Pilker/Gummi Makk

A traditional and effective pirk which needs to be in everyone’s box when targeting Cod. These are particularly effective when you need to get into a good depth quickly. These come complete with a good treble with a small piece of luminous tubing.

200gms 300gms 400gms 500gms

£3.49 £3.99 £4.99 £5.99

Lumi Bananen Pilker

This classic Nordic utters and drops through the water attracting every sh which gazes at it. Complete with 1 treble and a Gummi Makk lure and single hook attached to the side.


Rainbow Flash

Lumi Chrome

These Banana shaped pirk's are deadly. They have an irresistible action as they fall through the water when jigged they utter and tumble due to their unique banana shape. Fitted with a deadly assist treble with luminous muppet. Originally developed in Norway now used all over the world, as one of the most effective pirk shapes for all big bottom dwelling species but they are a must for big Cod,Coalsh and Halibut shing.

300G £5.99 400G £6.99


Lumi Red Head

300G £5.99 400G £6.99 500G £7.99

These Banana shaped pirk's are deadly. They have an irresistible action as they fall through the water when jigged they utter and tumble due to their unique banana shape. Originally developed in Norway now used all over the world, as one of the most effective pirk shapes for all big bottom dwelling species but they are a must for big Cod,Coalsh and Halibut

350G £5.99 400G £5.99 500G £6.99



Norway Accessories


BEHR System Herring BEHR Gummi Shad BEHR Natural Bait BEHR Special Hokkai 10cm Rig Rig Mackerel Rig Rig Hook Size 7/0 Hook Size 11/0+8/0 Hook Size 3 x 8/0 Hook Size 8/0 80lb Mono 100lb Mono 100lb Mono 90lb Mono RRP £3.99

RRP £3.99

GP £2.99

BEHR Cod Rig Hook Size 7/0 90lb Mono RRP £3.99

GP £2.99

GP £2.99

RRP £8.99

GP £6.99

Salty Beast Stinger The 163Lb stingers are respectively 5cm and 7,5cm long and they feature a Gamakatsu LS5373 hook in the sizes 4/0 and 5/0. These are designed to increase hook-ups especially of tail pulls by larger, more nervous sh.

RRP £3.99

GP £4.99

GP £2.99

GP £2.99

GP £3.99

These are devastating! A deadly giant squid lure which ashes red in the water. It comes tted with 1 x 10/0 and 1 x 12/0 hook with additional wire so you can sh a live bait below it. - 100lb mono - Spinning rattle - Flashes red

RRP £8.99

GP £6.99 Behr Beihanger Heavy Assist Hooks A short assist hook designed specically for shing above a pirk to increase hook up rates. These are made heavy gauge 6/0 hooks, 100lb mono complete with tubing to ensure durability, 2 per pkt.

GP £2.99

GP £3.49

Naturkoder system spoon rig

Live bait attractor ball rig Live bait nature rig A heavy duty live or deadbait rig designed for large baits and bigger sh.

RRP £4.99

GP £3.99 A heavy duty live or deadbait rig designed for large baits and bigger sh. This rig is tted with additional lumi beads to as more of attractant visually and with noise. 1 x 6/0 & 1 x 8/0 hook, 100lb mono, lumi beads, tubing and muppet + 2 wires to secure the sh.

This model has been designed for Nordic waters when targeting large Cod, Halibut and Coalsh. - 2 x 6/0 hooks - 100lb mono - lumi beads and muppet

A fantastic multi purpose rig which can be shed off a jigging set up, on its own or from a baited rig. The rig features a high quality muppet, various lumi attractors and a large spoon to entice large predators such as Halibut and Cod. 12/0 x/strong hook, 80lb mono.

RRP £4.99

GP £3.99

GP £3.49 Gerrys Assist Hooks Gerrys Power Split Rings BEHR Magic Power Link Gerrys assist hooks have been designed to be tted onto Jig and pirks. They are made from thick gauge hooks and heavy duty braid and split rings. A great value hook to catch most deep water sh. pkt of 3

RRP £4.49

Excellent extra strong split rings for Norway shing, These are perfect items of tackle for those big Icelandic Cod. 25 per pkt.

The Magic Power Link is an absolute must for anyone using big pirks, jigs and heavy duty lures.

Sizes 15mm or 20mm

There exceptional strength offers peace of mind when targeting big sh species, constructed from stainless steel, they offer durability and longevity from there construction.

3 per pkt Sizes 6/0 8/0 10/0

Size: 5/0 - 49kg (3 per pkt) Size: 6/0 - 89kg (2 per pkt) Size: 8/0 - 140kg (2 per pkt)

5cm 4/0 £5.99 £2.50 GP £3.99 7.5cm 5/0 £6.99 Salty Beast Halibut Live Bait Rig Gerry’s Bronze Trebles BEHR Power Framed as the best possible rig for catching capital halibut! These dead bait rigs allow the sh to spin effortlessly through the water making the bait irresistible to the huge sh of the north. Of course the rigs are made from only extremely high quality saltwater components to cope with the job. The weighted head is ultra-bright glow in the dark and features huge attractive red eyes. Hook size 6/0, treble size 4/0, 1.2mm (120lb mono). Length 15cm.

BEHR Gummi Makk Rig 2 per rig 80lb Mono 2 Cols Red or Lumi Green Sizes 8/0, 10/0 or 12/0 RRP £4.99

GP £3.99

We have noticed these stingers don’t affect the action of the shad due to them being compact.

250G £8.99 350G £9.99 450G £11.99 6

RRP £4.99

BEHR Special BEHR Dopple Twister BEHR Cod+Pollack Octopus Rig Rig Rig Hook Size 8/0 Hook Size 8/0 Hook Size 8/0 Circle 100lb Mono 100lb Mono 90lb Mono RRP RRP £3.99 RRP £3.99 £4.50

Giant flashlight circle rig Giant flashlight rig These are devastating! A deadly giant squid lure which ashes red in the water. It comes tted with 1 large 8/0 circle hook to ensure lip hooking. - 100lb mono - Flashes in water - 70cm long

RRP £6.99

BEHR Strong Natural Bait Rig Hook Size 10/0 with muppet , spinner blade and rattle. 90lb mono

These superb trebles are perfect to add to Pirks, Jigs, Shads & live bait rigs. They are very strong and made from a bronze composite which also makes them very cost effective.

£7.99 £6.99 12/0 pkt of 10 £9.99 8/0 pkt of 25

10/0 pkt of 10


Stainless Split Ring Excellent extra strong split rings for Norway shing, These are perfect for those big Icelandic Cod and Halibut . Stainless steel construction. 8 per pkt. 15mm - 39kg (8 per pkt) 20mm - 43kg (8 per pkt)


£3.99 Brass Ball Bearing Swivel With Coastlock Snap High quality swivel and link ideal for big sh applications.


Size: 4 - 90lb (5pcs per pack) Size: 6 - 180lb (3pcs per pack) Size: 7 - 250lb (2pcs per pack)

Rippin Rigs

Tel - 01524 422146

Kinetic Cod & Pollack Rig Tronixpro Feathered rig white

Tronixpro Hokkai Rigs

Tronixpro Shrimp Rig Lumi

3 sizes available sz 8 Hook 2 x 7/0 Hooks per pack 1/0 Hook 3 per Rig 6 - 1/0 6 Hook Rig 3 Hook Rig Colours Pink or Blue sz 8 Hook 8 per Rig 6/0 3 Hook Rig £2.49 x5 £11.82 x10 22.41 £1.50 x5 £6.00 x10 £10.00 £1.50 x5 £6.00 x10 £10.00 £1.50 x5 £6.00 x10 £10.00 Kinetic Mackerel Red/White Flash Rig

Kinetic Sea Winder Harpe Tronixpro Muppet Rig Krogset Rig

Kinetic Mackerel Squid Rig Glow

3 Hook Rig Sz 5/0 4/0 Hook 3 Hook Rig £2.49 x5 £11.99 x10 22.49 6 x Interchangeable lures £3.99 x5 £18.95 Kinetic Mackerel Squid Kinetic Mackerel/Herring Rig Flash Rig Fluo/Red

Sz 2/0 Hook 7/0 Hook 5 Hook Rig 3 Hook Rig £1.99 x5 £9.20 x10 £15.00 £2.49 x5 £11.82 x10 £22.41 Tronixpro Muppet Rig Tronixpro Snowbiki Rig Lumi

Sz 2/0 Hook 5 Hook Rig £2.49 x5 £11.82 x10 Kinetic Cod/Pollock Fish Black Rig

Sz 6 Hook Sz 7/0 hook 5 Hook Rig 3 Hook Rig £1.50 x5 £6.00 x10 £10.00 £1.99 x5 £9.20 x10 £15.00 Tronixpro Jumbo Hookai Tronixpro Lumo Rig Rig

Sz 5 Hook 7 Hook Rig £2.49 x5 £6.00 x10 £10.00 Tronixpro Feathered Rig Black

Blue Orange

Sz 6/0 Hook Sz 1/0 Hook Sz 8/0 Hook Sz 1/0 Hook 3 Hook Rig Pink or Lumi 6 Hook Rig 2 per pack 3 Hook Rig £1.50 x5 £6.00 £2.99 x5 £14.20 x10 £26.91 £1.50 x5 £6.00 x10 £10.00 £1.50 5x £6.00 10x £10.00 Tronixpro Apache Rig Tronixpro Flashfish Rig Tronixpro Hokkai Rig Tronixpro Tinsel Rig

3 Colours Sz 2/0 Hook Black - Pink - Lumi Sz 8 Hook 5 Hook Rig Sz 1/0 Hook - 3 Hook Rig 8 Hook Rig £1.99 x5 £6.00 x10 £10.00 £1.50 x5 £6.00 x10 £10.00 £1.99 x5 £9.00 x10 £16.00 Tronixpro Flash Feather Rig Tronixpro Sabiki Rig Tronixpro Blue Flash Rig Tronixpro Refresher Rig

Sz 2 Hook 4 Hook Rig £1.50 5x £6.00 10x £10.00

Sz 2/0 Hook Sz 16 Hook 4 Hook Rig 6 Hook Rig £1.50 x5 £6.00 x10 £10.00 £1.50 x5 £6.00 x10 £10.00 Tronixpro Feathered Rig Tronixpro Grub Rig Mixed

Sz 8 Hook Sz 2/0 Hook 5 Hook Rig 3 Hook Rig £1.50 x5 £6.00 x10 £10.00 £1.50 x5 £6.00 x10 £10.00 Tronixpro Eel Rig

Kinetic Cod/Pollock Hokkai Rig

3 Sz available 6 - 1/0 - 6/0 Sz 1/0 Hook 6 Hook Rig Sz 8 Hook Sz 4/0 Hook 5 Hook Rig 3 Hk with 6/0 5 Hook Rig 3 Hook Rig £2.99 x5 £14.20 x10 £26.91 £1.50 x5 £6.00 x10 £10.00 £1.50 x5 £6.00 x10 £10.00 £1.50 x5 £6.00 x10 £10.00


Boat Rods


Squandron II Boat The Penn Squadron II Rods come in a big range from standard boat to Braid and also travel from light 6-12lb to the more beefy 50lb class rods set the big as a great rod at a great price.

Boat 7ft 12-20lb RRP £59.99 GP £49.99 Boat 7ft 20-30lb RRP £59.99 GP £49.99 Boat 7ft 30-50lb RRP £59.99 GP £49.99 Braid 8ft 12-20lb RRP £69.99 GP £59.99 Braid 8ft 20-30lb RRP £69.99 GP £59.99 Braid 8ft 30-50lb RRP £69.99 GP £59.99

The NEW Penn Squadron Offers you exceptional value for money. The new series features a more modern sporting blank with an action designed to achieve high performance in both shing and casting. Suitable for both spinning and bottom shing, guldes are braid friendly.

UK Made

Braid Boat

The Century Excalibur Braid rods have a very supple tip, a slow progressive increase in power in the mid section to accommodate the non elastic properties of braid and the power then increases rapidly in the butt. The design principle separates the rod into 3 distinct zones: the tip zone cushions the braid and protects light hook holds, the mid zone develops a subtle increase in stiffness that controls the sh during the main lift phase and the nal zone delivers leverage to control a specimen sh diving back for cover in snags. These 3 zones work collectively to bring the benets in using braid together and the transition between the zones is seamless.

The new generation of Suveran’s, a special blend of lightweight high performance Carbons, makes this rod a joy to use. Its tip is progressive but a steely action in the mid-section whilst maintain a stiff butt, all in all a perfect combination. The Suveran’s are designed slightly longer than the average boat rod. This gives you more control while playing the sh as well getting giving you a more enjoyable ght. Fitted with ALP’s Tri reel seat and Fuji guides. 2 pieces.

8ft 6" 12lb RRP £169.99 GP 8ft 2" 20lb RRP £169.99 GP 8ft 30lb RRP £169.99 GP 7ft 9" 50lb RRP £169.99 GP


GP £69.99

£139.99 £139.99 £139.99 £139.99

Our most popular rod for Norway. This 4 piece high quality rod is designed for jigging or pirking nad being only 6ft 6" it means you can comfortably continue all day. The high quality carbon blank is complete with Shimano Hardlite guides, a very comfy duplon grip and a hard travel case.

Class 20-30lb 30-50lb

EXP Agility 2 4 Piece Boat

These amazing travel boat rods are built with a 4 piece equal section blank that fit inside most suitcases. The actions of the rods combine a supple tip for a sporting action with plenty of power in the lower mid-section and butt to really kick in when fighting bigger fish. These new multi section rods are the choice of anglers who want easy travel and storage and are as good and obviously more versatile, as they will go in the boot of your car or in a suitcase etc.


£234.99 £241.99 £244.99

Exage STC Travel Boat

The Rampage™ rod is designed to be a work horse for charter boats or anglers that need durability in a variety of fishing situations. Constructed with tubular glass blank for extra strength, the Rampage also features a solid glass tip that helps keep the rod tip from breaking even when high sticked. Complete with Pac bay guides, fixed reel seat and hard travel tube. Class Length RRP £84.99 12-20lb 7ft 8" 20-30lb 7ft 6" 30-50lb 7ft 4"

7ft 5" 12-20lb 7ft 20-30lb 7ft 30-50lb

12-20lb 7ft 6" 20-40lb 8ft 4" 20-50lb 8ft 4"

All Models - RRP £64.99

GP £49.99

RRP £94.99 £99.99

Price £79.99 £84.99

Tournament Boat Rods

The New 4pc Travel rods from Daiwa are set to be a big hit in the travel market high quality throughout the whole construction from the new unique carbon technology HVF ( High Volume Fibre) making the rod lighter weighing only 320g but with the X45 technology and the v-joint to keep the blank nice and stiff. They are two models in the four piece range the lighter 15-25lb great for most aspects of shing. Then there is the 25-40lb version for when you need that bit more grunt.

2 Models 7ft 6" 15-25lb 7ft 6" 25-40lb

RRP £194.99

GP £164.99

Boat Rods


Agility 2 Boat There are two 7ft rod models in this range, one with a 20lb class and the other with a 30lb class rating. The 20lb version has a supple tip and has a fast transfer of power from the mid-section to the butt of the rod to give it a lock up point for bigger sh.

New Agility 2 rods are lighter, with a new nish, new rings all in all a better rod than the older Agility's Gerry's highly 7ft recommend these rods as one of the best buys on the market today! 7ft

20lb RRP £39.99 GP £34.99 30lb RRP £39.99 GP £34.99

7ft 4" 12-20lb RRP £54.99 GP £44.99 7ft 4" 20-30lb RRP £60.99 GP £49.99 7ft 30-50lb RRP £65.99 GP £54.99

Ugly Stix boat rods with such a huge following as being one of the toughest rods available, have now been added to with these new GX2 boat rods that will follow the tradition and prove indestructible with great sensitivity from the Glass tips, smooth progressive actions to cope with mono or ever increasing braid work of the modern day boat angler.

Elite The new and long awaited Ugly stik Elite Boat rods places themselves above the extremely popular GX2 ugly stik rods. The perfectly balanced slim blanks are lightweight with a crisp rened action and top spec components justies the higher price. Also featuring the ugly tech blank construction with the new saltwater resistant ugly tuff stainless steel guides, making these boat rods virtually indestructible.

7ft 7ft 7ft 7ft

6" 8-12lb RRP £99.99 GP £89.99 4" 12-20lb RRP £89.99 GP £79.99 4" 20-30lb RRP £89.99 GP £79.99 30-50lb RRP £79.99 GP £67.99

Tournament Boat Rods The new tournament range of rods from daiwa have been built using there unique carbon technology HVF (High Volume Fibre) which delivers a lighter and much stiffer blank with x45 applied in key loading areas to control torque and enhance power conversion. The Bias carbon V-joint ensures a more progressive curve. The feel to the angler transmitted through the line as it follows the whole of the inside of the blank, is quite something to experience. Finished with Fuji K guides, Fuji DPS seat and gimbal butt.

2pc 2pc 2pc 3pc

7ft 7ft 7ft 6ft

6" 8-15lb RRP £165 GP £139.99 6" 15-25lb RRP £175 GP £149.99 6" 25-40lb RRP £175 GP £149.99 6" 30-60lb RRP £190 GP £164.99

Regiment Roller Boat 50lb

The PENN Regiment II Boat rods are a new generation of super light but powerful rods. Engineered to be shed with both mono and braided shing line and will punish any sh. The new SLS3 blank construction provides a very thin diameter blank which overall makes for a smaller and lighter rod that is more ergonomic.

•SLS3 Blank construction •Hi Grade EVA Handle •Rubber Gimbal •Aluminium reel seat •Supplied with a cloth bag and cordura tube •Sea Guide roller guides

RRP £104.99

GP £84.99

Regiment Interline Boat The Penn Regiment interline boat rods are a new generation of super light but powerful rods. Engineered to be shed with both mono and braided shing line and will punish any sh. The new SLS3 blank construction provides a very thin diameter blank which overall makes for a smaller and lighter rod that is more ergonomic.

7ft 20lb RRP £104.99 GP 7ft 30lb RRP £104.99 GP 7ft 30lb RRP £104.99 GP

£84.99 £84.99 £84.99

Uptide Pro 9ft 6" (4-10oz) The rod loads quickly allowing you to cast well away from the boat even if your boat position gives you a restricted casting arc. The slim tip gives the perfect balance between bite indication and resistance to tidal movement. Once a sh is hooked the mid-section comes into play giving you the feel and control to ght a sh to the boat. The bottom end has some serious grunt to help you drag a big blonde up against the tide. Finish is of the high standard you would expect and features Fuji guides, a screw winch and comfortable handle.

Zziplex Sea Raider III GT

This rod is in our opinion the nest uptide rod ever produced. It is extremely strong yet unbelievably lightweight. The overall length of the rod is approximately 10ft. This comprises of a 7ft tip with a diameter of only 3.5mm. The butt is 3ft in length with a diamter of only 16mm. It has a weight rating of 4 - 8 oz.



Uptide A modern concept uptide rod design to cast grip leads away from the boat to grip in fast tides where shing behind the boat becomes difcult, and away from any noise in the boat! This from has loads of power with a stiff but and a progressive mid section allows the bullying of bigger sh whilst the supple tip section allows from good bite detection and boat movement so as not to break out the grip lead! 10ft, 3-11oz, 2 piece, hard case.

RRP £114.99

GP £99.99

Agility 2 Uptide As with the whole Agility 2 range this rod offers a durable uptide rod designed to meet the demands of modern day uptiding. It is powerful but features a softer tip for increased bite registration. It is tted with Zirconium oxide ‘braid friendly’ guides, Duplon, grips, x wrap shrink tube and a quality reel seat to ensure it doesn’t let you down. Length 9ft 6", casts 5-10oz, 2 piece.

RRP £59.99

GP £59.99


Boat Reels

Order Hotline - 01524 422146

Squall Star Drag’s New Penn Squall level winds will take some beating at this price point! All the quality you would expect from Penn a tough reliable reel with all the features you would expect, but now with a level wind to help with easier use with modern braided lines , but just a good with mono.

Model Features: - Marine grade bronze alloy main gears - HT-100 TM carbon smooth drag washers - Instant anti-reverse - Star Drag - Stainless steel pinion gears - 4.9-1 Ratio





320YDSX15LB £104.99 £84.99

20LW 417YDSX14LB 20LW LH 417YDSX14LB 30LW 455YDSX25LB 30LW LH 455YDSX25LB

£119.99 £119.99 £129.99 £149.99

£89.99 £89.99 £94.99 £94.99

Free 300yds of Spiderwire Dura Braid

Squall Lever Drags Penn designed the Squall Lever Drag reels with function and ergonomics at the top of the list. The lever drag does not protrude above the frame of the reel. This means there is no way for the line to loop over and hang up on the lever of the Squall Lever Drag. •Lightweight graphite frame and sideplates •Forged and machined aluminum spool Capacity GP Model RRP •High-strength marine grade bronze main and pinion gear 30LD 260YDSX30LB £139.99 £119.99 •Dura-Drag washers provide an ultra strong and reliable drag •Ratcheted drag lever prevents ''drag creep'' 40LD 300YDSX40LB £149.99 £129.99

Warfare Star Drag’s It features a lightweight graphite side plates and frame with aluminium frame rings for improved rigidity and to prevent frame ex. The main feature of this reel is it's strong no nonsense level wind, perfect for laying braid on evenly even when under extreme pressure. HT-100 drag washers provide smooth drag under heavy loads. Braid ready to handle the strain that braided lines put on reels . Featuring Penn’s reliable build quality and features of a reel that would cost you twice the price.

Models 15LW Level Wind Cap 320yds/15lb 15N Open Cage Cap 320yds/15lb 20LW Level Wind Cap 315yds/20lb 30LW Level Wind Cap 370yds/30lb 30 Open Cage Cap 360yds/30lb

RRP £74.99

GP £ 54.99 Fathom 2 Speed Lever Drag’s Penn Fathom Lever Drag 2-Speed Reels have a gear train machined from stainless steel and drilled out for weight reduction, offering the perfect More Boat & Upcombination of strength and speed. Fathom Lever Drag reels use Penn's Dura-Drag material, which contains a special Phenolic bonding agent that tide Ro ds Av ailable brelin e. while providing a barrier to water. Each drag washer is pre-treated with a special compound prevents premature breakdown of the carbonon material developed by PENN engineers to ensure smooth drag performance. rrys 15 “ Speed. Cap 200yds/20lb. Ratio 6.1:1/2.8:1. RRP £209.99 GP £169.99 25n “ Speed. Cap 275yds/30lb. Ratio 5.5:1/2.8:1. RRP £239.99 GP £194.99 30 “ Speed. Cap 255yds/40lb. Ratio 5.5:1/2.8:1. RRP £239.99 GP £174.99 Left hand version also available in the 25 & 30 range


Fathom Star Drag’s


12 Open Cage 230Y X 15lb

15 Open Cage 320Y X 15lb



£149.99 £119.99

£189.99 £149.99

Solid, dependable, and powerful. Designed with a lower gear ratio 4.3:1 for extreme cranking 15 Level Wind 320Y X 15lb power on big sh in deep waters. A level-wind ensures the spool lls correctly when the pressure and a sh are on! The HT 100 drag system gives you all the smooth stopping power you 20 Level Wind 230Y X 17lb will ever need. Left Hand 20 Level Wind 230Y X 17lb

£179.99 £139.99

25 Level Wind 290Y X 25lb

£189.99 £149.99

£169.99 £129.99 £179.99 £139.99

Charter Special Lever Drag featuring the unique combination of a lever drag level wind this is one reel that is equally at home casting baits uptide from an anchored boat or working articial lures such as jelly worms and shads over deepwater wrecks and reefs on the drift. The Shimano Charter Special is the perfect choice for use with either braid or monolament lines. Features Stainless Steel Gear, 4 x A-RB Ball Bearings, Aluminium Spool, Levelwind.

RRP £129.99

1000LD - Ratio 5.2:1 Cap 240yds of 14lb 2000LD - Ratio 4.2:1 Cap 400yds of 17lb

GP £99.99

TLD’s This is a big hit with people shing in Norway in fact a reel sold for most uk wreck shing and blue water shing situations around the world brilliant and ultra reliable. There is little to write about the Shimano TLD range of reels that has not already been written. Each year more and more manufacturers attempt (and fail!) to copy Shimano`s original design for a lightweight lever drag reel conrming that it was Shimano who almost two decades ago now originally got it right! All models in the range incorporate A-RB (Anti Rust Bearings) more corrosion resistant than standard stainless steel ball bearings.

TLD 15 Cap 490yds/20lb RRP £129.99

TLD 20 Cap 450yds/30lb RRP £149.99 TLD 25 Cap 450yds/40lb RRP £159.99

GP £99.99 GP £109.99 GP £119.99

Saltist Level Wind Power meets precision in this beautiful Saltist boat reel from Daiwa. From the rst time you get it out of the box you can feel its quality. Externally it is made from a one piece aluminium frame and side plates and nished in a 'brushed' silver complete with a machine aluminium spool and handle nished in a quiet gold colour. Internally it features some serious guts including corrosion resistant ball bearings, steel and bre drag, Brass pinion gear and drive gear giving you the condence to wind in anything pulling the other way. 6.1:1 Retrieve

30HA Cap 234yds/25lb RRP £240 40HA Cap 300yds/30lb RRP £250


GP £198.99 GP £209.99

Boat Reels


OS Off Shore Lever Drag

Life Time Warranty The OS was developed as the next stage up from the LG as an introduction into true blue water specic shing. The OS has been designed alongside premier east cost (USA) charter boat skippers to ensure the reel won't let you down when ghting the largest species. This reel is the perfect choice when targetting the UK's largest shark species such as Blue's, Porbeagles and Mako's. Due to its size and strength it will be a great choice for Common Skate. Like all Seigler reels, the OS comes with a lifetime warranty. Weight 28.8oz RRP £499.99 Ratio 5.2:1 Capacity 740yards of 0.40mm line

GP £469.99

Small Game Narrow Lever Drag’s

Life Time Warranty The SG narrow was built after Seigler noticed an appeal for smaller and lighter reels with enough gusto for large inshore sh. Essentially our SG reel, the SG narrow is lighter but with the same stopping power for pulling those bottom sh out of their holes. If you're on a mission for species in shallower water where line capacity is secondary to power then this is the reel for you.

•Weight: 10.95 OZ •Gear Ratio: 6:1 •38” Per Crank •Max Drag: Strike 18lb, Full 25lb •Cap: Mono 20lb (0.40mm) 300 YDS •Cap Braid: dependent on the braid, eg: 300yds of 50lb Power Pro or 330yds of 80lb Whiplash. •Ceramic Ball Bearings •Carbon Drag Washer Right Hand - RRP £379.99 GP£319.99 Left Hand - RRP £399.99 GP £339.99

Small Game Lever Drag’s

Life Time Warranty The SG (Small Game) is a top-notch lever drag reel that has proven itself as very competent, yet surprisingly light-weight. Small-butpowerful, the SG was dubbed the “Little Big Reel” by charter boat captains. Whether you’re near shore or offshore, the SG gives you the ability to catch everything from uke and ounder to the most powerful Tope & Cod. This reel should not be under estimated.

Right Hand - RRP £379.99 GP£329.99 Left Hand - RRP £399.99 GP £339.99

•Weight: 13.2 OZ •Gear Ratio: 6:1 •38” Per Crank •Max Drag: Strike 18lb, Full 25lb •Cap: Mono 20lb (0.40mm) 300 YDS •Cap Braid: dependent on the braid, eg: 300yds of 50lb Power Pro or 330yds of 80lb Whiplash. •Ceramic Ball Bearings •Carbon Drag Washer

Large Game Lever Drag’s

Life Time Warranty The Truth lever drag reels are almost art. These hand crafted reels are all precision engineered by a small specialist team in the LG Lever Drag USA to ensure the highest quality and have •Weight: 20.2 OZ some outstanding features such as powerful •Gear Ratio: 6:1 drags, ultra smooth running spools, over sized •52” Per Crank cranking handles, customer designed clamps, •Max Drag 35lb ceramic bearings & carbon drag washers. If •Capacity: 600yds of 0.40mm (20lb mono) Right Hand - RRP £429.99 GP£389.99 your after a new boat reel which is a little Left Hand - RRP £439.99 GP £399.99 special, look no further.

SGN Lever Drag Signature Series

Life Time Warranty This new Small Game Narrow Signature series has been especially designed by Seiglers MD Wes Seigler to be the show stopper of the season! If your in to using small reels to catch big sh but are always dubious as to will the reel be up to it, this is the reel to choose. It has an amazing lightweight feel due to the removal of some of the side plate allowing a neat view into the reel, with no loss of strength! A 2" frame diameter means it ts so snuggly in the hand, making the whole set up so nice to use. Perfect for use with braid or mono , long reach handle with easy roll in the hand knob gives a smooth feel when winding in.

•Weight: 10.95 OZ •Gear Ratio: 6.1:1 •Max Drag 28lb •Capacity: 350yds of 40lb mono

Right Hand - RRP £549.99 GP£499.99


Clothing Baitrunner D

Order Hotline - 01524 422146 ARX 20 Smock

Alantic Race Breathable Smock

The ARX Thermo smock is basically an improved version of the standard Ocean Thermo smock offering more warmth, extra durability and a comfy internal making it worth every extra penny. features include a non rust zip, adjustable neoprene cuffs and a side zips to make life easier when taking the smock off. Look at all the extra features that come with this smock.

