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The power of prayer: what does God have in store for us?

As of 1 November, I have been appointed interim priest-in-charge of the Anglican Parish of Geraldine.

I emphasise that I am only in charge of some things. The church is a community with different members taking charge of different jobs. The priest-in-charge is called to lead the church as pastor, priest, and teacher. No doubt some will, quite incorrectly, call me vicar. Although we tend to use it as our Anglican word for a minister, a vicar is only appointed by the nominators in consultation with the bishop.

Typically an interim priest is encouraged to keep the lights on and make no changes. A few weeks ago, I had a little chat with the bishop, who suggested that as we were a parish probably transitioning from fully stipended to part-stipended ministry, some change was going to happen anyway.

The first change we are making is re-instituting this parish newsletter. Various forms have existed over the years - remember the Green Sheet, anybody? And then there was the Parish News that kept us all informed and entertained for 15 years, the last 10 of which was collated and produced by Jan Hill and Audrey Butts. Thank you both for your mammoth effort.

While this small publication will not be as grand, we do need to keep communications open. Fi is a great graphic designer, but she will need content. For instance, you could tell us what’s going on in your bible study group, or recommend a great inspirational book. This newsletter will be published every two months, so by January 18, please send her your stories and notices. Her address is:

A few of us have discerned the need for intercessory prayer for the parish. One of the first sermons I preached after Tony left was on the widow nagging the judge for justice. I am not sure how it works theologically, but it seems that God likes to be asked. We have buried three parish stalwarts recently, and as we look around, there are a lot of grey heads.

If we called in a business consultant, we would no doubt be advised to downsize or even run our business online. Over the years, God has accomplished wonderful things with the poorest materials. Our little parish has a place in God’s scheme of things; we need to find out where God is working and be there too.

A bunch of prayer warriors is now meeting at St Mary’s on Fridays at 10am to storm heaven for an hour - please do join us.

I am starting to visit around the parish. Having lived in the parish for a number of years, I know a lot of names and a lot of faces but have the sort of brain that doesn’t always connect them up. It is good to take a half-anhour to get to know folk one by one. It will take time - be patient with me. If any parishioner would especially like me to call - just askyou don’t need to have a reason.

This newsletter includes our Christmas services. Most of it is what we expect and look forward to. But I’d like to highlight Christmas for Remembering - sometimes called Blue Christmas. It is for those who don’t feel very merry. A quiet service to allow God to do God’s work of healing. If it feels right, please come; better still, bring someone with you.

For the young and young at heart, there will be a Crib Service on Christmas Eve at 4pm. Feel free to wear PJs or dress up as your favourite crib character. And this year we will celebrate Holy Innocents’ Feast day on the actual day, Wednesday, 28 December. We look forward to celebrating the patronal festival of this little gem of a church building.

As we embark on the Advent season, I wish you, one and all, every blessing of the season and, when it comes, a happy and holy Christmas.



Farewell to Rev Tony Kippax

Tony and Christine’s leaving bash on Sunday 11 September was a great joy. A full congregation attended the 10.30am Sunday service at St Mary’s, including Bishop Peter and his wife, Teresa.

People’s warden Susanne West had organised a team to decorate the Academy for the after-match, at which items of entertainment were offered as well as speechifying and gift giving. A slideshow, prepared by Joanne Mitchell, was on display, sharing memories of Tony’s time in Geraldine.

The Kippaxes left with a copy of the slideshow, a Matt Searles landscape to remember us by, some money to see them on their way, and a suitable beverage to drink to our health when they got to their destination.

A gentle ribbing was part of the proceedings, too with a hilarious ode by resident poet Jan Hill presented in response to the vicar’s unique approach to traffic management at St Mary’s.

By popular request, and with all due respect, we reproduce Jan’s poem below:

You’re never alone with a cone

Down the road from Christchurch he came, from driving trucks, Called by God, “Get going!”

The answer was, “Lord, shucks.

Can I take my cones?

I love them, Lord, so cheerful, so orange, white and striped. I love their shapely contours, the colours shine when wiped. I’m called to be a vicar, and I’ll play the part with zest, Lord, if I can have some traffic cones, then I’ll do my very best. They’ll march across the carpark, they’ll guard each patch of lawn, They’ll salute me in the morning and cheer my every dawn. They’ll obey my every order, and march in timely ranks, Lord if I can have some traffic cones, I’ll give up jeeps and tanks. And if my congregation ever dwindles down to seven, I’ll fill the seats with plastic cones and then I’ll be in heaven.”

share what’s happening where you are Anglican Parish GERALDINE
Esther Paddon farewells Rev Tony with a hug.


