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MAIN PIPE QUARTERLY MAGAZINE Winter 2023 In this Issue: CHEERS TO GERBER'S 90 YEARS Closing out Our Year of Celebration at KBIS HGTV’S HOME INSPECTOR JOE Developing Relationships that Count THE TRIBUNE COLLECTION All-New for the Bathroom KBIS 2023


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GERBER 3 TABLE OF CONTENTS Celebrating Our Legacy 4-5 Behind the Booth at KBIS 2023 6 -7 Talking with HGTV's Home Inspector Joe . . . . . . . . . . 8-9 New Tribune™ Bathroom Collection . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10 -11 Avalanche® Sweeps the Scene 12 Viper® Toilet Redesign 13 Parma® Updates . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14-15 New Kinzie® Bridge . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16 The Foodie® Enhancements 17 New Viper® Kitchen Faucets 18 Gerber® Toolbox . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19 • Gerber Does Good • Good Clean Fun

Celebrating Our Legacy


With several hundred guests, great food and drink, and $13,185 raised for Make-a-Wish Foundation, Gerber’s KBIS Cocktail party was the perfect way to celebrate at KBIS 2023 Located in old Vegas at the beautiful Legacy Club in the Circa Hotel, the event paid tribute to our 90 year legacy with a special appearance from Ila Lewis, the granddaughter of Gerber’s founder, Max Gerber

Joe Mazza of HGTV’s Home Inspector Joe came to talk about the importance of charity and share his story with customers, reps, and employees on why Make-A-Wish has been so important to his life

Three lucky winners took home $500 gift cards for participating in our fundraiser Over $5000 was raised by event attendees and an additional $8000 donation was made by Gerber to Make-a-Wish We are so excited to be able to give back to an organization doing such important and inspiring work



KBIS 2023 5

Behind the Booth

Booth #N2763 was bustling with activity Tours with media and customers were in full swing, meetings were roaring, faucets glimmered, and toilets gleamed The booth stunned, with water features, sets of Gerber products, and all of our new products on display

Beyond the shiny products, HomeSphere sponsored a delectable coffee bar and we served champagne to celebrate a wonderful fireside chat with Joe Mazza of HGTV’s Home Inspector Joe

Hundreds of people each day swarmed to see the beautiful offerings of Gerber’s booth, and we were so excited to see everyone there

Take a look at the following pages for more details on the new products and collections featured in Gerber's booth



KBIS 2023 7

A chatfireside with


A: It’s was a long path. I was in construction in New York City for 20 years. You talk about hustle and grind, and that’s what it’s all about. I was killing myself down there, then I was coming home and doing construction on the side just to make ends meet for my family.

And I got burnt out; I truly did. And one night, I was sitting at home and my cousin called me and told me he just had his house inspected, and it was like a lightbulb went off in my head. I stayed up all night and found the best school in the country called AHIT (American Home Inspectors Training) and I signed up.

It was three weeks long, and I went into work the next day and told my boss I wanted three weeks off. He said “okay, fine, what’s this for?” And I said I was going to better educate myself. I didn’t tell him I was going to be a home inspector. Fast forward, I went to school, passed everything with flying colors, and then I started my new job. That was it. I got my first home inspection, and then I earned that trust. I started with one job and it went through the roof.


A: My brother is big on Instagram, and he kept telling me, “Joe, you gotta start posting, you gotta post. Start doing it.” So, I started doing it, and people started following me. They liked what I was doing, and my following got higher and higher.

Joe Mazza of HGTV’s Home Inspector Joe stopped by our booth to mingle with customers. He talked about getting his start on TV and the importance of developing relationships in business.

Then I got an email from my now production company, telling me they had an opportunity and they had watched me on Instagram. “What do you think about a renovation show on a big network?” And I said okay.

So, they came to me and we talked about that, and I said, “Everyone is doing a renovation show on HGTV. Why don’t we do home inspection renovation?” And I went to the casting and went back and forth, and COVID hit and everything delayed, but I ended up here. We’re filming a lot now, and it’s a different path in life but an awesome one.


A: My clients trust me. They rely on me. They’re buying a house for their family and for their kids. When I pull up to a house, I'm inspecting this house as if I am moving my wife and daughter into it. So, I have to gain their trust.

For example, Gerber is a family company, it’s amazing, it’s what drives me to be here. So having a company be trustworthy means having a warranty behind it. If there’s no trust, there’s nothing there. It’s just like having a contractor.

If you’re going to be a tradesman, you have to build trust with your client, because you have the power to ruin their life. Don’t take their money, do the right thing, take your time, and build their trust. They’re counting on you. They’re spending a lot of money.