This Atlantic Race smock sets new standards compared to other smocks sold into the shing market, as this was primarily designed for the yachting world. It has been made to an incredibly high standard of durability and waterproof-ness.With a special neoprene band around the bottom of the smock this keeps it tight to your body and keeps the warmth in and water out. We think this is especially handy when wading. The neoprene waist will stop any rouge waves splashing up your sleeves.

100% waterproof of 8.000mm Taped seams Quality front zipper with double windllet 1 big water-repellent zipped front pocket with reex decoration Big eece-lined handwarmer pocket Attached hood adjustable at width and height Adjustable at hem Water-repellent side zipper for easy access Wide elasticated neoprene cuffs with velcro adjustment Comfort zone down to -20 degrees

2 layers for ultimate protection from the elements Extremely durable 100% nylon taslon shell fabric Taped seams 5000mvp of breathability Soft polyester mesh lining and sleeves Stretchy neoprene hem with special designed velcro ap Fold away attached hood with adjustable peak Access to 1 big eece lined front pocket from side pockets with water repellent zips Highly reective piping, strong zip with double wind llet Neoprence cuff to give good sealing against wind and rain



RRP £129.99

GP £84.99

RRP £79.99 GP


Alantic Race Floation Suit The Atlantic Race Flotation Suit is a new style of otation suit which has raised the bar a long way. The suit is lighter, tougher, comer and more buoyant than just about anything else available on the market. It was was primarily designed for the demanding yacht racing world but we know you will fall in love with this suit as soon as you put it on.This is worth spending that little bit more. conforms to CE & International ISO 12402-5 standards (not many suits do!) soft touch durable 100% polyester shell fabric highly breathable punctured low density eva easy move buoyancy

Small 33-38" Medium 37-42" Large 42-44" XL 45-48" XXL 49-54" XXXL 52-56"

RRP £289.99

GP £179.99 12

This New 2 piece suit from Kinetic is made form trusted PVC coated 210D Oxford Nylon that is a reliable heavy duty waterproof material. This suit is designed for use in and on the cold Nordic waters of the North sea. It is designed with a higher cut on the bib and brace and other features to ensure maximum insulation whilst the suit is done up allowing you to stay warmer for longer. The suit has been test and meets all certied buoyancy tests and conforms to EN 393 regulations.

S 33-36" M 36-39" L 39-43" XL 43-46" XXL 46-49" XXXL 49-52"

Crossow Pro Flotation Suit

This suit is one of the most impressive otation suits we have sold in a long time. The Daiwa Crossow Pro is made with high quality otation foam with is softer and lighter yet it still retains its bouyancy. JACKET: Polyester and Tricot body lining, eece lined collar and hood, reinforced elbows, 2 outer pockets, 2 inner pockets, eece handwarmers, 2 way YKK main zipper, webbing belt. BIB 'n' BRACE: Waterproof Tussor outer shell. Polyester body lining, polyester quilt insulation, reinforced knees, 2 outer pockets, eece handwarmers, 2 way YKK zipper, Velcro & ankle zip.

S 33-36" M 36-39" L 39-43" XL 43-46" XXL 46-49" K 49-52" G 52-55"

RRP £229.99

GP £129.99

RRP £229.99

GP £179.99

Vass Sizes - S 36-38", M 38-40", L 40-43", XL 43-45", XXL 46-48", XXXL 48-49" (£5 extra)


Team Vass 175 Breathable Clothing Red/Black

This is the latest addition to the Vass Smock range. This Red and black smock is a third edition which is tted with a velcro collar rather than popper to make life a little easier. The smock is very lightweight yet very hard to tear as well as being 100% waterproof and windproof.

Order Hotline - 01524 422146 Team Vass 175 Breathable Clothing

Team Vass 350 Heavy Duty Clothing

£66.95 B+B £55.99 Team Vass 175 Breathable Winter Clothing

Many shermen (particularly sea) experience heavy rains and winds during shing and found that their current waterproofs aren’t quite as waterproof as they expected. This is one of the reasons Vass developed the 350 range to ensure our


£59.90 B+B £43.99

Lightweight, breathable and durable. Smock It makes it the ideal choice for any roving angler or as a summer waterproofs. Its made from a stretch ‘wipe clean’ material so you can simply wipe any dirt off. Complete with modern reective logos and a

£66.95 B+B £55.99

Team Vass 350 Winter Lined Range 2pc Waterspeed Floatation Suit



This range has been developed for Sea Fishing (Boat and Shore) to resist the most extreme wind and rain. The Vass-Tex 350 material is heavy duty and tough whilst maintaining a supple and exible handle. This ensures that the garments are easy to wear when shing and less restrictive than most heavy-duty rainwear. It's important to know that the Vass-Tex 350 ranges are ideally suited for anglers that are usually shing on the shore or in a boat for long periods during extreme wind and rain. Its waterproofness is very high (up to 50,000mm) therefore is not breathable (although it does have some internal moisture wicking properties to help with comfort).

in w ne

Jacket RRP £119.99 GP £109.95 Smock RRP £99.99 GP £89.95 B+B RRP £79.99 GP £74.95 Vass have developed this 175 breathable thermal winter clothing to cope with all the demanding conditions experienced by the  UK's top anglers and teams. Hence the name "Team Vass Smock" . With a wide collar, tough fastening press-studs and a larger hood. Includes some fantastic extra features including a thermal inner with a comfortable quilted lining and hand warmer pockets for those extreme winter conditions.

B+B RRP £69.95 GP £64.95 Smock RRP £89.95 GP £84.95 Jacket RRP £109.95 GP £99.95

Vass R Boot New Winter Fur lined Vass R-Boot. Tough, comfortable ¾ height waterproof boot with xed fur Winter liner. Also easy and quick to put on


Vass Fleece Lined Boot GP £54.95 Cleated sole

These are a very comfy warm boots that will keep your feet warm in most conditions. Good for rock work slipping from bolder to bolder, and have the now famous Vass tough sole that has good grip!


Studded sole


Studded GP £48.50 Non- Studded GP £38.95 13


Order Hotline - 01524 422146

Vass Super Nova 740G Chest Waders

Vass-Tex 305 Tough Breathable Waders

the ‘Best PVC Wader’ on the market. However as part of Vass’s constant development this tough wader has become ‘Evo’ tougher! The Vass-Tex 740 SuperNova now boasts the addition of the New reinforced ‘Vass Evo Boot’ as well as the addition of front D-Rings on the chest wader for attaching your shing tools or chest bag. Sizes 6-13

Cleated Sole


Developed for the most hostile ‘Sea shing’ environments. Using the tried and tested ‘Vass Boot’ as its base then built up using the most advanced material technology creating the ultra-tough and reliable wader. It’s very Tough, Breathable and above all , in many cases’ up to 3 times more waterproof than other leading breathable waders as well as being much, much tougher. Sizes - 6-13 (13+£12)

This Vass wader range uses the high quality Vass-Tex 700 smooth PVC outer with a soft polyester reverse (slight stretch for comfort but also acts as a shock absorber on the seams). The body is fused with the New ‘Vass Boot’ Tough Chunky Yellow Soled boot offering comfort, reliability and reinforced hard wearing properties. Complete with adjustable buckles. Sizes 6-13


GP £239.99 Studded

Cleated Sole

GP £249.99

£69.99 Studded Sole

Studded Sole


£104.99 Daiwa Lightweight Nylon Chest Waders These Chest Waders are made from dura nylon making these a lightweight wader. Each pair of Waders feature tough waterproof nylon , a durable boot with a deepcleated sole.

Scierra X-16000 Breathable Chest Waders (Bootfoot) These new Scierra X 16000 Chest Wader Boot Foot Cleated Sole waders are ideal for both sea and fresh water. The Scierra X 16000 Chest Wader Boot Foot Cleated Sole have 3mm thick neoprene-lined rubber boot with cleated sole. With deluxe front pocket design with water-repellent zipper and hand warmer pockets and 2 D-rings for tool attachment the Scierra X 16000 Chest Wader Boot Foot Cleated Sole have all the options you would expect on a pair of premium breathable waders. Sizes 6/7, 7.5/8, 9/10, 11/12

Great choice for boat anglers and carp sherman alike ,Being made from a dura nylon material they pack down neatly so great to store when the boat is launched or to pack onto you barrow when carp shing taking up very little room Available in sizes 6 to 12. Lightweight and functional. Fitted to a PVC boot with cleated sole.

RRP £229.99

RRP £44.99

GP £149.99

GP £34.99

Tronix Neoprene Boots

Derri Boots

Vass Nova 700G Chest Waders

They are extremely warm and comfortable, with a removable thermal lining. Suitable for temperatures down to -40c. Specially designed sole with integrated heel which give the wearer an all round grip making walking easy no matter what the underfoot conditions are. Sizes - 6-12

Leeda Neoprene Chest Waders These Leeda chest waders are made from 4mm durable neoprene which is great for keeping you warm through the winter and are surprisingly comfy to sit in for long periods of time. They feature additional hard wearing fabric on the knee's to prolong the life of the wader and come with adjustable straps with a buckle for easy access. Sizes 7-12

RRP £89.99

GP £69.99 Vass Fleece Lined Boot

The sole and lower section is made from a hard wearing PVC material to ensure durability and reliability. The Top section is made from a 4mm neoprene which gives the wearer comfort and insulation. Sizes 7-13

Vass Fleece Lined Boots with quick release Velcro straps, Waterproof to halfway and textile upper is shower resistant. Also benet from 'no metal components, no rust' and no more broken laces caused by rusty lace eyelets. Sizes 7-12

RRP £59.99

£39.99 Imax Tira Rubber/Neoprene Boots Imax Sea Boots These new boots from Imax are probably the best boots they have made. They feature a hard and durable sole and foot casing. The upper part of the boo t is made from 6mm neop rene which is warmer & comer than your average boots. Sizes - 7-12

RRP £69.99

GP £54.99 14

£29.99 The rst thing you notice is the weight, these boots are lighter than the previous model but still retain a sturdy feel around the ankle to provide decent support. The sole has had a new pattern added to improve grip and the boot it waterproof to where to tongue splits. Sizes - 7-11

RRP £69.99

GP £49.99

GP £54.99

Rovex Arctic Thermal Made from a special cellular Boots EVA material these boots incorporate millions of tiny air pockets that offer a unique combination of lightness and thermal insulation and durability. The result is an amazingly lightweight boot (on average 35% lighter than normal boots)

RRP £49.99

GP £39.99



FR Waist Pack A tough lightweight waist bag ideal for the mobile angler for either lure shing or baitshing, a multiple of storage options and a fully adjustable waist band for comfort, it also features a toughened waterproof base for durability. 28x21x13cm

FR 35L Rucksack Now lighter and more weather resistant, built around a super comfty harness this rucksack swallows tackle but due to its clever design makes access to tackle easy. Adjustable fully padded harness built in storm wrap Waterproof toughened base Rain guard pocket tops Reective logos 60x45x30cm RRP £54.99

RRP £39.99

GP £29.99

GP £39.99

FR Cool Bags Adjustable shoulder strap and carry handle 2 fully insulated compartments Lined with easy clean insulated foil Med: 27x23x17cm

FR Rig Wallets


2 Sizes available Internal and external accessory pockets Full velcro closure Expansion Bafes Tough heavy duty material

Large: 35x37x17cm

Small: 21x18x2cm

£14.99 Large: 30x20x2cm £16.99


FR Fixed Spool Reel Case Tough Padded Tough heavy duty material RRP £9.99 Zip for easy loading Reective Logo GP £8.99

FR Rig Winder Case Holds upto 10 EVA rig winders Full Velcro Closure External carry clip RRP £8.99

GP £6.99

FR Rod Quivers An upgrade on Imax’s previous rod quivers. There are 2 sizes to pick from which allow you carry several rods in the quiver with the tips sticking out of the top. Both sizes feature external straps for a tripod and a shelter. It also features a carry handle and adjustable shoulder strap.

Day Holdall (4 Rods) RRP £34.99 GP £24.99 Competition Holdall (8 Rods) RRP £44.99 GP £39.99 -- Carries 2 rods internally fully protected

FR Holdall 11-14ft 8" RRP £44.99

- Fully adjustable padded shoulder strap and dual carry handles - Zip for easy loading - New hex lock for full adjustment - Toughened waterproof base - 220x28x6cm

GP £34.99 A full legnth padded rod holdall for full protection of 2 rods, the Imax FR rod holdall is fully adjustable by way of its new hex lock so rods from 11ft 2 piece upto 14ft 8" 2 piece rods are fully protected within its padded shell, externally tripods and shelters can be accommodated and it features the new fully adjustable strap and dual carry handles so the holdall retains its balance when being carried.

FR Basic Quiver

- Carries 2 rods internally - Fully adjustable shoulder strap and dual carry handles - Retaining strap - Toughened waterproof base for durability - 140x15x10cm

A lightweight slim quiver which will carry 2 rods internally and has pockets and straps on the exterior to accommodate a tripod, featuring a fully adjustable carry strap and dual carry handles to maintain balance whilst being carried.

RRP £27.99

GP £19.99 15


www.gerrys Compartment Rod Quiver

Made from a durable padded cordura with a two large rod compartments open top quiver design to accommodate several rod lengths, with full length zips and external pocket for brolly or shelter and strapping for a tripod. Fully adjustable shoulder strap for easy carrying makes this ideal for all aspects of Sea angling inc the roving angler. • Open top quiver design Single Quiver GP £19.99 •External Pocket for brolly/shelter Double Quiver GP £29.99 •Straps for tripod •Fully adjustable shoulder strap

Fixed Spool Reel Case A padded reel case suitable for most beach xed spool reel. Made from a tough material and has a 2/3rd length zip to allow easy access to your reel.

Bait Pack We believe that how you carry it is equally important. ice cream tubs, take away boxes and even small cat litter trays all t neatly inside and this insulated lining means that it will still be as fresh when you use it as when you packed it. The Bait-pak will allow you to carry the baits you need in a variety of ways and then; when you reach your mark or peg, use it where you need it straight out .Dimensions (37cm) x W (31cm) x D (7cm)

Rig Wallets Made from a tough material and features full velcro closure keeps everything in place and handy tabs at the top make opening the wallet easy even with cold and wet hands. Single Rig Wallet contains 16 small zip top bags +2 mesh pockets. Double Rig Wallet contains 16 double zip top bags + 2 large internal mesh pockets and 2 x outside pockets


Cool Bags

RRP £6.99

A new addiction to the ever growing tronix range of luggage is the new cool bags avilable in small & large .A very neat bag for storing Small GP £8.99 Large GP £12.99 bait or even keeping food cool in the warmer months.

GP £5.99

Spool Bag

Neoprene Reel Wraps

Designed for xed spool users to protect their spare spools and also organised. Made from a tough padded material with a two way zip for easy access. Dividers are movable inside allowing you to customise the bag to suit your needs. Also ideal for spools of line, small multiplier reels and other bits and bobs.

Superb neoprene reel cases made from hi grade 4mm neoprene with velcro fasteners. A must have on any reel to protect it from the elements when not it use.

Features : •Padded cordura material •Two way zip •Movable velcro dividers •Ir will take up to 6 spools


£5.99 £9.99

Fixed Spool

RRP £11.99

GP £8.99



An all purpose single session quiver to carry shore and boat rods. Offers instant access to the rods via a fully length zip. Also tted with a fully adjustable shoulder carry strap, additional brief case style carry handle, external rod rest securing straps, a rod bag pocket and protective base. Wipe clean, durable material Quiver top securing strap

A superb rucksack which is big enough to carry all of your gear without being to big that you throw in the kitchen sink and struggle to your mark. It features 1 large pocket, 2 wide front pockets, 4 smaller side pockets so you can separate your snoods, weights etc effectively..

RRP £34.99

GP £32.99

RRP £39.99

GP £29.99

Length 83cm

Ready Rod Holdall

Allows the angler to carry a rod with the reel attached to save time setting up as well and making it easier to carry. Features a unique reel pouch to take both xed spools and multi’s in low or high reel position. The top of the holdall is adjustable and removable so you can use it for 3 piece continentals to longer tip 2 piece rods.

Ÿ Ÿ 16Ÿ

Wipe clean, durable material Independently adjustable reel case Adjustable shoulder strap

GP £14.99


This reel case will take most xed spool beach reels including Penn Surfblaster 8000 and Shimano Ultegra sized reels.


RRP £17.99

RRP £59.99

GP £49.99

A superb, wipe clean rig wallet which is wide enough to keep your rigs in good condition but still small enough to easily pack away. It features 2 zipped storage pockets and 32 individual storage envelopes. 20 x 25cm

RRP £17.99

GP £15.99

Vass Sizes - S 36-38", M 38-40", L 40-43", XL 43-45", XXL 46-48", XXXL 48-49" (£5 extra)

Lure Luggage

Bakkan Waterproof Bag

Ideal for lure anglers, a waterproof bag with two rod holders moulded on the end, great for keeping your rods safe whilst tying leaders or rigging up.

Order Hotline - 01524 422146

Shoulder Bag

A larger version of our waist bag that features two side pockets in addition to a larger main and front compartment, ideal for longer sessions.

RRP £19.99

RRP £23.99

GP £17.99

GP £19.99

RRP £23.99

Waist Bag

A neat, compact waist bag that features a main compartment and a front compartment for storing gear for short term sessions.

GP £19.99

Tackle and Lure Bag

Daiwa Sandstorm Rig & Tackle Waist Pouch

A large capacity tackle bag that can carry enough gear for a day long session from shore or boat.

RRP £35.99

This is a handy bag which has a variety of uses. It can be used as a small bag for low water beach session especially when a long walk reduces how much gear you can take. This bag offers just enough space for this.

GP £29.99

It can be also used as a 'rock hopping' lure bag. Size: 25cm x 18cm x 8.5cm (and 5.5cm)

RRP £32.99

GP £24.99

Lite Belt 2.0

Chest Packer 2.0 The Chest Packer is the new “backpack – chest bag” from Sakura. It just shows the characteristics of the famous “Koa Bag” in an improved version.

This is probably the best waist bag we have seen in a long time. The Sakura Lite Belt is made from a wipe clean, shower proof material and features one padded side which is worn against the waist. The Lite Belt has 3 pockets. The main pocket will take 2 medium to large lure cases and has internal pouches for a phone, wallet or other small accessories. The other 3 pockets are on the front and can be used to hold a drinks bottle, line scissors etc. The lite belt also features a ring clip and an adjustable pouch for pliers.

Very light, it offers ample storage space for wading in Dimensions - 30cm, 21cm, 13cm. fresh water or sea. Easily adjustable, it is made of 600 denier polyester lined with waterproof PVC. It has 2 big waterproof zipped pockets on the back and 6 compartments on the chest part. Support clip and retractable “zinger” clip to complete the package. RRP £35.99

GP £29.99

RRP £64.99

GP £49.99

Mini Shoulder Bag Mini Shoulder Bag has a main compartment, zipped, able to accommodate a wide variety of lure boxes and various tackle items. This bag is constructed of 420 denier polyester lined with polyurethane, which ensures optimal impermeability and robustness. A clip holder, a ap front pocket and a place to hold a 70 mm diameter container (can, bottle 33 to 75 cl, etc.) complete this very practical bag. Several "Drings" rings, adjustable straps.

RRP £29.99

Shore Walker 2.0 Classic easy to wear over the shoulder with tackle bag and lots of easy storage space inc phone pouch, the perfect roving angler's bag! Ideal for those early morning low water sessions 420 denier polyester polyurethane doubled material.

GP £25.99

Crosser Bag 2.0 The Crosser Bag is ideal bag for the roving angler who only takes the minimum of tackle and needs to stay mobile. The clever crossover design allows you to swivel it round to your belly for easy access to your gear, and swivel's back around out the way when you're done. Simple and very effective.

RRP £32.99 RRP £34.99

GP £27.99

GP £29.99 17


Order Hotline - 01524 422146

Panic Prey Great topwater lure, the open mouth gives great splashing and spitting action on walk the dog retrieve, the long narrow dynamic body gives incredible casting distance and precision, the rear Y-treble hook folds up along the back on the cast and gives you a very stable ight,

Panic Popper

Superb long casting popper, with an extreme good Popping effect! The wide open Mouth, has a great hold in the water and really pops and splashes incredible. Super Hard ABS Body, with thru going wire, extra strong split rings and Big sh trebles. Great lures for big brutal Saltwater predator sh!

10.5cm 20g RRP £9.99

Dirty Silver Mullet

Lemon Back Flash


10.6cm 14g RRP £9.99 GP £6.49 13.5cm 28g RRP £10.99 GP £7.49

3D Pop Walker Based on a 3D scan of a baby sardine. Superb walk the dog action. with great popping effect on the pull. Horizontal balance on the spin stop. gives the perfect dying baitsh imitation! Compact long cast design! Great top water lure for both fresh and saltwater shing!

n New i

13.5cm 38g RRP £11.99




GP £6.39

Lemon Back Flash

White Flash

Ayu Blue silver

6.6cm 8g - 8cm 14g RRP £9.99 GP £8.99

Surf Walker Based on the perfect 3D scan of a real sandeel, the long slender strong hard ABS body has the most incredible side to side action on the twitch and a slim S-curve action on the straight retrieve. The Floating version has a horizontal balance, Which keeps the head up slightly on the spin stop which creates the perfect wounded baitsh prole. The long cast design is silent, the perfect top water lure for wary predator sh.

3D TPE Minnow The perfect small baitsh imitation based on the scan of a small Sardine. The lure is designed with a unique clip system that will allow the angler to change hook style and size easily. It can be used with a treble hook or with a single hook. even for a snag free presentation. The lure will sh both on the retrieve and on the drop. with a tight and lively kicking and aking action

8cm, 11g £4.79 10cm, 23g £5.49

Green Silver

Lemon Back

8cm 10g


Lemon Back

GP £7.19


White Flash

Blue Sardine

Pink Flash

Floating - 15.5cm 17g RRP £14.99 GP £9.09 Sinking - 15.5cm 23g RRP £14.99 GP £9.09 Floating - 18cm 27g RRP £16.99 GP £10.49 Sinking - 18cm 37g RRP £16.99 GP £10.49

3D Jerk Minnow Olive ghost

Based on the perfect 3D scan of a real sandeel, the long slender strong hard ABS body has the most amazing jerk and twitch action driving the predatory sh crazy! These suspending lures have great casting distance with the built in magnetic silent long cast system, The ultra sharp 3 treble hooks ensure fantastic hook up rate.

Lemon Back

White Flash

Blue sardine Sandeel

Pink Flash

14.5cm 14g RRP £14.99 17.5cm 25g RRP £16.99

GP £9.09 GP £10.49

Line Thru Sandeels

3D Sardine The 3D Sardine, is based on a scan of a baby Sardine, great swimming action, super details and colours, brilliant for any predator sh on the hunt for Bait sh. Ultra sharp exposed jig hook. Large bleeding eye. The heads match the 3D Bleak bodies, cut off just behind the gill. Size 1/0 Hook on the jig head. Sardine

White Flash

Dirty Silver

GP £3.49 10cm 21g

GP £4.49

The 3d LT Sandeel, swims with a seducing and slim S-curve, head slightly up. On the spin stop, the lure utters and rolls backwards - like a sandeel eeing and trying to dig itself into the sand. On the twitch, the lure will dart erratically and ash in an incredibly life like fashion!

125mm, 18g RRP £11.99


GP £6.57

Olive Ghost

150mm, 18g RRP £14.99

GP £8.55

Black Ghost YG Silver

This stunning and unique lure is a supernatural sandeel imitation. The Sandeel is the favourite snack of many predators. These soft-bodied lures have the most fantastic swimming action. The sandeel is Savage Gear's rst 100% saltwater specic lure, designed mainly for vertical shing – but have also proved to be deadly as swimbaits and even for trolling. The swimming action is so real; you have to see it, to believe it!


Savage Gear's Saltwater Sandeel Lures are available in a range of colours and weights. All feature top quality Japanese carbon steel saltwater grade trebles, rigged to withstand brutal attacks and land big predators. Excellent for Cod, Sea Bass, Coalsh or even smaller Halibut. Blue Silver


Real Pearl

GP £3.99 GP £4.50

12.5cm, 23g RRP £5.99 16cm, 42g RRP £6.99


Lemon Back


Order Hotline - 01524 422146


24g 125mm


Popper with a high specic weight, magnicent casting and a tight, fast walking action including splashing. Right from the very rst jerks to the rod, it starts a zigzagging that proves irresistible to all kinds of predators, in fresh and saltwater alike. An absolute must for the summer months.



GP £7.99


23g 148mm


Pearl Yellow Back


Yellow Back Pearl


Silver Bait fish

Sardine This stylised jerkbait features a large mobile piston in its interior, allowing for extreme casting even in the worst weather conditions. Its swimming action during line retrieval is dominated by a frantic rolling action, revealing its iridescent anks, accompanied by a tight rear wobbling action. This is deadly for our friends the sea bass.


GP £6.99



16.5g 120mm

Blue Back Clear Sardine

A seriously accomplished lure designed to be shed successfully when the weather turns and in stronger currents. The lure wobbles and glides to imitate a wounded prey sh. It can be shed down to a depth of 1m but with a slower retrieve it works really well at around 30cm under the surface.



GP £5.99



18g 105mm

Pearl Lumi Head


One the easiest ‘walk the dog’ style top water lures on the market. When the conditions are hot and the water is calm the Shibasu lures come into their own zig zagging along the surface teasing any deep lying Bass staring up from the depths. A must in any tackle box.


GP £6.99

Feedex J594

Green Slash

Copper Red Eye


The Feedex from Yokozuna is an easy to work lure delivering unbelievable top water action every cast, available in a range of highly effective colours, this 150mm surface popper throws out huge wakes in the water, drawing saltwater predators from all around, a high quality built lure with super sharp hooks.




Pearl Charteuse

15cm 54g RRP £12.99

Super Shallow



The Yokozuna super shallow is built to target bass in shallow waters, where the head rolling action and fantastic patterns prove irresistable, it dives to around 30cm and comes in a range of colours equipped with super sharp high quality hooks.

12.8cm 20g RRP £6.99




GP £5.99

FCM Chartreuse Pearl


The outstanding FCM lure delivers irresistible top water popper action on the retrieve, thanks to the down angled lip, comes pre rigged with super sharp trebles and split rings and boasts internal ball bearings for a highly attractive rattle and steady tracking in the water, the best way to work this lure is with a 'walk the dog' style retrieve.

14cm 29g RRP £7.99 Black Rainbow

GP £10.99

Red Belly Sardine

GP £5.99

Silver Blue Back



Order Hotline - 01524 422146



The HTO Glide is the ideal choice of lure for calm and clear water conditions where sh have time to inspect the lure. It’s the perfect choice for when sh are hitting smaller prey. Floating, top water, 90mm, 12.3g



A very deep diving lure which can reach depths of 5 to 6 meters. You can troll behind a boat or kayak or just a straight retrieve. This is ideal to get down quickly of rocky ledges for Bass and Pollack. 100mm, 15.6g.

Golden Minnow Golden minnow Pearl

Sardine Pearl





Mullet Sardine



he HTO Canine is a long casting, oating surface lure in a classic topwater shape. Its long body is rear weighted allowing it to hit long distances with ease where other lures may struggle. Ideally suited to targeting bass. Topwater, 135mm, 26g.



A minnow shaped diving lure which can reach depths of up to 1 meter. The Search as the name suggests can nd the sh when all else fails. Floating, dives to 1M, 125mm, 20g.

Silver Chartreuse Golden minnow

Pearl Sardine Golden Minnow Sardine




Seatide ue Bl

k in lve


















w lo Ye l

ti ul

d ea


lve Si

l ar Pe

r ne hi tS Ho

The Nomura Salty is perfect for Bass shing, Its Diving depth of upto 2.5m makes it a great choice when shing over structure such as reefs and rock beds. Can also be trolled from kayaks and small boats.



12cm 22g Diving depth upto 2.5m Floating lure VMC treble hooks

These fantastic looking lures from Nomura are a great substitute for an expensive Japanese lure, Being made in Japan themselves more often than not they are made in the same factories!. Therefor they are made from high quality components and to a strict spec.

GP £8.99

The Nomura Seatide is perfect for Shallow water bass shing, Having a diving range of 0.2m - 1.8m makes it a go to choice when shing such venue.


La ac k Bl

lve rR

ai n


bo w

le t rV io Si

ue Pr




re en G

, Being made in Japan themselves more often than not they are made in the same factories!. Therefor they are made from high quality components and to a strict spec.



M ac






Takashi G

The Nomura Onda is perfect for Bass shing, Its slanted popper type face gives off a big disturbance which brings them in on the feed, For best results this lure should be shed in slack water out of the main tidal ow. 11cm 26g Floating popper type lure Fitted with VMC trebles

GP £8.99

Chart Back Sardine


The Xorus patchinko II is one of the best all round surface lures on the market. The lure has been designed to achieve huge distances, much further than any popper and works in an erratic fashion on the water. These lures have proven deadly for Bass when shed over shallow rocky or rough ground. Blue Lagoon

Red Head

Red Belly Sardine

Mullet Pearl White


Xorus Patchinko

Feed Shallow Japanese lure designed to target sea bass in shallow water and guess what, that's exactly what it does on an incredible scale! The Tackle House Feed Shallow 128 has developed a cult following in the UK with the likes of Henry Gilbey really putting them it on the map as a 1st class lure.

Rainbow Candy

The Nomura Takashi is perfect for Shallow water bass shing, Having a diving range of 0.2m 2m makes it a go to choice when shing such venue.