New musicians at St Mary’s

We’ve been blessed to have some new musicians come onboard at St Mary’s this month: well-known local muso Craig Workman has joined the monthly roster; parish stalwart Val Tresize took the old organ for a whirl; and SP Wille, super-talented friend of Hugh and Fi, is working up a bunch of carols for Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve. He tells us he’ll bring us some tunes on the old organ too!

Update from Rev Tony:

I have been appointed Priest Assistant here in Feilding until 31 January, 2023 (to help out while the current Priest-in-Charge is on sick leave), and have accepted an appointment as Vicar of Te Kauwhata after that. … I hope all is well in Geraldine. Please give my love to all.

Blessings, Tony

Sent to Hugh 19 October via Messenger (the app, not a man on horseback)

Soul Food Variety Show at Geraldine Festival weekend helps feed local families

On Friday 11 November around 80 generous people bearing cash and food donations make their way to St Mary’s church for the Soul Food Variety Show, a fundraiser for Geraldine Foodbank. Organised by Fi McCafferty, a great lineup of local musicians gave their time freely to entertain the appreciative audience. A mountain of goods and $400 cash was raised for the foodbank on the night.

Val Trezise at St Mary’s old organ; Craig Workman’s mum was a church organist. “If she could see me know,” he says; Fi and Hugh McCafferty practising carols with SP Wille. Local country musician Amelia James played a set of soulful covers and originals.
rosters the big list of who does what and where and when Anglican Parish GERALDINE 4 DEC DATE LAY LEADER CLERGY FIRST READING SECOND READING PRAYERS FLOWERS WELCOME B Cassidy J Jones M Thatcher A Butts S S-Parsloe B McKenzie P Sagar J Sagar J Parsloe S West S S-Parsloe N Cottam R Scott P Robinson J Robinson B McKenzie D Ellis B McKenzie R Scott TBA B Cassidy TBA D Ellis EXTRA FLOWERS NEEDED R Scott J Hill G Pemberton N Cottam E Paddon D Ellis A Butts A Armstrong A Smedley C Hood J Hill B McKenzie N Cottam J Hill J Slee J Jones S S-Parsloe B McKenzie J Jones R Scott K Elsen A Smedley S West R Scott S West B Cassidy R Leonard S West B Moore R Scott A Butts P Sagar N Cottam E Paddon J Sagar J Slee A Smedley MUSIC P Johnson F McCafferty C Workman F McCafferty SP Wille F McCafferty C Workman F McCafferty C Workman P Johnson F McCafferty 11 DEC 18 DEC Rev Hugh Rev Ian Hanley Rev Hugh Rev Hugh Rev Hugh Rev Hugh Rev Hugh Rev Hugh Rev Hugh Rev Hugh Rev Hugh S West F McCafferty 24 DEC 4PM CRIB SERVICE 24 DEC 11.30PM XMAS EVE 25 DEC 10.30AM XMAS DAY 1 JAN 8 JAN 15 JAN 22 JAN 29 JAN St Mary’s Church, Geraldine | 10.30AM St Mary’s Church, Geraldine | 9AM St Mary’s Church, Geraldine | 9AM SERVICE 24 DEC DATE CHALICE CLERGY FIRST READING SECOND READING WELCOME R Scott J Slee TBA J Slee 24 DEC XMAS EVE NO SERVICE Rev Hugh CONTACT | Fi McCafferty 027 899 0703 or CONTACT | Belinda McKenzie 027 355 5478 or 03 693 9743
4 DEC DATE LITURGICAL ASSISTANT CLERGY FIRST READING SECOND READING PRAYERS WELCOME FLOWERS & CLEAN MUSIC A Peacock Burdon Family J McKenzie D Musgrave Peacock Family J Gibson 20 DEC 25 DEC 9AM XMAS DAY TUESDAY 7PM: Lessons & Carols @ St Thomas’ Church NO SERVICE Rev Bob Moore 1 JAN St Thomas’ Church, Woodbury | 9AM 11 DEC DATE LAY LEADER CLERGY FIRST READING SECOND READING PRAYERS MUSIC V Thatcher S Beattie A Price L Alexander V Tresize OR A Tresize R Acland Carr Family Acland Family TBA V Tresize OR A Tresize 25 DEC 9AM XMAS DAY 28 DEC Rev Hugh WEDNESDAY 10.30AM: Feast of the Holy Innocents @ Holy Innocents’ Church, Mount Peel TBA TBA TBA TBA TBA TBA 8 JAN Rev Hugh TBA TBA TBA TBA TBA 22 JAN 22 JAN SERVICE OF THE WORD St Stephen’s Church, Peel Forest | 9AM 18 DEC DATE LAY LEADER CLERGY FIRST READING SECOND READING PRAYERS WELCOME FLOWERS & CLEAN MUSIC A Armstrong J Sagar P Sagar J Hill P Armstrong D Craigie TBA Rev Hugh S West TBA J Hill J Jones N Cottam B Moore B Cassidy J Hall TBA 24 DEC XMAS EVE 22 JAN Rev Hugh Rev Hugh St Anne’s Church, Pleasant Valley | 9AM A Virtual Bouquet TUESDAY 7PM: Lessons & Carols @ Pleasant Valley Hall M Holmes S Boulton N F-Beck B McKenzie M Holmes TBA Rev Hugh CONTACTS | Adrienne Wooding 03 693 6806 | Mary Holmes 03 692 2815 CONTACTS | Victoria Thatcher 03 693 6085 or 027 304 8577 | Ro Acland 03 693 9031 or 021 230 7653 CONTACT | Joy Sagar 03 693 8176 or 027 424 7332 After many years of organising these rosters, Belinda McKenzie has decided that at the end of January it will be time to put her feet up. Well done Belinda, and thanks for all your mahi. Fi McCafferty has taken up the baton and hopes she can do as good a job! Can’t make it or need to swap? Please get in touch with your local contact. FEBRUARY-MARCH ROSTERS NEWSLETTER DEADLINE: 18 January 2023 If roster organisers can please get them in to Fi by then would be really awesome. 027 899 0703