KBIS 2023 9

Step up in Style with the TRIBUNE™ Bathroom Collection

Making a Splash

Designed to make a big impact in the bathroom, the Tribune™ offers precise modern lines and soft edges that set the stage for style The suite includes bathroom sink faucets, tub & shower trim kits, and a Roman tub trim kit for a cohesive look This line introduces our discreet vertical lift rod for pop-up drain operation Offering a sleek appearance and streamlined control, the vertical lift rod can operate with minimal clearance between the back of the faucet and the backsplash — a clearance that may be too narrow for standard lift rod function Laminar flow aeration available on the sink faucets provides a clear, splash-free water stream . As with most of Gerber’s bathroom faucets, ceramic disc valve technology offers drip-free performance .


The Tribune’s large 6” square showerhead with easy clean soft-touch nozzles delivers a rain-like stream and features an adjustable ball joint for precise flow

The tub & shower trim kits are fully compatible with the powerful Gerber® Treysta® valve for fast and easy installation Let the Tribune’s softly contoured square forms and stunning finish options elevate your bathroom to a modern level .

Availability dates: Available NOW! Contact your Gerber representative to get this item on display!

KBIS 2023 11

Peak Performance

AVALANCHE® Sweeps the Scene

Why make a great toilet better? Because we can! By combining elegant design elements with feature enhancements, we’ve created the best Avalanche® toilet yet

A stunningly contoured bowl and tank highlighted with more defined vertical edges give the new Avalanche a sculpted look commonly associated with higher-end toilet designs From its slightly flared pedestal base with subtle trim to its flush-fit tank cover, the Avalanche toilet offers a sleek silhouette that blends beautifully into any bathroom With the largest footprint in Gerber’s toilet line, this model’s stately style balances the toilet’s overall proportions to make the Avalanche ideal for both new construction as well as replacement applications Additionally, it is available in both standard 1 6 gpf and 1 .28 gpf WaterSense® certified consumption models .

The upgrades don’t stop with the design Incorporating Gerber’s proprietary QuietClean® flushing technology and all-new KeepClean™ surface treatment, the

Avalanche offers quieter operation and is easier than ever to maintain QuietClean incorporates two larger rim jets, rather than many standard rim holes, to minimize the sound level during flushing This noise dampening feature makes the Avalanche ideal for discreet use in main level powder rooms and to minimize late-night flushing noise while other occupants are sleeping During the flush, QuietClean also keeps water circulating in the bowl nearly twice as long* to thoroughly scrub the bowl clean Unique to the new Avalanche, KeepClean is an additional glaze coating that is applied to the bowl and rim during the manufacturing process and baked on to create a 20% smoother surface This smoother surface, combined with the scrubbing action of QuietClean, virtually eliminates unsightly streaks and stains, and makes cleaning a breeze

Availability dates: May 1, 2023

*In independent laboratory testing, compared to standard toilet rim designs


Decorative Reboot

Redesigned VIPER® Toilet

Redesigned with a distinctive beveled tank and tight-fit cover to deliver a leaner, more tapered aesthetic, the new Viper® toilet offers eye-catching appeal along with outstanding flushing performance . Flaring out at the top, the tank’s narrow design optimizes flush speed and quickly refills with an industry-best Fluidmaster® 400A fill valve

Inside the tank, an upgraded 3” rigid flapper ensures reliable, lasting performance that professional installers have relied on for years and users have come to expect A larger water surface and dual siphon jet provide excellent bowl cleaning and flush power Plus, our

exclusive multipoint mounting system and non-corrosive brass tank-to-bowl bolts ensure long-lasting stability and ease of installation A larger footprint also makes the new Viper a great option for replacement applications .

Still a WaterSense® certified, High-Efficiency Toilet (HET), the 1 28 gpf Viper toilet conserves water without sacrificing flushing performance, and cuts utility costs This upgraded design is also offered in the 1 6 gpf version

Availability dates: May 1, 2023

KBIS 2023

Refreshing Updates Enhance Popular PARMA® Bath Line

The Parma bath collection has been refreshed with design and function updates Carrying the slim, contemporary personality of this collection, upgrades have been made to the single handle and centerset faucets, as well as the Roman tub trim kit .

“As one of our most popular lines, these updates offer a gorgeous new array of options for the beloved family of items,” says Katie Hayes, Director of Product Management, Fittings .

The new single handle design pairs a uniquely curved spout with a more sleek, cylindrical handle for a streamlined look This single handle model also incorporates our new vertical lift rod for pop-up drain operation that fits perfectly in applications where there

is minimal clearance between the back of the faucet and the backsplash The centerset features an updated high-arc spout and a longer shank platform to accommodate thicker countertop surfaces Single handle and centerset sink faucets are offered with either touch-down or standard pop-up drains for quick installation The Roman tub trim kits’ arched spout complements the collection’s faucets For added functionality, a tub & shower trim kit includes a tub spout with a diverter . With curves in all the right places, the Parma collection brings true beauty to the bathroom

Availability dates: Available NOW! Contact your Gerber representative to get this item on display!