12.8cm 18.5g RRP £27.99

GP £24.99


Black Mullet

White Mullet

10cm 11g RRP £22.99 GP 14cm 25g RRP £23.99 GP

£19.99 £20.99

Hooks & Jig Heads

Order Hotline - 01524 422146

Mega Popper Green Flash

Red Head

Holo Blue

Big Bass Popper

This big popper is ideal when you need to get that extra 20 yards. It is tted with an extra large concaved faced which maximises the spash when popped.

Tronix-pro big bass poppers are for lure shing for bass. These surface lures will create a big disturbance due to there concave faces. Irresistible to bass

Red Head

Green Back


15cm 54g

Blue Mack

GP £2.99

Shallow Runner Flash



Holo White

13cm 16g

GP £2.99

A similar design to a very successful Japanese lure. The Shallow Runner works just below the surface with a wounded sh wobble. Very effective shing pretty much

Weedless Worm Hook

Holo Blue

Weedless Hook

Ball Jigg Heads

Japanese high grade stainless steel wire.

20 per packet 10x 6mm 10x 8mm

£1.99 Hold It Soft Lure Glue A super glue formula produced to bond PVC lure materials together 8ml


Sizes 2/0 10g - 3 per pkt 3/0 12.5g 3 per pkt 5/0 15g 3 per pkt 6/0 25g 2 per pkt

£3.50 Gerry’s Just 4 Jellies Weedless Hooks Strong and super sharp

25 per pkt Sizes 6mm 8mm 10mm

25 per pkt Sizes 2/0 4/0


Gerry’s Daft Ed’s Fish Shape Jig Heads VMC 7237 Inline Single



Sizes 28lb 36lb 50lb 79lb

Spinlinks 35lb breaking strain secure link 10 per pkt

Strong and great value

Superb Value 3 per pkt 6/0 Hooks 30g weight

8 per pkt

Sizes sz 4 - 8 per pkt sz 2 - 6 per pkt sz 1 - 6 per pkt sz 1/0 - 6 per pkt

Oval Split Rings


Sizes 1 1/0 2/0 3/0 4/0 5/0

Super strong Stainless Steel


Gerry’s Power Split Rings

GP £2.99

Lure Clip

5 per pkt

Big Fish Trebles



11cm 14g



Japanese high grade stainless steel wire.

A small compact diving plug that will ash and wobble and grab the shes attention when they are feeding on bait sh that bit deeper.

Holo White

Sizes 1 1/0 2/0 3/0 4/0

10 per pkt Sizes Medium Large X-Large


Bass Wobbler

5 per pkt

Cross Lock Egg Snaps

GP £2.99

12cm 38g

£1.60 Gerry’s Just 4 Jellies Weedless Weighted Hooks Strong and super sharp 5 per pkt 3.5g weight Sizes 2/0 4/0

£4.50 VMC 7316

High quality, Japanese made 10 per pkt Sizes 2, 1, 1/0 & 2/0

High quality, Japanese made 10 per pkt



Sizes 1, 1/0, 2/0, 3/0


Best Seller


The Sidewinder sand eels are the deadliest jelly Lure on the Market. They produce a realistic action of a wounded sh. The soft latex tail utters like no other and is the rst choice articial of the majority of the UK`s top anglers. An absolute must 4 inch 4 per pkt (10G) 2/0 hooks Features; 6 inch 3 per pkt (25G) 5/0 hooks • Holographic inserts 8 inch 2 per pkt (55G) 8/0 hooks • Internal weights • Mustad 32786bln hooks

RRP £8.99

GP £6.49

Mack Fire Sandeel Blue Silver

Flo Orange Rhubarb & Custard

Hot Pink

The top selling Sidewinder Sandeels just got even better. Sidewinder have taken the best working commercial colours and used these to create the new Super SOLID range . The Sidewinder sandeels are the deadliest jelly on the Market. They produce a realistic action of a wounded sh. The soft latex tail utters like no other and is the rst choice articial of the majority of the UK`s top anglers.

4 inch 4 per pkt (10G) 2/0 hooks 6 inch 3 per pkt (25G) 5/0 hooks

RRP £8.99


Candy Red

Solid Sandeels

• internal weights • Mustad 32786bln hooks

Jet Fire

GP £6.49

Jet Pink

Blue/White Ghost White Rhubarb/ Custard Midnight Black

Cod Squad If your hunting Big Cod or Pollack then these are the must have lure at the moment,featuring the most successful colours for these deep wreck sh! The Hot Pink,Rhubarb /Custard,Flo Orange and Candy Red are the rst choice for the beast commercial line anglers after these species . These are the most relistic swim baits that we have ever seen. Weighted and tted with Mustad 32786BLN hooks.

4 inch 4 per pkt (10G) 2/0 hooks 6 inch 3 per pkt (25G) 5/0 hooks

RRP £8.99

GP £6.49

Rattlebacks This brand new range of superb Jig Head sandeels lures are packed with many innovative features never before seen in a latex lure. Featuring Salt Trap Tech (STT) - Sidewinder have used actual salt in the manufacturing process so that they taste salty to sh. DUO construction - double pour latex build for durability whilst retaining the famous Sidewinder action! In built ‘Rattle Chamber’ featuring tungsten rattle balls for great vibrations during retrieve.

4 inch 2 per pkt (25G) 6 inch 2 per pkt (42G)

RRP £8.99

Weedless Sandeels Combining the best sh catching colours, With the famous Sidewinder shape and action with a weed-less system that works great and you’ve got an unbeatable range of lures. Extensive testing in South Devon over the summer of 2015 has proved how deadly these lures really are! 2 complete Weed-less Sand-eels per pkt.

4 inch 2 per pkt (12G) 6 inch 2 per pkt (20G)

RRP £8.99

GP £6.49

Crusader Shads One of the top working lures from Sidewinder's sponsored boat ‘Crusader’ out of Plymouth, and redeveloped by Sidewinder for 2016. A super fast action with double chromed heads, top quality Mustad 32786 bln hooks. These lures are a dead ringer for sprat or herrings and are deadly when worked slow over wrecks or bounced off the bottom on a drift. Ideal for both Cod and Bass.

4 inch 2 per pkt (23G) 22

RRP £8.99

GP £6.49

GP £6.49

Soft Lures

Order Hotline - 01524 422146 Black Minnow Combo 120mm 12g Shore


2 bodies, 1 jig & hook

Black Minnow Combo 140mm 40g Off Shore 2 bodies, 1 jig & hook


£8.99 Kaki


Black Minnow Combo 70mm 6g, Off Shore 2 bodies, 1 jig & hook



Black Minnow Combo 90mm 5g Shore 2 bodies, 1 jig & hook



2 bodies, 1 jig & hook



Black Minnow Combo 120mm 25g Offshore


Black Minnow Combo 70mm 6g Offshore 2 bodies, 1 jig & hook





Blue Kaki


70mm, 4 bodies £4.89 90mm, 3 bodies £4.99 120mm, 3 bodies £5.39




Krog Hooks 4 per pkt





2 bodies, 1 jig & hook



£6.75 Kaki

Black Minnow Spare Bodies



Black Minnow Combo 90mm 10g Offshore 2 bodies, 1 jig & hook

Black Minnow Combo 140mm40g Offshore

Jig Heads 2 per pkt Various Sizes & Colours Available

£3.40 Black Minnow Combo 160mm60g Offshore


2 bodies, 1 jig & hook


70 £2.49 90 £2.69 120 £2.99 140 £3.59 160 £3.99

Black Minnow Combo 120mm 25g Off Shore 2 bodies, 1 jig & hook

The Fiiish crazy sandeel is an amazing weighted sandeel imitation with a subtle lifelike action which is guarenteed to get the attention of all predatory sh, the supple tail has a natural feel to encourage sh to take with the condence and the built in rattle adds to the crazy sandeels attractiveness. It is a very versatile lure which can be cast from the shore, jigged from a boat or even shed on a traditional 'ying collar' style of rig, each pack contains one complete lure and spare tail.

100mm 5g Shore - £6.29 2 bodies, 1 jig & hook

100mm 10g Offshore - £6.29 2 bodies, 1 jig & hook

150mm 20g Offshore - £8.29 2 bodies, 1 jig & hook


This is the must have bass lure for this coming Bass season . Designed to be shed weedless ,Sneaking your lure through the weeds to get to those bigger sh with these superb "Stealth lures” The inbuilt weedless hook system with back grove give excellent hook ups time after time.These are the most realistic swim baits we have seen. The real colour scheme with shimmer skin .

4.5 inch 2 per pkt (10G) 6 inch 2 per pkt (16G)

The iish minnow is a well known lure which has made a great name for itself due to its fantastic sh catching capability, it can be shed through all depths of water due to its weedless hook which reduces the risk of loosing the lure massively, all predatory sh nd the minnow irresistble however the minnow is quite often used and has proven deadly for Mr Bass!

GP £7.99

GP £6.99

Offshore Combo Colour Pack A limited edition pack featuring 6 complete Fiiish Black Minnow lures in a selection of colours which have proved themselves across Europe. This pack is a great way to get a selection of colours of probably the most devastatingly effective lure of recent times. Black Minnows have caught literally thousands of bass, pollack and wrasse as well as a host of other species in both salt and freshwater. 6 lures per pack.

90mm, 10g £34.99 120mm, 25g £36.99 23

Spinning Reels


Stradic Ci4+ FB

The totally renewed Stradic CI4+ can be considered to be a treat for the enthusiastic angler's senses. With a striking design and an ultra smooth reeling experience combined with its light weight properties the reel is designed the win the hearts of many anglers around the globe. Build on exciting concepts like HAGANE gear, G Free Body, CI4+, X-SHIP, Core Protect, and the totally new Magnum Lite Rotor the new Stradic CI4+ is build to last. Next to that, there are more models added to the range in relation to the previous Stradic CI4+ FA which results in more choiches for the angler with respect to gear ratios and line capacities. The new Stradic reels are perfect for targeting species such as Bass, Pollock and Trout, they can be used from the shore or from the boat.

1000FB 170Mx5lb (170G) RRP £159.99 2500FB 240Mx6lb (205G) RRP £164.99 4000FB 260Mx10lb (320G) RRP £189.99

GP £149.99 GP £154.99 GP £169.99

Stradic HG-FK Brand new design Stradic from Shimano ,This reel is stronger ,lighter and smoother than its predecessors. The original Stradic’s complemented with improved specication including more ball bearings and advanced X-Ship gearing for super smooth, reliable performance. These now benet from a higher speed retrieve ratio (minimum 6.0:1)

1000 170Mx5lb RRP £144.99 GP 2500 140Mx8lb RRP £149.99 GP 3000 240Mx8lb RRP £149.99 GP 4000 260Mx10lb RRP £159.99 GP

£134.99 £139.99 £139.99 £149.99

Fuego The new Fuego LT series of spinning reels, state of the art shing tools that dene Daiwa’s commitment to the LT Concept of lighter, tougher material. With conventional, heavier spinning reels, long hours of casting and retrieving can fatigue the arms and hands.The Fuego LT housing is light but sturdy constructed from a Carbon based material. The innovative Magsealed main shaft delivers butter smooth performance while preventing water or dirt intrusion. The Machined Aluminum handle is ergonomically correct and screws easily into the body. Six ball bearings and one roller bearing combine to create the ultimate in silky smooth operation. If you are looking for an amazing reel packed with high-end design and technology features then the Daiwa’s Fuego LT may be the reel for you.

3000 4000 5000 6000

230Mx0.2mm 260Mx0.22mm 210Mx0.24mm 420Mx0.22mm


£109.99 £109.99 £109.99 £109.99


£89.99 £89.99 £89.99 £89.99

Legalis A part of Daiwa’s Light and Tough initiative, the Daiwa Legalis LT Spinning Reels provide airy performance that stands head-and-shoulders above other reels in its class. Encased in a carbon light material housing, the Daiwa Legalis LT Spinning Reels offer outstanding smoothness thanks to Daiwa’s Air Rotor and Air Bail, which work to provide effortless, and incredibly light performance. Complete with a machined aluminum handle for increased control and comfort, the Daiwa Legalis LT Spinning Reels offer enhanced design that is head-and-shoulders above its competitors in its price range.

3000 220Mx12lb 4000 250Mx14lb 5000 180Mx20lb

RRP £89.99 RRP £89.99 RRP £89.99

GP £64.99 GP £64.99 GP £69.99

Ninja Daiwa Ninja reels are simply tremendous with a mix of Daiwa features. Their graphite body combined with Air Rotor saves weight and the enhanced rotor shape adds to the reels performance under load. All assisted by a geared down retrieve for higher winding power. Being front drag they are perfect for use even with braid. Winding smoothness is enhanced with 4BB and Innite Anti-Reverse.

1000 4000 5000 6000 24

100Mx0.2mm 260Mx0.22mm 210Mx0.24mm 420Mx0.22mm


£59.99 GP £44.99 £109.99 GP £89.99 £109.99 GP £89.99 £109.99 GP £89.99

Spinning Reels

Order Hotline - 01524 422146

F r e e 15 0 M o f Spinsher SSV S p id e r w ir e D u r a b r a id

The Spinsher series of reel , known for more than 50 years as the ultimate workhorse in the PENN range. This new Spinsher V series, Is Stronger, Smoother, Features an improved HT100 slammer drag system and is fully sealed. The HT-100 Slammer Drag is a ultra smooth drag and can handle anything you can throw at it; this new Spinsher V is stronger than ever.

Ideal for all aspects of in shore and off shore spinning in the UK ,ideal for Bass, Pollack ,Wrasse and all other hard ghting species.

3500 4500 5500 6500 8500

210ydsX8lb 250ydsX10lb 270ydsX12lb 300ydsX15lb 440ydsX20lb


£114.99 £119.99 £124.99 £129.99 £149.99


£89.99 £89.99 £99.99 £104.99 £114.99

Fr ee 15 0M o f Cardinal SWi S p id er w ir e D

u r a br a id

This range of salt water resistant reels has been upgraded . They still deliver outstanding versatility, dependability and value in a saltwater spinning reel. Stainless steel components are matched with four high performance corrosion resistant bearings, couple this with serious winding power and you have the complete Saltwater spinning reel.

174 SWI 210yds x 10lb mono RRP £47.99 176 SWI 245yds x 14lb mono RRP £49.99 177 SWI 250yds x 17lb mono RRP £59.99

GP £39.99 GP £39.99 GP £49.99

Revo 2 Inshore Designed to sub-due Hard ghting inshore species. The Revo Inshore spinning reel has been specically engineered to handle the abuse of hard ghting sh as well as corrosive saltwater shing environments. ABU started with an upgraded Insert Molded C6 (IM-C6™) carbon body design, and combined it with a powerful machined aluminum main gear and added our tried-and-true Carbon Matrix™ drag system for efcient drag performance. HPCR™ bearings give anglers exceptional corrosion resistance and deliver ultra-smooth performance for the long haul. 6:1 Retrieve.

F r e e 15 0 M o f S p id e r w ir e S tea Smooth 8 Bra lth id

In30 150mX0.28mm RRP £179.99 GP £139.99 IN40 210mX0.28mm RRP £189.99 GP £144.99 IN60 280mX0.28mm RRP £199.99 GP £154.99

Hiro FW This high speed spinning reel from Nomura is an absolute gem. Just look at the outstanding features it has, You will realise it’s a lot of reel for the money. With a carbon body and rotor Nomura have managed to take away extra unwanted weight, incorporate this with its strong gearing system you have got a reliable spinning reel that you can rely on when it matters the most . Perfect for Salt-water Bass / Pollock lure shing from the shore when using braid.

3000 215mX0.25mm (6.3:1 Ratio) RRP £89.99 GP £79.99 4000 175mx0.30mm (6.3:1 Ratio) RRP £89.99 GP £79.99 5000 195mX0.35mm (6.3:1 Ratio) RRP £89.99 GP £79.99

Kanji FW The special shape with lightened inserts increases ergonomics and usability of the reel. The attractive look is combined with hi-end features. With 12 steel ball bearings, machined aluminum lightened handle, micrometric high precision drag, 1 Forged aluminum spool and 2 graphite spare spools. The Kanji reels are designed to be ‘used & abused’ in all conditions.

FW30 245mx0.25mm (5.3:1 Ratio) RRP £54.99 FW50 275mx0.35mm (5.1:1 Ratio) RRP £59.99

GP £49.99 GP £54.99 25

Lure Rods

Order Hotline - 01524 422146

Scimitar BX Spin The Scimitar BX is a very versatile spinning rod for all-round predator shing. Provided with a modern design and XT40+BIOFIBRE blank which is fast and provides good casting and sh ghting abilities for a very affordable price. The action of the rod is fast, which means this rod is suitable for modern lure shing techniques where the angler needs to work the lure in order to give it action. The versatile range contains rods for almost every type of predator shing

6ft 7ft 7ft 8ft 9ft

10" 2-8G 8" 7-35G 14-42G 2" 21-56G 28-84G

RRP £49.99 GP RRP £59.99 GP RRP £59.99 GP RRP £69.99 GP RRP £79.99 GP

£44.99 £54.99 £54.99 £64.99 £74.99

Shore Game

Shore Game is a new premium range of rods designed by HTO for the European Bass angler. A light, strong and highly responsive blank constructed from 40 ton carbon with a Quattro Grid X weave wrap. Each rod is equipped with quality ttings including a Fuji VSS reel seat and the latest Fuji Titanium Torzite guides. Designed to work lures in the most challenging conditions and at range, whilst massively reducing fatigue on longer shore sessions. The sleek black and gunmetal nish with delicate livery completes this stunning rod.

8ft 8" 7-28G RRP £334.99 GP £299.99 9ft 6" 7-35G RRP £349.99 GP £309.99

This is one of the most impressive ranges of lure rods to be released in years.

Nebula HTO Nebula is a highly versatile range of lure shing rods for both sea and freshwater. All models feature a Fuji VSS reel seat and K spinning guides. The current models in the range are: HTO Nebula M 2.3m – A stunning rod with a casting rating of 7 – 28g. It lends itself well for shing both hard and soft baits from either boat or shore. A versatile rod with many applications that will become a rm favourite.

RRP £108.99 GP


HTO Nebula M 2.4m – Eight foot rods are one of the most popular lengths of lure shing rods. A go to for many anglers. With a casting rating of 7 to 30g this will t the needs of lure anglers shing from rocks, estuaries or the open shingle.

RRP £111.99 GP


HTO Nebula MH 2.7m – The big beast of the range, this nine foot rod is capable of casting between 12 and 42g! If you’re looking for a rod that has immense power to blast lures out to the horizon or need a rod to tackle heavy sea conditions, this is for you.

RRP £119.99 GP


Salt CCS Lure Rod Super minimalistic, fast action lure rods! Toray Carbon blanks tted with the CCS guides in the non-corroding Black plating. Great casting distance and lure control, perfect sensitivity with built in Muscle and power! Brilliant rods for Seabass, Cod, Pollack, wrasse – the series covering both Bank and boat lure shing. • Toray Carbon • CCS SiN Black Salt Water guides • SG Duo Lock R/S • Split handle • Ready to sh Deluxe rod bag

8ft 8ft 8ft 9ft

6" 15-42G RRP £99.99 GP £69.99 6" 30-70G RRP £99.99 GP £74.99 6" 7-28G RRP £99.99 GP £69.99 2" 15-42G RRP £99.99 GP £74.99



7ft 5-18G RRP £32.99 GP 7ft 10-35G RRP £34.99 GP The Venturi series of rods delivers on-the-water performance and style in 9ft 7-28G RRP £44.99 GP a balanced, lightweight design. Construction starts with a 30 Ton high modules graphite blank that is paired up with stainless steel guides. Full 4pc Travel 7ft 5-15G RRP £49.99 GP cork handle ensure comfort and durability. The Venturi series gives excellent performance at a great value. 4pc Travel 9ft 10-35G RRP £49.99 GP 4pc Travel 10ft 15-50G RRP £54.99 GP

£29.99 £29.99 £39.99 £39.99 £44.99 £49.99

Lure Rods

Order Hotline - 01524 422146

Hiro Narita Travel Rods A series of 5 sectioned ultra compact rods, developed for the modern city shing or traveler life style anglers, with a really short transport length they will t in most bags and suitcases and allow for easy transportation, They have ultra thin but very strong blanks which offer superb strength whilst ghting the largest of predators! - 5 Sections, Breaks down to 44cm

6ft 5" 10-30G - 6ft 5" 15-40G - 6ft 5" 20-50G RRP £69.99 GP £59.99

Kanji Lure Rods

These rods are the answer to the needs of an extreme lure angler thats targeting big, powerful predators from fresh and saltwater, they can cope with large crankbaits, top water poppers and big spoons, a very powerful rod range that are superbly,nished, they feature an EVA handle in three sections, a reinforced grap hite reel seat and an eye catchng nish very little money for a very good rod!

8ft 30-70G RRP £59.99 GP £49.99 9ft 30-70G RRP £59.99 GP £49.99 9ft 40-80G RRP £59.99 GP £49.99 10ft 70-130G RRP £64.99 GP £54.99

Never Crack Lure Rods 8ft 10-30G RRP £64.99 GP £59.99 9ft 20-40G RRP £64.99 GP £59.99 9ft 30-60G RRP £64.99 GP £59.99

Whether shing for saltwater or freshwater predators these rods will not let you down, there ultra powerful designed blanks gain there name "never crack" from several tests that were carried out on them in their development process, they were able to perform even better than expected with large catsh on fast owing rivers.

Hiro Solid Tip Lure Rods 7ft 8ft 8ft 9ft

These Superb rods are at home either saltwater shing or freshwater, the most comprehensive series of rods, whatever the spot, from the beach to the rocks or from the banks of deep lakes or rivers, the hiro series of rods cover most shing situations. These awesome looking rods feature high quality carbon blanks, fuji components and solid constructed spigots.

6" 3-15G RRP £99.99 GP £89.99 8-35G RRP £99.99 GP £89.99 6" 5-28G RRP £99.99 GP £89.99 15-45G RRP £99.99 GP £89.99

Rampage II Bass Spin The new and inproved rampage bass with a Sporting a progressive semi-fast taper action team up with a stiff butt to provide long range casting and strong performance with spinners & lures. These low mass, slim diameter rods are ideal for general spinning, plug shing and working articial sand eels for bass and pollock, and even oat shing. Are also at home when shing esturys for plaice and ounders. Fitted with Fuji rings and a aluminium reel seat and comes in a hard tube.

Regiment Spin The Penn Regiment spinning rods cover virtually all common saltwater lure shing situations. The 8’ model is ideal for light spinning and some plug shing when targeting mackerel, bass, Pollack, scad and garsh. The longer 9’ model is the best choice when shing off rock ledges into deep water, or when boat shing over shallow reefs, with heavier spinners for bigger pollack and bass. The actions are progressively fast designed to give maximum casting range with a wide variety of casting weights, but with power in the lower mid section and butt to provide leverage and power when a big hard ghting sh needs to be turned.

9ft 15-55G RRP £84.99 GP £89.99 10ft 28-85G RRP £94.99 GP £79.99

Highly rated

8ft 15-40G RRP £94.99 GP £74.99 9ft 20-50G RRP £94.99 GP £74.99 10ft 20-60G RRP £99.99 GP £79.99 27

Lure Rods

Order Hotline - 01524 422146


7ft 7-20G RRP £39.99 GP £34.99 8ft 14-42G RRP £41.99 GP £36.99 9ft 15-50G RRP £44.99 GP £39.99

This new spinning rods from Sakura are going to take the market by storm . We haven’t seen a rod of this quality at this price ever! Full IM24T Carbon Blanks ,nished in quality rust resistant SS304 Sea Guides tted with an Ergonomic EVA handle.

Saltist Jig/Spin

Using only the nest materials available, we have produced the Saltist ‘boat’ series.Our HVF – High Volume Fibre delivers lightness balance and power, enhanced further with torque busting X45 bias technology. Strength is uplifted too thanks to 3DX, the exoskeleton weave of carbon that resists compression, maintaining lifting power. Performance is optimised thanks to the perfectly located, hard EVA handle and Fuji ‘O’ guides.

5ft 6" 210-300G RRP £175 GP £157.50 8ft 6" 80-140G RRP £225 GP £179.99 6ft 3" 90-210G RRP £180 GP £159.99

Ceratex Sea Bass Travel Spin Rovex Ceratec Sea Bass rods are every Sea Bass sherman's dream. The powerful blanks have a three stage action with loads of power low down to handle big sh, a stiff mid section to give the necessary casting power and tips that are the perfect blend to be stiff enough to give superb lure control yet forgiving enough to give really good sport. The stunning pearl blanks with carbon mesh nish look absolutely stunning and are the perfect complement to Rovex Ceratec Spinning Reels. For the travelling angler, these 4 pc versions are great for stowing away in the boot of the car.

8ft 20-40G RRP £47.99 GP £35.99 9ft 25-50G RRP £49.99 GP £37.99

SALTY BEAST Nano Jig/Spin 4 piece his Salty Beast Nano Mega Jig Spin is designed to effectively work heavy jigs, pirks and shads in the Fjords when targeting Cod and Coalsh. The rod is specically designed for use with a xed spool to allow a quicker retrieve and to be more direct with the sh. The rods max weight to effectively jig with is a huge 550g covering most large shads and pirks. This rod will cope with many differing types of angling from Norway Cod to blue water species such as Tarpon and GT's.

7ft 7-20G RRP £39.99 GP £34.99 8ft 14-42G RRP £41.99 GP £36.99 9ft 15-50G RRP £44.99 GP £39.99

Mobile Stick Spin

Highly Rated 8ft 15-40G RRP £99.99 GP £89.99 8ft 20-60G RRP £99.99 GP £89.99 9ft 20-60G RRP £109.99 GP £99.99 10ft 35-80G RRP £109.99 GP £99.99 The Mobile Stick is specially designed for modern angling. This range is full of rods that break down practically into 5 sections between 0.47 and 0.67m. The range is complete with casting weights between 20 and 80gr meaning there is a rod in the range for most methods and species. Whether it be spinning for trout, for Bass or for harder ghting species abroad. there is a rod for you! The rods are also great for storing in the car, so when the opportunity arises you are always prepared!




Gerrys LED Tip Light

Tronix Headlight

Without doubt the best tip lights we have seen. There brighter than anything else, waterproof and have a long battery life. Each light comes with a holder and battery.

Tronixpro's superb new Headlight features a cracking handsfree sensor function that allows you to switch it on or off with a wave of your hand in front of the light. The Tronixpro Sensor headlight sports a powerful LED bulb throwing out 160 Lumens of light, running off 3 x AAA batteries with a comfortable adjustable headstrap.

37mm £4.49 50mm £4.99

GP £11.99


XEO19R White

The Ledlenser MH2 LED headlamp boasts a 10 hour runtime when on full power, and much longer for more ambient light. Its white or glare-free light options cater for any need and the light can not only be focussed into a spot or ood beam via the 'Advanced Focus System' optics, it can also direct to where it's needed most via the 41° tilting head. Takes 3 x AAA batteries (supplied). 100 Lumens Max.

RRP £34.99

The two lenses, each featuring the latest CREE LEDs, are housed in a water resistant (IPX6) protective casing and throw out incredible cannon beams of light which can be easily directed where required. Light options include Boost, Low Power, Power, Opti-Sense, Strobe and an Emergency (Firey) light. Opti-Sense technology cleverly measures real time ambient light around the user and automatically dims or brightens On the Emergency light setting (10 lumens) an incredible 400 hours of light. Max Lumen: 2000 Range (Max): 300m Battery Type: Lithium-ion rechargeable Waterproof: IPX6 highly water resistant

RRP £249.99

GP £31.99

Mh6 Rechargeable Headlight

Mh10 Rechargable Headlight A Small but Very power-full rechargeable light unit so compact and light you could forget that you have it on. Its features an impressive Lithium Ion 3.7V battery which keeps the light on its full beam, 600 lumen setting for up to 10 hours! The light features 2 other settings which make it ideal for baiting up etc. The headlight is also fully water resistant and comes with a 7 year warranty.

RRP £89.95

GP £86.95

HL 26R Rechargeable Headlight The HL26R rechargeable headlamp is designed for those who appreciate a lightweight, compact design. Spotlight and a oodlight are easily accessed through its dual switches, allowing optimal lighting for any situation. Easily keep your headlamp charged with its built-in rechargeable battery via the Micro-USB port and included USB charging cable. •Max 450 lumen outpu •1600mAh Li-polymer battery •Up to 6 hours of runtime

RRP £59.99

GP £49.99 HP25R Rechargeable Headlight The Fenix HP25R headlamp has a maximum output of 1000 lumens from the Cree XM-L2 U2, XP-G2 R5 and red LEDs. The headtorch comes with a 2600mAh 18650 Li-ion battery that can be charged inside the light. In addition to being rechargeable, the headlamp has a red light for night illumination and alerting, as well as boasting a neutral white oodlight and a far-reaching spotlight beam, making it ideal for sea shing and other outdoor activities. Maximum beam distance 185 meters, waterproof to IPX-6 and resistant to impacts up to 1 metre.

GP £199.99

This New rechargeable Ledlenser MH6 LED headlamp is their lightest outdoor headlamp, and gives you 200 max lumens of bright white light. The perfect headlight for the angler who doesn't need to light up the beach and also doesn't want to break the bank. Using Led Lenser's 'Advanced Focus System', the beam can be speed focussed by turning the front-ring for ood (near) illumination or spot (ood) illumination. The headlight is also fully water resistant and comes with a 7 year warranty.