Mission Committee: the year in review

it was eventually held on 6 August at the home of Ann Tresize. We thank you, Ann, for your willingness to hold the luncheon at your home, which is so ideal for such an occasion. We were very lucky to have Rita Namirembe give us such an interesting talk about life in Uganda and the political and social difficulties. Thank you, Rita. Donations totalled $946, which included takings from a garage sale organised by Jan Hill.

We supported the Anglican Mission Board’s Lenten Appeal to raise money for sanitation in the Solomons. And so, “Bank Roll a Toilet Roll” was instigated, and toilet rolls in appropriate wrappers were distributed around the churches. Potties were made to collect the donations. It was all a lot of fun, and we raised $1,181.70 to send away for the Solomon Lenten Appeal.

Once again, Covid has brought its challenges to the Anglican Parish of Geraldine Mission Committee’s plans, with some postponements having to be made and the Luv-a-Duck lunches on hold. But overall, we have achieved some very satisfying results due to the continued generosity of you, our parishioners, towards those in need in other parts of the world. We thank you, Lord.

In February, we had good news from Fiji saying that the funds we raised in 2021 for a water tank on an outlying island had not been lost in the cyclone. The tank is now installed, bringing fresh drinking and cooking water to the island’s inhabitants. So that was good news.

Our first endeavour for the year was to raise money for Nick and Tessa Laing, living and working in the health field in Northern Uganda. Small bags with the Ugandan flag attached were handed out at all our churches for donations to be placed in. But due to Covid restrictions coming into play, we had to rely on parishioners to hand them in at church or to the office, which was only open for limited hours. However, we did manage to collect $1,181 and sent $1,000 to Nick and Tessa toward their opening of another health centre in an outlying area. A great result, and a big thank you to all who donated.

A Mission Luncheon was also arranged to raise funds for the Laings, but again, due to Covid, this was postponed several times until

On Sunday, 6 November, at the home of Ann and Peter Armstrong, we had our second and final Mission Luncheon for the year, donations from which are to be sent to the Murpakhas Diocesan for survivors of the recent devastating floods.

Thank you all for your ongoing support of the mission committee’s work. God bless.

JUDITH BRUCE, on behalf of the Committee



TESSA LAING Since 2013, Nick and Tessa have been privileged to live and work amongst their local community in Gulu, Northern Uganda. Nick coordinates over 20 Anglican health centres, and is launching new centres as part of an initiative to further extend healthcare to the rural poor. Tessa works with communities to tackle local justice issues and is currently focused on helping rural citizens fight for their land rights.

services, events, reports, updates, bible studies, volunteers et cetera Anglican Parish AND Ann Armstrong and Sylvia Strang-Parsloe with the fundraiser rolls.

WANTED volunteer drivers

As a result of Rev Hugh’s visiting, he and the wardens are wondering about our elderly members who do not have the mobility to get to church.

If there are people you know who would like a ride to church, and/or if there are people who can offer rides, please get in touch, either with Rev Hugh or with people’s warden Susanne West.

NB: In these risk-averse times, it will be prudent for us to run police checks.



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