Fresh Flair 14

PARMA® Pre-Rinse

Adds Pull-Down Sprayhead Convenience

Spicing up our kitchen faucet offerings is the new Parma® Pre-Rinse Single Handle Spring Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet . Singlehandle operation and a high-arc spout with spring detail provide a professional, chef-inspired look that complements any kitchen design

Modern yet elegant, the functionality is enhanced with a pull-down sprayhead that extends cleaning reach to make cleanup easier and the adjustable Grip Lock® weight that keeps it securely in place between use

The ergonomically designed sprayhead includes a toggle button that allows the user to easily switch from steady stream to a powerful spray for tougher cleaning tasks The current Parma kitchen collection includes many faucet options, including bridge, bar, and pull-down faucets, as well as a pot filler Offering timeless style and flawless function, the Parma collection will get things cooking in any kitchen

Availability dates: Available NOW! Contact your Gerber representative to get this item on display!

KBIS 2023
Fresh Flair

NEW KINZIE® Pull-Down Bridge Faucet

Spanning the gap between traditional form and modern functionality, the new Kinzie® Two Handle Bridge Pull-Down Faucet has arrived With rustic styling influenced by vintage-era plumbing forms, the Kinzie bridge brings a sense of urban loft living to any kitchen yet also complements contemporary, modern, and farmhouse spaces This faucet also features:

• High-arc spout design that adds a distinctive style element to any space and provides ample room for rinsing and cleaning

• Pull-down spout with toggle button holds either steady stream or powerful spray functions

• Ergonomically designed sprayhead that offers a comfortable grip and ease of use

• Gerber’s proprietary SnapBack® retraction system with Grip Lock® weight that smoothly and securely returns sprayhead to the dock

• Integrated color-coded braided water supply hoses and patented Quick Connect sprayhead hose for simple installation

• Durable ceramic disc valve for drip-free performance

• 360-degree swivel spout enables fast filling outside of sink area

• Separate hot and cold handles for precise water temperature control

Available in Chrome, Brushed Bronze, Satin Black, and Stainless Steel finishes, the Kinzie bridge kitchen faucet also makes a great addition to coffee and wet bars

Availability dates: Available NOW! Contact your Gerber representative to get this item on display!

Industrial Ambiance

NEW THE FOODIE® Faucet Combines Professional Style with Easy Operation

The Foodie® Single Handle SpringSpout Kitchen Faucet now comes with a longer sprayhead and toggle button that conveniently holds stream or spray settings Borrowing elements from professional kitchen faucets, The Foodie’s clean, minimalist style is enhanced with the spring detail and high-arc styling that fits effortlessly into any kitchen Other highlights include:

• Spring-action spray wand to provide extra reach around sink surface for thorough rinsing

• Longer sprayhead that offers a comfortable grip during use

• Toggle button that enables onetouch switching from steady stream to powerful spray

• 360-degree swivel spout for easy countertop fill ups outside of the sink basin

• Integrated supply lines and optional deck plate for fast installation

• Durable ceramic disc valve for worry-free, dependable operation

• Chrome, Satin Black, or Stainless Steel

Whether you’re preparing an elaborate feast or a simple after-school snack, The Foodie can dish out whatever you need

Availability dates: Available NOW! Contact your Gerber representative to get this item on display!

KBIS 2023 17 Chef's-Kiss Worthy

Well-Crafted Charm

NEW VIPER® Kitchen Faucets Make Their Mark

Stylishly simple, the new Viper® kitchen faucets combine high-arc design appeal with superb engineering at an excellent value Offered in both single and two handle styles, the faucet gracefully curves for a seamless look that complements virtually any kitchen design

The updated single handle faucet incorporates a pull-down sprayhead for a streamlined look and added cleaning convenience The two handle faucet is offered with or without a side spray Also ideal for wet bars and laundry sinks, the new Viper faucet designs will bring a touch of style to room designs The new Viper faucets also provide:

• Ceramic disc cartridge operation for smooth functionality and drip-free performance

• 360-degree spout rotation for greater sink clearance flexibility and countertop pot filling

• Integrated supply lines on single handle models and optional deck plate provide fast installation

Availability dates: Available NOW! Contact your Gerber representative to get this item on display!


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Kinzie Bridge

Parma Bath Collection

Parma Pre-Rinse Spring Pull Down

Redesigned Avalanche

Redesigned Viper Toilet

The Foodie Pre-Rinse

Tribune Bath Collection

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