RRP £54.99

GP £49.99

HL60R Rechargeable Headlight Featuring a Micro USB port for go-anywhere charging, the HL60R Headlamp delivers a maximum output of 950 lumens, beam throw of up to 116 meters and runtime of up to 100 hours from just one 18650 Li-ion battery. The HL60R all-season headlamp is designed with aluminum housing, and is complete with the ANSI IPX-8 waterproof classication. •CREE XM-L2 U2 LED •18650 Li-ion battery •5 Years free repair, • Weight: 121g (excluding battery)

RRP £89.99

GP £69.99 HP30R Rechargeable Headlight This powerful and versatile headlamp outputs up to a searing 1750 lumens and is supplied with 2 Fenix rechargeable 18650 battery, plus a micro USB charging cable and USB discharging enabling the use of any USB power outlet to charge the headlamp. The belt worn battery case reduces the weight on the user's head and will maintain optimal performance in cold conditions. This super bright light is ideal for bait diggers wanting to illuminate the beach. Max Lumen: 1750 lumen

RRP £79.99

GP £74.99

RRP £134.99

GP £129.99


Shore Rods

Order Hotline - 01524 422146

ICON M-SPORT ELITE RANGE The ultimate range for distance casting on any type of ground. With three models in the range, each of which offers its own unique benets for certain ground types. Created with a few additions and improvements on the originals, each one is set to be THE must have multiplier model. Having key improvements such as Fuji components, a glass tip, and compatibility for a reducer as well as an improved carbon composite

Ultra 13ft 10 - 3.5 - 6oz Power 13ft 10 - 4 - 7oz Match 13ft 10 - 4 - 8oz


For 2


High modulus carbon blank with superb actions and recovery Glass tip for improved sensitivity High performance Fuji K guides – rung for multiplier reels Full Japanese shrink wrap handle Parallel butt section RRP £209.99 High strain rate for a faster and more responsive action GP £189.99 Reinforced lower butt section for use with a reducer Supplied with coasters and a sliding reel seat Available in Multi or Fixed Spool

A range of shore rods designed to deliver maximum performance for the price. The stunning cosmetics are matched with smooth, powerful casting actions that enable longer casts with less effort. The build, nish and ttings are of the highest quality with a look and feel of rods costing many times the price. A xed screw reel seat with smooth shrink wrap handles provides a comfortable and positive grip. Rings are durable Hardloys, with black whippings tipped with metallic blue to match the blue/silver logo area on the butt. A white visible tip allows easy bite detection.

13ft 4-6oz rrp £84.99 - GP £74.95 14ft 5-7oz RRP £94.99- GP £84.95

GR75S Rods Greys GR75S 12ft 9" Beach 4-6oz (2 Piece) RRP £169.99

GP £154.99

This model is an ideal clean to mixed ground beach rod and is suitable for pendulum casting with smaller leads. It offers a quick recovery making casting effortless and a nice tip to see bites from smaller species.

Greys GR75S 13ft 3" Rock 5-7oz (2 Piece)

RRP £189.99 GP £164.99

This is the heaviest model in the range and was originally based on the ever popular Greys Apollo shore rods but due to the Toreon technology its makes the rod lighter, more powerful and gives it a quicker recovery to produce better distances than its predecessors. You won't beleive the power to weight ratio of this rod.

Greys GR75S 15ft 4" Euro 4-6oz (3 Piece) RRP £169.99 GP £164.99


To us, this performs like a popular continental style rod which allows you to effortlessly throw baits 150 yards+ with an overhead thump yet it has the build quality you expect Greys. Good wall thickness, good spigots and a lovely understated UK nish. Oh and another big plus point is that it comes with an adjustable reel seat so you can put it exactly where you like regardless of it being a multi of xed spool.

Shore Rods


II New Rampage Surf Beach rod perfect for almost all aspects of beach angling around the UK shores Each model features a 3piece 24-ton carbon blank. With unique hybrid ringing suitable for either xed spool or multiplier use with Fuji rings throughout the length, an aluminium reel seat and a shrink tube fore grip and classy deep red nished blank. With a fast, progressive action that is designed to get the very best from a simple overhead thump. Complete with great bite registration when shing for anything from Dabs and Whiting right through to the biggest Bass and winter Cod, Features: 3pc equal section, Casting weight 4-6oz, HR 24T carbon blank, Hybrid Blank (multi/xed spool), Fuji Guides, Supplied in a hard cordura tube, Shrink tube fore grip, EVA grip, Rubber push butt cap.

Add a Pe nn Surfblaster II Models For An Extra 11ft 6" Bass. 3 Piece, 2-4oz. RRP £114.99 GP £94.99 £80.00 & 13ft Surf. . 3 Piece, 2-4oz. RRP £124.99 GP £104.99 15ft 9" Bass. 3 Piece, 2-4oz. RRP £149.99 GP £109.99 Get Free Mono

Continental’s Shakespeare at last enter this growing market of european style rods designed to give easy ultra long casting performance when shed with x spool reels. Make this experience even better by using braid and see your bite registration and casting improve. This style of angling has brought a new experience to anglers wanting to cast a long way and see every knock and tap whilst shing, it's just brilliant, give it a go!. 3 piece rods featuring low rider guides and a quality xed spool reel seat.

14ft 4-8oz RRP £89.99 15ft 4-8oz RRP £89.99

GP £76.50 GP £76.50

MX Surf 13ft 6" 5-6oz A powerful fast taper blank capable of shing big baits at long range over clean and mixed ground. Its fast taper action gives excellent bite detection at long range. Used for general beach shing, bigger sh such as Cod, Bass, Rays and Bull Huss. Fitted with quality Seaguides and an adjustable reel seat.

RRP £89.99

GP £76.50

Rough Ground Surf 13ft 6" 5-7oz A more powerful blank rated to cast up to 7oz with a very powerful fast taper action designed to sh in to heavy, rough ground for big Cod Conger & Huss. Also for shing into rough sea for winter cod and when targeting shore Tope in fast tides.

RRP £89.99

GP £76.50

Bass 11ft 6" 2-4oz A fast taper, lightweight blank made from high grade carbon and designed to be held for long periods when feeling for bass bites. Its power ow offers a fast interpretationof a developing bite allowing the angler to react and strike quicker to achieve a higher hook up ratio. 3 piece and tted with quality Seaguides and a xed reel seat.

RRP £69.99

GP £59.99

EXP Agility II Travel Rods These travel rods will prove to be very popular for the modern sea sherman. The strength of these multi piece rods is exceptional and the action has not been adversely effected by the addition of the extra spigots. The reduced transport length of the rods will help the travelling angler but also allow them to be safely hidden in the boot of the car. 5 pieces.

Bass 11ft 2-4oz RRP £89.99 GP £69.99 Beach 11ft 6" 4-8oz RRP £99.99 GP £79.99 31

Surf Rods

Order Hotline - 01524 422146

Oxygen Commodoro 14ft (3-7oz)

RRP £69.99

GP £61.99

The Oxygen Commodoro delivers a great vlaue beach rod with a performance level well above its price. The 14ft 3pc full carbon blank features a crisp, powerful action casting 100-200g with a solid hybrid spliced tip for superb bite detection. 3piece, 100-200g, low rider guides, xed reel seat.

Oxygen Airborne 14ft (3-7oz)

RRP £89.99

GP £79.99

A hybrid tip section gives this rod excellent bite registration and casting ability, with a simple overhead cast 150gm lead and bait this rod loads up a dream. Featuring a DPS xed reel seat and low rider rings with inverted stripper guide nished off in a deep red that gives this rod a look of a rod twice three times the price and the performance deantly matches up with to the looks. Perfect for any light clean beach shing for any species form the smallest of Flats to the biggest of Smooth Hounds. Features - Length 4.20 Mt (14ft Approx), Casts 100-200gm (4-8oz ), Solid Hybrid Grafted Tip Section, 3 Sections, Low Rider Guides, DPS Reel Seat, Ergonomic grip, Weight 536 gm.

Oxygen Cobra KW 14ft (3-7oz)

15ft RRP £129.99 GP £109.99 16ft RRP £139.99 GP


The Cobra surf rods are designed as a continental style rod for heavier tides and swells when larger leads are needed hold in the tide. The rods are rated to a huge 300g however we recommend no more than 7oz of leads with a good over the head cast. It would also make an ideal big sh rod for Rays and Smoothounds. These some of the most powerful continental style rods available under £200 and offer superb value for distance. The 16ft version in the right hands can achieve some unbelievable distances. Features - Casts 100 - 300gm (3 to 8oz), Optimum casting 155gm + bait, 3 Sections, Hollow Power Tip, Semi Parabolic action, SiC KW guides, Good bite detection Suited for clean and mixed ground shing

Enygma Unabomber (3-8oz)

14ft RRP £144.99 GP £124.99 15ft RRP £1454.99

GP £139.99

Casting this rod is incredibly effortless; a simple overhead cast is all you need to achieve excellent distances. The Unabomber is stiffer and more powerful than some of the other rods in the Vercelli range making it ideal for casting bigger baits and handling unforgiving tidal rips. The strong backbone in the Unabomber makes it ideal for rays and rough to mixed ground. The Unabomber is tted with the renowned Vercelli power tip giving it a more powerful action which is sometime required.

Enygma Besta-T (3-9oz)

RRP £219.99

GP £194.99

A new design concept for Vercelli has allowed them to develop a rod which looks like any other Vercelli but has extra grunt for bigger leads and tides which is ideal for most of the UK coast line. The rod has a huge rating of 4-9oz but will work best with 5 and 6 oz leads and will perform brilliantly in stronger tides for Rays and Hounds. Made from Hi modulous carbon which has re-inforced ferrels and a tubular power tip. Fitted with good quality rings and reel seats from Fuji. and comes with a quality bag. 14ft, 3 piece.

Enygma Veyron (3-8oz)

RRP £169.99

GP £139.99

What a rod ! the Veyron offers the Angler / Match sherman such alot of rod for the money . This continental style rod with a match style twist offers the combination of long casting and bite detection that is a must. A 3 piece carbon blank has a spliced solid carbon Competition Hybrid Tip which gives improved casting performance whilst still showing  the tiniest of bites.We tested this rod extensively and found our best distances with 5oz leads and it felt comfortable up to 7ounces. Length 14ft, Rated 100-200g, 3 piece blank, Fuji low rider guides, Butt grip to aid casting. Quality xed reel seat.

Spyra Prisma (3-7oz)

RRP £399.99

GP £349.99

At just 427g this is one of the lightest continental rods on the market that can cope with our UK coastline. The hi modulus carbon blank features a very quick recovery tip which improves timing and distance. It is backed up by quite a forgiving mid and butt section allowing the rod to be easily compressed to achieve huge distances with minimal effort. It works well over clean ground and offer superb bite registration. We got our best distance all over 190 yards with 4oz. Features - Length 4.2M (14ft), Rated 100-200g (We recommend 3-6oz), 3 piece, Fuji Low rider guides, Fixed reel seat, Shrink hand grip on the butt, Quality padded bag.

Cobra GT Surf

14ft (4.2M) 100-200G RRP £359.99 15ft (4.5M) 100-200G RRP £379.99

GP £299.99 GP £309.99

A continental style’ beach rod that has been designed from the ground up by TronixPro consultant Callum Graham. The rod is designed to be used on brittish beaches. Offering unrivaled casting power and tantastic bite indication the cobra Gt’s are built to the highest spec using the best components and raw material’s available. Finished in Fuji K guides, a quality xed reel seat and an extruded shrink tube grip on the butt. 3 piece, rated 4-7oz.


Surf Rods

Order Hotline - 01524 422146 Wave Fighter

S2 Competition

14ft RRP £365.99 15ft RRP £379.99

GP £329.99 GP £339.99

From years of development Sunset have produced a well balanced, responsive and capable of not only casting a long way but registering the smallest of bites at range. These aren’t just a match shing rod they will put up with your every day run of the mill beach shing with ease, throwing a pennel rig loaded with squid, black lug and 150gm lead equally a far as they would a 3 hook scratching rig. Features - Casts 4-8oz, 3pc equal sections, Hi Modulus carbon "Technibre" reinforced shaft, 3 x 30 gm Balanced butt cap, Ergogrip" ergonomic handle, Fuji SIC Low rider guides, Fuji DPS reel seat.

Wave Master

S2 Competition

14ft RRP £379.99 15ft RRP £399.99

GP £329.99 GP £339.99

These rods developed in collaboration with Team France SUNSET, using the very best carbons and ttings available also taking into account the specic demands of competition anglers. A lot of research in distance casting, how the rod behaves at sea, bite detection and preservation of the bait were all key to the development of the rod. This is the nished article and what a rod they have produced .Well balanced, responsive and capable of not only casting a long way but registering the smallest of bites at range. These aren’t just a match shing rod they will put up with your every day run of the mill beach shing with ease, throwing a pennel rig loaded with squid, black lug and 150gm lead equally a far as they would a 3 hook scratching rig. This is the more powerful of the New sunset rods with an impressive casting weight of upto 9oz Features - Casting weight 4-9oz, 3 Equal sections, Hi Modulus Carbon "Technibre" reinforced shaft, 3 x 30gm Balanced butt cap, "Ergogrip" ergonomic handle, Fuji SIC Low rider guides, Fuji DPS reel seat

Olympia Competition

14ft Power Tip GP 15ft Hybrid Tip GP

£289.99 £299.99

The Olympia is a such a lovely rod to use. Both models are very light to pick up and are extremely well balanced. The are made with hi modular technibre carbons which produces a very quick and responsive action and results in huge distances with very limited effort. The power model has a stiffer tip designed for user with larger leads and to sit better in stronger tides. The hybrid tip offers plenty of power yet has a softer tip to offer fantastic bite registration. Fitted with Fuji guides, xed reel seat and a butt grip to aid performance.

Commando Power

13ft 2"

Free Sunset Tripod Worth £69.99

GP £169.99

It's slim and 3 piece like a conti rod however it has power like a mixed ground beach rod and a stiff tip. So how does it bend? Well that's where it gets exciting. Somehow Sunset have created a powerful 3 piece shore rod which the average bloke to compress reasonably easily. We have tested it with a variety of leads from 4oz up to a 300g pirk. This is ideal for targeting large species at home and abroad. Length 13ft 2", Casts 400-800g, 3pc, large heavy tudy guides, xed reel seat.

Shekila Surf

14ft Power Tip GP 15ft Hybrid Tip GP

The Shekila rod so good for a rod under £100. It’s balanced, has good bite registration and has more grunt through the mid and butt sections than any other continental rod we have tested at this price point. These rods can be comfortably used in reasonable size tides and can cast 6oz leads a good distance. Both models are 3 piece and feature Sic braid friendly guides, a xed reel seat and a butt grip to aid casting.

Aryana Surf

Seduction Surf

Free Sunset Rigid Holdall Worth £30

14ft Power Tip GP 15ft Hybrid Tip GP

The Aryana series are designed as a clean ground continental style rod capable of dealing with larger UK species through the summer such as smoothhounds but also offering good bite registration for shing for Plaice and Flounder. The rods are reasonably light to hold and work best with 4 and 5oz leads. The rod is 3 pieces and features SiC guides and a xed reel seat.

£79.99 £89.99

£54.99 £59.99

Free Sunset Holdall Worth £25

GP £39.99 GP £44.99 RRP £369.99 GP £299.99 14ft 15ft

A great entry level continental style rod, perfect for the angler who has thought about trying the longer continental style shing but has not wanted to pay-out lots of money just incase they don’t like it. The rod is not overly heavy or unbalanced .It has a nice progressive action helping you cast further easier with less effort. Features - 3 Section, Casts 3-7 oz, Technibre, Graphite Handle, Tubular reel seat, Low Rider Sic Guides


Zziplex Rods

Sk3 XTR Shore 4000 RRP £109.99 Sk4 260Mx0.22mm XTR Shore 5000 210Mx0.24mm RRP £109.99 6000 420Mx0.22mm RRP £109.99


GP £89.99 GP £89.99 GP £89.99


Zziplex Evolution GT 13ft 4"

Zziplex Evolution CT 13ft 4" The Evolution CT is one of the latest range of rods from Zziplex. It is designed as a clean to mixed ground rod with a fast carbon tip which makes it ideal for distance shing or targeting Hounds and Rays during the summer months. It will also double up as a good clean ground winter Cod rod. It has been made equal section and will cast 125-175g leads. Features Length 13ft 4" Casts 4-6oz 2 Piece Equal section

Blank Only £399.99 Built in Fuji BMNAG guides £479.99

The Evolution GT is one of the latest range of rods from Zziplex. It is designed as a clean to mixed ground rod with a sensitive glass tip which is ideal for seeing the smallest bites at close range or distance. Ideal rod to target Bass, Flatties, Bream etc. It does have enough power to cope with larger species if needed. It has been made equal section and will cast 125-175g leads. Features Length 13ft 4" Casts 4-6oz 2 Piece

Blank Only £399.99 Built in Fuji BMNAG guides £479.99

Sea Raider III GT Uptide

The latest model of Zziplex famous uptiders has been turning heads. The new version features a glass tip. This has been added for two reasons. The rst is to improve bite registration and the second is to improve the rods usability when using braid as a mainline. In our eyes the new Zziplex Sea Raider III GT is the best uptider on the market. It's just a joy to use. • Low Diameter 16mm Butt • 10ft Approximate Length • Suitable For All Uptiding Work • Rated 4-8oz

Blank Only £199.99 Built in Fuji BMNAG guides £279.99


Features Length 14ft 6" 2 Piece Unground nish Casts 4-8oz Slightly longer tip

The latest rod to be released in 2016 and what a brute it is. This has been designed as a heavy duty rough ground rod to be used with xed spools and braid. It is tted is a slightly softer tip which aids the ght when using braid. It also improves bite registration. Under test this rod has performed very well using both multi's and xed spools.

Blank Only £519.99 Built in Fuji BMNAG guides £599.99

Full Tournament The Full Tournament is great rough ground rod with most of the power in the butt and mid section but still retains great bite indication. A rod at home when shing for big cod, Skate and many other big species from the shore. Spec - Length 13ft 3", Weight 4-8oz, 7ft 6" Tip, Suitable for all casting styles.


Blank Only £519.99 Built in Fuji BMNAG guides £599.99

Zziplex Rods Proles

www.gerrys All Built rods come in Fuji BMNAG guides and come with Breakaway Coasters, Fuji butt cap and a cloth bag. Custom builds available in various guides, colours, reel seats and shrink tubes.

The Prole range offers you that lightweight, slim rod which you dream of. Designed for clean ground work and can easily be held while stood in the surf. There are 4 rods in this range and all are equal section and have a Butt diameter of only 22mm. Prole GT (3-6oz) This is basically tted with a glass tip for bites. Very popular with matchmen. Blank Only £369.99 Built in Fuji BMNAG guides £449.99 Prole Evo (3-7oz) This is a beefed up version and 20% stiffer while still retaining the slim diameter. Blank Only £369.99 Built in Fuji BMNAG guides £449.99

Bullet’s Zziplex have revamped the classic bullet but it still retains its characteristics of a traditional style all round shing rod with its stiff butt and progressive glass integrated tip section to allow a long range casting rod with a shing sensitive tip.

Bullet GT

(4-8oz) The original. A traditional action, steely but with a softer tip section. Blank Only £399.99 Built in Fuji BMNAG guides £479.99 Bullet Hi-ex GT (4-8oz) The same strength and the original but with a much slower and easier action. Blank Only £409.99 Built in Fuji BMNAG guides £489.99

Primo’s Possibly the most famous of all Zziplex rods are the primo’s. Each incarnation gives you a traditional slow action rod which is simply an easy to use shing rod. The Primo’s are renowned as been true ‘all rounders’ and have a massive following. Primo Synchro (4-7oz) A traditional shermans dream rod. Easy to use and you can use it anywhere Blank Only £369.99 Built in Fuji BMNAG guides £449.99 Primo Hi-ex (4-8oz) A slower action than the Synchro and it develops a lot of power. Blank Only £389.99 Built in Fuji BMNAG guides £469.99

M4's Without doubt the most popular Zziplex range. These fast action rods designed for the modern angler and will cover most shing situations around the UK. Still holding a slim blank diameter of only 24mm these rods pack a punch. The range includes rods to cover clean ground to kelp marks. Always worth a consideration when picking your new rod. M4 GT (4-7oz) An All rounder with a fast action, stiff butt with a glass tip. Blank Only £429.99 Built in Fuji BMNAG guides £509.99 M4 Hi-ex M (4-7oz) A lovely shing tool with a great tip. Blank Only £419.99 Built in Fuji BMNAG guides £499.99 M4 Evo (4-8oz) A fast action mixed to rough ground rod. Ideal for big sh and strong tides. Blank Only £419.99 Built in Fuji BMNAG guides £499.99

LT14's If your after a rod with ‘back bone’ but still has a good tip, this range is probably for you. These are really good ‘Winter Cod Rods’ and are perfect for big hitting pendulum casters. Lt14 (4-8oz) The Original of the range and probably the most user friendly. This will give you the edge in winter storms Blank Only £429.99 Built in Fuji BMNAG guides £509.99 LT14 Evo (4-8oz) The opposite to the Hi-ex. Complete with a very fast recovery and suited to people with a speedy cast Blank Only £429.99 Built in Fuji BMNAG guides £509.99 LT Bullet (5-8oz) A true monster but perfect for rock and kelp marks. This has the potential to achieve huge distance Blank Only £429.99 Built in Fuji BMNAG guides £509.99


Gerrys Rods Rod Building Zziplex TF 50/50

Order Hotline - 01524 422146

Our most sold Zziplex beach rod. This equal section rod is a cracker and ideal for use over clean ground and strong tides. We sell a lot of these rods locally for shing the Blackpool and the Bay area.

Blank Only

£349.99 Fully Built


HSM The HSM is another popular ‘all rounder’ and stands for High Speed Match. If your after an distance rod which doesn’t feel like a broom pole and still retains good bite registration this is probably the rod for you.

Blank Only

Fully Built



Bass Without a doubt the best Bass rods on the market and made by the long tip sections. They offer response you just don't get in any other rods. No more needs to be said. Light Bass (1-3oz) Quite a specialist rod for light leads and brilliant with soft baits such as peeler crab and live Sandeel. Blank Only £229.99 Built in Fuji BMNAG guides £309.99 Powertex Bass (3-5oz) Does everything you want and more. A true jem of a rod. Blank Only £269.99 Built in Fuji BMNAG guides £349.99

M427's The M427 range gets a lot of praise on two different fronts. The rst is for rock shing. The rods are stiff enough to deal with pretty much any ground yet are soft/slow enoughto cast and use. The other is on the tournament eld. These rods have been used to set records and win tournaments over the last 2 years. M427 (4-8oz) The original. Built for the eld and suitable for most. Steely rock rod. Blank Only £429.99 Built in Fuji BMNAG guides £499.99 M427 Hi-Flex (4-8oz) Just as powerful as the original but with a slow easy to use action. Blank Only £429.99 Built in Fuji BMNAG guides £499.99 M427 SU (4-9oz) The same tip as the original but with a stepped up butt section. A very powerful rod. Blank Only £419.99 Built in Fuji BMNAG guides £499.99

Zeteque’s One of the most powerful series of rods that Zziplex make but more useable than you may think. Don't get me wrong, these are out and out Rock or eld rods but can be used to devastating effect in the right hands. Zeteque TXL (5-9oz) The stiffest rod. This is a real bruiser, if you can handle it, your lead will go miles! Blank Only £429.99 Built in Fuji BMNAG guides £509.99 Zeteque TXL GT (5-9oz) The same stiffness but with a glass tip. This is one of the best rock rods we sell. Blank Only £429.99 Built in Fuji BMNAG guides £509.99


The TRC has been a project for Lee at Zziplex for the past 2 years. Finally in early 2015 he perfected it. By doing so, he has created possibly the best tournament casting rod. It has already acheived 316 yards in the hands of Steve Lewis. The rod has been named after the legend himself, Mr Zziplex or Terry Raymond Carroll (TRC) in his honour. The blank features a parabolic action with an incredibly stiff tip. Please note, this is the stiffest rod in the Zziplex range and has been designed for tournament casting rather than shing. It can however be useful when shing in very rough ground marks and for large species such as Sharks & Blank Only Skate. Fully Built Length 14ft 6" £509.99



Zziplex Rods Order Hotline - 01524 422146 New Trinity Range from Zziplex has been created to take on the inux of Trinity GT The continental rods being imported into the UK with two rods in the range a at 14ft 4 CT (Carbon tip) and a GT (Glass Tip) There is a rod to suit most uk shore shing. This GT model has been created using high modulus carbons to create an easy casting rod with a quick recovery which produces unbelievable distance with a simple 'over the head cast'. This has been combined with a glass tip to offer sublime bite registration.

Blank Only £439.99 Built in Fuji BMNAGS Guides


Trinity CT This model is designed for shing over clean ground but is suitable to be used all year and will stand up well in stronger tides and swells due to the carbon tip.It has produced its best distances using 5 ounce of lead.

Blank Only £439.99 Built in Fuji BMNAGS Guides £529.99

Bass CT

We've been waiting for this rod for sometime. A 2 piece, equal section, super slim Bass rod. The blanks are very well balanced and easy to hold all day or whilst wading. Both models are 11ft 8" in length. Blank Only £259.99 Built in Fuji BMNAGS £339.99 This is the CT model slightly stiffer tip than the GT version, still with great bite registration ,better for stronger tides. This will become one of the most sold rods of all time we are sure. Will cast 2.5-5oz

Bass CT

Bass GT This is the GT model (Glass Tip) the soft tip gives beautiful bite registration and allows soft bait to be thrown a little harder without coming off. This will become one of the most sold rods of all time we are sure. Will cast 2-4oz

Blank Only £269.99 Built in Fuji BMNAGS



This quality rod is made specically for medium to rough ground shing, and will outcast most other makes in this price bracket. It has a super slim 25mm butt and is balanced and easy to hold. Whilst still maintaining lots of power in the mid and butt sections for bullying sh in rough ground the tip remains sensitive with a quick recovery. Blank Only £449.99 Built in Fuji BMNAGS Guides £529.99


Century Rods

Order Hotline - 01524 422146

GP £433.00

RRP £495.00 RRP £460.00

GP £399.99

RRP £452.00

RRP £540.00 RRP £549.00

GP £395.50

GP £472.50 GP £480.00

GP £472.50

RRP £540.00

RRP £540.00

Length 14ft 10"


Casting Ratio 4-8oz

GP £472.50

RRP £650.00

GP £569.00

Century Rods


T700 This is a new design of rod from Century taking in aspects of traditional UK style beach rods and mixing them up with attributes of continental styles rods producing a rod which is new, different and quite simply stunning.The growth of continental rods in the UK has mainly down to the distance the 'average bloke' can achieve with a simple overhead thump but as with everything there is a down side. Continental rods generally don't sit well in swells and are unsuitable to use over mixed and rougher ground.Century's design team decided to see if they could produce something which contains the best of both styles of rod, so the Eliminator T700 was born.The Eliminator T700 can cast huge distances with just a simple overhead cast, but will work equally as well with a pendulum cast. With a casting rating of 3-6oz leads, this rod still has an incredible balanced and is unerringly light for such a long rod. So how have Century created this rod? Well it's down to Century's ingenious experts and partly down to the use of a new material in sea rod construction - Graphene. It's lighter and stronger than just about any material known to man and when cleverly combined with types of carbon it can produce some quite amazing rods. T800 - he rst thing you’ll notice is that the Eliminator T800 is extremely low diameter, yet very powerful. Optimum casting weight is 5oz; it is 13ft 6” long in two equal sections. It produces a uid, through casting action, that hits big distances either using a pendulum or an off the ground cast. This rod achieved  in excess of 250 yards during testing. Also suited to a overhead thump, where the tip recovers very quickly. Used in Norway’s fjords, landing cod up to 25lb from the shore. They took everything that was thrown at them, they are ideal for clean to mixed ground shore shing, where distance matters, and they are a real pleasure to use. T900 - Rated at 6oz, and is 14ft 4” in length, also in two equal sections, These rods are beasts designed for mixed to rough ground, where weed and rocky snags are a factor. In testing they have fought and tamed halibut, big cod and double gure rays. In the right hands, this rod will put a big bait, a long way The greatest advancement is in the bite detection, it’s hard to believe a rod this powerful can pick up even the slightest of bites at range, but they record every touch. This new addition to the “T”series range are without a doubt, one of the nest sea rods that Century has ever made.

T800 Length 13ft 6" Casting Ratio 3-7oz RRP £555.00

Gerry’s Price £499.99 Gerry’s Price £485.00

T900 Length 14ft 4" Casting Ratio 4-7oz RRP £595.00

Gerry’s Price £520.00

T700 Length 15ft

Casting Ratio 3-7oz RRP £570.00

T1000 RRP £624.99 GP £546.95 T1200 (10% Stiffer) RRP £649.99 GP


RRP £300.00

GP £262.50

RRP £460.00

GP £399.99

RRP £457.50

GP £399.99

RRP £450.00

GP £393.50

RRP £440.00

GP £385.00

RRP £389.00

GP £347.00

RRP £345.00

GP £299.99

RRP £377.50 RRP £389.00

GP £330.00 GP £340.00


Shore Rods


Tournament Match Pro

RRP £449.99 GP £379.99 The new Tornament match MK2 is something we have been looking forward to for quite some time. Julian has taken one of the nest all round rods available on the market (tournament match mk1) and made it better. The rod has a slightly beefed up butt section and a more responsive tip. It is also slightly lighter than the mk1. Features - Length 13ft 6", Casts 4-7oz, 2 piece, Fuji Alconite guides, Fuji sling reel

Tournament Match Grand Prix RRP £419.99

GP £334.99 This is the latest rod from Anysh. and it based upon the poplar Tournament Rock. Julian has taken the original rock, stiffened up the butt section by around 10% and increased the sensivity in the tip without making it to soft. It is ideal for rocky broken ground and heavy kelp beds. We feel this rod is one of the best rock rods on the market. Features - Length 13ft 10", Casts 4-8oz, Fuji Alconites, Fuji slinding reel seat, 2 piece.

