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READ THIS TO GET TO KNOW ME A BIT MORE (IF YOU LIKE TO KNOW ME A BIT MORE, THAT IS) Well, you already know my name is Ståle. I don´t know yours yet, but that’s okey. You can tell it to me later. I was born in Trondheim, Norway. 38 years later and I still live here. My mother thounge is, naturaly, Norwegian. That means my english is kind of corky. It gets that way by sort of not paying attention to what your teacher says for like twelve years, combined with listening to all sorts of hip hop and seeing loads of movies ande binging through Netflix like a champ. All that aside, I’ll try to make myself understood. But if you don´t get anything out of this, please send me an email studio@staalegerhardsen.com and we can chat about whatever you want, like we where the bestes of friends. Yup. Let´s do this. My name is, as you perhaps remember, Ståle Gerhardsen. I have two awesome kids and an awesome wife. I live in a red house with a white picket fence (no joke). I paint, draw, print, write, build, make, design and spray for a living. Earlier I’ve worked as a cashier in a supermarket, I’ve sold popcorn at a lake, had a paper route, been some sort of child star, had my own t-shirt brand, at some point i also owned a design agency, I’ve been chairman of a design festival, a teacher and I’ve worked in the design and advertising industry for 15 years. Alongside my day jobs I’ve always done art. Art art art. One day in 2016 I quit my day job, cut the safety net and went all in on my art. That was a good move. I now make a living as an artist, and my loving wife works as a studio manager at my studio. So we’re a small family business who’s all about art. I draw, paint paintings and murals, make sculptures and installations. I spend alot of time making serigraphy and love the printmaking

process. I have published two books and designed my own jewlery line. I do all sorts of stuff. I have only one rule:: If it’s fun, I’ll do it! As long as I am true to the basic idea of ​​what I want to convey, it seeps into my work. Whether it is a painting, a piece of jewelry or a book. To make this a fun read, and not a freaking novel I’ll just throw some bulletpoints at you so you can get a taste of what I’ve been up to: • In 2010 I had a huge exhibition at Trondheim Kunstmuseum in collaboration with NTNU and Tate Modern. • In 2016 I released my first book “Pappaperm” on my own publishing agency “Takk Forlaget”. (This book kind of vent viral... all over the world and have reached potentialy 200 billion people all over the globe) • In 2017 I released my second book “Hva som helst?”. It got an award at “The most beautiful books” award show in Oslo, Norway. • I´ve painted murals all over. Los Angeles, Berlin, Sweden and loads of places in Norway. Do you have a wall? Give me a call. • I’ve been Artist in Residence at Urban Nation Museum for Urban Contemporary Art in Berlin, Germany, and at The Arctic Hideaway at Fleinvær, Norway • I´m the official Olsok artist 2019 (olsokkunstner) at Stiklestad National Culture Center • Two of my four solo shows in 2017 sold out. • I had four solo shows in 2018, Oslo, Bergen, Brekstad and Trondheim. The last one “Mørkredd” broke the gallery record in both visits and sales. • Me me me. blablabla... If you want to know more hit me up on Instagram (@staalegerhardsen) or Facebook, Google me, or just call my mother, she knows me pretty well. Now, let´s see some of my work:

I love to paint. I love how I loose track of time and space when I play on my canvas. It just might be the best feeling ever.

“Portrait of a train of thoughts” (2018).

“Still life with bulbs” (2018).

“Overripe” (2018).

“Herritage” (2017).

“Never not fighting” (2017).

“Winter night” (2017).

“Fresh air” (2019).

“A good day” (2019).

“You must not sleep” (2019).

“Reaching you” (2019).

“Just five more minutes” (2019).

Walls. So freaking fun to paint. Small walls, huge walls. Anywhere, anytime. Fun fun fun.

BerkĂĽk, Norway (2018).

Trondheim International School, Trondheim, Norway (2018).

Værnes Airport, Stjørdal, Norway (2018).

Trondheim Street Art Festival Trondheim, Norway (2018).

Grieghallen, Bergen, Norway (2018).

Norwegian University of Science and Technology Trondheim, Norway (2018).

Urban Nation, Museum for urban contemporary art Berlin, Germany (2018).

Venice Beach, Los Angeles (2018).

Urban Nation, Museum for urban contemporary art Berlin, Germany (2018).

Grieghallen, Bergen, Norway (2018).

Trondheim, Norway (2019).

Grieghallen, Bergen, Norway (2018).

Trondheim, Norway (2019).

Trondheim, Norway (2019).

When a canvas or a wall just don´t cut it, I turn to the third dimentions.

“Everybody counts” (2018).

“Afraid of the dark” (2018).

“Draw on everything. Always.” (2018).

“Sleepwalker” (2019).

“I spy with my little eye”, white edition (2019).

“I spy with my little eye”, black edition (2019).

“Put on your own mask before helping others� (2018).

Mixing colors, and seeing the print evolve with eatch layer of color. An amazing and quite scary feeling. Printmaking in my heart forever!

“Playing with fire” (2017).

“Passion” (2018).

“Did you hear that?” (2018).

“Bestfriend�, glows in the dark (2018).

“Always” (2018).

“Together” (2018).

“The Road II” (2017).

“The Road III” (2017).

“Shoal II” (2018).

“The Key” (2018).

“Can’t see the tree for the forest” (2019).

“Man vs Nature” (2019).

I won’t be limited by anything. If I get an idea that doesn’t work well on a canvas or a wall, I’ll be true to the idea and see it through. Even if it means making a book or a piece of jewelry.

“Sweet dreams”, Clarion hotel Trondheim named a suite after me, so I designed the room (2019).

“Sweet dreams”, Clarion hotel Trondheim named a suite after me, so I designed the room (2019).

“Paternityleave” (2016).

“Anything?” (2017).

“Square”, a series of jewlery (2018)

“Double Rainbow”, exhibition at Galleri Kollekt, Oslo (2018)

“Double Rainbow”, exhibition at Galleri Geo, Bergen (2018)

“Mørkredd”, exhibition Galleri SG, Trondheim (2018)

“Mørkredd”, exhibition at Galleri SG, Trondheim (2018)

www.tureriskogogmark.no, internet exhibition (2019)

My studio in Trondheim, Norway a random day in 2017

My studio in Trondheim, Norway a random day in 2018