Tournament Match Pro RRP £475

GP £449.99

In Julian's words, the Tournament Match Pro is the most versatile, all round rod they have ever produced. It's based on the very popular standard match pro but has been beefed up in the mid section and tip as well as having a quicker recovery than the standard model. This rod is ideal for shing in bigger tides, over mixed ground and when targeting larger specimens such as Rays and Smoothound. 2 piece, Adjustable reel seat, Rated 4-7oz (125g-200g), Fuji BMNAG guides, Cloth Bag


4 & Bait MK2 and Anysh Anywhere 6 & Bait MK2 ol in Multi or Fixed Spo

6 & Bait Mk2 description. The original Six&Bait has justifyable earned a good reputation amougnst those looking for an easy to use rod which will cope with winter cod shing and summer smoothhounds. The MkII is built to the same user friendly brief but with a slimmer and lighter blank. The 2 equal section blank design has also been tweaked and now has a parabolic powered butt which blends into a powerful mid section. This allows the angler to load the rod slower and easier which results in improved casting power and feel when playing a sh. The tip is stiff enough to withstand the strong tides which this rod may well be faced with but with the correct level of sensitivity to give good bite indication. They are tted with Fuji rings throughout adjustable

4 & Bait 13ft RRP £189.99 4 & Bait 14ft RRP £199.99 6 & Bait 13ft RRP £219.99 6 & Bait 14ft RRP £229.99


£159.99 £164.99 £184.99 £189.99

4 & Bait Mk2 Description The Four&Bait makes a great `fun` rod for those occasions when you can get away with lighter leads and tackle so as to maximise your shing enjoyment. The through action tip really whips away a 4oz lead but still cushions soft baits and also gives fantastic bote indication. the structured mid and butt sections help with the progressive power. These make lovely rods for estuary work open beach bass shing and clean ground codling and hounds. 2-5oz.

GB FS Pro 14ft 2"

RRP £449.99

GP £389.99 The 14' 2 equal section blank is designed for getting maximum distances with a xed spool reel but with the emphasis on a more traditional UK action rather than the softer continental style used in many 3 piece rods, its suited to a multitude of shing situations such as clean beach shing to more demanding beach such as kelp/weed beaches. The GB FS Pro also has the power to This rod is not just about casting lighter leads and bottom shing. This rod will also oat sh, even cast lures or plugs, in fact versatility is what this rod is all about. But before you ask, NO, it’s not just a carp rod in disguise! This is the rod that sea anglers should be using anytime they think of using a carp rod

Estuary MK2 Rods


11ft 1-3oz RRP £189.99 12ft 1-3oz RRP £189.99

GP £179.99 GP £189.99

Casting Multipliers Penn Mag 3


It's nally here. The brand new mk3 Penn mag is here and looking lovely with its new grey and red colour scheme. But who cares what it look like? It's what's under the hood that counts. This model casts better with light lines between 10 and 15lb but is strong enough to deal with Smoothound and Ray. - The reel still features the same quick 6:1 retreive. - Upgraded graphite frame and Aluminium reinforced graphite side plates to improve stability during casting. - It has had an upgraded main stainless pinion gear to improve durability. - Forged and machined aluminium spool sits on a `live` spindle which allows it to `free oat` for reduced drag and increased performance. - The spool is controlled by the patented adjustable magnetic brake which is adjusted by a dial on the left hand sideplate. - The drag has been upgraded to a the full HT-100 drag system offering improved strength - Shielded stainless steel ball bearings and anti reverse help ensure that everything runs smoothly.

515 - 300M of 12lb RRP £179.99 GP £129.99

525 - 256M of 15lb RRP £169.99 GP £129.99

Life Time Warranty

SG Star Mag

The SM (Star Mag) star drag shing reel is designed for long distance casters. Featuring a free oating spool, counter balanced handle, mechanical spool tensioner, adjustable magnetic cast control knob and enormous 6:1 gear ratio this reel gives you complete control over the speed of the spool and allows you to make long, accurate casts, while still providing incredible stopping power. This reel simply oozes power and quality and is ideal for mixed to heavy shore shing. It has also performed well tackling larger species such as Skate and Tope from the shore. •Star drag •Weight: 16.8 OZ •Gear Ratio: 6:1 •38” Per Crank •Max Drag: 24# •Capacity: Mono 20# 275 YDS •Capacity: Braid 50# 450 YDS •Ceramic Ball Bearings ABEC-7 •4 Carbon Drag Washers

RRP £449.99

GP £379.99

Abu 6500CT Hi Speed Mag The 6500CT High speed mag is probably the most complete all round multiplier Abu have produced. It is smooth enough to be used on clean beach where distance is key and is just at home shing rough ground marks due to its 6.1:1 ratio and strong gearing. A favourite among many top UK winter anglers. Features - Durabrass Gears - Carbon Matrix Drag - Corrotech Instant Anti Reverse - Twisted handle knobs - 6.3:1 reprieve - Capacity -300yards of quality 15lb mono

RRP £199.99 GP £149.99

Fathom Designed with a full diecast metal reel frame and side-plates to minimise any chance of gear torsion under pressure, machine cut, marine grade, bronze main gear meshing with a super tough stainless steel pinion gear, 5 + 1 shielded stainless steel ballbearings for smoothness of operation, and a VersaDrag syste mutilizing HT-100 drag washers for a totally smooth drag. The reel also feature a live spindle giving a fully free oating spool, plus an internally adjustable centrifugal brake for exceptional casting performance.

12 Non Level Wind 230ydsx15lb RRP £149.99 15 Non Level Wind 280ydsx15lb RRP £188.99

£119.99 £149.99

Tronix Pro Envoy Mag - £50.00 Envoy Tourament Mag’s - Available in t r Righ £89.99 Left o d This series of reel from Tronixpro is tted with a precision adjustable magnetic brake system to give you full control of the cast when utilising modern power casting techniques. Fitted with the new Tronixpro Power as standard for comfort and hi-speed retrieves. Features - Cap 250mt/0.35mm, Ratio 5.3:1, Brass main gear, Tournament style



A 6500 sized multilayer reel designed for beach shing, tted with centrifugal and mag brakes to give you ultimate control when using power casting styles. Equipped with 8kg of drag power this reel has plenty of power for all shore shing applications combined with the 5.3:1 retrieve will give you plenty of winching power and speed. Fitted with the Tronixpro power handle for comfort. Capacity 300yds of 15lb.

Saltist BG Reels When your shing for large Species from the boat or shore, you need a reel you can be sure it will not let you down. These Black/Golds are designed and built to give you the ultimate in performance time after time in the most extreme of battles and are built the original legendary Saltist frame and structure but with a few useful extras. Delivering increased durability the 'BG' features an all new anodized nish to improve corrosion resistance from the harsh saltwater environment. The presence of centrifugal brakes makes this reel ideal Shark shing from the shore.  The ultra smooth drag from the UTD - Ultimate Tournament Drag system will add to the enjoyment of every catch and could be the difference in landing the sh of a lifetime.

20H 30H 35H 40H 50H

190M 280M 370M 320M 370M

x x x x x

20lb 20lb 25lb 30lb 25lb


£250.00 £255.00 £255.00 £265.00 £270.00

£169.99 £169.99 £179.99 £189.99 £189.99 41

Casting Multipliers

Daiwa 7HT Mag ST

7ht Mag Regarded by many as the easiest, quality beach multiplier on the market. The 7HT mag can be used by anglers of any ability due to several of it's impressive features including it's unique 'magnafuge' breaking system. Straight from the box again the latest 7HT is `cast ready` and thanks to the wide range of magnetic settings available through easy grip CNC machined dial you can tailor the range to suit any condition. Gear Ratio 5.8:1 Six Ball Bearings Improved Handle Capacity 250m - 20lb Mono Magnetic Control System

Order Hotline - 01524 422146

RRP £310.00 GP £259.99


Everything has been tapered up making it run better than any other reel out there. Super fast if needed and can be optimised for anyone. Without doubt the best multiplier on the market. - intelligent magnofuge magnetic braking system - Innite anti-reverse - Rigid one piece dure-aluminium frame - Five point support system and low frame crossbars - High grade Brass drive - Stainless Steel pinion - Smooth and ultra powerful drag - Capacity 300M of 15lb

RRP £485.00 GP £399.99 Akios

S-Line CSM Level Wind (Mag Brakes)

The Slosh’s have such a cult following among sea anglers as a no-nonsense top draw performers boasting powerful high-speed gearing they are excellent for all shore work especially where the ground is rough and kelp beds prevail.

The Gearing is manufactured from machined brass giving the reels ultra strong reliability where needed .Metal construction of the mag adjustment knob is far superior to what else is on the market and is easy to use! 5.3:1 ratio. Free Neoprene reel case worth £9.99

Great for both shore and boat anglers

Sealine Sl20sh

Sealine Sl30sh

6.6.1 Ratio 310y x15lb RRP £160.00 GP £74.99

6.6.1 Ratio 300m x 20lb RRP £145.00 GP £74.99

656 CSM 300ydsx15lb Right Hand RRP £138.99 651 CSM 300ydsx15lb Left Hand RRP £143.99

£119.99 £129.99

Shuttle’s Its blend of top quality materials and precision engineering results in a reel which performs on both grass and beach. It is a stunning looking reel with the most noticeable feature being the super strong one piece extruded open CT frame. From this rock solid base Akios have added a lightweight spool which sits via two inboard stainless ball bearings on a new larger spindle. The larger spindle combined with quality brass anti-corrosion chromed side plates helps to prevent spool distortion during the build up to a powerful cast. The spool is controlled by both centrifugal and magnetic braking. -

Aluminium Anodised Double Sports Handle Mag and centrifugal braking systems Larger body screws for easier access Brass anti-corrosion chromed side plates Carbon multi disc drag Machined brass gears Corrosion resistant IAR bearing 5.3:1 Retrieve

555 SCM 240M X 14lb RRP £224.99 GP £179.99 656 SCM 300M X 15lb RRP £224.99 GP £179.99 Comes Complete With 666 SCM W 330M X 15lb Reel case and Po wer Handle RRP £224.99 GP £179.99 555MM3 - 15lb / 240yds 656MM3 - 15lb / 300yds 666MM3 - 15lb / 330yds

Tourno Mags Akios are proud to announce the arrival of a new Casting reel with a new MONO MAG system giving a casting reel out of the box, giving exceptional potential to cast to the Horizon. The new Mag system allows a longer stroke of the magnet on and off the spool enabling the magnetic eld to come off the spool completely setting up an ultimate cast opportunity! * * * * * * * * * * *

3 Stainless Steel Bearings 2 Spare AKIOS Ceramic Bearings Dual Anti-Reverse Free Floating Spool for Longer Casts One Piece CNC Precision Engineered Cage Larger Spindle to prevent spool distortion Lightweight AluminiumSide Plates Multi-Disc Carbon Drag System Machined Brass Cut Gears NEW MONO MAG Adjustable Brake System 6.3:1 Gear Ratio


S-Line CTM Open Cage (Mag Brakes)

The Gearing is manufactured from machined brass giving the reels ultra strong reliability where needed .Metal construction of the mag adjustment knob is far superior to what else is on the market and is easy to use!

RRP £269.99 GP £219.99



656 CT Dynamo Available in Equipped with the new Akios dynaMAX Purple or Orange 6 block centrifugal braking system to prevent overruns during casting, making casting long distances effortless.

Models Available 656 CTM 300ydsx15lb RH RRP £138.99 £109.99 651 CTM 300ydsx15lb LH RRP £143.99 £119.99



RRP £99.99

GP £89.99

This simply made Akios reel is designd to do a job time after time after time. That job is casting long distances cast after cast. Capacity 300yds 15lb mono Gear ratio 5.3:1 Bearings 2 ABEC Stainless + 1 Max Drag 17.5lb Weight 360 gm


Order Hotline - 01524 422146

RRP £339.99

GP £319.99

Designed in collaboration with the two-time world beach shing champion, Alan Price. The Airspeed Surf has been designed primarily for shing beaches, offering unrivalled casting power & tremendous bite detection for match & pleasure anglers. The Airspeed Surf is made from High Modulus Carbon NRG Construction Blank- Neoteric Reinforced Graphite which allows you to hit the horizon, but at the same time register small bites and twitches. Alan Price has tested this rod in various competitions over an extended period and has seen rsthand its powerful butt and mid-section give way to a lovely combined tip section. It is a rod that will get you to the sh and the tip will show you when the sh come knocking. Overall, it is a marvelous instrument for both the competitor and the recreational angler.

RRP £169.99

GP £149.99

The HELLRAZOR is a signicant evolution in rod dynamics, offering outstanding performance at an affordable price. Specically developed for the angler that’s seeking to add extra yardage to their cast, the AKIOS HELLRAZOR combines a powerful yet easy to load blank with a high energy carbon power tip. The high modulus carbon rod blank with Neoteric Reinforced Graphite (NRG) allows for the progressive accumulation of power during compression, whilst the super-fast recovery facilitates an efcient transfer of energy enabling baits to be sent out remarkable distances, even with a simple over-head thump The Carbon Power Tip provides a blend of power and sensitivity making this an extremely versatile shing rod that’s truly a joy to use. With its high build quality, including Fuji KWAG guides, Fuji DPS reel seat, and stainless steel reinforced spigots, the AKIOS HELLRAZOR seriously punches above its price tag.

The AIRLOOP offers super slow oscillation, laying a phenomenal 54 turns of line per cycle on the tournament length spool resulting in truly exceptional line lay. The precise laying of line on the spool signicantly reduces frictional drag as the line peels off the spool leading to substantial gains in casting distances. Equipped with an impressive 8+1 stainless steel ball bearings and a worm drive gearing mechanism, not only is the AIRLOOP silky smooth it's incredibly tough too. The speed drag system allow the drag to be tightened up with just a fraction of a turn allowing hard running sh to be instantly tamed. Features - High Strength Composite Body & Rotor, 8+1 Stainless Steel Shielded Bearings, Corrosion Resistant Instant Anti-Reverse Bearing, Two Anodised Aluminium Spools Included – 1 x Deep Spool, 1 x Shallow Spool, Ergonomic EVA Handle, Long Cast Angled Spool Lip, Carbon Multi Disc Drag for Optimal Drag Performance, Dual Strength Stainless Steel Main Shaft, Large Hollow Bail Arm, 4.1:1 Gear Ratio.

Deep Spool: 270yds/15lb mono Shallow Spool: 230yds/12lb mono

RRP £123.99

GP £118.99

Deep Spool: 300yds/18lb mono Shallow Spool: 250yds/15lb mono

RRP £129.99

GP £124.99

This new reel from Akios sets new standards in the xed spool market.With its light weight composite body and rotor , Vented lightweight aluminium long cast spool. The list of features is endless that what makes it so impressive . Super slow oscillation gives superior line lay with either Braid or Mono for effortless long distance casting time after time.

Features Capacity 20lb braid 260 yds .Mono 0.35mm 210 yds, Ratio 4.1:1, 7 Stainless Steel Bearings, Instant Anti Reverse Bearing, 14kg Power Drag, Fast Drag for instant spool lock, Light weight Composite body and rotor, Slow Oscillation, Spring Loaded Line Clips, Aluminium Ergonomic Quick Fold Handle, Spare Deep Graphite Spool.

RRP £99.99

GP £94.99


Large Fixed Spools

www.gerrys Enygma SC Surf

Ultegra XS-D The new Shimano Ultegra XS-D now has several new/improved features one of which is a a slower oscillation which provides superior line lay, less friction and ultimately more distance. This reel can be used on most marks in the UK. It's perfect for beach shing and casting baits to the horizon. It also has enough 'guts’ and cranking power for those sh lled mixed to rough ground marks. Features - Slow oscillation, 2 x spool reducers, AR-C Spool,

5500 Cap 290M of 0.35mm.RRP £199.99 GP £139.99 14000 Cap 550M of 0.35mm.RRP £199.99 GP £139.99

Slammer III HS The NEW Penn Slammer High Speed is back by popular demend. Built for heavy-duty shing from either boat or shore, and trusted by charter captains all over the world. The Slammer III reels feature the new Ip67 sealed system which keeps water out of the gear box and drag system. Penn have also used the updated drag system which now utilzes our proprietary Dura-Drag System.

6500 6.2:1 455yds x 15lb RRP £219.99 GP £209.99


8500 5.3:1 450yds x 30lb RRP £229.99 GP £219.99


Shakespeare Agility Surf These reels represent amazing spec and quality at this price point. All the reels are fully saltwater resistant thanks to the Stainless Steel bearings and hardware. The reels also look stunning with the classic matt black body nish and anodised aluminum spools.

70 Surf 275Mx15lb (320G) RRP £54.99

GP £44.99

•7 bearings •Worm shaft transmission system •Progressive micro-adjustable waterproof drag system •Balanced rotor •Low prole spool with special long-cast height •Integrated anti-twist line system •Capacity 0.20m x 250m •Ratio 4.1:1 •Total of 3 spools

RRP £91.99

GP £79.99 SURFBLASTER II Its got guts where it counts. It features 5+1 stainless steel shielded ball bearings for smoothness under heavy retrieve pressure, a powerful but smooth HT-100 carbon bre drag system which offers peace of mind when tackling larger specimens. It also offers super slow oscillation resulting near perfect line lay which reduces friction in the cast and results in much improved distance. Just to nish off. This beauty is salt water resistant!

7000 315M x 15lb RRP £109.99 GP £84.99 8000 370M x 15lb RRP £109.99 GP £84.99

Sonik SKS Surf 8000 A full-sized surf reel which has been designed to meet the requirements of the UK beach angler. Retrieve 4.6:1 Capacity 220yds x 20lb mono 5+1 bearings Long cast metal spool Graphite body and rotor Large diameter bail wire Large bail roller Powerful front drag Sprung line clip Folding handle Oversized soft grip handle knob

RRP £49.99

Battle II Longcast Fantastically crafted reel, at a reasonable price, with its slow oscillation, awesome cranking abilities and good line capacity, Penn really have produced a great sea shing reel. The Full Metal Body construction allows it to maintain precision gear alignment under severe punishment. The Longcast spool and the slow oscillation system provides great linelay and casting distances. •Spare braid spool •Ratio 4.7:1 •T-100 Versa Drag system •5 Sealed Stainless Bearings •Instant Anti Reverse Bearing •Heavy Duty Aluminium Bail Wire

7000 430ydsx12lb mono RRP £139.99 8000 370ydsx15lb mono GP £114.99 RRP £156.95 44

Finally a reel designed for the modern match angler. The Vercelli Enygma SC is made out of a ultra-light, corrostion resistant polymer which is ideal when your wanting to balance the 'right' reel on your conti rod.

GP £119.99

GP £39.99

Spinsher 7500 Lc Finally a distance xed spool reel which packs a punch. It’s ideal for heavier rock work and will not let you down. The machined and anodized aluminium spool features a special rubber gasket that allows braided lines to be loaded without slipping and without the need for initial backing.? Super Strong Fixed Spool. HT100 sealed drag system spare spool 5+1 bearings Ratio 4.7:1 Mono Capacity 370yds/15lb, 300yds/20lb

RRP £219.99

GP £179.99

Seat Box & Accessories

Order Hotline - 01524 422146

Bazuka Travel Tubes

Daiwa Team Sea Seatbox

One piece construction for high-end performance at an economical price. Contoured blow moulded construction Hinged-in handle for maximum durability Completely lock-able for added security 6085 Rod Case. 63 to 87 inches. Holds 1-3 rods.

Designed for the shore angler and boat angler with a deep base, this box also features a top tier tackle box for easy access to small bits of kit.

£39.99 6095 Rod Case. 73 - 102 inches. Holds 1 - 5 rods.

External Dimensions (approx) 25cm x 37cm x 38cm


RRP £34.99

GP £29.99

Seat Box The all new Shakespeare seatbox has been completely redesigned for 2017. Made from high quality lledpolypropylene it is a tough and durable box with a very solid feel. The completely revised twin catch style locking system keeps the lid closed and helps to keep the water out. The one piece base moulding now has no holes or slots adding to the boxes water resistance. It is supplied with an adjustable shoulder strap (non padded) and a handy side tray.

New Breakaway Conversion Kit for Shakespeare box

GP £43.20

GP £39.99

Tronix Bucket & Lid & Tray

GP £19.99

Side Trays For Seat Box GP £5.99

A great addition to the Tronixpro Luggage Range this Bait/Tackle bucket is ideal for low water anglers, it also comes with an internal tray and a strong handle. Simply put your bait in the top internal tray and your reels and tackle underneath. Can also be hung from a tripod to keep bait and tackle easier to reach

Gerrys Team Seat Box Comes with a padded shoulder strap dimensions: W= 54cm (21"), Height= 40cm (16"), Front to Back 37cm (14.5") Small moulded feet to keep level and protect the corners on the ground Extra's: available: Side trays that t front back and sides and a soft cushion

Tray Toppa GP £4.99 Designed to t the Breakaway weight tray. Holds the weights securely in place while in transit.

GP £39.99

Mini Spool Tidy

Lid Lifter Twin pack


Designed to hold spools of main line, shockleader line or even snood line,

The Lid Lifter Kits from damiltech can be tted as a single unit or as a pair

GP £11.99 Seatbox Catch Repair Kit So now if you have a broken catch on your seat box there is no need for despair

GP £9.99 This Utility Tray, a neat storage option for your bits and pieces. Comes complete with mounting pan head bolts and nuts

Scissor Tidy + Scissors This scissor holder mounts to the inside of the seat box by means of double sided pads which come attached to the Scissortidy.

GP £8.99

Mirco £6.49 Utility Trays Mini £6.99 Full £9.99

Daiwa Rucksack Conversion Tronix Seatbox

o Up

Designed for the shore Comb ucksack and boat angler with a Box & R ion deep base, this box also Convers features top tier tackle For Only box for easy access to small bits of kit. £39.99 Approx Dimensions: Length: 35cm Internal & External RRP £22.99 Width: 22cm Trays Available Height: 38cm

GP £19.99 Breakaway Backrest Conversion

Designed to t the Daiwa Sea team tackle box and similar boxes. Features - 2 front and 1 side zipped pockets - Cushioned top - Cushioned back for comfort - Shoulder Rucksack style straps to make the RRP £29.99 box easy to carry

GP £24.99

Tronix Beach Seatbox Combo Up ackrest

Box & B ly For On These seat boxes are made from durable injection moulded £74.99 plastic. Complete with

The Breakaway Backrest conversion ts onto the most seat boxes the best one for the job is the Beta box but will t the larger model Riva (Team) box as well. Complete with simple template. You cant go wrong. RRP £40.99

GP £37.99 Breakaway Seatbox Conversion Accessory Kit

carrying strap and cushion, RRP £39.99 Excellent for transporting and protecting kit.

GP £34.99

Breakaway Comfy Cushion

Weight and general tackle tray to go with Beta and Daiwa seat boxes, but may t some other boxes too includes The comfy cushions are made to t the Breakaway backrest. easy to t made a tray to hold 16 leads Leader line dispensers two multiplier reel holders and a from strong nylon and well padded for extra comfort. velcro straps. camlock to prevent the box opening accidentally. Keeps you tacle bits tidy and Can be added or taken off without removing backrest For the ultimate luxury easy ready to use. buy a pair or one can be put on the bottom backrest for walking and the top for sitting.

RRP £14.99

GP £13.99

RRP £12.99

GP £10.99 45


www.gerrys FR 6ft Packdown Tripod

Shakespeare SALT Tripod

6FT Tripod & Tray

ipods r T e u l a Best V Market on The

1.2m Sand Spike Made from Aluminium making it lightweight and non corrosive and features luminous head and adjustable luminous cups.

ideal when shing one rods keeping at low water marks

RRP £49.99

GP £39.99 - Extends to full 6ft tripod - Packs down for easy transportation - Fully adjustable height cups - Deep rests to hold the rods in windy conditions - Saltwater resistant paint

- 2 piece central angular bar with spike extending - 7ft adjustable round section telescopic legs - Leg lock kit - robust carry case - Exagerated top cups - Weight 2.7kgs

RRP £69.99 GP £49.99

Ian Golds Supermatch Tripods

Ian Golds Telescopic Tripods

Sturdy adjustable tripod. Ideal for shore rock or pier shing.

Add cups for an extra £5.00

3ft-6ft RRP £39.99 GP £34.99 4ft-8ft RRP £44.99 GP £39.99

Grandeslam Side Tray A great tray which ts onto most tripods on the market. Its an effective way of keep your essentials to hand while shing.

The Super-match rest is now in its 25th year and was the rst of its kind on the market. Tried and tested in all conditions, this tripod can be sed on most surfaces and is favoured by many of europe’s top anglers.’ 6FT - RRP £44.99 GP £39.99 7FT - RRP £46.99 GP £42.99

Ian Golds Tripod Trays The double-tray system hangs under your tripod to store all your bait and rigs. As the tide pulls back, all you need to carry down the beach is your rod and tripod. All necessary clips and attachments are supplied with the tray.

£14.99 Ian Golds Match Measure

Double Head & Cups Luminous

Always have the nest rig ready

45cm£7.50 1M £11.99

RRP £15.99 GP £14.99

Trace bar Tb1

Leg Lock Kits

Sliding Leg Head £5.99

RRP £7.50 GP £6.99


RRP £9.99 GP £8.99

Lumi £7.99

GP £49.99

RRP £19.99

GP £9.99

This ultralightweight 6ft Aluminium tripod nished in a sleak matt black from Sunset has really raised the bar and in our eyes is the best on the market. Extra long head and cups ideal for xed spool anglers.

Ian Golds DB1 Supermatch Tripods

The Db1 contains all the features of the super match but with added extra including leg lock kit, trace bar, leg extenders and 13" lumi double head and cups. Db1 6FT RRP £59.99 GP £54.99 Db1 7FT RRP £64.99 GP £59.99

Leeda icon Tripod Trays Solid & Mesh This Icon Tripod tray clips onto any tripod that has round front legs and can be put on and off without the need of removing the lower cups. The net version is made from rubberised mesh so its Nonstink and doesn't absorb water.


Ian Golds Trace Clip £3.50

RRP £79.99


Double Head

Double Cup SuperMatch

Double Cup round legs

RRP £6.50

RRP £12.99

RRP £12.99

GP £9.99

GP £9.99

Single Head STD

Single Cup SuperMatch

Single Cup STD Round Leg




GP £5.99


Order Hotline - 01524 422146

FR Shelter


The ultimate beach shelter giving full weather protection for upto 2 people due to its unique design which can be adjusted to suit the angler, set up from the oor up means that it can be erected in strong winds without fear of it blowing away. The rigid frame work is self supporting without pegs but it has several pegging points and a sand skirt which can be used in the worst weather conditions. Once erected the shelter can be spread out to accommodate another angle. Each side externally has rod holders for spare rods or when baiting up.

Pegging points Sand skirt 110x20x14cm External rod holders Super lightweight shelter Packs down small for transport Comes in storage bag with handles

Shakespeare SALT XT Beach Shelter Tough sturdy lightweight and easy to assemble shelter offers the shore and beach angler the ultimate in base camp comport and weather protection. the shelter is very spacious allow room for up to 2 anglers to sit side by side and pleanty of room for all the tackle baits and other equipment needed in todays longer sessions. Wide side and rear external aps at ground level allow sand shingle or rocks to be heaped on to keep the shelter secured to the ground. Flaps also have strong tent peg eylets, with tents pegs supplied for additional security in strong winds. Easy to put up with a little practise, should take little more than a minute. Supplied with a carry bag too! 110cm X 320cm X 300cm.

RRP £79.99

GP £66.99

RRP £119.99

GP £99.99

More Shelters Available Online

Ian Golds Igloo Shelter

Sandstorm Beach Shelter New Bigaloo Coming soon

RRP £149.99 GP £109.99

Perfect shing base/station for when the weather turns nasty ,designed for rapid set up thanks to its elastic connecting poles, Velcro and snaplock tensioners. The bottom skirt extends by 40cm for placing sand or shingle on to help secure the Shelter down when the weather tur ns , keeping your shelter secure in even the toughest of shore winds.

Ian Golds MK2 Igloo a bigger and stronger variation from the Mk1 A new design of beach shelter which looks set to be a common sight on the beach. The Igloo is based on a three legged design which makes it simple and very quick to set up (see video clip below) and also allows for it to be set in a number of different ways depending on if you need extra hight or width. It is secured by burying the attached aps in the shingle and this will keep it stable in all conditions and go up fast! Ian Golds long time beach shing experience and England team member has insurured this product is a top drawer item robust and easy to use.

RRP £89.99

GP £64.99

When assembled, the Sandstorm Shelter offers an open front of 2.5m wide and a height of 1.4m. At 1.5m deep the head clearance continue for 75cm. Supplied with four ground spikes and a carryall.

Shakespeare Seat Box Trolley Beach Trolley The Tronix Pro Beach Trolley has been designed specically for shore shing. The frame has been designed to hold the majority of seat boxes which are available on the market. The most impressive part of the trolley is its wheels. These are made of a durable rubber and when blown up simply glide over/through pretty much any beach which massively reduces the resistance when pulling it along.

Fold away trolley will take most boxes, including Beta and Team. Neoprene grip on the handle and wide tyres a great thing for bumpy surfaces as its a bit easier to use than the harder tyred versions. Also better on the beach as does not sink in the sand. (remember at this price it's not salt resistant so a wash down with fresh water after salt use will greatly extend the life of this product) Will fold virtually at and wheels are removable.

RRP £139.99

GP £129.98 RRP £49.99

GP £44.99 47

Rod Building Fuji BNHG’s


Fuji BNOG’s

Fuji Titanium K Guides

Fuji BMNAG ‘Alconites’

Minima Chrome

Seymo Pro-Rod Mini Bottles Ideal mini bottle for quick repair jobs. 29ml bottles

Tip Tip Tip Tip

Size 10mm

Price £1.20

12mm 16mm 20mm 25mm 30mm 40mm 12x3.5mm 12x4mm 12x4.5mm 16x3.6mm

£1.30 £1.60 £2.80 £3.90 £5.10 £10.15 £3.75 £3.75 £3.85 £4.25

Tip 16x4mm £4.25 Tip 16x4.5mm £4.25

Size 10mm 12mm 16mm 20mm 25mm 30mm 40mm

Price £0.70 £0.75 £1.00 £1.99 £2.60 £3.60 £5.50

Tip 12x3.2mm Tip 12x3.6mm Tip 12x4mm Tip 16x3.2mm

£2.60 £2.60 £2.60 £2.99

Tip 16x3.6mm £2.99 Tip 16x4mm £3.30

Size 10mm

Price £7.74

12mm 16mm 20mm 25mm 30mm 40mm Tip 10x3.2mm Tip 10x3.6mm

£9.90 £12.06 £18.36 £23.84 £34.64 £46.98 £10.98 £10.98

Tip 12x3.2mm Tip 16x3.6mm Tip 16x3.2mm Tip 16x4mm

£10.98 £10.98 £16.38 £16.38

Size 10mm 12mm

Price £2.80 £3.40

16mm 20mm 25mm 30mm 40mm Tip 12x3.2mm Tip 12x3.6mm Tip 12x4mm Tip 16x3.6mm

£3.99 £5.50 £6.70 £7.00 £10.99 £6.50 £7.00 £7.00 £8.50

Tip 16x4mm £8.50 Tip 16x4.5mm £8.50

Abu Grip Lok Reel Seat Tronix Sliding Reel Seat A good quality reel seat from tronix, Can be used for either xed spool or mulitplier, This is a self clamping seat that will t rmly to the rod when the reel is screwed in place.

These are our most sold adjustable reel seats complete with trigger grips. Sizes 25.1mm 26.1mm 27.8mm

24mm 26mm

£14.99 Fuji DPS Reel Seat

Tronix Coaster Reel Seat A sliding reel seat that can be locked in position with the tted coaster.

20mm £4.99 22mm £5.99 24mm £6.99 26mm £7.99

24mm £9.99 26mm £10.49 28mm £10.99

Century Adjustable Reel Seat A great reel seat which ts a l ot of rods. Available in 22, 24, 26 & 27mm


Fuji Plate Reel Seats 138mm 157mm 138mm 157mm

Fs6b £7.84 fs7b £8.95 fs6 £7.84 fs7 £8.95

Century Coasters

Breakaway Saddle Clamp Coasters Available in 25, 27, 30 & 33mm


£7.99 £8.99 £9.99 £10.99

Breakaway Adjustable Coasters Fits most rods. An ideal backup.

Plain Shrink Tube 2M Cols - Red, Black Green, Yellow, blue


£3.99 Sakuma Tip Tape £2.49 Gemini Glow in the Dark Tip Tape


A very sturdy and neat reel seat. Ideal for narrow butts.

Japanese Diamond Wrap Shrink Tube 1.5M Visibrite Refective Tip Tape Cols - Red, Black, Blue, Yellow Sizes - 25mm or 30mm

NS 6 £10.49 NS 7 Chrome £12.49 48

From £9.99

The best butt caps available. Sizes 19, 22 & 25mm

From £2.65 Rod Dancer Epoxy Rod Building & Finishing Kit Everything in one kit. -Ultimate Gel 15 min Epoxy (for reel seatsand components) -Ultimate Gel 5 min -Chromaseal Colour Preserver -Threadmaster rod wrapping nish in syringe packs to epoxy whippings -Brushes, mixing cups, spatula, mixing sticks

£24.99 PacBay Metalic Whipping Cottons

A Grade. Made using a continuous multi- lament core wrapped with a metallized dual sided lm.


Fully adjustable with a tongue groove cut out so it can be tightened down anywhere.

22mm 24mm 26mm 28mm


Stainless coasters available in 25, 27, 30 & 33mm.

Anysh Anywhere Adjustable Reel Seat

Fuji Butt Caps

Tip 12x3.2mm £6.50 Tip 12x3.6mm £6.50

Tronix Coasters

27mm 29mm 31mm 33mm

Price £2.99 £3.50 £4.50 £4.99 £6.40

30mm £6.50 40mm £8.50 Tip 10x3.0mm £6.30 Tip 10x3.2mm £6.50 Tip 10x3.6mm £6.50 Tip 12x3mm £6.50

The perfect t for most beach casters, allows you to securely x your reel sit to the butt of your rod.


The most sold reel seat for beach rods. sturdy and strong.

Size 10mm 12mm 16mm 20mm 25mm

Colour Preserver £5.99 Varnish £6.45

5 x 6" Lengths £2.50

Cols Azul Chrome Gun Metal Grey

Royal Blue Red Gold

£3.49 PacBay Stay True Whipping Cottons C Grade Stay True has the same longwearing features as Nylon while maintaining the original luster and bright colour.

Cols Candy Apple Colbalt Blue Cherry Red Fuchisa

Gun metal grey Midnight black White Royal Blue

£3.20 Fuji Ultra Polly Cottons Metalic’s A Grade - £3.49 Cols - Gold, Silver, Green, Copper, Purple, Black or Ice Blue Standard D Grade - £3.99 Cols - Black, White, Dark Green, Medium Green, Scarlet, Maroon, Royal Blue, Dark Blue, Garnet, Chestnut, Goldenrod, Orange, Purple, Blue Dun, Lemon Yellow,


Order Hotline - 01524 422146

Cuda Fillet Knives

- 5 year Warranty

Features precision ground edge and a Titanium Bonded, 4116 German Stainless Steel blade that will resist corrosion. Full tang construction for increased durability. Handle is Cuda scale pattern, non-slip grip.

Cuda Knife Sheath

Cuda Professional Knife Range 10" Wide Fillet 9" Fillet - Precision Ground Flex Edge - For Filleting Larger Fish - Fresh Water and Salt Water - USA 40A Corrosion Resistant Stainless Carpenter Steel Blade - 47 Layer, Compressed, Cold Molded Micarta® Handles - Full-Tang Construction - Custom Hard Molded Sheath


7" £19.99 9" £13.99

4" £10.99 6" £15.99

GP £59.99 Cuda 8" Stainless Snips Titanium Bonded blades stay sharper longer Cuts shing line, rope, netting and ns Non-slip Cuda scale pattern grips Visible full-tang, stainless steel construction Micro-serrated edges & Lifetime Warranty

7" Wide Fillet

GP £59.99

Cuda 6 Piece Knife & Sharpener Set

7" Fillet Knife (Semi Flex) - 5 Year Warranty Cuda Professional Knives are built for the serious sherman. With Titanium Bonded, Non-Stick USA 40A Carpenter Steel, these knives provide the ultimate level of edge retention and corrosionresistance.

GP £64.99 Cuda 7.5" Dual Pliers integrated Tungsten Carbide Wire, Mono & Braid Cutters. Full tang, Aluminum Alloy construction. High leverage Mono & Braid compound cutters. Handles are non-slip, Cuda scale pattern.Also includes ballistic nylon storage sheath and convenient lanyard.

In this set, all made from German 4116 Corrosion resistant stainless steel, and is about as good a quality set that you could buy. makes a great present

GP £11.99

2.5" bait Knife, great for shelling, cutting baits and pristine cuts 6" llet knife for all round general lleting Ballistic non slip tough rubberized handles 6" Curved Boning Knife 9" Chunk Knife perfect for tough cuts and frozen stuff Sharpener, to sharpen and hone COMPLETE WITH CARRYING CASE.

GP £49.99

GP £82.99


Cuda Pliers & Cutters

6.5" Wire Cutters

8" Needle Nose/Split Ring Pliers

SS Forceps The jaws are serrated and will cut mono. With high leverage, ratchet action, full tang construction and oversized nger bows for comfort and control.

GP £23.99 8.75" Needle Nose Pliers

GP £29.99

GP £19.99

Cuda 8" Shears 5 year Warranty Features detachable handles for easy cleaning. Blades are Titanium Bonded High-Carbon Steel which is 3x harder than untreated steel and will stay sharper longer. One blade edge can be used as a sh scaler and another blade has an integrated bottle opener. Cutting edges are serrated

5 year Warranty

5 year Warranty

The ultimate sharpening tool which covers knives, hooks and shears. Features - 20, 30 & 45 degree shear edge sharpeners - Carbide & ceramic sharpeners - T6, T8, T9, T10 & athead drivers

This 7" Ring Splitter is perfect for cutting line, wire and open/close hook eyes. With High Carbon Titanium Bonded steel and full tang construction that can be seen through the non-slip Cuda scale pattern handles. Features an integrated wire cutter and ring


£10.99 Crimp & Cut Pliers A very well made, solid tool, these crimping pliers are a must have for the more serious angler that likes to make his own rigs, stingers and lure traces. High quality  tungsten nose cutter

RRP £14.99

Cuda Sharpener

GP £22.99 GP £17.99 Cuda 7" Ring Splitter

GP £11.25

Magic Scissors These are a superb piece of kit for the roving lure angler, they are effectively 3 different tools built into one, they are a split ring plier, braid scissors and wire crimper

RRP £6.99

GP £5.29


Cutting Pliers

RRP £14.99

Stainless steel blade with diamond dust, great for making any hook ultra sharp, sharpen the hooks with movement towards the tip, pouch included.

GP £10.49

Mini Split Ring Plier & Braid Cutters A strong robust tool from Savage Gear thats designed for changing split rings on lures and trebles, good quality braid cutter will also give you cleans cuts

RRP £12.99 GP


RRP £14.99

Pistol Grip Handles Long Nose for Removing Hooks Titanium Wire, Fluorocarbon & Mono Cutter Integrated Crimper Visible Full-Tang Carbon Steel Construction Non-Slip Cuda Scale Pattern Grips Fits Cuda Sheath #18189

GP £29.99 Cuda Micro Scissors 5 year Warranty

Cuda 3" Micro Scissors will cut mono and braided line. The Titanium Bonded blades feature dual micro-serrations and are 3x harder than untreated steel and will stay sharper for a longer period of time.


Diamond Dust Hook File Sharpener

The Savage Gear cutting pliers are a solid build that will last a long time, comes complete with pouch that can be attached to a belt or clipped on, powerful wire cutters that can also go through treble or single hooks with ease.

Titanium Bonded 9" Pistol Grip Needle Pliers

GP £11.25

MP Pro Rig Pliers Strong and light multi purpose rig plier, split ring nose, wire crimp jaws, tungsten braid and line side cutter, pouch and zinger included, great pliers for the roving lure angler whether it be saltwater shing or freshwater.

RRP £34.99

GP £23.99

Pistol Deep Throat Hook Out Deluxe Stainless steel hook releaser which is perfect for removing lures and hooks from even the most deeply hooked sh. Superb for both lures and bait rigs. Supplied in pouch with zinger

RRP £14.99

Pro Hook File Super durable hard steel le from Savage Gear Guarenteed to keep your hooks ultra sharp.

GP £11.25

RRP £14.99

GP £8.99 49


www.gerrys Mission Dial Scales

Fits into side pocket of most rucksacks/carryalls Push button operation Automatic shut off Will weigh up to 25kg/55lb Kg or lb weighing option Easy grip handle Large weighing hook at the base DC 9v battery operated

Available in two sizes 25kg & 50kg RRP £21.99

GP £19.99

£19.99 Sokkou Knot Tool

This tool is a must have for anyone wishing to connect mono to braid with its easy functionality and quick braid to mono connection every anglers shoud have this in there kit.

A digital sh scale that gives an accurate reading of up to 50lb. It has a comfort grip handle, a fold away net hook and some neat features where you record and hold weights. RRP £29.99

GP £19.99 Disgorger

Line Stripper

With a Gemini Disgorger and a little practice, you should be able to de-hook in a few seconds with minimal trauma to the sh.

Strips 145 yards per minute


£11.99 Fillet Knives This reliable lleting knife from Mustad features a strong yet exible blade made with high-grade japanese stainless steel, with a Teon coating for increased durability.

6 Inch £4.99 7 Inch £10.99

- 8 inch - wire cutters - crimper - with sheath


Heavy Duty Needle Nose Pliers


Reective for night shing, Complete with M.A.F.F. legal north sea size limits for weigh in matches.

45cm £7.99 1M £12.49

- Shatterproof - Measures to 45cm

Inch Inch Inch Inch

Gerry’s Fish Measure 45cm

GP £4.99



GP £5.99

Braid Scissors Gerry’s Precision Crimping Pliers

Gerrys Stainless Forceps

5 8 10 12

4" Bait Knife Constructed using a high grade japanese stainless steel which is then coated with a Teon for greater durability.The handle features a soft grip for comfort and ease of use .Includes a hard plastic sheath for safety and proper storage.

£3.99 Fish Measure

Ian Golds Fish Measures

Straight Or Curved

Classic Digital Scales 50lb

Digital Scales

£2.50 £3.50 £4.50 £5.50

Gerrys Braid Scissors

Ultra sharp pocket sized scissors designed for braid but can also be used for small baits and mono.

‘Fantastic Value’

£2.50 Gerrys Heavy Duty Crimping Pliers

Fantas tic Value


Fits all larger crimps

£13.99 Rod Bands

Bait Knife

Handy & pocket size


Gerrys 11" Long Nose Pliers

£6.99 Straight or curved Gerrys Long Nose Stainless Pliers These top quality stainless steel pliers are a must for any sea or predator angler. Non slip handles.

Casting Glove

Long enough to secure 2 rods and a tripod

Standard 4 inch bladed baiting knife, an essential tool for any angler.

this glove gives comfort and convenience when casting and offers great value for money.

2 Per Pack

£2.99 Baiting Tool This ingenious little device makes baiting up small and delicate baits easier than ever before.


Medium 50



RRP £6.99

Fishing Line Scissors Sharp scissors complete with pouch and elasticated lanyard.


£3.49 Fishing Pliers A great value set of multi pliers for crimping, braid cutting and general use.



www.gerrys Cox and rawle only use the highest quality components in their rigs to

UK Tied Rigs ensure they will never let you down. They are also hand tied in the UK. 1/0 Distance Clip Down Rig.............£3.19 3/0 Pulley Pennel Rig......................£2.99 1/0 Plaice Rig (2hooks)...................£2.99 3/0 Pulley Rig................................£2.99 1/0 Scratching Rig (3Hooks)...........£3.49 3/0 Smoothound Rig......................£2.99 2 Boom Bream Scratching RigSz4..£3.49 4/0 Bass Beach Rig.......................£2.99 2 Hook Clip Down Rig Sz2...............£3.49 4/0 Cod Rig.(2 Hooks)....................£2.99 2 Hook Clip Down Rig2/0................£3.49 6/0 Turbot Rig (with boom).............£3.19 2/0 Bass Beach Rig........................£2.99 8/0 Conger Rig..............................£2.99 3/0 Bass Beach Rig........................£2.99 Bream Beach Rig Sz2 (2 Hooks).....£3.29 2/0 2 Hook Flapper Rig...................£3.50 Flat Fish Rig (3 Hooks)..................£3.49 3/0 Bass Rig.................................£2.99 4/0 Heavy Duty Ray Rig (Clipped)....£3.45 3/0 Boat Rig.(With 4" Boom)...........£2.99 Light Bream Rig Sz4.....................£3.49 3/0 Pennel Boat Rig.(With 4" Boom).£2.99 Plaice Rig Sz1...............................£3.29 3/0 Portland Rig............................£2.99 Shark Rig 10/0 (275lb Wire)..........£6.99

Tied Rigs 3/0 Boat Bass Rig...................£1.99 Uptide Cod Pennel....................£1.99 Boat Tope Rig 7/0 (Wire)...........£1.99 3 Hook Flapper (3up).Sizes 2 or 1.£1.99 2 Hook Clipped.Sizes 2 or 1/0.......£1.99 Pulley Pennel..Sizes 1/0 or 3/0.......£1.99

Greys rigs are all tied with high quality components and have been desinegd by some of the UK best sea shermen.

Flatsh Boat Rig Sz1...............£1.99 Boat Smoothound Rig 4/0.........£1.99 1 Hook Flapper.Sizes 1/0 or 2/0.....£1.99 1 Hook Clipped..Sizes 1/0 or 2/0....£1.99 3 Hook Clipped Sz2...................£1.99 1 Hook Clipped Rough Ground....£1.99 Sizes 2/0, 3/0 or 4/0

Sure Catch R i gs 2 Up 1 Down Rig. 2 x sz 1 hooks,60lb body, 20lb snood 1 Hook Clipped. 2/0 or 3/0, 60lb body, 25lb snood Skate Trace. 6/0 Hook. 30lb Wire (37 Inches) Bass & Cod Rig. 2/0 hook, 60lb body, 25lb body

Save when you buy in bulk

£1.99 £1.99 £1.99 £1.99

2 Hook Flapper 2 x sz2 hooks, 60lb body, 20lb snood Cod Clipped Down Pennel. 2/0, 60lb body, 25lb snood 2 Hook Bomber Rig, 2 x 2/0 Hooks, 60lb body, 2 Hook Wire Boom Rig. sz2 , 60lb body, 20lb snood

£1.99 £1.99 £1.99 £1.99

All tied with quality Tronix Pro components and designed by some of the Uk’s top shermen.

Shore Fishing Rig Range 1 2 2 2

Hook Hook Hook Hook

Clipped Rig Size 1/0 - 3/0 2 Hook Clipped Rig Size 2 - 1/0 Flapper Rig Size 4 - 2 - 1 - 1/0 - 3/0 3 Hook Rig Size 1/0 Loop Rig Rig Size 4 - 2 - 1 - 1/0 Pulley Rig 1/0 - 3/0 - 5/0 Rig 1 up 1 down Size 2 - 1/0 Flattie Flapper Rig Size 2 - 1 Pulley Pennel Rig 3/0 - 5/0

All Shore Rigs £1.99 Each 5 Rigs £6.00 10 Rigs £10.00 Boat Fishing Rigs Shad Rig £1.99 x5 £6.00 x10 £10.00 2 Down Boat Rig 5/0 £1.99 x5 £6.00 x10 £10.00 3 Down Scratch Rig Size 2 - 1 £2.49 x5 £9.00 x10 £17.00 Uptide Pennel Rig 1/0 £1.99 x5 £6.00 x10 £10.00 Wishbone Boat Rig 1/0 £1.99 x5 £6.00 x10 £10.00 Boat Plaice Rig 1/0 Red/Yellow - Green/Black £1.99 x5 £6.00 x10 £10.00 3 Down Scratch Rig Size 2 - 1 £2.49 x5 £9.00 x10 £17.00 3 Down Tough Rig Size 1/0 - 2/0 £2.49 x5 £9.00 x10 £17.00 2 Hook Weighted Uptide Boom Rig Size 1/0 - 2/0 £2.49 x5 £12.00 x10 £20.00


Weights & Moulds 4 in 1 Beach Bomb

Sizes A. 1.5, 2.25, 3, 4oz B. 2, 2.5, 3.5, 4.5oz C. 3, 4, 5, 6oz

3 in 1 Bullet

Makes 1, 1.5 & 2oz Leads

£15.99 Each

Order Hotline - 01524 422146

50 Spare Brass Loops £3.99


Ball Weight Mould

Quick Drop Mould

More Moulds Available Online Watch Lead Mould

£16.99 Grip Wires 6 Inch £3.99 7 Inch £4.50 Rollers £4.50 Cols - Red, Blue, Yellow or Gree Tail Wires Standard £2.99 Long £3.50 with Bait Clip £3.50

5 in 1 Ball Jig Kit

£13.99 Sizes 3+4+5oz £16.99 6+8oz £16.99 10oz £14.99 12oz £14.99 24oz £14.99


Sizes 28+56G (1-2oz) 110+145G (4-5oz) 165+205G (6-7oz)

50 brass loops £3.99 50 Galv loops £3.99

50 brass loops £3.99

Makes jig heads 14- 45G Kit contains 10 jig hooks 5 twin tails

Gemini Splash Down

Gemini System 100 Mould Kit

Breakaway Ultra Mould

Sizes - 8, 12 & 24oz

50 Galv loops - £3.99

Uptide Mould

Come with acc to make 5 leads


Sizes - 8 or 10oz


Spare assembly kits. (makes 10 leads)

50 spare wires £2.99

Aquapedo Leads

3oz 4oz 5oz 6oz 8oz

£0.60 £0.70 £0.80 £0.90 £1.10

Supazoom Leads

8oz £1.30 10oz £2.00

Plain Leads

3oz £0.70 4oz £0.80 5oz £0.95 6oz £1.00 8oz £1.10 12oz £2.00 16oz £2.70

£9.00 Cols - Red, Blue or Green

Watch Leads

1oz 2oz 3oz 4oz 24oz £3.69 5oz 32oz £3.99 6oz

Gerrys Barrel Leads

£0.50 £0.65 £0.75 £0.85 £1.00 £1.20

Breakaway Impact Leads



Gerry’s Star Leads

Blue £1.50 Yellow £1.65 Red £1.75 Green £1.85

Pyramid Leads

100g £1.10 120g £1.10 150g £1.10 1oz 2oz 3oz 4oz 5oz


£0.50 £0.65 £0.75 £0.85 £1.00

Norwegian Pirk Mould Sizes - 8, 12, 16 or 20oz

£19.99 10 Spare wires £2.50

The mould produces 170g & 150g size leads is free standing. hinged and a closing clamp is provided. The mould will come with 10 complete nose cone assembles 5 red and 5 yellow.

The Gemini System 100+ contains a 90g - 210g adjustable mould assemblies to make 10 sinkers and complete moulding instructions.

10 Spare nose cones £12.99

Ball Leads

Gerry’s Ladle

1oz £0.50 2oz £0.65 3oz £0.75 4oz £0.85 5oz £1.00 6oz £1.20 8oz £1.60 10oz £2.00


Mould Clamp

The perfect tool to pour your lead into a mould.



Inline Bullet Lead

Finn Leads Plain

Finn Leads

1oz £0.50 1.5oz £0.60 2oz £0.70

Plain Plain Plain Plain

Breakout Breakout Breakout Breakout

Breakaway Softies

3oz 4oz 5oz 6oz

95p £1.05 £1.15 £1.25

Breakaway Flattie Leads

1oz £0.99 1.5oz £1.09 2oz £1.19 125g 150g 170g 200g

Breakout Mould

Sizes - 3, 4, 5,6 or 7oz

150g Yellow £1.70 170g Red £1.80 200g Green £1.90

85g Black £1.30 150g Yellow £1.50

Breakaway Impact Continental Leads 115g £1.20 135g £1.40

Shorecast Pyramid Lumi Lead 100g £1.50 120g £1.60 140g £1.70

3oz 4oz 5oz 6oz

£1.25 £1.35 £1.45 £1.55

Gemini Breakout Leads 90g £1.25 110g £1.35 130g £1.45 150g £1.55 170g £1.65 190g £1.75 210g £1.85 240g £1.90 270g £2.00 Breakaway Leads

90g Green 110g Black 130g Blue 150g Yellow 170g Red 190g Green 210g Black

£1.10 £1.25 £1.35 £1.45 £1.55 £1.65 £1.85


www.gerrys PE Classic Braid 300M

Has the characteristics of a much more expensive braid. With a round prole PE Classic sits well on your reel and cast brilliantly. Its tough, durable and pretty thin making it a superb all round braid suitable for both beach. 20.7lb (0.18mm) 30.4lb (0.24mm)

SpiderWire Stealth Smooth is a true 8 carrier braid constructed with a consistent, tight weave, high pick count coated with a thin layer of a highly durable aqueous microcrystalline polymer resulting in added strength and smoothness. This increased smoothness coupled with the inherent limpness of SpiderWire Stealth Smooth gives the angle the ability to make longer casts in comparison to other braids on the market of a similar breaking strain.

RRP £24.99

GP £19.99 Power Pro construct their line with ultra-strong braided Spectra Fibre then use Enhanced Body Technology to create an incredibly round smooth and sensitive line. These are the highest quality shing lines available in the world!


Available in 33lb, 44lb, 53lb, 66lb or 88lb (£10.00 extra) RRP £179.99

- 8 Carrier Braid - massively improved strength and shock resistance - Tight Weave - helps to eliminate fraying - Micro Coating - reduces the likely-hood of wind knots - Smooth and quiet casting - Super Thin Available colours 16lb 0.08mm 44lb 0.20mm Green, White, Yellow, Red 20lb 0.10mm 60lb 0.25mm 24lb 0.12mm 75lb 0.30mm 150M 28lb 0.14mm 90lb 0.35mm RRP £24.99 35lb 0.17mm 108lb 0.40mm Only in 275M GP £14.99

GP £134.99

275M Strength Diameter 20lb,9kg


29lb,13kg 0.19mm

Made with braided Spectra Fibre then Enhanced Body Technology is used to create an incredibly round smooth and sensitive line. These are the highest quality shing lines available in the world! Longer smoother casts; Better handling; Superior knot performance; Less burying in the spool; Near zero










0.38mm +£5.00

GP £29.99 Performance Pro 8 Braid

Neon Orange & Green

GP £19.99

18lb 0.13mm 20lb 0.15mm 30lb 0.20mm

0.104mm 0.165mm



GP £9.99

HTO Rocksh Ultrabraid, the HTO Rocksh Ultrabraid is a genuine 4-strand braid available in proper LRF weights. This line offers LRF and dropshot newcomers the opportunity to try out ultra light braid and experience the increased sensitivity,action and ultimately performance of these lines.



Ideal for wrecking situations when the sh are mid water. Multi Col J Braid has a small yellow mark every 1 meter then changes colour every 10 meter's a brilliant ideas to increase catch rates, know where the sh or the wreck is!


29lb - 0.20mm 37.5lb - 0.22mm 40lb - 0.24mm 58lb - 0,28mm 79lb - 0.35mm

RRP £39.99

GP £24.99

Crystal - Flame Green - Smoke Improved version of the classic FireLine braid Now using 8 carrier braid Smoother, ner and stronger than ever 10% longer casting than original FireLine 50% extra abrasion resistance Thermally fused with the FireLine process Super low stretch for incredible sensitivity 300m spool Made in the USA

24lb 31lb 40lb 54lb 64lb


11kg 14kg 18kg 25kg 29kg

0.17mm 0.20mm 0.25mm 0.32mm 0.39mm

GP £25.00

Crystal - Green - Yellow

£19.99 HTO Rockfish UltraBraid 100m 6lb

1970yd Spool £89.99

Whiplash 8 Braid 300M

These 150m spools of braid represent great value for money, perfect for dropshotting and many other styles of light lure shing


0.12mm 0.17mm 0.25mm 0.30mm 0.40mm

Strength Diameter 26lb, 11.8kg 0.14mm 33lb, 15kg 0.17mm 37lb, 17kg 0.20mm 51lb, 23.2kg 0.25mm 64lb, 29kg 0.30mm 77lb, 35kg 0.35mm 99lb, 45kg 0.40mm

Fireline Ultra 8 Braid 330m

Brand new and perfect for lures. This braid is thinner than anything you will of used before. 150M.

Strength Diameter

23lb,10.5kg 33lb, 15kg 51lb, 23.2kg 64lb, 29kg 99lb, 45kg

1500m Spool GP

HTO Lure Game Pe Braid 150m 12lb - 16lb - 20lb

Light Blue in colour


X8 J Braid Multi Coloured 300m

GP £17.99

YGK G-Soul X3 Braid


300m Spool £14.99

832 Advanced Superline Braid 120m This has got to be the strongest ,most durable Low-Vis Green small diameter braid on the market . Constructed from 8 strands, 1 x GORE Performance bre and 7 x Dyneema, this line is seriously strong and abrasion resistant. Perfect for any rough ground shing or lure shing from rocks The GORE bre add's extra durability to the braid, eliminating the braid chang from the inside out prolonging the life of the braid.

GP £24.99

*Not all size/colour combinations are available. Please call

This is a classic 4 carrier braid and is unmatched in value .It's super smooth nish make long and effortless casts possible. As with all Spider wire Braids Dura-4 is super strong and super sensative with out being super expensive . 300 mt ller spool Moss green 4 strand PE ber construction Near zero stretch to Aid bite registration 2-3 times thinner than mono of the same test

RRP £44.99

An 8 carrier construction of thin dyneema bers create a strong,thin baided line that has high abrasion resistance and superb knot strength. Ideal for all aspects of spinnig fresh water and salt water ,Salmon ,Bass, Pike ,Perch and Trout 14lb - 6.5kg 0.10mm 18lb - 8,2lk 0.12mm 22lb - 10.2kg 0.15mm 30lb - 13.5kg 018mm

300M RRP £29.99

GP £9.99

8 Carrier PE Braid 300 mt spools Perfectly round Exceptionally smooth to aid casting Super strong Exreamley Durable 100% PE Dyneema Tough and abrasion resistant

20lb - 10kg 25lb - 12kg 30lb - 15kg 40lb - 19kg 45lb - 21kg 50lb - 24kg 65lb - 27kg 80lb - 39kg 100lb - 47kg

0.06mm 0.08mm 0.10mm 0.14mm 0.16mm 0.18mm 0.20mm 0.25mm 0.28mm

RRP £39.99 GP




Order Hotline - 01524 422146 Fluorocarbon 50m Spool

Shock Leader 100m

Rig Body Mono 100m Spool

This offers the angler a massive advantage This top selling co-polymer leader is both when shing in clear water as it is almost invisible when This is an extremely hard wearing mono with a low diameter soft and strong with a low diameter. It lays perfectly on the submerged. It is stiff, sinks like a stone and has very little keeping your rig body nice and supple but still retaining it's reel and produces superb knots with no kinking. stretch. The wide range of breaking strains cover anything strength. High Quality Rig from estuary mullet to deep water wrecking.

16lb 20lb 25lb 30lb 40lb 50lb 60lb


0.35mm 0.39mm 0.44mm 0.48mm 0.57mm 0.63mm 0,70mm


£11.99 £11.99 £13.49 £15.99 £19.49 £19.49 £19.49

50lb 60lb 70lb 80lb


0.62mm 0.70mm 0.74mm 0.78mm

50lb 60lb 70lb 80lb

£6.99 £7.99 £8.99 £9.49

New mmended Mono Gerrys Highly Reco Crystal Mono Great new range of mono from sakuma, this co-polymer line offers the angler a consistant diameter, high abrasion resistance and superb knot strength. It's strong but supple make-up allows for a controlled stretch that is now widely regarded as the way to improve your distance casting. Availiable in three colours 8 breaking strains 12 - 40 lb Available sizes very though the range I

XL Strong Mono 330y The Xl Strong is a very versatile mono shing line that is perfect for a wide variety of fresh and saltwater shing applications .This smooth line is exeptional for casting by offering a low memory,reduced twist and fewer backlash than other stiffer monos .

15lb 23lb 34lb 43lb


0.28mm 0.35mm 0.45mm 0.50mm


0.28mm 0.31mm 0.33mm 0.35mm 0.37mm 0.43mm 0.47mm 0.57mm

15lb 18lb 20lb

-1500m - 1300m - 1100m - 1000m - 900m - 650m - 560m - 380m

12lb 14lb 16lb 20lb 25lb 30lb 40lb

0.28mm 0.31mm 0.33mm 0.37mm 0.43mm 0.47mm 0.57mm










Made with a super copolymer, ZIPPY is truly a step above traditional nylon mono leaders.

53lb - 0.60mm £6.99 60lb - 0.70mm £7.49 80lb - 0.80mm £7.99 101lb - 0.90mm £8.49

Only £2.99




9lb 0.18mm £5.99 10.5lb 0.20mm £5.99 12.5lb 0.22mm £6.49 15.5lb 0.25mm £6.99 16.3lb 0.28mm £6.99 20lb 40lb

0.30mm £7.49 0.40mm £8.49

Smoother and lighter, this crystal coloured monolament, offers high resistance to knots and abrasion. Its elasticity and controlled stretching, permit a perfect strike and ght. Made with an exhaustive precision technology.

Krystal Shockleader

101lb - 80m Spool Super 21 Fluorocarbon 150m Fluorocarbon's other great benet is that the line will never absorb water, no matter how long it's submerged. This keeps the line's structural integrity in top condition, providing unparalleled knot and shock strength.

Clear & Lo-vis Pink 12lb - 0.28mm 14lb - 0.30mm 18lb - 0.35mm 20lb - 0.40mm Clear Only

£9.99 £11.99 £12.99 £13.99








A serious mono for the serious angler. Tronix Mainline XT is used by some of the UK's nest anglers and when you look at the spec, you can understand why. Mainline XT offers one of the most abrasive lines on the market but still retains superb strength to diameter rating. 50M spools.

Only £4.99

12lb 14lb 16lb 20lb 25lb


0.28mm 0.31mm 0.33mm 0.37mm 0.43mm

-1500m - 1300m - 1100m - 900m - 650m

Highly nded Recomme Mono

GP £9.99 Memory Free Snood Mono

Sux is a highly versatile line that can be used for both shock leader in the higher braking strains or snood and rig body material. With its memory free properties you get perfect tangle free leaders and booms,

15lb 20lb 30lb 40lb 50lb


0.35mm 0.45mm 0.55mm 0.65mm 0.75mm

£4.99 £5.50 £5.99 £6.99 £7.99

100m Spools Superior Heavy Duty Mono This Superior is a great leader or rubbing trace thats supple, tough and has a low diameter. Use for heavy snood lengths, great for Sharking or mono for Conger or Blue water species.

101lb 132lb 150lb 200lb

Tapered Leaders Available in Clear or Orange.

Only £8.99 This great high performance tapered shock leaders from 16lb to 65lb. This allows you to have a very small leader knot so no more weed getting caught. It also allows the caster to get more distance due to reduced wind resistance. 5 per spool. The prole starts with 9m (30ft) of 0.8mm (65lbs) and tapers over the remaining 4m (13ft) down to 0.37mm (16lbs). Five leaders per spool.


0.90mm 1.00mm 1.20mm 1.40mm

£9.99 £10.99 £13.99 £15.99


100m S

30lb - 0.50mm £14.99 40lb - 0.60mm £15.99

Strength Diameter 40lb

-1500m - 1300m - 1100m - 900m - 650m - 560m - 380m

Zippy Shock Leader 100m Spools

Tronix have a habit of producing a tackle which is unbelievable for the price point and their Axia mono is exactly the same. This line is strong, durable and has superb knot strength and sells for less than £3 a spool. You can't really get better value anywhere.

Yuki Invisible 3G Generation Mono

Ice Crystal

Tritanium Neon Gold

14lb - 0.30mm - 1520m 19lb - 0.35mm - 1120m 24lb - 0.45mm - 860m 30lb - 0.50mm - 600m

0.35mm 1005M 0.38mm 960M 0.40mm 770M

£6.49 £6.99 £7.49 £7.99

High shock strength and a smooth outer surface makes Tritanium ideal when casting with a xed spool or multiplier reel, The exclusive super bond polymer technology provides abrasion resistance ten times greater than most nylon monolaments of comparable diameter

Available in Red or Clear



Tritanium Neon Orange

£5.60 £5.99 £7.50 £7.50


0.62mm 0.70mm 0.74mm 0.78mm

Lite Crystal

Nite Crystal 12lb 14lb 16lb 18lb 20lb 25lb 30lb 40lb


Tournament Mono Yellow - Orange 10lb 12lb 15lb 18lb 20lb 25lb 30lb 50lb


0.28mm 0.31mm 0.35mm 0.40mm 0.43mm 0.52mm 0.57mm 0.60mm


1540m 1320m 1040m 740m 660m 460m 390m 260m

GP £14.99


Order Hotline - 01524 422146 Classic Mono

The Asso Classic line, Strength is a very versitile mono, 12lb with its high breaking 15lb strength and superb abrasion resisitance, 18lb this is a perfect line 20lb for any angler.Best budget line around, 25lb cast's great too! 30lb 4oz spools.

Only £4.99

Diameter 0.30mm 0.35mm 0.37mm 0.40mm 0.45mm 0.50mm

Hard Skin. (Black or White) Only £9.95 A very very smooth and tough line coated for abrasive resistantance and reliability. An ideal all round line. Fast proving to be one of the best Asso lines we sell.















0.65mm 0.70mm



0.36mm 0.40mm 0.45mm

Oblivion Snood Mono Asso Oblivion is a memory free line which is perfect for hook lengths and rig making. Being memory free it sits nice and straight and if it does become twisted by a sh then a gentle pull will see it return to its previous form. 100m spools -

RRP £5.99

0.40mm 0.45mm 0.50mm 0.55mm

GP £3.99

r Black

Orange o

Protector Taper Lines

Manufactured using the highest quality materials meaning they are strong durable and very supple. Available in Solid Strength Diameter Orange, Fluro 15/50lb 0.35/0.65mm Yellow, Red and Clear. 15/60lb 0.35/0.70mm 5 x 15M

Asso Protector Tapered Line is a single 220 Meter line which has a built in shock leader. Tapered lines offer 200 Meters of the lower diameter line then there is a knotless taper going upto the thicker leader which is 20 Meters long. These tapered lines are also made in coloured bands, so each 20 meters is a different colour.

Only £7.49


Only £7.50

Ultraflex Shockleaders

Bullet Proof

Only £11.99

Developed using a new secret compound which gives this line the ultimate abrasion resistance, whilst remaining very soft and limp for distance casting. Bullet proof offers exceptional linear and knot strength. 4oz spool.

15lb (0.35mm) 18lb (0.37mm) 20lb (0.40mm)

Super Fluorocarbon Most uorocarbons are stiff and brittle, however Asso Super Fluorocarbon is very soft and supple, you may not believe it is 100% uorocarbon just by looking at it!


Only £11.99

Protector Tapered Leaders



Asso's premium mainline. Strength Diameter Its brilliant and an 12lb 0.30mm awesome line for distance casting. Ideal 15lb 0.32mm for clean to mixed ground 20lb 0.36mm shing where bite 25lb 0.40mm registration, distance and abrasion resistance 30lb 0.45mm are paramount. One of the best mono's we sell.

Strength Diameter


Only £12.99 Diameter

Ultra Cast

Only £2.95 50lb

Asso's premium mainline. Strength Its brilliant and an awesome line for distance 12lb casting. Ideal for clean to 15lb mixed ground shing where bite registration, 20lb distance and abrasion 25lb resistance are 30lb paramount. One of the best mono's we sell.

15lb 20lb 25lb 30lb

Classic Shock Leaders (Clear or Yellow)

Asso Classic Shock Leaders are perfect for rig making and Shock absobers when casting. Offers a superior strength to diameter whilst delivering easy handling. 50M


Asso UltraFlex has been specially engineered to offer a top qulaity Rig body and Shock leader material. Ultra Flex is very soft and supple yet maintains strength and abrasion resistance. 50 yds.

Only £3.99 Strength












Sunset Amnesia Genuine 100 Yard Spools of Amnesia Amnesia this memory free solid monolament leader and snood line made by Sunset. High knot strength even when wet.

10lb 12lb 15lb 20lb 25lb 30lb 40lb 50lb 60lb Strength

11.6lb 13.2lb 15.2lb 19.2lb 26.4lb

Black and Clear Dia

0.25 0.28 0.30 0.35 0.40


£12.99 £12.99 £12.99 £14.99 £14.99



Snood and Rig Body Mono 55

Surflon Nylon Coated 7 Strand Wire Camo

AFW Tooth Proof Leader Wire These leaders are made with AFW’s special blend of Titanium alloy wire - engineered to deliver tremendous strength along with dramatic kink resistance. Fish with condence knowing these are among the highest quality leaders available.

Suron 1x7 is a great all-around leader wire for toothy sh. This wire comes coated with a high grade of nylon which is tough yet exible and seals out the water, reduce visibility, and improve the life of the line.

(Crimp (Crimp (Crimp (Crimp (Crimp

American Fishing Wire 49 strand shing wire is the rst choice for shark and big game anglers looking for a tough but exible wire for traces and rubbing leaders. T.

90lb (Crimp #4F8) £14.99 175lb (Crimp #4F8,7TB) £14.99 275lb (Crimp #7F8,7TB) £16.99 400lb (Crimp #7F8,8TB £16.99

H 1.2) £9.99 F 1.5) £11.99 E 1.7) £14.99 D 2.0) £16.99 D 2.0) £19.99

Tapered Leaders 15m x 10 Trabucco have designed the XPS Taper Leader to meet the needs of the xed spool angler who is using a light mainline. Each 15m leader features a 6m length of 'heavy' leader which then tapers over a further 7m down to the 2m tip which you connect to your reel line.

XPS Taperline 250m XPS uses a Ceramic Powered Molecular Treatment which gives it High Abrasion Resistance and superior Knot strength. It also features a multicolour marking system to help you gauge your casting distance. 10-45lb - 0.18mm - 0.40mm

10-70lb - 0.18mm - 0.57mm

GP £11.99

GP £11.99

12-70lb - 0.20mm - 0.57mm

12-70lb - 0.20mm - 0.57mm

GP £11.99

GP £11.99

15-70lb - 0.23mm - 0.57mm

15-70lb - 0.23mm - 0.57mm

GP £13.49

GP £13.49

18-70lb - 0.26mm - 0.57mm

18-70lb - 0.26mm - 0.57mm

GP £13.99

GP £13.99

Lurs Tapered Line 220mt

Lurs Tapered Shock Leaders Extra soft Japanese mono for better knot strength. Also features improved linear strength and a higher knot breaking strength. -10 leaders per spool -15mt length per leader -Soft Japanese monolament -High linear strength -High knot strength

Greased Weasel Drennan Greased Weasel has got to be one of the best selling shock leaders ever made for sea shing. Its high strength and abrasion resitance makes it one of the most popular sellers. It is available in 3 colours and 3 breaking strains. Clear, Orange and Grey. 40LB, 50LB, 60LB. Ideal for shock leaders and rig bodies.

Tried & Tested

0.23mm - 0.57mm Approx 12-60lb 0.26mm - 0.57mm Approx 15-60lb

Top Pick For Match Anglers GP £19.99

More Lines & Leaders on our website

y gerr


om c . g shin

GP £4.25 10X Shockleader


Price Diameter 0.56mm £4.99 0.70mm £4.99 0.80mm £4.99 1.00mm £5.99 1.40mm


10X Leader is the rst choice for experienced anglers shing reef, rock ledges and other sharp edged structures, for targeting large sh. 10X is a premium leader that is 10 times the abrasion resistance of standard mono. Most certainly a leader to turn to when hard wearing is more important than a soft, supple feel. Look at the low diameter! 100M spools.


15lb - 0.25mm 20lb - 0.30mm 28lb - 0.35mm

Velvet Accurate Cast 300m Based on the same, successful formula of Velvet, this soft monolament is perfect for surf casting because its coloring, which changes every 30 meters, allows you to check the shing distance, reproducing the same with high accuracy, cast after cast. No mechanical memory

12lb 15lb 20lb 28lb


0.22mm 0.25mm 0.30mm 0.35mm

Tournament Tough 500m spooled with the system “parallel” that eliminates completely the line torsion during the production process. This version Tournament Tough is particularly soft and with an extraordinary traction strength. It is recommended for shing with telescopic whips but also for reel shing for long casts.The color is clear dicroic. 12.13lb - 0.20mm

18.52lb - 0.25mm 26.45lb - 0.30mm 34.94lb - 0.35mm 44.53lb - 0.40mm 60.62lb - 0.45mm 77.15 lb - 0.50mm

Secol Power Fluorocarbon 50m spool

In all test carryed out by experienced shermen they have The LURS TAPERED line has a special silicon treatment that found greater resistance to abrasion,unmatched transparency not only ensures that the line coils come smoothly off the and water invisibility, total lack of water absorption and reel during casting but also protects the line from the extraordinary ability to make bait movement more natural. corrosive action of salt. One of the best Fluorocarbons on the market today.

GP £16.99

Strength 50lb 60lb 80lb 100lb

In New 12lb - 0.22mm

49 Strand Stainless Shark Leader Wire

AFW Grand Slam Leaders 100m Spool

100lb 150lb 200lb 250lb 300lb

Extremely soft, velvet skinned thanks to silicone treatment and without memory, it ows easily out from the reel’s spool, allowing long casts and preventing the inexpert user from creating line tangles.

60lb (AFW Sleeve #4, 4L) £5.99 90lb (AFW Sleeve #7) £6.99 135lb (AFW Sleeve #9) £8.49 170lb (AFW Sleeve #12) £9.49 250lb (AFW Sleeve #12) £11.99

50lb (Compatible Crimp #2 1.19mm) GP £18.99 75lb (Compatible Crimp #3 1.40mm) GP £19.99 100lb (Compatible Crimp #4 1.80mm GP £24.99

Exceptionally reliable and designed to perform under the toughest of conditions. A state-of-the-art copolymer nylon monolament leader line with an excellent diameter to strength ratio. Exceptionally reliable and designed to perform under the toughest of conditions.It's high knot and crisp strength has made it the choice to top anglers.

XPS Velvet ProCast 600m

Big Game Fluorocarbon Strength 20lb 25lb 30lb

40lb 50lb 60lb

Price £9.99 £9.99

Length 100yds 100yds



£14.99 100yds £14.99 100yds £14.99 75yds

Berkley Big Game is a name that every angler can trust, and when you use this uorocarbon you will see why. Available in a wide range of breaking strains up to 80lb to cover most angling situations you are likely to encounter.

7.7lb - 0.18mm 9.9lb - 0.20mm 13.3lb - 0.23mm 15.5lb - 0.26mm 18lb - 0.28mm 22lb - 0.33mm 26lb - 0.37mm

GP £16.99 Gerrys Soft Nylon Covered Wire Inc Crimps 7.5m Spool 50lb 80lb 100lb 150lb 200lb

£2.49 £2.99 £2.99 £2.99 £3.49

Trilene Big Game Shock Leader 50m This special mono is the most popular big game leader material in the world. A combination of toughness and high abrasion resistance, excellent knot strength and ease of use makes this the ideal shock-leader. Superior Abrasion Resistance Super Strong High Knot Strength Smooth Handling Ideal Saltwater Shockleader

30LB - 40LB - 50LB 60LB - 80LB

GP £7.99


www.gerrys Akura 145BN

8382 Sport Circle Hook VMC top notch Circle hook, this 8382 is 3 x times stronger than most circles with ultra sharp cone cut point. Made from forged Hi Carbon steel with a reverse point to give brilliant hook ups. A great hook for many Blue Water species like Tarpon, Tuna etc but can be used in UK situations including Cod Pollock even fresh water big Cats.

Sz Sz Sz Sz Sz

2/0 £3.99 4/0 £3.99 6/0 £4.49 8/0 £4.99 10/0 £5.49

1/0 2/0 3/0 4/0 5/0 6/0 8/0 10/0 12/0 14/0

They are ultra sharp, made from Hi Carbon steel with long shanks and a round bend, as well as being competitivley priced!

Sizes 8-6-4-2-1

It's suitable for use with worm and crab baits.

15 Per Packet


pkt of 5

GP £2.99

Gerrys Smart Points These hooks are the largest strongest sharpest hooks Gerrys stock. Made from a forged high carbon material with a an offset barb. These hooks are superb for all the bigger swimming species including catsh and larger sharks. Available in packets of 5



















Sizes - 2, 4, 6, 8 £2.99

Gerrys Bait Holders



Pkts of 50













Gerrys Bronze O’Shaunessy

Ideal for Tope, Skate, Rays & Hounds.

6 4 2 1 1/0

1/0 2/0 4/0 6/0 8/0


Sizes 1, 2, 4, 6. £1.99

3/0 4/0 6/0

Pkts of 100 Made from high carbon steel and chemically £10.99 sharpened for precision sharpness. It also £10.99 features a round bend £10.99 and a long shank. This £10.99 hook is a great all rounder perfect for Crab £12.49 worm baits and many £16.49 more. This hook is a real matchmans £20.49 favourite. £24.99 £34.49

Sabpolo Wormers A very versatile match hook and suited to mounting a variety of baits and catching a multitude of species.

Hisashi 3282 BN Hooks Constructed with a high percentage of carbon, and are chemically sharpened. These hooks are suitable for a wide range of shing with the long shank they present your worm baits very well in the water when shing for plaice or any at sh. In the bigger sizes these hooks are more then capable of landing bigger sh. 15 per pkt.


50 per pkt

£2.50 £2.50 £2.99 £3.99 £4.99

The Trabucco Shinken Pint hooks are one of the most sort after hooks in the match world. They have become one of our best sellers in the last couple of years. In design these hook have a Wormer shape with a small eye and a much lighter ner gauge, making it better for slightly more delicate baits and giving you an overall better presentation. The Pint is also slightly off set. 10 per pkt.



Fitted with two small barbs on the reverse of the shank these hooks keep your bait in place. The hook also features an inturned point.

10/0 or 12/0

The O'shaugnessy range is an extra stong hook designed for big sh. It features a heavy gauge forged bronze wire wide gape and an extra sharp hook point.

Shinken 53117 Pint Hooks

Gerrys Black Aberdeens Tried and tested. They have a great strength a smooth rounded curve and a long shank making them an ideal all round hook.

£3.99 £4.50


An ultra sharp point ensures hook up's with the lightest of bites.

Colour: Black Nickel Carbon steel

Designed to lip hook Pkt of 25 sh which makes it much easier for un£2.99 hooking purposes. £2.99 Produces a better £2.99 chance of hooking £2.99 especially in the £2.99 lip than a conventional hook £3.49 try some and see. £3.49 £3.74

8 hooks per pack. Sizes 8, 6, 4, 2, 1

This style of hooks has proven to be extremely popular with match anglers as their all round hook. It has a good length to the shank and is exible enough to bend out when a sh has taken it deep down.

Box of 25

Gerrys Lip Grip Cirlces Size

This VMC Blued ne wire Aberdeen is a perfect hook for match angling where being able to pull the hook out with bending it to.

B900C Crab Fantastically sharp the B900c is a specialist pattern specically designed for soft Peeler Crab. The reversed point neat barb and Limerick bend produce a hook which is mechanically very strong and will provide perfect presentation and excellent penetration. pkts of 10 (1/0pkt of 7) Sizes 4, 2, 1, 1/0


B940S Short Shank

B940M Match Designed specically for delicate presentation of a wide variety of baits. One of the best match hooks available. 10 per pkt Sizes 4, 2, 1, 1/0


The short shank and classic Aberdeen shape ensure it is not only very strong but can also be used for a variety of baits. Available in sizes: 4, 2, 1, 1/0, 2/0

£1.60 57


Order Hotline - 01524 422146 Sakuma 545 Manta Extra

540 Manta .Slightly exible and extra sharp making these hooks great for larger species such as Cod and bass. Super sharp forged hook with a needle point that stays sharp. They have a very wide gape which helps present bigger baits like crab and squid more naturally. Finished in a black nickel coating.

Size 6 4 2 1 1/0 2/0 3/0 4/0 5/0

Pkt of 10 Pkt of 30

£1.99 £1.99 £1.99 £1.99 £1.99 £2.24 £2.49 £3.14 £3.29

£5.04 £5.04 £5.04 £5.04 £5.04 £5.74 £6.59 £8.33 £8.74

Highly Rated

445 Circle Extra’s 542 Manta Bait A heavy duty version of the 440 Circle hook in a Holder range of larger sizes which are suitable for tackling

Super Sharp ,Super strong forged heavy wire hook. Special Splices in the shank will help retain soft hook Baits Like peeler crab.

Size 1 1/0 2/0 3/0 4/0 5/0

Pkt of 10

£2.99 £3.35 £3.66 £3.96 £3.96 £4.27

species such as Shark, Skate, Conger and Ray in deep water and fast tides. 10 per pkt Sizes

4/0 5/0 6/0 7/0 8/0

£4.40 £4.75 £7.40 £8.20 £8.95

Size 1/0 2/0 4/0 6/0 8/0

Same strength and quality as the 540 mantas with a short shank. Ideal for Wrasse.

Pkt of 10

Size 8 6 4 2

£2.99 £2.99 £3.99 £5.59 £6.62


3261 Ultrapoint

Black nickle, strong hook, Chemically sharpened. A very popular hook ideal for carb and worm baits.

Pkt of 10

£1.99 £1.99 £1.99 £1.99

A great heavy duty hooks for Tope, Conger and Skate. Very tough.

Pkt of 25 £4.49







1/0 2/0

£5.49 £5.49

5/0 6/0

£6.50 £6.99

7/0 8/0

£7.99 £8.99





£6.49 £6.49 £7.49


pkt of 10 £13.99




pkt of 10 £16.99

Mustad 4446b Ultrapoint


Pkt of 25

4/0 5/0


Pkt of 25





1 1/0

£3.99 £4.99


440 Circle Hooks Super sharp, forged wire with a special bend and point that make this pattern more user friendly than most conventional circle hooks.


Pkt of 10

4 2 1 1/0 2/0 3/0

£1.65 £1.85 £2.05 £2.40 £2.80 £3.35

470 Top Gun Very strong forged offset hook with a short shank, straight eye and a long 'swept in' chemically sharpened point. Perfect for presenting crab and sh baits for species such as smoothounds, Bass, Bream and Wrasse.

Size Pkt of 10 1/0 £1.33 2/0 £1.52 3/0 £1.61 4/0 £1.84 5/0 £2.24 6/0 £2.58

Ultimate Bass Designed with a special curved shank which helps to secure bulky baits such as peeler crab and mackerel without impeding the hook point. The large turned up eye helps to prevent the bait from sliding up the shank whilst the ultra sharp point and micro barb allow good hook penetration.

Size 2/0 3/0 4/0 5/0

Size 1/0 2/0 3/0 4/0

Pkt of 10

£2.40 £2.40 £2.40 £2.40


7 7 5 5


79515 Viking

79511 Viking Pennel Strong forged shank and round bend brilliant for big baits. Inturned eye for Pennel Rigs ideal to pair with Mustad 79515 Viking.


£2.49 £6.49 £2.89 £7.59 £3.54 £9.49 £3.64 £9.74 £4.64 £12.59 £4.69 £12.74 £5.29 £14.44

Mustad 3407 O’Shaunessys

Size 4

Nordic bend ne wire hook with a small eye. An ideal worm hook and very popular when targeting atsh. Chemically sharpened.

Size 2/0 3/0 4/0 5/0 6/0 7/0 8/0

541 Mini Manta

543 Manta Pennel A tough and idealhook for your winter pennel rigs. Out-turned eye. 10 per pkt.

Just like the 540 mantas but with a heavier gauge wire. Ideal for bigger species such as Huss and Hounds.

Forged medium wire makes this hook the perfect Size Pkt of 25 choice for either rough-ground shore work or uptiding.Great 1 £3.50 rounded bend gape allowing 1/0 £4.40 point to enter the sh cleanly.

2/0 3/0 4/0 6/0

£5.30 £5.99 £6.75 £7.50


Order Hotline - 01524 422146 Chinu’s

Cox & Rawle Meat Hooks

Extra strong and super sharp, this classic Sea bream hook is made using high carbon steel and has a forged bend for added strength. The bend is offset giving even greater hooking potential and is ideal for peeler crab and other soft baits.

Cox and Rawle Meat Hooks are a classic hook and are extremely strong. They have sharp ground points for lasting sharpness and are designed for hunting big sh such as large Cod, Bass, Tope and

£1.99 Size Size Size Size Size Size Size

8, pkt of 10 6, pkt of 10 4, pkt of 9 2, pkt of 8 1, pkt of 7 1/0, pkt of 5 3/0, pkt of 4













Size 2 1 1/0 2/0 3/0 4/0 5/0 6/0 7/0

Tournament Circle

Crab With their short shank and offset hook point. Ideal for peeler and other soft baits. Forged for strength and chemically sharpened. Great for shing for any species. • Size: 6 - Packet of 10 • Size: 4 - Packet of 10 • Size: 2 - Packet of 10 • Size: 1/0 - Packet of 7 • Size: 2/0 - Packet of 7 • Size: 3/0 - Packet of 7 • Size: 4/0 - Packet of 6


Heavy wire circle hook - extremely strong and sharp "nail-hanger" point with forged bend. This hook is virtually indestructible and is suitable for any big predators.

With an in-line non-offset hook point at 90 degrees to the shank, this hook is IGFA catch and release compliant and tournament legal. 1 Hook Per Packet

14/0 16/0

£2.75 £3.25

The Aberdeen is one of the classic sea shing hooks, ideal for a range of baits, presentations and species, and Cox & Rawle's are probably the best version we have seen. They feature a strong, round bend with a micro barb. The best all round hook out

Qty 9 9 7 7 7 7 5 5 5

Price £1.99 £1.99 £1.99 £1.99 £1.99 £1.99 £1.99 £1.99 £1.99

Cox & Rawle Uptide Extras

Ideal for surf, Boat and Uptide shing. Feature a shorter shank making them ideal for hard ghting sh in deeper water and fast tides. Qty Price Size 2 8 £1.99 1 8 £1.99 1/0 8 £1.99 2/0 8 £1.99 3/0 7 £1.99 4/0 7 £1.99 5/0 7 £1.99 6/0 5 £1.99 7/0 5 £1.99

Mutsu Circle

Aberdeen Perfect Size

Cox & Rawle Surf & Uptide An extremely strong and reliable general purpose hook. Made from high carbon steel with chemical etched points for needle sharp hooking power.

x 10

The Mutsu Circle is a great hook from Cox and Rawle as it is a versitile addition to the range. The Mutsu Circle is perfect for small plaice, ounder, dab and bream yet the larger sizes of the hook are strong enough to land rays and tope. • Size: 1/0 - Packet of 9 • Size: 2/0 - Packet of 8 • Size: 4/0 - Packet of 6 • Size: 6/0 - Packet of 5 • Size: 8/0 - Packet of 4 • Size: 10/0 - Packet of 3

x 25

8 6 4 2 1 1/0

£2.25 £2.25 £2.25 £2.25 £2.25 £2.25 x 7

£4.25 £4.25 £4.25 £4.25 £4.25 £5.00

2/0 3/0 4/0 6/0

£2.25 £2.25 £2.25 £2.25

£5.50 £6.25 £6.75 £8.00

x x x x

7 6 5 4

£2.50 Sea Beasts These strong hooks have been designed to cater for large baits and show plenty of hook point to ensure good 'hook ups' after a large bait has been added. These are a really good choice for large Huss, Conger, Spurs and larger Rays. Finished with a longer shank and a decent barb.

Wide Mouth Aberdeen The Cox & Rawle Big Mouth is an excellent 'big' sh hook. It’s an ideal choice for cod, bass, rays, smooth hounds etc. A hook for big baits such as full squid, big crab baits and mackerel llets. It’s completed with a micro barb to ensure you miss less bites.

Wide Mouth Aberdeen Extra The Cox & Rawle Big Mouth Aberdeen Extra is a thicker gauge version of the normal big mouth aberdeen. It is ideal when you are targeting hard ghting sh and need to use a hook that you know will never fail. It’s completed with a micro barb to ensure you miss less bites.


Size 4/0 5/0 6/0 7/0 8/0

Per pkt Price 4 £3.50 4 £3.50 3 £3.50 3 £3.50 3 £3.50


x 10

4 2 1 1/0 2/0 4/0

£2.00 £2.00 £2.00 £2.25 £2.50 £3.20

x 25 £4.30 £4.30 £4.30 £4.70 £5.50 £7.50

x 10

x 25

1/0 2/0

£2.50 £2.50

£5.40 £5.40

3/0 4/0 6/0 8/0

£2.80 £3.50 £4.40 £5.50

£6.60 £8.00 £10.20 £13.00




Gemini Splash Down Solo pkt of 5 Bait Clip lumi

Gemini Splash Down Solo Clip pkt of 5 1 pkt £2.49 5 pkt £11.82 10 pkt £22.41

1 pkt £2.95 5 pkt £14.01 10 pkt £26.55

Gemini 45lb Snood Swivel pkt of 25 1 pkt £2.20 5 pkt £9.97 10 pkt £19.00

Gemini Mini Swivel and Link pkt of 8 1 pkt £2.10 5 pkt £9.60 10 pkt £18.10

Gemini 80lb Mainline Swivel pkt of 25 1 pkt £2.20 5 pkt £9.97 10 pkt £19.00

Gemini Swivel and Link

Gemini Connectors

1 pkt £2.10 5 pkt £9.60 10 pkt £18.10

Gemini SRT Springs

1 pkt £2.10 5 pkt £9.60 10 pkt £18.10

1 pkt £1.99 5 pkt £9.49 10 pkt £18.99

1 pkt £1.60 5 pkt £7.60 10 pkt £14.40

Gemini Mini Crimps 1 pkt £2.15 5 pkt £9.75 10 pkt £18.30

Gemini Pulley Beads

Gemini Baiting Needles 7 inch 1.2mm £2.10 9 inch 1.5mm £2.30 12 inch 1.5mm £2.50 12 inch 2mm £2.50

Gemini Rig Beads

Gemini Rig Beads

3mm pkt of 100 1 pkt £1.60 5 pkt £7.60 10 pkt £14.40

Gemini Rig Beads

Plain - Spotted 6mm-8mm-10mm

Chartruese 3mm & 4mm pkt of 100

pkt of 100 1 pkt £1.60 5 pkt £7.60 10 pkt £14.40

1pkt £1.60 5pkt £7.60 10pkt £14.40

C&R Crosslock Snaps Sz Sz Sz Sz Sz Sz

1 3 4 5 6 7


40lb - pkt of 25 75lb - pkt of 15 100lb - pkt of 10 127lb - pkt of 10 202lb - pkt of 9 250lb - pkt of 7

Only £1.99 per pack

Gemini Power Bead White pkt of 100

3mm & 4mm

1 pkt £2.05 5 pkt £9.74 10 pkt £18.45

C&R Stainless Crane Swivels

C&R Brass Ball Bearing Swivel Sz Sz Sz Sz

00 - 22lb pkt of 5 1 - 30lb pkt of 6 2 - 44lb pkt of 6 3 - 60lb pkt of 6

Sz Sz Sz Sz Sz

6 - 40lb pkt of 15 2 - 60lb pkt of 10 1 - 70lb pkt of 7 1/0 - 75lb pkt of 7 2/0 - 70lb pkt 5

£4.99 per pack

Sz Sz Sz Sz Sz Coastlock Snap Sz Sz 4 - 90lb pkt of 5 Sz Sz 5 - 120lb pkt of 4 Sz Sz 6 - 180lb pkt of 3 Sz Sz 7 - 250lb pkt of 2

C&R Brass Ball Swivel With Interlock Snap

C&R Spring Accessory Kit 1 pkt £1.99 5 pkt £9.49 10 pkt £18.99

1 pkt £1.85 5 pkt £8.78 10 pkt £16.65

Gemini Rig Beads

Black 3mm & 4mm

C&R Coastlock Snaps

pkt of 10

Gemini Snood Clips pkt of 10

Ruby Red 3mm & 4mm pkt of 100 1 pkt £1.60 5 pkt £7.60 10 pkt £14.40

Gemini Floating Beads

Only £1.99 per pack

Gemini Juno Bait Clips pkt of 5

Available in Red - Black £1.70

Sz 1 - 44lb - pkt of 10 Sz 2 - 60lb - pkt of 10 Sz 4 - 110lb - pkt of 9 Sz 6 - 180lb - pkt of 5 Sz 7 - 250lb - pkt of 4 Sz 8 - 350lb - pkt of 3

Gemini Bent Rig Clip pkt of 10 1 pkt £1.90 5 pkt £9.02 10 pkt £17.10

pkt of 10

pkt of 50

1 pkt £2.20 5 pkt £10.45 10 pkt £19.80

1 pkt £2.10 5 pkt £9.60 10 pkt £18.10

pkt of 5 1 pkt £2.55 5 pkt £12.10 10 pkt £22.95

Gemini Pulley Clips

Gemini Rig Tubing

pkt of 5

Gemini Super Strength Rig Clip pkt of 15

pkt of 5

pkt of 1 metre

1 pkt £1.60 5 pkt £7.50 10 pkt £14.00

Gemini Rig Clip pkt of 15 1 pkt £1.85 5 pkt £8.79 10 pkt £16.65

Gemini Breakers

pkt of 10 1 pkt £2.15 5 pkt £10.21 10 pkt £19.35

Gemini SRT Pulley Clip pkt of 5

Gemini Super strength Link pkt of 15 1 pkt £2.10 5 pkt £9.60

pkt of 5 1 pkt £2.10 5 pkt £9.60

Gemini 100lb Power Swivel pkt of 25 1 pkt £2.20 5 pkt £9.97 10 pkt £19.00

Gemini Link Clip pkt of 15 1 pkt £1.99 5 pkt £9.49 10 pkt £17.99

£1.99 Per pack

C&R X-Pattern Brass Swivel pkt of 10 Sz 5 - 60lb Sz 3 - 100lb Sz 1 - 180lb

£1.99 Each

1 pkt £1.99

C&R Pro Rig Sliders

C&R Rig Clips

pkt of 5

pkt of 15

1 pkt £1.99 5 pkt £9.49 10 pkt £17.99

1 pkt £1.99 5 pkt £9.49 10 pkt £17.99

C&R Booms Uptide Boom £2.49

4 - 180lb - pkt of 10 3 - 220lb - pkt of 8 2 - 310lb - pkt of 8 1 - 410lb - pkt of 6 1/0 - 510lb - pkt of 5 2/0 - 660lb - pkt of 4 4/0 - 730lb - pkt of 3 6/0 - 1200lb - pkt of 2 8/0 - 1540lb - pkt of 2

Downtide Boom £1.99

C&R Rig Clue 20g bottle

C&R Brass Rolling Swivel Sz Sz Sz Sz Sz Sz

6 - 55lb - pkt of 20 4 - 80lb - pkt of 15 3 - 100lb - pkt of 12 2 - 120lb - pkt of 10 1 - 165lb - pkt of 10 1/0 - 210lb - pkt of 8

1 pkt £1.99 £5.99

Sakuma Shimmer Beads

Sakuma Oval Plastic Beads Clear-Red-Yellow


pkt of 50

pkt of 50

1 pkt £0.99 5 pkt £4.70 10 pkt £8.91

Sakuma Power Gum 6 metre spool Available in Clear & Red 10lb & 22lb £3.99 Buy 5 for only £18 50


1 pkt £1.50 5 pkt £7.00

Sakuma Rubber Beads pkt of 25


1 pkt £2.50 5 pkt £11.87 10 pkt £22.50

Sakuma Metal Attractor blades

Sakuma Floating Beads 8mm-10mm-13mm

pkt of 10 1 pkt £2.99 5 pkt £14.00

Sakuma Silicone Tubing Available in 3 colours Black-Clear-Orange 1 meter Length per pkt

pkt of 12 1 pkt £2.99 5 pkt £14.20

Great for popping baits up and adding extra attraction when shing for plaice



Tronix Rolling Swivel Coastlock Snap

Tronix Interlock Snap Swivels £1.80 Available in 1/0 - 2/0 - 3/0

£1.80 per pack Available in sizes 4 - 2 - 1/0

Save on bulk buys Tronix Quick Charge Link

Tronix Casting Snap pkt of 10 £1.80

pkt of 10

Max Pack Available pk of 100 £7.99 Proven Strength Tested

1 pkt £1.80 5 pkt £6.30 10pkt £11.40

Tronix Canny Link pkt of 10 1 pkt £1.80 5 pkt £7.80 10 pkt £15.80

Tronix Casting Snap With Clip pkt of 10 £1.80 Max pack of 100 £7.99

Tronix Pulley Beads

Tronix Rolling Swivels

pkt of 6 1pk £1.80 5pk £7.50 10pk £12.00 Max Pack Available pk of 30 £7.00

Tronix Rattlespoons pkt of 3 1 pkt £1.50 5 pkt £6.00 10 pkt £10.00

Sz Sz Sz Sz Sz Sz Sz Sz

14 12 8 6 4 2 1 1/0

24pk 24pk 24pk 24pk 24pk 12pk 12pk 9pk

£1.80 £1.80 £1.80 £1.80 £1.80 £1.80 £1.80 £1.80

I pk £1.80 5pk £7.00 10pk £12.00

Tronix Snood Clip Swivel pkt of 10 1 pkt £1.80 5 pkt £7.00 10 pkt £12.00

Tronix Rolling Swivel + Clip Sz 6

Tronix Continental Clips pkt of 10 Small - Medium - Large 1pk £1.80 5pk £8.55 10pk £18.00

Tronix Rolling Swivel + Clip Sz 2 £1.80 - pkt of 8 Sz 6 £1.80 - pkt 0f 10

Tronix Rig Springs pkt of10

pkt of 9 1 pkt £1.80 5 pkt £6.30 10pkt £10.80

1 pkt £1.80 5 pkt £8.30 10 pkt £15.80 5 pkts £8.55 10 pkts £14.99

All Tronix Swivels and links are Strength tested for your piece of mind

Tronix Spinner Blades

Tronix Crimps Swivels pkt of 5 Available in Sz 10 & 7

Tronix Sequins

Tronix Zip Sliders

Tronix Flattie Spoon

pkt of 2 Extra small & Medium

pkt of 1

1 pkt £1.50 5 pkt £6.00 10 pkt £10.00

1 pkt £1.50 5 pkt £6.00 10 pkt £10

Tronix Lead Lift

Tronix Pearl Sequins

pkt 0f 15

pkt of 100

pkt of 100 6mm

1 pkt £1.50 5 pkt £6.00 10 pkt £10.00

I pkt £1.50 5 pkt £6.00 10 pkt £10.00

Great for using when shing over rocky areas or step banking’s pkt of 2

1 pkt £1.50 5 pkt £6.00 10 pkt £10.00

I pkt £1.50 5 pkt £6.00 10 pkt £11.00

Tronix Urfe One

Tronix Bait Clip

Tronix Double Rattle Beads

Tronix Super Spinner

pkt of 4

pkt of 5

pkt of 3

pkt of 2 - 80mm

1 pkt £1.80 5pkt £9.30 10 pkt £16.30

1 pkt £1.80 5 pkt £6.30 10 pkt £10.00

1 pkt £1.50 5 pkt £6.00 10 pkt £10.00

1 pkt £2.99 5 pkt £14.00

Tronix Plaice Beads

Tronix Quick Rigs

pkt of 10 - 8mm

3 Supplied in one pack

1 pkt £1.25 Great on clear 5 pkt £4.75 Flat Days 10 pkt £8.25

1 pkt £1.50 5 pkt £7.10 10 pkt £11.50

Tronix Round Beads Black / Green 8mm pkt of 20

Tronix Oval Beads pkt of 50


1 pkt £1.50 5 pkt £4.50 10 pkt £7.50

Tronix Round Floating Beads 12mm - 15mm pkt of 8

1 pkt £1.50 5 pkt £6.00 10 pkt £10.00

Available In 5 colours

Tronix Clear Beads 2mm - pkt of 200 £1.50 3mm - pkt of 75 £1.50 pkt of 200 £3.50

Yellow-White-Green Lumo Pink - Lumo Green 1 pkt £1.49 Great for popping your baits up and for extra attraction

Tronix Floating Oval Beads Pkt of 6 Colours Green-Yellow-Pink-White 1 pkt £1.50 5 pkt £6.50 10 pkt £12.50

Tronix Triple Spreader Boom Tronix Beaded Spreader Boom

10 pkt £11.00

Tronix Bait Elastic Fine - Regular - Heavy - Web 1 pkt £1.50 5 pkt £6.50 10 pkt £11.00

Tronix Rig Glue

Bait Dispenser £0.99

10 inch £2.99

Gerrys Power Glue

Tronix Baitex Elastic Fine - Medium - Heavy 300m spool £3.99 Baitex Spool Braket £3.99

Gerrys Anti Tangle Boom

4g Dispencer


Gerrys T-Arm & Swivel pkt of 10 Stainless Steel

15 inch £3.99

12 inch £1.99 16 inch £2.50

Eddystone Boom

Storm Delta French Boom 150mm - 200mm - 250mm

pkt of 3 pkt of 5

200mm £2.09


£1.99 Great for both shore and boat anglers

Gerrys Flying Collar Boom

Gerry’s DIY Boom Kit

Tronix Lumi Pop-Ups pkt of 10 1 pkt £1.50 5 pkt £7.20 10 pkt £13.50

Web £1.99


150mm or 200mm

150mm £1.99

pkt of 1

8mm 1 pkt £3.99 5 pkt £14.99

Storm Tube Boom pkt of 2

Tronix Rig Floats 1 pkt £1.80 5 pkt £7.00 10 pkt £12.00

10cm & 17cm

1 pkt £1.80 5 pkt £6.00 10 pkt £12.00

3mm pkt 0f 200 £3.24 5 pk £15.39

1 pkt £1.50 5 pkt £6.00

Tronix Crimp Boom pkt of 3

3mm pkt of 20 £0.99 5pk £4.50 10pk £8.00

pkt of 3

pkt of 2 5mm I pkt £3.99 5 pkt £14.99

1 pkt £3.99 5 pkt £20.00

Tronix Round Black Beads

Tronix Knot Protectors

Green/Black and Red/Yellow

pkt of 1

1 pkt £1.50 5 pkt £6.00 10 pkt £10.00

pkt of 20

Rig Winders on Boxes STD Rig Winders x 10 £3.99 STD Box £4.99 STD Box + 20 Winders £9.99 Slim Rig Winders x 10 £2.99 Jumbo Rig Winders x 4 £2.99 Jumbo Box £6.99 Jumbo Box + 12 Winders £12.99

Tronix Rubbers stops pkt of 15

Avis Swivel Booms

Available in two sizes

pkt of 2

pkt of 5

29cm £6.25 44cm £6.75

4 inch £1.99 6 inch £3.99

I pkt £0.99

pkt of 10


Gerrys Zip Sliders

Black - Red - White pkt of 10 £2.99

Great for keeping your snoods away from the rig body

pkt of 50 £13.99



Order Hotline - 01524 422146

O.T.G Impact Clip


pkt of 4

pkt of 10

1 pkt £3.25 5 pkt £15.50 10 pkt £29.50

1 pkt £3.25 5 pkt £15.43 10 pkt £29.25

Fastlinks Clips

Relay Clips

Proper Pulley’s

Cascade Swivels

pkt of 10

pkt of 10

pkt 0f 10

pkt of 10

1 pkt £1.60 5 pkt £7.60 10 pkt £14.40

1 pkt £2.65 5 pkt £12.60 10 pkt £23.85

1 pkt £0.99 5 pkt £4.69 10 pkt £8.99

1 pkt £2.65 5 pkt £12.60 10 pkt £23.85

Ac1 Adjustable Crimps pkt of 20

Adjustable Crimp Kit Crimping tool + 20 x adjustable crimps

1 pkt £2.30 5 pkt £10.92 10 pkt £20.70


Impact Shields pkt of 10

Spinlinks Clips 1 pkt £1.60 5 pkt £7.60 10 pkt £14.40

Bait Loader

Great for extra control with xed spool

1 pkt £2.85 5 pkt £13.53 10 pkt £25.65



Cam Lock

Escape Links pkt of 1

pkt of 6 1 pkt £2.40 5 pkt £11.40 10 pkt £21.60

Ideal to keep your seatbox locked £1.99

Heavy Duty Live Bait Sliders Non Return

£3.99 £3.99 £3.99 £4.25

Sz 8 195lb £4.25 Sz 5 295lb £4.99 Sz 2 695lb £7.99 Pkt of 50

Gerry’s Dia Round Swivels

Gerrys Oval Split Rings Sz 1/0 £2.99 Sz 3/0 £2.99

Sz Sz Sz Sz

6 4 1 3/0

15lb 25lb 50lb 80lb

pkt of 50 £4.00 £4.99 £5.75 £7.99

Gerrys Pulley Beads pkt of 20 1 pkt £2.99 5 pkt £14.50

Gerrys Soft Rig Crimps 4mm 4mm 8mm 8mm

pkt pkt pkt pkt

of of of of

100 £1.99 1000 £14.99 100 £2.09 1000 £15.99

Gerrys Oval Floating Beads pkt of 20 1 pkt £1.99 5 pkt £9.45 10 pkt £17.91

Drennan Power Gum 10mt spool 14lb breaking strain Available in three colours Red - Clear Brown/Green

£4.25 Great for all shing disciplines


Black or Clear

1 pkt £2.50 5 pkt £11.87 10 pkt £22.50

1 sheet per pack 96 beads £1.45

Silicone Knot Protector

Twin Links

pkt of 15

pkt of 10

I pkt £1.99 5 pkt £9.45 10 pkt £17.91

1 pkt £1.75 5 pkt £8.31 10 pkt £15.75

Gerrys Interlock Snaps pkt of 25 pkt of 50 Sz 1/0 £3.99 £6.99 Sz 3/0 £4.60 £8.99

Gerrys Pear Split Rings

Sz Sz Sz Sz

10 45lb 7 70lb 5 90lb 1 110lb

pkt of 25 £1.99 £1.99 £2.99 £2.99

pkt of 50 £3.50 £3.50 £4.49 £4.49

Gerrys 3 way Swivels

pkt of 50

pkt of 50

pkt of 25 £2.25 £2.60 £3.10 £3.99

Teardrop Beads

Gerrys Rolling Swivels

pkt 0f 25 pkt of 50 Sz 6 45lb £2.50 £4.50 Also available in packs of ten and bulk discount Sz 3 80lb £2.99 £4.99 if you buy 5 or 10 pkt

Gerrys American Snaps

1 pkt £1.45 5 pkt £6.25 10 pkt £13.05

BB Clips

Gerrys Power Swivels

18 30lb 14 45lb 12 60lb 10 100lb

Lead Lift pkt of 2

pkt of 10

pkt of 2

Sz Sz Sz Sz

Clear or Grey

1 pkt £1.50 5 pkt £7.12 10 pkt £13.50

Casting Cannon

Much easier to use then conventional bait needle


Swivel Ts pkt of 10

pkt of 10

Gerrys Beach Links + Clips pkt of 25 I pkt £1.99 5 pkt £9.49 10 pkt £17.99

Gerrys Rubber Beads

1 pkt £2.99 5 pkt £14.20 10 pkt £26.91

Gerrys beach Link pkt of 25 1 pkt £1.99 5 pkt £9.49 10 pkt £17.99

Gerrys Rig & Float Stop

Pkt of 20

pkt of 30


1 pkt £1.99 5 pkt £8.75 10 pkt £15.00

Available in 6 - 8 - 10mm

Gerrys Double Rig Crimps 0.70mm-0.90mm pkt of 50 1 pkt £2.70

Gerrys Black Beads

pkt of 20 Sz 1 £2.30 Sz 4 £1.99 Sz 10 £1.99

Discounts available when you buy in pkt of 5 or 10

Gerrys Hook Snaplinks pkt of 30 Small medium large extra large

Gerrys Sequins

Gerrys Simply Crimp pkt of 20 1 pkt £3.99 5 pkt £18.95 10 pkt £35.91

Gerrys Mixed Beads

£1.99 £2.25 £2.50 £2.75

pkt of 100 £0.99 pkt of 500 £3.99 Great for adding extra attraction

Gerrys Swivel & Link

5mm round beads pkt of 100 £1.99 pkt of 1000 £14.99

5mm & 8mm round uro beads


Oval Black Beads 3.5x4.5mm pkt of 100 £1.99

pkt of 100 £1.99 pkt of 1000 £14.99

Available in Sz 8 - 4 - 2 - 1

Gerrys Oval Lumi Beads 6mm Oval Beads pkt of 100 £1.99 pkt of 1000 £14.99 Micro Oval Beads pkt of 100 £1.99 pkt of 1000 £14.99

Gerrys Bait Elastic 0.2mm thick 1 spool £1.25 5 spools £5.50 - 10 spools £10

pkt of 10

Gerrys Lumi Beads 5mm Round Beads pkt of 100 £1.99 pkt of 1000 £14.99 8mm Round Beads pkt of 100 £1.99 pkt of 1000 £15.99

Gerrys Bait elastic+Dispenser 1 pkt £1.99 5 pkt £8.75 10 pkt £15.50

Gerrys Power Split Rings pkt of 25 5 Sizes available 6 - 8 - 10mm £2.50 15 - 20mm £3.00 Strong & Great Value


Order Hotline - 01524 422146 New match terminal

New match terminal Inova Finesse Clips pkt of 10 1 pk £1.80 5pk £8.55 10pk £16.20

pkt of 3 1pk £1.99 5pk £9.45 10pk £17.91

Inova Down & Out Link pkt of 12 1pk £1.99 5pk £9.45

Inova Rapid Link pkt of 12 1pk £ 1.99 5pk £9.45 10pk £17.91

10pk £17.91

Inova Angel Clips

Inova Bait Anchor

pkt of 10 1pk £2.75 5pk £13.06 10pk £22.75

1pk £2.99 5pk £14.00 10pk £26.91

Inova Rolling Swivels

Inova Snood Stops

Inova Rapide Link Swivel

Sz Sz Sz Sz Sz Sz

5 pkt £8.55 10 pkt £16.20

10pk £17.91

Inova Rapid Link Swivel

Sz 4

pkt of 10 Sz 6

1pk 1.99 5pk £9.45

10pk £17.91

1pk £1.99 5pk £9.45 10pk £17.91

Inova Boom Swivel

Inova Kicker Beads pkt of 20

pkt of 6 1pk £1.99 5pk £9.45

1pk £1.50 5pk £7.12 10pk £13.50

10pk £17.91

Inova Flexi-Beads pkt of 25

Great stops for extra attraction 12 pkt of 25 £1.99 8 pkt of 20 £1.99 6 pkt of 20 £1.99 4 pkt of 20 £1.99 2 pkt of 15 £1.99 1/0 pkt of 10 £1.99

1pk £1.99 5pk £9.45

pkt of 10

Inova Rapid Snood Clip

Inova Dyno Clip pkt of 10

Inova Pulley Bead pkt of 6

pkt of 6 1pk £1.99 5pk £9.45 10pk £17.91

Multiple uses in one band re-useable bait stop-Fish attractor & Pennel hook holders + More Available in four colours

pkt of 15 1pk £1.99 5pk £9.45 10pk £17.91

1 pkt £2.50

5pkt £11.87

10pk £22.50

Rells £2.49

Bait Binder System Introduction: Have you ever gone shing only to nd your bait elastic is a no go. All your time and effort, you put into getting ready for the trip is ruined because your bait elastic is decomposed almost and rancid, snap alert! Binding on your crab and the elastic keeps snapping. Well No More!

Trabucco Pro Surf Mini Beads

Bait Binder System £9.99

Trabucco Pro Surf SS Powerclip

Pkt of 100

pkt of 10 1 pkt £2.29

1 pkt £1.99

Trabucco Pro Surf Trave Urfe Micro

Trabucco Pro Surf Mini Trave Distance Small

Trabucco Pro Surf Trave Mini Distance 8cm



pkt of 3 £3.49

pkt of 3 £3.49

pkt of 3 £3.49

Trabucco Pro Surf Mini Beads pkt of 100

Trabucco Super Soft Hyber Glow Beads 4 colours Available White - Yellow - Red - Pink Medium 5x3mm pkt of 30

I pkt £1.99

Trabucco Pro Surf Knot Cones Pkt of 20


pkt of 3 £3.49


Trabucco Pro Surf SS Fast Clip pkt of 10 1 pkt £3.49

Trabucco Bait Elastic 200m spool

Large 7x5mm pkt of 30

Ultra Strong & Super Fine



Trabucco Pro Surf Mini Trave urfe



Ex-Strong Rolling Swivels pkt of 12

Trubucco Bait Needles 4 sizes available in pkt of 5 200mm Brass 1.4mm 200mm 0.6mm 200mm 0.9mm 300 0.9mm

Sz Sz Sz Sz Sz

£3.29 Load baits from Small Creeper to big Black Lug

18 16 14 12 10

Asari Rolling Swivels

£1.19 £1.19 £1.29 £1.29 £1.29

pkt of 12 Sz 12 £0.99 Sz 10 £0.99 £0.99 Sz 8 £1.09 Sz 6 £1.19 Sz 5

Cross-line Brass Head & Tube

Gerrys A LA Cart Mesh

pkt of 12

Bio Glow is a new concept in bait elastic that we have developed through studies and scientic research.

Sz 7 Sz 12

•Bio Glow has unique and secret formulated material that mimics natural looking patterns and light of Bioluminescence. •Bio Glow glows once charged by normal sunlight or by a standard torch. It emits a yellow green glow and is used to mirror what the sh see naturally, which will then attract the sh towards your bait. •We want Bio Glow bait elastic to be seen and glow. •Bio Glow is loaded on 50 metre handy spools.

Diamond impressed Rolling Swivel With Green Bead

FINE 0.1 £2.89 REGULAR 0.2 £2.89 HEAVY 0.4 £2.89

pkt of 4 Sz - S Sz - L SZ - LL


1 Per pkt 5 metres of mesh £5.50 With Plunger £5.99

£2.49 63

0% Finance Available In Store, Online & By Phone We now offer instant nance on all products. Whether your after just one item over £320 or a full kit comprising of several cheaper items which total over £320 you can apply for nance. The nance is available to any customer in the UK and is subject to a credit application. The application takes about 5 mintues to ll in, after that you will get a instant decision within 10 seconds. If accepted, your goods should leave us the next working day. We will contact you to conrm everything rst. For full term and conditions please contact us. You can apply in 3 different ways 1. Online. Simply add your items to your basket and checkout. You can get a descision online within minutes. 2. Over the phone. Please give us a call and we can talk you through the exacts. After that we will take some details and email you a link to apply. 3. In store. Just pop into store and we can sort out a nance package to suit. Please call us on 01524 422146 for more information and help. Finance Available - 6 Months 0% APR. 10% Deposit Required - 12 Months 0% APR. 10% Deposit Required - 36 Months 19.9% APR. 10% Deposit Required

The ‘Biggest’ In The North West! Bio Glow is a new concept in bait elastic that we have developed through studies and scientic research.

•Bio Glow has unique and secret formulated material that mimics natural looking patterns and light of Bioluminescence. •Bio Glow glows once charged by normal sunlight or by a standard torch. It emits a yellow green glow and is used to mirror what the sh see naturally, which will then attract the sh towards your bait. •We want Bio Glow bait elastic to be seen and glow. •Bio Glow is loaded on 50 metre handy spools.

Come Visit Our Store FINE 0.1 £2.89

REGULAR one 0.2 £2.89 We now boast the North West’s largest shing super store and offer of the most extensive range of the HEAVY 0.4 £2.89 latest, quality shing tackle found anywhere in the Country. Our sea shing selection is without doubt the best in the country. We offer all the top brands including Zziplex, Penn, Akios and Berkley to name just a few. We have over 150 different beach rods in stock, over 100 different lure rods and over 200 reels as well as a dedicated Norway section which is more extensive than anything anywhere. We have also signicantly grown our carp displays and now have a dedicated area with bespoke displays from suppliers such as Trakker, Fox, Aqua & Nash to name a few. This along with a huge range of terminal tackle and baits offers you the ultimate carpers tackle paradise. Our Coarse and Match growth is probably the most exciting. We have installed a 30+ Pole Alley with the ability for a customer to hold a pole at 16 metre in store at any time. Along with this we have bespoke displays from Preston Innovations, Garbolino, Daiwa, Map, Rive, Korum and Frenzee allowing you to easily browse each range in full.

Gerry's Fishing - Spring Tackle 2018 Catalogue  
Gerry's Fishing - Spring Tackle 2018 Catalogue